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MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
Bassem-Ramzy cronologic-de / crono_pci_linux C++ Linux user mode driver to support large DMA ring buffers v1.0.2 - Enhance messages. - Enhance build scripts using latest `crono_project_tools`, for cronologic internal build.
feliperpd feliperpd / angular-basico TypeScript Introducción a Angular v0.0.1 bases de angular
yasulib CyberDefenseInstitute / CDIR C CDIR (Cyber Defense Institute Incident Response) Collector - live collection tool based on oss tool/library v1.3.6 CDIR Collector v1.3.6 (Digitally Signed) * Updated the winpmem program for memory acquisition on Windows 10 2004 and above.
yuji-hatakeyama yuji-hatakeyama / readability-cli JavaScript Readability CLI using Docker v0.0.1 Release test
martinmr trane-project / trane Rust An automated system for learning complex skills v0.1.0 First release
ArianeMora ArianeMora / sciviso Jupyter Notebook A wrapper to plot chats in a consistent manner v1.0.8 Cleared up some bugs and added in a network vis using networkx
geninOne Evia-Academy / kicker-portal TypeScript Kicker portal is a project to create a portal for the table kicker. You can add matches, create tournaments and you have a statistic v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Angularfire update by @komailm in * production deployment action by @geninOne in
ArianeMora ArianeMora / scimotf Python Performs a FET to find motifs enriched in clusters of genes. v0.1.1 Version now also runs with dorothea, and includes visualisations.
massiddamt solida-core / dima Python Snakemake pipeline to map DNA datasets to a given reference genome using BWA MEM and Samtools. v2.0 A new release of DiMA
sineverba sineverba / jwt-decoder JavaScript jwt-decoder decodes a JWT Token as an object. 1.0.0
JoseOlin JoseOlin / Isiukak C++ Código en Arduino y Qt Creator, diagramas, piezas 3D y esquemáticos del Sistema Isiukak de conducción con joystick. v0.3.0-alpha Se agregó soporte para las tarjetas ST NUCLEO F401RE e Infineon Relax Kit XMC4700 Se hicieron varias mejoras al monitor serial para que muestre los valores mínimos y máximos del joystick y los a
DannyBen DannyBen / victor Ruby Ruby SVG Image Builder v0.3.4 * Drop support for Ruby < 2.6 ( * Add glue option to allow creating SVGs without newlines between elements (
quanos2409 quanos2409 / QuanOS-Browser-Features-Experience-Pack no-lang Big features pack for QuanOS Browser 0.9-alpha This is alpha version, the experience may not good -TxCore 4 -Update April 2022 QuanOS Browser Support -All version from Febuary 2022 support
betamos betamos / payload no-lang File transfer for humans. 1.0.0-beta
pavelpankovpro Jupiter-Development / otp-java-fork Java A small and easy-to-use one-time password generator library for Java according to RFC 4226 (HOTP) and RFC 6238 (TOTP). 1.3.2
foxlldev foxlldev / Foxlmind JavaScript An epic note-keeping and to-do app built in Electron by foxlldev v0.1.0 The first beta of Foxlmind, complete with auto-update (i hope) and core features. Next release will feature a better file loader, themes (maybe custom??) and more.
hyrious hyrious / blivec TypeScript 获取 bilibili 直播弹幕 v0.1.4 ## What's Changed * workaround for the double SIGINT problem by @esphas in ## New Contributors * @esphas made their first contribution in https://git
rjgamer Neoflow / ReverseProxy-PlausibleAnalytics PHP Reverse proxy for Plausible Analytics, written in PHP for Shared Hostings on Apache. 1.2.0 Added support for visitor IP exclusion #3
jaehanbae jaehanbae / TRIVIA Python Tools to disentangle streamer from disk v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
poguepotamus poguepotamus / obs-phrase-randomizer Python An OBS Python script to generate random phrases from a file. 0.1.0 Stable beta release
kai66666666 kai66666666 / SKTransitionAnimation Swift 自定义转场动画 1.0
huzx0608 dingodb / dingo Java A Hybrid Serving & Analytical Processing Database. dingo-v0.1.0 # DingoDB 0.1.0 Release Notes * Cluster 1. Distributed computing. Cluster nodes are classified into coordinator role and executor role. 1. Distributed meta data storage. Support creating
amisadmin amisadmin / sqlalchemy_database Python SQLAlchemy-Database provides shortcut functions to common database operations for SQLAlchemy ORM. v0.0.2 **Full Changelog**:
SatyaVadapalli teamclairvoyant / terraform-aws-config no-lang This module configures AWS Config, a service that enables you to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources. 0.15.1-v1
github-actions[bot] lutangar / cities.json JavaScript Cities of the world in Json, based on GeoNames Gazetteer 1.1.10 * Update .release-it.json (af10f70)
carlyin0801 ci-plugins / java-plugin-sdk Java ci pipeline plugin sdk for java v1.1.13 v1.1.3
vinceab STMicroelectronics / meta-st-stm32mpu-ai C++ This repository contains the OpenEmbedded meta layer to install AI frameworks and tools for the STM32MP1 v2.2.0 This version has been validated against the OpenSTLinux ecosystem release v4.0, and v3.1. It supports STM32MP1x-DKx, STM32MP1x-EV1. For further information:
Daniel-Mendes Daniel-Mendes / import-wishlist JavaScript This extension helps you to import your Steam wishlist to your account. v0.1.0 - Added localization for en and fr - Display wishlist total games for Steam and GOG
lkfll lkfll / lksql Go sql statement combination v0.1 ......................................................
Sunidhi-Gaonkar1 Sunidhi-Gaonkar1 / receptor Go Project Receptor is a flexible multi-service relayer with remote execution and orchestration capabilities linking controllers with executors across a mesh of nodes. v1.2.0-g5125063 Testing muti-arch GHA workflow
DancewithPeng DancewithPeng / DPUI Swift 总结的UI开发套件,主要包含控件、扩展、工具 1.0 - 添加VisiblePage扩展及测试用例 - 添加ImageLayer控件及测试用例 - 添加PalaceGridView控件及测试用例
renetik renetik / renetik-android-framework Kotlin Everything and Anything... ;) 1.9.26 **Full Changelog**:
i-negm i-negm / detoury C Detoury is a monitoring and instrumenting wrapper layer based on Microsoft Detours v1.0.0 # Change Log ## (v1.0.0) ### APIs Hooked so far #### Time-related APIs * Sleep #### Process APIs * CreateProcessA * OpenProcss * ExitProcess * ShellExecuteA * GetCommandLineA * Get
tszho-t tszho-t / v2board no-lang 🚀A multiple proxy protocol manage panel application interface 1.6.0
PadowYT2 GIGABAIT-Official / Iframe PHP NamelessMC Module 1.3.1 Add support for PHP 8.x Allow NULL descriptions
huzx0608 dingodb / dingo-deploy Jinja Deployment about DingoDB cluster v0.3.0 # Release Notes ## What's Changed * [deploy] init roles to init os and install jdk by @huzx0608 in ## New Contributors * @huzx0608 made thei
dcblogdev dcblogdev / laravel-xero PHP Laravel package for working with Xero API v1.0.3
aschempp terminal42 / contao-notification_center PHP The most popular notification configuration extension for the Contao Open Source CMS! 1.6.10 **Full Changelog**:
gdlcf88 EasyAbp / AbpHelper.CLI C# Providing code generation and more features to help you develop applications and modules with the ABP framework. 0.10.0 ## What's Changed * Remove indents for code style of file-scope based by @Hanazawa in * Improve Dto and ViewModel `using` block by @JadynWong i
nuxsmin nuxsmin / sysPass PHP Systems Password Manager 3.2.10 ## What's Changed * Fix URL parser by @nuxsmin in **Full Changelog**:
sudoplatform-engineering sudoplatform / sudo-key-manager-ios Swift Key Manager SDK for the Sudo Platform by Anonyome Labs. v2.0.0 Release v2.0.0 of sudo-key-manager-ios ## 2.0.0 ### BREAKING - `SudoKeyManagerImpl` has been renamed to `LegacySudoKeyManager`. This is class is now deprecated and no new features will be add
teamssix teamssix / cf Go 云环境利用框架 Cloud Exploitation Framework 方便红队人员在获得 AK 的后续工作 v0.0.1 已支持的功能: * 列出对象存储(包括存储桶大小和文件数量信息) * 列出实例 * 一键获得实例上的临时访问凭证 * 一键为所有实例执行三要素
YIRUIJIE YIRUIJIE / update Java 一个具有高度灵活性的Android版本更新代码模板 V1.0 - 系统弹窗样式升级 - 进入界面检测升级 - 点击按钮检测升级 - Json远程控制升级 - 远程控制非/强制升级 - 应用内直接下载升级 - 跳转到浏览器下载
dmachard dmachard / python-unbound-console Python python client for unbound server v0.4.0 ## What's Changed * Bump pyyaml from 5.4.1 to 6.0 by @dependabot in * Add asyncio support by @enchant97 in
isPoto isPoto / DisableMicrosoftWindowsDefender no-lang Disable Microsoft Windows Defender with one click first release
Mr-Milk Mr-Milk / streamlit-fire-state Python Persist page state for multipage streamlit app v0.1.0 - First Release
Ferroxius Ferroxius / Vladimir-UI-EE-Patch Witcher Script They said it couldn't be done. I laughed and said "You're probably right" v0.0.1-beta
xSavior-of-God xSavior-of-God / SSB-ASWM_Lite Java SuperiorSkyBlock Addon that allows you to manage the world of the islands through the Slime Region Format 1.0-SNAPSHOT ### First release 🎉
twiistrzdev twiistrzdev / djs-bot-template TypeScript Discord.js v14 - Bot Template 2022.701.0 Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.701.0). ## Overview - Initial release of DJS Bot Template **Full Changelog**: [`2022.701.0`](
SHUBHAMR69 SHUBHAMR69 / ShubhamText Java A repository for my ShubhamText extension. v1.0.0-release This is the first Post-Release version of my extension. <h2>Blocks</h2> ![ShubhamText blocks](
github-actions[bot] duoWB / easy-release TypeScript Easily publish new versions and push v0.0.7 ###    🐞 Bug Fixes - Update console.log by **duowenbo** ([3fb447a]( #####     [View changes on GitHub](htt
galvarez421 browserslist / browserslist-ga-export JavaScript Generate browserslist-stats.json using Browserslist-GA without logging into a Google Account. v4.0.2 # Patch Changes - Fix issue of Samsung Internet browser data not being parsed correctly (#22, #23). - Update `README.MD` to explain how to deal with 5,000-rows-per-page custom report export limita
chaz6chez workbunny / webman-rqueue PHP A lightweight queue based on Redis Stream for webman plugin. 0.0.1
SchmJo FraunhoferIWES / foxes Python Farm Optimization and eXtended yield Evaluation Software v0.1.0 This is the initial release of **foxes** - ready for testing. So far not many models have been transferred from the Fraunhofer IWES in-house predecessor _flappy_, they will be added in the followin
Kr328 Kr328 / ClashForAndroid Kotlin A rule-based tunnel for Android. v2.5.10 1. Fix I-Fly IME supprt 2. Fix process name resolving for legacy devices (#1514) 3. Improve default fake-ip list 4. Update clash core 5. Remove appcenter tracker 6. Enable TLS sniff by default
mohamadsyalvasr bumicode / bumasys Blade ⚠ [WIP] Bumicode Management System ⚠ 0.0.1-test Untuk mencoba self update ## What's Changed * Main by @mohamadsyalvasr in * Add .circleci/config.yml by @mohamadsyalvasr in
Moon1706 Moon1706 / merge-yaml-ts TypeScript Very thin wrapper to merge multiple yaml files 1.0.0 Basic functionality. [The NPM package](
JorgenVatle JorgenVatle / PyTado no-lang Python binding for Tado web API. Pythonize your central heating! Todo: - Re-add backwards compatibility for fanSpeed.
SecviewLab secview / NessieViewer-reborn no-lang NessieViewer will help penetration tester to quickly find vulnerabilities based on their favorite tools output. v2.0
vztpv vztpv / scj C++ SimdJson + ClauJson (Experimental json parser) 0.1.0
Aljgutier Aljgutier / beautifulplots Jupyter Notebook Python plotting library for beautiful yet easy and sophisticated matplotlib based plots. Compatible with Pandas and Seaborn plots. v0.1.0 First release of beautifulplots includes basif functionality - plot_defaults - get_plot_defaults - set_axisparams - barplot - lineploe
FrancescoFanchin FrancescoFanchin / amoeba C Bachelor's thesis: a stochastic optimization algorithm to solve multidimensional fitting for bioluminescence curves. v.0.1
nix6839 ironflag-io / prettier-config TypeScript IRONFLAG's extensible shared Prettier config. v1.0.1 Improve document and typing.
elementaryBot elementary / wingpanel-indicator-network Vala Wingpanel Network Indicator 2.3.3 <p>Fixes:</p> <ul> <li>Ensure correct tooltip on system start</li> <li>Prevent connecting to invalid VPNs</li> <li>Show correct info for WPA3 networks&l
robertzaage robertzaage / playSMS-Container Dockerfile playSMS Container Image 1.4.5 Initial playSMS Container release based on 1.4.5-stable.
baoduy baoduy / HBD.Samples C# Sample projects 1.0.2
steve-1820 mongodb-labs / labs-modules Python Labs modules for MongoDB. $external-v0.0.1 Initial release for $external aggregation stage for mongod.
pardeep-123 pardeep-123 / Image-Picker Kotlin A Simple Library to get images from gallery and camera v1.0.0
github-actions[bot] MatsuriDayo / nekoray C++ 基于 Qt/C++ 的跨平台代理配置管理器 Qt/C++ based cross-platform proxy configuration manager 0.10
YadongQi YadongQi / vm_manager C CiV VM Manager is a linux userspace application aimed to manage the CiV guests. v0.4.5 Test
mohid6909 mohid6909 / demo no-lang demo purpose v2.0.0
Unzor Unzor / hexel JavaScript Basically a web browser, without the GUI. v1.0 - Some releases for Windows and Linux and stuff (i think) (really - Try releasing some bitches into your life (for legal reasons that's a joke)
DavidParks8 DavidParks8 / Owin-Authorization C# Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4 **Enhancements** - #63 Fix a deadlock scenario - #76 Update Newtonsoft.Json to fix a security issue. - Update to .net 4.6.2 as all lower versions are out of support.
github-actions[bot] arusso / slacker Go Slack Bot Framework v0.1.0 ## Changelog * 0abe5a0 Ack slash commands on receipt * 3fcf646 Adapt 'PostMessage' to the new signature * 8c6fbe5 Add Block documentation * 3156f07 Add BotContext to clean up Handler Signatu
kwg520 kwg520 / myLoadingStateView Kotlin 自己开发用的工具类 1.0.2 一些东西更新
luzhang luzhang / hexo-rename JavaScript Hexo plugin that renames source files based on title v0.0.1
darrencl darrencl / FeatureSelectors.jl Julia Lightweight feature selection package in Julia v0.1.1 ## FeatureSelectors v0.1.1 **Merged pull requests:** - Bump deps version (#6) (@darrencl)
bartbutenaers bartbutenaers / node-red-contrib-certificate-grabber JavaScript A Node-RED node to capture certificates from TLS/SSL connections v1.0.0 First initial release
jensim jensim / json-schema-serialization Kotlin Adds support for Json Schema using Kotlin.serialization 0.8.0 Remove most of the multi-platform stuff **Full Changelog**:
mengyui mengyui / librealsense2-dkms C clone from initial-support-for-kernel-5.15 Initial support for kernel 5.13/5.15
jhnaldo kaist-plrg / jsaver JavaScript JSAVER: JavaScript Static Analyzer via ECMAScript Representation v1.0.0 First release for ESEC/FSE'22 Artifact Evaluation
DaisukeHohjoh ricohapi / theta-plugin-camera-api-sample Java THETA Sample Plug-in: CameraAPI Capture Plugin v3.0.0
JoeLeung32 JoeLeung32 / strapi JavaScript StrAPI connected MySQL and FTP Media Library ready. v0.0.1 Succeed deploy this image on the Heroku service. Please reference to set up `Config Vars` in Heroku. In this version,
ThsHawk ThsHawk / MaquinaDeVendas VHDL Projeto apresentado para obtenção de nota parcial na disciplina de Circuítos Digitais, da Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, campus Apucarana. v1.0 **Full Changelog**:
yezuna yezuna / hamsterSimulator Java this is a hamster simulator. not for the faint of heart. v6.9 [](
magadiflo magadiflo / angular-bases TypeScript Angular: De cero a experto v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] cocoa-xu / dll_loader_helper C++ Add a directory to dynamic DLL search path on Windows. v0.1.4
GandharM511 GandharM511 / Singularity no-lang UC Davis Gameplay Programming - ECS 189L Final Project v0.1.0 # Singularity ### UC Davis Gameplay Programming - ECS 189L Final Project ### by Arjun Kahlon, Richmond Ballesteros, Christopher Havens, Gandhar Mannur and Geoffrey Mohn. Please see [here](htt
BetaPictoris BetaPictoris / Python Interact with Modrinth's Labrinth API through Python. v0.1.0 Early release of Features include the following: - Basic reading of versions and projects - Authentication **Full Changelog**:
njzjz deepmodeling / args Python DeepModeling arguments v0.0.4
jeremyhu XQuartz / XQuartz Shell An X11 server and client libraries for macOS XQuartz-2.8.2 See
github-actions[bot] FirewallSH56 / YoutubeAdvanced-patches Kotlin 🧩 Official patches used in YoutubeAdvanced by ReVanced v2.5.1 ## [2.5.1]( (2022-07-01) ### Bug Fixes * freezing panels when watching video in fullscreen ([#89](
Chris-Hawblitzel project-everest / vale F# Verified Assembly Language for Everest v0.3.19 This release contains a binary version of the Vale tool that supports building . The binaries are .NET executable and dll files, which run
lucemans lvkdotsh / edgeserver-app TypeScript bridging web2 to web3 in an instant v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Introduce formatAddress by @yousmii in * Feat/gradient avatar by @yousmii in
github-actions[bot] NicholasSynovic / cliTweet Python Tweet from the command line 0.1.0
lucz2022 lucz2022 / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt Shell OpenWrt for Amlogic s9xxx tv box. Support a311d, s922x, s905x3, s905x2, s912, s905d, s905x, s905w, s905, etc. including install to EMMC and update related functions. openwrt_s9xxx_lede_07.01.1309 This is OpenWrt firmware for Amlogic s9xxx tv box * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: non
ldqk ldqk / ImageSearch C# 本地硬盘以图搜图案例 1.0 ![00f90c83ed4979e8bf4c222cdb77b28](
joshsol1 sol1-ansible / sol1-shorewall Jinja Ansible role to install and configure Shorewall firewall v2.0 Second major release of Sol1's shorewall role, first release on github.
lucemans lvkdotsh / edgeserver TypeScript bridging web2 to web3 in an instant v3.4.0 ## What's Changed * Move arm build into separate job to improve speed by @svemat01 in * Add Github Container Registry by @svemat01 in https://gith
nhatthai nhatthai / deploy-iis PowerShell This action will be deploy the Web App on IIS Website 0.0.1
slaakko slaakko / wingstall C++ Source code for an installer generator tool for Windows x64. 2.2.0 Wingstall 2.2.0 for Windows x64 =============================== Release notes ------------- * Added support for Visual Studio 2022 (Platform toolset 'v143')
robaho robaho / seashore Objective-C easy to use mac osx image editing application for the rest of us v3.0 Many new features: easier to use text tool. Show image while scaling and rotating with position tool. Many, many performance improvements - essentially a rewrite in many areas.
aziascreations aziascreations / Excel-Worksheet-Password-Remover HTML Tool that aims to simplify the removal of passwords on Excel's Worksheet by leaving the task of editing the XML files on an Excel document to your browser. 1.0.0 Release of original code as v1.0.0
MeepChangeling MeepChangeling / Apophenia-Engine no-lang Home of an evovling history generation tool for fictional nations. v0.0.1 The first public release. Looking for feedback and assistance.
bartbutenaers bartbutenaers / node-red-contrib-ui-joystick JavaScript A Node-RED widget node to show a virtual joystick in the Node-RED dashboard v1.0.0 Intial first release
mariano2692 mariano2692 / hospital-backend JavaScript repositorio del curso de angular avanzado/backend v.10.0.0 #notas * creacion de usuarios * jwt * encriptacion de contraseñas * validaciones
edave edave / OctoPrint-Enclosure Python OctoPrint Enclosure Plugin 4.13.3
ForkBombGIT Twinolli / Highlighters Game Maker Language Action arcade game where you match like-colored tiles demo-1.0.0
smotes senseyeio / mbgo Go A mountebank client written in Go. v1.2.0 Adds proper logical operator support for predicates, where JSON marshaling and un-marshaling will now handle a nested predicate or list of predicates in the "Request" field.
codedthemes codedthemes / berry-free-react-admin-template JavaScript Berry free react material-ui admin template for easing and faster web development. v3.0.1
cuongnb14 cuongnb14 / django-admin-extended HTML Enhance UI/UX of django admin v2.0
wujunyi792 wujunyi792 / hdu-cas-helper Go 杭电中央认证cas及相关应用登录一把梭 v0.1.0 - 杭电 cas 已支持账号密码或扫码登录 - 支持上课啦、智慧杭电和新正方教务登录
essentialjs2 syncfusion / ej2-vue-samples Vue Essential JS 2 demo samples for Vue v20.2.36
AdrianBL1 AdrianBL1 / HTML Sitio web personal de Adrian BL v0.3 NUEVA VERSIÓN - NUEVO DISEÑO Actualización de la página principal. Mejoras he implementaciones a la página: - Nueva interfaz completamente modificada - Nuevo diseño - Nuevo fondo animad
evepoi MEGB-NewGRF / VirtualTrainSet Makefile Virtual Train Set for OpenTTD 2022.06.26 * YST 가상열차 이관됨 - AGV-Cool - CRH430A - CRH430D - CRH600D - Shinkansen 500 Cool - TGV Pos Poste * HYEL 200 적재 속도 없어 승차속도 느림 해결
alexdsgmoura alexdsgmoura / Basteon CSS Basteon é uma poderosa ferramenta que gerencia diversos protocolos VPN 1.0.0 Basteon é uma poderosa aplicação de VPN, com diversos protocolos de conexão para proteger o usuário de ataques Hackers e camuflar sua rede, com o Basteon você pode navegar de forma "Anônim
Mst1k Mst1k / LittleDumper C++ Dump Patterns for Diferents Abis, in a single header++ 1.0
github-actions[bot] 5-sigma / ansible-vault Jinja :key: Ansible role for Vault 2022.07.01
ShirosakiMio ShirosakiMio / PixelmonFixForPhone Java 用于修复手机端1.16.5宝可梦无法运行的问题 PixelmonFixForPhone-1.0 PixelmonFixForPhone-1.0
shadow81627 spatialmedia / v-mapbox Vue A cloned & maintained version of vue-mapbox v3.2.4 ## [3.2.4]( (2022-07-01) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** bump [@deck]( from 8.7.10 to 8.7.11 ([95331d4](ht
Cxspr Cxspr / WCO_wrapper Java An unofficial app for the Watch Cartoons Online streaming platform that is essentially an elaborately wrapped HTML scraper. The aim of this app is to improve the user experience of the site on mobile by implementing series progress trackers and the ability to save a series to watch later. 1.0 Initial release of the WCO Wrapper android application.
JohZant JohZant / SpecialCharacterLookup C# Very simple class that can assist with checking strings for characters registered as unsafe. 1.1.1
charlestietjen charlestietjen / goblin-runner GAP A simple 2D endless runner. v1.0 1.0 I guess, I'm not likely to do too much more and the game is fully playable as-is.
colmeye colmeye / LinkedDoors Game Maker Language A GameMaker asset to simplify moving a player between rooms v0.1.0 The initial release of Linked Doors. Import the attached .yymps into your project to get started 🎉
blaxk blaxk / serverless-aws-latest-layer-version JavaScript Serverless plugin to support AWS Lambda Layers $LATEST tag v0.4.2 - update to aws sdk version
neilrush neilrush / Camera-Keys Java An accessibility/QOL plugin that adds hotkeys for camera zoom and compass direction. 1.0.4 ## What's Changed * Fixes for RL 1.8.25 API changes referenced in #10 * Update to Gradle 7 by @neilrush in **Full Changelog**: https://github
seffeng seffeng / lumen-basics PHP Lumen extension basics v1.2.4
jcbhmr jcbhmr / assert TypeScript 🚫 Dead simple assertion function v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
coolavery CrankshaftForSteam / crankshaft TypeScript A Steam client plugin manager and framework. MIRROR OF 0.1.0
sttor sttor / dast-zap-postman Python API security Scanning of Postman Collections with ZAP, DAST with Github Actions. 0.0.2 .
kennipj kennipj / gc-better-couriers C# Better Couriers mod for the Good Company game 0.1.0
tiny-stack-hero tinystack / cli Go Go cli Package v0.1.0 - add examples - stable
5tefan 5tefan / ncflag Python Utility and library to interface with cf-convention compliant NetCDF flag variables. v0.3.1 - New argument to `FlagWrap.get_flag`: use `ignore_missing=True` to avoid raising an exception if a flag_meaning isn't found. The default value for `ignore_missing=False` for backwards compatibil
deatil deatil / doak-curl Go go 版本的 curl 对外请求库 1.0.1 发布第一个版本
Abduelkeesh Abduelkeesh / Dermacentor-species R R code to permit full reproduction and replication of analyses included in the manuscript entitled "Geographic potential of Dermacentor species under current and future conditions, worldwide and particularly in Europe 1.1.1 #This is R code to permit full reproduction and replication of analyses! Abdelghafar Alkishe, Marlon E. Cobos, Luis Osorio-Olvera, and A. Townsend Peterson
lucasgio lucasgio / API_REST JavaScript Rest-API for test from Musala Soft 1.1.0 Adding testing cases Refactoring controllers, models and more funcionality
liyuan1125 liyuan1125 / gorm-cache Go gorm-cache v1.0.0
rbygrave avaje / avaje-jex Java Web routing for Jetty, Grizzly, JDK Http server avaje-jex-parent-2.3 #43 - Bump Jetty to 11.0.11 #42 - Support module-path with auto detection of Jackson and avaje-jsonb #41 - Migrate from slf4j-api to java System.Logger
kmturley studiorack / pluginval no-lang Cross platform plugin testing and validation tool v0.3.0
github-actions[bot] vuejs / vue TypeScript 🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web. v2.7.0 Please refer to []( for details.
Lopye8 Lopye8 / TheDiagBolikWatch no-lang A DiagBolik program to load the Diag on Apple Watches :watch: v1.0.0-beta First Beta version of **The DiagBolik Watch**, any advice is welcome 😬
rzlco666 rzlco666 / OstiumDate PHP Perhitungan dan Pemformatan Tanggal PHP untuk Bahasa Indonesia v1.0 Init release
verhovsky curlconverter / curlconverter TypeScript Generate code from cURL commands v4.0.0 - change the command line tool to act as a drop-in replacement for curl (just change `curl` to `curlconverter` in your command and it should output code) - adds a new `<Language>
genjabs genjabs / SBE no-lang Download the sbe and put it in your mods folder and your set! 2.9.2 Its pretty simple the steps should show up once launched and that's it.
github-actions[bot] anfei331160 / Action-SGSI-build Shell Based on Flyme9.3SGSI.zip_ca760c4722 厂商: meizu 安卓版本: 11 安卓code名称: REL 机型代号: meizu_18X_CN 安卓sdk版本: 30 安卓spl日期: 2022-06-01 设备型号: MEIZU 18X description: build指纹信息: meizu/me
rustdesk rustdesk / rustdesk-server Rust RustDesk Server Program 1.1.5-1 Only docker change
github-actions[bot] qnkhuat / tstream Go Live streaming from your terminal v1.3.3 ## Changelog 0c472b3 Merge pull request #54 from qnkhuat/move-to-xyz 337698b add an overlay to terminal in room to prevent input mode when touch on terminal cf9238a moving from to tstrea
and-a-yamaguchi andcorp / andbase-ui-styles SCSS AND Base UI スタイルシート v0.0.1 初期リリース
renetik renetik / renetik-ios-framework Swift Renetik iOS Framework 0.9.10 **Full Changelog**:
renetik renetik / renetik-ios-ui Swift Renetik UI Library 0.9.10 **Full Changelog**:
yangcancai yangcancai / phx_digest Elixir 根据Phoenix.Digester模块抽离出打包模块工具,目的在于使用phoenix开发web的时候可以使用该工具单独打包前端 v1.5.6 - Match phoenix 1.5.6
rvamsi1080 rvamsi1080 / EMSC-8033-project Jupyter Notebook My individual project for assessment v1.0 Final Submitted version.
mark05e mark05e / nicesnippet-postman-codegen JavaScript Convert Postman requests to Nice CXone compatible code snippets v0.6.3
jcbhmr jcbhmr / extendable-error TypeScript 🧱 Extend the native Error class v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
renetik renetik / renetik-ios-event Swift Event pattern & event properties framework 0.9.10 **Full Changelog**:
Haojia521 Haojia521 / TrafficMonitorPlugins C 用于TrafficMonitor的插件 PT-1.0 用于TrafficMonitor的番茄钟插件。 - 默认工作时长25分钟,休息5分钟。可根据自己需求调节时长,最短1分钟,最长240分钟。 - 支持自动循环,在休息结束
mark-prins openmsupply / msupply-cold-chain TypeScript Android application for viewing and monitoring temperatures of fridges v0.4.3 ## RELEASE VERSION v0.4.3 ### SUMMARY - Increase log interval to 60 minutes - Fixes a few issues with log delay
ayampolsky ayampolsky / SimpleReflectedLightMeter Java Simple reflected light meter application for android. v1.1
fzft fzft / go-ztcentral Go Golang Client for ZeroTier Central v0.06 auth
github-actions[bot] yoterel / STORM-Net Python STORM: Simple and Timely Optode Registration Method for Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) 1.0.0
fahrettinenes fahrettinenes / Uconomy C# Unturned 3 Rocket Mod Plugin: Economy Plugin, Your own ingame currency & Shops with more optimization. v1.0
PadowYT2 GIGABAIT-Official / Badges Smarty NamelessMC Module 1.2.2 Fix tables not being created
tlawrie boomerang-io / roadmap no-lang The Boomerang community and roadmap repository. This is the central place for information on joining, contributing, and governance. 3.10.0 ## 🚀 What's New This release brings a new Extensions feature with Slack as the first extension, as well as stabalization and security fixes. ### Enhancements, Fixes, and Bugs - ✨ Ne
mraksoll4 bitweb-project / bitweb C++ Bitweb a new Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System v0.21.2.0 Update dns seeds, Update site domain , fix block size , fix tx SIGOPS and some cosmic fixes.
wjz304 wjz304 / Hackintosh-EFI-Lenovo-Yoga-910-13IKB ASL Hackintosh-EFI-Lenovo-Yoga-910-13IKB 1.0.0 1.0.0
nzdjb nzdjb / secateur Python Pruning Twitter one ugly branch at a time. v0.0.0
gngpp gngpp / vdns Go Terminal CLI 操作域名解析记录,以服务形式提供DDNS支持 v1.0
rafaelst97 rafaelst97 / Formulario HTML Sistema de cadastro de itens v1.0 Primeira versão do sistema de cadastramento de itens
xunuohope1010 xunuohope1010 / kafka-connect-rabbitmq-source no-lang This repository contains a Kafka Connect source connector for copying data from RabbitMQ into Apache Kafka. 1.0.0 Build with JDK 11
SiruLee SiruLee / SparkNote JavaScript A one-month project for developing a multi-functional desktop application including note, todo, clock, and weather. v0.1.1 Executable files for SparkNote application - one for direct execution, and one for installation so that the program is accessible through the start menu.
gemario gemario / flashlight Java Construindo um App de lanterna, que acederá com o toque na tela e com o movimento de chacoalhar o celular. Desafio de projeto do Bootcamp Decola tech Avanade 3º edição, ministrado pela Dio. v1.0.0 # Apk do projeto final disponível. Faça o download e instale no seu celular! 🖖
Himenon Himenon / firepad-x TypeScript Collaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase @himenon/firepad@1.0.1 * firebase v8
D3r3k23 D3r3k23 / Argv C++ Modern C++ command line arguments v1.0
tmiddlet2666 coherence-community / coherence-demo Java The Coherence Demonstration v.5.1.0 Updated to work with Coherence CE 22.06
actatum actatum / stormrpc Go ⚡ StormRPC is an RPC "framework" built on top of the Request-Reply message capabilities from NATS. v0.1.0 Initial Release of StormRPC! StormRPC is an abstraction or wrapper on Request/Reply messaging capabilities. StormRPC launches with these capabalities: - Create servers and clients. - Ad
pandigresik pandigresik / opensid-multisite Rich Text Format Multiple site using one core engine opensid v22.07 Mengikuti update opensid 22.07
chepemlg chepemlg / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de Node - Rest Server Básico v1.0.0 # Restserver + Webserver Configuraciones inicales listas
github-actions[bot] Daemonxiao / airbyte Java Airbyte is an open-source EL(T) platform that helps you replicate your data in your warehouses, lakes and databases. v0.39.30-alpha 3b51eedfd2 Avoid error when creating dupl stream reset (#14328) 2a93dc1ec4 Edited formatting (#14275) 91af488bf9 Fix build by updating var (#14321) e1c098f744 Fix for deleting stream resets (#14322) 3
tplloi tplloi / base Kotlin Only import this lib, you can use retrofit2, all custom views, utils... 4.4.74 4.4.74
ktaebum friendliai / periflow-python-sdk Python PeriFlow Python SDK 0.1.0 ## What's Changed * Use `NPROC_PER_NODE` auto-set env var in examples by @kooyunmo in * Add copyright and change emergency save conditi
brian1014 brian1014 / RestServerFull JavaScript API-REST-FULL v1.0.0 Rest Server Basico - Configuraciones iniciales listas
argiepiano backdrop-contrib / user_mail_display no-lang Exposes account email field to the User's Manage Display UI. 1.x-1.0.0-beta Initial release **Full Changelog**:
taruma fiakoenjiniring / demo-stations Python demo dashboard rainfall stations explorer v3.0.0 Initial Release (Demo/Open Source Version) ## What's Changed * update readme for launching by @taruma in ## New Contributors * @tar
github-actions[bot] mydobie / skipMenu CSS Plugin for any webpage to automatically create a menu allowing users to easily navigate to major parts of the page. skipMenu will look your page and automatically add links to headings and landmarks in the menu. This menu can replace traditional accessible "skip to content" link(s). v1.3.0
nguyenanhung nguyenanhung / markdown PHP PHP Markdown Engine Support v1.0.3 **Full Changelog**:
kawago2 kawago2 / About-Indonesia Dart this application about indonesia v1.0.0-release
hax0kartik hax0kartik / wumiibo C++ Amiibo Emulation for 3ds v4.0 This is the fifth public release of wumiibo. The following list of changes has been made:- - Fix pixelated/glitchy bottom screen text when opening wumiibo menu on old 3ds. - Fix an issue which
rex1054 rex1054 / lp3-siketat JavaScript Unmuh Jember LP3 Sistem Kelola Tanda Terima Dokumen 1.12 Menambahkan plugin DataTable
github-actions[bot] studiorack / clap-info C++ A tool to show information about a CLAP plugin on the command line v1.0.0
sglkc sglkc / joshu-bot JavaScript A Discord bot with utilities to help with Japanese language v1.0.0 ### Features: - Example usage (5872ceffaeaf2fa54cd1d4a5eee7163a850e241a) - Text okurigana (5872ceffaeaf2fa54cd1d4a5eee7163a850e241a) - Dictionary search (b67b385fc5b262ae468aad7e2fefd7ff80f86125)
SuperWinner50 SuperWinner50 / vad_placefile Rust A small VAD to placefile converter. v0.0.1 First release. Might work.
wandersin wandersin / CommonUtils Java 基本工具方法 v0.0.2 - 空值校验 - 数字校验
Nachichuri Nachichuri / striker-bot Python A Telegram bot for keeping tabs on strikes of every group member v0.1.0 This is the first release of the **Striker Telegram bot**! This first version allows to have a database with users and their strikes ⚡ and pastries 🥐 counters, with a defined set of rules to i
rultor yegor256 / glogin Ruby Login/logout via GitHub OAuth for your Ruby web app 0.8.0
Miguel-Parra Miguel-Parra / Formularios-Angular-App TypeScript Formularios por Template y Reactivos V.0.3 Se crearon validaciones personalizadas sincronas: - validar email - validar nombre apellido Se crearon validaciones personalizadas asincronas: - validar passwords iguales en base a peticiones htt
leafliber leafliber / gesture-recognition Python gesture recognition 1.1.0-alpha
fjzhangZzzzzz fjzhangZzzzzz / proxyproto-server C++ 用于自测代理协议的 demo server v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
Xuefuguoalita Xuefuguoalita / My-Grandpa no-lang This is a repository of the interactive story My Grandpa. v1.0.0 This is version 1.0.0 of the interactive HTML story _My Grandpa_. To read the story, please download the zip file and extract it into a folder, then open the file My Grandpa.html from the same fol
PeterMalkin Project-CETI / whale-tag-embedded C Source code for the software that is used to build the image for the embedded computer inside the Whale Tags to be deployed onto sperm whales for project CETI v2_1.0
foopis23 foopis23 / Hardcore-Temp-Ban-Spigot Java A plugin created for Spigot. Every time a player dies they will lose 2.5 hearts off their max health. When reaching zero they will be banned for 4 hours. 1.0.0
DenalidTX DenalidTX / mixite_2 Kotlin This is a redesign of the mixite library by Hexworks. 0.1.1 Relabeled pre-release to try to get Jitpack working.
juankmilo99 juankmilo99 / Gohiproject TypeScript Aplicacion fullstack con angular y nodejs. v0.01 la aplicacion tal y como la terminamos, hace falta agregar mas funcionalidades
jultty jultty / dio-flashlight Java Aplicativo móvel desenvolvido para o bootcamp Decola Tech 3ª Edição v0.1.0 Versão de teste da primeira compilação, apenas em formato APK (Android). Esta versão não foi assinada digitalmente. shasum: `ef5d7e8124ae689245f6d4a998ead259a6db0de7`
lufeirider lufeirider / JavaFunctionAlert Java idea java危险函数提醒 1.0
zwaldowski zwaldowski / semver-release-action JavaScript Create the next semantic version and tag it. v2.1 - Update dependencies - Replace namespace with ref parameter (#28) - Strip the prefix before regex parsing tags (#16)
guocaoyi guocaoyi / create-chrome-ext JavaScript Scaffolding your chrome extension, multiple boilerplates supported, react\vue\svelte\preact\lit\vanilla v0.2.0 ## What's Changed * merge(v0.2):merge feat/v0.2 to main by @guocaoyi in ## New Contributors * @guocaoyi made their first contribution in
christroutner Permissionless-Software-Foundation / avax-dex-ui-v2 JavaScript A Gatsby Theme web app UI for avax-dex v1.0.0 Kicking off Semantic Versioning. Forked from [gatsby-theme-bch-wallet](
sharkLoc sharkLoc / visual_fq Rust A fastq file visualization tool v0.1.0
franciscofolli franciscofolli / folli-flashlight-dio Java Projeto desenvolvido atraves do bootcamp Decola Tech 3 da Digital Innovation One 1.0.0 # Primeira versao do aplicativo de lanterna para android desenvolvido em bootcamp com Digital Innovation One Apk disponibilizado para download logo abaixo!
dylemma dylemma / xml-spac Scala Handle streaming XML data with declarative, composable parsers 0.10.0 This is another refactor release, with two focus areas: - reduce usage of typeclasses involved with the `.parse` method - decouple the library from cats-effect and fs2 The bottom line is that t
pollenjp pollenjp / yaml-pipe Python yaml parser for shell v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] ckm007 / print Java reference project to use mosip credential service and print a digital card v1.2.3 Changes in this Release - First Change - Second Change
zhengcling zhengcling / vite-plugin-vue2-i18n no-lang The missing vite plugin of vue-i18n for Vue 2. v1.0.0-3 support yaml without lang
xzeertacat xzeertacat / vacuum-card JavaScript Vacuum cleaner card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI v2.6.3-water
KURUMIESS KURUMIESS / OpenWrt no-lang My OpenWrt Project (YFDOOR) 2022.07.01-1050 1、源码: 2、分支:v21.02.3 3、设备:xiaomi_redmi-router-ac2100 -- Build by YFDOOR with Github Actions on 2022.07.01-1050 for xiaomi_redmi-router-ac21
LeKovr dopos / dcape-app-registry Makefile Private docker registry for dcape users v0.1.0 Project is ready to test use
abigbread abigbread / SimpleTableView Java 一个简单的自定义表格View,可锁定首行和首列 1.0.0 一个简单的,可锁定行列的表格控件
mczph mczph / Moscovium no-lang Huge optimization of mods in 1.12.2 1.0 Version 1.0
EnterTheVoid-x86 EnterTheVoid-x86 / arpak Python Arpak - A package manager for Arch Linux based distros with APT-like syntax! v1.0 Arpak v1.0 - first release
aqaurius6666 aqaurius6666 / go-utils Go Common utils for building backend with Golang v1.7.0
uni-fied uni-fied / backend-native no-lang Backend API untuk Produce Aplikasi Mobile atau Web, API ini merupakan jembatan yang menghubungkan antara Aplikasi dengan Server Database v1.0-beta-release ## :ocean: Update Changelog Backend Bokebre Berikut merupakan update changelog backend untuk aplikasi Bokebre (Manajemen Keuangan Keluarga), Untuk rilis sudah update versi `BETA V1.0 Beta Rilis`, Ber
github-actions[bot] haani-niyaz / golang-template-repository Makefile Kickstarter repository for a golang service v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-07-01) ### Features * **semantic-release:** configure semantic release for the repository ([3538af3](
FeatherStark FeatherStark / HttpPacket_V2 Java Language Switch to JDK8 V0.2 This is a pre-release.
camilodroid camilodroid / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de Node - Rest Server Basico v1.0.0 #RestServer + Webserver configuraciones iniciales listas
2nthony opensquare-network / previewer TypeScript React Markdown/Html Previewer v0.5.0 ## What's Changed * feat: unified markdown(html) css by @2nthony in **Full Changelog**:
ifaswind ifaswind / unity-reference-finder C# Finds all references to the specified asset. v0.1.0.20220630 First release.
leven-cn leven-cn / PythonStart Python Recipes for Python 3. v0.0.2 PythonStart archived. **Full Changelog**:
zwang20 zwang20 / SympyLab Python A platform agnostic GUI mathematical solver making use of the SymPy library. 0.0.1 ## What's Changed * Doc by @zwang20 in ## New Contributors * @zwang20 made their first contribution in
zhonger zhonger / cloudflared Go Build cloudflared for s390x platform v2022.6.3
appinlet PayGate / PayWeb_NopCommerce_3 C# This is the PayGate PayWeb3 plugin for NopCommerce 3. v1.1.2 To get started, download and unzip ''. You can ignore the 'Source code' options.
ip2location ip2location / ip2proxy-kotlin Kotlin IP2Proxy Kotlin can be used to find the IP addresses which are used as VPN anonymizer, open proxies, web proxies and Tor exits. v3.3.0
vieiraricardo vieiraricardo / consolechain JavaScript A CLI to interact with smart contracts v.0.0.8
rileyhales rileyhales / pyrch Python Source code of a python package containing the functions and utilities developed to make my frequent computing tasks easier 0.13 functions to be used with `GeoDataFrame.apply` for common geometry manipulations
kent0106 YunzhanghuOpen / sdk-php PHP 客户与云账户对接的 sdk 1.0.0 客户与云账户对接的 sdk PHP版本5.4-7.x
DolphinWing DolphinWing / DstTranslate Kotlin DST Translate tool and steam workshop code v1.2.10 The Curse of Moon Quay
LiamTownsley2 LiamTownsley2 / KwizzBit-Project HTML 🌬 This is a recreation of the website using Tailwinds CSS! v0.1.0-alpha ## What's Changed * chore: updating & adding dist/ to gitignore by @LiamTownsley2 in ## New Contributors * @LiamTownsle
mateusjunges mateusjunges / php-json-builder PHP A simple utility class to manipulate JSON objects. v0.1.0 - Initial release **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] elonehoo / haul TypeScript convenient and modern wrapper around fetch with smart extensible defaults v0.0.1 ###    🐞 Bug Fixes - Update script by @elonehoo ([9306200]( - Import type by @elonehoo ([a89845f](
daanrod daanrod / libpythonprodaanrod Python Módulo para exemplificar construção de projetos python no curso PyTools 0.1
ivone-liu ivone-liu / baidu-map PHP 百度地图组件,以composer包形式即插即用 v.0.2.4
David20122 David20122 / lights no-lang stuff
ms-henglu Azure / azapi2azurerm Go A tool to migrate terraform resources from azurerm-restapi to azurerm v0.4.0 **azurerm version: v3.11.0**
jsimpson746 jsimpson746 / arcgis-pro-addins no-lang A collection of arcgis pro addins in a visual studio project 3.0 Updated for ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and removed all other tools except Google Street View.
leapkh leapkh / android-ci Dockerfile A Docker image for Android CI. 0.0.7
github-actions[bot] k8scat / ones-link TypeScript 当 ONES 团队从公有云迁移到私有云时,帮助用户自动迁移旧地址到新域名上。 v0.1.0
Minoro Minoro / pgpyml PLpgSQL An in-database machine learning solution to run python models in Postgres v0.3.0 Create a new schema when the extension is created
Firebasky Firebasky / ScanShiro no-lang 一个批量扫描shiro漏洞的工具,支持AES/CBC&AEC/CMG ScanShiro-v1.0.jar jar包
WillHu WillHu / Open-IM-Server no-lang 即时通讯IM v2.1.0
theachoem juniorise / spooky-mb Dart Minimalist application to write stories, notes, diary! 🎃 1.1.0 First journal with Material U design is now released on both Play Store & App Store (later this week), Try it now 🎉❤️ (Spooky Initial Release). Users can request features & report bugs
github-actions[bot] Roman-Ojha / social TypeScript 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Full Fledged Social Media Application 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 v0.4.0 - [952795b]( - fix(redux): removed js redux from project - [7b3f797](
github-actions[bot] mcfletch / pycraft-server Java Spigot/Bukkit Plugin that uses Java Reflection to provide a JSON based RPC API v-1.0.5
NodeMixaholic NodeMixaholic / roblox-places no-lang Public archives of my popular ROBLOX places. :-) border2.05
tommygaessler zoom / meetingsdk-angular-sample TypeScript Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in an Angular App v2.5.0 Please see the [CHANGELOG]( regarding updates within this release.
appbuilder-electron appbuilder-electron / app-builder-client no-lang AppBuilder desktop client testing 1.0.1
szolkos szolkos / Tundra-hydrochemistry-wildfire R Scripts for The Polaris Project manuscript on wildfire and landscape controls on YK-Delta tundra hydrochemistry 2022.06.30 v.1.0 of code for processing data associated with the YK Delta tundra hydrochemistry manuscript by Zolkos et al.
UntitledEntity UntitledEntity / Discord-Hook C++ A simple, open source, CS:GO cheat. v1.0.0 These are the compiled versions of discord, timestamped 6/30/2022 9:49 PM EDT
SharonLutz SharonLutz / LEAD no-lang HPHC LEAD Seminar Notes v.0.1.0
BueniaDev BueniaDev / libblueberrn C Arcade machine emulation library, sorta 0.1 This is the first OFFICIAL release of libblueberrn, for real this time. Changelog from Holiday Release 2021: Added internal timer-based scheduler system Vastly improved and streamlined texture
pixeldev unnamed / gui Java A very simple library to facilitate the menu creation in the Bukkit API v3.0.0
tommygaessler zoom / meetingsdk-javascript-sample JavaScript Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in a JavaScript App v2.5.0
definitelyokay chickensoft-games / go_dot_net C# Simple dependency injection, state management, serialization, and other utilities for C# Godot development. v0.0.1 Initial release!
lgc0313 lgc0313 / terraform-aws-cn-kms HCL terraform-aws-kms for china v1.1.1 v1.1.1 modify for AWS China
amartlew uqlibrary / docker-mysql-udf-preg Dockerfile MySQL UDF Preg library added to Docker Official Image packaging for MySQL Community Server 5.7 MySQL 5.7
S4mpsa S4mpsa / NIDAS Lua Networked Information Display & Automation Software NIDAS-1.1
diegolira32 diegolira32 / dio-decolatech no-lang Meu primeiro repositório :) 1.0.0 Projeto pro Bootcamp Decolatech [decolatech -](
GZLiew tapendium / docker Shell Monorepo: Docker images cfn-lint/0.0.1 cfn-lint/0.0.1 (2022-07-01) ✨ Features - Add cfn-lint image
robin521111 robin521111 / chromium-vim JavaScript Vim bindings for Google Chrome. 1.2.99
realdev05 realdev05 / colorpickerdialog Java For Android 0.1.0
koho koho / frpmgr Go Windows 平台的 FRP GUI 客户端 / A user-friendly desktop GUI client for FRP on Windows. v1.10.0
DaRubyMiner360 CloudLoaderMC / Mixin Java Mixin is a trait/mixin framework for Java using ASM 0.8.6
maxjiang2021 maxjiang2021 / Edible-axolotls Java No. (1.19) 1.19-1.0.0 Axolotls can be cooked and used as fuel in a furnace.
Mainak009 Neternels / android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8937 C Redmi 4X (santoni) NetHunter Kernel V1.4.4_A11 FTR: I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features incl
sheshenia sheshenia / nanostarter Go UI helper tool for nanomdm quickstart v0.2.0
ocean ahoy-cli / ahoy Go Create self-documenting cli programs from YAML files. Easily wrap bash, grunt, npm, docker, (anything) to standardize your processes and make the lives of the people working on your project better. 2.0.1 ## What's New 🚀 * There are now cross-compiled binaries for `amd64` and `arm64` architecture for Linux, macOS and Windows. Windows has only been minimally tested, so please report bugs if y
Oppzippy Oppzippy / CopyAnything Lua World of Warcraft addon to copy text from any visible frame. v1.1.10
JoelSanchez94 JoelSanchez94 / Angular-ALV JavaScript Repositorio de Angular de Fernando. v1.0.0 # Diseño Listo * Rutas * Angular implementado * Rutas Fijas
ReleaseWemix wemixarchive / go-wemix Go Go implementation of the Wemix project. w0.9.8 Gwemix v0.9.8 is the first release of the official WEMIX3.0 testnet. * 1 second block interval * modified eip1559 / base fee scheme to suit sustained and rapid fluctuation of high traffic volumes
cosmo-admin cloudify-cosmo / cloudify-vsphere-plugin Python Cloudify vSphere Plugin 2.19.11 cloudify-vsphere-plugin-v2.19.11
squeek502 squeek502 / micro-zigfmt Lua micro editor plugin that provides zig fmt integration v0.1.1 - Don't crash when linter is disabled (#1, thanks @EliasFleckenstein03)
rulerandsaber rulerandsaber / gocqzbp Go go-cqhttp与ZeroBot-Plugin的合体 v1.4.10
sawirricardo sawirricardo / laravel-gate-helper PHP Add gate() helper 0.0.2 Loose version constraint
RyanGar46 RyanGar46 / mc-commands-plus Java A Mod that adds new helpful commands to Minecraft. v0.1-beta Commands: - Name - Hunger - Health - Setowner
chorblack chorblack / Mirai_JS_Scripts JavaScript 存放编写的Js脚本 1.0 使用opencv必须下载此包替换原来的lua-mirai-mcl.jar
sbjang123456 sbjang123456 / yarn-monorepo-study TypeScript 모노리포 기반 nextjs 공부! 1.0.0 pre release test
bitfaster bitfaster / BitFaster.Caching C# High performance, thread-safe in-memory caching primitives for .NET v1.1.0 - Added `Trim(int itemCount)` to `ICache` and all derived classes - Added `TrimExpired()` to TLRU classes - When an item is updated TLRU classes reset the item timestamp, extending TTL - Fixed TLRU
tommygaessler zoom / meetingsdk-web-sample JavaScript Zoom Meeting SDK Web Sample App v2.5.0 Please see the [CHANGELOG]( regarding updates within this release.
danielsss xmindltd / xmind-sdk-js TypeScript The XMind SDK for javascript in browser and Node.js. v2.2.25 fixed(#49): declaration of cid()
livramatheus livramatheus / thunder-fox-arena JavaScript Thunder Fox Arena is a 1 vs 1 reimagination made in JavaScript of the original 1991 game released for Sega Mega Drive. 0.1.0 ### Alpha Release v0.1.0 ## Main features - Health system - Time system - 2 partly developed fighters: Thunder and Gonza - 7 fully developed stages, including its original soundtrack - Basic g
github-actions[bot] ddradar / consumer-ddr TypeScript Consumer DDR Song List v0.6.1 Full Changelog: aca23a5...6914222
FrankYuanEvoco Evocolabs / RxAndroidBle Java An Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Library with RxJava2 interface 1.14.2 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] kitnil / prometheus-restic-exporter Nix Prometheus exporter for restic backups ( v1.0.0
paulparkinson oracle / oracle-db-appdev-monitoring Java Scripts and code for unified observability for data-centric app dev and microservices 0.1.0 Used in Unified Observability in Grafana with converged Oracle Database Workshop
TheRealMichaelWang TheRealMichaelWang / cish C Go + Generics + Sum Types 1.1.1 # v1.1.1 This project has been renamed to Cish. Development wise, several minor bug fixes have been made. In addition, a some debugging capabilities have been added to both Cish, and it's compil
julia-nsantos julia-nsantos / julia-dio-flashlight Java Este projeto foi realizado em conjunto com o bootcamp DecolaTech 3 da DIO (Digital Innovation One) 1.0.0 # Primeira versão funcionando! Segue APK disponibilizado para instalação e uso em celulares android!
smastrom smastrom / react-advanced-rating TypeScript :star: Zero-dependency, highly customizable rating component for React. 1.0.0 React Advanced Rating is now available on npm. `yarn add react-advanced-rating` [Live demo and examples](
zhouyq easysoft / qucheng PHP QuCheng cloud-native application delivery platform v1.0.0 发布日期: 2022-06-06 # 渠成平台1.0 正式发布 - [官网]( - [安装文档]( # 功能
sneat sneat / starter-scene-packer JavaScript A starting point for creating Foundry VTT modules initialised with Scene Packer. 1.0.4 v10 compatibility changes and remove v7 support.
frozenleaves frozenleaves / CCDeep-release1.2 Python cell cycle analysis v1.2 This is a pre-trained models set, you can download and use it. At the same time, I hope you know that this is not the final version and will be updated later.
github-actions[bot] ATiltedTree / nhentai-dump Rust Database dump of nhentai. Updated daily. 01.07.2022
javidsho dotnettools / EventExtensions C# An extension to .NET events to support asynchronous events and collect the returned values v2.2.0 # What's New - Added `AsyncEventHandler` delegates. - Support for .NET Framework 4.5 is dropped and replaced with .NET Framework 4.5.2 instead.
Jamie-BitFlight bitflight-devops / github-action-jira-find-issue-keys JavaScript Jira issues are discovered in the commit history, branch name, pull request title and listed as an output v1.0.12 Adds testing, Ass more error logging and debugging. Adds ability to specify the github api endpoint and also a git enterprise server endpoint + version.
sakaztk sakaztk / Jupyter-PowerShellSDK C# Jupyter kernel for PowerShell 7 (SDK) v7.2.5.0 PowerShell SDK 7.2.5
kopaygorodsky go-foreman / foreman Go MessageBus, PubSub implementation for golang. Orchestrated saga. v0.1.1.6
EmilBaimurzin EmilBaimurzin / Tex Kotlin Mobile application based on Reddit API 1.0.0 1.0.0 pre-alpha
MoSadie MoSadie / ExponentialPower Java A Minecraft Forge mod that adds a source of constant exponential RF power. v2.1.0 * Updated to Minecraft 1.18.2 (#21, #23) * Minor internal code cleanup * Setup automatic publishing to all platforms on release (#22, #23)
lbianchi-lbl gmlc-dispatches / dispatches Jupyter Notebook Primary repository for distributed dispatches software tools 0.2.0rc0 # 2022 Jun Release Candidate #0 Start with our [online documentation]( to get started with install instructions, examples, etc. **Full Changelog**:
nicolasagudelo nicolasagudelo / Folder_Organizer Python Program to organize your files into folders. v1.0 # Folder Organizer Using Python and Tkinter. Hello everyone! <br> <figure align = "center"> <img src = alt = "Folder Organizer&q
codeit-ninja codeit-ninja / woo-dimensions-calculator PHP Calculate the amount of products you need for given dimensions 1.0.1
ClancyHood ClancyHood / opensky-api PHP A PHP client to retrieve data from the OpenSky live API. 0.2.0 attempt
github-actions[bot] cycool29 / whatsapp-for-linux Shell Install WhatsApp on all Linux devices 8.0 An unofficial WhatsApp client for Linux, built with nativefier.
github-actions[bot] susll / djc_helper Python DNF蚊子腿小助手 v18.0.1
dannys42 Kitura / CircuitBreaker Swift A Swift Circuit Breaker library – Improves application stability and reliability. 5.1.0 Updated CI, github orgs, and copyright notice.
zachborboa php-curl-class / php-curl-class PHP PHP Curl Class makes it easy to send HTTP requests and integrate with web APIs 9.6.1 See [change log]( for changes.
Oppzippy Oppzippy / GlobalSearch Lua World of Warcraft addon that provides a global search, similar to what you'd find in an IDE. v0.1.0
bitbloxhub bitbloxhub / dragoneggplus Java MOAR DRAGON EGGZ v1.0.0 it works
dderjoel dderjoel / VirtScreen Python Make your iPad/tablet/computer into a secondary monitor on Linux. 0.3.2 qamash -> qasync
bvkrauth bvkrauth / rcr Python Stata RCR package (with FORTRAN source code) v3.0 ## New Python package rcrbounds The RCR package is now available as a Python module called `rcrbounds`. It can be installed from GitHub, or directly from PyPI using the command: ``` pip install
fvaldes0109 InterfaSus / Domino ShaderLab Proyecto de Programación. Facultad de Matemática y Computación, Universidad de La Habana. v1.0.0 ## Info Primera versión estable del proyecto. ## Contributors * @fvaldes0109 * @Loitzel
LeonardoReichert LeonardoReichert / tkgetpassword Python A module to prompt the user for password input with a GUI Tkinter dialogs. v1.0 # Functions to create password entries: askcreatepassword, askoldpassword, askchangepassword 1- askcreatepassword(...) Use on create a new password, return (str: a new password) 2- askol
JuanTrobajoPR JuanTrobajoPR / Mars no-lang Repository for the Git course of Coding Made Simple. v1.0 # Release Notes - Fixed bug 1 - Fixes bug 2 - Added the form ...
LeKovr dopos / narra Go auth service for nginx or traefik2 v0.24.0 Basic Auth support added
Luckybjj Luckybjj / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de Node - Rest Server Básico v1.0.0 # Notas # RestServer + WebServer Configuraciones iniciales listas
kquinsland kquinsland / apcupsd_exporter Go Prometheus exporter that exposes metrics from apcupsd's NIS. MIT Licensed. v0.3.0 Testing cross compile GHA flow
Mau005 Mau005 / OrderDownloads Python This application is used to be able to auto-save the downloads and it will run from time to time 1.1 Now the application supports a notification system - add notifications - better performance from 25% CPU consumption to 1% - open containers where the files are
rsvaliveti rsvaliveti / theme-al-folio JavaScript Themized version of v0.1.0 This remote jekyll theme is based on [al-folio release 0.5.0](
silbermm silbermm / zigler Elixir zig nifs in elixir 0.8.2 Version 0.8.1 with my changes
cheetaah cheetaah / monolog PHP Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services
KZacharski KZacharski / debil-css-pro CSS Nowy innowacyjny framework CSS po polsku dzięki któremu nawet Jarosław Kaczyński będzie umiał napisać nowoczesną stronę internetową. Od Polaków dla Polaków. v0.0.1 Pierwsza wersja przedpremierowa. Debil jeszcze nic nie umie prawie. Wydanie tylko po to żeby ścieżka do sieci dostarczania treści w nie była pusta.
github-actions[bot] itn3000 / lsx Rust list files and output formatted text 0.3.1 security update **Full Changelog**:
asheroto asheroto / winget-installer PowerShell Install winget tool using PowerShell! Prerequisites automatically installed. Works on Windows 10/11 and Server 2019/2022. 0.0.3 - Added function to get latest version of winget binary - Added script comments for help + PSGallery - Published to PSGallery - Updated readme with method to install using PSGallery
ToxicFrog ToxicFrog / laevis ZenScript A Doom mod of semi-random weapon upgrades, compatible with most iwads and other mods v0.5.0 - Change: Poison upgrades overhauled: - Poison damage now has diminishing returns (duration still scales linearly) - new Weakness upgrades reduces damage dealt by poisoned enemies - Putrefact
wilr fullscreeninteractive / silverstripe-xero PHP A lightweight wrapper around calcinai/xero-php with Silverstripe support 1.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
ElisaBernardo ElisaBernardo / FlashLight JavaScript Aplicativo de lanterna desenvolvido no curso de React Native da Digital Innovation One. LanternaV1.0.0 # Aplicativo de lanterna com acionamento por toque ou sensor de movimento *Desafio de projeto da DIO do curso de React Native.* **Faça o download e instale no seu celular!! ;)**
crstauf crstauf / action-scheduler-cli PHP Unofficial companion plugin for Action Scheduler that introduces basic CLI commands. v1.0.0 Initial development.
s1lentq s1lentq / metamod-r C++ Fully reworked fork of Metamod for Half-Life 1
lskatz lskatz / hashest Perl estimate MLST with hashes v0.1 This is the bare minimum pipeline for indexing and searching
raynamharris nih-cfde / training-and-engagement HTML Materials for the Training and Engagement Website ## What's Changed * Minor edits for conda lesson by @marisalim in * Merge pull request #529 from nih-cfde/dev by @raynamharris in ht
math280h math280h / aws-mq-rabbitmq-exporter Python AWS MQ RabbitMQ Exporter with Broker Autodiscovery 0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
NachoToast NachoToast / NachoAPI TypeScript General use API for NachoToast-related services. v0.1.0 Basic Spotify and Discord OAuth modules.
jeffr-spire nsat / oort-agent C++ OORT Agent source code. Documentation can be found here: v1.3.0
tomasggrdev tomasggrdev / Angular_1 TypeScript primeros pasos en angular v1.0.0 conceptos basicos de angular
100ze 100ze / rumia CSS Um browser simples que pode rodar em quase qualquer página! v0.2 ^^
wynnset tapestry-tool / tapestry-wp Vue This is a plugin for Wordpress that allows creating non-linear, collaborative, and interactive content. v2.50.0-beta ## What's Changed * 853 - Export from database by @jaskwong in * 872 - Save analytics event by @jaskwong in
eifuentes eifuentes / skipgrammar Python A framework for representing sequences as embeddings. v0.1.3 ## What's Changed * movielens dataset v1 by @eifuentes in * add pytorch building blocks by @eifuentes in
docarmo-cintia docarmo-cintia / Lanterna Java App lanterna 1.0
galvez fastify / fastify-dx JavaScript A Full Stack Framework based on Fastify and Vite. Built for great developer experience without compromising on performance and stability. react-v0.0.3 This release nearly **doubles** SSR performance by replacing `PassThrough` with [`minipass`]( It also fixes a bug where it was not possible to change the rou
youngster youngster / pyproIMS Python python processing of Imaging Mass Spectrometry data v0.1 Version accompanying Lipp et al. - Grasping myelin complexity: combining spatially resolved brain lipid mass spectrometry with multimodal quantitative magnetic resonance imaging Scripts are available
Plorax Plorax / jQueryDialogWizard JavaScript The magnificent dialog wizard In this release I've fixed a few bugs and added new features. A major update is the ajax posting and ajax loading of form fields. Due to lack of time I will not go into much detail here but
github-actions[bot] rapidsai / node TypeScript GPU-accelerated data science and visualization in node v22.06.00
georgezhao2010 georgezhao2010 / lovelace-curtain-card no-lang Curtain card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI 0.1.0 - First release
7Seventy0 7Seventy0 / HoldableCreatorUnity no-lang Holdable Creator project 1.0.0 thank you to nacho engine for allowing me to use his player model maker unity project!
Njinx Njinx / instx Go Client-side service that automatically updates the searx(ng) instance you use to search based on the best one from v1.0.0
msuchard OHDSI / Cyclops C++ Cyclops (Cyclic coordinate descent for logistic, Poisson and survival analysis) is an R package for performing large scale regularized regressions. v3.2.0
tristantyson tristantyson / Get-AzureADGroupSID PowerShell PowerShell script which returns the security identifier (SID) of the requested Azure Active Directory group. v1.0 Initial release.
gignsky gignsky / plex-sonarr-auto-download-next-season Python This collection of python scripts and docker containers will download the next season of an in-progress show automatically using Sonarr when a user is nearing the end of the currently downloaded season. v0.1.0 #Original Version #Courtesy of [PeacefulDreams]( This is the original version created entirely by PeacefulDreams with a python version and compatible docker conta
github-actions[bot] preconstruct / preconstruct TypeScript 🎁 Dev and build your code painlessly in monorepos @preconstruct/cli@2.1.6 ### Patch Changes - [#461]( [`97e7ca0`]( Thanks [@
KazuhiroM The-Japan-DataScientist-Society / 100knocks-preprocess HTML データサイエンス100本ノック(構造化データ加工編) v2.1 - V2.0による解答例の修正不備対応 - 基盤面でのアップデート
jundellagbo jundellagbo / cdn-enabler-replace-content PHP This plugin requires CDN ENABLER Plugin allows you to replace multiple contents and having full control to rewrite your content to your cdn. v0.1.0 ## First Release Pre-release for the plugin.
joaoloquingen joaoloquingen / FlashLight_DIO Java Desafio de projeto React DIO 1.0.0 # APK do projeto final disponível.
karson paymentsds / mpesa-php-sdk PHP A PHP library aiming to help developers integrating their products with M-Pesa Platform 1.0.0
PharaohAsh big-picture-medical / openehr-data-structures PHP openEHR data structures in PHP v0.5.1 - Update package support to include `^9.0` for `illuminate/support`
bitbloxhub bitbloxhub / sculk-shrieker-summons Java fabric mod that sets can_summon to true v1.0.0 it does what it should do
tiwabs tiwabs / TiwabsTools Python A Blender Add-on to get location and rotation (in Quaternion) to help with the placement of props in CodeWalker v1.0
awmottaz awmottaz / promise-some JavaScript Like Promise.all, but only as many as you've got time for v1.0.0 - [CHANGELOG]( - [NPM]( **Full Changelog**:
ChepKun linux-is-awesome / gnome_extension_rocketbar JavaScript Taskbar and misc additions for the GNOME Shell. v1.0
Haliax Haliax / mattermost-plugin-post-reminder Go This plugin allows the user to reminded about posts. v0.2.0 Initial Release
Eli-bassoon Eli-bassoon / CraftyFunge Python A 3D esoteric programming language interpreted in Minecraft v1.0.1 * Updated README for unintended redstone interactions of observers and pistons * Fixed skipping instruction not skipping mode changes
stigok nrkno / github-workflow-terraform-config HCL Reusable GitHub workflow for validating a Terraform configuration repository. v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * init by @stigok in * fix branch filter by @stigok in
void-type void-type / LoadTest C# A simple website load tester v1.0.13 ## What's Changed * Add shallow archiver by @jsschreiner-bm in **Full Changelog**:
cerrorism cerrorism / kassert Kotlin Assertion library for Kotlin 1.7.2
sindresorhus sindresorhus / yoctocolors JavaScript The smallest and fastest command-line coloring package on the internet v1.0.0 ### Breaking - Require Node.js 14 456d8b7
karamjb karamjb / SLSC TypeScript Smart Local Storeage Cache v0.0.1 first release
PepperCode1 PepperCode1 / Item-Model-Fix Java A Fabric mod that fixes gaps in generated item models. v1.0.3+1.19 - Update to 1.19
OctoRocket OctoRocket / Patch-Folder-Verifier Rust Program to verify your patch names v0.1.0 Missing the dupe functionality woops
haochenz96 haochenz96 / mosaic Python Mosaic (custom) is adapted from Mission Bio's mosaic package which is used to analyze single-cell DNA sequencing data generated by the Tapestri machine. v1.7.0 This is a customized version of Mission Bio's Mosaic package used for analyzing single-cell DNA sequencing data generated by the Tapestri machine. It includes several improvements made for analyz
sashasashasasha151 sashasashasasha151 / tree JavaScript React Tree v5.6.6
elBoberido eclipse-iceoryx / iceoryx-rs Rust Rust wrapper for Eclipse iceoryx™ - true zero-copy inter-process-communication v0.1.0 Initial release of iceoryx-rs v0.1.0
thakur-nandan beir-cellar / beir Python A Heterogeneous Benchmark for Information Retrieval. Easy to use, evaluate your models across 15+ diverse IR datasets. v1.0.1 There have been multiple changes done to the repository ever since the last version. You can find the latest changes mentioned here below: ## 1. Brand New Wiki page for BEIR Starting from v1.0.1,
developer9998 developer9998 / HoldablePad C# A custom holdable mod for Gorilla Tag! v1.0.0 hi :)
Graicc Graicc / BananaHook C# A little mod API lib for Gorilla Tag. That's it. 1.3.1 * Fix bug preventing room leaves
elBoberido elBoberido / iceray Rust An introspcetion TUI for iceoryx written in rust v0.1.0 Initial release of iceray v0.1.0
ReubinAuthor ReubinAuthor / ReubinsNameplates Lua Displays NPC's health and threat status on their nameplates v.1.2.1 Fixed auras not showing up.
paulogodinhoaq aquiris / jenkins-ec2-plugin no-lang Jenkins ec2 plugin ec2-1.68-WinOverSSH Allow the connection of windows machine via SSH instead of WinRM

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