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wonkeythemonkey wonkeythemonkey / acf-flexible-link PHP ACF Field Type Template v0.2.0
masters3d masters3d / CSharp-ConsoleView C# Simple C# Console View Helper v0.2.3
AnderGoig AnderGoig / SwiftInstagram Swift An Instagram API client written in Swift v1.0.5 ### Changed - The `Success` and `Failure` handlers, for all the API endpoints, are no longer nullable. ### Fixed - Fixed the bug parsing `InstagramMedia` objects with a `location` property (#7).
tedmorris WindsorSolutions / opennode2-dotnet C# OpenNode2 Exchange Network Node, .Net v4.0.7
noshutdown-ru-user noshutdown-ru / vault Ruby Is a plugin for project management system Redmine. Allows you to store various passwords/keys in one place for the project. release_0.3.3
Ssawa VICEMedia / mock-aws-sinon JavaScript Use sinon stubs with aws-sdk v1.2.0 Support newer versions of sinon
milos-ljubinkovic rabix / bunny Java Reproducible Analyses for Bioinformatics - Java v1.0.2 Multiple bugfixes related to job lifecycle, glob resolution and javascript interpolation. Integration testing now includes cached workflow tests.
robertpeteuil robertpeteuil / sysis Shell SYSIS provides a simple way to retrieve and display system information across multiple system types, by eliminating the need to use multiple commands that vary based on system-type. v3.6.0 Many Improvements to the displayed report, including the items displayed and how they're displayed: - Combined CPU Name, Speed & Cores into single line - Correct speed displayed on variable
manchuck operationstrategy / usergrid_python Python Usergrid 1.2 client for python 0.1.4 Usergrid class now under test Updated collect_entities to now be a generator Updated UG to check for token timeout before making request Updated auto-reconnect to be set to false if a custom token
mark-gerarts mark-gerarts / automapper-plus PHP An AutoMapper for PHP v1.0.1 - Support mapping from a stdClass - Created the new `fromProperty` operation that allows specifying the source property name - Create the `Reversible` interface, allowing operation to be reversed -
GlauberC GlauberC / maude-example-tree no-lang Programa de arvore binaria utilizando a linguagem Maude 0.02 * Funções que criam ramificações na extrema direita e extrema esquerda * Substitução do comando -insert- por -add-
lewisgoddard eustasy / puff-geo PHP A location auto-detection plugin for Puff. 0.5.0 - Add NC 1.7 - Fix permissions - Stop echoing error message to preserve HTML sanity
ivanalemunioz ivanalemunioz / afip-php PHP SDK Para los Web Services de AFIP (Argentina) v0.1.0 Primera versión del SDK liberado para funcionar con la gran parte de los métodos del Web Service wsfe1 ### Métodos disponibles para Facturación Electrónica (wsfe1) 1. Obtener número del últim
avattathil aws-quickstart / quickstart-heptio Shell AWS Kubernetes cluster via CloudFormation and kubeadm Sep Updated kube version to v1.7.6
faan11 faan11 / paper-time-picker HTML Material design time picker component for polymer 2.1.0 - fix bug clock
edwingamboa cubbles / cubx-dep-tree-viewer JavaScript Provide Cubble Components to visualize artifact dependency trees 1.1.2 # Task * [CUBBLES-88]( cubx-deptree-viewer causes "depMgr.js:986 DepManager received referrer of unexpected type 'undefined'"
mucsi96 mucsi96 / nightwatch-cucumber JavaScript Cucumber.js plugin for Nightwatch.js. v8.2.6 <a name="8.2.6"></a> ## [8.2.6]( (2017-10-18) ### Bug Fixes * Update cucumber to the latest version 🚀
jburgueno BciAnalytics / incubator-airflow Python Apache Airflow (Incubating) 1.8.2_dev_dr_0.2 Clon del pull para arreglar problemas con las conexiones JDBC
DethAriel DethAriel / ng-recaptcha TypeScript Angular component for Google reCAPTCHA v3.0.2 ### Bug Fixes * **build:** fix AoT builds ([921be50](, closes [#57]( [#65](https://github
walaszczykm walaszczykm / CSS My personal website using github pages. v0.2.0 # What's new in v0.2.0 📦 1. New single page layout with custom hash navigation: 1.1 for new sub page layout: `<section id="someId" class="page">content</section>`
davidxia spotify / helios Java Docker container orchestration platform 0.9.162
pmitchev forknote / forknote C++ Multiple Cryptonote currencies with one software. Based on Bytecoin 2.1.2 Changes: * Core changed to Bytecoin 2.1.2 * simplewallet issues fixed * daemon sync issue fixed for some coins * minor bug fixes
fraxken UIM-Community / static_enrichment Perl CA UIM - Static message enrichment R1 First stable release
scificrypto scificrypto / Federation-Credits C++ UFC Coin Client/Daemon v2.7.1 Use only for swap UFC to SCIFI, not in main chain.
epassi epassi / prototype CSS A template for starting an HTML prototype. v2.0.1 Fixed the default width of the xlarge grid.
myniva myniva / gradle-s3-build-cache Java An AWS S3 Gradle build cache implementation v0.4.1 * S3 storage class Reduced Redundancy is now used by default - thanks to @antillean for the contribution! (#5)
GemHunter1 GemHunter1 / OverwatchHalloweenTerrorTimers C# A simple overlay to display boss spawn times of Overwatch's halloween PvE mode Junkenstein's Revenge v1.0 Now you can download this first release, world is saved ! Requires [.NET Framework 4](
ldrozdz symphonyoss / messageml-utils Java MessageML parser messageml-0.9.14 Revert to avoid breaking legacy clients
JaroslawWiosna JaroslawWiosna / regionalizer C++ How to choose the best capital of a state and regions? 0.2.0 - Updated population map where Greatest Cities are on top - Two regions by semi-brute-force
showjean showjean / ps2avrU C ps2avrU custom keyboard firmware V1.4.0 # 2017.10.19. ## V1.4.0 * ps2avrGB & ps2avrGB4U 공통 - 퀵 매크로 레코딩 시 듀얼액션 키가 저장되지않던 버그 수정 - FN toggle(lock) 상태를 RGB LED로 표
xeffyr xeffyr / termux-rootfs no-lang Prebuilt rootfs with advanced software for Termux (aarch64) v4.0
stefanks smith-chem-wisc / MetaMorpheus C# Bottom-up proteomics database search software with integrated posttranslational modification (PTM) discovery capability 0.0.200
squidfunk squidfunk / mkdocs-material JavaScript A Material Design theme for MkDocs 1.10.4 * Improved print styles of code blocks * Improved search UX (don't close on enter if no selection) * Fixed #495: Vertical scrollbar on short pages
tyrjo RallyTechServices / portfolio-task-burn-updown JavaScript View task hour burndown and task actual burnup for portfolio items (features, initiatives, themes) v0.0.2 Chart now shows Portfolio Item(s) Planned Start to Planned End, and includes an "ideal" burndown line based on iteration user capacity.
ItsJonQ helpscout / blue JavaScript Blue 🔷: React component library v0.0.43 ## Better bundling for release Below is a screenshot from `node_modules` after `npm install`ing Blue ![screen shot 2017-10-18 at 1 18 54 pm](
avirshup Autodesk / molecular-design-toolkit Python Notebook-integrated tools for molecular simulation and visualization 0.8.0rc5 Refines the build process and fixes a few PDB processing bugs
MINOSai MINOSai / ResQ Java An catalog and complaint lodging app for ResQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 1.0 This is the initial v1.0 release
gursesl gursesl / cherrypie JavaScript Cherry pie making recipes v0.9 Weather component working
mouser013 mouser013 / rbstool C# batch submit tool v0.4a
ONElua ONElua / Easy-Power-Refresh Lua Power options + NoNpDrm games loader all together in one app! 1.0 v1.0 - **Power options + NoNpDrm games installer all together in one app!.**<br> 1. **Restart PSVita** -> This option will restart the console. 2. **Shutdown PSVita** -> This option
odub WeAreROLI / mpejs JavaScript Next generation MIDI for the web v1.0.3 * Fixed error in docs usage example.
informedcitizenry informedcitizenry / 6502.Net C# A simple .Net 6502 cross-assembler. v1.4 #What's New In Version 1.4 ## Changes * `.cerror` and `.cwarn` are now called `.errorif` and `.warnif` * `.char` is now `.sbyte` * `.map` associates characters to output binary instead of code po
lewisgoddard eustasy / puff-db PHP Database connection hook for Puff. 0.5.0 - Add NC 1.7 - Add Classes for styling to error page
conorstwo conorstwo / tdd-exercise Java TDD pre interview exercise step-1 Completion of step 1 of TDD pre-interview exercise
agorem agorem / mongoose-i18n-neutral JavaScript Mongoose schema plugin for i18n (language neutral) 1.1.0
monobogdan monobogdan / JSE Visual Basic JavaScript Extensions - Global modification to WSH 0.1 Initial release of JSE interpreter. Required .NET 3.0 Code are not obfuscted but not open source at this moment.
stroomdev66 gchq / stroom JavaScript Stroom is a highly scalable data storage, processing and analysis platform. v5.0-beta.53 * Issue **#451** : Data paging was allowing the user to jump beyond the end of a stream whereby just the XML root elements were displayed. This is now fixed by adding a constraint to the page offset s
psharanda psharanda / Atributika Swift Easily build NSAttributedString by detecting and styling HTML-like tags, hashtags, mentions, RegExp or NSDataDetector patterns. 4.2.3 1. TagTransformer support String.detectTags can replace defined tags with some value. By default style(tags:) uses just one TagTransformer for <br> tag, and replaces it with '\n' during parsi
grahamtriggs vivo-project / VIVO HTML VIVO is an extensible semantic web application for research discovery and showcasing scholarly work rel-1.9.3 Minor Full release notes are available on the VIVO wiki: Installation instructions are here:
VLADOS776 VLADOS776 / al3.0-plugin-Filler-List JavaScript Список филлеров для аниме: Naruto, Naruto: Shippuuden, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece. 1.0.0
bahmutov bahmutov / print-arch JavaScript Cross-platform print platform and architecture v1.0.0 <a name="1.0.0"></a> # 1.0.0 (2017-10-18) ## New features 👍 ### bin * add bin (6865b872df1f47d9d90ab73300d9f458c59add8d)
alexhillc alexhillc / AXPhotoViewer Swift An iPhone/iPad photo gallery viewer, useful for viewing a large (or small!) number of photos. v1.3.4 For release notes, see ``.
rschuft rschuft / karma-sharding JavaScript Karma plugin to allow tests to be distributed across multiple browsers v4.2.2 This project is now monitored by NSP for security vulnerabilities.
lewisgoddard eustasy / puff-runonce PHP Runonces for CSRF protection in Puff. 0.5.0 - Add NC 1.7 - Remove RunOnces older than 1 month - Move SecureRandom from -Members to -RunOnce
jverkoey material-foundation / kokoro-ios-runner Shell A build and test runner for kokoro iOS. v3.1.0 This minor release adds support for specifying a minimum Xcode version and improved support for unit test runs when using ## New features - It's now possible to specify a minimum Xcod
EddyVerbruggen EddyVerbruggen / SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin Objective-C 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Cordova plugin to share text, a file (image/PDF/..), or a URL (or all three) via the native sharing widget 5.2.1
pmitchev forknote / dashcoin C++ Dashcoin with hardcoded values 2.1.2 Changes: * Core changed to Bytecoin 2.1.2
stp-ip okkur / syna JavaScript A customizable one to multi page hugo theme for open source projects, companies and freelancers. v0.7.0 ## Changes since v0.6.0 - Option to hide unimportant columns on smaller devices - Option to center table headers - German translation - Member fragment - Source code note about syna
gabrielbull gabrielbull / react-desktop JavaScript React UI Components for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 0.3.2 - Updated dependencies - Fixed unit tests - Fixed unit playground - Add public focus and blur methods to TextInput - Prop title of TitleBar now supports element node
davidtavares RocketBus / clickbus-payments.js JavaScript A JavaScript lib for clients implement Clickbus` payment step 2.2.3 Finish promises on request error
bryteise clearlinux / clr-boot-manager C Kernel & Boot Loader Management v1.5.5 - Fix various build warnings - Support vendor cmdline files - Address upstream util-linux (`libblkid`) regression for LVM installations **Vendor fragments:** As of clr-boot-manager 1.5.5, it i
DrazharLn DrazharLn / pracx C++ PlotinusRedux's Patch for SMACX 1.10 * Fix: use current rather than registry display settings * Fix: alt-tab works better * Feature: package BUncle's Icons.pcx * Feature: optional logging --DrazharLn Debug release logs too much fo
Sean2525 Sean2525 / kantaishigure JavaScript A kancolle browser v0.3.6 v0.3.6 Kancolle UI update patch Doesn't support A1, A2 expeditions
cdimascio cdimascio / generator-express-no-stress JavaScript A Yeoman generator for Express.js based 12-factor apps and apis 3.4.2 * Update package dependencies * Add note about minimum Node.js v6
grahamtriggs vivo-project / Vitro Java Vitro is a "full stack" framework for building semantic web applications. It is not domain specific. rel-1.9.3 To install, copy / update the example-settings.xml, and run: mvn install -s example-settings.xml vitro-1.9.3.tar.gz is just the installer, resolving all dependencies from Maven central. It is
blaisefonseca scbd / HTML Access and Benefit-sharing Clearing-House (ABSCH) 2017.42.0 # New Features * All common formats translated in 6 UN languages * Tour on search page * Responsive changes * Getting started in About us * Print only records page
TomPallister TomPallister / Rafty C# Implementation of RAFT consensus in .NET core 0.3.0
effolkronium effolkronium / random C++ Random for modern C++ with convenient API 1.0.1
Hi-Fi Hi-Fi / robotframework-seleniumlibrary-java Java Java port of the Python based SeleniumLibrary for Robot Framework - Fixes #18 - Fixes #19 - Prerelease, as PhantomJS is not working with Selenium 3.6.0 (SeleniumHQ/selenium#4781)
making making / nexus-boshrelease HTML BOSH Release for Nexus Repository Manager 0.5.0 ## Deployment ``` yaml # manifest.yml --- name: nexus releases: - name: nexus version: 0.5.0 url:
akordowski akordowski / DemoProject C# DemoProject 1.0.1
chrisdhanaraj carbon-design-system / carbon-components-react JavaScript Carbon Components - in React! v3.14.0 <a name"3.14.0"></a> ## 3.14.0 (2017-10-18) #### Features * **notifications:** support any node for subtitle & caption (#284) ([f550aeb8](
civilframe intrinio / intrinio-realtime-java-sdk Java Intrinio Java SDK for Real-Time Stock Prices v2.0.0 Added support for QUODD
Josantonius Josantonius / PHP-Hook PHP Library for handling hooks 1.0.7
Taritsyn Taritsyn / BundleTransformer JavaScript Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for System.Web.Optimization (also known as the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework). v1.9.178 **Version:** 1.9.178 **Published:** 10/18/2017 **Change Set:** [d434922]( * In BundleTransformer.Handl
lewisgoddard eustasy / puff-members PHP Members for Puff. 0.5.0 - Start logging IPs for sessions and allow similarity checks. - Update to NC 1.7 - Fix permissions
majormoses sensu-plugins / sensu-plugins-uptime-checks Ruby This plugin provides native instrumentation for collecting uptime and idletime metrics. 2.0.0
sharnam19 sharnam19 / Networks Python Library which can be used to build feed forward NN, Convolutional Nets, Linear Regression, and Logistic Regression Models. v0.3.4
dploeger dploeger / godot-scrollingbackground GDScript A scrolling background node for Godot 2.0.0 * Added modulate feature * Renamed scrolling_sprite folder to scrolling_background
chanhx chanhx / Octogit Swift an iOS client for Github v1.3.0
drnic cloudfoundry-community / dcos-boshrelease Shell BOSH Release for DC/OS v0.3.6 # Bug fixes * Install system ntp instead of bosh ntp due to timing issues with dcos ### Deployment ```yaml releases: - name: dcos version: 0.3.6 url:
numbnut uniberg / kbn_sankey_vis JavaScript Sankey diagram for Kibana visualize. v5.3.3-1
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk8-nightly no-lang AdoptOpenJDK Build Community location of OpenJDK Nightly builds jdk8u162-b01-20171810 Nightly Build of jdk8u162-b01
snyksec snyk / snyk-python-plugin Python Basic Snyk CLI plugin for Python support v1.4.0 <a name"1.4.0"></a> ## 1.4.0 (2017-10-18) #### Bug Fixes * re-sync bundled requirements parser with upstream ([903f7acb](
ModernArtisan mad-web / laravel-initializer PHP Package provides ability to setup application initialization actions 0.2.1 - Fixed config jobs - Added `publish` command type for publishing assets
vit9696 vit9696 / WhateverGreen C++ Various patches necessary for certain ATI/AMD GPUs 1.1.1 #### v1.1.1 - Added more GPU models to automatic detection - Rename GPU name to GFX0 only if it does not start with GFX prefix - Added `-radnoaudio` boot argument to avoid DP/HDMI audio autoenablin
JordanKnott JordanKnott / db-cleaner PHP A simple WordPress database cleaner 1.0.0 Install by either extracting the folder into the plugins directory or using the Import Plugin feature of WordPress.
arjleon iovation / launchkey-android-whitelabel-sdk Java LaunchKey White Label SDK for Android v4.1.0 v4.1.0 ------ * Updated * Overall messaging * Javadocs * Few dialogs to support keyboard's "done" action when an input is involved. * Fingerprint scanner handler with improved
braydonf Storj / core JavaScript Implementation of the Storj protocol for Node.js v8.3.1 - bugfix return statements and callbacks
dcaruso dcaruso / latex-test TeX test travis with latex test-9
oczkers futapi / fut Python fut is a simple library for managing Fifa 18 Ultimate Team. v0.3.4
morganchen12 firebase / FirebaseUI-iOS Objective-C iOS UI bindings for Firebase. v4.5.0 - Fixed an issue where a FirestoreUI selector collided with a DatabaseUI selector in a class category. - Fixed an issue where the FUIFirestoreTableViewDataSource header wasn't publicly visible. - Fi
hairmare LibreTime / libretime PHP LibreTime: Radio Broadcast & Automation Platform 3.0.0-alpha.3 The complete LibreTime documentation is available at []( The full tarball for the `3.0.0-alpha.3` release of LibreTime is available [here](
keith lyft / XcodeGen Swift Swift command line tool that generates your Xcode project from a simple spec and your folder structure 1.2.4 This is a release with the changes from our develop branch before they're merged upstream ``` f865011b458acf73daf7a1b181807766d0ca3b3fac47da698fed50c1af23e9d9 XcodeGen.tar.gz 8e577beefb72d9f03be
seiya-git seiya-dev / funimation-downloader-nx JavaScript Download videos from Funimation via cli. 3.0.0-beta2 New major version! Streamlink not required + batch downloading [Beta2] fix ts downloading bug
krowinski krowinski / bcmath-extended PHP Extends php BCMath lib for missing functions like floor, ceil, round, abs, min, max, rand for big numbers. v1.3.6 #16
andrey-git andrey-git / home-assistant-custom-ui HTML Custom UI elements for 20171018 * Fix context-aware group names
NetuitiveInc Netuitive / netuitive-event-handler Go A CLI for posting external events to Netuitive. v0.0.0-beta
TamaKaiNya TamaKaiNya / Legend-of-Arkana no-lang RPG game made in GameMaker Studio 0.1.0 Initial test version.
GenisTorresDonaire GenisTorresDonaire / Proyecto-Memory PHP PROYECTO MEMORY 1.0 Contendio del primer sprint a falta de arreglar: - Controlar bloquear las demas cartas una vez giradas 2. - Obtener los intentos en el Ranking.
joostvdg FlussoBV / drove-jenkins-master Shell Jenkins for Docker v2.73.2-1 Updating to release 2.73.2 of Jenkins due to the security advisory. * *
WhatsARanjit WhatsARanjit / puppet-puppeteer Ruby Run puppet apply as a PE task 0.1.0
lewisgoddard eustasy / puff-cookiecompliance PHP Cookie Compliance with GeoLocate for Puff. 0.5.0 - Update to NC 1.7 - Move cookie setting name to settings.
lucasventurasc wakanda-cloud / wakanda-js JavaScript Javascript libraries to interate with Wakanda Cloud Service v1.4 Minified file was not exists on 1.3 and was estabilished on 1.4
DevinY DevinY / dlaravel Shell Laravel with PHP-FPM, MySQL and nginx using docker-compose v1.2.7 修正service/jenkins.yml錯誤的掛載
mtgibbs fod-dev / bsi-token-parser Kotlin Kotlin Library for parsing BSI Tokens from Fortify on Demand 1.0.2 - Reverts kotlin dependency mistake.
dianikt dianikt / Memory PHP proyecto memory v1.0 proyecto memory en construccion.
LMS235 LMS235 / SAP-Table-EXP-IMP-for-SystemCopy Shell Ein kleines Export / Import Script für SAP Tabellen 18102017 Initial Release
dhmlau strongloop / loopback-ibmdb JavaScript Common set of functions for all IBM connectors that are based on the ibm_db module v2.3.0 * update dependencies (Diana Lau) * Add stalebot configuration (Kevin Delisle)
Agezao Agezao / SpookyCss CSS 👻 A responsive starting point with helpful UI features 1.1.4 same as before, fresh start.
astab JustGoodThemes / Scriptor CSS Scriptor is a minimal, clean, modern & responsive Ghost theme for writers. v1.3.0 The **Scriptor** theme updated to support the latest Ghost version 1.x. - [New]: Back to top animation - [Updated]: Font Awesome icons - [Improved]: Small CSS improvements
civilframe intrinio / intrinio-realtime-python-sdk Python Intrinio Python SDK for Real-Time Stock Prices v2.0.0 Added support for QUODD.
Artanejp Artanejp / common_source_project-fm7 C++ FM-7/77AV/40 version of Common Source Project, aim to GPL. SNAPSHOT_20171018 ** Qt porting and FM-7/77/AV/AV40/EX for Common Source Code Project ** October 18, 2017 K.Ohta (whatisthis.sowha
civilframe intrinio / intrinio-realtime-node-sdk JavaScript Intrinio NodeJS SDK for Real-Time Stock Prices v2.0.1 Fixed IEX refresh channels after connect.
ranjanan ranjanan / Circuitscape.jl Julia Implementation of the Circuitscape project in Julia v0.0.2
fooloomanzoo fooloomanzoo / datetime-picker HTML A minimal picker for date and time for Polymer, that can use the native input 2.4.4
fitnr fitnr / convertdate Python Utils for converting between date formats and calculating holidays v2.1.2 * Additional Jewish holidays (thanks, @ohadeytan) * Upload source distributions to Pypi (#10)
diasdavid ipfs / js-ipfs-api JavaScript A client library for the IPFS HTTP API, implemented in JavaScript. v14.3.7
coastforge-mei Kuestenschmiede / ForumBundle PHP The contribution brick of the Contao GIS-kit con4gis. Powerful discussion forum amd ticketcenter for Contao. v3.0.11 # Changes: - fix checkThreadName
jpf jpf / loghook Go Turn events in the Okta System Log into webhooks v0.0.4 Add `User-Agent` to Okta API request
mnesarco mybatis / cdi Java MyBatis CDI Extension mybatis-cdi-1.0.2 - Improved backwards compatibility with CDI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 - Fixed compatibility with Tomcat based containers (Issue #72: java:comp/env/BeanManager)
RafalWilinski RafalWilinski / express-status-monitor JavaScript 🚀 Realtime Monitoring solution for Node.js/Express.js apps, inspired by 1.1 Thanks to @colinrcummings there's an ability to hide selected charts 🙇
retokromer amiaopensource / ltopers Shell Scripts for doing stuff with LTFS. v2017-10-18 - improve doc - fix help messages - update man page
amitkhare amitkhare / easy-authentication PHP Easy Authentication is an easy and simple PHP authentication library. 0.0.3 Added translator intermediate default directory.
timsuchanek graphcool / graphcool-lib TypeScript A convenient tool to use in Graphcool functions to make requests against your Graphcool API v0.1.0 In this release, the new terminology has been adapted. ## Changes - Renamed `projectId` to `serviceId` - Renamed `pat` to `rootToken` ## Breaking Changes - Renamed `generateUserToken` to `generat
nathancarter lurchmath / cloud-storage JavaScript A JavaScript library to make cloud storage easy for editor apps 2.0.1
w00fz gantry / gantry5 PHP :rocket: Next Generation Template / Theme Framework 5.4.19
miguelpardal inesc-id / vtTLS C Diverse-redundant secure communication channel to achieve Transport Layer Security v0.2 vtTLS demonstration release (fixes file names and references to an earlier name of vtTLS)
adrienjoly openwhyd / openwhyd JavaScript Discover, collect and play music from Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Deezer and other streaming platforms v1.0.13 Thanks to @mauricesvay, for PR
shisama shisama / date-clone JavaScript cloning date object as own method v1.0.1
xMaheshx maxxroid / ExchangeRatesAPI Java Exchange Rates API in Java using 0.0.1 Exchange Rate API Preview.
abhishekkr abhishekkr / dory Go share your secret with a fish that has short term memory v0.1 Current Features: * provides local auth-store backed by `cache2go` and encrypted by AES crypto * allows POST, GET and DELETE for a `auth identifier path` (like `http://dory.local:8080/local-auth
TomK fortifi / fortifi-api PHP Fortifi Business Platform Public API 7.35.0
dseagrav dseagrav / NASSP C++ Project Apollo - NASSP NASSP-V8.0-Alpha-Orbiter2016-778 V8.0 Alpha Release
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2017-10-19-01-00-01
aj-ptw OpenBCI / OpenBCI_GUI HTML OpenBCI_GUI is the cross platform application for the OpenBCI Cyton and Ganglion. Tested on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu/Mint Linux. Ganglion requires some extra configuration on Linux/Windows. v3.1.0-beta1 # v3.1.0 Use hub v1.3.3 please. ### Breaking Changes * SD Converted file goes into `data/SavedData` instead of `data/EED_Data`. #267 ### Bug Fixes * "Data stream stopped" woul
vkuzel vkuzel / Gradle-Spring-Boot-Multi-Project-Plugin Java Wrapper of Spring Boot Gradle Plugin so it's easier to use it within multi-project configuration. 2.4.0
superKalo superKalo / crypto-tab JavaScript [Work In Progress] Replace your browser New Tab page with Bitcoin price chart v1.0.0 All right, it's time for the FIRST *stable* release! 🎉 👏 Change log: - Add: Extension icons #24
thiamsantos thiamsantos / vanilla-dialogs JavaScript Promise-based confirm, alert and prompt dialogs v0.0.3 ### Patches - :sparkles: :umbrella: Add some tests: 5e7f5ff9a7ea52811f116706a792a2b852e05155 - :umbrella: Add lint-staged and precommit hook: 3f581d5cf7a1004acb6dd47e82f608873e3f2f89 - :art: ren
ViieeS ViieeS / FuckAdBlock JavaScript Detects ad blockers (AdBlock, ...) 4.0.0-beta.3
kwilcox axiom-data-science / easyavro Python A python helper for producing and consuming avro schema'd Kafka topics 2.1.0
lewisgoddard eustasy / puff-core PHP Puff Core 0.5.0 - FEATURE: Add XSS Warning - FEATURE: Add robots.txt - FEATURE: Add responsive priority - FEATURE: Add responsive changefreq - IMPROVEMENT: Add [Normal Checks](
HerbertDuan15 HerbertDuan15 / Shadowverse no-lang homework 0.1 A brief introduction
dcarbone myENA / cloudstack-php-client PHP PHP client library and code generator for the CloudStack API 4.8.2
aichbauer aichbauer / sepp JavaScript A cli tool to initialize and build boilerplates and projects v1.0.0 * 18a2806 Docs: fix typos, module name (aichbauer) * 1b1c817 Docs: add badges (aichbauer) * c0c249d Test: update test for <name> (aichbauer) * 2e18340 Fix: change to url.parse to support node
nsoranzo galaxyproject / nosehtml Python HTML Output plugin for Nose / Nosetests 0.4.4
dmsc dmsc / fastbasic Assembly FastBasic - Fast BASIC interpreter for the Atari 8-bit computers v1 - Full integer and floating point support, - Integrated editor (IDE), in standard and integer only versions, - Cross compiler 100% compatible with native compiler (needs cc65).
nikic nikic / PHP-Parser PHP A PHP parser written in PHP v4.0.0alpha1 This is the first alpha for a new major version of the PHP-Parser library. The biggest new feature in this release is an experimental pretty-printing mode, which preserves formatting for parts of the
alexdean201 SmarterApp / HTML Source to the website. See the _original_documents folder for editable (mostly MS Word) versions of documents that are posted on the site in .PDF format. 2.0 This release includes updated TDS deployment instructions for the 3.X.X and 4.X.X versions of the software.
civilframe intrinio / intrinio-realtime-ruby-sdk Ruby Intrinio Ruby SDK for Real-Time Stock Prices v2.0.0 Added support for QUODD.
ebiggz Firebottle / Firebot CSS An interactive tool for streamers on v4.4.3 ### Changes - Fixes an issue preventing custom scripts from running certain effect types. - Fixes styling with the notification center in the dark theme
RichardLitt RichardLitt / name-your-contributors JavaScript Name your GitHub contributors; get commits, issues, and comments v3.1.0 <a name="3.1.0"></a> # 3.1.0 (2017-10-18) ### Bug Fixes * use alias properly ([992a0c4](, closes [#14](ht
si-you tensorflow / lattice Python Lattice methods in TensorFlow v0.9.3 Initial TensorFlow Lattice release
fonimus fonimus / markdown-include-snippets Python Provides syntax for Python-Markdown which allows for the inclusion of the contents of other Markdown documents. v0.6 First release of fork, including snippets tag management
jwildfire RhoInc / CAT JavaScript This Charting Application Tester (CAT) lets users make and adjust web graphics on the fly. v0.3.0 - Added support for default data sets - webcharts visual tests now supports `table` objects as well as `chart` objects. - added `paneled-outlier-explorer` renderer
amitkhare amitkhare / easy-translator PHP Easy Translator is an easy to use PHP multi language translation library. 0.1.4 Updated getString() method.
jordanbrauer jordanbrauer / deployer-mysql PHP An unofficial Deployer recipe containing a set of useful tasks for interacting with MySQL locally & remotely. v1.0.1 * Fix: quotation mark usage from single to double * Update: hard code setting names into errors
ago1024 ago1024 / WurmServerModLauncher Java Wurm Unlimited Mod Launcher v0.29.2 # Version 0.29.2 ## modloader * Fix missing heightOffset parameter in ActionPerformerBehaviour (joedobo)
dpwhittaker dpwhittaker / RoC-Launcher JavaScript Relics of Corbantis Official SWGEMU Launcher v0.9.7 Added BH guild, fixed missing layouts for pyramid and oneByFour trees.
victordieggo victordieggo / spaceman CSS HTML/CSS boilerplate to build websites and apps. 1.3.0 - New starter theme - Usability improvements - Bug fixes and adjustments
kailuowang iheartradio / ficus Scala Scala-friendly companion to Typesafe config v1.4.3 Parse objects from config itself with `as[T]` #54 by @Tolsi
GabrieleRomeo GabrieleRomeo / ES6-Professional-starter-kit HTML A pre-configured starter kit bundle to speed-up your development with ES6 v1.0.0 <a name="1.0.0"></a> # 1.0.0 (2017-10-18) ### Bug Fixes * **ES6-Starter-Kit:** remove the tests from tracking ([cfbb846](
davidkna MOBASuite / LoLUpdater-macOS Rust League of Legends performance patcher for macOS v3.5.14 * Improved CLI interface
ChadGoymer ChadGoymer / githapi R User-friendly access to the GitHub API for R, consistent with the tidyverse. v0.5.1 - gh_commit and gh_tag now return an extra list item called "verification" - Update the gh_get test due to change in README
raherediag properos / amazon-mws-laravel PHP A library to connect to Amazon's MWS web services in an object oriented manner 3.0.4
mcdan mcdan / spark-avro Scala Avro support for Spark, SQL, and DataFrames 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
mmazzarolo mmazzarolo / react-native-modal-datetime-picker JavaScript A React-Native datetime-picker for Android and iOS v4.13.0 Added the prop `neverDisableConfirmIOS` ( #98 ) that solves issue #82. Thanks @thurber for the contribution!
tim-speed manifoldco / go-manifold Go Go client API for Manifold (unstable) v0.8.2 Updated the Regex for validating Manifold Names, it now allows leading Numbers and . in the Name body, this is to synchronize with existing plans that bypassed this validation, and some new ones we wa
lousmontabes lousmontabes / files-app JavaScript A public cloud file management system. v0.1-alpha Fully functional public creation of folders and uploads
jsimpson-cc manylabs / flow Python This is the Manylabs data flow client program that runs on a local computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi). v1.0.0
suwa-sh suwa-sh / swagger-spec-mgr Shell swagger specification manager v0.6.0
pruje pruje / Shell A Bash library that features common functions useful for Bash developpers. v1.6.2 Fixed a bug on Windows for `lb_set_logfile()` and `lb_get_logfile()` which failed if logfile was in a samba share. See [changelog]( for more details. Download the debian package bel
rstaib ChilliCream / EventSourceGenerator C# An ETW EventSource generator build on .Net Core 2.0 1.0.28
sschneid dcos / shakedown Python DC/OS test harness 1.4.9 ## 1.4.9 (2017-10-18) Features: - added API functions to query for Docker version - `docker_version()` - `docker_client_version()` - `docker_server_version()` - added classif
patternfly-build patternfly / patternfly HTML PatternFly open interface project v3.28.3 <a name"3.28.3"></a> ### 3.28.3 (2017-10-18) #### Bug Fixes * **card variations:** fixes typo ([fe2da761](
son-link son-link / EntroPipes HTML EntroPipes is a puzzle type game. Simply connect all pipes. For Linux, Windows and Web browsers Beta3 * Change framework. Now used **TIC-80** * New grafics. * A lot of code changes for adapte to TIC-80, performance, etc * Now only save the best record of the current puzzle size (due to limitations
keeferrourke keeferrourke / capitaine-cursors Shell An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. Designed to pair well with my icon pack, La Capitaine. r2.1 Major changes: * cleaned up project structure
samuelcolvin aio-libs / aiohttp-devtools Python dev tools for aiohttp v0.6 See HISTORY.rst
DrLynix DigitalPulseSoftware / NazaraEngine C++ Nazara Engine is a fast, complete, cross-platform, object-oriented API which can help you in your daily developper life. v0.4 <Changelog writing in progress>
Jordan823 Jordan823 / HPM-Expanded-Genocide-Mod no-lang A submod of Historical Project Mod for Victoria 2 to expand upon the genocide mechanic. 0.1D I've added (hopefully!) all of the cultures in both North & South America, as well as the Caribbean.
neokn neokn / node-wait-for-promise JavaScript make Promise return resolve value or throw reject error v1.0.0
sallar buttercup / buttercup-desktop JavaScript :key: Javascript Password Vault - Multi-Platform Desktop Application v0.21.4 This releases includes the following fixes: + Fixes an issue where an error was showing before quitting the app #352 + Fixes an issue where double-clicking on `.bcup` files would not bring up the
cristiroma InforMEA / elearning PHP The InforMEA e-learning platform 20171018 We have moved the deployment to tag-based release
ToCSharp ToCSharp / BrowsersDevToolsExample C# Example of using Browser's Developer tools while using AsyncChromeDriver, AsyncOperaDriver and AsyncFirefoxDriver v0.3 Built example
torsrex IT2810 / it2810-webutvikling-h17-prosjekt-3-gruppe8 JavaScript it2810-webutvikling-h17-prosjekt-3-gruppe8 created by GitHub Classroom 1.0.0 This is the first release of the personal manager app created by group 8 in the course IT2810.
ArmanSar ArmanSar / fileloader Java Library for managing file downloads on the Android platform 0.1.2 File Loader for Android Library for managing file downloads for Android
assisjeferson assisjeferson / mundipagg-one-php PHP MundiPagg One PHP Library v1.4.8
ZedThree boutproject / BOUT-dev C++ BOUT++: Plasma fluid finite-difference simulation code in curvilinear coordinate systems v4.1.1 This a bug-fix release for BOUT++ that fixes the following: - Automatically checkout GoogleTest submodule if necessary - Fix memory leak in multigrid solver - Don't pause on showing plot for FCI
hsaraogi palantir / atlasdb Java Transactional Distributed Database Layer 0.61.0 [Release Notes]( [Download]( [CLI Distribution](https://palantir
jackettbot Jackett / Jackett C# API Support for your favorite torrent trackers. v0.8.285 Torznab: add support for music-search (Thank you @kaso17) enable music-search (Thank you @kaso17) Redacted: enable music-search (Thank you @kaso17) Synthesiz3r: enable music-search (Tha
Giuffre facile-it / moka PHP Shorthand for creating mock objects :coffee: v2.0.3 Replaced the `mt_rand` function with `random_int` when generating the proxy class name.
WulfMarius WulfMarius / ModComponent C# Infrastructure mod for The Long Dark, allowing to add new items. 1.2.1 Changes: - heated/cooked food items can grant the warmth bonus > Extract the contents of the zip into the mods folder. > For more help see [Installing-a-Mod](
vikramsingh2104 Netflix / conductor Java Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine - v1.8.2-rc4 Fixed Response timeout issue
wdconinc JeffersonLab / remoll Fortran 12 GeV Moller Simulation v1.1.2
LeoAJ LeoAJ / react-facebook-friends JavaScript :thumbsup:Web app to rank, quantify your FaceBook friendship with React v1.6.0 * Update dependencies * use Jest
J0sh0nat0r J0sh0nat0r / SimpleCache PHP Simple PHP Cache v1.0.2 Changes: * PHP 7.2 is now supported 🎉 * Better PHPDoc for the ``StaticFacade`` * More specific exceptions for invalid arguments
nils-christian kieker-monitoring / kieker-trace-ui Java Kieker Trace Diagnosis is a tool that has been developed to present Kieker monitoring logs in a tabular way and make them searchable. A focus has been put on memory usage and performance, which means that bigger logs in the range of several million method calls can still be opened. Release-2.0.0.RC2
jpivarski scikit-hep / uproot Python Minimalist ROOT I/O in pure Python and Numpy. 1.6.1 For a while now, some uproot functions have been accepting a dictionary-like object as a cache, so if branches are in the supplied dictionary, they will not be extracted again from the ROOT file. T
supercarotte supercarotte / PSSE C# Pokemon Shuffle Save Editor v1.4.8
youngbob Tripwire / ansible-te_agent Python Ansible Role for installing the Tripwire Enterprise Agent v0.1.1
youngbob Tripwire / ansible-te_axon Python Ansible Role for managing the Tripwire Axon Agent v0.1.1
t3ran13 t3ran13 / golos-reblog-reward JavaScript Rewarding users for reblog post v0.0.1
pvhee comicrelief / storybook JavaScript Comic Relief Storybook for React components v0.5.2 <a name"0.5.2"></a> ### 0.5.2 (2017-10-18) #### Bug Fixes * point to secure social network hosts while we're at it ([13b5ca01](
Miha-x64 Miha-x64 / gson-constructor-type-adapter-factory Kotlin Creates objects in normal way — through constructors. 1.2-SNAPSHOT Added `@ReadAsRoot` and `@MergeWithRoot` support.
fwinkelbauer fwinkelbauer / Bumpy C# A tool to maintain version information across multiple files 0.6.0 More information about this release can be found in the [changelog](
gamerforEA gamerforEA / ThaumicTinkerer-FakePlayers Java Bukkit events for ThaumicTinkerer. 2.5-1.7.10-538_18.10.2017 1) Fix endless loop in BedrockPortal 2) Fix Animation Tablet 3) Fix dupe with Ichor Pouch 4) Fix dupe with Spell Cloth 5) New config options
bruceskingle symphonyoss / symphony-rest-tools Java Low level tools for use with the Symphony public REST API symphony-rest-tools-0.1.6 This release includes both a platform neutral pure java command line only version as well as GUI versions for OSX, Windows and Linux
edjubuh purduesigbots / pros-cli Python Command Line Interface for managing PROS projects 2.6.1 New features: - None Bug fixes: - Windows toolchain works correctly - Make CLI handle cases where the GitHub tag does not match the template.pros version info.
Ragath Ragath / ImageToTiled C# Create Tiled maps from images. v1.1.0
NJOYSoftware NJOYSoftware / Workflow HTML Workflow: Organizer of projects in which the order of task completion matter! 1.1.1 ## Changelog * Fixed crash after canceling a project or a new task (both super and sub) creation * Optimization -------- [Workflow for Linux 32-bit](
Sumzary Sumzary / yt2p-native Lua YouTube 2 Player Native Client v1.0
justjanne justjanne / powerline-go Go A beautiful and useful low-latency prompt for your shell, written in go v1.7.3
mecha RebelCode / edd-bookings JavaScript A simple bookings extension for EDD. v2.2.5 # Changelog - Switched licensing server; licenses and updates are now handled by RebelCode.
jonnitto jonnitto / Jonnitto.PrettyEmbedYoutube CSS Prettier embeds for your YouTube videos in Neos - with nice options like high-res preview images and advanced customization of embed options 4.0.0 ✨ If the resolution of the preview image from YouTube is not available, it now gets also fixed in the backend ✨ The custom preview image has now `srcset` 🔨 Some Javascript improvements 🔨
mateoconlechuga CE-Programming / toolchain Assembly Toolchain and libraries for C programming on the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE calculators v7.4.3 ## Installing * Download the file prefixed with your OS below * On windows, simply run the executable (.exe) * If you are using Linux or macOS, a detailed install guide is [here](https://github.c
tsadler1988 bbc / tal JavaScript TV Application Layer 8.0.1 We should ignore 'pause' events when we have called pause ourselves, as any other synchronous function calls to TAL might change the state, only to be overridden by the asynchronous 'pause' event from
juanjux bblfsh / client-scala Shell Babelfish Scala client v1.2.2
tinesoft tinesoft / ngx-wow JavaScript Angular module for WOW.js: a customizable library to reveal animations when you scroll. v1.0.0 ### Features * **all:** initial version ([9d1aa28](
jsimpson-cc manylabs / flow-server JavaScript The Manylabs flow system lets people create data flow diagrams that interface with sensors and actuators. v1.0.0
kitian616 kitian616 / jekyll-TeXt-theme CSS A theme for Jekyll. v1.1.0 ### Enhancements - Color variables - More color themes (dark, forest, ocean)
valeriap cloudfoundry / postgres-release Go BOSH release for PostgreSQL v21 No functional changes: - Control scripts cannot run concurrently anymore [details]( - Startup scripts does not fail anymore to set a DB password t
marcus-campos marcus-campos / maestro PHP A light client built on Guzzle that simplifies the way you work with micro-services. It is based on method definitions and parameters for your URLs. v1.2.0
billcolumbia UFHealth / butr.js JavaScript ~3KB library for animating scroll and generating content outlines 0.8.6 - Better animation tracking - Remove events from marker (use data-butr for sidebar)
Jinhuafei aspnet / RoslynCodeDomProvider C# Roslyn CodeDOM provider v1.0.8 •Fix two publishing issues reported on this thread •Update the reference version of Microsoft.Net.Compilers
sushanthdn sushanthdn / dna-apps Shell Repository of example dna applications spark_standalone_0.0.2 Spark standalone uses cluster_asset and added more options as input
jsdevel vpulim / node-soap JavaScript A SOAP client and server for node.js. v0.23.0 * [FIX] Fixing tests broken by #979 * [FEATURE] replace non identifier chars to underscore (#978) * [FEATURE] Pool keep alive connections if forever option is used (#979) * [MAINTENANCE] Use assert
technoweenie git-lfs / git-lfs Go Git extension for versioning large files v2.3.4 ### Features * 'git lfs install' updates filters with 'skip-smudge' option #2673 (@technoweenie) ### Bugs * FastWalkGitRepo: limit number of concurrent goroutines #2672 (@technoweenie) * han
veqryn veqryn / kube-cloudwatch-autoscaler Shell Kubernetes pod autoscaling based on any AWS CloudWatch metric (ex: SQS Queue Size or Max Age, ELB Response Time, etc) v1.0 Use a single AWS CloudWatch metric, of any kind, to autoscale Kubernetes deployment pods.
maxime-beguin veo-labs / openveo-manage JavaScript NodeJs plugin for OpenVeo to manage connected encoders 1.1.0 # 1.1.0 / 2017-10-18 # NEW FEATURES - Execute unit tests on Travis - Some of the permissions in group "Other permissions" have been moved to other groups. "Access Manage page&quo
joewhitsitt ITS-UofIowa / PHP SiteNow custom service site 1.2.7 - remove delete access to future homepage basic page. - allow bold/italic localist markup through conversion.
Adam-DM dailymotion-leo / proxygen C++ A collection of C++ HTTP libraries including an easy to use HTTP server. DM-v2017.10.18.01
sr7066 sr7066 / LoadoutPlus C# LSPDFR Plugin that adds the ability to load a certain loadout when you go on duty aswell as having a button to re-give it to you at any time. 1.6 Loadout+ v1.6 Follow installation instructions in readme!
mvisonneau mvisonneau / docker-r10k Makefile Minimalist r10k container 2.5.5
golikov-nik golikov-nik / merkle-hellman Java merkle-hellman cryptosystem implemented in java 1.0
Bunny67 ElvUI-WotLK / ElvUI Lua ElvUI for 3.3.5a client. 5.36
nelsonpecora clay / clay-kiln JavaScript Editing tools for Clay v4.6.1 * updated wysiwyg link sanitization to only append `http://` to links that don't have protocol (e.g. not `mailto:` links) and don't being with hashes (e.g. in-page `#links`)
phase2dist P2UX / ClientLibraries Objective-C Client libraries for P2UX based iOS/tvOS, Android, and React Native applications v1.1.2.69
amangano-edx edx / credentials-themes CSS Themes for the edX Credentials Service 0.1.6 Improves support for i18n in the following ways: - Added make target to extract strings for translations - Added make target to compile translations into .mo files usable by Django - Translation fi
vaijab UKHomeOffice / kd Go Minimalistic kubernetes resources deployment tool with templating v0.5.0
krzysztofzablocki krzysztofzablocki / Difference Swift Simple way to identify whats different between 2 instances. 0.1
anandaroop anandaroop / klimt Ruby CLI for the Artsy API v0.5.0 - Added better failure messaging in case of upstream errors
mateoconlechuga CE-Programming / libraries no-lang Commonly used C libraries for use on the TI84+CE/TI83PCE calculators v7.7 **Download `` below, and send all the files inside using _TI Connect CE_ or _TILP_.** This new version has several performance optimizations, fixes a few bugs, and supports programs t
ivknv ivknv / yadisk Python Библиотека-клиент REST API Яндекс.Диска для Python / Yandex.Disk REST API client library for Python v1.0.1 &#8212; Fix a major bug in `GetTokenRequest` (add missing parameter)
aelassas aelassas / Wexflow C# An extensible workflow engine with a cross-platform manager and designer. v1.8 - Implemented the visualization of the execution graph of a linear workflow in Wexflow Designer.
iroegbu DaveRandom / AsyncMicrosoftTranslateClient PHP Asynchronous Microsoft Translation API client built on the amp concurrency framework 1.0.3
bbyers-pivotal bbyers-pivotal / pcf-articulate-code HTML Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime Service basic demo with Concourse 1.0.1-rc.1 cf-spring-mvc-boot
llsmith05 MASTUSAID / MAST-MOBILE Java MAST Android Application Source Code v3.0 This is the latest code released under the LTA project in Tanzania. This is the new baseline for MAST moving forward. This version is not backwards compatible with 2.0
srkukarni twitter / heron Java Heron is a realtime, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing engine from Twitter 0.16.3
mogoson mogoson / MGS-Map C# Unity plugin for make mini map and draw motion trail in scene UI. 0.1.0 # Initial Release.
pixelhandler q2ebanking / ember-raygun JavaScript integration for Ember via an addon using version 2 of the Raygun JS API (rg4js) 1.1.1 - With enableCrashReporting:false use filtered handler See #3
fooloomanzoo fooloomanzoo / input-picker-pattern HTML A pattern for polymer elements to create a picker for an input 1.0.9
siwalikm siwalikm / coffitivity-offline HTML It's Coffitivity for your Desktop! You can listen to ambient music even when you're offline. 🎧 🚀 v1.0.2
pracucci spreaker / node-mock-http-server JavaScript Mock an HTTP server with JS 0.2.0 * Added wildcard support to `path` * Parse JSON in incoming request body when request content-type is "application/json" Thanks to [danedmunds]( for both
IanMayo debrief / debrief HTML The Open Source workbench for Maritime Analysis 20171018_3_0_412
maxime-beguin veo-labs / openveo-api JavaScript NodeJs API for openveo projects 4.2.0 # 4.2.0 / 2017-10-18 ## NEW FEATURES - Add require('@openveo/api').util.areSameArrays to shallow validates that two arrays contain the same values, no more no less - Add require('@openveo/api')
kasarda kasarda / ts-modules TypeScript package for modular react 3.3.0 - Replaced grid.sass with new grid from bootstrap 4-beta - Added to declaration JSX router elements - Formated all files
benblack86 tumblr / colossus Scala I/O and Microservice library for Scala v0.10.1 An undefined route would return `No route for ${request.head.url}`, which could allow for a cross-site scripting attack. The code was change to just output `Not found`.
montudor montudor / django-oidc-user Python Use a custom OpenID Connect User model with Django v0.1.1 The first working version of django-oidc-user.
michaelmcauley MyPureCloud / fixtable-ember JavaScript Ember wrapper for Fixtable grid v3.3.0 Adds support for externalFilters
vadimski EU-OSHA / osha-website PHP EU-OSHA - Corporate - Drupal website 2017_10_18_staging
mattias-p dotse / zonemaster-engine Perl The Zonemaster Engine - part of the Zonemaster project v2.0.0 - Switch to Semantic Versioning. - Rename module to Zonemaster::Engine. More details are found in the file. The release has been p
joseph-pg joseph-pg / nginx-windows PowerShell Native 32-bit and 64-bit build of nginx for Windows stable-1.12.2 nginx stable-1.12.2 Release date: October 17, 2017 Bugfixes: - Client SSL connections were immediately closed if deferred accept and the "proxy_protocol" parameter of the "listen
RizkiMufrizal RizkiMufrizal / JWT-RSA Kotlin Library for encrypt and decrypt using RSA public and private key 0.0.4 Now JWT-RSA support for dynamic algorithm and encryption methods You can use of this list algorithm : * RSA1_5 * RSA-OAEP * RSA-OAEP-256 * A128KW * A128GCMKW * A256KW * A256GCMKW * DIR *
DakshMiglani DakshMiglani / VSCode-Hex-To-RGBA TypeScript Hex-to-RGBA Allows designers to convert selected Hex Code to RGBA on VSCode easily. 1.0.1 Hex-to-RGBA Allows designers to convert selected Hex Code to RGBA on Visual Studio Code easily. ``` ext install hex-to-rgba ```
Hexer10 Hexer10 / VipMenu-Bonuses SourcePawn Plugin for VIP menu & advantages pre-3.04
torakiki torakiki / sejda Java An extendible and configurable PDF manipulation layer library written in java. v3.2.30
sotous sotous / Metadata-Editor Java Desktop Application built in JAVA 1.1 This version has a setup file which contains the compatible version for Windows 7.
bobdenotter bolt / bolt PHP Bolt is a simple CMS written in PHP. It is based on Silex and Symfony components, uses Twig and either SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL. v3.4.0-beta4 Note: This is a pre-production release for testing purposes. Use at your own risk, but please _do_ use it, and report potential issues. Packaged binaries of this release can be found below. To d
Adam-DM dailymotion-leo / folly C++ An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook.!forum/facebook-folly DM-v2017.10.18.00
JackWHLiu JackWHLiu / jackknife Java 以IOC为基础的Android高效开发框架 1.4.4 1、自动完成Activity和Fragment中View的绑定 2、MVP的支持 3、企业级日志系统 4、TextUtils、NumberUtils工具类等 5、ORM数据库关系映射框架 6、多种颜色值代码 7、
Adam-DM dailymotion-leo / wangle C++ Wangle is a framework providing a set of common client/server abstractions for building services in a consistent, modular, and composable way. DM-v2017.10.18.00
JakeChampion Financial-Times / origami-build-tools JavaScript Standard Origami component development tools. v7.2.0
JASchilz UWEnrollmentManagement / Group PHP Library to acces UW Group Web Service 1.0.3
magic-hat-solutions noms-digital-studio / ndelius-new-tech Java nDelius New Technology 0.1.32
VitalyKravtsov2016 shtrih-m / javapos_shtrih Java Реализация JavaPOS драйвера принтера фискального регистратора для устройств Штрих-М 473
ajordens spinnaker / orca Groovy orchestration engine v3.32.1
PhrozenByte PhrozenByte / rmtrash Shell Put files (and directories) in trash using the `trash-put` command in a way that is, otherwise as `trash-put` itself, compatible to GNUs `rm` and `rmdir` v1.12 **Changelog:** * fixing GitHub Issue #8
maxime-beguin veo-labs / ldap-server-mock JavaScript Really simple basic mock for LDAP server 1.0.0 # 1.0.0 / 2017-10-18 ## NEW FEATURES - Add a basic LDAP server mock to test authentication on applications using an LDAP server
kantenkugel kantenkugel / ConsoleUtils Java Some experimental utils for console input in java using raw input (based on ) v1.3
petrstehlik petrstehlik / muapi Python Modular, user-enabled API based on Flask 0.1.1 Initial release of **muapi** ## Changelog * fix author's name
ltGuillaume ltGuillaume / DroidShows Java A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker 7.7.2 ### Changes #### 7.7.0 - [x] Material-ish Design (Android 5+) - [x] Drop-down list for current/archive/log and custom popup style (Android 3+) - [x] File/folder picker for backup/restore - [x] Ch
gigjozsa gigjozsa / sunblocker Python A (python pyrap) method to remove solar-like RFI from interferometric data spf0.0.2 Sunblocker has now two methods, one is phazer, which is a specialized clipping of (solar) interference, and vampirisms, which simply flags specific times around sunrise and sunset and during the day.
RuiMiguel gigigoandroidmx / kripton-core no-lang android kripton core 0.0.1-beta
koher koher / PromiseK Swift The Promise class designed as a Monad for Swift. 3.0.0-alpha.4 Now multiple `fulfill` calls cause a logic failure.
djonasm leroy-merlin-br / mongolid PHP Easy, powerful and ultrafast ODM for PHP and MongoDB v2.1.0 Add operator parameter on BulkWrite updateOne method, it will allow to use all mongodb operators.
daniel-ac-martin UKHomeOffice / docker-nginx-proxy Shell A generic WAF proxy layer v3.2.1
renatomefi php-vcr / php-vcr PHP Record your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests. 1.4.1 - #206 Make handling of empty strings in CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS consistent
Koenvh1 Koenvh1 / ets2-local-radio JavaScript Radio from wherever you are in ETS2/ATS v1.22.5 This update mostly fixes some issues under the hood, while also making it more future proof. - Updated a lot of American stations that no longer worked. Some stations were gone because no new strea
tsmr pluginsGLPI / ocsinventoryng PHP Plugin ocsinventoryng for GLPI 2.4.0 Version 1.4.0 released for GLPI >= 9.2 and < 9.3
ilay122 ilay122 / Raycasting-Engine-MASM-32 Assembly Raycasting engine written in assembly NotLikeThis 0.1 Many things can be added to this. To compile put all resource files in the same folder with the .asm file and compile with masm32.
vadimski EU-OSHA / napo PHP EU-OSHA - NAPO - Drupal website 18_10_2017_staging
devxoul devxoul / RxExpect Swift RxSwift testing framework 1.0.0 * Rewrite everything. * Add Swift 4 and RxSwift 4 support
bitsgalore KBNLresearch / jprofile Python Automated JP2 profiling for digitisation batches 0.7.5
kurtnordstrom folio-org / mod-authtoken Java Module for filtering requests based on JWT tokens v1.1.0 ## 1.1.0 2017-10-11 * Allow wildcard permission names in desired permissions ## 1.0.0 2017-09-05 * Use new id-referenced scheme for retrieving permissions * Add userid field to authtoken
ZhenjianYang ZhenjianYang / SoraVoice C Voice patches for PC games Sora/Zero/Ao no Kiseki. 20171018 Voice Scripts for *Zero* & *Ao*: [ZeroAoVoiceScripts]( Voice Scripts for *Sora*: [SoraVoiceScripts](
djdookie djdookie / Advisor C# A Hearthstone Deck Tracker plugin which tries to guess the opponent's deck while playing and shows it's supposed cards. v1.0.7 - With a MinSimilarity setting of 0%, it is now possible to see the enemy class' most popular archetype deck at mulligan, even if no cards were played yet - Internal improvements
coastforge-mei Kuestenschmiede / CoreBundle PHP Core bundle with functionality needed for every con4gis application. v2.0.9 ## Changes: - hotfix insertTag return value - new jump param for message dialogs
andrewfiorillo andrewfiorillo / sketch-palettes JavaScript A Sketch plugin for exporting and importing fill presets. It supports colors, gradients, and pattern fills. 2.13 Changes: - Fixed loading bug introduced in Sketch 47. - Changed default select state to Document Presets instead of Global Presets.
ModernArtisan mad-web / laravel-seoable PHP Easy to map your eloquent fields to seo properties 1.1.2 - Fixed seo data creation for non existing model
bigprof bigprof-software / online-invoicing-system PHP Easy and lean invoicing for small businesses, consultants and freelancers, created using AppGini 2.3 * First commit to Github :) * Revised and enhanced README. * Various source code conflicts resolved.
simkim touchsell / sinatra_touchsell_store_app Ruby Helpers for Sinatra to generate Touch & Sell store application v0.1.0
AndreasNel javaTheHutts / Java-the-Hutts Python Repository for the Java the Hutts team for COS301 v0.2.0 We are very happy to announce our Beta-release for Hutts Verification! This release has introduced much more stability and speed into our system, for instance: - Various bug fixes have been made -
ghenzler Netcentric / accesscontroltool Java Access Control Management Tool for Adobe Experience Manager 2.0.2 The release 2.0.2 is a bugfix release, see the milestone for a full list of changes: The released packages is available via
ZhenjianYang ZhenjianYang / SoraVoiceScripts Python Voice scripts for Sora no Kiseki / Trails in the Sky 20171018 | |Game Title |Publisher|Language |Last Update | | |-------------|--------------------------|---------|------------------|-------------|-------------|
maxime-beguin veo-labs / cas-server-mock JavaScript Really simple basic mock for Apereo CAS server 1.0.0 # 1.0.0 / 2017-10-18 ## NEW FEATURES - Add a basic CAS server mock to test authentication on services using an Apereo CAS server
juliengk kassisol / metadata Go Metadata server 0.2.0 Release Metadata 0.2.0 * Updates
Aaronontheweb petabridge / petabridge-dotnet-new F# .NET CLI template for Petabridge-style projects v0.1.3 #### 0.1.3 October 18 2017 #### * [`build.fsx` can not automatically detect TeamCity and toggle TC formatting on and off for XUnit2 test runs](
ostark ostark / falcon-craft3 PHP Cache-Tag / Hash-Two / Surrogate-Key caching with Craft. 1.0.1 finally
s4cha Yummypets / YPImagePicker Swift 📸 Instagram-like image picker & filters for iOS 2.1.0 - Video previews out of the box 📹 - Choose a max image sizes from the library with `libraryTargetImageSize = .cappedTo(size:SIZE)` 📐 - Opt out from to opt out from saving new pictures with `
jeurrutia softonic / docker-laravel-consumer Shell PHP CLI Docker image extension to use with Laravel consumers 3.2
pracucci spreaker / nodejs-statsd-client JavaScript NodeJS statsd client: simple and stable. 1.0.4 - Added stats set support
magicbart video-games-records / ProofBundle PHP Proof Bundle for Video Games Records Project 0.1.0 - Ask for a proof - Send a proof (picture) - Admin proof - Admin request proof
rigwarlsback rigwarlsback / wallpaperboard Java Android Json based wallpaper dashboard library 1.7
gaelsimon woosmap / woosmap-search-widget JavaScript Easy embeddable Javascript Widget to Search for woosmap Asset nearby an address and display an auto-recommended asset based on Woosmap user profile v0.0.1-beta To be Improved!
mvp-sales mvp-sales / ontouml-vp-plugin Java OntoUML plugin for Visual Paradigm v0.1.3-alpha * Fix bug where some stereotypes weren't set correctly
elartix elartix / alm-open-sans CSS Open Sans Web Font 0.0.3 Renamed bower package name Bumped package bersion
gpufit gpufit / Gpufit C++ GPU-accelerated Levenberg-Marquardt curve fitting in CUDA v1.0.1 Version 1.0.1 for the Gpufit library ( Binary files compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and CUDA toolkit 8.0. Release notes: * This version removes a r
Yuubari Yuubari / KanColleViewer C# Binaries are here: v4.2.11.0 Update to fix DMM HTTP breakage.
phaverty phaverty / GenomicVectors.jl Julia Computations on genome locations, inspired by BioConductor. v0.1.2 Adds RCall.jl conversion functions to convert julia GenomicVectors and GenomeInfo objects to R/Bioconductor GRanges and Seqinfo objects and vice versa
david-vde AnytimeSA / anytime-api-php-sdk PHP Anytime api php sdk v1.2.2 * Add missing exceptions "CardStatementNotFoundException" & "AccountStatementNotFoundException"
phaverty phaverty / RLEVectors.jl Julia Run Length Encoded vectors for julia, inspired by BioConductor. v0.3.3 Adds RCall.jl conversion functions to convert julia RLEVectors to R/Bioconductor Rle objects and vice versa
diasdavid ipfs / js-ipfsd-ctl JavaScript Control an IPFS daemon using Node.js v0.24.0
valeriano-manassero valeriano-manassero / docker-patchman Shell Docker Image containing Patchman Agent 1.7.0-1 Patchman Agent release 1.7.0-1
Likibu Likibu / Client PHP Minimalist Likibu API Client for PHP 2.1.1
jeffdaily jeffdaily / parasail C Pairwise Sequence Alignment Library v2.0.2 ### Added - [manylinux] release builds. ### Fixed - Traceback/cigar now works for non-striped alignment functions. A significant bug caused incorrect cigar strings and tracebacks for any alignmen
laughedelic ohnosequences / flash-api Scala A typesafe Scala FLASh API v0.5.1 Updated cosas dependency
jocgir coveo / gotemplate Go Apply go template over files ending with .template in the current directory v2.1.0 ## Changelog 2d34650 Add exec and glob functions Fix bugs with empty templates (the last valid template was used instead of generating empty result) Always produce output on .template files No longe
judgej academe / authorizenet-objects PHP Value objects for construction Authorize.Net messages 0.5.0 No tests, sorry, just code to get me started.
tawheeler sisl / PGFPlots.jl Julia This library uses the LaTeX package pgfplots to produce plots. v2.2.1 Last commit had messed up some marker styles. This has been fixed. `Scatter` types with simple 2d points no longer produce 'scatter' in their style and instead use 'mark=none' to maintain backwards
mubaris mubaris / Fez Python Python script to print all translations of a sentence 0.1
dismorfo NYULibraries / agartha-cli JavaScript Agartha generator 1.0.5
uchimanajet7 uchimanajet7 / gmth Go A command line tool converts Markdown file to HTML file. 0.0.1
z4ce z4ce / s3-restore Go Restore a versioned S3 bucket to a point in time v0.0.3 ## Changelog adb4ae2 Add goreleaser config --- Automated with [GoReleaser]( Built with go version go1.9 darwin/amd64
dvavasour dvavasour / my-test no-lang my test v0.1 Some Description
djjudas21 uobnetops / puppet-yumupdate Puppet Puppet module to handle Yum updates 0.3.0 * Create ability to exclude packages from being updated
moroine AdactiveSAS / saml2-bridge-bundle PHP This bundle aim to integrate simplesamlphp/saml2 library in order to provide SAML2 identity provider easily on Symfony v0.7.1 ## Fix - Travis test by increasing php memory limit
Philippe-M Philippe-M / responsee PHP Template for PluXml (, use Responsee ( 7.1 [UPDATE] Mise à jour pour PluXml 5.6 Fixes #28 [ADD] Bouton pour remonter en haut de la page Fixes #18 [ADD] Ajout des balises og:type Fixes #20 [ADD] Ajout de la balis og:images Fixes #21 [ADD]
tamaina tamaina / HTML オレオレnodejsサイトビルダー v0.8.3 驚くほど安定して良好なスタイルを得られたのでリリース。 BootstrapをChirnoに変更する意味はほとんどない。
astrilet ualbertalib / DMPonline_v4 Ruby New code for DMPonline developed by DCC v4.2-1.48.el6 Adding missing file rollbar.rb to get rollbar working again.
HaroldMills HaroldMills / Vesper Python Open source software for acoustical monitoring of nocturnal bird migration. v0.3.12 * Adds command to delete clips. * Adds command to export clips to an HDF5 file. * Adds partial support for PostgreSQL archive databases.
itsN1X N1Xsite / no-lang Home : gh-pages v1.0.56
svc-paas-github sky-uk / terraform-provider-brocadevtm Go Terraform BrocadeVTM provider 0.3.1 Release 0.3.1
noratako5 noratako5 / logbook Java 艦これ 航海日誌 拡張版 v2. <h1>重要なお知らせ</h1> <p> v2.にてログの保存に失敗するバグが確認されたため可能な限り早くアップデートしてください。<br&
cbornhoft envms / fluentpdo PHP FluentPDO is a smart SQL Builder for PHP - v1.1.2 The following changes have been made to this release: **Bug Fixes** - `FluentUtils::FormatQuery()` no longer accidentally splits words that are not keywords (ALEJ AND RO) - Databases and tables i
skoulouzis QCAPI-DRIP / DRIP-integration Shell Integration of all Dynamic Real-time infrastructure planner (DRIP) components. 0.2.1 This is a test release to make the new features available for testing e.g. new planner or alarm messages
redlibrarian ualbertalib / discovery Ruby UAL Discovery project blacklight 3.0.59 ... and lock to 1.12.9
jeroenvollenbrock athombv / github-search-chrome-extension JavaScript Search GitHub from your omnibar. 1.0.0
neoascetic krondor-game / minetest C++ Binary releases of Minetest for OS X 2017-10-18
Tovkal openfoodfacts / openfoodfacts-ios Swift iOS (Swift) version of Open Food Facts. WE NEED A LEAD DEV :-) 1.0-16 Fix double rounding in Nutrition Table Highlight allergens in ingredients list Display allergen tags correctly Allow user to log in Add comment on products added with version of the app and unique
korthaj yourbasic / fenwick Go List data structure supporting prefix sums 1.2.0 Adds example.
davidahouse bignerdranch / Freddy Swift A reusable framework for parsing JSON in Swift. 3.0.3 - Fix for compiling with Xcode 9 - Turns off Code Coverage for Release builds
dpordomingo src-d / landing CSS landing for source{d} v3.0.5 Publish bblfsh, enry and engine docs under HTTP - - -
ConsoleTVs ConsoleTVs / Bootpack PHP Laravel 5 package bootstraper. 1.1.6 ## Changelog - Fixes (Typos)
seth-reeser devopsgroup-io / catapult Shell :boom: Catapult is a website and workflow management platform for development teams. v3.154.2
Fry2412 Fry2412 / PrioManager C# Manages Process-Priorities 1
amancevice amancevice / dip Python Distribute CLIs using docker-compose 1.0.0 This is a **destructive** update. The settings for `dip` have been completely re-written and are stored in a new file, `settings.json`. Previously installed CLIs will need to be re-installed. Th
boajer oat-sa / tao-core JavaScript main extension of TAO v13.5.7
BonPacific UWEnrollmentManagement / Connection PHP Helper library for connecting to the university's x.509 secured web services 2.2.0 Backwards compatible update. Changes * Added optional parameter to constructor, allowing cURL options to be passed in.
chriscant Freegle / iznik JavaScript Iznik is the project for a new Freegle platform. v1.2.9
neos-bot neos / flow-development-collection PHP The unified repository containing the Flow core packages, used for Flow development. 4.2.4 See [changelog]( for details.
MrCerealGuy MrCerealGuy / Stonecraft Logos An infinite-world block adventure game. Inspired by InfiniMiner/Minecraft. v1.2.6-alpha Please check my website for more information.
Mikescher Mikescher / AlephNote C# Lightweight Client for Simplenote or Standard Notes (or simply local storage) v1.4.1 Tasks - Local git mirror is now only touched when there are actual changes
NexAdn NexAdn / unitedshops Java Bukkit Admin Shop plugin v1.0.0 * basic Chest UI admin shop interface * configurable shop items via config.yml
darkl Code-Sharp / WampSharp C# A C# implementation of WAMP (The Web Application Messaging Protocol) v1.2.6.44-beta Close connection to server on GOODBYE (Related to issue #217).
eogilvy12 fishtown-analytics / snowplow-bigquery PLSQL dbt models for sessionizing snowplow data on bigquery v0.1.0 * creating Snowplow models for BigQuery * roll up events to page views and sessions
lijun0326 lijun0326 / luci-app-jlu-drcom Python LuCI interface client for JLU 0.1.0
Shironomia Shironomia / WeebReact JavaScript A program to organize your Reaction Pics v1.0.1 Fixed the error message that'd appear when no internet connection is available when checking for updates
ryanwilsonperkin waveaccounting / nose Python nose is nicer testing for python 1.3.8-wave1 Nose hasn't yet seen a release for 1.3.8 but the master branch contains some features that we'd like to take advantage of (notably, performing logcapture on _all_ loggers instead of just the root).
versus167 versus167 / zfsnappy Python Kleines Pythonscript, welches unkompliziert die Zauberei mit snapshots in ZFS übernimmt. v16 os.popen durch ersetzt sleep nach destroy auf 20 Sekunden erhöht, da bei höherer Last ZFS auch mal etwas länger braucht, um einen Snapshot zu löschen und erst dann auch der Space w
murilopl digitalinfluencers / ThinTS TypeScript A simple, angular based and typed framework for RestAPIs with node v4.0.5 <a name="4.0.5"></a> ## [4.0.5]( (2017-10-18) ### Bug Fixes * **middlewares:** Change middleware loader or
philcable washingtonstateuniversity / PHP A Spine child theme for WSU's Office of Commercialization 0.0.1
huchenme huchenme / open-source JavaScript Trying out open source v1.4.1 <a name="1.4.1"></a> ## [1.4.1]( (2017-10-18) ### Bug Fixes * **fix:** test ([7d3eebd](
jamorham NightscoutFoundation / xDrip Java Nightscout version of xDrip+ 2017.10.18 Automated nightly build
jsmorley rainmeter / rainmeter C++ Desktop customization tool for Windows v4.1.0.2947 October 18, 2017 release candidate 1 of Rainmeter 4.1
mdshw5 mdshw5 / simplesam Python Simple pure Python SAM parser and objects for working with SAM records v0.1.2 - Added better support for SAMv1.4+ CIGAR operations (thanks @bede)
rquadling beberlei / assert PHP Thin assertion library for use in libraries and business-model v2.7.7 ## 2.7.7 - 2017-10-18 ### Fixes - Basic Auth usernames and passwords can contain '.' (Thank to [Fede Isas](
valllllll2000 akvo / akvo-flow-mobile Java Akvo Flow app v2.4.0.2 # Resolved issues * **Missing datapoint history** - [#899]( Fixed answers missing in point history. * **Unable to delete saved answers (crash)** -
BitcoinDBA AICoin-io / AICoin JavaScript AICoin smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain AICoin-wallet-0.2.0-beta ## AICoin wallet (beta) This HTML/JavaSCript application will automatically connect to a local Ethereum node running on the standard port (8545) and read the value of (XAI) tokens held by addresses
silberzwiebel codeformuenster / predictCyclists HTML predict number of cyclists based on date, hour, weather, etc. v0.1.1 fix Docker build
romaindequidt romaindequidt / elastalert-kibana-plugin JavaScript ElastAlert Kibana Plugin v5.6.3 Upgrade up to Kibana version 5.6.3
miroslaw-bogacz miroslaw-bogacz / jira-time-tracker TypeScript Application for tracking time on JIRA v0.1.0-beta.2 ### Work logs fix problem with filtering work logs by user name
bhelx recurly / recurly-client-net C# A .NET API wrapper for Recurly. Super Simple Subscription billing. 1.7.0 * ImportedTrial flag on Subscription [PR]( * Purchases Notes Changes [PR]( ### Upgrade
altk myTrackerSDK / mytracker-unity no-lang ios myTracker sdk 1.1.1 Error fix
bstelly bstelly / AssessmentOne C++ First Assessment v1.1 Wumpus World is a text-based adventure game, that is played by using the 'W', 'A', 'S', 'D' keys on the keyboard to move around. Text is displayed to the screen in order to help the player decide what
Lunik Lunik / tcloud JavaScript File sharing and torrent downloading v0.6.3
natec8 deseretdigital-ui / date-range-picker JavaScript React Date Range Picker v2.0.0 Updates the component to use the airbnb/react-dates component underneath, because it has better support.
LidongWen LidongWen / MultiTypeAdapter Java 多类型 recyclerAdapter 0.2.6 MultiTypeAdapter0.2.6
selgas TechSmith / gtk-win32 C GTK+ 3 stack for Windows Release-ThirdParty-Windows-Pango-5.0.1 Includes a patch to fix 64-bit crash in Cairo.
pirovc pirovc / dudes Python DUDes: a top-down taxonomic profiler for metagenomics v0.07
slaweet LiskHQ / lisk-nano JavaScript 💻 Lisk Nano, a minimal feature client v1.2.0-rc.1 # Change Log ## [v1.2.0-rc.1]( (2017-10-18) [Full Changelog]( **Implemented
searchy2 searchy2 / AnimatedExpandableEditText Java A simple cool animated edit text with a expandable animation for Android 1.0 *Initial Jitpack Release.
oremj mozilla-services / stubattribution Go A service which accepts an attribution code and returns a modified stub installer. v1.9.0 * Move to official Golang dep tool (#66) * vendor: bump aws-sdk-go (#73) * Log sha256 of original and modified stubs (#68) * Go 1.9 (#71) * re-download binaries after 24 hours (#61)
MWDelaney MWDelaney / acf-complex-titles PHP Complex titles with previews for WordPress content types using Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5 1.14
guolinke Microsoft / LightGBM C++ A fast, distributed, high performance gradient boosting (GBDT, GBRT, GBM or MART) framework based on decision tree algorithms, used for ranking, classification and many other machine learning tasks. It is under the umbrella of the DMTK( project of Microsoft. v2.0.10
256dpi 256dpi / esp-mqtt C MQTT component for esp-idf projects based on the lwmqtt library v0.4.0 - updated lwmqtt - reflected changes to lwmqtt and fixed timer related bugs
WyriHaximus reactphp / promise-stream PHP The missing link between Promise-land and Stream-land, built on top of ReactPHP. v0.1.2 * Feature: Optional maximum buffer length for `buffer()` (#3 by @WyriHaximus) * Improvement: Readme improvements (#5 by @jsor)
3TUSK TeamCovertDragon / MooncakeCraft Java Hackathon-ish challenge: a Minecraft mod featured mooncake, made at Mid-autumn Festival, 2017 (UTC +0800 and -0700) 1.2.0 * Now you will get your empty bottle back. Contributed by @SeraphJACK and @yesterday17 * Clean out some weird warnings
freekmurze spatie / browsershot PHP Convert html to an image, pdf or string 3.2.0 - add `setNetworkIdleTimeout`
ionutpad oat-sa / extension-tao-delivery-rdf PHP Manages deliveries using the ontology v3.13.0
koda-masaru support-project / knowledge Java Free Knowledge Management System v1.11.0pre3 ## Introduction - I release v1.11.0 pre3 as pre-release ## Changes - Some bug fix and Small improvements - #861 #863 #873 #877 #884 #895 #899 #902 #905 #907 #909 ## How to upgrede - *
machwatt machwatt / sf_filecollection_gallery PHP Simple Image Gallery für TYPO3 CMS which renders a FileCollection containing static or folder based images. 1.3.0 Some bugfixes and TYPO3 8.7 compatibility
moio moio / minima Go A Simple Linux Repository Manager v0.1.2 Add support to optional signed repo metadata
VonoPTS Avocarrot / ios-sdk Objective-C Avocarrot iOS SDK 4.7.0 # [4.7.0] ### Added - Delegate for UITableView StreamAdapter ### Changed - Support of MRAID 3.0 - UIWebView has been replaced with WKWebView in MRAID and VAST modules - Analytics for better ad
bahmutov bahmutov / demo-npm JavaScript This is a good demo v2.0.0 <a name="2.0.0"></a> # 2.0.0 (2017-10-18) ## Breaking major changes 🔥 * empty PR (#4) (6dcf0a670046c9f8337120b59616e33925cf8554)
milescrabill mozilla-services / socorro Python Socorro is a server to accept and process Breakpad crash reports. 293
donmbelembe donmbelembe / vue-dragscroll HTML A vue directive to make a scrollable element scroll by draging to the scroll direction v1.2.0 New feature: you can choose to scrool only on axis or ordinate
formulahendry formulahendry / vscode-azure-storage-explorer TypeScript Manage Azure Storage in Visual Studio Code 0.1.2 * Add 'refresh' and 'selectSubscriptions' in activationEvents
HolyWu HomeOfVapourSynthEvolution / VapourSynth-NNEDI3CL C++ VapourSynth port of NNEDI3 utilizing OpenCL r4 * Fix decimal-point character issue in different locales. * Add old & new prescreener. [nnedi3_weights.bin](
troublete troublete / task PHP A PHP process forking and fork handling library. 2.1.0 ### [Changed] * signal handling for child termination to signal handler
rossriley bolt / boltforms PHP Bolt Forms extension - Symfony interface and API for Bolt v4.1.13 Minor release, fixes a system log flood when using redirects on successful form submission.
danjjl danjjl / mtheme TeX A modern LaTeX Beamer theme BF1.0 This is the first version of a Byteflies styled metropolis theme. It modifies the metropolis theme to match the Byteflies colour and font theme. It also adds a Byteflies logo in the titlebar --
jedwards-AMD RadeonOpenCompute / ROCR-Runtime C++ ROCm Platform Runtime: ROCr a HPC market enhanced HSA based runtime roc-1.6.4 Point release of ROCr runtime associated with ROCm 1.6.4.
tikhanovichA oat-sa / extension-tao-publishing PHP Publish tests to delivery environment v0.2.0
davidecaruso davidecaruso / shell.js JavaScript A JavaScript and CSS library to create terminals v2.0.6
fassko Qminder / swift-api Swift Qminder API for iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS. 1.0.1 * TVDevice with event can be nil
fstehle Jimdo / ansible-fastly Python Ansible module to configure services in fastly 0.9.1
vic10us vic10us / paper-search-input HTML An element providing a paper-input-like search, inspired by the search element on v2.0.1
turtle-insect turtle-insect / DQ1 C# 3DS DQ1 SaveDate Editor 0.10 ### 基本設定 * ゴールド ### 主人公 * 各種パラメータ * アイテム
awm33 CityOfPhiladelphia / restful-ben Python Ben's had a nap, he's feeling RESTful and ready to go 0.4.0
lucavicidomini routetopa / oauth2-server-php PHP A library for implementing an OAuth2 Server in php 1.9.1
ufmedia ufmedia / horizon PHP Horizon WP Development Theme 3.5.0
ruslo hunter-packages / libevent C A public libevent repository. The official repository is at v2.1.8-p3
timbuethe mytaxi / phrase-java-client Java This Project is a Java based api client for to pull translations phrase-java-client-1.0.2
gbmhunter mbedded-ninja / NinjaTerm Java A serial port terminal that's got your back. v0.8.12 - Fixed bug where exception 'ReferenceError: Can't find variable: numCharsToRemove' was being thrown when a large number of chars were sent to NinjaTerm, closes #215. - Fixed bug where wrapping did n
srogers2112 srogers2112 / datasciencecoursera no-lang Repo for Data Scientist''s Toolkit on Coursera v0.8.2
DamianMullins justeat / fozzie CSS Web UI Base Library v0.16.0 ### Changed - Updated dependencies.
merqlove merqlove / medis JavaScript Medis is a beautiful, easy-to-use Mac database management application for Redis. v0.6.4
hkretzschmar idnow / de.idnow.ios Objective-C IDnow iOS SDK de.idnow.ios-3.3.3 Improvements: - added a new setting to show the ident token on the check screen as well Bugfixes: - fixed a problem building apps with XCode 9 and cocoapods (see Migrationguide) Migrationguide
RockfordWei PerfectSideRepos / PerfectBCrypt C Swift Wrapper of bcrypt (BlowFish) 3.0.0
artfulrobot artfulrobot / artfulrobot PHP PHP libraries 1.1.0 Brings lots of (possibly breaking) mailchimp rest API changes; DrupalCache class and some other bug fixes
aj-ptw OpenBCI / OpenBCI_WIFI JavaScript Repo for ESP8266 interface to OpenBCI board v1.2.0 # v1.2.0 ### Bug Fixes * Allow for CORS on HTTP server for every call. Closes #41 * Extend max tcp packets per send * Optimize JSON packet streaming for better performance, allows for latency
cudmore cudmore / mapmanager HTML Documentation for Map Manager v1.0.0-alpha.1 This release is a placeholder before I make a big update to documentation.
robdmc robdmc / python_package_template Makefile A cookiecutter template for python packages 0.1.1 Initial version of the template where directory and package had same name
erikhansen turnto / magento2-turnto-socialcommerce PHP TurnTo Networks' social commerce plugin for Magento 2 1.1.2 Changelog: * Add option to include/exclude order items from historical feed based on whether they've been shipped ([#20]( * Mis
skysocc skysocc / shadowsocks-android Scala A shadowsocks client for Android 1.0.0 上线
sirkon sirkon / ldetool Go Line data extractor generator v2.4.4
SpectralKH SpectralKH / vidl-chrome-extension JavaScript Use vidl directly from Chrome 1.0.2
LiteHell LiteHell / NamuFix JavaScript A userscript for namuwiki 171019.0 * 사소한 오타 수정 * 차단기간 초 단위 입력 관련 기능 개선
derikb derikb / character-sheet-5e JavaScript A responsive, online/offline web app to act as a character sheet for 5e D&D. v1.7.0 ### New Features - Differentiate current/max spell slots with 2 number inputs. Max spell slot input toggles visibility of spell list for that level.
marksherman engaging-computing / umlthesis TeX LaTeX Thesis Template for UMass Lowell 2017-07
Mikadoh PagesjaunesMobile / Mobrise JavaScript Unofficial mobile client v0.6.5
3TUSK Team-AbCiv / RobustIMC Java Let more people to be benefit from FML-built-in Inter-Mod Communication (IMC) system. 1.0.1 * Fix not being able to run on 1.10.2, thus close #1, I guess.
kageiit uber / okbuck Java OkBuck is a gradle plugin that lets developers utilize the Buck build system on a gradle project. v0.29.0 Enhancements =========== - Add option to disable lint/test rules for specific build types/variants (#540) Bugfixes ======= - Hookup android instrumentation test targets correctly (#535)
oremj mozilla-services / go-bouncer Go A Go version of the redirector portion of bouncer. v1.6.0 * sentry: check en-US for all products and versions (#175) * Upgrade to Go 1.9 (#177) * SetConnMaxLifetime to 60 seconds (#178)
curzio-della-santa detailnet / dfw-apigility-module PHP Zend Framework 2 Module containing tools for ZF Apigility. 0.8.1 Fixed paging params
tbekolay nengo / nengo_gui JavaScript Nengo interactive visualizer v0.3.1 - Improved some error messages. - Fixed an issue with Safari compatibility.
bapjiws trustpilot / node-eslint-config JavaScript Shared ESLint config for Trustpilot projects v3.0.0 - Set ```no-var``` error level to 2
terryn-aie AIE-Seattle-Prog / sfw C A safe-for-work for simple 2D graphics. Wraps GLFW and OGLoader. v2.0.0-RC1 ## Changelog - Fix issues with transparency (resolves #2) - Now renders all object with appropriate depth testing - Users should now assume a "back to front" rendering order in ord
m-kuhn m-kuhn / qwat-data-model HTML This is the PostGIS data model for QWAT, the water management software based on QGIS 9.9
gyszucs oat-sa / extension-tao-task-queue PHP TAO specific Task Queue with custom GUI v0.2.0 Implementing priority queue mechanism.
SkullKidCode SkullKidCode / corruption C A program that databends files into WAV files v1.0
tpayen messagerie-melanie2 / ORM-M2 PHP Librairie ORM en PHP, mapping d'une base de données relationnelle en base objet pour l'accès depuis vos applications. Version pour Mélanie2 - 0004708: Lors d'un "s'inviter" utiliser les informations de l'ICS - 0004706: L'enregistrement d'une pièce jointe depuis l'ICS ne se fait pas dans le bon dossier vfs
AlexVanderbist spatie / laravel-permission PHP Associate users with roles and permissions 2.7.2 - refactor `PermissionRegistrar` to use `$gate->before()` - removed `log_registration_exception` as it is no longer relevant
dcarbone dcarbone / cloudstack-php-client PHP PHP Client library and code generator for the CloudStack API untagged-c55097f485e041b7547b
cazad3011 cazad3011 / Graph-Partitioning-and-Covering-Project Verilog The project aimed at making a working software based upon convex partitioning and mapping algorithms that can partition a big directed graph according to a small directed complete graph, minimize cut-edges between different partitions and reduce longest delay path of partitions which violate the convexity to produce optimum results. v1.0 This is the first release of my software.
MOARdV Mihara / RasterPropMonitor C# Plugin for Kerbal Space Program v0.29.2
Argus9 liftforward / lift-enums JavaScript Common lists used by lift-forward, wrapped up in an add-on v0.0.7
sebtoyo LearnPythonEasy / AdvancedHelloWorld Python Analyze this, and check out the features. Created by Seb (sebtoyo). v1.0 This is the first full release. If you find any bugs, please submit in the `Issues` section of the GitHub page! Thanks!
brian-learningpool adaptlearning / adapt-contrib-slider JavaScript A question component that allows the learner to position a slider on scale v2.1.6 Fixed - IE10/IE11 selection bug ([#1844](
sv sv / ffi C Foreign Function Interface for Q v0.9.0
ingen084 ingen084 / KyoshinMonitorLib C# .NETから簡単に強震モニタを利用できるようにするライブラリ v0.0.6.2 ## 修正 - `UrlType`の`EstShindo`が`RestShindo`になっていたのを修正しました。 尚、`RestShindo`はObsoleteになっていますので、利用されている方は修正をお
hkjn hkjn / hkjninfra HCL Repo hkjninfra holds some infrastructure plans for 1.4.4 Implement mTLS
eamigo86 eamigo86 / graphene-django-extras Python Extras functionalities for Graphene-Django v0.0.4
hutnikau oat-sa / extension-lti-proctoring PHP LTI Proctoring extension v3.3.3
einancunlu einancunlu / Flatten-Plugin-for-Sketch no-lang Flatten single or multiple layers instantly, create shared artboard styles, keep all of them updated like a boss and boost your Sketch documents’ performance. v1.6.3
westnordost westnordost / StreetComplete Java Surveyor app for Android v2.3 Just a few bugfixes and a translation update
alhoqbani alhoqbani / laravel-scout-elasticsearch PHP Add Elasticsearch support to Laravel Scout 0.0.2
petereast petereast / sentiment Java My attempt at a sentiment analysis neural network. alpha-v0.3.0 TBH this is just me packaging a *kinda* working prototype to I can deploy it onto beefier machines.
nrobinson2000 nrobinson2000 / homebrew-po Shell Homebrew Edition of po-util: The Ultimate Local Particle Experience for macOS 132
StijnVrolijk forkcms / forkcms PHP Fork is an easy to use open source CMS using Symfony Components. 5.0.6 Bugfixes: * Core: Fix tests when site.multilanguage is false [#2322]( * Core: Fix bootstrap tabs html5 form validation [#2319](
xeffyr xeffyr / termux-app Java Android terminal emulator and Linux environment - app repository. v0.53.6
hadiidbouk hadiidbouk / ChartProgressBar-Android Java Draw a chart with progress bar style 1.0.3
RickvdStaaij particle-php / Validator PHP Particle\Validator is a validation library with an extremely clean API which makes validation fun! v2.3.0 ### In this release - Added a hash validation thanks to @camcima - Improved UUID validation to support all different versions thanks to @jschreuder
morria morria / google-calendar-electron JavaScript An Electron app for Google Calendar 1.0.1
getignited getignited / xivorchestrion JavaScript Orchestrion Roll tracker for FFXIV 0.1.0 Uses data from FFXIV Patch 3.2. - Mark songs as _Owned_ or _Missing_ - Show/hide by Category - Filter through data using _Tags_ - Show/hide by Owned/Missing
Euzee Euzee / serviceManager Java Simple android util that helps to use background services as Job without hard changes. Compatible with Android O . 1.0.0 Hello this is 1st release of Service Manager
vito concourse / bin Go Concourse in a single binary v3.5.1-rc.87 A candidate release that has yet to be vetted by our full pipeline. You may want to look at [the concourse/concourse releases]( instead.
fatcat32594 fatcat32594 / PrimMaze Java Java maze generator using a randomized version of Prim's algorithm 1.0 See README for usage information
rijnb tomtom-international / speedtools Java The official SpeedTools Library for Java - donated by TomTom v3.2.4 * Updated dependencies to latest from Maven Central. * Includes moving to Scala 2.12.4 and Akka libraries compiled for Scala 2.12.
blavenie duniter / duniter4j Java Duniter Java API duniter4j-0.18.1 - Fix P2P synchro : check document time (not too old or not too far in the future)
hibri hibri / HttpMock C# A library for creating Http servers on the fly in tests and stubbing responses v2.2.0 Added functionality to return byte arrays as well as strings. This will take into account return values that are not just simple strings but rather streams that may be encoded with gzip.
stuartaccent AccentDesign / wagtailstreamforms Python Streamfield forms in wagtail v1.1.1 * Fixed bug where multiple forms of same type in a streamfield were both showing validation errors when one submitted
christianwiedemann andock-ci / build Shell A extendable ansible build role v0.0.7
LestaD atomixinteractions / eslint-config-base JavaScript ESLint config for our projects v4.4.0 ## Changes - 159cf39 Change double quotes to single, Add trailing comma in config - 9ddd8b9 Add rules [`object-property-newline`]( and [`object-
moebiusmania contactlab / contactlab-ui-components HTML Basic UI components for ContactLab UX design pattern library v2.0.3 - restored dropdown-clab selection - added **files** attribute in `package.json` for better package releases
riccardobl riccardobl / jme3-bullet-builder Shell Automatic build of JMonkeyEngine bullet bindings with travis. 2017-10-18
nugget nugget / netskel Go netskel environment synchronizer v3.0.1 Added support for `base64` formatted file transfers to placate CentOS 7 minimal installs which do not include `xxd` or `bc`. Also removed explicit invocation of `/bin/sh` because that breaks with Cen
juusechec udistrital / Kyron HTML Repositorio de desarrollo Kyron 1.0.3
matt-gaspar LandRegistry-Ops / puppet-wsgi Puppet Puppet module to deploy WSGI-compatible Python applications 1.4.6 This release sets permissions to allow group write access to the application logs in addition to the application owner.
ArmandBahi Veremes / vMap JavaScript vMap v2017.02.00 * Sécurisation de l’application grâce au programme Bugbounty * Intégration du module ANC (Assainissement Non Collectif) * Consultation du cadastre par le grand public avec le module Cadastre (r
AllenJB AllenJB / Utilities PHP Collection of commonly used PHP utilities 2.0.2
felixdjost felixdjost / superagent-log JavaScript log details (http headers and body) of your superagent calls (with a one-line monkey patching) 0.9.1
mpyw lampager / core PHP Rapid pagination for various PHP frameworks v0.0.1
kei-ito kei-ito / rollup-plugin-glob-import JavaScript A rollup plugin to use glob-star. v0.0.9 - Remove build script
lotabout lotabout / CodeGenerator Java Intellij IDEA Plugin for creating customized code generators like the builtin toString, equals, etc. v1.2 - Support import/export settings - allow multiple/none selection of members
zyclonite 5GS / node-sonar-scanner no-lang SonarQube Scanner in NodeJS environment for scanning typescript and javascript projects 1.0.0
santilland ESA-VirES / AnalyticsViewer JavaScript Visual Analytics Library, which will be used as module in the WebClient Framework v0.4.20 Change of default format
swernerx sebastian-software / edge-builder JavaScript Edge Builder is a build tool for modern web applications. Part of the Edge Platform. 0.12.15 * Adjusted for new Uglify version (0d37a42)

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