Wayfarer 1.2.4

Wayfarer is a screen recorder for GNOME Modern GNOME desktop (Arch, Fedora, Debian Testing, Ubuntu 22.04) Wayland or Xorg Pipewire / Pulseaudio / libportal (XDG Desktop Portal) Wireplumber recommended wayfarer supports MKV, MP4 and WebM video container (vp8, vp9, mp4) with Opus or MP3 as the audio format. The available video codecs presented in the UI are those discovered on your system. Where VAAPI versions are available, they will also be offered. wayfarer uses the XDG Portal on modern desktops, with all the pain and diminished functionality that the portal implies. Portal connection is set to persist, pressing Control-R clears the persistent state, re-enabling the portal monitor selection screen. Selection across multiple monitors and full screen across multiple monitors is available Window selection is not supported, as the portal support is not helpful.

Tags screenrecorder screenshot gnome vala c meson
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.409 Apr 2024 09:05 minor feature:
1.1.022 Jan 2024 18:07 minor feature: Improve the area selector