Recent Releases

1.8.005 Jun 2015 10:05 major feature: Wayland 1.8 splits the client and server header files into core and generated protocol. The core headers can be included as wayland-client-core.h and wayland-server-core.h. The scanner also now supports a --include-core-only option, which causes generated code to use only these core headers. This makes life a bit easier for language bindings and other libwayland users that generate their own protocol code from newer wayland.xml files.
1.7.015 Feb 2015 03:05 documentation: Documentation improvements, better test suite, and various bug fixes.
1.6.127 Jan 2015 00:05 minor bugfix: A bugfix release for the weston 1.6 series. This cherrypicks a number of safe fixes and user documentation improvements from the 1.7 tree. This stabilizes the recently integrated libinput and updates us to its latest API. Since this library has proven itself by now, we're making it a hard requirement and removed the old wayland-specific input system it replaces. Stabilization work this cycle includes fixes to crashes that occur in various corner cases such as during shutdown, when no keyboard is present or if it's not focused, and addressing cursor issues during drag and drop. Several odd behaviors associated with use of keybindings are sorted out. Other fixes include solving a potential mode switching quirk, improving client shadow rendering, making XWindow apps draw properly when fullscreened, fixing a crash with xwm when running the game Flare, and some other minor fixups. The help text for wayland also received a fair bit of attention to make it look nicer and provide more accurate information.
1.6.019 Sep 2014 17:50 major feature: WAYLAND: Add error enums to wl_surface. Add keyboard repeat information to wl_keyboard protocol. Error handling additions in libwayland-client. New wl_display_add_socket_auto(). Threading and blocking related bug fixes. Add wl_display_roundtrip_queue(): blocking round-trip on a custom queue. Stop exposing wl_display global. WESTON: Xdg-shell protocol changes. Yes, we broke it again since 1.5.0. Add weston_layer masking mechanism. DRM-backend: fetch cursor size from the kernel. Configurable keyboard repeat rate. Use libinput by default. Exit Weston if weston-desktop-shell dies too early. Many bug fixes, of course.