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1bengardner 1bengardner / toshes-quest-ii Python Tkinter RPG v1.1.0 This is the "full version" of Toshe's Quest II (v1.0.0) plus Galijula and Fartooq Hold.
MykhailoLiutov AckeeCZ / TextInputLayout Java Android implementation of TextInputLayout with greater support for outlined boxes v2.0.0 Fixes build error with missing enum value of boxBackgroundMode.
Dimianas Dimianas / ColorText Java A plugin that allows you to write in colored text in books 1.0 en: Use `&` then put the code minecraft color, the plugin will change the color of the written text. ru: Используйте `&` после чего поставьте код minecraft ц�
github-actions[bot] LemurDaniel / BICEP__Naming-Module Bicep This is a POC for implementing consistent naming in Bicep-Modules 1.0.0 ## What's Changed * adding some test workflows by @LemurDaniel in ## New Contributors * @LemurDaniel made their first contribution in h
MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
OrzMiku OrzMiku / WebPageGenerator C++ 简易网页编辑与生成系统设计与实现 v1.0.5 ## 更新日志 - v1.0.5 - 重写页面预览逻辑,不再依赖Chrome浏览器 - v1.0.4 - 添加页面预览功能 - 修复部分菜单的返回逻辑 - v1.0.3 - 修复控制台无
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-data-api C# Clients for the Data API 1.3 Release of clients-data-api 1.3
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-sequence-optimization-api C# Clients for the Sequence Optimization API 1.5 Release of clients-sequence-optimization-api 1.5
RimuruChan RimuruChan / CustomAgriculture Java 为您提供客制化种子。 1.0-SNAPSHOT **Full Changelog**:
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
Tecnio Tecnio / antihaxerman Java An open-sourced anti-cheat solution. 4.0.0
menion asamm / locus-api Kotlin Core library for Android "Locus Map" application. 0.9.51
basti564 basti564 / DreamGrid Java DreamGrid is a launcher designed for Oculus Quest, Pico VR and HTC Vive headsets that supports both official and sideloaded apps and games. v1.1.0 - Introduced rounded icons. - Resolved a potential issue that could result in application crashes. - Optimised wallpapers for improved loading speeds and reduced memory usage. - Implemented support
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
clibdev clibdev / YOLO-FaceV2 Jupyter Notebook YOLO-FaceV2: A Scale and Occlusion Aware Face Detector 1.0.0 * Original [Krasjet-Yu/YOLO-FaceV2]( pretrained models. * Converted ONNX models.
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] geoid-org / geoid-whitepaper TeX Geoid Whitepaper v0.0.0-wip This is a test release
akasolace ho-dev / HattrickOrganizer Java Assistant for Hattrick online football manager 7.3 # HO! 7.3 Release Notes Latest beta release - the version is feature complete - feedback from early users is welcome latest commit: "#1849 (#1912)" ## Some numbers * 3 commits * 26 files
kadaan kadaan / nix-installer no-lang Install Nix and flakes with the fast and reliable Determinate Nix Installer, with over a million installs. v0.16.2
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kmulvey kmulvey / radeon_exporter Go Prometheus exporter for Radeon (AMD) graphics cards. v1.2.2 ## Changelog * 87e1ff3 get goreleaser working again * 0f8b6e8 update deps
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
dangphung4 dangphung4 / foodieboy TypeScript A website of our favorite food spots 0.1 # First release for foodieboy - Just a website for me to put my food reviews
little612pea little612pea / Segment-and-Track-Anything-AST no-lang An open-source project dedicated to tracking and segmenting any objects in videos, either automatically or interactively. The primary algorithms utilized include the Segment Anything Model (SAM) for key-frame segmentation and Associating Objects with Transformers (AOT) for efficient tracking and propagation purposes. v1.6 Version 1.6 of Interactive SAMTrack supports a new audio-grounding feature that tracks the sound-making object within the video's soundtrack.
dns-z dnsTeam / dns no-lang 屏蔽全网广告和跟踪的免费、高速、安全 DNS 服务器 v0.0.1 首次发布。
github-actions[bot] kykdu / Actions-OpenWrt no-lang 自用 2024.04.25-1155-hanwckf-jdcloud_re-cp-03-docker - 使用源码: - 登录地址: - 修改源码 使用原厂的MAC地址顺序 - mt_wifi firmware: mt7986-fw-20231024 -   warp firm
longaodai longaodai / dockers Dockerfile Base Dockerfile For Example @.@ v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] dan1229 / django_dans_api_toolkit Python A Django app with tools to help build better Rest APIs faster 0.0.1
JuraSciix JuraSciix / Objeckson PHP JSON unmarshalling library written for PHP 1.0.0
alfarady alfarady / letgo Go This Go library was resurrected from v0.2.33
dodoflix capyblock / DisableVillagerTrade Java Disable villager trade on your minecraft spigot based server! v1.5 ## What's Changed * Replace Apache Commons IO with Java NIO by @dodoflix in * Update Spigot API version by @dodoflix in https://github.c
HellFiveOsborn HellFiveOsborn / TelegramBotPHP PHP A very simple PHP Telegram Bot API for sending messages. 1.5.0 ### Bug fixes • Add new methods of Bot API 7.2 • Documentation of the main methods with return example (not complete) • Refined Telegram API calls.
zoueature zoueature / mq Go 消息队列的封装 v0.0.9
v-sing ours-outsource / querylist-phantomjs PHP QueryList Plugin v1.0.1
qdtroy qdtroy / DuiLib_Ultimate C++ duilib 旗舰版-高分屏、多语言、样式表、资源管理器、异形窗口、窗口阴影、简单动画 0.3 v0.3
coding-parrot coding-parrot / chess-engine Java The chess engine can generate all legal moves for a given position upto an arbitrary depth. 1.0 Engine with α-β Pruning and Iterative Deepening
hiimjustin000 hiimjustin000 / FakeRate C++ Give online levels a fake rate. v1.0.0 - Initial release
Wizzercn budwk / budwk-codegenerator Java BudWk V6/V7/V8 Java代码生成器(IDEA插件) v8.0 * BudWk V8 适配 * 控制类 delete 请求改为 post
Otas02CZ Otas02CZ / ivs_project_kvm_switchers JavaScript IVS project 2 Calculator by team KVM Switchers v1.0.0
Richard-Barrett Richard-Barrett / terraform-snowflake-scim-integration HCL Terraform module for making a SCIM+SAML Integration for Snowflake with Okta, Azure AD, and/or Custom 0.10.0 ## Commits - cc5f712: Update (Richard Barrett)
pic-avr-github-admin microchip-pic-avr-examples / ml-dspic33ck-curiosity-imu-data-logger C IMU data logger for dSPIC33CK DSC 1.0.0 # ml-dspic33ck-curiosity-imu-data-logger v1.0.0 ### Release Highlights ### Features Added\Updated
EstefanyPonce24002 EstefanyPonce24002 / Ejercicio_Prueba Haskell Practicando con Git, control de versiones. v1.0.0 Version release ## What's Changed * Update QP24002.hs by @EstefanyPonce24002 in * Develop by @EstefanyPonce24002 in https://gith
kingzyt kingzyt / gorm-adapter Go GORM adapter for Casbin, see extended version of GORM Adapter Ex at: v1.0.0 v1.0.0
ruicao93 volcengine / cilium Go eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability 1.14.2-volcengine.rc.0
github-actions[bot] flcdrg / PowerShellWixExtension C# Wix Extension for running PowerShell v3.0.2 ## What’s Changed * Switch back to a v3 release (#55) @flcdrg * Update workflow permissions (#54) @flcdrg * Ignore errors (#53) @flcdrg * Bump microsoft/setup-msbuild from 1.3.2 to 2.0.0 (#50)
ZenoXen ZenoXen / chatter-remake Java chatter重制版 v0.0.1 基础版本,已经完成UDP局域网群聊,图形界面样式需要调整
radicalgrimoire radicalgrimoire / docker-helixcore Python helix-p4d 2023.2.63 2023.2.63
chenjiahan rspack-contrib / prebundle TypeScript Prebundle 3rd party dependencies, output a single js file, a package.json file and the dts files. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
sajanm sajanm / nepali-date-picker no-lang Nepali Datepicker UI 4.0.3
NDiiong NDiiong / SQLAid C# SQL Aid is a SQL Server Management Studio Add-in. SSMS18v.
zhaifanhua XiHanFun / XiHan C# XiHan framework repository. Fast, lightweight, efficient, and dedicated development framework. Built based on DotNet and Vue. v0.5.0
TheLastScrub TheLastScrub / fvtt-trophy JavaScript Trophy Dark RPG for Foundry VTT (Unofficial) v0.2.0
HengJeang HengJeang / Lab2 Python Lab2 - Introduction to Python v1.0
nghaloc nghaloc / oniguruma no-lang regular expression library v6.9.9 - Update Unicode version 15.1.0 - NEW API: ONIG_OPTION_MATCH_WHOLE_STRING - Fixed: (?I) option was not enabled for character classes (Issue - Changed
hungwon hungwon / final_proj JavaScript Deccal- final project v1.0.0 CS 198-99 | Spring 24 Introduction to full-stack development Final Project
Jaewon0418 Jaewon0418 / QISS no-lang Quarter-pi Integrated Search System QISS0.1 [qiss]( QISS 0.1 버전입니다. 구글/네이버/DBpia/Scholar/R&E지원센터/RISS 검색을 지원합니다.
yulei yulei / vial-gui Python Vial is an open-source cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) GUI and a QMK fork for configuring your keyboard in real time. 0.5.0 added animation file converting
xq330 xq330 / intellij-investor-dashboard Kotlin 📈 Investor Dashboard for JetBrains IDEs. Support A Share, H.K. Stocks, U.S. Stocks etc. 1.11.0 添加了新浪期货数据源 ![image]( ![image](
Digitoxin1 Digitoxin1 / SBIConverter.NET Visual Basic .NET Creates SUB+MDF files from BIN+SBI files v1.0.0 Initial Release
Nickeldon Nickeldon / OverStudio JavaScript Music in a more fashioned way V0.6.0.0 # OverStudio V0.6.0.0 ---------------------------------------------------- ##What's Changed? - Several performance fixes - Several fluidity fixes - Added config.json file with addition
nelsonlai9503 metadiv-io / jwt Go Issue jwt v1.0.0 # Changelog Go to v1.0.0
berdon berdon / zig-json Zig Simple zig JSON parsing library with a focus on friendly API. v0.0.1
betterLin1224 betterLin1224 / blog JavaScript 博客仓库 v1.0.0
F33RNI F33RNI / curseforge-modpack-downloader Python Simple zero-dependency Python script for downloading and updating CurseForge modpacks 1.0.0 ### First release [Initial commit]( [build: add GitHub Actions](
pkopparla Solafune-Inc / solafune-tools Python Tools for geodatabase creation and management v0.3.0 Changelog: Features - Added minimum mosaic option (PR #4) Bugfixes - Unhandled `kwargs_dict` in `create_basemap` - Unhandled `bands='Auto'` in 'create_basemap`
Samuriy Samuriy / dwm C im currently working on my own config and im putting it here 1.0 this is so skibidi
patrickhulce patrickhulce / Arc2Face no-lang Arc2Face: A Foundation Model of Human Faces v0.0.1 First attempt to use.
digitalcoyote digitalcoyote / NuGetDefense.Core C# Core Functionality for NuGetDefense style packages v2.0.10 NuGet Lockfile path was checking for .csproj in the path to determine which directories to look at and was errorneously ignoring .vbproj and .fsproj files causing paths to be `/path/to/project.vbproj/
banfg56 banfg56 / wx_channels Go 视频号后端接口模拟,用于获取直播数据与回放地址下载 0.0.1 需要多个项目使用
danjulio danjulio / Geiger-Counter C Alpha-Beta-Gamma Geiger Counter with GUI v1.0.0 Initial version of the Geiger Counter **Full Changelog**:
damonlynch damonlynch / rapid-photo-downloader Python Rapid Photo Downloader is the leading photo and video downloader for the Linux desktop. v0.9.37a1 - Convert project configuration and build to use [Hatch](, which has resulted in changes to the build process. Linux distribution packagers should consult the [release n
github-actions[bot] davidwashere / webecho JavaScript Web app that echos back what you send to it, useful for debugging HTTP requests 0.0.2
jwrobb jwrobb / grav-plugin-table-importer PHP GravCMS plugin - Imports tables in CSV, YAML, and JSON and formats into HTML tables v2.3.0 - New maintainer - Updated League CSV to version 9.8 (drops support for PHP < v7.4) - Updated CSV logic for new lib methods
lbenicio lbenicio / hugo-tailwind-template HTML Hugo template with tailwind v0.0.1
lulunac27a lulunac27a / counter-app-go Go Counter applications in Go v1.0 Initalize project with visitor counter app in Go.
ytajima-git DoqueDB / doquedb C++ DoqueDB is an open source relational database management system featuring powerful Japanese full-text search. python-v1.0.0 Python Client for DoqueDB is Released! Please check []( for details. ## NEW FEATURES *
airainchen airainchen / rgznv1 Go free v2.0.7
aaronfang aaronfang / SimHub-Plugin-CalcLngWheelSlip C# Plugin for SimHub. It calculates longitudinal wheel slip by the relationship between Tyre RPS and Car Speed and provides the result as new properties. updated: - Viper.PluginCalcLngWheelSlip.dll added: - Viper - Lng Wheel Slip - Indicator.simhubdash
huijing interledger / astro-graphql-plugin TypeScript Astro plugin to generate Markdown documentation from a GraphQL schema v0.2.0 - Bumps dependencies to the latest version - Resolves issue with deprecated/updated interfaces from [marked]( - Replace marked's deprecated `Slugger` with
cameron-myers cameron-myers / jenkins-githubaction no-lang Jenkins GitHub Action: Build Jenkins job and retrieve data v0.0.1
nicosistemas nicosistemas / django-cicd-kubernetes Python django project pipeline cicd github actions to deploy on kubernetes cluster 1.0.0 Primer Release!!
vietnguyen20139 vietnguyen20139 / skills-release-based-workflow JavaScript My clone repository skills-release-based-workflow v0.9
JoelTan23 JoelTan23 / Lab2 Python Lab 2 - Introduction to Python v1.0 Initial release v1.0 Date: April 2022
caden-miller caden-miller / pulseduino TypeScript Pulse Ox that sends data to an Android app, using an Arduino, MAX30102, and BLE standard. v1.0 This marks the completion of our CSCE 462 project. Untested Components: - Graph functionality in Android app - Interrupt pin functionality Reach out for corresponding 3D model files or troubl
nelsonlai9503 metadiv-io / aes Go AES Encryption v1.0.0 # Changelog Go to v1.0.0
nelsonlai9503 metadiv-io / pwd Go Hash and verify password v1.0.0 # Changelog Go to v1.0.0
xulihang tony-xlh / vision-camera-cropper Java A vision camera frame processor plugin for cropping 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
mh24027 mh24027 / HolaTodos_IIS Haskell Archivo de práctica clonando mi repositorio V1.0.1 release para mostrar el mensaje Hola Todos IIS ## What's Changed * Update MH24027.hs by @mh24027 in * Develop by @mh24027 in
preprocessor preprocessor / QuietSave Java A world backup plugin for BTA servers v1.0.0 See the [Readme](
dodoflix capyblock / kubernetes Shell Kubernetes installation script with kubeadm by Soliyte team! v0.1.1714011993-alpha **First Release!** **Full Changelog**:
Sinhx17 Sinhx17 / change-notion-language Java 汉化notion 1.0.0
GitMenglin GitMenglin / YAGSL-Example Java Yet Another General Swerve Library Example Project 2024.0.1
sidnym-ladrut tocwex / fund hoon A sovereign platform for peer-to-peer economic activity with on-chain settlement and trusted identity assessment of work completion. v0.1.3 This release fixes a problem with a front-end library that was causing app-wide rendering issues.
VAFA0000 VAFA0000 / RovUI_Plus C++ Rebuild of RovUI 0.0.0 Ничё не менял
aligarduo aligarduo / naive-dev C# 一个 .NET WebAPI 开发框架,领域驱动,开箱即用。 v0.9.0 Naive Dev 的第一个发布版本,适用于 Windows、macOS 和 Linux。它的版本是 `0.9.0`,意味着它只是一个测试版本。它将被 “发布” 直到 > `v1.0.0` 任何错误�
duguyihou duguyihou / react-native-turbo-image Objective-C Performant React Native image component v0.10.0 # [0.10.0]( (2024-04-25)
github-actions[bot] inseven / thoughts Swift Minimalist Journaling 0.1.0-rc.10 **Changes** - Quit the app from the menu bar - Support opening at login - Support adding tags (#15) - Record the location in the metadata (#16) - Differentiate tags using colors (#24) **Fixes** - A
github-actions[bot] bnurzhanov / WhatTheHack no-lang A collection of challenge based hack-a-thons including student guide, coach guide, lecture presentations, sample/instructional code and templates. Please visit the What The Hack website at: 027-FHIRPoweredHealthcare-2024.04.25 Student Resources for 027-FHIRPoweredHealthcare
bacckom bacckom / e-commerce-data-pipeline Python Transformed data for data science to do sales forecasting on Brazilian E-Commerce Public Dataset v0.1 beta version for testing
masterned masterned / afi_sales_reassign Rust CLI tool used to reassign AFI customers based on region map and recent sales. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**: Compiled on Fedora 39 Workstation Edition on x64 Architecture.
misiektoja misiektoja / instagram_monitor Python Python script implementing real-time monitoring of Instagram users activity v1.0 Initial instagram_monitor v1.0 release. Features: - Real-time monitoring of different activities performed by monitored Instagram users: - new posts & stories - changed followings, foll
evisx evisx / obsidian-content-publisher TypeScript An obsidian plugin to quick expose markdown file as content of blog v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
wenhuacode wenhuacode / kratos-transport no-lang kratos transport layer extension 1.0
JBAhire JBAhire / api-security-village Ruby Website for API Security Village - BSides SF 1.0
nabilridhwan nabilridhwan / Thoughtful Dart A gratitude-focused mobile app that prompts users to reflect on and appreciate daily moments of positivity 0.0.1-alpha.1 This version of Thoughtful is the base functioning version of the app. Everything in the app is meant to be functional. If any crashes were to occur, please contact me. # What's New - The ap
github-actions[bot] JohnnyGOX17 / rfproto Python Python for RF and SDR prototyping. 0.0.1
Eros-Vertigo srunsoft / daraja Go 肯尼亚支付网关 v1.0.0 daraja肯尼亚支付网关API接口, 适配Go1.16前语法
jaxbulsara jaxbulsara / bhagavad_gita TeX A LaTeX version of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. v1.0.0 This is a barebones copy of the Bhagavad Gita, containing only the Sanskrit verses, romanization, and English translations for the Gita Dhyanam and Chapters 1-18.
loudinb loudinb / homeassistant-core Python :house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. 2024.4.4 **Full Changelog**:
jskils jskils / steam-broadcast Python Steam 直播间简易人气脚本 1.0.0 初始版本发布
gessex22 gessex22 / file-server-with-ProgressBar JavaScript servidor de archivos en node, idealizado para la carga de archivos Server-for-Files-1.1 En esta versión se puede cargar archivos, (pero de 1 en 1). se puede disfrutar de una interfaz grafica suficiente para mobiles y pc,s
ZoeyTheChicken PearlBrowser / Pearl no-lang The ONLY official place to download Pearl. 19.2 This is the new 19.2 update! I have: - Changed the home page to google by default while I develop a new home page - Added a secret (or not)??? - Add 'pearl://settings' protocol - Make
jwaspin LucaFinancial / LucaSchema JavaScript Schema for the Luca Ledger application v1.0.0 Release Version 1.0.0
N1OF N1OF / ARES2APRS Python Python Uploader for a Net Control Station to add locations of reports from spotters/volunteers to v0.1.0-beta Initial release of ARES2APRS software
HEFUHUI HEFUHUI / go-crossplane Go An unofficial Go port of the NGINX config/JSON converter crossplane v1.0.0 1.0
danni-cool wechatbotKit / wexgo TypeScript the front-end management of wechatbotKit v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2024-04-17) ### 🎫 Chores | 其他更新 * allow pr ([e953428](
TurboSonic1 TurboSonic1 / calculator C++ Designed to be a Simple Calculator v2.0.0-beta Improved everything about the calculator to make it easier to use and have better functionality **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] YofukashiNo / MoreMessageConfirmations TypeScript Get a confirmation when your message meets certain conditions. v1.1.1
mworzala hollow-cube / dataconverter Java Standalone Minecraft data fixes based on Paper DFU rewrite. 1.20.5-rv1 **Full Changelog**:
loongzhu loongzhu / rspinner Rust Elegant rust terminal spinner v0.0.1
clrgit clrgit / string-text Ruby String extensions v0.1.0 * Added #undent and #to_b * StringText -> String::Text * Initial setup
lgcmotta mitz-it / go-toolkit Go Mitz IT Go Toolkit logger/v0.0.1 ## What's Changed * Logger - v0.0.1 by @lgcmotta in ## New Contributors * @lgcmotta made their first contribution in
damourChris damourChris / nuxt-notion-cms TypeScript Connect your Nuxt.js app to the Notion API. v0.1.2 [compare changes]( ### 🚀 Enhancements - **api:** Add GET method for block children ([a08bd6a](
sgt0 sgt0 / vs-placebo C libplacebo-based debanding, scaling and color mapping plugin for VapourSynth v2.0.0 - Added the `gamut_mapping` parameter to replace `gamut_mode` and `intent` (see below). - The tone-mapping function (`tone_mapping_function`, `tone_mapping_function_s`) no longer defaults to 0 (clip)
bwnn bwnn / corgi Go A CLI tool to manage code ownership in a repo v0.1.0 ## Added Commands: - `who <files...>` - Get the owner info for each of the specified files/directories based on the nearest claim file. The results are printed to stdout as a JSON object -
hcsamuelli hcsamuelli / mimopy Python MIMO simulation package with RL integration v0.1.0 initial release
poe-engineer[bot] Sowhat999 / SecLists PHP SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments, collected in one place. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data patterns, fuzzing payloads, web shells, and many more. v2021.4.0-rc.2 # Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. ## [v2021.4.0-rc.2] ### Added - Added password change functionality as described in services for user `change_passwo
github-actions[bot] Xib1uvXi / go-libp2p Go libp2p implementation in Go v0.33.0 **Full Changelog**:
Florin-Nae Florin-Nae / design-and-test-a-thermal-management-system-for-a-vehicle HTML Design and Test a Thermal Management System for a Vehicle v1.0.0
CRMM05034 CRMM05034 / Helloworld Haskell un archivo que servirá para practica v.0.9.0-beta esta release expone una funcionalidad BETA a los usuarios
jedyspiti nestiq-negocios-digitais / nestiq-utils TypeScript Biblioteca de utilidades básicas - NèstiQ v1.0.0
AndrewSchmal TommyNam / afc_fitness_tracker HTML Software Engineering Project v0.3.0 v0.3.0 tag for this third iteration
Maruf61 Maruf61 / RimWorld-ResearchPal C# Making researching a breeze! Rimworld-1.5 1.5 Update
beuluis Good-Games-Munich / vpn-server no-lang A VPN server to connect some stuff for Good Games Munich. 0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
MCLegoMan MCLegoMan / mclm_save Java A quilt mod that adds saving to older versions of Minecraft 1.0.0-beta.3+in-20100110 # ![](./assets/logo.png) ## Save 1.0.0-beta.3 for in-20100110 ### Changes - Debug screen has been moved to it's own mod. ([mclm_debug](
Ethan-makes-music Ethan-makes-music / Project-FTS Haxe A fnaf fan game I made in around a month V1.0 Since V1.1 is out here is V1.0 source if you still want to use this version of the game! The only thing is you have to compile it yourself
github-actions[bot] CSLTech / budibase-csv-import Svelte A Budibase UI component that allows end users to import CSV data into a SQL Table or Budibase table v1.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
mdekstrand mdekstrand / sandal Python Common bootstrapping and configuration for Python scripts. v0.1.0a2
Majsek Majsek / Project_BC GDScript This repository contains the code for my bachelor's project titled "Development of virtual reality videogames with emphasis on simplicity and availability" v0.3 _First public export._
Anextaran Anextaran / avengers no-lang delete this v0.0.1 # New Features
github-actions[bot] dskiff / tko Go Build simple OCI images without elevated privileges 0.1.1 ## Changelog * 6e92113 main -> latest * 0f44d56 only publish on release
github-actions[bot] rbeeli / RiskPerf.jl Julia Quantitative risk and performance analysis package for financial time series powered by the Julia language. v0.1.0 ## RiskPerf v0.1.0
ThiagoCotta ThiagoCotta / Atividade-Avaliativa-I Java Especificação Avaliação I Disciplina Reutilização de Software - Repositório utilizado para exemplificar um estudo de caso Release-V1.0.0 Versão 1 do projeto
artcouto92 U-I-2 / cordova-plugin-inappbrowser Java Apache Cordova Plugin inappbrowser 6.0.1
FeodorFitsner appveyor / ci PowerShell AppVeyor community support repository build-agent-v6.3.3+3314
NianZo NianZo / Archlinux-Development-Container Shell The definition of a Docker container to build a development / CI environment on Archlinux. Also contains a Github Action to automatically push the image to Docker Hub. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
Gexos Gexos / Power-Panel AutoIt Power Panel is designed to provide easy access to common computer control functions. It allows users to perform actions such as shutting down the computer, restarting it, putting it to sleep, and locking the screen. v1.0.0
tsukinoko-kun tsukinoko-kun / sedimentary Go next generation version control system v0.0.0 ## Changelog * 98e8619 init
Marastraluster Marastraluster / homepage Vue 个人主页,我的个人主页,个人主页源码,主页模板,homepage v4.1.4 New Realeases
github-actions[bot] xhmotor / mytv Python TVBox、影视仓、影迷配置文件,自动更新,可自定义配置,可用于IPTV电视,自定义频道菜单,定时自动更新模板直播源接口,过滤ipv4/ipv6接口,按响应时间、分辨率综合排序,保证时效性 | Auto-updating TVBox configs, customizable for IPTV, custom channel menus, scheduled live source updates, filters ipv4/ipv6 interfaces, sorts by response time, resolution, ensures timeliness 1.0.8 ### 2024/4/24 - 跟进某个节点检索频道名称参数变更(#91)(Follow up on the parameter change of channel name retrieval for a certain node (#91)) - 调整默认运行配置(Adjust
NSHoffman NSHoffman / N7ZedsSkins no-lang Majorly reworked, custom version of the known Grittier Zeds texture pack. v1.0.0
potibas potibas / postgres-pgmp Dockerfile PostgreSQL 16 docker image with pgmp extension 16.2 **Full Changelog**:
thinknathan thinknathan / pcss-mixins CSS Various mixins for use with postcss-mixins v0.0.1
cllde8 LabIMotion / chem-generic-ui JavaScript A React component for dynamically building user interfaces. v1.3.0 ### Release Notes #### Features and Enhancements - Introduce new options to restriction setting for designer - Introduce the customized field name based on certain conditions for designer
QuickMythril QortalPlus / qortal no-lang Qortal Project Core - decentralize the world - Data storage, communications, web hosting, decentralized trading, complete infrastructure for the future blockchain based Internet v4.5.1 ### _Qortal Core+ v4.5.1_ _Changes in this release:_ - Commits from the Qortal repo made after the 4.5.1 release
daviddorf2023 daviddorf2023 / ExportURDF Python Scripts to convert CAD to URDF files. v0.0.1-alpha Fusion360 and OnShape base implementation, sure to have plenty of bugs that need solving. Fusion360 generally seems a bit more stable at the moment and has more features.
lRomul lRomul / argus Python Lightweight library for training neural networks in PyTorch v1.1.0 ## Fix * Fix `AverageMeter` for n > 1 cases. ## Breaking Changes * Delete batch object after iteration complete. * Don't store data loader in the state of engine. ## New Features
kirkeaton kirkeaton / semantic-release-config JavaScript semantic-release config for my projects v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2024-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * Disable comments and labels on released pull requests ([784c807](https://github
Moazosama2004 Moazosama2004 / Sentiment-Analysis Jupyter Notebook Sentiment Analysis Project v1.0 First release
github-actions[bot] seanw7 / dify-helm Smarty Deploy langgenious/dify, an LLM based app on kubernetes with helm chart dify-0.20.1 Instant cloud deployment for
popcord popcord / VisionCraft-Checker Python This script checks for new and unknown(deleted) sd/sdxl models from VisionCraft and updates a JSON file accordingly to save datas. v1.1 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] jakobilab / circhemy Python Convert and query IDs of circular RNAs from many different databases v0.1.0 We are proud and happy to release the initial version of `circhemy`, our universal circular RNA (circRNA) ID converter. Our powerful new software, `circhemy`, not only allows conversion of over tw
ZejdCicak ZejdCicak / composer-git-hooks PHP Easily manage git hooks in your composer config v4.0.0
CJackmay Finsel-DGI / pasby-typescript-sdk TypeScript Typescript sdk for pasby rest api v0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] banditgoose / open-webui Svelte User-friendly WebUI for LLMs v0.1.121 ## [0.1.121] - 2024-04-24 ### Fixed - **🔧 Translation Issues**: Addressed various translation discrepancies. - **🔒 LiteLLM Security Fix**: Updated LiteLLM version to resolve a security vulnera
vermi5 vermi5 / winddcutil Python Script based on the Windows implementation of the ddcutil Linux program for querying and changing monitor settings, such as brightness and color levels. v0.1 Initial version.
DO1JLR roles-ansible / ansible_collection_linux no-lang Ansible Collection l3d.linux v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**: Initial release of l3d.linux
blorbee1 blorbee1 / ComputeLua Lua A simple library to make Parallel Luau easier v1.1.0 ## **1.1.0** * Added `ComputeLua.CreateThead(actor: Actor, threadName: name, callback: (number, VariableBufferDataType) -> ())` * Changed `Dispatcher:Dispatch()` to return a `Promise.defer()`
ErlingSigurdson ErlingSigurdson / Billy_the_Relay C++ Arduino project (software part, not a specific hardware layout) for ESP32 and ESP8266 modules. Turns a simple load ON and OFF according to commands received over UART (by cable), Wi-FI (TCP, HTTP) and Bluetooth Classic. v.1.2 v.1.2 is out, yay!
michaelheilmann michaelheilmann / idlib-text CMake Unicode Code Point and UTF 8 related functionality in C. 1.0 Version 1.0 of IdLib Text.
varshaver12 varshaver12 / FinamAPISwiftSDK Swift is initial v0.2.0-alpha Написан сервис выставления ордера
kmichaelk kmichaelk / UNN-Android Kotlin Мобильный клиент для доступа к веб-сервисам ННГУ v1.0.15 - Небольшой редизайн экрана поста живой ленты - Просмотр реакций под постами и комментариями ленты - Исправл�
Lisias KSP-ModularManagement / ModularManagement Shell A convenient entry point Package for KSP modding with all batteries included RELEASE/2024.04.24.0 * Updates [Module Manager Watch Dog]( to ![Keep Walking](
phenobarbital phenobarbital / qworker Python QWorker is an asynchronous Task Queue implementation built on top of asyncio, spawn distributed workers to run functions inside. 1.10.1 ## What's Changed * add support for optional uvloop by @phenobarbital in * Bump black from 23.11.0 to 24.3.0 in /docs by @dependabot in https:/
sraybell sraybell / QuickExportTools Python Provides batch export of selected objects in common formats v0.5.3 The lastest bits and pieces that I'm using!
aaronzlim aaronzlim / radio_periph_lab VHDL Vivado project for class SoC FPGA Design Lab at Johns Hopkins. v1.0.0 Contains a simulated ADC (DDS core) and actual digital downconverter that provides samples to an on-board audio DAC at 48.828125 kHz over an I2S interface. Both the ADC and digital downconverter are t
SamuelPietro SamuelPietro / Breastplate PHP Accelerate your PHP development with Breastplate, the quickstart framework based on best practices and the MVC pattern v.1.2.1 ## **Breastplate v1.2.1** This release addresses a critical correction to the PSR-4 nomenclature. We've updated the naming convention from 'breastplate' to 'Breastplate', e
befabri befabri / ssh-keyword-cli Go CLI tool for quick SSH connections using keywords v1.2 **Full Changelog**:
Harsmnothiya-bit Harsmnothiya-bit / lpu-eatz TypeScript Capstone Project - Online Food Pre order App for verndors/cafes inside LPU campus v1.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] stefandanaita / rabbitmq-management-client Rust Manage RabbitMQ clusters via the Management API v0.0.1-alpha.2 ### Other - Clippy - Fmt - Test that the lib can list exchanges - Release-plz workflow setup
FernandoNto FernandoNto / HolaMundo_IIS Haskell Mi primer repositorio :) v1.0.0 Versión release
evanotero google-checks / checks-fastlane-plugin Ruby This plugin scans your mobile app using Google Checks to uncover compliance issues and data collection/sharing behaviors. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
Blaubart freevariode / openvario-shell Python Main Menu Shell for Openvario 0.7.8
ParhamP ParhamP / EMCM MATLAB Eigen Manifold Cross Mapping (EMCM) Toolbox v1.0.0
kataras iris-contrib / middleware Go Community Middleware List for the Iris Web Framework. v12.2.11 Updates for Iris version 12.2.11
github-actions[bot] eddie-knight / git-proxy JavaScript Deploy custom push protections and policies on top of Git v0.1.0 # Changelog * No changes See details of [all code changes]( since previous release
github-actions[bot] DeadCowDev / forms TypeScript A model-driven, simple and typesafe approach to forms @deadcow-enterprises/forms-core@0.0.1 ### Patch Changes - 4bc6e4a: Initial version
github-actions[bot] graytonio / flagops Go Use the power of feature flags in your infrastructure as code v0.1.10 ## Changelog * fbb045f fix: console output does not add new line inbetween files
github-actions[bot] design-group / ignition-tag-cicd-module Java An Ignition Module to add features that enhance CICD capabilities for tags. v0.0.1-SNAPSHOT
lucasmacedot DNXLabs / terraform-aws-eks-external-secrets HCL Terraform module for deploying kubernetes-external-secrets, this enables to use AWS Secrets Manager and SSM Parameters inside a pre-existing EKS cluster. 0.1.4 Remove constraint on provider versions
mrvillage v19-io / oauth TypeScript OAuth2 server and client implementations in TypeScript v0.0.1 - Initial implementation and API, this will change in the future as the library evolves
github-actions[bot] TheJacksonLaboratory / geneweaver-core Python The core library for GeneWeaver projects. v0.10.0a0 Release v0.10.0a0 PyPI:
hackvan hackvan / phoenix-alpine Dockerfile Imagen de docker basada en Alpine con todo lo necesario para trabajar con Phoenix v1.5.14-otp23 Phoenix 1.5.14, Alpine 3.12, Elixir 1.11.4, Erlang/OTP 23.3.4, Nodejs 12
babycommando babycommando / machinascript-for-robots Python Build LLM-powered robots in your garage with MachinaScript For Robots! 0.2.2 # A Symphony of Thought and Action ![banner0 2 2]( We are thrilled to unveil Patch
jpsanchezg jpsanchezg / personapi-dotnet C# laboratorio 1 de arquitectura de software v1.0.0 Primera version de personApi dotnet
sagitarriuss sagitarriuss / MusicBrainzPlusAPI Python RESTful API application to work with own music DB based on MusicBrainz data 1.1.0 Changes: 💎 Added automatic database initialization. [](
bokuweb bokuweb / re-resizable TypeScript 📏 A resizable component for React. 6.9.16 ## What's Changed * fix: #783 by @bokuweb in * fix: 6.9.12 by @bokuweb in * 6.9.13 by @bokuweb
mrkllvc mrkllvc / jtd-test SCSS Testing just-the-docs Jekyll theme v0.0.1 Jekyll with the just-the-docs theme with some minor changes, such as modifications to enable the dark theme.
mikebronner mikebronner / nova-passport-manager Vue Manage Passport clients and tokens from within Nova. 0.9.0 ### Added - Laravel 11 compatibility. Thanks @oceanapplications
github-actions[bot] Ravernstal / gof2edit Rust Galaxy on Fire 2 CLI tool to unpack and repack BIN files and save files, as well as patch binaries v0.0.0-test
jfladas jfladas / Fahrplan C# Simple Timetable Application | Windows Forms | 2019 v1.0.0
henrikvtcodes henrikvtcodes / jscfg JavaScript Henrik's config packages for JS/TS tooling. eslint@1.2.0 State of the repository at the current eslint config package version. With the release of eslint v9, this config will be rewritten for eslint@9 & will have all configs in one project. The Eslin
rcarver rcarver / swift-graphql-pagination Swift Swift implementation of GraphQL Cursors 0.1.0 First release! **Full Changelog**:
MrMendelli MrMendelli / yt-dlp-CLI Batchfile A minimalist CLI frontend for yt-dlp, scripted in batch. 2.7 Image Downloads Added - Added the ability to download channel images and video thumbnails as image files _*Special thanks to u/weird from the r/youtubedl sub for help with this._ - Changed depend
kazuyanagimoto kazuyanagimoto / quarto-awesomecv-typst Typst A Quarto + Typst format for CV v0.0.0.900 First Release
LebCit LebCit / GoogleQLWrapper JavaScript A tiny JS wrapper for Google Visualization API Query Language v0.0.1 First version of GoogleQLWrapper
QuantumWizard888 QuantumWizard888 / Aurora-Text-Editor Python Minimalistic text editor created with Python and Tkinter v0.7 Initial release version **0.7**.
galenatjpl unity-sds / unity-on-demand no-lang Unity MGSS On-Demand 23.2 23.2
FKouhai FKouhai / fiberprometheus Go prometheus middleware for Fiber v3 0.1.0 # fiberprometheus for fiberv3 This release, its the first step towards having a prometheus metrics middleware for fiber v3 ## What changes has been implemented: - Migrated all the v2 dependen
kazuyanagimoto kazuyanagimoto / typstcv Typst An automated Quarto + Typst CV v0.0.0.900 First Release
rulosant rulosant / crop_scraper Python Crop Information Scraper v1.0.0 Dec 2023 version
loudinb loudinb / haos Python :beginner: Home Assistant Operating System 12.2 **Full Changelog**:
loriab MolSSI / QCManyBody Python Intermolecular many-body expansion with QCArchive integration v0.1.0
dirkkessler gladly / app-platform-appcfg no-lang The Gladly App Platform configuration tool v0.9.19 v0.9.19 04/24/2024 - Initial release - Note that the executables are currently not signed and will trigger a security warning the first time you run the tool. You will need to update security setti
github-actions[bot] 3C0D / obsidian-easy-toggle-sidebars TypeScript unofficial obsidian plugin 2.0.1 first version migration **Full Changelog**:
sumitaich1998 goto / firehose Java Firehose is an extensible, no-code, and cloud-native service to load real-time streaming data from Kafka to data stores, data lakes, and analytical storage systems. v0.10.0 ## What's Changed * feat: httpv2 sink using depot by @sumitaich1998 in * fix: fix checkstyle by @sumitaich1998 in
gl4ssesbo1 gl4ssesbo1 / Nebula Python Nebula is a cloud C2 Framework, which at the moment offers reconnaissance, enumeration, exploitation, post exploitation on AWS, but still working to allow testing other Cloud Providers and DevOps Components. 3.0
Dinaster85 Dinaster85 / WarpPlugin Java Simple warp plugin with multi-world support for Nukkit 1.2.0 **Multilanguage update 1.2.0** - multilanguage support - add russian translate
YoureSpotted YoureSpotted / AdditionalGuns Java A community addon for MrCrayfish's Gun Mod for 1.16 and above 0.8.2-1.20.1 * ⬆️ Update mod to Minecraft 1.20.1
akupiec akupiec / calibre_plugin_bulk-img-resizer Python Calibre Editor Plugin, resizing & compressing images in bulk v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
jbusche foundation-model-stack / fms-hf-tuning Python Tuning scripts using Hugging Face `SFTTrainer` v0.0.2rc1 ## What's Changed * Init by @raghukiran1224 in * allows disable flash attn and torch dtype param by @Ssukriti in
Bigjango13 UselessSolutions / bta-backpacks Java Better with Backpacks! is a simple mod for BTA that adds... backpacks. v1.1.4-7.1 # Dependencies: - HalpLibe >= 3.5.2: # Change Log ### Changes: - Updated to 7.1 # **DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE SOURCES JAR UNLESS YOU KNOW W
evanotero google-checks / checks-app-scan-github-action Shell This GitHub Action scans your mobile app using Google Checks to uncover compliance issues and data collection/sharing behaviors. v1.0.1 ## What's Changed * Export async analysis to JSON file by @evanotero in * Update README and name of GitHub Action ## New
bchew bchew / dynamodump Python Simple backup and restore for Amazon DynamoDB using AWS SDK for Python (boto3) v1.10.0 ### 🚀 New features and improvements * fix: globalSecondaryIndex PAY_PER_REQUEST by @raizen-renatofilizzola in ## 🔧 Maintenance * chore(deps):
danolloxd danolloxd / league_record2 Rust Record League of Legends games test v1.0 qol changes for personal use
mrcjkb nvim-neorocks / rtp.nvim Nix Source plugin and ftdetect directories on the Neovim runtimepath. v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2024-04-24) ### Features * extract rtp.nvim library from rocks.nvim runtime module ([cbd9361](
github-actions[bot] trumae / xmake Lua 🔥 A cross-platform build utility based on Lua v2.5.8
primetime43 primetime43 / Toontown-Rewritten-Bot C# A bot that performs time consuming tasks for you in ToonTown Rewritten 1.5.0 ## What's Changed * dev-main to main by @primetime43 in ### **New Features:** - Enhanced Customizability with User-Created Actio
stepandel stepandel / sqitch-action Dockerfile GH Action to run Sqitch 1.0.0
lucasmacedot DNXLabs / terraform-aws-eks-metrics-server HCL Terraform module for deploying Kubernetes Metrics Server, Metrics Server collects resource metrics from Kubelets and exposes them in Kubernetes apiserver through Metrics API for use by Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and Vertical Pod Autoscaler. 1.0.0 Remove maximum version constraint on providers versioning
ryuuzaki42 ryuuzaki42 / PyCharm_Appimage Shell PyCharm community in Appimage 2021.1.2
lucasmacedot DNXLabs / terraform-aws-eks-dashboard HCL Terraform module for deploying kubernetes-dashboard inside a pre-existing EKS cluster. 1.0.0 Remove maximum version constraint on provider version
lucasmacedot DNXLabs / terraform-aws-eks-cloudwatch-metrics HCL Terraform module for deploying AWS CloudWatch Agent inside a pre-existing EKS cluster. 1.0.0 Remove maximum constraint on provider versions
naielv EuskadiTech / LocalAxel-OTA Python OTA Files for LocalAxel v0.0.1 Aqui solo se ubica el portable base. **Full Changelog**:
xSimmba xSimmba / Django-To-Do-List-Simple Python Etic project BW-1 v1.0 Lots to be done
annmh HermundstadLab / flyVisualLearning MATLAB MATLAB code for Dan et al. (2024), A neural circuit architecture for rapid learning in goal-directed navigation. v1.0 ## flyVisualLearning MATLAB code for Dan et al. (2024), A neural circuit architecture for rapid learning in goal-directed navigation.
jedwards1211 jcoreio / zod-route-schemas TypeScript Utility for parsing URL routes with typesafe parameters v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2024-04-24) ### Bug Fixes * fix various issues with format/partialFormat ([2d52dab]( * more AP
Adolfok3 Adolfok3 / AuthorizationInterceptor.Extensions.MemoryCache C# An interceptor from AuthorizationInterceptor that uses a MemoryCache for handle authorization headers 2.0.0
jsuereth open-telemetry / weaver Rust A (currently prototype) tool for interacting with Telemetry Schemas / definitions in OpenTelemetry v0.1.0 Initial release of OpenTelemetry weaver for usage in semantic-conventions repository. This is a PREVIEW release, and stability guarantees are loose prior to 1.0. ## What's Changed: 1. The
github-actions[bot] leonowski / action-aws-ssm-run-command TypeScript Github Action for running commands on Linux or Windows machine managed using SSM v1.0.1 ## What's Changed * try bumping versions by @leonowski in ## New Contributors * @leonowski made their first contribution in https:/
francoborrelli francoborrelli / django4-tabular-export Python Utilities used to export data into spreadsheets from Django applications. 1.0.0
sebastien-comeau DTS-STN / canadian-dental-care-plan TypeScript The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) will help ease financial barriers to accessing oral health care for eligible Canadian residents with an annual adjusted family net income of less than $90,000 who do not have access to dental insurance. v0.0.1 ## What's Changed * Add note to `.env.example` by @gregory-j-baker in * [infra] Add prod OAuth callback by @gregory-j-baker in htt
karlicoss karlicoss / grasp Python A reliable org-capture browser extension for Chrome/Firefox v1.0.0 * extract backend in a proper pip package by @karlicoss in
dalwar23 devopsforhumans / kumaone Python Automation friendly bulk action CLI helper for Uptime Kuma. v0.0.1-alpha.5 - Add `Opsgenie` notification support - Update documentation - Update dependencies
seborama seborama / pcloud-sdk Go Cross-platform pCloud SDK written in Go for the rest of us v0.11.0 Renamed the repo to pcloud-sdk
avatayl0r avatayl0r / easyrip Python easyrip is a user interface (UI) for yt-dlp, a command-line downloader for YouTube and other video platforms. It provides a graphical interface to easily download videos and audio from various sources. Please note that easyrip is licensed under the MIT License, which allows you to use, modify, and distribute the software freely. v1.0.0 # Release Update: v1.0.0 is now LIVE! ## Changelog Added: - Easyrip is now publicly avaliable! Fixes: - No noted bugs or errors Please note that any and all suggested features and/or
github-actions[bot] palantir / fedstart-helm-charts Smarty A repository for commonly used helm charts with Palantir Fedstart grafana-7.3.7001
progrium progrium / authsite Go Set up GitHub Pages and Auth0 authentication with minimal effort v0.1 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] pathwaycom / pathway Python Pathway is a high-throughput, low-latency data processing framework that handles live data & streaming for you. Made with ❤️ for Python & ML/AI developers. v0.10.0 ## [0.10.0 - 2024-04-24] ### Added - Pathway now warns when unintentionally creating Table with empty universe. - `` in `raw` and `plaintext` formats now supports output for tabl
WikiMANNia WikiMANNia / MediaWiki-Skin-Monaco CSS This is an unbranded fork of the Monaco skin originally developed by Fandom (formerly known as Wikicities and Wikia). REL1_39_2.7.0 Version 2.7.0 add new hook MonacoStaticboxEnd (for inserting Donation button)
SoulWithMae WeatherElectric / MonoDirectorOBS C# OBS integration for MonoDirector v1.0.0 # Initial Release # Dependencies * [MonoDirector](
nativeit vogsphe-re / midea-msmart Python Python library for local control of Midea (and associated brands) smart air conditioners. 2024.4.23 - **DEVELOPMENT RELEASE: DO NOT USE** - Development for inclusion of humidity sensor
PercentMage9College PercentMage9College / Chud-Attack ShaderLab An arcade styled shooter game inspired by Intended for an audience of 8-12 year olds (as required by my college). The game sucks because I didn't have long to make it. V0.1 Still not made the core functions of the game, but the menu system etc is now made. You can move the camera around in the game, and the buttons on the menu work (including the full screen button and
devGra2022 devGra2022 / Sorteo no-lang Programa para sorteos de la Nieve v1.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
vellons Loopable-it / Loopable-Backend Python A Django Rest Framework backend for Loopable 1.0.0
akostadinov 3scale / searchd Dockerfile Simple searchd container for 3scale 3scale-2.14.1-GA Sphinx based Search daemon.
ricochet WebAssembly / WASI Rust WebAssembly System Interface v0.2.0 This version officially launched with the vote in the WASI Subgroup January 24th.
xiaying-peng coinbase / mesh-cli Go CLI for the Rosetta API v0.10.4 ## What's Changed * Enable target account checking by @jingweicb in * validate staking ops by @xiaying-peng in
pajasevi pajasevi / samourai-dojo JavaScript End-to-end bitcoin wallet backing server for powering Samourai Wallet and other light wallets v1.24.1
lucasmacedot DNXLabs / terraform-aws-eks-node-termination-handler HCL Terraform module for deploying node termination handler inside a pre-existing EKS cluster. 1.0.0 - Update required aws provider version to > 4.0.0, < 5.0.0
SlaveBuild SlaveBuild / N1094_Playtest no-lang playtests v0. Concrete.
lukasjakobi lukasjakobi / ha-light-scene-switch Python Home Assistant Python Script to switch between multiple scenes by using "last", "next" or "current" to manage the scnenes. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
GrantBirki GrantBirki / Crystal Crystal toolkit for the GitHub API (in development) v0.2.0
BaryshevRS ngx-rock / memoize-pipe TypeScript Memoizing Angular function components in a template 0.1.10
jpenilla PaperMC / asm-utils Java Library for redirecting Java reflection calls using ASM v0.0.1 Initial release **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] YofukashiNo / PingPong TypeScript Randomize ping numbers. v1.0.0
briansfrank haxall / haxall Fantom Haxall IoT framework v3.1.10 *Build 3.1.10 (23 Apr 2024)* - Xeto new LibRepo and LibNamespace APIs replace XetoEnv - Dict.spec removed, must use LibNamespace.specOf - added - Xeto renamed to spec/specs
reshmaharidhas reshmaharidhas / Dice-Roller Python Basic dice roller application which can roll 6 different types of dices in your desktop v1.0.0 To download and install my desktop application, 1. Download the '****' zipped file from the assets below 2. Open it and extract the folder 3. Double click on the extracted f
devsolux devsolux / ai-chat-releases no-lang AiChat supporting diverse AI-Models and Devices, with a focus on privacy and efficiency. v1.0.0
riccardobonanomi riccardobonanomi / pyris3 Python PyRIS - Python RIvers by Satellite v.3.2.1 **Full Changelog**: Improved manual mask cleaning functionalities
egalvis39 iKonoTelecomunicaciones / ivrflow Python [asterisk] IVR codeless builder v0.1.1 ## What's Changed * Create LICENSE by @egalvis39 in * feat(node): :sparkles: Add new node Record by @jffrancob in
francoborrelli francoborrelli / django-unfold-admin-list-filter-dropdown Python Use dropdowns in Django admin list filter | Updated version for django-unfold 1.0.0
onehumanbeing BuidlerHouse / artela-hardhat-plugin Shell Artela Hardhat Plugin 0.0.7 First Workable version for test. Worked on Mac, and Linux. Still need to support more on Windows. Supports development of Aspect and Solidity applications on Hardhat, integrates local nodes, and
badrishc badrishc / garnet C# Garnet is a remote cache-store from Microsoft Research that offers strong performance (throughput and latency), scalability, storage, recovery, cluster sharding, key migration, and replication features. Garnet can work with existing Redis clients. v1.0.6
Galinko87 Galinko87 / kbot Go devops application from scratch v1.0.5
idleberg idleberg / vite-plugin-valibot-env TypeScript A Vite plugin to validate environment variables against a Valibot schema v0.1.0 - first release
astrixgame Adatage / AdataFlow JavaScript This is web JS framwork to build website networks developed by Adatage team v0.0.1 Preview version of AdataFlow web framework, not fully operational yet
gimnasialp gimnasialp / acc-rabbitMq-withSpringBoot Java rabbitMq with spring boot (section 9 - RabbitMQ : Messaging with Java, Spring Boot And Spring MVC) 0.0.1 section 9 - 29 prueba de envio y recepcion(service listener) de mensaje a una queue(Mobile) el curl de prueba es: el curl de prueba escurl --location 'localhost:8080/api/v1/test/migue'
sammy-sandhu OpenLXP / openlxp-sample JavaScript Sample Experience Index Agent (XIA) component for the OpenLXP solution. 1.0.2 Github release created from p1-ironbank branch for ironbank deployment. Version/tag 1.0.2 used to match ironbank image version.
1pkg 1pkg / mbox-chart Go A tool to analyze a busy email inbox visually by plotting aggregated email sender data. v0.1.0
astropenguin b4r-dev / observing-scripts Shell Templates and commands for making B4R observing scripts (*.scr) v2022.8.0 ## What's Changed * Add templates and maker as of 2022 by @astropenguin in * Update directory structure by @astropenguin in
oatcoder oatcoder / jefe JavaScript NPM Package v1.3.2
Xevion Xevion / rust-sdl2-emscripten Rust A full example of Rust + SDL2, in a Web-enabled cross-platform demo. v0.2.0 Initial release. Don't expect many exception updates, except relating to the main loop, window resizing abilities, and a potential web server release. **Full Changelog**:
saeed9807 saeed9807 / deploying-machine-learning-models no-lang Code for the online course "Deployment of Machine Learning Models" 0.0.1 Example model release (and publish to Gemfury)
moritz-h moritz-h / urls-list JavaScript Firefox Add-on to list URLs. Install here: 0.6.0 Install here: ### New Features - Dark theme support - Settings option to open already opened URLs anyway ### Changes - minor internal cleanups
jorgeFereira jorgeFereira / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de Node - Rest Server Basico v1.0.0 # RestServer = WebServer configuraciones iniciales listas Se puede utilizar para iniciar otros proyectos
nolemretaWxd nolemretaWxd / SharpApple C# Apple 1 emulator written in C# v0.1.0
palakchheda britive / zsh-plugin Shell Britive zsh plug-in for Oh My Zsh v0.0.1-alpha This is the first public release of PyBritive's oh-my-zsh plugin.
uffefl uffefl / LibDullasSwingTimer Lua Provides functions for ranged swing timer and haste calculations for Project Epoch server. Intended for WeakAuras integration. v0.2 First pre-release of LibDullasSwingTimer. Needs some testing!
bilal966 bilal966 / stream-downloader-804 CSS Stream downloader is a Flask-Python web app that enables users to download YouTube videos. y leveraging the Pytube library, users can search for their desired videos and effortlessly save them for offline access. Stream Saver simplifies the process of video downloading, enhancing the convenience and flexibility of online content consumption. v1.0.0-beta
TheAhmedGad TheAhmedGad / push-to-release JavaScript Github action to create tag and release from package.json file on push event 1.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
res-shripadanil-mane res-shripadanil-mane / skills-release-based-workflow JavaScript My clone repository v0.9 Giving a shot at my first beta release!
JustLeader69420 JustLeader69420 / mmx-marlin-custom C++ [MIRROR] My edits of the Mingda Magician X firmware gd-ti-v1.1 This is a (relatively) production ready build. I don't see a need to build for the st version, normal hotend, or unmodified status menu for now, so only gd-ti with custom status menu :)
github-actions[bot] YofukashiNo / PlatformSimulator TypeScript Lets you trick Discord into thinking you're running on a different operating system. v1.0.4
alunduil alunduil / network-arbitrary Haskell Arbitrary Instances for Network Types v1.0.0.0 ### Added * GHC testing for 9.2.*, 9.4.*, 9.6.*, 9.8.* * Support for base 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.18, and 4.19 * Support for bytestring and newer, and and newer * Support for Quick
github-actions[bot] BonQerss / p3ppc.expandedsubmenu C# Expands the sub menu with configurable options. 0.1.1
wt-7 wt-7 / digger TypeScript Cross platform text search tool for multiple file types 0.0.1 🎉 Initial release
sam-penaa sam-penaa / shellation Lua a software for executing software :) v0.1.9b ONLY FOR LINUX windows support soon, not a promise lol Changelog: -- Improved Commands from `'sapphire run'` to `'pkg run'` `int clr` for clearing int command
GlazedCurd GlazedCurd / QrParserBot Go Just wrapper over a library 0.0.0
landauermax ait-aecid / anomaly-detection-log-datasets Python Analysis scripts for log data sets used in anomaly detection. v1.0 Release for submission of the repository at the FSE conference.
MrCreosote kbase / auth2_client_java Java A minimal client for the KBase auth2 service 0.5.0 ## What's Changed * Complete rewrite of the auth client * Includes a backwards compatibility shim `ConfigurableAuthService`, that supports the the most widely used operations ## New Contr
GrooveypenguinX GrooveypenguinX / WTT-UpInSmoke C# far out man! 1.0
Vox314 DeltaBotics / cli-log Python Command line interface logging. v0.2 **Full Changelog**: ![image]( 🚀 🌔
github-actions[bot] Constellation-Labs / euclid-development-environment Shell Quickly spin up basic dev environments to build local metagraph projects with our extendable base. v0.10.0.rc.1 ## 🚀 Features - Adding monitoring service - PR: #48
CallismartLtd CallismartLtd / smart-woo-service-invoicing PHP The officicial Smart Woo Repo v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2] - 20224-04-24 ### Fixed - Security Vulnerabilities. - Terra Wallet integration updated. - Menu Name changed to "Smart Woo". - Menu Priority Changed
svrooij svrooij / WingetIntune C# Package any app from Winget to Intune - WinTuner v0.8.4 ## What's Changed * Turn on Auto update? by @svrooij in **Full Changelog**:
bercium bercium / teleprompter JavaScript Modern Teleprompter v1.2.0 - **New:** Voice controlled script scroll - **New:** Support for 100 voice languages - **New:** Saving and loading voice settings remotely - **Updated:** Added pause option - **Updated:** Changed
seborama seborama / pcloud-drive Go pCloud drive for Linux / FreeBSD v0.1.0 Read-only pCloud drive.
PrimalZed PrimalZed / kobo-book-downloader-vue TypeScript Utility for downloading purchased audiobooks and ebooks from Kobo v1.0.1 * Update regex to get kobo signin url
divingmule divingmule / script.ircchat Python A XBMC IRC client add-on. 3.0.1 Updated for Kodi 21 thanks to @rossbridger .
TheCodeSmith404 TheCodeSmith404 / Newz Java A application to fetch news from api service v1.0 To run this application on android Google Play protect will scan the application before allowing installation. If it fails to verify disable the play protect to install the application.
sandre58 sandre58 / MyNetUtilities C# This collection contains a set of useful tools for .NET development. v1.0.0

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