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cdlm SquareBracketAssociates / Booklet-ClapCommandLine CSS A booklet about the command line argument parser for Pharo continuous Travis CI build log:
altiereslima altiereslima / EmulationStation C++ A flexible emulator front-end supporting keyboardless navigation and custom system themes. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
etsauer redhat-cop / onboarding-manager Go Manages Creation of Namespaces in OpenShift v0.0.1 <!--git log HEAD --pretty=format:"%h %s by %an" --no-merges--> bd56a46 Fix name changes by Eric Sauer 231b4ba Change name references in Dockerfile by Eric Sauer 807ef67 Change name
sgsaenger sgsaenger / vipster C++ Visualization of various molecular structure files. continuous AppVeyor CI build log:
deepsidhu1313 sqlitebrowser / sqlitebrowser C++ Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) project. Previously known as "SQLite Database Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". Website at: continuous Travis CI build log:
formtapez formtapez / ZigUP JavaScript CC2530 based multi-purpose ZigBee Relais, Switch, Sensor and Router 1.1.3 Added support for multiple DS18B20 sensors. Precompiled HEX-Files use fixed ZigBee channel 25.
MunzerDw MunzerDw / AdidasFalconBot-Releases no-lang Official Releases of Falcon Bot Io v1.5.3
nekudo bloatless / query-builder PHP A Query Builder for PDO MySQL 1.0.0 First version.
zhanyulong zhanyulong / hippie-design-system JavaScript Hippie Design System v0.5.0 #### 🚀 Enhancement - chore: auto release [#1]( ([@zhanyulong]( #### Authors: 1 - zhanyu ([@zhanyulong](h
ink8bit ink8bit / react-starter JavaScript A small example of React setup v1.12.2 Fixed folder name for `npm start` command
nikic ircmaxell / PHP-Yacc PHP A PHP port of kmyacc v0.0.2 Install `phpyacc` library using composer.
check16 check16 / node-restserver JavaScript Repositorio del curso de node v0.0.1 ## Configuración inicial del proyecto restserver
itinance itinance / react-native-fs C# Native filesystem access for react-native 2.15.1 - #717 bugfix #443: Add option progressInterval for downloadFile - #783 Import RCTImageLoaderProtocol instead of RCTImageLoader to fix iOS build on RN>0.60 - #759 Fix for issue #749: RNFS.uplo
dgthanhan evolus / pencil JavaScript The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. v3.1.0 # RELEASE NOTES 3.1.0 - Support for compact layout - Optimize output file by removing unused/gabbage resources - Add copy page bitmap to clipboard - Add screencapture and color picker - Implem
EvgenyMosk EvgenyMosk / Windows-Optimizer-Release no-lang Windows Optimizer Releases v0.2.0
alixnovosi alixnovosi / gb-pong Pawn pong, on a game boy v1.3.0 no ball/paddle collision. the paddle is slow and soon I will write another 300 lines of assembly to make it move fast without breaking wall collision.
Borewit Borewit / streaming-http-token-reader TypeScript Fetch HTTP streamed chunks using RFC-7233 range requests v0.1.1 * Updated dependencies * Add more keywords * Fixed unit tests: #38 * Combined TypeScript and JavaScript in same folder: #37 NPM:
nskygit nskygit / simtoolkit Go SIM Serial Product Toolkit walk nucular zichen1019
Wudelin Wudelin / EBS Java EventBus v1.0.0 1.register 2.unregister待完善)
GinMu JCCDex / jcc_exchange JavaScript A node interface to create & cancel order and transfer token for interacting with the jingchang server 2.0.1 add new parameter: `Platform` for service charge when create an order. [032abab](
psycofdj orange-cloudfoundry / logservice-boshrelease HTML Bosh release for logs-service-broker v1.13.9 * Fix LogDurationTooHigh alert
szporwolik szporwolik / perun C# Perun toolset for DCS World server admins. Reads simulation data and pushes it to JSON file and MySQL database. v0.8.0 New release including major changes: - switched to .NET 4.8.0 - switched to TCP - added support for command line arguments Minor changes listed: **My
craflin craflin / mingtest C++ A minimalistic C++ unit test framework 0.1.3 Fixed issues with XML test reports Minor tweaks
DavidXanatos DavidXanatos / wumgr C# Windows update managemetn tool for windows 10 1.0 New release ## [1.0] - 2019-10-19 ### Added - Added italian translation thx @irondave - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation thx @Possessed777 - Added ini option to select language ### Fix
fondberg fondberg / spotcast Python Home assistant custom component to start Spotify playback on an idle chromecast device v2.4
peteletroll peteletroll / DockRotate C# Kerbal Space Program lightweight robotics with docking ports v1.7.0.39
lxj-helloworld lxj-helloworld / bleUtils Java 蓝牙通信 1.0.20
ca333 KomodoPlatform / komodo C++ Komodo dev-linux-201910190947-37a4e9f
kuaifan kuaifan / eeui no-lang 📱 一个基于 Vue.js 的高质量跨平台开发(Android/iOS应用)框架。 1.0.21 修复Android弹出输入框后再调用[eeui.setStatusBarStyle](时状态栏上移的bug; 修复Android弹出输入框后状态栏字体
alexellis openfaas-incubator / connector-sdk Go An SDK to connect events to OpenFaaS Functions 0.5.3 Changelog: * Restore invoke when no namespace endpoint available
kuaifan kuaifan / eeui-template C++ 📐 开发模板。 1.0.21 修复Android弹出输入框后再调用[eeui.setStatusBarStyle](时状态栏上移的bug; 修复Android弹出输入框后状态栏字体
drkameleon arturo-lang / arturo D Simple, modern and powerful interpreted programming language for super-fast scripting. v0.3.9
warren-bank warren-bank / Android-SMS-Automatic-Reply-GPS Java Android app that listens for incoming SMS text messages and conditionally sends an automatic reply containing GPS location data. v1.1.0
soup-bowl soup-bowl / wp-simple-smtp PHP WordPress SMTP plugin. Plain and simple. 0.1 First release of the WP Simple SMTP plugin. Testing of this release is much appreciated. Features include: * SMTP configuration handling (overrides `mail()`). * Optional SMTP logging (basic funct
jimmy-tfp threefoldphotos / webshots-releases no-lang desktop 5.x auto-update releases v5.4.3 Start ScreenSaver from front page Bug fixes
ethahae ethahae / port-map Go a simple port mapping tool v1.0 no configuration file yet, just forward one port to our server listen port with command line arguments. no communication channel yet, which means one server cat only handles one port forwarding thou
yikaus yikaus / nullapp Dockerfile verify ci by drone null null release
Aris-t2 Aris-t2 / CustomCSSforFx CSS Custom CSS tweaks for Firefox Quantum 2.7.7 <b>Full changelog</b>: [General] - (userChrome.css) modified descriptions - (userChrome.css) renamed 'multiple tab lines' sett
REJack ColorlibHQ / AdminLTE HTML AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme Based On Bootstrap 3.x v3.0.0-rc.5 ### Release Notes - fixed docs generation problems - fixed submenu expand bug - fixed resizing bugs with chartjs in index.html - enable auto collapse size by 992px as default option - added n
quexiang quexiang / Fast-STWR no-lang Parallel Computing for Fast Spatiotemporal Weighted Regression 2.0.2 • F-STWR, a parallel computing method, is implemented in spatiotemporal weighted regression (STWR). • A matrix splitting approach is developed for memory saving in STWR. • F-STWR significa
fluidsonic fluidsonic / fluid-json Kotlin A JSON library written in pure Kotlin 1.0.0 - All names have been changed from `JSON` to `Json`. - Updated dependencies. - Gradle group ID and Kotlin package changed to `io.fluidsonic.json`.
stianaske stianaske / pybotvac Python Python module for interacting with Neato Botvac Connected vacuum robots. v0.0.17 Improvements to exception handling.
alexheretic big-ab-games / robo-instructus-translation Rust Translations for programming puzzle game Robo Instructus robo-instructus-1.14 * Add `k` suffix translations for _zh-CN, zh-TW_.
TimmyOVO TimmyOVO / Liveil Go adblock #1#
nangongyibin7219 nangongyibin7219 / Android_OnOff Java 开关案例 1.0.1
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / apache-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Apache Block Bad Bots, (Referer) Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, Wordpress Theme Detectors and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V3.2019.10.1184
kulikov servehub / serve Go Infrastructure as Code v1.6.91
jiusetian jiusetian / EasySocket Java 一个轻量级的Android端Socket框架,可快速实现客户端和服务端之间的TCP通讯,本框架最大特点是在Socket层面实现有回调功能的数据交互! v1.2.3 重新设计了消息的数据结构,更加容易理解使用
curbengh hexojs / hexo-renderer-pug JavaScript Pug renderer for Hexo. 1.0.0 This repo was imported from hexo-renderer-jade up until Following are the changes from the commit onward
terenceodonoghue terenceodonoghue / generator-ts-graphql JavaScript GraphQL + TypeScript/Express in a Yeoman generator v1.0.0 - Create generator 6b7b098 - Complete project setup fb3fd0c
SmallasWater SmallasWater / AutoUpData no-lang 根据Github仓库 更新插件 v1.2.0 修复由于文件名不同出现的重复更新BUG
PabloMansanet PabloMansanet / HierophantMod Java Slay the Spire Hierophant v0.2.2
karsonzhang karsonzhang / fastadmin-citypicker JavaScript 下拉面板式省市区三级联动jquery插件,视觉更清爽,交互体验更友好。 v1.3.2
jakopo87 jakopo87 / SetGpuPreference C# Set GPU preference for an app in Windows 10 version 1803 Release-1.0.10
Dyshay Dyshay / Bot-Dofus-Retro C# Dofus Retro - Bot 1.0.2 * Allow to use => direction="TOP|RIGHT" or direction="369" * Allow to user coordinates in script * Display coordinate in MAP UI and in console * Fix the ping value in console
PeterPetrik lutraconsulting / geodiff Python Library for handling diffs for geospatial data 0.7.1 correct binary for win-amd64
webcpp webcpp / mongols C C++ high performance networking with TCP/RESP/HTTP/WebSocket protocols release- update
efluid efluid / testNonRegression no-lang Test de non regression testNonReg_testSharedLibrary
cwtickle cwtickle / danoniplus JavaScript Dancing☆Onigiri (CW Edition) - Web-based Rhythm Game v9.2.0 ### [v9.1.0](../../releases/tag/v9.1.0) [-> v9.2.0](../../compare/v9.1.0...v9.2.0) ( [vs. latest v9](../../compare/v9.2.0...master) ) ## ⭐️ New Features - フリーズアローヒット部分
ispingos ispingos / SplitDuration Python Calculate the length of time-delay (acquired from shear-wave splitting) increase and decrease periods before an earthquake. Use either through the GUI or from a command line! v1.0.0 - First release of the SplitDuration script - Calculate the length time-delay (from shear-wave splitting) increase and decrease periods from the Crampin et al. (2013) formulations - Can be used eith
SmallasWater SmallasWater / LevelAwakenSystem Java 这是一款RPG插件 v80.5.5 修复更新出现的BUG
spiegel-im-spiegel spiegel-im-spiegel / pa-api Go APIs for Amazon Product Advertising API v5 by Golang v0.4.2 ### Changelog - Added "Offers" resource for the "GetItems"- and "SearchItems" operations. a59da0d : thanx @hackmac89
mattyrob mattyrob / subscribe2 PHP Subscribe2 - Email notification plugin for WordPress / ClassicPress 10.31 * Enhance DNS check when validating email addresses * Pass full email as second parameter to 's2_sanitize_email' filter * Validate emails fully when making database changes, but simpler and faster c
jmhodges jmhodges / ensure-latest-go Go Ensure-latest-go is a GitHub Action to keep Dockerfiles, Travis CI configs, and GitHub Actions using the latest stable version of Go. v1.0.1 Addressing an issue where repos without .github/versions/go would break.
amirhosseinhpv amirhosseinhpv / adobe-xd-lorem-saz no-lang Adobe XD Persian Lorem Ipsum Generator 1.beta Download and run it using Adobe XD.
asche910 asche910 / flynet Go A powerful TCP/UDP tool, which support socks5 proxy by tcp and udp, http proxy and NAT traversal. This tool can help you bypass gfw easily v2.0.0 ## Changelog 8f9cba2 update goreleaser id b48388e ready to release new version c9e6951 add readme badages a26c5c4 update readme for link error 0021bf3 delete pac file and update README 165a971 README
matei-radu matei-radu / react-native-in-app-browser TypeScript In-App browser support for React Native using Chrome Custom Tabs and Safari View Controller. v3.1.2 ### Added - Compatibility with React Native `0.61.0`. - Flow typings for Android `warmup` and `mayLaunchUrl` methods. ### Fixed - On iOS, `threading violation` exception thrown while invokin
Seniru Seniru / LineGraph-TFM Lua Lite, Reusable and customizable line charts for Transformice v1.0-beta > Disclaimer: This is a beta release. Use at your own risk! What's new 🎉 - Add grids to the graph - Add data points to the graph - Check related data by clicking on the data point
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Nginx Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, User-Agents, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, with anti-DDOS, Wordpress Theme Detector Blocking and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V4.2019.10.1873
shandongtlb shandongtlb / kernel_xiaomi_sm8150_nethunter C Kali Nethunter Kernel Source Code for Xiaomi MI9(cepheus) 4.14.83
silentbay silentbay / plag Rust Photo Location As GeoJSON 0.1
github-actions[bot] linksplatform / Interfaces C# LinksPlatform's Platform.Interfaces Class Library 0.2.0\n\nThe lowest supported version of .NET Framework is now 4.7.1. IPropertiesOperator renamed to IProperties. IPropertyOperator renamed to IPrope
someonewasherebefore therehq / there-desktop JavaScript Your teammates or friends' local time (It doesn't ask you timezones, promise!) v1.8.3
jdobes jdobes / vulnerability-engine Python Vulnerability Engine v0.19.0 ### Feature * New feature (24dd2d881278f6437ea825c0a95e1f23af7318fa)
Pharap QuantumBoogaloo / VNDSReaderPlusPlus C++ A rough C++ equivalent of the C# VNDSReader v0.0.1-alpha
julianguyen ifmeorg / ifme Ruby Free and open source app to share mental health experiences with loved ones v7.8.8 - Accessibility improvements by @julianguyen - Cleanup README-FR by @julianguyen
Pharap QuantumBoogaloo / VNDSReader C# Prototype parser for VNDS scripts v0.0.1-alpha
paolagaribay paolagaribay / parking Java COSC 4353: Assignment #3 v.1.0
juanmiret juanmiret / twill PHP Twill is an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel that helps developers rapidly create a custom admin console that is intuitive, powerful and flexible. /// Chat with us and others on Spectrum: 1.3.4
LovesAsuna LovesAsuna / InviteCode Java 2.2
bochoven munkireport / munkireport-php PHP A reporting tool for munki v5.1.2 ### [5.1.2]( (October 19, 2019) Increase default script timeout to 30 seconds MODULE UPDATES - munkireport/security (v1.4 =&g
Cadsters Cadsters / acv-hass-component Python 🗑️ Component for bin/waste collection by acv-groep 0.2 Modification for new api address
rzander rzander / mOSD PowerShell modern OSD - Binaries update (RZUpdate.exe, Office setup .. ) - New: rzTools\Split-WIM.cmd to split install.wim into files less than 4GB (USB FAT32 Support)
rxhanson rxhanson / Rectangle Swift Move and resize windows on macOS with keyboard shortcuts and snap areas v0.9 * Changes to allow nonstandard window resizing to 2/3 and 1/3 on successive action executions. Nonstandard windows meaning ones that don't fit exactly into the specified sizes, like iTerm and Terminal
jakopo87 jakopo87 / xinputhotkeys C# Use a combo of buttons to capture screenshot and video through the Game Bar Release-1.0.9
sprout2000 sprout2000 / latte TypeScript Image Viewer based on Electron and Leaflet v0.3.1
alain-riedinger alain-riedinger / ReplaceNotepad C# Tool to replace default Windows notepad with another editor 1.0.0 First release
Aymkdn Aymkdn / assistant-transport-montpellier JavaScript Permet de savoir quand les prochains trams/bus passent à un arrêt à Montpellier en utilisant un Assistant v2.0.6 Ajout du numéro de la ligne lors de la synthèse vocale
meilof meilof / python-libsnark C++ Python bindings for a minimal subset of libsnark 0.3.2 switch from binary output to text output, win32/win64 support
mirromutth mirromutth / r2dbc-mysql Java R2DBC MySQL Implementation v0.8.0.RC2 # 0.8.0.RC2 ## New features - Added support for unix domain socket ## Features change - Improved support for protocol 3.20 and compatibility for lower version of MySQL ## Fixed bugs
whirmill hype-app / chat-widget JavaScript Chat widget powered by Zendesk Chat + Microsoft QnA bot, developed using React v0.3.41
hatakawas hatakawas / jekyll-theme-kindee-simple CSS A simple but not simple theme for jekyll. v0.1.10 Basically available version.
dippyshere dippyshere / Newest-Super-Human-Bros-PC Python Like 2D mario but less of it and lots of hardcoding v0.8.1-beta hope to remedy issue #7
kwonoj kwonoj / electron-hunspell TypeScript Providing hunspell based spellchecker for Electron applications v1.1.1 <a name="1.1.1"></a> ## [1.1.1]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **hunspell:** normalize unicode input f
on3iro on3iro / aeons-end-randomizer TypeScript Awesome Companion App for Aeons End: v2.0.0 ## Changelog 2.0.0 🎉 🎉 🎉 A ton of work has been done and this is pretty much our biggest release so far. That's why we decided to label it with 2.0.0. We basically created a whole new app
verdan dwarszawski / amundsen-atlas-types Python Atlas custom type definitions v0.0.4-1
4face-studi0 4face-studi0 / EasyGradle Kotlin DSL for Gradle configuration with Kotlin 1.0.4
artemlos Cryptolens / sdk-licensing C# Example code and help tools to securely protect .NET SDKs with focus on offline environments v1.1 The command-line utility has changed the working directory for `build.json` files. From now own, the path to the assemblies to be signed needs to be relative to `build.json` and not `AssemblySigner.dl
justxuemin justxuemin / CooCooWhatsApp no-lang CooCooWhatsApp CoocooWhatsApp2019-10-19_v1.1.0
LeinAd2k LeinAd2k / daemon-guard CSS NashCash Node Guardian 0.5.0
tkashkin tkashkin / GameHub Vala All your games in one place 0.14.2-40-dev CI build
paulrosen paulrosen / abcjs JavaScript javascript for rendering abc music notation v5.9.1 Bug fixes in audio.
SmallasWater SmallasWater / RsWeapon Java 新版武器系统 v1.4.5 修改自动更新接口
asosnoviy asosnoviy / sonarqube Java LongPath support fork LP0.0.1 Сонар 8.0 #1 Длинные пути на ховере
SmallasWater SmallasWater / SellMarket Java 一款交易市场插件 v1.4.9 更新接口
yakutovicha yakutovicha / aiida-ddec Python AiiDA plugin for the DDEC code v1.0.0a1 The first release that is aiida=1.0 compatible
zegl zegl / kube-score Go Kubernetes object analysis with recommendations for improved reliability and security v1.3.0 # Changes * #192 New check for seccomp profiles on pods. Can be enabled with `--enable-optional-test container-seccomp-profile`. * #181 Handle the default value of PolicyTypes in NetworkPolicies
pbek pbek / QOwnNotes C++ QOwnNotes is a plain-text file notepad and todo-list manager with markdown support and ownCloud / Nextcloud integration. windows-b4652
asche910 asche910 / GoSpiderTest Go GoLang爬虫, 实现爬取花瓣网的美女图片 v1.0.5 ## Changelog e9461cc test 1.0.5
Wisdomb33r Wisdomb33r / ffbe-calculator TypeScript Final Fantasy Brave Exvius unit builder and damage calculator v4.1.0 ## Features * #165 To avoid unit selection cluttering, older units are now relocated under an archived units option. * #164 Adding an option to calculate the rankings using the 10 first turns rath
tyranron instrumentisto / gitlab-builder-docker-image Makefile Docker image with minimal toolchain required by GitLab Runner to do builds. 0.4.2-docker19.03.4-compose1.24.1-kubectl1.16.2-helm2.15.0 Docker 19.03.4 release notes: Helm 2.15.0 release notes:
rozsival wavevision / utils PHP Useful PHP utilities and helpers 🛠 1.2.3
adobe-bot adobe / helix-googledocs2md JavaScript Helix service that renders google docs as markdown v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2019-10-19) ### Features * **docs:** upload external images to blob store if configured. ([#71](
Nonononoki Nonononoki / Hendroid Java Doujinshi Android App 1.9.1c Added security measures required by F-droid
x0a x0a / win-gnome Rust A gnome-shell style hotcorner for Windows 10, plus hides Windows Taskbar when not active v1.0 win-gnome.exe can be run on its own as a portable binary. includes powershell scripts for installation and uninstallation. It will: 1. Ask for administrator privileges 2. Inst
rioil rioil / bfk_interpreter C++ An interpreter for brainf*ck v1.4 fpos_tの実装が処理系によって異なることを考慮してエラーメッセージの内容を変更しました. 前のバージョンではエラー発生個所を何文字目という
fallion commitsar-app / release-notary Go App to just generate release notes. v0.3.2
cangencer hazelcast / hazelcast-jet Java Distributed stream and batch processing engine, built on top of Hazelcast. v3.2 # Hazelcast Jet 3.2 * New stateful mapping/flat-mapping and filtering operators allows possibility for advanced stateful computation such as custom windows and pattern matching. * New test source
fomkin fomkin / korolev Scala Single Page Applications running on the server side v0.13.0 ### New features 1. Add `Promise` result support for `evalJs` #281 2. Context scoping #278 ### Improvements and bug fixes 1. Improve default connection lost widget positioning #287 2. Remov
cssmfc cssmfc / camgirl HTML Camgirl Graphics CGC-Tailored Please read the text files and submit your resources as suggested This file is up for download as part of Camgirl.Cloud Tailored Design Plan
tanwencn tanwencn / laravel-admin PHP Laravel快速搭建后台 v2.0.0 to laravel6
kwonoj kwonoj / hunspell-asm TypeScript WebAssembly based Javascript bindings for hunspell spellchecker v4.0.1 <a name="4.0.1"></a> ## [4.0.1]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **hunspell:** normalize unicodei to NFC wher
codwb codwb / EmojiLib-support Kotlin A EmojiLib for show emoji in android program which library version is "support". 0.0.3
stan23 stan23 / myPCBs no-lang Verschiedene Platinen für HomeMatic, AskSinPP und SmartHome AskSinAnalyzer_v2.0
Korilakkuma Korilakkuma / XSound JavaScript Web Audio API Library for Synthesizer, Effects, Visualization, Multi-Track Recording, Audio Streaming, Visual Audio Sprite ... v2.15.2 - Add Distortion Algorithms - Add parameter (`amount`) - Update packages
rozsival wavevision / di-service-annotation PHP Register DI services using annotation for Nette Framework 🔌 2.0.0 BC: `inject` renamed to `enableInject` to disambiguate `inject` and `generateInject` properly
kelindar emitter-io / emitter Go High performance, distributed and low latency publish-subscribe platform. edge This is v2.705 pre-release which is automatically built on every commit to master.
jonathanstaniforth jonathanstaniforth / laravel-docker Dockerfile A repository for a Docker image that can run the Laravel framework. v1.1.0 This version contains the following: - A new Docker image for a Laravel project with no database, and Composer installed - Updated MySQL and PostgreSQL Docker images, using the new Laravel image a
zagaria keycloak / keycloak-nodejs-admin-client TypeScript 🔑 NodeJS keycloak admin client v1.13.0 ## Improvement * [c04fb02d0604e86b00890212437773d2d4e8e028] - added **find events** and **users session**. Thanks @gerdsander * [daea502326bd68e473d2d8ecf65bf829c97d57ed] - added **all users** (`GE
wooooooak wooooooak / DonutGaugeView Kotlin Android Donut Gauge View Library (with Kotlin) 1.0.0 Release 1.0.0 version
tanwencn tanwencn / laravel-elfinder PHP laravel-elfinder v2.0.0
AchmadHafid AchmadHafid / FirestoreViewModel Kotlin Ultimate View Model for Firestore based data source v21.2.0 Major code re-factoring & bug fixes
fugerit79 fugerit-org / fj-daogen Java Fugerit Java Data Access Generation API (DAOGEN) v0.3.4.3 First stable release
topherPedersen topherPedersen / ReactTODO JavaScript Description Little TODO List Project I'm Building To Help Teach Myself ReactJS v0.1.0 Got the simplest version of the TODO app working! Now I'd like to add a remove item features, and possibly some sort of persistent storage? Definitely will want to work in React Router, and possibly R
fugerit79 fugerit-org / fj-lib Java Fugerit Java Library For JDK 1.7+ v0.6.4.5 Daogen support classes
martincostello martincostello / alexa-london-travel JavaScript An Amazon Alexa skill for checking the status of travel in London v1.12.0 * Update AWS Lambda runtime to node 10.x.
wangxingkang walrus-plus / walrus TypeScript 🛠️ Frontend development tools v0.1.0 * 🔥🔥🔥 添加@walrus/walrus-plugin-prettier插件,提供 walrus prettier命令
NathanShanners NathanShanners / PDT Python Python Development Template v0.1-alpha Includes control for config control. Includes testing using pytest and utilises Travis CI.
adobe-bot adobe / openwhisk-probot-builder JavaScript Build and deploy probot app with openwhisk v1.0.3 ## [1.0.3]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update any ([#12](
javierbrea XbyOrange / react-mercury JavaScript Plugin for connecting React components with Mercury sources v1.2.0 ### Changed - Upgrade dependencies - Rename server side data methods. Maintain old ones due to retrocompatibility. - Use mercury ids for identification during server-side-data. ### Fixed - Fix
khalyomede khalyomede / material-components-web-vue Vue Material design components for Vue.js. v0.3.0 - added top app bar components 86396ea - ordered exported components 8a36e40
hotio picons / picons Shell High quality tv & radio logos for your channels, also known as picons. 87
github-actions[bot] technote-space / gutenberg-utils JavaScript Utility for gutenberg v1.2.8 ## What’s Changed ## :bug: Bug Fixes * fix: v5.0 (#260) (#261) @technote-space ## :sparkles: All Changes * Release/v1.2.8 (#262) @technote-space
PJSimon box / box-ios-preview-sdk Objective-C Box iOS Preview SDK v3.0.0-rc.1 Box iOS Swift Preview SDK for Release Candidate __Disclaimer:__ - __This is beta software. It has not been not fully tested__, and may not be at a level of performance or compatibility of gener
hexin010101 hexin010101 / push Python a tool for push message to Wechat v0.0.1
genshen genshen / pkg Go A simple c/c++ package manager v0.3.2 ## Features: - move source files storages to user home(`~/.pkg/registry`) to avoid multiple source copies. - set http authentication config in project config file(`project-path/pkg.config.yaml`) and
adobe-bot adobe / probot-serverless-openwhisk JavaScript Openwhisk Wrapper for Probot v4.0.2 ## [4.0.2]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @adobe/helix-log to v3 ([#112](
open-dynaMIX open-dynaMIX / raiseorlaunch Python A run-or-raise-application-launcher for i3 window manager. v2.3.3 ## Fixes - We do no longer automatically move windows to the workspace we think it belongs, because that interfered with i3s `assign`. #38
eehsiao eehsiao / sqlbuilder Go sqlbuilder . v0.0.9 bugfixd for EscapeStr()
HarkBen HarkBen / ShadowLayout_27 Java -修改support版本为27.1.1 2.9
Flone-dnb Flone-dnb / BloodyPlayer C++ Bloody Player is an audio player created using Qt and FMOD. v1.16.1 - Updated styles of the tracks in the tracklist. - Fixed incorrect menu style in the VST window. - The FMOD version is updated to 2.00.05.
PJSimon box / box-ios-sdk Objective-C iOS SDK for the Box Content API v3.0.0-rc.1 Box iOS Swift SDK Release Candidate __Disclaimer:__ - __This is beta software. It has not been not fully tested__, and may not be at a level of performance or compatibility of generally availab
erkanisik1 PisiLinuxNew / kaptan Python Pisi Linux Desktop Configurator beta7.3-1
stefanprodan stefanprodan / hrval-action Shell Flux Helm Release validation GitHub action v2.1.0 Changelog: * install Helm v2.15.0 and v3.0.0-beta.4 * add Helm version input (accepted values `v2` or `v3`, defaults to `v2`)
artstorm artstorm / eleventy-plugin-seo JavaScript An eleventy Plugin to generate meta tags for improved SEO. v0.2.0 * Restructured the package.
sudkumar craftsys / msg91-php PHP PHP client for MSG91 messaging service v0.4.0 **Feature** - Add configuration file to customise the default behaviour - Add test for Send and Verify services
eko eko / gocache Go ☔️ A complete Go cache library that brings you multiple ways of managing your caches v0.2.0 ## New Features ff78752 feat: added cache invalidation by tags 238e4ef feat: added cache & store delete() method ## Other 8de72e9 Added .github files
flocke andOTP / andOTP Java Open source two-factor authentication for Android v0.6.3.1 * Introduce build flavors: - `fdroid`: Shows donation links in the About section - `play`: Doesn't show donation links in the About section
Womsxd Womsxd / PixivDowload no-lang PixivDowload ver1.1.1 ver1.1.1 紧急修复Bug
ptaoussanis ptaoussanis / sente Clojure Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script v1.14.0 ```clojure [com.taoensso/sente "1.14.0"] ``` As `v1.14.0-RC2`, but also includes: * [#307] **New**: Add server adapter for Macchiato Framework on Node.js (@theasp) * [#137 #338] **N
be5invis be5invis / source-han-sans-ttf JavaScript A (hinted!) version of Source Han Sans v2.001.1
sthzg sthzg / jsugen JavaScript Generate Javascript and Node lenses and helpers from JSON Schema files v0.15.1 ## [0.15.1]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **build:** Add update yarn.lock in root ([a5ac854](
goyalankit goyalankit / tensorflow C++ An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone v1.0.0.8-python ## Changes: * 134e8912585e4da09d5d24e4a40375dd201ee0db Update azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines This list of changes was [auto generated](
BrainInBlack BrainInBlack / TwitchStreaker Python Tracks new and gifted subs, with a streak mechanic. ( only) 2.5.1 * Fixed Issue with the script not registering certain types/tiers of Subs * The last few Updates broke a bunch of stuff, everything should be fixed now * Fixed Typo in Config UI
ChuckJonas ChuckJonas / force-source-clean TypeScript SFDX plugin which performs the 'force:source:retrieve --manifest' command but removes stale files 0.0.4 - #9 - #2
zkqiang fluid-dev / hexo-theme-fluid HTML :ocean: 一款 Material Design 风格的 Hexo 主题 / An elegant Material-Design theme for Hexo v1.5.1 ## :bug: 修复 - 由于兼容问题,固定背景在 iOS 和 Safari 环境下不再生效 ## :bug: Fixed - Fix background bug on iOS or Safari
maxime-rainville silverstripe / silverstripe-restfulserver PHP RestfulServer module for SilverStripe CMS 2.2.1 * Minor tweak to allow the module to still work on PHP 5.6 #83
Dec-F videomanagertools / scraper TypeScript A scraper that switches between normal mode and gentleman mode, built on Eletron, React v0.2.1 Bug fix
grlee77 PyWavelets / pywt Python PyWavelets - Wavelet Transforms in Python v1.1.1 This release is functionally identical to 1.1.0. This release modified` ``` to mark the package as Python 3.5+ only so ``pip`` will not try to install 1.1.1 on older Python versions. To pre
thundergolfer thundergolfer / goodreads-sh Rust 📙Command line interface for Written in Rust. v0.4.1
maxng07 maxng07 / ted-gui HTML TED-GUI is an extension of TED program with a Web Application GUI. HTML and Javascript is the frontend UI and interacts with TED binary in WebAssembly/WASM to encipher or decipher the Input text. v0.11 This release enhances v0.10 by adding support for doublebyte language support on the JS frontend by performing encodeURI on your text input before sending to wasm for encipher and decodeURI after rece
soniadarsh MagnetBrains / colorway-header-footer-builder-pro PHP Colorway Header Footer Builder Pro plugin 1.0.2 * Addded default z-index setting in header footer templates.
Meemaw Meemaw / testcafe-action Dockerfile Github actions that executes testcafe inside container that has all popular browsers pre-installed v0.1.0
stoermelder stoermelder / vcvrack-packone C++ Modules for VCV Rack v1.2.0
arvgta arvgta / ajaxify JavaScript Ajaxify - A jQuery Ajax Plugin 7.4.4 - [Demo 1]( - [Demo 2](
l0rd che-incubator / chectl TypeScript CLI to manage Eclipse Che server and workspaces 20191019081631
windows-2048 windows-2048 / The-Fastest-Mouse-Clicker-for-Windows C++ The fastest hardware-limited mouse clicker for Windows with command line support. v2.1.5.3 Version has been released. This is a bug-fix release. Update as soon as possible ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a se
rajkosto rajkosto / rpcs3 C++ PS3 emulator/debugger 0.0.7-9038 Binaries: Now EXTREMELY resillient against LLVM out of memory errors. Contains kd-11s latest texture cache PR fixing VK_OUT_OF_DEVICE_MEMORY error! The M
hSaria hSaria / cPing Python Concurrent multi-host ping (ICMP and TCP) 0.0.12 * Duplicate packets are no longer counted as successes. * Added indicator when output is too long for screen. * Print the full list of hosts at cPing end, even if it's more than the terminal lines.
dignajar bludit / bludit PHP Simple, Fast, Secure, Flat-File CMS 3.10.0a # Changelog There was a little bug after release `3.10.0` so I made a new release `3.10.0a`. - Support custom fields. - New plugin for custom fields parser. - New assistant for the Admin panel.
zhangbin1010 zhangbin1010 / acp-admin Vue 使用vue全家桶(Vue+Vue-router+Vuex+axios)、ElementUI 样式库构建的前端项目。该项目是前后端分离架构中的“前端部分” v4.0.2 > - [Upgrade] 更新依赖插件至最新版本 > - [Upgrade] 更新vue-cli至4.0.4 > - [Upgrade] 修改日志文件下载写法,支持大文件下载,文件名采用Base64加密 >
s22su s22su / handband-rfid JavaScript handband-rfid historical repo 2k18 Code that was in this repo after Hacktoberfest 2018.
playviewdev playviewdev / playview no-lang Play View playview ## playview.apk ## playview-test.apk ## playview-latest.apk (invitaciones)
curbengh hexojs / hexo-renderer-jade JavaScript Jade renderer for Hexo. 0.5.0 ## Breaking change - Final release, this plugin has been deprecated and replaced by [hexo-renderer-pug]( To migrate, simply rename all *.jade files to *.p
Hiyabye Hiyabye / Calculator C My first project in C with over 1000 lines. v4.0 The 4th version of the calculator I made.
jessuppi littlebizzy / throwaway-theme PHP A throwaway default theme created for SlickStack servers to delete WP Core junk and prepare cleaner WordPress installations (inspired by iThemes). v1.0.0
zhangbin1010 zhangbin1010 / acp-admin-cloud Kotlin 使用 Kotlin 语言编写,基于 Spring Cloud 的微服务架构。该项目是前后端分离中的"后端部分" v4.0.2 > - [Upgrade] 优化 build.gradle 脚本,支持junit5 > - [Upgrade] 更新文档 > - [Upgrade] 优化 dependencies 模块 AcpAdminDistributedLockAutoConfiguration 分布式锁定义 >
lboulard lboulard / vim-win32-build Python Build yourself GVim/Vim for Windows v8.1.2176 Custom build of GVim/Vim for Windows. Use gvim-8.1.2176-x86.exe or gvim-8.1.2176-amd64.exe to install GVim/Vim. * [8.1.2176]( syntax attributes not
gxj8885718 gxj8885718 / ScrcpyGui_New AutoHotkey another scrcpygui written by AutoHotKey 0.1 使用AutoHotKey 64位编译,请使用64位Windows操作系统运行,或下载AutoHotKey后直接运行.ahk脚本。 暂未支持高DPI!暂未支持高DPI!暂未支持高DPI! 请将下
zhangbin1010 zhangbin1010 / acp Kotlin 该项目是用Kotlin和Java语言混编封装的脚手架。本人会密切关注业界最新动态,并使用最新技术持续更新优化。使用该脚手架可快速搭建基于Kotlin或Java语言的普通应用、SpringBoot应用和SpringCloud应用。 v6.2.2-jdk8 > - [Upgrade] 修改 build.gradle,支持 junit5 自动化测试 > - [Upgrade] 优化文件下载工具类,支持断点续传 > - [Upgrade] 版本号升级为6.2.2 > - [Upgrade] 升
liangshiw liangshiw / ToShowDoc C# Swagger To ShowDoc 3.0 Support both net core 3.x and net core 2.x
Rowno Rowno / grunt-mocha-cli JavaScript Run Mocha server-side tests in Grunt. v5.0.0 ## Breaking changes - Drop Node 4 and Node 6 support. - Upgrade to Mocha 6.
sinothk sinothk / LoadingRecyclerView Java 下拉刷新,滚动到底部加载更多以及添加header功能的的RecyclerView。使用方式和RecyclerView完全一致,不需要额外的layout,不需要写特殊的adater。 3.x.1019 LoadingRecyclerView 3.x.1019
JarnoVgr Limetric / OpenRCT2-binaries no-lang Development binaries for OpenRCT2 project. v0.2.3-c3e1432 `c3e14328f1bbd7f13a4707c73686d31b9a526506`;`develop`
rcaught rcaught / hosts-override Go Override hosts file entries for the lifetime of the process 0.4.0
fluidsonic fluidsonic / fluid-meta Kotlin Converts Kotlin metadata into an easily usable data model 0.9.12 - Artifact ID changed to `fluid-meta`. - Gradle group ID and Kotlin package changed to `io.fluidsonic.compiler`.
Him-khati vinnersafterwork / camera_intergrator Java A Light Camera and Galllery utility that helps in reducing boilerplate code you write while using native camera app or while picking image from gallery 0.2.2
PakL PakL / ttvst-gifoverlay HTML Overlay to play GIFs, Videos or Audio v0.2.5
mike-fabian mike-fabian / ibus-typing-booster Python ibus-typing-booster is a completion input method for faster typing 2.7.0 - Add support for compose sequences Resolves: Resolves: - Test cases fo
damlys damlys / node-runtime-configurator TypeScript Painless runtime configuration for Node.js applications. 1.0.2 ### Added - Handle object notation within top-level command line arguments and environment variables. - Enumerable validator. ### Changed - Command line source throws an error on invalid nam
webimpress zendframework / zend-serializer PHP Serializer component from Zend Framework release-2.9.1 Added ----- - [#39]( adds support for PHP 7.3. Changed ------- - Nothing. Deprecated ---------- - Nothing. Removed ------- - Nothing. F
joesonw joesonw / js8 C++ A Go API for the V8(precompiled) javascript engine.
Aviana Aviana / HealComm Lua The luna Healing Communication for the default UI 2.06 - Add in-game options
Scottj1s microsoft / winmd C++ C++ winmd parser 1.0.191019.1
Kiarash-Z Kiarash-Z / react-persian-calendar-date-picker JavaScript A lightweight, customizable, Persian date picker for React 1.1.6 - Fixes #39
binand binand / sms2email Java SMS to Email releases/v1.0 Pretty much everything is hardcoded.
BBloggsbott BBloggsbott / SeminarReport TeX SASTRA Deemed University Seminar Report Template v1.0.0
alphaolomi alphaolomi / swahili JavaScript Generate swahiili words v1.0.1-0 - Update package.json b155f84 - add package.json 20d6ee1 - init 01db17c
gama-bot gama-platform / gama Java Core plug-in projects of the GAMA platform continuous Built once a day or by adding `ci release` to the comment of a commit. **The release file names are composed with a number of segments separated by `_` :** - the version of the release, (e.g., `GAMA1
flask-rabmq flask-rabmq / pymqtt Python Adds pymqtt support to your Python application. v0.0.1 first tag.
fluidsonic fluidsonic / fluid-compiler Kotlin Compile Kotlin code and run Kapt annotation processing directly from Kotlin 0.9.7 - Gradle group ID and Kotlin package changed to `io.fluidsonic.compiler`.
ku ku / qrcf Swift CLI QR code decoder for OS X v0.0.1
phrogg phrogg / KAFI JavaScript Füllt das Nachrichten Feld von eBayKleinanzeigen automatisch aus. v0.2
m-grant-prg m-grant-prg / bintray-debian-upload Shell Simplify Debian package upload to Bintray v1.1.1 The asset 'bintray-debian-upload-1.1.1.tar.gz' is an AutoTools distribution tarball. The sources are available on this page. To perform an AutoTools install please refer either to the README fil
hoangvvo hoangvvo / next-connect JavaScript The method routing and middleware layer for Next.js API Routes v0.2.0 ### Minor - Render 404 when headers are not sent (No response) (#7) ### Patches - Add other HTTP methods (#6)
magicant magicant / bve-autopilot C++ Bve trainsim 用自動運転車両プラグイン v0.9 本バージョンでの主な変更点は以下の通りです。 * 地上子関係 * **TASC 停止位置設定地上子の種別番号を 30 から 1030 に変更しました。** (v0.8 以
Master811129 Master811129 / MicroTone C++ a simple and powerful library to create a pulse train on Attiny13 2.0.1 🎉🎉Add support for Atmega8/A🌭🌭 Fixed setPrescale(); function fix typo
dasoncheng silkjs / pocket TypeScript effect 0.0.6
JZacharyG JZacharyG / ProofSchoolHandout TeX A document class for typesetting Proof School handouts. v1.0
sindresorhus sindresorhus / auto-bind JavaScript Automatically bind methods to their class instance v3.0.0 ### Breaking - Require Node.js 8 45c04a1 - Move `@types/react` to be an optional peer dependency 66a053f
ilpersi ilpersi / BHBot Java A bot that automates a game called Bit Heroes v42.9 * Adding support for the new Brimstone Syndicate Worl Boss * Pushover start notification: if properly configured, every time you start the bot, you will be notified with Pushover * fixes for difficu
jordanpadams NASA-PDS-Incubator / pds4-jparser HTML Java Library providing APIs for parsing and exporting information on PDS4 products, including table and image objects to various formats including CSV, PNG, VICAR, FITs, etc. v1.3.2
waqas19921 waqas19921 / react-native-mail Objective-C A wrapper on top of MFMailComposeViewController from iOS and Mail Intent on android v4.0.2
wwade wwade / jobrunner Python Job runner with logging 1.0.6 - Improved performance by caching database cursors. - Properly quote command strings in job info detailed view (`job -s`, `job -l -v`). - CI improvements (add test output / report integration for Az
NoUseFreak NoUseFreak / letitgo Go LetItGo simplifies automated releases 0.5.0 LetItGo automates releases.
klein0r klein0r / ioBroker.lametric JavaScript ioBroker adapter to send notifications to your lametric time 0.0.5
Uniminin Uniminin / KYO_RS Rust A Futuristic OSU! Server Switcher Written in RUST! v.
webimpress zendframework / zend-xmlrpc PHP XmlRpc component from Zend Framework release-2.8.0 Added ----- - [#38]( adds support for PHP 7.3. Changed ------- - Nothing. Deprecated ---------- - Nothing. Removed ------- - [#38](https://g
fengyuanchen fengyuanchen / distpicker JavaScript A simple jQuery plugin for picking provinces, cities and districts of China. (中国 / 省市区 / 三级联动 / 地址选择器) v2.0.6 - Update districts.
Mobius1 Mobius1 / NestableJS JavaScript JS library for drag & drop hierarchical lists 0.0.6 ## Fixes * Fix compiler removing unused variable that was used to trigger a repaint for animation.
s-t-e-v-e-n-k PyGithub / PyGithub Python Typed interactions with the GitHub API v3 v1.44 **New features** * This version supports running under Python 3 directly, and the test suite passes under both 2.7 and recent 3.x's. **Bug Fixes & Improvements** * Stop ignoring unused imp
classicalliu nervosnetwork / ckb-sdk-ruby Ruby Ruby SDK for CKB v0.23.0 # [v0.23.0]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * comment symbol ([3b3682b](
shenhuxi92 shenhuxi92 / BaseRecyclerViewHelper Java 一个RecyclerView的辅助开源库 1.0.6
aidansteele glassechidna / teamcity-awsrole-plugin Java Assume AWS IAM roles from TeamCity builds securely 0.1.4
JaxkDev JaxkDev / Vehicles PHP [WIP | Pre-Release] A PocketMine-MP plugin that brings vehicles to your server ! 0.0.3 # Vehicles v0.0.3 ## Notice: This is a pre-release and should be treated as not fully released and not production ready as may contain bugs. ## Whats New ? - Overwritten client message when en
Abolfazl-Talebi Abolfazl-Talebi / laravel-tutorial PHP Laravel Tutorial Source Code On v1.0
jessuppi littlebizzy / object-cache PHP Drop-in persistent object cache for WordPress based on Redis in-memory storage that supports Predis, clusters, and WP-CLI (forked from PressJitsu). v1.2.0
zhanglianxin zhanglianxin / parse-tb-short-url Go Parse taobao short urls/links (like as "") v1.0 sha1sum: ``` 660e9aa64cf1822e7d7c68e873d7149e59c47004 parse-tb-short-url_darwin_amd64 9c95df91557e78bbca58fb3b8e2a9825a766c9b7 parse-tb-short-url_linux_amd64 25ea966c3d5edf56f24b7bd256d4f7b753
starlying siteserver / cms C# SiteServer CMS 基于.NET平台,能够以最低的成本、最少的人力投入在最短的时间内架设一个功能齐全、性能优异、规模庞大并易于维护的网站平台。 siteserver-v6.12.3-beta SiteServer CMS
fluidsonic fluidsonic / fluid-stdlib Kotlin Potentially useful Kotlin standard library additions 0.9.28 - Gradle group ID and Kotlin package changed to `io.fluidsonic.stdlib`.
duanyytop nervosnetwork / ckb-sdk-java Java Java SDK for CKB v0.23.0 # [v0.23.0]( (2019-10-19) ### Feature * Impl transaction size and transaction fee calculating([c7285d3](
casualjim go-swagger / go-swagger Go Swagger 2.0 implementation for go v0.21.0 # Change Log ## [v0.21.0]( (2019-10-19) [Full Changelog]( **Implemented enha
aporeto-travis aporeto-inc / clair-db Shell Clair-db updater 2019-10-19
jordanpadams NASA-PDS-Incubator / pds4-information-model HTML The software tools and data necessary for generating the Information Model including PDS4 ontology, data, and information model. v10.1.1
ashchan nervosnetwork / ckb-sdk-swift Swift Swift SDK for CKB v0.23.0 # [v0.23.0]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * CocoaPods spec ([1b2d989](
sucom sucom / SPA.js JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) Front-End Framework/Library. v2.68.0 +enhancements to component templateUrl with additional options templateUrlMethod, templateUrlParams, templateUrlPayload
Keith-CY nervosnetwork / ckb-sdk-js TypeScript JavaScript SDK for CKB v0.23.0 # [0.23.0]( (2019-10-19) ### Features * **address:** add support to addresses in full version format ([a385821](https://gi
Prashant-Elango Prashant-Elango / Keyboard-Emulation C# Use existing computer as a keyboard. Tunnel all host keyboard inputs to remote machine. 1.2.1 # Bugs Fixes 1. Fixed ALT key issue 2. Improved stability.
ThatRumbu ThatRumbu / Scouting-Gamemode mcfunction A Minecraft datapack that adds a survival friendly spectator mode v1.1 Now that /forceload is available to us "gamemasters" this pack could be significantly improved so that's what I did.
github-actions[bot] Nukesor / webhook-server Rust A highly configurable webhook server for calling and scheduling scripts or binaries on your server. refs/heads/master
sirspock mintproject / model-catalog-python-api-client Python MINT-ModelCatalogAPI-client 1.3.6
superstyro superstyro / AzerothAdmin Lua AzerothAdmin is an admin panel for AzerothCore. Allows commands to be used from a GUI. Can be helpful for MODS/GMs/ADMINS. v0.1 AzerothAdmin 3.3.5 for AzerothCore 3.3.5 Used to perform admin commands and allow easier time performing server tasks.
Juuxel Juuxel / Adorn Kotlin A decoration mod for Minecraft 1.14+. 1.5.1 - Fixed issues with crafting table recipe (#36) - Internal improvements to tag format
fluidsonic fluidsonic / fluid-time Kotlin Kotlin multiplatform date & time library 0.9.15§ - Gradle group ID and Kotlin package changed to `io.fluidsonic.time`.
IhateTrains IhateTrains / Roman-Perspective Python A mod for Crusader Kings 2. v0.1 - Merged e_byzantium and e_roman_empire tags. There's no reason to have two tags for the same state. - Added a new flag based on the Chi-Rho symbol for the Roman Empire. Integrated from the Project A
crazymeeks crazymeeks / dragonpay PHP Dragonpay payment gateway library in PHP v3.2.2 Code clean up
conatus commonknowledge / vision-mission-values no-lang Our vision, mission and values v1.0 First version of vision, mission and values statement.
youngbrioche innoq / innoq-styleguide HTML INNOQ Styleguide and Component Library 1.2.18
sirspock mintproject / model-catalog-api Python A repository for documenting and developing the API forms and structure to add models in the model catalog 1.1.8-1
anidotnet dizitart / nitrite-database Java Java embedded nosql document store v3.3.0 **New Changes** * Upgrade mvstore version to 1.4.200 * Add Support for Off-Heap Memory #160 * Offer close und update methods for TextIndexingService #176 * Allow to access collection of IDs from
MaltronCraft MaltronCraft / Cydia-Repo HTML This is a Cydia repository template 1.0.0
gracenotes thefifthmatt / FogMod C# DS1 Fog Gate Randomizer v0.1.2 See also
yakutovicha aiidateam / aiida-cp2k Python The CP2K plugin for the AiiDA workflow and provenance engine. v1.0.0b4 New in 1.0.0b4 release: * Advanced CP2K parser (#48) * Multistage work chain (#48) * Entry points to all new workchains (#50, #48) Fixed in 1.0.0b4: * Fix an issue with writing coordinates (#52
staabm sabre-io / dav PHP sabre/dav is a CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV framework for PHP 4.0.2 4.0.2 (2019-10-18) ------------------------- * Fix error with PHP 7.4 * CardDAV: Fix content-type for Thunderbird
bnossum bnossum / midgetv Verilog RV32I for iCE40 in less than 400 SB_LUT4s. Wishbone interface. v2.0.3 Corrected cycle counter update when bus-error occurs (a short counter overflowed). Corrected program that tested retired instruction internal interrupt. Added test code for several modules. Minor e
pun-ky neva-dev / gradle-fork-plugin Kotlin Gradle Fork Plugin - Project generator based on live archetypes (example projects) & interactive file generator 3.1.7
asim micro / go-micro Go A Go microservices development framework v1.13.1 Fix divide by zero bug in http broker
prohippo prohippo / pyelly Python A multifaceted natural language tool written in Python 2.7.*. v1.6 Generalize code to work optionally with Chinese Unicode text input. Before, all text input had to be in a Latin alphabet.
asim micro / micro Go A microservice runtime environment v1.13.1 Fix divide by zero bug in http broker
fluidsonic fluidsonic / fluid-mongo Kotlin Kotlin coroutine support for MongoDB built on top of the official MongoDB Asynchronous Java Driver 0.9.11 - Gradle group ID and Kotlin package changed to `io.fluidsonic.mongo`.
guiqui guiqui / k8Studio Shell The k8Studio Repository v0.2.12
mattiaverga mattiaverga / OpenNGC no-lang A license friendly NGC/IC objects database v20191019 * Correct IC0423 and IC0424 diameters. * Change coordinates for IC0444 to those provided by Simbad. * Edit IC4277 object type and dimensions.
elucash immutables / immutables Java Annotation processor to create immutable objects and builders. Feels like Guava's immutable collections but for regular value objects. JSON, Jackson, Gson, JAX-RS integrations included 2.8.1 [Immutables]( team is happy to announce Immutables 2.8.1 release. This release [2.8.1]( c
github-actions[bot] stephanh / dns-trace Rust Rust app to iteratively resolve a DNS request v0.0.1
SALKHAFAJI SALKHAFAJI / jungle HTML Django Project v1.0.0
ltt2801 ltt2801 / new-vinaget-script PHP New Vinaget Script 3.3 LTS - Developed by LTT v22 - Fix - Add - Minor fix class.php
NicolasDP input-output-hk / jormungandr Rust aspiring blockchain node v0.6.4 ## Bug fixes - Fix busy looping in connect [\#992](
github-actions[bot] mysql-net / Playground C# Experiments with GitHub Actions and GitHub Package Registry refs/heads/master
vgmdj vgmdj / plugins Go common plugins v0.1.9
SarjuHansaliya KudooCloud / kudoo-shared-components TypeScript The React UI componets for Kudoo's products v2.2.0 - Merge pull request #12 from KudooCloud/add_formik_fields e6a2245 - Added Patient Form 24dae26 - [ts] Converted PhoneNumber to ts and used Formik Fields 9ad5e4c - [ts] Converted CustomerForm to
Gananath Gananath / NERD Python Evolution of Discrete data with Reinforcement Learning v1.0.0
StanBarrows fhnw-msc-mi / PHP Website FHNW MSc Medical Informatics v1.0
domain-registry-eng google / nomulus Java Top-level domain name registry service on Google App Engine nomulus-20191019-RC00 Automated release at Sat Oct 19 03:01:10 EDT 2019.
grimzy grimzy / php-dev Shell Super simple Docker images for PHP development 1.1.2 - Refactored Docker hook scripts into reusable functions - Fix issue with short tags not being pushed - Fixed `make rm_build` - Removed source branch image name in templates
pedrogneri pedrogneri / gereco Java Competitive events manager written in Java using JavaFX 2.0 All main features working
hanwckf hanwckf / scutclient C SCUT network client on Linux v3.1.2-3
alexseitsinger alexseitsinger / react-simple-input JavaScript An input that has a built in error message. v2.0.0 ### Features - Adds render method for each part of field. ([98b3f56]( - Auto-focuses after handler
malsf21 malsf21 / fraise Swift 🍓a simple and somehow bad word-guessing app v0.4.0 Yet another quick release: adds "Food" and "Sports" word packs, and adds a few more general fraises.
github-actions[bot] hoojaoh / web-platform-tests HTML Test Suites for Web Platform specifications—including WHATWG, W3C and others merge_pr_2926 CSS: Additional grid-template-rows/columns computed value tests WPT for grid-template-rows and grid-template-columns when element is not empty. Note: Some tests crashed Blink before
ernestguevarra nutriverse / zscorer R Weight-for-age, height-for-age, weight-for-height, BMI-for-age, head circumference-for-age, arm circumference-for-age, subscapular skinfold-for-age and triceps skinfold-for-age z-score calculator v0.3.1 Fourth release of `zscorer`. In this release: * fixed an issue with wrong URLs in README documentation. * fixed an issue when calculating BMI-for-age where measurements are 0 resulting in error
shaodahong shaodahong / theme-bear JavaScript 🐻 A VS Code dark theme 🐻 v1.2.1 - fix: list search match background color 9033bac - add snap png 66f0bf0 - add snap 45e8bd5 - feat: add 1.2.0 change df0a8ef
moxuandi moxuandi / yii2-helpers PHP 通用助手类,上传类,helper,uploader,upload v2.2.2 1. `getImageInfo()`方法中获取扩展名使用PHP内置函数; 2. 删除`getThumbName()`方法, 因为仅是字符串替换, 没有比内置函数多什么东西; 3. 调整图片大小: 当宽度
rain9155 rain9155 / BaseAdapter Kotlin :punch:封装RecyclerView的Adapter,减少Adapter重复代码的编写,支持多种itemType 1.0.2 * 使用kotlin重构 * 添加自动加载更多 * 添加空布局
jondy dashingsoft / pyarmor Python A tool used to obfuscate python scripts, bind obfuscated scripts to fixed machine or expire obfuscated scripts. v5.6.4 * Fix segmentation fault issue for Python 3.8
aminmc DigitalPatterns / camunda-process-variable-encryption Groovy Camunda process variable encryption plugin 1.2.Final
NPsim NPsim / P3 C# Pseudo Population Parser 2.0.0 P3 SHA265: 000d1db0ea73966491a2f5cb68a9616ded9c0fa0bad663d7b459fe395a3494b3 MD5: 96257a383db8698a777589c0fc019a49 VirusTotal:
alphaolomi alphaolomi / food-app Dart A minimal 🍔🍚🍝food delivery app v1.0.0
akof1314 akof1314 / Unity-ConsoleTiny C# :zap: Console Tiny is a powerful replacement for Unity's editor console. v1.0.0 Initial release
ralphmorris ralphmorris / exporter PHP Exporter is a package for Laravel that provides a simple csv export of any collection of models. 1.0.2
sdeleuze spring-projects-experimental / spring-fu Kotlin Explicit configuration for Spring Boot using Kotlin DSLs v0.2.1 Upgrade to Spring Boot 2.2.0.RELEASE
level-ci Level / leveldown C++ Pure C++ Node.js LevelDB binding. An abstract-leveldown compliant store. v5.4.0
AntoineAugusti entrepreneur-interet-general / bulletins PHP Bulletins is a simple weekly retrospective tool for multiple projects or teams 0.4.0
jondy dashingsoft / pyarmor-core Python The platform-dependent dynamic libraries for pyarmor v5.5.0 * Support Python3.8
andvgal energicryptocurrency / energi3 Go Energi Core Gen 3 v0.5.7 More info
nondanee nondanee / UnblockNeteaseMusic JavaScript Revive unavailable songs for Netease Cloud Music v0.20.1 - 更换 QQ 音乐 API #274 #280
gurrenm3 gurrenm3 / Gain-a-token-every-10-rounds C# Nk_hook plugin that gives the player a token every 10 rounds 1.0.0 This Nk_Hook plugin will give the player a token every 10 rounds of a game. Note: It only works for 10 consecutive rounds, meaning it's not cumulative between games
alextuan a3rev / wp-email-template-lite PHP This plugin automatically adds a professional, responsive, customizable, email browser optimized HTML template for all WordPress and WordPress plugin generated emails that are sent from your site to customers and admins. Works with any WordPress plugin including the e-commerce plugins WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce. 2.3.0 = 2.3.0 - 2019/10/19 = * This upgrade follows a full security review of the plugins code. Harden code in line with industry best practices, plus a fix for a HTML bug in release version 2.2.11. * Dev
wilzbach storyscript / storyscript Python The polyglot, cloud-native programming language for zero-devops deployments into Kubernetes. 0.25.4 Bug fixes :bug: --------------- - fixed ICE with `output: none` (
juanosarg juanosarg / AlphaAnimals C# Alpha Animals mod for RimWorld 1.0 v1.801 v1.801: - Fixed the Chameleon Yak producing waaay too much wool - Toned down the volumen of Meadow Aves and its variants - Fixed Desert Aves south and north graphics - Removed unneeded message l
thejoaov thejoaov / vs-tray JavaScript System tray application to provide a shortcut for your projects on vscode and github-desktop 0.0.6 - Fixed snap not opening vscode. - Fixed snap not opening github desktop. - Fixed snap not removing projects from tray.
Whisperrr Whisperrr / SensitivityChanger C++ Smoothly randomize mouse sensitivity over time. v0.4 Changed "Iterations" to "Runtime". Removed skew values as I felt they were unnecessary. Fixed issues w/ timing.
wanghsinche wanghsinche / no-sensitive TypeScript Encrypt sensitive words to avoid getting censored v0.0.2 fix some bugs
l0cked l0cked / GAP Go Go Avito Parser 0.1 This is a test case. Do not try to use it. ws://
salesforce-org-metaci[bot] SalesforceFoundation / Cumulus Apex The current version of the Nonprofit Success Pack uat/3.164-Beta_4
Gdeeer Gdeeer / MapMock Java Android 模拟定位工具 v0.2 测试
alexlamsl mishoo / UglifyJS2 JavaScript JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier toolkit v3.6.3 &nbsp;
Ordisoftware Ordisoftware / Hebrew-Calendar C# A tool to generate a hebrew lunisolar calendar v3.4 >Licensed under the terms of the [Mozilla Public License 2.0](LICENSE) >[GitHub Repository]( >[Project Website](
facelessuser facelessuser / label-mgr-action Python Label manager action v1.0.0 Initial official release
tuanwynn rehalt / rforce_desktop no-lang electron desktop application v0.9.0 RForce electron Desktop is no longer supported
jissereitsma yireo / magento2-replace-bundled no-lang Magento 2 meta-package to replace all optional third-party modules bundled with the core 2.3.3
masx200 masx200 / mvvm-reactive-view TypeScript 面向未来的,轻量级,响应式,mvvm,构建视图,声明式,组件化,基于webcomponent ,基于Proxy,支持jsx和hyperscript,前端 javascript 库 1.4.2
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-user-notification C Send Mac OS X Mountain Lion Local User Notification from 4D. 2.5
skthomasjr skthomasjr / api-cli Shell The easy to use CLI for your API v0.0.9 ## [0.0.9]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **choco:** Adding choco support ([0da849d](
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-uti-tools C Utility functions to handle UTI on Mac 1.3
BouKiCHi BouKiCHi / mucom88 C OpenMucom88 project 191019 vgmファイルの出力に対応しました。
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-virtual-key C 4D plugin to post virtual key codes (CAPS, KANA, PRINT_SCREEN, etc.) on Windows and Mac. 2.2
188867052 188867052 / DependencyInjection.Analyzer C# Display all the Dependency Injection services in Mvc or Api project, developers can view all of the services through the browser, include Lifetime(Singleton, Transient, Scoped), ServiceType(IHttpContextFactory, ILoggerFactory...) and ImplementationType(HttpContextFactory, LoggerFactory...) and other User-defined services 3.0 AspNetCore 3.0
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-window-icon C Get and set window icon, carbon or cocoa 2.0
Someguy123 Privex / python-helpers Python Various Python 3.6+ helper classes/functions amalgamated into a single package: privex-helpers 1.4.0 Notable Changes =============== **New Features** - Added `common.inject_items` - a small function for injecting a list into another list at an arbitrary position. **General Improvements
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-xls C++ 4D plugin to write XLS documents 2.1
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-xls-basic-excel C++ XLS II (BasicExcel) 2.1
hoangvvo hoangvvo / next-session JavaScript Simple promise-based session middleware for Next.js v2.1.0 ### Minor - Add support connect style middleware (#39, #40) - Rewrite, improve tests (#43, #45, #47) - Fix touch implementation in MemoryStore (#44, 834910fc2359df600a50be23e5960ca94071f768) #
NillerMedDild NillerMedDild / Enigmatica2Expert ZenScript The official repository and issue-tracker for the modpack Enigmatica 2: Expert for Minecraft 1.12.2 1.70b Hotfix: Fixed Mekanim machines sometime outputting wrong materials, breaking a lot of automation. | Using Forge-1.12.2- | [Changelog (link)](
dagonmetric-contributor myanmartools / zawgyi-unicode-converter-angular-pwa TypeScript Zawgyi Unicode Converter (Myanmar Tools) is a progressive web application (PWA) designed to auto detect and convert Zawgyi-One and standard Myanmar Unicode written in Angular, Typescript, SCSS. v2.0.3 ## Changes * Some UI enhancements * Package dependencies updates ## Live Application [](
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-zint C Barcode generator 2.0
troywilson troywilson / coreos-vboxguest-builder Dockerfile Builds VirtualBox Guest Additions for each CoreOS Container Linux release 2247.5.0 New release for CoreOS:2247.5.0 with VirtualBox Guest Additions:6.0.14
hogepodge hogepodge / go-gitlab no-lang A GitLab API client enabling Go programs to interact with GitLab in a simple and uniform way v0.20.2.hp This is a temporary release to capture the Group Scoped Cluster API
srikanth-lingala srikanth-lingala / zip4j Java A Java library for zip files and streams v2.2.3 Bug fixes: #81 #85 #86 #87 #89
HsOjo HsOjo / UnlockerX Python Near unlock your Mac by Bluetooth device! 1.1.0 1.Fix unlimited lock. 2.Optimize default parameters. 3.Fix/Optimize something. 4.Update blueutil to 2.5.1. 5.Release 1.1.0
owenliou andrasta / tinygltf C++ Header only C++11 tiny glTF 2.0 library Oct. 18th weekly
owenliou andrasta / spdlog C++ Fast C++ logging library. Oct. 18th weekly
owenliou andrasta / shm_transport C++ An attempt to communicate with shared memory for ROS 1. Oct. 18th weekly
owenliou andrasta / msgpack-c C++ MessagePack implementation for C and C++ /[C/C++] Oct. 18th weekly
Anuken Anuken / MindustryBuilds no-lang Latest builds for Mindustry 5326
CataJenkins CleverRaven / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-jenkins-b9785 These are the artifacts from build 9785 of **Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead** experimentals. \ Check <> for details.
jdsingh jdsingh / papertrail-timber Kotlin Pluggable timber tree for Papertrail logging 1.0.3 ### Including in your project ``` implementation 'com.github.jdsingh:papertrail-timber:1.0.3' ``` ### Changelog * chore: update dependencies
MadDeCoDeR MadDeCoDeR / Classic-RBDOOM-3-BFG C++ Classic RBDoom 3 BFG is updating the classic DOOM engine inside DOOM 3 BFG Edition 1.2.0-classic WARNING: The game dll support is nearly complete but there are still bugs while using them. [classicdoom] - Nerve expansion is now optional (like Final DOOM and Master Levels) - When Opening
glmrvn glmrvn / figma-check-library-plugin JavaScript Plugin for Figma validating frame and instance names in the Yandex.Maps DevCore Figma library 1.2
kilb nervosnetwork / ckb-miner Rust ckb miner for avx2 cpu, avx512 cpu and GPU v0.23.0
rstoenescu quasarframework / quasar JavaScript Quasar Framework - Build high-performance VueJS user interfaces in record time quasar-v1.2.3 ## Fixes * feat(api): Add Notify actions prop "noDismiss" example * fix(QSelect): Hide focus target outline (Firefox) (#5321) * fix(ClickOutside): Disregard events emitted on html element
owenliou andrasta / camera_base C++ Some base classes for simplifing ROS camera driver node. Oct. 18th weekly
andy840119 osu-Karaoke / sample-beatmap no-lang Sample beatmap for karaoke ruleset 枯れない花 Name : 枯れない花 Author : 芹澤ミナミ/KOUICHI Singer : ??
alexseitsinger alexseitsinger / react-ssr-backend Python Back-end service for server-side rendering react. v4.0.0 ### Code Refactoring - Changes default view class. ([0ce012a]( - Moves base mixins to subdir. ([f3d
aminophen texjporg / ptex-manual TeX Japanese pTeX Manual 2019-10-19 * Add ptex-guide-en.pdf; This is an English guide of pTeX and friends, for developers not interested in Japanese. * ptex-manual.pdf, eptexdoc.pdf, jfm.pdf: More documentation.
gabeio gabeio / teleport Go Privileged access management for elastic infrastructure. v4.1.2-custom Includes change for github usernames to be login usernames.
k3rn31p4nic TheBastionBot / Bastion JavaScript 🚀 Give awesome perks to your Discord server! v7.6.1 ![v7.6.1]( ### IMPROVEMENTS * Some under-the-hood improvements, to make Bastion even better. ### FIXES * Fixed the `twitch` command not showing the stream status.
Abhinash1995 m2f / FormMaster Java Easily build big and bigger forms with minimal effort 1.2.6
Jamesits Jamesits / BrainPower no-lang PCI express x1 (full-height, half-length) socket to 12V DC adapter with specific MikroTik router mounting holes v0.2 Added RB450 series mounting hole
aunali1 aunali1 / linux-mbp-arch Shell Arch Linux kernel with 2018+ MacBook Pro patches. v5.3.7-1
jayellos jayellos / CameraView Java 📸 A well documented, high-level Android interface that makes capturing pictures and videos easy, addressing all of the common issues and needs. Real-time filters, gestures, watermarks, frame processing, output of any size. v2.3.3
yunwuxin yunwuxin / think-twig PHP ThinkPHP5 的 Twig 模板引擎 v3.0.2
lala437 lala437 / soying PHP 一个对接资源的小模块 v1.1
travi-bot travi / cli JavaScript cli for my various tools v1.21.181 ## [1.21.181]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** update @travi/scaffolder-sub-command to version 1.18.38 ([686acde](https://github
prescottprue prescottprue / firebase-tools-extra TypeScript Extra methods for firebase-tools which support using a service account. v0.2.0-alpha * feat(core): switch to typescript * feat(lint): switch to `@typescript-eslint/parser` over babel * feat(core): add tests
Synthetikaryote AlexFolland / AutoGear Lua WoW convenience addon that automatically handles gear looting and equipping 2019-10-18-release-2 2019-10-18-release-2
KamilLelonek KamilLelonek / exnumerator Elixir Enumerable type in Elixir v3.0 Provided missing implementation of `Ecto.Type` behavior.
danielelkington danielelkington / vue-camera-gestures Vue Let users control your Vue app using AI and their camera in just 1 line of HTML! v0.2.2 ## Bug Fixes - Correctly converting event names to sentence case if custom gesture name not provided - Fixing the width of the whole component to 227px so it's nicely aligned if placed in a large co
travi-bot travi / scaffolder-sub-command JavaScript scaffolder sub-command for commander v1.18.38 ## [1.18.38]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **dependencies:** bumped several packages ([c79143c](
pedker pedker / Space-Invaders C# A version of Space Invaders created for ICS 161 at UCI by Josef Bertolini, Gabriel Eck, and Parker Levin 1.0 # BEL-Space-Invaders This is 1 of 3 projects created for the ICS 161 class at UCI. The purpose was to work in a team of 3 to create a personal recreation of Space Invaders # Download Download and
NillerMedDild NillerMedDild / Enigmatica2 ZenScript The official repository and issue-tracker for Enigmatica 2 1.73a Hotfix: Fixed Mekanim machines sometime outputting wrong materials, breaking a lot of automation. | Using Forge-1.12.2- | [Changelog (link)](
kenvix kenvix / miui-df-dferh-01-fix Shell Fix Google Play DF-DFERH-01 issues on MIUI Chinese version. 修复国行 MIUI 打开 Google Play 始终提示 DF-DFERH-01 的问题 v1.3 Support Android Q
mikeller blheli-configurator / blheli-configurator JavaScript Cross-platform application for BLHeli firmware flashing and configuration 1.2.0 ### Standalone application To use Configurator, just download the archive for your platform, extract/open and run the app. There's no installer yet or auto-update features, so you'll have to retai
antimYT antimYT / BSPInspector C# Viewer for BSP files (Source Engine) v1.2 - Entity viewer for LUMP_ENTITIES (WIP) - Count for lump table viewer (FormShowTable) - Bugfixes
aztechian aztechian / bridgr Go Bridging the air-gap for your artifacts v1.3.0-rc2
ppiyush13 ppiyush13 / react-styled-flex JavaScript Simple, light, unopionated, css standard compliant Flexbox component for React using Styled Components v1.0.9 - make rimraf dev dep ea0f9a8
zrrrzzt telemark / tilskudd-dashboard JavaScript Dashboard for tilskudd 2.0.2 ### Patches - Updates package-lock: 74a41518d1d401d87453463154559f4102ecbfbf - Updates summary to match new stats: d40a738526c372688b7a651e0de415e8bc9ba878 - Removes external dependencies for te
linjialiang linjialiang / programmer Shell 记录本人对相关编程知识的表达方式 v6.0.1
WAVM-AzurePipelines WAVM / WAVM C++ WebAssembly Virtual Machine nightly/2019-10-18 ## Changes: * 4713fa1896aa8ed8df436d02daa6c0120eb92f67 Try to fix clang-format error again. Apparently running clang-format once is not enough... * 1da406cd7de45e889279401909b614713bb8e891 Fix clan
kaystrobach kaystrobach / ext-t3readspeaker PHP TYPO3 CMS Extension to integrate ReadSpeaker Service 2.3.4
Ghawken Ghawken / FrontView C# FrontView+ 1.308 # FrontView ![Image of FrontView+]( ## 1.308 Remote Update for Jriver to version 75
SDGGiesbrecht SDGGiesbrecht / SDGWeb Swift Tools for Generating Websites 4.0.0 ### Breaking Changes - `` has been changed to `nameText`, and `name` now refers to the `TokenSyntax` instead of the `String`. ### New Features - Syntax nodes have more conve
freehk-developer freehk-developer / chrome-ppshk-pay-bot JavaScript Pay bill via PPS HK repeatedly with small amount each time v1.0.7 Ensure progress is calculated correctly when stop. Clear progress when form inputs are changed.
johngf Kodi-vStream / venom-xbmc-addons Python Addon de Streaming français pour Xbmc 0.7.43 ATTENTION : Ceci est une mise à jour automatique il n'y a pas de Zip.
wangbin579 cetus-tools / cetus C 专注于稳定、性能和分布式事务的MySQL数据库中间件(其中性能测试在开源数据库中间件排名第一) v2.3.7 解决了如下问题 1、分库分表环境下,大整数range的问题 2、change db采用COM_INIT_DB,而不是采用文本方式 3、支持utf8_unicode_ci 4、完善部分文档
Corecii Corecii / Roblox-VS-Code-Output-Sync Lua Logs output from Roblox to VS Code 0.0.3 Fixes issues with return and line feed when used explicitly in output.
dustinryerson joyent / conch-ui Vue Web UI for Conch ( v4.0.0-a4
doyoubi doyoubi / undermoon Rust Server-side redis proxy v0.1.2 # Features - [Delete keys after migration]( # Pull Requests - [Add task for deleting keys](
zrrrzzt telemark / tilskudd-logs-stats JavaScript Stats for tilskudd logs 2.0.6 ### Patches - Updates package-lock: cd9d621c3d45e912eaa2cb162ecf07a107b1997a - Changes categories to target formal: 42a13353a17fd4edf6203c104e45938c251c4be0 - Update dependency mongodb to v3.3.3
jh8oh jh8oh / ColorPicker Kotlin A color picker module for Android 1.0.0 The first release of the ColorPicker module
soniadarsh MagnetBrains / colorway-addons CSS This contains updated files of the plugin 1.1.9 * Fixed wp menu bar responsive issue.
hhaveri pastillilabs / sonar C++ A companion daemon for Situations app on Sailfish 0.0.3 - Added list of supported permissions (features) - Added support for uninstalling Sonar - Other useless house keeping
ychxx ychxx / YcUtilsX Java androidx版 1.0
slapin slapin / godot-templates-build Shell Building Godot templates using jenkins 2019_42_1018_1516
developervariety developervariety / FunCaptcha-DatabaseBuilder C# Arkose Labs' FunCaptcha database builder using third-party services v1.1
JPLRepo KSP-RO / TacLifeSupport C# Life Support from Thunder Aerospace Corporation v0.14.0.0 V0.14.0 Re-compile for KSP 1.8.x Add Warning and Critical Warning percentage levels to difficulty settings.
tripleabuilderbot triplea-game / triplea Java TripleA is a turn based strategy game and board game engine, similar to Axis & Allies or Risk. 2.0.16266
weirdbricks weirdbricks / seconds_to_human_readable Crystal Converts seconds to human readable format - up to aeons!!! 1.0
greatcodeeer greatcodeeer / iBAT C# 可视化批处理开发工具 1.8.5897.27296 为2016年2月23日生成
forma-36 contentful / forma-36 TypeScript A design system by Contentful forma-36-website@0.2.76 ## [0.2.76]( (2019-10-19) **Note:** Version bump only for package forma-36-website
lijinke666 lijinke666 / react-music-player JavaScript :musical_note: Maybe the best beautiful HTML5 responsive player component for react :) v4.4.1 # Bug Fixs - fix cannot update state theme when option theme change #59
gain-bot GainCompliance / scaffolder-sub-command JavaScript scaffolder sub-command for commander v1.6.3 ## [1.6.3]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** update @form8ion/hapi-scaffolder to version 1.2.2 ([d7a93e5](h
cwhitten microsoft / botframework-emulator-nightlies no-lang Nightly releases of the Bot Framework Emulator v4.5.2-84429 This is a nightly build of the Bot Framework Emulator. Please consider it to be experimental, and we'd love to hear your feedback over at the [Bot Framework Emulator repository](
yorinasub17 gruntwork-io / kubergrunt Go Kubergrunt is a standalone go binary with a collection of commands to fill in the gaps between Terraform, Helm, and Kubectl. v0.5.8-alpha.1
jaywcjlove uiwjs / uiw TypeScript ⚛️@uiwjs A high quality UI Toolkit, A Component Library for React 16+. v3.7.9 - 🌟 feat(Drawer): Add bodyProps props. 084f5011 - 🐞 fix(Overlay): Fix backdropProps issue. 9bca0374 - 🐞 fix(Input): Fix will receive the calculated padding issue for the input element.
SideFXGameDev sideeffects / GameDevelopmentToolset Python A series of Houdini shelf tools that are geared towards game developers! 1.206 Version 1.206
form8ion-bot form8ion / hapi-scaffolder JavaScript opinionated scaffolder for hapi.js projects v1.2.2 ## [1.2.2]( (2019-10-19) ### Bug Fixes * **integration-test:** populated the PORT required env var ([aa348b4](
treefrogframework treefrogframework / treefrog-framework C++ TreeFrog Framework : High-speed C++ MVC Framework for Web Application v1.26.0 - Added cache modules by SQLite, MongoDB and Redis. - Updated LZ4 compression algorithm to 1.9.2. - Fix a compilation error on Ubuntu 19.10. - Changed the epoll module from multi-thread to sing
jtauber jtauber / greek-normalisation Python utilities for validating and normalising Ancient Greek text v0.2.1 * actually bumped version number in this time
dadaewq dadaewq / Install-Lion-Root Java 安装狮-Root Install apk With Root latest1 ##### 需要核心破解 ##### 直接覆盖安装即可 ##### 切忌替换系统应用
lupas lupas / nuxt-fire JavaScript 🔥 Easily integrate Firebase into your Nuxt 2 project. 🔥 v2.2.1 * Added Firebase Performance to TypeScript definition Thanks to @fachrihawari for the PR.
atetlaw atetlaw / shawshank Swift A small but nifty Swift unit test framework for stubbing network calls. 0.0.5 Updated for Xcode 11, Swift 5
manjotsidhu PitchBlackRecoveryProject / android_device_LYF_mobee01a-pbrp Makefile This is the Device Tree for LYF Water (LS5015) TWRP 2.9.0
zxiaofan zxiaofan / OpenSource_Study Java 日积月累,开源框架学习(Thrift、Dubbo、Spring、Guava ... ) 1.0 由于以前的项目不是maven项目,让项目下载、传输非常不方便,后续本项目将转换成maven项目。原有各模块中的jar等文件可通过此Release下载。
shermp shermp / Kobo-UNCaGED Go UNCaGED, for Kobo devices v0.3.1 * This release implements initial Libra H2O support. Thanks to @geek1011 for the Libra implementation, and to @NiLuJe for the updated FBInk (and go-fbink-v2). * This release also has a fix for #23
yunwuxin yunwuxin / think-social PHP ThinkPHP5 社会化登录组件 v3.0.2
wellmart wellmart / butlerkit Swift Abstraction layer over network layer to uses REST API 0.1.0 Initial release
LeonBlade LeonBlade / PaisleyPark C# A waymark preset tool for FFXIV v1.4.6 * Uses software rendering to fix issues with Riva Tuner conflicts. * Workaround for a specific error with fetching Nhaama definitions.
xjsender xjsender / haoide-vscode TypeScript haoide-vscode is a vscode extension for salesforce development, which is used to replace haoide v0.2.6 ## [0.2.6], 2019-10-19 + **Add** new command ```runSyncTest``` to run syncholize test + **Add** new command ```viewCodeCoverage``` to view code coverage + **Add** confirmation to ```update project`
zrrrzzt telemark / tilskudd-web JavaScript Web frontend for tilskuddsløsningen 3.0.1 ### Patches - Updates package-lock: 70aaf2f1f1f766c38d4a9d6ae065f468409da6d0 - Updates text: 6cc615d994e566e0aef98bd26f7596511fee436e - Update dependency hapi-auth-jwt2 to v8.8.0: 8a3afb28c37c4e
tombrus ModelingValueGroup / jenkins-offline Shell offline plugin update site tools for jenkins State-2019-1019-0506 release State-2019-1019-0506 created on 2019-10-19 05:06:22
firumon MilestoneInnovativeTechnologies / SS PHP Smart Sale for ePlus 1.1.1 # 1.1.1 1. Added user executive table 1. Installations steps added
davesag davesag / api-server-boilerplate JavaScript My own API Server Boilerplate codebase 1.0.7 Updated various dependencies
Athlon1600 ctbuh / laravel-auth-sso PHP Universal Auth Provider for Laravel v0.8.6
github-actions[bot] opspresso / jx Shell Docker Image - jenkins-x/jx v2.0.892
Aroweeri Aroweeri / star_shooter GDScript A turret shooter where you shoot stars to gain energy to stay alive longer. See how long you can keep your asteroid base powered! Made using Godot. 2.1 Remove ability to resize due to severe performance issues when maximized.
timoline timoline / PSRES PowerShell RES Workspace Manager / Powerfuse - powershell module Nightly
acksponies katmore / flat PHP an experimental framework for php v1.4.9 improvements to HTML serialization
KScottDB KScottDB / bayoudgui C# BAd YOUtube-Dl GUI. pronounced bah-you'd-gu-wii 0.5
J-Kallunki J-Kallunki / react-reset-html TypeScript Style-reseted HTML elements as React-components 0.2.0 - Create HtmlUl based on HtmlOl - Release with Github Package Registry
aaronzjc aaronzjc / mu Go Mu-热榜聚合 v3.0 经过一个多月的闲时开发,很开心终于完成了v3.0版本。目前该版本实现了自己最初所有想要实现的功能,也就是说,该版本会是一个长期版本。如果没
isomorphic-git-bot isomorphic-git / isomorphic-git JavaScript A pure JavaScript implementation of git for node and browsers! v0.68.0 # [0.68.0]( (2019-10-19) ### Features * Added 'walkBeta2' command ([#897](
davesag davesag / swagger-routes-express JavaScript Connect your Express route controllers to restful paths using your Swagger definition file 3.1.0 * supports Swagger v2 definitions with security blocks that do not have scopes (#68) * various refactors and internal improvements * various updated development dependencies
ErrorErrorError ErrorErrorError / SSKeyboardHue Swift GUI to control MSI Laptop's per-key rgb keyboard on a mac. 1.0.0 This is a compiled version of SSKeboardHue. This is still in development and some features may break as I add more features. So far, Steady and Reactive modes work on MSI GS65 and MSI GE63.
Crytilis Crytilis / mids-reborn-hero-designer C# Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer in collaboration with Pine and Maslow Contains several fixes for both the application and the database. Patch notes can be found in our discord (linked in the ReadME) Installer, and Zip Archives containing Windows binaries as well as
release-drafter[bot] deresmos / actions-test Python GitHub Actions test v0.0.4 ## Changes - Add Labeler (#6) [@deresmos] - branch (#4) [@deresmos] ## Features - Add release action (#2) [@deresmos] - Label sync action (#3) [@deresmos] ## Bug Fixes - update label
aemdesign aem-design / docker-jenkins-base Shell base image for jenkins has all dependencies pre installed 1.0.53
wyouflf wyouflf / xUtils3 Java Android orm, bitmap, http, view inject... 3.8.3 Http默认重定向实现支持相对路径 优化db初始化接口, 增加TableEntity#createTableIfNotExists(), 方便主动创建表(默认首次存入数据前创建)
Alex009 icerockdev / moko-mvvm Kotlin Model-View-ViewModel architecture components for mobile (android & ios) Kotlin Multiplatform development release/0.3.0 - **`ViewModel.coroutineScope` renamed to `ViewModel.viewModelScope` like in Android Architecture Components**; - `UIDispatcher` on iOS now support `doOnTimeout`. Implemented `invokeOnTimeout`; - `L
rcunning tensil / govips Go A fast and robust image library for Go built on libvips 1.5.2
MEGAMINDMK Web-Net-Official / HTML A Chromium Web Browser, Fast and reliable, Which doesnot track you v5.1 Build v5.1.1997.2019 Browser features: 1.Added Auto Updater The software now checks for new updates on every 20sec Downloads it and installs it for you & promtps u about new version Note:If a
daviedR sukiwp / suki PHP A highly customizable, lightweight, and lightning fast WordPress theme 1.1.1 See changelog.txt
mccahan lgndhq / exif2geojson PHP Generate a GeoJSON FeatureCollection from a group of JPEG files' EXIF GPS data v0.1
zihang740 zihang740 / BaseUI_OLD Java BaseUI老框架 1.1.5 Android框架项目
jean1398reborn jean1398reborn / Augmented Python A simplistic -PYGAME- rpg game. v0.3-alpha Made it so attacking actually deals damage. Uncomplete Features: Map select. Instructions Character select Attacking Winning animation
JamesRobertHugginsNgo JamesRobertHugginsNgo / jsmvc CSS JavaScript MVC 2.0.3
ecomteck ecomteck / module-edit-order-email PHP Magento 2 edit order email extension by Ecomteck 1.0.1 Release version 1.0.1
ecomteck ecomteck / module-guest-to-customer PHP Magento 2 guest to customer extension by ecomteck 1.2.4 Release first version 1.2.4
ecomteck ecomteck / module-share-cart PHP magento 2 share cart extension for magento 2 1.0.0 Release first version 1.0.0
henriwoodcock henriwoodcock / easyDataScience Python easyds pronounced "easy deez". A python package for data science beginners. v0.0.1-alpha Very initial release of the code, showcasing image data imports.
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / dev-env Shell A development environment built upon docker v0.0.353 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump jenkins-x/dev-env-base from 0.0.399 to 0.0.400 ### Dependency Updates | Dependency | Component | New Version | Old Version | | ---------- | --------- | ---------
loopyme CQU-AI / pymips Python Run MIPS with python! v1.2.0
superpck superpck / angular-clarity TypeScript Getting start application with angular 8.2.9, angular-cli 8.3.8, and clarity 2.2.2 8.2.11 Angular CLI version 8.3.12 AngularJS version 8.2.11 Clarity Design System 2.3.0
rweichler rweichler / EQE Lua system-wide parametric equalizer (iOS) a12
endormi endormi / dev-portfolio CSS Portfolio website built with Hugo, which is hosted on v.1.0.2 New hugo site
JPLRepo JPLRepo / ResearchBodies C# ResearchBodies is a Kerbal Space Program mod that adds the functionality of tracking bodies to explore them. V1.11.0 V1.11.0 *Re-compile for KSP 1.8.x *Code Garbage generation improvements. *Add Remote Tech antenna to TB-75. *If you encounter a planet without having discovered or fully researched it it will now
santutu santutu / laravel-echo-client PHP laravel echo client for laravel echo server v2.0 working with laravel
tabalt tabalt / gracehttp Go a simple and graceful HTTP server for Golang v1.3.0 fix can not access property or method of http.Server
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / dev-env-base Makefile Base container images for the dev-env ( v0.0.400 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 2.0.886 to 2.0.892 ### Dependency Updates | Dependency | Component | New Version | Old Version | | ---------
lutzroeder lutzroeder / netron JavaScript Visualizer for neural network, deep learning and machine learning models v3.4.4
xiaodit xiaodit / duxcms-2.1 PHP DUXCMS 2.1 多语言版本 v2.2.6 【增强】筛选功能 单个分类可以选择多个选项 #13 【添加】单页标签 73185503fa20e29147c22a2d1fff6df8e73ee843
stoas-seung stoas-seung / seung-commons Java seung java common utils 19101913
BitokuOokami BitokuOokami / CardMachine no-lang The new and improved way to generate HPP card games! v1.0 This is the original old version used to create 1.6 version of TSSSF.
eGust eGust / manhuagui.flutter Dart A Flutter App for manhuagui v1.4.0 1. Upgraded dependencies 2. Fixed some UI issues 3. Bug fixes
gurrenm3 gurrenm3 / Start-Game-at-Round-15 C# Nk_Hook plugin that starts a new game at round 15 1.0.1 Fixed plugin so you now start the a new game on round 15, without having to go through round 1. Plugin now works as intended
lixun910 lixun910 / pygeoda C++ pygeoda is a python library for spatial data analysis based on libgeoda and GeoDa 0.0.3 ## version 0.0.3 Please find windows installers (.exe) for pygeoda 0.0.3 here. This version provides the following features: * Spatial Weights * Queen * Rook * Distance based
liyishuai coq-community / coq-ext-lib Coq A library of Coq definitions, theorems, and tactics. [maintainers=@gmalecha,@liyishuai] v0.10.3 ## Added - CoMonadLaws class. (#63) ## Changed - CoMonad functions: renamed `coret` to `extract`, and `cobind` to `extend`. (#63) `coret` and `extract` are still available as aliases, for ba
Jadens-arc Jadens-arc / scripty Python An open-source IDE for Python, Java, and C++ v1.2 Finally C++ support with its own indentation control
outbred outbred / Audio.Normalizer C# Normalizes all mp3 and wma files for a given directory (Windows, Linux and Mac) 1.0 Provides a commandline interface to normalize audio files of type wma, mp3, and/or m4a. Optionally, unnormalized files can be moved to another folder after conversion, or deleted (dealer's choice).
mxss mxss / micron C# minimal .net core framework v1.0.0-rc1
jfcherng jfcherng / my-mdbootstrap JavaScript My custom modified jQuery mdbootstrap free.
kgns kgns / weapons SourcePawn CS:GO Custom Weapon Options (Skins, NameTag, StatTrak, Wear/Float, Knives) v1.4.1 - Added CS20 case skins and knife - Added P250 X-Ray - Added seed options for skins per weapon/knife ( thanks to @Shane1390 )
lakshmiDRIP lakshmiDRIP / DROP HTML Fixed Income Analytics, Portfolio Construction Analytics, Transaction Cost Analytics, Counter Party Analytics, Asset Backed Analytics 4.37 # DROP **v4.37** *18 October 2019* <p align="center"><img src="" width="100"><
BruceTing BruceTing / blogcdn no-lang blog cdn 1.28 pload ideaInitspringboot pics
joeyism joeyism / py-edgar Python A small library to access files from SEC's edgar 2.0.0
alighasemzadeh shirazsoft / validation PHP Persian Validation For Laravel. v1.3 Update ReadMe base on ANetWork/Validation
zhycn zhycn / muyie Java MuYie BOM and server-side library for all Spring Boot projects. 1.0.1 1. Upgrade version to Spring Boot 2.2.0.RELEASE 2. Upgrade version to druid 1.1.20 3. Upgrade version to hutool-all 5.0.1 4. Change Result object to Response
Qi-max Qi-max / amlearn Python Machine Learning Package Targeted for Amorphous Materials. v0.2.3
dacort dacort / bingdaily Go Set your macOS desktop image to the Bing Image of the day v0.1.0 Hello, world! The first release of an actual binary! Checks the Bing website hourly and downloads the image of the day and swaps your desktop to it. Also comes with links to the related quiz a
tgiphil mosa / MOSA-Project C# Managed Operating System Alliance Project v1.9.7.256-dev Development Version - v1.9.7.256
nICEnnnnnnnLee nICEnnnnnnnLee / BilibiliDown Java 包含PC端UI界面的B站 视频下载器。支持收藏夹、UP主视频批量下载 😳仅供交流学习使用喔 V4.2 * 修复bug: 关闭扫码图/关于框时,如果有活动的任务,会错误地弹出提示 * 去除WebSocket依赖,实时弹幕相关可以参考[弹幕点歌姬](
maartenba JetBrains / YouTrackSharp C# .NET Standard 2.0 Library to access YouTrack API. 2019.2.3 ## Breaking changes * Deprecated `UsernamePasswordConnection` * Update API endpoint used to retrieve current user information ## Features * See previous releases ## Enhancements * See previo
lyswhut lyswhut / lx-music-desktop JavaScript 一个基于 electron 的音乐软件 v0.8.0 #### 新增 - 新增网易云源歌曲搜索 - 新增网易云源歌单 - 新增各平台通过输入歌单链接或歌单ID打开歌单详情列表,目前只适配了**网页版歌单链接**
bgrainger mysql-net / MySqlConnector C# Async MySQL Connector for .NET and .NET Core 0.60.0 * **Possibly breaking** Implement conversions in GetFieldValue<T>: #716. * Add C# 8 nullable annotations to public API. * Support `Tables` and `Views` schemas in `MySqlConnection.GetSchema`: #
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / homebrew-jx Ruby This is the homebrew repo for installing the jx client for Jenkins X v0.0.618 ## Changes ### Chores * deps: bump from 2.0.886 to 2.0.892
ruan7986638 ruan7986638 / RC-icon no-lang 战舰世界MOD:战舰少女R + 舰队Collection版队伍战斗列表与科技树图标插件 089版舰R舰C版战斗列表。 新增/修改/更新立绘:加利福尼亚,西姆斯,怨仇,加利索尼埃,玛索,可怖,朱桑诺,蒙特库克利,扎拉,哈巴罗夫斯克。
ruan7986638 ruan7986638 / Kancolle-icon no-lang 战舰世界MOD:舰队Collection版队伍战斗列表与科技树图标插件 089版舰C版战斗列表。 新增/修改/更新立绘:加利福尼亚,西姆斯,怨仇,加利索尼埃,玛索,可怖,朱桑诺,蒙特库克利,扎拉,哈巴罗夫斯克。 更
peterkahl peterkahl / version-to-age PHP Software age gauge. Estimates age of browser and OS software. v8.20
ShionFujie ShionFujie / RxStateMachine Kotlin An RxJava 2 operator for the typical state machine management. 1.0.0 Initial release! * New: * `state-machine`: * `Observable<A>.stateMachine` - Transforms the receiver stream into a state machine stream. `stateMachine` operator: ```groovy imp
ruan7986638 ruan7986638 / RC-UI no-lang 战舰世界MOD:战舰少女R + 舰队Collection版主题包 089版舰R舰C版主题包。 新增/修改/更新立绘:加利福尼亚,西姆斯,怨仇,加利索尼埃,玛索,可怖,朱桑诺,蒙特库克利,扎拉,哈巴罗夫斯克。 更
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-apple-window-title-bar C Make window content view display behind title bar 1.3
ruan7986638 ruan7986638 / Kancolle-UI no-lang 战舰世界MOD:舰队Collection版主题包 089版舰C版主题包。 新增/修改/更新立绘:加利福尼亚,西姆斯,怨仇,加利索尼埃,玛索,可怖,朱桑诺,蒙特库克利,扎拉,哈巴罗夫斯克。 更换
viiiprock we-mak / w-design TypeScript A React UI library is built with styled-components v0.34 - `ImageRatio` - `List` #### Add Hooks - `useField` - `useForm`
malramsay64 malramsay64 / phd-thesis TeX My (currently work in progress) PhD Thesis on Understanding Crystal Growth v0.3.0
marblenix marblenix / minecraft_downloader Rust Downloads Minecraft's server.jar file latest
ChadRoesler ChadRoesler / Ec2Manager C# Simple Ec2 Manager for end users Ec2Manager-v1.0.14 Ec2ManagerOkta-v1.0.14
huangxuewu huangxuewu / entree Vue Entrée Point Of Sales 1.0.00 1.0.00 version requires latest Nodejs version Mongodb v4.2 above
jgalar lttng / lttng-tools C The lttng-tools project provides a session daemon (lttng-sessiond) that acts as a tracing registry, the "lttng" command line for tracing control, a lttng-ctl library for tracing control and a lttng-relayd for network streaming. v2.9.14 ## 2019-10-17 lttng-tools 2.9.14 (Wear Something Gaudy Day) * `Fix: sessiond: TOCTOU error on save of session configuration` * `Fix: tests: replace truncation-prone logging helper`
lanhktc lanhktc / s-cart HTML Free Laravel e-commerce for business: shopping cart, cms content, and more... Hot fix error cms
nervos-bot-user nervosnetwork / ckb-cli Rust CKB command line interface v0.23.0
Shake-N-Baker Shake-N-Baker / LunarHexAndroid Java Puzzle Game - Android, Java (Port of LunarHex made with Adobe Flash) 1.1.0 Added privacy policy, adaptive icon, updated scroll to next level logic and other minor updates.

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