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github-actions[bot] Chatterino / chatterino2 C++ Chat client for github-actions-nightly 1 2 913193f8b56730be5071c24b26a402f8c6f459df 3 refs/heads/master 4 Build 5 pajladacreate-release 6 pajlada
sk1p LiberTEM / LiberTEM Jupyter Notebook Open pixelated STEM framework continuous Travis CI build log:
rscplus-buddy RSCPlus / rscplus Java RuneScape Classic client mod & preservation platform Latest
bengtmartensson bengtmartensson / IrScrutinizer Java This project contains IrScrutinizer: a program for IR signal analysis, generation etc. ci-build WARNING: This is a snapshot of the current development stand. It may have different issues, and possibly does not work at all. If this is not what you want, use the latest official release instead.
buddhi1980 buddhi1980 / mandelbulber2 C++ Official repository for Mandelbulber v2 continuous Travis CI build log:
d1vanov d1vanov / QEverCloud C++ Unofficial Evernote Cloud API for Qt 5. continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
github-actions[bot] leon-richardt / chatterino2 C++ Chat client for github-actions-nightly 1 2 7eabba959b0374abb16ebf2dbeba157901cb3303 3 refs/heads/master 4 Build 5 pajladacreate-release 6 leon-richardt
nvpopov nvpopov / qppcad C++ molecule and crystal editor written in c++ continuous Travis CI build log:
sei-eschwartz sei-eschwartz / pharos C++ Automated static analysis tools for binary programs ghidra-master
sithlord48 sithlord48 / ff7tk C++ Toolkit for making tools to edit Final Fantasy 7 continuous Travis CI build log:
jcfranco Esri / calcite-components TypeScript Web Components for the Calcite Design System. Built with Stencil JS. Currently in Beta! v1.0.0-beta.40 ### Bug Fixes * **calcite-radio-button:** fixing issue where input isn't properly initialized in some cases ([#1011]( ([e25921d](https://github
vtex-io-ci-cd[bot] vtex-apps / io-documentation no-lang Content for the documentation center v0.50.0
dpopp07 IBM / openapi-validator JavaScript Configurable and extensible validator/linter for OpenAPI documents v0.30.0 # [0.30.0]( (2020-09-23) ### Features * initial Spectral integration ([#195](
ghasrfakhri Shaygan / bootstrap-bundle PHP BraincraftedBootstrapBundle integrates Bootstrap into Symfony2 by providing templates, Twig extensions, services and commands. 2.3.0
jitsi-jenkins jitsi / jicofo Java JItsi COnference FOcus is a server side focus component used in Jitsi Meet conferences. stable/jitsi-meet_5073
hfreire hfreire / my-flic-hub JavaScript My own flic hub :tm: for the :earth_africa: world's smartest :red_circle: button v1.0.158 ## [1.0.158]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump modern-logger from 1.5.79 to 1.5.80 ([d8c7f84](
jitsi-jenkins jitsi / jitsi-meet JavaScript Jitsi Meet - Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application. stable/jitsi-meet_5073
conda-forge-daemon regro / repodata Python repodata for conda-forge 2020.
tytot tytot / attendance-for-google-meet JavaScript Attendance tracker for Google Meet v1.2.1 ### Download on the Chrome Web Store ### Changelog - Fixed bug wherein extension would repeate
jvexiau jvexiau / go-gin Go OpenTracing middleware for gin-gonic v0.1.2
simonmitchell 3sidedcube / Baymax Swift A diagnostics framework for iOS apps v1.2.1 In this release we've: - #9 Made some tweaks to the gesture used to invoke Baymax to support iPadOS and Simulator environments
lyne-admin lyne-design-system / lyne-icons JavaScript 🧪 Icons for the Lyne Design System v3.2.5 ## [3.2.5]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * add log ([1b634b0](
TonyGLL TonyGLL / bambu-new-angular TypeScript Simple Web Application made it with Angular 10 and Firebase v1.0.0 ## Production Download Ready!!
ezavalishin ezavalishin / laravel-vkma PHP Laravel helper for vk mini apps 0.1.8
marcodeltutto TITUS-EVD / gallery-framework C++ The event display for SBN at Fermilab v1.2.1 Better optical drawing. Minor bug fixes.
apparitor pomerium / pomerium-helm HTML Official helm charts for Pomerium. pomerium-12.3.0 Pomerium is an identity-aware access proxy.
jonhattan sbitio / puppet-monit Puppet Puppet module to perform installation and configuration of Monit service 2.0.1
er10yi er10yi / GenPass Java 魔方-MagiCude 辅助工具,用于通用密码修改,配置文件生成,初始化脚本生成 V1.0 魔方-MagiCude 通用密码修改,配置文件生成,初始化脚本生成
SelfhostedPro SelfhostedPro / Yacht Vue A web interface for managing docker containers with an emphasis on templating to provide 1 click deployments. Think of it like a decentralized app store for servers that anyone can make packages for. v0.01-alpha Yacht has come a long way in the past few months and I think it's ready for an alpha especially to get some more feedback from people with different skill levels and possibly attract some dev help. I
ltest-dev ltest-dev / LTest OCaml Official repository for LTest IFM2020
amberkowalski amberkowalski / quill-internals Rust Internal structures and logic of the Quill API, an API developed for extending feather through plugins. 0.1.0-alpha2.0 # Changelog ## **Breaking** - `raw::SystemStage` is now `#[repr(u8)]`. All plugins compiled with previous versions of `quill-internals` will no longer work as expected. ## Changes - Added `Hand
madguy123456788 madguy123456788 / Private-Music-Bot JavaScript Open source Music-Bot v1.0 The first version of the bot
estruyf pnp / sp-dev-fx-property-controls TypeScript Reusable SPFx property pane controls - Open source initiative v2.0.0 ### New control(s) - `Office UI Fabric` version 6 support
d47853 gchq / Gaffer Java A large-scale entity and relation database supporting aggregation of properties gaffer2-1.13.2 [1.13.2 headliners]( [1.13.2 enhancements](
wwtelescope WorldWideTelescope / wwt-webgl-engine C# The full AAS WorldWide Telescope rendering engine in JavaScript with WebGL @wwtelescope/astro@0.1.1 # @wwtelescope/astro 0.1.1 (2020-09-23) - No code changes; issuing a new release as part of the migration to Cranko.
lidel ipfs / pinning-services-api-spec Makefile New vendor-agnostic Pinning Service API for IPFS ecosystem v0.1.1 - style: rename object returned with error (#65) - chore: updated version to v0.1.1
baiqiletter baiqiletter / procedural-content-generation-demo C# 小学期作业:游戏的过程内容生成(Procedural Content Generation)技术研究 v1.1 Now it runs fluently.
akinwale lbryio / lbry-android Java The LBRY Android app 0.16.5
mdaya mdaya / local_anc_afr_eur_on_sevenbridges Python Pipeline to do 2-way local ancestry calling assuming African (YRI) and European (CEU) reference populations 0.4 Fixed bug in setting chr variable for shapeit run
RaduCStefanescu code4romania / reusable-components TypeScript Repository for React reusable components v0.1.9 - PercentageBar fixes - colored map selection
nonoesp mpociot / versionable PHP Laravel Model versioning made easy 4.0.0 - Added support for Laravel 8 by @NeroAzure
Razzmatazzz Razzmatazzz / RemnantSaveManager C# Automatic backing up of your Remnant: From the Ashes save files, and the ability to anlayze your world to see what events rolled. 1.95.40 Added support for changing the labels for character archetypes and worlds.
Rokkudo22 Rokkudo22 / uid PHP Provides an object-oriented API to generate and represent UIDs. v5.1.6
Therason Bram-Hub / Legup Java Logic Engine for Grid-Using Puzzles - a better way to learn formal logic 2.0 Updated jar file
aeroniemi magknight / hoppie-sasl Lua A standalone version of the 787's ACARS client for v1.0 It works, mostly
h0cheung h0cheung / go-shadowsocks2 Go Experimental Shadowsocks in Go. Stable fork at v0.1.6-none
bt7s7k7 bt7s7k7 / UCPeM TypeScript Universal Cloning PackagE Manager v1.0.1 This one should work, hopefully.
github-actions[bot] webclipper / web-clipper TypeScript For Notion,OneNote,Bear,Yuque,Joplin。Clip anything to anywhere v1.27.0
AndreasFuchsSIT tpm2-software / tpm2-tss C OSS implementation of the TCG TPM2 Software Stack (TSS2) 3.0.1 ### Changed or Fixed - Fix CVE-2020-24455 FAPI PolicyPCR not instatiating correctly Note that all TPM object created with a PolicyPCR with the currentPcrs and currentPcrsAndBank options have be
vthorsteinsson mideind / GreynirPackage Python The Greynir NLP parser for Icelandic, packaged for PyPI 2.6.0 * Switched from GNU GPLv3 to MIT license, in accordance with the requirements of the Icelandic Government's 5-Year Language Technology Programme * Renamed repository from `ReynirPackage` to `GreynirP
nathane nathane / styleci-action Dockerfile Analyze your PHP, JS and CSS code with StyleCI CLI Tool. v0.8.0
jamesros161 BoldGrid / boldgrid-theme-framework PHP The BoldGrid Theme Framework used in BoldGrid themes. 2.3.0-rc.4
jonambas SparkPost / matchbox JavaScript 🔥 A react UI component library v4.3.2 ## 4.3.2 (2020-09-23) #### Bug Fixes - `matchbox` - [#647]( UX-342 Support prop on Modal.Content ([@jonambas](
arjanz polkascan / py-substrate-interface Python Python Substrate Interface Library v0.9.19
tarurar lykkecloud / MT C# Margin Trading Platform v2.0.5 ### Tasks * LT-2602: Liquidation issues
jpopesculian RiddleAndCode / nlsd-py Python NLSD serializer / deserializer python library v0.1.2
padogrid padogrid / padogrid Shell A comprehensive addon tool for managing data grid environments by distributed workspaces and online use case bundles padogrid_0.9.3 - Added support for all JDK version. Further tests required. - Added support for generating '-all' dependencies. Each product module now has a `padogrid-<product>-all-*.jar` file containing a c
janaaron97 triumph-dev / triumph-blocks Twig Custom Blocks for the WP Block Editor 1.09
gruntwork-ci gruntwork-io / terratest Go Terratest is a Go library that makes it easier to write automated tests for your infrastructure code. v0.30.1 <!-- -- This is autogenerated from the release notes drafter. When updating, be sure to double check some of the changes -- before publishing. -- Note that there are markers for the releas
minio-trusted minio / operator Go MinIO Operator for kubernetes (k8s) v3.0.23 ## Changelog e707723 update to v3.0.23 e7b0db6 Generate CRD with Controller Gen v0.3.0 (#308) 290e871 consistently use tenant everywhere (#307) ## Docker images - `docker pull minio/k8s-operato
exurd exurd / smilk Python Adds milk to the end of the word. 0.1 Changelog: - Initial release - You can add milk to any word - You can add a word after milk - ... - - yeah, that's it. Note: Executable is slower than python script, but it still works.
ComputerElite ComputerElite / QSE C# More than a Tool to zip Beat Saber songs from Quest (custom_level_SongHash) to the right names. 3.7.1 Added automatic SideQuest adb recognition. Added more error fixes.
VSC-Service-Account pnp / sp-dev-fx-extensions TypeScript Code samples and developer content targeted towards SharePoint Framework client-side extensions. 198958
ndickerson bullhorn / dataloader Java A Bullhorn Platform SDK tool. Quickly import CSV data into your Bullhorn CRM. v4.8.1
jaredallard jaredallard / localizer Go :boat: A no-frills local development tool for service developers working in Kubernetes v0.2.0 ## Changelog ab14cf0 feat: update ktunnel to support large payloads
Dhanton Dhanton / mandarina C++ An online multiplayer action game written in C++ v0.0.3
SFGrenade SFGrenade / SFCore C# A Hollow Knight Core Mod v0.5 Requirements: - ModCommon Progress: - ItemHelper: Mostly done, additional inventory spaces are missing - CharmHelper: Done - EnviromentParticleHelper: Done - AchievementHelper: Done
RaenonX RxJellyBot / Jelly-Bot Python A multi-platform (currently LINE/Discord) chatting bot. v1.1.2 ## Summary - Fixed a bug in [v1.1.1]( - [JIRA v1.1.2]( - Improved **A LOT** of stabil
micheleriva omnixent / omnixent-server Elixir 🕸 REST and GraphQL APIs for Omnixent v0.0.2 Version 0.0.2 ### Commits - [a04bc1c0] fix: fixed release
choidam yourCozy / cozy-iOS Swift cozy Develop 🛠️💣iOS💣 v1.0.0 COZY first release 🎉
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk11-dragonwell-binaries no-lang Alibaba Dragonwell11 builds jdk11u-2020-09-23-15-34 Nightly Build of jdk11u-2020-09-23-15-34
IanDarwin IanDarwin / pdfshow Java A simple PDF viewer oriented towards slideshow decks in PDF form 0.0.8 Minor tweaks: * Properties file maintained in git, eliminates a "getting started" step. * The Feedback form can now be reached either from the Help menu or from the Feedback("chat&quo
fredli74 fredli74 / hashbox Go Hashbox / Hashback is a cross-platform content addressable server and backup client 0.7.29 - Deadspace information was removed from all files if compact ran out of space _Binaries built with Go version 1.14.3_
iamsaquib8 iamsaquib8 / dom-tree-rs Rust A library to convert plain HTML block into a DOM Tree Data Structure v0.1.0
alparamonov yahoofinancelive / yliveticker Python Get market data from Yahoo Finance websocket in near-real time. v0.2.7 The message is passed now to the callback function as a Dictionary, not String, as it gives more flexibility of processing data.
patricksmms apiaryio / api-elements.js JavaScript Library for consuming API Elements in JavaScript api-elements@0.3.2 ### Bug Fixes - Inherit fixed attribute in `valueOf` ### Enhancements - Dereference elements in `valueOf`
gwtwod gwtwod / humiocli Python An unofficial Python CLI for working with the Humio API from the command line v0.7.2 # Changelog ## [0.7.2] - 2020-09-23 ### Changed - More intuitive verbose flag. Unset is logging.WARN, -v is logging-INFO, -vv is logging.DEBUG, -vvv is logging.NOTSET. - Bump humioapi to 0.6
Dono7 Dono7 / MinesweeperJS JavaScript Free Minesweeper Javascript Library. Very efficent and easy to use. Written in ES6 v3.0.0 Fix compatibility issues Now available in the browser and with Node
RealCerus Spedcord / scs-sdk-plugin C ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2) & ATS (American Truck Simulator) SDK plug-in. Telemetry data is shared via SharedMemory/Memory Mapped Files. 1_11
chmaraj chmaraj / AmpliconMapper Java Java-based program for the mapping of sequence reads AmpliconMapper_v0_310 -fixed a number of bugs related to missing dependencies in the custom java runtime environment -adjusted positioning and function of some UI elements such as the thread input field -provided drag-an
mattclay ansible / cloudstack-test-container Dockerfile CloudStack simulator container for testing. 1.4.0 Upgrade from CloudStack version 4.11.2 to 4.13.1.
shawnrivers shawnrivers / nogilib TypeScript A web app for showing Nogizaka46 information. 乃木坂46情報を表示する web アプリ。 v4.1.0 ## Changes ### Improvements - Refactor member profile images data - Added `lang` attributes to improve i18n - Added `<time>` element to improve a11y ### UI changes - Member page - C
alaskanpuffin alaskanpuffin / herodotus-core Python Content Archiving Software 📜 v0.1.0 A docker-compose file update is recommended to fix an issue with MeiliSearch. See the attached file or the docker-compose.yml in the root of the repository for the necessary changes. Lines 35, 36 and
jianghao0718 github / backup-utils Shell GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities v2.22.0 Includes general improvements & bug fixes and support for GitHub Enterprise Server v2.22.0 * Added basic timing around the ghe-restore process #625 * Improve python3 & finding moreutils parall
github-actions[bot] reviewdog / action-rubocop Shell Run rubocop with reviewdog 🐶 v1.6.1 v1.6.1: PR #18 - Address issues with extension filtering
tmarenko tmarenko / mff_auto Python Game bot for Marvel Future Fight game. 0.5.4 Compiled virtual environment with ready to go `start.bat` file and auto-update.
shanxing2 shanxing2 / JiNiang Visual Basic .NET bilibili直播姬、弹幕姬、礼物感谢、关注提示、房管助手、勋章升级提醒、直播工具、danmuku、各种姬,VB(新VB.NET)实现,史上结构最乱项目(官方吐槽) Release20200923 修复分区相关问题
olamothe coveo / search-ui TypeScript Coveo Search UI framework 2.9856.4-beta
dotCipher dotCipher / terraform-aws-eks-cluster HCL Terraform module for provisioning an EKS cluster 0.29.0 - Pseudo release to get fix for for now
github-actions[bot] NodeFactoryIo / vedran Go Auto-funded public p2p infrastructure (APPI) for the Polkadot and, specifically, Kusama ecosystem. v0.1.0 [Full Changelog]( ### Added - Initial repo setup [\#9](
samedii Aiwizo / ml-workflow Python Pytorch project template and required tools v0.8.0
seanyesmunt lbryio / lbry-desktop JavaScript A browser and wallet for LBRY, the decentralized, user-controlled content marketplace. v0.48.0-rc.3 ### Added - New File Page layout + make sidebar collapsable ([#4648]( - Block mature content when accessed directly from URL _community pr!_ ([#45
localgod Mathmagicians / kumori Vue Healthcheck of your architecture v0.1.0-757 ## This is automated release. Please see []( for what is new. To try out this release you may use this [doc
yvon-dblg mdblp / tideline JavaScript Library for Tidepool's timeline-style diabetes data visualization(s) used in Blip dblp.1.13.0 ### Changed - YLP-159 Upgrade blip, viz and tideline from react15 to react16
bknight-i3drobotics i3drobotics / stereo-vision-toolkit C++ Stereo image processing suite v1.3.1a.4 **WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF THE I3DR DEVELOPMENT TEAM** This release is meant for development use only while some new fixes and features are tested. Improvements: - Add ML
wagerrdeveloper wagerr / Wagerr-Blockchain-Snapshots no-lang Snapshots are a quick and dirty way for wallets to catch up with the blockchain 1351812
hmrc-web-operations hmrc / self-service-time-to-pay-frontend Scala self-service-time-to-pay-frontend v0.259.0 Release : self-service-time-to-pay-frontend 0.259.0 Last commit sha : 58c4929a0530dd4e0184c5731989b21c1c34d2d5 Last commit author : John Revill Last commit time : 2020-09-23T15:39:39
RO-Grigorie-Vlad RO-Grigorie-Vlad / design-patterns Java I am learning design patterns for OOP programming. In this repository I will implement some examples of each pattern. Most likely all in Java. v0.2.3 Implemented Decorator Pattern (no JUnit testing).
nielsfaber nielsfaber / scheduler-component Python Custom component for HA that enables the creation of scheduler entities v2.0.2 * Fixed a bug resulting in disabled schedule entities to be turned on when restarting HA
RichardDern RichardDern / Cyca PHP Web-based bookmarks and feeds manager 0.2.0
thibaultmaudet thibaultmaudet / WindowsTerminalOpenHere PowerShell Powershell script allowing to add in the context menu an entry "Open a Windows Terminal profil here". v1.0.1 ## Release Notes - Corrected minors bugs - Renamed `profiles.json` to `settings.json`
sandulat sandulat / blitz-jobs TypeScript The first-ever Blitz.js job board. v0.1.2
sgtcoolguy appcelerator-modules / hyperloop-builds no-lang A centralized place to distribute (pre)release versions of Hyperloop v6.0.1 ## iOS ### Fixed - Exclude arm64 architecture builds for simulator when on x86_64 device (fixes builds of 3rd-party frameworks missing arm64 sim support on Xcode 12)
yutomaeda5510 yutomaeda5510 / sunflower JavaScript moco blog 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] RonMallory / talos-i3-config Shell Configuration files for a minimalistic archlinux i3 configuration v1.1.1 ## [1.1.1]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * typo in command ([630ed6d](
mochini mahaplatform / JavaScript Platform for delivering mobile-first user experiences v3.8.83 [BUG] Fixed tofield issue with voice and sms for Lara Parilla
github-actions[bot] SomeDeadGuy / UndeadPeopleUnpacked no-lang Undead People Tileset unpacked and ready to be build v230920
CCCisGay CCCisGay / FitHack no-lang Fit Hack is a new client in development by a 15 year old who is stupid and knows no shit about coding :) V1 Future client cuz fit only uses future.
TristanPWarren TristanPWarren / FlyerlessClubManagement JavaScript Module to allow users to modify details about their club v1.0.1
Tienisto Tienisto / ikus-server Kotlin The server for the Welcome at OVGU - App written in Vue and Spring v0.9.2 Features: - Dashboard finalized - Links, Contact, Handbook API
Clayton7510 deliveredtechnologies / terraform-maven Java Terraform Maven Plugin v0.11.1 * Windows single quote fix (issue #216) * tf:wrapper fix (issue #210
rwols sublimelsp / notify-repository-on-published-release-action TypeScript Github Action that sends a "published release" event payload to sublimelsp/repository v1
ecommerceUXdesign AlaskaAirlines / auro-dialog JavaScript Custom HTML <auro-dialog> element represents a dialog box or other interactive component, such as a dismissable alert, inspector, or subwindow. v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * address position bug ([1d7a2c8](
BohoCode OpenBankingToolkit / openbanking-common Java OpenBanking common 1.0.78
mattsbanner enovatedesign / craft-style-inliner PHP A Twig tag for inlining styles in a template 2.1.0 Require a minimum of Craft CMS 3.5.10 to resolve vulnerability in Yii.
PhilipVinc PhilipVinc / mpi4jax Python MPI greets Jax and speeds it ups v0.2.6 - Automatically flush the CPU execution cache `atexit` - Improve handling of AD through AllReduce - Always use Cython implementations of MPI operations - Enforce type checking
andrewgryan MetOffice / forest-lite CSS Minimal implementation of FOREST v0.7.2 - Bug fix render `TiledImage`
github-actions[bot] NHSDigital / personal-demographics-service-api JavaScript Specifications for NHS Digital APIs provided on the API Management Platform v1.2.265-beta
louis-ev l-atelier-des-chercheurs / dodoc Vue Conçu pour favoriser les processus réflexifs lors d’activités d’apprentissage, do•doc est un outil ouvert et modulaire qui permet de capturer des médias (photos, vidéos, sons et stop-motion), de les éditer, de les mettre en page et de les publier v9.0.17-dev-rpi Première version entièrement fonctionnellement pour Raspberry Pi. Testé sur Raspberry Pi 4 sous Raspberry Pi OS 32 bits.
github-actions[bot] cdlab-sit / XenonText JavaScript シンプルなエディタを駆け出しエンジニアに v0.2.0 変更内容は をご覧ください。
crowdbotics-apps crowdbotics-apps / lizz-sep21-mob1-20531 JavaScript This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics build_14
SoGoesLight SoGoesLight / ValorantBot Python Valorant bot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 1.21 Bugfixes, optimization
ZekerZhayard ZekerZhayard / OptiForge Java Make OptiFine be compatible with Forge. 1.16.3-0.3.2
AhmedElywa paljs / prisma-tools TypeScript Prisma tools to help you generate CRUD system for GraphQL servers v1.5.5 # PrismaSelect For fix #131 issue we added new method `valueWithFilter`. Work with this method if your GraphQL type name not like Schema model name. ```ts // normal call const select = new P
dsoaress marscollective / link-free JavaScript An open source alternative to Linktree built by Mars with speed and customization in mind. 1.0.1 # Changelog <a name="next"></a> ## next ### Changed - ⬆️ Bump gatsby from 2.24.63 to 2.24.64 [[a06ab91](
haydnhkim haydnhkim / next-pack JavaScript Next Pack - Automatically override configs and boilerplate Next.js 9.2.1-4
theSoenke phrase / phrase-wordpress no-lang Phrase WordPress Integration. Phrase is a translation management platform for software projects. You can collaborate on language file translation with your team or order translations through our platform. 1.0.0 First Phrase WordPress plugin release. This plugin allows you to sync page or post content to your Phrase projects, directly from within WordPress
cf-london pivotal-cf / cf-rabbitmq-release Shell A BOSH Release of RabbitMQ v325.0.0 ## Release Notes * Add final release 325.0.0 [ci skip] [9cf61486] * [Robbit] Update erlang-23 package to 23.1. (#384) [67c02503]
github-actions[bot] dailymotion / jx-pipelines-visualizer Go Web UI for Jenkins X, with a clear goal: visualize the pipelines - and their logs. v0.0.3 ## Changelog 8bc9e68 Merge pull request #1 from dailymotion/doc 7bcf400 Merge pull request #3 from dailymotion/readme 738536a chore: add golangci-lint config 064f20a doc: add some doc 7102255 docs:
sircharlo sircharlo / jw-meeting-media-fetcher JavaScript JW Meeting Media Fetcher v0.8.27
haesleinhuepf clij / clupath Java GPU-accelerated image processing in QuPath New features: * CluPath now derives from clijx which makes more experimental functions available (Thanks to Benjamin Pavie for suggesting)
s00500 SKAARHOJ / skaarhoj-updater-releases no-lang All Releases of our firmware updater utility v1.0.4-pre3 🐛 Fix upload without rebuild
blueboxd blueboxd / chromium-legacy no-lang Latest Chromium for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8 809766 Chromium: 87.0.4273.0 (Official Build) (64-bit) Revision: 2c707cb16baa2ef1b3567f602551cea0a7f923b6-refs/heads/master@{#809766}
VoidTsundere VoidTsundere / Tsundere-Client Python Tsundere-Client é um instalador dos apps feitos pelo VoidTsundere v0.0.1 O Tsundere-Client agora pode baixar o DereRPG Project DereRPG Project foi lançado na versão 0.0.0A
paulschreiber usdigitalresponse / election-websites PHP Local election official in the United States can use this template to get a head start on building an election website. The template follows guidelines from the Center for Civic Design and is fast, mobile-friendly and accessible. 0.8.12 * Remove CSS and JS source (and CONTRIBUTING document) from release
github-actions[bot] Informatievlaanderen / public-api C# Provide a common api across all registries. v4.2.1 ## [4.2.1]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * move to 3.1.8 ([e1c773f](
wouterh nimbu / nimbu-toolbelt TypeScript Node.js based toolbelt for nimbu projects v3.2.0-0 - Fix build command 136e9b7
buildbot171 justcoding121 / Titanium-Web-Proxy C# A cross-platform asynchronous HTTP(S) proxy server in C#. 3.1.1321
alex-nitrokey Nitrokey / heads Shell A minimal Linux that runs as a coreboot or LinuxBoot ROM payload to provide a secure, flexible boot environment for laptops and servers. v1.2 ## Solved Bugs * [Suspend issue]( fixed ## New Features * NitroPad release information and git hashes are now included in system info (fixes #4
mytarget-bot myTargetSDK / mytarget-ios Objective-C ios myTarget sdk 5.9.0
lionants02 ffc-nectec / airsync Kotlin 💻 application for sync data between FFC and HIS 4.0.34-alpha1
Lukas0025 Lukas0025 / r2cloud-python-sdk Python python sdk for r2cloud 0.0.2 * Fix filter by sat using ID as int no str * Add pyorbital to requires
obelisk obelisk / endpointsecurity Rust Nice (ish) bindings for the EndpointSecurity framework on macOS for Rust. v0.1.1-alpha Fixed a bug where 0s weren't prepended for each byte when parsing the CDHash. This meant that CDHashes were not consistent in length, and incorrect compared to what was printed by codesign. As an e
Chatur27 Chatur27 / Eureka-kernel-for-SM-A205-Q C A custom kernel for the SM-A205 based on Android 10. rev4.3 NEW FEATURES OF R4.3 36) Built with Linaro V4.9.4 toolchain. Reason: Better performance 37) Optimised kernel for performance instead of size 38) Fix issue of big cluster being throttled when
sztyup sztyup / lauth PHP Laravel authentication system 0.6.3
winglessraven winglessraven / DeadMatterServerManager C# Server manager for Dead Matter. Features include: Edit server settings from within the application, monitor your server memory usage, restart on a timer, restart when your server memory exceeds a specified value. 1.9.0 **Thanks goes to The_Wicked for the suggestion** * Added the option to back up your configs and world save * Added option to set a timed schedule to take backups * Added option to retain a set nu
jmonlong jmonlong / sveval R Functions to compare a SV call sets against a truth set. v2.1.0 - Refactor the overlap code - More convenient output using `prepareOl` and `annotateOl`, similar to *GenomicRanges::findOverlaps*. - More usable `svOverlap` function. - Add simple reciprocal
Mic92 Mic92 / iana-etc Python Build /etc/protocols and /etc/services files from IANA's Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers 20200922
Magman03k7 Magman03k7 / CalamityJPT no-lang A mod that translates Calamity Mod item names, tooltips, buff names, NPC names, and projectile names into Japanese. v0.14.0 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.7.5
JohnW71 JohnW71 / Trove C An encrypted password storage database for Windows & Linux v1.6 Full release of updated exe files for Windows/CMD and Linux.
danjonesdev danjonesdev / next-pattern-library JavaScript An opinionated pattern library for Next.js 1.0.0
filak filak / MTW-MeSH JavaScript Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Translation Workflow v1.4.0 Switched to Flask app factory (create_app function) Python virtualenv support, libs upgrades Use Waitress web server instead of old Tornado
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk11-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK11 variants and platforms jdk11u-2020-09-23-15-34 Nightly Build of jdk11u-2020-09-23-15-34
NiveusLuna NiveusLuna / KA2-bugfix no-lang Klingon Academy II - Bugfix mod 1.6.1 - Fix my own hotkey labels. Oops!
KeeMeng KeeMeng / MKB-Syntax-Highlighting Python Macro/Keybind Mod Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text 3 1.1.6 # Macro/Keybind Mod Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text 3 ## 1.1.6 Features: +Added new NEI actions Syntax Highlighter Auto Complete Popup Hints Indenter Linter Auto %%
oleg-nenashev jenkinsci / Dockerfile An emulator of instance, packaged as a single-shot Jenkinsfile Runner 0.5.0 <!-- Optional: add a release summary here --> ## 🚀 New features and improvements * Switch from Checkstyle and FindBugs plugins to Warnings NG (#366) @oleg-nenashev
WhoStoleTheNameProtechol WhoStoleTheNameProtechol / FractalaMod no-lang FractalaMod, a mod made using the modloader. v1.0.6 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.7.5
stethoscoper stethoscope-js / action TypeScript 🎬 GitHub Action to track your life data using Stethoscope v1.2.1 # [v1.2.1]( (2020-09-23) ## ♻️ Updates - [`b69c9bd`]( Use new class-base
g4b0-88 g4b0-88 / sqlserver-table-tree C# Dekstop app to build a table tree from SQL Server Database. 1.0 First release for this desktop app.
jrcamp splunk-terraform / terraform-provider-signalfx Go Terraform SignalFx provider v5.0.1 BUGFIXES: * resource/dashboard_group: The field `import_qualifiers` would not resolve to a clean plan if the dashboard group had an entry like: ```json "importQualifiers" : [ {
ThexXTURBOXx ThexXTURBOXx / LDPC Java Binary LDPC Codes in Java 1.0 Initial release
CorrM CorrM / uft no-lang This repo created to manage Issues and access Unreal Finder Tool user interface. v0.4.4-beta - Some UI fixes and improves. - Rename "Config" folder to "Settings". (Braking change) - Fix bug on GObjects reader case an infinity reading. - Some improves for GNames reader.
bokejor bokejor / webserver-express JavaScript Codigo fuente de un servidor express - hbs - heroku basico v1.0.0 ## Código fuente del proyecto ``` npm install ```
github-actions[bot] github / rest-api-description no-lang An OpenAPI description for GitHub's REST API v1.0.0-rc.1
ch-build companieshouse / CSS Application management web client for the Companies House Identity service 0.1.34
eddsalkield dreamingspires / mMass Python Mass Spectrometry Tool v0.1.0 Initial beta release, for Linux and Windows x86_64 architectures. Download the relevant `.whl` file for your operating system, and install with pip: `pip install --user /path/to/downloaded/mMass3-
github-actions[bot] gncv / gencove-cli Python This repo is a mirror from Gencove's Gitlab repo 2.0.24
RomainPetit1 apivideo / android-kotlin-sdk Kotlin Kotlin Android client for service (alpha version). 0.1.1 support maven
m-mohr Open-EO / openeo-processes-docgen Vue Library to generate a user interface for documents following the specification for openEO processes. v1.0.2 Update dependencies to fix bugs, especially #11. Note: Release/build was made by hand. A build on the source will likely give an invalid build due to issues in the dependencies.
thatnword thatnword / Lunar-AC-Check C# An exe that gets ran clientside to check if the user is on an anticheat-enabled version of LC without an api First version of the Lunar AC Checker.
EntenKoeniq EntenKoeniq / SimpleDB TypeScript Simple JSON "database" for Deno. 0.2.0 - Code completely rewritten
brightspace-bot BrightspaceUI / core JavaScript A collection of accessible, free, open-source web components for building Brightspace applications. v1.80.2 ## [1.80.2]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * add check for opener position to know if content is absolute wrt document. ([94fd2dc](https
qurious-pixel qurious-pixel / no-lang Website made to store EA links for Yuzu continuous-EA-985 Travis CI build log:
fwh1990 redux-model / redux-model TypeScript A redux framework only for TS project v8.2.1 * Trigger onStoreCreated() after persist is done ----------------------------------------- * onStoreCreated()的触发时间推迟到persist恢复之后
MattFiler MattFiler / SoundcloudDownload C# Download tracks from Soundcloud via a URL - works for individual tracks or playlists. 1.0 Enter a URL for a playlist/track and it will be downloaded with metadata to the output folder.
depryf imsweb / naaccr-xml Java This Java library provides support for the NAACCR XML format. v7.3 **Version 7.3** - Fixed an error in the write SAS macro that prevented it from correctly running. - Now writing each root attribute on its own line when creating NAACCR XML data files. - Updated
jvanveen molgenis / molgenis-theme SCSS Base theme for Molgenis v1.4.0 # [1.4.0]( (2020-09-23) ### Features * added hfgp theme ([c4f0318](
januwA januwA / WPF-ffmpegtool C# 使用FFmpeg命令行处理视频的简单工具 1.0.0 - 第一个版本
etaxi341 etaxi341 / TrashMailClient-TelegramBot C# A Telegram Bot allows you to quickly create a trashmail and automatically confirm mails 1.0 If you want to host your own version of the bot, download this file. If you just want to use the Bot, just text @TrashmailClient_bot on Telegram. 1. Create a Telegram bot by messaging @BotFather on
enoodle epsagon / epsagon-python Python Automated tracing library for Python 2.7, 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 ⚡️ v1.56.2 ## [1.56.2]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **botocore:py:** support TransactWriteItems in DynamoDB ([#285](
phlpjo phlpjo / MkrGsm1400IoT C++ Toolbox for the MKR GSM 1400 MkrGsm1400IoT Toolbox for the MKR GSM 1400. This library can be seen as an extension to the MKRGSM library for the Arduino MKR GSM 1400. As long as I am working with the MKR GSM 1400, I will continue to exten
TH3AL3X TH3AL3X / VehicleEssentials C# Complement for real accidents, with accident effects in addition to a belt system, configurable in your own way, you can break a wheel, etc.. 1.0.1 Fixed some bugs related of Vehicle Collision, and added a new function
seb-montana studio-montana / woodkit PHP WoodKit is a WordPress plugin. 2.0.1 - optimisation d'affichage - nouvelles vidéo tutoriels - correction du générateur de meta-données SEO
jackivanov jackivanov / cloud-regions Makefile Dynamically updated lists of regions and locations for most popular cloud providers 0.0.20200923-342
speed47 ovh / ovh-ttyrec C Enhanced (but compatible) version of the classic ttyrec v1.1.6.5
vmbecerra PSOPT / psopt C++ PSOPT Optimal Control Software 5.0.0 This is PSOPT Release 5.0.0 now using Eigen3 for its interface and internal linear algebra calculations, as well as a new build process based on CMake.
richardsimongreen iProov / android Java iProov's Android SDK v6.0.0-beta1 **iProov Biometrics Android SDK v6.0 beta** is the latest major release which includes new features such as Liveness Assurance Technology, bug fixes, support for AndroidX and introduces BlazeFace and
kkatano kkatano / bakeneko-65-3dprinted-case no-lang A simple 3D printed tray case for Bakeneko 65 that is an open source O-ring gasket mount keyboard. v1.0
github-actions[bot] mrbenshef / Boop-GTK Rust Port of @IvanMathy's Boop to GTK, a scriptable scratchpad for developers. v1.3.0 - 11 new scripts from Boop 1.3.0 including: SpONGeCASe, PHP Unserialize, JSON to YAML, SHA256 hash, and more! - Update to flatpak runtime 20.08 <a href=""
KaitouDoraluxe KaitouDoraluxe / redditmuslimbot no-lang This is in CSS language and its for my friends who moderate an Islamic subreddit, its in private 1.0 Read our [README]( for all pieces of information
Airtheon Airtheon / AirtheonsEssentials Java My first try at a Spigot plugin. v1.1.2 Airtheon's Essentials Spigot plugin for Minecraft 1.16 Spigot version: 1.16.3 Just drop this in your plugins folder and either restart the server or use the reload command to activate it.
Lenzma EUDAT-B2FIND / md-ingestion Python Ingestion (including OAI harvesting, semantic mapping (see repo 'md-mapping') and uploading to CKAN ) of metadata in the B2FIND portal v2.0.0 * Fixed upload (#120). * geofon (#119). * Commtesting (#118). * Slks (#114, #115, #116, #122). * Seanoe (#113). * Parse DublinCore bbox (#112). * New folder 'demo' for EnvriPlus demonstrator (#1
va-bot department-of-veterans-affairs / developer-portal JavaScript VA Lighthouse (aka VA API Platform) website and documentation. developer-portal/v0.0.463 Release 0.0.463 **588f91c** Add basic unit tests for ApiDocumentation (#428)
vladmos bazelbuild / buildtools Go A bazel BUILD file formatter and editor 3.5.0 * New warning `provider-params` * Various fixes and improvements
art-alex-m art-alex-m / virtmod Java Эмулятор пула GSM модемов 1.0.0 Поддерживает реализацию 3х команд для модема Telit: 1. запрос баланса `at+cusd=1,*100#,15` 2. запрос всех новых входящих с
schlessera wp-cli / scaffold-command Gherkin Generates code for post types, taxonomies, blocks, plugins, child themes, etc. v2.0.11 - Keep test suite in sync with WP files when testing trunk/nightlies [[#271](]
Tommytrg Tommytrg / sheikah Vue A Witnet compatible desktop wallet and smart contracts development environment v1.0.0
schlessera wp-cli / language-command PHP Installs, activates, and manages language packs. v2.0.7 - add `$hook_extra` to LanguagePackUpgrader::download_package. [[#100](]
stethoscoper stethoscope-js / integrations TypeScript 🧬 Node.js/TypeScript packages to track your life data using Stethoscope v2.1.0 # [v2.1.0]( (2020-09-23) ## ✨ New features - [`4fdf977`]( Add C
schlessera wp-cli / core-command PHP Downloads, installs, updates, and manages a WordPress installation. v2.0.11 - Change `CoreUpgrader::download_package` signature [[#166](]
SeaLife SeaLife / fritzbox_exporter Python Prometheus exporter for Fritz!Box home routers v1.0-RC02
patagona-jenkins Patagona / pricemonitor-clients TypeScript Clients for accessing the Pricemonitor API 0.0.5307 0.0.5307
DuttonMa dof-dss / nidirect-drupal PHP Drupal project repository for 0.11.3 More work on layout builder and campaign importer for landing pages. Site wide alerts module. Fastly config for production. Contacts improvements.
kakuilan kakuilan / php-helper PHP k`s php helper/library/utils 常用函数库/工具集 0.2.3 fix test
alexjoybc bcgov / bcparis-service Java BCParis API is a restful API that accepts Driver, Vehicle and POR (Protection Order Registry) queries v1.2.0 Release Notes - BCPARIS Legacy Migration - Version BCPARIS 1.2.0 - OpenShift Release <h2> Task </h2> <ul> <li>[<a href='https://justice.go
ezequiel-23 ezequiel-23 / node-restserver-curso JavaScript Curso v0.1.0 # Login y Token Fin de la seccion 10
mpenalbarodriguez mpenalbarodriguez / node-restserver JavaScript Prueba de restserver v0.1.0 # Login y Token Fin de la sección 10
drjova inspirehep / inspire-next Python The next version of INSPIRE v0.12.43
github-actions[bot] IBM / ibm-garage-tekton-tasks Shell Contains a set of generic Tekton Tasks for use with Tekton Pipelines v2.1.0 ## Features - Trivy scan task and pipeline changes @GandhiCloudLab (#38)
paulvl consulta / consulta-laravel PHP Paquete de Laravel para validación de RUC y DNI en Perú 0.2.1
kkatano kkatano / bakeneko-65-aluminum-case no-lang A simple aluminum tray case for Bakeneko 65 that is an open source O-ring gasket mount keyboard. v1.0
iamkevingreen ctrl-alt-del-world / midway TypeScript Starter Sanity + Gatsby + Shopify Repo v0.85 The Sanity CMS has been extended to include a redirects content type courtesy of @dictions The frontend redirects are built in the gatsby-node at the top of the file if you want to see how they work!
Miouge1 kubernetes-sigs / kubespray HTML Deploy a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster v2.14.1 This release includes the following changes: - NetworkManager lists must be separated by , (#6649) - Move from widehat.opensuse to download.opensuse for crio centos (#6682) - fix kubelet_flexvolu
pruebasepayco epayco / plugin-prestashop-agregador PHP Reciba pagos online con tarjetas de crédito, débito PSE, efectivo y SafetyPay en menos de 24 horas con múltiples herramientas v1.7.6.7
hfreire hfreire / get-me-a-date JavaScript :heart_eyes: Help me get a :cupid: date tonight :first_quarter_moon_with_face: v1.3.668 ## [1.3.668]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump facebook-login-for-robots from 1.1.133 to 1.1.134 ([dc70b2c](https://g
github-actions[bot] jgramoll / terraform-provider-spinnaker Go Terraform Provider to manage spinnaker pipelines v3.1.0 ## Changelog 35b479e Merge pull request #79 from jgramoll/empty_moniker 527e6bc Merge pull request #80 from jgramoll/required_artifact_ids 8e8cbdb add support for artifacts with deploy/bake manifes
jhonchi jhonchi / node-restserver JavaScript curso node, restserver v0.0.1 ## rest server primera version de la app `````` npm install ``````
tblacker7 NHSLeadership / nightingale-2-0 CSS A WordPress theme for the NHS using the NHS.UK frontend library v2.2.3.1 == Changelog = = Bugfix release: * fixed fatal error with formidable forms * fixed fatal error in gravity forms * fixed footer link display (was previously 1/3 of 1/3 width) * correc
icanhazstring mekras / php-speller PHP PHP spell check library 2.1.3 ### Fixed - Fix incorrect escaping of hunspell command (#29)
realshapes realshapes / legendary-updater Batchfile An update checker for legendary in the form of a exe/bat 1.0.0 Release 1, works well. [Release](
MCRodenas MCRodenas / node-restserver JavaScript node-restserver v0.1.0 Login de usuario y tokens
2ndTaleStudio RusPiRo / ruspiro-arch-aarch64 Rust RusPiRo arch specific API for Aarch64 system registers and assembly instructions v0.1.3 # Release Notes ## :melon: v0.1.3 - ### :bulb: Features - add new register CSSER_EL1 - ### :wrench: Maintenance - provide field value definitions for register CLIDR_EL1 - fix register size
github-actions[bot] wortell / PSHelpers PowerShell This PowerShell module contains multiple helper functions to help reduce redundant code for our projects and day to day usage. 1.0.9 Added Resolve-ProductState
jakobbraun exasol / virtual-schema-common-document Java This repository contains common parts for Virtual Schema adapters for document data sources 2.0.0 ## Summary Breaking API Changes: * `DataLoaderUdf` was replaced by `DataLoader` interface * UDF entry point renamed from `UdfRequestDispatcher` to `UdfEntryPoint` * UDF name is now `IMPORT_FOR
github-actions[bot] nat-chan / Neovim-DRCS-SIXEL-dtach Shell My Custom Neovim AppImage nightly Neovim AppImage
XDNA-Core XDNA-Core / XDNA C++ Dynamic. New. Adaptable. v2.1.1.0
jorjika digify-ge / Digify.Micro C# Framework for developing micro-services using DDD, CQRS + Event Sourcing pattern 1.1.0 Features: Added enumerations to use instead of Enum types. Changes: "Created" and "Updated" property types changed from DateTimeOffset to DateTime in Entity abstact class.
DominuS-RU DominuS-RU / Detekt-Action Dockerfile Run Detekt with reviewdog v1.13.1.1 Fix filter-mode variable in #13
jmcarnicero jmcarnicero / craLinterModf JavaScript Cra, eslint modify with airbnb linter setttings & removed linter messages in browser 0.1
osvaldobod osvaldobod / node-restserver-curso JavaScript curso muy interesante v01.0
IamBlueSlime MansaGroup / nrwl-nx-action Shell A GitHub Action to wrap Nrwl Nx commands in your workflows. v1.0.1
vtex-io-ci-cd[bot] vtex-apps / store JavaScript VTEX IO Store Framework v2.105.0 ### Added - Add settings to enable Async Scripts and Concurrent Mode.
lphkxd hyperf-plus / validate PHP 兼容tp验证器规则,支持多场景,swagger自动提取验证规则。 v1.0.1
fiji-flo mozilla-iam / dino-park-packs Rust Access group management for IAM 0.3.4-test
neko-kai zio / izumi-reflect Scala TypeTag without scala-reflect v1.0.0-M8 * Compare monomorphic tags as Strings only and avoid parsing - **massively improve `.equals` performance in monomorphic case** (#78) * Added system property `-Dizumi.reflect.rtti.optimized.equals`
milos85vasic milos85vasic / Mail-Server-Factory Kotlin Instantiate, configure mail server and distribute configuration. development/mvp/milestones/milestone_6 Most of the basic implementation finished.
hfreire hfreire / make-porto-win-european-best-destination-2017 JavaScript Let's make :city_sunrise: Porto :trophy: win the :euro: European Best Destination :tada: 2017 v1.0.217 ## [1.0.217]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump modern-logger from 1.5.79 to 1.5.80 ([
hfreire hfreire / watch-rtp-play JavaScript :tv: Watch and :radio: listen 🇵🇹 RTP Play without a :computer: browser v1.0.344 ## [1.0.344]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump modern-logger from 1.5.79 to 1.5.80 ([8c2f732](
eirinici cloudfoundry-incubator / eirini-release Shell Helm release for Project Eirini v1.9.0 ## New Features: - Support for `CF_INSTANCE_INDEX` environment variable - Cloud Controller certs configuration is optional and can be set to non-tls. ## Bug Fixes: - #100 & #174 - Crash even
herkles herkles / Dharmachakra AMPL A mod for Crusader Kings 3 focused on improving India and the dharmic religions. 1.0.1 Dharmachakra is a flavor mod for CK3 focused on the Indian Subcontient and the neighboring regions of Burma and Tibet, as well as the Dharmic Religions of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism and religions
neverovda neverovda / nmax Ruby Output N maximum numbers from input stream v0.0.1t6 First release!!!
Apollo3zehn Apollo3zehn / Blosc2.PInvoke C# An inofficial .NET Standard wrapper for the BLOSC v2 implementation. v2.0.0-beta.5 This is the first release of Blosc2.PInvoke.
kaddaSz corona-warn-app / cwa-app-ios Swift Native iOS app using the exposure notification framework from Apple. v1.4.0-RC5 ## RC 5 ## RC 4 #### Bug fixes - Fix: Make symptom options selectable on iOS 14 [#1184]( - Update unit test [#1185](
chpatel3 oracle / coherence-dotnet-extend-client C# Coherence .NET client library This is patch 2 of the Coherence .NET Client v14.1.1 release. ## Fixed Issues * Fixed an issue where the <ssl> <server> element was missing from the cache configuration XML schema.
aaronkirkham aaronkirkham / vue-gamepad JavaScript 🎮 A Vue.js plugin to add gamepad support. Bind any element to trigger a callback when a gamepad button is pressed. v1.1.2 - Update dependencies
GenericMadScientist GenericMadScientist / CHOpt C++ Star Power optimisation for the masses! v1.0.3 Changes: * Fixed a bug causing CHOpt to get too many ticks from a forbidden squeeze when the next note is after an SP sustain * Fixed a bug with whammy getting double counted if an activation is on
hfreire hfreire / browser-as-a-service JavaScript A web browser :earth_americas: hosted as a service, to render your JavaScript web pages as HTML v1.0.360 ## [1.0.360]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump modern-logger from 1.5.79 to 1.5.80 ([3baa023](https://github.c
slavanga allink / allink-core-static SCSS allink-core-static v2.7.2
revolist revolist / revogrid TypeScript Reactive virtual grid javascript component. v1.5.2
RealRaven2000 RealRaven2000 / QuickFolders JavaScript Thunderbird Add-on: QuickFolders 5.0pre92 Fixes a problem with the current folder toolbar when displayed within a single message window: it wasn't removed when configured to not be displayed here: ![image](https://user-images.githubuserconte
github-actions[bot] Orfium / orfium-ictinus TypeScript This repo will include the building blocks to create the Orfium Parthenons to come ... v0.8.1 ## [0.8.1]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * remove unused jsx pragma ([3c360d2](
williamjacksn informatica-na-presales-ops / ops-web Python Web-based control center for all kinds of things 2020.48
KalbeAbbas xinabox / pxt-greenhouse-module1 C++ Green house kit module 1 v0.1.4
mariojgt mariojgt / gateway PHP Payments gateways for laravel 7 1.1
relf OneraHub / WhatsOpt-CLI Python WhatsOpt command line interface 1.11.0 - <code>wop pull</code>: add <code>--json</code> option to dump analysis json format - <code>wop push</code>: add <code>--json</code> option to import
github-actions[bot] hadfl / zadm Perl zone admin tool v0.3.1
github-actions[bot] omniosorg / zadm Perl zone admin tool v0.3.1
stan-osipov StansAssets / C# Unity build system automation & additional API 0.0.3-preview Feat: build execution improvements (added build steps and Unity build process tasks to extend the building process).
rjvani workos-inc / workos-dotnet C# Official .NET SDK for interacting with the WorkOS API v0.3.0 Create service to connect to WorkOS Directory Sync.
lnjX minetest-mods / drawers Lua [MTG/MCL2] A Minetest Mod adding storage drawers in different sizes and wood types. v0.6.1 ## Changelog * Drawer controller code refactoring * Fix nil crash with pipeworks (#49, @BuckarooBanzay) * Register drawers with mvps as stopper (#50, @BuckarooBanzay) * Fix maple drawers (#51, @
valllllll2000 akvo / akvo-flow-mobile Java Akvo Flow app v2.9.5 # ver 2.9.5 Date: 23 September 2020 * **Visually show that surveys have been updated or loaded** - [#636]( * **Crash when trying to start Surve
Nishisonic Nishisonic / QuestStateEx JavaScript 航海日誌拡張版スクリプト 進捗詳細 v2.4.5 # 変更内容 ## v2.4.5 * 新任務バグ・エラー修正 <details> <summary> 過去のアップデート内容 </summary> ## v2.4.4 * 新任務追加 ## v2.4.3
GlitchedPolygons GlitchedPolygons / pwcrypt C Encrypt strings and files symmetrically using Argon2id key derivation + AES-256 (GCM) or ChaCha20-Poly1305. 3.1.1 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 8f63723734d7abd4c2aed07a34f3718fbcf40c85cb52f81aa908e007a70d2776 ad5fda3ae94bed1f8b1091334b6f6b28627cde4278ea9f3d4b4c6b9c88a4
szszszsz Nitrokey / nitrokey-fido2-firmware C FIDO2 USB+NFC token optimized for security, extensibility, and style. A fork of Solo key. 2.2.0.nitrokey Small update to FIDO2 INFO command #54.
hcodes hcodes / isutf8 TypeScript Quick check if a Node.js Buffer or Uint8Array is UTF-8 v3.1.0 Add support for ES modules.
markwalet markwalet / laravel-git-state PHP A Laravel package that gives you information about the current git state. v1.4.0 ### Added - Added a `latestCommitHash()` method to the `GitDriver` interface. - Added Laravel 8 support. ### Removed - Removed Laravel integration in `GitStateManager` tests. ([#12](https://gith
Mikescops Mikescops / gitlab-notify-extension TypeScript 🦊 Gitlab Browser Extension (Chrome & Firefox). Don't miss any Gitlab Merge Requests and rocket up your productivity. v1.3.5 New features: - Better sorting of Merge Requests - Improved tracking of approved Merge Requests - Updated design Bug Fixes: - Fix a bug on GitLab Community Edition - Small code fixes here and
DuttonMa dof-dss / nicsdru_origins_modules PHP A collection of generic modules for DOF-DSS Drupal 8 sites. 0.9.1 Layout builder tweaks and 'help' improvement
jacopo-j jacopo-j / WebXDownloader JavaScript Browser extension to download Webex meeting recordings 1.1.1
hombach hombach / ioBroker.kostal-piko-ba JavaScript ioBroker Adapter to poll Kostal Pico BA inverter data to monitor your PV-system v1.0.2
hmdzl001 hmdzl001 / SPS-PD Java Here is the code of my SPS-PD (SPecial Surprise Pixel Dungeon). Basically all code of SPS-PD have been update. 0.9.5 This verison is 0.9.5. For celebrate my 2020 birthday, I improve all birthday's skin. Also I made new locked room, add new skin, mobs, and other things I can't remenber yet. Well, I fix some of old bu
stefanstranger stefanstranger / azuredevops-bug-action PowerShell Github Action to create an Azure DevOps Bug work item when a Github Workflow actions fails 1.1 Updated PowerShell docker image to latest version and fixed Github Action input name.
oliver-zehentleitner oliver-zehentleitner / unicorn-binance-websocket-api Python An unofficial Python API to use the Binance Websocket API`s (com+testnet, com-margin+testnet, com-isolated_margin+testnet, com-futures+testnet, jersey, us, jex, dex/chain+testnet) in a easy, fast, flexible, robust and fully-featured way. 1.18.0 ### Added - testnets (spot, margin, isolated_margin, future) - `show_secrets_in_logs` parameter ### Changed - `symbol` to `symbols` (isolated_margin) ### Fixed - update `binance_api
jyrkioraskari jyrkioraskari / IFCtoB4R-DM_OpenAPI Java An OpenAPI implementation for IFCtoLBD converter. 1.14 Changes: - fixed namespace handling - ifcOpenShell fix - now the code supports B4R-DM only and jyrkioraskari/IFCtoLBD offers a more general converter - documentation was added
Frencil NEONScience / portal-core-components JavaScript Shared Javascript and React Components for the NEON Data Portal front-end v1.5.2 * Full SSO Auth Integration * Support for soil/root chemistry bundles with conditional forwarding of availability
alphagov-pay-ci alphagov / pay-selfservice JavaScript Payments Team Self Service paas_release-175
github-actions[bot] dappnode / DAppNodePackage-geth Dockerfile Geth 1.9.3 package for DAppNode v0.1.10 # Changelog --- ### Install package http://my.dappnode/#/installer/%2Fipfs%2FQmcA4xXBt7FVEbxcLKtqK6g1uZipBtQ9ccYacRdeBbtyJB ``` /ipfs/QmcA4xXBt7FVEbxcLKtqK6g1uZipBtQ9ccYacRdeBbtyJB ``` ### Publ
svc-autorelease palantir / atlasdb Java Transactional Distributed Database Layer 0.247.4 | Type | Description | Link | | ---- | ----------- | ---- | | Feature | TimeLock shoots itself upon detecting local/ remote corruption. | |
OlivierAlbertini VilledeMontreal / workit TypeScript Extensible worker for Node.js that works with both Zeebe and Camunda BPM platforms powered by TypeScript v4.2.2 Same as v4.2.1 version. Due to publication issue with npm not all packages versions was bumped.
NiccoloSegato NiccoloSegato / polireplay JavaScript PoliReplay è la repository dell'omonimo progetto powered by React. Visita il sito per unirti alla community e sfogliare, rivedere e aggiungere le lezioni online del Politecnico di Milano. v0.1.1 Updated dependencies for DependaBot alert about node-forge version. Updated to require at least version v0.10.0 into package.json.
ppfeufer ppfeufer / aa-timezones CSS App for displaying different time zones with Alliance Auth v1.1.0 ## [1.1.0] - 2020-09-23 ### Checked - Compatibility with the upcoming changes in Alliance Auth v2.8.0 (Django 3) ### Added - German translation to UI - Translations for Russian, Spansih, Korean
tresf tresf / tray Java Browser plugin for sending documents and raw commands to a printer or attached device. v2.1.3-RC
Alesh Alesh / setuptools-vcs-version Python Automatically sets python package version from VCS v0.9.2
squidfunk squidfunk / iframe-worker TypeScript A tiny WebWorker polyfill for the file:// protocol 0.1.8 * Disabled source maps for polyfill, as they don't work for `file://` protocol * Fixed invalid origin in Safari when messaging from worker
celltek celltek / imageserver HTML Automated Dedicated Gameserver, Program and Tool Imageserver 1.7.5 We had an open discussion about Steam Update Validation. Yes, there are games that overwrite their own created files during validation, in some games we have already backed up and restored your own fi
blowekamp SimpleITK / SimpleITK SWIG SimpleITK: a layer built on top of the Insight Toolkit (ITK), intended to simplify and facilitate ITK's use in rapid prototyping, education and interpreted languages. v2.0.0 # Announcement SimpleITK 2.0 has been released! This major version update to SimpleITK includes updating to ITK version 5, significant code improvements, performance enhancements, and API changes.
muratbaseren muratbaseren / DeryaBilisim.Services.BiBayim.Integration C# Derya Bilişim affiliate sistemi(BiBayim) için uygulama entegrasyonu nuget paketi. v2.0.0
xfali xfali / goutils Go Go通用工具包 v0.1.1
mvines solana-labs / solana-web3.js JavaScript Solana JavaScript SDK v0.77.0 # [0.77.0]( (2020-09-23) ### Features * support restarting failed bpf loader deploys ([#12163](
github-actions[bot] ds4dm / Tulip.jl Julia Interior-point solver in pure Julia v0.6.2 ## Tulip v0.6.2 [Diff since v0.6.1]( **Merged pull requests:** - Fix compatibility requirement for Julia >= 1.3 and bump version (#61)
Mobius1 Mobius1 / esx_xp Lua XP Ranking System for FiveM 0.5.0 ## Fixes * Added missing export `ESXP_SetRank`
Redlnn Redlnn / Ruijie-ePorta-Tool Python 一个基于Python的自动登录/断开锐捷eporta网页认证的工具(可开关功能,理论支持大部分学校) v1.1 - 在Win10上为部分通知启用toast(连网与断网成功的通知) - 优化库导入 - 优化代码结构 - 删除无用的代码 > 本程序只有一个主线程在运行,toast通
Gerrit91 metal-stack / metal-python Python Python API client for metal-api v0.9.2
kramerbastian tascli / tascli JavaScript TasCli is an open-source task-manager like, but for command line lovers 💕. 2.0.0
asrmarco13 asrmarco13 / dotfiles Shell My personal dotfiles v2.0 Add **oh-my-zsh** dotfile. Bug fixing.
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk15-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK15 variants and platforms jdk15u-2020-09-23-15-14 Nightly Build of jdk15u-2020-09-23-15-14
xfali xfali / restclient Go restclient是一个简单易用,灵活可扩展的RESTFUL客户端(连接池), 支持Basic Auth、Digest Auth、Token Auth,内置多个interface转换器 v0.2.5
lucasepe lucasepe / expose Go Markdown Driven Slide Presentations Viewer v0.1.0 ## Changelog ea71699 First commit
github-actions[bot] Tresorio / pablo Python Pablo is the Blender addon, enabling users to interact with Tresorio and to launch renderings directly from Blender interface 2.4.0-refs_pull_3_merge Release for refs_pull_3_merge, version 2.4.0
relf OneraHub / XDSMjs JavaScript XDSM generator written in javascript. v1.0.0 * update dependencies (d3 v6)
Foxxite Grande-Omega-Skins / Fox-Dark no-lang A basic dark mode skin for Grande Omega 1 A basic dark mode skin for Grande Omega
tomasbedrich tomasbedrich / xcontest-rss-monitor Python Sues flights uploaded to to Telegram. 1.7.0
stephen-soltesz m-lab / tcp-info Go Fast tcp-info collector in Go v1.5.2 Hardcode AF_INET for windows ndt7-client builds (#125)
hustlahusky spaceonfire / container PHP Small yet powerful implementation of PSR-11 compatible dependency injection container 2.1.0 ### Added - Support definition tags
slacrey slacrey / api-wrap Java API接口签名验签工具 1.0.0
paulsaxe molssi-seamm / molsystem Python Molsystem provides a general class for handling molecular and periodic systems 2020.9.23 The first version based on SQLite to provide a native file format. Reasonably complete implementation with periodicity, templates and subsets.
brandongregoryscott AndcultureCode / AndcultureCode.JavaScript.Core TypeScript Common javascript functions used by andculture development v0.2.0 # v0.2.0 Release ## Release notes Implementation of Do -> Try pattern for the frontend, similar to our core C# pattern Notable features: - `Do.try` and `DoSync.try` are now available func
github-actions[bot] atom-ide-community / atom-ide-markdown-service JavaScript A service component offering markdown rendering v1.3.3 ## [1.3.3]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * bump ([e6f45bd](
layershifter Semantic-Org / Semantic-UI-React JavaScript The official Semantic-UI-React integration v1.3.0 #### :rocket: New Feature * [#4029]( feat: introduce `c hildren` function to shorthands ([@layershifter](
Tuszy Tuszy / MerchAutomation HTML Print-on-demand upload process automation tool. v1.0.65
kiku233 kiku233 / yuzu-early-access C++ Yuzu Early Access 汉化版 Chinese version mainline-0-985 ## Changes: * 9a135c9a5d05879bd9469a163fe0e4690fc03e65 yuzu-early-access 985 汉化版更新 This list of changes was [auto generated](
ndroi ndroi / easy163 Java 安卓端一键解锁网易云音乐,无须 ROOT 1.7.8 跟进 kuwo 接口变化 稳定性增强
leonjza sensepost / gowitness Go 🔍 gowitness - a golang, web screenshot utility using Chrome Headless 2.1.0 # new * Add proxy support ( thanks @randomactsofsecurity # fixes * Ensure that the screenshot path is r
TheLastAirbendr TheLastAirbendr / mysql-for-termux Shell An easy way for students to install and run a MySQL server on their Android device. 2.0.0
blackbelt-oss BlackBeltTechnology / judo-meta-psm Java Judo Platform Specific Model **Branch:** feature/JNG-1641_prepare_psm_for_mixin_removal **P2 Update Site:**
kubedzero kubedzero / unraid-snmp Shell An UNRAID plugin for SNMP v2020.09.20 ### 2020.09.20 - Bugfix: SMB and NFS permission denied errors after plugin install - Unused scripts were present in `unraid-snmp-2020.09.19-x86_64-1.txz` and somehow interrupted server access - R
Mobius1 Mobius1 / XpM Lua Framework agnostic XP ranking system for FiveM 1.2.0 ## Fixes * Added missing export `XPM_SetRank`
peternielsen112 peternielsen112 / hopeforthegalaxy Python A repository to make a game called Hope for the Galaxy, used as a vent of refined programming and game-creation skills. 1.0.0 The complete version of the game. It will likely be added to or redesigned into a JavaScript format, so stay tuned.
Scrum posthtml / create-posthtml JavaScript Add PostHTML to your project v0.0.1
lucaci32u4 lucaci32u4 / SimpleCommandExecutor Java Simple Spigot API for declaring custom commands v0.2
Marshall-Sun Marshall-Sun / CDN no-lang jsDeliver v1.4
alejandrogzu alejandrogzu / led no-lang firmware for esp Homekit V0.0.1
eitch eitch / wiringPi C Gordon's Arduino wiring-like WiringPi Library for the Raspberry Pi (Unofficial Mirror for WiringPi bindings) 2.60_armhf
stefvanesch marshmallow-packages / simple-value-metric PHP This is a package to create a simple metric card. v1.0.0
alteral zendesk / chat_sdk_ios Objective-C Zendesk Chat SDK 2.9.0
msulib msulibrary / dataset-search PHP Code for the IMLS-funded Dataset Search project. More info at v0.9 This is example code to demonstrate the primary functions of the app. An initial release is planned that will include all components.
fiji-flo mozilla-iam / dino-park-front-end Vue Front-end for 0.4.16-prod
jamesros161 BoldGrid / controls JavaScript ES6 Javascript Library for Page Builder Controls v0.16.0-beta Added Col-Width control
Palashio Palashio / libra Python Ergonomic machine learning for everyone. 1.2.2 Just some minor bug fixes all around!
yuanming-hu taichi-dev / taichi C++ Productive & portable programming language for high-performance, sparse & differentiable computing on GPUs v0.6.36 Highlights: - **Examples** - Add and for marching cube (#1835) (by **彭于斌**) Full changelog: - [cli] Setup pylint: run 'ti lint' to obtain linting res
github-actions[bot] ultrakorne / better-rolltables JavaScript Module for FoundryVTT to improve rolltables v1.5.2
Davide95 Davide95 / msc_thesis Jupyter Notebook Learning relational models from networked data on the web v1-RC.3
ppfeufer ppfeufer / aa-fleetpings Python App for formatting fleet pings and also pinging Discord and Slack in Alliance Auth v2.2.2 ## [2.2.2] - 2020-09-23 ### Added - Django 3 stuff in, Should probably be in there as well ... ### How to update ```bash pip install -U aa-discord-ping-formatter python manage
ngittlen kgrid / kgrid-library Vue The Object Library protects and supports management of Knowledge Objects, making it easy to access and deploy them. kgrid-library-parent-1.2.8 Updated to latest shelf release.
dracarys18 dracarys18 / NotKernel_Mido C Force push all day everyday R2 - Merged 4.9.235 - Using async probe ion,kgsl,display,fingerprint drivers for faster bootup - Added Kcal and Klapse - Fixed IR
michaelsrichter michaelsrichter / static-website-deploy JavaScript Enable GitHub developers to deploy to Azure Storage using GitHub Actions v1.1.3
dev-mgkaung dev-mgkaung / branchTagRelease Kotlin initial commit 0.1 this is branch one project full source code
gama-bot gama-platform / gama Java Core plug-in projects of the GAMA platform continuous Built once a day or by adding `ci release` to the comment of a commit. **The release file names are composed with a number of segments separated by `_` :** - the version of the release, (e.g., `GAMA1
github-actions[bot] AdguardTeam / SafariConverterLib Swift Swift library that converts adguard rules to Safari content blocking rules v0.1.0 - Updated converter binary
itthinx itthinx / affiliates-import PHP Import affiliate accounts for Affiliates, Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise 1.2.0
Anuken Anuken / MindustryBuilds no-lang Latest builds for Mindustry 9902
aprajshekhar redhataccess / pantheon Java A modular documentation management and publication system 0.1.6 Minor release of Pantheon 2. Functionality includes: * List assemblies in module details page * Send assembly data to Hydra * UI updates
TheGroundZero TheGroundZero / TOTPviewer Python Display credentials and TOTP tokens of multiple accounts v1.1 Using curses so copy/paste is easier. In the previous version, selection would disappear on every refresh
github-actions[bot] dwp / dataworks-hardened-images Java Dataworks specific container images which remove vulnerabilities from their base. 0.0.27
ElbowBaggins ElbowBaggins / DIM TypeScript Destiny Item Manager SCRAP-DIM-20200923150807-62ecfa9-351
covector covector / piVot C# WIP game v0.1 - All the main mechanism are included - The arts have not been polished and most will be change afterward - Press R to restart the whole game - Press 1-5 to select weapons - Press Z for weapon abi
Mick3Lozzo icub-tech-iit / cad-mechanics-public Roff Repository containing open parts of the CAD for mechanical design iCub-2.7-Covers Request technical documents: documentation and files necessary to produce the covers: - stl - pdf - painting specifications
charlie-gray charlie-gray / ClickGame C# A test GitHub repo 1.0 Basic clicker game
Foxxite Grande-Omega-Skins / template-skin no-lang The default / Template skin for Grande Omega 1.1 Fixed some structure issues
jcobhams jcobhams / echovalidate Go EchoValidator is a fail fast extensible validation library only compatible with Echo Framework. v2.0.0
github-actions[bot] mumoshu / variant2 Go Turn your bash scripts into a modern, single-executable CLI app today v0.33.2 ## Changelog 97a4b02 Merge pull request #27 from mumoshu/fix-imports-not-importing-sub-jobs 41b6a1b Split build gh action job for faster completion e0c7683 Fix dead-lock while waiting for command o
Leshkens Leshkens / orchid-help-hint-layout PHP Hint Layout package for Orchid Platform v1.1.0 ### Changed: PlatformProvider now extends from OrchidServiceProvider ### Deleted: package.json webpack.mix.js
skeeks-semenov skeeks-cms / cms PHP SkeekS CMS (Yii2)
github-actions[bot] dwp / docker-rstudio-oss Dockerfile Docker image for RStudio OSS and assocaited dependancies. 0.0.9
petersdw1 petersdw1 / Battlab-One Python A New Tool for Estimating and Optimizing Battery Life for Your Next Internet of Things Project V1.0.8 Fixes #6 // Capture Sleep Low Range // Fixes #3 Battlab not exiting when closed
BotellaA Geode-solutions / OpenGeode C++ Open source framework for representing and manipulating geometric models v5.9.0 # [5.9.0]( (2020-09-23) ### Features * **PyPi:** add PyPI support ([45c6570](
Tserulean Tserulean / Website HTML The hosting for the Tserulean website! v0.2-alpha The Maiden Voyage of Tserulean's Website! Let's GO!
aureldent lumapps / lumapps-sdk Python SDK to facilitate using LumApps API v1.1.3
Beagon Itonomy / magento2-product-visibillitygrid PHP Magento 2 module for determining if/when products are showing up in category 2.0.0 **Changelog:** Bumped version to 2.0.0 Deprecated Magento 2.2.X support. **Fixes:** #13 Magento 2.3 compatibility. #12 Added title to page
github-actions[bot] domdfcoding / default_values Python Sphinx extension to show default values in documentation. v0.3.0 Automatically copied from [PyPI]( --- Powered by OctoCheese\ [📝 docs]( | [:octocat: repo](
macr243 APIHub-CdC / rcc-ficoscore-client-php PHP Obtiene el Reporte de crédito consolidado con FICO® Score, en lenguaje php. 2.0.4
KeKe12030 KeKe12030 / ChouXiangAPI Java 抽象话API 基于NullAtomHttpServer 纯Java实现 V1.0.1 修复偶尔的request.getUrl() = null 导致的空指针异常。
jpsim jpsim / SourceKitten Swift An adorable little framework and command line tool for interacting with SourceKit. 0.30.1 ##### Breaking * None. ##### Enhancements * Add `SwiftDeclarationAttributeKind` values introduced in Swift 5.3. [JP Simard]( ##### Bug Fixes * None. ##
fayer3 fayer3 / Python Kodi addon for v0.4.13 change VOD request to the one received from the server, this limits playback in most cases to SD resolution without Plus+.
swords-neko swords-neko / blender-sculpting-textures no-lang sculpting alphas for blender ! 1 some free brush alphas for everyone !
Eseperio Eseperio / yii2-files-catalog PHP A virtual file system with hierarchy on database, using flysystem as persistence manager. 0.9.1 Shift + click is now supported for multiple selection. Selected rows are highlighted
dyd E-ComProcessing / zencart-ecp-plugin PHP Zencart shopping cart plugin 1.0.5 **Features:** * Rebranded **e-comprocessing** logos
Jengamon Jengamon / Launchpad-X-Bitwig-Script Java A Bitwig Controller Script for Launchpad X v1.1.2 The script as a whole should work a little faster, and the lighting should be more smooth.
SWRevo SWRevo / FileEx Java Project file & folder picker from SWRevo by IndoSW v1.0.0 Library for file picker android build with Sketchware Application
github-actions[bot] MakMuftic / vedran Go Auto-funded public p2p infrastructure (APPI) for the Polkadot and, specifically, Kusama ecosystem. v0.1.0 [Full Changelog]( ### Added - Initial repo setup [\#9](
github-actions[bot] jamashita / eslint-config JavaScript my ideal super strongest ever ESLint settings v1.2.0 # [1.2.0]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * 🐛 essential packages missing ([9235e2e](
gandersen101 gandersen101 / spaczz Python Fuzzy matching and more functionality for spaCy. v0.3.0 `FuzzyMatcher` and `RegexMatcher` now return fuzzy ratio and counts information respectively. The `SpaczzRuler` sets this information as custom `Span` attributes. Bug fix with spaczz ruler's `attr` pa
andy840119 karaoke-dev / karaoke C# Will be the best karaoke system. 2020.0924.0
BlythMeister 15below / Ensconce C# A .net command line tool for aiding deployment of server components. V1.5.2 * Fix DNS check script
fforootd caos / zitadel Go ZITADEL - Cloud Native Identity and Access Management v0.88.3 ## [0.88.3]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * add prompt on oidc rp, fix idp and login policy in console ([#769](
maximal maximal / emoji-php PHP Emoji Detecting and Processing in PHP v1.2 * New Emojis: ❤️‍🔥, ❤️‍🩹, 🧔‍♀️, 🧔‍♂️, 😮‍💨, 😶‍🌫️, 😵‍💫 * Unicode version updated from 13.0 to 13.1 * Make parser to update Unicode version
untitaker getsentry / sentry-python Python The new Python SDK for 0.17.8 * Fix yet another bug with disjoint traces in Celery. * Added support for Chalice 1.20. Thanks again to the folks at Cuenca MX!
ProbBC ProbBC / xiaomi-r3g-openwrt-builder Shell Image Generator for Xiaomi Router Gen 3G. Daily updated. v0.2-20200923_145935 CI build includes: luci minidlna luci-app-minidlna luci-app-samba4 transmission-web openvpn-openssl openssl-util luci-app-openvpn kmod-usb-storage kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-fs-vfat kmod-nls-cp437 kmod-nls-iso
ElastictableBot Elastictable / schemas TypeScript JSON Schema definitions for usage with Elasictable's DynamoDB schema- and API generator. v1.9.3 ## [1.9.3]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * include working empty template ([#85]( ([
dhonza dhonza / LogGoodies.jl Julia Logging utilities based build on top of Logging.jl and LoggingExtras.jl v0.1.0
adamdickmeiss folio-org / okapi Java Okapi core and modules v4.1.3 * [OKAPI-896]( OkapiClient: use WebClient rather than HttpClient
lanthale lanthale / LightZoneFX Java This is recreation of Lightzone with a modern and reactive user interface v0.3
shams-ahmed bitrise-io / trace-cocoa-sdk C Catch bugs before they reach production — get detailed crash reports and monitor how your app is performing across the entire install base. 1.7.1 # Changes * [b18f1e0] fixed tests
AuYang030 AuYang030 / ex-1-27 TypeScript A MakeCode project v0.1.0
WillFantom WillFantom / sui Go a self-populating dashboard for your self-hosted apps v1 Original version of this fork supporting: - self-population via config file - using docker local - using docker tcp - using træfik - docker label overrides
skeeks-semenov skeeks-semenov / yii2-ya-slug PHP Yii2 yandex slug (Semantic URL) 1.0.3
jellysquid3 jellysquid3 / lithium-fabric Java A Fabric mod designed to improve the general performance of Minecraft without breaking things mc1.16.3-0.5.6 This release fixes a number of problems in Lithium 0.5.5. It is recommended that all players upgrade to this release. ## Fixes - fix: Disable entity fluid check consolidation patches, fixes a numb
alejandrojnm civo / cli Go Our Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with your Civo resources v0.6.35
terminalsin artemisac / Artemis-Packet-API Java Simple to use Packet API based on reading buffers directly from the pipeline instead of using Reflections 1.0.1-beta.1
alejandrojnm civo / terraform-provider-civo Go Terraform Civo provider v0.9.18
hrb-fujiwara-manabu hrb-fujiwara-manabu / gqlgen-test Go GraphQLのライブラリgqlgenのテスト v0.0.1
ittat OnePlus-onyx / build-CI no-lang OnePlus X onyx Android LineageOS UbuntuTouch(ubports) B2GOS(FirefoxOS) test this is a test release
serderovsh iexbase / tron-api PHP A PHP API for interacting with Tron (TRX) v3.0 - Generate local address - Update smart contract - Lolca sign transaction
giuseppe containers / crun C A fast and lightweight fully featured OCI runtime and C library for running containers 0.15 - add support for OCI unified cgroup v2. - add json format option to `crun list`. - get last kernel capability dynamically instead of using a build time constant. - enable all available cgroup cont
dhonza dhonza / FluxGoodies.jl Julia Utilities and examples for Flux.jl. v0.1.0
simp-auto simp / pupmod-simp-simplib Ruby Common SIMP functions and classes 4.5.0
OliverNocon OliverNocon / piper-integration no-lang Repo used for project "Piper" integration tests 20200923150018
gugdun gugdun / beer-counter JavaScript Counts days without drinking beer. 1.2.0 ## Changes: - Render background in JS (prepare for next major release)
chaojun-zhang chaojun-zhang / QStreaming Scala A simplified, lightweight ETL Framework for stream/batch processing applications based on Apache Spark/Apache Flink 0.0.1
Risto-Stevcev AirGrid / edgekit TypeScript Open source, privacy focused client side library for the creation and monetisation of online audiences. v0.0.0-dev.13a Merge pull request #54 from AirGrid/release/v0.0.0-dev.13
dhonza dhonza / MLGoodies.jl Julia Tools and utilities for ML in Julia v0.1.0
ESchouten ESchouten / SpringUserModule Kotlin Module for user management for Spring 0.3.6
shegunmb Kilix / functional-validation JavaScript Lightweight and customisable validation, built through composition v2.4.0 - Upgrade Ramda to use MemoizeWith in validateModel. - This, allow us with specific keys named files and file to memoize javascript [Object File]. Instead to have empty object notation `{}` we
LukasPaczos mapbox / mapbox-java Java The Mapbox Java SDK – Java wrappers around Mapbox APIs and other location data v5.7.0-beta - Exposed border crossings, rest stops and toll collection points [#1188](
mbuechner codingdavinci / relaunch2018 CSS Coding da Vinci is the first German open cultural data hackathon. The website was launched in early 2014. High time for a relaunch! v1.0-beta12
IanMayo debrief / pepys-import Python Support library for Pepys maritime data analysis environment 0.0.23 * Make Pepys progress bars more responsive during very large imports (10s of Mb)
SolidWallOfCode SolidWallOfCode / txn_box C++ Transaction Box - a transaction tool box plugin for Apache Traffic Server 0.2.17 * Plugin statistic support added - {{stat-define}}, {{stat-update}}, {{stat}} extractor. * Homogenous tuple comparisons added - {{for-all}}, {{for-any}}, {{for-none}} * Minor fixes for text blocks.
diego-fidalgo bosh-rebels / crowdstrike-boshrelease Shell Crowdstrike boshrelease 0.0.0
am0s Aplia / apublish PHP Apublish - A fork of eZ Publish Legacy which is a bit easier to live with v1.2.1 For high traffic sites the cache folder may be written to while the current process is busy removing cache files. This results in the inability to remove the cache folder which was presumed to be emp
bogdanghita-db databricks / databricks-cli Python Command Line Interface for Databricks 0.12.0 Changelog ------------ * Update `pipelines` command to reflect changes in the API (,, https
fragus-kurt OmniCar / SAM-types TypeScript Typescript interfaces for all types used to communicate between client(s) and the API 0.0.263 Add warrantyColor to IAvailableFreeWarranty
coderaiser coderaiser / minify JavaScript Minifier of js, css, html and img v6.0.0 ## feature - (package) drop support of node < 12 - (minify) html-minifier -> html-minifier-terser (#59) - (package) eslint-plugin-putout v5.1.1
BrandonStalnaker mParticle / mparticle-roku-sdk Brightscript mParticle SDK for Roku Streaming devices v2.1.4 * Added Additional Streaming Types
nurmanhabib nurmanhabib / navigator PHP Generate navigasi dengan tampilan bootstrap untuk Laravel v5.0.5 - Fix issue default Request URI when used on unit or feature test - Fix issue empty pattern nav item
ranrib epsagon / epsagon-node JavaScript Automated tracing library for Node.js 8.x, 10.x and 12.x ⚡️ v1.85.1 ## [1.85.1]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **lambda.js:** support id propagation into response ([#363](
stulees Rise-Vision / widget-common JavaScript Common files used by widgets and apps v3.12.1
franck-fourel mdblp / go-common Go The library of common functions for Tidepool's Go-based applications. v0.6.1 ### Fixed - Fixing mdblp vs tidepool-org import path
r2liquibase liquibase / liquibase-cassandra Java Liquibase extension for Cassandra Support liquibase-cassandra- Support for DataStax JDBC Driver. Supports Liquibase 4.0.0. Download the DataStax JDBC Driver here: Version: Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Cas
vidyabhandary vidyabhandary / HTML Static files for github io personal site v2.0 Technology spotlight change
fean Trunkrs / Trunkrs-SDK-PHP PHP The Trunkrs client SDK for PHP 1.2.3 Fixes an issue with custom time slot selection throught the `timeSlotId` of the shipment announcement model.
stulees Rise-Vision / rise-storage HTML Web component for retrieving files from Rise Storage 2.2.1
papac bowphp / tintin PHP The very small php Template 1.3.1 syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting ']' ```php <?php echo $__tintin->getStackManager()->includeFile('', ['id' => isset($is_admin, ['__tintin' => $__tintin]); ?> `
liquid36 andes / plex TypeScript Componentes de UI/UX para ANDES v7.0.2 ## [7.0.2]( (2020-09-23) ### Bug Fixes * **plex-modal:** se encapsula estilo de header ([#227]( ([006
abel-msk abel-msk / BinTreeStore C++ C++ class Implements binary tree structure for fast retrieve data by the key. Main goal is to use without addition library like string or hash. 0.0.1
github-actions[bot] getgauge / template-dotnet C# Gauge template for C# with .NET Standard v0.0.9
paras-malhotra insenseanalytics / laravel-user-audit-trails PHP Lightweight Laravel package for user audit trails. v2.0 Supports Laravel versions 6 to 8
talyguryn codex-team / codex.notes JavaScript WIP: crossplatform desktop notes application based on Electron and Editor.js v2.2.4 Fixed auth
dameert ems-project / EMSFormBundle PHP Generate forms from elasticms content configurations 1.12.34
iZucken nikserg / crm-certificate-api PHP CRM API Айтиком для работы с сертификатами 0.60
poblin-orange orange-cloudfoundry / terraform-release Shell Terraform bosh release. enables terraform automation from bosh 1
ukiz inspire-eu-validation / monitoring-bulk-validation-tool Java Tool for bulk validation of metadata for INSPIRE Monitoring & Reporting v2020.2.0 Second public release. This version implements the metadata validation workflow to be followed during the INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting 2020 process to validate Member States metadata.
PitiGo PitiGo / flutter-bandnames-socket Dart BandNamesApp curso avanzado de Flutter v0.0.2 Diseño de la app
hongker ebar-go / ego Go 简单易用又强大的微服务golang框架 v0.9.16 1.升级gorm到2.0 2.增加环境变量的配置
pmdevers pmdevers / Servicebus C# A command & event dispatcher 3.0.1
stulees Rise-Vision / web-component-rise-storage HTML Web component for retrieving files from Rise Storage 1.15.1
milescsmith milescsmith / gtfparse Python Parsing tools for GTF (gene transfer format) files 1.4.5
adolya adolya / Nlog.RabbitMQ C# Target for popular Nlog logging tool 2.7.7
frumplecoin frumplecoin / demo-extension TypeScript Unmaintained demo extension v0.2.2 Update
github-actions[bot] matzehecht / trace-it TypeScript This package provides a lightweight performance tracing/measuring tool based on transaction trees. (Inspired by the performance monitoring from But is not distributed) v1.0.0-dev.6 # [1.0.0-dev.6]( (2020-09-23) ### Features * **cli:** adds clear command to reset storage ([2152148](
kba OCR-D / core Python Collection of OCR-related python tools and wrappers from @OCR-D v2.17.0 Fixed: * `ocrd_utils.image` handles 16/32-bit images correctly, #606, python-pillow/Pillow#4925 * OcrdPage: Most elements should be hashable, i.e. usable in sets, maps etc., #610 * `ocrd_ut
gonyyi orangenumber / aTimer Go Dependency free timer function v0.2.0
martinghunt iqbal-lab-org / cluster_vcf_records Python Python package to cluster VCF records. Used by gramtools and minos v0.13.0 Adds support for reading BCF files
s3f4 s3f4 / mu Go mu is a library that is used on golang microservice applications v1.0.8 v1.0.8
github-actions[bot] textileio / powergate Go Multitiered file storage API built on Filecoin and IPFS v0.6.2 ## Changes - support urls in ffs stage command @b5 (#606) ## 🚀 Features - Bump default autofund amount & fail fast if not enough balance for autofunding @jsign (#609) ## 🧰 Mainte
gonyyi orangenumber / aReq Go Dependency free http request v0.2.0
r8 r8 / chef-mailhog Ruby Chef cookbook for MailHog v0.2.1 ### Added - Add option for ui web path [[Alexj12](]
reddeviln reddeviln / GMPHelper C++ Plugin development for OMAE FIR v1.7.3
yang-xiaodong dotnetcore / CAP C# Distributed transaction solution in micro-service base on eventually consistency, also an eventbus with Outbox pattern v3.1.1 ## Features: * Add consumer parameter with interface suppport. (#669) * Add custom correlation id and message id support. (#668) * Enhanced custom serialization support. (#641) ## Bug Fixed:
codewithkyle Pageworks / djinnjs TypeScript DjinnJS is an ES Module based JavaScript framework built around Web Components. v0.1.4 ### Removed - `credentials` value from the Service Worker `fetch` event.
TomWright TomWright / dasel Go Query and update data structures from the command line. Supports JSON and YAML. v0.0.2 Add ability to pipe data in/out of dasel and add ability to create new elements via the `put` command.
fischejo helbling-technik-gmbh / rauc-disk-updater C USB and SD-Card update controller for the embedded Linux updater RAUC. v1.1
schollz schollz / miti Go miti is a musical instrument textual interface. Basically, its MIDI, but with human-readable text. :musical_note: v0.5.4 ## Changelog f2a1bd4 bump 0.5.4
praneethpr griidc / pelagos PHP Pelagos is a system for maintaining a repository of scientific research data. 5.50.0 # Release notes - Pelagos - Version 5.50.0 ## Bug * [PELAGOS-4244] - Fix search indexing ## Improvments * Security Fixes
undertrox undertrox / orihimeMod Java adds Keybinds to the software Orihime by @MT777 v0.3.1 - [Added] Text input. You can now add text to your crease patterns. To preserve compatibility, the text is saved in a separate file, so when moving or sharing the files, you have to move or share the
emily33901 emily33901 / steamclient.dylib Shell getting you a fresh steamclient.dylib whenever it updates 2020-09-23_14-50
eljefedelrodeodeljefe c-commerce / charles-browser-sdk TypeScript The JavaScript (Browser) SDK for the Charles APIs. v3.25.0 # [3.25.0]( (2020-09-23) ### Features * **asset:** add upload and transform capability ([639d2bd](
fgalan telefonicaid / fiware-orion C++ An implementation of the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE, providing NGSI interfaces. 2.4.1 Full documentation at: NGSIv2 API reference (v2.0): Changes (since 2.4.0): - Fix: potenti
pocketnetteam pocketnetteam / pocketnet.core C++ Decentralized social network based on the blockchain v0.18.14 Changes --- * Fix checkpoint block 388371 Attention! --- We distribute our software only through Any other resources offering to download executables, "in
HarkonG HarkonG / GunNut-Chapter-1 C# Gun Nut is a mod that focuses on giving the player the ultimate upgrades for their industrial era weapons. This mod is intended to be played with vanilla + vanilla weapons expanded or combat extended + combat extended guns since it offers a direct upgrade to regular weapons. 1.2.7 DISCLAIMER: This update will throw a small error on existing saves, is harmless and should be gone the next time you save/load. - Fixed some Gun Nut weapons spawning on "low tech" faction
gustavo-salazar ebi-webcomponents / react-msa-viewer JavaScript React rerelease of MSAViewer v1.5.0 It now supports multiple areas to highlight. Change of the lilighted area colors
pbhatt17 USDepartmentofLabor / Comply-Chain JavaScript Comply Chain web application with Cordova mobile apps. STP13
bmollusk bmollusk / croptool C++ A simple utility for splitting images into smaller images, built primarily for splitting storyboard sketches on a single page into their individual panels v1.0.0 First release!
github-actions[bot] mrichardson03 / pango_utils Go Utilities using the PAN-OS golang library. v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2020-09-23) ### Features * Add Dockerfile ([c6d2eb8]( * Initial release ([1a33173](https://gi
hazim1093 stakater / IngressMonitorController Go A Kubernetes controller to watch ingresses and create liveness alerts for your apps/microservices in UptimeRobot, StatusCake, Pingdom, etc. – [✩Star] if you're using it! v1.0.102
KaziKohli KaziKohli / Agent-00K no-lang Agent 00K is a trained super spy. He always fights crime with the most creative weapons. No mission is too much for him. Alpha This is the first alpha of the new game that is created by teh Kazi Kohli Productions team. Agent 00K goes undercover to take out the greatest drug lord Don Joskes once and for all.
beuss-git beuss-git / oisim C++ Simulates keyboard input in order to solve obligatory tasks more efficiently without having to re-enter all input manually. v1.1 Added output and improved key injection to support more characters
Alec422 422South / tk-config-default2 Mathematica The second generation default configuration for Shotgun Toolkit. v1.3.8_b2.28 Fix for the copy renderings to publish location hook in After Effects to always appear for all types of renders.
github-actions[bot] Yproximite / eslint-config-yprox JavaScript ESLint configuration for our Yprox CMS apps v2.1.1 ## [2.1.1]( (2020-09-23) ### Build System * **deps:** bump eslint-plugin-vue from 7.0.0-beta.3 to 7.0.0-beta.4 ([#183](http
LefterisJP rotki / rotki Python A portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting application that respects your privacy v1.8.0 # Description <p align="center"> <img src="" width="600">
RiotRobot vector-im / element-web HTML A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web. v1.7.8-rc.1 [Full Changelog]( * Upgrade to React SDK 3.5.0-rc.1 and JS SDK 8.4.0-rc.1 * Update from Weblate [\#15262](
jdelacr 4site-interactive-studios / PETA-donor-scroll HTML PETA donor scroll concept 1.0.0
Kikisito Kikisito / NFCNotes Java NFCNotes is a Spigot 1.13+ plugin that allows you to withdraw money using notes. Those notes can also be used to redeem money. 2.1.6 Fixed a major bug related with `/deposit all` that allowed users to deposit money from notes that didn't exist anymore.
alejandrojnm civo / civogo Go Golang client to interact with Civo's API v0.2.18 * Added two more error to the error handler (c1e74133) * Fixed error in the DNS test (b0996760)
WouterVeen WouterVeen / TrengoSDK PHP A Trengo SDK for PHP v1.0.1
CFPBot cfpb / Python Django project protecting American consumers 10.0.19 - Add script for validating redirects [#6023]( - Add script for mega menu link checking [#6019](
nick-jansen sitepilot / child-theme PHP A WordPress child theme for developing custom websites. v1.1.2 Use timestamp when enqueuing scripts /styles when running in development mode.
hizliemre hizliemre / redisworkcore C# Redisworkcore is an ORM for redis like similar entityframework 1.1.6 Support build index entities for one by one.
Galarzaa90 Galarzaa90 / Python API to parse content into python objects. v3.5.2 ## Changes Fixed bug with auctions with more than 10 charms failing to parse
kodmunki kodmunki / ku4web-components CSS kodmunki™ Web Components 4.4.6 # v4.4.6 Released! ## Included in this release: * Update documentation More at [](
rrevenantt rrevenantt / antlr4rust Rust ANTLR4 parser generator runtime for Rust programming laguage antlr4-4.8-2-Rust-0.2-latest
suse-cf-ci-bot SUSE / cf-staticfile-buildpack-release no-lang BOSH release for Staticfile Buildpack Release Tarball: `sha256:2dbb3c1bea9d001e3f58dbb268167348b24970124193e5a9a7fe6c4ad96f754d`
peijun audearch / audearch Python (WIP) music search system by audio fingerprint v0.3.1-beta ## 0.3.1-beta - 2020-09-23 ### Added - Supports searches in librosa.
ddyett microsoftgraph / msgraph-cli Python Python based command line tools for interacting with Microsoft Graph msgraph_cli_27724 ## Changes: * b3b87f40148fb691a4c331f523ca91f8a5cc9224 Refactor artifacts name * d47d20f1f2a7f7d24f83e808343c8365a0a31173 Refactor artifact name * f17498d2929e362e51f7a90ce3859a2d6330a72d ls * 8bed
matiasilva SRCF / lightbluetent Python Project LightBlueTent for the 2020 Cambridge University Freshers' Fair v1.0.5 This minor release adds a redirect back to the stall and also fixes an edge case where the "None" should show up in the welcome text is the user had not submitted anything.
dyd E-ComProcessing / magento2-ecp-plugin PHP Magento 2.X for ECP 1.2.1 **Features:** * Rebranded **e-comprocessing** logos
Dros0phila Dros0phila / C208-MSFS2020-Fix HLSL Improvements to the Caravan in MSFS2020 v0.4.3 Changelog: - Added [Uwajimaya light mod]( Thanks to Uwajimaya and D33pfield for the help.
BoogieMonster1O1 Simplex-Dev / simplex-data-api Java A data driven content registry api v1.0.0+alpha.1 ## Initial release - v1.0.0+alpha.1 Please report bugs to the issue tracker. A changelog can be found at
github-actions[bot] alpacahq / alpaca-trade-api-csharp C# C# SDK for Alpaca Trade API v3.9.0-beta1 Package [3.9.0-beta1]( on NuGet contains the next changes: * #235 The UTC/EST time zones handling during JSON serialization fixed for the `
Toni-d-e-v Toni-d-e-v / -idena-win-node-updater CSS This is node updater for win7/8/10 v3 Bug fix
felag Probesys / glpi-plugins-ticketmail PHP plugin ticketMail for glpi application v3.4.0 This official v3.4.0 release add GLPi 9.5 compatibility.
nadar luyadev / luya PHP LUYA is a scalable web framework and content management system with the goal to please developers, clients and users alike. 1.7.1 ## 1.7.1 (23. September 2020) + [#2057]( Fixed a issue with the root option of the IntersectionObserver. + [#2051](
aberkanimed aberkanimed / laravel-coupons PHP Coupon generator for laravel v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] jrl-umi3218 / mc_rtc C++ mc_rtc is an interface for simulated and real robotic systems suitable for real-time control v1.5.1 ### Added - [mc_tasks] Allow to set the damping on PostureTask - [mc_tasks] Log eval and speed in most tasks ### Fixes - [mc_control] Add missing implementation for some (multi-robot) MCGlob
WouterVeen WouterVeen / WhatsAppTemplate PHP Whatsapp Templating for Trengo SDK v1.0.1
dlemmermann dlsc-software-consulting-gmbh / GemsFX Java A collection of JavaFX controls and utilities. 1.8.1 Default width of payment options to 100pixels. Also explicitly setting the "preserveRatio" value to true.
samthiriot samthiriot / openmole.plugin.lcs Scala Learning Classifier Systems plugin for OpenMOLE v0.1
thkukuk thkukuk / rsync-backup Shell Backup remote systems via rsync and store the data local via btrfs snapshots v1.0 * functional complete * documentation added
lastlaugher lastlaugher / smbot Python An automated bot for Score! Match mobile game. v0.2.0 - Lowered the box diff threshold - Fixed png sbit issues in some images
trinhpham trinhpham / xiaomi-r3g-openwrt-builder Shell Image Generator for Xiaomi Router Gen 3G. Daily updated. v0.2-20200923_144209 CI build includes: luci minidlna luci-app-minidlna samba4-server luci-app-samba4 transmission-web openvpn-openssl openssl-util luci-app-openvpn kmod-usb-storage kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-fs-vfat kmod-nls-cp43

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