GitHub Releases

warrenbuckley warrenbuckley / IIS-Express-Code TypeScript This is an extension for Visual Studio Code that the current folder opened in VS Code can be run as a website using IIS Express v0.0.4
theRustyKnife theRustyKnife / CraftingCombinator Lua A Factorio mod that lets you dynamically change recipes in assemblers. v0.5.0 + Added configuration GUIs for combinators + Added product mode to recipe combinator + Added an option to crafting combinator to read recipes from assemblers + Added settings copy/paste + Added an
amemos12 amemos12 / my-test no-lang my first repository 2.0 testing of a new tag
serhuz serhuz / dropwizard-morphia Java Morphia integration for Dropwizard v1.1.0-1 - Bump Dropwizard to 1.1.0
adaseb adaseb / PascalLite Pascal P2P cryptocurrency without need of historical operations 1.4.5 1.4.5
Natolumin Natolumin / ircmap Go An inspircd network map tool v0.2 Changes since v0.1: * TLS listening is fixed * Base64'd server gecos should be properly decoded
ArtOfCode- ArtOfCode- / nails JavaScript Better-than-expected Rails clone in Node v0.5.0 **This release has major breaking changes.** - App routes and config are now JavaScript and should *export* the equivalent object to their JSON predecessors - App routes/config can be JavaScript
DrXak DrXak / WowLauncher C# Упрощает работу с файлом для игры World of Warcraft v1.2
dhleong dhleong / hangr Clojure Hangouts, the way it was meant to be 0.5.0-alpha **New Features**: - Add "About hangr" to the right-click menu of the system tray icon (#35) - Handle deleted and archived conversations (#31) **Bug Fixes**: - Losing network not correctly h
arkon arkon / ng-sidebar TypeScript Angular 2+ sidebar component. v3.4.2 # Bug fixes - Fix position value when not initially explicit direction (#58)
345thomas pypyr / pypyr-cli Python pypyr pipeline runner command line interface v0.0.8
tessus tessus / mwExtensionMantis PHP MediaWiki Extension:Mantis v1.6
logandk logandk / serverless-wsgi JavaScript Serverless plugin to deploy WSGI applications (Flask/Django/Pyramid etc.) and bundle Python packages 1.1.0 # 1.1.0 ## Features * Support for multiple Set-Cookie headers (#11). *Thanks to Ben Bangert for creating an issue and providing an implementation.* * Forward API Gateway authorizer information as
304NotModified NLog / NLog C# NLog - Advanced .NET, NETSTANDARD, Silverlight and Xamarin Logging v4.4.5-beta1
nabijaczleweli nabijaczleweli / cargo-update Rust A cargo subcommand for checking and applying updates to installed executables v0.8.0
andjimrio andjimrio / LTN Python Trabajo de Fin de Grado 2017: lector inteligente de noticias v1.2 Terminada la fase de actualización del sistema y todos sus componentes, así como de hacer un prototipo totalmente funcional de la aplicación. Además, se posee actualmente de un sistema de recomen
drmacro dita-for-small-teams / dita-for-small-teams HTML Main project repository. Uses the other repositories as submodules. 0.9.6 This release properly parameterizes the web author port and user so that Edit links from the link manager should work reliably as long as the GitLab user is the same as the machine's user.
sbebrys sbebrys / ZipkinTracer C# .Net Zipkin Tracer 1.1.0 .Net Core Porting and stabilization
tiberiuzuld tiberiuzuld / angular-gridster2 TypeScript Angular gridster 2 v2.2.0
avbravo avbravo / jmoordb Java Java Mapper for MongoDB and OrientDB 0.2 metodos findText(), findRegex()
TheMrGong TheMrGong / MCLeaksApiClient Java Java based client for checking if an account is MCLeaks. 1.0.0 [](
Tarunp123 Tarunp123 / Movie-Finder Swift Genius Movie Finder finds details of movies and series using OMDb API v1.0 1. Movie Search (Completed) 2. Series Search (Incomplete)
AkhilendraGadde AkhilendraGadde / EmploymentSupport Java An Android application project of Software Engineering subject by Akhilendra Gadde and M.Qasim Charolia [ WIEECT , Mumbai, India ] v46
jotaelesalinas jotaelesalinas / php-rwgen PHP Read/write generators in PHP v0.4.1
dileping crossroadlabs / Swirl Swift Reactive Functional Relational Mapping for Swift 0.1.0
kaystrobach kaystrobach / TYPO3.dyncss_scss PHP Dyncss adapter for scss (not sass!) 1.1.0
arekkas ory / editor JavaScript An extensible, modern WYSI editor for the web written in React v0.1.18
kaystrobach kaystrobach / TYPO3.dyncss_less PHP Dyncss Less Adapter 0.7.8
rictic Polymer / atom-plugin TypeScript Provides autocompletion, linting, and more for web components. v0.3.0
elieserdejesus elieserdejesus / JamTaba C++ Jamtaba is a software to play online music jam sessions. v2.0.20-beta-6 - Built-in audio Looper - Improvements in audio processing performance - Fixing misplaces midi routing arrow in Standalone - Fixing user and channel name change in VST/AU plugin - Fixing
kaystrobach kaystrobach / TYPO3.dyncss PHP Dyncss base extension - Donate if you like it 0.8.0
babobski babobski / Komodo-LESS-Compiler JavaScript Less 2.7.1 Compiler for Komodo Edit/Ide 3.0.2 Installing the addon crashed Windows. Was calling a pref that did not exist anymore, causing Windows to crash.
tyler-gilbert StratifyLabs / HTML Stratify Labs v2.2 This is the version 2.2 release. Includes bug fixes and minor feature updates from the 2.1 release.
ajdiaz ajdiaz / bashc Shell A tool to convert/compile a bash script to a static linked x86 and x86_64 binary. 4.4.12 Update to bash 4.4 patchset 12
pratyush997 pratyush997 / cyberoam-login C# Enhanced Cyberoam Login Client 1.0 -Profile Support -Remember Password -Auto Login -Host IP can be changed. (Default : - JECRC University) - Notifies if Connection drop.
tattn tattn / electron-tvguide-jp JavaScript A toy made by Electron. The toy is Japanese TV listings. 0.0.1
BenRuns BenRuns / bmp-client JavaScript Browsermob js client v0.0.3
dileping crossroadlabs / RDBCSQLite Swift Reactive SQLite driver for Swift 0.1.0
MichaelGrafnetter MichaelGrafnetter / DSInternals C# DSInternals PowerShell Module and Framework v2.21 ### Notable Changes - Added support for roamed credentials. - The replication cmdlets now use Kerberos authentication by default. - Cmdlets now accept hashes in both byte array and hexadecimal stri
MartinDawson MartinDawson / react-jPlayer JavaScript Html5 audio and video player library for React v4.0.2 - Options that can be set by actions also now work when setting them by `setOption`
karsasmus Leafpub / leafpub PHP Simple, beautiful, open source publishing. 1.1.5 :tada: Leafpub 1.1.5 released :tada: ## Notable changes [fix] #107 [fix] bug in Database::updateToVersion2
taers232c taers232c / GAMADV-X3 Python Experimental - Manage Google G Suite - Extended - Python 3.6 v4.45.00 **This is experimental, use only for testing.** See GamConfig.txt for a description of the gam.cfg configuration file. Important if you are upgrading from Gam 3.xx/4.xx. See GamAuthorization.txt
DennisStanistan DennisStanistan / NFSScript C# A 'plug-in' for supported NFS games that allows scripting and further modding NFS games by using .NET (C#/VB). 1.2.1 - Added `GMemory` class that utilizes generic Read and Write functions. Accessible by using `GameMemory.genericMemory`. - Added cooldown functions to `World.Player.Powerups`.
TexAgg TexAgg / reactions-anywhere TypeScript Browser extension for using Facebook reactions anywhere v2.0
polo2ro gadael / gadael JavaScript nodejs leaves management application 0.0.4
JDGrimes WordPoints / woocommerce PHP WordPoints module integrating with WooCommerce 1.1.0 See []( for details.
winsonlim winsonlim / okhttp Java An HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications. 1.0.0 With method no checking
dileping reactive-swift / RDBC Swift Reactive Database Connectivity for Swift 0.1.0
bag3318 bag3318 / rps Ruby A Ruby-programmed rock paper scissors app v2.7 What's New ========= * Added modularization
AstroBryGuy Gibberlings3 / BG1NPC Makefile The BG1 NPC Project adds a great deal of content by expanding the depth of character and levels of interaction with the NPCs from the Baldur's Gate game. Requires Tutu, BGT, or BGEE. v22.8a The BG1 NPC Project adds a great deal of content by expanding the depth of character and levels of interaction with the NPCs from the Baldur's Gate game. Requires Tutu, BGT, or BGEE. ## Project URL
nickslevine nickslevine / Count HTML Desktop calculator made with Electron 1
CarlHauschke CarlHauschke / Snake-II Pascal Snake II in Lazarus v1.0 #### First release * Single Player * Score * Highscore
javiexin javiexin / advancedpf PHP Advanced Profile Field Types pack v1.0.0rc Submitted to CDB
afiqiqmal afiqiqmal / ConcealSharedPreference-Android Java Secure Android SharedPreferences Using Conceal Crypto by Facebook 1.1.0 change log 1. can save map 2. can save bytes 3. can save images 4. can save files
arsirantala arsirantala / POE_Char_Gems JavaScript Fetches gem composition information from the character's equipped items in Path of Exile game 1.0.7 Add showing of the gem stats to the output
drstranges drstranges / ActionHandler Java Android Data Binding: action handling v1.1.1 Added constructor parameter for setting unsubscribe or not from old request on preparing new one
billaram billaram / zcapp JavaScript Zoho Creator API node module, connect to Zoho Creator App to perform CRUD operations by node apps v2.0.0 <a name"2.0.0"></a> ## 2.0.0 (2017-03-25) #### Bug Fixes * **test:** fix for test case ([76c17544]( * **util:** Date util no
btbroot Nochlezhka-Volunteers / homeless Java Legacy maintenance of the web/db system in Saint Petersburg charity public organization for the homeless "Nochlezhka" untagged-8a6a8a6ad57a1bae2c75
anthonycastelli anthonycastelli / Flock Swift Automated deployment of Swift projects to servers 0.1.6
johannesh2 johannesh2 / textfieldformatter Java TextField Formatter Vaadin add-on textfieldformatter-1.1 * Fixed delimiters in CustomStringBlockFormatter * Force upper case in IBANFormatter
ArtSabintsev ArtSabintsev / GitFame Makefile A Swift CLI that logs your GitHub Stars and Forks. 1.0.2 The Date now gets printed out in the following format for a user's time zone: ``` MMM d, y h:mm:ss a // Mar 25, 2017 3:12:15 PM ```
szimek szimek / signature_pad JavaScript HTML5 canvas based smooth signature drawing v1.6.0 Release 1.6.0
scokmen scokmen / turkish-string JavaScript turkish alphabet implementations of simple string utilities 0.0.3
osvax osvax / youto PHP YouTo - фреймворк для тебя! 0.1.37
cschreib cschreib / sublime-idl IDL Package providing IDL syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 3 v1.0.1 This release fixes incorrect highlighting for the keyword "stop", implements highlighting of "foreach" (#2) and "inherits" (#4) statements, and comments in expressions (#
kevinkhill kevinkhill / FontAwesomePHP PHP A PHP wrapper library for the fantastic FontAwesome icon set. Designed for Laravel, but will work with any PHP project. 1.1.4 Fixing the bug where applying spin will cascade to the following icons.
Circleview Circleview / nanismus Arduino project for an arduino controlled watering pump with a website to view the moisture and controll the watering events v0.70.5 #108
robertpeteuil robertpeteuil / aws-quick-cli Shell Control AWS EC2 instances using only their names; forget about Instance-Id's forever. For example: aws-ssh NAME (connect via ssh), aws-list, aws-start NAME, etc... v0.9.5b
frenzzy kriasoft / universal-router JavaScript A simple middleware-style router for isomorphic JavaScript web apps v3.0.0 - Update Router API (BREAKING CHANGE) ```js import Router from 'universal-router'; const router = new Router(routes, options); router.resolve({ path, ...context }); // => Promise<any
abisz abisz / Calenduh JavaScript (Google) Calendar Utils v1.4.0 - new feature: `deleteEvent`
lorenzomigliorero lorenzomigliorero / fresh JavaScript A free and open source Fresh-studio animation loader v1.2.0 <a name"1.2.0"></a> ## 1.2.0 (2017-03-25) #### Features * **Namespace and Keypoints position:** Change Window Object namespace, and move keypoint position f ([97344cda](https:
ker0x ker0x / messenger PHP PHP Library for Facebook Messenger 1.2.0 * update API version to 2.8 (#22) * add API for Messenger Code (#23) * add API for Messenger Insights (#24) * add API for Messenger Profile (#27) * add methods `message()`, `action()`, and `atta
nlocascio nlocascio / mindbody-laravel PHP MINDBODY API for Laravel v0.3.0 This is a major re-factor. Please see the new for usage information.
LucasLeandro1204 LucasLeandro1204 / Pornsearch JavaScript Easy way to search for porn content on Pornhub v0.3.3
Vladar4 Vladar4 / ng2gggrotto Nim Glorious Glacier Grotto — The Linux Game Jam 2017 participant v1.2 Improved version of the game.
faltastic faltastic / pixelSortLive Processing Pixel sorting on a collection of photo sets for live performances 1.0
bjodah bjodah / pyodesys Python ∫ Straightforward numerical integration of systems of ordinary differential equations v0.9.0 Straightforward numerical integration of systems of ordinary differential equations
stark-zhang stark-zhang / Yuol-DevOps-Linux Shell This a Devops system for Linux Servers of Yangtze University Online, I'm the Author of this System. 0.7.3 This prerelease did accomplish file-backup and trash bin, so I made a desicion, that is a prerelease.
jomof jomof / re2 C++ RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl, and Python. It is a C++ library. 17.3.1-rev1
dalisoft tweenjs / es6-tween JavaScript The repository for a potential future es6 version of tween.js v1.2.2 ## v1.2.2: Most issue fixed #### Fixes - `reverse` method fix - `emit`, `on`, `once`, `off` method for global `TWEEN` method fix - timing sync issue partially fixed #### Improvements - Small
akx kcsry / lippukala Python Desucon/Tracon -PDF-lippujärjestelmä v1.2 ![](
fieldju Nike-Inc / cerberus-management-dashboard JavaScript A single page react app that is the self service web UI for administration of Safe Deposit Boxes, access control, and data. v0.11.0 - Added auto-focus to the MFA text box when logging in to allow for a quicker UX.
ghuttu ghuttu / lap-time-parser-formatter PHP A little helper package for working with lap times 0.0.3
radowoj radowoj / yaah PHP Yet Another Allegro Helper :) v0.6.0
mohsen1 mohsen1 / DefinitelyTyped TypeScript The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions. split-pane-fix
Erroneous1 Erroneous1 / sqlpp11-connector-odbc C++ ODBC connector for sqlpp11 v0.04 * Fixed `start_transaction()`, `commit_transaction()`, and `rollback_transaction()` to use ODBC functions instead of running SQL queries. * Use `SQLExecDirect` instead of prepare and execute. * Fixe
MathieuNls Toolwatchapp / tw-mobile TypeScript Measure the accuracy of your mechanical watch for free. See how it compares versus other watches. 1.3.6 ## Fixes - **time**: Remove the clicking sound on the atomic clock
luke161 luke161 / Unity-MacAppStoreBuilder C# Unity plugin to build and package apps for the Mac App Store. 1.0
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-s3-index JavaScript Ember CLI Deploy plugin to deploy ember-cli's bootstrap index file to S3. v1.0.0-beta.0 - Upgrade ember-cli & embrace being a node-only ember-cli addon [\#72]( ([lukemelia]( - \[DOC\]
Seklfreak Seklfreak / discord-image-downloader-go Go A simple tool which downloads pictures posted in discord channels of your choice to a local folder. v1.20.1
bittiez bittiez / TotalTracker CSS A spigot plugin to track all kinds of data and save to a mysql database v1.8.0 Will now track XP Gained
HarpyWar pvpgn / bni-icon-builder C# Manage BNI archive with icons v1.0.2 The program needs installed [Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0](
adamdyson ontic / zend-module-skeleton PHP This module serves no other purpose than providing a quick way of creating new Zend Framework 2 modules. v3.0.1 Changes made since the previous release: * Added code quality and coverage badges for [Codacy](
NutshellySima NutshellySima / UVa-PowerShell PowerShell UVa Online Judge Problemset Download v1.0.1 ## v1.0.1 (2017-03-26) --- #### If you encounter any issue, please refer to [Github Issues](
Cultiststeve BSData / runewars Gosu RuneWars v0.1.1 This release includes all official spoilers up to the Reanimate archers upgrades. Should be relatively mistake free with consistent rules text.
sklirg dotkom / onlineweb4 Python Web pages for Online, Linjeforeningen for Informatikk at NTNU v4.22.21
twisterghost twisterghost / jankbot JavaScript A Steam bot for Dota 2 communities v3.3.0 * Updated dependencies to latest versions * This includes the `node-dota2` instance which Jankbot exposes in the `dota2.js` module, now using [version 4.2.1](
robblue2x robblue2x / magnesium JavaScript a streaming music player that plays content from youtube v0.0.7
turboblack turboblack / wondercms_theme CSS Wondercms templates 2.0 A small Wondercms v2.0 template update for bike lovers, and those who want to diversify their site. demo:
jackprawns jackprawns / jpmp C# Jack Prawns' Media Player v1.0
minowu HumanUI / vue-human Vue You can use vue-human to quickly build your mobile application, desktop dashboard and more. v2.2.0 ## Added: [+] Add i18n and zh-CN lang for vue-human ## Fixed: * In`confirm`, `alert` popup, default description is `undefined`, and hide <small>{{ description }}</small>
philr tzinfo / tzinfo Ruby TZInfo - Ruby Timezone Library v1.2.3 * Reduce the number of String objects allocated when loading zoneinfo files. #54. * Make Timezone#friendly_identifier compatible with frozen string literals. * Improve the algorithm for deriving the
jonathan84clark jonathan84clark / OrbitalDebris1 C# This is a simple arcade-style asteroids like game. It will have obstacles, enemies and various weapon upgrades. 1.5.0 Modified the laser beam to pass through objects it can't destroy Added the shield upgrade Added the top-10 high score screen Added 6 new levels Preformed a major performance overhaul Modified the
richardw347 legorovers / pirover_simulator Python A python based simulator for the 4tronix Inition and Pi2Go robots. 1.0 Initial release of the simulator.
quadportnick quadportnick / homeDash Java Android Browser for Dashboards with Motion Sensor and MQTT integration 0.2-qpn-API19 Attempt to have it working on 4.4
jomof jomof / cdep Java CDep is a decentralized native package dependency manager with a focus on Android. Runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. alpha-0.0.215
PaulTrampert PaulTrampert / PTrampert.AspNetCore.Identity.MongoDB C# MongoDB data store for AspNetCore.Identity. v2.0.1 ## Changelog - **BUGFIX:** Fix issue where mongo stores were not registered under appropriate interfaces.
sayterdarkwynd sayterdarkwynd / FrackinUniverse Lua 1.2 SB release version of FrackinUniverse 5.0.3 * gas effects (poison gas especially) should now be blocked by gas masks in addition to their poisonResistance requirements or poison Immunity * fixed a missing plant on new rainforest grasses *
jandreasn starweb / starlit-db PHP A lightweight PHP database/PDO abstraction layer. 0.9.1
jackmellis jpex-js / jpex JavaScript Javascript Prototype Extension 2.0.0 ## 2.0.0 ### Features - Can now pass in a `config` option when extending a class. Any properties of the config option will be used as default values for that class and its descendants. - The
carloscuesta carloscuesta / gitmoji-cli JavaScript A gitmoji interactive client for using emojis on commits. 💻 v1.5.0 #### Features - ✨ Search functionality when selecting a gitmoji #30. Thanks to @geniusgordon :tada: ![screen shot 2017-03-25 at 19 35 19](
maxxx maxxx / android-utils Java My android utils 1.3.5
AGhost-7 AGhost-7 / test-repo Shell Just for testing various integration projects v1.0.50
windy1 SpongePowered / Ore Scala Repository software for Sponge plugins and Forge mods v1.3.2-beta
TooTallNate TooTallNate / node-function-name JavaScript Set the "name" property of `Function` objects 2.0.0 ### Major Changes - Bypass native addon for Node.js >= 3.0.0: #5 (@bengl) ### Minor Changes - Add basic test.js script: 0906fed9140d05c12add82c0f6228d33a6c51d2b - Package: add `npm test
SvenTiigi SvenTiigi / STLocationRequest Swift A simple and elegant 3D-Flyover location request screen written in Swift 1.3.6
EazyServer EazyServer / laravel-expirable PHP This package simplify adding expirable feature to any eloquent model on your Laravel project. v1.0.1
ffledgling ffledgling / dactyl-build no-lang Repository that builds and uploads XPIs for pentadacytl automatically v0.0.20170326
gdarko smartoptim / smartoptim-php PHP Composer/PHP package for utilizing the image optimization API 1.1
overfl0 overfl0 / Bulletproof-Arma-Launcher Python Customisable mod installer and launcher for Arma 3 mods that takes care of *everything* for your community players! Why "bulletproof", you ask? Because "Idiotensicher" was mean :) 1.11.1 1.11.1 (2017-03-25) ==================== This *hotfix* will cause the launcher to connect to Teamspeak 3.1.3+ every time you click PLAY. Yes, this will be fixed later but right now it's still bet
pardeike pardeike / Harmony C# A library for patching, replacing and decorating .NET and Mono methods during runtime v1.0.9.1 This is a maintenance release to fix two important bugs for those who use the **Traverse** calls in Harmony. Those bugs affect only the local code calling Harmony. Therefore, it is **safe to mix this
rocky4546 rocky4546 / script.xmltv.tvheadend Perl scripts for generating xmltv.xml file supporting tvheadend genres v0.1-RC.1
avelis django-silk / silk Python Silky smooth profiling for Django 1.0.0 * Improved MySQL support (#167 , #38) * Changes length of Request.path and Request.view_name fields * Length changes accounts for utf8bm4 * Updates travis matrix and requirements dependen
lhall-adexos lhall-adexos / LogSwarm JavaScript Simple dashboard to monitor your graylog nodes. Made with Electron. alpha-0.0.2 First version to actually do something ! Still pretty much useless though. If LogSwarm is not saving your stream, look for the "app" folder in your home and delete it.
HarpyWar pvpgn / pvpgn-magic-builder C++ Ultimate program for building PvPGN on Windows v2.2 Starting from v2.x Magic Builder supports only [PvPGN-PRO]( Magic Builder can't be upgraded automatically from 1.66 to 2.x. Major changes from v1.66 - full
jwz104 jwz104 / bitcoin-accounts PHP A Laravel bitcoin account system 1.0.2
ChrisStayte ChrisStayte / ParallelRenaming C# Renames The Same File In Two Directories v1.0
maxmantz maxmantz / redux-oidc JavaScript A package for managing OpenID Connect authentication in ReactJS / Redux apps v3.0.0-beta.4 Bug fixex: - fixed an infinite loop of dispachtes of USER_FOUND & USER_EXPIRED after silent renew failed or page was manually reloaded (issue #30).
klightspeed FezVrasta / ark-server-tools Shell Set of server tools used to manage ARK: Survival Evolved servers on Linux v1.6.24 * Fix error in mod download * Add getpid command, and add server PID to status output
Taritsyn Taritsyn / JSMin.NET C# A .NET port of the Douglas Crockford's JSMin. v1.1.3 **Version:** 1.1.3 **Published:** 3/25/2017 **Change Set:** [1da056f]( **NuGet Package:** [DouglasCrockford.JsMin
Asteip Asteip / KaboSolve C++ Solver of constraint satisfaction problem using branch and prune. V1.0
popenke popenke / unity-seed no-lang An (ever) updated Unity seed to start your projects 🌱 v0.1.0 Yay! This is the first version of the project! For this release you'll have: - Unity project `5.5.2f1`. - Git ignore for Unity, OSes and editors. - Git attributes for Git LFS assets.
invisnik invisnik / laravel-steam-auth PHP Laravel Steam Auth v2.3.3
robdimsdale robdimsdale / wl-cli Go Wunderlist CLI (unofficial) v1.2.4 Ported the CLI from - contents are unchanged; test dependencies (e.g. ginkgo/gomega) were bumped to latest versions.
mersocarlin mersocarlin / react-app-components JavaScript React components made easy! v1.0.2
GioBego GioBego / poe_filter no-lang Path of Exile loot filter v3.0.0beta2
andreasonny83 andreasonny83 / angular2-cookie-law JavaScript Angular2 component that provides a banner to inform users about cookie law v1.0.1 <a name"1.0.1"></a> ### 1.0.1 (2017-03-25) #### Bug Fixes * **CookieLawComponent:** wrapping css styles inside the .cookie-law parent to avoid ([bf7d16d1](
foxtrot9 foxtrot9 / monokaiPolishedVSCode JavaScript A polished Monokai color theme for VSCode. v0.3.0
davep davep / binclock.el Emacs Lisp Binary clock for GNU emacs v1.8 Various minor changes relating to the fact that emacs has moved on since I first wrote this.
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-display-revisions JavaScript Display a list of deployed revisions using ember-cli-deploy. v1.0.0-beta.0 - Set environment for eslint [\#19]( ([lukemelia]( - Update ember-cli and eliminate deprec
Wumpf Wumpf / IncludeToolbox C# Simple Visual Studio extension to format & sort include directives. v1.7 * .inl and _inl.h are by default ignored for try-and-error-include-removal (configurable) * New option for try-and-error-include-removal to keep line breaks (off by default) * _Contribution by [Adam
rumkin rumkin / bake Shell Bake is a bash task runner v0.15.1 Add local modules.
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-build JavaScript A Build Plugin for ember-cli-deploy v1.0.0-beta.0 - Update ember-cli and dependencies [\#36]( ([lukemelia]( - \[DOC\] fix README broken plugin link [\#3
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-gzip JavaScript An ember-cli-deploy plugin to compress files in-place using gzip compression v1.0.0-beta.0 - Update ember-cli and dependencies [\#25]( ([lukemelia](
brainscousin brainscousin / windows-hosts-updater Batchfile A Windows batch script designed to make updating the local DNS much easier. v1.0 A script for easier Windows hosts file maintenance - UAC check for hosts file editing - Confirm before overwriting file - External file for managing host/ip list - Text comment wrapper for eleme
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-json-config JavaScript An ember-cli-deploy plugin to convert index.html to json config v1.0.0-beta.0 - Update ember-cli and dependencies [\#33]( ([lukemelia]( - Updated ember-cli to v2.11.1 [\#31](
FHEDUEmil FHEDUEmil / HTML My blog, for school 1.0-release The most basic version of the site with basic blogging features. Feel free to use the files of this blog to run your own with little to no setup. Always remember to look at [the Jekyll Bootstrap guide
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-manifest JavaScript ember-cli-deploy plugin generating a text manifest of all built assets v1.0.0-beta.0 - Update ember-cli and dependencies [\#17]( ([lukemelia]( - \[DOC\] update URLs to other plugin rep
MrLuit MrLuit / CensorRadar JavaScript A website that scans your local network for any blocked websites. 1.1.0 - Changed layout to add github corner from - Added around 30-40 domains to scan - Fixed many url's to use primary server - Way better README - Favicon is
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-revision-data JavaScript An ember-cli-plugin to create a unique revision key for the build v1.0.0-beta.0 - Upgrade ember-cli & embrace being a node-only ember-cli addon [\#56]( ([lukemelia]( - Re
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-s3 JavaScript An ember-cli-deploy plugin to upload to s3 v1.0.0-beta.0 - Update ember-cli and dependencies [\#89]( ([lukemelia]( - Replace `ember-cli/ext/promise` with `rsvp` [
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-slack JavaScript An ember-cli-deploy plugin for sending messages to Slack v1.0.0-beta.0 - Update ember-cli and friends [\#18]( ([lukemelia]( - Replace deprecated `ember-cli/ext/promise` with
javiereguiluz javiereguiluz / EasyAdminBundle PHP The new (and simple) admin generator for Symfony applications. v1.16.6 ### New features [7cc2b5c] Added support for objects as the value of entity primary keys (@javiereguiluz) [474571f] Added Ukrainian translations (@gsinkovskiy) ### Bug fixes [a457333] Fixed
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-ssh-tunnel JavaScript a plugin for ember-cli-deploy that opens an ssh tunnel and forwards a given port v1.0.0-beta.0 - Upgrade ember-cli and embrace being a node-only ember-cli addon [\#8]( ([lukemelia](
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-redis JavaScript An ember-cli-deploy-plugin to upload index.html to a Redis store v1.0.0-beta.1 - Eliminate usage triggering ember-cli deprecation [\#72]( ([lukemelia](
asturur kangax / fabric.js JavaScript Javascript Canvas Library, SVG-to-Canvas (& canvas-to-SVG) Parser v1.7.9 Fix: Avoid textarea wrapping from chome v57+ #3804 Fix: double click needed to move cursor when enterEditing is called programatically #3804 Fix: Style regression when inputing new style objects #38
lukemelia ember-cli-deploy / ember-cli-deploy-lightning-pack JavaScript An ember-cli-deploy plugin pack to implement a "lightning" deployment pattern v1.0.0-beta.1 Publishing workflow mistake. Use this instead of beta.0
Niceno Niceno / ScriNS Matlab ScriNS stands for "Scripting Navier-Stokes", and it include programs written in scripting languages (MATLAB and PYTHON) for numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations. The main purpose is educational. v0.1 All test programs are working in 3D.
aakoch LearningTech-Solutions / TB-megamenu-drupal-8 CSS tb_megamenu for drupal 8 was removed from, so I'm keeping the code here. 8.x-1.x-alpha2 Changes to remove inherited menu color.
mkloubert mkloubert / vs-deploy TypeScript Visual Studio Code extension that provides commands to deploy files of a workspace to a destination. v7.7.1 * [[f45f7bb](] minor fixes
trizen trizen / Math-BigNum Perl Transparent interface to Math::GMPq, Math::GMPz and Math::MPFR. 0.20 ## ADDED - Added the `remove(n,k)` and `bremove(n,k)` methods, for removing all occurrences of the factor `k` from integer `n`. (
cliftonc0613 cliftonc0613 / My-Responsive-Style-Tile CSS This is a repo for my style style that I creating with Zurb Foundation 5, plus a bit more. v1.0 This is version 1
Gabriel439 Gabriel439 / bench Haskell Command-line benchmark tool 1.0.3-rc-01 Test publishing from Travis
Atinux nuxt / nuxt.js JavaScript Framework for server-rendered Vue.js applications. v0.10.4 # Bug fixes - Give the layout via `window.__NUXT__.layout`, this avoids calling middleware on client-side before mounting the app - Fix host & port inverted on console.log (
JasonQS JasonQS / Anti-recall Java 防撤回神器 ! 4.0.3 * 支持查看QQ撤回的图片 * 多重循环查找成功率更高 * 支持查看连续撤回 * 支持QQ在别人的聊天界面的消息截取 * 支持<辅助功能>设置跳转 * 提示
senshu senshu / Sozi JavaScript A presentation tool based on SVG 17.02 Blank frame (#146), more intuitive outline element selection, new translations, electron backend, bug fixes.
arpunk arpunk / cube_sum_umbrella Elixir CubeSum v0.0.1 * Create umbrella scaffold (#1) * Add CubeSum application (#2) * Add CubeSum data repository (#3) * Include web interface (#4) * Add basic project documentation (#5) * Fix repository version
peterychuang peterychuang / Flat-Plat-Blue CSS A Material Design-like flat theme for GTK3, GTK2, and GNOME-Shell. Forked from 3.24.1 ## Flat-Plat-Blue ### Gnome shell, GTK 3.0 and GTK 2.0 Theme ###### Based on Flat-Plat Theme This update contains minor improvements in the colour scheme and the theming on Google Chrome W
dykstrom dykstrom / jcc Assembly A collection of toy compilers built using ANTLR4 and flat assembler jcc-0.1.1 * REM statements. * Parentheses in expressions.
ClassicsWoTWorkshop ClassicsWoTWorkshop / Strv-S1-Gun-Model-Swap-With-Fume-Extractor no-lang A simple mod to swap the Strv S1's gun model with that of the Strv 103 0's top gun. Basically, this just makes the gun have a fume extractor, similar to the one from photos of the surviving S2 prototype. v1.11 ![]( * Replaced crash model files to (hopefully) fix broken textures **To download, click o
masumsoft masumsoft / cassandra-exporter JavaScript Simple Tool to Export / Import Cassandra Tables into JSON v1.0.0 Standalone binaries for linux and macosx are available. You could also install nodejs and run the source directly in any other operating systems including windows. The downloadable binaries contain th
Warlock-Dalbaeb Warlock-Dalbaeb / BomjoBotForIRC C The next shit in my github 0.1 for amd64
pablopatarca pablopatarca / FloatingMenuButton Java My FloatingMenuButton v0.5 update packages & add method to update fab items programatically
Theophilix Theophilix / event-table-edit PHP Event Table Edit is a free table plugin for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x to create a responsive, editable table with CSV / XML import and export, and a simple appointment booking system function. Any help in the development is highly appreciated. 4.5 For details see ETE main page.
rehanone rehanone / puppet-cfssl Puppet A puppet module for installing, managing and generating SSL certificates using CloudFlare's PKI toolkit - CFSSL 1.1.0 ## 1.1.0 (March 25, 2017) Bugfixes: - Correct detection and support for System V based init service provider in RHEL 6 (Contributed by [Lucas Emery]( - Remove
gbip gbip / rust-render-engine Rust RRE (Rust Render Engine) v0.3.2 Support du multithreading. Un nouveau type de texture. Meilleur compartimentation du code (invisible pour l'utilisateur). Base des lumières.
quanglam2807 webcatalog / webcatalog JavaScript WebCatalog is a desktop app which allows users to install and run web apps natively. I v4.0.1 - Fixes bugs.
AlekseyChudov AlekseyChudov / audisp-graylog C Audisp-graylog correlates audit messages into a single JSON 1.0.0
luke-c luke-c / Ikue Java Japanese dictionary application for Android v1.0.2 Fixed word of the day not always updating correctly Reworded tips and fixed some typos Tabs now use the full width of the screen on larger devices Expand toolbar on click of the search button Coll
Xonshiz Xonshiz / Hulu-Subs-Downloader Python Command line script that downloads subtitles from 2017.03.25 32 Bit binary for windows. Just run this, enter the url and enter the type of subtitle you'd like to download (srt or vtt). Read change log for more info.
nikosdion akeeba / release-system PHP Akeeba Release System - A software dissemination / download repository component for Joomla! 3.2.2 ## Joomla and PHP Compatibility We are developing, testing and using Akeeba Release System using the latest version of Joomla! and a popular and actively maintained branch of PHP 7. At the time of th
zackify navjobs / upload JavaScript Higher order React components for file uploading (with progress) 0.1.4 Return files object from uploader, useful to display things differently before clicking startUpload ```js <Uploader request={{ url: '', }} uploadOnS
zuZuz zuZuz / tmmo C Text mmorpg untagged-4abb14c96c0f8288c891
rdw SpryFox / DarkConfig C# DarkConfig is a configuration library for games which supports fast and expressive iteration v0.7.1 This release makes it much easier to build and install DarkConfig. The main DLL now has only platform-agnostic code, and is thus buildable by anyone who can open the .csproj file. If you want to use
bug400 bug400 / pyilper Python Virtual HP-IL Devices (Python version) v1.5.0 The most notable changes of 1.5.0 are: - This version requires Qt Version 5! See the [installation instructions]( how to install or upgrade.
Harrand Harrand / Topaz C OpenGL/SDL Game Engine 0.1.2 Just at the point where building worlds becomes somewhat feasible and doesn't look that retarded.
ccirello iron-io / functions Go IronFunctions - the serverless microservices platform. 0.2.56
hugo-p hugo-p / SimaSLI Python Síma: Sign Language Interpreter v4.0 SimaSLI 4 is available ! # Voice Synthesis module is here ! SimaVoice is a module developped for the project. ## Features * Fetch online voices * Store audio files (Offline mode) * MD5 Filen
vinixnan vinixnan / jMetalBridge Java jMetal 5.1 facades 1.271
jcurl jcurl / SerialPortStream C# SerialPortStream is an independent implementation of System.IO.Ports.SerialPort and SerialStream for better reliability and maintainability. Default branch is 2.x and now has support for Mono with help of a C library. release/ This is the most stable version with various bugfixes and updates with real world usage. # Supported Platforms: - .NET 4.0 - Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - Mono 4.6.x or later on Ubu
stlouisn stlouisn / unifi Shell UniFi Wireless Controller image based on Alpine Linux. v5.4.11
jreddyk16 jreddyk16 / Git_Repo Java This is my 1st project v3
kopepasah kopepasah / control Shell Code, tools, configs and setup scripts for my local environment (MacOS and usually on the latest stable version). 0.2.0 Minor updates to tools.
Corseman Corseman / electron-updater-example JavaScript A complete example showing how to use `electron-updater` v0.4.2
xanthalas xanthalas / Bard C# Console-based music player v1.0 This is the version 1.0 release of Bard.
jvirtanen jvirtanen / node-soupbintcp JavaScript NASDAQ SoupBinTCP 3.00 client and server on Node 0.1.1 - Fix outbound packet header handling
PiGuy2 PhyXTGears-1720-pro / PhyXTGears-2017-Bling Arduino PhyXTGears's (frc team 1720) 2017 robot bling code. Runs on an LED matrix and arduino. v1.3.0 Added Serial input to enable and disable test mode
norswap norswap / whimsy Kotlin a whimsical compiler framework 1.0-SNAPSHOT a whimsical compiler framework
anthonycastelli anthonycastelli / VaporFlock Swift Automated deployment of your Vapor server using Flock 0.0.5
fabioticconi CostaLab / reg-gen Python Regulatory Genomics Toolbox: Python library and set of tools for the integrative analysis of high throughput regulatory genomics data. 0.9.5
alexstocker alexstocker / recentnews PHP WordPress shortcode plugin to list recent posts v1.0.2 * Replaced button icon * Exclude current post from list
rubensousa rubensousa / RecyclerViewSnap Java RecyclerView snapping example with SnapHelper 1.1 - Add GravityPagerSnapHelper - Update support library
KazuCocoa appium / ruby_lib Ruby :gem: Ruby library for Appium v9.3.5 ### 1. Enhancements - add some commands for Android and class chain for iOS [#513]( - iOS - `find_element :class_chain, 'XCUIElementTypeWin
mhergon mhergon / MPMoviePlayerController-Subtitles Swift Easy way to show SRT files on MPMoviePlayerController v2.2.1 Minor fixes
drfrag666 drfrag666 / ZDoom-CL C++ ZDoom 2.1.4 CLASSIC, a fork of ZDoom 2.1.4 ( compiled for 486 machines. 2.1.4_r2 --------------------------------- ZDOOM 2.1.4 CLASSIC MARCH 22 2017 --------------------------------- ZDoom 2.1.4 CLASSIC is a fork of ZDoom 2.1.4 ( for Windows 9x
vincetse infrastructure-as-code / docker-aws-cli Shell Containerized AWS CLI on alpine to avoid requiring the aws cli to be installed on CI machines. 1.11.66
paulinobruno paulinobruno / paal-crypto Java API de criptografia 1.0.0 Esta versão prevê: * fábrica de criptografia; * algoritmos de hash: MD5, SHA-1 e SHA-256; * algoritmo de criptografia síncrona: DES.
cedx cedx / gulp-smartling JavaScript Gulp.js tasks dedicated to the synchronization of translations with the Smartling service. v4.0.0 - Breaking change: the `Locale.getSpecificLocale()` method is now a property. - Updated the package dependencies.
AoDude AoDude / RuneInfo no-lang Bug Reporting and Feature Requests for RuneInfo, the RuneScape Discord Chat-Bot v5.3.0 Celebrating 3k guilds, RuneInfo introduces the Dashboard! Found at, you will be able to manage your user and guild settings in a nice visual way. (don't worry, using commands
pi0 bootstrap-vue / bootstrap-vue Vue Bootstrap 4 components for Vue.js 2 v0.10.2 Special Thanks to core members @mosinve & @SirLamer .Without helping them this wasn't possible. # Features - New `form-file` component, now has drag and drop, multi file and even experimenta
qurben csrdelft / orm PHP The creatively named object-relational mapping library for v1.4 Add transaction support to the Database class. Using the PDO api for creating a database transaction is no longer needed.
Nick-Lucas Nick-Lucas / EntryPoint C# Composable CLI Argument Parser for all modern .Net platforms. 1.2.0 * Adds `EnvironmentVariable` attribute to `CliArguments` * Improves error throwing when the user provides a value un-convertable to the destination type. * General improvements to test coverage
rehanone rehanone / puppet-wget Ruby A Puppet module that can install wget and retrive a file using it. 1.1.2 ## 1.1.2 (March 25, 2017) Bugfixes: - Minor correction of date in changelog.
drfrag666 drfrag666 / ZDoom-LE C++ ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition), a fork of the ZDoom 2.8.1 maintenance branch ( for Windows 9x and old machines. Created at vogons ( by blue-green-frog and continued (for now) by drfrag. 2.8.1a_r2 ----------------------------- ZDOOM LE 2.8.1A MARCH 25 2017 ----------------------------- ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition) is a fork of the ZDoom 2.8.1 maintenance branch (
mhergon mhergon / AVPlayerViewController-Subtitles Swift Easy way to show SRT files on AVPlayerViewController v1.2.1 Minor fixes
loafoe loafoe / hubot-matteruser CoffeeScript Hubot adapter for Mattermost using Web API and Websockets v3.7.1 - Feature: splits large messages in 4K chunks - Bugfix: enter/leave channel events
FlaviaBondJamesBondsHusband PopcornTimeTV / PopcornTorrent C++ A GCDWebserver torrent streamer for iOS and tvOS 1.1.7
JustArchi JustArchi / ArchiSteamFarm C# C# application that allows you to farm steam cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously. **NOTICE:** Pre-releases are experimental versions that often contain unpatched bugs, work-in-progress features or rewritten implementations. If you don't consider yourself advanced user, please downl
yuwen41200 yuwen41200 / HTML My Personal Website v3.5 Update for Spring 2017 Semester
loafoe loafoe / mattermost-client CoffeeScript Mattermost client using websockets v3.7.1 - New feature: splits large messages in 4K chunks
cjen07 cjen07 / gobblet Elixir gobblet game in elixir, phoenix and elm v1.0 basic gobblet gobblers game
lacarmen cryogen-project / cryogen-core Clojure Cryogen's core 0.1.53 **Breaking Changes** Some configuration values no longer have a default value provided and some keys in the `config.end` are now required. The documentation has been updated [here](http://cryogenwe
GermanBluefox ioBroker / ioBroker.js-controller JavaScript ioBroker controller 0.17.2 # 0.17.2 (2017-03-25) * (bluefox) do not store logs and messages and just publish it * (bluefox) remove mochawsome # 0.17.1 (2017-03-15) * (bluefox) add stable repository * (bluefox) fix bug w
rsjaffe rsjaffe / MIDI2LR C++ An application and plugin to remotely control Lightroom with a MIDI controller v2.1.0.0 * Improved application shutdown. Should now shut down immediately and properly on Lightroom exit on both Windows and MacOS machines. Plugin shutdown routine no longer needed, so removed option to keep
fbaligand logstash-plugins / logstash-filter-aggregate Ruby The aim of this filter is to aggregate informations available among several events (typically log lines) belonging to a same task, and finally push aggregated information into final task event. v2.5.2
chenguoguo Kitt-AI / snowboy C++ DNN based hotword and wake word detection toolkit v1.2.0 * Added better Alexa model for Alexa AVS sample app * New decoder that works better for short hotwords like Alexa
jobonaf jobonaf / calicantus R functions to collect and visualize AQ data v1.0 Calicantus is a service developed to collect and visualize air quality data. Through an interactive web interface, you can explore and analyze the data. Interactive maps, cluster analysis and other t
TheRegisb TheRegisb / teatime_ncurses C A simple ncruses timer made in order to know when my tea is ready. V1.0 Fully functional Teatime. Here's Teatime as I first tough it. Simple and compact, he still has a lot of room for customization ! So feel free to play around with the code. You may expect me to
ecoron ecoron / SerpScrap Python A python module to scrape, extract, analyze data from search engine result pages and urls. Extract data, like url, title, snippet of results or ratings for given keywords. 0.3.6
sakaki- sakaki- / gentoo-on-b2 Shell Bootable live-USB of Gentoo Linux for the Excito B2 miniserver, with Linux 4.9.16 1.4.0 Changes in this release: - Bumped kernel version to 4.9.16 LTS (uses updated version of [gentoo-b2-kernel-patches](; - Image subscribed by defaul
kazlauskis NERC-CEH / asian-hornet-watch-app JavaScript Asian Hornet recording mobile application v1.1.0 Apple & Android production.
andrei-heidelbacher andrei-heidelbacher / metanalysis Kotlin Code metadata analyzer. 0.1.1
wdlkmpx wdlkmpx / pup-volume-monitor C Automatically exported from 0.1.16
Helfima Helfima / helmod Lua Factorio Mod 0.3.1 Added filter options on allowed modules Changed visibility value limit for element input and ouput Changed variable for pin block (try reduce crash) Fixed crash when duble click on production time
UASF UASF / bitcoin C++ Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree 0.14/UASF ShaolinFry BIP 148.
paucasas paucasas / pagoda Java An ancient China themed dungeon crawler game with pixel-art graphics 0.1.3
suite117 suite117 / yii2-dynamicform JavaScript It is widget to yii2 framework to clone form elements in a nested manner, maintaining accessibility. 3.0
MRGhidini MRGhidini / PSVIMG-TOOLS no-lang Ferramenta para auxiliar nos comando do Psvimg 1.12 Ferramenta para auxilio dos comandos MS-DOS do psvimg. Vídeo tutorial! Versão 1.12 Adicionado opção para Descompactar Partials.bin. Melhoria no
kazlauskis Indicia-Team / indicia-js JavaScript Mobile Recording Library - Indicia Javascript SDK v4.0.0 A refactored lib that uses LocalStorage.
schildbach bitcoin-wallet / bitcoin-wallet Java Bitcoin Wallet app for your Android device. Standalone Bitcoin node, no centralized backend required. v5.18 * Add technical notes. * Update translations from Transifex.
sppp sppp / ConvNetC- C++ C++ port of ConvNetJS r46 All ConvNetJS, ReinforceJS and RecurrentJS examples are translated to this release. Every example has working continuous functionality and loading of the pretrained settings. User is able to get pr
kmarkley kmarkley / Indigo-Online-Sensor Python Indigo plugin for pinging internet servers. 0.0.7 Option to disable automatic device updates
variar variar / klogg C++ A fast, advanced log explorer based on glogg project v1.1.3_r1 * Merge with upstream v1.1.3 * Cache some search results in memory * Use several cores during search
noplanman akalongman / php-telegram-bot PHP PHP Telegram Bot based on the official Telegram Bot API 0.41.0 - `$showInHelp` attribute for commands, to set if it should be displayed in the `/help` command (@lichtscheu)
MarcelloDuarte phunkie / phunkie-console PHP A console for Phunkie development 0.2.0 Change log ======== - [x] Fix bug with function call parsing with variadic args - [x] Use previous fix in generalised args function - [x] Add a buffer for printable results in generic stateme
azumakuniyuki sisimai / p5-Sisimai Perl Mail Analyzing Interface for email bounce: A Perl module to parse RFC5322 bounce mails and generating structured data as JSON from parsed results. Formerly known as bounceHammer 4: an error mail analyzer. v4.20.2p2 - Fix some typos in method comments: Import pull-request at Ruby version of Sisimai, Thanks to @koic. - Issue #217: Fix some macros in Makefile to get c
sharkdp sharkdp / insect PureScript REPL-style scientific calculator with unit support v2.4.0 - Improved output style (syntax highlighting, list of variables, etc.), see #56 - Better error messages, see #37 - Arbitrary precision input - Detection of numerical errors, see #30
MarcelloDuarte phunkie / phunkie PHP Phunkie is a library with functional structures for PHP. 0.2.0 Change log ======== - [x] Optimise show for lists and arrays
JFusco DennisMartinez / build-tools JavaScript Build tools using Gulp and Webpack 2 v1.1.0 #### Minor Release ##### Updates - Remove stage-2 from babelrc and add stage-0 so we can take advantage of function binding. - Add global object in eslint and add __DEV__ and module - Add gulp l
bojanrajkovic bojanrajkovic / GifWin C# GifWit, for Windows v1.0.0-beta1 This is the first **beta**-quality release of GifWin 1.0! Features since Alpha 5: * HTTPS images are now correctly previewed when adding them * If only 1 search result is found, hitting Enter i
benja-M-1 benja-M-1 / BGObjectRoutingBundle PHP Integrate @schmittjoh's object-routing library into your Symfony2 project 1.0.0
whindes whindes / passport-identityserver3 JavaScript Passport strategy for IdentityServer3 OpenID Connect Provider v0.6.3
AArnott AArnott / Xunit.SkippableFact C# Adds Xunit dynamic skipping of facts and theories. v1.3.1
kimeeo kimeeo / TedPermission Java Easy check permission library for Android Marshmallow 1.1.0
bestguy bestguy / sveltestrap HTML Bootstrap 4 components for Svelte v0.7.1 This syntax now works correctly: `<Col lg="{{ { size: 4, offset: 1 } }}">`
legshooter legshooter / addel JavaScript :musical_note: A jQuery plugin that enables dynamic addition & deletion of HTML elements v1.3.1 Bug fix release ### Fixed - `event.preventDefault()` bug ### Updated - example.html's jQuery to v3.2.1 - README misc
daramkun daramkun / OverwatchYoutubeThumbnailMaker C# The Simple Thumbnail Maker Application for Overwatch Highlight Videos v2.1 * Add Hero the Orisa (v2.0.1). * Add Custom Thumbnail Maker. * Add Language(Culture) Chooser.
Niceno Niceno / HeighHo Python This repository contains developments towards a compact finite difference solver for direct numerical simulations for turbulence. It starts in MATLAB, but will undergo a transition to PYTHON v0.1 I have the eighth order Pade discretization scheme working :+1:
WamWooWam WamWooWam / BeeperPlayer C# An 8-bit music synthesiser, in software! 1.0.0a # BeeperPlayer Alpha: 1.0.0 Welcome to the first alpha release of BeeperPlayer! It's still not finished, but it's stable and feature-complete enough for a release. ## Features: * Sine, Pulse, Tria
rymanalu rymanalu / factory-generator PHP Laravel 5 Model Factory Generator v1.0.2 - Simplify the code who generate a new model factory
jayrfink jayrfink / etu M4 Enlightenment Transform Utility v0.1.8 Stable release
WheezyGold7931 WheezyGold7931 / Mineplex-Core no-lang Mineplex Core Skript! 2.1 Changelog: v2.1 * Fixed Bug where support and media ranks did not get perms on relog * Fixed a vanish bug where admins could not see people properly * Added Two Factor Auth! * Added /2fa * Fix
jiripudil jiripudil / intellij-nette-factory-generator Java PhpStorm plugin that generates Nette factory interfaces 1.1.1 - Fixed compatibility with 2017.1 (see #2)
wraith13 wraith13 / wandbox-vscode TypeScript Wandbox Extension for Visual Studio Code. v2.1.7
jayrfink jayrfink / mmw C Mini Memory Watcher (for Linux) v2.0 Micro Memory Watcher for Linux written in 1999
pal1000 pal1000 / mesa-dist-win Batchfile Pre-built mesa software renderer for Windows - Clarify that path to program launcher is quoted automatically in local deployment utility; - Remove Program group screen from the installer, it served no purpose and just caused confusion; - Delet
sergiofontes guava / gss CSS Guava Stylesheet Standards v0.2.1 Improves documentation, adds a new introduction, fixes a few typos.
kv0s TAPR / OpenHPSDR-Firmware Verilog This is the verilog code for the Varoius FPGA in the OpenHPSDR Radios Hermes_v3.2 Release notes for Hermes ... 30 Jan 2014 - Fixed bug whereby Rx5 was not set to correct frequency but followed Tx frequency. - Released as V2.5a. 14 Mar 2014 - Fully constrained the
haoliangyu haoliangyu / angular2-mapboxgl-starter TypeScript A recipe of Angular2 and MapboxGL v1.1.0 * add webpack 2
SDraw SDraw / run-on-coal C++ Simple and light-weight 3D game engine 1.0
RichardCoffee RichardCoffee / privacy-my-way PHP Control the information that your wordpress site is sending to 1.1.1 * Enhancement: updated Plugin and Trait classes * Enhancement: added check for valid logging function. * Enhancement: added header field for [GitHub Updater](
DavidAnderson684 DavidAnderson684 / woocommerce-compat PHP A library to provide some help with abstracting away differences between WooCommerce versions v0.2.2 This release fixes a bug in the get_meta method on WC 3.0+.
NickeManarin NickeManarin / ScreenToGif C# ScreenToGif allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save it as a gif or video. 2.7 # What's new? • You can now load recent projects, which have not been discarded. • Automatic clean up of old projects, which have not been discarded yet (optional, check out your options).
keiranmraine cancerit / dockstore-cgpwgs Shell Dockstore implementation of CGP core WGS analysis 1.0.4 Improves debug and ability to reduce oversubscription
KPDwyer KPDwyer / SpriteMaker C# Tool for making sprites in Unity v0.3 Serialization, Perlin Noise and Undo functionality.
vzenix vzenix / router PHP Simple router library for php 0.1.0 First Versión
walid1992 osmartian / weex-frame JavaScript weex 基于vue2.0开发框架,包括三端集成、组件库提供、weex api封装等等 0.1.0 * The android、ios、h5 SDK environment integration * Open source component library * Development framework structures
WebDevLuke WebDevLuke / OrionJS JavaScript OrionJS is a simple collection of reusable functions to help streamline DOM manipulation in UI development. v1.2.0 - Changed naming structure from components to actions.
citrabot citra-emu / citra-bleeding-edge C++ Citra bleeding edge releases bleeding-edge-254 Build number 254 If you are unsure what to download, [download and run the latest CitraSetup.exe](
flogut flogut / HGV-Android Java Eine App, die den Schülern Zugang zu den Daten ausgewählter Bereiche des Elternportals gibt (Vertretungsplan, Stundenplan, Termine, Schwarzes Brett, Elternbriefe) v0.9.3-beta Support für Accounts mit mehreren Kindern hinzugefügt
ChaosLeong ChaosLeong / FxcnBeta Java _(:зゝ∠)_ cnBeta 客户端,纯粹练手用 2.3
lelegard lelegard / qtlinguist-installers PowerShell Standalone binary installers for Qt Linguist v5.8.0 Standalone binary installers for Qt Linguist 5.8.0 Windows : QtLinguist-5.8.0.exe Mac OS : QtLinguist-5.8.0.dmg
snkrsnkampa snkrsnkampa / Bastion JavaScript Bastion: A Discord BOT that can do Administration, Moderation, Searches, can play Music, Games, has a good sense of Humor and can even talk with you! v1.3.1 See [changelog](
danielquinn danielquinn / paperless CSS Scan, index, and archive all of your paper documents 0.4.0 This release introduces *reminders*, a feature that's fully functional at the server level, but which is presently not very impressive in the UI. Basically you can now create, edit, update, list, and
geaz geaz / sharpDox C# A c# documentation tool v1.2.2 - Updated nugets for VS2017 support
daidokoro daidokoro / qaz Go qaz—A CLI tool for Templating & Managing stacks in AWS Cloudformation v0.41-alpha - Qaz now supports setting stack update policies using a new keyword in config: `policy`. Example: ```yaml stacks: stackname: # stack policy - url or raw json can be specified here
RichardGoerler RichardGoerler / beachomize Python Software for organizing shuffled beach volleyball tournaments with a matchmaking algorithm. Implemented in python and tkinter v1.0 ![beachomize](
arendst arendst / Sonoff-Tasmota C++ Provide ESP8266 based itead Sonoff with Web, MQTT and OTA firmware using Arduino IDE v4.1.0 4.1.0 20170325 * Change static IP addresses in user_config.h from list (using commas) to string (using dots) * Unify display result of commands Modules, Module and Gpios * Rewrite Module selecti
jayrfink jayrfink / lscpu C Linux list CPU information v1.8
jmonterrubio idealista / nginx-role Lua Ansible role to install Nginx server 1.3.0
thombashi thombashi / tcconfig Python A simple tc command wrapper tool. Easy to setup traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss/packet-corruption to network interfaces. v0.9.0 - Add IPv6 support (Thanks to @rkd-msw) - Bug fixes
joostfaassen perinatologie / hub-client-php PHP Client Library for the PeriHub in PHP v1.7.1
monsterkodi monsterkodi / kappo CoffeeScript application launcher v0.9.0 v0.9.0
ryanburns23 ryanburns23 / paper-time-input HTML Polymer element to accept a time with paper-input & paper-dropdown-menu v1.0.2
davep davep / unbind.el Emacs Lisp Commands for unbinding things v1.4 Various small tweaks that reflect the fact that Emacs and elisp have moved on a little since I wrote this code.
shun-getto-systems getto-systems / getto-admin HTML simple admin css theme v0.0.2
JustinMockler JustinMockler / pi-recipe-viewer Java A recipe viewer for the Raspberry Pi written in Java. v1.1.1 ## Notable Changes - Improved the Markdown parser. - Increased the list item padding for better readability.
develar electron-userland / electron-builder TypeScript A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with “auto update” support out of the box v16.4.0 ### Bug Fixes * ${arch} missing from app-update.yml ([77558e6](, closes [#1389](
ifarup ifarup / ciefunctions JavaScript Python module, GUI, and web app for computing the CIE TC1-97 colorimetric functions v0.1
PhilippDE PhilippDE / Categories Java Work in progress categories multiplayer game. v1.3.1 Little improvements.
assertchris marcioAlmada / yay PHP Yay is a high level PHP preprocessor 0.1.1
schnatterer schnatterer / nusic Java your new music (android app) v.3.2.0 * Added Share button to Release view
tgrk tgrk / erlpocket Erlang An Erlang library for Pocket API 2.0.2 This release just improves repo status, readme and adds test coverage reports.
bradpotts PHCNetworks / multi-tenancy-devise Ruby mtdevise(3) adds basecamp style user logins to your ruby on rails application. v4.1.0 Updated to phcadmin3 2.1.0 Updated to phcnotifi 4.1.0 Updated to phctitleseo 5.1.0 Updated to jquery-rails 4.3.1 Updated to capybara 2.13 Patches security exploit (command injection) CVE-2016-4
k3nsei k3nsei / angular2-in-viewport TypeScript Allows us to check if an element is within the browsers visual viewport v1.1.2 Do not modifies Observable prototype
bradpotts PHCNetworks / multi-tenancy-warden Ruby mtwarden(3) is a bare-bones alternative to mtdevise, adds basecamp style user logins to your ruby on rails application. v4.1.0 Updated to phcadmin3 2.1.0 Updated to phcnotifi 4.1.0 Updated to phctitleseo 5.1.0 Updated to jquery-rails 4.3.1 Updated to capybara 2.13 Patches security exploit (command injection) CVE-2016-4
bradpotts PHCNetworks / phc-press CSS PHCPress(7) rails CMS engine to manage your website's articles, categories and media. v7.1.0 Updated to phcadmin3 2.1.0 Updated to phcnotifi 4.1.0 Updated to phctitleseo 5.1.0 Updated to jquery-rails 4.3.1 Updated to capybara 2.13 Patches security exploit (command injection) CVE-2016-4
bradpotts PHCNetworks / phc-contactor Ruby PHCContactor(3) is a pre-configured contact form using ActionMailer. v3.1.0 Updated to phcadmin3 2.1.0 Updated to phcnotifi 4.1.0 Updated to phctitleseo 5.1.0 Updated to jquery-rails 4.3.1 Updated to capybara 2.13 Patches security exploit (command injection) CVE-2016-4
neuecc neuecc / MessagePack-CSharp C# Extremely Fast MessagePack Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin). /[C#] v1.1.1 Fix NativeDateTimeResolver(add supports array)
bradpotts PHCNetworks / phc-members CSS PHCMembers(8) rails engine to manage membership information and directory listings. v8.1.0 Updated to phcadmin3 2.1.0 Updated to phcnotifi 4.1.0 Updated to phctitleseo 5.1.0 Updated to jquery-rails 4.3.1 Updated to capybara 2.13 Patches security exploit (command injection) CVE-2016-4
bradpotts PHCNetworks / phc-scriptcdn JavaScript PHCScriptCDN(5) rails script management engine for website script CDN listings. v5.1.0 Updated to phcadmin3 2.1.0 Updated to phcnotifi 4.1.0 Updated to phctitleseo 5.1.0 Updated to jquery-rails 4.3.1 Updated to capybara 2.13 Patches security exploit (command injection) CVE-2016-4
edoardolincetto aterrae / abimis JavaScript Abimis is a sleek and performant framework made for the modern front-end developer v0.4.1 The **Aterrae** Team is constantly working on the Abimis Framework to keep it constantly evolving in order to give you the best front-end development experience😁 ### Here's what is new in this v
zhouphenix zhouphenix / Multi-SwipeToRefreshLayout Java 多方向支持刷新view通用布局 1.0.3 jitpack发布问题
rutger-speksnijder rutger-speksnijder / restphp PHP A basic library for creating RESTful PHP API's. v1.0
bobdenotter bobdenotter / PasswordProtect PHP [Bolt Extension] A small extension to password protect pages on your site, when using `{{ passwordprotect() }}` in your templates. v3.0.3 Now supports Bolt 3.2.x again.
martignoni martignoni / make-moodlebox Shell A project to build a Moodle server and Wi-Fi router on a Raspberry Pi 3 v1.6.3 **Release notes** - Updated to Moodle 3.2.2 - Description on front page now uses localisation - Better memory usage - InnoDB parameters tweaks for small performance improvements
jprjr jprjr / lua-resty-mpd Lua A client library for the Music Player Daemon, compatible with OpenResty and Luasocket 1.0.0
eyeq eyeq / mod-1.11.2-Util Java 前提 1.5
gladyshev gladyshev / rucaptcha-client PHP php client. v1.1.0
Licht-T UMATracker / UMATracker NSIS UMATracker = Useful Multiple Animal Tracker 2017-03-26_00-28-42
yesilfasulye yesilfasulye / sublime_html_page_snippets no-lang Sublime Text HTML Page Snippets 2.0.0 - VueJS and ReactJS added - Update js and css versions
haoliangyu haoliangyu / angular2-leaflet-starter TypeScript A soup of Angular2 and Leaflet v1.2.0 * migrate to webpack 2
gdelory ibm-ecm / icn-custom-mimetypes-plugin Java Custom MIME Types support for ICN. 1.0.0 Binary for initial release v1.0.0.
skarpushin pgptool / pgptool Java Java-based desktop GUI application for easy and regular PGP decryption/encryption of specific files on a file system v0.3.7.0 * Improve UX #81: When asking user to provide a password for a key -- clarify what is the purpose? * Improve #77: Application should remember target folder when encrypting, and suggest same folder wh
joshua123122 AtlanticEnergyInc / rigs-of-rods-1 C++ Main development repository for Rigs of Rods soft-body physics simulator v0.4.8
dafral TinoTano / AoE_Project2 C Age of Empires game for project 2 0.3 Welcome to Age of The Ring! Age of the Ring is a PC strategy game featuring an Age of Empires 2 based gameplay inside the Lord of the Rings environment, with lots of new content to provide players
Nyyrazzilyss Nyyrazzilyss / NyyLIB no-lang Mudlet client script for torilmud 011a A mudlet package for Torilmud Installation: Install and run mudlet (3.0.0). Create a new toril profile ( 9999), and connect to it. Don't log in to the mud (yet). Use the mudlet pac
muffycompo muffycompo / radiusdesk-installer Perl RADIUSDesk Installer is an Ansible powered utility that attempts to simplify or ease the process of getting a working installation of RADIUSDesk on a vanilla/minimal installation of RHEL/CentOS 6.7/7.x and Ubuntu 14.04/15.10/16.04/16.10 servers. v1.2.1 This release adds proper support for CoovaChilli and uses RADIUSDesk Revision 2085 from Upstream.
petervanhoef petervanhoef / Calculator Swift CS193P Winter 2017 Assignment I: Calculator v1.0.0 Implements: - #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 All tests pass.
Wilhelman Wilhelman / Gunbird_P01 C Project I v0.1 Project started with all the basic modules added, implemented the first background level with his own music.
frju365 YunoHost-Apps / roadiz_ynh Shell Modern CMS based on a node system v0.8.1
excalibur1234 excalibur1234 / pacui Shell A simple and interative Bash Frontend for Pacman/Pacaur/Yaourt 1.4 The "Roll Back" option has been improved. It works now much more automated and should work more reliable. A decision had to made about: Either it works extremely reliable by rolling back eve
Zhuinden Zhuinden / navigator Java [WIP/BETA] Navigation framework based on simple-stack, to simplify backstack integration. 0.2.1 # Navigator 0.2.1 (2017-03-25) - Update simple-stack to 1.4.3.
sullivan- longevityframework / longevity Scala A Persistence Framework for Scala and NoSQL 0.22.0 ## [0.22.0] - 2017.03.25 - Stream Queries to Multiple Streaming Libraries - 2017.03.24 - Rename `Repo.retrieveByQuery` to `Repo.queryToFutureVec`. The return type of this method has also been
Starwaster StupidChris / RealChute C# Realistic parachutes for KSP v1.4.2.0 * FAR compatibility update. Addresses changes to FARAeroUtil.GetCurrentDensity() * Bring RC chutes in line with stock contract changes. (hopefully prevent impossible chute contracts from being genera
lipten lipten / slidePage JavaScript slidePage —— 轻量级全屏滚动插件,依赖于jquery或zepto两者之一,桌面端与移动端都适应。 2.1 -update v2.1- 1.【实验性功能】加入移除页面和恢复被移除页面的methods(slidePage.remove()和slidePage.recover())。 2.加入npm包管理。
pressi pressi / contao-basic-bundle PHP Contao IIDO Basic Bundle 0.1.5
TheRActivator TheRActivator / From-the-Ground-Up Java A Minecraft mod that adds research 1.11.2-b1.1.2 Updated to 1.11.2!
kobezzza kobezzza / Escaper JavaScript Small JavaScript library for replacing string literals, regular expressions and comments in JavaScript syntax. v2.4.33
introwit lubusIN / laravel-mojo PHP Laravel Mojo provides an expressive, fluent interface to Instamojo's payment and refund services v2.0.2 - Indentation fixed
mtesseract mtesseract / async-timer Haskell Periodic timers based on async API. v0.1.2
jacobvanorder jacobvanorder / Kitura-CredentialsTwitter Swift A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using the Twitter OAuth web login 0.2.0 Just want to use CredentialTwitter but already have: * Twitter OAuthToken * Twitter OAuthTokenSecret * Twitter OAuthTokenVerifier You can use the new CredentialsTwitterToken. Make sure to put
taisukeh taisukeh / MoonType Swift タイピングゲームのための日本語入力エミュレータ(macOS) 1.0
eyeq eyeq / mod-1.11.2-GlassStairs Java ガラスの階段 1.0
ChestnutPlus ChestnutPlus / ModulesCommon Java The Router Architecture's most core Code Hub. 1.0.1 1.0.1: 继承于:TestModules:的 1.0.22 代码库。其中,去掉了一些View层的代码。
szugyi OpenBioMaps / ionic-app TypeScript The cross-platform client application for OpenBioMaps to support data collection on the field v0.1.1
robnasby robnasby / Commandant C# A library to make it easy to run external commands and process the output. v1.1.1 * Add support for setting the expected exit code(s) used by the default implementation of `DetermineStatus()`.
sergeyklay phalcon / cphalcon PHP High performance, full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C extension. v3.1.1 - Fixed undefined index warning on existing cached resultsets - Fixed `Phalcon\Mvc\Model::_dowLowUpdate` warning first argument is not an array [#12742](
probonopd probonopd / QtQuickApp QML Demo Qt Quick application for use with linuxdeployqt bacf740
ovr SocialConnect / common PHP Common library 1.0.1 - [Composer] Move ext-curl to suggest and require-dev section, refs #2
pgdurand pgdurand / BeeDeeM Java The Bioinformatics Databank Manager System. v4.1.0 The [info]( tool has been added to easily list all banks installed with BeeDeeM. [Read more](
danny0838 danny0838 / firefox-scrapbook JavaScript ScrapBook X - the Firefox addon that inherits from ScrapBook by Gomita and ScrapBook Plus by haselnuss 1.13.10 Scrapbook X 1.13.10 =================== Skipped version 1.13.9 due to a reviewer issue. Changes since v1.13.9 --------------------- * Fixed an issue that, when usin
GongJianwei GongJianwei / hardware-key-disabler-los Shell A Magisk module to disable hardware key. 1.0.0
Zhuinden Zhuinden / simple-stack Java [ACTIVE] Simple Stack, a backstack library for simpler navigation between views, fragments, or whatevers. 1.4.3 # Simple Stack 1.4.3 (2017-03-25) - FIX: Fixed a bug that if a restored backstack is cleared and an initialize state change is triggered, then the restored keys were used instead of the ini
rutger-speksnijder rutger-speksnijder / simpleroute PHP A simple and easy to use router for PHP v1.0
farizluqman stupidlysimple / php-core PHP Core packages for StupidlySimple PHP Framework v0.5.3 Add new tempting feature Allow callback, and access to another object’s property from the template file
SMFSW SMFSW / SerialTerminal C++ Arduino Hardware Serial Terminal (for processing of serial communication) v1.0 Initial Release
balping balping / ticketit-app PHP Ticketit, the simple helpdesk tickets system pre-installed in Laravel v1.0.2
rlanvin dmbookpro / php-dbtools PHP A collection of classes for working with a database on PHP projects. v0.2.0 ### Added - Fields formatter for ApiTableModel ### Fixed - Fix how 'embed' work - Fix various bugs with ApiTableModel
BurnyDaKath BurnyDaKath / OMGPI Java Open Minecraft Game Programming Interface - Easy and quick way to create custom minigames Spigot server. 1.0a OMGPI Alpha 1.0a release for Spigot v1_11_R1 Includes OMGPI.jar - the plugin itself, and OMGPI_SW.jar - example game written on OMGPI.
ScottPJones JuliaString / Format.jl Julia A Julia package to provide Python-like formatting support v0.5.1
Ryochan7 Ryochan7 / DS4Windows C# Like those other ds4tools, but sexier v1.4.55 * Fixed issue with disconnecting a USB controller causing the application to crash
fthevenet fthevenet / binjr Java A time series visualization studio v0.9.2 binjr preview v0.9.2
tbrand topaz-crystal / topaz Crystal A simple and useful db wrapper for Crystal-lang v0.2.6 This release includes following topics. - Time column support ( - id can be Int64 ( - Added developmen
dumbmatter dumbmatter / promise-worker-bi JavaScript Promise-based messaging for Web Workers and Shared Workers v2.1.1 When using a Shared Worker, if the user closes a tab, we don't need to keep track of that hostID and MessagePort anymore.
gmojzes gmojzes / jquery.scrollToTop JavaScript Simple plugin for scroll to the top of the page. v1.0.0
PaoloDuzioni PaoloDuzioni / Beniha HTML Simple starter kit for web prototypes / demos v6.0.0 This relase introduces [Q-Stevo](, which replaces Bootstrap 3 grid, anyway Bootstrap still included in Beniha in case you want to use it (both css and js). #
SapientGuardian SapientGuardian / SapientGuardian.InMemoryJsonConfiguration C# Configuration provider that allows you to use in-memory Json as a configuration source 1.0.0 Initial release
pierr3 pierr3 / vSMR C++ EuroScope Plugin to simulate the NOVA 9000 A-SMGCS system on VATSIM v1.3.3 * Thanks to @LB767, fixed tag dragging issues and potential crash on RIMCAS stage 2 * Fixed other bugs due to deleting while iterating
degenerated1123 REGoth-project / REGoth C++ OpenSource-Reimplementation of the zEngine, used by the game "Gothic" nightly-0.3.81 Automatic windows build
sigma1210 sigma1210 / JavaScript Diroop base tools
robisim74 robisim74 / angular-l10n TypeScript An Angular library to translate messages, dates and numbers v3.0.0 #### Features - **Angular version**: ^4.0.0 - As the official version of Angular, now the package is structured as follows: - `bundles` folder: it contains the legacy module format - `module
briansorahan scgolang / launchpad Go Talk to your Novation Launchpad in Go v0.2.0 Changes in this release: * Added Sequencer
lydell akhodakivskiy / VimFx CoffeeScript Vim keyboard shortcuts for Firefox v0.20.10
anonymous33rus anonymous33rus / wowbattlenet CSS replica for WoW private servers v1.2.7-alpha
KanDisheng CodeMommy / CachePHP PHP CodeMommy CachePHP is a cache helper for web development. 0.0.2
jacekciach jacekciach / wolfcms-calendar-plugin PHP Calendar Plugin for WolfCMS v1.1.3 ## 1.1.3 (2017-03-25) - fixed incorrect version number ;)
AndrewDryga Nebo15 / renew Elixir Mix task to create mix projects that builds into Docker containers. 0.15.0
connyduck connyduck / pixelwallpaper Java A colorful pixelated live wallpaper for Android v2.0 - new black and white mode
binarymaster adplug / winamp C++ AdPlug plugin for Winamp winamp-1.8.2
thomaskonrad JOSM / austriaaddresshelper Java JOSM plugin that automatically assigns addresses to selected objects (Austria only). v0.3 * Setting [``at_bev:addr_date``]( in the object itself and the full attribution in the changeset comment. Saves space and avoids that somebody
joshstoik1 Blobfolio / blob-domain PHP blob-domain is a simple PHP library for parsing and validating domain names. v0.1 Initial release!
davep davep / obfusurl.el Emacs Lisp Obfuscate URLs so they aren't spoilers v2.0 Multiple small changes to handle the fact that elisp has moved on a little.
timholy JuliaImages / ImageAxes.jl Julia Julia package for giving "meaning" to the axes of an image v0.2.1
Z4HD Z4HD / ShipQQ no-lang 一个全自动语录朗诵机,使用SmartQQ相关协议。 V1.0 ## 已知问题 1. 当好友数量较多时,“``”返回的内容为许多“?”,待解决。 2. 有时候消息正常发送会返回错误码:`{&q
admpub webx-top / echo Go FastHTTP & net/http dual-engine web framework. Echo v2 enhanced version. v1.1.1 fixed bug
piotr-oles piotr-oles / redux-detector TypeScript Redux enhancer for pure detection of state changes. v0.6.0-0 ## Breaking changes ## * `combineDetectors` is now `reduceDetectors` - it has wrong name. * There is also `combineDetectors` but it works more like `combineReducers`.
GcsSloop GcsSloop / diycode-sdk Java Diycode SDK 0.0.8 ## 主要变更内容 * 修正几个重要错误 * 添加直接获取当前用户资料的方法
evsinev evsinev / BerTlv Objective-C Objective C implementation of BER-TLV parser and builder 0.1.5 Fixed a build error in Xcode 8.3 beta 5
chakhsu chakhsu / pinghsu PHP Pinghsu, A Typecho Theme v1.5.1 ···
astralbodies wordpress-mobile / WordPress-iOS Objective-C WordPress for iOS - Official repository 7.2 * We found a few gremlins living inside of the app and took care of them. We promise to never feed Wapuu after midnight again.
devfeel devfeel / dotweb Go 简约大方的go Web微型框架 0.3.7 * 新增Cache模块,支持runtime、redis,常规支持Get\Set\GetString\GetInt\GetInt64\Incr\Decr\Exists\Clear操作 * Cache通过app.SetCache启用,通过HttpContext.Cache()使用 * ItemConte
myfreeer myfreeer / bilibili-helper JavaScript (去除追踪代码及精简)哔哩哔哩 ( 辅助工具,可以替换播放器、去广告、推送通知并进行一些快捷操作 0.9-lite-dev bilibili-helper with async/await, removed all live features, FOR FUN only. * Update jQuery to 3.2.0 * Update flv.js to 1.2.0 * remove all live features * move video info & url query to content
c-lipka POV-Ray / povray C++ The Persistence of Vision Raytracer: v3.7.1-beta.5 This is beta 5 for version 3.7.1 of POV-Ray. With this build we've restored most of the performance lost during earlier development of POV-Ray 3.7.1 in user-defined functions (and thus isosurfaces)
Augustin-FL Augustin-FL / new-lock C++ Lock Screen program for Prey project pa8-v1.0.0.0 Pré-release pass : efreitr ![image](
ryz ryz / MightAndMagic-SaveEditor C# A save game editor for the DOS version of the classic game Might and Magic 1 from 1986. v0.6 Another milestone achieved! * The editor now includes a dumper which can fetch and dump item and monster data from the MM.exe * Item names are now subsequently displayed when inspecting/editing char
funkydude funkydude / BadBoy Lua A simple spam blocker & reporter for World of Warcraft. v7.1.272 # BadBoy ## [v7.1.272]( (2017-03-25) [](#top) [Full Changelog]( - anti-spam upd
mattcarrier Intersections / dobi Go A build automation tool for Docker applications v0.9.1
linhntaim linhntaim / katniss JavaScript A Laravel-based Framework with extended/integrated modules/flows for Web Artisans to build sites more and more quickly v2.7.3 Stateless/Stateful API App Options App Settings Themes & Plugins (Extensions + Widgets) Authentication Authorization User Settings (for anonymous + authenticated users) File Manager Catego
taers232c taers232c / GAM-B Python Manage Google G Suite - Basic v4.20.01 See whatsnew.txt for changes in this version. See GamCommands.txt for a complete syntax description. Added TeamDrive API support, initial code from Jay Lee. Fixed add smime. Anywhere you can
joostfaassen linkorb / realm PHP Data modeling toolkit v1.4.0
olibia olibia / inkscape-generate-palette Python Inkscape extension to generate color palettes v1.0
kariminf kariminf / SentRep Java This is a tool for different sentence representations like json, xml, etc. 1.0.1
vincelwt vincelwt / harmony no-lang :musical_note: Sleek music player for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and your local files v0.5.1 ### Changes: - Mac OS: Cmd+W & Cmd+H shortcuts - Better cross-platform media keys support - Disable white sidebar on Windows - Non-expiring tokens for SoundCloud, faster requests - Spotify: s
metalmatze metalmatze / digitalocean_exporter Go Prometheus exporter for DigitalOcean metrics, written in Go. test-01
Zhuinden Zhuinden / service-tree Java [ACTIVE] A tree that stores services in its node for a given key, and allows traversing them. 1.2.1 # Service Tree 1.2.1 (2017-03-25) - Added `getKeys()` method.
iphone5solo iphone5solo / PYPhotoBrowser Objective-C An easy way to browse photo(image) for iOS. 1.4.0 #### Optimized - Optimized photosView to make the interface smoother.
chshin33 chshin33 / xHelloSpring JavaScript xHelloSpring v17.03.25 스프링 프로젝트 최초 버전 늙은 매가 새로운 출발을 위해 부리를 깨듯, 나 자신의 쇄신을 위해!!
slalom-saa slalom-saa / stacks C# The core library for Stacks. v291
gorhill gorhill / uBlock JavaScript uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean. 1.11.5rc1 ## Changes New static network filter option: `badfilter`. Using this option will prevent another filter to be loaded in memory. See <> for ra
XxLMM13xXgaming XxLMM13xXgaming / gbay Lua eBay for GMod V1.0.7 Just some basic fixes!
SandeepAggarwal SandeepAggarwal / SACodedTextField Objective-C A simple text field for building 'activation code/ OTP text field' inspired by WhatsApp for iOS 0.1.0 Podspec updated for the new tag file updated to have info about Carthage Carthage support added
keithbox keithbox / PPSP-360_Degree_Evaluation_System HTML 360 Degree Evaluation System, a web based e-appraisal platform to evaluate an employee by the 360 degree feedback process. To review an employee performance from all around collaborator. It is a process to better understand how the employee is functioning as part of the team and to improve the ways team members work together. 1.0.0 The major features are ready to use. *Core function 1 Master Data Preparation (reference data within and across various subject areas.) - Department - Position - Staff Grade -
Why7090 Why7090 / BasicMathAddIn C# 算式生成 Word 插件 1.0.0
biotinker biotinker / LibreTasks Java An updated form of Omnidroid 0.6.0 -Merged pull request from bilboquet to add: --Added optional root support --Added action to turn off device (root only)
tbrand tbrand / Crystal Minimum but Powerful http router for Crystal web server. v0.1.0 **** has been published! :tada: Please check [sample]( for detail.
amosavian amosavian / FileProvider Swift FileManager replacement for Local, iCloud and Remote (WebDAV/Dropbox/OneDrive/SMB2) files -- Swift 0.14.5 Also: - Better relative path handling in WebDAV. - Making deprecated methods obsolete.
nifa-dev nifa-dev / nifahelpers PHP Nifa Helpers for inclusion in scoring modules v0.2.4 modified lookup field lable.
mateuszarchicinski mateuszarchicinski / Restful-API--NodeJS-ExpressJS JavaScript Project Restful API is built on the NodeJS platform. The main module which providing communication HTTP and supporting middlewares is ExpressJS. 1.0.1 **In Restful API 1.0.1 version the following changes have been made:** ### **Normal mode:** - depends entirely on the configuration in file project.config.js, - allows you to create any number of
jsbean jsbean / AudioKit Swift Open-source audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform. v3.5.1
marvinroger marvinroger / chip-alpine Shell 💻 Daily build of Alpine Linux for the $9 C.H.I.P. computer alpine-3.5.2_buildroot-2015.08.1_1490453421 Daily build.
AArnott AArnott / Xunit.StaFact C# Run xunit tests on STA thread with various SynchronizationContexts to emulate windowing applications for more reliable unit testing. v0.2.3-beta
Michal-MK Michal-MK / Unity-Game C# School Project - Game Development v1.9.5.1
jinlong0813 EasyDarwin / EasyDarwin C++ open source、high performance、industrial rtsp streaming server based on Darwin Streaming Server,a lot of optimization on streaming relay,KeyFrame cache,RESTful,and web management,also EasyDarwin support distributed load balancing,a simple streaming media cloud platform architecture.高性能开源RTSP流媒体服务器,基于Darwin Streaming Server 维护和优化:RTSP转发、关键帧缓存、秒开画面、RESTful接口、WEB后台管理、分布式负载均衡,基于EasyDarwin构建出了一套简单基础的流媒体云平台架构! v7.3.17.0325 - 增加web后台管理。地址http://ip:10080 默认用户名admin 密码admin。可自行修改用户密码管理。 - release版本如果下载慢,可去百度云盘下载:
Kapps Kapps / PoEWhisperNotifier C# A simple C# application to notify you of whispers you get in Path of Exile (optionally) while your game is minimized. v2.0b Bugfix release. Fixes an issue where Minimize on Startup combined with Minimize to Tray would cause crashes when a whisper was received prior to opening the window. Also adds logging on crashes (creat
AlexR1712 AlexR1712 / Referenciabot Python Bot de Telegram para Consultar DolarToday para un rápido acceso. 0.0.6
reloni reloni / SimpleToDoService C# Simple ToDo web service with .net core 0.2.0 Drop Basic auth and use Firebase authentication instead. Now server checks Firebase token.
ankeshdave Dashbrd / CalendarSyncplus C# This utility synchronizes Calendar entries between different calendar providers (Apps like Outlook,Services EWS/Google/Live). v1.4.17084.02-alpha Updates: - External package related fixes - Fixes for Asynchronous operations
b-ryan b-ryan / farmhand-ui HTML Web interface for Farmhand 0.2.0
mwaaas mwaaas / ussd_airflow Python Ussd Airflow - Defining ussd screens in a yaml v0.0.4.1 Version ----------------- Enhancement - changed to convert datetime to string before saving it to session
raychenfj raychenfj / vue-uweb JavaScript vue 友盟统计埋点插件 0.1.0 add ci add examples update readme
keinx keinx / park PHP 域名停放程序 0.1-alpha 内测0.1版,只有基本的判断查询展示功能
hyunsupul hyunsupul / aesop-core JavaScript Open-sourced suite of components that empower interactive storytelling in WordPress.
beheh HearthSim / npm-hearthstonejson TypeScript 📖 HearthstoneJSON client for browsers and Node. 0.3.0 ### Added - Add interface definitions for HearthstoneJSON response ### Changed - Upgrade Typescript to 2.2.1 - Switch to a Promise-based API using fetch
vkbansal vkbansal / react-notie JavaScript Simple notifications for react v1.0.2 ## Fixed - Overlay not removed after confirm dialog is dismissed
dehora dehora / outland Java 🅾 A distributed feature flag and network messaging system 0.0.3 ### Server - Checks the app exists before allowing a feature creation. - Adds an implementation of HyParView using gRPC.
gbl gbl / EMCShopLocator Java Find shops on EMC that sell a specific item 1.4.0 Support for VoxelMap waypoints
YohannLYD YohannLYD / DoepferPocketQt C++ Preset editor for pocketControl, pocketDial, pocketFader, A-191-2 v0.1.0
lenosisnickerboa lenosisnickerboa / csgosl Tcl A CSGO server launcher, one-click install & run v1.7 * Restart server functionality now works on windows as well * Moved all csgosl startup and restart options to the server page. * Improved update csgosl dialog box (added show changes) * Updated to
AzP AzP / rsstorrent Python Service to automatically download torrent files v0.7 Updated to Python 3 (and re-named the old version to, as I felt it is time that the main version should be running with version 3 instead of 2.7. Initial implementation with pytho
ceryle ceryle / RadioRealButton Java A custom radio button for Android API 12+ v2.0.4
DomenicDev DomenicDev / Battleships Java Simple game made with jMonkeyEngine! 1.0 Here is the first playable version of the game. If you encounter any bugs, please tell me. Notes for Multiplayer: - Port is always 5555 - you might need to open your ports for the game
angrykoala angrykoala / gaucho JavaScript A graphical task runner powered by Yerbamate 0.1.2 Release 0.1.2, a few minor fixes and improvements in usability. Added official gaucho icon ## Changelog _since 0.1.1_ * Added icon * Electron and materialize versions fixed * Task colla
nicholaschum substratum / substratum Java A new theme manager based off Sony's Overlay Manager Service and Resource Runtime Overlay 625
cyrilschumacher cyrilschumacher / prometheus-node-usage TypeScript Exporter node.js application metrics (CPU, RAM and uptime). 0.3.0 ### Added - Add metrics for disk I/O; ### Changed - Update webservice: metrics are only returned from `/metrics` path;
cFrost-sun euler-projects / euler-framework Java Euler Framework - A simple Web framework based on Spring MVC 0.1.2
taers232c taers232c / GAMADV-X Python Manage Google G Suite - Extended v4.44.21 See GamConfig.txt for a description of the gam.cfg configuration file. Important if you are upgrading from Gam 3.xx/4.xx. See GamAuthorization.txt for a description of the the alternate authorizati
todofixthis iotaledger / Python PyOTA: The IOTA Python API Library 1.1.2 # PyOTA v1.1.2 ## Address Caching - [#35] Address caches are now thread-safe. ## Address Generator - Renamed `address_from_digest` to `address_from_digest_trits`. - Improved test coverage. #
diegorojas redelivre / tema-coletivo JavaScript O tema coletivo é um fork do tema Onepress pensado para fácil aplicação em projetos Web com pouca customização v1.4 Added new section Gallery, loading gif, and Updates almost all theme assets from original project OnePress
markomanninen markomanninen / hyml Jupyter Notebook XML / HTML / XHTML markup language generator for Hy v0.1.6 - iterable check on catch tag - indent moved to helper - jupyter notebook IPython optional import - unquote and unquote splice to separate if clauses - comments...
Adirelle Adirelle / s6rc-overlay Makefile s6-rc for containers v0.0.6
eyeq eyeq / mod-1.11.2-GlassDoor Java ガラスのドア 1.0
petermeissner petermeissner / statsgrokse R R-API-binding to server providing Wikipedia page view statistics for 2008 up to 2015 v0.1.4
lizheming 75team / firekylin JavaScript A Simple & Fast Node.js Blogging Platform Base On ThinkJS & React & ES2015+ 0.15.5 - 【重要】修复主题接口安全漏洞 - 修复文章和页面地址相同时无法添加内容的问题 - Fix #254 编辑主题内容丢失问题 - Fix #248 WordPress 导入失败问题 -
ml31415 ml31415 / numpy-groupies Python Optimised tools for group-indexing operations: aggregated sum and more v0.9.6 This version is finally fully tested and compatible with python3. Note that the weave implementation is not available in python3, as python3 is unfortunately not supported by them. We recommend the nu
JohnMount WinVector / wrapr R Wrap R Functions for Debugging and Ease of Use 0.1.1 Move image assets.
edp1096 edp1096 / php_screw1.5-bab2 C Port php_screw from linux to ms-windows 0.5 Solved some problem about memory. Source code with php7.1.0 bin-dist/dev & src-dist which should be placed in "include_php" folder. ( (same with 0.4's)
kerenlu1 kerenlu1 / My-Todo-List-App Java Android development workshop v2.0
aliaafee aliaafee / automo Python Program to automate the tedious job of hand writing prescriptions everyday. v1.0.0 First release
JohnMount WinVector / replyr R Fluid Use of Big Data in R 0.2.4 Fix placement of image assets.
miled hybridauth / hybridauth PHP Open source social sign on PHP Library. HybridAuth goal is to act as an abstract api between your application and various social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. v2.9.1 #751 Google Auth break on 2.9.0
tijme tijme / not-your-average-web-crawler Python A web crawler that gathers more than you can imagine. 1.2.1 Fixed bug(s): * Undefined reference in CookieHelper PyPi: [](
WilliamDenniss openid / AppAuth-iOS Objective-C AppAuth is an OAuth and OpenID Connect client for iOS and macOS. 0.9.0 Improved Swift support - Nullability fixes. - Swift smoke test. Carthage support - Framework targets created for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. - Readme updated. - Carthage sample provided.
arthurkushman GigaTables / reactables JavaScript GigaTables is a ReactJS plug-in to help web-developers process table-data in applications and CMS, CRM, ERP or similar systems. 1.1.3
dvehrs dvehrs / podget Shell Podcast aggregator optimized for running as a scheduled job (i.e. cron) on Linux v0.8.4
cretueusebiu cretueusebiu / laravel-web-push-demo PHP Laravel Web Push Notifications Demo 1.0.0 - Added support for VAPID. See [laravel-notification-channels/webpush@1.0.0](
markwright785 markwright785 / A11YPatterns HTML v2.0
felixsanz photonsh / themes CSS Themes v0.1.2 v0.1.2 / 2017-03-25 =================== * Updated themes
SciChartTeam ABTSoftware / PodSpecs Ruby A Spec repo for SciChart.iOS pods v2.0.0.1226 v2.0.0.1226
leo leo / args JavaScript Toolkit for building command line interfaces 2.4.0 ### Minor Changes - Add .example + .examples sub command: #60 ### Patches - Bump node version in engines, remove loud-rejection: #61 - Chore(package): update ava to version 0.18.2: #62 -
dileping crossroadlabs / Boilerplate Swift Swift boilerplate code library with tons of useful stuff, including Linux compatibility layers 1.1.2
maheshwarishivam maheshwarishivam / technifii-api JavaScript Boilerplate API Framework written in NodeJS using SailsJS ( 2.0.1 Some other minor bugfixes
sistlind circuitikz / circuitikz TeX CircuiTikZ TeX/LaTeX package for drawing circuits v0.8.1 * Version 0.8.1 (2017-03-25) - Fixed unwanted line through components if target coordinate is a name of a node - Fixed position of labels with subscript letters. - Absolute distance calculation
tahq69 crip-laravel / filesys PHP Laravel file manager extension 1.0.1 # Bugfixes - Build assets checked in; - Correct file publish directory added; - Webpack minified build error fix;
RusinovAnton RusinovAnton / react-throbber JavaScript Animated throbber React component 1.0.2
pgrenaud pgrenaud / NoteRunner-Server Java Server for NoteRunner, the video game. v1.0.0
dungang dungang / yii2-fex-webuploader PHP 百度fex-webuploader 1.0.2 修正隐藏表单有‘,’的问题
MattDiMu MattDiMu / google-maps-magnolia FreeMarker Magnolia Light Module for providing a responsive google maps integration. v2.0.0
cretueusebiu laravel-notification-channels / webpush PHP Webpush notifications channel for Laravel. 1.0.0 ## Features - Added support for VAPID. - Added dedicated config file. ## Upgrading Install the latest version via composer: ``` bash composer require laravel-notification-channels/webpus
svkazakov ctlab / metafast Java Fast metagenome analysis toolkit v0.1.2 A bug with saving results in multithreaded mode was fixed; Simple GUI was introduced to run MetaFast without using command line; Several minor improvements.
allanchau allanchau / docker-alpine-base no-lang A minimal Docker image based on Alpine Linux with a complete package index and only 2 MB in size! v1.4.0 - Update Docker Alpine to v3.5.
timholy JuliaArrays / AxisArrays.jl Julia Performant arrays where each dimension can have a named axis with values v0.1.0
PaoloDuzioni PaoloDuzioni / Q-Stevo HTML Simple Lightweight CSS Grid System v1.1.0 - Media queries converted from `px` to `em` - Upgraded site code samles - Minor bug fixing and typos on
rlanvin dmbookpro / php-view PHP Simple php view renderer v1.1.0 ### Added - `e()` and `j()` helpers
fiefdx fiefdx / hostswitcher Python a GUI tool for linux to switch hosts configurations for different develop environments quickly v0.0.1 Release version v0.0.1
knqyf263 knqyf263 / pet Go Simple command-line snippet manager, written in Go. v0.2.0
pmros pmros / cyclow JavaScript A reactive frontend framework for JavaScript v0.5.2 - Hot fix
yarikoptic datalad / datalad Python Keep scientific data under control with git and git-annex 0.5.1
Ssisyphus Ssisyphus / HelloRobot Java okhttp3+“图灵机器人“ 实现智能聊天功能 v1.0 v1.0版本
davidhund davidhund / stylelint-config-dh JavaScript Shareable config for stylelint. David Hund's (Valued Standards) preference, for now :) v0.1.0 Initial release. Functional, but no tests yet.
gorhill gorhill / uBO-Extra JavaScript A companion extension to uBlock Origin 2.16b0
haniibrahim haniibrahim / jSerialComm C Platform-independent serial port access for Java 1.4.0 Just compiled the last original jSerialComm sources from [Fazecast]( from last commit on Dec. 5th 2016. Publish it here for people who are not able to compil
plter plter / FreeScreenRecorder JavaScript 免费的录屏软件 v2.0 1. 实现录制视频和声音的功能,视频格式为webm(vp9)。 1. 实现开始或停止的功能 1. 实现暂停或继续的功能 1. 实现全局打热键的功能 1. 实现托盘图
M4sterZer0 M4sterZer0 / GetSpotify-Remake C# Remake of "GetSpotify" ( 2.0.0 - added #5 #3 (own system) - fixed #4 - new gui style - new album tag - new background music system - better update system
liberodark liberodark / Launcher-SSE JavaScript Is a open source launcher for SSE SSE Up to 1.4.2
romansp romansp / MiniProfiler.Elasticsearch C# Elasticsearch.Net/NEST client for logging to MiniProfiler v5.0 * Support for NEST and Elasticsearch.Net v5.x
akimasa akimasa / BonDriver_Mirakurun C++ 個人用でかなり適当な作りなのでupstreamを利用することを推奨 v1.2.1-alpha で言及されていた要望の実験
Murzinio Murzinio / AndromedaLanguagePatcher C# Simple program for changing Mass Effect Andromeda language. Currently supported: PL > EN, RU > EN. 1.0 First version. Supported languages: * PL > EN * RU > EN

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