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github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
github-actions[bot] hotenov / LEP-downloader Python ! RE-WRITING IN PROGRESS ! (last available episode for this script is #702) Python 3.5+ script (and command-line program) for downloading the all FREE episodes of Luke's ENGLISH Podcast, available on its archive webpage v3.0.0a4 ## What's Changed ## :construction_worker: Continuous Integration * Add 'download' command (functionality) with basic options (#11) @hotenov
Pouriakr2006 Pouriakr2006 / Youtube-Downloader Python This is the latest version of Youtube Downloader with python By running file you can download any qualities of mp4 or mp3 files Hope you enjoy it Programmer: Pouriakr(Mani Jabari) v1.0 **Full Changelog**: Run Powershell as admin ad run this command in the Youtube Downloader directory:
Justtryingtmakecode Justtryingtmakecode / VoidLavaWaterPurpleHelper Lua Assistant for the Lava Water and Purple IC in Voidlands v1.0 Uhhh so here's the LWP helper I completely forgot I had. I'm not good with github.
patineboot patineboot / runnable-platform JavaScript You can enjoy controlling your infrared home devices, a ceiling light, an air conditioner, or more joyful devices on Apple Home app on iPhone or Siri, using RunnablePlatform and your Custom-Command. v0.9.0 First Release: I released the first version of RunnablePlatform.
DarkSpyCyber DarkSpyCyber / toranger HTML Automatically exported from v3.6.6 Toranger v3.6.6
vlabsdev-iitd virtual-labs / exp-introduction-java-iitd JavaScript This experiment belongs to Basics of Java Programming IITD.​​​​                                Full Name: Introduction to Java programming language v1.0.4
Yiyiyimu Yiyiyimu / LoudMurmurs_Backup Python 小声喧哗备份 v0.1
tim-savage tim-savage / HomeStar Java A bukkit plugin that uses an inventory item to teleport a player to their bedspawn in place of the /home command. 1.18.4 - maintenance release - requires Java 9 or later
moycat moycat / shiba Go Minimalist Kubernetes network plugin. v0.1.0 The first release of Shiba, a minimalist Kubernetes network plugin. ## What works? - ✅ Pod IP management - ✅ Overlay network - ✅ Outbound NAT ## How about limitations? - ⚠️ Eac
taamarin taamarin / Clash_for_Magisk Shell CFM translate Indonesia v1.9.0-UI Uninstall versi CFM sebelumnya Reboot Wajib Install Termux [disini]( `pkg update && pkg upgrade` `pkg install php` jgn clear data/uninstall te
mschadev bazzi-gg / web Vue web 22.01.29
michel-kraemer michel-kraemer / gradle-download-task Java 📥 Adds a download task to Gradle that displays progress information 5.0.0 New features: * Download multiple files in parallel * Enable concurrent execution with other tasks in the build * Write to disk asynchronously (and therefore in parallel to the download) * Display
IHaveNoZpu BeautifulBrainStudio / create-rojo-app JavaScript Create Rojo apps with one command v2.0.0 ## What's Changed * Custom Dir * Using yargs instant of commander * Auto Update * Bump chalk from 4.1.2 to 5.0.0 by @dependabot in
IronTooch IronTooch / AnsibleSnippets-VSCode no-lang A collection of common ansible snippet patterns for use with VS Code v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
MabelYT MabelMedia-LLC / MabelVPA no-lang A Bytecode VM, With Custom Assembler / Assembly Language Flavor. v1.0.3 This Release Splits The Assembler And Runtime Executables, Adds Labels And Comments To The Assembler, And Adds An Assembly Example Folder.
devsetgo devsetgo / devsetgo_lib Python A library to standardize common functions for applications. v0.7.0 Logging is now has basic unit tests and is more ready to use with live application. # What's Changed * Adding Logging Config (#215) @devsetgo * pip(deps): bump pre-commit from 2.15.0 to 2.16
jimmysitu jimmysitu / waveform-render-vscode TypeScript Render waveforms inside VSCode with WaveDrom v0.18.1 Fix waveform reveal problem
ALLRiPPED ALLRiPPED / tampo Shell TAMPO: Theme And Music Plus Overlay tampov1.05 This release of TAMPO: Theme And Music Plus Overlay v1.05 - Added (Retro-Devils) devilchromey themeset and changed Default to Carbonite in selection Menu v1.01 - Added the ability to change the V
avallete avallete / yt-playlists-delete-enhancer TypeScript Add a button to remove videos watched with more than X percent from watch later playlist. v1.5.5 ## [1.5.5]( (2022-01-29) ### Bug Fixes * duplicate video removal ([#112](
ramadevsaiteja ramadevsaiteja / nd0821-c2-build-model-workflow-starter Python Starter Code for the Course 2 project of the Udacity ML DevOps Nanodegree Program 1.0.0 Train and Test random forest model on airbnb data
liuzhuan23 liuzhuan23 / p99stats Makefile 允许使用p99模版进行输出统计 0.1
questionlp questionlp / stats.wwdt.me_v5 Python Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Stats and Details site built with Flask, Version 5.0 v5.0.0-beta.2
j4ckofalltrades j4ckofalltrades / steam-webapi-ts TypeScript Isomorphic Steam WebAPI wrapper in TypeScript v1.0.2
xingchuanzhen xingchuanzhen / Minecraft_Memory_Bypass_GUI C# 绕过Minecraft for Windows试玩验证系统 V1.1.0.0 合成了单文件
tim-savage tim-savage / SpawnStar Java A bukkit plugin that uses a configured item in place of the /spawn command. 1.18.4 - maintenance release - requires Java 9 or later
YHhaoareyou wasedatime / wasedatime-web TypeScript An unofficial web app for syllabus searching, classroom finding, and bus schedule checking at Waseda University. v2.9.5
github-actions[bot] xyoye / DanDanPlayForAndroid Kotlin 弹弹play 概念版,弹弹play系列应用安卓平台上的实现,是一个提供了视频播放(本地+局域网)和弹幕加载(在线+本地)功能的本地播放器 dandanplay-v4.0.5-beta 最新测试包,与主分支代码同步
github-actions[bot] jtoppins / dct Lua Dynamic Campaign Tools - mission scripting framework for large persistent DCS missions v0.11
mr-wixy mr-wixy / QuickAuthLogin PHP wechat login plugin for typecho v0.9.0 第一版
TrafeX TrafeX / docker-wordpress Dockerfile WordPress container with Nginx 1.20 & PHP-FPM 8.0 based on Alpine Linux 5.9 * Updated WordPress to 5.9
pubudu91 ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-azure.functions Java The implementation of Azure Functions compiler extension for Ballerina. v2.0.0
kainonly kainonly / ddnspod Go DDNSPod 工具 1.0.1
eratou eratou / exewrap Java v1.6.2 ビルド済バイナリのコピーです。自前でビルドしていません。 オリジナル:
justin-qingshan justin-qingshan / HttpUtils Kotlin OkHttpUtils to use OkHttp easier 0.0.1
finity69x2 finity69x2 / nws_alerts Python An updated version of the nws_alerts custom integration for Home Assistant 2.4
github-actions[bot] cdump / investments Python Analysis of Interactive Brokers reports for tax reporting in Russia 0.1.26 ## Changes since previous release: - [c7feb93]( v0.1.26 - [aea0797](
A9qx A9qx / Vio JavaScript 🤖 EvoBot is a Discord Music Bot built with discord.js & uses Command Handler from v0.1.0 Begining Vio Beta testing today along with dependency updates to optimize performance. Apply for Public Beta here: ## What's Changed * chore(deps): bump
animalize animalize / zstd C Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm v1.5.0
lassekongo83 lassekongo83 / yt-classic-polymer CSS Browse YouTube like it's 2015. v0.4.12 ### Install for Firefox - [Click here]( ### Install for Chromium browser
jlbabb Octane5Devs / django-user-sessions-py3 no-lang Extend Django sessions with a foreign key back to the user, allowing enumerating all user's sessions. 1.7.1b1 **Full Changelog**:
tangdaoyuan tangdaoyuan / drivelist C++ List all connected drives in your computer, in all major operating systems v9.2.4
future-death future-death / ss-and-kcptun Shell Bash script to deploy shadowsocks and kcptun. 22.01.29
stonebig winpython / winpython Python A free Python-distribution for Windows platform, including prebuilt packages for Scientific Python. 4.6.20220116 MD5 | SHA-1 | SHA-256 | Binary | Size
MGuillaumeF MGuillaumeF / audiso JavaScript This module module convert npm-audit json report to sonarqube generic data issue report Release0.0.1
sahasatvik ParthBibekar / Welearn-bot Python A bot that downloads all the necessary files from WeLearn and lists your assignments, filter due assignments, etc. v1.2.4 **Fix:** files in cache (downloaded previously) but not on disk are listed as 'missing'. **Feature:** use `--missingdownload` or `-m` to (re)download these missing files. To make sure
Forsythe9891 Forsythe9891 / JCode Java JCode is a text editor, written in Java. JCode-1.0 This is the first release of JCode! # What is new? ## Changelog: + This is the first release of JCode. + JCode now has settings. + The about Help menu has been added. + JCode uses lesser ext
barnhill barnhill / SaveStateObserver Kotlin Android tool to output the individual content sizes of saved state bundles in onSaveInstance state calls 2.5.0 - Adds notification mechanism
RedactedProfile RedactedProfile / Arena ActionScript Built during my college years, was originally titled "Dementia" as it was originally going to be a very different game than what it wound up being, based in horror. Instead, it turned into an action game. Being as this was from 2007, it features some insensitive content, so please enjoy at your own discretion. v1.1 Latest known build of the game. This is a recovered artefact from a damaged RAR archive. I've played it as of today (Jan 28th 2022 on Windows 10), and it works. Note: Originally "
endjin-github marain-dotnet / Marain.Operations C# Long running operations API. Sponsored by endjin. 2.0.0 ## Changes: * b147473a276e9d7f8d96525ae4109284f30ea4f8 Feature/350 modernize net60 (#353) This list of changes was [auto generated](
RhysB RhysB / LegacyMinecraftPinger Java Legacy Minecraft API Pinger 1.2.0
zcool321 goflyfox / gtoken Go 基于gf框架的token插件,通过服务端验证方式实现token认证; v1.4.5.1 支持登录,登出仅注册Post,Get等方式
tomarv2 tomarv2 / terraform-aws-iam-role HCL Terraform module for AWS IAM role v0.0.7
jojozhuang jojozhuang / game-store-springboot Java RESTful API for Game Store, developed with Spring Boot and Gradle in Java. v1.0.0 CRUD on products
arstagaev arstagaev / SIPlatform Kotlin Background BLE + I/O File System works 1.12.1
awbooze awbooze / SpaceMiner C# Homage to The Space Game by the Casual Collective created for CIS 580 v0.1 The game now displays a title screen with sprites, including one animated sprite. The way the sprites are animated and arranged is not ideal - I would have liked to have spent a lot more time abstract
Mistixx Mistixx / ShalamayneCore C++ ShalamayneCore Open Source MMO Framework (Support version 7.3.5
github-actions[bot] nopjmp / Dionysus Shell Minecraft 1.12.2 Paper Fork designed for high player counts and anarchy. v0.1.12 ### Fixed * CVE-2021-44832 - Apache Log4j2 updated to 2.17.1 (only affects JDBC Appender users) * AntiBook Crash prevention caused issue with cloning books
Wanesty Wanesty / SkinChanger Java This mod allows you to change your Minecraft server skin on the fly even if it is in offline mode. v0.3.1 forge-1.18.1-39.0.63 update of SkinChanger
sylvrs GolemOrg / benchmark-kt Kotlin A small benchmarking library built in Kotlin 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
callumc34 callumc34 / File-Boxes JavaScript ReactJS Website with a NodeJS backend to display CSV files in boxes allowing upload, editing and downloading. 0.1 # 0.1 Release - Allows the user to create empty boxes - Allows the user to edit boxes - Allows the user to upload/download files from the boxes - Allows the user to see all boxes - Allows the use
kartik1998 kartik1998 / dotfiles Vim script My dotfiles / setup scripts for vim, neovim, vscode, zsh, tmux, intellij etc. v1.1.0 - Intellij, vscode specific debugger bindings stepover, stepinto & stepout via <cmd>j, l, h, optimize imports etc. - Above bindings are **not** supported in neovim. Neovim alternatives ->
github-actions[bot] rockosocko / voice-cert-checker Go Certificate monitoring utility for watching tls certificates and reporting the result as metrics. cert-checker-helm-chart-0.0.1 A tool to expose SSL Certificate information as prometheus metrics.
LuFred LuFred / goworker Go go实现的worker框架 v1.0.0 基础第一版 支持 * 服务集群,任务分片 * cron * 出错重试 * 自定义重试策略 * 自定义logger配置
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-mssql Ballerina Ballerina MSSQL DB module v1.3.0
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-oracledb Ballerina Oracle Database Connector for Ballerina v1.3.0
Jieiku Jieiku / Boardcustomizer PHP Kanboard Plugin BoardCustomizer 1.1.0
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-java.jdbc Ballerina Ballerina JDBC Module v1.3.0
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-postgresql Ballerina Ballerina PostgreSQL DB module v1.3.0
x64asf x64asf / GetBoost C# A Cleaner for Windows! 1.5 So what is this GetBoost? -GetBoost is an Open-Source project for turning off unnecessary services and systems on Windows. Will it harm my computer? -No, the project is completely Open-So
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-mysql Ballerina Ballerina mysql Module v1.3.0
ksalzke ksalzke / custom-complete-omnifocus-plugin JavaScript Custom complete for OmniFocus v2.0.1
sakupo sakupo / Unazuki C# "うなずき"で聞き手の反応を伝えるアプリ v1.1.0 ## 変更内容 - Timer機能の追加 - メイン画面からタイマー表示ボタンで切り替え - 時間を4桁xxyy(xx分yy秒)で指定 - xxは00\~99,yyは00\~59の範囲で指定
airium airium / Sarasa-Gothic JavaScript Sarasa Gothic / 更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック / 사라사 고딕 v0.35.8 - 仅含 sarasa sc gothic/ui/term regular - 不含中文字体名(Windows识别为西文字体)
acchou faastjs / faast.js TypeScript Serverless batch computing made simple. v6.0.29 ## [6.0.29]( (2022-01-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency commander to v9 ([c47faa8](
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-rabbitmq Java Ballerina RabbitMQ Module. v2.2.0
DigitalCraze DigitalCraze / EveChatNotifier C# an eve online chat notification program v2.10.3.0 Changes: * Add Always Notify section to Settings * Add ability to always notify for certain pilots and/or channels * Update some of the settings window labels for consistency in capitalization, et
Nambers Nambers / Mirai-toolBundle Java key words recall plugin of mirai 1.4.0 - 支持撤回/禁言/撤回和禁言 满足条件的 信息/用户 - mirai版本提升至2.10.0-RC2
sckott sckott / pyror Python Research Organization Registry Python Client v0.1.0 First release
yizhou-wang yizhou-wang / cruw-devkit Jupyter Notebook Develop kit for CRUW dataset v1.0 cruw-devkit v1.0: stable version for ROD2021 Challenge
PrashantMohta PrashantMohta / GrubTrain C# A Mod to add grubs as a companion in game v0.4 - Adds Grubs to the Menu
zyddnys PatchyVideo / TouhouVideoFeatureExtractor C++ High performance video feature extractor using CLIP v1.0.0 download
XeRi-PL XeRi-PL / XeRi-Coin C Mining 0.1.3
RKS200 RKS200 / FLAMES Python Dont waste paper use flames v2022.1 Windows : FLAMES-2022.1-win32.msi Mac/Linux : Download source code and run
skywalkerX69 Indexical-Metrics-Measure-Advisory / watchmen-dqc Python watchmen data quality center 15.2.11
chibatching chibatching / Kotpref Kotlin Kotpref - Android SharedPreferences delegation library for Kotlin v2.13.2 ## Bug Fixes - Fix incorrect package #245 (@chibatching) - Fix #257 : NPE of livedata on clearing #258 (@beigirad)
skywalkerX69 Indexical-Metrics-Measure-Advisory / watchmen-matryoshka-doll Python Watchmen Platform is a low code data platform for data pipeline, meta data management , analysis, and quality management 15.2.11
Ousikai Atemosta / feh-gauntlet-bot Python Python Twitter bot that posts hourly updates when disadvantage multipliers are up for #FEHeroes Voting Gauntlets! Currently serving over 3,500 Twitter Followers and 150 Discord Users. 1.55 vg_unit_1 = "Rolf" vg_unit_2 = "Gordin" vg_unit_3 = "Erk" vg_unit_4 = "Asbel" vg_unit_5 = "Leonie" vg_unit_6 = "Ewan" vg_unit_7 = &quo
t3mp-0xCC t3mp-0xCC / kyutech-moodle-task-bot Python Discord bot that gets task list from Kyutech Univ moodle 1.0
ri7nz kodingdotninja / chakra-icons JavaScript Transform SVG to React Chakra UI <Icon /> ✨ create-chakra-icons@1.0.3
schollz schollz / acid-test Lua norns script to explore acid basslines through markov chains. v0.2.0
mawosoft mawosoft / CI-lab PowerShell CI playground v0.1.0-internal
peterolson peterolson / BigInteger.js JavaScript An arbitrary length integer library for Javascript v1.6.51
github-actions[bot] darkdispatcher / darkdispatcher C# Dark Dispatcher is a cross-platform feature management platform for delivering faster software development cycles. v0.1.0 ## Changes - Add semantic release @MikeBairdRocks (#31) - Add husky @MikeBairdRocks (#29) - Domain Updates @MikeBairdRocks (#6) - Bump HotChocolate.AspNetCore.Authorization from 12.0.0 to 12.0.1 @dep
github-actions[bot] gocd-contrib / gocd-guest-login-plugin Java An authentication plugin for GoCD (, which allows a guest user to login, without providing a username or password v2.1.0-79-exp ### Changelog v2.1.0-76-exp..b18bcc2 d27c1a0 - Simplify dependabot YAML, adding actions 090b3a2 - Upgrade to GitHub-native Dependabot **SHA256 Checksums** ``` 00a9a171a3da29b39614eab2ce3e44697a315a0
ecilasun ecilasun / e32c SystemVerilog Pipelined version of the E32 RISC-V system 1.0
github-actions[bot] vzhd1701 / qt-documentation-chm-autoupdated Python Qt Reference Documentation compiled into CHM format (auto updated) 6.2.3 Qt Docs 6.2.3 CHM (update from 6.2.2)
Jieiku Jieiku / Group_assign PHP Kanboard Plugin to Assign Tasks to Groups and multiple users 1.7.12 CompactLayout
Psykotikism Psykotikism / Jump_System SourcePawn Provides a system for controlling jumps. v1.0
wardz wardz / DRList-1.0 Lua World of Warcraft library for providing diminishing returns categorization. (For player crowd controls) v1.2.8
PrefixWiz PrefixWiz / obs-virtual-cam C++ obs-studio plugin to simulate a directshow webcam Adds up to 10 virtual cameras for whatever reason you see fit.
rjosephwright cloudboss / keights Jinja A Kubernetes installer for AWS v1.20.15-snap.1
Wrufesh SpinybabblerCompany / attendence-device-webcli no-lang This web based qr scanner and attendance device used to make attendance entry. Attendance entry method can vary. v0.1 This release is to make it use dynamically during flutter build just by specifying the version tag.
github-actions[bot] nwtgck / yamux-cli-rust Rust Multiplexing TCP connection CLI using yamux v0.1.0
shadowmoon-waltz shadowmoon-waltz / Signal-Android Java (FORK, active, minor to moderate changes) A private messenger for Android. v5.30.3 v5.30.3
jeremysmith244 jeremysmith244 / nd0821-c2-build-model-workflow-starter Python Starter Code for the Course 2 project of the Udacity ML DevOps Nanodegree Program 1.0.0 Random forest pipeline trained on NYC airbnb data
github-actions[bot] zkrige / nwjs-ffmpeg-prebuilt JavaScript FFmpeg prebuilt binaries for NW.js / Chromium 0.60.0 ## Bug Fixes - workflow ([Zayin Krige]( ## Commits - 7942895: version bump (Zayin Krige) - fc38841: use
FN-FAL113 FN-FAL113 / FN-Amplifications Java A port of my addon for slimefun to a standalone plugin that adds staffs, backpacks, quivers and more v1.0-Release
AlphaBeta1906 AlphaBeta1906 / pyGinit Python A simple github automation cli v0.2.9 - fix some bugs and error - finishing add license to repository (for now only : MIT,Gnu gpl v3,Apache license 2.,Gnu AGPL v3,Mozilla public license 2.0
github-actions[bot] BitCrackers / AmongUsMenu C++ AmongUsMenu is a Cheat Menu for the popular Game Among Us. v1.0.18 ## Commits - [[fe185a6](]: Steam Achievements Unlock and some minor changes (#267) (void*) [#267](https://git
XFaonAE SkylixGH / Nexo JavaScript Nexo will change the way you code in JavaScript/TypeScript! v1.0.0-dev **Full Changelog**:
turisesonia turisesonia / gcp-cloud-logger Python Package for Google Cloud Logging client. v0.2.4 1. Update ujson version 2. Update google-cloud-logging version 3. Refine log method
jxk5861 jxk5861 / MandelbrotBackgroundCreator Java A program written in Java to allow zooming and panning around the Mandelbrot set. It includes multiple different types of coloring algorithms and customizable colors. Once a cool-looking region is found, it can be exported as an image and used as a desktop background. v0.1.0-alpha Initial Release of the project. The program will use the GPU if OpenCL is available, and if it is not it will default to CPU.
devpow112 devpow112 / serverless-plugin-function-value JavaScript :zap: Serverless framework plugin that will automatically generate AWS CloudFormation snippets to reference a functions name, ARN or logical ID value based on the internally generated Lambda logical ID v2.0.0 ## [2.0.0]( (2022-01-29) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * no longer support 2.x versions of serverless ### Features
bbidulock bbidulock / xde-session C X Desktop Environment (XDE) Session Utilities 1.14 This is another pre-release of the xde-session package, which provides a full session manager for the XDE (X Desktop Environment). This release updates the build system to support GCC 11.1.0; appli
Gnurou Gnurou / tagainijisho C++ A free Japanese dictionary and learning assistant 1.1.90 After almost 7 years without releases, Tagaini is back! This release is limited to Linux users and people willing to compile from source, and is targeted at making sure that nothing is fundamentally b
ArturRibeiro01 ArturRibeiro01 / reactjs_arturmoney TypeScript Aplicação Executada durante o curso da Ignite trilha ReactJs da RocketSeat v1.0 Version v.1 - Deploy for aplicantion could't register transactions because dont have a database include in the aplication. Used Miraje JS for a mock database
github-actions[bot] dipu-bd / lightnovel-crawler Python Generate and download e-books from online sources. v2.29.0
dkiswanto dkiswanto / grpc-gateway Go gRPC to JSON proxy generator following the gRPC HTTP spec v.2.7.4
github-actions[bot] nowsprinting / create-script-folders-with-tests C# Create script folders (Editor, Runtime, and each Tests) containing assembly definition file (.asmdef). v1.1.0 ## What’s Changed ### 🦑 Features - Change display name to "Create Script Folders and Assemblies with Tests" #4 ### 🧰 Maintenance - Fix workflow behavior when version tag exists #3
alex-hhh alex-hhh / ActivityLog2 Racket Analyze data from swim, bike and run activities v2022.01 See the [changelog]( for what's new in this release. ``` $ sha1sum.exe ActivityLog2Setup-2022.01.exe 5eb11480838dd630a4c84c5465a013efa
ericharper NVIDIA / NeMo Jupyter Notebook NeMo: a toolkit for conversational AI v1.6.0 ## ASR - Add new features to ASR with diarization with modified tutorial and README. by @tango4j :: PR: #3007 - Enable stateful decoding of RNNT over multiple transcribe calls by @titu1994 :: PR:
Lulalaby Pycord-Development / pycord Python Pycord, a maintained fork of, is a python wrapper for the Discord API v2.0.0-beta.1
github-actions[bot] netweng / cloudtower-api-doc-tauri TypeScript tauri app app-v0.1.0 See the assets to download this version and install.
EmptyWatson EmptyWatson / fthread C++ for linux, a tool used to pause or freeze specified threads。适用于linux,暂停或冻结指定线程的工具 v0.0.1-release * first release
saschaludwig saschaludwig / OnAirScreen Python Multi purpose "OnAir Lamp" solution targeted for use in professional broadcast environments 0.9.4 ## What's Changed * Upgrade to GitHub-native Dependabot by @dependabot-preview in * Fixes problems with API call when WeatherWidget is disabl
github-actions[bot] ecadlabs / taqueria TypeScript *BETA* Taqueria provides a seamless development workflow to easily build, test and deploy your Tezos applications. v0.0.1 ## What's Changed * Create issue templates by @russellmorton in * docs: initial docusarus website for Taqueria by @jevonearth in
github-actions[bot] lodotek / DNP_DAPPMANAGER TypeScript DAppNode package responsible for providing the DAppNode Package Manager v1.0.0 ##### Changelog --- ##### For package mantainer Authorized developer account may execute this transaction [from a pre-filled link](
josephcrosmanplays532 josephcrosmanplays532 / Vyond-Remastered-Beta JavaScript This is the offical public beta version of vyond remastered that is most likely to break. for stable, click below. v2.4.0 Fixed: Vyond Logo in SWF to have it more centered Added: Grey Mode, Big Preview Window, Orginal Vyond LVM, and so much more!
sursly sursly / didactic Shell A simple serif v3.5 A few things were cleaned up, but mostly, the lowercase bolder weights should be more consistent (now thicker) with the uppercase weights.
VGKintsugi VGKintsugi / Ghidra-SegaSaturn-Loader Java A Sega Saturn loader for Ghidra 10.0.14 Ghidra 10.1.2 support
lucian929 HibiscusMC / armor-stand-interpolation no-lang 🏃Standalone implementation of the Origins Enhanced armor stand interpolation. 1.0
Magman03k7 Magman03k7 / CalamityJPT no-lang A mod that translates Mod item names, tooltips, buff names, NPC names, and projectile names into Japanese. v1.5.4.11 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.8.6
Brisbear Brisbear / F365 R Computational procedure for imaging based antimicrobial pharmacodynamic study 1.0 RNA-Seq analysis code for manuscript "A new lipopeptide targeting top-priority multidrug-resistant 1 Gram-negative pathogens" by Kade et al.
firecat53 firecat53 / urlscan Python Mutt and terminal url selector (similar to urlview) 0.9.9 * Bugfix in f-string * Updated after tagging previous version
yagays yagays / ja-timex Python 自然言語で書かれた時間情報表現を抽出/規格化するルールベースの解析器 v0.2.2 ## Changes ## 🐛 Bug Fixes * 漢数字やコンマなどの正規化前の時刻表現の文字列とスパンをTIMEXタグに含める (#70) @yagays ## 📖 Documentation and examples
kenton116 kenton116 / CoderChat JavaScript プログラミングを学ぶ人がチャットをしながら学べるツール 0.8
horihiro horihiro / azure-custom-role-generator Rust A command line tool generating Azure Custom Role definition template v0.0.1-alpha
johannessen majensen / perlbolt Perl Neo4j server agent using Bolt protocol v0.4203 Please visit <> for the newest released version and installation instructions. Neo4j 4.x requires Neo4j::Bolt 0.40 or later.
skyQuiz OMEN44 / omens_economy Java Economy plugin by OMEN44 v1.1.0 The Full Functioning version of the Economy Plugin Includes: - daily rewards - opshop - More will be added!
hyPnOtICDo0g hyPnOtICDo0g / structdb C A library database using structures in C. 1.0.1 ## New - Persist database after logout (@hyPnOtICDo0g)
piraz candango / pyclicksign Python Implementação da api da clicksign para python v0.0.1 # O que há de novo no PyClicksign 0.0.1 ## Jan 28, 2022 Com muito prazer anunciamos o lançamento do PyClicksign 0.0.1. Esta é a primeira versão do cliente open source da Clicksing uma pla
IY314 IY314 / Hangman C++ A popular word-guessing game implemented in C++ v1.0.0
madduci madduci / docker-hugo Dockerfile Dockerized version of Hugo static website generator 0.81.0 New Hugo version 0.81.0
bbidulock bbidulock / xde-styles M4 Lightweight window manager styles for the XDE desktop. 1.8 This is the eighth release of the xde-styles package that provides a set of styles for the XDE (_X Desktop Environment_) which provides a small and consistent set of window manager styles across a wid
ZeroArgel ZeroArgel / ParkingLot C# A practice simple about parking lot 2.0.1 New version to fix register of car when close Register Screen
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerina-sql Java Ballerina SQL Module v1.3.0
w3bdesign w3bdesign / stein-saks-papir JavaScript Rock, paper and scissors game implemented in React. 1.07 ## What's Changed * Update dependency stylelint to ^14.2.0 by @renovate in * Update dependency cypress to ^9.2.0 by @renovate in https://g
SPRESENSE SPRESENSE / spresense-arduino-compatible C Spresense Arduino Library source code 2022.01.29-beta-release # SPRESENSE beta release (2022/01/29) ## History since v2.4.0 ### spresense.git sonydevworld/spresense@3de461a Update Submodules for develop at 2022/01/25 22:32:24 sonydevworld/spresense@8528e5b ex
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-kafka Java Ballerina Kafka Module. v3.2.0
ioridazo ioridazo / fundanalyzer JavaScript Fundamental Analysis v2.0.0
github-actions[bot] harlan-zw / unrouted TypeScript Unrouted is a minimal, composable router built for speed, portability and DX v0.3.1 ### Bug Fixes * **core:** revert to fake logger when debug is disabled and no consola ([65b043a](
Dimencia Dimencia / LuteBot3 C# An improvement to Monty's LuteBot2 for Mordhau, with better customization and QOL features, and now also works for Rust and Scrap Mechanic v3.3.0 Now detects whether or not LuteMod is installed, and prompts to install. Should not require admin permissions. Prompts upon opening the Partitions menu; if you're not installing LuteMod, disabl
yamatokataoka yamatokataoka / reinforcement-learning-replications Python Reinforcement Learning Replications is a set of Pytorch implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms. 0.0.3 ## What's Changed * Split policy into base policy, stochastic policy and categorical policy in * Implement DDPG in h
KIwabuchi LLNL / metall C++ Meta allocator for persistent memory v0.19 ## Bugfix - Added inline to logger.hpp and partial_range. ## JSON - Add JSON test programs. - Add APIs in JSON object. ## CI - Change not to use docker on GitHub Action CI. ## Docum
jgarber623 jgarber623 / stylelint-config JavaScript Shareable Stylelint configurations. v0.1.0 Initial release! 🎉
Jerrygrj Jerrygrj / emoji no-lang Jerry的表情仓库,自用!。如有侵权,将会删除 1.0 Jerry&Crj
cmacfarl FIRST-Tech-Challenge / fmltc Python FIRST Machine Learning Toolchain v1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Fix issue with retrieveSummaryItems timing out by @lizlooney in * Fixed issues related to labeling frames and tracking
nii236 ninja-syndicate / eip712-auth Go Go server that authenticates via EIP712 v0.0.6
github-actions[bot] taskforcesh / taskforce-connector TypeScript Service to allow local queues be managed in v1.16.0 # [1.16.0]( (2022-01-29) ### Bug Fixes * correct new version check ([f3b6437](
buluma buluma / docker-ionic Dockerfile 🎢 Docker image for Ionic (with Android & Cordova) v2022.01.29 **Full Changelog**:
wherewhere Paving-Base / APK-Installer C# An Android Application Installer for Windows v0.1.5 ##### APK Installer v0.1.5 ###### 更新日志 1. 更新版本号至 v0.1.5 2. 修复了一些 Bug 3. 现在不会因为网络错误而阻塞或崩溃了 4. 现在可以在没有打开文件时
github-actions[bot] rwasef1830 / funkygrep C# A simple clone of BareGrep 0.8.0 **Full Changelog**:
pubudu91 ballerina-platform / module-ballerina-websubhub Ballerina This modules includes a bunch of APIs to facilitate writing different WebSub Hub implementations v1.2.0
Resike Resike / TrinketMenu Lua TrinketMenu 9.0.4
github-actions[bot] SendHeirloom / tusd Go Reference server implementation in Go of tus: the open protocol for resumable file uploads v1.6.1-rc1
catastrophicsoftware catastrophicsoftware / terraform-aws-consul HCL A Terraform Module for how to run Consul on AWS using Terraform and Packer v0.7.7.1 Added: variable to toggle aws detailed monitoring metrics
m-mizutani m-mizutani / goerr Go Package goerr provides powerful error handling features in Go v0.1.3 # New features - `Error.New` to copy predefined error and regenerate stacktrace - `Error.Printable` provides a printable structure object including stacktrace and variables
amaiya amaiya / ktrain Jupyter Notebook ktrain is a Python library that makes deep learning and AI more accessible and easier to apply v0.29.0 ## 0.29.0 (2022-01-28) ### new: - New vision models: added MobileNetV3-Small and EfficientNet. Thanks to @ilos-vigil. ### changed - `core.Learner.plot` now supports plotting of any value that
ihub-bot[bot] ihub-pub / plugins Groovy IHub Plugins:一套Gradle插件集,封装了常用Gradle插件,并做了一些个性化缺省配置,极大的简化项目管理配置。 1.2.2 ## ✨ Features - ✨ 添加ihub-doc插件 @henry-hub (#215) - 🎨 Java运行时本地系统属性扩展优化 @henry-hub (#217) - ✏️ iHubGitHooks插件支持自定义hooks目录 @henry-hu
github-actions[bot] funnyzak / tts-now TypeScript 跨平台基于云平台(阿里云、讯飞等)语音合成 API 的文字转语音助手。支持单文本快速合成和批量合成。支持windows、macOS、Linux。 1.0.0
BWBednar BWBednar / CIS580_Project C# Work for CIS 580 Game Project v1.0.0 Work done for Project 0 for CIS 580 Class.
voluntas OpenAyame / ayame-web-sdk TypeScript Ayame Web SDK 2022.1.0 - [CHANGE] packege.json の devDependencies を最新へ追従する - `rollup` を `^2.66.1` へ上げる - `rollup-plugin-terser` を `^7.0.2` へ上げる - `@rollup/plugin-node-reso
ililminati ililminati / alura-git HTML Lista de Curso Controlado no GIT v0.1.0 Teste de curso do alura, versão Alpha.
GrecHouse GrecHouse / anniversary Python Anniversary Sensor for Home Assistant #HA 기념일 센서 1.6 연초 음력처리 개선
joshstoik1 Blobfolio / yesvgmap Rust Yesvgmap is a lightweight Linux CLI app for generating SVG sprite maps from any number of standalone SVG images. v0.3.1 Initial release!
github-actions[bot] opengisch / QField C++ A simplified touch optimized interface for QGIS v2.0.11 ## Changes ## 🚀 Features - Revamp of the QField storage handling (due to Google's newly-enforced restriction, direct storage access is disabled for now) - Ability to open datasets and p
mcxwx123 mcxwx123 / RecGFI Python Repository for ICSE'22 paper "Recommending GoodFirst Issues in GitHub OSS Projects" v1.0.0
carlosItDevelop carlosItDevelop / criando-seu-ecommerce-de-livros-csharp-e-angular C# Projeto desenvolvido, em sua origem, por Nathalia Corrêa, através da DIO - (Digital Innovation One) RC_v.1.1.0 ### Remodelagem de todo o Backend: - Re-Arranjo dos Namespaces and global.json created with configuration .Net 5.0 in "src" project folder - Migração do .Net 3.1 para o .Net 5.0 - Cri
swhitty swhitty / Awaiting Swift Swift @propertyWrapper that waits asynchronously until the value matches a predicate. 0.1.0
huantianad huantianad / RDTweaks C# A BepInEx plugin which contains a collection of tweaks for RD. v0.4.0 **New Features** - Force RD to start with steam when launched from exe. **Removals** - CLS Randomizer, Editor scale keybinds. **Other** - Fixed some bugs!
pcraciunoiu django-ses / django-ses Python A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service v2.4.0 #234 Add DashboardView class based for easier customization
hanisirfan hadiirfan / eKV PHP Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Pelajar Kolej Vokasional v0.1.0 I'm happy to announce the first release of this project! It's not much, but it's something. [0.1.0] - 2022-01-29 Added - System Administrative Centre. - Make announcements.
ksakae1216 ksakae1216 / angular-project-2021 TypeScript Angularの学びを色々詰め込む v0.1
dengqizhou30 dengqizhou30 / AIAssistC C++ AIAssistC是一个AI游戏助手,使用OpenCv、DNN、Tensorflow、ssd_mobilenet/efficientdet、hidriver、MFC等技术,截取游戏屏幕进行对象识别,使用虚拟鼠标键盘驱动实现自动瞄准/自动开枪等功能,提升玩家的游戏体验。 v1.3 修复一些逻辑BUG
dwassarman dwassarman / cellpanelr R Analyze Data from Cell Line Panels - Upload single-value data - Cross-reference with DepMap annotations, download, summary plot - Correlate with gene expression, download, plot individual genes - Deploy on
carefree0910 carefree0910 / carefree-learn Python Deep Learning ❤️ PyTorch v0.2.2 Miscellaneous fixes and updates.
TheMasterGeese TheMasterGeese / Discord-Integration no-lang Allows messaging and other operations between FoundryVTT and any linked discord server(s) v0.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
chadoh AhaLabs / cra-template-near TypeScript Minimal NEAR template for Create React App using TypeScript v0.3.0 - feat: add fully-typed contract wrapper fb6b07f
yyc12345 yyc12345 / vtobjplugin C++ An interface plugin of Virtools which allows you to export some models as .obj file. v1.7 Choose correct version and put dll into `InterfacePlugins` folder. This version do not have significant differences with previous version. It just change the default export settings for better expo
vinybisol vinybisol / TrocoEmNotasEMoedas C# Realiza calculo de notas usadas para compor um troco
BobSaidHi frc6506 / SkeletorCode-2022 Java For generic Spark drive-bases. Timed robot + practice rewrite + update to 2021 + update to 2022 v0.1.0-mainBackup **Full Changelog**:
cyber-minion kabucom / kabusapi JavaScript kabuステーションAPI ポータル C#-v1.1.0 #471 対応のサンプルコードを追加します。 追加ファイル Kabusapi_MarginPremium.cs Kabusapi_Sendorder_Margin_DayTrade.cs
brandonjoyce sonerdy / double Elixir Simple injectable test dependencies for Elixir v0.8.2 Upgrade Elixir version, package updates and warning/deprecation fixes.
yjunechoe yjunechoe / ggtrace R Programmatically inspect, debug, and manipulate ggproto methods v0.4.6 ### New Features - Added `get_method()` which returns ggproto methods as functions - Added wrappers for one-off workflows `ggdebugonce()` and `ggtraceback()` ### Improvements - The default
dudu502 dudu502 / planet_pathfinding C# A * path finding on planet surface v1.0.0
x0th x0th / hotspots Python A Rust profiler for Sublime Text v1.0.2 Package Settings from in the Main menu now open in split-view instead of having two separate setting menu entries.
jruedaq Oneago / arcturus-core PHP This is commands for oneago/oneago-php-template v5.0.7 **Full Changelog**:
MinJieLiu MinJieLiu / mac-scrollbar TypeScript Scrollbar React component with macOS style. v0.9.0 破坏改动: 1. API `theme` 重命名为 `skin` 以兼容 styled-components 2. mac-scrollbar/dist/style.css 引入方式更改为 mac-scrollbar/dist/mac-scrollbar.css 新特性: 1. 横
ali-abrar obsidiansystems / vessel Haskell Functor-parametric containers v0.2.1.0 ## * Allow `Vessel` and `DMapV` types to be more liberally kinded in their indexes. * Add Data.Vessel.Path. See that module for documentation. * Add `singletonDMapV` and `lookupDMapV`
BLumia BLumia / pineapple-pictures C++ A homebrew lightweight image viewer. 0.5.4 ## Supported platforms: - Linux/X11 with at least Qt 5.10 provided and using a stacking window manager. - Windows. For the pre-built binaries I uploaded here, only Windows and Ubuntu 20.04 p
SammyBear2015 SammyBear2015 / SMO-Custom-Lvls no-lang Just Making Custom Super Mario Odyssey Levels v.0.0.10 This is the every first version of custom level PS. Most Kingdom Have NOT been done like cap,sand,city Includes - Sand Kingdom being updated - Mero Kingdom being updated If there are any bu
jkhebel jkhebel / wordle-rust Rust A simple rust clone for learning purposes. v0.1.2-alpha Patch to implement: - command-line arguments - an emoji free option
diantonioandrea diantonioandrea / openBriefcase Python openBriefcase, a simple CLI accounting program written in Python v0.1.0-pre First pre-release of openBriefcase. Available in English and Italian.
vasilenkoroman vasilenkoroman / zx_scroll C++ Vertical per pixel full screen scroll for ZX spectrum 3.11 Change log: 3.7 - initial release 3.10 - Add .tap version. - Add one more empty line on page7 during text effect. - Align int phase fixed 2->1. 3.11 - Fix crash on standard Spectrum 1
user413 user413 / FileControlUtility C# .NET library for file transfering with advanced options and binary comparison. v1.0.1
antongolub antongolub / yarn-audit-fix TypeScript The missing `yarn audit fix` v9.0.10 ## [9.0.10]( (2022-01-29) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency commander to v9 ([a943204](
rogueloop rogueloop / go-metrics Go A Golang library for exporting performance and runtime metrics to external metrics systems (i.e. statsite, statsd) v0.3.20
qaz6750 LumiaARM32-Project / linux C Linux kernel source tree 5.17-rc1 - 第一个版本许多错误,仅供尝试 - The first version has many errors and is for trial only
tabatsky tabatsky / android-emulator-runner TypeScript A GitHub Action for installing, configuring and running hardware-accelerated Android Emulators on macOS virtual machines. v2.23.0 Add option to change heap size
fraenky8 fraenky8 / tables-to-go Go convert your database tables to structs easily v2.6 This release does the following: Changes: - Bump Go version to 1.17 (#35) - Updates dependencies (#35) - Updates Readme and License Year.
shashi-rai bhojpur / sql Go The Bhojpur SQL is a platform-as-a-service product used as a Database Engine based on Bhojpur.NET Platform for application delivery. v0.0.1
RealFIJI RealFIJI / Roach-Bot Python roach v1.1 New feature added to Roach Bot! Changes: - Added reaction roles yeah that's it
feuzeu lagdo / jaxon-dbadmin PHP A database admin dashboard based on Jaxon and Adminer 0.10.1 Changes: - Fix table colum class.
github-actions[bot] yichya / openwrt-xray Makefile Prebuilt Xray binaries for OpenWrt v1.5.3
ClarkThyLord ClarkThyLord / Wild-Fishing GDScript 2D Fishing game made with Godot, for the Godot Wild Jam #41 v1.0.0 This is the release version of Wild-Fishing, a 2D fishing game, for the Godot Wild Jam #41 ! Featuring: - 5 Levels - More than 80 fishes - Many items and upgrades - And some bugs 😅
github-actions[bot] ScaledByDesign / incubator-superset TypeScript Apache Superset (incubating) is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application superset-helm-chart-0.5.6 Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application
qmchenry SmallPlanetLabs / PreviewMultiple Swift A simple way to preview SwiftUI content in multiple ways. v0.1.0 Initial release for development and testing
a1div0 a1div0 / acme-client Lua ACME-client for Tarantool 1.0.0 The first version has been implemented. Version restrictions: * Prepared CSR-file required * Requires program `openssl` * Requires writing temporary files to a pre-specified folder Read more [he
Sheedon Sheedon / RequestResponseBinder Kotlin A framework for matching observer mode request behavior to request-response mode.(一个用于将观察者模式下的请求行为,支持请求响应模式的框架。) v0.2-alpha 改为kotlin版本
github-actions[bot] eno-d / carefree-carousel JavaScript Open-source click-based carousel v1.0.10
jridgewell jridgewell / unminify-app JavaScript A little electron app to unminify stack traces v0.0.1
ryanhefner ryanhefner / react-scroll-trigger JavaScript 📜 React component that monitors scroll events to trigger callbacks when it enters, exits and progresses through the viewport. All callback include the progress and velocity of the scrolling, in the event you want to manipulate stuff based on those values. v0.6.11 * Fix typescript issue, #148. Thanks, @bcole808 * Update README, #147. Thanks, @Taremeh * Update dependencies * Upgrade CircleCI image
underthestars-zhy underthestars-zhy / SwiftECC Swift Swift Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECIES & ECDSA) 2.1.1
fish-tennis fish-tennis / snowflake Go an implement of snowflake by go, use atomic instead of mutex v1.0.0 # snowflake an implement of snowflake by go, use atomic instead of mutex 雪花算法的一种go实现,使用原子锁(atomic),取代互斥锁(mutex) ## usage ```go workerId := uint16(123) s
liatrio-bot liatrio / terraform-change-pr-commenter JavaScript GitHub Action to read changes from Terraform plan JSON, summarize changes, and post them in a GitHub Pull Request Comment v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-01-29) ### Features * initial release v1.0.0 ([90eaf6e](
github-actions[bot] DanySK / Alchemist-experiments-startup Python Additional tooling over Alchemist primer 0.1.0-archeo+255c118
db-ping pingidentity / ping-cloud-base Shell The base Kubernetes yaml files to deploy the cookie-cutter Ping Identity software stack onto a Kubernetes cluster v1.12.0 -Added support for SigSci Web Access Firewall (WAF) to Nginx ingress controller -Updated Nginx ingress controller to version 1.0.0 -Implemented Kubernetes Infrastructure Agent for New Relic -Update
nethe550 nethe550 / soaroma-sac-confgui JavaScript A graphical editor for the Soaroma SAC Minecraft anti-cheat plugin. 1.0.46 The 0.0.2 release of the editor. Can edit configuration files from SAC version 1.0.46 and earlier.
cschembor3 cschembor3 / WhereAmINYC Swift Small iOS/watchOS app to display what neighborhood of NYC you are currently in v1.02 Updated watch UI to look better on smaller watches
VolcanicMG VolcanicMG / ExtraExplosives C# Extra Explosives Mod! Adds tons of new and exciting explosives to your terraria world. v3.2.0.5 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.8.6
EstebanTby EstebanTby / Tablero-arq no-lang Tablero arquitectura para crear en vrchat 1.00 1.00
LDinos LDinos / gamemaker-uno Yacc An online uno clone made in Gamemaker studio 2 V0.10 - Added some color in the menu - You can now cancel your wildcard if you accidentally pressed +4/color wildcard - Added icon and game description for the linux game window - Now showing how many ca
anncwb vbenjs / vite-plugin-style-import TypeScript A plug-in that imports component library styles on is fast v2.0.0 Please refer to []( for details.
luisgbr1el luisgbr1el / cliprxyz JavaScript Fetch infos from a Twitch clip with website. 1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Create LICENSE by @luisgbr1el in ## New Contributors * @luisgbr1el made their first contribution in
github-actions[bot] josemarluedke / glimmer-apollo TypeScript Ember and Glimmer integration for Apollo Client. v0.5.0 ## :boom: Breaking Change - Migrate to ESM only (#56) @josemarluedke - For GlimmerX apps, moved glimmer deps to peer deps. ## :house: Internal - Add typescript-hbs-plugin to glimmerx example
LDinos LDinos / gamemaker-uno-server Game Maker Language An online uno clone made in Gamemaker Studio 2. This is the server and not the client v0.10 - Internal code tidying
github-actions[bot] efossas / helm-charts Shell A best practices Helm chart for simplifying Kubernetes CI/CD deployments. genero-v1.3.0 Genero, a generic best practice ci/cd helm chart
zyx0814 zyx0814 / Pichome PHP 欧奥PicHome是用于欧奥图文档系统的图片展示门户,图片搜索引擎。也能够用于Eagle等其他图库软件的图片展示门户。 beta3.2 ## PicHome beta3.2 更新说明 ### 1.修复windows文件上传至linux服务器,由于编码问题导致的库导入没有文件问题 ### 2.库设置内容更改,当库状态为断开时
fiber-punk fiberpunk1 / PrintShell no-lang Fiberpunk's Node and Sentry shell,and designed cad file v0.1 Shell and shell design file
alexghirelli alexghirelli / woo-exporter PHP NoSQL WooCommerce order exporter using DynamoDB as a support database for cache to avoid high intensive loads. v0.7.2 ## What's Changed * Fixed shipping update by @alexghirelli in **Full Changelog**:
Col-E Col-E / recaf-3x-issues no-lang Temporary tracking for 3x issues and feedback. 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT-4 This is a heavy WIP pre-release for bug reporting. Expect bugs (and please report them) and give feedback on what you think is done right or wrong. ********* From:
CyberedCake CyberedCake / cmd_plugins Java My own version of a module for Waterfall/Bungeecord. Put this in the "modules/" folder rather than "plugins/". v1.0.0 The first release! It now exists... # CMD: Plugins This is a module for Waterfall/Bungeecord! That means instead of putting it in the `plugins/` folder, you put it in the `modules/` folder! #
Jinnrry Jinnrry / RobotHelper Java 安卓游戏自动化脚本框架|Automated script for Android games V2.4.2 1.修复截图被系统GC后出现的`recycled bitmap` bug 2、支持了Android 11及以上版本的输入Hook
acerbusace acerbusace / SkillCheckSimulator C# Dead by Daylight - Skill Check Simulator v1.0.0 Requires [.NET 4.0 Desktop Runtime](
mawittma mawittma / CIS-580-Game-Project-0 C# Displays a title screen along with features that we have learned throughout the last couple of weeks. v1.0.0 First game project, created a title screen for a game.
farkasma farkasma / black-box-re JavaScript Browser recreation of the puzzle game Black Box. v0.2 I'd now call this a game (even if only barely). It is still bound to the browser console, but you can now check the answer you entered, and the game will mark any errors. No errors? You basicall
AV306 AV306 / xenon Java Minecraft utility mod using the Fabric modding toolchain! 2.1.0+1.18 I lost everything from 0.0.1-alpha to 2.0.1 :( Also the branch system is broken so 1.17 is gone too
github-actions[bot] rosebe / nginx-patch no-lang 使用GitHub Action编译nginx-patch,基于最新源码 ( v1.21.6 ### Happy - [ ] compile (-static) `> ldd` `> not a dynamic executable`
github-actions[bot] JuliaFolds / FoldsCUDA.jl Julia Data-parallelism on CUDA using Transducers.jl and for loops (FLoops.jl) v0.1.8 ## FoldsCUDA v0.1.8 [Diff since v0.1.7]( **Merged pull requests:** - Use `CUDA.return_type` to infer device code (#91) (@tkf) - R
github-actions[bot] probablykasper / time-machine-inspector Rust Time Machine backup size inspector app v1.1.1 - Add "no backups found" error message (#1)
OxygenCobalt OxygenCobalt / Auxio Kotlin A simple, rational music player for android v2.1.0 #### What's New: - Switched to a single queue system [i.e Play Next/Add to queue] - Added ReplayGain support (Experimental) - New russian translations [Courtesy of Vladimir Kosolapov] - New c
EstebanTby EstebanTby / Creditos-con-Links no-lang Tablero para creditos en mundos VRCHAT 1.00 # Creditos con links 1.00-por-EstebanTby y Jesvid Creditos con links que se pueden copiar y pegar en modo pc, para todos los prefabs que tenga un mundo _ _Credits with links that can be copied and p
github-actions[bot] sle118 / squeezelite-esp32 C squeezelite ported to esp32 I2S-4MFlash.16.1008.master-cmake ------------------------------ ### Revision Log 796d39d Muse: battery range update and dimm led - release (2022-01-28T18:23:18-08:00) <Philippe G> 20c00de Update (2022-01-26T18:34:47-0
Jannify Jannify / AssetRipper C# GUI Application to work with engine assets, asset bundles, and serialized files This update enhances ripping SN so it's (nearly) error free in the editor. Changes with this version: - Added `Shader` export as assets (yaml) - Added `ComputeShader` export - Added `LensFl
vtaskaev1 UBC-MDS / bccovideda Python Package to generate the summary statistics as well as plots for the COVID19 cases in British Columbia. v1.0.10
kubaska kubaska / twitch-fox JavaScript (Fork) Quickly browse Twitch. Receive notifications for channels and games. Many customizable features. v5.0.0beta1 Mostly complete release Firefox 76+
LaunchDarklyReleaseBot launchdarkly / java-server-sdk-redis Java Redis integration for the LaunchDarkly SDK for Server-side Java 1.1.0 ## [1.1.0] - 2022-01-28 ### Added: - Added support for Big Segments. An Early Access Program for creating and syncing Big Segments from customer data platforms is available to enterprise customers.
udhos udhos / goben Go goben is a golang tool to measure TCP/UDP transport layer throughput between hosts. v0.6 [goben]( is a golang tool to measure TCP/UDP transport layer throughput between hosts. Release 0.6 adds distinct default buffer sizes for tcp/udp.
alanquillin alanquillin / brewhouse-manager Python Brewhouse Manager and Tap Monitor 0.1.0
SrTrolly SrTrolly / liga-justicia no-lang Este es el repositorio del curso de git del profesor Fernando Herrera v1.0.0 Esta es la primera version del proyecto
duanhairui bianjieai / JavaScript Bianjie Website v3.1.0
magisk666 magisk666 / android-source-engine Java 安卓起源引擎新端口启动器源代码(目前只有旧端口的代码)作者nillerusr and jusic 新端1.0系列 Source Engine v1.06 Changelog Исправлена смена разрешения игры. Подправлен обзор в сенсорном управлении, вроде теперь р
3DProgrammer 3DProgrammer / blender_texture_browser Python A texture browser for Blender. 1.0 The first version of the texture browser! Blender 3.0+ recommended.
obs0lete obs0lete / PiholeDashboard PHP A web interface to show quick stats from Pi-hole and allow a user to disable/enable ad-blocking. 1.04.20220128 - Small text change
jannis1602 jannis1602 / ExamManager C# can be used to manage exams v0.1 first version
jumpsmm7 jumpsmm7 / dnscrypt-asuswrt-installer Shell Dnscrypt-Proxy Installer for Asus-Merlin Firmware v2.3.2 ## What's Changed * New static by @jumpsmm7 in * Dev by @jumpsmm7 in
jumpsmm7 thuantran / dnscrypt-asuswrt-installer Shell dnscrypt installer for Asus router with merlin firmware v2.3.2 ## What's Changed * Dev by @jumpsmm7 in * Dev by @jumpsmm7 in
lemuelinchrist lemuelinchrist / hymnsforandroid HTML Hymns For Android v4.3 1. Bugs and lyric typo fixes 2. Option to change Youtube button behavior in settings. It can now display search results instead of taking you directly to the piano videos. 3. added NS754 - NS872
JanSharp JanSharp / phobos Lua Phobos is planned to be an optimizing bytecode compiler for Lua with some language extensions and a type system. It also contains language and bytecode tools such as formatting, refactoring and disassembling. See readme for what is implemented and planned. v0.1.2 # Release Types - `Phobos for <platform>` contains all files required to run Phobos as a command line tool. This includes built binaries for Lua and LuaFileSystem which are required to run Pho
devpow112 devpow112 / codify-images JavaScript :computer: Quick and easy tool for converting a set of images into inline JavaScript v1.4.2 ### [1.4.2]( (2022-01-29) ### Bug Fixes * make work with new commander version ([75affa7](
alexdelorenzo alexdelorenzo / limiter Python ⏲️ Easy rate limiting for Python using a token bucket algorithm, with async and thread-safe decorators and context managers v0.3.0 Changes: - Update API You can install this version like so: ```bash python3 -m pip install limiter>=0.3.0 ```
NachoToast NachoToast / Jukebot TypeScript Yet another discord.js music bot. 0.1 Functioning skeleton of a Discord bot. Will login, deploy commands, and execute them accordingly when called.
hellmrf hellmrf / pygments-portugol Python Pygments / minted lexer for Portugol Studio. v0.2.1 Corrigido #2. Obrigado, @tarsobcaldas.
regzo2 regzo2 / BinaryParameterTool C# Create animations for Binary Parameters for the VRCFaceTracking MelonLoader mod v1.2.0 ![update 1 2 0]( - ### **Float parameters in the animator can now be driven by Binary State Mac
github-actions[bot] dadleyy / milton Rust a webserver that can be used to receive webhooks from octoprint v0.2.1
maehachi08 maehachi08 / k8s-study no-lang study of kubernetes v0.0.1_k8s-v1.22_cri-o
jimmy0251 canopas / canopas-website Vue Source code of v1.0.0
BaristaRender BaristaRender / Barista-Demo no-lang Barista Cloud Rendering Platform - Demo Application v1.7.1-demo Barista Demo Binary 1.7.1
futurum-dev futurum-dev / dotnet.futurum.test C# Small dotnet testing library, allowing you to test code that uses Futurum.Core v1.0.1 Adding EquivalentTo to FluentAssertionOptionExtensions
ceeeKay ceeeKay / QEClanArena C Port of Clan Arena 1.13 by Mungo into Quake Enhanced v1.13.1 Initial release of Clan Arena 1.13 adjusted for QE (including horde and test map support)
srichter srichter / asksonic Python An Alexa skill to play music from Subsonic API compatible music servers v1.1.0 * Added more options to subsonic server configurations by @Devwulf in * Bug fixes **Full Changelog**:
daixiang0 daixiang0 / gci Go GCI, a tool that control golang package import order and make it always deterministic. v0.3.0 New features are coming on the occasion of the Chineses new year! Great contribution from @ngehrsitz, thanks! Now GCI supports three modes of operation: ```shell $ gci print -h Print outputs
jecisc jecisc / Chanel Smalltalk I am a code cleaner for Pharo Smalltalk v1.1.2 # [v1.1.2]( (2022-01-29) ## Bug fixes * Fix Pharo 9 compatibility ([32e5da8](
rgomezp OneSignal / OneSignal-WordPress-Plugin SCSS OneSignal is a free push notification service for web and mobile apps. This plugin makes it easy to integrate your website with OneSignal Push Notifications. v2.2.3 ## What's Changed * Fix/sanitize custom notification fields by @rgomezp in **Full Changelog**:
Toxic-Cookie Toxic-Cookie / FieldExpressions C# A NML mod that allows you to use CodingSeb's Expression Evaluator in inspector fields. 1.0.0 Initial release.
dementedmonkey dementedmonkey / cj4-mcdu JavaScript MCDU Web application for the Working Title CJ4 v0.1.0 Initial release
8rux40 8rux40 / bookstoremanager_course Java Bookstore Manager Course v0.2.0 Includes: - User management module ## What's Changed * Feature/user module init by @8rux40 in * Feature/user creation by @8rux40
Tonksthebear Tonksthebear / classy-yaml Ruby Rails helper to allow yaml configurations for utility css frameworks v0.8.5 ### Features - Allow nested ViewComponents to also have sidecar asset YAML file ### Fixes - More robust ViewComponent sidecar asset YAML finder - If Component called `yass` from an inherited fun
ctpopescu NunaInc / bazel_pylint Starlark Bazel components for pylint-ing python build targets 0.0.1 Initial release of bazel_pylint package
jm33-m0 jm33-m0 / go-lpe Go A collection of LPE exploits written in Go v1.0.0
ico277 ico277 / nyafetch Rust A neofetch alike program that shows hardware and distro information written in rust. 1.0.0
bjdebus sandialabs / UQTk Fortran Sandia Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit v3.1.2 This incremental release of UQTk is very similar in terms of functionality to UQTk version 3.1.1. However, one major difference is that the Python interface is now with Pybind11 instead of Swig. Becau
yophilav Azure / iotedge C# The IoT Edge OSS project 1.1.9 The project source code is linked below. Head to the [product release page]( for the changelog and IoT Edge daemon binaries.
robsonsmartins robsonsmartins / tapecleaner8mm no-lang Machine for cleaning and removing mildew from 8mm tapes from Sony camcorders. 1.0 This is the release 1.0.
austenism austenism / GonkKonk C# just a gonk who wants some Konk 0.1.0 Title screen for Gonk Konk
tonysm tonysm / rich-text-laravel PHP Integrates the Trix Editor with Laravel. Inspired by the Action Text gem from Rails. 1.3.0 ### Changelog - **NEW**: There's a new `Content::attachables()` method which allows pulling all the attachables of a document right away without having to pluck them out of the attachaments. P
cmungall linkml / linkml-datalog Python Translates LinkML schemas into Datalog programs and executes them using Souffle, enabling advanced validation and inference over instance data. ALPHA. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
GoogleLLP GoogleLLP / flask-mvc-example Python 基于flask开发的一套web模板,完全按照MVC分层的思想实现,对于没有web基础,但入门python的人可起到教学作用。尤其有助于java转python的web开发,让你按照java的思路写Python v1.1.2.0 完成通用flask-mvc模板,开发者可基于该模板实现MVC开发模式,只需要在对应的包下写对应的Python文件即可
Jmainguy Jmainguy / ghreport Go Application to check Github for Pull Requests, that are not Drafts, in repos the user cares about. v0.0.1 ## Changelog * 1fffe43 Merge pull request #1 from slmingol/patch-1 * 6cc5c46 Update * 0883c9f add arm64 support * 9ddffaa add homebrew installation to readme * d71cf63 add repo perms to READ
bes-ptah bes-ptah / WinBatchX Batchfile A operating system inside Windows 8.1/10/11 in batch script with the latest desktop environment of Windows 10X, or Windows 11 1631-17.0alpha1 Interface: 10.8.1 Build 1632 Experment: Button GUI System New features: - Some new files were added into the NI folder. It holds a new batch file named "compose.bat." Currently it
github-actions[bot] ethereum / ethereum-org-website JavaScript is a primary online resource for the Ethereum community. v3.10.0 *** ### :zap: Changes - Add client-diversity page to /developer/docs (#5218) @jmcook1186 - Add new upcoming events [Fixes #5221] (#5245) @vluna - Add sections on compensation and review process to
tanaynigam OneSignal / OneSignal-Xamarin-SDK C# OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps. This plugin makes it easy to integrate your Xamarin app with OneSignal. 4.0.0-beta2 ## Release Notes * Add getters for Device State, Notification Permission, Push Subscription State, Email Subscription State, and SMS Subscription State. The State getters are read only and cannot be
coryjreid coryjreid / MinecraftModpackSuite Java A suite of tools to help publish and distribute Minecraft modpacks 1.0.2 Add more robust logging. Remove Gradle dependency on JCenter.
github-actions[bot] dadleyy / octoprint-blinkrs Rust a webserver that can be used to receive webhooks from octoprint v0.1.3
fisuda lets-fiware / ngsi-go Go The NGSI Go is a command-line interface supporting FIWARE Open APIs for FIWARE developers. FIWARE_8.2.0 FIWARE Release 8.2.0 (Jan 19, 2022) - Download:
davea42 davea42 / libdwarf-code C Contains source for libdwarf, a library for reading DWARF2 and later DWARF. Contains source to create dwarfdump, a program which prints DWARF2 and later DWARF in readable format. Has a very limited DWARF writer set of functions in libdwarfp (producer library). Builds using GNU configure or cmake. libdwarf-0.3.3 Release fixes a n assign offset = offset; which with recent clang causes a build with --enable-wall to fail.
mrcrowl mrcrowl / vscode-hg TypeScript Integrated Mercurial source control for Visual Studio Code v1.8.0 ## What's New - Added support for `hg annotate` output [#117]( The `Line Annotation Enabled` setting will show output for `hg annotate` on th
kazurayam kazurayam / TestSuiteCollectionReportsCollector HTML A proposed solution to 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Angelmaneuver Angelmaneuver / sketchpad-modified CSS "Sketchpad modified" is a theme that has been improved by "Sketchpad" provided by More emphasis on the design as a notepad and some additional features. Original is: v2.1.0 ## Overview This is the final version of the classic theme for WordPress 5.8 and earlier.
LaunchDarklyReleaseBot launchdarkly / dotnet-sdk-internal C# Implementation details shared between .NET SDK and Xamarin SDK 2.3.1 ## [2.3.1] - 2022-01-28 ### Fixed: - In analytics event data, `index` events were showing a `contextKind` property for anonymous users. That type of event should not have that property; LaunchDarkly w
satya164 react-navigation / react-navigation TypeScript Routing and navigation for your React Native apps @react-navigation/bottom-tabs@6.1.0 # [6.1.0]( (2022-01-29) ### Features * **native-stack:** expor
genesis-bot genesis-community / blacksmith-genesis-kit Shell A Genesis Kit for the Blacksmith On-Demand Service Broker v0.12.0 # Software Updates: Updated all Forges and Embedded Blacksmith to use Bionic Stemcells * Updated MariaDB Forge to 10.4.22 * Updated PostgreSQL forge to 9.5.25 * Updated Redis Forge to 5.0.14 and 6.2.
piotr-oles TypeStrong / fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin TypeScript Webpack plugin that runs typescript type checker on a separate process. v7.0.0 # [7.0.0]( (2022-01-29) ### Bug Fixes * remove console.log in getInfrastructureLogger ([6d7f64f](https://github.
github-actions[bot] untitaker / hyperlink Rust Very fast link checker for CI. 0.1.21
pceric pceric / kafka-offset-lag-for-prometheus Go Expose Kafka offset lag to prometheus v1.9 ## What's Changed * Add ability to filter consumer groups by regexp. Thanks @tkukushkin
NguyenPhongVN FullStack-Swift / combine-core-architecture Swift Composable Architecture Support iOS 11 and later v1.0.0 Release
github-actions[bot] willcrichton / flowistry Rust Flowistry is a VSCode extension that helps you understand Rust programs with program analysis. v0.4.1
electricessence tsdotnet / linq TypeScript A familiar set of functions that operate on JavaScript iterables (ES2015+) in a similar way to .NET's LINQ does with enumerables. v1.1.0 - first - firstOrDefault - last - lastOrDefault - skip - take - selectMany Repo has been fully refreshed and typedocs are new.
GoogleLLP GoogleLLP / SpringLock Java 让你用更优雅的方式加锁,基于注解的加锁方式。一直以来,线程安全问题是考验web后端人员的主要问题之一,加锁是解决线程安全问题的主要形式。 从锁的形式上看,锁可以分为乐观锁和悲观锁。从锁的内容上看,锁可以分为互斥锁和共享锁。 这个Jar包旨在提供全套的锁解决方案,让你使用一个注解就能对目标进行加锁 v0.3.0.1 现有互斥锁功能、读写锁功能,均已通过测试。
evernym-ci evernym / devlab Python Quickly standup, provision, teardown and reset an environment made up of docker containers v2.1.1 # Changes * TE-324 #comment this is now #in-progress
jecisc jecisc / Rules Smalltalk Rules is a small model of rules that a model should not violate. It is able to compute the technical debt for a set of violations. v1.0.6 Migrate to github actions + enable Pharo 9
saggu usc-isi-i2 / kgtk Jupyter Notebook Knowledge Graph Toolkit v1.2.0-beta ## What's Changed * Feature/kypher/optmatch by @chalypso in * add Search features to KGTK documentation by @dangiankit in
sagemaker-bot aws / sagemaker-training-toolkit Python Train machine learning models within a 🐳 Docker container using 🧠 Amazon SageMaker. v4.0.1
Coppertine Coppertine / Plot-System no-lang An easy to use building system for the BuildTheEarth project. 2.3-1.17 **Full Changelog**:
tek967 tek967 / pcmon C++ A CLI Pokémon clone written in C++. dev0.1.1 dev rolling versoin dev0.1.1 download source code here and build it yourself. linux+mac+anyPosixSystem
slmingol slmingol / ghreport Go Application to check Github for Pull Requests, that are not Drafts, in repos the user cares about. v0.0.1 ## Changelog * 1fffe43 Merge pull request #1 from slmingol/patch-1 * 11f7625 Trigger GHA * 6cc5c46 Update * 9ddffaa add homebrew installation to readme * d71cf63 add repo perms to README
webketje metalsmith / collections JavaScript A Metalsmith plugin that groups files together into collections, which it adds to the global metadata. v1.2.0
ojalmeida ojalmeida / GREST Go Next Generation API Framework v1.0
gui-cordeiro gui-cordeiro / JogoDoBraile C Jogo desenvolvido em C em forma de avaliação parcial para o trabalho final do 1º ano do Curso Técnico em Informática, apresentado no ano de 2017 e ofertado pelo Instituto Federal do Paraná - Campus Colombo, com o intuito de ensinar o sistema de escrita tátil "Braile" de forma simples e lúdica. v1.0.0 ## 🕹️ O lançamento inicial do jogo! (Somente para Windows) ### ⬇️ Baixe o arquivo executável, abra-o e divirta-se! As instruções do jogo se encontram: * No arquivo **, presen
chiatt archesproject / arches Python Arches is a web platform for creating, managing, & visualizing geospatial data. Arches was inspired by the needs of the Cultural Heritage community, particularly the widespread need of organizations to build & manage cultural heritage inventories 4.3.3 Please see the release notes for details about this [release](
jvgeiger NASA-LIS / LISF Fortran Land Information System Framework v7.4.8-557WW LDT Release notes: * S2S updates * Fix forecast year setting, from previous year, to correct output file naming convention for LDT-based restart file upscaling or downscaling. * Incorporate
Eng-RedWolf Eng-RedWolf / AStar-Algorithm-Visualization C# Small Project For Altinbus University Midterm Project ECE525 v1.0.0
jecisc jecisc / TinyLogger Smalltalk A really small logger for Pharo applications. v1.2.1 # [v1.2.1]( (2022-01-29) * Migrate CI to Github actions + support Pharo 9 ([c49255e](
Fluto Fluto / TaikoMods C# Mods for Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master v0.0.1 This is a simple patch to fix the logging in issues.
kmeaw kmeaw / zdrct JavaScript ZDoom RCon Twitch integrator v0.1 Initial release
jhonny17 jhonny17 / react-app TypeScript React app to experiment on 1.0.1 This is the release of a functional app with router implemented: - Responsive Navbar
mwburgoyne mwburgoyne / pyResToolbox Python pyResToolbox - A collection of Reservoir Engineering Utilities 1.1.4 Attempting to fix reported issue with some dependencies not being automatically installed
jecisc jecisc / BugReport Smalltalk A small project to ease the bug reporting in Pharo application. v1.0.1 - Migrate CI to github actions - Support Pharo 9
Felipe2811 Felipe2811 / data_science_challenge_2022_1 Python Data science challenge for student initiative 0.1
HerpDerpinstine LavaGang / ML_OpenVR_FSR C# Loads the OpenVR FSR Mod at Runtime v1.0.4 **REQUIRES MELONLOADER v0.4.3 or HIGHER** Updated openvr_fsr to v2.1.1
DavoudEshtehari dotnet / SqlClient C# Microsoft.Data.SqlClient provides database connectivity to SQL Server for .NET applications. MSS_v1.0.0 This is the initial public stable release of the **Microsoft.SqlServer.Server** namespace in a separate assembly. This library is a dependency for **Microsoft.Data.SqlClient** enabling cross framework
LuanHalaiko LuanHalaiko / kernel_raphael_sm8150 C // CAFest Kernel for Raphael | Updated to CAF tag LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500.02-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0 with android-4.14-stable merged and upstreamed TFA98xx drivers 2.0.0 ### Main changes --> Upstreamed to `4.14.262` --> Inline with latest CAF tag `LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500.02-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0` --> Upstreamed fw-api and techpack/audio to latest CAF tag `LA.UM.9.1.r
nickaustinlee Labelbox / labelspark Python This library makes it easy to take unstructured data in your Data Lake and prepare it for analysis and AI work in Databricks. The Labelbox Connector for Apache Spark takes in a Spark DataFrame to create a dataset in Labelbox, and it also brings labeled, structured data back into Databricks also as a Spark DataFrame. 0.4.1 This patch fixes the [compatibility issue with DBR 10]( while preserving support for DBR LTS 9.1. Once DBR 9.1 LTS is deprecated in 2023 we will su
robobit robobit / vscode-boost-test-adapter TypeScript Run your Boost.Test tests in the Sidebar of Visual Studio Code 2.0.20 Cancel running test
tomroh tomroh / leaflegend R Provides extensions to the leaflet R package to customize legends with images, text styling, orientation, sizing, and symbology. v0.6.0
huming2207 huming2207 / soul-injector C++ Offline firmware downloader for ARM Cortex-M microcontroller, on an ESP32-S3. v1.0 Initial release with USB CDC-ACM protocol implemented
asantos071 asantos071 / avengers no-lang Repositorio de avengers 0.0.1 ## Versión inicial del proyecto ### _*0.0.1 Versión Alpha*_
karlinarayberinger karlinarayberinger / minds_karbytes_2022_part_7 no-lang This repository contains screen capture images of content published on the karbytes Minds dot com channel (and the karbytes Twitter page) during the year 2022. v1.0 This repository contains screen capture images of content published on the karbytes Minds dot com channel (and the karbytes Twitter page) during the year 2022.
argc222 argc222 / liga-justicia no-lang este es el repositorio de mis planes con la liga de la justicia v0.1.0 ### version beta no usar
Alink-Marty Alink-Marty / Launcher-Apo no-lang Electron launcher for Apotheios v1.1.5
x13a x13a / Clipeus Kotlin Clipboard cleaner. v1.0.1 toast
calvinckho calvinckho / restvo-desktop no-lang Restvo Desktop App for Mac and Windows v1.9.0
EnderSyth EnderSyth / Genshin-Wish-Export PowerShell Powershell script designed to easily let you export all your wishes from Genshin 2.0 Thanks to mchubby work I'm releasing an update that works with patch 2.3+ Genshin and adds in Speech Synthesis for single monitor users to verify that script is working correctly.
devpow112 devpow112 / eslint-config JavaScript Sharable eslint configuration v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2022-01-29) ### Features * initial commit ([63d24c0](
Ylacat Ylacat / AppleGod Java A spigot plugin to make an apple 🍎 0.0.8-4 **Changed the API to 1.18.1**
UltraHQ UltraHQ / Pixelify-Netflix Kotlin Pixelify Netflix v4.0
shengkaisun shengkaisun / python_flask_repo HTML Repo for Python and Flask Bootcamp Udemy class v1.0.0 dfsdafds
Paidyy Paidyy / deathheaddrop Java Spigot/Bukkit plugin to drop player's head when they DIE v1.2 # Added - %item% placeholder. That's all
NguyenPhongVN FullStack-Swift / reactiveswift-core-architecture Swift Composable Architecture Support iOS 11 and later v1.0.0 Release
hugoaboud hugoaboud / blenderDMX Python Blender addon to design and render DMX lighting. v0.5.0-beta Beta release, the main DMX features are finally implemented: GDTF profiles and Art-Net input. It also offers a new multi-selection workflow, which allows editing multiple fixtures at once. ## Feat
fadhilansyah25 fadhilansyah25 / Reservaksin-BE Go Capstone Project vaccine booking systems for Back-end REST API, this project is belong to Full Stack Engineering by Alterra Academy - Kampus Merdeka v.1.0.0
jamiegluk jamiegluk / jamiegl CSS Jamie Lievesley personal website at v4.0.0 - Replace Play Store references: - ~Play Store profile link~ -> Stack Overflow link. - ~4 Connect AI portfolio card~ -> 3Dnet by Biotronics 3D card. - Improve parallax effect on Firefox. -
shbatm automicus / PyISY Python Python module for interactive with the ISY-994 Insteon controller. 2.1.3 - Attempt to unsubscribe instead of hard disconnect on non-critical socket errors (fixes #244) - Bump pyupgrade from 2.29.1 to 2.31.0 - Update .devcontainer to latest VSCode Template
iotedge1 Azure / azure-iotedge PowerShell The Azure IoT Edge product 1.1.9 # 1.1.9 (2022-01-28) ## iotedged ### Bug Fixes * Removing moby check for non-windows [b71b828]( ## Edge Agent ### Bug
ong8181 ong8181 / rDoAMP R R package to extract amplicons from target sequences using a user-specified primer set. v0.2.2 Documentation and primer set updated. rDoAMP v0.2.2 was archived at Zenodo.
github-actions[bot] Yujie-W / ClimaCache.jl Julia ClimaCache.jl is designed to share information among different CliMA modules. All public types and structs are supposed to live here. v0.1.0 ## ClimaCache v0.1.0 **Merged pull requests:** - add some refactored types and structs (#1) (@Yujie-W) - Wyujie (#2) (@Yujie-W)
kign kign / c4wa WebAssembly A simplified subset of C transpiled into Web Assembly v0.5 **New features** - **`c4wa` now by default writes binary WASM files, bypassing text format.** You can still save WAT file either with option `-k` (`--keep`) or with explicit output file name `-o fi
verilog-indeed verilog-indeed / nano_4k_1602_lcd C Simple library to interface with Hitachi-compatible character LCDs for the Sipeed Tang Nano 4K Gowin FPGA board. v0.77 This release just highlights the important files that you actually need: - LCD library files lcd_hd44780.c and lcd_hd44780.h - Simple wrapper for the GPIO gpio_wrapper.c and gpio_wrapper.h You
github-actions[bot] junyuan-chen / ConvexFit.jl Julia Fit vectors with convex combinations of data columns v0.1.0 ## ConvexFit v0.1.0
bautisflow thinger-io / Node-RED HTML Library for Node Red 1.3.1 ### Fix - Assign same Keep-Alive agent to all requests - Handle errors for each node when backend request fail
github-actions[bot] netlify / trafficserver no-lang Apache Traffic Server 2022.01.29
kimata kimata / merctrl_chrome JavaScript メルカリで出品中のアイテムを自動的に値下げする Chrome 拡張です. release-0.0.2 - 出品中のアイテムの CSV 書き出しに対応
Nico640 Nico640 / docker-unms Dockerfile All-in-one docker image for Ubiquiti UISP (formerly UNMS). Supports x86_64 and ARM (Raspberry Pi). 1.4.2 Changelog: - UISP updated to 1.4.2 - Base image updated to Alpine Linux 3.13 and Node.js 16.13.1 - PostgreSQL updated to 13.5 - PHP updated to 7.4.26 - Replaced nginx with OpenResty -
abetomo tj / commander.js JavaScript node.js command-line interfaces made easy v9.0.0 ### Added - simpler ECMAScript import ([#1589]) - Option.preset() allows specifying value/arg for option when used without option-argument (especially optional, but also boo lean option) ([#1652]
asimard1 asimard1 / HelperLogTranslator Python Replaces area names in the Hollow Knight Helper Log generated by Randomizer 4 1.2 Added reversable transitions option. Added needed files to the release.
j-huckabee j-huckabee / GIS-CX-Competency-Assurrance-Training-THP8JK no-lang Training Module for the Replacement of WI Transformer VDN-6630 v1.0.0
brucecrevensten ua-snap / geospatial-vector-veracity Python Veracious geospatial vector data for use in SNAP tools. v0.0.9-alpha Initial release package to test workflow.
omarname combindma / cmi-payment PHP Laravel package to communicate with the CMI payment plateform 0.0.1
fadelkaadan fadelkaadan / hackernews TypeScript Hacker news reader with a modern UI 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] o0HalfLife0o / openwrt-xray Makefile Prebuilt Xray binaries for OpenWrt v1.5.3-1 v1.5.3-1
tigist-d FlyreelAI / sesemi Python Supervised and semi-supervised image classification with self-supervised regularization. v0.3.0 Release Notes --- * Support new dataset formats (CIFAR-10/100, STL, and more). * Support pseudo-label dataset generation. * Add new SSL methods including consistency regularization, FixMatch, and
NguyenPhongVN FullStack-Swift / rxswift-core-architecture Swift Composable Architecture Support iOS 11 and later v1.0.0 Release
Bankaimaster999 Bankaimaster999 / Dolphin-MMJR2 C++ Dolphin |MMJR2| is a Gamecube/Wii Emulator for Android devices; based on Dolphin Official dev source code. Hence, the aim is to get the newer features, fixes, updates of Dolphin Official BUT with the performance improvements of Dolphin |MMJR| (work-in-progress) 2.0-15109 _Disable primitive restart on Adreno:_ - Turning off primitive restart increases performance a lot on Adreno in situations which are bottlenecked by rendering. (temporary solution with benefits; f
Beanzilla Beanzilla / iNotify Lua An In-game notifications system for Minetest. v1.4 **Full Changelog**: TLDR: - Added `settingtypes.txt` so you can now chance settings from within `minetest.conf` (minetest's settings
bgilbert coreos / butane Go Butane translates human-readable Butane Configs into machine-readable Ignition Configs. v0.14.0 Starting with this release, Butane binaries are signed with the [Fedora 35 key]( Breaking Changes: - Drop `TranslateBytesOptions.Strict` field; callers should fa
ArthurHydr ArthurHydr / GoScan Go GoScan is a port-scanner made entirely in Go-lang. The purpose of the tool is to be fast, dynamic and simple so that a professional in the CyberSecurity area can make an optimized list of ports 1.0.0 ### ChangeLog * Add: ASCII Art
jonayerdi jonayerdi / zipmove Rust Move files from an existing ZIP file to a new one 0.1.0
robo-w robo-w / kenwood-gps-converter Java Java command line util to parse PKNDS position reports of Kenwood radios v1.3.2 Minor code cleanups and updated 3rd party dependencies. Pre-built package is built with JDK 11.
Raiper34 Raiper34 / m3u-parser-generator TypeScript Library to parse and generate m3u or m3u8 IPTV playlist files 1.0.2
ALiwoto ALiwoto / mdparser Go mdparser for telegram API using MarkDownV2. v1.0.8 - Added support for spoiler, strike-through. - Added new methods. - Added new tests. - Added parser helper. - Upgraded dependencies to their latest version.
Noggog Mutagen-Modding / Mutagen C# A .NET library for analyzing, creating, and manipulating Bethesda mods 0.35 - `IGroup` interface. `IMod.GetTopLevelGroup(Type)` exposure - `IMajorRecordCommon` and `IMajorRecord` interfaces have been merged. It's just `IMajorRecord(Getter)` now - The old Group has be
scouten-adobe adobe / xmp-toolkit-rs Rust XMP Toolkit bridge for Rust language v0.3.1 - Implement `Display` trait in `XmpFileError` enum. (#32) - Fix Clippy warning about `assert_eq!` with a bool value. (#33) - Add Rust 1.58.0 to CI build matrix. (#30) - Remove Rust 1.56.0 from CI b
MohammadFneish7 MohammadFneish7 / EEMS ASP.NET Electric Engine Management System Everything is here !!
PhilMurwin PhilMurwin / ESGameListGenerator C# Emulation Station GameList.xml generator V1.17.8.2701 Tagging this release a bit late in the game but just in case it ever proves useful to get this particular version of the source code.
JacopoTeneggi Sulam-Group / h-shap Python h-Shap provides an exact, fast, hierarchical implementation of Shapley coefficients for image explanations 0.0.2 ## What's Changed * Bump urllib3 from 1.26.3 to 1.26.5 by @dependabot in * Bump pillow from 8.1.0 to 8.3.2 by @dependabot in
sixt0o sixt0o / f0xtr0t HTML Based on the original webgpsmap plugin, f0xtr0t is an enhanced version that gives you an interfaced optimized for wardriving. 1.3.9-alpha
EugeneTeplitsky WishKnish / KnishIO-Client-PHP PHP PHP implementation of the Knish.IO API client 0.4.0 ## What's Changed * Migration to PHP 8+ conventions and optimizations * Dropping support for legacy PHP versions * Implementing client-level Policy support * Improved compatibility with Larav
adamjq adamjq / aws-secretsmanager-cache-rust Rust Client for in-process caching of secrets from AWS Secrets Manager for Rust applications 0.3.0 Updates the AWS SDK for Rust dependency to v0.6.0
5ud0kU 5ud0kU / Minerva-Owl-Lib-for-grey-hack- Roff A code to import in grey hack game.It was design like a header. 3.1.9 Minerva lib is a script for the game "Grey Hack".Since the import code update from the game, it has become more easier to share projects of all kinds. Which to me is a key progression of the
github-actions[bot] PascalBenstrong / FluentPasswordHashing C# Fluent password hashing using argon2 v0.0.1-beta
Alan2Luna Alan2Luna / sb-components TypeScript Repositorio de mi paquete de npm del curso de Fernando Herrera v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-01-29) ### Features * agregamos semactic-versioning ([ed12120]( * github actions confidurad
d1m0s23 d1m0s23 / JMusicBot-Fork Java JMusic bot fork with new features and fixes 1.0.2 - Code refactor - Fix ConnectCMD - Fix Interactions
spandl spandl / sankey-plus no-lang A JavaScript library for computing and drawing Sankey graphs v0.1.0 Testing npm publish
skulegirl skulegirl / django-postmark-inbound Python Django plugin to process inbound mail from Postmark ( and integrated with DRF ( 0.1.1_subscribesense Matching version in package
github-actions[bot] IBM / core-dump-handler Rust Save core dumps from a Kubernetes Service or RedHat OpenShift to an S3 protocol compatible object store v7.0.0 A Helm chart for deploying a core dump management system to Kubernetes

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