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akshayh696 akshayh696 / srs-stream C++ Streaming server for RTMP media 1.2 Relase with updated configuration file for docker build
lfportal airtasker / spot TypeScript Spot is a concise, developer-friendly way to describe your API contract. v0.1.30 - Changed `@api` description field to be optional - Query param support for TypeScript client generation - Tests for TypeScript client generator - `validate` command for CLI
iamdharmesh Knawat / dropshipping-woocommerce PHP Knawat Woocommerce Dropshipping v2.0.0 <strong>MAJOR UPDATE</strong> * ADDED: Refactored Plugin as per New product import flow. * ADDED: Hourly background Product Import from Knawat. * ADDED: New button to force pull all p
mcsprbot mcspr / espurna-nightly-builder Python [wip] UNOFFICIAL nightly 'dev' branch builder for ESPurna 20181211
StratusChris StratusGrid / terraform-aws-s3-bucket-logging HCL S3 bucket to be used as logging target for other resources v1.0.0
Xaoilin Xaoilin / Masternode-Scripts Shell Scripts for masternodes setup v11
kyostra kyostra / owofy JavaScript for all of your owo and uwu needs >w< 0.3.0 Added more variety in the faces array
muglug vimeo / psalm PHP A static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP applications 3.0.3 ## Features ### Better analysis of when dealing with unknown types Prior to this release, Psalm wouldn't see any problems with the following: ```php class A {} function foo($bar) : void {
Sunshine168 nitin42 / react-imgpro JavaScript 📷 Image Processing Component for React 1.3.11 #28 #29
hutson hyper-expanse / library-release-workflows no-lang Automatically generate a deliverable in the form of a GitHub Release, along with a corresponding git tag, for GitHub-hosted source code. 2.2.1 ### Bug Fixes * **orb-publish:** use correct parameter names ([81bf29e](
ImSingee ImSingee / PayJS Python A Python Package for PayJS v1.2.5 **A** 添加了收银台接口对 auto 与 hide 字段的支持
vexx32 vexx32 / PSKoans PowerShell A simple, fun, and interactive way to learn the PowerShell language through Pester unit testing. v0.42.2 New Stuff --- * Changed `Invoke-Koan` to simply use a separate runspace instead of toying with SessionState in barely-supported ways. * Trimmed some of the koan finding/filtering code. * Applied
ppoffice ppoffice / hexo-theme-icarus JavaScript A simple, delicate, and modern theme for the static site generator Hexo. 2.2.0 ## New features - Support sticky sidebars - Configuration file `_config.yml` can be generated with multiple lines of comments ## Improvements - Asynchronously load JavaScript scripts to avoi
maple-leaf maple-leaf / happydoc Go convenient system that easy to create to make people easy to publish their documents 0.0.7 ## Changelog d8cb7cf chore: bump version to 0.0.7 f2a0706 fix: fix release setting
supernifty supernifty / mutational_signature Python Calculate mutational signatures from a VCF file v0.2
ssoonsl ssoonsl / react-native-image-picker Java :sunrise_over_mountains: A React Native module that allows you to use native UI to select media from the device library or directly from the camera. v0.27.3
wolfinabox wolfinabox / Worlds_Adrift_Island_Finder Python Simple Python tool to see if a Worlds Adrift island is in-game v1.1 Same program, but now with a fresh coat of paint! Gone are the days of looking at a terminal, now it's a graphical application! (Run it the same way; download the attached release .zip, extract, and
supernifty supernifty / somatic-pipeline Python Best practice somatic pipeline for the Colorectal Oncogenomics Group v0.1
aschzero aschzero / homebridge-airmega TypeScript Homebridge plugin for the Airmega air purifier v3.1.7 * Fixes an issue with multiple purifier discovery [#4] * Fixes an issue where adjusting the fan speed would send multiple API requests * The current purifier state ("idle" and "on&quo
byllyfish byllyfish / oftr C++ OpenFlow to YAML Translator and Microservice v0.54.0 - Change schema for multipart message types to append _REQUEST/_REPLY to multipart type. This replaces the REQUEST./REPLY. prefixes. - Decode of Hello OpenFlow message only includes 'versions' elemen
javier-mane javier-mane / node-restserver-curso07 JavaScript Seccion 07 - Creando un RESTServer con NodeJS v0.0.1 Fin de la Sección 8
byjg byjg / php-rest-template PHP Boilerplate project template for create RESTFul services with docker and database integrated 4.0.0 Upgrading ByJG components to version 4.0
khs1994 khs1994-docker / lnmp Shell :computer: :whale: :elephant: :dolphin: :penguin: :rocket: Start Docker LNMP(LEMP) In less than 2 minutes Powered by Docker Compose. The GOAL of this project is to help PHPer Run LNMP Container On Kubernetes In production environment. v18.09.1-rc1 # Changelog ## v18.09.01 ### Compare * ### Bug fixes: ### Changes: ### Updates: * [PHP 7.3.0 7.2.13 7.1.25 7.0.33 5.
SNachiappan1987 SNachiappan1987 / pal-tracker-distributed Java app continuum release-5
TartaricAcid CFPAOrg / Minecraft-Mod-Language-Package Python Release Website 汉化资源包-Snapshot-20181211044412
mysticzhong mysticzhong / mongobuilder PHP Simple package MongoDB driver for PHP 1.0.1 1.0.1
PhyrexTsai PortalNetwork / kaizen-cli JavaScript 🌐🛠 Kaizen is a powerful framework combine all the blockchain technologies to help you easily develop and deploy dapps v0.0.17
night night / BetterTTV JavaScript BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more. 7.2.49
xmeow KittenBot / pxt-neomatrix TypeScript A quick neopixel matrix editor v0.1.4 update editor and add localization
phR0ze phR0ze / n Go Collection of missing Go helper functions v1.0.53
abhishekdev abhishekdev / vagrant-jantos Puppet Java Ant Node Tomcat Oracle Subversion - Developer Environment on CentOS headless box using Vagrant v0.8.0 - Use NodeJS v8.9.3 as default - Use OpenJDK v8 as default
BenLeggiero BlueHuskyStudios / Rent-Split-Calculator JavaScript Calculates what your portion of the rent should be. 2.4.9 # [Click here for the live version on GitHub.IO]( # ## Features Added since 2.3.0: ## - [x] #6 Allow expenses that do not apply to all roommates - [x] #29 Shorten
dusterio MenaraSolutions / geographer PHP PHP library that knows how countries and cities are called in any language v0.3.7
tomokinakamaru sider / phinder PHP PHP code piece finder v0.6.1 - Update PHP-Parser to version 4.1.0 - Change exit code on violation
imann24 good-boys / the-good-game Shell A good game d2cb468-2018-12-11-0437
lolPants lolPants / modsaber-installer JavaScript Beat Saber Mod Installer // ModSaber Edition v1.0.2 # Usage See [here]( # Release Info * Fixed a critical issue with Oculus Home installs ## Advantages over the [classic mod insta
harrylefit harrylefit / bottomnavigation Java This library allows you to show bottom navigation quickly and simply
fvumbaca azohra / Shell Yaml parsing for BASH. v0.1.3
elnyry mojaloop / helm Smarty CORE RELATED (Mojaloop):Helm Charts. Helm repo v4.1.1 Following changes included in this release: 1. Fix for Notifications feature (for threshold breaches and changes to NetDebitCap or Position adjustments): PR [link](
sea-kg freehackquest / fhq-jury-ad-jury-example Python Example of jury configuration v0.0.2 v0.0.2
xirsoi xirsoi / ancientreligions AMPL Ancient Religions mod for CK2 v0.42.2 2018-12-10 v0.42.2 "Herne" ------------------------- > Herne the Hunter is a ghost story told by Shakespeare about a phantom that haunted the woods of Windsor. According to the legend,
personball personball / Abp-CLI C# ABP CLI tool v1.0.1
Mazawrath Mazawrath / beanBOT Java A simple discord bot made specifically for a server I'm in v7.2.0 # v2.7.0 ## New - Added the Bean Lottery - Added `.beanlottery`. - Added `.adminforcelotterydrawing`. - Added `.adminremovebeancoin`. ## Changes - Re-enabled `.givemod`. - Rena
ssoonsl ssoonsl / react-native-pushwoosh Objective-C React Native Pushwoosh Push Notifications module 3.0.3
smallmenu suosi-inc / maven-repo no-lang maven-repo 1.0
Duck1998 Duck1998 / GDS_WPF_Demo C# GameData Switcher WPF Demo v0.1.0-alpha Initial release with **NO** actual function.
gotha Financial-Times / concept-search-index-mapping Smarty Elasticsearch mapping for the concept search index. 0.4.2-staging-week-annotations-count-rc1
MoceanAPI MoceanAPI / mocean-sdk-go Go The Go helper library for Mocean API 1.0.0
parshuramreddysudda parshuramreddysudda / DepartMental-Website-For-Engineering-College- PHP This is the Website where College has facility to add Details of student 1.0 This release can be used and can be only recommended to Upload in Localhost.
margatampu margatampu / laravel-inspector PHP Watching and observing requests, logs, and listed models to maintain all possible acivities. v1.2.3
gwihlidal gwihlidal / vk-mem-rs C Rust bindings for AMD Vulkan Memory Allocator (VMA) 0.1.0 * First release
furplag furplag / relic Java hope those snippets will help us for development . v2.1.2
mikedh mikedh / trimesh Python Python library for loading and using triangular meshes. 2.35.46
ridoz ridoz / php PHP Library functions for php v0.0.2
osterman cloudposse / docs CSS 📘 Cloud Posse Developer Hub. Complete documentation for the Cloud Posse solution. 0.19.8
mikefactorial mikefactorial / MikeFactorial.XTB.Plugins.UniversalSearch C# This tool will allow you to search across all records in Dynamics 365 for a specific value or wildcard values in XrmToolBox. Thanks to @rappen for a lot of the startup code via and @jamesnovak for the shared controls 1.0.7 This release added functionality for searching date/time fields in Dynamics as well as a minor oversight on the app icons in the initial release
nightah stefanprodan / dockprom Shell Docker hosts and containers monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, cAdvisor, NodeExporter and AlertManager v2.3.1 * Prometheus: v2.5.0 * Node_exporter: v0.17.0 * cAdvisor: v0.32.0 * [Grafana: v5.4.0]( * Alertmanager: v0.15.3 * Pushgateway: v0.7.0
richard-mauri richard-mauri / vaultssh Go A Go based Vault client to support interactive ssh terminal sessions all in memory v0.1.1 ## Changelog 7ef37fb Fix terminal control bugs 2a3d089 Fix travis dependency on dep e9fc2df Fix travis dependency on dep- take 2 59843d0 Issue#4 use logout not exit to end; add ldflags for goreleaser
huanghantao huanghantao / tinyswoole C a php server extension v1.0.8-beta 1、Modified some code
isaiahwilliams Microsoft / Partner-Center-PowerShell C# PowerShell module for managing Partner Center resources. 1.5.1812.1 ## Enhancements 1. Added the ability to perform the secure app model partner consent process using the New-PartnerAccessToken command 2. Added the ability to obtain an access token using a refres
kentcdodds paypal / downshift JavaScript 🏎 Primitive to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components v3.1.6 ## [3.1.6]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * **TS:** make getInputProps accept extra props [#313](
shtaxxx PyHDI / veriloggen Python Veriloggen: A library for constructing a Verilog HDL source code in Python 1.5.4 Update ==== - Complement2, Abs, and Sign are implemented in veriloggen.core and stream. Test environment ==== Mac OSX 10.14.2 ---- - Python 3.7.1 - Icarus Verilog 10.2 - Pyverilog 1.1
deanius deanius / antares TypeScript Antares is an Architecture for making real-time applications with confidence. v2.10.2 ## [2.10.2]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * Add runkit Example and trigger new release. ([eff93df](
rjuju HypoPG / hypopg C Hypothetical Indexes for PostgreSQL 2.0.0beta **New features**: - Add support for hypothetical partitioning, for pg10+ (Hosoya Yuzuko, Julien Rouhaud) **Miscellaneous** - Use a dedicated MemoryContext to store hypothetical o
anotheredward data-govt-nz / ckanext-dia Python A simple CKAN extension to hold all overrides to CKAN required by the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs). 1.1.0
wy16880175 wy16880175 / lightsocks Kotlin 基于Websocket传输协议的轻量级代理 v0.0.1 代理功能实现 没有图形界面 没有延迟检测 没有自动设置 不带jvm环境
skotz skotz / volcanoes C# Prototype for a new board game concept v0.0.0-wip The initial board layout without any game logic yet.
DoYouEvenStackSmash DoYouEvenStackSmash / vmufs-filesystem C Small project on vmufs filesystems. Obligatory yes, this is messy, sorry. See releases for latest working version. vmufs_1_0_4 Patched the stealthy chain bug, KNOWN ISSUES APPEND UNKNOWN ISSUES error checking
timdorr timdorr / tesla-api Ruby 🚘 A Ruby gem and unofficial documentation of the Tesla JSON API for the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. v1.4.0 - Add `nearby_charging_sites` - Add `schedule_software_update` and `cancel_software_update` - Add `navigation_request` - Add `charge_port_door_close` and test the open command. - Test the data end
jessietessie jessietessie / cute-looking-cryptocurrency-miner C# the untilimate easy open source cryptocurrency miner that anyone should be able to use v2.0.2 fixed theme corruption fixed GUI bug
camuthig camuthig / courier-postmark PHP An adapter for sending emails through Postmark with Courier 0.1.1 ### Added * Update dependency to support `quartzy/courier` ^0.5.0
TheCase TheCase / docker-bryant-influx Python Proxy server that collects metrics from Bryant/Carrier Evolution Thermostats and sends them to InfluxDB 1.0.0
tuwq tuwq / java-tetris Java 俄罗斯方块 JavaSe+Awt+Swing+JDBC v1.0.0
AraHaan Elskom / komv4_plugin C# KOM V4 Plugin for Els_kom. Fixed appveyor configuration. - master
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-12-11-12-00-01
shjchen ibrandcc / backend JavaScript iBrand backend package base on laravel-admin v2.0.0 1. update laravel-admin to 1.6.7 version. 2. add sms login. 3. add top menu. 4. add ibrand icon to backend. 5. add ibrand icon to backend.
KronicDeth KronicDeth / intellij-elixir Java Elixir plugin for JetBrain's IntelliJ Platform (including Rubymine) v10.2.0-pre+20181211035902
AraHaan Elskom / komv3_plugin C# KOM V3 Plugin for Els_kom. Fixed appveyor configuration. - master
liben002 liben002 / EK125Final C Contains all the code for the final project for EK125. 1.0 After 3 days of back aching work (done by computer, not by me of course), version 1.0 can be release! Please clap.
hswong3i alvistack / ansible-role-fisheye Shell Ansible Role for Atlassian Fisheye Installation 2.1.0 ### Major Changes - Upgrade Ansible support to 2.6 or higher - Support both Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and RHEL/CentOS 6/7 - CI with yamllint, ansible-lint and ansible-playbook --syntax-check -
ravelox ravelox / pimidi C Raspberry Pi RTP MIDI v0.5.5 This release provides IPv6 support. The option **network.bind_address** can take either an IPv4 or IPv6 address and will bind accordingly. If **::** is specified, this will allow connections over both
hswong3i alvistack / ansible-role-confluence Shell Ansible Role for Atlassian Confluence Installation 2.1.0 ### Major Changes - Upgrade Ansible support to 2.6 or higher - Support both Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and RHEL/CentOS 6/7 - CI with yamllint, ansible-lint and ansible-playbook --syntax-check -
hswong3i alvistack / ansible-role-bitbucket Shell Ansible Role for Atlassian Bitbucket Installation 2.1.0 ### Major Changes - Upgrade Ansible support to 2.6 or higher - Support both Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and RHEL/CentOS 6/7 - CI with yamllint, ansible-lint and ansible-playbook --syntax-check -
hswong3i alvistack / ansible-role-bamboo Shell Ansible Role for Atlassian Bamboo Installation 2.1.0 ### Major Changes - Upgrade Ansible support to 2.6 or higher - Support both Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and RHEL/CentOS 6/7 - CI with yamllint, ansible-lint and ansible-playbook --syntax-check -
AraHaan Elskom / komv2_plugin C# KOM V2 Plugin for Els_kom. Fixed appveyor configuration. - master
camuthig quartzy / courier-sparkpost PHP An adapter to use Sparkpost with Courier 0.1.1 ### Added * Update dependency to support `quartzy/courier` ^0.5.0
AraHaan Elskom / callbacktest_plugin C# Test Mods callback test plugin for Els_kom. Fixed appveyor configuration. - master
Dnareffel Dnareffel / Omeka-S-module-PictureEditor PHP Module Omeka S 0.01 This release is a test and it is not working if you try to install it on Omeka S.
civitaspo civitaspo / digdag-operator-athena Scala digdag plugin for operating a query on athena. 0.1.5 * [Enhancement] Expose more logs when loading queries. * [Enhancement] Use an unique table name as default in `athena.ctas>`
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-1707
StratusChris StratusGrid / terraform-aws-s3-bucket-kops-state HCL Bucket and policy to be used as a logging bucket v1.0.0
Sphazz DesporoWace / SR-Launcher JavaScript Sentinels Republic Emu Launcher v1.0.0 ### SR Launcher 1.0.0 Setup: ##### Issues with this release: - None at this time. ###### Installation: - Download the launcher, at the SmartScreen prompt, select "More Info" then &q
Yanlong-LI Yanlong-LI / jsdsx-yeepay PHP 江苏德司信封装易宝消费金融分期易SDK 0.0.1 分期易+基础订单 基本功能开发完成,但未经过测试。请自行测试。
fkeglevich fkeglevich / Raw-Dumper C++ 📷 Raw Dumper is a simple camera app for taking raw pictures on android devices with x86 processors (like the Zenfone 2) v3.4.0 ### Raw Dumper 3.4.0 ![144px]( Logo by [Md Nazmul Hasan](
MaynardMiner MaynardMiner / SWARM PowerShell Profit Switching Mining System For HiveOS/Unix & Windows: HiveOS Integrated v1.8.1 1.8.1 -new command: ``get miners`` use ``get help`` for instructions -new command: ``get wallets`` use ``get help`` for instructions first run- may be bugs did not do nicehash yet (no
prince-chrismc prince-chrismc / Data-Communication C++ This is a C++ networking repository to contain my work for Data Communications and the Internet (COMP445) from Concordia Universirty during Fall 2018. A4.0 > Work In Progress All 3 are incomplete but I have submitted since I'll be studying for another exam from here on out.
saltwater2233 saltwater2233 / SmartCropper Java 🔥 A library for cropping image in a smart way that can identify the border and correct the cropped image. 智能图片裁剪框架。自动识别边框,手动调节选区,使用透视变换裁剪并矫正选区;适用于身份证,名片,文档等照片的裁剪。 v1.2.3.2
tohsnoom muecoin / MUE C++ MUE2.0 v2.1.1
AraHaan Elskom / Els_kom_builds no-lang Repository that holds all AppVeyor builds of Els_kom. v1.4.9.8-alpha966 Remove unneeded p/invokes. - master
dusterio MenaraSolutions / geographer-nl no-lang Dutch translations for Geographer library 0.1
pomle snex-io / react-connect JavaScript A widget that simplifies connecting to SNEX in React projects. v0.3.1
nodkz graphql-compose / graphql-compose-elasticsearch JavaScript Hide Elastic Search REST API behind GraphQL. v2.2.1 ## [2.2.1]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * ignore non-numeric default value for Float field ([f3b2b3c](
irides-ryan irides-ryan / dde-dock C++ mirrored from datetime+ - 时间插件 中增加显示 __星期__ 和 __日期__
y98e y98e / 4xbit C++ 4xbitcoin wallet v3.1.0.1 4xbit-window-x64-v3.1.0
litespeedtech litespeedtech / lsquic-client C LiteSpeed QUIC Client Library 1.17.8
chancedj chancedj / LockedOut Lua wow raid and dungeon lockouts 1.9.0-beta.1
mateomartin1998 hilanderas / routing Makefile Make a machine as router 0.0.12
ravindra1143 ravindra1143 / pal-tracker-distributed Java pal-tracker-distributed release-7
WinsonZhou WinsonZhou / MultiImageSelector Java Deprecated -- Image selector for Android device. Support single choice and multi-choice. 2.0.0
camuthig camuthig / courier-sendgrid PHP An adapter for sending emails through SendGrid with Courier 0.1.1 ### Added * Update dependency to support `quartzy/courier` ^0.5.0
mikkopaderes mikkopaderes / ember-cloud-firestore-adapter JavaScript Unofficial Ember Data Adapter and Serializer for Cloud Firestore v0.6.0 This release is a breaking change. - #73 [FEATURE] Make realtime listeners as opt-in - #74 [FEATURE] Allow **true** sub-collection fetching - #75 [FEATURE] Support `buildReference` hook in creat
LITTOMA TeamPBCN / Made-in-Wario C# Made in Wario Chinese localization project. Ver.1.1C * 图片汉化 100% * 故事模式 100% * 挑战模式 100% * 游戏图鉴 100% * 玩具室 100% * 成就列表 100%
rayriffy rayriffy / rayriffy-blog JavaScript All *new* Riffy Blog based on GatsbyJS generator. 1.0.6 - UI improvements - Update dependencies
npnm npnm / NpnSlider TypeScript A multi range slider component using Angular v6.0 v1.2.1 Updated peer dependency of library to support Angular v7
simeonlamhk01 simeonlamhk01 / sample_web JavaScript testing 1.0.2
pinobatch pinobatch / libbet Python Libbet and the Magic Floor - a puzzle game for Game Boy v0.03 This is a small release, as progress past the fifth floor is still behind writer's block. Highlights: * Rolling and landing sound better fit the material * Reduce clicking when sound channel tu
pengzhile pengzhile / mybatis-code-helper-crack Java Crack for Intellij IDEA plugin: MybatisCodeHelperPro. v2.0.2 Release crack for MyBatisCodeHelper-Pro-2.0.2-IDEA173-IDEA182
domozhirov domozhirov / wenv no-lang Web Environment v3.1.1
caoyanglee caoyanglee / universal Kotlin Kotlin的通用项目&通用库 1.0.8 整合CacheUtils为File的扩展,方便调用,也方便以后对Fileutils的整合
zuohuadong notadd / ng-notadd TypeScript In-middle background front-end solution based on angular material 基于Angular Material的中后台前端解决方案 0.11.2 中文说明 ## 新特性: - 在路由模块中修改为 true 而不是 notaddconfig - 从页面模块中分离页面路径 - 从一般模块中分离一般路线 - 元素模块中的单独
monkeyman192 Macquarie-MEG-Research / Biscuit Python GUI for easy MEG to BIDS conversion v0.9.3 Added BIDSHandler as its own dependency to allow Biscuit to be BIDS-aware.
raymondEhlers raymondEhlers / pachyderm Python Physics Analysis Core for Heavy-ions 1.0 ## [1.0] - 10 December 2018 ### Added - `Histogram1D` class moved from the `reaction_plane_fit` package to `pachyderm`. See: 89d2eaa3. - Added `uproot` dependency and add fix for `lz4` issue that
aMarCruz aMarCruz / jscc-brunch JavaScript Adds conditional compilation and compile-time variable replacement support to brunch 2.10.0 ## \[2.8.10] - 2018-12-10 Using [jscc]( v1.1.0 ### Added - @jsbits/deep-clone. - Simple test with mocha and expect.js - Brunch 2.10.0 in peerDependencies.
MrThanlon UESTC-Miniapp / UESTC-Miniapp-Backend PHP 电子科技大学小程序后端代码库 v1.0-alpha
crazy-max portapps / dbeaver-portable Go 🚀 DBeaver portable for Windows 5.3.0-5 * Upgrade to DBeaver 5.3.0 🛡 VirusTotal analysis : * [`dbeaver-portable-win32.exe`](
chappjc decred / dcrdata Go Decred block explorer, with packages and apps for data collection and storage. Written in Go. v3.1.0 **NOTE: When upgrading from v3.0.x, the PostgreSQL database does *NOT* need to be rebuilt from scratch. However, if upgrading from v2.x.y, a complete DB rebuild is needed.** This is the release of
syuilo syuilo-test / misskey Vue A planet of fediverse ✨🐢🚀✨ 10.63.2-tri
pinhead84 OpenEstate / OpenEstate-PHP-Export PHP These scripts are used by OpenEstate-ImmoTool to publish real estates at a website. v1.7.0 This release is used in [_OpenEstate-ImmoTool_]( 1.0-beta43. ## Changelog - increased minimal requirements to *PHP* 5.6 - fixed *PHP* warnings about class definitions
NiconDevTeam NiconDevTeam / JBattery Java Gestion de notificaciones para el estado de las baterias en Sistemas operativos GNU/LINUX 3.0 The new JBattery version 3.0 released in production mode
fszeng2011 fszeng2011 / commons Java 常用的工具类、基类等 1.0.3
hiliving hiliving / track-base Java first 10.3.3
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-curl-http C HTTP client based on libcurl 3.6
z4yx z4yx / GoAuthing Go Authentication utility for / (srun4000) v0.3.1
jfsantos jfsantos / AuditoryFilters.jl Julia Auditory filterbanks in Julia v0.0.1 All functionality and tests are there, lacks documentation.
tekmin seekasia / react-native-document-picker Java Document Picker for React Native using Document Providers 3.0.0-alpha2 Update build.gradle
slient2010 slient2010 / webdemo Java Java spring boot demo. v0.1.5 v0.1.5
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-nightly C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-1531
pgroot pgroot / laravel-translation-manager PHP based on barryvdh/laravel-translation-manager.extend database loader , cache and more option v0.4.8
mvines solana-labs / solana-web3.js JavaScript Solana Javascript API v0.13.8 ## [0.13.8]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * Add network parameter to localnet run ([44035d9](
HolyWu HomeOfVapourSynthEvolution / VapourSynth-Waifu2x-caffe C++ waifu2x by Caffe for VapourSynth r12 * Update waifu2x-caffe library to * Now it's an error when block size of CUnet isn't divisible by 4. * Replace Autotools with Meson build system.
darinkrauss tidepool-org / platform Go The Tidepool platform API v1.30.1 * Relax Dexcom API validations to match Tidepool data model validations * Rename insulin dose constants to properly include units
haan123 haan123 / sfra-module-loader JavaScript sfra module loader for webpack v0.1.1 Bug Fixes - **context**: use webpack `rootContext` instead of `__dirname` to get current project root directory
jdamerow upconsulting / IsisCB Python Web platform for publishing the Isis Current Bibliography v0.52 <h1>Release notes - Isis CB - Version v0.52</h1> <h2> New Feature </h2> <ul> <li>[<a href='
fcoderx fcoderx / backend-server-hospital JavaScript Backend de la aplicación, hospitalApp v0.0.2 ## Usuario y token listo * Implementación del modelo de usuario * CRUD de usuario * Creación de token * Middleware - Verifica token Código funcionando a la fecha
leemacTest leemacTest / PictureSelector Java PictureSelector v2.2.3
fszeng2011 fszeng2011 / fileselector Java 文件选择器 1.1.11
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86_64 no-lang x86_64 sources and releases for opengapps 20181211 Automatically generated builds of 11 December 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
leftygray leftygray / Chlamydia_incidence_model R This project contains the code for a model to estimate trends in chlamydia incidence in Australia. v1.0 Contains the code for a model to estimate trends in chlamydia incidence in Australia. The original code was developed for the paper: Hammad Ali, Ewan Cameron, Christopher C Drovandi, James M McCaw,
monkeyman192 Macquarie-MEG-Research / BIDSHandler Python Library for loading and manipulating BIDS compatible MEG data v0.1.0 Initial release of BIDSHandler. Currently BIDSHandler is designed primarily for MEG data, however it should work completely fine with EEG data also. (MRI is very unlikely). The main focus of this
nico1993 nico1993 / socket-server TypeScript Servidor de sockets y rest para el curso de Angular v1.0.0 # Notas - REST Server funcionando con una configuración básica ### Sin configuración de Sockets
skj198568 skj198568 / tp5_smart PHP 基于thinkphp5,实现智能化开发模式。 1.0.187
todoger todoger / MenkorWorldDemo Java 盟客世界demo 0.9.0 盟客世界
t-xinlin t-xinlin / doc Go doc v1.0.0
belemaire electrode-io / electrode-native TypeScript A platform to ease integration&delivery of React Native apps in existing mobile applications v0.27.0 ## Breaking Changes The following might or might not be breaking depending of your context. Android Containers and Runners are now using the following versions : | Item | Version | | :--
artsyit artsy / reaction TypeScript Artsy’s React Components v9.1.7 <a name="9.1.7"></a> ## [9.1.7]( (2018-12-11)
JoshuaCarter symbiote / silverstripe-test-assist PHP Some extensions to the default SS test structures to allow parametrisation in CI builds, as well as a framework for selenium testing 4.1.2 - Adds composer constraint on phpunit to ensure compatibility with silverstripe.
johanneszab johanneszab / TumblThree C# A Tumblr Blog Backup Application v1.0.8.67 [Some usage notes/advices for new users.]( <br/> New in this release: * Fixes an application crash if TumblThree cannot agree to the new T
HL232 HL232 / LEDLight_FundEngDesign C++ Repo for the LED light project in Fund. Eng. Design v2.0 All documentation is uploaded to the Github repo. See the readmes for more information. Also to Dr. Palmeri: Sorry, I only really used the Master branch. I didn't see the need to make a bunch of b
h3poteto h3poteto / ecs-goploy Go re-implementation of ecs-deploy in Golang v0.4.2 ## Fixed - #45 Does not specify desired count when the service is DAEMON
aricart ConnectEverything / ngs-cli Python Release location for the synadia global messaging service CLI v0.4.3 Added tools command with pub, sub, req, reply and qsub options to match examples Cleaned up demo commands Adjusted cursor reload speed during commands that use it Adjusted timeouts and options for
ejcx ejcx / cf Go Cloudflare CLI 1.0.0
glasnt LABHR / octohatrack Python 🐙👒 Show _all_ the contributors to a GitHub repository. 1.0.0-alpha2 * Replaces an on-save cache file with `requests-cache`, which saves cache for 24h
preddy-newrelic preddy-newrelic / cassandra-status-plugin Go An infra plugin that executes cassandra 'nodetool status' to report on cassandra node status 1.0.0
acobster acobster / wp-yaml-fixtures PHP Describe boilerplate WordPress content in YAML v0.6.0 * Added user associations * Fixed a bug in `PostsFixture`
DAB0mB DAB0mB / graphql-tag-pluck JavaScript Pluck graphql-tag template literals 0.3.3 Fix file extensions like `.mutation.js` were being plucked, which is not a thing.
foresterre foresterre / sic Rust simple image cli (a converter plus a few extra bits; a partial `image` crate cli). :sun_with_face: 0.8.1 ### Primary change(s): - Change toolchain from nightly to stable (Rust 1.31 with edition = 2018) ### Builds: **Windows gnu toolchain:** command: `cargo +stable-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu build --re
jpascual21 espm-157 / final-project-juliette-anna R final-project-juliette-anna created by GitHub Classroom v2 Marin county shapefiles
airingursb oh-bear / 2life HTML 💌 双生:遇见另一半的美好:)(React Native) v2.1.7 - 新增了找回密码功能
githubmcj githubmcj / myview Java 项目开发常用的自定义view v1.0.6 v1.0.6
carbonsunsu carbonsunsu / CS631-Project C# TIJN v0.2
MrThanlon UESTC-Miniapp / UESTC-Miniapp-FrontEnd Vue 电子科技大学小程序前端代码库 v1.0-alpha 这个版本还有诸多不稳定,但是已经勉强可以使用了。 如果你不希望使用我们提供的服务器,当你自己搭建好后端之后你需要修改`src/config.js`中的`roo
aviaviavi aviaviavi / toodles Haskell Project management directly from the TODOs in your codebase 1.0.2 Bugfix around refreshing the page after you make edits to your TODOs
jherby2k jherby2k / AudioWorks C# A cross-platform, multi-format audio conversion and tagging suite v1.0.0-beta1 This is the first public beta of AudioWorks! The PowerShell module can found on [the PowerShell Gallery]( The .NET API
balumuthaiah balumuthaiah / pal-tracker-distributed Java Pivotal Replatform Project release-5
randytarampi randytarampi / me HTML What I hack together when I go out for `coffee` v2.7.0
liyi-ibm liyi-ibm / linux C Linux kernel source tree 4.14.49-4 This is the 4.14.49-4 Linux kernel for OpenPOWER HostOS. The [hostos-4.14.y]( branch is a fork of [Linux kernel stable 4.14.y branch](https://git
eliasmd eliasmd / servers SQLPL configurações do apache tomcat 1.0.0
gregnk gregnk / EnigmaMachine C# A simple message encoding program v1.0.0 Initial release
liujun006 xiaomi-passport / oauth-android-sdk no-lang 小米帐号开放平台 Android SDK v1.8.8 + oauth 修复小米账号低版本下调用miuiv5出现空指针;增加授权成功提示 repositories { maven { url '
kricen kricen / pmisc Go a sdk for go program to collect data based on prometheus v2.0
windies21 icon-project / loopchain Python Blockchain engine for icon foundation. RC1.23.3
cultureamp-style-guide-user cultureamp / cultureamp-style-guide JavaScript Culture Amp’s Component Library and Living Style Guide v19.2.1 ## [19.2.1]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * **OffCanvas Menu:** Fix horizontal overflow scrolling on mobile screens ([ca
VictorVG VictorVG / FarUE3_x86 no-lang FarUE3 x86 install, updated, portable b5342 ### FarUE3 x86 b5342 Git-65a511bb1 * Far b5342 Git-65a511bb1 * curl-ca-bundle.crt as of: Wed Dec 5 04:12:10 2018 GMT * Refactoring. Update support b5340 or newer. **SHA-256** 1653623066287
derekpedersen derekpedersen / gke-vpn Shell open vpn deployment for gke v0.2.0 ### Features - Updated README
ajonp AJONPLLC / lesson-4-hugo-ionic HTML Lesson on how to use ajonp-hugo-ionic theme in Hugo initial
ZhMartincheng ZhMartincheng / YYFrameAbpCore C# 52abp的框架增加了权限日志等 v1.0 v1.0 52abp基础框架上增加了页面权限功能
tehcodedninja tehcodedninja / TeamWatch JavaScript Watch Hockey games on your computer in one single app. 0.0.1 This is the first initial working version, ability to watch games. Automatic quality stream.
gingeleski gingeleski / libreveal.js JavaScript Reveals third-party JavaScript libraries in use. v1.0 Version 1.0 was written manually, with some reference to the RetireJS project. The following libraries are supported: - jQuery - Angular - Bootstrap Simply run `libreveal.min.js` via the de
Hanson Hanson / youzan-sdk PHP 👍有赞 SDK 3.0.2 修复有赞推送与接口会返回空字符串与"null" 的bug,自动转为 null
wangzhzh sensorsdata / sa-sdk-ios Objective-C The official iOS SDK for Sensors Analytics v1.10.19 1、修复无法采集 AppCrashed 的问题; 2、设置忽略的页面只对全埋点中的 $AppViewScreen 事件有效; 3、网络同步策略兼容未知网络; 4、优化打通 App 与 H5
zhouzhuo810 zhouzhuo810 / Magpie Java :fire: A powerful Android Develop Framework for Mobile, Pad And TV. 1.1.7
tymonaghan tymonaghan / sotu-db HTML US presidential State of the Union DataBase project (SOTU-DB) for performing sentiment analysis on the text of annual presidential addresses a.3.0 end-of-year presentation version searches 1978-2017 SOTUs
Zamiell Zamiell / isaac-racing-client Lua The client software for Racing+, a Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ racing platform. v0.29.4
nseidle sparkfun / SparkFun_CCS811_Arduino_Library C++ A library to drive the AMS CCS811 air quality sensor v1.0.5
hipai hipai / gohttp Go Golang HTTPClient v0.1
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86 no-lang x86 sources and releases for opengapps 20181211 Automatically generated builds of 11 December 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
iconifyit iconifyit / wp-mygallery PHP Simple Gallery Plugin for WordPress 1.0
CyanSalt CyanSalt / open-commas-here AppleScript macOS plugin for open Commas in Finder v1.0.0
VictorVG VictorVG / FarUE3_x64 Lua FarUE3 x64. Portable, w/o installer b5342 ### FarUE3x64 b5342 Git-65a511bb1 * Far b5342 Git-65a511bb1 * curl-ca-bundle.crt as of: Wed Dec 5 04:12:10 2018 GMT
g-Off g-Off / stringray Swift macOS command line tool for manipulating and validating  strings files 0.2.0 Automatic linting from Xcode — When set as a run script in Xcode (with the command of `stringray lint`), Stringray will automatically lint the strings files in the build target. Added the `copy`
mcdappdev vapor-community / redis-jobs Swift A Redis implementation for 0.1.1
icreiuheciijc icreiuheciijc / ykpstools Python Tools & utilities associated with online logins of YKPS. PyPI site: v1.0.2 A version update. Already uploaded to [PyPI]( New features: - faster (very faster) Wi-Fi login - new subclasses of 'Page' - bug fixes - miscellaneous amendm
Willster419 Willster419 / RelhaxModpack C# The fastest WoT modpack installer in the world Version (12/10/2018) -Hotfix for issue during installation cleanup where some i
L1MeN9Yu L1MeN9Yu / Aventador Swift a logger base on spdlog 0.2.0 Do not use modulemap
michaelaltmann michaelaltmann / pedals-offerup-extension JavaScript Chrome extension that simplifies curating bike ads that are on OfferUp untagged-e610dfc1b49792463f8e
XiongKe94 XiongKe94 / Gvido Kotlin 编写 App通用一般架构 mvp形式 v13.0KT
tkiehne tkiehne / authblock-shortcode PHP Creates a Silverstripe shortcode block to test if a user is logged in or not and render content as desired. 4.0.1
mcdappdev vapor-community / jobs Swift A queue system for Vapor 0.1.0 This release includes everything that is detailed in the Not tested in production yet although it should be functional enough to hold up.
bitnami-bot bitnami / oraclelinux-runtimes Shell Dockerfiles for the base images used for Bitnami runtimes production images (Oracle Linux based) 7-r166 Update oraclelinux-runtimes base image
bitnami-bot bitnami / oraclelinux-extras Shell Dockerfiles for the Oracle Linux base images used in Bitnami containers 7-r194 Update oraclelinux-extras base image
abishara abishara / athena_meta Python read cloud assembler 1.2
miyabe miyabe / encfsy C++ EncFS implementation for Windows with Dokany and Crypto++. 0.4 先にDokany 1.2.0以降 をインストールして下さい。 コマンドラインで実行するファイルです。 .\encfs.exe を実行すると
yxunknown yxunknown / progress Kotlin progress is an application to progress your life v1.0.5 * fix delete progress bug * auto hide input method when select time at add progress page
agarny opencor / opencor C++ OpenCOR is a cross-platform modelling environment, which can be used to organise, edit, simulate and analyse CellML files. v0.6
henrylee2cn henrylee2cn / teleport Go Teleport is a versatile, high-performance and flexible socket framework. It can be used for RPC, micro services, peer-peer, push services, game services and so on. v4.2.0 - refactor logger - optimize some socket functions - interval of redialing each time
dungba88 gridgo / gridgo-connector Java Abstract I/O library gridgo-connector-0.2.1 Change logs: - Fix issue with gridgo-vertx-http where the headers are passed as body for GET requests.
JarryShaw JarryShaw / MacDaily Python Package day-care manager on macOS. v2018.12.11 New distribution [2018.12.11] - fixed minor issue w/ distribution (probably since a breaking update of setuptools) - to update config settings
denizzzka denizzzka / vibe.d.db.postgresql D PostgreSQL support for Vibe.d v2.0.0 In addition, there is a problem with the letters in the versions in DUB:
SKuipers SKuipers / module-dataAdmin PHP A Gibbon module to provide additional import and export functionality for migrating data. v1.4.01 This is a pre-release update for v17 ### Added - Handle importing and exporting relational values that are CSV (eg: All Roles)
andrenatal andrenatal / voice-addon JavaScript Handsfree Voice addon for Mozilla's WoT Gateway 0.0.1 First release
danielcompton Day8 / re-frame-10x Clojure A debugging dashboard for re-frame. Comes with free x-ray glasses. (Previously known as re-frame-trace) 0.3.6 Fixed broken merges in 0.3.4 and 0.3.5 when updating the bundled version of re-frame.
mizzy mizzy / specinfra Ruby Command Execution Framework for serverspec, itamae and so on v2.76.5 * [Use built-in enabled check in FreeBSD's service command](
fengxiaocan fengxiaocan / RecyclerHelper Java 一个Recycler快速实现初始化的工具类,包含分割线,常用的LayoutManager等 v1.2.8
cat-bro uptick / react-object-table JavaScript React powered table of objects, designed to be editable and fast. 0.5.1 Update shouldComponentUpdate methods
k0kubun itamae-kitchen / mitamae Ruby Configuration management tool embedding mruby, which is alternative implementation of Itamae v1.6.4
MatthewOates36 Team11260 / ftc_app-rover_ruckus Java FTC Android Studio project to create FTC Robot Controller app. v0.1-alpha
GrismarPicklemelt GrismarPicklemelt / GrisGuns no-lang The GrisGuns mod for Terraria V0.0.1
samhiner samhiner / tradingfloor PHP Website to run a trading floor simulation with a group of people v0.2.0 ### In the Test There was definitely something to be desired in the GUI and game mechanics. Also, because I decided not to limit debt, people could work together and get one person very rich. Overall
luongthanhlam BambooEngine / ibus-bamboo Go Bộ gõ tiếng Việt cho Linux 0.2.4 Fix x11 fake event
JonathanMagnan zzzprojects / EntityFramework-Classic C# Entity Framework Classic is a supported version from the latest EF6 code base. It supports .NET Framework and .NET Core and overcomes some EF limitations by adding tons of must-haves built-in features. v7.0.30 ## Download the library **[here](** - **FIXED:** Issue with .NET Fiddle security Community version = free; Prime features unlocked for the current m
VictorVG VictorVG / latest no-lang Far3 x86 & x64 binary b5342 ### Far b5342 Git-65a511bb1 * Far b5342 Git-65a511bb1 **SHA-256** 7c26164357b3de3f4c3ba88d20d06e22694bc415ceb689da7252a5fa00ebb509 *Far30latest-x86_x64-bin.7z
88250 b3log / solo Java 🎸 一款小而美的 Java 博客系统。 v2.9.7
zhaojiq jdfusion / cli Dockerfile JD Fusion CLI 工具 0.1.2-RELEASE
solon cladeco / import-all JavaScript Import all default and named exports from modules in a directory 2.0.0
rashwanth92 CPPBeginnersPrograms / Advanced-C- C++ Advanced C++ , STL and operator overloading concepts. v1.1 Advanced C++
achouroutaleb achouroutaleb / Omeka-S-module-PDFtoXML PHP Exemple_module PDFtoXML
srobbin vapid / vapid CSS Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML. v0.3.5 * Sass and JS source maps in development mode
jdneo Microsoft / vscode-java-test Java Run and debug Java test cases in Visual Studio Code. 0.12.0 ## Added - Add a way to persist test logs into log files. #452 - Add @DisplayName support in the test report for JUnit 5. #446 - Add @ParameterizedTest support for JUnit 5. #107 ## Changed -
dingdayu registrys / rsyncd Dockerfile 一个 docker 下的 rsyncd v1.0 ``` docker-compose up -d ```
lhbelfanti lhbelfanti / twitter-news Python An application to get the tweets of a trending topic and convert them into news. v0.2-alpha The [twitter-text]( program was replaced by [twitter-text-python]( Added regex to get cash
matthewkmayer rusoto / rusoto Rust AWS SDK for Rust rusoto-v0.36.0 ## Rusoto 0.36.0 ! 🎉 CHANGELOG: - Add Connect service - Add MediaTailor support - Add ByteStream struct to core - Skip serializing blobs when they are `Option::None` - Fix typo in `ser
zeroboo zeroboo / nodejs-random-selector JavaScript A nodejs module for randomly select elements in a collection. 1.0.1 Release
tclindner tclindner / eslint-config-tc JavaScript ESLint shareable config for JavaScript projects v5.1.0 ### Removed * Disabled [func-names]( rule.
ggtakec yahoojapan / fullock C++ Fast User Level LOCK library v1.0.33 ### Release Version 1.0.33 #### Updates from 1.0.32 to 1.0.33 - Updated common build tool files - Updated common build tool file - Fixed misspelling
dhei Azure / azure-mobile-apps-net-server C# The .NET server SDK for Azure Mobile Apps. 2.0.2 Nuget packages: - - -
CptMikhailov CptMikhailov / RimShields no-lang Adds vanilla-like shields to RimWorld. v0.1.0 Early alpha for testing purposes. Includes and single simple shield item.
gkze gkze / stars Go Explore your stars! :star: :star: :star: v0.3.9 ## Changelog fcc595c Unnecessary else block is necessary. See fca329
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm64 no-lang arm64 sources and releases for opengapps 20181211 Automatically generated builds of 11 December 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
TakoidGit TakoidGit / FortniteConfigUtility C# Tool to edit Fortnite's GameUserSettings.ini config file 1.0 Rewritten version of Fortnite Resolution Changer.
mfontanini mfontanini / libtins C++ High-level, multiplatform C++ network packet sniffing and crafting library. v4.1 # New features/additions: - Implement IPv6::recv_response - Add parsing of well known IPv6 extension headers (#287) - Add missing operators to address classes (#275) # Fixes - Fix seria
xg4 xg4 / text2image JavaScript convert text to image by canvas v0.0.6
SpiralCut SpiralCut / plugin.program.advanced.launcher Python Unofficial branch of Angelscry's Advanced Launcher Kodi plugin 2.5.8.u2 Update scrapers (excluding TheGamesDB) and rebase on Advanced Launcher 2.5.8.
mbarre mbarre / schemacrawler-additional-lints Java Some additionnal lints for Schemacrawler 1.04.01
mgechev mgechev / rules_typescript TypeScript Build TypeScript code with Bazel 0.22.0
joshp23 joshp23 / ttrss-to-wallabag-v2 PHP A Tiny Tiny RSS plugin to post to a Wallabg v2 instance 1.8.0 Addition of material "share" icon in settings title bar
zczhangchao51 zczhangchao51 / commit-test no-lang 提交规范测试 v2.0.1 ### Bug Fixes * commit链接替换 ([1fcbd69](
pragnagopa Azure / azure-functions-host C# The host/runtime that powers Azure Functions v2.0.12246 ## Release Notes - Disabling starting Java language worker in placeholder mode due to issue #3872
JonForest mediasuitenz / react-collapsing-table JavaScript react-collapsing-table: a React rewrite of the jQuery table plugin from "". Inspired by a lack of similar table behaviors, notably collapsibility and responsivity. 1.1.1 Fixed collapsable-table always expanded prop
Qwertygiy Qwertygiy / qwertech Java GregTech 6 addon for Minecraft 1.7.10 v1.0.0-a.41 **1.0.0-a.41** *Added:* - [*UI*] Armor display UI now has outlines, has fully configurable positioning, and will display any potion effects currently affecting the player, as well as whether the
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.36773 no-lang Support multiple hostnames, wildcards for SXA Storefront ### Permanent link ### Description Support multiple hostnames, wildcards for SXA Storefront ### Compatibility - .NET Framework The
subash1999 subash1999 / student_result_calculator Java Student Information system and result calculating system 1.0 ## v 1.0 A simple java based program for the student management and result related activites - Uses java 8.0 - MySql database ## Features - Stores Student Information - Teacher Information - Su
jadenguitarman jadenguitarman / sidussocial HTML Sidus: A Social Media for Education v1.0
SharpBit SharpBit / brawlstats Python An async and sync python wrapper with an easy-to-use client for the Brawl Stars API v2.1.8 You do not need to access a players or clubs attribute anymore
mayoneko mayoneko / sevens Kotlin 七並べのAIを戦わせるProcessing用ライブラリ v0.0.2-alpha renamed package
DavidChoi76 uva-hydroinformatics / pysumma Jupyter Notebook Python module for managing SUMMA simulations 0.0.1
xaoxuu xaoxuu / hexo-theme-material-x CSS MaterialDesign设计风格的卡片式hexo博客主题。 1.0-beta3
YujiSODE YujiSODE / asciiCore Tcl Simple particle simulation in ascii art. v0.1 # asciiCore Simple particle simulation in ascii art. GitHub: Wiki: >Copyright (c) 2018 Yuji SODE \<yuji
austinheap austinheap / laravel-database-encryption PHP A package for automatically encrypting and decrypting Eloquent attributes in Laravel 5.5+, based on configuration settings. v0.3.0
zgornel zgornel / Glowe.jl Julia Julia interface to GloVe v0.1.0
natsukagami natsukagami / themis-web-interface JavaScript A web interface for Themis, written in Node.js v0.4.0-beta2 - Updated build scripts and Bootstrap There should be bugs in the code. Don't use this for public contests.
drbyte spatie / laravel-permission PHP Associate users with roles and permissions 2.28.2 Use config settings for cache reset in migration stub
anarkiwi faucetsdn / faucet Python FAUCET is an OpenFlow controller for multi table OpenFlow 1.3 switches, that implements layer 2 switching, VLANs, ACLs, and layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6 routing. 1.8.29
tobetter tobetter / u-boot C u-boot for odroid travis/odroid-c2-47
squinkylabs squinkylabs / SquinkyVCV C++ Virtual synthesizer modules for VCV Rack 0.6.13 0.6.12 accidentally removed Chebyshev. 0.6.13 restores it. It will be in the plugin-manager ASAP, but in the meantime this windows build will work.
bendemboski PatentNavigation / eslint-plugin-turbopatent JavaScript TurboPatent's ESLint plugin for various Javascript environments v4.0.0 - #28 Update eslint to 5.x
vital-software-bot vital-software / vitalizer JavaScript Get a Front End project up with no external configuration v5.4.1 ## [5.4.1]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency [@babel]( to v7.1.6 ([9435c07]
dustinknopoff dustinknopoff / bashdoc Rust Opinionated documentation generator for user defined bash scripts v0.1.0
matthewevans aptech / gxgboost C++ GAUSS wrapper for XGBoost v0.3.0-alpha Preliminary wrapping of XGBoost Stable 0.81. ### Installation - Select `` with GAUSS (Tools -> Install Application) - Use `gpkg` utility in GAUSS home directory (`./gpkg inst
rafaco rafaco / InAppDevTools Java Android library with a collection of tools for debugging, inspecting and reporting from within your own application v0.0.1 Not recommended for download
mengxiong10 mengxiong10 / vue2-datepicker JavaScript A datepicker / datetimepicker component for Vue2 v2.6.3 ### Bug Fixes * fix unable set value later when range is ture ([#209]( ([97289d1](
ppetrosh electricimp / Usb Squirrel Usb Host and Driver Classes v1.0.1 - Get rid of the bulk endpoint timeout (5 seconds) - Some texts clean up.
jhj24 jhj24 / HttpCall Kotlin commit v0.9.0
aixiaoxiang aixiaoxiang / bast Go A lightweight REST API for Golang v1.0.1
ChrisRackauckas UMCTM / DataInterpolations.jl HTML A library of data interpolation and smoothing functions v0.0.1
inokappa inokappa / ec2ctrl Go Amazon EC2 の一覧を取得したり, 起動したり, 停止するコマンドラインツールでごわす v0.1.1
lowasis lowasis / apollo_record C A monitoring program of loudness measurement for external audio input source v1.0.2 Fix record file started near midnight has no program information Change EPG refresh period from 12 hours to 3 hours Fix to be able to change the channel of the ongoing recording schedule Change DLI
eamonnmcmanus google / auto Java A collection of source code generators for Java. auto-value-1.6.3 - Make AutoValue and AutoService support Gradle incremental build. Thanks to Thomas Broyer for this work. (a5673d0) - When `hashCode()` is `@Memoized`, `equals()` will be optimized to check hash code
jimblue jimblue / statamic-addon-webpacker JavaScript 🚀 Full power Webpack integration for Statamic with zero configuration 1.2.0 - [new] update documentation - [new] updated boilerplate - [new] new npm release
borg323 borg323 / lc0 C++ The rewritten engine, originally for cudnn. Now all other backends have been ported here. v0.18.999dev
benhoyt benhoyt / goawk Go GoAWK: an AWK interpreter written in Go v1.1.2 Eliminate numChecked and a couple of other speedups / simplifications.
DwayneTheRock DwayneTheRock / GrammarUpgrader no-lang 100% Grammar at all times! v3.0 Changelog: - Percentages now jumps from 30% to 100%, and uh, it still fails you - Made the code longer so i look smarter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (run Console closes automatically after 15
guohongze guohongze / adminset Python 自动化运维平台:CMDB、CD、DevOps、资产管理、任务编排、持续交付、系统监控、运维管理、配置管理 v0.38 资产导入 监控loading优化 持续交付编辑不再刷新
jduncan-rva jduncan-rva / soscleaner Python A python application to clean sensitive and un-wanted data from an existing sosreport v0.3.65
belangeo GRIS-UdeM / ControlGris C++ Spatialization plugin version 2 1.0.0 ControlGris - VST, VST3, AU, AAX, 64-bit for MacOS.
aricart nats-io / node-nats JavaScript Node.js client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system. v1.2.1 FIX for #241
SparrOSDeveloperTeam SparrOSDeveloperTeam / halo Batchfile Create a portable version of Halo that can fit on a flash drive. v0.1-pre
dekhtyarev dekhtyarev / logstash-role no-lang Ansible Role to Install and Configure Logstash v6.1.0-4 * - added dead_letter_queue default var
probonopd probonopd / qgit C++ Official git repository for QGit. continuous Travis CI build log:
diyessi NervanaSystems / ngraph C++ nGraph is an open source C++ library, compiler and runtime for Deep Learning frameworks v0.11.0-rc.0 Release candidate 0 for v0.11.0
jamie-pate fortinet / fortigate-autoscale JavaScript Fortigate Autoscale: A collection of Node.js modules and cloud specific templates which support basic autoscale functionality for groups of FortiGate VM instances via Microsoft Azure Functions and Amazon AWS Lambda (alpha). 1.0.0-beta.1.p0
LocoNeko LocoNeko / RoadsOfTheRim C# A Rimworld mod allowing road construction on the world map v0.1 A simple proof of concept for Roads of the Rim. Doesn't work as-is.
alansouzati grommet / grommet JavaScript a react-based framework that provides accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and theming in a tidy package v2.2.1 * Fixed Select onChange not triggering for multiple with custom options * Fixed Select dropHeight to use max-height instead of height * Added `withTheme` proxy inside grommet to avoid libraries brea
shichaohui shichaohui / WXShareMultiImage Kotlin 兼容微信v6.7.3的多图分享方案。 v1.0.4 优化设备兼容性问题。
iblues iblues / larfree PHP a fast develop package v1.1.4 修正code bug
mcpierce mcpierce / comixed Java A digital comic book management application. 0.2.9-SNAPSHOT-20181211013920
dkeetonx CnCNet / ts-ddraw C Rewrite of cnc-ddraw with Tiberian Sun as the target **Usage: Download ddraw.dll and place it inside of your Red Alert 2/Tiberian Sun folder.** Changelog: * Changed SingleProcAffinity so that the default is to allow only the rendering thread to ru
untitaker getsentry / semaphore Rust Using big shuttered boxes rather than the old-fashioned semaphore arms. 0.2.6 - Fix bug where PII stripping would remove containers without leaving any metadata about the retraction. - Fix bug where old `redactPair` rules would stop working.
ms502040 rollbug / rollbug-server PHP opensource server written in PHP7 alternative to rollbar v0.0.0
alexoooo alexoooo / kzen-launcher Kotlin UI for selecting projects v0.3.0 - Header with logo - Run project loading indicator - Improved error handling - Window support
hcbelias hcbelias / growleria JavaScript MEAN Application - Store Full Management v5.0.0
davezuch citizennet / purescript-halogen-select PureScript Building blocks for common selection user interfaces in PureScript & Halogen v3.0.2 Move debouncing from state to a ref, avoiding unnecessary renders
darkterminal harmony-betta / harmony PHP Slim 3 with Tinker and Eloquent ORM | Read Documentation in v1.0.6 Changelog : - Update composer.json - Fixed bug helpers - Fix artisan command `serve` - Change parent of controller
malmas18 AusDTO / dto-digitalmarketplace-api Python Digital Marketplace API. release-589
flashwave flashwave / misuzu PHP Backend for 20181211
ppetrosh electricimp / Firebase Squirrel Wrapper class for the Firebase API v3.2.0 Different authentication methods support: - All Firebase authentication methods are supported (Google OAuth2 access tokens / Firebase ID tokens / Legacy tokens) - Examples for all authentication m
wmjordan wmjordan / Codist C# A visual studio extension which enhances syntax highlighting, empowers C# quick info (tooltip), draws type and member declarations on the scrollbar margin, brings smart tool bar to code editor. v4.3 This version has... + Added support to VS 2019 Preview (#58) + Added project scope symbol search in Navigation Bar + Showed initial values for field members in Navigation Bar + Fixed some configur
stripe-servers stripe / stripe-ruby Ruby Ruby library for the Stripe API. v4.3.0 * [#711]( Add support for account links See [the changelog for more details](
clarketm clarketm / csv-2-mongo Python Import a CSV to MongoDB v0.0.1
particularbot Particular / NServiceBus.Persistence.Sql C# Native SQL Persistence for NServiceBus 4.4.0 As part of this release we had [5 commits]( resolving [1 issue](
wisp-x wisp-x / lsky-pro PHP Lsky Pro, Your photo album on the cloud. ☁️ v1.3.3 ### thinkphp安全更新 > 本次版本更新主要涉及一个安全更新,由于框架对控制器名没有进行足够的检测会导致在没有开启强制路由的情况下可能的getshel
heyjcollins cloudfoundry / cf-deployment Go The canonical open source deployment manifest for Cloud Foundry v6.6.0 ## Manifest Updates - Emit `loggregator-agent` logs with origin tag. #674 ## Release and Stemcell Updates | Release | Old Version | New Version | | ------- | ----------- | ----------- | | cf-smo
vbuterin ethereum / py_ecc Python Python implementation of ECC pairing and bn_128 and bls12_381 curve operations v1.4.5
stripe-servers stripe / stripe-python Python Python library for the Stripe API. v2.16.0 * [#507]( Add support for account links See [the changelog for more details](
anoyetta anoyetta / ACT.Hojoring C# Advanced Combat Tracker の FFXIV向けプラグインです。トリガ、TTSの拡張、HUDの拡張など。 v5.24.2-181211.1016 * タイムラインの描画パフォーマンスを改善した * モブリストの一部の誤記を修正した * 外部言語リソースを任意に追加したときに読み込まれない
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm sources and releases for opengapps 20181211 Automatically generated builds of 11 December 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
pinksawtooth nao-sec / tknk_scanner Vue [BHEU 2018 Arsenal] Community-based integrated malware identification system v1.2.0
joshblack IBM / carbon-elements JavaScript [Experimental] Carbon Elements helps developers execute the IBM Design Language in digital and software products v0.0.1-alpha.25 ## [v0.0.1-alpha.25]( (2018-12-10) ## Features - `@carbon/icon-helpers` - Export `defaultAttributes` to be use
tannewt adafruit / circuitpython C CircuitPython - a Python implementation for teaching coding with microcontrollers 4.0.0-alpha.5 This release includes a number of excellent enhancements since Alpha 3 including more reliable USB, better safe mode and Particle Mesh board support. This gets us closer to beta! This is alpha rele
eddhuh eddhuh / Better-Pokecord AutoHotkey An ahk script designed to make catching, interacting with the market, and in general cut down on the amount of typing Pokecord requires. v1.1 * market info macro added * number spam now shows a percentage as well * pokemon generator as a new spam option * misc code optimization
alee comses / Python comses wagtail CMS v2018.12 - numerous fixes to content and templates - upgrade to typescript 3 on the frontend - updates to UI (mostly covered in #415)
fython fython / BreadcrumbsView Java Material Design Breadcrumbs Navigation Widget on Android 0.2.1 - Fix crashes on API 19 (Thanks @AcoustickSan )
michaelheilmann primordialmachine / errors C++ C++ 17 library providing extendable error objects and exceptions. version_1.2 Version 1.2 of Primordial Machine's Errors library.
ConnorBryan MyCryptoHQ / MyCrypto TypeScript MyCrypto is an open-source, client-side tool for generating ether wallets, handling ERC-20 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain more easily. 1.5.0 # General ## Swap Overhaul * Replaced the old `/swap` page with a new `BuyAndExchange` page. * There are now two options - ShapeShift and 0x Instant. * ShapeShift and 0x Instant swap now both work
hermanho hermanho / postal.aspnetcore C# Email sending for mvc using the view engine system to render emails. v2.2.0 **Implemented enhancements:** - Decouple "Func\<SmtpClient\>" into "IOptions\<EmailServiceOptions\>" in EmailService constructor for dependency injection
neatgz neatgz / PotPlayer_OneKey_Tool Batchfile PotPlayer 绿色版一键下载、制作、更新工具 v3.3.1 * 修复 附加 update_tool 选项无效的问题 * 说明:\Data\Config\Config_2.ini 可以自己按照需要自行修改,参考 Sample.ini ,修改保存后,批处理选择配置的页面,
ffhighwind ffhighwind / PoE-Price-Lister C# Unique and divination card values generator for Highwind's Path of Exile loot filter. 1.4.1
elluno91 elluno91 / multilanguage Java Multilanguage Ittron 1.2.4
kakchan kakchan / japan-postal-code JavaScript Japan postal code JavaScript module (with English Addresses) 0.0.1
ca333 KomodoPlatform / Agama JavaScript Desktop App for SuperNET DAPPs multios-0.3.1a TESTVERSION - DO NOT USE!
jdizoglio box / box-ios-preview-sdk Objective-C Box iOS Preview SDK v2.1.1 This fix allows a content client App User tokens to stream audio and hls video previews. Prior to this, the content clients default client token was required.
oesteban poldracklab / niworkflows HTML Common workflows for MRI (anatomical, functional, diffusion, etc) 0.5.2.post1 ## Release Notes A hotfix release that ensures version is correctly reported when installing via Pypi. ## CHANGES * [MAINT] Clean-up dependencies (7a76a45) * [HOTFIX] Ensure VERSION file
caijia caijia / DrawBridgeCad Java draw bridge 0.13 0.13
stripe-servers stripe / stripe-php PHP PHP library for the Stripe API. v6.25.0 * [#567]( Add support for account links See [the changelog for more details](
portertech sensu / sensu-prometheus-collector Go Collect Prometheus metrics with Sensu! 1.1.4 ## Changelog b582508 patch level bump, 1.1.4 4f0c7fa put the influx segment count validation catch-all back in
spectralflight ceptontech / cepton_ros C++ Cepton ROS package v1.10 * Update SDK.
kkos kkos / oniguruma C regular expression library v6.9.1 * Speed improvement (* especially UTF-8)
linuxgurugamer linuxgurugamer / BetterTimeWarpContinued C# A Kerbal Space Program mod that enables customized time warping v2.3.11.1
tony48 tony48 / InfernalRobotics C# Update to r4m0n Dammed Robotics for Kerbal Space Program v2.1 KSP 1.4.X/1.5.X **CHANGELOG** - Recompile the ActiveStruts.dll for 1.4/1.5. - Sequencer merged with the base add-on. - Rework Parts merged with the base add-on.
jessep workflowy / desktop-development no-lang Daily builds of WorkFlowy Desktop v1.1.10-development.2092
stripe-servers stripe / stripe-node JavaScript Node.js library for the Stripe API. v6.19.0 * [#535]( Add support for account links See [the changelog for more details](
electron-bot electron / i18n JavaScript 🌍 The home of Electron's translated documentation v1.864.0 # [1.864.0]( (2018-12-11) ### Features * update source content ([e02debf](
rpaas-admin rakutentech / php-buildpack PHP A CloudFoundry Build Pack for PHP. v4.3.66 * Add appdynamics, remove appdynamics for stack(s) cflinuxfs2, cflinuxfs3 ( * Add php 7.2.13, remove php 7.2.11 for sta
rpaas-admin rakutentech / staticfile-buildpack Go Deploy static HTML/JS/CSS apps to Cloud Foundry v1.4.36 * Add nginx 1.15.7, remove nginx 1.15.6 for stack(s) cflinuxfs2, cflinuxfs3 ( Packaged binaries: | name | version | cf_stacks | |-|-|-| | ngin
majkinetor majkinetor / au-packages PowerShell Chocolatey packages by majkinetor trid-2.24.20181210 trid was updated from version 2.24.20181207 to 2.24.20181210
rpaas-admin rakutentech / nodejs-buildpack Go Cloud Foundry buildpack for Node.js v1.6.37 * Add node 6.15.1, remove node 6.14.4 for stack(s) cflinuxfs2, cflinuxfs3 ( * Add node 10.14.1, remove node 10.13.0 for stack(s) cflinux
giraffate giraffate / ptad Go Papertrail Archives Downloader v0.0.1
Crossle86 ORF-4450 / RobotLib Java Library functions used by Team 4450 robot control programs v2.3 * Modify CameraFeed class to support drawing target rectangles or contours on the outgoing feed. Research and concept development by Abhinav Gundrala. * Modify CameraFeed class to support callin
DarkGhostHunter DarkGhostHunter / FlowSdk PHP Flow SDK for PHP to process payments, made unofficially. v1.0.0 First Flow SDK release.
jgroom33 eykrehbein / strest TypeScript ⚡️ Set up tests for REST in seconds with YAML 2.0.1
kmui2 RiseCareerAcademy / Rise JavaScript 🙋:iphone: An App to Help Find Mentors for Inner City Students v3.0.0
DanielAbacus DanielAbacus / KNVUNDBaseDevelopPackage Objective-C This is the Basic Developing Package I used for Objective C Developing. 0.1.3
jmalmsten-panopto Panopto / Moodle-2.0-plugin-for-Panopto PHP Panopto's integration with the Moodle LMS. 2018121000 This is the Winter-2018 stable release of the Panopto Generation 2 plug-in for Moodle. All users who still use Generation 1 plugin (2017032401 or before) must upgrade to this version before March 1
Volcah Volcah / LezzGoDeiPoveri C++ Uno schifo come al solito untagged-dc708567334241eaea51
release-drafter[bot] forestgeo / fgeo.misc R Miscellaneous Functions ## What's Changed
Ryogo-Z Ryogo-Z / nook-reset-failed-boot-count Java Resets failed boot count on Nook Glowlight Plus / Nook Glowlight 3 1.0
albireox sdss / sdssdb Python central SDSS product for database management 0.1.1 * Set ``python_requires='>=3.6'``.
Duckie-TV DuckieTV / Nightlies JavaScript Nightly builds for DuckieTV nightly-201812110130 DuckieTV nightly release for Tue Dec 11 2018 01:55:48. **Changelog:** - dcb74e2 eztv: new domain .io
peterflynn peterflynn / xd-color-blender JavaScript Adobe XD plugin to blend fill colors across a set of objects v1.2.1 Fixed bug with blending items inside a group, and improved error messages.
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-media-key C Capture media key press events 1.1
Diastro Azure / custom-script-extension-linux Go Azure Custom Script Virtual Machine Extension :new: 2.0.7 Although best practices is to never log password/username, some people do by mistake. To prevent these from being logged, this release removes the telemetry call to log the content of stdout/stderr co
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / nebula-test Groovy Test harness for Gradle plugins v7.1.4 Enabled deprecation warning failures
franklin-feingold franklin-feingold / bids-specification-test no-lang testing change logs t4
gdbrown triniti / acme-schemas PHP Test schemas for common triniti services. v0.5.0 __BREAKING CHANGES__ * Use `triniti/schemas` v0.10.0. * __Add Schemas:__ * `acme:curator:node:showtimes-widget` * `acme:curator:node:spotlight-widget` * __Delete Schemas:__ * `acme:curat
LinuxServer-CI linuxserver / docker-jenkins-builder Python Repo used to develop build logic for templating pipeline repositories ac7ce734-pkg-ac7ce734-ls1 **LinuxServer Changes:** Bot Updating Package Versions **OS Changes:** Updating base packages to ac7ce734
electron-bot electron / electron C++ :electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS v4.0.0-beta.9 Note: This is a beta release. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it. This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta, or npm i e
leios GPUE-group / GPUE Cuda GPU Gross-Pitaevskii Equation numerical solver for Bose-Einstein condensates. v1.0 This release corresponds to finalizing the paper in the Journal of Open Source Software and includes a full suite of unit tests, vortex dynamics in 2 and 3D, along with dynamic variables and several o
jinchung balance-io / balance-common JavaScript Common library to be shared for web and mobile v0.6.6 #### Changed * Fix for default asset selection in send
cvalarida department-of-veterans-affairs / vets-json-schema JavaScript JSON Schema for all projects v3.119.0 This is a test release to see how practical it is to use [semver in a git URL NPM dependency](
oremj mozilla-services / go-bouncer Go A Go version of the redirector portion of bouncer. v1.9.0 * Add `__lbheartbeat__
MohamedAmine-C Uxie-Framework / framework PHP Uxie Framework Core vo.9beta
joshdholtz fastlane / fastlane Ruby 🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps 2.110.0 * [action] install_on_device replace ios-deploy repo link (#13864) via Jan Piotrowski * [core] improve iTunes Transporter code and tests (#13263) via Jan Piotrowski * [android] fix AdbHelper (#13846)
abei2017 abei2017 / houjs JavaScript HouJs - 一套免费的基于JQ + RequireJS + Semantic-UI的JS集合。💯💯💯 1.4 修正一些bug 增加了图表库(Chart.js) 图表库使用方法 ```js requirejs(['libs/chart'], function(Chart){ }) ``` 关于Chart.js的用法请参考 开源项目 https://github.c
darkn3rd darkn3rd / angular-tour-of-heroes TypeScript Learning Activity for Angular v0.1.5 * refactored data access to the HeroService class. * registered the HeroService as the provider of its service at the root level so that it can be injected anywhere in the app. * demonstrate Angular
helderfarias codenplaycorp / react-native-vector-icons JavaScript Customizable Icons for React Native with support for NavBar/TabBar/ToolbarAndroid, image source and full styling. v4.2.1.1
sapangupta sapangupta / style-transfer Python An implementation of "A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style" by L. Gatys, A. Ecker, and M. Bethge. 1.0.0 Implementation of "A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style" by L. Gatys, A. Ecker, and M. Bethge. Forked from fzliu/style-transfer.
pixelmatrix BitskiCo / bitski-js TypeScript Bitski JavaScript SDK v0.2.0-beta.14 This release focuses on improving the API for easier integration. **Notable Changes** - `bitski.signIn()` now uses popup flow by default. Use `bitski.signInRedirect()` for the redirect flow.
ngarnsworthy ngarnsworthy / mail no-lang a web site for mail mangamnt and updades v0.1-beta start page
liuche mozilla-mobile / firefox-tv Kotlin Firefox for Amazon's Fire TV v3.1.2 Removed limited-time event tile to homescreen after event.
Kakifrucht Kakifrucht / flarum-de JavaScript :de: German language extension for Flarum. 0.8.1 Very minor fixes to translations, now requires Flarum 0.1.0-beta.8.1. No new translation keys were introduced with Flarum 0.1.0-beta.8.1 release.
AlaeaCrablet AlaeaCrablet / Commandler Java A Discord bot framework using the Javacord Library v1.0.1 Fixed database naming.
andergmartins AllediaWordPress / EmbedPress PHP EmbedPress expands the default WordPress embed options and allows you to embed media from over 75 sites. 2.2.1 ### Changelog * Add constant EMBEDPRESS_PLG_VERSION for keep backward compatibility with not updated add-ons;
robobot9000 supergiant / control Go Control manages the lifecycle of clusters on your infrastructure and allows deployment of applications via HELM. Its deployment and configuration workflows will help you to get up and running with Kubernetes faster. v2.0.0-rc.2 latest release
spyoungtech spyoungtech / behave-webdriver Python Selenium webdriver step library for use with the behave BDD testing framework v0.2.1 * Minor fix for Py2 setup * Upload universal whl
probonopd probonopd / GitBusyLivin C++ A Qt git client using libgit2 continuous Travis CI build log:
eldariont eldariont / svim Python Structural Variant Identification Method using Long Reads v0.4.2 Beta release 0.4.2 Changelog: - refactor alignment pipeline to make it more robust against failures: - use run(.., shell=True) instead of Popen(stdout=PIPE) - add check whether alignment t
yoshi-automation googleapis / nodejs-datastore-session Shell Session storage for express.js using Google Cloud Datastore v2.0.0 12-10-2018 15:18 PST ### Implementation Changes - feat: Changed 'prefix' to 'kind' and added functionality to change datastore kind ([#56](
bluninja1234 bluninja1234 / HTML My website, made open source (NO PULL REQUESTS) V0.0.3-InfDev Section Templates in place
qlongq qlongq / asmack4iptv Java During the process of docking Huawei video projects, it was found that Huawei uses the IM version too low. The current smack version does not support it, so the migration of the asmack project is re-adapted. v0.0.2
bjrmatos jsreport / jsreport-compile JavaScript Compile jsreport into single executable 2.1.1 - update core and cli
0xsx 0xsx / nnmaker Python Python tools for assisting neural network production with TensorFlow. 0.0.1
hayzey hayzey / md-rainbow JavaScript Fork of md-color-picker 1.1.0 - Add `okText` and `cancelText` bindings to customise the text in the dialog buttons.
azhawkes loadster / loadster-cli JavaScript Loadster Command Line Interface 1.1.0 In this v1.1.0 release, we... * Change the names of the keys in the text output format, to match the JSON keys. * Print final metrics at the end of a test, which are overall totals/aggregates that
dacap aseprite / aseprite C++ Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool (Windows, macOS, Linux) v1.2.10-beta4
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / nebula-plugin-plugin Groovy Plugin for plugins, heavily opinionated about nebula-plugins v9.2.2
djm34 zcoinofficial / ccminer C mtp ccminer developpment 1.1.0 allows to run several gpu in one instance. however requires about 5Gb of ram per GPU
mvandeberg steemit / steem C++ The blockchain for Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) and decentralized applications. v0.20.7 # Steem Velocity 0.20.7 Release Notes ## Reindexing `0.20.7` __does not__ require reindexing from `0.20.6` # Overview This is a security release that only impacts serialization logic, not
ZombieStriker ZombieStriker / QualityArmory Java A quality gun plugin similar to CrackShot. v1.1.130 1.1.130 Possible fix for sentinel Fixed guns from being able to be shift-clicked to duplicate guns Fixed reloading when item swap locations Fixed unbreakable not being applied to items. 1.1
nemosminer nemosminer / NemosMiner PowerShell NemosMiner multi algo profit switching NVIDIA miner v3.5.8 update: xmr-stak v2.7.1 CryptoDredge v0.14.0 (Improve X22i algorithm Improve Skunkhash algorithm Improve x16-like algorithms, as a secondary effect Add Lyra2REv3 algorithm Fix Dedal bug desc
francoisromain MTES-MCT / camino-api JavaScript API de Camino, le cadastre minier numérique ouvert v0.3.0 * chore(release): 0.3.0 ([6a76bc9]( * docs: ajoute les préférences utilisateur dans le schéma de base de données ([78c7c1e](https://github.c
thisisamurray super-collider / mongo-schema JavaScript Single source of truth for Mongo schemas used in the Astronomer platform. Also contains scripts for migrating schema versions 0.1.2 Adding namespace field to destinations to allow for private infrastructure usage
sondreb CityChainFoundation / city-chain C# City Chain daemon v1.0.11
valkyrienyanko valkyrienyanko / ResourceGame GDScript Resource management game. v0.1.2-alpha
tanyahanson espm-157 / final-project-heather-c-tanya-h-final-project TeX final-project-heather-c-tanya-h-final-project created by GitHub Classroom crop_frap
elniallo Team-Hycon / hycon-core TypeScript Core Repository for the HYCON blockchain v0.2.0a
ctags-win32-ci universal-ctags / ctags-win32 Shell Universal Ctags Win32 daily builds 2018-12-11/7dd02539 Universal Ctags Win32 daily builds ([more information]( ### Changes: * Merge pull request [#1941]( from bboymimi/snap\_support
shessenauer matryx / calcflow Common Lisp A virtual reality tool for mathematical modeling! 1.13 Matryx Update and Re-integration: - In-App Account Management - Browse Math Tournaments - Submit to Math Tournaments - View My Submissions - Eliminated need for an Ethereum Node to use the Matryx
taurean voyagerstudio / saturnfive CSS A design system springboard with three distinct levels of fidelity and opinionated code. 0.9.0
iFanie iFanie / Intervention Kotlin Annotation based Android lint check generation v0.1 Includes the initial concept implementation and provides: - The intervention dependency with the Intervene annotation - The interventioncompiler dependency - A sample project
rcnlee sisl / GBDTs.jl Julia Grammar-Based Decision Trees is a machine learning model for the interpretable classification and categorization of data. v1.0
ezolenko ezolenko / rollup-plugin-typescript2 TypeScript Rollup plugin for typescript with compiler errors. 0.18.1
benwiley4000 benwiley4000 / cassette JavaScript 🎧 A flexible media player component library for React that requires no up-front config v2.0.0-alpha.9 Fixes issue where a snapshot reload will error out if saved `activeTrackIndex` is greater than the length of the new playlist.
rcnlee sisl / ExprOptimization.jl Jupyter Notebook Algorithms for optimization of Julia expressions v0.2.1
lifeart lifeart / ember-ast-hot-load JavaScript Universal hot-load addon draft v0.0.48 * implemented ability to hot-reload classic route templates
mars heroku / einstein-vision-node JavaScript Example image recognition web app using Einstein Vision Heroku Add-on v2.0.0
zendesk-deploy zendesk / samson Ruby Web interface for deployments v2555
twpayne twpayne / chezmoi Go chezmoi is a tool for managing your dotfiles across multiple machines. v0.0.6 ## Changelog fd2f39b Add --recursive flag 6a33cdc Add Actuator.Rename f5fcdb1 Add Dir.Private c1d38dd Add Entry.ConcreteValue 842097f Add Entry.TargetName 22c530a Add FIXMEs for flags to add f1832ca
kylemellander ministrycentered / check-ins-app no-lang Published releases of the Check-Ins Desktop App for Mac and Windows v1.5.1-beta
mars mars / terraforming-app HCL Run Terraform CLI in the cloud: `heroku run terraform apply` v1.2.0-build_resource.02 Release updating the plugin binary for experimentation with the ["Build resource" pull request](
zaripych zaripych / node-op JavaScript One password installer v0.5.4
richardschneider richardschneider / net-ipfs-http-client C# InterPlanetary File System client for .Net (C#, VB, F# ...) v0.25.0 ## Features ## - **FileSystemApi:** implement GetAsync ([56cf3ba]( - **StatsApi:** implement ([7c3bf33](
bmarkov HTMLElements / smarthtmlelements-core JavaScript High Quality Custom Elements Web UI Framework v2.0.0
justinhunt justinhunt / moodle-mod_readaloud PHP Reading Fluency Analysis Tool v2.0.4 - changed lang string key "NG" to "notok" and English to "Not OK" - renamed audiohelper.js to recorderhelper.js - renamed gradinghelper.js to hiddenplayerhelper.js - a
cass-osu osu-cass / AP-CSE-APP TypeScript React SPA for Content Specification Explorer v1.15.4 ## [1.15.4]( (2018-12-11) ### Bug Fixes * **navbar:** updates SB logo to open new tab ([94f385b](
IndigoViking IndigoViking / Translitedated PHP Twig filter to output dates in any locale (language). v1.0 Initial Release
jcvenegas kata-containers / ksm-throttler Go KSM throttling daemon 1.4.1
jcvenegas kata-containers / osbuilder Shell Kata Containers guest OS building scripts 1.4.1
jcvenegas kata-containers / packaging Shell Kata Containers packaging 1.4.1-kernel-config
AnthonyNahas angular-material-extensions / password-strength JavaScript Angular UI library to illustrate and validate a password's strength with material design - Angular V7 supported v3.4.0 ### Bug Fixes * **demo:** updated the highlightjs module in the shared module ([8cfd22c]( * **demo:** upgraded ngx-h
jcvenegas kata-containers / tests Shell Kata Containers tests, CI, and metrics 1.4.1
rmcfarlane82 rmcfarlane82 / react-native-msal-plugin TypeScript React Native Plugin that wraps Microsoft MSAL library allowing you to authenticate with azure B2C v3.0.0-beta Please see changelog
jcvenegas kata-containers / shim Go Kata Containers shim 1.4.1
jcvenegas kata-containers / runtime Go Kata Containers runtime 1.4.1
jcvenegas kata-containers / proxy Go Kata Containers proxy 1.4.1
jcvenegas kata-containers / agent Go Virtual Machine agent for hardware virtualized containers 1.4.1
RGFTheCoder RGFTheCoder / MathleticsHack JavaScript MathleticsHack v1.4 After Heavy Development for a good half-hour, I made this beauty. Its probably still very buggy so it only counts as a pre-release, but it works fine from the outside(The console randomly gets errors)
rcnlee sisl / ExprRules.jl Julia Base functions for generating and optimizing Julia expressions from a grammar. v0.3.3
mountHouli amida-tech / amida-notification-microservice HTML Amida Notification Microservice for sending notifications via iOS and Android 1.2.0-rc.4 - Change `package.json` version to `1.2.0`
monkishtypist monkishtypist / wpcpt-faqs PHP WordPress custom post type for FAQs v1.0.1
rcnlee sisl / MultivariateTimeSeries.jl Julia A package for storing and working with heterogeneous multivariate time series datasets. v1.0
joyrider3774 joyrider3774 / PinballX_Launcher_app Pascal A PinballX Launcher app to specify parameters for the launched application. (Defaults to pinball FX3 classic / multiplayer selection) v1.0 ### PinballX Launcher App V1.0 Initial Release Default settings generated for pinball fx3 (Normal & classic player selection) [PinballX Launcher](
ClassyBot ClassyBot / ClassicPress-nightly PHP Automated nightly builds of ClassicPress. You probably want instead. 1.0.0-beta1+nightly.20181210 Nightly build 1.0.0-beta1+nightly.20181210. Use the source code zip. Source commit:
ajordens spinnaker / orca Groovy orchestration engine v6.114.5
lucassaldanha PegaSysEng / pantheon Java An enterprise-grade Java-based, Apache 2.0 licensed Ethereum client 0.8.3 ### Breaking Change to JSON RPC-API From v0.8.3, incoming HTTP requests are only accepted from hostnames specified using the `--host-whitelist` command-line option. If not specified, the default v
ScottLouvau ScottLouvau / codeFormat C# Simple command line syntax-based C# formatter 1.0.0 CodeFormat applies three formatting rules to C# files: - The comment in CopyrightComment.txt must appear at the top of each file. - Using statements must be sorted alphabetically, with System. n
ewsdocker ewsdocker / debian-firefox Shell Firefox-esr in a Debian-base Docker image. 9.5.2
ajordens spinnaker / front50 Groovy Cross-Application Persistence Service v1.136.0
jenananthan jenananthan / wso2-projects-creator FreeMarker Tool to create wso2 developer studio projects quickly build-87
YooYoungmo YooYoungmo / metatron-discovery Java Powerful & Easy way for big data discovery 3.1.0-20181210 * 드루이드 데이터 커넥션 추가(#11)
KristofferC JuliaSparse / Pardiso.jl Julia Calling the PARDISO library from Julia v0.4.1 Fixes for MKL Pardiso on Linux.
mortenpi JuliaDocs / Documenter.jl Julia A documentation generator for Julia. v0.21.0 A feature release with deprecations. The changes and upgrade instructions are documented in the [``]( file.
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / gradle-git-scm-plugin Groovy Git implementation of gradle-scm-plugin v.4.1.2
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / gradle-java-cross-compile-plugin Kotlin Automatic configuration of bootstrap classpath for Java, Groovy and Kotlin. v2.0.3
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / gradle-metrics-plugin Java Plugin to send Gradle metrics to external datasources v8.1.3
zyedidia zyedidia / micro Go A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor nightly Autogenerated nightly build of micro
wodend wodend / st C st fork 0.8.1
rpalcolea nebula-plugins / gradle-ospackage-plugin Groovy Gradle plugin for constructing linux packages, specifically RPM and DEBs. v6.1.0
apourchet uber / makisu Go Fast and flexible Docker image building tool, works in unprivileged containerized environments like Mesos and Kubernetes. v0.1.5 This release contains no major overhauls. Below is a summary of the changes since the previous release: - Clean up the filesystem before and after a build - Take relevant build options (such as the
jdcohnsfnm Sequedex / Sequedex-build Java Files needed to build and run Sequedex V2. R20181210 This is the first release of Sequedex 2 and the first open source release of Sequedex more generally.
fleipold programmiersportgruppe / sbt-tabular-test-reporter Scala An SBT plugin that writes test results into a nice white space separated file v4.0.0 Upgrading to sbt 1.0
samdozor mParticle / mparticle-xamarin-sdk C# mParticle SDK for Xamarin iOS and Android apps v2.0.3 - This is a minor release restoring builds for Xcode 10. The reference to `lstdc++.6` for the iOS static library native reference has been removed.
rringler zendesk / iron_bank Ruby An opinionated Ruby interface to the Zuora REST API v2.0.0 Updates to the REST Actions API (making the action arguments and return values more Ruby friendly).
lecriste dmwm / CRABClient Python runrange 3.3.1812 Use correct server name from CRAB server instance in HELP URL.
ddebrunner IBMStreams / streamsx.topology Java Develop streaming applications for IBM Streams in Python, Java & Scala. v1.11.8 # 1.11.8 GA **IBM Streams 4.2, 4.3 or Streaming Analytics service is required.** This release is not supported for IBM Streams 4.0 or 4.1. Note with IBM Streams 4.3 and Streaming Analytics serv
patrickfav patrickfav / bkdf Java BCrypt based key derivation function to improve BCrypt as a cryptographic primitive for password hashing and key derivation v0.2.0
asturur fabricjs / fabric.js JavaScript Javascript Canvas Library, SVG-to-Canvas (& canvas-to-SVG) Parser v2.4.5 Fix: svg import/export for canvas+clipPath and letterspacing #5424 Fix: avoid stroke dash from group selection to leak on upper canvas #5392
bmpenuelas bmpenuelas / dictiORM Python A tiny MongoDB ORM that takes zero time to setup because docs become simple dicts. 0.3 With Connection and Collection, connecting to your database and documents becomes faster and easier.
asmecher pkp / oaiJats PHP OAI support for the JATS metadata format v1_0_1-0 Initial (MVP) release of the OAI JATS Plugin for Coalition
peldax nepttune / base-form-component PHP :b: Base form component for Nepttune v5.0.2
asmecher pkp / jatsTemplate PHP Basic JATS document template generator plugin for OJS v1_0_1-0 Initial (MVP) release of the JATS Template Plugin for Coalition
mars mars / terraform-provider-heroku Go Terraform Heroku provider v1.6.0-build_resource.02 Release matching the ["Build resource" pull request]( and the plugin provided for experimentation in [terraforming-a
dougwollison dougwollison / nlingual PHP Versatile and flexible multilingual system for WordPress. v2.8.4 The `Rewriter::localize_url()` tool used to accept an optional `$relocalize` parameter. If this wasn't set, the URL would not be delocalized before localizing, making it possible for a URL to be doubl
joaomatossilva joaomatossilva / DateTimeExtensions C# This project is a merge of several common DateTime operations on the form of extensions to System.DateTime, including natural date difference text (precise and human rounded), holidays and working days calculations on several culture locales. 5.3 Fixes some thread safety issues
l-welder FZJ-IEK3-VSA / FINE Python The FINE python package provides a framework for modeling, optimizing and assessing energy systems v.1.0.1
bmarkov HTMLElements / smart-carousel CSS Carousel Custom Element v2.0.4
infinitered-circleci infinitered / ignite JavaScript The hottest CLI for React Native, boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more! v2.1.7 ## [2.1.7]( (2018-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **boilerplates:** Made updates to support new default boilerplate names. ([b348967](https://gi
aki-jp Deivedux / Quote Python Feature-rich, easy to use message quoting tool that you'll ever need. v3.5 Just a small fix: > `ctx` parameter for `on_raw_reaction_add`
christroutner christroutner / JavaScript's Cloud's REST API v1.12.3 Creating point for semantic release to latch on to
c4ffein c4ffein / OOS-firmware-updater Java Extract firmware from an OxygenOS ROM to a custom flashable v0.1.0 Initial Release
bly2k bly2k / ServiceControlExplorer C# Making sense of NServiceBus messages stored in ServiceControl v0.5.4
MGRich MGRich / RandoChoose C# A program for easily randomly picking between options. v1.0 - initial release
faetos LytixChain / lytix C++ Lytix Chain Core v1.6.1 Mandatory upgrade fixes zerocoinv2 stuck memory issue at 1000 block
mattmazzola Microsoft / ConversationLearner-SDK TypeScript An SDK for ConversationLearner v0.302.7 ## [0.302.7]( (2018-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * ui to 326.5 ([#394](
waughjai waughjai / wp-post-type PHP Simple class for easily creating new post types for a WordPress site. 0.1.5
genemars genielabs / HomeGenie JavaScript HomeGenie, the open source, programmable, home automation server for smart connected devices and applications v1.2-stable.18
drmaas drmaas / ratpack-kotlin Kotlin a ratpack kotlin dsl. v1.7.2-rc.5
yoshi-automation googleapis / nodejs-pubsub TypeScript Node.js client for Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics. v0.22.2 12-10-2018 09:37 PST ### Implementation Changes *TypeScript related changes:* - fix(ts): copy gapic code properly ([#399]( ### Documentation - f
yoshi-automation googleapis / releasetool Python A utility for release Google client libraries across a variety of languages. releasetool-2018.12.10 12-10-2018 15:26 PST ### Implementation Changes - fix: run releasetool as module ([#140]( - fix(node): kokoro job name ([#139](https://gi
arlac77 Kronos-Integration / kronos-cluster-node JavaScript kronos cluster managed node sample application v5.0.49 ## [5.0.49]( (2018-12-10) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** update kronos-service-uti to version 1.2.9 ([e36ff01](http
oscarbranson oscarbranson / latools Jupyter Notebook Tools for the reproducible reduction of LA-ICPMS data. 0.3.6
havetisyan yahoo / athenz Java Athenz is a role-based authorization (RBAC) system for provisioning and configuration (centralized authorization) use cases as well as serving/runtime (decentralized authorization) use cases. v1.8.11 The Athenz team is happy to announce the availability of v1.8.11 release of Athenz. This release includes the following set of bug fixes and enhancements. #560 publish new aws installation instruct

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