Recent Releases

0.20.023 May 2015 04:02 minor feature: Project renamed to WCM Commander Added #345: External color schemes Added #375: File attributes: modification of creation/modification/access time Added #462: Open files on non-local file systems Added #379: Inheriting the current dir from a parent process (options --load-current-dir and --dont-load-current-dir) Added: history and autocomplete in all edit lines Added: view history Added: OS X volumes are shown in the Drive dialog Hotkey: F4 on a folder opens the Attributes dialog Imrpoved #352: Space acts as Enter when a button has focus Improved #388: Do not discard editor undo history when saving a file Improved #435: User menu: allow references to selected files Improved: rendering of long file names is faster Improved: Ctrl+G in the editor accepts any values Imrpoved: keyboard shortcuts for file sorting modes in the main menu. : Submenu detaches after Alt-Tab. : After clicking one tool button, all toolbuttons lose tooltips. : Use antialiased fonts everywhere except the menubar. : When a command is executed, reset the 'last command' index for Ctrl-E/Ctrl-X. : Ctrl-Ins on a panel should copy all the selected file names to a clipboard. : Shift-Enter on folders. : 'Case sensitive' checkbox (in the Find dialog) is not always preserved. : Files with single double back-quotes in the name should now open fine with 'Enter'. : Temporary panel shows ".." even if displaying of ".." is disabled in "Panel Settings". : Cursor position is being retained after diving in, and returning back from a temp panel. : Parasitic key in the Ctrl+L dialog. : File view/edit history doesn't work for temp panel items. : File disapears from the temp panel after editing. : OS X: CMD+C not working for command line in panel mode. : Linux: Hotkeys conflict in select drive dialog. : Attribure-based coloring/icons are not rendered on temporary panel. : Cannot go into the first folder under the (S)FTP/SMB root folder. : Windows: SFTP entry is missing in drive dialog. : Windows: segfault
0.19.001 Feb 2015 03:15 minor feature: Added: Shift+Enter opens a file/folder with the default OS application Added: bookmarks in the editor Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Ins, Alt+Shift+Ins, Ctrl+Shift+P to copy the full path of the currently selected item to the clipboard Improved: 'cd' in the command line without arguments should change directory to HOME Improved: hotkeys in the F2 user menu Improved: hotkeys in all 'red' dialogs Fixed: button bar text in the editor Fixed: hotkeys in the 'Styles' dialog Fixed: OpenBSD support Fixed: installation issues Fixed: TrueType fonts antialiasing Fixed: debug messages in the console Fixed: mouse interaction bugs Fixed: graphical issue in the current path under the panels Fixed: hide the autocompletion window while switching via Ctrl+Tab to the editor/viewer
0.18.111 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: Added: speed indicator while copying Hotkey: Ctrl+L to open info dialog
0.18.007 Nov 2014 18:45 major feature: Added: 'cls' command clears the whole terminal ('clear' still works as expected on Linux/OSX), command line switches on Linux (run ./wcm -h), hotkeys in dialogs (use Alt+highlighted letter), numpad keys support while NumLock is disabled, option to turn on/off the 3D UI (buttons, etc), show '(Root)' in the window caption while running with root privileges, show inner/trailing spaces in files/folders as the character (option), show spaces in input fields is shown as the character, xprop can report a class name for WCM windows Hotkey: Ctrl+M to open "Open with" popup, Shift+Tab to switch between controls in dialogs. Improved: behaviour of Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ , CR/LF handling in the editor on Linux and OS X, Ctrl+E/Ctrl+X behaviour with autocomplete, default font on Windows is Consolas 12pt, handling of 'cd' command, hotkey colors in the default theme are now readable in dialogs, Linux icon is now in the .png format, Shift+arrows selection in panels is now similar to Far Manager, show program info in the task manager on Windows, terminal scrolling via a mouse wheel, window size selection on fresh install. Fixed: buffer overruns in SFTP and SFTP2, buffer overruns in the editor, commands color in the terminal, crash in Alt-search, Ctrl+Right in the editor never skips the begginning of the line, editor search bug, ESC key closes the main menu, focus on main menu if opened with a mouse, handling of '/' character while using Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right in the editor and edit lines, multimask file associations (separated with commas) were not working properly, tab size edit line location in Options - Editor settings, tab-order in the file associations dialog, wrong device context for child windows, Russian localization. Updated: readme, docs, localization. Development: Debian package building, disabled level 4 warnings, fixed many compilation warnings, fixed MinGW cross-compilation, Qt Creator configs for OS X.
0.17.120 Sep 2014 16:42 major feature: Command line autocompletion, file associations, experimental OS X support on top of XQuartz. New option Select folders , hotkeys in the main menu, separate settings to show folder icons and executable icons. Improved alt-search editline repaints correctly, mouse wheel support, FreeBSD support, show a save setup dialog, default color style is more alike Far Manager. Fixes for numpad Enter, cursor position in the panel after deleting files. Now supports CMake and Code::Blocks configs, clang/LLVM compilation.