Recent Releases

5.0718 Feb 2023 11:45 major feature: 5.xx series add full UNICODE Level 1 support! more detailed GIT history: + 1. Added full wide char (UNICODE) support. VFU now implements Level 1 support. Filenames and text file contents are now assumed UTF8 and internally VFU is using UTF32 for all string operations. + 2. Added option for list scrolling paging. options are: * 1 line (smooth scrolling with 1 line when on border of pagesize) * 30 of the page size (default) * 50 of the page size ! 3. f, F, g and G do not require quotes anymore. VFU will escape all special characters in filenames. + 4. Added extended info when calculating directory size. VFU now reports files/dirs count in the traversed path and total size in short/human form and in bytes also. + 5. Added option in the dir size menu (key Z) to calculate dir sizes only for directories without calculated size (missing sizes ones). + 6. Added rx support for *.tar.zst archives. ! 7. Fixed filename matching for corner cases. ! 8. Fixed rx_auto searching. ! 9. proper unicode padding for uid/gid/hostname !10. refresh views cleanup !11. init data setup cleanup +12. dir sizes menu: added "missing dirs size calc" (keys Z, M) !13. load settings loading optimized !14. added getdirname helper menu ctrl-o +15. dir menu allows negative-xy !16. get dir name glob and complete are fixed +17. added option in dir sizes menu (key Z) to delete cache
4.2321 Feb 2022 13:22 minor feature: 4.23: 20.Feb.2022 + 1. Added scroller feedback in main files list. ! 2. Fixed possible overflow in tab expansion in See. - 3. Review of all FIXMEs left :) 4.22: 01.Dec.2021 x 1. Removed useless ascending/descending Unsorted order :) - 2. Removed compatibility arrange mode 'D' (used to be modify time) - 3. Arrange by mode key is changed to 'D'. + 4. Added new quick arrange swap key 'A' between NAME and CHANGE TIME. ! 5. fixed panelizers (ALT+R) bug and remove sort order to keep incoming. + 6. added 'Panelizee from current file' panelizer in file read menu (ALT+R).
4.2106 Oct 2021 10:42 minor feature: Initial freshcode release.