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github-actions[bot] 33kk / DankChat Kotlin Don't you guys have phones? debug
github-actions[bot] AlonMaor14 / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha 6cf6b1226b71615e7e664ab6344af692b275f870 - Updated at 2021-07-08T18:00:53+03:00
github-actions[bot] ELDEpendenci-Addons / ELDependenci-GUI Java Graphic UserInterface (Inventory) API for ELDependenci 0.0.1 (寫下你的更新)
github-actions[bot] Michaelliv / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha a7189da2a8f044950e6df3fe0488291939abe83a - Updated at 2021-05-27T19:33:53+03:00
github-actions[bot] RekGRpth / git-clone-shell-action Shell git clone shell action v1
github-actions[bot] RobertoBochet / nc-notes TeX My notes for PoliMi course 'Nonlinear control' latest
github-actions[bot] andysan / openocd no-lang Spen's Official OpenOCD Read-Only Mirror (no pull requests) latest
github-actions[bot] aviaIguazio / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha c42b16e1957e3d9dd054db127ba9fe4162dee9f2 - Updated at 2021-07-08T15:05:11+03:00
github-actions[bot] casey7083 / synthea Java Synthetic Patient Population Simulator master-branch-latest
github-actions[bot] hayesgb / mlrun Python Machine Learning automation and tracking unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha a49730f89a582231d22b3d898b6522c6a5c4dca0 - Updated at 2021-07-22T14:55:45+03:00
github-actions[bot] mavdryk / ui JavaScript MLRun UI unstable Latest unstable release - Git sha e7aa757ad9fa0bb07f468f7c82489bdd5ccf33fc - Updated at 2021-05-06T19:20:39+03:00
ENez7 ENez7 / apple_plugin Java Minecraft plugin 1.0
github-actions[bot] fengFork / openwrt_Build Shell 一键多编译固件 09.20_
Carlgo11 Carlgo11 / guest-portal PHP External UniFi guest portal v0.3-beta.2
cracker911181 cracker911181 / Cracker-Tool Python All in one cracker911181's tool 2.3 Termux Framework Added! Some Bug Found! I'will Fix This soon. Thank you🤩
github-actions[bot] JonathanCosta / wppconnect JavaScript WPPConnect is an open source project developed by the JavaScript community with the aim of exporting functions from WhatsApp Web to the node, which can be used to support the creation of any interaction, such as customer service, media sending, intelligence recognition based on phrases artificial and many other things, use your imagination. nightly ## [1.8.15-alpha.0]( (2021-09-20) ### Bug Fixes * Adicionado mensagem quando não informado o ID ([#345](https://githu
Aron-HD Aron-HD / personal-website JavaScript Personal portfolio built with gatsby, contentful and graphql. v1.1 Release draft for milestone Implement features deployed to production. Additonal features include mobile responsive header and nav menu, improvements to dark / light mode toggle, and including icons f
github-actions[bot] yardbirdsax / action-aws-assume-federated-role no-lang A GitHub Action for assuming an AWS IAM Role using federated authentication 0.0.1
P4TRI0T P4TRI0T / PythonScanner Python PythonScanner is simple portscanning application written in python. cybersecurity Python Scanner is a simple port scanning application written in python.
jcanizalez AzBuilder / azb-client JavaScript Client for Cloud Builder Application. 0.1.0 - New menu (select organizations, workspaces, registry) - Improved Organizations creation UI - Improved Workspaces creation and details UI - Improved Module creation and details UI - Improved Sta
thbrown thbrown / softball-sim Java Compilation of algorithms for choosing optimal softball/baseball/kickball lineups based on historic offensive data. These algorithms can be invoked via the CLI by supplying arguments to the built jar, or through the web application. v1.0 Added new optimizers. Consumes json instead of comma separated stats.
shadcl shadcl / shad-blockchain C A tiny blockchain I developed for reference in an ongoing debate with a few colleagues regarding embedded blockchain viability. v0.1 pre-alpha
cblauvelt cblauvelt / docker-cppbuilder-gcc10 Dockerfile A docker container for building C++ projects with GCC10 that targets amd64 v1.0.0 Initial release with components: | Package | Version | | ------- | ----------------------------------------- | | GCC | gcc (Ubuntu 10.3.0-1ubuntu1~20.04) 10.
jeremyschulman jeremyschulman / aio-eapi Python Arista EOS API asyncio client v0.2.0 New Device class: ```python from aioeapi import Device ``` Legacy Device class (from asynceapi) still exists.
Lakatrazz Lakatrazz / UtinyBoner C# GUI and API library for working with Engine assets, serialized and bundle files v1.0.0 Initial release of UtinyBoner.
Bleb1k Bleb1k / Fractalium JavaScript Hello world'ish project of a fractal v0.1 Just to share
matheusdoedev matheusdoedev / pharma-inc-web TypeScript Pharma Inc patients manager dashboard v0.2.0
fpelogia fvcalderan / SelecNatProj C# Férias Mid-2019 v0.1-alpha
gadhagod gadhagod / chrome-extension-cli-client JavaScript Nodejs client for chrome-extension-cli aaravb_1.0.0
xXhen2527Xx xXhen2527Xx / bashXcmd Batchfile Bash on Command Shell? hUh? v1.0.0 # Changelog - New help commands - bash currently commands # This is ongoing construction! Please contribute to help me!
LeeBergstrand Micromeda / pygenprop Python A python library for programmatic usage of EBI InterPro Genome Properties. 0.9 - Added improvements to make Pygenprop compatible with newer versions of InterProScan5 (IPR5). Newer versions of IPR5 generate output TSV files with `-` in place of blanks to denote no data. These `-`
JesseCoretta JesseCoretta / go-schemax Go Abstract X.501 directory schema constructs and methods v0.0.0-alpha Inaugural release
iaematt iaematt / cafeapi PHP CaféApi Library é um pequeno conjunto de classes desenvolvidas na formação Full Stack PHP Developer da UpInside para integração ao webservice de uma plataforma SaaS desenvolvida no curso. 1.0.0 Apenas uma biblioteca FSPHP **FSPHP API Library**
Torphedo Torphedo / BOTW-ModdingGuide no-lang This repo hosts a text guide on installing and modding BOTW in the Cemu emulator 1.0 Added batch scripts for automating BCML install.
zizi0101 ikasaba-lab / ikanet no-lang paperのフォーク・paper最適化os v0.0.0 作っているのでとりあえずお経を書いときます 観自在菩薩 行深般若波羅蜜多時。照見五蘊 皆空。度一切苦厄
r4v10l1 r4v10l1 / 4chan_downloader Python Downloads all images from a 4chan board. I know, I am addicted to downloads. Release1 ### Installing ``` shell cd 4chan_downloader python -m pip install -r requirements.txt python3 ``` ### Configuration * You
lfiske1 lfiske1 / Tocohpy no-lang this is atest optics This is the first release of Tocohpy. The current functions are tested for the largest parts, but the functionality is still somewhat limited. We expect major additions in the upcoming months.
TeamSkorpz TeamSkorpz / Python Kodi Repo Bingie BingieTV is a cloned version of BeeTV!
hubert001 hubert001 / retardedproject CSS Created with StackBlitz ⚡️ release 1
AlexandreSales AlexandreSales / DelphiStarsRating Pascal Delphi Stars Rating 1.0.1
skrashevich skrashevich / n8n TypeScript Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services. nbn@0.138.0-mysqlca
MTrop BlackRookSoftware / JSON Java This library contains classes for converting Objects to and from JavaScript Object Notation. 1.1.3-RELEASE Changed in 1.1.3 ---------------- - `Fixed` Reduced memory allocations in JSONWriter.
Desperationis jghsrobotics / InuLib C++ A simple PROS library for the V5 system. v0.1.0 Features: * Thread-safe Slewing System * Thread-safe PID System
santiquiroz santiquiroz / Node-googleDrive-printer JavaScript A basic node program that keeps looking for a file in a path to print. v1.0.0 This is the first stable version of the printer software, it makes what its sopose to make... print files located in a directory and errase them afther that.
TechnicallyCoded TechnicallyCoded / Inventory-Rollback-Plus Java Spigot/Bukkit plugin that allows server moderators to restore player items and data from backups. v1.6.2-beta Please report any issues you find. This is scheduled to be released in about 1-2 days. **Changelog:** - Added option to change the plugin prefix in chat - Added information to button when one-cli
Mich2899 cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-Mich2899 Shell assignment-4-Mich2899 created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-part2-complete
gatsbysghost gatsbysghost / terraform-google-gke-helm-vault HCL Terraform module to generate a Hashicorp Vault cluster on GKE 0.1.1 This release has identical code to 0.1.0, but it also has an updated README that clarifies some points that I did not explain very well in the initial README.
Roco-scientist Roco-scientist / NGS-Barcode-Count Rust Counts barcodes within next generation sequencing data. DEL, CRISPR, and barcode-seq 0.5.0
qbolsee qbolsee / ArduinoCore-fab-sam C This is a fork from arduino/ArduinoCore-samd on GitHub. This will be used to maintain Arduino support for SAM D|L|C (M0+ and M4F) boards including the MattairTech Xeno Mini and the MT-D21E (see It adds support for new devices like the D51, L21, C21, and D11. It also adds new clock sources, like a high speed crystal or internal oscillator. 1.6.18-alpha2 Changes: - openocd points to Arduino's 0.9.0 - fix bug with "burn bootloader" This release and next ones can be installed by simply adding this .json to "Additional Boards Man
maximedaraize maximedaraize / create-scss SCSS scss starter, available as a npm package. Include directory structure, depedencies and script to ease your development process 2.7.2 dependencies updates
lujunsan lujunsan / metabase-php-api PHP Simple Metabase API wrapper written in PHP v1.0
rlaguilar rlaguilar / rlottie C++ A platform independent standalone library that plays Lottie Animation. v0.1.0
elementemerald elementemerald / SquadsV C# An open-source GTA V ped squad script. v1.1.1.4 [+] Added hate player checkboxes
MORIMORI0317 TeamKun / High-Low-Sensitivity Java ハイ・ローセンシMOD v1.0 yattaze
ImajinDevon ImajinDevon / htmljv Java An HTML builder for Java. 1.0.0 # Changelog - HTML support - CSS support
luizgustavocosta luizgustavocosta / progamacao-reativa-em-java-com-spring Java Programação reativa com Spring H2 MongoDB 0.0.1 Getting started, first step concluded.
kolypto kolypto / py-jessiql Python JessiQL: a JSON query engine for SqlAlchemy v0.0.1 First release. Looks like it works. No documentation yet, sorry
digisomni vircadia / vircadia-docs-sphinx no-lang User documentation for Vircadia. tester-1
vedattt vedattt / bilkent-stars-extension JavaScript A Firefox extension providing improved functionality to the Bilkent STARS platform. v2.1.0 First GitHub release.
littlebru Trabalhos-Fatec / Identify-unique-user Java Projeto desenvolvido para a empresa UOL como Projeto Integrador do 6º semestre de ADS v.0.1 ## Requisitos entregues (Sprint 01) - Levantamento dos requisitos [(link para board no Azure)]( - Implementação
ssakone indevgroup / Qaterial no-lang 🧩 Collection of Material Components based on QtQuickControls2. 2.0
thedudxo thedudxo / SaveSystem C# Save and load binary data by creating small, independent serializers v1.0
chen1354773309 chen1354773309 / lede no-lang Lean's OpenWrt source v1.0.0 R4S固件
prdossantos prdossantos / movie-app JavaScript Webapp integrando os filmes de v1.0.0
10sr 10sr / flake8-no-implicit-concat Python Flake8 Plugin that Forbids Implicit String Literal Concatenations v0.1.5
Quahu Quahu / Qmmands C# An asynchronous .NET Core 2.1-2.2 command framework. 5.0.0
nickroethemeier nickroethemeier / udrac Roff Dell DRAC Remote Console Micro-Launcher v0.8 New release that supports a Command Line arguement mode. I am using this to launch from Royal-TS. Mac version isn't quite working right now. Suggest that you launch it from an installed copy
Elliot98102 Elliot98102 / elliot98102 no-lang Hello v1.0.0 1.0.0
ogabrielaraujo ogabrielaraujo / guard TypeScript Simple Express package for authorization handlers, using JWT and Typescript Stable **Features** - guard (middleware) - generate token - verify token - dotenv configs
luc0 luc0 / coin-chart PHP Making a Crypto chart, using Laravel + Inertia + Vue v0.0.8 Cripto list and chart prices. This release contemplates part 8 of tutorial.
fikisipi clean8s / peekcty Go JSONPath for go-cty (the Golang serializer & validation library). v1.1.0
github-actions[bot] The-Next-Bug / k8s-node-watcher Go A tool that watch k8s nodes. v0.0.6 ## k8s-node-watcher-v0.0.6 (2021-09-19T23:12:56Z) Warning: This software is ALPHA quality. Use at your own risk. ## Changelog a881679 Adjust how release builds to not include version number in pack
slicedlime slicedlime / Heartless no-lang The Heartless Minecraft resource pack v1.0 First release of the pack.
slicedlime slicedlime / NoHit mcfunction The NoHit Minecraft challenge datapack v1.0 First release of the challenge pack
tfoxy tfoxy / graphene-django-optimizer Python Optimize database access inside graphene queries v0.9.0 Add support for Graphene 3. # BREAKING CHANGE Graphene 2 is no longer supported. You can use v0.8, which will be maintained for fixes.
Rishab-Shah cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-Rishab-Shah Shell assignment-4-Rishab-Shah created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
Core-Quest Core-Quest / NoItalics-Port-to-Quest C++ PC Port of NoItalics v0.1.0 First port I think it went well ## NoItalics gets rid of Italics:)
MohamedElHassan MohamedElHassan / Learning-GitHub no-lang Just for learning purposes v1.0 # this is the first Release
haileyajohnson Unidata / tds Java THREDDS Data Server v5.0 _Version 5.0_ The THREDDS Data Server (TDS) version 5.0 release was announced on September 20th, 2021. This is the first release of the 5.x TDS and includes many bug fixes, enhancements, and a vari
github-actions[bot] wppconnect-team / wa-js TypeScript WPPConnect/WA-JS is an open-source project with the aim of exporting functions from WhatsApp Web v1.0.0 # [1.0.0]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * Added all methods of UserPrefs ([5e1a24c](https://github.c
azemoh azemoh / vs-one-monokai C# One Monokai theme for Visual Studio v1.1 - Fix bug causing XMAL designer crash
chinali321 chinali321 / Padavan-build no-lang Padavan 自动编译 ac2100 ac2100
christianurich christianurich / DynaMind-ToolBox C++ DynaMind-ToolBox v0.15.4-29
Anonim17PL Anonim17PL / print-rj C++ Program for printing timetables from the Train Driver 2 game. v1.0 First version.
PowerChaos PowerChaos / vaporshop PHP Webshop voor VPS Data 0.0.1 this is just a rewrite of version 2.0 to conver for vpsdata writing everything to pdo and OOP This versio does NOT work yet exept for the display of the homepage
crowdbotics-apps crowdbotics-apps / voteing-universe-by-30687 Python This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics build_3
bauer23 bauer23 / docs no-lang The open-source repo for untagged-dfff1a29552cad195564
constantable constantable / fluent-bit-yc-logging Go Fluent Bit Yandex Cloud output plugin v1.0.0
horsicq horsicq / XPEViewer C++ PE file viewer/editor for Windows, Linux and MacOS. 0.02
Hiro4ToPyonkiti hotsoul / HTML ホームページ用リポジトリ v1.0.0 出来たところから順次公開 - ホーム - 会社案内 - お問い合わせ - プライバシーポリシー
dazong-chen cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-dazong-chen Shell assignment-4-dazong-chen created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
github-actions[bot] Salvia-Network / salvia-blockchain Python Salvia blockchain python implementation (full node, farmer, harvester, timelord, and wallet) 0.6.7
naisanzaa TheShellLand / antsable Shell Ants that could. Ants that able. Ansible v2.20.0 ## fixed fix typo fix +x bit fix MacOSX brew reinstall fails if package already installed fix amd-remove.yml fix ansible fix ansible config fix ansible config retry files path to repo path fix
mcolburn liturgiko / homebrew-tap Ruby Releases for Doxa liturgical software by the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) 0.2.7 Pre-beta test version
Exerros Exerros / xreplacer C++ This program is designed for multi-threaded recursive information replacement in files. xReplacer The update of the program code is now complete.
dollscythe dollscythe / android-dollhouse no-lang ADB & Fastboot GUI/wrapper. Optimized for Google Pixel devices, but works great with any USB Debuggable android device. v0.1-alpha First public release. Major functionality is still disabled.
GutierrezDaniel GutierrezDaniel / testCurso no-lang Practica de Git Curso Udemy v1.0.0 #notas
ArielHernanPR ArielHernanPR / JavaScript Servidor básico de sockets con express v1.0.0 #Notas: Servidor de socket configurad sin lógica de negocio
jonschoning jonschoning / espial-share-android Kotlin Provides an Android Share intent for adding bookmarks to Espial release-0.0.1
github-actions[bot] voro015 / external-dns Go Configure external DNS servers (AWS Route53, Google CloudDNS and others) for Kubernetes Ingresses and Services external-dns-helm-chart-1.2.0 ExternalDNS synchronizes exposed Kubernetes Services and Ingresses with DNS providers.
chth2844 cu-ecen-aeld / assignments-3-and-later-chth2844 Shell assignments-3-and-later-chth2844 created by GitHub Classroom Assignment-4-part-1
DrPsychick DrPsychick / go-alexa-lambda Go Alexa golang library to generate skill + interaction model as well as serve requests with lambda or as a server. v0.1.0 * multiple locale support * intents and slots support * prompts support * custom errors support * not yet feature complete
Senkowo Senkowo / Fox-Client C# awa ItWorks The first actual working fox client.
midhun9 cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-midhun9 Shell assignment-4-midhun9 created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
Tyneor Tyneor / workout-graphs Svelte Convert CSV files generated by the Strong app into graphs v0.1
chipslays chipslays / rss-feedly PHP 📢 Simple RSS feed reader for PHP. 1.0.0
benjilebon benjilebon / SaphyreMod Java Minecraft mod made for fun, inspired by my best friend's dog 0.1 Initial Release - Saphyre Ore Generation - Gifting System - Saphyre items + upgrades - Crafting Recipes (except smelting) - Networking
guppyexpress guppyexpress / PimaxLightFix C# a Mod to fix the lighting issues on a Pimax Headset on beatsaber PiFix1.6.9 Fix the lighting issue on beatsaber **Without** Parallel Projections! your welcome. i will be maintaining this mod and getting it more accurate as possible!
MatteoMartinelli97 MatteoMartinelli97 / Dijkstra-and-AStar Kotlin A simple implementation of the 2 famous single source shortest path algorithms: Dijkstra and A*. v1.0.0 #First stable release This release provides correct Dijkstra's and A* algorithms performing on a Graph<T> or a Grid2D. Input files are accepted for grids. Visualization of searched nod
gitiliya gitiliya / musictestbot JavaScript Something I work on when I am bored. V1.0 First version of this bot, not expecting anyone to use it other than for reference.
tarampampam hook-sh / fetch-doppler-secret no-lang This GitHub action allows receiving the secret from v1.0.0
JohnathonKoster Stillat / statamic-power-views PHP Provides a simple way to inject YAML or PHP data into Antlers templates through filename conventions. v1.0.0 - Initial release :)
Ahdhn owensgroup / RXMesh C++ RXMesh: A GPU Mesh Data Structure - SIGGRAPH 2021 v0.1.0 This is the initial release of RXMesh that contains the code which can be used to reproduce the results presented in the SIGGRAPH 2021 paper.
TheLeerName TheLeerName / FNF-Dusttale-android C Android port of dusttale mod v1.0 ## ADDITIONS: - Mobile inputs from [luckydog7 funkin-android]( - About menu in options - Some dots in descriptions of options ## CHANGES: - **App tit
jtaugusta06 jtaugusta06 / tensura-fonts no-lang A repository containing the fonts that were created based on a series named "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken" or in short "Tensura". v1.0 The very first version of my released Tensura-based fonts.
Sigmanificient Sigmanificient / Tequila-bot Python 📘 A discordpy bot to manage a fictional organisation 1.0
martyf mitydigital / statamic-xml-sitemap PHP An XML sitemap generator for Statamic 3 v1.2.1 Added support for PHP short tags on the base template.
kae-mihara kae-mihara / ImageMergeTool C# 图片拼接小工具 v1.2.2333 self-contained means already contained .net 5 runtime thus it can run without installing a standalone .net 5. 带有self-contained后缀的打包文件已经包含.net 5运行时,可以在没有
amrojjeh amrojjeh / RayTracerChallenge C++ My implementation of the ray tracer challenge, done in C++ to learn C++ as well as Ray Tracing 0.1 The result from chapter 1
simonyan-artur simonyan-artur / Spotify-to-mp3-using-RPA no-lang RPA projects tfx-v1
eriknyquist eriknyquist / twitch_monitor_discord_bot Python A discord bot for monitoring when twitch streamers go live, and some other fun/silly stuff. v1.2.2
GlennBrann GlennBrann / ManySheets Swift Custom SwiftUI Bottom Sheet Components 1.0.1 Setting minimum version of iOS 14 for the package.
codepetiter codepetiter / Unithing C# Provides attributes for customizing inspectors of Unity scripts. v1.0.0 Unithing's first release.
bizzehdee bizzehdee / bzBencode C# Lightweight and efficient open source C# bencode library, encodes and decodes bencoding data 1.0.3 Initial github release
github-actions[bot] MrMarble / datadis_hassio Python Home Assistant custom component for Datadis v0.1.0 ### Feature * Add english translation ([`848b97c`]( * Add config flow ([`7c5d4a9`](
blindye blindye / aao_guides no-lang AAO Guides for MSFS2020 fbw_a32nx_exp Xtouch template for A32nx experimental (sep/2021)
xKenKOfficial xKenKOfficial / xKenChat Java Plugin for chat server. v1.0-Beta # It is a chat management plugin for our server. With it you can chat: - turn off - to turn on - clean And the plugin also has a built-in anti-spam so that there is no clutter in the chat. Pe
fayssalchokri fayssalchokri / revonskernelbyfayssalchokri Rust full kernel by Revons Community revons
iftekharAmurad iftekharAmurad / altstore no-lang Patreon version of AltServer. #Original: #Developer: v1.5b7 # AltServer Beta AltServer 1.5b7 download link [AltServer Windows]( [AltServer macOS]( [AltStore Beta ipa](h
mrtcntn mrtcntn / critical no-lang Extract & Inline Critical-path CSS in HTML pages v4.0.2
Sliicy Sliicy / 8x8x8-LED C# Project that can control an 8x8x8 LED matrix cube and display anything on it. v1.0 This release contains a fully functional program capable of animating any 8x8x8 LED cube over USB Serial that adheres to [Tomazas' LED firmware]( The cub
byteface byteface / sharpshooter Python a template language to create files and folders. a parser could be written in any language 0.0.1 First release of tree (sharpshooter) sharpshooter is the name of some random gardening tool that plants tree shrubs or something. as you can imagine coming up with a name to put your project on pyp
jasondeutsch jasondeutsch / f Go A small utility for crafting shell commands in an editor prior to execution 0.0.1 minimally functional
banool banool / aus-crypto-capital-gains-calculator Rust Figures out capital gains per coin based on a Coinjar transaction record csv ee0a573
MariaGabrielaReis Equipe-Polaris-DSM-2021 / web TypeScript Portal Web do projeto desenvolvido no 2º semestre de DSM na FATEC Professor Jessen Vidal, SJC- SP. sprint-01 ## Sprint 01 Entrega final para a primeira sprint do API do 2º semestre de 2021 - DSM. Para conferir a documentação desta sprint, [clique aqui](
organic-software organic-software / sage TypeScript Ω live website builder written in deno v0.1 Initial release.
SundarKrishnakumar cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-SundarKrishnakumar Shell assignment-4-SundarKrishnakumar created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
manuth manuth / MarkdownConverter TypeScript Provides the functionallity to convert MarkDown-files to html, png, or pdf using Visual Studio Code. v4.0.0 ## MarkdownConverter v4.0.0 Hello Everyone Who Still Sticks to MarkdownConverter! Thank you so much for being patient for such a long time. I finally managed it to fix all issues and add all features
abeltranp9476 abeltranp9476 / cripto-generador PHP Libreria PHP para generar direcciones de criptomonedas. 1.1.0
lexemz lexemz / Swiftbook-Students-Summaries Swift Резюме студентов Swiftbook (группа 22) 1.0
VizIT VizIT / lesson JavaScript Provide basic functionality common to online, web based, instruction. v1.0.0 First release of the lesson classes containing common functionality useful for dynamic instructional content.
github-actions[bot] KenanY / big-factorial JavaScript Calculate the factorial of big numbers. 1.0.4 ### [1.0.4]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** big-integer@1.6.49 ([d8d1187](
metavercity metavercity / wvessel Shell A script wrapping vessel, a motoko package management tool, to handle multiple versions or download the latest binary v0.0.1 First release.
hatane-rgb hatane-rgb / YJUBOT Python this my discord bot ver1.0 First release! Command /sodayo =そうだよ(迫真) /iiy =いいよ!こいよ! this bot japanese only. Installation URL↓
KingAkeem KingAkeem / gotor Go This program performs OSINT analysis on Tor sites. The program has both a CLI and REST API. v1.0.0 This is the first release of the goTor service.
h0rn3t h0rn3t / xxtea JavaScript xxtea 0.2.3 fix
nguyenanhung nguyenanhung / telegram-messenger PHP Send Messenger with Telegram BOT API v1.0.10 - [x] Add GitHub Action Workflows - [x] Optimize code để tối ưu khả năng tương thích và tốc độ với PHP 7 trở lên
github-actions[bot] onwingslnz / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt-update Shell OpenWrt for Amlogic S9xxx STB. Support STB are S905x3, S905x2, S922x, S905x, S905d, s912, etc. such as Phicomm-N1, Octopus-Planet, X96-Max+, HK1-Box, H96-Max-X3, Belink GT-King, Belink GT-King Pro, UGOOS AM6 Plus, HG680P, B860H, etc. openwrt_s9xxx_lede_2021.09.20.0556 This is OpenWrt firmware for Amlogic S9xxx STB * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: none I
minblock minblock / lua C++ Employing Interstellar mapping techniques v19.0.1
williamsimionatto williamsimionatto / BackendAssociacaoWhaside TypeScript Repositório do trabalho final da disciplina de Teste de Software, pela Universidade de Passo Fundo - 2021/02 1.0.0 Primeira versão funcional do sistema para a Associação Whaside
porsager porsager / flems JavaScript A single file web playground and sandbox v1.5.5 Start using releases
github-actions[bot] kalilistic / NeatNoter C# A note-taking plugin for Dalamud. 0.1.0+63
MvpAlej MvpAlej / EagleHub1 C# Coming Soon. Beta Eagle Hub UI Beta testing
dhtzs dhtzs / FBLinkTester Python FBLinkTester facilitates the entire process of deeplink testing Facebook's mobile application on your Android device from your local machine v1.0.0 This release introduces the initial version of FBLinkTester, under the MIT license.
VizIT VizIT / vfield JavaScript Successor to efield, a more generalized approach suitable for arbitrary vector fields, and better organized, more modular, code. v1.0.0 Initial version of VField, a vector field visualization library. This version can draw field lines or vector fields. Sources are either charge configurations, or an arbitrary vector valued function. I
github-actions[bot] pwrdrvr / microapps-core TypeScript MicroApps is a framework for rapidly deploying and managing many micro apps that share a CloudFront, API Gateway, SSL Certificate, and domain. A key feature is the ability to target users to different versions that exist simultaneously in each env or to test older and newer versions to confirm regressions or changes in behavior. v0.0.9 ### [0.0.9]( (2021-09-19)
abhimanyu003 abhimanyu003 / sttr Go cross-platform, cli app to perform various operations on string v0.1.0 ## Changelog 10cbcf4 Adding banner.svg 99f3c38 Adding goreleaser.yml and workflow. e8d2110 Adding goreleaser.yml and workflow.git eea9788 Adding idea and vscode folder to ignore list 4d73fcd Adding i
github-actions[bot] Sauceke / BepInEx.LoveMachine C# Support for some interactive sex toys in Koikatsu, Honey Select 2 and Koikatsu Sunshine v2.2.0 Changelog: - [KK, KKS] Added setting to suppress motion blending for better immersion - Device scanning now stays on for as long as the game is open
mondeja mondeja / pr-linked-issues-action Shell Get which issues will be closed by a pull request. v1.0.0 Converted codebase to POSIX, removed bash as dependency.
temmyscope temmyscope / jsondb PHP Simple Php Test JSON Database; useful for development mode testing v0.1.0
KhaledSakr KhaledSakr / overlord TypeScript A runner for your scripts so you don't have to deploy them. 🚀 v0.1.0
nettoflix nettoflix / IsasSelling2 Java Aplicativo de organização das vendas da mamãe alpha Parcelas ainda em desenvolvimento
madl3x madl3x / x-scara C++ SCARA CNC and 3D printing machine FW0.4 0.4 Beta === - Moved to Beta stage: **all basic functionality (homing, bed-leveling, EEPROM configuration) implemented & working** - Added coordinate transformation modes to support bed-levelin
gwynne vapor / ci Shell Support files and configurations for Vapor's CI v0.1
JeFaitDesSpaghettis JeFaitDesSpaghettis / HMCD C C version of HMPD(HI3 Manga PHP Downloader) v1.2.0 More error checking Command line arguments are now parsed using getopt .sh and .cmd files below simply clone and builds HMCD, you will need git cmake and libcurl Extract-HMCD.exe contains the binar
fernandalschumacher fernandalschumacher / skewlmm R Scale mixture of Skew-Normal Linear Mixed Models v1.0.0 The main functions smn.lmm() and smnn.lmm() were changed to pass control options through the lmmControl() function. The default estimation method was changed to the DAAREM method, to improve the gene
JeffWooden JeffWooden / scarecrows mcfunction This datapack adds scarecrows that enables players at repulsing some monster types. v0.95 Content added: - Uninstall function
coni coni / coni_launcher Python Minecraft Launcher CMD, usable with any Linux terminal or with CMD on Windows latest To use the launcher, download "[coni_launcher-win64.exe](". If the game don't work, try to instal
louisyoungx louisyoungx / corvid-19-report Python 江西省普通高等学校-校园防疫-健康签到,自动转发学习情况到QQ群 - 免登陆进入系统 - 自动下载Excel表 - 解析Excel表中未打卡名单 - 将未打卡名单转发到QQ群 v1.0.0-alpha (测试版)-江西省普通高等学校-校园防疫-健康签到,自动转发学习情况到QQ群 - 免登陆进入系统 - 自动下载Excel表 - 解析Excel表中未打卡名单 - 将未打
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa4 / a no-lang a https://a.a a a
d-biehl d-biehl / robotcode Python RobotFramework support for Visual Studio Code v0.2.1 ### added - improve test run messages - add "Taks" to section completion - add colors to test output
sassman cargo-generate / cargo-generate-action Dockerfile GitHub Action to run the cargo-generate tool in order to simplify testing for template authors v0.10.0 Latest Release
thilbert05 thilbert05 / ionic-componentes-app-03 TypeScript App de prueba de los Componentes UI de IONIC v1.0.0 Componentes UI de IONIC v6
behrens-de behrens-de / tik-tak-toe JavaScript A TikTakToe Game pre-alpha
louisyoungx louisyoungx / big-learn-report Python 青年大学习(爬虫+数据处理+自动发送未完成名单到学院各个班群) v1.0.0-alpha 持久化每日执行版
AdamMiltonBarker aiial / all-detection-system-for-oculus-rift C# Combines Oculus Rift's Virtual Reality technologies with a Deep Learning Classifier to provide real-time classification of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in peripheral blood samples within a Virtual Reality environment. v1.0.0 Release 1.0.0
arinthros arinthros / common JavaScript Common utils and scripts 0.2.1 - Added cra-no-conflict - Testing new github actions publish workflow
rochdiNassah rochdiNassah / ecommerce PHP eCommerce web application. v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] MHMami25 / ImageResizeTool TypeScript 丁度よいサイズになるように画像リサイズするツール v.1.0.1 ## Release v.1.0.1 - v.1.0.0にて、指定した値でリサイズされない問題を修正。 ### 制限事項 - 画像読み込まずにリサイズしてもエラー画面が出力されま
sassman cargo-generate / cargo-generate Rust cargo, make me a project v0.10.0 ### ✨ Features - [feat: prompt for subfolder upon multiple templates]( ![demo](
github-actions[bot] Requarks / wiki-vnext JavaScript Alpha Dev - Next version of Wiki.js 3.0.13 - 33042ae misc: update build.yml - 940788d docs: create FUNDING.yml - d729fa0 docs: update README - c094e73 misc: update build.yml - 61b9a41 misc: delete release.yml - 4bea03c misc: update build.
github-actions[bot] EPMatt / reviewdog-action-tsc Shell Run tsc with reviewdog :dog: refs/tags/v1.0.0
GarboMuffin TurboWarp / desktop JavaScript TurboWarp as a desktop app v0.10.0 - New addon: Grab single block with Ctrl key (enabled by default) - New addon: Hide new variables - New addon: Extra key support - Windows and Linux: You can now zoom the window with Ctrl+Equal
AlexOwl AlexOwl / donationalerts-api TypeScript Internal DonationAlerts API interaction (NodeJS) v1.1.0
louisyoungx louisyoungx / corvid-19-prevention-clock-in Python 江西高校支付宝校园防疫批量自动签到。将要批量签到的同学信息填入excel表中,注意不要多出空格或其他字符,保存后运行程序即可完成批量签到。选用csv主要是为了方便Linux环境下操作,没有安装excel的同学也可以直接使用记事本编辑,以逗号分隔各数据项即可。 v1.0.0-alpah 功能不稳定,还在测试中
crsten ElderAS / accesscontrol-manager JavaScript Clean and verify all your CRUD operations in one place v1.4.1 ## [1.4.1]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * **index:** add options to pre and post transform functions ([8b969c0](https://githu
Kipjr Kipjr / ldap_login PHP piwigo plugin ldap login 2.10c Several bugfixes and added features: - fix operations error after ldap_search() - Issue with ldap_sync should now be fixed. - Added option to NOT import mail from LDAP. - added button to delete
rllola BitcoinAmiens / docker-dogecoin Dockerfile Docker script to run dogecoind. wow. v1.14.4
suatdm suatdm / getir-readingisgood Java Spring Boot rest endpoint with security/jwt v Initia
whereof whereof / laravel-hprose PHP Hprose RPC 服务 in Laravel/Lumen 1.0.3
VenkatTata cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-VenkatTata Shell assignment-4-VenkatTata created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
tanersener tanersener / ffmpeg-kit C FFmpeg Kit for applications. Supports Android, iOS, macOS and tvOS. Supersedes MobileFFmpeg. v4.5 Bug-fix release based on FFmpeg v4.5.x. **Features** - Includes `FFmpeg v4.5-dev-2008` **Supports the following device specifications** - Android - Android 7.0 (API level 24) or later
dbrowne dbrowne / rust_client Rust Simple TCP client v0.1 Test publish
flavoi flavoi / diventi Python Diventi is a role-playing game that embraces fun, encourages storytelling and helps game masters to prepare their fantastic adventures. 1.0.0-beta.9 ### Added - [ebooks] Integrated Datatables with filter, ordering and pagination functionalities - [machina] Integrated open graph support for forum list and detail pages - [payments] Introduced a d
saloni1307 cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-saloni1307 Shell assignment-4-saloni1307 created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
github-actions[bot] tacheshun / krank Go Nmap wrapper v0.0.10 ## Changelog 2b1904f Merge pull request #1 from kant/patch-1 0adc153 Minor proposal on link on paragraph 22
talentlessguy deno-libs / estuary TypeScript Unofficial Deno API client for Estuary, a custom IPFS / Filecoin node 0.0.0
mvuljevas kayzenstudio / kayzen-website HTML Kayzen Studio Website alpha-0.7.1 First Release
NefariousTechSupport NefariousTechSupport / IGHW_Editor C# A modding tool for PS3 games made by Insomniac Games v0.01 • Opening of RACF ACiT Text files is supported • Lol that's it cry about it
mhthies mhthies / knxdclient Python A pure Python async client for KNXd's (EIBd's) native Layer 4 KNX protocol. v0.4.0 - New method `set_group_apdu_handler()` for setting a non-asynchronous callback function for handling incoming group telegrams - New method `iterate_group_telegrams()` for asynchronously iterating in
JosephRPalmer JosephRPalmer / signalman Python A small application to poll a remote endpoint for response code or text v0.1.11
agmsmith agmsmith / os-probe Shell Linux os-probes file to detect Haiku OS and add it to the GRUB menu. v1.0 Added the Haiku OS package manager detection, and kept old pre-package manager detection. Seems to be working. Could be spiffed up by using Haiku host name in the title, but that's usually le
kibertoad fastify / fastify-awilix JavaScript Dependency injection support for fastify 1.2.0 * Add support for [classic injection]( #35
haiw2 haiw2 / FRIDA_GADGET_2_APK_ONE_SCRIPT Batchfile 编译、注入FRIDA-GADGET、反编译、密钥库生成、签名一站式脚本,拒绝频繁操作,拒绝纷杂的网络资料 0.1.0-beta.1 第一次尝试通过图形化程序实现一站式注入FRIDA-GADGET到APK
DeepSkyWonder DeepSkyWonder / dsw Python A collection of tools used by Deep Sky Wonder. v0.0.12 This is a pre-release that includes some tools for working with 'rebound' and code for cepheid template fitting.
mohamedhany01 mohamedhany01 / simple-phonebook-manager Java A simple phonebook manager built with Java/Swing and MVC Pattern/Architecture Java **Phone Manager v1** ============ **End-user features** - Add data "Username/Phone Number" to the app. - Loading all data added automatically from the file storage database **Develo
tim-smart ARISEChurch / discord-invite-roles TypeScript Bot for adding roles to members who join via invite links 0.1.42 * yarn upgrade * Add release workflow
FondUnicycle FondUnicycle / Armored-Foxes no-lang Texture pack that renders the armor and attachables on foxes 1.4 Fixes the rendering of the 1.17 spyglass.
github-actions[bot] goToMain / libosdp C Implementation of OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol, IEC 60839-11-5); provides a C/C++ library with Python3 bindings to control/manage OSDP enabled security devices. Mailing list: <> v2.0.0 This major release brings support for new features added in IEC Edition 1.0 of the OSDP specification and other bug fixes and API changes. Enhancements: - pytest: Add test coverage in pytest - sc
Digitalroot Digitalroot-Technologies / SQLiteWrapper C# This program was written to make reading and writing to a SQLite database easy. v1.0.0 Initial Release for .Net 5
MakerFabio MakerFabio / 6chNanoESC no-lang 6 channels brushed ESC or Arduino nano with TLE94112 with auto power off V0.1_beta first draft release of a package with sketch version V3.6 PCB and schematic version s01p01_beta
JosephRPalmer JosephRPalmer / greenlight Python A small application to poll a remote endpoint for response code or text v0.1.10
im-mortal Warhammer-Mods / arkhan_scrap_upgrades Lua This Total War: Warhammer 2 mod adds in scrap upgrades for the Tomb Kings using Canopic Jars. Each of the four main Tomb King factions have unique upgrades which cost 100 jars, in addition to a plethora of upgrades for the Tomb King roster, ranging from 30 - 80 jars. v1.2.0 Added scrap upgrades to Arkhan's Skeleton Spearmen/Warriors & Archers.
nugget nugget / cowgod Go bot source code 4.1.4
fdaubine fdaubine / Align2Custom Python Commands to align the 3D View to the custom orientations in Blender V1.0.0 First stable version
delltalal delltalal / TexturesMapper Java It maps CRC32 textures to their addresses and prints the yaml file for Topaz Reality's PCSX2 plugin. v2.0 First layer subdirectories are mapped and commented in the script. Yaml script auto transfers into the txtconfig folder.
mramirez-gh mramirez-gh / angular-adv-adminpro JavaScript Repositorio del curso de Angular Avanzado fernando v1.0.0 Rutas Angular implementado Rutas hijas
TetsuNoGemu TetsuNoGemu / 2D-collisions Processing Testing how to create a sistem able to calculate collisions on a 2D space involving speed, acceleration and a dinamic map games First formal simulation where collisions work
Ogefest Ogefest / filehunter Java Simple, fast, open source file search engine 0.2 - all core features work - create a new index, filtering to avoid indexing unwanted files, search in the index - download files - API first approach - react based gui
DYLERN COS301-SE-2021 / Atbash Dart Bit by Bit - Atbash - Atbash is a messaging application, where the privacy of messages is the top priority. Message content is only visible to the sender and the recipient. initial-release
PuspenduBanerjee PuspenduBanerjee / python-fpe Python FPE - Format Preserving Encryption with FF3 in Python 0.10.3 transparent chunking test case and documentation update.
colisee colisee / rpi-disk-create Shell Copy a raspberry-pi disk image to a hard disk v1.0 Initial version
CodeConfidant CodeConfidant / randstr-random Python Python package for generating strings with random characters. v1.1.2
timelyportfolio timelyportfolio / sunburstR JavaScript R htmlwidget for interactive sunburst plots v2.1.6 # sunburstR 2.1.6 * add labels for `sund2b` slices based on
basharast basharast / wut HTML Windows Universal Tool 1.0.10 - **Commander:** New commands added - **Added:** AllowLocalhostAccess.bat (Allows the app to connect to the telnet server on desktop) - Bug fixes - One button to open any file (Thx Lasitha Samarasi
github-actions[bot] lnxjedi / ssl-pairgen Go Utility for generating Kubernetes ingress-nginx user private CA and p12 files. v0.1.0
suicvne suicvne / SpaceCadetPinball_Vita C++ Decompilation of 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet Release_1.1.1_VitaBuild1 This is the first Public Vita Build of Space Cadet Pinball (from Win95/98/XP originally). **NOTICE** In order for the game to run, you will need to place your legally obtained data files from you
BurhanuddinMerchant BurhanuddinMerchant / portfolio JavaScript My Portfolio Website Template v1.0.0 A template for creating your own portfolio website. Example hosted [here](
github-actions[bot] coreybutler / node-windows JavaScript Windows support for Node.JS scripts (daemons, eventlog, UAC, etc). 1.0.0-beta.6
night-codes night-codes / summer Go Simple control panel for Golang based on Gin framework and MongoDB v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] jaywcjlove / coverage-badges-cli TypeScript Create coverage badges from coverage reports. v1.0.0 [![](](
johnmgrimm johnmgrimm / multicurrency-rai-chrome-extension TypeScript Live conversion of multiple currencies to RAI in Chrome browser v1.0.0
Harish-cheenu Harish-cheenu / Spotify-clone JavaScript spotify api call React-Spotify-Clone-v0.1-beta
Iwhite67 Iwhite67 / DiscordEuroscope C++ Rich Presence Discord feature for VATSIM Euroscope v1.2.0 Drop both file in your LFXX/Plugins Folder
toastygm toastygm / hm-loc-hundholt JavaScript An important settlement of Fethael Hundred in the Kingdom of Kaldor, Hundholt Manor is a small village on the Silver Way v1.0.0 Initial release
JOTSR JOTSR / Denum TypeScript Deno utilities for numeric and science v0.0.0 Initial release
stomydent stomydent / PassTopia Python A small executable to create passwords and stuff locally. Comes with a GUI. alpha
d1snin d1snin / usb-notifier Kotlin Just a simple application, which will produce some sound when any of your usb devices is being connected. 1.0.0-74e0af9e ```diff + beta version ```
beezus beezus / usps-api PHP A PHP wrapper for the USPS Address Verification API v1.0.0
d3ward d3ward / nextntp HTML Higly customizable and mobile friendly startpage v1.0.0 First release of Next NTP as extension ! This will improve a lot the load speed . ###How to setup Extension on Kiwi Browser - Download .crx or .zip - Go to Settings>Home Page and set to "
0x0is1 0x0is1 / cricbot-mkII Python Cricket bot for discord stable-release
Fabrizio04 Fabrizio04 / Multi-Installer PHP Multi-Installer, una piccola soluzione, per il tuo I.T. più semplice e divertente. v2.7
rksk rksk / wso2-custom-health-check Java A custom health checker to monitor the number of loaded tenants into the memory at a given time. TenantLoadingHealthChecker
Mindirix Mindirix / hrAppNative Java hrAppNative made as a graduation project for basic android development . v0.1 hrAppNative v0.1
goeh goeh / weather-collector Java This Java program read data from a weather station (Davis Vantage Pro2) and store it in a SQL database v1.4.2 ## Changes * Updated to **Gradle 7.1** to make it **JDK11** compatible @saveriogzz * If no datastore config is found, the default is now **jdbc** * If no JDBC configuration is found, the default
frett27 mqttiotstuff / ESP32_promiscuis_mode C++ Passive Wifi Packet Observer and BLE advertising packets serial sensor, used for presence detection, security and indoor location v0.1
DodoGames7 DodoGames7 / BetterFosscord JavaScript Allows you to use BetterDiscord on Fosscord Demo Client. stable firstest version of the betterfosscord as a crx file
exellian exellian / wc3-ft-proxy Rust A simple tool that let you play warcraft III Frozen Throne over VPN v1.0.0 ## Description This tool is a tcp proxy combined with a udp discover mechanism. This enables you to play Warcraft III Frozen Throne over more complex network configurations like a VPN (Zerotier One,
vcaesar go-vgo / robotgo C RobotGo, Go Native cross-platform GUI automation @vcaesar v0.100.0-RC1
DodoGames7 DodoGames7 / DodoMod JavaScript Allows you to Load Goosemod on Fosscord Demo Client beta firstest version of DodoMod as a Crx File
prataffel prataffel / mauview Go A Go TUI library based on tcell. v.0.1.3 Add that `ctrl+w` removes a the previous word
aaukhatov pepperkit / tabasco Go Simple a placeholder text generator tool v0.1.0 First release! :tada: :raised_hands: :+1: :confetti_ball: - Easy to generate a placeholder text with the proper size
poirofi poirofi / Tower-Defense C# SI-Agate 1.1 [Tower Defense](
r3n33 FreeSK8 / OSRR-Flash-Utility Python A tool for updating the firmware on the OSRR v1.1.0 Initial OSRR Flash Utility release: * Packaged with OSRR firmware v0.1.2 > NOTE: For OSX users. In our testing we were not able to successfully flash the ESP32 with due to the inabil
james-minor james-minor / portfolio-website JavaScript Repository to store public portfolio files. v0.1-beta **Beta Version - 0.1** The core features of the portfolio are in place. Missing features: - Better responsive design - Mobile formatting - Increased site interactivity
goeh goeh / weather-visualizer Java Java program that render weather data using FreeMarker templates v1.3.1 ## Changes * If no JDBC configuration is found, the default database is now H2 (was MySQL)
github-actions[bot] AbstractUmbra / Hondana Python An asynchronous and Pythonic API wrapper for the Mangadex v5 API. 0.3.1 ## Added - `` coroutine to download chapters. - Automated builds and releases. ## Changes ## Fixes - Docs having old unusable links. ### Notes
leszekkrol universityofgames / 2d-progress-bar-toolkit C# Elevate your workflow with 2D Progress Bar Toolkit 1.0 First release
abodinagdat16 abodinagdat16 / ArabWare_Media-Player-X Java Developed By Arab Ware "YouTube Channel" 1.0 This Library Developed by Arab Ware "YouTube Channel"
DragonEggBedrockBreaking DragonEggBedrockBreaking / carpet-fixes Java fabric-carpet extension mod which attempts to fix as many vanilla minecraft bugs as possible. Feel free to add as many fixes as you want! v1.1.0
github-actions[bot] csa026 / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt no-lang OpenWrt for Amlogic S9xxx STB. Support STB are s905x3, s905x2, s905x, s905w, s905d, s922x, s912, etc. such as Phicomm-N1, Octopus-Planet, X96-Max+, HK1-Box, H96-Max-X3, Belink GT-King, Belink GT-King Pro, UGOOS AM6 Plus, HG680P, B860H, etc. openwrt_s9xxx_lede_2021.09.20.0419 This is OpenWrt firmware for Amlogic S9xxx STB * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: none I
snallapa snallapa / BookmarksEdgePanel Java Bookmarks for Samsung Galaxy edge easy way to open bookmarks v4.0 * Updating all our libraries * no more dependencies on outside sources for favicon downloads
elbrujohalcon spawnfest / beamoji Erlang SpawnFest 2021 - 🪄 v0.1.0
scwb4265 secret-city-wildbots / AutonomousPathPlanner Python Custom autonomous path planner designed to integrate with a modified pure-pursuit path following algorithm. Includes features to support swerve drives. Please contact the team if you would like the Windows installation files. v2.2.1 v2.2.1 > Significantly improves the initial software installation experience.
lucasrrogerio luisaesposito / tecnomarias Java [UFF] Plataforma Web para facilitar a inclusão de mulheres no mercado de trabalho, auxiliando a conexão entre empresas e mulheres que desejam ingressar na área de STEM. A aplicação oferece um ambiente centralizador de ofertas de emprego, proporcionando oportunidades de desenvolvimento profissional exclusivas para o público feminino. 0.2-SNAPSHOT
pharuxtan IcosaSwitch / IcosaSwitch JavaScript Tools for Switch Hacking v2.1.0 <h1 align="center">IcosaSwitch</h1> <p align="center"><img src="" alt="Ico
Frostygames0 Frostygames0 / Elemental-Amulets Java This repository contains Elemental Amulets mod. v0.6 Will be uploaded on curseforge later
github-actions[bot] EmortalMC / Marathon Kotlin An endless parkour gamemode latest
ztangent ztangent / Julog.jl Julia A Julia package for Prolog-style logic programming. v0.1.11 Fixed inconsistency that prevented the evaluation of zero-arity custom functions.
lusu007 kryonitelabs / kryo-messaging Java A lightweight messaging library that simplifies the development and usage of RabbitMQ with the AMQP protocol. 1.0.0 A small messaging library that simplifies the setup and works with RabbitMQ and the AMQP protocol. **Additions** - Generate Javadoc and deploy to Github Pages - Basic Messaging implementation and
markusjwetzel ProAI / react-transporter JavaScript :truck: React.js GraphQL client v0.6.0
github-actions[bot] baonks / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt Shell OpenWrt for Amlogic S9xxx STB. Support STB are S905x3, S905x2, S922x, S905x, S905d, s912, etc. such as Phicomm-N1, Octopus-Planet, X96-Max+, HK1-Box, H96-Max-X3, Belink GT-King, Belink GT-King Pro, UGOOS AM6 Plus, HG680P, B860H, etc. openwrt_s9xxx_lede_2021.09.20.0412 This is OpenWrt firmware for Amlogic S9xxx STB * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: none I
kerim371 tierra-colada / cppguts Python python package (tool) aimed at C++ source code correction (automatic copy/paste of functions definition) v0.1.0 Initial release. Tested on Windows 10 but shoud work on other platforms as well
github-actions[bot] galran / Glimmer.jl Julia A Julia package for UI development v0.1.0 ## Glimmer v0.1.0 **Merged pull requests:** - add documentation workflow (#1) (@galran)
Mararok Mararok / hexcore TypeScript Hexcore is framework to build hexagonal architecture designed apps 0.2.4 first
medyo medyo / JavaScript Hackertab turns your New Tab page into a geeky one that keeps you as a developer updated with the best tools, news, jobs and events. v1.9.4 👋 Hello World, As **requested** by many of you, we've added new sources to enrich the content: - Lobsters ( - Hashnode( - FreeCodeCamp (https://www
felixfilipi felixfilipi / BOT-Anime-Downloader-RPA Batchfile This is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project using UiPath to build an anime downloader robot. With this application, you don't even need to open or do anything. Just type what anime you want, which episode (BATCH allowed), and the quality you preferred, and the robot will look for what you want for itself. :grin: v1.0 Indonesia's subtitled Anime downloader robot with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath version 1.0
EJocys JocysCom / FocusLogger C# Find out which process or program is taking the window focus. In-game controls could temporary stop responding if other program steals the focus. Initial release.
github-actions[bot] DanielHabenicht / MMM-json JavaScript MagicMirror Module for displaying Information from your local kiwigrid (solarwatt) installation v1.1.2 ## [1.1.2]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * trigger release for last commit ([6ec994c](
davidnixon davidnixon / bqapp Vue Barrington Quartet web site code v1.0.1
UltiRequiem UltiRequiem / yeah Go 😎 Yet Another yes clone but in Golang v1.0.0
MuktaDarekar cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-MuktaDarekar Shell assignment-4-MuktaDarekar created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-complete
adrianmarino adrianmarino / commons R R common. library 0.0.1
cloneconf cloneconf / UpGG Java Simple android app to upload files to v1.0
syropian syropian / vue-input-autowidth JavaScript A Vue.js directive that resizes an input's width to fit its contents. v2.0.0 **This is a brand new release that is compatible with Vue 3 and written in TypeScript.** Please consult the [v2 documentation]( for installat
Rendanic opitzconsulting / ansible-oracle Jinja Oracle related stuff. Installs RAC/RAC One Node/Single Instance 2.0.0-oc This is the 1st Release for ansible-oracle from OPITZ CONSULTING. All releases will have -oc as a suffix to distinguish between oravirt and opitzconsulting. The list of changes is big, because ora
xxpogboy xxpogboy / Simple-python-calculator Python This calculator is VERY basic and only supports the following equations; Adding, Subtracting, dividing, multiplying. Make sure to open in vscode or it won't work calculator Only has adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying available. Will add more soon
adereksisusanto adereksisusanto / codeigniter4-snippets no-lang CodeIgniter4 Snippets for Visual Studio Code 0.0.9 # Change Log All notable changes to the "codeigniter4-snippets" extension will be documented in this file. Check [Keep a Changelog](
github-actions[bot] techshot25 / Haversine.jl Julia Greater Circle tools for Julia to be used for fast and broadcastable geospatial calculations using spherical coordinates v1.1.0 ## Haversine v1.1.0 [Diff since v1.0.0]( Added a struct with keywords to take advantage of mutable types **Closed issues:** - @Jul
pazner pazner / CiphSwift Swift Modern native Mac app for storing accounts and passwords. Compatible with CiphSafe. v0.1.0
tony-go restqa / plugin JavaScript 🛠 | An abstraction to create RestQA plugin easily v0.0.2 [0.0.2] - 2021-09-19 ## Added - Base for E2E testing ## Fixed - Fix hooks function
N1R0tka DevelopersSupportAR / rexom JavaScript Play your favorite playlist with rexom 2.5.3 ![image0]( > make your day with rexom 🎵
CodeConfidant CodeConfidant / pydate-time Python Python package made to set, parse, & format DateTime objects. 1.1.7
tbabej GothenburgBitFactory / tasklib Python A Python library for interacting with taskwarrior databases. 2.4.0 This recommended release adds several compatibility improvements: * Support for Taskwarrior 2.6 * Support for `tzlocal>=3.0` * Official support for Python 3.9 in the test matrix A long standi
Quahu Quahu / Qommon C# A bunch of common stuff used in my libraries. 2.0.0
ferib AnimeShooter / QPangMiniLauncher C# Basic patcher and launcher for QPang/MangeFighter v1.0.0 Basic patcher + launcher.bat
LuanTeles LuanTeles / Firmwares no-lang Firmwares for PS3™ 4K Pro Firmwares The purpose of this is just to host the files for download. Disclaimer: I don't own these firmware files, all credits goes to their developers.
jonasbn DK-Hostmaster / rp-service-specification no-lang This is a specification for the registrar portal service offered by DK Hostmaster 2.0 # 2.0 2021-05-13 - Describes service version 3.X.X - Added new section on features, the initial features described are: - [Registrar Account Group](#registrar-account-group) - [Meta-Roles](#
benridane benridane / wcnt-wp-plugin JavaScript WordPress Plugin wcnt v0.1.0 v0.1.0
9helix 9helix / NEO-Autoscript Python Collection of Python files for an automatized making of the scripts of the NEAs for the observations. v0.1 The first version of the program. Some bugs might still be present. If you detect some, feel free to contact me. Further improvements are to be made.
aididalam aididalam / Codeigniter-Blade-Template PHP Blade Templating System in Codeigniter first
sarmadgulzar matops / matops-python Python Matrix Operations in Python 0.0.1 Added new python package
Blackoutburst Blackoutburst / QuakeCraft Java A basic quake plugin based of the Hypixel one for spigot/bukkit Paper/Spigot version 1.8.8 (v1_8_R3) 1.0 The base game of quakecraft
bolner bolner / AsyncFastCGI.NET C# C# Async FastCGI client library for .NET Core 1.0.1 - Fix for big files - Switch to .NET version 5
github-actions[bot] IBM / secrets-manager-python-sdk Python Python SDK for IBM Cloud Secrets Manager v1.0.10
jdrouet jdrouet / pcloud Rust Rust client for pCloud API 0.1.0 First release - cli - fuse - http-server
10yard 10yard / dkchorus Lua A MAME plugin which replaces the DK samples and music with acapella sounds v0.1 Donkey Kong Chorus v0.1 Initial release
pyroTM pyroTM / SixtySixGen Python A custom Nitro Generator & Checker for 66 v1 SixtySixGen
NathanHowell alphaHeavy / lzma-conduit Haskell Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression v1.2.2
jonasbn DK-Hostmaster / sb-service-specification no-lang This is a specification for the self-serfvice portal offered by DK Hostmaster 5.0 # 5.0 2021-09-16 - Initial revision of a technical specification for the self-service portal. Only a few features are documented - Describes service version 5.0.0
drscream drscream / smartos-munin-plugins Shell Modified munin plugins for SmartOS v0.18 * Add munin_status shell script to monitor log file (@drscream)
TheMachineDev Monkey-Type / API-DSM HTML Acesse o protótipo navegavel no link abaixo sprint-01 **Entrega da sprint 1** - Protótipo navegavel - Wireframe
mhogar mhogar / amber Go User management and authentication solution. v1.0-rc.1 First 1.0 release candidate.
jeansamuel2006 jeansamuel2006 / Mininet no-lang diplome de fin d'année bachelor rudn 2021-2022 search.v.1 recherche pour l4obtention du diplo
github-actions[bot] yardbirdsax / terraform-aws-github-action-federation-role HCL A Terraform module for creating IAM Roles that can be assumed by GitHub Actions using federation 0.0.1
HorvathDawson Baesian-Balancer / SIMP Python Simulation and Instrumentation of Monopod Planartizer v1.0
matthewflegg matthewflegg / forcedotnet C# Force.NET — An open-source game framework, built in C#. 1.6.0a
github-actions[bot] 1kst / AutoBuild-Actions Shell 使用 Github Actions 编译 Openwrt | 在线更新固件 AutoUpdate
dikey0ficial dikey0ficial / DiscordLastfmScrobbler Go Allows you to display music from Last.FM to Discord v1.1 Endless mode (ignoring errors), custom title, Powershell quiet mode script (for Windows), other things
julierindone julierindone / website HTML demo from github-ultimate course v0.3-beta ## Release 0.3 BETA * Added initial website files ### Pull Requests * PR #1 * PR #2
aboimpinto aboimpinto / Olimpo.DIContainer C# Set of tool to wrap Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection to be used in the Olimpo projects. 0.0.1 first release
EMH333 EMH333 / action-rsyncer Shell Rsync GitHub Action v1.1.1 Update deps and fix linting CI
SaifAqqad SaifAqqad / SpotifyFreeAPI.ahk AutoHotkey Control Spotify with non-premium accounts 1.0
MariaGabrielaReis Equipe-Polaris-DSM-2021 / api TypeScript API para o projeto desenvolvido no 2º semestre de DSM na FATEC Professor Jessen Vidal, SJC- SP. sprint-01 ### Sprint 01 Entrega final para a primeira sprint do API do 2º semestre de 2021 - DSM. Para conferir a documentação desta sprint, [clique aqui](
github-actions[bot] galinktrader / openwrt_Build no-lang 一键多编译固件 09.20_
chth2844 cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-chth2844 Shell assignment-4-chth2844 created by GitHub Classroom Assignment-4-complete
Sharath-Jonnala cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-Sharath-Jonnala Shell assignment-4-Sharath-Jonnala created by GitHub Classroom assignment-4-part-2
ShadowShahriar ShadowShahriar / gh-actions-playground no-lang Learning how to use GitHub Actions to ease development workflow. v1.0.2 - list item 1 - list item 2 - list item 3 @Shadow-Scientist
DefiedParty DefiedParty / WeComchan-wordpress-comments-notice PHP Server酱WordPress博客评论微信通知插件 1.0.2 支持WeCom酱!!
cihatsolak cihatsolak / net5-auction-microservice JavaScript It is a project that I developed with a microservice architecture approach. All elements of the project are hosted on docker so that they can communicate with each other. I raised all the web api projects, data layers and technologies such as rabbitmq that I developed over the same docker composite file. I managed the business side of the project with three microservices. (product, sourcing and order api). v1.0
xuancanh xuancanh / html2text Go Simple Go package to convert HTML to plain text v1.1.0
wesleyfantinel OpenInsurance-Brasil / areadesenvolvedor Makefile Proposta técnica, em relação aos padrões tecnológicos e os procedimentos operacionais OpenInsurance Brasil. v0.0.1 Pull requests are welcome.
v-pereskokov v-pereskokov / react-lottie TypeScript After Effects animations on React 17 based on lottie-web. v1.0.0 # First release
D31LtheFOX SPWN-Community / SPWN-Compilers HTML SPWN Compilers. dxCmp ye
MerelVK MerelVK / test-repository HTML This is a test. ecipse2021 websiteclass2
OscarL OscarL / MatrixSS C++ A lightweight Matrix Screen Saver for Windows v1.0 First (and probably last) release of the (unofficially) updated Louai's Matrix Screen Saver.
github-actions[bot] activescott / serverless-http-invoker JavaScript Locally invoke Serverless functions via their HTTP event as specified in Serverless.yml for testing purposes. v1.0.10 ## [1.0.10]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump axios from 0.21.1 to 0.21.4 ([c7c2844](
DerWeh DerWeh / gftools Python Collection of commonly used Green's functions and utilities 0.10.0 # Breaking Changes * Drop support for Python 3.6, **minimal version** is now **3.7** * Content of `gftool.matrix` was renamed more appropriately: - `xi` of `~gftool.matrix.Decomposition` is now
DeChristmas DeChristmas / Weather-API CSS Weather API programming `HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT` ![Weather](
arjuncr arjuncr / acrlinux_x86_64-yocto Python acrlinux-yocto version- enabled systemd
ScottWoodhams ScottWoodhams / UI-9-Slicer TypeScript Photoshop plugin which slices a texture based on guides for a texture to be used for game UI 1.0.0
levovix0 levovix0 / siwin Nim Nim Simple Window Maker 0.4 * add OpengGL support * use chroma.ColorRGBX * many api changes
ofhouse milliHQ / terraform-aws-next-js TypeScript Terraform module for building and deploying Next.js apps to AWS. Supports SSR (Lambda), Static (S3) and API (Lambda) pages. v0.9.2 ## ⚠️ Namespace changed ⚠️ We [recently changed]( the namespace of this module from `dealmore` to `milliHQ`. Make sure to upgrade
david50407 davy-ext-shims / Array.prototype.reject HTML Array.prototype.reject polyfill to select elements that do not pass the predictor v1.0.1
poldis poldis / dead-chat-reviver JavaScript A Discord bot that prevents servers & channels from dying by sending a revive message as well as a ping and a random conversation starter. v1.0 First fully working version of **D**ead **C**hat **R**eviver.
chelemen-razvan appssemble / segmented-control-group Kotlin iOS-styled Segmented Control Group in Android v1.1
mayocream mayocream / hugo-theme-kagami SCSS Kagami theme for Hugo v0.1.0
katzy687 QualiSystemsLab / Utility-Shells Python General Purpose Shells LSv1.0.0 First Linux Server Release. Python 3. Import 2G shell and add offline requirements if needed to local pypi.
srush minitorch / Module-2 no-lang Module 2 - Tensors v2020 Release of the 2020 version of the class.
salty-max jellycat-io / jecs Rust A basic ECS in rustlang v0.1.0
wedaly wedaly / devlog Rust Command-line tool for tracking your day-to-day software development work 1.2.0 * Bump all dependencies to the latest version. * Switch from Travis CI to GitHub actions. * Document new release process * Remove packages for Debian, RPM, AUR, and Homebrew. (I no longer have com
TagnumElite TagnumElite / ProjectE-Integration Java ProjectE Support for selected mods 4.0.4
TorinAsakura atls / nestjs TypeScript NestJS Custom Workshop @atls/legacy This release contain few packages what deprecated for now: - NestJS Bus - NestJS Dataloader - NestJS Errors mapping interceptor - NestJS AWS S3 module
autopreet autopreet / KaosTest Java Run your functional TestNG tests randomly and in parallel to kaos test your product. 1.0 First release
acrisci dbusjs / node-dbus-next JavaScript 🚌 The next great dbus library for node v0.10.1 This release includes bugfixes and new features. * Support negotiating Unix FDs (#67, #89) * Add noReply to MethodOptions interface in Type Definitions (#70) * Fix compatibility with buffer@4 (#7
jmuseyibli jmuseyibli / ElegantCalendar Swift The elegant full screen calendar missed in SwiftUI. 4.3.2 Add an option to configure backgroundColor for today in theme.
devilnikhil devilnikhil / devilnikhil no-lang Config files for my GitHub profile. permutation.devilnikhil #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { // for permutation function: int n, r; cout<<"n : "; cin>>n; cout<<"r : ";
WindowsXPPro3 WindowsXPPro3 / LantherNT Batchfile LantherNT, an installer for windows written in batch! 1.0
Gatodegithub Gatodegithub / nodejs-restserver JavaScript Rest Server Básico v1.0.0
EinJOJO EinJOJO / Playfair Java Playfair cipher implemented in a simple java programm v0.1
polonel polonel / trudesk JavaScript :coffee: :seedling: Trudesk is an open-source help desk/ticketing solution. v1.1.10 ## [1.1.10]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * **elasticsearch:** typo in env var ([77191dc](
github-actions[bot] amaroq74 / projector_control Python St. Pius Projector Control v1.0.10 Changes in this Release - First Change - Second Change
KoishiStudio KoishiStudio / AnimeThesaurus no-lang hso! v0.0.1
NQBLab NQBLab / RCCN MATLAB Randomly Connected Cycles Network model v1.0.0 The first release
Copinmalin Copinmalin / no-lang Plugin for Kodi (Matrix and above) to provide video streaming from 1.4.2 Modification for European login
dipien-ci dipien / kotlin-libraries Java Libraries for Android & Java apps v1.0.0 **Implemented enhancements:** - New libraries: core-legacy, firebase-admin, firebase-database, firebase-firestore, logging, remote-config and repository [\#32](
shni9045 cu-ecen-aeld / assignment-4-shni9045 Shell assignment-4-shni9045 created by GitHub Classroom Assignment-4-Complete
utain utain / go-12factor-example Go Example the 12factor app using golang v1.1.0 ### Breaking change - [x] rest-api: new response data format - [x] rest-api: new response error messsage format
adrisj7 gaucho-matrero / altoclef Java Plays block game v0.3.1 Fixed many bugs brought about by the 1.17 release. Improvements: - Include Deepslate ores - Bot no longer force-runs away from mobs after getting interrupted by fireballs/arrows - Improve escapi
github-actions[bot] juliohm / Biplots.jl Julia Biplot recipes for Makie.jl v0.1.0 ## Biplots v0.1.0
CaSchmidt CaSchmidt / csXMouse C++ Activate X-Mouse using the Windows API. 1.0 First public release.
mkhuda mkhuda / diskv_wrapper Go Using Diskv v0.0.1 Just provide transformer
mrtcntn mrtcntn / penthouse HTML Generate critical css for your web pages v2.3.3
BezoParentDirectory BezoParentDirectory / JavaStudio Batchfile Welcome to JavaStudio! This is a released version, which it is a raw code of everything. We will provide updates weekly, yearly, or daily. JavaScript This release has been provided by @SUSE @LECTURANCH @BezoParentDirectory This update will last until 9.30.21
wborn wborn / openhab-addons Java Add-ons for openHAB kar-test
lesbird lesbird / H8DUtility3 C# Utility to catalog and manipulate Heathkit 8-bit computer disk images (H8D) H8DUTILITYV3 Release 1 Currently not working features: IMD Convert H37 disk image support Add files (HDOS and CP/M)
m3sv m3sv / PlainUPnP Kotlin PlainUPnP is an upnp control point application for android. 3.0.2 3.0.2 contains fixes for the issues: GH-90 GH-91 GH-92 GH-93 GH-94
Artox Artox / alpine-python-systemd Shell alpine package for python systemd bindings 1
ssbm-oro ssbm-oro / alttpr-league-obs Python This is the main code repository for the ALTTPR League restreamer plugin. v1.0.0 First test release of alttpr-league-obs
joe-rogan-0001 joe-rogan-0001 / JoeRPC Lua Basic RPC Script v1.0 v1.0 of JoeRPC
CuubeCon CuubeCon / PowerfulBeacon Java Add a more Powerful Beacon to minecraft v0.4 First Version to download
GoldenXLence GoldenXLence / VatNotify TypeScript A Discord bot that sends a message when certain controllers come online. R1.0 Initial Release
glitch452 glitch452 / MMM-LocalTemperature JavaScript A MagicMirror² module that reads temperature and humidity information from a DHT sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi. v1.4.0 ## [1.4.0] - 2021-09-19 ### Added - An option to decide whether or not to use `sudo` when calling the sensor script - Spanish Translation (thanks to [rafagale]( - Th
NicolasGrosjean ScribioTeam / OWB_French_Translation Java Translation into French of the HoI4 mod Old World Blues (OWB) v3.3.10 # *Traduction française complète pour OWB 3.3.10* # Installation - Télécharger - Extraire l'archive dans Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod. - Quand v
lukibahr lukibahr / unifi-controller-helm-chart Smarty A helm chart for deploying a unifi controller on Kubernetes unifi-controller-1.0.1 A Helm chart for deploying a unifi-controller on Kubernetes
Phoenix-hierarchy-martial Phoenix-hierarchy-martial / PhoenixDOMStandardLibrary JavaScript ✨ Standard library for JavaScript and Node.js. ✨ v1.0
dickloraine dickloraine / pandoc_styles_graph Python This stylepack converts dot, matplot, mermaid, plantuml and tikz code blocks into images. This way it is possible to write graphs, plots and diagrams in markdown. v0.4
afekvova afekvova / TravelerBlocker Java Плагин который помешает путешественникам по крышке ада 2.0.0
modem7 modem7 / docker-error-pages HTML :construction: Static server error pages in a docker image 1.2.1
ALVAROPING1 ALVAROPING1 / Trailmakers-LogicBlocksGuide Rich Text Format A guide about how logic blocks work in the game "Trailmakers" v1.6 **Changelog** - Fixed the amount of decimals which can be written on the output value - Fixed wording of the first tip and added how to take into account gates with multiple inputs to it - Fixed
TheC0mpany TheC0mpany / enetproxy-by-ama6nen C Growtopia enet proxy that allows modification and viewing of packets, and creation of new ones. By: ama6nen release
Tyill Tyill / zmey C++ A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows 1.0.1
iYUYUE iYUYUE / docker-nginx-php7-pagespeed Dockerfile Nginx + PHP7 + pagespeed 1.0.0
lscalese lscalese / iris-config-api ObjectScript A library to ease IRIS configuration. v1.1.0 Add mirroring configuration support.
Archie-osu Archie-osu / YYToolkit C++ The definitive internal modding tool for GameMaker games test-123
emprahtheodosius rderekp / The-Grand-Combo Lua a general overhaul mod that combines the best VIcky 2 mods. 0.9.2.DN-alpha Take it easy, we're not makin' a western 'ere.
NathanaelA master-technology / desktop-menuitem JavaScript Create/Edit Gnome/KDE .desktop files from the CLI v0.0.2 Initial Release
Rud5G Rud5G / polyfill-intl-crypto-formatter PHP This package adds a CryptoFormatter class, like NumberFormatter::formatCurrency v0.1.0 Working draft.
stefan-zobel retrostreams / android-retroflow Java Backport of Java 9 (JEP 266) reactive-streams Flow and SubmissionPublisher API for Android Studio 3.x D8 / desugar toolchain, forked from 1.7.4 - JDK-8265029: Preserve SIZED characteristics on slice operations (skip, limit) - JDK-8267452: Delegate forEachRemaining in Spliterators.iterator - JDK-8199318: add idempotent copy operation for
Source55 Source55 / RocketAttack no-lang jogo de corrida de navinha v1.0 jogo de corrida de nave espacial
stefan-zobel retrostreams / android-retroatomic Java Backport of Java 8 Double/Long Accumulator/Adder for Android Studio 3.x D8 / desugar toolchain, forked from 1.7.4 - JDK-8265029: Preserve SIZED characteristics on slice operations (skip, limit) - JDK-8267452: Delegate forEachRemaining in Spliterators.iterator - JDK-8199318: add idempotent copy operation for
autopreet autopreet / apache-sseclient Java A wrapper around the Apache HTTP components async client to read server sent events 1.0
stefan-zobel retrostreams / android-retrofuture Java Backport of Java 9 (JEP 266) CompletableFuture API for Android Studio 3.x D8 / desugar toolchain, forked from 1.7.4 - JDK-8265029: Preserve SIZED characteristics on slice operations (skip, limit) - JDK-8267452: Delegate forEachRemaining in Spliterators.iterator - JDK-8199318: add idempotent copy operation for
kory-smith kory-smith / todoist-api-ts TypeScript a wrapper for the official Todoist REST API v1.1.1 ## [1.1.1]( (2021-09-19) ### Bug Fixes * add new type CreateTaskParameters so CreateNewTask matches v1 spec ([29d9af7](https://g
khyatimahajan khyatimahajan / Community-Connect-Platform JavaScript A mock social networking platform made using Node.js and MongoDB. v2.1 Includes more features!
stefan-zobel retrostreams / android-retrostreams Java Backport of Java 9 API for Android Studio 3.x D8 / desugar toolchain, forked from 1.7.4 - JDK-8265029: Preserve SIZED characteristics on slice operations (skip, limit) - JDK-8267452: Delegate forEachRemaining in Spliterators.iterator - JDK-8199318: add idempotent copy operation for
Paramilk Paramilk / Simple-Java-Caculator Java a caculator made in java it can only do simple stuff like 2 * 20 or 7 + 3 v1
Liquidream Liquidream / scumm-8 Lua A PICO-8 demake of the SCUMM engine that powered most of the classic LucasArts adventure games, such as Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. v1.2 ## New Features - [x] Added **BIG** font support for `print_line()` - [x] Reduced token usage, thanks to @sparr's token golf + optimizing efforts 🙏 - [x] More code-tidying & token reduc
stefan-zobel retrostreams / android-retro-tests Java Test suite for android-retrostreams and related projects, forked from 1.7.4 - JDK-8265029: Preserve SIZED characteristics on slice operations (skip, limit) - JDK-8267452: Delegate forEachRemaining in Spliterators.iterator - JDK-8199318: add idempotent copy operation for
rinigus sailfishos-open / sailfish-device-encryption-community-generator CMake SystemD generator for Device Encryption 1.0.0 Initial release
theray1 theray1 / isabelle-notebook Java A small app that regroups matchup specific data for Isabelle in ssbu v1.0 Release v1.0
github-actions[bot] ruipinge / icl-calc Shell Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL) vault size calculator v1.3.0 # [1.3.0]( (2021-09-19) ### Features * **normality:** histograms and linear gauge graphs ([#15](
night-codes night-codes / golang-site-example HTML Just for fun v1.0.0
pizeroLOL pizeroLOL / Padavan-build no-lang Padavan 自动编译 360P2 终于,经过了重重困难,360的包终于编译出来了(基于H大)
PrashantMohta PrashantMohta / GrubTrain C# A Mod to add grubs as a companion in game v0.1
CorpulentBrony marebits / JavaScript Web site for the Mare Bits project. v2021.09.16 Site as published on 2021-09-16, includes updated information about the pre-sale delay.
deepika30886 deepika30886 / 830-webproject HTML This for testing git features v-0.1 My First release.
ofhouse milliHQ / gh-action-release-branch JavaScript GitHub Action for automatically creating release branches with git strip merge strategy. v2.0.0 ## Changelog - Get upstream branch from `github.context.ref`. input-variable `upstream-branch` is no longer needed. - Input-variable `exclude` now accepts a multiline input: ```yaml - uses
csperkins glasgow-ipl / ietfdata Python Python libraries to access the IETF DataTracker and RFC Index v0.5.0 - Update cache support - Expand parameters for `person_aliases()` - Expand parameters for `people()` - Add `person_from_name_email()` to DatatrackerExt - Rename `MailingList`-related types an
stefan-zobel stefan-zobel / streamsupport Java Backport of Java 8/9 API to Java 6/7 and Android 1.7.4 - JDK-8265029: Preserve SIZED characteristics on slice operations (skip, limit) - JDK-8267452: Delegate forEachRemaining in Spliterators.iterator - JDK-8199318: add idempotent copy operation for
thedefside thedefside / BuildExpansion no-lang Small mod to add support to expanded build tables v1.0.9 Support Hearth and Home changes
BlueStaggo BlueStaggo / GenericClass C# A mod for tModLoader that encourages the use of weapons from multiple classes. 0.1 Initial release.
github-actions[bot] ardikabs / awssh Go Awssh an extended ec2-instance-connect command tool refs/heads/feat/unittest
luis199230 luis199230 / ts-object TypeScript aobj - Object Manipulation Module for Nodejs 1.0.7
CasualPyDev CasualPyDev / pgn2scid Python A convenient GUI wrapper for scmerge and pgnscid with some extra functionality 1.8 User Agent header added.
norosa doitintl / docops-python Python Python library and CLI tools for doing DocOps at DoiT 1.0.0 **Breaking changes** - This project has been renamed from `doit-gloss-utils` to `doitintl-docops`, and a previously unreleased `doit-gitbook-client` package has been merged into the project. T
Bluefox187 Bluefox187 / CustomText no-lang A Lambda Plugin where you can write Custom Text on the Screen. 1.0v # First Release!
gcastellov gcastellov / rust-ripper-wasm Rust Password cracker made in WASM Rust inspired by the popular John the Ripper v1.3 - Support for the following hash algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, BASE64, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, RIPEMD320, WHIRLPOOL - Get Lucky functionality - Built in set of word dictionaries - Support
abdenour-progdes abdenour-progdes / POS JavaScript point of sale v1.0.0
josehbez sentilis / tona Python The All-In-One workspace that will help grow & increase your productivity. v0.1.0-beta.1
VTimofeenko VTimofeenko / wireguard-namespace-service Shell A systemd service that creates isolated network namespace with routing through WireGuard v.0.1.0 Initial release
meksiabdou meksiabdou / alert-reactjs TypeScript Alert for Reactjs release
bytespacegames bytespacegames / FakeVirus Batchfile A Harmless "Virus" made in command prompt which spams your computer with errors, etc then shuts it down. Release Harmless, and prompt's you in the beginning.
meksiabdou meksiabdou / react-media-library TypeScript React Media Library release
jjhesk tokenchain / moodyeth Python Ethereum based all moody tool chain for smart contract development kit 3.45 Just to show pre up
lee-ratinan lee-ratinan / emvQr PHP This PHP class is for reading and generating EMV QR codes, which is the QR code for making payments via mobile payment platforms. v0.9.0 Some functions still need to be verified and tested.
druskus20 druskus20 / hugo-site SCSS The hugo site generator for my personal website 1.0 Finished the rework of the website. It includes: Landing Page, Posts, Projects and Dump.
gfborges gfborges / uol-unique-user-id Java A service to identify unique users of multiple accounts. Made in partnership with UOL and FATEC v1.0.0 * Coleta dos parâmetros * Listar usuários com identificador único * Identificador único: device id com fingerprintJS
Spuds SimplePortal / SimplePortal_ElkArte PHP ElkArte Branch of SimplePortal v1.0.0 This the GA release of SimplePortal for ElkArte, and requires ElkArte v1.17+ This release is predominantly what was in RC2 with some minor fixes to any reported issues. Enjoy
LostPy LostPy / OsuData Python A small framework to work or vizualise osu! beatmaps data. v4.20210919 Stable release for export data from osu! folder.
spidernh spidernh / Freight-Frenzy-Scoring Java Scoring app for the FTC 2021-2022 season Freight Frenzy. Release Basic scoring app, probably won't change this unless it doesn't work.
BenjaminAster BenjaminAster / node-jsonc-parser TypeScript Scanner and parser for JSON with comments. v1.0.0
ayushnix ayushnix / pass-tessen Shell use fzf to select data from password store v1.2.0 `pass-tessen` seems good enough for usage at this point although the repo doesn't have anything besides the script itself. The most significant fix was b5caa67, which prevents passwords from l
LuanTeles LuanTeles / Stores no-lang Unofficial®Stores for PS3™ 4K Pro Stores The purpose of this is just to host the files for download. Disclaimer: I don't own these homebrew apps, all credits and responsibility for its contents are entirely of their creators.
rocktimsaikia rocktimsaikia / country-by-timezone JavaScript Get country by it's timezone v1.0.0
philliplam8 philliplam8 / touch-timer JavaScript Small module to replicate a simple clock timer v1.0
artem-sedykh artem-sedykh / mini-climate-card JavaScript Minimalistic climate card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI v1.2.8 ## v1.2.8 [![Downloads](]( ### FIXED
jaydroid1024 jaydroid1024 / anyby Kotlin 利用 Kotlin 属性委托实现 VBHelper 方便 ViewBinding 在多场景下的生成 0.0.4 - 修改项目为 anyby - 添加 anyby
senti180 senti180 / html-elementdrag JavaScript A little script to drag elements around in HTML. release
IonImpulse IonImpulse / fivec-scheduler-webpage JavaScript - A new scheduler for the Claremont Colleges v0.1-alpha First alpha version with most features complete. Desktop only.
fyrus7 fyrus7 / FYRUS_LM C++ Incident Flash Meter, Light Meter & White Balance for Photography Flash_meter
github-actions[bot] apiclarity / apiclarity Go Reconstruct Open API Specifications from real-time workload traffic seamlessly v0.1.0 ## Changelog c40ed2a Add persistant volume (#19) 2d6e828 Add wasm binary (#7) e972be9 Documentation updated, diagram changed ff76b45 UI general updates (#11) e07920e UI reviewer path update (#14) a2c
GroophyLifefor GroophyLifefor / GTDialog C# This Application make Dialog Growtopia GTDialog
LunaLV LunaLV / LunaLV no-lang Config files for my GitHub profile. V1.00 Practica 1 - La computación como herramienta de trabajo del profesional de ingeniería
nobbele nobbele / bytepatcher Rust Patches bytes in binary files 0.1 Check README for usage
WpThemeDev WpThemeDev / newXidipity JavaScript New Xidipity Home 1.0.0 Xidipity is an advanced WordPress theme with many features which permits the creation of compelling content which will entice and satisfy those who visit. More than fresh paint, numerous improvements
bbarad bbarad / Live2D Python Live On The Fly 2D Classification with cisTEM and Warp v1.0.3 Up to date release of Live2D for Warp 1.0.9 and Cistem2
alvaro-minzala alvaro-minzala / VegieMato Swift A Delivery App for Indian Vegetable Vendors v2.1 I'm sorry. When my friend started this project last year, he accorded to make it exclusive for apple devices, but since I manage the development of the app I need to say a thing: SwiftUI macOS
howmanysmall howmanysmall / HeliumAnimator Lua Based on Flipper. v1.0.0 Initial release.
Bunlong Bunlong / next-qrcode JavaScript React hooks for generating QR code. v1.1.0 # Features * Render as Canvas & Image * Support Numeric, Alphanumeric, Kanji and Byte mode * Support Japanese, Chinese, Greek and Cyrillic characters * Support multibyte characters (like emo
Enciso0720 Enciso0720 / Enciso0720DDR no-lang Characters and DanceStages based on Dance Dance Revolution, for Stepmania 5.012 and later versions. V1.0 ![alt text]( **Includes:** • DDR X, DDR X2 and DDR A Characters • All DDR A Stages • DDR 2014 Boom Stages Style • PiX from DDR SuperNOVA • All Rinon f
BalintCsala BalintCsala / ShaderOptionsManager Java A shader options manager to make shaders editable for Iris v1.0 First version Known issues (please don't open an issue for these): - No support for profiles - No support for the wildcard "misc" option. Some options won't be available - No
g-bauer g-bauer / obsidian-quick-monsters TypeScript A plugin to build simple monster stat blocks in your notes. v0.1.0 Initial release! 🎉
vipul43 vipul43 / vipulsabout Vue portfolio website made with vuejs v1.0 - First Launch of the application - Interesting Features: Search Box, Bio Page, Works Page, Contact Form - Schooling Page, Likes Count, Website Statistics are still underway
AlwinEsch rbuehlma / pvr.teleboy C++ Kodi PVR-Addon for Teleboy 19.8.1-Matrix - Rework settings.xml to use new format - Fix some compile warnings by depends build of rapidjson - Cleanup language texts in strings.po and addon.xml - Add german translation
SakuraKat SakuraKat / Pong GDScript Pong made in Godot v1.0.1
hugofuentesb hugofuentesb / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de Node - RestServer Básico - Vainilla Js v1.0.0 # RestServer Configuraciones iniciales
VTimofeenko VTimofeenko / git-verify-signature.eclass Shell This repo contains an eclass that may be used to verify the signature on the top commit of a repository checked out during git-r3 based installation. v1.2 Add EAPI=8 support
levensta levensta / cub3d C Labirint game with using ray-casting like in Wolfenstein 3D v1.0
spreedated spreedated / SevenZipExtractor C# C# wrapper for 7z.dll 1.1.0 First release
m00qek m00qek / baleia.nvim Lua Display text with ANSI escape sequences (8 or 16 colors) v1.0.0 This release provides an easy to configure API to colorize buffers every time a new line is added 🎆 It also provides a developer API allowing people to use `baleia` in other plugins.
sisco311 sisco311 / scrcpy-snap no-lang Snap packaging for scrcpy: v.1.19
Phoenix-hierarchy-martial Phoenix-hierarchy-martial / PhoenixDOMActix-diesel Rust Integrate Diesel into Actix (and Actix Web) cleanly and efficiently. 4.0
carlosjhr64 carlosjhr64 / gtk2mp3 Ruby A "Next!" button gui for MPD/MPC. v3.0.210919 A Gtk3App upgrade release. Removed features that I thought were cool when I first coded them, but ended up being not useful.
gpatkinson gpatkinson / wikijs-nosocial Vue removed social sharing functionality from wikijs latest first attempt
lukibw lukibw / wave TypeScript Wave scripts for React and Emotion 🌊 v0.1.0
janyksteenbeek janyksteenbeek / dnsmanager-ip-mover PHP Easily update old values in DNS records in bulk within v0.3
faraya27 faraya27 / angular-basicos TypeScript Introducción a angular v0.1.0
ebatty ebatty / MathToolsforNeuroscience Jupyter Notebook Materials for Mathematical Tools for Neuroscience course at Harvard (Neurobio 212) v2020
Bartosz-Bien Bartosz-Bien / Ships_game C++ A simple but very playable version of ships game Ships_game Fully playable version
gucollaco gucollaco / ibge-news-portal-pt-br JavaScript Um simples projeto desenvolvido com o objetivo de exemplificar o uso da biblioteca react-eulexia. v1.0.0 Primeira versão do portal.
SakuraKat SakuraKat / JumpCat GDScript Chrome's dino game made in Godot using Pusheen for assets v1.0
ullenius ullenius / spctag Java :video_game: :notes: Read and parse ID666 tags from SNES SPC-700 files (Super Nintendo & Super Famicom Sound Files) v0.3 Version 0.3 - Added xid6-support (extended tags).
gdevtech gdevtech / axon-react-startup JavaScript Axon Bridge React Framework 1.7.0 Updated packages and did a whole clean of the project. Still some items missing/packages that need some tlc but great starter kit so far.
stupid-kid-af stupid-kid-af / Voice-Recorder---Open-Source Java An open source voice recorder. Release First release of Voice Recorder - Open Source!! VoiceRecorder-v-1 File type = .apk File size = 3.4 mb Feel free to ask questions. Thanks for choosing us! Good Luck!!
NicholasRoque DevSlim001 / API_Slim_4Semestre Java API realizado para a solução de uma demanda apresentada pela empresa parceira no 4°semestre do curso de ADS da FATEC - São José dos Campos. 1.0 Primeira versão do Slim Manual Composer
DavidCraftDev DavidCraftDev / ribstnib no-lang A datapack to smelt raw ingot blocks to normal ingot blocks 1.0
javierlopezdeancos javierlopezdeancos / erre-ele TypeScript A Typescript browser URL manager 0.1.0 # Initial release - [x] Get params from URL - [x] Push into browser history
SakuraKat SakuraKat / Snake GDScript Snake made in Godot v1.0
jessej-samuel jessej-samuel / alakajam-13 Python The repo for my Alakajam 13 entry. v1.0.0 Submission for Alakajam 13
berti92 berti92 / mega_calendar JavaScript Plugin for redmine: Brings a better calendar and more opportunities to display issues and holidays 1.7.5 This release doesn't fix any issues, it provides only code changes to increase the readability for developers.
tncrazvan tncrazvan / catpaw PHP Php cli http and websocket server 1.1.9 These are overall only internal api changes, there are no api changes for users. Check #41 for mode details.
HiRoS-neko HiRoS-neko / shadesmear-vscode-theme no-lang ShadeSmear Theme for VSCode 0.0.1 Initial Release of the ShadeSmear Theme
babonka babonka / odata-1c PHP PHP oDATA protocol client adopted to use with 1C (1С Enterprise 8.3) 0.3.0
leferrad leferrad / pyoselm Python A Python implementation of Online Sequential Extreme Machine Learning (OS-ELM) for online machine learning v1.0.1
frdlnk SyderalCSS / SyderalCSSDocs HTML SyderalCSS Docs Website 1.2 This documentation explain all the features of SydearalCSS in it version 1.2 <a href="">Docs</a>

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