Yet Another Screen Library (lib(n)curses alternative) 1.99

Suitable for developing terminal applications or daemons with telnet access and terminal support. Main features * small footprint * does not have external dependencies * allows both internal and external event loop * allows stdin/stdout or external input/output (can work over socket) * supports basic set of telnet sequences, making it suitable for built-in terminal interfaces for daemons * supports a limited set of input keystroke sequences * fully Unicode compatible (parts of this depend on wcwidth in libc) * supports utf8 verification of input * relies only on a limited subset of ANSI/xterm ESC sequences, making it compatible with mostly all modern terminals (inspired by linenoise) * there is no curses API and ancient terminal compatibility, hence less bloat * clean API with opaque private data, usable from C/C++

License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.9910 Nov 2023 22:42 minor feature:
1.9718 Feb 2023 00:50 minor feature:
1.9605 Feb 2023 06:18 minor feature: