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mateusmirandaalmeida GUMGA / gumga-form-buttons-ng JavaScript Componente usado nos formulários de cadastro, para cancelar ou salvar um registro. 1.2.1
dotenorio dotenorio / clipboard-manager-electron JavaScript A clipboard manager built with Electron v1.0.1 * Translate to english * Usability improvements * Resolving lock bug
smasala smasala / responsive-images-js JavaScript Simple jQuery powered function to enable responsive images v1.1.0 * Bug fix: when no image is loaded on small device because s or xs where not declared now the smallest defined size is chosen. * added "npm run build" to simplify build process
cdrainxv cdrainxv / xkcli JavaScript terminal based xkcd comic viewer v0.2.0 * add text color configuration feature * update the order of logs
zepinglee ustctug / ustcthesis TeX LaTeX template for USTC thesis v3.0 v3.0.1 - 修正了 `\|` 命令被覆盖的问题(#153) - 修正了 subsubsection 的前后距离(#156) - 改进了参考文献格式
anthony-tuininga oracle / odpi C Oracle Database Programming Interface for Drivers and Applications v2.1.0 ODPI-C v2.1.0 is now released. This release has a number of small enhancements intended to build upon the release of 2.0 made a few months ago. Topping the list is support for accessing sharded databa
amohamed1 amohamed1 / awx-rpm Shell RPM specs for ansible-awx project v1.0.1.319
starkandwayne-bot cloudfoundry-community / jumpbox-boshrelease Shell A BOSH release for jumpboxen v4.3.9 ##### genesis Bumped genesis to v2.3.1 ##### genesis Bumped genesis to v2.3.2
adriancmiranda adriancmiranda / Proto JavaScript An extensible program-code-template for creating objects v1.1.4 - **build:** main as cjs
pbx masschallenge / django-accelerator Python Provides the data models for the collection of startup accelerator application initiated by MassChallenge. 2017.12.12 * [AC-5001]( Clean up handling of organization URL slugs so they actually produce working URLs * [AC-5175](
302bis 302bis / figma-app-ubuntu JavaScript Ubuntu app of the Awesome Design Tool called figma 0.5.0
FranckRJ FranckRJ / JVNotif Kotlin Application pour recevoir les notifications de JVC sur son téléphone. v1.3 - Remplacement du bouton pour checker les notifs par un SwipeRefreshLayout. - Améliorations divers de design. - Vidage du cache des WebViews de temps en temps. - Passage à la version 1.3.
hugobessa vintasoftware / django-celerybeat-status Python A library that integrates with django admin and shows in a simple GUI when your periodic are going to run next. 0.0.8 * resolve build issues with license file
geigi geigi / cozy Python A modern audio book player for Linux using GTK+ 3 0.4.5 - Playback speed control! - New icons - Added French, Danish & Turkish translations! (Thanks to Vistaus, Distil62, karaagac)
simple-evcorr simple-evcorr / sec Perl Simple Event Correlator releases 2.7.12
srittau srittau / rouver Python Python 3 microframework v0.5.1 Bug Fixes --------- * ``rouver.router``: Ignore trailing slashes.
ljharb creationix / nvm Shell Node Version Manager - Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions v0.33.8 ## Fix - `nvm install-latest-npm`: fix for node 4.5/4.6
Mauin Mauin / RxFingerprint Java Android Fingerprint authentication and encryption with RxJava v2.2.1 This release adds a fix for issues with the Fingerprint API on Android Oreo not reporting `KeyPermanentlyInvalidatedException`. Devices on Android Oreo were seen incorrectly reporting `IllegalBlockSiz
plaurin84 plaurin84 / logstash-pubsub no-lang Logstash with pre-instaled google pubsub input plugin (Docker hub automated build) v1.2
fdgonthier fdgonthier / nodejs-mobile JavaScript Full-fledged Node.js on Android and iOS v8.6.0-pre I
adjackura GoogleCloudPlatform / compute-image-tools Go Tools and scripts for Google Compute Engine images. v20171212 ## Daisy Fix confusing step populate error. Addresses
plaurin84 plaurin84 / elastic-curator no-lang Elastic with pre-instaled curator application (Docker hub automated build) v1.3
zendesk-deploy zendesk / samson Ruby Web interface for deployments v1972
sachatrauwaen sachatrauwaen / OpenContent JavaScript Structured Content editing for DNN (Dotnetnuke) hotfix351 ## Fixes * fix xml save on portal 0 * fix for special characters in search terms (dashes, ...)
geneishouko geneishouko / AA2QtEdit C++ Artificial Academy 2 Character Editor beta3 New: * Show color codes (#rrggbb) in maker tab * Show checkboxes for toggleable data types * Readd profile text box to general tab Bugfixes: * Doesn't crash when it sees dead people * Fixed bo
ovh-ux-cds ovh-ux / ovh-manager-cloud JavaScript OVH Control Panel Cloud UI - Official Repository v6.8.3 :gem: v6.8.3
densh scala-native / scala-native Scala Your favorite language gets closer to bare metal. v0.3.5 This release focuses on performance and stability improvements, keeping backwards binary compatibility with previous releases in 0.3.x series. It includes exactly the same changes as 0.3.4, with a hot
ndelangen storybooks / storybook-deployer JavaScript Deploy your storybook as a static site v2.2.0
Fondesa Fondesa / RecyclerViewDivider Kotlin A library that can configure a divider for a RecyclerView. 2.0.0 The first major update to this library. This update introduces some breaking changes so check the wiki for further information.
Saeven Saeven / zf3-circlical-user PHP Turnkey Authentication, Identity, and RBAC for Zend Framework 3. Supports Doctrine and Middleware. 0.2.3
zhululai dice-project / DICE-Optimisation-JMT-Pre-processors Java JMT pre-processors for the DICE Optimisation tool v0.1.1 Optimised the skeleton and updated JMT to V1.0.2.
starkandwayne-bot starkandwayne / genesis Perl A BOSH Deployment Paradigm v2.3.2 # Bug Fixes * Clean up some final issues with genesis ci * Added support for detecting https-based git remotes
andryou andryou / scriptsafe JavaScript a browser extension to bring security and privacy to chrome, firefox, and opera v1.0.9.8 - Added ability to selectively allow Browser Plugins Enumeration - Added ability to randomize user agents: on every request or every x minutes - Minor panel tweaks - Minor user agent fix - Minor l
pkgdemon iXsystems / ixautomation Python Test framework for iX projects 17.12.01 * Add the ability to cleanup VMS, and ISOs on nodes.
missoxd hibrido / Magento2-AdvancedLogin PHP Allows an customer to login via a customer attribute instead of an email. 2.0.1
jisaac89 jisaac89 / Recoil TypeScript Powerful react powered front-end framework. v0.5.4 Changes - Calendar component early implementation of select time. - Emerge uses 'react-intersection-observer'. - Buttons now correctly show on hover style. - Dropdown's now have tagSelected prop
matiascamiletti MobileIA / mia-layout-elite-zf3 JavaScript The module for Layout 0.0.5 Habilitado funcionalidad del menu principal.
huco95 huco95 / UBUGrades Java Continuación y mejora de la aplicación UBUGrades. v1.3 * Mejoras en la interfaz. * Añadidas las Lecciones y Talleres. * Añadidas las escalas para las Tareas. * Añadida la traducción al Ingles.
JakeRadMSFT Microsoft / vscode-azurestorage TypeScript Azure Storage extension for VS Code V0.1.0 ## 0.1.0 - 2017-12-08 ### Added - Explore Blob Containers, File Shares, Queues and Tables - Access Connection String and Primary Key - Edit Block Blobs and Files - Open in Storage Explorer fo
nicoschreiner nicoschreiner / docker-mumble-server Shell A docker container running mumble-server 1.2.19 Docker-Container with mumble-server version 1.2.19
dysonance dysonance / Strategems.jl Julia Quantitative systematic trading strategy development and backtesting in Julia v0.0.4 Removes `tickers` field from `Universe` type. Unused and made use of deprecated `namefix` function from `Temporal` package.
spryker-release-bot spryker / Catalog PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the Catalog module. 5.1.0 Included commits: ### Improvements Added new client methods to store,retrive current catalog view mode. This allows switching between diffe
Stjo83 tinytree-dk / element-installer PHP Simple installer, that let's you create your Element project straight from the commandline v1.2 Trying to solve the error in cli, when attempting to craft application. Not sure if it's fixed though !?
ngmiller keepkey / python-keepkey Python KeepKey Python client v4.0.2 Issues resolved: * #18
Opware2000 AFUJ / joomla-cms-fr PHP French translation of Joomla! Content Management System ( Version francisée de Joomla!
juanshishido twitterdev / twitter-python-ads-sdk Python A Twitter supported and maintained Ads API SDK for Python. v2.0.0 This is a [version 2]( release for the Python SDK. Changes: * Scheduled Tweets (#131) * Video website cards (#130) * Draft campaign
pjwerneck pjwerneck / bouncer Go Throttling, rate-limiting and synchronization for distributed applications. 0.1.0
geobra geobra / harbour-shmoose C++ XMPP Client for Sailfish OS 0.4.0 - message read status through xep 0333 - http upload fixed (by slohse) - i18n (by Caballero) - sort pictures by creation date in picker - some gui improvements
Majkl578 cdn77 / coding-standard PHP PHP 7.1+ coding standard based on PSR-2, enhanced by advanced sniffs from Slevomat and also some custom sniffs. v0.5.0 We've open-sourced our PHP 7.1+ coding standard under MIT license and this release marks its first public version.
Opware2000 Opware2000 / Joomla-3-French-Full-release PHP Distribution francisée de la branche 3.x Version francisée de Joomla! 3.8.3
GitSquared GitSquared / edex-ui CSS A science fiction desktop running everywhere. Awesome. v0.5.0
pshires ORNL-AMO / AMO-Tools-Desktop TypeScript AMO-Tools-Desktop is an energy efficiency calculation application for use with industrial equipment such as pumps, furnaces, fans, and motors, as well as for industrial systems such as steam. Currently in beta. v0.2.4-beta # A software tool for calculating energy efficiency for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. The Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) has undertaken an
julianoes dronecore / DroneCore C++ API and library for PX4 Autopilot using MAVLink written in C++11 v1.2.3-test-20
isaachier isaachier / sds C Simple Dynamic Strings library for C hunter-2.1.0-p0
409H 409H / EtherAddressLookup JavaScript Adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses to your favourite blockchain explorer. Adds protection against private key phishing. Offers custom site bookmarks. v1.13 EAL has now increased its efforts to quickly redirect its users away from phishing attacks by consuming 2 trusted 3rd party blacklists managed by; [iosiro](
systemson systemson / BlankBoard PHP Basic users and permissions management system, with Laravel 5.5 on the AdminLTE template. v0.9-beta ## BlankBoard v0.9-beta ### First beta beta release Testing version. Hasn't been tested outside of development environment, but should work in production. Please report any issue.
kalmare kalmare / miner-manager HTML A manager of cpuminer for bitzeny v1.0.1 Fixed issues.
weierophinney zendframework / zend-expressive-zendviewrenderer PHP zend-view PhpRenderer integration for Expressive 1.4.1 Added ----- - [#39]( adds the ability for the `ZendViewRendererFactory` to use the `Zend\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer` servic
manolodd manolodd / jglobaldatetime Java JGlobalDateTime is a Java library that eases the comparation, transmission, conversion and storage of zoned datetime formats. JGlobalDateTime-2.1
heifner EOSIO / eos WebAssembly An open source smart contract platform STAT-2017-12-12
sous-machine-account opentable / sous Go Tools for building, testing, deploying Docker containers 0.5.59
AMoreaux AMoreaux / Sketch-Icons JavaScript Import icons as library and manage it. v1.0.3-0
amochohan amochohan / xerolaravel PHP A Laravel 5 wrapper for Xero's PHP API v1.2.1
valentinvanelslande valentinvanelslande / citra C++ The best Citra of the world 53
dentaku65 streamondemand / no-lang Streamondemand official repository v5.6.9
originate-hosting Originate / exosphere Go A modern cloud-based micro-service framework v0.33.1
ipolynkina ipolynkina / PomidoroManager Java Тайм-менеджер v1.0.1
Skyost Skyost / SkyDocs Java SkyDocs is a lightweight static documentation builder with MarkDown. v0.5 # Changelog - Added a [GUI]( - Some default theme updates. **SkyDocs status:** Beta. **Note:** Please check [the documentation](https:
Willster419 Willster419 / RelhaxModpack C# The fastest WoT modpack installer in the world 27.4.0 Version 27.4.0 (12/12/2017) -Added new preview mode/feature: Audio. You can now preview s
jonathancallahan MazamaScience / PWFSLSmoke R R package for Working with PM2.5 Monitoring Data v0.99.33-beta * added NowCast vignette * new `airsis_availableUnits()` function * new `AIRSIS` object with available monitor types * functions for ESRI Maps added: `esriMap_getMap()`, `esriMap_plotOnStaticMa
developit developit / preact JavaScript ⚛️ Fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM. 8.2.7 - Fix `preact/debug` failing to load in Webpack 3 + ES Modules (#924 #935, thanks @whitetrefoil) - Added null to paren union type of render (#937, thanks @nickytonline)
Ivansss nextcloud / spreed JavaScript 📞😀 Video & audio calls for Nextcloud v2.9.0 ### Beta release - Beta release of Nextcloud 13 features for early testers.
gkapfham Allegheny-Computer-Science-280-F2017 / cs280-F2017-lab-sheets TeX Laboratory Assignment Sheets for Computer Science 280 Fall 2017 cs280F2017_labs-9.0.1
AngusP robotical / martypy Python Python Library for interfacing with Marty the Robot by Robotical v1.1 Release Note === Once again, note that this code is pretty fresh off the press, so hasn't yet fully earned the 'stable' title. Bugs and issues can be reported here on GitHub, and pull requests ca
particularbot Particular / ServiceControl C# Backend for ServiceInsight and ServicePulse 1.44.0 As part of this release we had [17 commits]( which resulted in [1 issue](
emirotin emirotin / chgk-db-dumps no-lang DB dumps published for the chgk-db-search project proto1-schema3-dump20171212164615 DB ver. proto1-schema3-dump20171212164615
remomueller sleepepi / HTML Website for the SleepINNOVATE project v4.1.0 ### Enhancements - **General Changes** - Removed parking voucher text from landing page
ghansintecfra ghansintecfra / castingfecha PHP Castea la fecha, y cambia los numeros de formato 3 DIA/MES a solo el numero o aumenta lo indicado a una fecha 0.3 Función para fechas habiles y no habiles
citrabot citra-emu / citra-nightly no-lang THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEAES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-485
mpokorny mpokorny / vysmaw C Fast visibility stream muncher v1.2.2 Restore Consumer.test_end() to avoid a major version update (but continue not to call it from Consumer methods). Use of this method will produce a DeprecationWarning.
lsavino seedco / Formalist Swift Declarative form building framework for iOS 0.4.1 Allows title customization of keyboard accessory toolbar's 'done' button
pierky pierky / arouteserver Python A tool to automatically build (and test) feature-rich configurations for BGP route servers. v0.16.1 - Fix: handle the new version of the JSON schema built by [arin-whois-bulk-parser](>).
Artistan Artistan / box-builder Shell build your own homestead box for the latest and greatest features and add more. v3.0 new improved build process and customizations.
mrexodia mrexodia / gozer Go An api client for the Zerotier One software-defined-network written in Go v1.0
TheBeachMaster AfricasTalkingLtd / africastalking.Net C# AfricasTalking API Wrapper for .NET v1.1.600 1. Package release allows you to initiate bank transfers and validations 2. One can also initiate card checkouts and validations 3. One can now initiate USSD push requests 4. Create and consume ch
hoffmabc OpenBazaar / openbazaar-go Go OpenBazaar 2.0 Server Daemon in Go v0.10.1-rc1
bgsrb KaveNegar / kavenegar-go Go Kavenegar API Client Writen In Golang 1.0.0
damieng atom / atom-languageclient JavaScript Language Server Protocol support for Atom (the basis of Atom-IDE) v0.7.3 - AutoCompleteAdapter now takes an [optional function for customizing suggestions](
tonyhutter zfsonlinux / zfs C ZFS on Linux - the official OpenZFS implementation for Linux. zfs-0.7.4 #### Supported Kernels - Compatible with 2.6.32 - 4.14 Linux kernels. #### Bug Fixes - Allow test-runner to filter test groups by tag #6788 - Fix NFS sticky bit permission denied error #6889 #69
broomburgo facile-it / FunctionalKit Swift Basic functions and combinators for functional programming in Swift. 0.2.3
fortcoin fortcoin / Fortcoin C++ Fortcoin Cryptocurrency - v1.0 Fortcoin Windows64 Wallet
ewisor NetscoutEnterprise / MPAndroidChart Java Forked version of MPAndroidChart to include a few custom features. v3.0.2-etwmod1
haliphax haliphax / flaskbb-plugin-proxyfix Python Adds the Werkzeug ProxyFix middleware to FlaskBB 1.0
haliphax haliphax / flaskbb-plugin-private-memberlist Python Require login to view the FlaskBB member list 1.0
coreylight iopipe / iopipe-scripts JavaScript CLI toolbox for common scripts for IOpipe projects v1.1.1
llapresi SuperEasyApps / ThemeKit Swift macOS theming library v1.1.1 * Made .xcproject schema shared to support Carthage's automatic Build process * Removed warnings related to using String.characters.count instead of String.count in Swift 4
Gachapen Gachapen / lsys-pairwise Rust Pairwise comparison tool for L-system thesis v1.0.0
mcstover kiva / styleguide JavaScript Live styleguide implementation using patternlab + foundation 1.1.360
kdeegan dataserve / cluster-readwrite-lock JavaScript A nodejs readwrite lock useable across a worker cluster v1.0.0
mohitmv mohitmv / msl3 Python msl for python3. v1.0.2 Added retry_if_fail, kill_on_interrupt, sys_arg_options methods in msl.utils Readme for the same is still pending.
darrensiegel Simon-Initiative / draft-js JavaScript A React framework for building text editors. simon-v0.1.0
Pastillage Pastillage / ALTTP-Boss-Tracker Java Java based Boss Tracker for use on streams. 1.1.1 Adds another Big Key to the tracker.
dpkoch rosflight / firmware C++ Firmware for the ROSflight autopilot v1.1.0 - Comm link layer abstraction - Strict compilation - C++ math library - I2C bug fixes
Klocman Klocman / Bulk-Crap-Uninstaller C# Remove large amounts of unwanted applications quickly. v3.22 ## Changelog - Added proper logging to uninstaller automatizer - Added daemon mode to uninstall automatizer, not used for now - Fixed crash when using a virtual list with checkboxes caused by a per
Gachapen Gachapen / lsystem Rust Implementation of DGEL plus various for my master's thesis v0.1.2
ruslo hunter-packages / bullet3 C++ Bullet Physics SDK: real-time collision detection and multi-physics simulation for VR, games, visual effects, robotics, machine learning etc. 2.87-p0
PierreQuentel brython-dev / brython Python Brython (Browser Python) is an implementation of Python 3 running in the browser 3.3.5 Besides many bug fixes, the main features in this release are : - many improvements to the management of bytes objects and base64 encoding - support of built-ins `memoryview` and `vars()` - a new
jhendrixMSFT Azure / go-autorest Go This package implements an HTTP request pipeline suitable for use across multiple go-routines and provides the shared routines relied on by AutoRest generated Go code. v9.5.2 ### Bug Fixes - Check for nil *http.Response before dereferencing it.
cjg89 UCF / Athena-GravityForms-Plugin CSS Applies Athena Framework styling to Gravity Forms. v1.0.1 Bug fixes: * Added styles to hide honeypot validation fields.
jonathannorris taplytics / taplytics-ios-sdk Objective-C Taplytics iOS SDK 2.23.4 - Fixed an issue where push clients could be shown the push authorization modal again.
kevbite kevbite / HumbleConfig C# HumbleConfig is a simple abstraction on top of multiple config sources 4.2.0
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2017-12-13-02-00-01
miguelBinpar BinPar / emp-ebooks-desktop-app no-lang Releases repository for EMP eBooks Desktop App v1.7.3 Windows update
ataulien REGoth-project / REGoth C++ OpenSource-Reimplementation of the zEngine, used by the game "Gothic" nightly-0.4.86 Automatic windows build
Stjo83 tinytree-dk / element HTML Element is a super easy-to-work-with php framework, that are built on the top Slim3. It's very similar to Laravel v1.2 Button for sign-in and sign-up is now working
riccardoerra smallmedia / iod-ckan Python iod-ckan v0.98 * Homepage translated * Contact page translated
matt6697 virtualdesktopdevops / xd7mastercontroller Puppet This modules install an enterprise production grade Citrix 7.x Delivery Controller, including Citrix site creation and administrator rights setup. v1.1.0 Added SSL Citrix Broker Service SSL support using netsh method Trust requests to Citrix XML service (required for Domain-Passthrouh and smartcard logon)
olevole cbsd / cbsd C Yet one more wrapper around jail, bhyve and XEN on FreeBSD platform. For more information please visit website v11.1.11 - rework select_jail function ( used in [jb]config, [jb]start,stop, [jb]remove - initenv: support for pre-defined config for re-configure - makeresolv now support optional args for changing nameserv
is06 CanalTP / NavitiaSDKUX_ios Swift An Xcode framework you can use in your app to offer cool transport stuff to your users 0.3.1 - Fixed crash when optional parameters are empty
norberturkiewicz the-carlisle-group / Acre-Desktop APL A simple Dyalog APL IDE plugin that introduces "projects" and allows you to keep your source code in Unicode text files. v4.0.2
svenwltr svenwltr / docker-syncthing Shell Alpine based Docker image for syncthing v0.14.41
BarillaUser BarillaUser / MPC Pascal MPC - MinexBank Profit Calculator 0.1 First release [](
chris1111 chris1111 / macOS-High-Sierra-HD Shell Main topic V1 Download the latest Release [Download ➤ macOS High Sierra]()
KaiKikuchi KaiKikuchi / SynX Java A Minecraft MP plugin that helps plugins to transfer data between different servers v.1.2.3
dee-me-tree-or-love dee-me-tree-or-love / wordeu-bot JavaScript Wordeu chatbot - your word practice messenger buddy. 0.0.1 The very raw and unprepared chatbot is created and deployed. There is still a lot of work to be done. But hey, that's a start! :v:
ltrudu ltrudu / ZebraSampleWok JavaScript A delicious samples wok made with Zebra DNA's ingredients and flavors.... FIRST_PRERELEASE
matt6697 virtualdesktopdevops / xd7slavecontroller Puppet This modules install a fully working Citrix 7.x Delivery Controller and registers it to an existing XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x site. All the site configuration and database access setup is grabbed from the existing controller. v1.1.0 Added SSL Citrix Broker Service SSL support using netsh method Trust requests to Citrix XML service (required for Domain-Passthrouh and smartcard logon)
ezra-obiwale ezra-obiwale / laraquick PHP A collection of classes to be extended/used in laravel apps for quick development v2.0.1
GoodOldJack12 GoodOldJack12 / MRCLRSPACK GLSL A texture pack for the MRCL server
Snazzah Snazzah / SublimeDiscordRP Python Discord Rich Presence for Sublime Text 2 & 3 v1.0.3
GaneshKandu GaneshKandu / kdbv PHP mysql databade auto upgrade tool library 1.0.4 ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE CASCADE COMMENT 'ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE CASCADE'
Taluu Wisembly / AMQPBundle PHP AMQPBundle built on top of Symfony 2 and Swarrot v1.4 Ported all the services id to fqcns, courtesy of symfony/dependency-injection 3.4.0+. All the old public ids are now public aliases, and most of the services are now private. [potential bc bre
depryf imsweb / data-generator Java This Java library allows to create synthetic (fabricated) NAACCR data files. v1.2 **Changes in version 1.2** - Updated Algorithm library from version 1.9.1 to version 1.10. - Updated Staging library from version 2.9 to version 2.10.
cmb69 cmb69 / imgzoom_xh HTML Viewers for large images for CMSimple_XH 1.0beta3 See the [release announcement]( in the CMSimple_XH forum. Downloads are available on the [project page](
KyuuGryphon KyuuGryphon / umineko-chiru-cgs no-lang A modification for the 2017 Mangagamer release of Umineko Chiru, to restore the unused Pachinko CGs to the game. ep56_v1 Quick release of the Ep5+6 patch - I haven't had time to fully test this, but everything should work as intended. [Chiru CG Restoration - Ep5&6](
SooLee 4dn-dcic / tibanna Jupyter Notebook Tibanna is the gas mined in Cloud City that makes Hyperdrives zoom. It's also the pipeline running in the cloud that ensure data is properly processed for 4dn. v0.3.1 * Tibanna branch (url) can be specified for `awsf` functions inside an input json file. * Custom fields in `CWL` are now accepted.
chingor13 census-instrumentation / opencensus-php PHP A stats collection and distributed tracing framework v0.1.0 First alpha release. * composer: [0.1.0]( * PECL: [0.1.0](
sinothk sinothk / media Java 图片,视频,音频处理 v1.1 media v1.1
MJHeijster MJHeijster / StatBot C# Trying to make a Discord logging bot that works with mIRCStats v1.0 Initial release
stevenhwu stevenhwu / Slider R Statistical Likelihood model for Identifying Differential Expression in R v1.5.2 Slider v1.5.2 Release
jcjordyn130 bigfootslair / sidentd Python A simple ident daemon written in python. 0.0.5
hyviquel ompcloud / ompcloud Shell OmpCloud - Cloud offloading made easy ! v0.3.0 OmpCloud stable release: - Add support for older versions of Ubuntu (at least 14.04) and RPM-based distributions (experimental) - Add support to loop scheduling model of OpenMP (static/dynamic, chun
roxiemobile roxiemobile / networking-api.ios Swift Networking API is an HTTP library that makes networking for iOS apps easier. 1.1.2
rshorey newsdev / klaxon Ruby [Not Ready For Production] Klaxon enables reporters and editors to monitor scores of sites and files on the web for newsworthy changes. v51 - add list of newsrooms using Klaxon - add a few more to our list of users - adds the ability to set the SES port via env var - Be case-insensitive when checking email on login Addresses #114. - Add c
matiascamiletti MobileIA / mia-authentication-zf3 PHP The Library for Authentication 0.0.43 Agregada funcionalidad para editar el template de la pantalla de login.
hansemannn appcelerator-modules / ti.imagefactory Python The ImageFactory Module for Appcelerator Titanium android-4.0.0 - [x] Support Titanium SDK 7+ and Android 64-Bit (#30 by @m1ga)
danteay danteay / php7-pgsql no-lang Docker image base on *php:7-alphin* with pgsql extension
nimezhu nbrowser / cnb Go CMU Nucleome Browser v0.0.0 Pre-release
cpascoe95 cpascoe95 / validate-interface TypeScript Validate Objects Against TypeScript Interfaces v0.4.1 - Add overload to `eachItem` to allow continuation of assertion chain
ChriFo eHealthExperts / k2-basecamp Rust CT-API adapter for the gematik Konnektor v0.11.1
bojannaneski bojannaneski / Art-it-up CSS Art it up - web page artitup
cblappert facebook / prepack JavaScript Prepack is a partial evaluator for JavaScript. Prepack rewrites a JavaScript bundle, resulting in JavaScript code that executes more efficiently. v0.2.15 - Various Bugfixes, DevX improvements - Add support for folding simple React class components - Add --simpleClosures option to eagerly allocate space for captured variables - Introduced Prepack Hea
weierophinney zendframework / zend-eventmanager PHP Implement event systems, signal slots, intercepting filters, and observers. release-2.6.4 Added ----- - Nothing. Changed ------- - Nothing. Deprecated ---------- - Nothing. Removed ------- - Nothing. Fixed ----- - [#68](
cnguy cnguy / gopherjs-frappe-charts Go GopherJS bindings for frappe/charts - Go Charts for your Frontend 0.0.4 AddDataPoint/AppendDataPoint now use float arrays
anotherchrisberry spinnaker / clouddriver Groovy read and write operations across cloud providers v1.747.0 * feat(provider/appengine): allow gcloud version to be configurable * feat(provider/kubernetes): init containers * fix(provider/kubernetes): s/name/manifestName * fix(provider/kubernetes):Server Gr
jonpas acemod / ACEX SQF ACE3 Extra misc modules and components v3.3.0-rc1 _Requires ACE Version 3.11.0 or later._ ## Change Log Summary _Change log to be added._
BradLarson BradLarson / CVideo4Linux Swift A quickie Swift module for the Video4Linux library 1.0.1
jonpas acemod / ACE3 C++ Open-source realism mod for Arma 3 v3.12.0-rc1 _Requires CBA Version 3.5.0 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.78 or later._ This release marks the switch from ACE Settings to CBA Settings (_link to post to be added_), integrated ShackTac Night Visio
Crysalix Crysalix / Shell for Minecraft servers v2.1.1 for Minecraft servers. Start, Stop, Restart your server and more... Support the /restart command in game.
gabrielLefrancoisConstellio doculibre / constellio Java Constellio 5 7.6.8
nadar luyadev / luya-kickstarter PHP Kickstart a new LUYA project application. 1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (12, December 2017) - First stable release.
defagos SRGSSR / SRGMediaPlayer-iOS Objective-C The SRG Media Player library for iOS provides a simple way to add a universal audio / video player to any iOS application. 2.2 Support for 360° video playback has been added. The `SRGMediaPlayerView` class now has an additional `viewMode` property, which lets you choose how a media should be rendered: * Flat: Normal playb
joaomdmoura joaomdmoura / machinery Elixir A State Machine Implementation for structs (+ optional GUI to a Phoenix Apps) v0.4.0 - New, more functional DSL, not relying on Macros so much - [Pull Request]( - Adding support for before and after callbacks - [Pull Request](https://gi
mondalaci UltimateHackingKeyboard / firmware C The firmware of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard 6.0.0 Data Model: 4.0.0 (unchanged) | USB Protocol: 3.0.0 (major bump) | Slave Protocol: 3.0.0 (unchanged) - Change the value of almost every USB protocol commands because there were unused intervals bet
john-preston telegramdesktop / tdesktop C++ Telegram Desktop messaging app v1.2.1 - Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
laxersaz trivago / cluecumber-report-plugin Java Maven plugin for Cucumber test reporting. 0.1.1
jaredatch awesomemotive / wp-mail-smtp PHP The most popular WordPress SMTP and PHP Mailer plugin. Trusted by over 700k sites. 1.0.0 2017-12-12 ### Added - Automatic migration tool to move options from older storage format to a new one. - Added Gmail & G Suite email provider integration - without your email and password. -
AlexGalays AlexGalays / kaiju JavaScript Fast Virtual DOM components with Reactive updating 0.28.1 **Fixes** - Is it now possible to send a message synchronously from within connect(): ```ts function connect({ on, msg, state }: ConnectParams<{}, State>) { on(refresh, () => ({ refre
trowski amphp / mysql PHP An async mysql client built on the amp concurrency framework v0.3.0 This release represents a major internal refactor and API refactor for similarity to the [postgres library]( API. The query method signatures (`query`, `prepare`, `ex
herbertscruz herbertscruz / nuxt-server JavaScript HTTP and HTTPS server for nuxt 1.0.2 - TLS support; - Environment variables support; - Improment in errors treatment;
rbri SeleniumHQ / htmlunit-driver JavaScript WebDriver compatible driver for HtmlUnit headless browser. 2.28.3 * Update Selenium dependency to 3.8.1 * Update maven-javadoc-plugin to 3.0.0 * Update mockito dependency to 2.13.0
nelsonpecora clay / clay-kiln JavaScript Editing tools for Clay v5.7.0 * add `?version=<KILN VERSION>` to view/edit js calls #1059
jeanadrien jeanadrien / gatling-mqtt-protocol Scala Unofficial MQTT plugin for Gatling load testing framework v1.1 ## New in v1.1 * Support for Gatling v2.2.5 * MQTT client abstraction. Now supports [_Paho_]( Java client in addition to [_Fusesource_ MQTT](https://github.c
sputnam ngageoint / hootenanny C++ high-performance conflation software v0.2.37 [README](
goodjaerb goodjaerb / scraperfx Java A new way to scrape for emulator information. v1.4
GusALN GusALN / whm_tools Python Este repo es experimental. No se recomienda su uso por ahora para el público en general v1.2.0-alpha.1 ### Deshabilitar respaldo de los usuarios para reducir carga y bug fixes * Se arregló el bug en las etiquetas de los respaldos. * Se desactiva la opción de respaldo para los usuarios durante el re
keiffster keiffster / program-y Python Python 3.x based AIML 2.0 Chatbot interpreter, framework, related programs and knowledge files v1.5.1 All file operations now use utf-8 as encoding Wikipedia external service now tested with ( successfully ) with Cantonese both in question and answer
Asuranceturix Asuranceturix / omvg-ComputeStructureFromKnownPoses no-lang openMVG_main_ComputeStructureFromKnownPoses v1.2
jelicanin fractaslabs / silverstripe-fb-instant-articles PHP SilverStripe module for Facebook Instant Articles RSS Feed. 1.0 Silverstripe 3+
GumgaMGA GUMGA / gumga-query-action-ng JavaScript Gumga Query Action (Angular 1.x) 1.0.0
darkshram darkshram / axosynaptic Vala A semantic launcher with support to start applications, find and access relevant documents and files. 1.18.0 - Based on code of Synapse 2.99.2. - Fixes build problems on vala 0.36. - Properly construct OptionEntry. - Set and update client-window of Gtk.IMMulticontext. - Silence desktop-entry-lacks-keywor
KJeff01 KJeff01 / Cobra-AI JavaScript A Skirmish AI for warzone2100 v1.22 - Removes beacons which caused a massive performance problems (almost 1/5 of a second at the worst). - Removes some events that were useless. - Fixes laser satellite targeting.
jwrober jwrober / erpnext_admin_guide no-lang ERPNext Administrators Guide v0.7 - Additions to reporting/ to provide more details about connecting to the database - Additions to reporting/ to better clarify a few discrepancies and setup the databa
SahajR SahajR / pokemon-names-and-types JavaScript A open source project created as practice for the course - v1.7.0 <a name="1.7.0"></a> # [1.7.0]( (2017-12-12) ### Features * New Pokémon from ultra sun and moon ([5e
depryf imsweb / validation Java Java validation framework, allows to define edits in Groovy and use them to validate data files. v1.9 **Version 1.9** - Updated staging client from version 2.9 to version 2.10.
darealshinji darealshinji / qt5-with-qtwebkit Shell Qt5 + Qt5WebKit qt5.10.0+qtqwebkit5.9.0 Extract tarball in `/var/tmp` to use Qt Qt sources: QtWebKit sources:
hbvhuwe hbvhuwe / NagraBankProject Java NagraBank system consist of a server(client database), destkop, web and Android client applications. v1.0
gavinlyonsrepo gavinlyonsrepo / cylon-deb Shell TUI menu driven bash shell script to maintain a Debian based Linux distro. 1.2-3 version 1.2-3
mfairch infusionsoft / infusionsoft-php PHP PHP client library for the Infusionsoft API. 1.3.6
geraintpalmer CiwPython / Ciw Python Ciw is a simulation library for open queueing networks. v1.1.4 Released on 12/12/2017.
ungoldman hypermodules / changelog-parser JavaScript Change log parser for node. v2.1.0 ### Features - add date to version objects; update tests. (#6) (#15) ### Chores - chore(pkg): add release script
turingincomplete pusher / push-notifications-php PHP WIP! Nothing to see here! 0.9.0
TwilCynder Poukiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa / wololo JavaScript Projet ISN v0.2 Correction de la version v0.2-alpha
jenitehan jenitehan / delicious_paragraphs HTML Default paragraphs for Delicious Creative websites. 8.x-1.2 Adds the Media row paragraph. Template suggestions for all paragraphs based on their parent node bundle.
jsh11 jsh11 / dhtmlx-bundle PHP Provide integration with dhtmlx-gantt js lib 1.1.1
kenlunde adobe-type-tools / krname-ivd-collection PostScript KRName IVD Collection 20171212 This release coincides with the version of the IVD with the same date, which formerly registered the KRName IVD Collection and its sequences.
lostjared lostjared / Acid.Cam.v2.OSX C++ Acid Cam v2 for macOS distorts video to create art. v2.2.8 Forgot to upload this version of the program for macOS with new filter PrevFrameBlend
terryolkin LeftHandRobotics / images JavaScript Left Hand Robotics Public Images v0.0 Initial checkpoint.
SergeyPodgornyy larapulse / database PHP PHP library and ORM to handle DB connection, apply C.R.U.D. operations v1.1.2 ### Added - Ability to add custom options while connection using `ConnectionManager` ### Removed - Useless `private` method `setConnection` in `ConnectionManager` ### Fixed - Code readability
larkinscott codeclimate / codeclimate Ruby Code Climate CLI v0.70.4 - Adds default exclude paths for Go.
osterman cloudposse / terraform-aws-efs-backup HCL Terraform module designed to easily backup EFS filesystems to S3 using DataPipeline 0.3.6
marcelgwerder marcelgwerder / certbaker JavaScript Certbaker is a node command line utility that was created out of the need to easily manage fully trusted ssl certificates for local development environments with many vhosts and domains. v1.0.0-beta
bharatari bharatari / newshub-client JavaScript A student media management platform built for use at UT Dallas. v1.0.0-beta ### Changes - Migrate to multi-tenant organization system - Add docker - Mobile improvements - Styling changes for login and reset password pages - Special approval handling for device reservatio
TermerMC TermerMC / SockTerminal Java A terminal to connect and interact with socket servers v0.1 Includes basic functionality, such as viewing input, and writing to the output stream.
nepSai nepSai / cdownload C++ download client for c++ v1 # cDOWNLOLAD can download any 3- or 4-letter-extension file. File extensions like .php (3-letter-extension) and .html (4-letter-extension) are natively supported for GNU/Linux. It asks you for a fi
ngotchac paritytech / dapp-console JavaScript A JavaScript console Dapp 1.99.106 * Use Parity React Scripts (dbc4b41) * Release 1.99.105 (11aadac) * Release 1.99.104 (86613dc) * Release 1.99.103 (c98db28) * Release 1.99.102 (26937f0) * Release 1.99.101 (c01d183) * Release 1.99.100
bryangrimes PeopleMetrics / highcharts-export-clientside JavaScript Module for Highcharts to exports charts client-side 1.2.0 updated dependencies and starting to tweak
hoangtuanhedspi hoangtuanhedspi / Pika Java Pikachu Game in Java Swing 0.0.1
kesmit13 sassoftware / python-swat Python The SAS Scripting Wrapper for Analytics Transfer (SWAT) package is the Python client to SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS). It allows users to execute CAS actions and process the results all from Python. v1.3.0 Highlights include: - Add new summary statistics for new version of CAS - Improve missing value support in `CASTable` `describe` method - Add controller failover support - Improve encrypted comm
emirb pdepend / pdepend PHP PHP_Depend is an adaption of the established Java development tool JDepend. This tool shows you the quality of your design in the terms of extensibility, reusability and maintainability. 2.5.2 **Changelog** (since [2.5.1...2.5.2]( This release contains a single bugfix for missing command options. - Fix for GH355: Unknown option
CoalaWeb CoalaWeb / cw-uikit-social-buttons CSS Social buttons harnessing the power of UIkit 1.0.4 #### Version 1.0.4 December 2017 - **(A)** Added Instagram - **(C)** Updated and tested with UIkit 2 version 2.27.4 - **(C)** Updated and tested with jQuery version 3.2.1 - **(C)** Updated README
JannisBecker JannisBecker / NeonTD Java A challenging 2D Tower Defense game made in Java/Slick2D v1.0 This is a prebuilt .jar file, including all the neccessary libraries, and ready to play as long as you have Java 1.7+ installed.
yarpo hmcts / cmc-common-frontend HTML Reusable UI components for Civil Money Claims frontend applications 1.29.0
slominskir JeffersonLab / wedm Java Web Extensible Display Manager v.0.23.0 Added support for optionally qualifying application context path with a prefix as to make it easy to deploy multiple instances on unique prefixes on different virtual machines. To use: 1. Set envir
KATT KATT / gitkatt JavaScript 👨‍🎤 turn your github commit history into art 1.0.2 ### Patches - 🐛 draw start date fix: 98dc9c19fe9748bed2d82921ec1716d4c4a6dedf
szgabsz91 szgabsz91 / jdk9-ocamorph-pyphen no-lang Docker image that contains JDK9, Ocamorph and Pyphen 1.0.0 This is the 1.0.0 version of the [`szgabsz91/jdk9-ocamorph-pyphen`]( Docker image.
BTaskaya BTaskaya / pyBim Python Bim Aktuel module for Python3 v1.0 pyBim Stable
mooski mooski / LazyMemoryCache C# Provides support for lazy in-memory caching in C# v1.0.2
RoneyThomas RoneyThomas / Bot Java Android Robotics App v2013 Release form 2013
zhandao zhandao / zero-rails_openapi Ruby Concise DSL for generatin OpenAPI Specification 3 (OAS3) JSON documentation for Rails application. v1.4.3 Feature 1. `example` method in `components` block. 2. Request Body (also Response): 1. The same media-types will be fusion together. (This means you can write `form` separately.)
phagunbaya Falkonry / falkonry-csharp-client C# Falkonry C# Client to access Condition Prediction APIs 0.1.7 API change for narrow formatted data ``` using falkonry_csharp_client; using falkonry_csharp_client.helper.models; string token="Add your token here";
tigrig29 tigrig29 / Ningloid_Develop JavaScript ノベルゲーム制作エンジン『Ningloid』の開発版です。 3.01 開発版Ningloidです。Source.zipをダウンロードして下さい。 実行方法などはフォルダ内のreadme.txtに記述しています。 動作環境 OS:Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
gmfricke BCLab-UNM / SwarmBaseCode-ROS C++ The base code provided to teams participating in NASA Swarmathon III. v1.3.47 Two scripts contained hardcoded paths that assumed the repository was named SwarmBaseCode-ROS. This release replaces those references with relative paths. The bug prevented the Swarmies from acces
ShadyThGod ShadyThGod / full-page-blogs HTML Full-Page Blog Post Template/Theme v1.0-light This is the **light** version of the theme/template. Use the style.css provided. You should refer to the readme for full documentation.
David-YuWei CBIIT / GDCMVS JavaScript GDC Metadata Validation Service v1.0.0-alpha.6 Change the title of the Application to GDC Metadata Validation Service
wangzq wangzq / dnSpy C# .NET assembly editor, decompiler, and debugger 4.5.1
lookyman lookyman / phpstan-symfony PHP Symfony extension for PHPStan 0.2.0
lzj1769 CostaLab / reg-gen Python Regulatory Genomics Toolbox: Python library and set of tools for the integrative analysis of high throughput regulatory genomics data. 0.11.1 * HINT: the paper version, check out the [tutorial](
kierangraham predict-io / PredictIO-iOS Objective-C A battery-optimized SDK for iOS to get real-time updates with context information when a user starts or ends a journey. 5.2.0 * Improvements to syncing events * More efficient internal data handling * Less CPU & battery usage --- **Required Changes** The `PredictIOError` enum has been modified to differently
auchenberg Microsoft / vscode-atom-keybindings JavaScript Port of Atom Keybindings for VS Code. v3.0.4
slominskir JeffersonLab / epics2web Java EPICS CA Web Gateway v1.8.2 Added support for optionally qualifying application context path with a prefix as to make it easy to deploy multiple instances on unique prefixes on different virtual machines. To use: 1. Set envi
jbogard jbogard / MediatR C# Simple, unambitious mediator implementation in .NET v4.0.1 The last major release of MediatR brought a simplification in design. Instead of having several different `IRequest` types and `IRequestHandler` implementations with several flavors, MediatR would try
retokromer AVpres / openYCoCg Roff An experimental video codec, built on the Y′CoCg colour space, designed for restoration purposes. 2017-12-12 - add disclaimer in man - stricter man syntax
KalliopiNikitopoulou Plotprojects / plot-titanium-module Objective-C Enable the power of Location Based Notifications provided by the Plot plugin in your Titanium apps iphone-2.1.0
jim68000 uktrade / data-hub-frontend JavaScript The frontend rendering application for Data Hub 3.7.0 Core CMS ======= * Improvements to Geckoboard status * Fix for search box styling in Safari * Button style tidy up * 'Time travel' filter - restores inactive fields in a piece of data when that p
retokromer AVpres / openLTFS Roff An open and neutral LTFS implementation, without the proprietary extensions from the different vendors 2017-12-12 - add disclaimer in man - stricter man syntax
retokromer AVpres / openLTO Roff Bash scripts to manage LTO cartridges with LTFS 2017-12-12 - add disclaimer in man - stricter man syntax
naman14 naman14 / Timber Java Material Design Music Player v1.6 Timber is now out of beta - Chromecast support - Lyrics support - Android Oreo notification updates - Bug fixes and improvements
rsdoiel caltechlibrary / dotpath Go A Go package for pulling out parts of a JSON object by referencing their dot path. v0.0.1 dotpath provides a dot notation syntax parse for reaching in to array and map structs (such as those represented as JSON objects). It was inspired by Stephen Dolan's jq but implemented in Go so we hav
BBGONE BBGONE / JRIApp JavaScript JavaScript (TypeScript actually) HTML5 RIA framework for creating data centric applications (aka web clients) v2.6.1 Changed usage of the data-view attribute. Now it (if used) contains only the name of the Element View. The options are specified in the data-view-options attribute it was: <div data-bind=&quo
LanceThompson ibm-capi / pslse C Power Service Layer Simulation Engine v3.1 Miscellaneous bug fixes to support Power8 CAPI 1.0 functionality.
brianantonelli Cox-Automotive / alks-cli JavaScript CLI for working with the ALKS service. 2.15.1 This release includes: → Fix where default output was JSON → You can now set a default output format using alks developer configure → Adds output support for PowerShell
TomBZombie Level-2 / Transphporm PHP Transformation Style Sheets - Revolutionising PHP templating 1.2.1 Fixes bug #176 and a bug with rule order sorting
chrisbruford chrisbruford / cmdr-journal TypeScript models, enums and typings for the CMDR Journal log file output by Elite Dangerous 1.2.0 # 1.2.0 Added in additional enums, models and properties to existing models to match v12 of the cmdr journal as per their patch notes: ## Version 12 In 2.4 beta1 (17th Aug 2017) * Added "Lu
nicoandresr nicoandresr / clmtrackr-smile-recognition JavaScript this package is a support package to (clmtrackr)[] for smile recognition. 1.0.1 In this release the library allows detect a smile from a parameters of clmtrakr =D
nadar luyadev / luya PHP The Yii 2 wrapper to build beautiful and easy editable websites pretty fast! 1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (12. December 2017) ### Changed - [#1572]( CMS blocks are now deliverd trough [generic]( and [bootstr
textbrowser textbrowser / dooble C++ A colorful Web browser. 2017.12.12 Version 2017.12.12.
rsdoiel caltechlibrary / mkpage Go An experimental light weight template/markdown processor and support utilities v0.0.20-pre This release has been converted to using cli v0.0.5 package. It also includes a new feature for extracting code blocks from Markdown documents. Minor bug fixes.
NeilujD NeilujD / paper-autocomplete-input HTML paper-input with personalizable autocompletion feature 2.1.1 * fix the issue#3
AdryDev92 AdryDev92 / peluqueria_canina PHP final project of backend in php in 2nd's year web app development v0.2
KaiKikuchi KaiKikuchi / KaisCommons Java Shared library for a lot of my plugins v0.10.2
Soullivaneuh sonata-project / SonataPageBundle PHP A Layout manager on top of Symfony2 3.7.0 ### Added - Added Russian translations - Add Symfony 4 compatibility - Added new configuration `skip_redirection` to skip asking Editor to redirect ### Changed - make services explicit public
SuikaWars SuikaWars / Hypixel5zig-Beta Java 5zig mod plugin for the Hypixel Network v1.1.3 -SkyWars - Added Earned Coins Item - Added Assists Item -Speed UHC - Added Earned Coins Item - Added Assists Item - Bug fixes
mciantyre IQ-Inc / foosball-scoreboard-demo Clojure Demo foosball scoreboard v1.5.0
sudoio sudoio / vk-chat-bot JavaScript VK chat bot library for communities, based on Callback API v3.1.8
raeleus raeleus / Games-Arcade OpenEdge ABL A game launcher showcasing all the educational games I've developed. 1 This contains Bobby Bird, Caboodle Jump, Falling Block Shapes, Impactors, Library Invaders, Munch Man, Pinata Punch, Rock Paper Water Bucket, Vault Bound, and Vegetable Command.
jguyomard novius / laravel-artisan-commands PHP Some useful Artisan commands for Laravel 0.3.0 * #2 Update dependencies This release require Laravel 5.5 and PHP 7.1
jverkoey material-components / material-components-ios Objective-C Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for iOS v42.2.0 ## API changes ### Typography #### UIFont(MaterialTypography) *new* method: `-mdc_fontSizedForMaterialTextStyle:scaledForDynamicType:` in `UIFont(MaterialTypography)` ## Component changes
bmd bluestatedigital / bsd-api-php PHP PHP library for Blue State Digital's API v3.1.0
tcuje rwth-acis / las2peer-Contact-Service Java Manage your contacts and groups v0.2.1 ## Changelog * use UserInformationService 0.2 (compatible with las2peer 0.7.x) instead of 0.1 (not compatible with 0.7.x) ## Compatible with las2peer v0.7.x
MoonAntonio MoonAntonio / Beta-Sanbox ShaderLab Entorno beta para realizar pruebas en Unity3D 1.0.0 Version inicial
rsdoiel caltechlibrary / tmplfn Go tmplfuncs provides a set of common functions useful for working with Go's text/template and html/template packages v0.0.18 This package provides extended text/template functionality to Caltech Library's go packages and programs requiring template support.
sebd71 iotbzh / xds-gdb Go Wrapper on gdb for XDS v0.2.2 Bug fixes since latest release: - Improved reported error on invalid XDS_AGENT_URL - Improved projects+sdks list output - Fixed crash on xds-agent or server disconnection - Fixed Windows support
apfelbox Becklyn / kaba-babel-preset JavaScript Babel preset for usage in kaba. 1.1.1 **Bugfixes** * Fix order of plugins
ssgreg ssgreg / zerodt Go Zero downtime restart and graceful shutdown in one line of code v1.0
shuhaowu Pwnna / RimworldLongerPreciousLumpTimeLimit Makefile Make the Rimworld Precious Lump Time Limit Longer. v1.0 Change the precious mineral lump site's duration to 30 days.
barbkess Microsoft / sql-server-samples no-lang Official Microsoft GitHub Repository containing code samples for SQL Server adventureworks These downloads are scripts and full database backups (.bak) files that you can use to install the AdventureWorks (OLTP) and AdventureWorksDW (data warehouse) sample databases to your SQL Server insta
blt postmates / cernan Rust telemetry aggregation and shipping, last up the ladder 0.8.6 This release incorporates improvements to the postmates/quantiles library that speed up the processing of Summaries in Prometheus sink, resolving (or greatly reducing) exposition failures in that sink
Alexays Alexays / Anna JavaScript A new personal assistant for everyone. 0.0.9 Refactoring => ES6
rsdoiel caltechlibrary / cli Go A go package to encourage common cli user interface practices v0.0.5 This is the initial release of cli package. It is used throughout the Go based projects at Caltech Library. It provides for command line user interface implementation in a common way. Supports both op
flandolfi flandolfi / IR-exercises TeX Solutions of the various test exams of the Information Retrieval course v17.12.12-beta
gavazquez LunaMultiplayer / LunaMultiplayer C# Multiplayer mod for KSP LMP-0.0.9 Build ### Fifth alpha version of LMP. - Made vessel proto messages unreliable and reliable - Added interpolation for vessel states - Fixed time sync - Fixed display of windows - Al
marcoscgdev marcoscgdev / Buggy Java A very simple crash dialog for Android that allows the user to send a report. 1.0.0 Initial release
Soullivaneuh sonata-project / SonataDatagridBundle PHP This is a development repository 2.3.1 ### Fixed - Allow Symfony 4.0
depryf imsweb / seerdata-utility Java This project contains the Java entities and search utility methods for the HematoDB diseases and SEER*Rx drugs and regimens. v1.8 **Changes in version 1.8** - Updated JACKSON libraries from version 2.4.4 to version 2.8.10.
jbender FoundryAI / hud-ai-js TypeScript Javascript client to interact with the API v1.22.0
iheos usnistgov / iheos-toolkit2 Java XDS Toolkit v5.0.0 Lots of new features and starting support for MHD testing. Details in the release notes: [Version 5.0 Release Notes](
jbarrera-xumak DantaFramework / AEM Java This package contained Danta Framwork's specific set of codes for AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). v1.0.5 ### Release notes #### Changed: * Changed project groupId from "danta" to "io.tikaltechnologies.danta". * Changed project artifactId from "AEM" to "aem".
valentineus valentineus / moodle-billingpatch PHP Moodle patch system for internal use. v0.0.3
jrangel4 fundacion-ciudad-del-saber / ivvy-sdk-php PHP A PHP 7.1 compatible, PSR-4 and PSR-2 compliant SDK to work with iVvy's API 1.0 0.2.4 Add the following endpoints: * `getCompanyListPage` * `getCompany`
rash240719 rash240719 / javr Java JavR + RabbitMQ Calculator v0.1 Functional, Offline, non-distributed, non-concurrent
julesjacobsen exomiser / Exomiser Java A Tool to Annotate and Prioritize Exome Variants 9.9.9 - Exomiser can now analyse hg19 or hg38 samples - see `````` for setup details. - Analysis file has new ```genomeAssembly:``` field - see example ```.yml``` files. Will default
sdigiulio EpiDoc / Stylesheets XSLT The Stylesheets developed and released by EpiDoc for use with XML documents following the EpiDoc schema. v9.0
khooroko SanBaiKuai / SanBaiKuai C# Gamecraft 2017 v1.0.1 Fixed start menu stage selection bug [](
vookimedlo vookimedlo / alfred-file-checksums no-lang Alfred 3 workflow for computing file checksums. v2017_12_12 - the initial release of Alfred 3 workflow - integrated OneUpdater - version 2017.12.12
peperunas peperunas / cv TeX My Curriculum Vitae v1.0.1
romulodl shortlist-digital / agreable-apple-news-plugin PHP Croissant integration for Apple News 3.1.3
mildred squarescale / simple-builder Go Simple service that build git repositories using custom commands v1.0.3 * Fix handling the SQS queue (only delete message when build is complete, fixes a bug when the simple builder was unscheduled when a build was in progress) * Show build output in service logs
jjhursey pmix / pmix C PMIx master repository v1.2.5rc2 This is a bug fix release in the v1.2 series. ### Changes since v1.2.4: - Fix cross-version issue when v1.2 client interacts with v2.1 server (PR #564) - Update client connection for cross-vers
origamiserviceuser Financial-Times / origami-repo-data JavaScript Get information about Origami repositories 37.0.0-ceecfd4
slfrsn slfrsn / Divi-Cinematic PHP A Divi (WordPress) child theme commissioned for a Canadian theatre. Has a robust movie listing post type that automatically retrieves movie details, poster, etc. 2.0.1 Consumer Protection BC updated their website so I’ve updated the “Confirm Film Rating” button. It’s no longer automated. This was hacky and unreliable to begin with and their new website has m
shuhaowu shuhaowu / RimworldLongerPreciousLumpTimeLimit Makefile Make the Rimworld Precious Lump Time Limit Longer. v1.0 Extend precious lump time limit to 30 days.
autumndev autumndev / omnipay-verifone-web-service PHP Omnipay implementation of the Verifone (Commidea) Web Service payment gateway. 1.0.5
sshie aerisweather / AerisAndroidSDK Java Aeris Android SDK Demo App v2.2.0 Version 2.2.0 is a feature release. See below for library specific change information. Aeris Core: ADD - Added Rivers endpoint ADD - Added Rivers Gauges endpoint ADD - Added remaining Sun and Mo
Soullivaneuh sonata-project / SonataBlockBundle PHP Foundation to build HMVC layout 3.9.0 ### Added - Added missing validation translations - Added missing translation to blocks ### Changed - Changed `MenuRegistry::add` method signature to allow string values instead of `MenuBuilderI
chanshengzhi chanshengzhi / UEditor-for-Typecho JavaScript 适用于Typecho的UEditor编辑器 2017.12 采用了新的版本命名方式。直接用年份.月份作为版本号。 这个版本支持又拍云(UPYUN)和腾讯COS. 可以在SinaAppEngine(SAE)上使用
rferrese rferrese / MuchGit C# Such Git Client! WOW! v0.4.0 New features include: - Add LockFiles support via default commands OR via scripts defined in the config file - Fix some bugs - Add tab icons to indicate submodule status on top of the existing f
ctmay4 imsweb / staging-client-java Java A cancer staging client library for Java applications. v2.10 Minor release to update various dependencies.
VirtuBox VirtuBox / plesk-nginx Shell Bash script to compile nginx from source with additonal modules for Plesk Onyx v1.0 This is the first release of this bash script to compile nginx for Plesk Onyx
andreamlin GoogleCloudPlatform / google-cloud-java Java Google Cloud Client Library for Java v0.32.0 **New/promoted clients** - Adding container-v1 (#2689 ) - Adding bigquerydatatransfer-v1 (#2689 ) - Adding vision-v1p1beta1 (#2689 ) **Firestore** - Adding data structures (#2658 ) - Adding v1
sysadmin-hola luminati-io / luminati-proxy JavaScript Luminati HTTP/HTTPS Proxy manager v1.74.562 release v1.74.562
AlexKlimenkov DHTMLX / gantt CSS Javascript Gantt chart 5.0.5
thierryc thierryc / Sketch-Find-And-Replace JavaScript Sketch plugin to do a find and replace on text within layers 1.19 Improve find and replace when elements are selected.
caseyamcl caseyamcl / guzzle_request_logger PHP A simple request logging middleware for Guzzle v6+ v0.1 Initial Release - API subject to change until v1.0
Larusso wooga / atlas-release Groovy gradle release plugin for atlas library packages v0.15.0
starkmsu LykkeCity / Lykke.RabbitMq.Azure C# Azure integration for Lykke.RabbitMq package v4.0.1 # Bug fixes * Fixed container name in MessagePackBlobPublishingQueueRepository
JustOff JustOff / pale-moon-localization HTML Language packs for Pale Moon 27.7.0_RC4 Source: [Pale Moon 27 Localization Project](, support: [forum]( | Locale | Completed | Verified | Fil
melff melff / memisc R Tools for Managing Survey Data, Creating Tables of Estimates and Data Summaries 0.99.15-alpha.2 Merged bugfixes from current 'CRAN' branch.
VirtuBox VirtuBox / nginx-ee Shell Bash script to compile the latest nginx release from source with additonal modules with EasyEngine v1.0 This is the first release of this bash script to compile nginx with EasyEngine.
cemdervis cemdervis / SharpConfig C# An easy to use CFG/INI configuration library for .NET. 3.2.5 Fixed issue #63.
robnasby robnasby / Commandant C# A library to make it easy to run external commands and process the output. v1.3.1 * Configure assembly for strong-name signing.
spiman Avocarrot / stormer-mysql JavaScript Implementation of Stormer Store for MySQL v0.2.1
lefuturiste lefuturiste / Slim-Bridge PHP PHP-DI integration in Slim 3
jwaldrip CommercialTribe / psykube Crystal A faster way to deploy to Kubernetes! v1.8.4.0
trowski amphp / postgres PHP An async postgres client built on the amp concurrency framework v0.2.0 This release adds some new features and bugfixes while mostly maintaining compatibility with the prior release. Parameter changes `execute()` is the most notable API break that will require some minor
lefuturiste lefuturiste / slim3-template PHP This is simple template of slimframework 3 and integrations of others php librarys.
wrld-teamcity wrld3d / ios-api Objective-C++ iOS API for WRLD: Stunning, Interactive 3D Maps v0.0.610 v0.0.610
marley-ma core-system / bootstrap-form PHP Laravel Collective 5 based Twitter Bootstrap 3 Form service v1.1.1
vargm pegasystems / pega-logviewer Java The log viewing tool helps users understand and debug Pega log files. To download the tool, click on the "release" link, scroll to the bottom, and download the logviewer zip file. pega-logviewer-3.1 Release Notes ============= ### Version 3.1 - View or compare Pega System Scan Result zip file. Hybrid hotfixes are highlighted in red. - Added report models for new Pega Alerts.
amymcgovern amymcgovern / pyparrot Python Python interface for Parrot Drones 1.2.1 Added a user callback function to the mambo vision and demonstrated how to use it in the demoMamboVision example
archon810 archon810 / wp-widget-cache PHP A wordpress cache plugin, which caches the output of blog widgets 0.26c
JBostelaar JBostelaar / react-prime JavaScript A starter kit to create comprehensive React apps with Redux and serverside rendering. v4.1.0 * Codesplitting vendor and app * Added webpack-bundle-analyzer * Fixed ReactDOM hydrate/render on SSR
JJ12880 RadiumCore / radium-0.11 C++ Radium Core integration/staging tree 1.4.7
reytum AppLozic / Applozic-Android-SDK Java Android Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK 5.3 * User mute option included * Message templates included * User metadata and user role type included * Methods to get message list, send attachment message and download attachments included with pr
pgdr Statoil / Carolina Python Carolina Python wrappers for Dakota v1.0-rc1
istsest istsest / BeastComponents Objective-C UI Components for iOS v.1.1.1 BCCoverFlowView - Added the deleteItem method. - Fixed the issue not to be selected when it has heightOverPassed and bottom cover style.
Trybnetic quantling / pyndl Python pyndl implements a Naive discriminative learning which is a learning and classification models based on the Rescorla-Wagner equations in python3. v0.3.2 fixes zenodo meta data
ekg vgteam / vg C++ tools for working with genome variation graphs v1.6.0 This checkpoints the version that was used to generate experimental results in the preprint of our manuscript. (It will be linked here when made public.) Attached is a stripped static binary that i
AlexChaplinskikh AlexChaplinskikh / Image2Folder C# Simple manual image sorter for previewing images and sorting them into folders. Ver.1.0.0 Everything needed to sort images into folders one by one is working perfectly. Read the to learn more.
jguyomard novius / laravel-backpack-crud-extended PHP This package extends Backpack/CRUD, to add some awesome features! 0.3.1 * #30 - Fix reoder anonymous function
WebCommAuto NCIOCPL / wcms-cde C# WCMS - Content Delivery Engine post-git-cleanup-pink-31 Automated build post-git-cleanup-pink-31
carbon-bot carbon-design-system / carbon-components-react JavaScript Carbon Components - in React! v5.0.9 <a name="5.0.9"></a> ## [5.0.9]( (2017-12-12) ### Bug Fixes * **Slider:** control when
olfuerniss olfuerniss / byrthdays Objective-C Command line tool for macOS to extract people with birthdays from your contacts v1.0.7 Xcode project adjustments for brew
coriolinus coriolinus / counter-rs Rust Simple object to count Rust iterables v0.3.0 Increment the minor version because this is another breaking change. We now simply return a `Vec<(T, usize)>` from the `most_common*` functions instead of an iterator over said vector.
tundisi retargetly / sdk-ios Swift Retargetly library for iOS 0.1.22
markandrus twilio / twilio-video.js JavaScript Twilio Video JavaScript library 1.6.1 1.6.1 (December 12, 2017) ========================= Bug Fixes --------- - Fixed a bug where, if you published a LocalDataTrack, unpublished it, and then published it again, you would be una
AHXR AHXR / ghost C++ :ghost: RAT (Remote Access Trojan) - Silent - Full Remote Command-Line Access - Download & Execute Programs - Spread Virus' & Malware 1.0.2 1.0.2 (12/12/2017) - Fixed repeated commands - Windows version now shown - Username of client now shown - Antivirus shown [** Download (Windows 32 & Windows 64)**](https://gith
mikeengland kayak / fireant Python Data analysis and reporting tool for quick access to custom charts and tables in Jupyter Notebooks and in the shell. 0.19.3
klingtnet spreadshirt / continuation-token Kotlin A library for fast, reliable and stateless Web API pagination with Continuation Tokens. travis-job-spreadshirt-continuation-3
domenico-somma domenico-somma / CummerPund Python A python alternative to read cummeRbund generated files (mainly by Galaxy Platform) v0.0.6 First release
tkakantousis hopshadoop / dr-elephant-chef HTML Chef cookbook to install Dr Elephant for Hadoop. 0.3.0
eviltester eviltester / testtoolhub Java A collection of test tools 1.4 Added very basic link checking functionality - has some canned links in link checker - can read a list of urls from a file and check those - checking is very simple 200 Exists, !200 not exists - r
mikeengland kayak / pypika Python PyPika is a SQL query builder with a pythonic syntax that doesn't limit the expressiveness of SQL 0.9.3
jdhoward5 jdhoward5 / karyote-server JavaScript Server Software for the Karyote Game (Final Game Project) 0.0.1
bli95 bli95 / AI.ML Python Intro Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Programs v4 [CS440_ECE448 Assignment 4.pdf](
Shnick silk-web-toolkit / silk Clojure Silk compile time web toolkit 0.12.0 - improve api - small performance update - #104 fix data-sw-when and data-sw-when-not exception for boolean and numeric fields - dependency updates
mlntn mlntn / pack-o-bot JavaScript A minimal Hearthstone pack tracker that logs packs to 0.3.0 Added support for custom install directories
leerob leerob / youtube-to-mp3 JavaScript Electron application to convert and download YouTube videos as MP3s v2.0.0 - Replaced dependency on `yt-mp3` service and removed API calls - Now utilizes a module to download and convert the videos directly from YouTube - Confirmed to work on Windows and macOS - Added mor
cromerc artix-linux / opensysusers Shell Reimplementation of systemd's sysusers 0.3.2 - fix #5
msaps uias / Tabman Swift ™️ A powerful paging view controller with indicator bar. 1.1.3 ## Fixed - [#208]( Auto-Inset issues on iOS 11.2 with bottom safe area. - by [msaps](
msonowal msonowal / laravel-razor-pay-cashier PHP The starting brolerplate for adding Subscription to your laravel App v1.0.4 Webhook verification added to validate its coming from verified sources
jdhoward5 jdhoward5 / karyote-client JavaScript Client for the Karyote Game 0.0.1
jalandhara elucideye / acf C++ Aggregated Channel Feature object detection in C++ and OpenGL ES 2.0 v0.0.171212
Arkarr Arkarr / ASteambotUpdater C# A very simple ASteambot Updater V1.3.0 Fixed a bug where unix system wasn't able to run the updater.
jbarrera-xumak DantaFramework / Core Java This package contained Danta Framwork's platform diagnostic set of libraries. v1.0.1 ### Release notes #### Changed: Changed project groupId from "danta" to "io.tikaltechnologies.danta". Changed project artifactId from "Core" to "core".
garlicservices garlicservices / bus PHP Message bus Symfony bundle 1.0.3
varjolintu varjolintu / keepassxc C++ KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”. 2.2.3-browser-rc7 Changes: - Proxy is now on by default
amadeuszprus amadeuszprus / ng-flat-datepicker2 JavaScript Lightweight Angular.js datepicker built with Moment.js and from scratch CSS 0.2.1
ctxhou ctxhou / react-tabtab JavaScript 💃 Make your react tab dance🕺 v1.0.0 # Breaking changes for API and features These are features supported in `v1.0.0`: ``` Mobile supported — Touch support. Easy to use on mobile device Draggable tab — Support drag and drop t
hoffmabc OpenBazaar / openbazaar-desktop JavaScript OpenBazaar 2.0 Desktop Client (talks to openbazaar-go server daemon) v2.0.19
KraZug KraZug / CompoundMatrixMethod Mathematica Solving boundary-value eigenvalue problems in Mathematica using the Compound Matrix Method v0.3
RelativeForce RelativeForce / CS2010 Java Peril by The Strategic Goats (Group 5) v1.0 [CS2010 Group 5] This is the minimum viable product for Peril. Demonstrated on 13/12/17. To run this game simply clone the repository or download this release version then run This is an Ec
tilltue tilltue / TLPhotoPicker Swift 📷 multiple phassets picker for iOS lib. like a facebook 1.3.9
agrosner agrosner / KBinding Kotlin A Small, Kotlin Android Databinding Library 1.0.0 First release of the library. 1. Anko is 10.0.3 2. Update to compile to latest kotlin (1.2), android sdk version, and more. 3. Use coroutines-android to evaluate bindings. 4. Rename `toViewVisibi
jaywcjlove uiw-react / icons HTML The premium icon font for uiw Component Library. v1.2.6 - fc879ac - Update dependencies. - 153a376 - Add `map` `dashboard` `table` `qrcode` `printer` `barcode` icon (#10) : @liwen0526
Yansongsongsong Yansongsongsong / fileHub no-lang some need to download 0.1 file lists: SOA_Dockerfile
thomaspayer kiwi-suite / servicemanager PHP kiwi-suite/servicemanager is a psr-11 container library 0.0.3 ### Added - Added support for autowiring over zend-di - Added support for directory scanning for adding classes to the servicemanager - Added support for a configurable autowiring factory ### De
rfree18 rfree18 / my-buddy JavaScript A virtual pet that you can raise! v0.5-beta Beta release 0.5. Introduces significant performance improvements and adds a number of new features.
SimonDanisch SimonDanisch / Transpiler.jl Julia Transpiling from Julia's typed AST v0.4.5
bahmutov bahmutov / condition-circle JavaScript Checks CircleCI environment before publishing successful build using semantic-release v2.0.0 <a name="2.0.0"></a> # [2.0.0]( (2017-12-12) ### break * force breaking
bajb fortifi / fortifi-api PHP Fortifi Business Platform Public API 7.62.0
NViktors netcore / module-search PHP Module for easy search integration. v0.0.5 Fixed datatable error.
hush-hush DataDog / ansible-datadog-callback Python Ansible callback to get stats & events directly into Datadog 1.0.2 # 1.0.2 / 2017-12-11 * [BUGFIX] Avoid failure when using ansible 2.4. See #27
benib nzzdev / Q-server JavaScript Q server v3.2.2
sigboe sigboe / GPD-Arch-LUKS-LVM Shell Tutorial how to install Arch Linux with full disk encryption on GPD Pocket 2017.12.12 First release of archiso for the GPD Pocket. Even if this is outdated you be installing the latest version of archlinux. Therefore this will not be updated in tandem with upstream archiso. Updates may
FrancescoCioria buildo / react-autosize-textarea TypeScript A textarea perfectly compatible with ReactJS default one which auto resizes its height based on user input. v3.0.0 See []( for details about this release.
Kerzana Kerzana / Escape-Game-Lua Lua Escape Gape Game Lua Programme 1.05 L'epreuve Bonus Sudoku ajouter est terminer !
ahosier GPUOpen-Tools / Radeon-GPUProfiler no-lang Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP) is a tool from AMD that allows for deep inspection of GPU workloads. v1.1.0 V1.10 Changes * Radeon GPU Profiler 1) GPU only view option added to system activity view 2) Placed system activity checkboxes inside new pulldowns: Workload views and CPU submission markers 3
proudcommerce OXIDprojects / adminsearch PHP Search OXID admin globally for products, categories, clients, etc. v1.0.3 typo module title, fix module search
justincy FamilySearch / fs-php-lite PHP Lite PHP SDK for the FamilySearch API 1.3.3 Require PHP 5.5+
MarkBerdnikov MarkBerdnikov / DataStructure PHP This is a "Data structures" library for PHP 7 v0.1.1 Added simple LRU cache on hash map and linked list.
holyturt holyturt / SwiftOverpassWrapper Swift A wrapper of the Overpass API for Swift. v1.0.2 Fixes some bugs.
dustinmoris giraffe-fsharp / Giraffe.DotLiquid F# DotLiquid template engine http handlers for Giraffe web applications. v0.1.0-beta-300 Upgraded dependencies to `Giraffe 0.1.0-beta-5**`. #### Breaking changes - Renamed `dotLiquidHtmlView` to `dotLiquidHtmlTemplate` for consistency
ATLUSio ATLUSio / wowza Python Python wrapper for Wowza API 0.5.1
arikaim arikaim / container PHP Dependency Injection Container 1.0
alhazmy13 alhazmy13 / MediaPicker Java Media Picker is an Android Libary that lets you to select multiple images or video 2.4.0 + Add new option `allowOnlineImages(BOOL)` to select an image from online resource such as Google drive #39 #25 #6 * fix some issue that related to video picker #36
mark-roy nuwavetech / nonstop-explorer JavaScript NonStop Explorer sample application for use with LightWave Server. 3.0.0
spryker-release-bot spryker / Development PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the Development module. 3.5.0 Included commits: ### Improvements - Added Finder for SprykerSdk, SprykerEco and upcoming SprykerShop namespaces to find dependency vio
jgerigmeyer oddbird / sassdoc-theme-herman JavaScript An Odd SassDoc theme. v1.0.0-rc.7 - NEW: Support SassDoc [`googleAnalytics`][googleAnalytics] and [`trackingCode`][trackingCode] options -- [#215]( - CHANGE: Use forked versi
jprotin hipay / hipay-fullservice-sdk-prestashop PHP Official repository of the HiPay Fullservice extension for PrestaShop. 1.3.14 Fix add condition to init OUTOFSTOCK if PS1.5 and OUTOFSTOCK_PAID/UNPAID if PS 1.6 and more
jcavar novastone-media / MQTT-Client-Framework Objective-C iOS, macOS, tvOS native ObjectiveC MQTT Client Framework 0.10.0 This release fixes It adds support for queue based interface which should be much more straightforward to use then run loop based
gokceyucel SWEZenith / Living-History-Client Objective-C Mobile app to keep memories alive. v1.0.1-snapshot - Minor bug fixes
esteban-mallen esteban-mallen / homebridge-roomba-stv JavaScript Homebrige plugin for Roomba 9xx v0.5.2
Xonshiz Xonshiz / comic-dl Python Comic-dl is a command line tool to download manga and comics from various comic and manga sites. Supported sites :,, comic naver and many more. v2017.12.12 This release includes various release updates ranging from 24th September, 2017 to 12th December, 2017. Thanks to @dsanchezseco, @Tyroc and @DavidFarrell for the PRs! ---- Changelog ---- - Fi
plondon blockchain / My-Wallet-V3-Frontend JavaScript Blockchain Wallet Frontend v1.29.6 ## Bug Fixes - **testnet:** use testnet-warning component ([7719cfc2]( ## Features -
arosenhagen ffuenf / vagrant-boxes Shell baseboxes build with for use with vagrant v1.0.51 * added Debian Jessie 8.10.0 x86_64 * depreciate Debian Jessie 8.9.0 x86_64 * added Debian Stretch 9.3.0 x86_64 * depreciate Debian Stretch 9.2.1 x86_64 * depreciate Debian Stretch 9.1.0 x86_64 *
mtucci MDEGroup / jtl-eclipse Java JTL framework implementation for the Eclipse Platform. 0.2.0
sven1103 qbicsoftware / qPostMan Java A client software for dataset request and download from openBIS v0.1.2.3 With the last update v0.1.2.2 the progress bar was gone, this is fixed with this release. Sorry for that.
InsomniaKitten InsomniaKitten / DirectionalPressurePlates Java A Forge mod to allow placement of pressure plates on any solid face of a block v1.5.0 - Added support for The Betweenlands - Improved wrench rotation logic
CarlosViloria originalmockups / Mockup-Actions-Pack no-lang All the latest actions (.atn) used for the mockups on Edit v4.0.9
tkrs tkrs / orcus Scala HBase client for Scala with Cats v0.4.1 Fixes release for v0.4.0
rcmcastro HummingbirdStudio / febraban Python A library to generate files that conform to the FEBRABAN formats v0.1.3 - Add V83S: Create payment files up to 5x faster than v83 - Create SlipParser
swill swill / revealgo Go Markdown driven presentation tool written in Go! 1.4 Removed the background color for `<img>` tags so it did not break images with transparency.
ctf0 ctf0 / Laravel-Helper-Cmnds PHP Some Helper Console Cmnds For Laravel To Speedup The Usual Workflow v1.3.2 - cleanup - add ctf0/package-changelog as dep - restrict laravel version
yurishkuro jaegertracing / jaeger-client-python Python Jaeger Bindings for Python OpenTracing API v3.7.0 - Change default for one_span_per_rpc to False (#105)
spookyglowingbadger spookyglowingbadger / carcass-filter no-lang Carcass.filter v3.7
ctf0 ctf0 / Blazar PHP Pre-Render Pages on the Fly in Laravel v1.0.6 - restrict laravel version
ctf0 ctf0 / Lingo Vue A Gui To Manage Laravel Translation Files v1.2.7 - make new item value = null - change fw fonts to svg - fix laravel version
ProPheT777 GeniusesOfSymfony / Ratchet PHP Asynchronous WebSocket server v0.3.6 Add Symfony 4 support
heikomat heikomat / minstall JavaScript local module installer 2.0.2 ### Bugfixes - Minstall now uses the folder name a local module should have according to the modules name to link it to node_modules, instead of its actual folder name ([#26](
CalebFenton CalebFenton / apkfile Java Android app analysis and feature extraction library v1.0.1 The release comes in two flavors: normal and fatjar. The normal version just has apkfile classes while the fatjar has all dependencies bundled in, which is why it's so large. It's recommended that
ToxicWar ingrammicro / apsconnect-cli Python A command line tool for APS connector installation on Odin Automation in the relaxed way. v1.7.19
brentp brentp / gargs Go better(?) xargs in go v0.3.9 fix panic when bash process never started (e.g. because of 'argument list too long')
lh3 lh3 / minimap2 C A versatile pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequences v2.6 This release adds several features and fixes two minor bugs: * Optionally build an index without sequences. This helps to reduce the peak memory for read overlapping and is automatically appli
obartra obartra / reflex JavaScript ☁️ Flexbox React 12-column layout system v12.3.0 <a name="12.3.0"></a> # [12.3.0]( (2017-12-12) ### Features * **grid:** expose underlying ref for grids ([#314](htt
ctf0 ctf0 / Odin PHP manage model revisions with ease v1.2.4 - restrict laravel version
zawawawa zawawawa / GatelessGateSharp C# Gateless Gate Sharp is the first open-source dual ETH/XMR/PASC/LBC miner for Windows operating systems. v1.1.4-alpha * Improved DEVFEE handling. * Added support for zpool. * Bug fix for 8+ GPU's. * Various bug fixes and improvements.
czerwonk czerwonk / bird_exporter Go Bird protocol state exporter for bird routing daemon to use with 1.1 * Support for bird routing daemon 2.0 * removed device protocol since it does not provide routing informations
ProPheT777 GeniusesOfSymfony / PubSubRouterBundle PHP :vertical_traffic_light: PubSub Router to easily plug handler on channel v0.3.2 Add symfony 4 support
Wrzlprmft neurophysik / jitcsde Python Just-in-time compilation for stochastic differential equations v1.0.0 * Switched from SymPy to SymEngine as a backend, which may speed up code generation by a factor of up to nine hundred. Almost everything that worked before should still work. See [SymPy vs. SymEngine]
ctf0 ctf0 / OverSeer PHP preview your form data before submitting v1.0.2 - restrict laravel version
jprobinson NYTimes / gziphandler Go Golang middleware to gzip HTTP responses v1.0.0 Initial release.
daddy-cool shopgate / cloud-sdk JavaScript SDK for the Shopgate Cloud Platform v1.1.0 * Pipeline synchronization will now only occur every 500ms to avoid needless uploading of (unfinished) pipelines * Errors on pipeline upload will now be more verbose * The command sgcloud init will
asny23 asny23 / slack-emoji-enlarger CSS Chrome extention : enlarge slack emoji 1.0.0 ### first release simply enlarge emoji on Slack messages.
ctf0 ctf0 / SimpleMenu HTML create menus that support page (multiLocale "title, url, body, ...", nesting, template, static/dynamic, roles & permissions). v3.1.6 - restrict laravel version
Mnpn03 discordconsole-team / DiscordConsole Go Control your discord and discord bot accounts through the command line. 2.4.1 # DiscordConsole 2.4.1 ## New in 2.4.1: + `{paste}` placeholder to paste anything in clipboard. This also works on the authentication screen so that you can finally paste + `{nl}` placeholder to
tillkamppeter OpenPrinting / cpdb-backend-gcp C Google Cloud Print backend for common printing dialog project 1.0.0 First official release of the Google Cloud Print Common Print Dialog Backend
pfifer awslabs / amazon-kinesis-producer C++ Amazon Kinesis Producer Library v0.12.8 ### 0.12.8 #### Java * Ensure that all certificates are registered the `FileAgeManager` to prevent file sweepers from removing them * [PR #165](
mhollfelder Infineon / DPS310-Pressure-Sensor C++ Library of Infineon's highly sensitive DPS310 pressure sensor for Arduino. V1.0.5 ### Summary This release changes the examples and adds a fix to the library itself for ease of use. ### Changes * Changed examples * Moved a fix from examples to the library itself
konradko uktrade / directory-api Python Directory of Exporters API v3.8.4
giogonzo buildo / react-cookie-banner TypeScript React Cookie banner which can be automatically dismissed with a scroll. Because fuck The Cookie Law, that's why. v2.0.0 See []( for details about this release.
Nederby dixahq / dixa-desktop-app-release no-lang Dixa release v2.0.0-beta.8
mrpollo PX4 / Firmware C++ PX4 Pro Autopilot Software v1.7.0-rc4
sitefinitytooling Sitefinity / feather-widgets C# feather v.10.2.6622.0 Release notes...
sitefinitytooling Sitefinity / feather C# mvc v.10.2.6622.0 Release notes...
ivelkov ivelkov / teams-for-linux JavaScript Unofficial Microsoft Teams for Linux client v0.0.5 * Upgrading electron and electron-builder to latest * Mocking a supported Chrome version
AdmiringWorm WormieCorp / Wormies-AU-Helpers PowerShell Helper scripts to make maintaining packages using AU even easier 0.1.1 As part of this release we had [2 commits]( which resulted in [1 issue](
merijnvdk web2all / framework PHP Web2All framework 1.0.2 First release of the Web2All framework in the public domain (MIT license). The framework has been in use for over 10 years.
NilanjanaLodh OpenPrinting / cpdb-backend-cups C CUPS Backend for the common printing dialog 1.0.0 First official release of the CUPS Common Print Dialog Backend
EnriqueMoran EnriqueMoran / remoteTelegramShell Python remoteTelegramShell is a secure remote shell for Linux that makes use of Telegram's secure conection to send commands and receive messages from the computer. Has an user login system and root restriction in order to avoid malicious connections from other Telegram users v0.1_5.5.3 **Main version:** No changes. **User interface:** - */uninstall* option added. - */cd* option removed. - Root commands disabled due to security. **Code:** - New option */uninstall*
Dynogic Disa-im / DisaBuilds no-lang Repository for all the builds compiled for Disa. Production-0.9.9-350 ## Verbose Changelog • New image loader replacement that fixes a lot of existing issues. • Conversations can now be exported to an offline viewable web-page. • Implemented channels. • Im
osaether osaether / tristarmppt Java Tristar-MPPT Android app v1.58
inceddy inceddy / everest-validation PHP Everest - Validation Component v1.0.1
wheresrhys Financial-Times / n-barriers CSS Styling for responsive paywall barriers à la v3.1.0
mminkoff mminkoff / ember-filestack JavaScript Support for Filestack service within EmberJS 0.0.8 Uses filestack.js v0.9.0, adds `{{filestack-image}}` helper
ffeitosa moip / moip-sdk-ruby Ruby Cliente em Ruby para integração server-side com APIs Moip v2 v1.2.1 # Features * Invoices * fix filters on invoice ((f1942d3))
jwiik jwiik / actris-verifier Scala A contract-based verifier for dynamic dataflow programs v1.0.0
melistik melistik / vaadin-croppper Java vaadin image cropper vaadin-cropper-root-2.0.0 vaadin 8 compatability
mislav tmm1 / ripper-tags Ruby fast, accurate ctags generator for ruby source code using Ripper v0.4.2 * Fixes crash when encountering `delegate *args` syntax
dustinmoris giraffe-fsharp / Giraffe F# A native functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F# developers. v0.1.0-beta-500 #### New features - Added a new overload for `GetLogger` of the `HttpContext` extension methods, which allows one to pass in a `categoryName` string in order to initialise a new logger: `let logger
cvasilak cvasilak / leshan-server-kafka Java An LWM2M server connected to a Kafka broker for message protocol forwarding v0.2-SNAPSHOT
hackpascal hackpascal / crosstool-autoscript Makefile Linux/Windows运行平台的交叉工具链简易自动制作脚本 1
RolfLawrenz RolfLawrenz / activerecord_sqlserver_crm Ruby activerecord gem that reads directly from Microsoft CRM database and writes using OData. v5.1.1 This now uses rails 5.1.4. Looks like all bugs are fixed in this release.
soutenniza soutenniza / spring-music Java A sample application for using database services on Cloud Foundry with Spring Framework. 2.0
ConnorRigby nerves-project / dhcp_server Elixir DHCP Server for Elixir (fork of erlang-dhcp-server) v0.3.0 [hex](
jbrousseauDigitick digitick / fuse PHP Service Transport for Middleware v1.0.1 add PATCH to http command
mcolburn AGES-Initiatives / alwb-user-guide TeX Latex files for the ALWB User Guide. Release contains the PDF v2017-12-12-01 Fixes a typo.
humrochagf humrochagf / tapioca-cloudez Python Cloudez api wrapper using tapioca 1.0.0-alpha.4 Add domain resource mapping Add domain record resource mapping Add domain configuration resource mapping
thiagobustamante Leanty / tree-gateway TypeScript This is a full featured and free API Gateway for Node JS developers 1.3.1
auchri auchri / docker-nginx-piwik no-lang A docker image with nginx and piwik. v3.2.1
vctrin vctrin / vtiger7xptbr PHP Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack Vtiger 7.x 1.0.1 Pacote de idioma Português do Brasil para Vtiger CRM 7.0.1
resuna flightaware / Pgtcl C Tcl client side interface to PostgreSQL (libpgtcl) v2.4.0 Rea-arrange the include file layout and library installation to allow connection management code in pgtclId.c to be found by cmake and called by c and c++ applications.
amay077 amay077 / Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps C# Map library for Xamarin.Forms using Google maps API v2.3.0-beta4 ## Bug Fixes * #40 [iOS]Fix bundle xxx@1x.png, xxx@2x.png, xxx@3x.png does not work for marker icon.
acelot acelot / resolver PHP Dependency auto resolver for PHP 7 2.0.0
iuliansafta iuliansafta / laravel-connections PHP This package gives Eloquent models the ability to manage their friendships. v1.0.24
d4ndo d4ndo / binaryLogic R Binary Logic GNU R Package v0.3.8
zjn0505 zjn0505 / Neu-Android Java Android training course pullsh_1.0
imouou imouou / BUI-Template JavaScript bui的工程模板 v1.0.1 修复工程模板template被创建出来问题
kendo-bot telerik / kendo-theme-default CSS The default, SCSS-based theme for Kendo UI v2.45.3-dev.201712121553 <a name"2.45.3-dev.201712121553"></a> ### 2.45.3-dev.201712121553 (2017-12-12) #### Bug Fixes * **calendar:** apply consistent header styles ([95e008af](
dmfs dmfs / opentasks Java A task app for Android 1.1.13 # Fixes & improvements * Added Chinese(Simplified) translation (#558) * Fix selected list font color on edit screen. #526 (#559) * Fix & improve FTS. Implements #552 (#556) # Maintenan
cascent cascent / neovim-cygwin no-lang cygport files to build neovim and dependencies for Cygwin v0.2.2-20171212-0 neovim 0.2.2 packaging for Cygwin * libtermkey 0.20 * libuv 1.18.0 * libvterm 0+bzr681 * lua-mpack 1.0.7 * unibilium 1.2.1 x86_64 binaries provided, with signed setup.ini generated. You'll nee
matyix banzaicloud / drone-plugin-k8s-proxy Shell Kubernetes proxy plugin for Drone. A step in the Pipeline PaaS CI/CD component to provision a Kubernetes cluster or use a managed one. 0.1.0
sebd71 iotbzh / xds-cli Go A command line tool for XDS v0.1.2 Bugfixes since previous release: - Fixed rpath option detection of exec command. - Support ~ or $VAR for --config option value - Improved reported error on invalid XDS_AGENT_URL
cuckoohello cuckoohello / ngx_http_google_filter_module C Nginx Module for Google Mirror 1.0.0
iamnapo iamnapo / CallByMeaning JavaScript Diploma Thesis v1.0.0 initial release
cuckoohello cuckoohello / ngx_http_substitutions_filter_module Perl a filter module which can do both regular expression and fixed string substitutions for nginx 1.0.0
Jasper-1024 Jasper-1024 / MyPrivacy Java An Android App(xposed) , fake information for BAT's application. 1.2.0 版本号提升至1.2.x.整体代码重构60%,相对1.1版本,稳定性和性能改进. UI改版,以顶栏Tab形式对应用分组, 增加介绍界面,修正汉化不全. 加载/搜索应用效率
wheresrhys Financial-Times / n-content-body CSS Styling for the body of content (eg. article) v5.0.1
jamesharling jamesharling / Microsoft.Owin.Security.ApiKey C# Middleware that enables an application to authenticate with API keys. v1.1.1 Features: - Some finer control around custom HTTP status codes is now available
LVD-AC LVD-AC / Marlin-AC C developer version - always one step ahead of official Marlin G-force-7-AC •revert kinematic iterations
awalker125 awalker125 / forumsentry-sdk-for-python Python Python sdk for configuring a forum sentry device 0.6
ncw ncw / fsyncbench Go Benchmark fsync v1.0.1 ## Changelog 610978f Fix running on Windows 03de1ad Add link to downloads in README --- Automated with [GoReleaser]( Built with go version go1.9.2 linux/amd64
Wrzlprmft neurophysik / jitcdde Python Just-in-time compilation for delay differential equations v1.0.0 * Switched from SymPy to SymEngine as a backend, which may speed up code generation by a factor of up to nine hundred. Almost everything that worked before should still work. See [SymPy vs. SymEngine]
linuxgurugamer linuxgurugamer / ksp_toolbar C# Common API for GUI toolbars in KSP Moved localization directory into release directory
dmitrykurmanov surveyjs / widgets JavaScript The collection of custom widgets for SurveyJS :package: 0.98.3
bhavinjr bhavinjr / laravel-wishlist PHP wishlist for laravel 5.*.* 1.0
PeterMatula avast-tl / retdec-support no-lang Support packages for the RetDec decompiler 2017-12-12
goedman goedman / Stan.jl Julia Julia package to use Stan as an external program v3.0.0 Requires Julia 0.7-
gfr10598 m-lab / go Go General purpose libraries / APIs for use in mlab code. v1.0.1 Will likely be moving more functions from etl/bqext being developed within etl repository. But the current API is likely to be maintained.
nretnilkram nretnilkram / fontstrap CSS Font Awesome 5 and Bootstrap 4 2.0.1 Updated all FA to be completed with javascript and svg. Removed all web fonts and web css.
thegreatsunra thegreatsunra / create-aws-iot-certs JavaScript Auto-generate all the certs for connecting to your AWS IoT instance 0.1.0 * Initial release * Init new repository with Node boilerplate * Add code linting * Add AWS SDK * Fetch Root CA directly from its hosted URL and write it to a local file * Use AWS IoT and local AW
buuum buuum / RequestCheck PHP Simple and easy filter and validate request data v2.0.1
amues ess-dmsc / docker-centos-gcc6-build-node no-lang Dockerfile for a CentOS build node with GCC 6 v0.3.4 Specify CentOS container tag
Dids Dids / clover-builder Shell Automated, daily Clover builds. v2.4k_r4348 update PWMMax value according to the platform-id, by Sherlocks - sherlocks
tailhook tailhook / verwalter Rust A tool which manages cluster of services v0.9.5
TalkingJourney TalkingJourney / SCSuspendedView Objective-C SCSuspendedView provide a suspended view with transition animation. 1.1.1
DerOli82 DerOli82 / Furnus Java A Mod for Minecraft 1.93-serverfix
bitnami-bot bitnami / bitnami-docker-joomla Shell Bitnami Docker Image for Joomla! 3.8.3-r0 Update joomla to 3.8.3
stevewithington blueriver / MuraTranslations ColdFusion Mura CMS Translation Manager v4.0.0

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