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FrankChoo FrankChoo / PicturePicker Java you can pick photo from Storage Card more easily. 1.0.2
EisenbergEffect aurelia / validation TypeScript A validation plugin for Aurelia. 1.2.0 ### [aurelia-validation 1.2.0]( #### Bug Fixes * **property-access:** make number and string property keys work the same way ([bca8d33
cfmitrah MitrahSoft / preside-theme-arcana CSS An extension for PresideCMS that uses the HTML5Up arcana template - By v1.0
tormog Skatteetaten / architect Go Architect is a docker image that builds other docker image using Openshift CustomBuilder strategy. v1.9.0 Webleveransepakke - Added APP_VERSION and AURORA_VERSION - Support for web.webapp.path in openshift.json
rjndra khalti / khalti-sdk-ios Swift Khalti SDK for iOS apps. Khalti Merchant can use this library to integrate the payment system in their system. 1.0.9 This version is compatible with both swift 3 and 4.
patrickmichalina patrickmichalina / fusing-angular-cli TypeScript 🔥 Faster CLI tool for Angular v0.1.1 ## [0.1.1]( (2018-06-21) ### Bug Fixes * disable dependency info reporting ([#11](
lkochniss lkochniss / gamer-profile PHP Website to show your gaming stuff untagged-118f5ba76a891e7c4a0c See:
sautax sautax / game-of-life-typescript TypeScript The Conway's game of life in typescript 1.0 How to use the tool in the readme
mmckerns uqfoundation / ppft Python distributed and parallel python ppft- Basically, ppft is a friendly fork of pp, where ppft provides an easier install and better serialization. Ppft installs with easy_install or pip: `$ pip install ppft` Ppft requires: `- python,
EisenbergEffect aurelia / web-components JavaScript A plugin capable of transforming Aurelia components into standards-compliant Web Components. 0.2.1 #### Bug Fixes * fixed assignment to undeclared variable attr
vishvarodrigo vishvarodrigo / notable no-lang Test Project 1.0 Fintech Project Release 1
ekoutanov obsidiandynamics / fulcrum Java Micro-utilities for Java 0.15.1 * Minor fix: `Retry` now supports `Throwable` as the base exception type
kradster kradster / mean TypeScript my ng app v1.0-alpha simple dashboard !!
jhj24 jhj24 / HttpCall Kotlin commit v0.8.1
jeevatkm go-aah / config Go Config Library by aah framework, Syntax is similar to Typesafe HOCON v0.5.0 ## Changelog * Added Virtual FileSystem (VFS) capability parse config from VFS as well as Physical FileSystem
g0194776 g0194776 / crystal-bridge Go lightweight solution for collecting customized biz metrics to remote Prometheus on the kubernetes. v1.0.0 The first edition of Crystal Bridge.
scivision scivision / dmcutils Matlab Programs used to help with the Dual-Multi-sCale (DMC) experiment Andor Neo spool files v0.9.3 pep8 mypy
dsyzhu yahoo / yql-plus Java The YQL+ parser, execution engine, and source SDK v1.0.9 Fixed issues: - [#64]( Non-constant Map expression can't have key which is not a valid Java variable name
ychxx ychxx / YcMvp Java Android开发框架 1.02
Jpe230 Jpe230 / BOTW-Save-Editor-GUI C A Work in Progress Save Editor for BOTW beta Use with caution, always make backups, ily <3
Larusso wooga / atlas-build-unity Groovy a gradle companion plugin for the wooga internal unity build system v0.5.2
enriqueescobar-askida enriqueescobar-askida / Kinito.Revolution.Sql R Kinito Revolution SQL Description 0.6.5 0.6.5 SqlServer-Instance_DEV_DEV01-HS-DEV_HYSEC_DbForeignKeyList
chrisknepper chrisknepper / android-messages-desktop JavaScript Android Messages as a Cross-platform Desktop App untagged-662e7d3a8d41c4a7619a It works! <sup>(I ~~think~~ hope)</sup> No Linux binary, no signing certs for Mac/Windows, no actual icon...but it's a start.
crimsonred pubnub / go Go PubNub clients for Go v4.1.1 * MessageQueueOverflowCount and PNRequestMessageCountExceededCategory * subscribeMessageWorker optimization * integration tests optimizations
rabbeni digiapulssi / zabbix-aws-monitoring Python AWS monitoring module for Zabbix untagged-05301c7ad15e4006d8fd Fixed -1 value
Miguel1422 Miguel1422 / Restaurant Java Proyecto Restaurant untagged-e667f8a16028673e37c6 Third release
AxiosCros AxiosCros / tpr-framework PHP 专为接口开发而设计 2.0.3
fszeng2011 fszeng2011 / blecore Java BLE蓝牙核心库 2.2.1
scivision scivision / histutils Python HiST project raw data reading utilities v0.9.2 pep8 mypy
swarley7 swarley7 / gograbber Go A horizontal and vertical web content enumerator v0.4beta Beta release! - features added - bugs fixed - bugs introduced (probably)
vkhatri vkhatri / chef-elastic-repo Ruby Chef Cookbook to Create Yum/Apt Elastic Repository v1.0.0
benmaddison benmaddison / pynamedotcom Python A python library to interact with the api 0.1.0
icyphox icyphox / vite Python :cyclone: a static site generator that Just Works™ v1.3.2 - Minor styling changes
aashutoshrathi aashutoshrathi / auto-openvpn Python A cli tool for generating OpenVPN account, which can be used for 5 days. v1.0.6 Added UDP config links
isaac-weisberg isaac-weisberg / CuntentTwo Swift RxSwift extensions for Cuntent 2.0 Next-gen relying implementation of Cuntent for RxSwift
rabinstha wpeverest / user-registration PHP User Registration plugin for WordPress 1.4.1 Release of version 1.4.1
koalyptus koalyptus / TableFilter HTML A Javascript library making HTML tables filterable and a bit more :) untagged-a2c5b8f4bbbb06fc260f
shial4 shial4 / SWindow Swift Easy to use Swift windows manager 0.1.9 Fix pods
CodySchrank CodySchrank / MTT C# Converts C# DTOs to Typescript Interfaces using MSBuild Tasks. 0.4.5 Optionals (the use of `?`) are now supported.
shaanshivanandan digitdesign / xdvalidate JavaScript Intelligent Javascript-Based Form Validation Framework using Regular Expressions. 1.0.1
zerochl zerochl / weex-android Java 获取官方最新包,打包编译上传到jitpack,官方给出的依赖包很low 0.18.5 低四次尝试jitpack
JensPiegsa JensPiegsa / wiremock-extension Java The wiremock-extension is a JUnit 5 extension that starts WireMock before running tests and stops it afterwards. It is similar to the WireMockRule for JUnit 4. 0.1.3
slang03 Waikato / wekaDeeplearning4j Java Weka package for the Deeplearning4j java library v1.5.1 ## Changelog - Fix `ResizeImageInstanceIterator` - Add a message on installation to inform users about available GPU support - Remove `ConvolutionalInstanceIterator` interface from the available li
shridharkaushik29 shridharkaushik29 / laravel-angular-app PHP AngularJS applications in Laravel 1.1.1
MyLegGuy MyLegGuy / Higurashi-Vita C A port for the Vita v2.7.1 * [Vita] Possibly fix MP3 loading * [Vita] There is now also an alternate VNDS LiveArea. * Still no 3ds changes
Psykotikism Psykotikism / Super_Tanks SourcePawn Super Tanks++ makes fighting Tanks great again! v8.5
Perfare Perfare / Il2CppDumper C# Get types, methods, fields and so on from Unity Il2Cpp binary file v3.2.4
master-atul master-atul / react-native-exception-handler Objective-C A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions. 2.8.9 Prevents override of default exception handler for android. Solves the bug Thanks to @mark-friedman
bensadeghi bensadeghi / DecisionTree.jl Julia Julia Implementation of Decision Trees and Random Forests v0.7.2 * Dropped support for Julia v0.5 * New implementations of classification and regression routines (decision trees and random forests) * Updated ScikitLearn API
swissspidy wearerequired / traduttore PHP WordPress plugin that enables you to translate your WordPress projects in GlotPress and automatically install these translations. 2.0.1 Fixed a possible fatal error in the project locator class ([b6f6ceb]( Also includes improved code forma
CreeperKong CreeperKong / zhuichaiqiyuan AngelScript A flash galgame (追钗奇缘) final
nextsmarty nextsmarty / countly-sdk-web JavaScript Countly Product Analytics SDK for websites and web applications latest
koher koher / CGPointVector Swift CGPointVector provides the extension for arithmetic operations with CGPoint in Swift, which are convenient when CGPoint values are used as vectors. 0.3.0-beta - Renamed APIs - `*` to `⊗` - `cos(angleFrom:)` to `cos(from:)` - `nealyEqual` to `isNealyEqual` - Add lacked APIs - Full vector APIs for `CGSize` same as `CGPoint` - New operators
edickie edickie / ciftify Python The tools of the Human Connectome Project (HCP) adapted for working with non-HCP datasets v2.0.4-alpha Fixing the install bugs.
cversek p-v-o-s / mu Python A small, simple editor for beginner Python programmers. Written in Python and Qt5. v1.0.0.beta.18_esp8266 Contains an experimental ESP Mode, tested with esp8266 on Adafruit Feather Huzzah board. - fixed REPL garbage by turning off osdebug on entry
andy-hidrate andy-hidrate / parse-server JavaScript Parse-compatible API server module for Node/Express h2.0
jerriep jerriep / dotnet-outdated C# A .NET Core global tool to display outdated NuGet packages in a project v1.2.0
AdGeneration AdGeneration / ADG-Android-SDK no-lang Ad Generation Android SDK 2.11.7 - RecyclerViewにADGMediaViewを配置し動画広告が再生されている状態で、速いスクロールジェスチャーで画面内に表示されると、動画が再生されない場合が
John-Paul-R John-Paul-R / Vergere Java A robocode nano bot 0.1 Intial Release
gruberroland LDAPAccountManager / lam PHP LDAP Account Manager untagged-0f11e4b04e249cac51c5 User photos can be cropped to display only the important part of an image. Passwords can be checked via an external password service such as The account list filtering was
infojasyrc infojasyrc / tour-of-heroes TypeScript Angular Boilerplate v0.0.1 - Completed all tour of heroes. - Unit tests are running for the majority of components except for hero-detail.
vogxn elastic / die-with-dignity-plugin Java Elasticsearch plugin for causing cluster to die with dignity 6.3.0 release for 6.3.0
dkraczkowski igniphp / framework PHP PSR-15, PSR-7, PSR-11 lightweight modular framework for REST services. With built-in swoole suport. 1.4.0 - Introduced abstraction for routing - Fixed examples - Updated documentation
f981545521 f981545521 / iblog2 JavaScript iblog第二版 v1.0.0 增加基础架构
ElijahShadbolt Cresspresso / Battleship C++ Simple Battleships game. (Windows console application) 1.0 # Battleship Simple Battleships game. (Windows console application) Written in C++ using Visual Studio. ![Battleship Screenshot](Battleship.png) ## Installation (Windows 64-bit) 1. [Dow
pedrom34 pedrom34 / ZoteroPortable JavaScript Zotero 5 in Format dev30 Based on Zotero 5.0.52 MD5: ec497a223d6ce281a944bf1e42f356f6
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-06-21-13-00-01
mmlmml1 nfls / wechat JavaScript 微信小程序 1.0.0 - Simple login - Blackboard without the calander
isaac-weisberg isaac-weisberg / SnatchTwo Swift RxSwift extensions for Snatch networking 3.0 Update Snatch to next-gen
liyasthomas liyasthomas / liyas-vr HTML 👓 Virtual and Augmented Reality for everyone v0.9.0
liyasthomas liyasthomas / fuse-org HTML 🐳 Website for @FuseOrg v0.9.0
liyasthomas liyasthomas / recycle-mix HTML 🌸 Mix of targeted media content and eco-conscious recycling methodologies that influence positive environmental actions v0.9.0
Robz8 ahezard / nds-bootstrap C Boot an nds file v0.9.2 **Improvement** * Reading/writing save data is slightly faster now. **Bug fixes** * Pokemon Black/White now works without (mostly) any issues! (May need patched ROM with AP checks removed.) * C
jigsawye jigsawye / swagit JavaScript No more typo when using git checkout v0.1.3 ### Patches - Add update-check: e33539e67e587ce08733101cbf83def4829f4855 - Prevent no other branches: 63ac8b1ba65a8f4f9c49df53f74b8c06cc487211 - Refactor some code: 0191f4e267ebd6956ec1b91bfb2ef
lboulard lboulard / vim-win32-build Python Build yourself GVim/Vim for Windows v8.1.0091 Custom build of GVim/Vim for Windows. Use gvim-8.1.0091-x86.exe or gvim-8.1.0091-amd64.exe to install GVim/Vim. * [8.1.0091]( MS-Windows: Cannot in
pedronauck pedronauck / docz TypeScript ✍🏻It has never been so easy to document your things! v0.2.9 ## Changelog - [x] Chore: use findAllExportedComponentDefinitions for react-docgen (4b959b9c)
liyasthomas liyasthomas / material-things HTML 💎 Reusable Material Design components v0.9.0
mmckerns uqfoundation / multiprocess Python better multiprocessing and multithreading in python multiprocess- Basically, multiprocess is a friendly fork of multiprocessing, where multiprocess provides better serialization. Multiprocess installs with easy_install or pip: `$ pip install multiprocess` Mul
threedeyes threedeyes / qthaikuplugins C++ Qt5 plugins for haiku platform Haiku plugins for Qt 5.11.0
liyasthomas liyasthomas / pineapple-notes HTML 🍍 A simple, clean note app v1.0.0
gxlmyacc gxlmyacc / vue-asset-loader JavaScript a file-loader wrapper for Vue solve the image relative path issues when HTML and CSS not in the same directory 0.1.3
EisenbergEffect aurelia / ui-virtualization JavaScript A plugin that provides a virtualized repeater and other virtualization services. 1.0.0-beta.3.3.1 * Update deps.
TheWlr9 TheWlr9 / LocalCloud Java Your very own personal Java-based cloud! All you need is to have a machine with a "static" IP address, and to modify the client code to the appropriate IP address! v1.7.1 Cleaned up some code, and made the newly added "timeout" feature much better and reliable, and NOT McGuivre.
hv0905 hv0905 / SaberColorfulStartmenu C# ... untagged-3bdf7eec7d0ae6e7b40c 嗯,这个工具可以更改你的开始菜单应用磁贴的颜色,图标等。 关于: Saber's Colorful Startmenu Version:1.0 (release 1.0) 作者:HV0905 仅支持Win10操作系统
thephucit tun-application / Tunlookup no-lang Translates selected text with a keystroke v3.0.1 - Additional function update
waltjohnson inertialsense / InertialSenseSDK C++ The Inertial Sense SDK contains code to quickly and easily integrate with Inertial Sense, LLC hardware and systems. untagged-f52de91a0d7a94b8fec3 - uINS-3 firmware v1.6.6.0 b2667_2018-06-20_222626 - EvalTool v1.6.7.1 b45_2018-06-20_222307 ------ ### NEW FEATURES: - (RTK) BETA version of RTK precision GNSS positioning. - (uINS) Improved
wroscoe wroscoe / donkey Python self driving car 2.2.4 Uses Tensorflow 1.3 and the car app name is d2.
EisenbergEffect aurelia / framework JavaScript The aurelia framework brings together all the required core aurelia libraries into a ready-to-go application-building platform. 1.3.0-rc.2 ### [1.3.0-rc.2]( #### Bug Fixes * **FrameworkConfiguration:** use private info ([5a51394](
riyue sensorsdata / sa-sdk-miniprogram JavaScript 微信小程序 v1.3 新增openid自动获取,网页二维码自动最近一次来源,网页二维码首次来源等
RajvinderPayU payu-intrepos / PayUMoney-IOS-SDK Objective-C Easy to integrate SDK for iOS to facilitate fast mobile checkout PayUmoney_PnP.2.3.2 **Change Log:** * Save card toggle will not appear when UserSignUp is disabled * Removed local enable/disable logic for payment methods
jtmelton jtmelton / appsensor JavaScript A toolkit for building self-defending applications through real-time event detection and response v2.3.3 This is the 2.3.3 final release. Below is the list of changes in this release. Changes in version 2.3.3 (2018/06/21) -------------------------------------- * Resolved timestamp encoding issue
ElijahShadbolt Cresspresso / PlanetInvaders no-lang Game based off Space Invaders, but with rotational motion. 1.0 # Planet Invaders Game based off Space Invaders, but with rotational motion. Made in GameMaker Studio 2. ![Planet Invaders Screenshot](PlanetInvaders.png) ## Installation (Windows) 1. [
EisenbergEffect aurelia / i18n JavaScript A plugin that provides i18n support. 2.3.0 ### [aurelia-i18n 2.3.0]( #### Features * **i18n:** allow multiple attributes with the same key by listing them comma-separated ([666cfba](h
pymonger sdskit / sdscli Python Command line interface to SDSKit v0.0.7 Bug fixes and enhancements: - replace PROJECTS with QUEUE_PREFIXES - change default signal file extension to .signal.json - SSDS-195: configure and specify the compute instance type for PGE/QUEUE -
xx005fs xx005fs / SudokuSolver Java A java console programme that is derived from my repository called SudokuGame. This programme will allow you to type in a string representing a valid board of Sudoku, and the programme will determine whether the Sudoku is solvable or not. If it is solvable, the programme will display the solved Sudoku to the user. untagged-7060075c04d19f7eec49 Final solver. Possible improvement of the programme in the future.
Synai Synai / elstourneycontroller C++ Small program designed to streamline the many actions a streamer must take care of when hosting an Elsword tournament. v1.1.1 ### Elsword Tournament Controller v1.1.1 #### Release Version v1.1.1 #### Last Commit 8742766b2bc8692a37fb2096477feaeda99b609c #### Changelog - Fixed issue with Clip creation due to the pa
yskszk63 yskszk63 / mywinsvnbuild Python svn + apache windows build script for self study. 1.0.190
chingc chingc / DJBuy JavaScript A bookmarklet to facilitate purchases from the DJMAX Technika 3 website. v1.4.2 Final release.
casassg hackupc / frontend HTML 🚀 HackUPC's website and live frontend fall-2017 New branding focused on Barcelona as a brand. 700 hackers. Added GitHub files to improve PR/issues documentation.
jeevatkm go-aah / essentials Go Go essentials by aah framework v0.8.0 ## Changelog * Added URL helper methods (`IsValidURL`, `IsRelativeURL` and `IsAbsURL`) * Added `ess.Valuer` interface * Godoc update
taers232c taers232c / GAMADV-XTD Python Manage Google G Suite - Extended with TeamDrive support and Drive REST v3 v4.56.17 See GamConfig.txt for a description of the gam.cfg configuration file. Important if you are upgrading from Gam 3.xx/4.xx. See GamUpdate.txt for changes in this version. See GamCommands.txt for a c
rob42 SignalK / artemis-server Java signalk-java-server reloaded. 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT First release to test
taers232c taers232c / GAMADV-XTD3 Python Experimental - Manage Google G Suite - Extended with TeamDrive support and Drive REST v3 - Python 3.6 v4.56.17 See GamConfig.txt for a description of the gam.cfg configuration file. Important if you are upgrading from Gam 3.xx/4.xx. See GamUpdate.txt for changes in this version. See GamCommands.txt for a c
yangshun facebook / Docusaurus JavaScript Easy to maintain open source documentation websites. v1.3.0 1.3.0 introduces a brief clean up of our CSS, overall site typography and some improvements to Algolia search. Welcome to our newest user, [ml5](, a really cool machine library i
cyyyu cyyyu / DesenWords Swift Make insensitive. v1.1.3
vuthaihoc vuthaihoc / FileTypeDetector PHP Detects file type by filename or content and generates correct mimetype. v1.1.9
at-grandpa at-grandpa / clim Crystal Slim command line interface builder for Crystal. v0.3.2 * Fix for crystal version `0.25.0`
chrislo27 chrislo27 / RHRE-database no-lang Games database for RHRE v54 ## [Note: this requires at least editor version `v3.11.0`.]( * Added the long-awaited Love Rap (Japanese) * As a result, Love Rap (
bitnami-bot bitnami / bitnami-docker-service-catalog no-lang Bitnami Docker Image for Service-catalog 0.1.22-r0 Update service-catalog to 0.1.22
jeevatkm go-aah / forge Go Configuration file syntax and parsing for golang v0.5.0 ## Changelog * Virtual FIleSystem (VFS) capability added in parsing config file using ``
bitnami-bot bitnami / bitnami-docker-user-broker no-lang Bitnami Docker Image for User-broker 0.1.22-r0 Update user-broker to 0.1.22
bichikim bichikim / graphql-js-query JavaScript a way to make a graphql query in js style 0.0.7
schakrava rockstor / rockstor-core Python Linux/BTRFS based Network Attached Storage(NAS) 3.9.2-28 improve by-id device name retrieval #1937 @phillxnet
Steveorevo Steveorevo / platform-installer-plugin PHP The custom installer for enabling v1.0.3 Support for extended distribution types (i.e. .xz, .gzip, .rar, etc.)
JavidPack JavidPack / ModdersToolkit C# A mod for modders to use for modding. v0.1.8 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
Harutaka-Tsujino Harutaka-Tsujino / tetlisDirectxVer.0.0.1 C++ [HumanAcademy OsakaCampus] TETRIS created by DirectX9 C Language Ver.0.1.1 2018 6/21 最新版です リリース版ファイル添付しました
bachors bachors / SubtitleResync Java Subtitle Resync 1.0
lh3 lh3 / minimap2 C A versatile pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequences v2.11 Changes to minimap2: * Improved alignment accuracy in low-complexity regions for SV calling. Thank @armintoepfer for multiple offline examples. * Added option --eqx to encode sequence matc
HHMedic HHMedic / DoctorVideoDemo Java 和缓视频医生SDK Demo 0.0.2 fix 主动呼叫崩溃bug
CreeperKong CreeperKong / steam-gfw-fix Batchfile 一步解决Steam被墙问题 20180621
richardschneider richardschneider / money-works JavaScript Work with money in multiple currencies v1.5.4 ## [1.5.4]( (2018-06-21) ### Bug Fixes * **forex:** correct the demo ([e0ced02](
zj565061763 zj565061763 / updater Java android Real-time update library 1.0.7 1.0.7
0000marcosg 0000marcosg / TradEsp C++ Librería de traducción para funciones básicas de Arduino v2.0-alpha ## v2.0-alpha ### Esta versión agrega: #### MAYOR * Se separan los métodos públicos y los privados en dos archivos distintos. #### MINOR * Métodos para la función tone() * Constantes para e
NateScarlet NateScarlet / NukeBatchRender Python Nuke批渲染工具 0.14.3 # 使用方法: 1. 下载zip包 2. 解压zip包到你存放nuke插件的文件夹 3. 运行文件夹中的`安装.bat` 4. 打开nuke菜单 - 工具 - 批渲染 ## 如果需要序列转mov
electron-bot electron / search-with-your-keyboard JavaScript Add keyboard navigation to your existing client-side search interface. v1.0.4 ## [1.0.4]( (2018-06-21) ### Bug Fixes * update readme with info about new arrow behaviors ([#7](
Sija Sija / Crystal A Crystal library to handle IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a modern and productive way. v0.1.2 Update to Crystal v0.25.0
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm sources and releases for opengapps 20180621 Automatically generated builds of 21 June 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
peterennis peterennis / aeion4 TypeScript Ionic 4 early testing 4.0.0-alpha.7
BitwiseProgrammer BitwiseProgrammer / DBT no-lang Dragon Ball T! v0.1.23 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
shun-iwasawa opentoonz / opentoonz C++ OpenToonz - An open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software v1.2.1rc2 Release notes is in progress. It will be published along with the release version.
isaac-weisberg isaac-weisberg / Cuntent Swift Base repository for Cuntent project 2.0 Complete API revamp Doesn't require any libs to implement anything but actual async task start-ups and things
mbostock d3 / d3-contour JavaScript Compute contour polygons using marching squares. untagged-458e00ce5620257185d3 * Add [*density*.weight]( Thanks, @jheer @ilyabo! (#18)
zhuweiyou mtdhb / get JavaScript 每天大红包 · 领取端 20180621.1152 大幅度优化饿了么领取速度,增加黑/白名单逻辑。
jeevatkm go-aah / ws Go WebSocket Library by aah framework v0.2.5 PreRelease 😄
CloudyPadmal fossasia / pslab-android Java PSLab Android App v1.1.9 This version includes - Upgrades to Multimeter - Optimizing resources - Improvements to Wave Generator - Upgrades to Logic Analyzer - Upgrades to Power Source - Guides added to Logic Analyzer
sushantdhiman sequelize / sequelize JavaScript An easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js v4.38.0 # [4.38.0]( (2018-06-21) ### Features * **data-types:** network types for Postgres ([#9571](
zxd1997 zxd1997 / DOTA2 Java dota2 data app test First release with nearly finished match page (exclude ban/pick info) work in progress
chenqiaoen521 chenqiaoen521 / webpack-template CSS add 打包脚手架 webpack-template-single-page
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-core JavaScript Neon Extension: Core v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Dependency versions are now locked with `package-lock.json` **Changed** - Disabled WebSQL (deprecated in PouchDB) - Flattened source directory - Reduced karma memory usage
KMIito KMIito / CI-ACL-Boilerplate HTML Codeigniter Access Control List Boilerplate v0.0.5 ## [0.0.5] - 21 June, 2018 ### Added - Auth Library - Routes config *aplication/config/aauth.php* - Privileges saved in userdata() ### Changed - Create page ### Fixed - 404_html css link
andrejewski andrejewski / raj JavaScript The Elm Architecture for JavaScript v0.0.13 Improving the README and making sure it renders on npm adequately. See #29 for details.
jkuri bleenco / abstruse TypeScript Continuous Integration platform built with Node.js and Docker. v1.6.4 - performance improvements
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-framework JavaScript Neon Extension: Framework v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Configuration model constructor parameters are now validated - Dependency versions are now locked with `package-lock.json` - `DocumentObserver` now supports attribute observation
kparmar4505 kparmar4505 / aakroncrm-master PHP aakroncrm-master latest latest code
crazytravel crazytravel / Kindler Python A software for sending EBook to Kindle device untagged-02608ea66ce416213585
mmckerns uqfoundation / klepto Python persistent caching to memory, disk, or database klepto- Klepto extends python's 'lru_cache' to utilize different keymaps and alternate caching algorithms, such as 'lfu_cache' and 'mru_cache'. While caching is meant for fast access to saved results, klepto
fm-build NeApp / neon-extension-chrome no-lang Neon Extension for Chrome v2.0.0-beta.1
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-source-spotify JavaScript Neon Extension: Spotify v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Dependency versions are now locked with `package-lock.json` - Support for unit tests **Changed** - Flattened source directory
KiameV KiameV / rimworld-forcedojob C# Force a pawn to do a job even if they're not assigned to do that type of job 1.0 Last Update: June 20, 2018
kingsollyu kingsollyu / AppEnv-Kotlin Kotlin a xposed model -> AppEnv 3.2.10 增加全局拦截
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-source-googlemusic JavaScript Neon Extension: Google Play Music v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Dependency versions are now locked with `package-lock.json` - Support for unit tests **Changed** - Flattened source directory - Updated activity service to use `DocumentObse
kotl firebase / firebase-arduino C++ Arduino samples for Firebase. v0.3 - ArduinoJson minimum of version 5.13.1 is recommended. - ESP8266 Core SDK must be at least 2.4.1.
charlesdong charlesdong / planecraft C++ Planecraft is a sandbox game that almost completely clones Minecraft, but only in 2D space. v0.1 First version of Planecraft.
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-destination-listenbrainz JavaScript Neon Extension: ListenBrainz v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Dependency versions are now locked with `package-lock.json` - Support for unit tests **Changed** - Flattened source directory - Updated "react" to 15.6.2
monry umm-projects / simple_animation C# A simple Animation Component that leverages PlayableGraphs v1.0.2 ## Fixes * Fixes Unity-Technologies/SimpleAnimation#33
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-destination-librefm JavaScript Neon Extension: v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Dependency versions are now locked with `package-lock.json` - Support for unit tests **Changed** - Flattened source directory
mmckerns uqfoundation / dill Python serialize all of python dill- With `dill`, you can serialize almost anything in python, even an entire interpreter session. If you encounter any pickling failures, `dill` also has some good tools to help you discover why your obj
jackfrys jackfrys / hot-cold Swift Project for Hack Beanpot 2015 untagged-f1b6a8d3c3ef825699d7 Improved graphics to make the chaotic search even more fun.
alwaysblank alwaysblank / zelda PHP A more useful Link. 0.0.1 This represents the absolute most basic version of functionality required for this plugin. Although it functions, I would not recommend using it in for anything important unless untested software in a
levjj levjj / esverify TypeScript ECMAScript verification with SMT solvers v0.25.0 <a name="0.25.0"></a> # [0.25.0]( (2018-06-21) ### Bug Fixes * **api:** export test preamble in index file ([614d6b
fuzeman NeApp / neon-extension-destination-lastfm JavaScript Neon Extension: v2.0.0-beta.1 **Added** - Dependency versions are now locked with [package-lock.json] - Support for unit tests **Changed** - Flattened source directory
tcaduser devsim / devsim C++ TCAD Semiconductor Device Simulator deploytest52
recca0120 recca0120 / laravel-repository PHP Repository Design Pattern for Laravel 5 with Eloquent or Collection v2.2.2
core-lib core-lib / jestful Java A Powerful And Easy To Use RESTful Framework For Java v2.2.2
frekele frekele / focusnfe-api-client Java FocusNFe Brazilian fiscal Issuer NF-e NFC-e MD-e Java REST API Client (Open Source) 1.0.0-beta-3 1.0.0-beta-3
rahulmotan rahulmotan / wbdv-nodejs-a5 JavaScript Assignment 5 - Nodejs (MEAN) wbdv-a5-server-v1.0 final release
yu-ogi akashic-games / akashic-sandbox JavaScript Standalone runner for Akashic games v0.13.24 ## このPullRequestが解決する内容 * v2のエンジンモジュールを以下に更新します。 * akashic-engine@2.3.2
sergiodxa zeit / now-env JavaScript Use `now.json` environment variables while developing 3.1.0 ### Minor Changes - Support custom path to local config: #13 - Use NOW_CONFIG instead of NOW_PATH: 2413c919ce2cdbbd7827eab095f65233e90b6d57 ### Patches - Add next.js usage: #12 ### Cred
songbaoming songbaoming / BingTodayImage C++ 获取必应今日美图,并将其设置为桌面壁纸。 untagged-e84e49a55c82fc98164a
MonkSoul MonkSoul / Layx JavaScript Layx 企业级弹窗组件。 v2.4.8 - [新增] options.buttonKey 配置按钮快捷键,支持enter和ctrl+enter - [新增] 有操作按钮的窗口都能触发键盘回车操作 - [新增] 新增 tip 提示窗口 - [新增] options
rahulmotan rahulmotan / wbdv-angular-a5 TypeScript Assignment 5 - Angular (MEAN) wbdv-a5-v1.0 final release
gisbinbin gisbinbin / XbAssemblylibs Java android自定义组件 1.0.6 公司项目支持库
psychelzh iquizoo / reports R Reports of iquizoo assessments. v0.0.0.9006
jorgejr568 jorgejr568 / file-structure-organization-algorithms PHP This is an application for searching address by cep using binarysearch v3.0.0
valentinvanelslande valentinvanelslande / citra C++ The best citra fork 250 [![Downloads](]( applet/swkbd: use dialog, add logging classes
lijinfeng2011 MYDan / mayi Perl 蚂蚁蛋运维助手 untagged-5a74babd27904f5b8040
ljurgs ljurgs / yii2-dynamicform JavaScript It is widget to yii2 framework to clone form elements in a nested manner, maintaining accessibility. 2.0.5
LuisEnMarroquin LuisEnMarroquin / CursoNodeJS JavaScript Archivos para aprender NodeJS v1.0.0 ## Curso de NodeJS Primer release que contiene todo hasta la aplicación del clima
lvchaohui uniondrug / service-sdk PHP service sdk 1.1.8
ThatJoeMoore ThatJoeMoore / byu-web-cdn-demo-lib CSS Test repo for use with the BYU Web Community CDN 2.0.5 asdfasdf
zhangyaonju zhangyaonju / continous_SIF Python this contains the code for generating the CSIF dataset and the NN parameters v1.0 This is the first version of CSIF under publication consideration for Biogeoscience.
norandiaconu norandiaconu / Cleanify JavaScript Organize your Spotify artists page v1.7 - Handle duplicate artists being sorted when the next set of artists is loaded in - Removed loading.gif - Increased scroll amount to 4000 px - Put timeout back in at 4000 ms to better accommodate p
AgentME AgentME / NonEuclid Java Plugin for Minecraft servers that allows overlapping pathways to be created untagged-a4083c17f7ec94206275 * Switch optional usage tracking from using to MCStats has had a ton of downtime, and apparently bStats is the new hotness.
MilesChou 104corp / laravel-eloquent-generator PHP Laravel ORM Model Generator 0.3.0 Implements primary key generator for generate the `$primaryKey` of model field
kidino kidino / no-db-cms JavaScript Tempat rujuk pelajan membina CMS dengan PHP tanpa database dan framework v0.0.4 Includes new features - Add new page - Delete page - Prevent delete of default home page & slug - Removed About and Contact page - Ignored content in pages, config/pages -- auto created
TermerMC TermerMC / ExampleTwisterModule Java Example module for Twister to display the basic features of Twister untagged-26b5688cbda54226aae3 Added some new features introduced in Twister 0.2. ``` - Added rendering domain top and bottom in a RequestHandler - Added use of DocumentProcessors ```
clk528 clk528 / smsLibrary PHP 中国短信平台通用发送SDK untagged-036726519f41934e0235
jheer vega / vega-parser JavaScript Parse Vega specifications to runtime dataflows. v3.5.0 Changes: - Add `extent` expression function. (#81) - Fix `clampRange` calculation bug. (#80)
nateiler flipboxfactory / organizations PHP Organization Plugin for Craft CMS 1.0.0-rc.20
bahelit bahelit / avermore-miner C Optimized AMD miner for x16r / x16s untagged-fa230da769d642003887 * Optimizations to Echo (+7%) for an overall 1% speedup in x16. * Added code to automatically select AMD OpenCL platform by default. This means that setting --gpu-platform is no longer required for r
WireJunky42 WireJunky42 / ExtraLifeStreamLabels C# Windows service to create Extra Life stream labels for consumption in streaming software such as SLOBS, OBS Studio, or XSplit v0.0.6-alpha Fixed a bug with displaying donation information if the donor chose to keep the donation amount private.
camilstaps clean-cloogle / database Shell Releases of the Cloogle database 2018-06-21 Automatic update on 2018-06-21. | Table | Size | |-------------------|------:| | Modules | 867 | | Functions | 15710 | | With types | 15404 | | Unique types
Romnia Romnia / EvenEasierRP Python A Discord Rich Presence GUI using Python tkinter pre-release Basics rich presence widgets - List Assets via `Config.ini` - Text is update-able via GUI - Time option is available (left/remaining, counting up/elapsed)
linqiuyu linqiuyu / mytest PHP 个人测试代码 1.0.2
BlueBoxWare BlueBoxWare / LibGDXPlugin Kotlin An IntelliJ plugin for use with LibGDX 1.15.1 * Don't crash on 'invalid' color values (#13) * Skins: don't treat parent property as special when using a LibGDX version below 1.9.9
AsTao AsTao / SwiftProjectBsics Swift project bsics 0.0.2 2
LyricTian LyricTian / logrus-mysql-hook Go An asynchronous MySQL Hook for Logrus v1.0.1 - update travis
vixadd CnuUasLab / MISCONSYS Python Mission Control System for Ground Station Control v3.0.5 This is the Mission Configuration System 3.0.5 Release. There are a number of issues. However this is the release status.
Stranger2015 Stranger2015 / iltalk-protobuf Java iltalk-protobuf (InterLingual-Talk) plugin performs bidirectional procedure calls with unlimited nesting depth and for arbitrary pair of languages which are supporting the Google Protobuf library and its extensions. v0.2-alpha.1 This pre-release contains the `protoc` plugin transitive implementation of **Logtalk** code generator in **Java**.
laurencee laurencee / Livestream.Monitor C# A windows GUI for livestreamer/streamlink 2.11.4 ### Fixes * Fix #43 - `'Hide stream output on load' stopped working` when the console output from streamlink changed. Made the logic for this more flexible.
7byte matchvs / gameServer-JavaScript JavaScript Matchvs 提供的自定义游戏服务端逻辑框架 v3.7.2.1 更新于2018-06-21 : v3.7.2.1 新增功能:使用matchvs定制的nodejs镜像 更新于2018-05-31 : v3.7.2.0 新增功能:1. 房间重新打开;2. 修改房间自定义属性
gameblabla gameblabla / blockout2-rs97 C Port of blockout 2 for the RS-97 based on the PS Vita port 1 RS-97 port of Blockout 2 using TinyGL (with some modifications from TinyGL.js).
daniel1noble daniel1noble / metaDigitise R Digitising functions in R for extracting data and summary statistics from figures in primary research papers New and improved release. Lots of bug fixes, added features and major enhancements.
yxj1213 yxj1213 / tpc_mvpSample_android Java mvp基础工程 V5.0
edelCustodio edelCustodio / cyber-client-app CSS Application for sales and cyber cafe control v1.1.4
YihaoPeng btccom / namecoin-core C++ Reimplementation of Namecoin on top of the current Bitcoin Core codebase. nc0.15.99-mining-fix Fix and
Mpstark Mpstark / PunchinOut C# ModTek mod that adds ejection chance for non-PC pilots (that includes yours!) for the BattleTech PC game. v0.1.2 Minor release * Compile/link against BattleTech 1.1 * No actual real testing on this release tbh, tell me if it's broken!
Headline Headline / Steam-Discord-Bot C# An extendable Discord Bot originally focused towards Steam functions Steam-Discord-Bot-v1.2.42
rkakarlapudi rkakarlapudi / cohort JavaScript Plugin para analise de cohort no kibana 6.2.4
pkgdemon iXsystems / ix-bhyve Shell Fork of vm-bhyve modified for ixautomation 18.06
errorrik baidu / san JavaScript San is a flexible JavaScript component framework 3.6.1 + 【新特性】- for 指令支持对 array literal 进行遍历 + 【新特性】- for 指令支持 trackBy + 【优化】- 支持换行作为空白字符的表达式解析
golnazads adsabs / resolver_gateway Python Logging service to capture information such as search, abstract view etc. v1.0.21
mikecole mikecole / AutoMapper.Extensions.Microsoft.AspNetCore C# AutoMapper Extensions for AspNetCore features. v1.0.1 Initial Release
sehogas sehogas / backend_mongodb JavaScript backend server con mongodb v.0.0.2 # Usuario y token listo 1. Implementación del modelo del usuario 2. CRUD de usuarios 3. token 4. Middleware -> verificarToken Código funcionando a la fecha.
edelCustodio edelCustodio / cyber-server CSS Repositorio para la aplicacion del control de un cyber v0.1.7.2
danebou SM64-TAS-ABC / STROOP C# SuperMario64 Technical Run-time Observer and Object Processor vDev Latest development Windows build (continuous). origin/Development@ab8d0ff844813813bdd05a21a2bf13ab6504b5a0 [Wed 06/20/2018 22:59:59.97]
sheyser-nc DSI-Ville-Noumea / contrats-particuliers Java Application de GRH permettant de gérer les contrats particuliers. 1.13.11
FreiSou1C3 FreiSou1C3 / day2 no-lang test git day 2 v1
driftluo driftluo / cita-cli Rust A easy-to-use CITA command line tool 0.16 Support 0.16 version cita: - Send transaction, support sha3hash and blake2b - Support interactive command line - Support system contract
huangwuyi huangwuyi / AndroidUntil Java 个人项目整理的Android基础类库 V1.07
QuincySx QuincySx / BlockchainWallet-Crypto Java 比特币、以太坊公私钥生成以及签名 v0.1.12-beta
nsaunders10 nsaunders10 / SombriProjectFiles C# Sombri Unity files Game The first official build of Sombri post game jam.
TinkerTeam TinkerBoard / debian_kernel C Debian Kernel source for Tinker Board 2.0.6 TinkerOS_Debian V2.0.6 TinkerOS default username is “linaro”, password is “linaro” Release Notes *Changelog 1. Update Qt video for Media Player to support repeat function. 2. Improve th
zerochl zerochl / MagicShow Java Picture editor,包含美颜等40余种实时滤镜相机,可拍照、图片修改 图片编辑包含常规参数设置(对比度,饱和度等)、美颜(美白,磨皮)、滤镜 1.0.2 修复jitpack不能编译问题
neuhausi neuhausi / canvasXpress R JavaScript VisualizationTools 19.4
bachya bachya / pytile Python 📡A simple Python API for Tile® Bluetooth trackers 2.0.1 * Makes `client_uuid` and `user_uuid` public properties of the client
autozimu autozimu / LanguageClient-neovim Rust Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim. 0.1.91
ericyip GSS-FED / vital-ui-kit-react JavaScript Vital UI Kit React v0.8.1 #### :bug: Bug Fix * `icon` * [#192]( Fix icon provider in order to work without it ([@ericyip]( #### Committe
enums enums / Calatrava Swift 基于 Pjango 的开源博客。 4.0
Hopalonger Hopalonger / Simple-Organization Python A IOT and LoRa based Organization and search Engine for all of your things v1 First Version of the software things from here will be built upon and changed. It has all of the necessary functionality and functions as it should.
sergeysova atomixinteractions / redux-symbiote JavaScript Create actions and reducer without pain v2.3.0 ### Features * 52eed48 createSymbiote: add separator to options * 9c1a6f6 createSymbiote: add options. add defaultReducer to options
telember telember / CosmoCalendar Java 📅 CosmoCalendar is a fully customizable calendar with a wide variety of features and displaying modes. 1.1.4 Fix bug background selected at the same day
auzmartist auzmartist / mandala JavaScript Create complex geometric animations with a few lines of JSON v1.0.0 # v1.0.0 > Finally! ## Features - Ability to create new Mandalas from JS object or JSON url - Ability to style mandalas through JS strings or via separate stylesheet URL - Management feature
ethn decko-commons / decko Ruby Start with a deck of wiki cards. Develop it into a rich web app. v0.5.3 minor point release with fix for new decks created with `-m` option
mikekreuzer IPAustralia / ipaustralia_theme CSS Theme for the IP Australia website release_21062018_nda interactives\nda_generator\template-one.docx interactives\nda_generator\template-two.docx
lany192 lany192 / Box Java android app 快速开发框架,封装一些常用工具和方法 2.1.6 version 2.1.6
wongcyrus wongcyrus / microblog Python Rework The Flask Mega-Tutorial with PyCharm lab06 Finished
kuestess kuestess / homebridge-platform-insteonlocal JavaScript Homebridge platform plugin for local Insteon control 0.3.4 Added support for fanlinc, and scene status via keypadlinc. Alpha support for running on Insteon Hub Pro. Sanitize input of device IDs to support '.' delimeter. Fixed stupid errors :-) that cleared
t1m0thyj t1m0thyj / WinDynamicDesktop C# Port of macOS Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature to Windows 10 v1.2.1 Fixed bug for users with European localization that uses comma instead of period for decimal point
developersteve telstra / MessagingAPI-SDK-ruby Ruby Telstra Messaging SDK - Ruby Library
rodrigok RocketChat / Rocket.Chat JavaScript Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor. 0.66.0-rc.0 `2018-06-20 · 1 ️️️⚠️ · 23 🎉 · 52 🐛 · 36 🔍 · 45 👩‍💻👨‍💻` ### ⚠️ BREAKING CHANGES - Always remove the field `services` from user data responses in
ejholmes remind101 / amazon-ecs-agent Makefile The official Amazon ECS Agent, with some Remind/Empire specific patches applied. v1.18.0
zaolin systemboot / tpmtool Go A Linux only tool for TPM interaction v0.1-alpha ## Changelog 2f19ae9 Add more stuff to .goreleaser.yml 75959a0 Move tpmtool back into main dir b1d3e29 Fix goreleaser 3 71d9e78 Fix goreleaser 2 f494ea9 Fix goreleaser 8115cbf Update .goreleaser d8d7
scivision scivision / pybashutils Python Collection of Bash and Python scripts I've made that may be generally useful v0.6.1 pep8, mypy, packagize
MikeAfc alibaba / Tangram-Android Java Tangram is a modular UI solution for building native page dynamically including Tangram for Android, Tangram for iOS and even backend CMS. This project provides the sdk on Android. v3.1.2 Add interface to control can scroll feature.
Mpstark Mpstark / RandomCampaignStart C# Gives random mechs and mechwarriors at game start. v0.2.1 Minor Release * Compiled/Linked against BattleTech 1.1
rhinel rhinel / rent-manager Vue rent-manager v2.1.20
cz111000 cz111000 / chaoxing Java a tool to view chaoxing video faster on + Improve Video playing speed by useing limit blocking queue + Use Travis CI for online compile test + Bug fix for video list incomplete + Bug fix for loading checkCode logic
yeshichang yeshichang / DRAgentSDK Objective-C DRAgentSDK CocoaPod repo 3.1.3
arichiv AriChivukula / typescriptase TypeScript TypeScript Codegen v0.6.2-STABLE
MikeAfc alibaba / vlayout Java Project vlayout is a powerfull LayoutManager extension for RecyclerView, it provides a group of layouts for RecyclerView. Make it able to handle a complicate situation when grid, list and other layouts in the same recyclerview. v1.2.16 Add interface to control can scroll feature.
TheLokis TheLokis / ElectronicObserver C# 艦これ補助ツール「七四式電子観測儀」 untagged-448914c3609fe6cdc319 3.1.2 한글 패치 베타버전입니다.
zhujinkui zhujinkui / tp5_alidayu PHP 这是基于ThinkPHP5.1框架集成的阿里大于短信业务 V1.0 This is based on the integration of ThinkPHP5.1 framework Ali more than SMS business.
rhinel rhinel / rent-manager-MP JavaScript rent-manager-MP v.2.0.1
Reconix Forgeigniter / ForgeIgniter-v1.x-CI-3.x PHP Friendly open source CMS forged on Codeigniter 3. FI v1.x uses the old lite theme and all modules. v1.3 ForgeIgniter v1.3 Codeigniter v3.1.9 - Community ¬ Fixed: user with no avatar, image link broken. ¬ Fixed: Reading/Sending Messages. ¬ Fixed: Search returning Null ¬ Fixed: Issue on si
Mpstark Mpstark / LeopardDropLimit C# Simple ModTek mod that adds a 300 ton drop limit to the Leopard in the BattleTech campaign. v0.1.1 Minor Release * Compatible with BattleTech 1.1
Sija Sija / Crystal Raven is a Crystal client for Sentry v1.0.0-rc3 * Bumped minimal required Crystal version to `0.25.0` * Added support for `Exception.class` type in `Configuration#excluded_exceptions` setting * Added default `at_exit` handler
inc2734 inc2734 / snow-monkey PHP Premium WordPress Theme. This theme is published here for users and developers. Please buy themes when using themes on live site. we can not provide support to anyone who does not buy. 3.6.0
psy0rz letscontrolit / ESPEasy C++ Easy MultiSensor device based on ESP8266 mega-20180621
mattrude mattrude / ServerStatus Java Status page and uptime monitor for XMPP servers 0.1.0 This is the initial release of Matt's XMPP Server Status.
MastaCoder MastaCoder / mySpotify PHP A website to view your Spotify stats. v0.0.1 First stable release of the project. Shows off the basic functionality of this project, should probably add MySQL for data to be cached.
PrintProductionTools PrintProductionTools / bizcardbutcher C# This is a simple utility which takes one-up print-ready PDF files of business cards and creates letter-size 10-up spreads for a Duplo card slitter v1.0 Initial release of Windows executable and sample files
mrmetech cerberus-ng / cerberus C++ Community-owned Cerberus coin fork v1.0.1 This wallet is recommended if you are upgrading anyways. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR POOLS this is because this wallet will alway for the governance system to work// start. Everything will work the pools wi
SongLucky1992 SongLucky1992 / cocoapodsTest Objective-C test cocoapods v0.0.1 测试上传cocoapods,可拉伸头部控件
Jonirulah Jonirulah / Nyaa-Torrent-Downloader Python Download Torrents from made it easy v1.0 First release Working and probably final release lul
Mpstark Mpstark / PilotHealthPopup C# ModTek mod that adds an info popup containing health information after pilot injuries (including enemies) v0.1.1 Minor release * Compiled/Linked against BattleTech 1.1
Loror Loror / LororBoot Java 基于注解的安卓快速开发框架,适合快速展示页面开发。 v1beta 首发beta版本
plasticity-admin plasticityai / magnitude Python A fast, efficient universal vector embedding utility package. 0.1.46
markstory cakephp / chronos PHP A standalone DateTime library originally based off of Carbon 1.2.0 Changes ------- * Tests are no longer run against HHVM * Improved API documentation * Setting time on a Date instance will now clear microseconds in when microseconds are offered by PHP. New
panzi panzi / cook-serve-hoomans2 C A mod for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! v30 In addition to replacing the customers you might also be able to find some Easter eggs. ;) Everything I did is just sprite swapping, which means that replaced items will show up with wrong titles w
Mpstark Mpstark / ExclusiveFilters C# ModTek mod that changes MechLab filters to be exclusive, which I find more natural. v0.2.1 Minor release * Compatible with BattleTech 1.1
scivision scivision / pyimagevideo Python write animated GIF, multipage append TIFF, AVI OGV video in Python v0.6.0 Hopefully theses examples are useful.
ly5156 cnrancher / cube-ui Vue RancherCube UI v0.1.2
dextonanderson Ruinscraft / CHIP Java Bukkit plugin for preventing the creation of unwanted items untagged-c010421efb94e5644b19 Adds support for forged books Other bug fixes and performance improvement Note: Please obtain a copy of a fresh configuration file
seek-oss-ci seek-oss / html-sketchapp-cli JavaScript Quickly generate Sketch libraries from HTML documents and living style guides, powered by html-sketchapp v0.5.2 ## [0.5.2]( (2018-06-21) ### Bug Fixes * **serve:** Use serve-handler instead of serve ([#51](
q-jason q-jason / gulp-jason-jsdoc JavaScript 实时编译的 jsdoc 文档环境 1.1.5
macosgrove envato / event_sourcery Ruby A library for building event sourced applications in Ruby v0.20.0 Specify the default value for `after_fork` in ESPProcess to avoid breaking external systems that create one.
nojimage nojimage / local-gov-code-jp PHP 全国地方公共団体コード v1.3.20161010 - Add SQLite schema & data
alfhenrik OctopusDeploy / Library PowerShell A repository of step templates and other community-contributed extensions to Octopus Deploy v3.0.341 - Improved: [#691]( - `windows-check-net-core-framework-version.json` - Fix regex to detect correctly core module - via @cjuroz - New: [#684]
NodeOS-bot NodeOS / nodejs Shell Node.js as a npm package for NodeOS v10.5.0
q-jason q-jason / generator-jason-vue-cli HTML vue-cli src目录结构,以及开发规范 1.6.0
camilord camilord / utilus PHP Camilo3rd's Utils Library 1.0.8 update php requirements
beetbox-admin beetboxvm / beetbox Shell Pre-provisioned L*MP stack 0.8.19 Changelog --
jimichan mayabot / fastText4j Kotlin Java(kotlin) implementation of the Fasebook's FastText v1.1.0 初始可用版发布
xavrb xavrb / couchtime-cnkt Python A proof of concept v0.1 A basic rest API, crud capable and working.
enkia enkia / enki-vscode-theme no-lang A dark color scheme with purple, blue, and red (or green) tints for Visual Studio Code. v0.3.3 - Fix Aster Red Panel background color - Update Smarty template colors - Fix Rainbow PHP function colors - Change Rainbow storage type color - Change Rainbow variable color
janxious janxious / ShopSeller C# Make the BattleTech shops less hard to use v0.4.1
lincf0912 lincf0912 / LFImagePickerController Objective-C 一个支持多选图片和视频的图片选择器,同时有预览、编辑功能 1.5.1
cormacrelf cormacrelf / angular-skyhook TypeScript An implementation of react-dnd for Angular. Advanced drag and drop. v1.0.7 See #4
stanley92 AdactiveSAS / qrcode.js JavaScript A QrCode library v0.0.1-rc.2
glatard big-data-lab-team / one-voxel-motion-correction Matlab Scripts used in one-voxel experiments on fMRI motion correction 0.1 First complete version, ready for data processing!
Naville HikariObfuscator / Swift no-lang Swift Fork 20180621
Yurunsoft Yurunsoft / IMI PHP 基于 Swoole 开发的协程 PHP 开发框架,常驻内存、协程异步,致力于丰富框架文档,上手容易,让开发者跟使用传统 MVC 框架一样顺手 v0.0.1-alpha 第一个测试版本
ahao850512 ShiningPartners / shining_website PHP This shining website demo. v1.0 Just use html to building website.
Mpstark Mpstark / BattleTechModLoader C# A simple mod loader and injector for HBS's PC game BattleTech. v0.2.3 Minor release. * Compiled/linked against BattleTech release 1.1.
developersteve telstra / MessagingAPI-SDK-Java Java Telstra Messaging SDK - Java Library
hewm2008 BGI-shenzhen / BamDeal C++ BamDeal: a comprehensive toolkit for bam manipulation v0.20 This release [BamDeal-0.20.tar.gz ]( is <b>stable</b> and <b> much fast</b> version
zhangbin1010 zhangbin1010 / acp Java Application Construction Platform 应用构建平台。该项目是本人在日常工作中不断总结经验并结合最新的技术而封装的脚手架。本人会密切关注业界最新动态,并持续更新优化。使用该脚手架可快速搭建普通java应用、SpringBoot应用和SpringCloud应用。 v4.0.4 v4.0.4
McCodeman McCodeman / apiserver-builder Go apiserver-builder implements libraries and tools to quickly and easily build Kubernetes apiservers to support custom resource types v1.9-mccodeman-watcher_queue_serialization-1
Ashald Ashald / terraform-provider-yaml Go Terraform data source that can consume YAML input v1.0.0
uncleGen aliyun / aliyun-emapreduce-sdk Java Hadoop/Spark on Aliyun, supporting interactions with Aliyun's base services. v1.4.3
dhillondeep wio / wio Go An Embedded Development Environment v0.3.1 ## Changelog 42bb5cf fixed windows cmake paths (#39)
zebra-lucky zebra-lucky / electrum-dash-old Python Electrum-DASH - a Dash thin client 3.1.3rc4
EA31337-Tester FX-Data / FX-Data-USDJPY-DS no-lang Forex Historical Data for USDJPY 2018
HannanAkbar SkyImpel / Khushkhat-Extension TypeScript Beautifies Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and other right-to-left (RTL) languages untagged-2859099f30ac58971df4
hamstar0 hamstar0 / tml-nihilism-mod C# Removes item recipes, mob spawns, item drops from mobs, and other gameplay elements from Terraria. Configurable. Meant mainly for use by other mods. v2.1.1 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
nickbabcock nickbabcock / collectd-rust-plugin Rust Write an low-cost, ergonomic plugin for collectd v0.5.3 No functionality changed in this release -- more like cleanup for those who received clippy warnings using collectd-plugin or like it when a library remove `unsafe` usages! - `PluginCapabilities` t
hamstar0 hamstar0 / tml-licenses-mod C# Items require licenses to be used. Licenses are acquired with game progression (purchased via. Rewards points). v2.0.1 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
Mpstark Mpstark / ModTek C# A mod system for HBS's PC game BattleTech (using BTML). v0.2.3 Minor release. * Compiled/linked against BattleTech release 1.1.
beaven11 zhuazhu / MFrame Java dagger2+rxjava+retroft2+okhttp3+Glide+butterknife框架 1.0.3
Hellmonk Hellmonk / hellcrawl C++ Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup official meme fork 5.6 MD replaces HO, some other species changes.
yjlintw yjlintw / comic-reader JavaScript Comic Reader v0.1.61-beta 1. remove dm-5 2. fixed 8comic
wxsms wxsms / uiv JavaScript Bootstrap 3 components implemented by Vue 2. v0.24.0 ### Add * [MultiSelect] add `item-selected-class` prop. #216 * [DatePicker] translating by `locale` prop. #219
SomethingGeneric SomethingGeneric / 0r4ng3 Python 0r4ng3 language.... hopefully v1 Sorta works... More or less. Supports: * `Stats;` * `LOLIDK;` * `ClearCons;`
codemasher chillerlan / php-imagetiler PHP An image tile generator for PHP 7.2+ 1.0.0 - initial release :sparkles:
sergeysova atomixinteractions / symbiote-fetching JavaScript Reduce boilerplate with fetch actions v0.7.0 ### Features * 49db390 add `createSymbioteFetcher`, `handleFnFetching`. deprecate `handleFetchingF` **`handleFetchingF` renamed to `handleFnFetching`** Now fetcher can be created with another p
rancherio-gh-m rancher / rancher Go Complete container management platform v2.0.3-rc2
mmckerns uqfoundation / pox Python utilities for filesystem exploration and automated builds 0.2.4 With pox, you have some simple utilities to explore and manipulate local and remote filesystems. Pox installs with easy_install or pip: `$ pip install pox` Pox requires: `- python, version >
MSP-Greg MSP-Greg / av-gem-build-test PowerShell PowerShell files for generating fat-binary gems & testing them v1.0.0
bcomnes bcomnes / netlify-lambda-builder JavaScript wip experiment v1.0.2 * Republish
trazyn trazyn / ieaseMusic JavaScript 这应该是最好的网易云音乐播放器了,没有之一,如果有请打醒 :metal: v1.1.6 #### Change logs - 增加咪咕音乐 - 更新QQ百度曲库 - 修复若干BUG
teddy-gustiaux teddy-gustiaux / default-bookmark-folder JavaScript WebExtension allowing you to choose the default bookmark location folder and quickly bookmark pages via a dedicated icon. untagged-c9d276e57aa3965a7376 - New: Add an option to prevent quick unbookmarking (GitHub issue #21) - New: Add internationalization support (GitHub issue #10) - New: Add French translation - New: Upgrade of internal libraries
dmitrizzle dmitrizzle / Analog.Cafe JavaScript ⚛️🎞 A film photography publication. v2.0.0-rc2 - Fix bugs associated with new copy, layout - Update nav schema - Subheader is now part of title attribute - Enhancement for email input - Upgrade dependencies - UI for deleting submissions
agerber1 agerber1 / adam_EMR JavaScript I decided to develop a simple EMR with Javascript with the intention to refactor with ReactJS to improve UI/UX experience. 1.1
Johnson19900110 Johnson19900110 / phpJourney PHP 用laravel5.5和vue2写的个人博客 v1.0
katahiromz katahiromz / RisohEditor C++ Another free Win32 resource editor 4.9.7
sol-ansano-kim sol-ansano-kim / medic Python Medic is an open source data check tool for Autodesk Maya. untagged-6cbb19b70cea5962ac1e # Karte - medicUI does not display the karte that "Visible" is False. e.g. ``` { "Name": "Hidden", "Description": "hidden karte",
deploy-code-org code-dot-org / code-dot-org JavaScript The code powering and v2018-06-20.1
IlyaFinkelshteyn IlyaFinkelshteyn / ProjectA PowerShell Project to experiment with AppVeyor v56.92.123
kokororin LoveLiveSunshine / JavaScript 😘 A pinterest-style layout site, shows illusts on order by popularity. v1.3.0
NathanSpeidel bullet-db / no-lang This hosts the documentation source and examples for Bullet. v0.5.0 Spark Quickstart Uses: Bullet Spark 0.1.2 Bullet Service 0.2.1 Bullet Kafka 0.3.0 Bullet UI 0.5.0 Storm Quickstart Uses: Bullet Storm 0.8.2 Bullet Service 0.1.1 Bullet UI 0.4.0
kuthz kuthz / btstack Shell Bittorrent docker stack v1.1 Support .env file
dorrywhale FuQiFeiPian / timermgr Go A management tool of cron jobs 0.0.3 * update cronjob to 0.0.3 * delete log when remove job * keep log when re-installing timermgr
albireox sdss / Totoro Python MaNGA plate scheduler and survey simulator 2.0.0 ### Added - All scripts are now consolidated under the `totoro` CLI. `mangaPluggingRequest`, `overrideSet`, and `rearrangeSets` are still available but will be deprecated in the future. Also, cleaned
brollb NetsBlox / NetsBlox JavaScript a networked visual programming language based on Snap! v1.10.3 # Overview - Improved robustness of GoogleMaps,CloudVariables service wrt spotty internet connection #2130 #2131 #2132 #2133 #2127 #2128 - Updated client submodule for import project fix #2048 #212
electron-bot electron / electron C++ Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS v3.0.0-beta.1 Note: This is a beta release. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it. This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta, or npm i
MHBauer kubernetes-incubator / service-catalog Go Consume services in Kubernetes using the Open Service Broker API v0.1.22 # SVCat Binaries macOS: Windows: Linux:
sagan sagan / android-hidden-camera Java Yet another hidden camera app for Android untagged-e14072487f19c1d0ca4c
jambun hudmol / request_list CSS An ArchivesSpace plugin that allows sending lists of records to an external request system 0.7 This release includes the following changes to harvard_aeon mappings: - Include child container type in ItemIssue - Include record id in ItemSubTitle for Series and Subseries records
How-Bout-No How-Bout-No / Proximity Python A Windows Python Chatroom 2.1.1 * Autoscroll feature * Some server connection highlights * Fix sign in bug * Fix some formatting issues
modulesio webmixedreality / exokit JavaScript Javascript AR/VR web browser 🦖 v0.0.358 Exokit git release
vaibhavr5 vaibhavr5 / Webdev-Summer1-Angular-Client TypeScript This repository contains the student accessible section of Course Management System developed in Angular JS 5.0 Angular client of course management application for Assignment 5
queryluke queryluke / masseffect-5e Vue Mass Effect Universe mapped onto Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition v0.8.0 ### General #### Burst Fire We've introduced a new weapon feature that borrows from the Dungeon Master's Guide, _Burst Fire_. Weapons with Burst Fire allow players to spend their action "spr
Deele Deele / yii2-dev-kit no-lang Yii framework v2.x component development kit v0.0.9-alpha
vaibhavr5 vaibhavr5 / Webdev-Summer1-Node-Server JavaScript This repository is the server side code which is accessed by the Angular client for the Student accessible part of Course Management system 5.0 Updated Node server for Assignment 5
frednora frednora / gramado C Gramado source code v0.2.0048 Releasev0.2.0048 +Full Screen support.
mrdoowan mrdoowan / OPRPCharBuild C# Character Builder Tool in C# v1.8.0 * Updated to May 2018 rules * Quick template fix
dylanaraps dylanaraps / pywal Python 🎨 Generate and change color-schemes on the fly. 3.1.0 - Added `--saturate` to change color saturation. - Takes a float as its value: `0.0` to `1.0`. - Added `vim` output file. - Fixed `LS_COLORS` issue. - Fixed issues in iTerm2 on macOS. - Fixed
scivision scivision / themisasi Python Read & Plot THEMIS ASI 256x256 "high resolution" GBO ground-based imager data v0.7.0 pep8, mypy, pytest. Should be robust.
alexjlockwood alexjlockwood / svg2vd TypeScript SVG to VectorDrawable command line tool v1.0.1 Initial release.
bsgospel bsgospel / static no-lang Static file system untagged-ef2016c54bebc94da39c JQuery + Analytics
Sheep-y Sheep-y / BattleTech_Mods C# Mods for BattleTech (2018) by Sheepy v1.0.0 Features: * Fix Hit Location Distribution * Enable Vehicle Called Shot * Enable Clustering Called Shot * Adjust Called Shot Effect vs Mech * Adjust Called Shot Effect vs Mech *
daniheras daniheras / goodle-api PHP Goodle's official api repository v.1.0.0 # Goodle API ## Working: - JWT Auth - Register/Login endpoints - List/delete/update/create courses - Invite people to courses / Accept invitations to courses - List/delete/update/create subjec
qtum-neil qtumproject / qtum C++ Qtum Core Wallet mainnet-ignition-v0.15.2 About Qtum and Mainnet Ignition ------------------------------- Qtum is a decentralized blockchain project built on Bitcoin's UTXO model, with support for Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart cont
brollb NetsBlox / Snap--Build-Your-Own-Blocks JavaScript a visual programming language inspired by Scratch v1.9.4 # Overview - Fixed issue with importing empty roles #639 #638
boblemaire boblemaire / IoTaWatt C++ Internet of Things appliance Electric Power monitor untagged-e1e5f31f17ec3a5734b5 Shorten WiFi disconnect restart time Reduce memory for influxDB service Attempt some simple repairs of damaged datalog Fix issue #165, allow neg power value required restart Use lwip2 high bandwid
kuboosoft UnitedRPMs / unitedrpms-appstream-data no-lang Appstream metadata for the UnitedRPMs project repository (automatic) 2018.06.21 Not a movie, contrary to popular opinion. The magic is here!
julianpistorius julianpistorius / CloudCompare C++ CloudCompare main repository untagged-716f7b16c0c689fe724f
Pocable Pocable / SimpleTimer C# Quick and easy simple forms timer. untagged-d1b8131f606ef229cfeb **Changelog** ``` + Timer turns gold when it is paused/editable * Space now starts and stops the timer rather than enter/space * Updated assembly information ```
shinthebinn shinthebinn / CubeData Python A program that shows data about a cube. v1.0.0 This version (v1.0.0) is the very first version of CubeData. It does what it has too, and nothing else. It includes changing dimensions, viewing dimensions, viewing the area of a side, viewing the vol
henrikek ESSolutions / ESSArch_Core Python ESSArch core components nightly Release of version nightly
DCHartlen DCHartlen / WindEnergyProject Python Source code for the ENS Wind Energy Demonstration Project v1.0 This release contains an executable for the Python-based data acquisition and plotting package. No python is needed on a user's computer. This release contains only the plotting application. Ardui
indirectlylit learningequality / kolibri-exercise-perseus-plugin JavaScript A Perseus framework Exercises Renderer Plugin for Kolibri v1.0.1
tankery tankery / CircularSeekBar Java Custom circular SeekBar (Circle, Semi-circle, and Ellipse) for Android v_1.1.7
SideFXGameDev sideeffects / GameDevelopmentToolset ShaderLab A series of Houdini shelf tools that are geared towards game developers! 1.16 Version 1.16
Eggbertx Eggbertx / gochan Go A semi-standalone imageboard server written in Go v1.10.2 After you update to v1.10.2, you should add `"Verbosity":#` where # is 0, 1, or 2. Verbosity = 0 for no debugging info. Critical errors and general output only Verbosity = 1 for non-critic
nomand nomand / RevealShader C# Unity Shader experiment untagged-43f2d4e1d8425ccce27c Added Displacement shader.
sebright census-instrumentation / opencensus-java Java A stats collection and distributed tracing framework v0.15.0 * Expose the factory methods of MonitoredResource. * Add an experimental artifact, `opencensus-contrib-log-correlation-stackdriver`, for correlating traces and logs with Stackdriver Logging. * Add r
tomashhurst sydneycytometry / CAPX R Cytometry analysis pipeline for large and complex datasets (CAPX) (beta) v1.0-beta This a pre-release of the CAPX v1.0 scripts. The functionality works, but some improvements are still being made for the final release. In particular, some users report that when any output .fcs files
kimcyb bosnet / tokennet-wallet-android Java BOSCoin tokennet wallet for Android wallet_v0.1 Bostokennet based wallet version 0.1 It's still under development, but you can simply install and test it.
opportus opportus / object-mapper PHP A library providing efficient and flexible ways to map objects to objects... 1.0.0-alpha.1
satoshun satoshun / RxKeepOrder Java RxKeepOrder keeps ordering of RxJava Streams(Observable, Flowable, Single and Maybe) 0.2.0 - add kotlin module 🎉 - rename api apply to attach - cuz apply is kotlin scope function, same name is confusing
darthcloud darthcloud / cube64-dx Assembly NGC controllers adaptor for N64 v3.4 ### Added - Joystick response curve per axis and layout. - Menu LED indicator. ### Changed - Answer N64 poll within WaveBird init. - Mute joysticks input while in menu.
fvpolpeta horosproject / horos C++ Horos™ is a free, open source medical image viewer. The goal of the Horos Project is to develop a fully functional, 64-bit medical image viewer for OS X. Horos is based upon OsiriX and other open source medical imaging libraries. Horos is made freely available under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (LGPL-3.0). Horos is linked against the Grok JPEG 2000 library, for fast viewing of JPEG 2000 images. This library is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License. 20180621 [HOTFIX] Creation of plugin folder in Horos fresh installs
Twintop Twintop / TwintopInsanityBar Lua Twintop's Insanity Bar, an addon for Shadow Priests in World of Warcraft
mhadam snowplow / snowplow-javascript-tracker JavaScript Snowplow event tracker for client-side JavaScript. Add analytics to your websites and web apps. (See also: snowplow-nodejs-tracker) 2.9.1 This release includes several bugfixes, and should improve performance when tracking scrolling events. ### Testing and deployment - Add Java 10 to Ansible playbooks (#657) - Keep node type defi
marevol codelibs / fess Java Fess is very powerful and easily deployable Enterprise Search Server. fess-12.1.4 Fess 12.1.4 is now available as a maintenance release. Fixed issues are #1707, #1704, #1702, #1691, #1682, #1681, #1675, #1675, #1672, #1666, #1669, #1658, #1657 and #1656. All feedback and contribu
mic159 mic159 / react-render Python Server-side rendering of React components for python Django 1.2.0 Update react to 16.4 to support fragments. *Note:* JS only release. Python package remains at 1.0.0
qktechies qktechies / icourses JavaScript icourses 爱课程 下载工具 视频公开课 资源共享课 v0.1.0_beta
3rwww1 LaCoolCo / LaCOOLBoard C++ Arduino library & sample sketches for La COOL Board, the open-source, open-hardware environmental monitoring and control device v0.2.4 * Use SDK NTP implementation * Add better RTC library * Do not log when time is not synced and RTC has stopped (and blink red for 2 seconds) * Blink orange for 2 seconds when network is unreachabl
bellert dwavesystems / minorminer C++ minorminer is a heuristic tool for minor embedding: given a minor and target graph, it tries to find a mapping that embeds the minor into the target. 0.1.4
ISalliga ISalliga / agherium-mod C# The official GitHub for Agherium! v0.6 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
satoshun satoshun / RxWebView Java RxJava2 binding APIs for Android's WebView 2.1.1 - fix gradle file
Sv443 Sv443 / TextAdventureGame JavaScript Small side project - DOS-like Text Adventure Game written in HTML and JS. beta-0.0.4 - added audio system, added some basic placeholder-sounds - added ambient sound that plays on load - added mute/unmute button - redesigned retry button - added tree chopping with logs it
Drawaes Drawaes / CondenserDotNet C# API Condenser / Reverse Proxy using Kestrel and Consul, Including light weight consul lib 3.1.0
adedayo adedayo / cidr Go A simple utility to generate IPv4 addresses in a CIDR range and check CIDR range membership of IP addresses v0.1.2 ## Changelog d71b45b Brew installation instruction. Fix minor ommission in the command-line usage instructions 5d6ebe6 refactoring bfffc54 single build status
jdalton standard-things / esm JavaScript Tomorrow's ECMAScript modules today! 3.0.52 * Added `options.mainModules` (#473)
auryan898 auryan898 / minervaclient Python A CLI client for Minerva course registration v1.0 The first official-unofficial release of minervaclient. Structured to be installed as a python package.
daizhirui daizhirui / CamelStudioX_Mac Swift Integrated Development Environment on Mac For Mips Chips Designed by Camel Micro v3.6.1 ## Version 3.6.1 ---- ### Build 33 on 21.06.2018 - New Feature: Open Example button in Welcome Window. - Improvement: UI adjustment of Welcome Window for old mac machines.
satoshun satoshun / CoroutineBinding Kotlin Kotlin Coroutine binding APIs for Android's UI widgets 0.0.2 - remove inline modifier some api - add support-v4 module - add appcompat-v7 module - add design module
pcf-sec-triage-ci pivotal-cf / cred-alert Go Scans repos for credentials and then shouts if it finds them 2018-06-21-00-27-25
b3none b3none / SteamIDConverter PHP A steam ID converter 1.0.1 Added: - MIT License.
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-rfc Ruby AsciiRFC: an AsciiDoc/asciidoctor backend to produce RFC XML v3 (RFC 7991) and v2 (RFC 7749) v0.9.0 * Register gem with metanorma
Laugic Laugic / Laugicality C# The Enigma Mod v0.11.4.1 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
bhohler bhohler / rs-timer C# A timer intended for use while AFK-ing in RuneScape v2.0 Mostly a code refactoring release, but there are a couple of new things: * Added support for the official OSRS client and RuneLite * Removed support for detecting the browser clients * Included g
projectgus espressif / esp-idf C Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for ESP32. v3.1-beta1 Documentation for release v3.1-beta1 is available at This is a *prerelease version with known issues (see below)*. The current release ver
fmcortes fmcortes / backend-server-udemy JavaScript Este es nuestro backend server para el curso de angular avanzado. v0.0.1 #Información Configuramos nuestro backend server. ## Importante Deben de tener Mongo instalado. ### Nota: Iniciar servidor con ``npm start``
jbtule ekonbenefits / FSharp.Interop.NullOptAble F# Missing OptionBuilder for F# filling the void to interop with C#'s ?. usage v0.10.1.116 Added net 4.5 and netstd 2.0 target
gonsie ECP-VeloC / KVTree C KVTree provides a C implementation of a Key-Value store based on perl hashes v1.0.1 Release for Spack package and VELOC version 1.0
travy travy / react-bookshelf JavaScript A Bookshelf application which allows users to track which books they have read, want to read and find more books for the future. 1.0.2 # Version 1.0.2 ## Description Contains bugfix for the search page which was causing the bookshelf of each search item to be displayed as none
Bigsby Bigsby / pi C# Testing for Raspberry Pi console1 Here it is
zoroarkcity zoroarkcity / ForgottenMemories no-lang dummy github for mod,browser v0.4.2 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.4
emfmesquita emfmesquita / beyondhelp JavaScript Chrome extension with helpers to v0.11.0 Just a small release with map references for Omu from ToA. And preparation for the next bigger release. A new permission is required (download) and is related with a future yet secret feature.
TooTallNate TooTallNate / line-async-iterator JavaScript Async Iterator for every line of a Readable Stream 2.1.0 ### Minor Changes - Add `for await` support for Node 10: 71499054a34f99f25a736f557ba5bfad1f8c92c5
TooTallNate TooTallNate / stream-async-iterator JavaScript Turns a Readable Stream into an Async Iterator 1.2.0 ### Minor Changes - Add `for await` support for Node 10: d3580b82493b01a92aab468ad8f944026896e690
ElijahShadbolt Cresspresso / SlotMachine C++ Slot Machine game. (Windows console application) 1.1 # Slot Machine A console application for a game of slots. Written in C++ using Visual Studio. ![SlotMachine Screenshot](
pocc pocc / merlink Python This program will connect desktop clients to Meraki firewalls v0.7.2.17
wtgtybhertgeghgtwtg wtgtybhertgeghgtwtg / scripts JavaScript Scripts I got tired of copypasting. @wtg/scripts-v1.1.3 # [@wtg/scripts-v1.1.3]( (2018-06-21) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency rollup to ^0.61.0
artemiy312 fidals / refarm-site Python Django applications with simple ecommerce functions 0.1.5 Closed issues: - – fixed colName merge - – added editconfig -
ramonza census-ecosystem / opencensus-go-exporter-stackdriver Go OpenCensus Go exporter for Stackdriver Monitoring and Trace v0.4.0 a6442a4 Allow customizing the set of default labels for stats exporting (#20) e236fa3 LastValue should export as gauge metric kind (#17)
xinw0911 aws / aws-codebuild-docker-images Shell Official AWS CodeBuild repository for managed Docker images * Update git to 2.17.1 * Lock packages to major.minor version
moderakh Azure / azure-cosmosdb-java Java Java Async SDK for SQL API of Azure Cosmos DB v2.0.0 * Replaced org.json dependency by jackson due to performance reasons and licensing (github #29) * Removed deprecated OfferV2 class. * Added accessor method to Offer class for throughput content. *
jessesuen argoproj / argo-cd Go GitOps Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes v0.5.3 + Support cluster management using the internal k8s API address https://kubernetes.default.svc (#307) + Support diffing a local ksonnet app to the live application state (resolves #239) (#298) + Add
gboeing gboeing / pynamical Python Pynamical is a Python package for modeling and visualizing discrete nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos, and fractals. v0.1.3 v0.1.3
cf-infra-bot genevieve / leftovers Go Go cli & library for cleaning up orphaned IAAS resources. v0.33.0
zackangelo zackangelo / linkerd Scala A dynamic linker for microservices. untagged-604365ef8b5694b130cc
Spoffy Spoffy / EcoDiscordPlugin C# A plugin that interfaces Eco Global Survival's chat with Discord 1.2.3 Changelog: * Adds a help message to ?trades when no argument is given.
mazinsw mazinsw / nfe-api PHP API para geração e envio de notas fiscais eletrônicas brasileiras 2.0.1 Corrigido soap action dos web services Adicionado verificação de peer ssl Utilizando web services do nfe-php para testes Removido wsdl antigos
chummer5a chummer5a / chummer5a C# Character generator for Shadowrun 5th edition Nightly-v5.200.50
jgarber623 jgarber623 / jekyll-netlify-headers Ruby A Ruby gem for generating a Netlify headers configuration from a Jekyll configuration. v0.1.0 Initial release! 🎉 🎉 🎉
Naatan Komodo / Komodo-TypeScript-LSP JavaScript Adds TypeScript support to Komodo's CodeIntel. Requires Komodo IDE 11.1 or above. 1.0 First release
Duckie-TV DuckieTV / Nightlies JavaScript Nightly builds for DuckieTV nightly-201806210130 DuckieTV nightly release for Thu Jun 21 2018 01:55:47. **Changelog:** - 4866616 changelog update
ejvaux ejvaux / 1_mes PHP Manufacturing Execution System (MES) v0.1.0 Masterdatabase page - OK.
Re-Krass YoungAndDigitalLearning / ydl-api HTML ydl submodule backend (api) v1.25 API new Server Release
bxparks bxparks / AUnit C++ Unit testing framework for Arduino platforms inspired by ArduinoUnit and Google Test. v1.0.0 * 1.0.0 (2018-06-20) * Add commandline script that allows uploading and validation of multiple unit tests on multiple Arduino boards. (#31) * Include contrib/gtest.h, an ad
robmadole FortAwesome / angular-fontawesome TypeScript Font Awesome 5 Angular component using SVG with JS 0.1.0 ### Added * Initial stable, production-ready release of angular-fontawesome
tazsingh stratiformltd / react-loadable-visibility JavaScript A wrapper around react-loadable and loadable-components to load elements that are visible on the page. v2.5.0 As described in #11, when using `componentWillMount` to set up visibility handlers, it would create a leak in server-side environments where `componentWillUnmount` is not called to clean up the handle
nmiyake palantir / distgo Go Go tool for building, distributing and publishing Go projects v1.9.1 * Fixes behavior of `{{Repository}}` template function so that it does not append `/` when value is empty
abuyoyo abuyoyo / iac_site JavaScript IAC Site theme v1.3.0 ### Added - New Facebook open-graph gallery handling module (store GET data in post meta) - Facebook Gallery admin bar menu ### Changed - Restored wordpress auto-p filter - Unlimited posts per
florianlemenach florianlemenach / DatatablesBundle PHP This Bundle integrates the jQuery DataTables plugin into your Symfony application. v1.0.5
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-rsd HTML Ribose Specifications v0.3.1 * List styling:
antkorwin antkorwin / statemachine-utils Java Utils for the Spring State Machine 0.1 Release Candidate 1 - statemachine resolver - statemachine wrapper (rollback & transactional)
kentcdodds paypal / downshift JavaScript 🏎 Primitive to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components v2.0.6 ## [2.0.6]( (2018-06-20) ### Bug Fixes * **TS:** add stateAndHelpers as input type to onOuterClick ([#477](
UseAnything UseAnything / UseAnything JavaScript A platform for using the web and connected devices via gestures through your webcam! v0.0.1 **See:**
the-j0k3r RaitaroH / Stylus-DeepDark CSS Write thy themes in the dark. May the dark be kinder on thine eyes. (Stylus dark theme) v.1.4.7 :new: add current line/select bg option :new: add CodeMirror font size option :new: add default fonts to CodeMirror :construction: move vars + cleanup :pencil2: remove duplicate we already have
fernandosure fernandosure / ecs-compose Python This is a tool for deploying services docker-compose style to AWS Elastic Container Service 0.9.5 nysa-aws shared library implementation default stackfile.yml for easier deployments
tmcgilchrist riak-haskell-client / riak-haskell-client Haskell A fast Haskell client library for the Riak decentralized data store
ryneches ryneches / SuchTree Jupyter Notebook A Python library for fast, thread-safe computations on phylogenetic trees 0.7 * revised examples notebooks * new example data for big trees * added installation instructions * fixed sundry typos in the documentation
matthew-muscat Go-Shippit / Magento2 PHP Shippit Magento 2 Extension v1.4.4 Changes - The "Retailer Source" field to Shippit have been renamed to "Source Platform" Improvements - We've added support for Magento v2.2.4, fixing an issue with the Monolog
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-m3d HTML Metanorma AsciiDoc for M3D v0.3.1 * Register gem to metanorma * Address IsoDoc gem refactor
B4rtware YoungAndDigitalLearning / ydl-front JavaScript ydl submodule frontend v0.20
40818419 40818419 / react-code-input JavaScript React component for entering and validating PIN code. v3.3.0 ### 3.3.0 (2018-06-20) ##### New Features * **prevent-chars:** Filter characters on key down ([#35]( ([b6a00d90](
sd-buildbot screwdriver-cd / data-schema JavaScript Screwdriver internal data schema v18.27.0 <a name="18.27.0"></a> # [18.27.0]( (2018-06-20) ### Features * **1113:** Add meta as optional field
barryWhiteHat barryWhiteHat / miximus C++ A proof of concept trustless ethereum mixer untagged-5e043815d553302be2d2 This is test net proving key, verification key.
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-csand HTML Asciidoctor processor to generate CSA Standard Documents v0.3.0 * Register gem to metanorma * Address IsoDoc gem refactor
nklayman nklayman / vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder JavaScript A Vue Cli 3 plugin for Electron with no required configuration v1.0.0-alpha.7 alpha.7 includes two main features: ### Better arg handling Previously, passing an argument such as `--win nsis zip` (any argument with an array value), the command would fail. Now, it works!
DavidBuchanan314 DavidBuchanan314 / NXLoader Java My first Android app: Launch Fusée Gelée payloads from stock Android (CVE-2018-6242) alpha-0.3 - Massive UI Improvements (thanks @MenosGrante) - Russian and Ukranian localisations (also @MenosGrante) - Improved SUBMITURB error checking
cwlbraa cloudfoundry-incubator / consul-release Go This is a BOSH release for consul. v194 includes golang 1.9.7, removes golang 1.8.*.
SCENEE SCENEE / relax Shell Release tool for iOS developers v0.6.4 #81
opoudjis riboseinc / iso-bib-item Ruby IsoBibiliographicItem class implementation v0.1.7 * Added functionality to map RFC references to the same XML serialisation
vijikarthi vijikarthi / flink-connectors Java Apache Flink connectors for Pravega. vj-v0.3.0-rc0 This is the draft pre-release version of connectors
PsiLupan PsiLupan / MakeLobbiesGreatAgain Java Steam Networked-based Game Lag Checker 2.2 OOPSIE WOOPSIE!! Uwu We made a fucky wucky!! A wittle fucko boingo! The code monkeys at our headquarters worked VEWY HAWD to fix this! * I broke Blocked/Loved with the last version, because I merge
imathews redivis / meta no-lang Tracking meta issues and general development. 0.7.2 _This is a smaller release that focuses on the user login experiences, as well as a redesigned homepage_ ### 🚀 New Features - A new, slick, simple homepage to help users learn more about Rediv
kellyroach-optimizely optimizely / csharp-sdk C# This repository houses the .Net based C# SDK for Optimizely Full Stack. v2.0.1 ## 2.0.1 June 20, 2018 ### Bug Fixes * Fix events are not sent from the SDK for a variation in a feature test if the feature is disabled.
elliotchance elliotchance / c2go Go ⚖️ A tool for transpiling C to Go. v0.24.6 * Adding @kamphaus as a major contributor (#755) - @elliotchance * Revert "gofmt (#751)". Fixes #757 (#758) - @kamphaus
gsemet Guake / guake Python Drop-down terminal for GNOME 3.3.0 ### New Features - `pip install guake` now compiles the gsettings schema and finds its languages automatically. ### Bug Fixes - Wayland is a bit more well supported. The X11 backend is now us
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-csd HTML Metanorma CSD Asciidoctor processor v0.4.0 * Dynamic registering to metanorma
WildcardSearch WildcardSearch / MentionMe PHP A plugin for MyBB 1.8.x that allows Twitter-style tagging and integration with MyAlerts v3.2.4 **Fixes:** - a bug where an incorrect setting name was used, disabling the ability to open mention links in a new window or tab (fixed by @SvePu) **Changes:** - The query to retrieve thread parti
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-gb Ruby Write Chinese Standards using GbDoc v0.3.0 * Dynamic registering to metanorma
jeromesimeon accordproject / ergo Coq The Ergo Language for Smart Legal Contracts v0.0.67 - Add syntax for contract state type (#235) - Remove unused information from ErgoNNRC and ErgoCalculus ASTs (#223) - Revision of CTO import, now loaded as proper Ergo modules (further prep for #18)
ElijahShadbolt Cresspresso / Asteroids no-lang Simple game of Asteroids. Created in GameMaker Studio 2. 1.0 # Asteroids A simple game of Asteroids. Created in GameMaker Studio 2. . | . --- | --- Version | 1.0 Author | Elijah Shadbolt Date | 30/04/2018 Bachelor of Software Engineering Media Des
jeresig Khan / wonder-blocks JavaScript React components for Wonder Blocks design system. @khanacademy/wonder-blocks-typography@1.0.1 This is a test release.
opoudjis riboseinc / isodoc Ruby Ruby gem to convert ISODoc documents into HTML and Microsoft Word v0.8 * Class refactoring * Break up ISO title into its components for metadata
gonsie ECP-VeloC / AXL C Asynchronous Transer Library v0.1.0 Alpha release for Spack package and VELOC version 1.0
ChristopherOlson ChristopherOlson / ArduHeli C++ Traditional Helicopter Dev Build Fork Heli_Setup Parameter files for initial setup of single rotor helicopters
dotcomboom dotcomboom / gopherit Visual Basic VB.NET Gopher browser using curl as a backend untagged-b0526d93e3f43f12edef First release, lads C: You will need a generic win32 copy of curl, named curl.exe, in the same directory as Gopherit.exe.
SingingBush SingingBush / dubclient Java Conveniently call the REST API on and other DUB repositories 0.2.0 Adds missing API calls and improved error handling ```xml <dependency> <groupId>com.singingbush</groupId> <artifactId>dub-client</artifactId> <versi
PresentKim PresentKim / HotBox-PMMP PHP Have fun with the box for hot-time! 1.2.0
lukasztecza lukasztecza / lightApp PHP Minimal skeleton for applications that do not need bloated frameworks 1.2.0 fixed
rajanplumley pcdshub / engineering_tools Shell A repository of scripts, configuration useful for the PCDS team R1.2.7 Addition of pfeiffer serial tools and grep_pv script
opoudjis riboseinc / asciidoctor-iso Ruby Asciidoctor processor for ISO standards v0.9.0 * Dynamic registering of gem with metanorma * Updated locality syntax * bibdata/docidentifier inserts prefix (ISO, ISO/IEC, &c) https://gi
jdossgollin jdossgollin / PYFloods TeX Heavy rainfall in Paraguay during the 2015-2016 austral summer: causes and sub-seasonal-to-seasonal predictive skill v1.1 Final version of code incorporating edits requested for typesetting.
furlongm bloomberg / chef-bcpc Ruby Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud distribution 7.1.5 Minor version 7.1.5 #1362 - rework ksm script to capture all states
Mic92 Mic92 / iana-etc Python Build /etc/protocols and /etc/services files from IANA's Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers 20180620
opoudjis riboseinc / metanorma Ruby The Metanorma project v0.2.2 * Debugged invoking of pdf generation * Improved documentation
adrielcodeco adrielcodeco / pii-scope JavaScript A library to create new global scopes v1.0.10
jdowd7 Crownpeak / AppNoticeSDK-iOS Objective-C Ghostery AppNoticeSDK 2.3.5 - Added manual set flag - Added public setter for custom GDPR countries
lucasvalenteds lucasvalenteds / responder Kotlin REST API that responds data for testing 0.3.1
bleakgrey bleakgrey / tootle Vala GTK3 client for Mastodon 0.1.5 * Everything actually works now
ricardopereira ricardopereira / PremierKit Swift Base code for iOS apps 4.0.0
stes stes / fan Jupyter Notebook Feature Aware Normalization - Code for "Context-based Normalization of Histological Stains using Deep Convolutional Features" 0.0.2 In this release, we provide model weights to run the Demo notebook. Note that re-training or fine-tuning the network on your own data will most likely improve normalization performance. *sha1sum*
radeno radeno / elasticsearch-advanced-docker no-lang Elasticsearch repository with Lemmagen plugin 6.3.0
hunternet93 hunternet93 / ddp_asyncio Python Asynchronous Python module for Meteor's DDP protocol untagged-b5792ba1db15e9a1fb47 * Added better handling of unexpected disconnections
1ec5 mapbox / mapbox-gl-native C++ Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in native Android, iOS, macOS, Node.js, and Qt applications, powered by vector tiles and OpenGL macos-v0.8.0 This version of the Mapbox Maps SDK for macOS corresponds to version 4.1.0 of the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS. [Changes]( sin
TheKurgan TheKurgan / Ktech C# SciFi weapons mod for KSP v0.94 New custom category for KTech, no more searching by manufacturer. Changes to the Railgun Turret; Rate of fire decreased from 60 RPM to 30 RPM and a new custom fire sound installed.
sproogen sproogen / modern-resume-theme HTML A modern static resume template and theme. Powered by Jekyll and GitHub pages. v1.1.0
LoganDark allotropelabs / carbyne TypeScript A real JavaScript object database v1.1.8 - Fix [`CarbyneMemoryStore.hasKey`]( - Add [`hasKey`](
mrbelvedere SalesforceFoundation / Cumulus Apex The current version of the Nonprofit Success Pack uat/3.132-Beta_1
zebdelk cedardevs / onestop JavaScript OneStop is a data discovery system being built by CIRES researchers on a grant from the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. We welcome contributions from the community! v2.0.0-RC9 # Accessibility Improvements - Distinct page titles for Home, About, Search Results, Collection Pages, etc - Improved focus style for keyboard navigation - Added keyboard accessibility for Applie
Talv Talv / plaxtony TypeScript Set of libraries to work with StarCraft II map files: Galaxy Script, Triggers scheme, Game Data XML. v1.8.5 - support for sc2-data v4.4.0
nitely nitely / nim-unicodeplus Nim Common unicode operations v0.3.2 .
andersonlucasg3 andersonlucasg3 / buildcannon Swift Build tool like fastlane... untagged-ac066b30ff7af76b5128
23rd 23rd / PotPlayerExtentions AngelScript Extensions for PotPlayer to watch Twitch and Goodgame streams without streamlinks or any crap. 1.0.3
ITHitBuild ITHit / WebDAVAjax JavaScript WebDAV AJAX Library for opening docs from a web page and saving back directly to server in a SharePoint-like manner. v5.4.3181
blumu Microsoft / fsharplu F# This library provides a set of F# helpers for string manipulations, logging, collection data structures, file operations, text processing, security, async, parsing, diagnostics, configuration files and Json serialization. v0.10.27
ndm2 icings / menu PHP A KnpMenu seasoned menu plugin for CakePHP. 2.0.1 * Adds support for fuzzy matching named routes that contain elements. * Fixes the CakePHP dependency constraint which was wrongly set to `3.6`.
Awilum flextype-plugins / vimeo PHP Vimeo plugins allows you to insert Vimeo videos into the page. v1.0.0 Initial release
fmcortes fmcortes / adminpro-udemy CSS Demo de curso de udemy con angular 4 v1.3.0 # Seccion 8 terminada 1. Promesas 2. RXJS 3. Breadcrumbs 4. MetaTags 5. Titulo
kshetline kshetline / aw-clock TypeScript Astronomy/weather clock v1.0.2 Updated
SkydiveMarius Volantus / php-pigpio PHP PHP client for the pigpio daemon library 0.2.5 * Added hall effect [rotation speed counter](

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