xcoral text editor 4.02.5

Xcoral is a multiwindow mouse-based text editor for Unix and X Window System. Syntax highlighting and auto-indentation are available. A built-in browser enables you to navigate through C functions, C++ and Java classes, methods and files. A SMall Ansi C Interpreter (Smac) is also built-in to dynamically extend the editor's possibilities (user functions, key bindings, modes etc). Xcoral provides regions and marks, kill-buffers, macros system and unlimited undo.

Tags programming c c++ java python text editor
License GNU GPL
State mature

Recent Releases

4.02.520 Apr 2024 11:13 minor bugfix: minor update and clean release
4.02.405 Apr 2024 15:59 minor bugfix: minor bug fix
4.02.122 Mar 2024 20:47 minor bugfix: minor bug fix minor feature
3.50.212 Dec 2020 14:04 minor bugfix: Clean, minor bug fix
3.50.116 Nov 2020 11:20 major bugfix: Clean, fixe bug
3.49.820 Jun 2020 09:18 cleanup: Clean, bugfix
3.49.714 Jun 2020 09:44 cleanup: Clean, bugfix
3.49.627 Apr 2020 10:33 cleanup: Clean, bugfix
3.49.510 Apr 2020 13:54 cleanup: Clean, without warnings (gcc 9)
3.48-820 Feb 2020 16:49 cleanup: