zswap-cli 0.9.1

Zswap-cli is a command-line tool to control zswap Linux kernel module options. Zswap is a compressed cache for swap pages. It takes pages that are in the process of being swapped out to disk and tries to compress them into a RAM-based memory pool with dynamic allocation. It trades CPU cycles for a significant performance boost since reading from a compressed cache is much faster than reading from a swap device. Features Currently supported features: CLI, environment variables and configuration files support. Optional systemd integration. Usage statistics and debug information support.

Tags linux cli command-line utility kernel zswap cpp
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.9.109 Feb 2024 12:35 minor feature: Changes Added short alias -h for --help command-line option. Added short alias -v for --version command-line option. Fixed header guards. Introduced a custom variable name for systemd unit. Added dependabot support for tracking GitHub actions. Performed minor refactoring. Updated all GitHub workflows.
0.7.026 Dec 2021 13:53 major bugfix: Fixed building with GCC versions lower than 8. Fixed a typo threhsold - threshold. Fixed ability to control accept_threshold_percent ZSwap option. Added checks to forbid operations with accept_threshold_percent ZSwap option on Linux kernel 5.6.0. Systemd integration is now fully optional and can be disabled on CMake configuration step. Restored fmtlib submodule for distributions without packaged version. Added a new semver submodule.