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reactiveuibot reactiveui / splat C# A library to make things cross-platform that should be 5.0.1
oleghnidets oleghnidets / TweeTextField Swift Lightweight set of text fields with nice animation and functionality. 🚀 Inspired by 1.3.0 #15 🎉 #16 🍻
TheAssassin TheAssassin / AppImageLauncher C++ Helper application for Linux distributions serving as a kind of "entry point" for running and integrating AppImages continuous Travis CI build log:
holgersielaff holgersielaff / potatoe PHP A small PHP7.x Library 1.1.6 Added JSON to Repeater
aaronpk aaronpk / aperture-wordpress PHP A WordPress plugin to use Aperture as your Microsub endpoint 1.0.1 Uses `home_url` instead of `site_url` which fixes the plugin when WordPress is installed in a subfolder.
Lednerb Lednerb / bilberry-hugo-theme CSS Premium theme for the hugo site builder. DEMO: 1.8.1 ### Added - Africans language ### Changed - Removed Patreon example content and introduced the new Discord server: <br> [![Discord](
scott-wyatt fabrix-app / spool-engine TypeScript Spool: Engine for Fabrix, adds Cron Jobs, Subscribed Events, and Tasks v1.1.4 # Bug Fixes Updates Dependencies and test against them # Change Log None
caseyamcl caseyamcl / settings_manager PHP A framework-agnostic library that provides a structure for managing settings. v0.1 ## [0.1] - 2018-08-16 ### Added - Everything; initial development release
DIYgod DIYgod / RSSHub JavaScript 🍰 万物皆可 RSS v0.0.68 [食用指南](
chesleybrown InVisionApp / kit-deploymentizer JavaScript kit component to allow for better organization of kubernetes manifests for multiple clusters v4.6.26 ## Misc Changes * reverting feature flag partial envs(**c7d29cf**)
process-engine-ci process-engine / bpmn-studio TypeScript The Front-End for Designing Runnable BPMN-Diagrams v4.1.0-pre-b323
MagicCrazyMan MagicCrazyMan / WebWrapperR Java Leave nothing 1.5.1 Debug: history.log is replaced by savedList.log correct details which saved in .json & delete channel info new info in crash report correct a issues New: New .log stored each thread currentl
keha35 InfotelGLPI / moreticket PHP Plugin moreticket for GLPI 1.4.3 Version 1.4.3 released for GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
IsmailM wurmlab / genevalidator Ruby GeneValidator: Identify problems with predicted genes 2.1.5 Standalone GeneValidator version. Simply download, uncompress and start validating your genes with GeneValidator Alternatively install automatically with our install script by running: ```bas
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-871
agkozak agkozak / polyglot Shell Color, ASCII-only Git prompt for zsh, bash, ksh93, mksh, pdksh, dash, and busybox ash v1.5.1
bestmomo bestmomo / laravel-email-confirmation PHP Add email confimation to Laravel project V1.1.5
daviedR sukiwp / suki PHP A Free WordPress theme that is easily customizable and extremely lightweight on frontend. Learn more: 0.4.2 See changelog.txt
RobertReaves elijahmanor / catch-tag-release JavaScript Project to test tag-release v27.1.0-doom.0 * doom
edmondscommerce edmondscommerce / phpqa PHP A PHP Quality Assurance pipeline designed to be run locally and in CI. Written in Bash. 1.2.1 Updating PHPUnit version and then taking advantage of new features to power the new `uniterate` mode which allows rapid iteration when working on unit tests
ciarajekel sparkfun / SparkFun_ePaper_Arduino_Library C++ This is an Arduino library for ePaper displays v1.0.0
ddavison SeleniumHQ / selenium Java A browser automation framework and ecosystem. selenium-3.14.0 <li><a href="">Make generating the docs more robust</a> :: Simon Stewart</li>
jonas-schievink jonas-schievink / xbe Rust Rust parser for Xbox executables (.xbe) 0.1.1 ### Fixes * Remove unused dependencies
shack2 shack2 / SuperSQLInjectionV1 C# 超级SQL注入工具 简介:   超级SQL注入工具(SSQLInjection)是一款基于HTTP协议自组包的SQL注入工具,采用C#开发,程序采用自写代码来操作HTTP交互,支持出现在HTTP协议任意位置的SQL注入,支持各种类型的SQL注入,支持HTTPS模式注入;支持以盲注、错误显示、Union注入等方式来获取数据;支持Access/MySQL/SQLServer/Oracle等数据库;支持手动灵活的进行SQL注入绕过,可自定义进行字符替换等绕过注入防护。本工具为渗透测试人员、信息安全工程师等掌握SQL注入技能的人员设计,需要使用人员对SQL注入有一定了解。 工具特点: 1.支持任意地点出现的任意SQL注入 2.支持全自动识别注入标记,也可人工识别注入并标记。 3.支持各种语言环境。大多数注入工具在盲注下,无法获取中文等多字节编码字符内容,本工具可完美解决。 4.支持注入数据发包记录。让你了解程序是如何注入,有助于快速学习和找出注入问题。 5.依靠关键字/时间等进行盲注,可通过HTTP相应状态码判断,还可以通过关键字取反功能,反过来取关键字。 6.程序采用自编码操作HTTP请求,HTTP发包和获取速度较快。 1.0.2018.08.09 20180809 V1.0 正式版--- 修复因为配置文件未变更,导致自动识别到的错误注入标记字符未更换的问题而无法获取数据的问题。 修改sqlserver执行命令时,
Miced Miced / Refene Java Small app about sharing spendings v0.4.1 ### Fab buttons release! Android 5+ is now required. Sad. But you cannot stop progress! 🖖
sarus polarityio / swimlane JavaScript Swimlane is a security automation, orchestration and incident response platform 3.0.1-beta * Set default logging to info * Set default enforcement of SSL validation to strict
tmlemon tmlemon / danfysik-simulator Python Python program to simulate the behavior of Hall C Danfysik power supply over serial connection. v2.0.1 Release corrects problem with serial write for present current setting. Current is now sent in the syntax needed for DSG-PLC's development program.
osterman cloudposse / build-harness Makefile Collection of Makefiles to facilitate building Golang projects, Dockerfiles, Helm charts, and more 0.8.0
xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx / PS3Tools C# Open Source PS3Tools V1.2-SFO Hey guys Been a while since i updated this but here you go a big update for the open world ps scene We can now save param.sfo files without having to use the SCE Tools I have attached the b
Zarosch Zarosch / Crates Java Crates Plugin for Spigot 1.0 All Informations on SpigotMc:
tsandall open-policy-agent / opa Go An open source, general-purpose policy engine. v0.9.1 ### Fixes - Add io.jwt.verify_es256 and io.jwt.verify_ps256 built-in functions (@optnfast) - Add array.concat built-in function ([#851]( - Add
oscarolbe resuelve / money Elixir Elixir library for working with Money safer, easier, and fun... Is an interpretation of the Fowler's Money pattern in fun.prog. 1.2.5
Aborysa Heracles-Brigade / bz-community Logtalk Halloween + other smaller projects for battlezone v0.7.3 - Fixed spectator bumping into player when using camera
Mike-Wood Mike-Wood / zipier-desktop-release-server-dev no-lang Zipier Desktop release server -- for auto update testing v1.0.317
TartaricAcid CFPAOrg / Minecraft-Mod-Language-Package Python Release Website 汉化资源包-Snapshot-20180816154947
PalNilsson PanDAWMS / pilot Python Pilot 73.3 * Improvement of the list_replicas() update in version 73.2 - Fixed logic to properly consider priority of replica protocols for stage-in. The applied fix can be reverted once the Rucio server-side p
Arika0093 Arika0093 / tootdeck JavaScript サンリオのキャラクター ゾウ自転車をよろしく! v1.00b bug-fixed
eugenepeh reposense / RepoSense Java Product demo v1.3 ## Breaking changes New field in repo-config.csv file to ignore remote standalone config. To continue using your existing repo-config.csv file from previous versions, please add the new field into th
mikaello peacechen / react-native-modal-selector JavaScript A cross-platform (iOS / Android), selector/picker component for React Native that is highly customizable and supports sections. v0.0.28 ### Enhancements * New prop (`modalOpenerHitSlop`) to adjust hit slop (the area that user can click) of touchable that opens modal (#64) * New prop (`customSelector`) to render a custom selector nod
aholachek aholachek / react-flip-toolkit JavaScript A React FLIP animation helper library for highly configurable transitions v4.0.2 Child`Flipped` elements will now respect the parent's staggered timing.
valeryan valeryan / vscode-phpcbf TypeScript PhpCBF extension for VSCode. 1.0.1
shine-chen imkit / imkit-ios-framework Objective-C IMKit iOS Framework 2.1.23
ef-carbon-bot ef-carbon / react-native-chat TypeScript React Native components for building chat applications v17.3.0 # [17.3.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Features * **input:** pass input height into the actions ([5dbb30b](
keha35 InfotelGLPI / seasonality PHP Plugin seasonality for GLPI 1.4.1 Version 1.4.1 released for GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
chenbocqu chenbocqu / IFarmManager Java 智能农场生产&管理客户端 V1.0.0 总体功能完善,但控制终端添加返回还存在一些小问题。
deadcoder0904 deadcoder0904 / wip-desktop JavaScript 🚧 Desktop Application for Work In Progress ( v2.0.0
frontibotito frontity / ads-form JavaScript Small app to configure ads of the Saturn theme of » Frontity v1.1.1 ## [1.1.1]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * **formats:** dont delete ads.settings ([184a771](
Spomky Spomky-Labs / base64url PHP Base64 URL Safe Encoding/Decoding PHP library v2.0.1 * Fix #11: error thrown when invalid string is submitted. @Pudge601
erikwaskiewicz erikwaskiewicz / gait-repeatability HTML R script for processing, analysing and reporting data from a gait analysis repeatability study. v1.0
claudiospizzi claudiospizzi / SecurityFever PowerShell PowerShell Module with custom functions and cmdlets related to Windows and application security. 2.2.1 Release Notes: * Fixed: Error during push and pop an impersonation context (#1)
tamayok Tealium / tealium-android Java Use of this software is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement contained in the file titled "LICENSE.txt". Please read the license before downloading or using any of the files contained in this repository. By downloading or using any of these files, you are agreeing to be bound by and comply with the license agreement. 5.5.0 - Initial Consent Manager Release - New Event Attributes with Consent Manager - consent_status - consent_categories - Added configuration method to allow for overriding minutes between ses
robinwassen robinwassen / forcefocus C++ Node module that allows you to steal focus from other windows in Windows. v1.0.0 Initial stable release
keha35 InfotelGLPI / shellcommands PHP Plugin shellcommands pour GLPI 2.2.1 Version 2.2.1 released for GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
hairyunicorn hairyunicorn / SAP_ABAP_ZBC_UPDATE_TVARVC no-lang Update TVARV 1.0
ccwienk gardener / machine-controller-manager Go Declarative way of managing machines for Kubernetes cluster 0.9.0 # [machine-controller-manager] ## Most notable changes * *[OPERATOR]* Removed any unwanted re-enqueuing/re-conciliation of machine objects (#139, @prashanth26)
sunhoww libermatic / sag_customization Python Customizations for Sagolsem Enterprises v0.0.4
kovalyshyn webitel / web-client JavaScript Webitel WebClient 3.10.0
osterman cloudposse / packages Makefile Cloud Posse installer and distribution of native apps 0.5.0
tlovett1 10up / distributor PHP Share content between your websites. 1.2.3 * Fixed an issue that was hiding the "As Draft" checkbox on the push screen. We've introduced a new filter "dt_allow_as_draft_distribute" which can be set to false to disable the &
pb-86 pb-86 / RDDG-breadcrumbs PHP Simple and lightweight WordPress plugin for theme developers that provide easy to use function for displaying breadcrumbs. v1.0 [](
lschaefer-sugarcrm sugarcrm / school PHP Professor M's School for Gifted Coders 20180816-15.42.36-45a09dc
kovalyshyn webitel / cdr Go Call Detail Records & File Server for Webitel 3.10.0
willmcgugan wildfoundry / dataplicity-agent Python Dataplicity Agent v0.4.31a0
jandersonfrominventables inventables / grbl C Inventables X-Carve specific Grbl versions: v1.1g This is the official Grbl 1.1g release for the Inventables X-Carve using the X-Controller. The source used to create this release is available in the attached source zip and tar.gz files. This buil
MustaphaTR MustaphaTR / Generals-Alpha Lua Generals Alpha is an OpenRA mod that recreates Command & Conquer: Generals on OpenRA engine as much as possible but using Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn artworks. gen-20180816
syuilo syuilo / misskey Vue A planet of fediverse ✨🐢🚀✨ 6.2.0
code418-machine aminopay / infobright-backup-check Python A set of AWS Lambda functions that verify the integrity of Infobright database backups. 2018-08-16-3 ### [Full Change Log]( ### Merged Pull Requests ### Artifacts Artifact S3 Bucket: `repo.code418.n
jsecchiero entercloudsuite / ansible-haproxy no-lang Installs HAProxy for the ECS automation platform 1.1.3
keha35 InfotelGLPI / resources PHP Plugin resources for GLPI 2.5.1 Version 2.5.1 released for GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
Defirence Defirence / restart-windows-explorer Batchfile A simple batch script to restart Windows Explorer on Windows 7. 1.0 Initial and final release.
hygt BlueBrain / nexus-admin Scala Nexus Admin Service v0.2.8
Puw1ng DasKPFoundation / KytZuneia JavaScript A dump for all my releases of my project #NyaNyaDotCom v2.2.3 fixed the main page (white strip on the bottom of the top page)
jimthedev SPSCommerce / ui-react JavaScript @spscommerce/ui-react - SPS React Components, Create SPS React App @spscommerce/ui-react-v4.1.0 # [@spscommerce/ui-react-v4.1.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Features * 🎸 logic to support stand
Xiexingda Xiexingda / XDSlideView Objective-C 一个可以添加header的多子视图横向滚动列表 1.0.0 一个可以添加header的多控制器切换列表
retailcoder rubberduck-vba / Rubberduck C# Every programmer needs a rubberduck. COM add-in for the VBA IDE (VBE). Rubberduck-v2.2.0.3672 AppVeyor build on [next] -
piever JuliaGizmos / Observables.jl Julia observable refs v0.2.1
jonwong-tealium Tealium / tealium-tvos Objective-C Use of this software is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement contained in the file titled "LICENSE.txt". Please read the license before downloading or using any of the files contained in this repository. By downloading or using any of these files, you are agreeing to be bound by and comply with the license agreement. 5.4.2 Updated tealium_session_id to persist for a default value of thirty minutes. This value can be overridden in the TEALSettings object.
EmmanuelMess EmmanuelMess / Simple-Accounting Java Android app that helps you balance: v1.5.1.1rc3
mskx42 Synerise / android-sdk no-lang Synerise SDK for Andoid v3.0.4
smarlowucf SUSE-Enceladus / ipa Python ipa provides a command line utility to test images in the Public Cloud v2.0.0 Remove deprecated --ssh-private-key option. Option was renamed to --ssh-private-key-file.
pelsasser MARKETProtocol / website TypeScript MARKET Protocol website 2.6.0 - Adds new Token-Interest form - Various fixes
cf-pe-bot cf-platform-eng / kibosh Go Use the CF Marketplace to provision Kubernetes Helm Charts 0.0.94
aJchemist aJchemist / leiningen Clojure Automate Clojure projects without setting your hair on fire. 2.8.1-ue
chonla chonla / alex PHP A pico-sized PHP framework. 0.1.2 * Bump version
keha35 InfotelGLPI / tasklists PHP Plugin tasklists for GLPI 1.3.1 Version 1.3.0 released for GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
kyle-ssg SolidStateGroup / bullet-train-frontend JavaScript Frontend for Bullet Train. Ship features with confidence using feature flags and remote config. Host yourself or use our hosted version at 1.1.0 Uses the latest API and minor fixes including: Using the correct default tab for creating a feature Feature description now saves correctly As the new API had breaking changes, this must be use
idohalevi logzio / logzio-java-sender Java Java library to send structured logs (JSONs) to via HTTPS. This the core component of Logzio Appenders in the different logging frameworks (log4j, log4j2, Logback) which can also be used on its own 1.0.12 refactor java sender so that the https request is a stand-alone sync library for the purposes of other projects such as Jenkins plugin
roehling fkie / catkin_lint Python Check catkin packages for common errors 1.5.1 * Fix a few corner cases which have been missed by the 1.5.0 release
nice-table nice-table / bitmex-scaled-orders JavaScript A front-end for creating scaled orders / bulk orders on Bitmex 0.6.1 Just a fix for case-sensitive file systems. `backend/proxy.js` required the file `webSocket.js` (uppercase s), while the file is actually named `websocket.js`.
benjamincharity GetTerminus / terminus-ui TypeScript 📚 The Terminus UI Library. v8.21.2 <a name="8.21.2"></a> ## [8.21.2]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * **Card:** add transition to height ([7c487
etsuo sakuraapi / core TypeScript MongoDB and TypeScript MEAN Stack Framework for NodeJS v0.19.2 See [Milestone 0.19.2]( Welcome @RobbSadler as a contributor ## Bug Fix #233 resolves issue where sub documents were being contaminated
AVVS makeomatic / ms-users JavaScript Service for handling user's management via amqp transport layer. Docs are available at v9.4.3 ## [9.4.3]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * TFA -> MFA ([#380]( ([96fdad5](https://
Furtif Account-Managers / Account-Manager C# Account Manager forked GoManager Version v3.1.0.8
ratnim ratnim / SelfawareMonopoly C++ Im Rahmen des Seminars Games of Life des HPI SS 2018, soll das Projekt mit Hilfe eines übergriffigen Systems ethische Fragen bezüglich intelligenter Systeme beantworten v0.1 Simple game with lobby.
iAmGio iAmGio / MinecraftItaliaAPI Java Object-oriented Java API for Minecraft Italia v1.0.1 Fixed User#isOnline throwing NPE and Server#fromStringId throwing FileNotFoundException
izhaks izhaks / PK01LvovEmulator Java PK-01 Lvov (PK-01 Lviv) Computer Emulator v1.1 PK-01 Lvov Emulator version 1.1 PK01LvovEmulator.jar - The Emulator itself. basic_guide_rus.pdf - BASIC programming languge guide for PK-01 Lvov in Russian. and - Games and pro
travix-frontend-services Travix-International / tslint-config-travix JavaScript Travix configuration for TSLint v0.0.26 ## [0.0.26]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * simplify commit messages ([748ec36](
krazykira oli107 / material-range-bar Java Android widget for selecting a range of values. 1.4.3
bowans bowans / slay-the-spire-zht-localization Python Slay the Spire 正體中文翻譯 0.180815.0 The update is based on "(08-15-2018) BETA". * events.json * Update "Golden Shrine". * powers.json * Update "Flight".
ardalanamini foxifyjs / odin TypeScript Odin is an implementation of Active Record pattern in TypeScript v0.1.0-beta.5 - :star2: Some enhancements - :eyeglasses: Added some tests
henkmollema webenablebv / Hangfire.Contrib C# Useful and opinionated set of ASP.NET Core integration extensions for Hangfire. v1.0.2 - Don't attempt to auto-schedule abstract types.
DivineOmega DivineOmega / email-structure-parser PHP 📧 Parses the structure of multipart emails v2.0.0 * New return structure that provides an object containing `name` and `content`.
BenJWard BioJulia / YAML.jl Julia Parse yer YAMLs v0.3.0
HDB-Li HDB-Li / LLDebugTool Objective-C LLDebugTool is a debugging tool for developers and testers that can help you analyze and manipulate data in non-xcode situations. 1.1.3 ### Refactory database Fix some bugs operation in database. It looks more friendlier now, you can watch model's description in Mac software. Someday, `LLLogHelper` will be separated into an online
xxczaki elcalc / elcalc JavaScript ➗⚛️ Simple, Cross-Platform calculator built with Electron! 5.0-beta.2 # elcalc 5.0-beta.1 > This release is focused on fixing Keyboard & Numpad support. ## Changelog - **Final fix for keyboard & numpad support [#6]** [![Download elcalc](https://a.
SecretFox SecretFox / DoubleAgent ActionScript Secret World Legends mod v-2.2.0
ohmybrew ohmybrew / laravel-shopify PHP A full-featured Laravel package for aiding in Shopify App development v3.0.2 + Merged PR #75 by @paulcanning to force auth redirect URLs to be secure for issue #68 + Fix for issue #65 where charge_id was int and needed to be bigint + Fix for issue #60 where Laravel defaults
lomky USGCRP / gcis Perl Global Change Information System 1.55.0 # Release Notes ## Data Management - Fixed OrcID bug on person creation (#612) ## GCIS Frontend - GCIS Activity page updated for new Activity model (#657) ## GCIS API - File upload
keha35 InfotelGLPI / vip PHP VIP Plugin for GLPI 1.5.1 Version 1.5.1 released for GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-sync-engine Swift iOS synchronization library for Wire 188.0.0 Release 188.0.0 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ d4d992fe | Bump components
carlos-morales-movile Movile / LSR-img JavaScript Web previewer for Apple's Layer Source Representation (LSR) Image format. v0.2.0-betha Local use purposes.
wolfendale wolfendale / scalacheck-gen-regexp Scala A library for creating Scalacheck generators from regular expressions v0.1.1 Fixed #1
jannajan steventcheng / react-modal-lite JavaScript Simple react modal. 0.0.7
agusprasetyo811 agusprasetyo811 / andromaps Java Android Project Library 1.1.6 - Update ViewHelper - Fixbug Slider Force Close when onResume()
rob-nash rob-nash / Dequable Swift Dequable limits the need for string based cell identifiers. You won't need any if you avoid interface builder. 1.4.0 Handle registration and dequeue of UITableViewHeaderFooterView
chandanndeep joomdev / jd_seattle PHP JD Seattle - Free Multipurpose Business Joomla Template v1.0 Initial Version 1.0 Release.
mattholy mattholy / CAATsSQLServer SQLPL Some useful function and more for the convenience in CAATs 1.0 这是第一版呀
stylianos-agapiou-sonarsource stylianos-agapiou-sonarsource / sonar-solidity Java SonarQube Analyzer for Solidity sonar-solidity-1.0 1. Import of external linter ```Solium``` 2. Update solidity-frontend to use ```ANTLR's Maven plugin``` to generate Parser and Lexer during build, which makes the project easy to evolve with Solidit
ilyaglow ilyaglow / cortex-tgbot Go :speech_balloon: Threat intelligence Telegram bot based on Cortex engine ( v0.9.4 ## Changelog 075ea23 Add windows build and brew fa24c42 Bump version 416909a Print error to the log, don't send it to user 7e76b3c Remove brew and improve windows builds
rafaeltavares cryptocurrencytrader / ui JavaScript 🏖 Handsome UI components v0.41.0 ### Changelog * Text field multiline support (#123)
MustaphaTR MustaphaTR / OpenRA C# Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X. gen-20180816
alexellis openfaas / nats-queue-worker Go NATS Streaming integration for OpenFaaS 0.4.9 Changelog: - Send X-Call-Id to callback URL when present
krazykira krazykira / DaggerMock Java A JUnit rule to easily override Dagger 2 objects 0.8.5
jonwong-tealium Tealium / tealium-ios Objective-C Use of this software is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement contained in the file titled "LICENSE.txt". Please read the license before downloading or using any of the files contained in this repository. By downloading or using any of these files, you are agreeing to be bound by and comply with the license agreement. 5.4.2 Updated tealium_session_id to persist for a default value of thirty minutes. This value can be overridden in the TEALSettings object.
f-roland applicaster / React-Native-Zapp-Bridge JavaScript A React Native package that include bridging from React Native to Applicaster Zapp Platform native framework. v2.7.1 <a name="2.7.1"></a> ## [2.7.1]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * fixed react props parsing ([e8365
cdyanza cdyanza / node-restserver-curso JavaScript El repositorio del proyecto de restserver v0.1.2 # Información - Se crearon CRUDs para productos y categorías - Se realizo una búsqueda por término en los productos
eruina eruina / laffka Python Tor frienly online shop accepting bitcoin payments, developed with hidden services in mind. 2.00 Cloning torn branch from own repository collection. Code without the history.
ninech-bot ninech / netbox-docker Python Docker tooling for NetBox. 1.0.0
giuliobosco giuliobosco / tomcat-cookie Java Tomcat Web Server on Java Using cookie v0.2 Login interface on Tomcat Server based on Java with Session 1 User HardCoded
pdube cloud-ca / docker-machine-driver-cloudca Go Docker machine driver for v1.0.3 Fixed issues with creating SSH keys [](
hideakitai hideakitai / Packetizer C++ binary data packer / unpacker 0.1.0
eahefnawy serverless / serverless JavaScript Serverless Framework – Build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google CloudFunctions & more! – v1.30.1 - [Fix CI deployment to Serverless Platform]( - [Fix a minor resources ID issue on Serverless Platform](
hideakitai hideakitai / MTCParser C++ Midi Time Code (MTC) parser 0.1.0
alexblunck alexblunck / ga JavaScript Simple tool to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website v0.1.0 Initial release
ladydascalie LUSHDigital / microservice-core-golang Go A set of core functionality and convenience structs for a Golang microservice 3.1.0
hideakitai hideakitai / TFmini C++ Arduino library for Benewake TFmini micro LiDAR module 0.1.0
c0dycode c0dycode / BorderlandsPluginLoader C++ Borderlands PluginLoader 1.0
hideakitai hideakitai / PCF2129 C++ Arduino library for RTC PCF2129 with integrated quartz crystal 0.1.0
ocean ocean / begin-functions-app JavaScript Begin app 1.0.1 Changed text on front page for test.
hideakitai hideakitai / PCA9547 C++ Arduino library for PCA9547 (8-channel I2C-bus multiplexer with reset) 0.1.0
hideakitai hideakitai / PCA9536 C++ Arduino library for PCA9536 4-Bit I2C and SMBus I/O Expander With Configuration Registers 0.1.0
pragmatrix pragmatrix / FunToolbox F# F# Toolbox 1.2
BrandonEdwards BrandonEdwards / bbsBayes R bbsBayes: An R Package for Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of North American Breeding Bird Survey Data v0.3.0-alpha * auto_bbs() functionality removed * bird_sample data set added * route_sample data set added * species_sample data set added * fix index calculations * differentiation between index calculations
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-data-model Swift Core Data model and entity classes 119.0.1 Release 119.0.1 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ 3c9d11c | Show full name for the service user (#538)
hideakitai hideakitai / MPU9250 C++ Arduino library for MPU9250 Nine-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass) MEMS MotionTracking™ Device 0.1.0
yehiyam kube-HPC / release-manager JavaScript handles system wide versions and releases to cluster 1.1.376
tw-circleci transferwise / components JavaScript Common react components in TransferWise v4.1.2 Previously, popover created a container element for the trigger passed as a child and the popover itself, and overrode styles to make the popover itself not be styled like the container that acted as
hideakitai hideakitai / MCP4728 C++ Arduino library for MCP4728 quad channel, 12-bit voltage output Digital-to-Analog Convertor with non-volatile memory and I2C compatible Serial Interface 0.1.0
khenderick openmotics / gateway-frontend JavaScript OpenMotics User Interface v1.6.1 Changelog: * Fixes an issue where certain routes could not be loaded (and no fallback was executed) Requirements: * Gateway >= v2.4.0
hideakitai hideakitai / MAX17048 C++ Arduino library for MAX17048/MAX17049 1-Cell/2-Cell Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge 0.1.0
KebinuChiousu KebinuChiousu / ews_cli Python Filter OWA (EWS) inbox via python v0.1.0.4 Show a message when retrieving the list of folders.
kddejong awslabs / cfn-python-lint Python CloudFormation Linter v0.5.1 ###### Features - Update rule [E3020]( to support CAA and CNAME record checks - Update specs to ones released on August 16,
arnoudbuzing arnoudbuzing / prototypes Mathematica miscellaneous wolfram language functions v0.3.5 * Extend `Needs` syntax to allow `Needs[ <list of packages> ]` to work * Change `Prototypes` loading from Automatic to "Startup" (so it always loads when the kernel starts).
julianu mpc-bioinformatics / pia Java :books: :microscope: PIA - Protein Inference Algorithms 1.3.8 - removing unnecessary dependency - fixing a problem with and adding date from newer idXML files - updating some tests - added sending of statistical data
theheroGAC theheroGAC / Autoplugin Lua Autoplugin for PSVITA 3.15 - Updated the vitagrafix plugin - Update the translation of the French language - Deleted font file (for Chinese friends please read Github's README file here
chriskinch dennisinteractive / sticky_elements PHP Provides context reaction to make any element on the page sticky 7.x-1.2
kjmkznr kjmkznr / terraform-provider-elasticsearch Go Terraform Provider for Elasticsearch v0.0.6
zmoore-usgs USGS-CIDA / docker-water-auth-server Shell The Docker configuration for Water Auth 0.3.7
byrne-greg byrne-greg / GIPA JavaScript GIPA, Greg's Interactive Personal Advocate. See a live demo @ v1.0.3 Change Log: Updating LinkedIn URL Incrementing version number
McLovin-Original McLovin-Original / node-restserver-curso JavaScript REST_Node.js v0.1.1
Enache-Ionut Caphyon / clang-power-tools C# Bringing clang-tidy magic to Visual Studio C++ developers. v3.9.1 ### Clang Power Tools 3.9.1 *August 16, 2018* Bugs: * Crash when showing output window notifications
konradko uktrade / navigator Python Department of International Trade marketplace navigator. v2.6.2
va-bot department-of-veterans-affairs / caseflow Ruby Caseflow is a web application that enables the tracking and processing of appealed claims at the Board of Veterans' Appeals. deployed/20180816_110843
hideakitai hideakitai / DRV2667 C++ Arduino library for DRV2667 Piezo Haptic Driver with Boost, Digital Front End, and Internal Waveform Memory 0.1.0
diev diev / PTK-PSD-Browser-hta Batchfile Наглядный просмотр и работа с архивом посылок ПТК ПСД Банка России. v6.8.10 Build #104 by AppVeyor 2018-08-16: Fix linked docs ([Changelog]( See docs on [](
TobiTenno WFCD / tennotv JavaScript Location for contribution and Issue management v1.2.1 <a name="1.2.1"></a> ## [1.2.1]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * api needs web dyno as well ([cc71b64](
jillesvangurp jillesvangurp / es-kotlin-wrapper-client Kotlin Kotlin client for Elasticsearch 6.x that wraps the official Java Elasticsearch Highlevel REST Client. v0.9.3 - extension method stringify es responses - thread safe list for aggregating operations in BulkIndexingSession - some changes to make usage from Java easier + test to show how this works
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Nginx Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, User-Agents, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, with anti-DDOS, Wordpress Theme Detector Blocking and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V3.2018.08.1162
drfiemost drfiemost / musiqt C++ Simple and cross-platform music player. v0.1.0 First release of musiqt, a Qt port of [Fox Audio Player]( Includes bugfixes and new features, plus some new bugs too.
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-share-engine Swift Share extension framework for iOS 89.0.0 Release 89.0.0 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ 9dbf984 | Bump components
jordi-pujol jordi-pujol / wwanHotspot Shell OpenWrt daemon to maintain allways up a dual wifi config: Access Point and HotSpot client v1.17 *, ListStat() : - A more simple and effective way to classify the netX_* values. - List also WAN's interface status.
majestrate loki-project / loki-network C++ Lokinet is a private, decentralized and Market based Sybil resistant overlay network for the internet v0.0.3 ## lokinet * MANDITORY UPGRADE FOR TOYNET * use sntrup for introset public key (backwards incompatable) * hidden service tags (backwards incompatable) * add nicknames to RC (backwards incompatab
chriskinch dennisinteractive / sticky_elements_js JavaScript Javascript functionality to make page elements sticky, when defined by a context. 1.6.0
matthewelwell SolidStateGroup / bullet-train-api Python Python REST API for Bullet-Train. Ship features with confidence using feature flags and remote config. Host yourself or use our hosted version at v1.1.0 * Lots of improvements and generification * *Breaking change* Update admin endpoints for creating / updating features (requires bullet-train-frontend v1.1.0)
Miachol JhuangLab / BioInstaller R A comprehensive R package to integrate bioinformatics resources, such as software/script and database. v0.3.5.6000 ## New features * Shiny application supported * Numbers increased of included items, especialy the databases * Use github [forum]( * Add pa
Kyroaku Kyroaku / AmpLedMod C Driver for LEDs added to my guitar amplifier (Bugera 333 head). v1.0 # First working version - couple of animations implemented - controlling animations via bluetooth - save/load settings from memory after boot - up to 120 LEDs (up to 60 LEDs with smooth animations
UserR00T UserR00T / BP-Essentials C# Basic commands for powerful moderation. v2.5.8 ## Version ``2.5.8`` - 2018-08-16 | Game Version 0.85 NOTE: You can just change ``version`` in the config file to ``2.5.8``, nothing changed in that file. ## Changed Updated to game version 0.85
boyercb PovertyAction / high-frequency-checks Stata A Stata template for running high frequency checks of incoming research data at Innovations for Poverty Action v2.0 A new version of the Stata template for running High Frequency Checks is now available! This update includes: - new survey and form tracking programs. - new program for exporting one-way and two
santalu santalu / respinner Kotlin A spinner that supports item click events 1.0.5
ArekX 2amBIH / grid-view PHP Behavior driven Grid View for Yii 2 1.0.3
bsott bsott / Rocket.Chat JavaScript Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor. 0.69-fix
va-bot department-of-veterans-affairs / caseflow-monitor JavaScript A small application designed to monitor Caseflow dependencies. deployed/20180816_110303
leseb ceph / ceph-ansible Python Ansible playbooks to deploy Ceph, the distributed filesystem. v3.1.0rc18 Changelog: f183be03 lv-create: use copy instead of the template module 1decd53e tests: cat the contents of lv-create.log in infra_lv_create 6081aea5 lv-create: add an example logfile_path config
pierreburel pierreburel / postcss-rem JavaScript PostCSS plugin to use rem units with optional pixel fallback. v1.1 Removed reduce-function-call dependency + using root.replaceValues
rbanffy rbanffy / green-screen-emacs Emacs Lisp A nice color theme for those who miss green CRTs v1.0.26
openbuilds-engineer OpenBuilds / SW-Machine-Drivers JavaScript Interface Driver for all machines v1.0.74
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-08-16-23-00-01
dbart01 Shopify / mobile-buy-sdk-ios Swift Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK makes it simple to sell physical products inside your mobile app. With a few lines of code, you can connect your app with the Shopify platform and let your users buy your products using Apple Pay or their credit card. 3.1.8 ### Release notes - Deprecates `customer` field in `Storefront.Checkout`. - Deprecates `userErrors` field in `Storefront.CustomerAccessTokenCreatePayload` in favour of the new `Storefront.Customer
jukefr jukefr / fyle Shell 📁 web asset conversion, optimization and processing v0.1-alpha5 everything is now automated with this release the cli gets automatically generated from the tools cli testing has also been added now the cli is a docker container that runs other docker containe
peteclark-ft Financial-Times / content-fluentd Dockerfile Kubernetes Fluentd Configuration for PAC and UPP 0.0.5-k8s-improve-buffer-rc2
brunojdo vtex-apps / product-kit JavaScript VTEX Product Kit App v0.1.6 ### Fixed - Content loader on Firefox.
crazycodr crazycodr / standard-exceptions PHP A small library that aims at supplementing default exceptions in PHP 2.3.0 Brings in a few new exceptions and a rework of the exception tagging structure that should be perfectly backwards compatible
hsluoyz casbin / node-casbin TypeScript An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in Node.js v1.0.9
leusonmario leusonmario / neo4j-framework Java GraphAware Neo4j Framework TT9
hitimjj Yylian / .files Shell These are my personal dotfiles 2.0.0 Fixes some bugs, removes inconveniences and improve the output list.
danzrou danzrou / PDFBuilder TypeScript PDFBuilder v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Features * **app:** Added IE handling ([9da6a6d](
dbemiller prebid / prebid-server Go Server side component to offload prebid processing to the cloud 0.41.0
asmodat asmodat / AWSHelper C# Amazon Web Service Helper - CLI Tool To Manage AWS To Aid Where Terraform Lacks 0.7.1 * bugfix fargate healthcheck tag list
ef-carbon-bot ef-carbon / input TypeScript Provides types that represent user input v3.3.1 ## [3.3.1]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * make `url` enumerable on input classes ([e9d047e](
wire-bot wireapp / wire-ios-request-strategy Swift iOS synchronization base interfaces for Wire 99.0.0 Release 99.0.0 Diff with previous: Commit | Details --------|------ 591e489 | Bump components
Seldaek composer / composer PHP Dependency Manager for PHP 1.7.2 * Fixed reporting of authentication/rate limiting issues for GitHub API access * Fixed `create-project` not checking the checking the latest commit out when a cache was already present * Fixed
scheinerman scheinerman / SetOps.jl Julia Easy set operations for Julia v0.1.0 Upgraded tag
nelsonpecora clay / clay-kiln JavaScript Editing tools for Clay v7.4.0 * FEATURE: auto-mount `model.js` and `_kiln-plugins.js` if they exist (used with [`claycli`'s compilation pipeline]( * fixed syntax error in `magic-button` tr
realm-ci realm / realm-studio TypeScript Realm Studio v2.6.0 [Changes since v2.5.0]( # Enhancements - Users can not select and delete multiple realms from a server (#901) # Bugfixes - Loggin
yutinglaitw yutinglaitw / PTS-Word-Tool C# 公視節目《一字千金》練習小工具 v1.0 PTS_Word v1.0 可執行檔下載
JSLowery JSLowery / TOL Lua Campaign manager for Aardwolf mud. v1.31 cp check on start will now send look to get everything built. This will only happen at first load or any reload.
valdemarpavesi valdemarpavesi / kubeRobot HTML test kubernetes API by robot v1.0
xaverW xaverW / Mosaik Java Mit dem Programm Mosaik können aus eigenen Fotos "Fotomosaike" erstellt werden. version-3-0 * Zum Erstellen eines Mosaik wurden neue Möglichkeiten geschaffen. Vor allem für kleine Mosaik wird so die Qualität deutlich verbesser. * Mit dem Schalter "-h" lassen sich die möglichen
valdemarpavesi valdemarpavesi / ReplaceMultipleFiles no-lang ReplaceMultipleFiles replace multiple text files , multiple lines v1.0
caiyonglong caiyonglong / MusicApi Kotlin 初始化提交 0.0.1
gordonjcmp CMP-Studio / swidget-wordpress PHP A wordpress widget for the sw ecom system v0.11.001 Added support for labels for date and time selectors
dcale airgap-it / airgap-distro JavaScript Bootable live usb/cd linux distribution containing the signer v2.0.1 # Release Notes - entire overhaul to support the AirGap v2 protocol # Hashes ## MD5 ``` $ md5 airgap-distro-v2.0.1.iso MD5 (airgap-distro-v2.0.1.iso) = 3e3c00dd0a09997f7ef76b5f0107744d ``
mark-pintar YOU-i-Labs / glfw C A multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, window and input 3.3.0-youi-repeatFix
AbdelaliHiitCo AbdelaliHiitCo / rst-cheatsheet no-lang A two-page cheatsheet for restructured text 1.0
valdemarpavesi valdemarpavesi / verifyREDIS Python Set del. Verify. Zillions keys 0.1
scheinerman scheinerman / ShowSet.jl Julia Nicer output for Set and IntSet objects in Julia. v0.2.0 New tag for the new require level
laonianren laonianren / base-framework Java base-framework 1.0.0
brunojdo vtex-apps / product-summary JavaScript VTEX Product Summary app v0.8.8
scheinerman scheinerman / Permutations.jl Julia Permutations class for Julia. v0.3.0 This version should be solid for Julia 1.0 (I hope)
laonianren laonianren / asyn-http-retrofit Java asyn-http-retrofit 1.0.0
opoudjis riboseinc / isodoc Ruby Ruby gem to convert ISODoc documents into HTML and Microsoft Word v0.8.9 * Migrate from SASS gem to SASSC * Move ISO-specific behaviour of crossreferencing subclauses (drop "clause" prefix before a subclause
ovginkel ovginkel / NKS Java NKS - a low privacy footprint messaging Android app that links to the Slack API for an individual member of a team. Features sending and reading messages in private and public channels and IM with individual users. File uploads and team emojis (:smile:) are supported. The NKS Slack apk is released. It was inspired by SlackContacts and the need for it at a Youth Camp. v1.8 Show user e-mail and hide archived channels.
Tam ethercreative / bookings PHP An advanced booking and events management plugin for Craft CMS and Craft Commerce v1.0.0-alpha.4 ### Fixed - Fixed availability error when database has prefix - End time correctly taken into account when getting range of slots - Fixed RRule date normalization - Fixed checking availability bet
dragolabs dragolabs / zabbixapi Ruby Ruby wrapper to Zabbix API 3.2.1-dragolabs
ins0 mittwald / spaces-auth PHP Library to use Mittwald SPACES as an OAuth 2.0 identity provider in your own applications v1.0.0
vidrilla Glympse / glympse-ios-sdk-release no-lang Repository is used to host the iOS SDK dependency 2.42.163 Description of the release
byronmews byronmews / impl-gmc-lims Visual Basic Repository for light weight gmc sample tracking v1.13 # Version notes * Separate subform design * Reordered subform categories and label field names to reflect disease sample types * Adding QC process boolean fields and to interface
emarsys-deployer emartech / retry-on-error-js JavaScript Generator based retry utility. v4.0.1 <a name"4.0.1"></a> ### 4.0.1 (2018-08-16) #### Bug Fixes * **package:** update license ([987f20fd](
Ilusion9 Ilusion9 / csgo-deathrun-manager SourcePawn Deathrun mode for CS:GO v1.1
lukechilds atomiclabs / hyperdex-nightlies Shell Nightly builds of HyperDEX v0.0.0-2ed54d6-
valentinvanelslande valentinvanelslande / citra C The best citra fork 434 [![Downloads](]( update licenses
danspielman danspielman / Laplacians.jl Jupyter Notebook Algorithms inspired by graph Laplacians: linear equation solvers, sparsification, clustering, optimization, etc. v1.0.0 Now works with Julia 1.0.0
welteki welteki / minecraft2mqtt JavaScript Connect Minecraft to MQTT v0.1.1
alefsoft1 alefsoft1 / hadid-web-server Pascal lightweight secure http web server for server administrator. 1.1 Latest stable releases AUGUST 16, 2018.
troggy parsec-labs / parsec-lib JavaScript library for tx and block signing v0.15.1
oschwald maxmind / geoipupdate C GeoIP update client code v3.1.0 * This version restores the ability to use the `AccountID` / `UserId` 999999 along with an all-zero license key when downloading free databases. However, the use of this combination is not recomme
vanniktech vanniktech / gradle-maven-publish-plugin Kotlin Gradle plugin that configures an uploadArchives task to automatically upload all of your Java, Kotlin or Android libraries to any Maven instance. 0.5.0 - Add installArchives task to allow installing android library projects to local maven. [\#17]( ([vanniktech](
cjibb01 DEFRA / license-and-permitting-dynamics C# The solutions for the License & Permitting Dynamics back end v1.0.3 Contains fixes for duplicate application lines and pay service failure
duguyue100 duguyue100 / pyaer Python Low-level Python APIs for Accessing Neuromorphic Devices. 0.1.0a29
carbon-bot IBM / carbon-components-react JavaScript React components for the Carbon Design System v6.21.3 <a name="6.21.3"></a> ## [6.21.3]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * **components:** cWRP -> gDSFP migra
edd88 edd88 / node-restserver-curso JavaScript Configuraciones iniciales del RESTServer v1.0.0 ##Fin sección 8 Aquí esta todo el código tal cual lo dejamos en la sección 8
SaintWacko SummitESP / summit-auth-ldap Python Extensions for django-auth-ldap to handle our snowflake of an LDAP 0.3
dbkr vector-im / riot-web JavaScript A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web. v0.16.1-rc.1 [Full Changelog]( * Update from Weblate. [\#7178]( * CSS for MAU warning bar [\#715
coryforsythe coryforsythe / atom-cfn JavaScript This package allows for validating and launching (currently without parameter entry) cloud formation stacks. It aids in rapid development when validating against the Cloud Formation API is necessary 1.0.6
jefmoura toladata / TolaActivity Python Workflow, visualizations and data services for managing NGO projects and programs v2.15.4 Merge pull request #1133 from jefmoura/461-add-tolatables-factory Merge pull request #1132 from jefmoura/419-update-budget-signals
forslund MycroftAI / mycroft-core Python Mycroft Core, the Mycroft Artificial Intelligence platform. release/v18.2.13 Lots of minor improvements and preparations for moving to the 18.8 release. More info soon.
fs-write fs-webdev / fs-dialog HTML An accessible standard dialog for FamilySearch. 4.2.1 - Build: Update configurations (#98) Travis env vars updated, and corresponding .travis.yml entries removed/updated. Add babel-eslint parser to future-proof against esoteric ES6 functions. Split WC
blegat JuliaAlgebra / MultivariateMoments.jl Julia Extension of MultivariatePolynomials to moments of multivariate measures v0.1.1
kevinmussi kevinmussi / iTunes-Discord-RP Java iTunes Rich Presence for Discord made in Java (for MacOS and Windows) v1.1 * Bug fixes. * Added dependencies to build .app and .exe wrappers around the .jar package, so that the application can be run as native.
Schuemi Schuemi / fMSX-go C fMSX Port to ODROID-GO 20180816 Please Flash with You need to put this file on your SD card under /odroid/firmware. Please create these directories as well: /r
Kikobeats microlinkhq / sdk JavaScript Convert your links into beautiful previews v2.2.0 - Add [noFetch]( API Parameter, useful for disable mergin visualization data, avoid fetch content from the API. - Add [loading](h
declantraynor shopkeep / shpkpr Python A CLI tool for controlling and observing applications on Marathon and Chronos 4.1.1 This release changes the default deploy template to use MAX_PER instead of GROUP_BY when defining constraints.
brunojdo vtex-apps / product-details JavaScript VTEX Product Details app v0.6.4
peterfoundry FoundryAI / hud-ai-python Python Python library for the API v2.39.2
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / rs232_monitor_extlib C# Collect COM ports (up to 4) data into 1 readable file for analyzing
dustinwalker astuteo-llc / craft JavaScript Composer starter project for Craft CMS 1.1.1
johnbradley Duke-GCB / bespin-api Python Web application for running workflows in the cloud v1.3.4 Added `tokens` endpoint for a user to manage their access tokens that can be used with Added job summary endpoint `jobs/<id>/summary` that returns detail
eugenepaniot eugenepaniot / initscripts-vxlan Shell initscripts vxlan 0.1.2
steallan-sky sky-uk / toolkit CSS Sky's CSS Toolkit v2.27.1 ## 2.27.1 ### Fixes * [Tools] Remove transform from `gradient-text` mixin to prevent rendering issue in Chrome.
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / rs232_monitor C# Collect COM ports (up to 4) data into 1 readable file for analyzing
jasonbahl wp-graphql / wp-graphql PHP A GraphQL API for WordPress v0.0.33 # Release Notes: ## registerUser mutation We now have a root `registerUser` mutation that allows for public users to register as a user on the site. Thanks for working on this @kellenmace! Exa
marcinslusarz pmem / pmdk C Persistent Memory Development Kit 1.4.2 ``` * Version 1.4.2 This release fixes the way PMDK reports its version via pkg-config files. Bug fixes: - common: fix reported version - doc: use single "-" in NAME section (pmem
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / CustomFiscalParser C# CUSTOM Fiscal printers command parser (for RUSSIA)
mabar contributte / cache PHP :sparkles: Extra contrib to nette/caching (@nette) v0.3 Bump! 🤒 Diff: Changes: - MemoryAdapterStorage
jfontan src-d / borges Go borges collects and stores Git repositories. v0.17.0-beta.2
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / EscPosParser C# Easy to parse ESC/POS command log to understand what printer is printing.
catalan-adobe catalan-adobe / selenium-standalone JavaScript get a `selenium-standalone install/start` command line to start a standalone selenium server with chromedriver, firefox, phantomjs support vTest-Travis-Deploy-On-Tag-3
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / ComPrnControl C# Control COM port connected printer (or any other device)
crynobone orchestral / model PHP Model Component for Orchestra Platform v3.6.3 ### Changes * Avoid re-casting `meta` to instance of `Orchestra\Model\Value\Meta` when it already is.
maximilientyc StuartApp / stuart-client-elixir Elixir Stuart Elixir client 1.1.0
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / TcpPrnControl C# Control TCP port connected printer (or any other device).
marek-saji DietLabs / eslint-config-dietlabs JavaScript DietLabs’s shared EsLint config v1.2.0
straker straker / kontra JavaScript A lightweight JavaScript gaming micro-library, optimized for js13kGames. v4.0.1 fix(core): allow Kontra to be loaded via Parcel @niicojs
RonZeira Shamir-Lab / Sorting-Cancer-Karyotypes Python An ILP algorithm for sorting cancer karyotypes. "Sorting cancer karyotypes using double-cut-and-joins, duplications and deletions", R. Zeira and R. Shamir, Bioinformatics, bty381, 2018. v1.0
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / CCTalkControl C# Control CCTalk devices using a list of commands with user-defined parametes.
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / CustomFiscalControl C# Control fiscal printers made by CUSTOM (Italy) for Russia
rye StoDevX / AAO-React-Native JavaScript The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size. v2.6.0-beta.8 - Adds a bunch of dependency updates. - Optimizes bundled images! (#2765) - Fixes old/outdated contact emails. (#2766) - Fix toolbar widths on certain views. (#2777) - Cleans up internal dependenc
ludovicc HBPMedical / meta-db-setup Scala Setup for meta-db database which contains the list of variables and groups supported by MIP 2.3.0 Bump version: 2.2.0 → 2.3.0
larsoner mne-tools / mne-testing-data OpenEdge ABL Data for mne-python testing 0.54 0.54
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / BirthdayReminder C# Simple on-screen/e-mail birthdays reminder.
sarfata sarfata / specification JavaScript Signal K is a JSON-based format for storing and sharing marine data from different sources (e.g. nmea 0183, 2000, seatalk, etc) v1.0.5
daita nextcloud / fulltextsearch PHP 🔍 Core of the full-text search framework for Nextcloud v1.0.10 updating screenshot from the package
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / CoinCompare C# Compare the list of bracketed parameters to find concurrent strings. Designed for coin parameters comparison.
YTiStrafeNubzHD YTiStrafeNubzHD / PixelgamesServerteam PHP A plugin for PocketMine-MP that shows a list of all staff members 1.39# The staff list has changed and I am no longer using 3.0.0-ALPHA12
mabar contributte / event-dispatcher PHP :boom: Best events support (symfony/event-dispatcher) to Nette Framework (@nette) v0.5 Bumped! 🤖 Diff: Changes: - php 7.1
andricDu overture-stack / riff Java :construction: A Microservice for URL Shortening and sharing. 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / ComPrnControl_.NET2 C# Control COM port connected printer (or any other device).
Sharknoon Sharknoon / Casey Java A Object-Oriented visual programming language 1.4 This release contains: - major Bugfix where the jdk couldnt be detected correctly - several smaller bugfixes - rewritten compiler in Kotlin - button to open the project folder - standard project
pgleeson NeuroML / org.neuroml.export Java Export from NeuroML & LEMS v1.5.3 v1.5.3
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / PayOnlineFiscalParser C# PayKiosk Fiscal controller command parser (for RUSSIA)
jamiefolsom performant-software / DM JavaScript DM is an environment for the study and annotation of images and texts. It is a suite of tools, enabling scholars to gather and organize the evidence necessary to support arguments based in digitized resources. v1.0.0-rc-1 ## DM 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1 The first release candidate of DM 1.0.0 is now available! We've made a number of changes to improve and simplify usage. We invite you to use the hosted version of th
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / TcpRelay C# Relays TCP messages from client to server leaving log for research. Useful to see what app is sending.
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / LabelPrint C# Prints lots of labels using simple template and list of the data to insert into template
ryandrewjohnson ryandrewjohnson / react-localize-redux JavaScript Dead simple localization for your React components v3.3.1 * Fix issue where falsy values weren't being handled properly in `data`. #117
Madonahs Madonahs / Nano-Degree-Projects Java 🎓 Nano Degree Udacity Android Projects. All Needed projects you can check out my work here. Submitted and accepted projects. 1.3 Matched app font and removed overview to be included on the premium version.
fire-eggs fire-eggs / Ancestral-Tree C# Graphical family tree drawing program for GEDCOM (genealogy). V0.1 1. View descendants of any person. 2. Zoom in / out. 3. Multiple configuration options. 4. Save to image. 5. Preview and print to multiple pages. 6. Search for people, filtering on names, birth d
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / UsbPrnControl C# Control USB port connected printer/scanner-class device
lonnblad SKF / go-enlight-sdk Go SDK for accessing Enlight v1.1.1
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / UsbPrnControl_.NET2 C# Control USB port connected printer/scanner-class device
turketwh turketwh / Prx_3-merSVM_data Roff Data and documentation for Prx_3merSVM project v1.0.0 First release of Prx 3-mer SVM data set to accompany manuscript submissions.
fueg0x CanelaSoftware / cassiaDB_docs no-lang LiveCloud API Documentation v0.3-beta
sascha imgly / pesdk-ios-build no-lang A fully customizable photo editor for your app. 8.4.0-xcode.10.0.beta.6 Prerelease of PhotoEditor SDK 8.4.0 built with Xcode 10.0 beta 6. This version also uses Metal instead of OpenGL for rendering on devices running iOS 12. If you notice any issues, please create a bug
gfinak ropensci / DataPackageR R An R package to enable reproducible data processing, packaging and sharing. v0.15.1 # DataPackageR 0.15.1 - Fix CRAN notes.
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / RawPrnControl C# Send data to any printer connected via driver
Cry-Patsy CRYTEK / CRYENGINE C++ CRYENGINE is a powerful real-time game development platform created by Crytek. 5.5.0_preview6 Release notes are available [here]( ). Required SDKs are attached to this post.
tom1xx tom1xx / gonews Go 基于go+vue实现的golang每日新闻可视化浏览检索平台 20180816223702
jekyll2014 jekyll2014 / LptPrnControl C# Send data to LPT device. No reading available.
tofu-rocketry apel / ssm Python Secure STOMP Messenger. 2.3.0-1 - Added support for versions from 3.1.6 onwards which allows for builds on Ubuntu Trusty and should enable IPv6 support. - Added Ubuntu (.deb) build: apel-ssm is the base package; apel-ssm-s
bi-ayefo bi-ayefo / hello-world no-lang Just another repository 1.0
ikod ikod / dlang-requests D dlang http client library inspired by python-requests v0.9.0 Connection pool and permanent redirect added to HTTP Request. Large code refactoring.
ahaasler ahaasler / dotfiles Shell My dotfiles 20180816
itssimple MultinetInteractive / EduAdmin-WordPress PHP WordPress plugin for EduAdmin v2.0.16 - fix: Validation of answers were changed in the API, so doing change to reflect that - add: Adding region filtering to detail view - add: Adding filter to event and course list. - add: Adding styl
robertfeldt robertfeldt / BlackBoxOptim.jl Julia Black-box optimization for Julia v0.4.0 Updates for Julia 0.7 as well as tweaks to Borg code etc.
britzl britzl / ludobits Lua Utilities for game development using the Defold engine 6.1.0 NEW: Added async.delay(delay)
murfguy murfguy / MixMingler PHP A site to help discover streamers on v0.3-Communities v0.2.2 completed a large-scale overhaul to database structure and refactors in accordance with said restructuring as well as additional updates and tweaks. The listed updates include: - General/
AndryRadchenko BookmapAPI / bitmex-adapter Java Adapter that connects Bookmap to BitMEX v.0.4-alpha Changes: - historicals executions sorted by date/time in ascending order - recording raw data from web socket enabled (if set in the configuration file) - known instruments list gets reported to Bo
lukeyouell lukeyouell / craft-emailvalidator PHP Email address validation for user registrations, custom forms and more. 1.2.0 ### Added - [Contact Form]( plugin support ### Changed - Improved appearance of settings
GermanYakimov GermanYakimov / Text_tone_analyzer Python Система, анализирующая тональность текстов и высказываний. 5.0.3-pa.491 Improvements in this pre-alpha version: 1. Fixed bugs in NgramAnalyzer (vector model). 2. Improved lemmatization (added stop-words recognizing with pymorphy2). 3. Implemented and integrated class P
monty0157 Cognigy / CognigyWebChat JavaScript A graphical chat-component that uses the CognigyWebClient and plain HTML/CSS/Javascript you can integrate into your website for chatbot-integration. v1.1.4 Fixes a bug where ```actions.output(null, { some: "data" });``` would render empty speech bubbles in the Webchat.
crosbymichael crosbymichael / containerd Go Standalone Container Daemon boss
dleehr Duke-GCB / bespin-ui JavaScript An ember.js application frontend for bespin-api v0.6.1
JakeWharton ReactiveX / RxAndroid Java RxJava bindings for Android 2.1.0 **API Enhancements** * [Pull 416]( - Add an option to post async messages
uerceg adjust / ios_sdk Objective-C This is the iOS SDK of v4.14.3 #### Changed - Changed deployment target of iMessage dynamic framework target back to 8.0. - Changed deployment target of web bridge dynamic framework target back to 8.0. #### Fixed - Removed si
LemonLone LemonLone / tinyApi Shell 这是一句简介 v1.0.0
DavidG103 DavidG103 / discord-enhanced CSS A chrome browser extension which modifies Discord in subtle ways to improve the experience and functionality. 1.0.0
tgilkerson nChannelIO / iqmetrix-dropship-channel JavaScript iqmetrix-dropship-channel 0.0.26 Redesign Get Product, Get ProductQuantity, and Get ProductPricing to increase efficiency and reduce potential memory footprint by not requiring the entire catalog be loaded on every transaction.
roccobarbi roccobarbi / urllistcompare Java A simple command line tool to compare two lists of URLs tracked with different digital analytics tools (e.g. Webtrekk and Google Analytics) and see if some areas are missing on one of them. v0.3.1 Fixed bug with CheckBasicDifferences.
BenoitClaveau BenoitClaveau / react-native-ui-components JavaScript UI components for React Native v1.0.27 Add global margin argument
srittau srittau / python-asserts Python Stand-alone Assertions for Python v0.8.6 Improvements ------------ * Add support for Python 3.7 (contributed by Frank Niessink).
genekellyjr genekellyjr / bACKUPBAISC Visual Basic basic backup ok 1 def perfect now
laonianren laonianren / base-asyn Java base-asyn 1.0.0 1.0发布
Torann Torann / mediasort PHP Upload package for Laravel/Lumen 5 using the Flysystem 1.2.1 - Custom interpolation overrides
Crementif slashiee / gfx_pack no-lang WIP 1.14.0 graphic packs Travis35 Commited at 2018-08-16 16:29:26 +0200 by **Milan** in commit e4148ad ### Added XCX, Tokyo Mirrage and Wind Waker HD by getdls ``` Includes: - Xenoblade Chronicles X: Resolution Packs, No Anti-Aliasin
kambojankush kambojankush / fluffy-birds Lua Stoned remake of classic mobile hit Flappy Birds. 🍀 V-1.2 [![Download](](!AsSo4Y2fR4LnlAo_-SDEBtfTMKCT) [![Download](
giusepe giusepe / Sextant C# A ReactiveUI navigation library for Xamarin.Forms 1.4.0 As part of this release we had [4 commits]( which resulted in [2 issues](
mattwire mattwire / com.drastikbydesign.stripe PHP CMS Independent Stripe payment processor for CiviCRM 5.x 5.0.beta4 * Add form selector for event registration pages as it is different. * Detect billing form when stripe is not the selected processor. * Don't try and submit a stripe transaction when selected/stripe
thomaskrause corpus-tools / graphANNIS Rust This is a prototype for a new backend implementation of the ANNIS linguistic search and visualization system. v0.8.1 Fixed Bugs ---------- - [#9]( Wait for all background writers before dropping the CorpusStorage
Kookabura Kookabura / monopus-win PowerShell monOpus Windows monitoring client written on Powershell v1.1.0
Christopher-Bui rentpath / metrics.js JavaScript A cli tool to retrieve performance metrics from a control url and compare it to a target url. v1.3.0
m-vo m-vo / contao-facebook-import PHP Facebook posts and events for Contao Open Source CMS v3.0.0-beta5
stefantomaszek Echtzeitsysteme / dyve Java Dynamic Simulations of Virtual Network Embedding Algorithms v0.8.0
giordano JuliaPhysics / Measurements.jl Julia Error propagation calculator and library for physical measurements. It supports real and complex numbers with uncertainty, arbitrary precision calculations, operations with arrays, and numerical integration. v1.0.0 ### Breaking Changes * Julia 0.7 is required, support for previous versions was dropped. * Documentation has been moved to
brandur-stripe stripe / stripe-python Python Python library for the Stripe API. v2.5.0 * [#463]( Remove unsupported Bitcoin endpoints (this is technically a breaking change, but we're releasing as a minor version because none of these API
dbkr matrix-org / matrix-react-sdk JavaScript Matrix SDK for React Javascript v0.13.1-rc.1 [Full Changelog]( * Update from Weblate. [\#2121]( * Shift to M_R
KaelWD vuetifyjs / vuetify JavaScript Material Component Framework for Vue.js 2 v1.2.0-beta.2 ### 🚗 Things we added - #4865 Added a dutch translation (thanks @ricardovanlaarhoven) ### 📳 Things we changed - fb07ece ee3f6df Reverted the v-btn text colour change from beta.1 ### 🔧
hshoff hshoff / vx JavaScript 🐯react + d3 = vx | visualization components v0.0.172 #### :bug: Bug Fix - [responsive] Avoid `ResizeObserver` loop limit exceeded. The issues surfaces on Chrome version >=64. [#335]( #### :memo: Documenta
KingDGrizzle KingDGrizzle / highlight JavaScript :pencil2: A klasa bot that highlights words and tells you when they were said v1.2.0
Kovah Kovah / Taboo CSS A Tabu-like game for your browser 2.0.1
niermann niermann / holoaverage Python Reconstruction and averaging of off-axis electron holograms as obtained by transmission electron microscopes. 1.1.3 In the previous version(s) there was a bug, which under certain circumstances caused slight phase gradients in the reconstruction if a ROI was used. This was fixed.
cybertschunk cybertschunk / Kalorimeter C++ Softare in C++ unter Verwendung des Qt-Frameworks für ein Kalorimeter Kalorimeter-v1.0.99 Kalorimeter Release
dbkr matrix-org / matrix-js-sdk JavaScript Matrix Client-Server SDK for JavaScript v0.10.8-rc.1 [Full Changelog]( * Add getVersion to Room [\#689]( * Add getSyncStateDa
nozer nozer / quill-delta-to-html TypeScript Converts Quill's delta ops to HTML v0.9.6 Thanks to @volser
leplatrem Kinto / kinto-admin JavaScript Kinto Web Administration Console v1.20.0 **UI changes** - Get rid of the Gzipped collection option to align with Kinto server behaviour (#572) **Bug fixes** - Keep the serverInfo data after a logout (#578) **Internal changes**
zbranzov NativeScript / template-enterprise-auth-ng TypeScript NativeScript template for creating mobile apps that use enterprise identity and single sign-on systems to authenticate users. The template leverages Kinvey's Mobile Identity Connect feature to support various identity providers including SAML, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, Active Directory and more. v0.2.1 #### Feature - Support for NativeScript@4.2 - Migrated to CLI template v2
ujovlado keboola / indigo-ui JavaScript Indigo UI library, its CSS and React components. Also Styleguide app showing usages of this library. v5.2.0 ## Internal - Removed old background (#227) ## Fixes - User menu dropdown (#233) ## Features - New "preview" option for PanelWithDetails (#237)
Wallbraker VoltLang / Battery Volt Build System and Package Manager for the Volt Programming Language v0.1.20 Adds the `-j` argument flag. Built against newer Watt version that fixes very long arguments when spawning processes.
brandur-stripe stripe / stripe-dotnet C# is a sync/async .NET 4.5+ client, and a portable class library for v17.9.0 * [#1250]( Add `UnitLabel` to `StripeProduct` and fix deserialization of `BillingReason` on `StripeInvoice` See [the changelog for more details](http
zanony zanony / ChocolateBar Lua ChocolateBar is a World of Warcraft addons to display plugins in a bar on top or bottom of your screen v3.2.2
mjlassila mjlassila / realismia-ja-konstruktionismia HTML Artikkelin Mäntysaari & Lassila (2018). Realismia ja konstruktionismia opinnäytteissä lähdekoodit ja tutkimusdata. v.1.1.1
joffnerd joffnerd / botw-trainer C# BOTW v4.3.0
azahi azahi / xmonad-ng Haskell Experimenting with custom XMonad as a cabal package
SpComb kontena / k8s-client Ruby Ruby Kubernetes API client v0.3.2 * Fix APIClient#client_for_resource => raise K8s::Error::UndefinedResource handling (#17) * Fix Client to query multiple API group versions (#19)
leopard20 leopard20 / Tactical-Satellite-Feed SQF Tactical Satellite Feed is an all-new mod for ARMA 3 that brings a "Door Kickers" style of gameplay to your single-player missions. v1.1 ***Fixes:*** * Fixed icons not appearing for people who use custom HUDs. * Fixed a minor error in multi-selection when selection was empty.
tappi287 tappi287 / pfadaeffchen Python Network render service for Autodesk Maya v0.96.7 - see commits since last release
takaswie takaswie / hinawa-utils Python Python 3 module and scripts to handle Audio and Music units on IEEE1394 bus via libhinawa API with a help of PyGObject. v0.1.0
hft-team-city OpenHFT / Chronicle-Network Java A High Performance Network ( TCP/IP ) Library chronicle-network-1.16.4 - [**closed**] ConnectionStrategy change to use System currentTimeMillis instead of tickTime() [#36](
hft-team-city OpenHFT / Chronicle-Core Java Low level access to native memory, JVM and OS. chronicle-core-1.16.21 *No changelog for this release.*
simon-engledew simon-engledew / snakeoil Go Generate snakeoil non-interactively 0.1.0
colega cabify / gorilla-rpc Go A golang foundation for RPC over HTTP services. v1.1.0-cabify1 Intended to be used while PRs are approved, based on v1.1.0 with this changes: - `Return E_PARSE error when JSON can't be parsed` -
charlag tutao / tutanota JavaScript Tutanota is the end-to-end encrypted mail client that enables you to communicate securely with anyone. tutanota-android-release-3.36.1 ## What's new ### All * Fixed 2FA issues when adding new key * Fix connection indicator * Fix only one page being printed ### Android * Copy/Share links * Open attachments directly * Download
mangerlahn mangerlahn / Latest Swift A small utility app for macOS that makes sure you know about all the latest updates to the apps you use. 0.4 **Whats new:** • Redesigned, uniform Release Notes (#3) • Touch Bar Support (#20) • Latest can show already installed updates (#15 with idea by Wdavery) • Latest now searches subfolders fo
MarkTheRed MarkTheRed / rviz C++ ROS 3D Robot Visualizer 1.11.191 citing purposes for research project
lsaether ethereum-alarm-clock / ethereum-alarm-clock JavaScript Schedule transactions for the future v1.0.0-beta.5 - Killswitch has been added using the openzeppelin `Pausable` contract.
kirrg001 TryGhost / Ghost JavaScript The platform for professional publishers 2.0.0 Ghost 2.0.0 is a major release and contains some breaking changes, please read the [2.0.0 migration guide]( for upgrade instructions **Key fe
KwonGiho StudioRedBrick / JB_busan_code CSS busan coding v1.0
kafzal2233 ivalitsoft / laughingstation PHP LaughingStation web repository 1.0.1 asdd
dancasimiro dancasimiro / WAV.jl Julia Julia package for working with WAV files v1.0.0 In addition to supporting Julia v1.0.0, there is one breaking change in WAV.jl v1.0.0. The interface to read and write custom WAV chunks was extended to make it more generic. The wavread and wavwri
xSillusx xSillusx / ReiNX-Custom-Splash-Converter C# Tool that converts images to the REINX splash.bin v0.1 First release - can convert images to splash.bin Enjoy customization
emarsys-deployer emartech / suite-js-sdk JavaScript Simple Javascript wrapper for the Emarsys API v15.0.1 <a name"15.0.1"></a> ### 15.0.1 (2018-08-16) #### Bug Fixes * **package:** update license ([14d3b764](
quinnj JuliaComputing / AMQPClient.jl Julia A Julia AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) / RabbitMQ Client. v0.2.0
ianoxley Sage / carbon-factory JavaScript CLI Toolkit for Carbon v5.2.0 ## Sourcemaps in Development Mode We now generate sourcemaps when running in development mode.
leplatrem Kinto / kinto.js JavaScript An Offline-First JavaScript Client for Kinto. v12.0.0 **Breaking changes** :warning: Check [upgrade notes]( :warning: - kinto.js now stores all collections in one unique database (#831) **Bug
Will-Lws Will-Lws / willsweaponpack no-lang Terraria modification. v3.5.3.1 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
chronon loadsys / omnipay-nmi PHP NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library. v2.0.3
lasalesi libracore / erpnextswiss Python ERPNext application for Switzerland-specific use cases v0.7.4 New feature: payment to employee (expenses)
subsymbolic duckduckgo / Android Kotlin DuckDuckGo Android App 5.9.1 ## What's new in this release? In this release, we added large-scale https upgrading to keep users more secure as they browse the web. This is identical to the previous release other than a tweak
VioletGiraffe VioletGiraffe / file-commander C++ Qt-based cross-platform Total Commander-like orthodox file manager for Windows, Mac and Linux v0.9.4.8 Numerous [bugs fixed](
rnugraha thehyve / react-json-to-table TypeScript react-json-to-table v0.1.1 - Initial release
nekopanda nekopanda / Amatsukaze C Automated MPEG2-TS Transcoder - ファイル名に"%"が含まれていると落ちることがあったのを修正
beevelop beevelop / docker-android-nodejs Dockerfile Android 6 with Node.js docker image v8.11.4
SamuelLongchamps audiokinetic / waapi-client-python Python Decoupled autobahn WAMP client with support for plain options and bindable subscription callbacks v0.1b3 Has low-level client features and is PyPi ready.
vthglyk symbiote-h2020 / AuthenticationAuthorizationManager Java Configurable AAM module for the symbIoTe ecosystem. 5.0.2
michelleN Azure / draft Go A tool for developers to create cloud-native applications on Kubernetes. v0.16.0-rc.1 - [Linux - amd64]( - [OSX](
greenrobot objectbox / objectbox-java Java ObjectBox is a superfast mobile database for objects V2.1.0 Minor improvements and fixes, see for details
zh99998 moecube / ygopro C++ A script engine for "yu-gi-oh!" and sample gui. 1.034.5-1
deepikabhavnani ARMmbed / mbed-os-example-sys-info C++ Example to get the System Information from Mbed OS mbed-os-5.9.5
deepikabhavnani ARMmbed / mbed-os-example-thread-statistics C++ Example for Usage of mbed_stats_thread_get_each API mbed-os-5.9.5
deepikabhavnani ARMmbed / mbed-os-example-cpu-stats C++ Example to demonstrate usage of `mbed_stats_cpu_get()` API usage mbed-os-5.9.5
deepikabhavnani ARMmbed / mbed-os-example-cpu-usage C++ Example to calculate CPU usage using stats available in Mbed OS mbed-os-5.9.5
Grewoss Grewoss / LD42_bullet_man GDScript BulletMan is a Top-down shooter Game made for Ludum Dare 42 1.0.0 BulletMan is a Top-down shooter Game with a little twist(download and find out yourself). BulletMan is made with Godot. Everything got created in under 48 Hours. The Game needs some polishment bu
arthuraa arthuraa / coq-utils Coq Some basic libraries for Coq. v0.1 This version is compatible with extructures v0.1.
vchaptsev vchaptsev / vue-telegram-passport Vue Vue component for Telegram passport v2.0.0 # [2.0.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * component name ([1c1a4f3](
cnx-bot cargonexx / nyslough-client-sdk JavaScript Client SDKs for the Nyslough API v1.1.196
pm47 ACINQ / eclair-wallet C An Android wallet for the Lightning Network v0.3.6-TESTNET **This is a TESTNET release for now. The Mainnet version will come later once tests are satisfactory.** ## Changelog * Added a mechanism to automatically backup/restore lightning channels. This
kei2100 kei2100 / h-fwd Go Simple HTTP foward proxy v0.1.1 ## Changelog 7d99c2f Add release task to Makefile
vchaptsev vchaptsev / vue-telegram-login Vue Vue component for Telegram login v2.0.0 # [2.0.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * component name ([9e4814a](
aehparta kehikko / route-admin HTML Admin UI for kehikko framework 1.1.0
walterbot wercker / wercker Go The Wercker CLI can be used to execute pipelines locally for both local development and easy introspection. 1.0.1323 ## Changelog TODO ## Downloads - [Mac OSX 64bit]( - [Linux 64bit](
wobrien LearningPool / adapt-contrib-openTextInput JavaScript Open Text Input Component 1.2.5
arlac77 arlac77 / npm-template-sync JavaScript Keep npm package in sync with its template v7.4.6 ## [7.4.6]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * use repository owner name since onwer is now an object ([75f30e6](
thadc23 pivotalservices / mysql-web-sso JavaScript A web app for monitoring a service instance of MySQL deployed on PCF using SSO to authenticate. v0.0.1
mardikarifqi maralproject / puzzleos PHP Another awesome platform to create your own modular web based PHP applications v2.0.2-alpha * Use Worker::class to do Multitasking * Added php_bin() function * Added randStr() function * Minor fix in Accounts app * Added TIME_LIMIT constant * Since this version, all version and Required
rjaros rjaros / kvision Kotlin Object oriented Web UI framework for Kotlin/JS 0.0.16 - Fix for root assets handler with Jooby 1.4.0+
coryforsythe coryforsythe / sn-vmware-day2 no-lang Day 2 operations for ServiceNow VMware 2018-08-16-TESTED
timothymarois filebase / Filebase PHP A Simple but Powerful Flat File Database Storage. v1.0.20 * Fixed #23 – Caching is cleared when deleting/saving documents to prevent the cache from being out of sync with document data.
hmrc-web-operations hmrc / frontend-bootstrap Scala This library implements a basic Play Global object and related functionality for frontend applications. v8.27.0 Release : frontend-bootstrap 8.27.0 Release candidate : frontend-bootstrap 8.26.0-2-gecc0447 Last commit sha : ecc044750378d3e3659c032729f7263010c40686 Last commit author : GitHub Las
Tearth Tearth / Oddity C# SpaceX API wrapper for .NET (company, rockets, launches, capsules and more). v1.0.3 * Add OnResponseReceive and OnRequestSend events * Add Roadster endpoint * Fix exception related with new landing zone (LZ-3) * Some minor changes and fixes
sgrossberndt VDVde / TRIAS no-lang VDV 431-2 TRIAS v1.2
rafaeltavares cryptocurrencytrader / react-recaptcha TypeScript 👾 A ReactJS wrapper for Google reCAPTCHA v1.0.0 ### Changelog * Upgrades TS version (#5)
andscoop astronomerio / astro-cli Go CLI for the Astronomer Enterprise Platform v0.4.0
dwaiba dwaiba / aks-terraform HCL Azure Kubernetes Service with Terraform :new: :wheel_of_dharma: :sailboat: :cloud: 1.0-RC3 <img src="
chathika chathika / NL4Py Python Bringing Your Turtles From NetLogo to Python 🐍🐢 v0.5.0
Neofox flash-global / connect-common PHP Connect common components v2.2.3
mkoloberdin mkoloberdin / rasm C Rasm Z80 assembler (UNOFFICIAL repo) v0.99 update v0.99 - 2018.08.16 * new directive `UNDEF` * bugfix memory leaks * bugfix calculations with a function followed by two or more opened parenthesis update v0.98 - 2018.08.03 * bugfix with
OlegLobakov OlegLobakov / WarehouseControlSystem C# Warehouse Control System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV v1.1.21 Bug fix
santalu santalu / aspect-ratio-imageview Kotlin A simple imageview which scales the width or height aspect with the given ratio 1.0.5
quinnj JuliaData / Parsers.jl Julia fast parsing machinery for basic types in Julia v0.2.0
sav007 Shopify / mobile-buy-sdk-android Java Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK makes it simple to sell physical products inside your mobile app. With a few lines of code, you can connect your app with the Shopify platform and let your users buy your products using their credit card. 3.2.4 Fetching customer for checkout object is now deprecated and will always return null. Add append Gift Card to the checkout Return access token for new created customer Add Fulfilment to the order ob
telegraph-jenkins telegraph / newsroom-config Groovy Newsroom Configuration Storage 1.0.0-b50 NF-593: Merged 2 slack configs together
thforax thforax / kiara JavaScript Sample chat with mvc v0.3
marcoax marcoax / maguttiCms JavaScript Laravel 5.6 CMS for Web Artisans v1.0
bulton-fr bulton-fr / bfw PHP Framework PHP5.3 simple et modulable 3.0.0-rc.7 Global * All Exception codes have been updated * PHP minimum version is now 7.0.0. The version 5.6.x has only security update at the moment, and it will be over in 6 month. It's time to forget th
plusvic VirusTotal / yara C The pattern matching swiss knife v3.8.1 BUGFIX: Some combinations of boolean command-line flags were broken in version 3.8.0. BUGFIX: While reporting errors that occur at the end of the file, the file name appeared as `null`. BUGFIX: `dex
oleast dotkom / onlineweb4 Python Web pages for Online, Linjeforeningen for Informatikk at NTNU v4.24.36 Small fixes to Dataporten authentication system - Adds ntnu username from dataporten - Updates existing membership based on dataporten
blegat JuliaAlgebra / SemialgebraicSets.jl Julia Extension of MultivariatePolynomials to semialgebraic sets v0.0.4
renovate-bot renovatebot / renovate JavaScript Multi-language dependency update automation. Flexible, so you don't need to be. 13.46.5 ## [13.46.5]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * **docker:** exclude calico/node from being marked as Node.js ([#2397](
beevelop beevelop / docker-nodejs Dockerfile personal Node.js docker image v8.11.4
thekid xp-framework / networking PHP Low-level client and server APIs v9.2.2 * Fixed Inet4Address not implementing `lang.Value` - @thekid
pofider jsreport / playground JavaScript Online playground for jsreport 2.2.0
riozzaki riozzaki / artisan-moose PHP A Laravel package for moosing artisan info message. v1.0.0
Pag-Man einfachArchiv / extractor PHP Extract billing data from text v1.0
georgeconstantinou QoboLtd / cakephp-menu PHP :cake: Menu plugin for CakePHP v13.0.2 Hide menu items having no enabled children
georgeconstantinou QoboLtd / cakephp-csv-migrations PHP :cake: CakePHP plugin for synchronizing database schema migrations from CSV files v31.3.3 * Fetch by lookup fields only if the query string ID is not a UUID. * Applying field alias for the primary key to avoid the following PDO exception: ```sql Error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constra
zbranzov NativeScript / template-enterprise-auth-ts TypeScript NativeScript template for creating mobile apps that use enterprise identity and single sign-on systems to authenticate users. The template leverages Kinvey's Mobile Identity Connect feature to support various identity providers including SAML, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, Active Directory and more. v0.2.1 #### Feature - Support for NativeScript@4.2 - Migrated to CLI template v2
yearmfew yearmfew / cms HTML gökhan kandemir dersleri ile oluşturulan, codigniter framework, infinity admin temalı web site v.1.1.3 Admin paneli kullanıma hazır. Şifremi unuttum kısmı eklenmedi. Front-end teması için ön ayarlar yapıldı.
ajmaddaford ONSdigital / ras-rabbit-adaptor-service Python A small adaptor that takes from a rabbit queue and posts to the ras-ci-service v1.1.0
frontibotito frontity / saturn-theme JavaScript Saturn is a theme for the » Frontity framework v0.8.0 # [0.8.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Bug Fixes * **column:** fixes margin top in Column ([66489e3](
georgeganea feenkcom / gtoolkit-inspector Smalltalk GToolkit Inspector 20180816134811-ca85c96
Mad-Spy BSData / wh40k Gosu Warhammer 40,000 v1.1.58 Full Changelog:
Road-block Road-block / guildbank Lua Vanilla WoW AddOn for exporting bags, bank, mail to bbcode or flat 2.10-11200 ## Guild Bank Lets a player export bags, bank, mail attachments to a bbcode ![guildbank-bbcode](
iPazooki iPazooki / jqueryui no-lang Shim repository for jQuery UI. 1.12.3
wobrien LearningPool / adapt-contrib-flipcard JavaScript Flip Card Component developed by Exult Corporation for Adapt Framework. 2.1.7
k0kubun k0kubun / Nocturn JavaScript Multi-platform Twitter Client built with React, Redux and Electron v1.6.6
gzaronikas web-servers / xbuild Shell windows and solaris scripts used to build for JWS/JBCS/EAP 2.1.14 2.1.14 version consists changes by @jfclere in regards to: 1. Prevent xbuild user from firing up a build while having one already running 2. Do not overwrite builds upon building a package with an e
rankarpan Iconscout / laravel-tracker-elasticsearch PHP A Laravel Visitor Tracker. Allows storage of the trackers in elasticsearch. v1.3
dejavud dejavud / war3key C++ War3Key is a hotkey utility for Warcraft III. v0.2.0 # Changes - Added Chinese language
rodrigobdz hitabisgmbh / react-native-push-notification Java React Native Local and Remote Notifications v3.0.01 - Use ShortcutBadger v1.1.18 - Remove @override from createJSModules
cortadocodes cortadocodes / personal-development Shell My personal development as a software engineer and Python programmer v0.1.0 Topics included: * git
divo zendesk / zendesk_sdk_chat_ios Objective-C Mobile Chat SDK for iOS 1.4.0 Release 1.4.0
ideadude strangerstudios / pmpro-recurring-emails PHP Sends out an email 7 days before a PMPro recurring payment is made to remind members. v.5.1 * BUG FIX: Didn't always exclude recent notices. * BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: If running a current version of PMPro, will use the pmpro_cleanup_memberships_users_table() function before finding expiring em
kobalski thundra-io / thundra-lambda-agent-nodejs JavaScript Thundra Lambda Node.js Agent v1.6.0 * test (4be513c) * Add release-it and update changelog. (3eaf6e0) * Expose config object in index.js and thrown error mapping (#24) (99c28f8) * Fix uppercase in test imports. (1d31809) * Fix uppercase
maxbanton maxbanton / dd PHP Old school dd function 2.0 New major release, it's not compatible with PHP 5.5 anymore.
Kaian irontec / ivozprovider PHP IVOZ Provider - Multitenant solution for VoIP telephony providers v2.6.0 _This release is not yet production ready._ * Application Server - Fixed a crash when no welcome Locution was supplied to IVRs * Proxies - Removed unused X-Info-Location logics for dynam
rp- LINBIT / linstor-client Python Python client for LINSTOR v0.5.0 linstor-client 0.5.0 ------------------------- * `dm-migrate` added command to migrate from drbdmanage to Linstor * `storagepool list` now shows total and free space * `resource-definition dele
adambabik status-im / status-go Go The Status module that consumes go-ethereum v0.11.0 ## Breaking changes 1. Remove transactions queue 1027 (#1125) ## Other changes 1. Add delay to Discovery V5 refresh cycle with patch (bfdf823628a32eeae9d0f0d69e47a9ec0c03661a) and removal of
umbreak BlueBrain / nexus-rdf Scala Small RDF library v0.2.17 - Added `toUri` method in `Curie` to resolve a curie given a prefixMappings or a base iri. - Added fixes for JsonLD. This release contains public API breaking changes: - There is no more implicit
cnvanderwal cnvanderwal / evacuation NetLogo An agent-based evacuation model to study socio-cultural factors influencing the evacuation process v2.10.7 An agent-based evacuation model to study socio-cultural factors influencing the evacuation process. Read the user-guide to understand how to run the model with netlogo and test your own scenarios w
magicknot ist-dsi / mattermost-cookbook HTML Chef cookbook for installing Mattermost open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative v2.1.1 - [#34]( Update to Mattermost 5.1.1 - [#35]( Add `download_dir` option to `tar_extract`
olivier-stasse stack-of-tasks / roscontrol_sot C++ Wrapping the Stack-of-Stacks in roscontrol v0.0.3 This release does not generate an error when the robot does not use all the interfaces. It is allows compliant with normal roscontrol *AND* the PAL-robotics fork.
jonnitto jonnitto / Jonnitto.ImagesInARow CSS Put images nicley in a row 2.0.0 * The content element is at the same time the content collection * Drop support for older browsers
mice-tm mice-tm / yii2-condition-builder PHP Condition builder for yii2 2.1.8
rp- LINBIT / linstor-server Java LINSTOR SDS server v0.5.0 linstor-server 0.5.0 -------------------- * Split project into components (server, satellite, controller) * Deleting storage pools will now notify satellites about it * DRBD-options can now be
Dolondro silktide / queueball-sqs PHP Implementation of Queueball for Amazon SQS 3.0.0 Moved to work with Syringe-v2
rsyncOSX rsyncOSX / rcloneosx Swift A macOS GUI for rclone v1.5.6 See [Changelog]( Shasums: RcloneOSX-1.5.6.dmg: a87778bdfb332c5ca612ea0662a85b0837dd1505 To install RcloneOSX open the downloaded `RcloneOSX-version.
ehrishirajsharma ehrishirajsharma / Swiftness Swift Swiftness is a macOS productivity tool for bug hunters and security professionals to intensify penetration testing process with checklist and notes features. v0.3 - Items Drag Functionality - Redesigned Menu Bar - Few bug fixes
release-drafter[bot] custom-components / usps_mail Python A component that give you to info about incoming letters and packages from USPS. 0.0.5 ## Changes * Fixed issue with defining default_image
tzununbekov triggermesh / tm Go TriggerMesh CLI to work with knative objects 0.0.1 Testing CI pipeline
xaxaxa xaxaxa-dev / vna C a simple and cheap vector network analyzer, including support software v0.1.2 New in v0.1.2 * Port extension support * Adjustable graph limits * Framework for supporting full two port VNA For Windows it's necessary to install the Cypress USB serial driver (attached above)
Traumflug thirtybees / thirtybees PHP thirty bees - e-commerce that works for you 1.0.6 - Fixed a serious bug which prohibited checkout in some cases. - Refactored the translations packing machinery, Crowdin translations for front and back office are back in business. This also uncovere
vauxhall velvetroom / codablehero Swift Codable Hero v1.5.38
ksungcaya ksungcaya / phpass-laravel PHP PHPass Hashing integration to Laravel 5 1.3 Add laravel 5.5 and 5.6 support.
ArthurVimond ArthurVimond / oscleton-midi-remote-script Python Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script for Oscleton SDK 0.1.0
kharkevich lean-delivery / ansible-role-docker Python Ansible Role - Docker CE 1.0
abrauchli Sensirion / embedded-sgp C Embedded SGP Drivers 3.1.3 * SVM30 Support * Disable -Werror build flag No code changes to SGP30 or SGPC3 with respect to 3.1.2
quinnj quinnj / JSON2.jl Julia Fast json marshalling/unmarshalling with Julia types v0.2.0
avalon12 crobox / clickhouse-scala-client Scala Clickhouse Scala Client with Reactive Streams support v0.6.3 This is a temporary set of column functions, that will eventually be replaced (non breaking) by the ones from the upcoming vocabulary update. - multiply, divide, minus, plus
goncafa TransbankDevelopers / transbank-sdk-java Java Código fuente Transbank SDK de Java v1.2.1
akhenda akhenda / es6-data-structures-and-algorithms JavaScript This repository contains some popular Data Structures and Algorithms done in JavaScript, ES6. v1.7.0 # [1.7.0]( (2018-08-16) ### Features * **algorithm:** implement Binary Search algorithm ([6c3f03a](https://gith
juan-pablo-vielma juan-pablo-vielma / GLPK.jl Julia GLPK wrapper module for Julia v0.6.2
blegat blegat / RowEchelon.jl Julia Small package containing the rref fonction for computing the reduced row echelon form of the matrix A v0.1.1
adrianbj adrianbj / TracyDebugger PHP The ultimate debugging and development tool for ProcessWire 4.10.36
lyokha lyokha / nginx-haskell-module C Nginx module for binding Haskell code in configuration files for great good! 1.9.5 - Async tasks are now allowed on the *server* configuration level. - Ordering rule of async tasks was extended across hierarchies of levels (i.e. within a single hierarchy, tasks from *server* clause
robert3005 palantir / gradle-baseline Java A set of Gradle plugins that configure default code quality tools for developers. 0.29.2 # Bugfixes * Fix publishing issues with baseline-error-prone
johelvisguzman johelvisguzman / DotNetToolkit.Repository C# A toolkit for using the Repository pattern in C# .NET v2.4.0
wrld-teamcity wrld3d / ios-api Objective-C++ iOS API for WRLD: Stunning, Interactive 3D Maps v0.0.950 v0.0.950
mbeacom gitcoinco / python-api-client Python Python API Client 0.1.0 # Gitcoin Python Client v0.1.0 ## Support for Python versions: - 3.5 - 3.6 - 3.7
phproberto phproberto / joomla-entity PHP Semantical API for Joomla! v1.3.0
stade comptelfwd / jenkins-docker Dockerfile Customized jenkins docker image 2.121.3-pam
mad-ady mad-ady / doom-odroid-go C Unsupported 20180816 Here's a release with new key bindings to improve movement (some areas require running/strafing): DPAD - move A - fire B - strafe + run Menu - toggles menu Volume - toggles map Select - switche
chrizonix chrizonix / XInputTest C++ Xbox 360 Controller (XInput) Polling Rate Checker v1.0.0.2 **Changelog:** * Added Rapid Outlier Detection (thanks to Mahito Sugiyama) * Added XInput Controller Class (thanks to Minalien) * Added Jitter Calculation **Usage:** * Extract `XInputTest_Porta

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