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d1vanov d1vanov / libquentier C++ Set of Qt/C++ APIs for feature rich desktop clients for Evernote service continuous-master Travis CI build log:
d1vanov d1vanov / quentier C++ Cross-platform desktop Evernote client continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
jrassa jrassa / EmulationStation C++ This is primarily a dev/working repo. All PRs should be submitted upstream. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
lielfr lielfr / lilach Java SW Engineering Project, 2019-2020, University of Haifa continuous Travis CI build log:
magicDGS magicDGS-gaming / retropie-emulationstation no-lang A Fork of Emulation Station for RetroPie. Emulation Station is a flexible emulator front-end supporting keyboardless navigation and custom system themes. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
sgsaenger sgsaenger / vipster C++ Visualization and editing of periodic molecular structure files. continuous Contains latest features, but may not be stable.
deepsidhu1313 sqlitebrowser / sqlitebrowser C++ Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) project. Previously known as "SQLite Database Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". Website at: continuous Travis CI build log:
ukinoki ukinoki / RufusAdmin C++ Logiciel d'administration de RufusVision continuous Travis CI build log:
JonathanMagnan zzzprojects / EntityFramework-Extensions C# Entity Framework Bulk Operations | Improve Entity Framework performance with Bulk SaveChanges, Insert, update, delete and merge for SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQL Compact, MySQL and SQLite. 3.0.39 ## Download the library **[here](** - **FIXED:** Issue with PostgreSQL and `Enum` type `Int32` - **MODIFIED:** The internal `OptimizeCommand` method
vtex-io-ci-cd[bot] vtex-apps / search-result JavaScript VTEX Search Result app v3.45.1 ### Changed - Ordination value of "Relevance" from empty string to `OrderByScoreDESC`.
ihsandemir hazelcast / hazelcast-cpp-client C++ Hazelcast IMDG C++ Client v3.12.1 This document includes the fixed issues for Hazelcast C++ Client 3.12.1 release. # New features No new features in this release. # Enhancements No enhancements in this release. # Fixes
moonwalker-bot moonwalker / pre-flight-check JavaScript Linting, formatting and tooling for :moon: :walking: v1.0.20 ## [1.0.20]( (2020-01-28)
voluntas OpenAyame / ayame-web-sdk TypeScript Ayame Web SDK 2020.1.1 - [FIX] on('disconnect') コールバックが発火するように修正する - @Hexa
mattradford 10degrees / 10degrees-base PHP Base theme for 10 Degrees WordPress projects 1.0.0 This is a huge release for the 10 Degrees base theme. It is a fully block-first theme with quick asset compilation. Work includes: * CSS grid layout and custom properties, wih fallbacks for non-
jason-shiao fsa-streamotion / conductor Java Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine v2019.0.98 ## Changes * speed * adding load
citrabot citra-emu / citra-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-1551
alphagov-pay-ci alphagov / pay-connector Java The Payments Connector in Java (Dropwizard) paas_release-1
erwangrouj erwangrouj / pxt-heol TypeScript Un test d'extension 0.0.5
zachflower zachflower / ignorable-observers PHP Dynamically disable/enable Laravel's Eloquent model observers. v0.2.0 ## Changelog - Laravel 6 support (#2)
secure-access-cloud Broadcom / terraform-provider-luminate Go Secure access cloud terraform provider 1.0.1
jaebradley jaebradley / basketball_reference_web_scraper HTML NBA Stats API via Basketball Reference 4.7.0 Adds points to the output of `client.players_season_totals` (#133). Resolves #95
vemundaa vemundaa / mjooln Python Environmentally Friendly File Handling v_01
lukaszkalnik grandcentrix / ThirtyInch Java a MVP library for Android favoring a stateful Presenter v1.0.0 Changelog * Migrated to AndroidX
frachedi lyra / plugin-drupalcommerce PHP An open source plugin that links Drupal Commerce based e-commerce websites to PayZen secured payment gateway developped by Lyra Network. v1.2.1 This release is compatible with Drupal Commerce 1.x versions. Changes in this version : - Fix links to plugin configuration documentation. - Improve plugin translations. - [prodfaq] Fix notice a
muriloventuroso muriloventuroso / easyssh Vala The SSH connection manager to make your life easier. 1.6.6 * Control scrollback lines
SimonHeimberg EmchBerger / cube-common-develop PHP Common code for developping the CUBE Tools 0.1.13 * most in SmoketestPageLoadingBase * fix failure because of undefined variable * fix failing testcases because message was not the same anymore * shorten test output (usefull for the long bin
voluntas OpenAyame / ayame Go WebRTC Signaling Server Ayame 2020.1 - [ADD] register メッセージで key と signalingKey のどちらかを指定できるようにする - signalingKey が優先される - 将来的に signalingKey のみになる -
wacumov vvorld / getid-ios-ocr no-lang A library to recognise machine readable zones of passports and other documents. 0.1.1
UbadahJ UbadahJ / GifImageView Java Android ImageView that handles animated GIF images v2.3 Fork of existing library to support AndroidX
tbuschto eclipsesource / tabris-js-cli JavaScript Command line interface for Tabris.js v3.3.0
bukhsh bukhsh / oats Python Optimisation and Analysis Toolbox for Power Systems 1.0.2 Latest release of OATS. New features include: 1. typos fixed in the 'results.xlsx' sheet 2. typos corrected in the input sheet 3. several new test-cases added to the test case library
NiklasHogefjord krokedil / klarna-checkout-for-woocommerce PHP Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce plugin 1.11.7 * Fix - Force update_checkout on checkout page load (if WC version 3.9+) to keep KCO iframe in sync with WooCommerce cart. * Fix - Don't try to run process_payment_handler function if KCO order statu
themangomago NimbleBeasts / GodotWildJam17 GDScript Rail&Write - A railroad themed roll and write puzzle game 0.2 This is the first update after the game jam has ended. It fixes most of the known bugs and has some small game play improvements. However we want to make the game less random so we plan more signific
tig-dennisvanderhammen tig-nl / postcode-magento2 PHP Speed up the checkout process in your Magento 2 webshop, increase your conversion and have less returns by using this zipcode extension. v1.2.5 Support Magento 2.3.4 & Magento 2.2.11.
reupen uktrade / data-hub-api Python Django API for Data Hub frontend v26.6.0 ## Features - **Companies** The `format_dnb_company` now includes a check for `annual_sales_currency`. If `annual_sales_currency` is not US Dollars, we do not propagate `annual_sales` or `is_annua
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jenkins-x-platform Makefile Helm umbrella repo containing the helm charts for the Jenkins-X platform on Kubernetes v2.0.1915
TRPB Level-2 / Dice PHP Dice - a lightweight Dependency Injection Container for PHP 4.0.2 - Updated reflection to avoid a deprecation notice in PHP 7.4 - Better scalar matching logic when argument data is coming from multiple sources e.g. `$args` passed directly to `$dice->create()` an
RobDWaller RobDWaller / rs-jwt TypeScript A really simple JSON Web Token reader. 0.2.0-alpha.1 This alpha release for 0.2.0 attempts to fix the "Can't find module" issue in TypeScript.
hmoreau hmoreau / DoctrineEncryptBundle PHP :key: Encrypted symfony entities by verified and standardized libraries 4.0.4 "symfony/property-access": "^4.1" does not exists replaced by "symfony/property-access": "^4.4"
XJIOP XJIOP / Oxygen-AOD-Mod Java Additional features for OnePlus on AMOLED screens. 2.0 • Added languages: Turkish, Polish, Spanish • Added manual language switch
CJBuchel wml-frc / CJ-Vision C++ ComputerJenerated-Vision. Is a Vision Sub-module included into a project using multi project gradle. Designed to make vision tracking easier for other FRC teams with pre-threaded processes and given known functions. Like X,Y center figures, distance detection, square and circle detection. All sent to Network Tables v2.0 Vision Tracking Library implemented into the 2020 code base for FRC teams. Supports Raspberry Pi's as the co-processor.
foosel foosel / OctoPrint Python OctoPrint is the snappy web interface for your 3D printer! 1.4.0rc4 ### ⚠️ Important note on release candidates This is a **R**elease **C**andidate of OctoPrint. It is not a stable release: severe bugs can occur, and they can be bad enough that they make a manu
batamar erxes / erxes-api TypeScript API for erxes 0.12.2 ## [0.12.2]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **jwt:** checked JWT_TOKEN_SECRET config on startup ([30daf11](
origami-auto-release Financial-Times / origami-build-service JavaScript Creates bundles of JavaScript and CSS from building Origami and Origami-compatible modules 334.0.0+4c80bcf
CamDavidsonPilon CamDavidsonPilon / lifelines Python Survival analysis in Python v0.23.9 #### 0.23.9 - 2020-01-28 ##### Bug fixes - fixed important error when a parametric regression model would not assign the correct labels to fitted parameters' variances. See more here: https://gi
CodenameRevy CodenameRevy / Flesh2Leather Java Minecraft mod that adds Combined flesh that us used to make Leather 0.3.1 0.3.1 Update: -Updated to 1.15.2; -Fixed Configuration manager; -Added new configurations. -Streamlining code across all my mods.
keplersj keplersj / starstuff-components TypeScript Minimalistic React Component Library v2.1.2 ## [2.1.2]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump polished from 3.4.3 to 3.4.4 ([55e03ec](
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jx-docs HTML the source code used to build the documentation and website for Jenkins X v0.0.1441 ## Changes ### Bug Fixes * polish the docs some more * add first spike at a cloud provider section to the boot config ### Chores * fix bad links
marverix marverix / v-tostini JavaScript Toast plugin for Vue.js 2.x v1.2.1
g-vvv erpnet / ErpNet.FP C# ErpNet.FP is a light-weight cross-platform Http server facilitating printing to fiscal printers through simple JSON Api. v.1.0.2020.2801 This release has no breaking changes! It introduces new features, citated in this two issues and the pull request: Issue #143 Issue #68 Pull request #136
shenghaoc shenghaoc / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project A-Jar
github-actions[bot] caos / boom Go Operator to deploy defined toolsets into a K8s v0.9.8 ## [0.9.8]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **pvc:** fixed nil pointer for storagespec ([271030e](
MattiasLevlin CSCfi / qvain-js Vue Qvain front-end written in Javascript v0.10.3-rc1 Contents: CSCFAIRMETA-395: Hide "Refresh folder content" button for noncumulative datasets  CSCFAIRMETA-276: Show message on Metax RPC success.  CSCFAIRMETA-280: Updated tests.  CSC
prokopsimek DXHeroes / dx-scanner TypeScript CLI tool that allows you to measure quality of a team work and an app based on your source code. v2.0.0-pre-lp.1 # [2.0.0-pre-lp.1]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **core:** load default Command from oclif ([46af21c](
ethanshar wix / react-native-ui-lib JavaScript UI Components Library for React Native 5.1.3 Fix `DateTimePicker` to pass the chosen date on `onChange` callback once (and only when) the user pressed the dialog confirmation button
driesd teamleadercrm / ui-visuals JavaScript 🎡 Illustrations used in the Teamleader application(s), both as SVG and matching React-based implementation. 0.0.25 ## [0.0.25] - 2020-01-28 ### Changed - 120x120 Integrations (with correct bounding box) - 120x120 No access (with correct bounding box) - 120x120 Privacy (with correct bounding box)
jonathandetoni time-jobis / landing-page-curriculo HTML Landing page que receberá os currículos das pessoas. 1.0.2 Release notes: 1 - Foi adicionado mais parceiros;
danjus10 danjus10 / react-native-safe-area-view TypeScript Add padding to your views to account for notches, home indicators, status bar, and possibly other future things 0.14.7
ljcolling SussexPsychMethods / adata no-lang R package for Psychology@Sussex v1.0 pre-build version of
onesuper onesuper / pandasticsearch Python An Elasticsearch client exposing DataFrame API 0.5.4
rem821 QusionDev / android-roundprogressbar Kotlin Adds Animated Round ProgressBar View 0.1
shawnho1018 shawnho1018 / terraform-vsphere-nsxt HCL This is an nsx-t module to quickly create subnet in NSX-T for future VM provisioning. v0.1 Module will create T1+Segment to NSX-T. It also automatically links T0, T1, and Segment to create a routable subnet.
valadas eraware / dnn-elements TypeScript Collection of Dnn Stencil custom elements v0.6.0 * Bumps dependencies * Adds Dnn services framework utility
nmassey001 cedadev / django-jdma_control Python JASMIN Data Migration App (JDMA) django control app 0.2.27
XinPei-ng XinPei-ng / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project A-Jar Version 1.0 of Duke
mightofcode mightofcode / biosocks Java a socks5 proxy based on java BIO init 1.0
trabek tappytaps / barkio-desktop no-lang Barkio - installation files for desktop version v1.0.4
yocarbo azendoo / desktop no-lang Azendoo Desktop Application v2.1.1
Coercive Coercive / Authentification no-lang PHP crypt authentication handler 1.1.2
cjdcordeiro nuvlabox / deployment Shell Deployment definitions for the NuvlaBox 1.5.0 - the internal NuvlaBox telemetry is now also available via the NuvlaBox internal MQTT broker (nb-mosquitto) at `nb-mosquitto:1883`, topics: `cpu/capacity`, `cpu/load`, `ram/used`, `ram/capacity` and
pandulapeter pandulapeter / beagle Kotlin A smart and reliable companion library for debugging your Android apps. 1.4.0
Flokri Flokri / Xamarin.Forms.Nuget no-lang This is an example of a Xamarin Forms plugin. 1.0 A visual studio project template for creating a NuGet for Xamarin.Forms projects. [](
AhmedElsayed94 AhmedElsayed94 / panopticon Kotlin Event Logger 0.1.2
aliksbright hhru / nuts-and-bolts Java Maintainers: Архитектура. Web application framework for HeadHunter internal services nuts-and-bolts-parent-4.22.22 jetty version up to 9.4.24.v20191120
PigDogBay PigDogBay / MPDBLib Java Android Shared Library based on AndroidUtils 1.03.00
palicao palicao / phpRedisTimeSeries PHP Use Redis Time Series in PHP! 2.0.3 Update to redislabs/redistimeseries 1.2.2 and prepare for future changes to the result of TS.MGET
github-actions[bot] openupm / openupm JavaScript OpenUPM - Open Source Unity Package Registry (UPM) 1.8.1 ## [1.8.1]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **website:** package detail page vue warning ([c44555e](
eXsio eXsio / querydsl-entityql Groovy QueryDSL EntityQL - Native Query builder for JPA 2.4.4
raffis gyselroth / tubee-client-cli TypeScript The tubee cli client for Linux, Windows and OS X v1.0.0-beta18 ### Bugfixes * Error: this.api.deleteRelation is not a function
kyubisation sbb-design-systems / sbb-angular TypeScript Angular Library for SBB 8.8.0 A new feature in this release is the business table and pagination implementation. A big thank you to @vlanz for the contribution. Also thank you @davide1995 for the bug fix for textarea. This rele
ZeeJab bustle / mobiledoc-kit JavaScript A toolkit for building WYSIWYG editors with Mobiledoc v0.12.3 * In the 0.3.2 renderer, omit empty section attribute arrays 🍭 ([c115337](
ethlo ethlo / keyvalue Java Generic Key/Value Interfaces with multiple implementations v1.1.0 Now supports proxying for supporting duck-typing of your own pick-and-choose mix of capabilities.
lohszeying lohszeying / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.01
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x-charts / prow Smarty Helm chart for Prow v0.0.1618 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 2.0.1155 to 2.0.1156 * deps: bump from 2.0.1155-487 to 2.0.1156-489 ### D
Jarrod-Bob Jarrod-Bob / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1 Done A-Jar
mradkov aeternity / aepp-base Vue Base æpp v0.22.0 - Added AENS name extend functionality
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x-charts / environment-controller Makefile kubernetes controller for environments, handles deployments via gitops webhook events v0.0.658 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 2.0.1155-487 to 2.0.1156-489
grlicaa grlicaa / D3CollapsibleTreeChart PLSQL Oracle Application Express (APEX) region Plug-in for D3 collapsible tree chart with multiple parents. V6.0.1 Added on default Oracle D3CollapsibleTreeChart option for multi parent nodes.
raffis gyselroth / tubee PHP Data management engine with synchronization support v1.0.0-beta61 ### Bugfixes * Fixes delete DataObjectRelation uncaught exception Argument 1 passed to Tubee\DataObjectRelation\Factory::deleteOne() must be an instance of Tubee\DataObjectRelation\DataObjectRelation
adujardin stereolabs / zed-tensorflow Python 3D Object detection using the ZED and Tensorflow v2.x
libai8723 libai8723 / makeDirBaseOnDate Java make dir based on current time and context directory 1.0 the first release. Still a lot of thing need to be done, when i write the Eg: 1. the way to find java runtime is not so robust. 2. the logging function is missing but still, i wan
valorkin valor-software / ngx-bootstrap TypeScript Fast and reliable Bootstrap widgets in Angular (supports Ivy engine) v5.5.0 * 5.5.0 ([1ec7cc4]( * chore(changelog): update [skip ci] ([993eff7]( *
S4n60w3n webscopeio / Python License checker tool - We're in a beta phase, any help is appreciated, especially reporting issues 1.0.16 Npm license extraction improved
StuartHadfield gocardless / gocardless-pro-python Python GoCardless Pro Python Client v1.12.0 - Adds functionality to support [Instalment Schedules]( - Exposes `bounced` status on payouts
svc-autorelease palantir / palantir-java-format Java A modern, lambda-friendly, 120 character Java formatter. 0.3.16 | Type | Description | Link | | ---- | ----------- | ---- | | Improvement | Turn off the javadoc formatter entirely. | |
oinume oinume / playground-github-actions no-lang playground-github-actions v0.0.9
fralways credeo / flutter_bottom_drawer Dart Customizable Draggable Bottom Drawer 1.0.4 * Added scrolling based on drag velocity after drag end event * Fixed bug with onSnapEnd not called when dragging bellow minHeight
johannessteu t3n / slack PHP Flow Framework package that wraps the nexylan/slack library to send messages to slack 1.1.0
gardener-ci gardener / cc-utils Python CI/CD utils for gardener project 1.536.0
titom73 aristanetworks / ansible-cvp Python Ansible modules for Arista CloudVision v1.0.4 Supported CloudVision version: - `2018.2.5` - `2019.1.0` - `2019.1.1` - `2019.1.2` Enhancement: - Add Configlet diff in cv_configlet: Issue #120
zolotov JetBrains / gradle-intellij-plugin Groovy Plugin for building plugins for IntelliJ IDEs v0.4.16 (under development) - Fix downloading JBR if temp directory and gradle chace are on the different partitions [#457](../../issues/457) - Build searchable options task is marked as cacheable
SocialGroovyBot SocialGouv / emjpm JavaScript Trouver rapidement le bon professionnel pour les majeurs à protéger v25.19.1 ## [25.19.1]( (2020-01-28) **Note:** Version bump only for package emjpm
arlac77 arlac77 / github-repository-provider JavaScript repository provider for github v7.5.7 ## [7.5.7]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** repository-provider@16.11.3 ([0786182](
ElieLiabeuf STEAMULO / ansible-role-steamengine Shell This role provides production grade installation and deployment workflow for nodejs, tomcat7, play, springboot and static files. 1.0.37
danjus10 danjus10 / react-native-responsive-ui TypeScript Building responsive UIs in React Native. 1.1.2
romichandra pocket52 / poker-app-sdk-release no-lang Release repository for the poker core sdk alpha_0104104 Change logs: - Topup request message removed on topup cancel - FTUE Ripple asset changed.
robmsims robmsims / crispy-happiness no-lang test repo for pluralsight training v0.3 # Demo Release
aricart nats-io / nats.js JavaScript Node.js client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system. v1.4.0 - Added handling for TLS preflight OpenSSL checks, which are thrown instead of exposed as events. See #310. Thanks @labsvisual. - Fixed an issue where inbound message processing was aborted when a
andrewdyer giffgaff / analytics JavaScript A Flarum extension that provides your forum piwik's and google's analytics features 0.10.0
jakobdoerr jakobdoerr / GFPy Python Python Package for UiB GFI cruises v0.0.2
Shivella Shivella / laravel-bitly PHP Laravel package for generating bitly url 1.1.3 Better DI support, improve gitignore, gitattributes, and phpdoc for facade thanks to @klimov-paul
arlac77 arlac77 / svn-repository-provider JavaScript provider of subversion repositories v1.0.64 ## [1.0.64]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** repository-provider@16.11.3 ([53bd154](
Lisias net-lisias-ksp / KSPAPIExtensions C# Extensions and utilities for Kerbal Space Program RELEASE/ + Regression on solving Assets path fixed. ## WARNING Due the heavy refactoring on some critical sections of the code (damn it, I rewrote half the damn thing!), this release should be used only
process-engine-ci process-engine / process_engine_contracts TypeScript Contains the contracts for the ProcessEngine's Core components v47.0.0-alpha.1 # Changelog v47.0.0-alpha.1 (2020-01-28) This changelog covers the changes between [v46.1.0 and v47.0.0-alpha.1](
BryanYap972 BryanYap972 / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v1.0 Jar file v1.0
erikjohnston matrix-org / synapse Python Synapse: Matrix reference homeserver v1.9.1 Synapse 1.9.1 (2020-01-28) ========================== Bugfixes -------- - Fix bug where setting `mau_limit_reserved_threepids` config would cause Synapse to refuse to start. ([\#6793](https://
krtcom krtcom / epayment PHP Online payments for selected banks in Slovakia implemented in PHP v1.0.0 This is an initial release to use as a starting point
CrisBogucki CrisBogucki / .NET-Core-RabbitMQ C# RabbitMQ with .net core Basic How to send and receive message from RabbitMQ factory
hoglet67 hoglet67 / AtomBusMon VHDL This project is an open-source In-Circuit Emulator for the 6502, 65C02, Z80, 6809 and 6809E 8-bit processors. See: release_3 This release was build from the dev branch. The firmware revision's 0.982 The only change from release_2 (0.981) is to the Z80, to force the address and databus to be tristated during reset.
johannessteu t3n / coding-standard PHP The t3n Coding Standard is a set of PHPCS rules based on the PSR-2 standard 1.1.0
zim514 zim514 / script.service.hue Python Kodi add-on for Philips Hue 0.12.8 Crash fix
JarnoVgr Limetric / OpenRCT2-binaries no-lang Development binaries for OpenRCT2 project. v0.2.4-a02448e `a02448e1fa46abf15882b7b4480f6cb65c29ffa0`;`develop`
fedelibre fedelibre / LilyDev Shell containers and images for LilyPond contributors v2 Changes: - Allow access to VirtualBox shared folders by default in Debian image. - Add necessary packages for keyboard and locale setup. - Fix the git-bash-prompt. - Allocate more space (25G) fo
sbaxenda sbaxenda / tiddly-websocket-recorder JavaScript Plugin to configure websocket connections and record exchanged traffic as tiddlers v2.2.8
jiachen247 jiachen247 / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1 A-Jar
mamenglong mamenglong / UpdateLibrary Kotlin kotlin编写的在线配置更新库 v2.1
lyndsherb AmpersandHQ / magento2-frontools JavaScript Set of front-end tools for Magento 2 based on Gulp.js 2.0.0 * Merge upstream from * Remove all NPM audit issues * Update our tasks in line with the existing Frontools tasks (Gulp-4-ified) #37
raitisbe hslayers / hslayers-ng JavaScript User interface and map building extensions for OpenLayers6 1.11.0 Breaking changes: document.querySelector('#panelplace') will need to be converted to layoutService.panelListElement and 'hs.layout.service' injected as layoutService variable in this case. Si
bstien finn-no / FinniversKit Swift FINN's iOS UI Components 32.0.5 ## Changes since 32.0.4 to master (squash) - #758: Motor MP: iconCollectionView tintColor
btskinner edquant / edh7916 R Course materials and website for EDH7916: Contemporary Research in Higher Education v1.4.0 # Changes ## Assignments - added _Final Project: data set_ assignment
sebbrandt87 dcos-terraform / jenkins-library HCL Jenkins library used for terraform modules 1.3.15 ## [1.3.15]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * no update for windows agent stuff at the moment ([#15](
lemontree23 lemontree23 / munin-node-win32 C++ Munin Node for Windows First Release after I made major changes to the application
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / swagger HTML Swagger and ReDoc Helpers. v3.1.0 # [3.1.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * update swagger to 5.0.0 and netcore 3.1.1 ([e2322ef](
PouleR PouleR / deezer-api PHP PHP Package for the Deezer API 0.2.1 - Update requirements for symfony/http-client
arlac77 arlac77 / aggregation-repository-provider JavaScript aggregates several repository providers into one v2.6.39 ## [2.6.39]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** repository-provider@16.11.3 ([a675d44](
cgsdfc cgsdfc / IJCNN2017-2 TeX My submission to IJCNN2017-2. 1.0.9 New PDF made by Miktex
PouleR PouleR / apple-music-api PHP PHP Wrapper for the Apple Music API v0.3.1 - Update requirements for symfony/http-client
arlac77 arlac77 / gitea-repository-provider JavaScript Repository provider for gitea v1.9.13 ## [1.9.13]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** repository-provider@16.11.3 ([82097d6](
tbuschto eclipsesource / generator-tabris-js JavaScript A Yeoman generator for Tabris.js v3.3.0
sandersaares sandersaares-actions / make-version-string PowerShell Generates a version string based on a numeric prefix and automatically determined prefixes/suffixes 2020-01-28
ig-pimpay metaship-ru / metaship-php-sdk PHP PHP SDK for MetaShip 1.0.94
ShengXue97 ShengXue97 / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1
github-actions[bot] victronenergy / venus-html5-app JavaScript HTML5 App including Javascript library that communicates with Venus OS over MQTT websockets 1.1.1
antoine-gannat antoine-gannat / auto-filling-by-the-code JavaScript The purpose of this project consists in filling a table in the by a Github action based on a JSON file updated 1.0.0
Hube2 Hube2 / ssi-standard-features PHP Standard Featues for Site-Seeker, Inc. WP Sites 6.3.3
awesomebytes awesomebytes / pepper_os Dockerfile Base image for using Pepper with ROS release/2020-01-28T13at31plus00at00 Extract with: cat pepper_os_ros-kinetic-x86_2020-01-28T13at31plus00at00_not_full_rebuild.tar.gz.part-* > pepper_os_ros-kinetic-x86_2020-01-28T13at31plus00at00_not_full_rebuild.tar.gz; tar xvf peppe
TentaShion TentaShion / AndroidPreparation Kotlin Android 開発で使う下ごしらえ集 intentbuilder_0.1.0.alpha
avoinea eea / eea.docker.plonesaas Shell Plone 5 w/ RelStorage and ElasticSearch 5.2.0-22 Refs #113382 - Add production DNS to CORS:,
arlac77 arlac77 / local-repository-provider JavaScript repository provider using local (native) git commands v6.5.4 ## [6.5.4]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** repository-provider@16.11.3 ([fe617ed](
osher-sade Enigmatis / polaris-graphql-logger TypeScript A library that organizes graphql logs v1.2.0 # [1.2.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * update semantic version ([01c51a9](
bartcone CMSgov / qpp-measures-data JavaScript QPP Measures Data v1.40.0 ## Added QPPA-3642: 2020 QCDR measures added (#319) ## Changed QPPA-3758: Updated strata order for measure 226 (#320) QPPA-3721: Updated 2020 cqm and claim measure spec links (#318)
sakaki- sakaki- / bcmrpi3-kernel-bis Shell Automated weekly build of the default branch 64-bit bcmrpi3_defconfig (+ tweaks) Linux kernel for the RPi3 B / B+ Release of version (kernel 4.19.97-v8-9d228cc51c89-bis+)
arlac77 arlac77 / bitbucket-repository-provider JavaScript repository provider for bitbucket v3.3.44 ## [3.3.44]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** repository-provider@16.11.3 ([4512dc9](
Ajhaa UniversityOfHelsinkiCS / mobvita JavaScript Revita frontend v2 v0.0.6
aleixop aleixop / Malaspina_Euk_mTags R Code and data included in Obiol et al. (2020), "A metagenomic assessment of microbial eukaryotic diversity in the global ocean" v1.0
gyant6 gyant6 / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1
dandisy dandisy / elorest PHP Query to REST API Server with the Laravel Eloquent commands (methods and params) 1.0.11 Restrict delete params in get method
paulroemer paulroemer / wc-simplemde HTML Web Components wrapper over SimpleMDE 0.2.7 fix for owning document resolution via `currentScript`
sakaki- sakaki- / bcmrpi3-kernel no-lang Automated weekly build of the default branch 64-bit bcmrpi3_defconfig Linux kernel for the Raspberry Pi 3 model B and B+ Release of version (kernel 4.19.97-v8-9d228cc51c89+)
DavidBurkett GrinPlusPlus / GrinPlusPlus C++ A C++ Grin Node & Wallet For Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux v0.7.5 * Fixes syncing issues * Fixes bug where TxHashSet zips would fail to cleanup * Switches from localtunnel to http://<TorAddress> * Removes Grinbox support * Updates multiple
Eupeodes npdc / portal PHP The Portal of the Netherlands Polar Data Center v3.0.0
CuongZ CuongZ / UNWDelicatedSoftware PHP Software for Minecraft PE ( Bedrock ) server, folk from Foxel, based by PocketMine v. Skin Fix
stweil UB-Mannheim / AustrianNewspapers no-lang NewsEye / READ OCR training dataset from Austrian Newspapers 1.0.0
Fenny gofiber / fiber Go 🔌 Fiber is an Expressjs inspired web framework build on 🚀 Fasthttp. v1.1.0 🎉 100 Stars 🌟
bari12 rucio / rucio Python Rucio - Scientific Data Management 1.21.6 # General ## Bugs - Core & Internals: Thread workload hashing is incorrect for MySQL and PostgreSQL #2993
sandersaares sandersaares-actions / expand-tokens PowerShell Replace __tokens__ in files with values provided by the workflow 2020-01-28
redsalmon91 redsalmon91 / FoxSEE Rust FoxSEE Chess Engine v1.0.2
chihirobelmo chihirobelmo / FalconBMS-Alternative-Launcher C# Configure and save FalconBMS setup per Joysticks. v1.50 - **Allow roll/pitch axis invert.** - **Automatically unlock PINKY SHIFT assign.** - **Automatically enable Borderless mode.** - Recommends window mode when disabled. (warning panel) - Fixed crash
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jx Go Jenkins X provides automated CI+CD for Kubernetes with Preview Environments on Pull Requests using Tekton, Knative, Prow, Skaffold and Helm v2.0.1157 To install jx 2.0.1157 see the [install guide]( ### Linux ```shell curl -L
danjus10 danjus10 / react-navigation no-lang Routing and navigation for your React Native apps 2.18.5
optionsome HSLdevcom / OpenTripPlanner-data-container JavaScript OpenTripPlanner data container 20200128 * Increased the maximum slope for wheelchair accessible routing as OTP seems to overestimate the slopes
bucher-132 bucher-132 / orion Python orion hhh
evolution-lab evolution-lab / version-checker PHP Facilitates checking the required software versions. 1.0.0 This is the first release of version checker.
marcoguido marcoguido / php-docker-boilerplate Dockerfile A boilerplate to be used to start or dockerize various PHP projects. 3.2 Added Minio support as additional storage layer
github-learning-lab[bot] githubtraining / security no-lang Course repo for Learning Lab course "Securing your workflows". Template repo ➡ v12.2.0 ### View Course [Securing your workflows]( ### Steps 1. Enable repository settings 2. Find the vulnerable dependency 3. Update the
sergiosbx sergiosbx / pyway Python A Flyway like migration manager written in python. 0.0.1 Initial structure for integration
Dremars City-of-Helsinki / servicemap-ui JavaScript The Service Map UI v1.0.1 # Release v1.0.1 New servicemap UI for city of Helsinki
optionsome HSLdevcom / OpenTripPlanner Java An open source multi-modal trip planner 20200128 * Change log level of couple of common errors to lessen load on Sentry
dxops oroinc / OroAkeneoBundle PHP Connector between OroCommerce Enterprise and Akeneo PIM Enterprise 3.1.6 KVSA1-35: Import performance when no changes where made on Akeneo side KVSA1-36: Products unassigned from categories, while still assigned in Akeneo KVSA1-40: Handle duplicate enum options KVSA1-41
ddis treolabs / treodam PHP Digital asset management 1.2.3-rc1 **Changes:** * #37 New icons for files
gokatz chennai-web-group / talks no-lang Archive of talks 0.0.2
Bigaston Bigaston / youpod HTML Youpod est un outil de génération de vidéos à partir de podcast v1.2.4 ### Version 1.2.4 #### Ajouts - Modification du footer des pages web (ajout lien Twitter, Github et confidentialité) - Vérification du MP3 pour les créations custom - Vérification du MP3 pour
pgrigoruta contentful / contentful-core.php PHP Foundation library for Contentful PHP SDKs 2.2.8 ### Fixed > Updated unit tests for the new center option. Coding standards.
coder3101 coder3101 / cp-editor C++ An editor specially designed for competitive programming 5.8.4-beta ## Changes: * 63c7c52c33d5a6a8293130606248027b49c88b19 chore( Update badges * cdcb8374056ad7c48a933642838f79cf3f8126cb incorporate master changes * 2d0c21699d355dcd926097306f94b33c3ebf0d
hugoebarboza hugoebarboza / odissocket TypeScript Rest Socket Server v1.0.0 Rest Socket Server
tsanikgr quantumblacklabs / causalnex Python A Python library that helps data scientists to infer causation rather than observing correlation. 0.4.1 Release 0.4.1
Nightwalker-87 Nightwalker-87 / ct-bot-doku HTML Official documentation for the ct-Bot project. 0.1
exodusanto exodusanto / laravel-concierge PHP Api token authentication for laravel projects v0.2.0 ### 🆕 New Features - add `RefreshApiToken` trait (b411cbe4fcc9d5ebfab1612156fcb4074943e3af) ### ♻️ Refactors - rename `TimeoutApiToken` contract to `RefreshApiTokenContract`
kodai100 ProjectBLUE-000 / Unity_FullScreenSpoutReceiver C# This is an application for display Spout input as a fullscreen window. v1.0
CatoTH CatoTH / antragsgruen PHP Managing motions and amendments for political conventions v4.5.0-a1 - The paragraph-based editing mode for merging amendments into motion, introduced in version 4.3.0, was visually improved to closer resemble the regular motion view, with the amendment toggles to the
Hoony87 keiraydev / kketok_alrimee_9box_release no-lang 깨톡알리미 릴리즈 저장소 v1.1.5 업데이트 내역 : 1. 카카오톡 친구 불러오기 수정 - 기존 내역 연동 2. 기타 버그 수정
oferah taldor-ltd / angular-grid-cell TypeScript A dynamic grid cell angular component v2.3.0 TBD
vlad-tkachenko FireBlinkLTD / keycloak-security-gateway TypeScript Node.js based proxy service to secure applications and integrate with Keycloak SSO flow. 1.3.1 If JWT returns no client roles application no longer throws error, but instead behaves as there is no roles.
WindSekirun WindSekirun / NaraeAudioRecorder Kotlin AudioRecorder for Android powered by Kotlin 1.3.0 * Add Marshmallow permission checking #11
mjsteinbaugh acidgenomics / acidgenerics R S4 generic functions for Acid Genomics packages. v0.3.3
stefanliden Billmate / woocommerce PHP Billmate payment plugin for WooCommerce 3.9.3 * Fix - Card payment comes to the right thank you page with Polylang
pedro-santiago i10digital / sdk-php PHP Public SDK for i10 Banking Platform 2.1.0
osro osro / chartjs-plugin-annotation JavaScript Annotation plugin for Chart.js 0.5.7-circle-alpha
glynnbird glynnbird / couchxray JavaScript CouchDB tool to examine which features are used by a CouchDB database 1.0.1 Improve parameter handling
arlac77 arlac77 / repository-provider JavaScript abstract interface to git repository providers like github bitbucket v16.11.3 ## [16.11.3]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * conver pr number to string ([d8a5a0b](
hgonomeg hgonomeg / Biblioteka_Analfabety Rust Biblioteka szkolna dla Liceum i SP z GUI w GTK-rs v.0.4.0 This does not differ significantly from v.0.3.0 The search bar is still not implemented * Minor bugs were fixed * An experimental implementation (for testing) of the full updating cycle was pro
zcsrf zcsrf / html5-music-player CSS A HTML5 and JS music player to use in your brownser v01 This is the initial working release based on a tutorial example.
Marketionist Marketionist / node-testing-server JavaScript Simple Node.js server to generate .html, .json, .js, .css, .jpg, .png pages for end-to-end and API testing v1.3.3 Details: - [added node 13 to run tests over](
mathurf shotgunsoftware / tk-config-basic Python The configuration driving the Shotgun Integrations. v1.3.0-rc1 **What's new?** We are excited to release v1.3 of our integrations. This release includes support for Python 3.7 to tk-core, a new 3dsmax engine which switches to the pymxs API for the integration w
osher-sade Enigmatis / polaris-core TypeScript Cool library that helps you create a graphql service integrated with type-orm & some API standards v1.0.9 ## [1.0.9]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * add the ability to send logger configuration or a logger ([8939235](
Hypnos3 rdmtc / node-red-contrib-sun-position JavaScript This is a ultimate Node-Red Timer, Sun, Moon and Blind flow control. 1.0.4 - within-time-switch - fixed error day selection #100 - fixed wrong working month selection - sun-position - added lastUpdateStr to payload to get the original calculation base time - moon-
bhough styled-components / polished JavaScript A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript ✨ v3.4.4 ## [3.4.4]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **position:** fix typing for position to address typescript incompatability ([63ab9a6]
Naktibalda Codeception / module-queue PHP Queue module for Codeception 1.1.0
github-actions[bot] FrankMerema / weather-service TypeScript NodeJS weather api for v1.5.2 ## [1.5.2]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * update yarn.lock ([e7c78d5](
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Nginx Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, User-Agents, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, with anti-DDOS, Wordpress Theme Detector Blocking and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V4.2020.01.1948
musketyr agorapulse / lazybones-templates Groovy Lazybones Kordamp Templates 1.1.8 * parsing AWS events properly using the HTTP request * subproject build file compatible with older versions of Gradle (Gradle 4 and older)
underr-ua underr-ua / ocmod3-option-equals-sign Makefile The Option Equals Sign extension is for Opencart 3.x CMS. It allows to use the equals sign prefix with product options. 1.1
MartinHjelmare MartinHjelmare / leicaimage Python Handle Leica Matrix Screener experiment images 0.1.0 First release.
tsatnt tsatnt / dmoe HTML digital model of energy V0.1.0 digital twince will take a storm for traditional energy technology. this platform is open for all the digital energy partner designed for you can use the digital model on platform and upload your mo
StuartHadfield gocardless / gocardless-pro-php PHP GoCardless Pro PHP Client v3.3.0 - Adds functionality to support [Instalment Schedules]( - Exposes `bounced` status on payouts
mathurf shotgunsoftware / tk-config-default2 Python The second generation default configuration for Shotgun Toolkit. v1.3.0-rc1 **What's new?** We are excited to release v1.3 of our integrations. This release includes support for Python 3.7 to tk-core, a new 3dsmax engine which switches to the pymxs API for the integration w
Assmay Assmay / php-countries PHP 🌍 PHP Countries is a library that provides an elegant syntax to country data. v1.0.6
ailanthustng ailanthustng / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1
davidmars davidmars / cayceo-control JavaScript L'interface de contrôle Cayceo v0.3.9 contenus disabled ne s'affichent plus sur la régie et sont effacés des casques
utelle utelle / wxsqlite3 C wxSQLite3 - SQLite3 database wrapper for wxWidgets (including SQLite3 encryption extension) v4.5.1 Changes since previous release: - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.31.1 SQLite3 binaries for Windows (SQLite3 shell and DLLs) can be found as separate downloads _with_ resp. _without_ enabled ICU sup
Jnewbon symless / braintree-payments PHP Braintree payment adaptor 0.2.0
tig-dennisvanderhammen tig-nl / postnl-magento2 PHP This is the official Magento 2 extension for the logistics company PostNL. v1.9.0 POSTNLM2-919 - Support toegevoegd voor Magento 2.3.4 & Magento 2.2.11 POSTNLM2-888 - Retouren toegevoegd. POSTNLM2-918 - Retouren BE toegevoegd. POSTNLM2-894 - Support toegevoegd voor Xtento_Pd
archilless archilless / pycuGMRES Cuda GMRES implementation for Toeplitz-like (Toeplitz, Hankel, Circulant) matrices and mixed (combinations of Diagonal ones and Toeplitz-like ones) matrices v1.1 Files of test were added
ivanyu aiven / aiven-kafka-connect-jdbc Java Kafka Connect connector (Sink and Source) for JDBC-compatible databases v6.1.0 - PostgreSQL driver was updated to 42.2.9.
pascuin airgap-it / beacon-extension TypeScript Beacon is the browser extension supporting multiple singing methods for the wallet interaction standard on Tezos. v0.1 ## Description This version of the beacon extension brings **initial** support of the [beacon-sdk](, which is the implementation of the walltet interaction s
eliasnorrby eliasnorrby / semantic-release-config JavaScript :hammer: Reusable semantic-release config for small projects v2.2.7 ## [2.2.7]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump @semantic-release/git from 8.0.0 to 9.0.0 ([2a5860c](https://g
VladReshet VladReshet / ArtisanUI PHP CLI UI for Laravel Artisan 1.2
mjsteinbaugh acidgenomics / acidroxygen R Shared roxygen2 documentation for Acid Genomics packages. v0.1.8
srmainwaring srmainwaring / curio Python ROS packages to control a version of Roger Chen's Sawppy Rover. v0.2.0 Release v0.2.0 - Simplify custom messages for servo data and commands - Simplify parameters for base controller for in arduino controller - Simplify the topic name for radio control data. - Add
onegate DanskeBank / Connector-Syst no-lang Integration Connector - Syst environment v0.1.3-syst.4
Jacksonzwang Jacksonzwang / SwiftCreativeClub no-lang Manage the save point of the Swift Creative Club 1.1 What’s New in 1.1: 1. Fixed some broken roads; 2. SwiftCC was changing back into Comical PC; 3. The roads and bulbs in residential area have been set up.
Nyholm Nyholm / append_query_string PHP Append a query string to a URL 0.1.0 First release
edx-semantic-release edx / frontend-app-profile JavaScript Open edX micro-frontend application for managing user profile information. v1.4.33 ## [1.4.33]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @edx/frontend-platform to v1.1.14 ([c925666](https://gith
srmainwaring srmainwaring / curio_msgs CMake ROS message types used in the curio packages. v0.2.0 Release v0.2.0 - Simplify custom messages for servo data and commands - Simplify parameters for base controller for in arduino controller - Simplify the topic name for radio control data. - Add
myoung34 myoung34 / docker-github-actions-runner Dockerfile This will run the new self-hosted github actions runners with docker-in-docker 2.165.0
github-actions[bot] APRO-Project / app Kotlin Checker Android App for a Computer Science class v1.1.0
Narno Cecilapp / the-butler HTML The Butler is a ready to use starter blog, powered by the Cecil static site generator. 1.17.0
qoomon qoomon / maven-git-versioning-extension Java This extension will virtually set project versions, based on current git branch or tag. v4.8.0 * set execution phase to INITIALIZE
srmainwaring srmainwaring / curio_firmware C++ Firmware for the curio packages v0.2.0 Release v0.2.0 - Simplify custom messages for servo data and commands - Simplify parameters for base controller for in arduino controller - Simplify the topic name for radio control data. - Add
shagtv badoo / liveprof-ui PHP An aggregator and web interface for Live Profiler 1.2.11 There are next changes: - optimized a method usage page for huge tables - added a calls_count param to display calls count recorded during specified day
gnote8-0 gnote8-0 / Plan-Manager VBA VB6 통합 일정표 풀그림 1.3.0 1.2 변경사항: Windows 7에서 할 일, 주소록 오작동 오류 수정 주소록에 주소 항목 추가
dionysius frankkoch / moodle-mod_studentquiz PHP Moodle-Plugin v4.1.0 - Added a brand new comment area, which allows comments to added to other comments to allow topic related discussions. Now comes with a small editor instead of the blank text field. Thank you @lamtran
pascuin airgap-it / beacon-example-dapp TypeScript An example dApp on tezos using the beacon sdk to communicate with your wallet and the landing page for beacon. v0.1 ## Description This version of the beacon extension brings **initial** support of the [beacon-sdk](, which is the implementation of the walltet interaction s
erikasv PEM-Humboldt / biotablero-frontend JavaScript Módulos de la interfaz gráfica del proyecto Biotablero 1.4.0
mdegembe CGT-IT / pivot PHP Plugin Wordpress qui fait une connexion à la DB PIVOT du CGT et qui permet un affichage sous forme de listing et de détails des différentes offres touristiques disponibles. Il est également possible d'ajouter des filtres v1.3.4
samuelmeuli samuelmeuli / action-electron-builder JavaScript :electron: GitHub Action for building and releasing Electron apps v1.3.0 - **Add `build_script_name` option** (#13, e0d47fa49f72bfbfc136dc1682e3cd3df126cd06)
Glinkis Glinkis / flux-entity TypeScript Utility library for the flux entity pattern 1.3.8 Exposes the `EntityKey` generic type. Allows you to extract the value typer of the entity key: ```ts interface Obj { id: number } const Type = EntityKey<Entity<Obj, 'id'>> // Type
drwatsno TinkoffCreditSystems / cachalot TypeScript Cache manager for nodejs with support different cache strategies v1.3.1 ## [1.3.1]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * mset does not add cache key prefix. ([8d58233](
jcupitt libvips / libvips C A fast image processing library with low memory needs. v8.9.1 The libvips Windows binary `` contains ALL the file format loaders that libvips supports, including some very minor ones, and a complete copy of ImageMagick. It can process m
nixel2007 1c-syntax / sonar-bsl-plugin-community Java Поддержка языка 1С:Предприятие 8 и OneScript для SonarQube. v1.4.1 ## English * Impove perfomance * 13 new rules * Upgrade BSL Language Server to v0.13.2 * New property - skip computing diagnostics according to module’s support mode (available only if there i
RMG-Frederik RMG-Frederik / SRM-APEX19.1 PLSQL RMG SRM application related scripts and style pages
rasclatt rasclatt / greystar PHP PHP Library for Greystar MLM Software
JonasPeterburs JonasPeterburs / timelib C Simple time library written in C. 1.0
nixel2007 1c-syntax / bsl-language-server Java Реализация Language Server Protocol для языка 1C (BSL) v0.13.2 * Исправлено формирование области срабатывания для диагностики CodeOutOfRegion
RedKage RedKage / weather_station Vue A minimalist weather station made for my own needs 1.0.0
junilc Washington-University / HCPpipelinesRunUtils Shell Utilities for running and checking completion status of HCP Pipelines v1.4.5
abrander abrander / status Go Luxafor Flag CLI tool to show availability 0.1alpha
NuKeeperBot NuKeeperDotNet / NuKeeper C# Automagically update nuget packages in .NET projects 0.26.1 ## Changes: * 01bdb514db9666e10f8f58ca1c6c10218af049fb Yaml pipeline now supports schedules (#909) * 9f9cc20168212d162729c7e9a22b3e0164659b1f Update GitLab MergeRequest's Labels to be an array vs a
WindSekirun WindSekirun / RxSocialLogin Kotlin An Android Library that provides social login for 15 platforms within by RxJava2, Kotlin and Firebase Authentication. update kakao version to 1.15.1
WillySeahh WillySeahh / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project A-Jar A-Jar attached
ZabbixPackager zabbix / zabbix-docker Shell Official Zabbix Dockerfiles (under development, not ready for production) 4.4.5 Release Notes for Zabbix 4.4.5:
RZahr RZahr / QuickTools Kotlin Kotlin General Functions and Extensions Used Across Projects to Get Rid of Biolerplates 1.0.42
ignusius ignusius / telegram-bot-api Go Golang bindings for the Telegram Bot API socks5
FezVrasta popperjs / popper-core JavaScript 🍿Positioning tooltips and popovers is difficult. Popper is here to help! v2.0.2 - fix: workaround Edge problem with web component polyfill (#980); - fix(computeStyles): adaptive option with gpuAcceleration disabled (#981) - fix: remove Object.entries (polyfill for IE is no long
Tarpsvo optimistdigital / nova-page-manager PHP Static page and region manager for Laravel Nova - designed for headless CMS's. 3.0.1 ### Changed - Add `nova-lang` support to Regions (by [@KasparRosin]( - Update packages
arikaim-repository arikaim / arikaim PHP Arikaim CMS 1.0.21
ZachiZachiZachi ZachiZachiZachi / AutoMerge C# TFS extension for merge v0.2.7.2 In Visual Studio 2019 wurde keine AutoMerge-Button angezeigt. Dieser Fehler ist nun behoben
Reetok3 pinenut-programming-language / bittn Ruby The small programming language v2.2.2
lrapetti robotology / wearables C++ Data collection framework for wearable sensors v1.0.0 ## [1.0.0] - 2020-01-28 First release of `wearables`, compatible with YARP 3.3.
nodejs-changelog-writer[bot] Jaid / JavaScript Simple wiki for Dead by Daylight. Contains perks, killer powers and patch notes. v2.23.2 --- - Code changes: [v2.23.1 … v2.23.2]( (3 commits) #### 1 author <a href="
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jenkins-x-builders-ml Dockerfile Machine learning builders for Jenkins X v0.1.1077 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 2.0.1155 to 2.0.1156 ### Dependency Updates | Dependency | Component | New Version | Old Version | | ---------- | ---------
hdesing empa-tsl / RE_ATP_calculation MATLAB Calculation method for appropriable technical potential for renewable energy resources v1.1
sebastianstob sebastianstob / SolidWorks_Export-XML_IFW_DigiTwin no-lang SolidWorks_Export-XML_IFW_DigiTwin v0.0.1 This first publication shows the general approach, will soon be supplemented by the source code.
gjbex gjbex / Code-optimization Jupyter Notebook Repository for participants of the "Code optimization" training 20200128 Material available during the session of 2020-01-28, with improvements based on feedback during that session.
belyaev-mikhail belyaev-mikhail / grammar-converter ANTLR Convert ANTLR4 .g4 grammar into ebnf/markdown
Narno Cecilapp / Cecil PHP Your content driven static site generator. 5.4.2
Simcsa Kentico / kontent-management-sdk-net C# Kentico Kontent Management .NET SDK 2.1.0
mjoldfield mjoldfield / pi-tm1638 C TM1638 library for the Raspberry Pi v1.0
DAVIDCIOCOIU95 ttothuk / group1_cw Java Repository for Group 1 for the Software Engineering Methods Coursework. v0.1-alpha-2 MongoDB integrated. Build configuration with Travis CI
mkutscher mkutscher / OctoScreen Go LCD touch interface for our Octoprint v2.6.1 **About 2.6.1:** - allow custom control "commands", not only single line "command" entries, also hide controls with a input - set fan on to 70% - set watchdog to 120s (from 10s)
mesmo steelbreeze / landscape JavaScript Landscape map visualisations with split and merged cells v1.0.2 Remove the working code from the master branch for a new optimisation algorithm which is currently under development.
Littlegolden Littlegolden / flarum-backtop PHP Flarum extension of scroll up v0.1.1
snyksec snyk / snyk TypeScript CLI and build-time tool to find & fix known vulnerabilities in open-source dependencies v1.285.0 # [1.285.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * add go dep, vendor and mod to auto detect ([65e0a76](
Eaglestriker Eaglestriker / 03_01_CrapsWithMockitoMaven Java Programm for playing Craps and it is tested with Mockito 20200128130300-281b5ba
pewojda pewojda / TestownikEdytor Java Question file editor for Testownik based apps. v1.0
javihgil softspring / crudl-bundle PHP A CRUD+list helper bundle v1.0.1
iamsobanjaved edx / edx-celeryutils Python Tools to support working with celery. v0.3.2 jsonfield package used by edx is currently unmaintained and has only been tested against Django versions through 1.11, so replaced with jsonfield2 which supports Django 1.11 through 2.2.
artlee06 artlee06 / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1
jerrenss jerrenss / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v1.0 Week 3 iP Requirement
github-actions[bot] opspresso / jx Shell Docker Image - jenkins-x/jx v2.0.1156
casperbakker picqer / php-barcode-generator PHP Barcode generator in PHP that is easy to use, non-bloated and framework independent. v2.0.1 ### Fixed - Removed special chars from filenames we use for test validation #94
melistik rocketbase-io / commons-rest Java holds commons classes and services used to develop REST applications with spring mvc 2.0.0 - api-change within ErrorResponse - changed fields to list of error-message (allows to have multiple errors for one field path) - not backwards compatible change that's why change major version
dericgw dericgw / react-tiny-fab JavaScript 🤖A tiny Floating Action Button for React v3.4.0 - Fixed issue with node-sass bindings 1eaf10c - Fixed lint issue 8f5c402 - 3.2.0 18343a0 - Resolving an aria-hidden-focus accessibility issue for hidden action buttons (#47) 524395e - Add tex
natixco natixco / tabby TypeScript Simple, beautiful timetable application to track your school schedule. v1.1 🎉 **Updates** - Renamed app from Revolt to Tabby - Added german translation - Added dark mode - You can add description for tasks now (click on the task to show/hide it)
hdesing empa-tsl / ERA_method MATLAB Ecological resource availability (ERA) v1.0
captn3m0 captn3m0 / terraform-data-newrelic-whitelist HCL Terraform Module that returns the latest New Relic IP and Domains Whitelists: 2020.01.22 New Synthetic IPs added: ```diff + + + + + + + + + + +1
justabaka justabaka / alertmanager-webhook-telegram Python Alertmanager webhook for Telegram 0.4.2 Now it's very easy to override a default template using a ConfigMap.
alex-bacart bacart / symfony-common PHP Symfony common utils v0.2.4
bockpl bockpl / bocompute-graphics-gpu Shell Kontener obliczeniowy z możliwością wyświetlania grafiki 3D i obliczeń na GPU. v1.9.0
minexo79 minexo79 / SmileGuy Python Discord 聊天機器人 v1.3.2
FerdiBot getferdi / ferdi JavaScript 🧔🏽 Community fork of @meetfranz. Ferdi allows you to combine your favourite messaging services into one application v5.4.1-beta.6 - Fix bug when trying to remove workspace when using Ferdi without an account (#294) - Add multisize tray icon for Windows (#316)
jahia-ci Jahia / javascript-components JavaScript The goal of this module is to provide multiple javascript packages that can be reused in different javascript applications. ui-extender-v0.2.0 #### 🚀 Enhancement - BACKLOG-11820: Added contextual menu component in ui-extender [#74]( ([@tdraier]( #### Aut
irfan-dahir jikan-me / jikan PHP Unofficial MyAnimeList PHP+REST API which provides functions other than the official API v2.16.1 - Bug fix for parsing issue of user favorites images. MAL can't seem to make up their mind on lazyloading
Ta1Nur City-of-Helsinki / helerm-ui JavaScript Helsinki Electronic Records Management Classification System UI v0.4.10
LaurentRDC LaurentRDC / pandoc-plot Haskell Render and include figures in Pandoc documents using your plotting toolkit of choice This release includes the first Windows installer and executable. The supported toolkits are: * Matplotlib * Plotly/Python * MATLAB * ggplot2 * GNU Octave * gnuplot * Mathematica (untested
vbaranov poanetwork / blockscout Elixir Blockchain explorer for Ethereum based network and a tool for inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains. v3.0.0-beta # `block_hash` indexing approach is introduced This release contains a major change among other changes, namely migration to `block_hash` indexing approach. What does it mean? It means that in orde
Ta1Nur City-of-Helsinki / helerm Python Helsinki Electronic Records Management Classification System v0.4.10 Django 2.2.9 401 response xml export - include all classfications, add missing attribute, xml environment variable attribute value name, help_text
CuongZ CuongZ / ToolkitTCGM_Official Batchfile A powerful tool helps use TCGM / Gameloop better # Changelogs: + Rework with Compoments + GUI reworked + Reinstall Toolkit is now avaliable. + Code cleaned. # Bugs: + Because is built by AutoIT, VirusTotal or some Ani-malware will delect th
westnordost westnordost / StreetComplete Kotlin Easy to use OpenStreetMap editor for Android v17.0-beta2 <ul> <li>Fixed a crash on startup, thanks @RubenKelevra, @Atrate (#1704)</li> <li>Fixed a crash on exiting the app</li> </ul>
DottBott ridedott / auto-merge-action TypeScript Automatically merges Pull Requests. v1.1.1 ## [1.1.1]( (2020-01-28) ### Chores * use new action name everywhere ([6e2bf7c](
ohif-bot OHIF / Viewers JavaScript OHIF zero-footprint DICOM viewer and oncology specific Lesion Tracker, plus shared extension packages @ohif/viewer@3.4.7 ## [3.4.7]( (2020-01-28) **Note:** Version bump only for package @ohif/viewer
commitizen-bot commitizen / cz-conventional-changelog JavaScript A commitizen adapter for the angular preset of v3.1.0 # [3.1.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * **engine:** add support for disableScopeLowerCase ([#96](
ysmood ysmood / kit Go A collection of often used io related methods v0.19.3
Wouterdek Wouterdek / NodeNetwork C# A C# library with a WPF node editor component based on ReactiveUI v4.2.0 See changelog here:
lvgunst mollie / mollie-api-node TypeScript Official Mollie API client for Node v3.1.0 - Added Order Payments API Check out our [changelog]( for a complete overview of everything that's changed.
shahsurajk quiph / QGamesJSInterfaceTester Kotlin Android app to test the JS interface used inside a webview running QGames in the QTalk app v2.8 # Major Changes * Updating the presence state of user to "EXITED" on hang up button clicked. * Writing "OUTGOING_VOIP" as call mode inside participants. * Making main webview vi
MFlor BenjaminMedia / willow-base-theme PHP Base WordPress Theme for Willow 3.22.1
hf-platform hellofresh / rds_exporter Go AWS RDS exporter for Prometheus 2.0.5
gruberro gruberro / php-mongo-migrations PHP Manage changes for your MongoDB documents 0.5.1
mrpickles3rd mrpickles3rd / react-express-parcel JavaScript setup react & express with parcel 0.1.0 This is the minimum you should need to get a [React]( App run in dev mode or build. This runs on an [express]( server so you can make API/DB calls etc.
jeherve Automattic / jetpack PHP Increase your traffic, view your stats, speed up your site, and protect yourself from hackers with Jetpack. 8.2-beta You too, can help testing this new release by following the testing list here: Thank you!
StuartHadfield gocardless / gocardless-dotnet C# GoCardless .NET Client v3.1.0 - Adds functionality to support [Instalment Schedules]( - Exposes `bounced` status on payouts
yuri-beproduct BeProduct / BeProduct.Browzwear.Plugin Python BeProduct.Asset.Plugin.for.Browzwear v1.1.3 - Bugfix for allowing spaces in filename
koszti transferwise / pipelinewise-target-s3-csv Python Target for CSV on S3 - PipelineWise compatible v1.1.0
alexellis alexellis / faasd Go faasd - serverless with containerd and CNI 🐳 0.7.1
cosmo-admin cloudify-cosmo / cloudify-fabric-plugin Python For running fabric tasks or commands from the manager 1.6.0.dev1 Release of version 1.6.0.dev1, files: ht
Rat431 Rat431 / ColdAPI_Steam C++ A Steam offline emulator that allows you to play Steam games in SinglePlayer. v1.9 Fixed a DLC listing bug.
spudly spudly / scripts TypeScript scripts v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **manifest:** add template to files config ([42b6ea3](
ragnaroks ragnaroks / Wind2 C# Wind 2 v2.2.22 ### new - unit network usage capture - web controller add language(zh-cn)
tc-arek topconcepts / OXID-Klarna-6 TSQL Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments Module for the OXID eShop version >= 6.0.0 v5.1.1 - Implementation of Klarna Instant Shopping
github-actions[bot] adesutherland / HercControl C++ Tool to allow Batch Control of Hercules mainframe emulator v1.0.3
Isopodus Isopodus / CCSControl Kotlin Monitoring app 1.0
Arrow7000 Arrow7000 / qew TypeScript 🚄 Library for queuing asynchronous functions - useful in interfacing with rate limited APIs or memory intensive operations v0.10.0
awibox awibox / react-cookie-disclaimer JavaScript :cake: The package will help you to display a notification about the use of cookies on the site 2.1.0 You can add custom styles by passing the ```className``` parameter: ```typescript jsx <CookieDisclaimer className={styles.cookieDisclaimer}/> ```
Kav91 newrelic / nri-flex Go An agnostic extensible AIO New Relic Integration v0.9.5 - do not create empty samples with commands - improve container discovery logging - sprintf floats correctly for lookups
erayd browserpass / browserpass-otp JavaScript OTP functionality for browserpass 0.2.3-dev - Add README - Change `host` field to `origin` - Add 16px icon
sosguthorpe folio-org / mod-agreements Groovy A FOLIO Module for handling the server side work needed for the ERM system v2.0.1 2020-01-28 * ERM-682 Upgrading mod-agreements module from Daisy to Edelweiss fails
Haprog vaadin / vaadin-time-picker-flow Java Vaadin Flow Java API for vaadin/vaadin-time-picker Web Component 3.0.0.alpha2 This is a release of the Java integration for [`vaadin-time-picker`]( Web Component ([github](, to be use
rfadeev rfadeev / unity-forge-anim-callbacks C# Runtime callbacks for Unity animation clips used in Animator and Animation components. 1.0.1 This is required for OpenUPM to track correct version of the package with Samples folder renamed.
ertanturan ertanturan / AES128Encryption C# AES 128 Encryption and Decryption in C# V1.0.1 Fixed XOR logic of PCBC.
olgadanylova Backendless / Swift-SDK Swift Backendless SDK for iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS 5.7.3 * fixed `isValidUserToken` method to return error when Internet connection is not available * refactored Fault contructor to handle URLSession errors correctly * fixed tests according to the last s
JoelKle JoelKle / puppet-salt Puppet Puppet module to manage the SaltStack ( salt-minion / salt-master / salt-api / salt-pepper ) v.1.1.0
mschauer mschauer / BridgeLandmarks.jl Julia Image analysis and stochastic processes on shape and landmark spaces. v0.1
MitanOmar kleeja-official / kleeja_payment PHP ( Create file store & Sell paid groups & Subscription system ) -> on kleeja 1.2.6 * fix an error (can not buy files)
olore olore / jaycue JavaScript My little side project that mimics the best parts jq v1.2.0 Testing Github Actions
DaneelTrevize DaneelTrevize / TABSAT C# They Are Billions Save Automation Tool 0.2 This release can modify the ThemeType of a save file after map generation (e.g. swap from Desert Wasteland to Frozen Highlands), as well as relocate Mutants to the farthest Giant from the Command Cent
mayhem-ci arbor / asif Haskell Library for creating and querying segmented data v6.0.4 Changes -------- - Add ghc-8.8.1 to CI by @newhoggy - Merge pull request #41 from arbor/add-ghc-8.8.1-to-ci Add ghc-8.8.1 to CI by @newhoggy - Add lower bounds by @newhoggy - Fix warnings by @newhog
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-sync-engine Swift iOS synchronization library for Wire 295.2.0 Release 295.2.0 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ 8fb74898 | Release 295.2.0 00820abc | Add method on th
sltzgs sltzgs / KernelCP_windSCADA no-lang Code and supplementary material complementing the WES-publication: "A kernel change-point detection algorithm for pre-processing of wind turbine SCADA data" 0.1
ca5p3r ca5p3r / Postgres-XL-scripts Shell Bash scripts that handle the mighty Postgresql-XL database configuration, cluster initialization and nodes failover. v0.1
EnoughSensei EnoughSensei / disconnect GDScript A game based on 4-connect which you can sabotage your opponents. v1.1-beta.6 Enhanced GUI
fabricteam OfficeDev / office-ui-fabric-react TypeScript React components for building Microsoft web experiences. office-ui-fabric-react_v7.86.0 ## Minor changes - BaseFloatingPicker: pass custom props to inner Callout (PR #11794 by [statm]( - Dialog/Panel: allow to set aria-level on header title (PR #11798 by [xugao
rp- LINBIT / addon-linstor Python OpenNebula driver to manage and access storage managed by LINSTOR v1.0.3 linstor-opennebula 1.0.3 ------------------------------- * Fix migration with mixed system datastores * Fix monitor script for linstor datastore only using resource groups * Fix copy clone m
Neoglyph Media24si / m24-gallery Vue A simple vuejs gallery component in use by Media24(.si) v0.3.1 Added prefixes to all tailwind and default gallery classes. The prefix added is `m24g-`. Be sure to fit all style overrides with the new class name prefixes. For example the `.article-gallery`
kamilmysliwiec nestjs / swagger TypeScript Swagger module for Nest framework (node.js) :earth_americas: 4.2.3 * Merge branch 'master' of (cd1925b) * fix(): fix inheritance issue (missing properties with plugin) (884bd42) * fix(): fix as expression issue (plugin) (3f865ec) * f
ovh-ux-cds ovh-ux / ovh-api-services JavaScript Contains all AngularJS $resource for OVH API v9.34.0 :gem: v9.34.0
gtonkinhill gtonkinhill / panaroo Python An updated pipeline for pan-genome investigation v1.0.0
MurdoMaclachlan MurdoMaclachlan / scrabble-score-tracker Python A small project that tracks the score of a game of Scrabble. Made for an Advanced Higher Computing project. v1.1.0 **Changes** - Changed to identifying players using idnum instead of name - Improved readability by changing from very long strings to dictionary handling - Removed reduntant debug print() statem
ridaamirini ridaamirini / ImapSyncClient JavaScript ImapSync Desktop Client v1.0.1 - Fixed #20 - Updated imapsync binaries #30 - Updated electron #31
jasperandrew jasperandrew / dice-roller JavaScript An online dice roller, built with minimum keyboard interaction in mind to promote ease of use while playing tabletop games. v0.1.3-beta
dheerajaggarwal Optimizory / vrest-ng-cli JavaScript Command Line Runner for vREST v1.2.0 # vREST NG CLI v1.2.0 release ## Features - Added hooks support to integrate any eco system tools with vREST NG. For more information, please read our guide on [hooks](
Gummibeer Astrotomic / laravel-translatable PHP A Laravel package for multilingual models v11.7.0 * Add `translateOrFail()` method - [\#114](
tomFlidr ExtTS / generator C# Ext.JS TypeScript type definitions generator. v1.2.0 - fixed errors to generate definitions to render version 5.0.1
pascalbaljet pascalbaljetmedia / laravel-paddle PHP API integration for Laravel with support for webhooks/events v1.0.6 Added attribute existance check on the event webhook data
thierryc thierryc / Sketch-Find-And-Replace JavaScript Sketch plugin to do a find and replace on text within layers v2.8.3
zaevi zaevi / SaintCoinach C# SaintCoinach_CN; GodBert国服兼容版本 CN_Build-3
wrld-teamcity wrld3d / ios-api Objective-C++ iOS API for WRLD: Stunning, Interactive 3D Maps v0.0.1295 v0.0.1295
avikdatta imperial-genomics-facility / igf-pipelines Perl A repository of pipelines and scripts for Imperial BRC Genomics Facility team 1.5.2 * Replaced Scanpy report for single cell data analysis with a notebook template
SerzhEvtushenko creatissimo / CreatissimoMattermostBundle PHP Symfony2 Bundle for communicating with the Mattermost Chat v1.1.19
kristerkari kristerkari / stylelint-config-recommended-scss JavaScript The recommended shareable SCSS config for stylelint 4.2.0 - Added: support for stylelint 13.
nilshoffmann lifs-tools / lipidcreator C# LipidCreator is a powerful stand alone kick-off tool for targeted lipidomics and a plugin for Skyline. It provides convenient tools to generate transition lists for labeled and unlabeled lipids. 642 # LipidCreator release 1.1.0 - Build 642 *January 28th, 2020* LipidCreator is a lipid building block-based workbench and knowledge base for the automated generation of targeted lipidomics mass s
avikdatta imperial-genomics-facility / data-management-python Python Python library for running data analysis pipelines for IGF team 1.6.2 ## List of changes * Added a module to run jupyter nbconvert within singularity container * Replaced Scanpy report for single cell data analysis with a notebook
DanielSporysz DanielSporysz / publications-manager Python Python WEB application using Flask and Nginx. Additionality, there is a Java Desktop Client. v1.0
Kikobeats microlinkhq / cli JavaScript A CLI for interacting with Microlink API v1.3.23
richelbilderbeek richelbilderbeek / mcbette_run R Do a Bayesian phylogenetic model comparison using mcbette v1.0 * Works
jtsiomb MindlapseDemos / 256boss C Bootable launcher for running 256byte intros without DOS v0.1 256boss initial release.
vapvarun wbcomdesigns / bp-job-manager PHP BuddyPress Job Manager plugin 2.2.1 = 2.2.1 = * Fix: updated Job Tab condition logic to display on selected user roles.
bellini666 0soft / graphene-django-plus Python Tools to easily create permissioned CRUD endpoints in graphene. v1.3.2 * Resolve type for Django's ManyToManyField -
max-jacobs ExpediaGroup / beekeeper-terraform HCL Terraform deployment scripts for Beekeeper release-2.0.0 Added support for Kubernetes by specifying var.instance_type = "k8s". Added Kubernetes deployment options for Cleanup and Path Scheduler. Added KIAM role creation for k8s pods. Refactored
danieldk stickeritis / sticker2-models no-lang Models for sticker2 nl-ud-large-20200128
DarkFenX pyfa-org / Pyfa Python Python fitting assistant, cross-platform fitting tool for EVE Online v2.16.3 ### Database: - [Armor repairer tiericide]( ### Changes: - Training a skill up in the character editor will also train the skill's prerequisites ### F
Giladx Giladx / Typora_github_theme_RTL CSS RTL version for Typora github Theme 1.0 Download zip and extract to your Typora Theme Folder
mjbarlow mjbarlow / Umbraco-8-Bulma-Starter-Kit JavaScript Free starter kit / theme for Umbraco v8+, based on the Bulma CSS framework. v1.0.9 Also upgraded to Umbraco v8.5.3
sonariorobot Rookout / docs CSS Rookout Documentation docs-v1.0.390 ## Release Notes - docs 1.0.390 - inner-999.0.390 ### Changes from docs-v1.0.389 #### Released by: CircleCI ### Business Highlights: #### Features delivered: * [RK-4888](https://rookout.atlassian.
iserko lyst / rpforest Python It is a forest of random projection trees 1.5 Preparing 1.5 release
abdalla abdalla / react-hotjar JavaScript Small component to implement Hotjar into your react application v2.2.0
jiyinyiyong Cirru / cirru-script CoffeeScript [Old] Generated JavaScript from Cirru Grammar 0.6.2 Details .
ratnesh-kadam cyberchimps / responsive PHP The original Responsive WordPress Theme, downloaded over 1 million times. v4.1.0-beta.2
Hundeklemmen drupijs / Drupi-JS JavaScript Minecraft development made easy. 0.3.4
github-actions[bot] navikt / veilarboppfolging Java Backend applikasjon- Tilbyr REST tjenester for å hente/opprette/endre oppfolging på en bruker release/dev@f7789acc92946395adcf5ac5a40dc0a1c68044ff
brenoferreira creativecommons / cccatalog-frontend JavaScript CC Search is a search tool for CC-licensed and public domain content across the internet. 2.8 # New features * Homepage redesign #549 # Improvements * Mouse pointer on left sidebar filter collapse icon #550 * Improved text for image results over 10K #552 # Bugfixes * Fixed m
chillpert chillpert / unity-phone-controller C# Game Controller App For Dome Game Project v1.0-alpha - features UI swap on level change - buttons with cool down timer - acceleration data Issues: - still requires manual IP input when connected to the dome
M66B M66B / FairEmail Java Fully featured, open source, privacy friendly email app for Android 1.930 * Added IMAP keyword colors * Small improvements and minor bug fixes * Updated translations * All changes: This version is not available i
inetic censorship-no / ceno-browser Shell Firefox for Android (Fennec) with Ouinet integration v0.0.6 Improved UPnP code and fixing few bugs in Ouinet
AliTZM SakkuCloud / docker_compose_wrapper Java Create pipeline in Sakku from Docker compose file v1.2
vis-bot visjs / vis-network JavaScript :dizzy: Display dynamic, automatically organised, customizable network views. v7.3.0 # [7.3.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * **edges:** optionally don't render self reference edge behind the node ([#368](
cesarferreira cesarferreira / insta-story Kotlin Creates an instagram story like UI 1.0.0-0
blakelead scalair / terraform-aws-jumpbox HCL Create a jumpbox in a public subnet which give SSH access to instances in private subnets. v1.1.0
yonigibbs yonigibbs / elm-i18next-gen JavaScript Code generation for elm-i18next v1.0.2 Initial public release to NPM registry
ggpabuk ggpabuk / Nothing-BOT Python Stupidly fun bot. v1.6 # v1.0 ###### This is something dumb, very dumb... ![lmao](
stakater-user stakater-charts / logrotate Smarty Helm chart for logrotate 1.0.14
oiooj oiooj / cli Go A small package for building command line apps in Go v1.3.0
DavidAce DavidAce / h5pp C++ A C++17 wrapper for HDF5 v1.5.0 Rewrite of fundamental parts of h5pp adding many features without breaking API for older versions **For users** * Users can now query type information and size of datasets and attributes before
yguclu pyccel / sympde Python Symbolic calculus for partial differential equations (and variational forms) v0.9.6
kristerkari kristerkari / stylelint-scss JavaScript A collection of SCSS specific linting rules for stylelint 3.14.2 - Fixed: `operator-no-unspaced` ignore operators inside `@at-root`.
agnesnatasya agnesnatasya / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1
dsznajder dsznajder / react-native-otp-inputs TypeScript OTP inputs for React-Native v5.0.0-alpha.0 # 5.0.0-alpha.0 - We decided to remove `react-native-keyevent`, because of problems related to stock android keyboards. We added some additional logic to check if there is possibility to "jump
RichardPerdaan myparcelnl / magento PHP The Magento 2 MyParcel plugin 3.2.1-beta.1 ## Fix: * #356 Notice: Undefined index: date .... /TrackTraceHolder.php
xhlove xhlove / GetDanMu Python 转换/下载各类视频的弹幕 1.5 支持芒果TV弹幕下载
dkorunic haproxytech / helm-charts Shell Helm chart for HAProxy kubernetes ingress controller kubernetes-ingress-0.5.0 A Helm chart for HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller
thetruevincentchow thetruevincentchow / duke Java Starter code for the Duke project A-Jar This release provides a .jar for Duke up to Level 8 and A-MoreOOP.
bheindl bheindl / magento2-paypal-plus PHP Magento 2 PayPal Plus Modul 1.3.1 Added PHP 7.3 compatibility
jiyinyiyong Cirru / scirpus Cirru Simple Lisp-like language that compiles to JavaScrip but with less brackets 0.6.2 Learnt from Clojure. Details .
pgcodekeeper-service pgcodekeeper / pgcodekeeper Java pgCodeKeeper is a PostgreSQL schema management tool v5.9.8
ymind ymind / maven-semantic-gitlog Java A simple semantic Versioning 2.0.0 management tool based on Conventional Commits. It automatically derive and manage version numbers and generate angular-style change logs. 0.1.0
tlvince tlvince / eslint-config-tlvince JavaScript ESLint rule customisations v2.0.71 ## [2.0.71]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump @typescript-eslint/parser from 2.17.0 to 2.18.0 ([a308226](https:
kremalicious oceanprotocol / squid-js TypeScript 🦑 JavaScript client library for Ocean Protocol v2.0.0-beta.0 * add migration instructions for breaking changes (4a359b6) * use compute serviceEndpoint from DDO (f3cbf1a) * new (40754ca) * test data consolidation (ac39369) * DDO & comput
andream-lodgify lodgify / lodgify-ui JavaScript React components for building amazing websites with Lodgify v1.294.0 # [1.294.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * **StickyMenu:** expose className ([df1cb2a](
simon-wh simon-wh / Wooting.NET C# Wooting RGB control and Analog Reader .NET wrapper v1.1.0
juniperlsimonis dapperstats / salvage HTML Code for smooth interactions with the salvage database v0.7.0 ## Actual CI web interaction * I think? * I hope! ## Stripped down web design * Just uses the basic `rmarkdown::render_site`
khawkins98 visual-framework / vf-core CSS A (primarily CSS) framework that targets needs of life science websites and services v2.0.0-rc.3 After [`rc.2`]( we're ready for our third and likely final RC before a stable release. ## What's new in Release Candidate 2?
marekkirejczyk UniversalLogin / UniversalLoginSDK TypeScript Universal Login Monorepo 0.5.0 Universal Login Beta3, enables full support for Gnosis Safe smart contracts. A newly deployed wallet is by default Gnosis Safe. Core Universal Login functionalities remain unchanged, but all processin
chonla chonla / cotton Go Markdown Test Specification Runner 0.3.8 Minor fix
jiyinyiyong mvc-works / codearea CoffeeScript make textarea friendly for coding 0.0.1 Now code is based on `addEventListener` and implementations is refined a bit.
glankk glankk / gz C Ocarina of Time trainer v0.3.5 ## Changes - Support for Master Quest and Collector's Edition versions - Support for the reset command, timer function, and SD card functions on Wii VC - Graphical patcher interface - macO
phily245 ukfast / sdk-php PHP UKFast SDK for PHP v0.17.4 ### Updates * Updates SafeDNS record creation to current format
vMReal vMReal / digest-auth TypeScript Digest authentication (client and server), based on cryptographic functions with support auth-int v1.1.0 1. Was added support "Multiple Authorization Header", by default find first Digest in Authorization Header 2. Was added a new option for analyze function multipleAuthorization for return
Savioor GreenBlitz / MotionControl Java The motion code for the robot I mean it's in the title v1.0.0
CarstenGermer CarstenGermer / PlayWrite AutoHotkey PlayWrite and QuestWrite to support troupes to perform sketches or plays and quests via chat-systems. Currently for LOTRO. Written with AutoHotkey. 20200128.0.0-beta PlayWrite / QuestWrite 20200128.0.0-beta Works perfect with few clients / actors but needs to be tested more before it can be considered done.
ch-build companieshouse / Java Documentation for the Companies House Developer Hub 0.0.33
traone OPMerchantServices / op-payment-service-for-woocommerce PHP OP Payment Service (formerly Checkout Finland) for WooCommerce 1.2.8 - bump SDK version and update composer.lock accordingly
cryptogateway cryptogateway / go-paymex Go PMX Network v1.9.11
lcc30521 lcc30521 / lccweather PHP 高德天气组件 0.0.1 版本1
ebrehault plone / pastanaga-angular TypeScript Angular implementation of the Pastanaga UI 1.7.1
sicruse sicruse / ansible-powerline-fonts no-lang Ansible role that installs powerline fonts v1.2.1 minor bug fixes
nzbin ng-matero / ng-matero TypeScript Angular Material admin dashboard template. v0.12.0 ### Features - **theme(menu):** improve menu state rendering - **theme(icons):** improve material icons css ### Bug Fixes - **theme:** fix `page-header` title issue
rlktradewright IbcAlpha / IBC Java Automation of Interactive Brokers TWS. You can download the latest release here: 3.8.2 If none of the new features and bug fixes described below are relevant to you, you do not need to upgrade your installation. **Bug fixes** * Setting MinimizeMainWindow=yes was still not always w
sacull sacull / koturno Java Host availability checker v1.0 #### Changes from v0.9-beta to v1.0 * Create 'examples' folder and refactor import examples files * Create 'manuals' folder and add complete Polish user manual * Repair few little code and visual b
re-autom8-ci alphagov / gsp Go GSP is a container platform and curated suite of components helping government deploy, run, observe and secure their services gsp-v1.1.466
vgenev mojaloop / ml-api-adapter JavaScript Translation layer to convert to/from Mojaloop API to an internal format that is used in Central Services Stack. v8.8.4 ## Changelog for this release * updated event-sdk version * added spans to all callback.sendRequest calls in notification handler
nsvijay04b1 nsvijay04b1 / hello-restapi Python REST Api to update username and date of birth using PUT method. To find the number of days left to next birthday and get "happy birthday" message if birthday is same as today using GET method. 0.9.0 This release works on a rhel/centos single server in development mode 3rd party dependencies python2 flask postgres-11 DB installation and table creation not included redhat/centos nginx ws
Stern87 IntegReady / stamps-api-client PHP Stamps API Client for creating shipping labels, envelopes, checking addresses, etc. 1.0.4
mforner13 uktrade / data-hub-frontend JavaScript The frontend rendering application for Data Hub v5.76.0 ## Feature - Make UK regions filter on investments collections page a type ahead (#2394 ) - Remove legacy company Audit trail (#2389 ) ## Technical - Reorganise and cleanup the documentation (#2
ThisIsPIRI ThisIsPIRI / android-libraries Java Some Dialogs and Preferences. commons-v1.1.0 getFile now supports creating subdirectories.
dheerajaggarwal Optimizory / vrest-ng JavaScript vREST NG - Enterprise ready application for Automated API Testing v1.2.0 # vREST NG v1.2.0 release Now with hooks feature, you may integrate any eco system tools like JIRA, TestRail, Slack, hipchat with vREST NG to make a successful test automation. With this your team wi
github-actions[bot] rx-ts / types TypeScript TypeScript Type Definitions same as DefinitelyTyped. @d-ts/webpack-plugins@0.3.2 ## 0.3.2 (2020-01-28) **Note:** Version bump only for package @d-ts/webpack-plugins
jancelin jancelin / RTKlibDroid Shell Rtklib for android linux (Userland) RTKlibDroid_0.2 ## Inside * [debian buster ARM64 for Userland Android]( * [Rtklib 2.4.3 from RTKlibExplorer demo5 b33b2 ]( * RTKlibDroid s
davidjgraph jgraph / drawio JavaScript Source to v12.6.1
process-engine-ci process-engine / bpmn-studio TypeScript IDE for designing, executing and inspecting BPMN-based business processes v5.13.0-alpha.6 # Changelog v5.13.0-alpha.6 (2020-01-28) This changelog covers the changes between [v5.11.2 and v5.13.0-alpha.6]( For
MrHus 42BV / ui TypeScript UI components as used by v2.9.0 Added RadioGroup form component: Whenever ValuePicker is in single mode and the size is less than 4 it will now
RiteshSaxena RiteshSaxena / reliant PHP Reliant is a simple, fast and minimal PHP framework designed with MVC design patterns. v1.0.0
vgenev mojaloop / central-ledger JavaScript Central Ledger hosted by a scheme to record and settle transfers v8.8.5 ## Changelog for this release * Updated event-sdk version
tujoworker dnbexperience / eufemia JavaScript DNB Design System v6.0.0-beta.22 # [6.0.0-beta.22]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * add title to #form-status icons ([2eca014](
jovin-joy DFE-Digital / HTML Job handlers for notifications v5.3.4 Notification changes
alexsegura coopcycle / coopcycle-app JavaScript CoopCycle native app v0.24.0 - Introduce Fastlane for iOS - Add checkout step to gather more infos (#134) - Show previous dropoff addresses in suggestions
Lisias net-lisias-kspu / AGExt C# Action Groups Extended. Unofficial. RELEASE/ + Moving the whole shebang into `net-lisias-ksp` to prevent clashes with the upstream + Decluttered the GameData by moving Textures into `PluginData` - Fixed double loading Textures + Moved patche
waynegm waynegm / OpendTect-Plugins C++ Various plugins for the open source seismic interpretation system - OpendTect v6.6.1 ## Release 6.6.1 - Make PluginInfo fields consistent across all plugins - Update help keys ### External Attributes - If OD_EX_DIR environment variable not set look in some other sensible places
whitehorse-technology whitehorse-technology / Java dEngage Customer Driven Marketing Platform (CDMP) empowers you with a flexible data space that provides a relational database without boundaries and enables you to send personalized content via email, sms, mobile/web push channels. 1.0.3
eisen-ai eisen-ai / eisen-core Python Core functionality of Eisen v0.0.1-pre
DottBott ridedott / dependabot-auto-merge-action TypeScript Automatically merges Pull Requests. v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * allow different bot name to auto-merge ([1a8a7e3](
DJTripper DJTripper / tcpdi PHP Composer ready PDF importer for TCPDF 1.0.3
cruddasj InformedSolutions / JAQU-CAZ-National-Taxi-Register-UI Ruby User interface component for CSV uploads of Taxi Data v1.0.5 Updates to address accessibility statement and ECS desired count sizing
kimbugp kimbugp / flask_app Python A python package to create flask boiler plate code v1.0.1
github-actions[bot] Gaya / ab-testing-for-wp TypeScript WordPress plugin which allow you to run A/B tests from anywhere within your content. 1.14.2
snototter snototter / iminspect Python Qt-based GUI to visualize image-like data for faster python prototyping. v1.3.1
buttercrab buttercrab / Piece-Table Swift Piece Table with Red-Black Tree in Swift v1.0.0 # First Release - fast insert & delete operations - string find feature - slice feature
github-actions[bot] sudkumar / portfolio TypeScript My Stuff v1.2.0 # [1.2.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * **migration:** migrated to nextjs ([4346760](
punit158 punit158 / pal-tracker Java pcf training release-7
giggsey giggsey / libphonenumber-for-php PHP PHP version of Google's phone number handling library 8.11.3 #### Google v8.11.3 changes: Jan 28, 2020 ###### Metadata changes: - Updated phone metadata for region code(s): GB, GG, JE, MM, MU, US - New geocoding data for country calling code(s): 1659 (en
KaMeHb-UA KaMeHb-UA / MFCoin C++ MFCoin source tree v.
goldenyz goldenyz / react-perfect-scrollbar JavaScript A react wrapper for perfect-scrollbar v1.5.5 Any attribute available in [React.HTMLAttribute]( will be added to the container DOM element.
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk14-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK14 variants and platforms jdk14-2020-01-28-12-05 Nightly Build of jdk14-2020-01-28-12-05
ericzong ericzong / Key-plus-plus AutoHotkey Key++ 一个基于 Capslock 键的快捷键效率工具。 v0.5.2 * 7F9BAB25142C5CB8D0B2B795A8C77CBA53D2470550A1614B3E04D73C44B7A869 * CFA7D1D8029DCB652F0980645CDA13BB1F11D93ED6E7E055533B165A20182805
Sanchous98 Sanchous98 / anofm8-update PHP Update anofm intranet site to Drupal 8 1.0b
ThisIsPIRI ThisIsPIRI / piri-lifelikes Java v2.2.1 Fixed save/load not working. (android-libraries 619ea8f94ca55d1ed29f61095c94ddef27fab96d) Fixed button text clipping on smaller screens. Translated app_name.
9prady9 arrayfire / arrayfire-rust Rust Rust wrapper for ArrayFire v3.6.3 ## v3.6.2 ### Updates - Fixed second argument of reorder API to be more clear - #203 - Fixed unchecked string creation from ffi return value - #212 - Implemented operator traits for Scalar a
evilebottnawi itgalaxy / stylelint-config-itgalaxy JavaScript Itgalaxy’s stylelint rules and configs :package: v58.0.0 ## 58.0.0 - 2020-01-13 - Changed: minimum required `stylelint` version is now `^13.0.0`. - Changed: minimum required `stylelint-order` version is now `^4.0.0`. - Changed: minimum required `stylel
simon-wh WootingKb / wooting-rgb-sdk C Customize colors on Wooting Keyboard #WootDev v1.1.0 Support for the Wooting Two, many thanks to @GottZ. If you were using a build from his PR, the API has slightly changed, i.e. the checker functions have all been replaced by a single `wooting_rgb_devi
github-actions[bot] leighmcculloch / devenv_compile_vim Dockerfile Compiles vim for leighmcculloch/devenv. v7d8ea0b-20200128
marekdedic skaut / phan-wordpress-stubs PHP Stubs for WordPress functions and classes to be used with phan 1.8.0 ## [1.8.0]( (2020-01-28) [Diff since 1.7.0]( **Fixes:** - `apply_f
github-actions[bot] roXtra / processhub-sdk TypeScript This is the open source repository for the roXtra Electronic forms and procedures SDK v8.17.0-4
urShadow go-vk-api / vk Go Go library for accessing the VK API 1.0
enorfelt enorfelt / MobSwitcher C# CLI tool written in .net core that allows to switch the typist in a remote mob programming session quickly with git and a remote branch. 1.3.1 -FIX: Cannot use toast on new install on Windows. Now shows a toast when installed via Choco.
github-actions[bot] leighmcculloch / devenv_compile_ruby Dockerfile Compiles ruby for leighmcculloch/devenv. v2.6.3-20200128
ejoftheweb ejoftheweb / Vouch Java Android library for the Vouch Project v0.1.0.2 incremental
patrickbrouwers laravel-doctrine / fluent PHP Fluent mapping driver for Doctrine2 1.1.7 Doctrine 2.7
github-actions[bot] leighmcculloch / devenv_compile_vimgobinaries Makefile Compiles binaries installed by vim-go for leighmcculloch/devenv. v20200128
toggl-button-bot toggl / toggl-button JavaScript Toggl Button extension for Chrome and Firefox 1.59.1 ## [1.59.1]( (2020-01-28) ### Bug Fixes * **autocomplete:** Fix autocomplete dropdowns being too long ([f36bee1](
github-actions[bot] karlhulme / jsonotron JavaScript Supports designing your business data layer as a series of JSON schemas and mutation functions. v0.9.0 ## Features * Added props support and moved reqVersion into it. * Renamed docXYZ types to sysXYZ types. * Deprecated fields included with query messages. * Added support for preSave function on docTyp
PolishJarvis PolishFiltersTeam / PolishCookieConsent JavaScript Polska Ciasteczkowa Zgoda to rozszerzenie, które automatycznie zgadza się na politykę ciasteczek/RODO na stronach dostępnych w języku polskim. v1.42.4
timpihl timpihl / hass-config HTML Hassio / Home Assistant configuration v0.1.3
RaA-BLNET RaA-BLNET / BLNETAppAndroid Java BLNET App 0.1.0 Login Seite verbessert Startseite hinzugefügt Wichtige Infos (funktioniert wegen nicht funktionierendem Login nicht) Kalender hinzugefügt
thebuilder charlie-tango / ui TypeScript Collection of shared UI elements for Charlie Tango projects v0.7.0 # [0.7.0]( (2020-01-28) ### Features * **Portal:** add the Portal component ([6e861f0](
kw217 Metaswitch / cassandra-rs Rust Cassandra (CQL) driver for Rust, using the DataStax C/C++ driver under the covers. 0.15.0 Cargo release: 0.15.0
cruddasj InformedSolutions / JAQU-CAZ-Retrofit-UI Ruby User interface layer for JAQU CAZ retrofit upload UI v1.0.1 Release v1.0.1 inclusive of update for accessibility statement.
TomoriCoda TomoriCoda / CDN JavaScript JsDeliver cdn
dextronox dextronox / unrestrictme JavaScript unrestrictme Client Built on Electron v1.0.2
cdupont Waziup / WaziDev C WaziDev official repository V1.1 First release of WaziDev with its own library.
souwmyaa souwmyaa / duke-1 Java Starter code for the Duke project v0.1
kashefy kashefy / mi1notes TeX My notes for Prof. Klaus Obermayer's "Machine Intelligence 1 - Supervised Learning" course at the TU Berlin untagged-baf0aae253a0413d4394

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