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Koka Koka / odbc-rs Rust Rust ODBC FFI binding 0.7.1 extensible value decoding on get_data (
fulls1z3 ngx-universal / state-transfer JavaScript State transferring utility for Angular Universal v0.4.0-beta.1 ### Breaking change - `@nglibs/universal-transfer-state` has been renamed to `@ngx-universal/state-transfer` (closes [#5]( ### Added - Ad
RudolfHenning RudolfHenning / QuickMon C# QuickMon is a simple monitoring and alerting tool. It allows you to monitor and alert on various resources/services locally or remotely. v5.0.0-alpha.3 Slightly updated version. 1. Added setting to set Collector Auto refresh on by default. 2. Improved ability to install service from UI. 3. Add a way to remove/recreate Automatic Admin mode task
jarrodek advanced-rest-client / raml-elements JavaScript A set of elements for Advanced REST Client responsible for RAML integration. 1.0.216
alexz707 alexz707 / InvoiceNinjaModule PHP ZF3 Module to consume the InvoiceNinja API. 0.0.2 Added global config file Fixed php version, now using 7.1
ioanaciont Financial-Times / upp-next-video-mapper Go UPP video mapper that will integrate the new video editor used by FT 1.1.1-dev-build
simplesteph simplesteph / kafka-connect-github-source Java Get a stream of issues and pull requests for your chosen GitHub repository 1.0-final
REZ1DENT3 bavix / lumper PHP Lumper [builder] functions/objects 1.0.2
roguephysicist roguephysicist / SHGYield Python A Python program for calculating the surface SHG yield for semiconductors. v1.1 Smarter input and chi2 parsing, improved general documentation and README.
jasverix jasverix / php-resque PHP PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing) 1.4.2
frenzzy frenzzy / svg-to-jsx-loader JavaScript SVG to JSX loader module for webpack v2.0.1 - Add compatibility with [webpack v2](
aakso aakso / ssh-inscribe Go SSH CA Client/Server 0.2.0
amate amate / Proxydomo C++ ローカルで動作するプロクシフィルタリングソフトです v1.97 ・local.ptronからのレスポンスヘッダも受信ヘッダフィルターにかけるようにした #39
svbnet svbnet / AthamePlugin.Tidal C# Tidal plugin for Athame 1.0 Initial release. Just extract into 'Plugins' folder.
yous yous / YousList Python Block filter for Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, uBlock, 1Blocker and AdAway v20170428 - Update for - Update for * * * [Download Rules.1blockpkg (v20170428)](
ChrisRfr ChrisRfr / SweetyVD PureBasic SweetyVD (Virtual Designer) 1.9.0 SweetyVD Revised: The model was revised to manage both real gadgets in designer (as before) and now also internal draw gadgets. . Containers (Container, Panel, ScrollArea) and the Frame Gadget are n
crcx crcx / rx-nga C Rx: a Forth for the Nga VM 2017.4 This is the first formal release of Retro 12.
norkunas norkunas / onesignal-php-api PHP OneSignal API for PHP v0.1.16 [a9207de80d41f675c1ddfedfbbc120634e2edaa1] Add notification_types option [25894d9b1f300e3e113013dbcf85b28dcc548498] Add new "MACOS" device type
mrpatpat MaibornWolff / codecharta JavaScript CodeCharta visualizes multiple code metrics using 3D tree maps. 1.1.2
cmaglie arduino / ArduinoCore-samd C Arduino Core for SAMD21 CPU 1.6.15
akiicat akiicat / kemal_youtube_retriever JavaScript crystal kemal youtube retriever v0.1.0
AbelHu cloudfoundry-incubator / bosh-azure-cpi-release Ruby BOSH Azure CPI v24 New Features: - Support to set idle timeout in minutes for dynamic public IPs by configuring `pip_idle_timeout_in_minutes` in global Azure properties. - The default idle timeout of Azure public IP
esperecyan esperecyan / dictionary-wiki JavaScript wiki形式の辞書アップローダーです。 v0.1.4
ThomasLecocq ROBelgium / MSNoise Python A Python Package for Monitoring Seismic Velocity Changes using Ambient Seismic Noise | 1.5 About 1 year after the last major release (MSNoise 1.4) we are proud to announce the new MSNoise 1.5. It is a major release, with a massive amount of work since the last one: in GitHub numbers , it’
tanner0101 vapor / core Swift Core extensions, type-aliases, and functions that facilitate common tasks. 2.0.0-beta.6
KazDragon KazDragon / terminalpp C++ A C++ library for interacting with ANSI terminal windows. v1.2.2 ## Bugfixes Added an include for <cstddef> in core.hpp to help work around a deficiency in certain standard library versions.
eyeq eyeq / mod-1.11.2-Clock Java 置き時計 1.0
chshawkn home1-oss / maven-settings-decoder Java maven settings.xml decoder for gradle v1.0.5.OSS
david0 david0 / ldapbrowse C Console ldapbrowser v0.4 - save subtree support (key `s`) - alias derefercing configurable using `-a find`
greiman greiman / SdFat HTML Arduino FAT16/FAT32 Library 1.0.1
humbot issuu / pipe2log Go pipe2log v0.9.1-41 Description of release v0.9.1-41
katmatt commercetools / commercetools-jvm-sdk Java The e-commerce SDK from commercetools running on the Java virtual machine. v1.17.0 see Javadoc:
narc0tiq narc0tiq / evoGUI Lua A Factorio mod to add a GUI with the biter evolution factor and the current play time. Purely informative. v0.4.201 Thanks to forum-goer [Jürgen Erhard](, who pointed out the minimal change necessary. Warning: I haven't tested it, so it's m
Bysokar StargateMC / GameServer no-lang The repository for the GameServer of StargateMC, containing all configuration and binaries used, excluding worlds, private plugins and player specific data. 0.2.1
DanArthurGallagher DanArthurGallagher / customary JavaScript Allows native browser validation and then prevents submission. 2.1.1
SimonDanisch JuliaGizmos / Reactive.jl Julia Reactive programming primitives for Julia v0.4.1
maxnowack maxnowack / meteor-reactive-object JavaScript makes an object reactive using es6 proxies v1.0.2
stigsb zedge / marathon-dsl Groovy DSL for describing apps running in Marathon v1.3.1
kokoko3k kokoko3k / xt7-player-mpv Lua Xt7-player-mpv is a rich gui to mpv media player 0.25.392 * Remove the mpv volume filter, deprecated since mpv 0.25 * Make more strings translatable * added lavfi volume filter support * Audio equalizer is gone, use anequalizer instead * Drop mpv builtin
Bachmann1234 Bachmann1234 / lxml Python The lxml XML toolkit for Python wheel_test_3
adamdickmeiss folio-org / okapi Java Okapi core and modules v1.2.5 * Okapi initdatabase hangs when pg db is unavailable OKAPI-255 * Check dependencies before calling tenant interface OKAPI-277 * Fix ModuleDescriptor handler wo method issues NPE OKAPI-308 * Log
EssaAlshammri EssaAlshammri / django-by-example Python following django by example book 9 Extending Your Shop
peteharverson prelert / kibana-swimlane-vis JavaScript Kibana swimlane visualization v5.1.2 Kibana 5.1.2 release.
slashrsm swisspost-yellowcube / drupal-yellowcube PHP YellowCube Drupal Commerce Module 7.x-1.0-beta6 Documentation and coding standard fixes.
g-plane g-plane / multi-index-style HTML A plugin about customizing index style for Blessing Skin Server. v1.0.1 - Use HTTPS for Bing picture
moufmouf thecodingmachine / washingmachine PHP CI tool that integrates with Gitlab to show variations in the CRAP index v1.1.4
harryshipton harryshipton / texpand JavaScript A cross-platform text expander v2.0.6
jc3213 jc3213 / SimpleProxy JavaScript A Simple and Lightweight Proxy Manager 1.9.9 - Ability to add current tab host to proxy profile - Redesigned Toolbar UI
Kripth Kripth / nbt-d D NBT library for Minecraft and Minecraft: Pocket Edition v1.1.1
amir-hadzic sematext / sematable JavaScript ReactJS / Redux Data Table v1.4.6 Improvements: * you can now use `className` in column definitions to set the css class to be used for column's `<td>` element
TotallyNotHuman KerbaeAdAstra / KSPNameGen C# Free (gratis and libre) name generator for Kerbal Space Program v0.1.0-rc1 # Disclaimer This release is non-production ready; it is a *release candidate*, which means there may still be bugs. Beware, and report. ## Prerequisites * Windows: download .NET 4.5 [here](h
laucia Yelp / SimpleAL Objective-C Simplifying autolayout v1.0.3 Removing warnings
ben-farrant ben-farrant / language-hx no-lang A custom haxe plugin providing an ehanced haxe experience. v0.1.1 Modified snippets to use a tighter code style. ``` function foo() : Void { } ``` becomes ``` function foo():Void { } ```
fukuyori fukuyori / SoBaCo C# 「相場子(そばこ)」はパンローリング Pan Active Market Database(TM)を使った相場師朗先生流の株価チャート表示ツールです。
loudmouth contentful / contentful.swift Swift A delightful Swift interface to Contentful's content delivery API. 0.4.0-beta1 #### Added - Swift'ier API for [Contentful Delivery API Search Parameters]( - Mechanism for m
evilebottnawi itgalaxy / imagemin-power-cli JavaScript CLI for `imagemin` with power :muscle: 1.0.0 - Chore: code refactoring.
CSUC CSUC / ECHOES-Parser Java Java mapping tool that generates EDM compliant items 0.1
eshtadc acquia / ember-http-hmac JavaScript An Ember addon utilizing the http-hmac-javascript library to automatically sign Ajax requests either standalone and through ember-data 1.1.0 * Adds PATCH support
sunny4381 shirasagi / ss-vagrant Shell SHIRASAGI Vagrant Boxes v1.5.0 This box consists of: - VirtualBox 5.1.20 r114628 Guest Addition - CentOS 7.3.1611 (2017-04-28 時点での最新) - MongoDB 3.4.4 - RVM 1.27.0 - Ruby 2.3.4p301 - SHIRASAGI のソース一式
easimonenko easimonenko / bloggero-elm-mdl Elm Bloggero -- engine for static blogs with single page interface written in Elm with Material Design Light. v0.3.1 * :new: Added post info in post list. * Refactorings in PostList.
AbsintheVoid AbsintheVoid / GCC-OSX no-lang GCC-OSX Binary 6.3.0 Add this to your ~/.bash_profile <export PATH=/Applications/GCC/bin:$PATH>
asmith-git asmith-git / DLL-Loader C++ Simple class for loading dynamic link libraries (DLL). Version-1.0 # DLL-Loader ## Description A simple class for loading dynamic link libraries (DLL). Currently only implemented for Windows OS. The stable branch of the code can be found here :
yoanm yoanm / composerConfigManager PHP Command to initialize composer for a repository v0.0.3
arcanedev-maroc ARCANEDEV / Support PHP :muscle: Support package is a collection of helpers and tools for ARCANEDEV + Laravel projects. 4.1.7
stdupanda stdupanda / MyTodo Java An Android APP helps manage todo list,also includs a tomato clock. v1.2.9 >2017-04-28版本 Version Name:1.2.9 Version Code:12 调整显示隐藏按钮一行的高度
jourdanrodrigues dewayinc / bare-django-repo Shell Bare git repository for deploy automation on WebFaction environment. v1.1
Dovyski Dovyski / cvui C++ A (very) simple UI lib built on top of OpenCV drawing primitives v2.0.0 This release contains bug fixes and several new features. New components were added and the internal structure changed quite a bit (e.g. support for OpenCV `2.x`), however the existing API should rema
dstftw rg3 / youtube-dl Python Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites 2017.04.28 Core + [adobepass] Use geo verification headers for all requests - [downloader/fragment] Remove assert for resume_len when no fragments downloaded + [extractor/common] Add manifest_url for explicit
Mariabm7 spqdeusto1617 / SPQ01 Java Repository for team SPQ01 v1 Sprint 1
urschrei urschrei / polylabel-rs Rust A Rust implementation of the Polylabel algorithm v1.0.31
JDSRAO JDSRAO / MotorPremiumCalculator C# Premium Calculator for Android mobile applications V0.1-beta1 # Major Functionalities * Two Wheeler Act functionality # Known Issues * Validations on the Two Wheeler act screen
Chibby loyals-online / silverstripe-yearcalendar PHP A calendar module to display events throughout the year 2.12.2
wujun4code leancloud / realtime-SDK-dotNET no-lang Portable & Unity v20170428.2 Released by CI at 20170428.2.
janekolszak janekolszak / idp Go Identity provider for Hydra 0.8.4 For Hydra 0.7.11
faceyspacey faceyspacey / pure-redux-router JavaScript 👶 Seamless Redux-First Routing v1.0.38 <a name"1.0.38"></a> ### 1.0.38 (2017-04-28) #### Bug Fixes * **$formatting:** removed console.log from tests, prettier, cleanup ([99090259](
marcoconti83 wireapp / wire-ios-sync-engine Objective-C iOS synchronization library for Wire 82.2.0 Diff with previous: Commits: ebcab32 do not report calls to callKit in silenced conversations (#357)
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.118610 no-lang "Suggest fix" corrupts the value of the field ### Permanent link ### Description "Suggest fix" corrupts the value of the field ### Compatibility The release was built
jjgrainger jjgrainger / PostTypes PHP Simple WordPress custom post types. v1.1 ##### v1.1 * fixed [issue #6]( problem registering existing taxonomies * add [issue #1]( Add PHPCS
IvyLee-cn vipshop / Saturn Java The VIP's distributed job schedule platform. It supports java and shell jobs with sharding, tolerance, high availability... v2.0.6 ### New Features * #124 Dashboard support for statistics and alerting. * #125 Cross time zone job support. * #117 Rest api support for enable and disable job. * #134 Batch executor migration suppo
s2kinfra s2kinfra / FabularisMongo Swift Fabularis Mongo expansion for MongoKitten and Vapor 1.1.6
robiso robiso / wondercms PHP WonderCMS - the smallest flat file CMS • 2.0.6 ### What's new in WonderCMS 2.0.6 - Fixing bug $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI] to $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] because of errors reported on some sites. Thanks to turboblack for reporting this. ### Installation
solverat dachcom-digital / pimcore-toolbox PHP Pimcore 4.x Project Kickstarter. v1.8.0
adam-lynch adam-lynch / gulp-stream-to-promise2 JavaScript Returns a promise from a Gulp stream, plus (optionally) catches pipeline-breaking errors for Gulp v3 1.0.1 Fix for `Cannot call '.on' of undefined` stream error.
MenoData MenoData / Time4A Java Advanced Date and Time Library for Android v3.32-2017b See
logscape logscape / Logscape Java Open source offering for the Logscape log management tool. 3.41_b0427
ebraminio ebraminio / ragel C++ Personal clone 6.10
JakubMatejka keboola / developer-portal JavaScript API for 3rd-Party Developers of Keboola Connection 2.8.0 - App approval simplified to setting of isPublic flag
simonellefsen issuu / syslog-rfc5424-formatter Python Python logging formatter for emitting RFC5424 Syslog messages v1.1.1 if hostname is prefixed with a '+' then append os hostname
ediblecode nhsevidence / NICE-Experience CSS :star2: Your source for creating beautiful, consistent experiences across NICE :star2: v0.2.8 * Update release readme documentation | 2017-04-28 | 5cf43c1 * Rename prepublish task to dist | 2017-04-28 | e6f85ff * Add sassdoc and jsdoc generation tasks | 2017-04-28 | bed38db * Use temp path for
gradorsys gradorsys / asb-jwk JavaScript json web key library v1.2.0 <a name"1.2.0"></a> ## 1.2.0 (2017-04-28) #### Features * **new function greeter:** bla ([c3d51b55](
astehlik Intera / TYPO3.CMS PHP Synchronized mirror of 7.7.18
dziudek GavickPro / News-Show-Pro-GK5 PHP Advanced Joomla! content module. v.
monapu monapu / eclair Scala A scala implementation of the Lightning Network (fixed for Monacoin mainnet). v0.2-alpha3-mona1 monaize
EightBitBoy appPlant / alpinepass Go A tool for managing system environments 0.1.0
TristanBonsor TristanBonsor / typescript-utility-library TypeScript Utility functions, data structures, and types implemented in Typescript. v0.1.0-beta.1
mastacontrola FOGProject / fogproject PHP An open source computer cloning & management system 1.4.0-RC-9.1 393cc95 Push up 1.4.0-RC-9.1 f75daf0 More checking. d0ce435 Remove user capabilities from API system
jasonbouffard apinstein / ShellCommand PHP A generic wrapper for execution of shell command to make it easy to horizontally scale such work. v2.0.2 Resumable S3 MultiPart Upload
kimong NCIEVS / nci-term-suggestion Java The NCI Term Suggestion application is used both standalone and in the EVS terminology browsers to get community feedback and contributions to both NCI and EVS partner terminology products. 2017-04-28.1-v2.5 New tag for testing Java8.
alirdn alirdn / windows-kill C++ Send signal to process by PID in Windows, like POSIX kill 1.0.0 First release.
victormunoz EasyinnovaSL / DPFManager Java DPF Manager: Digital Preservation Formats Manager (Image files) 3.2.1 Improvements and new features - Rewriten table in reports section. Now it is much faster and there are no more display errors. - Show all running tasks from GUI (not only the tasks that started afte
alicebartlett Financial-Times / o-email-only-signup JavaScript Light sign-up form v5.0.2
sagiegurari sagiegurari / oracledb-upsert JavaScript UPSERT (insert/update) extension to oracledb 1.0.65
andrewying jano-may-ball / settings PHP Persistent settings in Laravel v1.0.1 **Fixed:** - Issue where hjson driver is not loaded (08a7615)
sagiegurari sagiegurari / simple-oracledb JavaScript Extend capabilities of oracledb with simplified API for quicker development. 1.1.69
finom circlecell / HTML The Professional DNS & IP Lookup Tool v0.4.2 <a name"0.4.2"></a> ### 0.4.2 (2017-04-28) #### Bug Fixes * Set .bsa-ad initial display value to none ([d9e879e7](
toggl-buildbot toggl / toggldesktop C++ Toggl Desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux v7.4.37
rafa8626 mediaelement / mediaelement-plugins JavaScript Plugins for the main mediaelement project 2.2.0 *2.2.0 (2017/04/28)* * Modified commands on `package.json` to avoid creating source map on stylesheets @rafa8626 * Integrated `AirPlay` plugin @rafa8626 * Integrated `Chromecast` plugin @rafa8626
imsamthomas mageplaza / magento-2-blog PHP Magento 2 Blog Extension is a better blog extension for Magento 2 platform. These include all useful features of Wordpress CMS v2.3.0 - Fixed sitemap bugs - Fixed meta robot bug - Added monthly archive widget - Added cloud tags widget - Added Magento comment engine. There is Magento comment, Facebook, and Disqus comment engine.
khellang khellang / Scrutor C# Assembly scanning and decoration extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection v2.0.0-rc - Added support for decorating open generic services. Thanks to @nicholasham ✨
FlorianGz heetch / PaymentKit-Droid Java PaymentKit-Droid 1.0.2 Wait for Shake animation to be completed
sjoerdtalsma opentracing-contrib / java-tracerresolver Java Resolver API for OpenTracing Tracer implementations. release-0.0.2 The Travis CI job should now also publish `-sources` and `-javadoc` artifacts to bintray, which prevented maven-central synchronization.
frankh arachnys / cabot JavaScript Self-hosted, easily-deployable monitoring and alerts service - like a lightweight PagerDuty 0.10.5 * Fix bug which caused status graphs to sometimes not render * Fix issue with complex recurring calendar - `'vDDDLists' object is not iterable` * Fix css regression in logo/title
MadcapJake MadcapJake / language-perl6fe Perl6 »ö« Atom Perl 6 Support - Forgotten Edition »ö« v2.0.0 ### Changes - Depecrating this package in favor of the new official package supported by the Perl 6 community. This package now installs the official version and disables this package.
RainerEmrich RainerEmrich / build-lool Shell Script collection to configure an ubuntu 16.04. instance and build libreoffice online v1.1.3 * Fix test for enabling software source repositories.
marcoagpinto marcoagpinto / aoo-mozilla-en-dict no-lang English Dictionaries Project (AOO+Mozilla+others) 2017-05-01gb V2.48 - 2017-05-01 --------------------- - 271 new words
cprudhom chocoteam / samples Java Choco-solver in practice samples-4.0.5 Supporting `choco-solver-4.0.4`
flash-gordon dry-rb / dry-types Ruby Flexible type system for Ruby with coercions and constraints v0.10.2 ## Fixed * Fixed `Type#optional?` for sum types (flash-gordon)
edsilv UniversalViewer / universalviewer JavaScript The Universal Viewer is a community-developed open source project on a mission to help you share your content with the world v2.0.2 Fixed #453
akurilov emc-mongoose / mongoose Java Mongoose is a storage performance testing automation tool 3.3.0
lawder pili-engineering / PLMediaStreamingKit Objective-C PLMediaStreamingKit 是 Pili 直播 SDK 的 iOS 推流端,支持 RTMP 推流,h.264 和 AAC 编码,硬编、软编支持。具有丰富的数据和状态回调,方便用户根据自己的业务定制化开发。具有直播场景下的重要功能,如:美颜、背景音乐、水印等功能。 v2.2.1 - 功能 - 支持后台推静态图的功能 - 缺陷 - 修复 iOS 8.1 使用 VideoToolbox 编码失败的问题 - 修复 iOS 9 及以上系统当 App 进入 Inactive 状态时推流画面
psavary swisspost-yellowcube / magento-yellowcube PHP YellowCube Magento Extension v1.0.2 - Documentation updates - README updates - improved Composer installation process - replaced abandoned package, using tecnickcom/tcpdf instead.
phpnt phpnt / yandex-map PHP Displays a map of the city with marks of addresses. 0.0.2 Значительно расширение виджета
richelbilderbeek richelbilderbeek / travis_qmake_clang_cpp17_libfuzzer C++ Minimal project that uses qmake, clang, C++17, fuzz tested by libFuzz and is tested by Travis CI v1.1 Clean build if no error is detected
odinsbane PaluchLabUCL / CortexDynamicsNCB Java Agent based simulation for generating tension in an actin cortex. 1.0 This release contains compiled versions and source code for the April 2017 version 1.0 release.
awodev awodev-virtuemart / com_awocoupon PHP Better coupons for Virtuemart 2.0.25
jsravn sky-uk / owl Go Systemd journal watcher 0.7.0 Allow specifying a wildcard for service, so it can match anything including kernel lines.
sebastiandedeyne spatie / laravel-html PHP Painless html generation 1.2.0 - Added a `Html` facade
tmurakami tmurakami / dexopener Java A library that provides the ability to mock final classes and methods on Android. 0.9.2 - Fix that the Data Binding Library is not filtered out
tobitti0 tobitti0 / SkypeDBReader C# SkypeのDBをリアルタイムで見る v2.1.0 Version 2.1.0 複数語句検索に対応
mikaelim-id mikaelim-id / angular-bootstrap-calendar JavaScript A port of the bootstrap calendar widget to AngularJS (no jQuery required!) 0.27.19
mountaindude mountaindude / butler-sos JavaScript Butler SenseOps Stats ("Butler-SOS") is a Node.js service publishing operational Qlik Sense metrics to MQTT and Influxdb v1.0 This first release of Butler SOS is fully functional and extracts all metrics from the Qlik Sense /healthcheck API, and forwards them to MQTT and Influxdb, from where they can be graphed using for exa
TBK0000 DiscordMusicBot / MusicBot Python MusicBot for Discord - Docker edition 1.9.8
rezecib rezecib / Gesture-Wheel Lua Mod for Don't Starve Together 1.6.4 Updated to match the rearrangement of the /bye emotes, which have been moved to /wave and /rude. /bye is now /rude on the wheel.
blinry blinry / bloody Lua "A Bloody Small World" – a game for Ludum Dare 38 v1.0.1 Hotfix release, includes balancing changes and clarifications.
scopewu scopewu / qrcode.vue JavaScript A Vue component for QRcode. v1.0.0 1. Add single-file components example 2. Upgrade some dependencies. Upgrade `vue` 2.3.0
sagiegurari sagiegurari / funcs-js JavaScript Function wrappers for enhanced behavior. 1.0.1
dhkim0800 dhkim0800 / indexextract Visual Basic minecraft index extractor 3.0b5 - New CDN update location! -- Warning : 3.0...4 update location is no longer supported. Use this build! 👍 ieup is our new CDN update client 👎 Warning : Don't start ieup without indexextra
fchris82 webtown-php / KunstmaanBundlesCMS PHP An advanced yet user-friendly content management system, based on the full stack Symfony2 framework combined with a whole host of community bundles. It provides a full featured, multi-language CMS system with an innovative page and form assembling process, versioning, workflow, translation and media managers and much more.
fulls1z3 ngx-universal / express-engine JavaScript Express engine for Angular Universal v0.4.0-beta.1 ### Breaking change - `@nglibs/universal-express-engine` has been renamed to `@ngx-universal/express-engine` (closes [#3]( ### Fixed - Re
sincilite sincilite / squaddy Ruby Team management app release-v0.0.5
arnaud-xp billy-joe / docker-jenkins no-lang Jenkins base image for BillyJoe's applications v1.1.5 2.46.1 > 2.46.2
MorisatoK MorisatoK / ir-mapoverlay CoffeeScript Map and accelerometer overlay addons for iRacing Browser Apps v1.7.7 ##### Track Overlay - Update to Angular 1.6
jgrund intel-hpdd / req JavaScript A simple http / https client lib v3.0.2
valentin2105 MastodonCloud / mastodon Ruby A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server v1.3.1 cf
bitnami-bot bitnami / bitnami-docker-joomla Shell Bitnami Docker Image for Joomla! 3.7.0-r0 Update joomla to 3.7.0.
lotharschulz zalando / ghe-backup Python A Github Enterprise backup approach based on Docker and multiple AWS accounts v1.0.1 - got rid of many zombie backup processes #51 - backup orchestration #49 #40
clapointe clapointe / pdf.js-viewer JavaScript Compiled version of pdf.js viewer, modified to run embedded v1.6.212
derhansen derhansen / sf_event_mgt PHP An event management and registration extension for TYPO3 CMS 7.6+ based on ExtBase and Fluid. 2.0.0 **Breaking changes:** [!!!][TASK] Restructured flexform for event plugin #418 [!!!][TASK] Move imageWidth and imageHeight to detail section #420 Make sure to use the Extension Update script in o
ShedrockN4 ShedrockN4 / s5neoltemax C Shedkerneo (s5neolte) with updated linux kernel (3.10.105) shedkerneo.beta5 Second public release of Shedrock Kernel to use with SM-G903F (s5neolte). Currently, features are: - Linux kernel updated to 3.10.105 - TIMA & RKP disable - Samsung rooting restriction disab
papacarlo ONLYOFFICE / DocumentServer no-lang ONLYOFFICE Document Server is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time. ONLYOFFICE-DocumentServer-4.3.3 ### New features #### Document Editor * Kazakh language for spellchecker #### Docker * Ability to use PostgreSql storage as volume ### Fixes #### Document Editor * Aligning of Footnotes setting in F
FrUh FrUh / ExtendedMacro Java ExtendedMacro - BurpSuite plugin providing extended macro functionality 0.0.5 # bug fixes - null MsgId in Replace configuration now correctly set "Burp" # features - possibility to change size of the Main tab components # other changes - renamed type from &qu
krypt-n sasjonge / bl-lecture-notes TeX Dies ist eine Mitschrift/Zusammenfassung zur Vorlesung "Beschreibungslogik" (SoSe2016) von Thomas Schneider an der Universität Bremen. v2016 "Alte" Version bevor es mit den 2017er Inhalt überarbeitet wurde.
clapointe clapointe / angular-pdfjs-viewer JavaScript PDF.js viewer directive for AngularJS v0.8.2 using alternate dependency pdf.js-viewer-cl
XRuff XRuff / GoogleAnalytics PHP Google Analytics component for Nette v1.0.1
timar nextcloud / richdocuments JavaScript 📔 Collabora Online for Nextcloud 1.1.26-nc11 1.1.26 bugfix release for Nextcloud 11
Guy-Markman Guy-Markman / PyHoot Python Kahoot clone based on Python, final project for Gvahim v0.75 The server and the game without CSS
Gimpneek NeovaHealth / openeobs-quality-assurance Python QA tools for Open-eObs 0.1
amnajunaid BlueEastCode / loopback-graphql-relay JavaScript Add Relay based Apollo Server or GraphQL queries on your Loopback server 0.7.2 JSON conversion removed from subscription payload object.
hzw1199 hzw1199 / AndroidGpsStatus Java An android widget library to show GPS status and signal strength 1.1
zenkins wireapp / avs-ios-binaries Objective-C AVS binaries for iOS 3.4.103 AVS version 3.4.103
joaquimserafim joaquimserafim / superagent-bunyan JavaScript a plugin for superagent that uses bunyan to log the request and responses v4.3.0 - expose `method` prop in the end of the request
exmex exmex / DCNC C Drift City NeoCity Emulator v0.1.848.42.b711e2!-master
db bauerxcelmedia / pro-request JavaScript Wraps the Request library with an ES6 promise. v2.4.0
bezidejni appsembler / tahoe no-lang Tahoe release notes v3.1 ## Versions * AMC [0.2.0]( * edx-platform [amc-0.3.0]( * edx-theme-codebase
Defman21 Defman21 / commando-recent-files CoffeeScript Recent Files list built in Commando 1.0.0
sonnam0904 sonnam0904 / laravel-scout-elastic PHP search engine for laravel v4.0
oderwat SkyNet3D / Marlin C Optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers based on the Arduino platform. SkyNet3D-V2.3.8 Updated to the newest RCBugFix which adds that heater and heatbed are switched of while probing with the BLTouch.
mroedel mroedel / corporate-homestead PHP homestead for corporate environments v5.2.4
mlanin mlanin / laravel-api-debugger PHP Easy debug for your JSON API. 0.3.2
nlssn nlssn / flarum-ext-swedish JavaScript 🇸🇪 The Swedish language extension for Flarum 0.1.0 The extension now has a basic translation of the Flarum core, the bundled extensions and a few community made extensions. Some groundwork has been done to make sure that future development goes smooth
grullo90 expandjs / app-behaviors HTML A collection of app development web components from the expand.js team v1.1.0 ### Breaking changes - **app-auth-behavior** - `authorizeCallback` `options.expiresIn` has been replaces by `options.expiredAt` - **app-source-behavior** - `app-source-write` event's detail's
pardahlman pardahlman / akeneo-csharp C# A .NET Client for Akeneo PIM's API. 0.1.7 It was changed to an `int` so that it could be more useful, but it might be undefined, so changed type to `int?`
pizycki pizycki / RavenCage-3.5 PowerShell Windows Containers image for RavenDB 3.5.198
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.141831 no-lang Fixes the display of language dropdown in Content Editor, so the languages will be rendered according to security settings ### Permanent link ### Description Fixes the display of language dropdown in Content Editor, so the languages will be rendered accordin
Bajoja Bajoja / indicator-kdeconnect Vala AppIndicator for KDE Connect 0.8.1 * Fix bug #59 - SMS exec with permission problems * Fix bug #60 - SMS autocomplete problem with accented letters * Fix bug #60 - Port 8000 - "address already in use"
sagiegurari sagiegurari / js-project-commons JavaScript Common web and node.js grunt tasks/lint configs/md templates and so on... 1.0.83
itsMeBender itsMeBender / AtWork HTML A Web Application, build with Polymer to track and manage daily working hours. v1.0.0 I used it several weeks before this release v1.0.0
srggroup srggroup / ZF2NoCaptcha PHP Google's ReCaptcha for ZendFramework2 v0.2
grullo90 expandjs / mat-elements HTML A collection of Material Design web components from the expand.js team v1.2.0 ### Changes - **mat-drawer-panel**: - `escDisabled` property been has been added to make the drawer's not hide anymore when the `esc` key is pressed - **mat-sublist**: - setting `color` on the
svrc-pivotal svrc-pivotal / logsearch-boshrelease Shell ELK bosh-release, forked from 4 supports multiple CA certs (pass in as array , see example manifest)
grullo90 expandjs / xp-elements HTML A collection of core web components from the expand.js team v1.1.0 ### Changes - **xp-dialog-styles**: - `[full-screen]` doesn't extend past viewport when the browser's URL bar is present - **xp-menu-behavior**: - removed unused `auto-hide` property - **xp-p
stefandevo cake-build / bitrise-cake-step C# This step supports running .cake files in Bitrise with .net core support. 1.0.2
jeronimoalbi kusanagi / katana-sdk-python2 Python Python 2 SDK for the KATANA Framework 1.0.1 ### Added - Version wildcards support for single '*' to match all. - Added support to run a component server and handle a single request where the payload is send from the CLI in a JSON file (#72
grullo90 expandjs / xp-uploader JavaScript A class used to provide uploading functionality v1.1.0 ### Changes - **host** property has been added, shorthand for `hostname` + `port` - **time** *(read-only)* property has been added, specifying the upload's and response's download duration
danleech danleech / simple-icons HTML SVG icons for popular brands 3.0.1 Bug fixes to avoid compilation errors on GitHub pages. - SVG filenames are now lowercase, so there are no longer case mismatches when Jekyll imports them. - CSS is now inline to avoid Sass compila
grullo90 expandjs / xp-script JavaScript A server side class used to provide script injection functionality v1.0.1
Nirvandil Nirvandil / client_vds Java An domain adder for ISPmanager and Vesta v1.8.3.1 1. All new subnets now is known and active.
grullo90 expandjs / xp-schema JavaScript A class used to provide scheming functionality v1.0.1
kutyel kutyel / linq.ts TypeScript LinQ for TypeScript v1.8.2 <a name"1.8.2"></a> ### 1.8.2 (2017-04-28) #### Bug Fixes * **dependencies:** Add new compiler option to .tsconfig so that it doesn't break the build ([f8963089](https://githu
grullo90 expandjs / xp-scheduler JavaScript A server side class used to provide scheduling functionality v1.0.1
grullo90 expandjs / xp-responder JavaScript A server side class used to provide standard http responses v1.0.1
grullo90 expandjs / xp-request JavaScript A class used to provide XHR functionality v1.1.0 ### Changes - **host** property has been added, shorthand for `hostname` + `port` - **time** *(read-only)* property has been added, specifying the response's download duration
grullo90 expandjs / xp-queue JavaScript A class used to live queuing XHR functionality v1.0.1
lesktimo lesktimo / BibFrog Java Ohtu miniprojekti sprintti3
grullo90 expandjs / xp-primus JavaScript A class used to wrap Primus functionality v1.0.1 ### Changes: - **query** now gets added to the connection URL
grullo90 expandjs / xp-monitor JavaScript A class used to provide monitoring functionality v1.0.0
grullo90 expandjs / xp-mailer JavaScript A class used to provide mailing functionality v1.0.0
rowanmanning Financial-Times / node-health-check JavaScript [WIP] Build health check functions which comply with the FT health check standard v1.0.0 Initial stable release
aaronadal aaronadal / validator-bundle PHP Symfony integration for aaronadal/validator v1.0.1 - Now $id parameter in restoreSubject function is optional.
grullo90 expandjs / xp-logger JavaScript A class used to provide logging functionality v1.0.1
ariestiyansyah ariestiyansyah / CSS Blog of oonlab 3.1 Archive before new implement new template
aaronadal aaronadal / validator PHP An easy and powerful PHP validation library v1.0.1 - New applyParameter function - Fixed error in DefaultObjectDataSetter
grullo90 expandjs / xp-house JavaScript A class used to provide rooming functionality v1.0.1
Riyusso Riyusso / .devRS RenderScript Feature rich autohotkey based program. Makes everyday tasks effortless. v1.3.1-Developer-version
grullo90 expandjs / xp-fs JavaScript An improvement of the "fs-extra" npm module v1.1.0 ### Changes - updated dependencies
joostfaassen linkorb / lib-hl7v2 PHP HL7 v2 Message Parser & Generator Library v1.0.0
diegobrum solr-express / solr-express C# A simple and lightweight query .NET library for Solr, in a controlled, buildable and fail fast way. 4.2.5 ### Bug fix - Updating/inserting a document fails (#211) (tks @Baklap4)
grullo90 expandjs / xp-emitter JavaScript A class used to provide event emitting functionality v1.0.1
spryker-release-bot spryker / ProductManagement PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the ProductManagement bundle. 0.3.4 Included commits: ### Bugfixes ImageCollectionForm allowed using more than 1024 characters for image URL. But that is longer than
spryker-release-bot spryker / ProductImage PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the ProductImage bundle. 3.0.1 Included commits: ### Bugfixes URLs for product images where not allowed to be longer than 1024 chars. In some cases this could be to
grullo90 expandjs / xp-doc-parser JavaScript A class used to parse the documentation inside an html or javascript file v1.0.1
nikdon nikdon / pyEntropy Python Entropy for Python 0.3.0
mailtowim mailtowim / notepadpp-jpql no-lang User Defined Language Files for JEE logs, EclipseLink QL, Java Persistence QL (JPA) and Hibernate QL for Notepad++ 2.2 - added support for HQL 5.1 - added better support for join on unrelated objects
grullo90 expandjs / xp-crypt JavaScript A set of encryption functions v1.0.1
GizmoWeb GizmoWeb / sendhtmlmail JavaScript Small script with configuration to send mail using Nodemailer v0.3.0
grullo90 expandjs / xp-buffer JavaScript A class used to provide Buffer functionality v1.0.1
prakai prakai / wcms-_modern_settings PHP Replace a new look of WonderCMS settings v1.2.1 # Update * 1.2.1 - 2017-04-28 - Changed/fixed span wrappers to div wrappers of editable areas
keyvanakbary transferwise / styleguide-components JavaScript AngularJS components for TransferWise Bootstrap v1.14.3
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-lom PHP An extension enabling LOM Metadata support for Assessment Content resources v1.0.0
mefellows pact-foundation / pact-provider-verifier Ruby Cross-platform, generic language, Pact provider verification tool v0.0.14 Standalone release of the Pact Provider Verifier ### To install and run on OSX: ``` curl -LO
edsilv viewdir / manifold TypeScript Wraps Manifesto to provide viewer state and related utilities v1.1.12
grullo90 expandjs / expandjs JavaScript A set of functions designed to enhance your JavaScript programming experience v1.1.0 ### Breaking changes - **isOutdated** now validates only within the same major version ### Changes: - **ipv4Regex** has been added - **isIPV4** used to validate an IPV4 address has been added -
ptellier ptellier / lapis.proj Shell A little bash script for installing a local Lapis + OpenResty and managing lapis projects 0.1.1
edwinmp FlockOfBirds / badge-button no-lang Badge button widget. No guarantees are given that this works or keeps working. v1.0.0-beta A special distinctive mark or token put on any display as a button * Display a badge on a button. * Attach an onclick microflow * Set a static label text when the persisted label is not specifie
robertgzr robertgzr / porcelain Go a git status parser v0.1.1 ## Changelog ec29032 Don't panic on unmatched default -- Automated with @goreleaser Built with go version go1.8 darwin/amd64
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-xmledit-qtidebugger JavaScript Enable QTI debugger in QTI Creator v1.0.0
gdh1995 gdh1995 / vimium-plus TypeScript optimized Vimium supporting Chinese, global commands and injection into other extensions v1.59.2 * **WARNING**: the global shortcut for "Go one tab right" needs to be re-installed * fix bugs about customized Vomnibar page * fix unexpected destroying of Vomnibar / find HUD on Chrome 58
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-xmledit-responseprocessing JavaScript Enable Custom Response Processing Editing v1.0.0
rofrischmann rofrischmann / fela JavaScript Universal, Dynamic & High-Performance Styling in JavaScript 4.3.5
MaxNoe fact-project / pyfact Python A python package with useful methods concernig the FACT-telescope v0.9.4 * `fact.plotting.pixelids` was broken in, because the function returned `pd.Series` objects instead of `np.arrays` * fix reading of strings into data
MMAMark82 MMAMark82 / my-cloud-guru-learning no-lang Practice repo to support my studying with A Cloud Guru courses v0.0.1 Test initial release
knox2 knox2 / Pesapal PHP Laravel 5 Package for the Pesapal API 1.3.1 Fix comma error in PesaPalServiceProvider.php
bmack FriendsOfTYPO3 / tt_address PHP Add address / contact datasets to your content management system. v3.2.2 Minor bugfixes only. This also marks the last release for TYPO3 CMS 6.2. Newer versions will support TYPO3 v7 LTS+ only.
richtier uktrade / directory-header-footer JavaScript Django wrapper around the dit shared header and footer v0.2.0
ichttt ichttt / LSML Java The Logic Sim Mod Loader 0.2.3
Moln zfegg / sms-sender PHP SMS abstract factory service. / 短信发送抽象模块 1.1.2 Fixed --------- 1. 修复错别字 #5
brancz coreos / prometheus-operator Go Prometheus Operator creates/configures/manages Prometheus clusters atop Kubernetes v0.8.2 * [ENHANCEMENT] Use new Prometheus 1.6 storage flags and make it default.
agoalofalife agoalofalife / bpm-online PHP Package for working with Terrasoft Http v2.0.1 get all collection was bag
pandolia pandolia / qqbot Python QQBot: A conversation robot base on Tencent's SmartQQ v2.2.5 1) http-api 返回成员列表的 json 中增加成员的 ctype 属性。 2) 执行 list 命令时,采用 prettytable 打印成员列表。感谢网友 chx 提供帮助。 3) 改正文档中
wrey75 wrey75 / concerto PHP A simple framework for PHP. v0.61
holgern holgern / pyedflib C pyedflib is a python library to read/write EDF+/BDF+ files based on EDFlib. v0.1.7 - Fix Crash on 64 Bit - Fix strings on python 3 - Fix edf handle - Fix getSignalHeaders Authors ======= * Matthias Klumpp + * Holger Nahrstaedt * Jukka Zitting + A total of 3 people c
Tyratox hexcodech / char Java Digit recognition with dl4j v1.0 # Operation Firestorm 🔥🌩 ## Supported - recognizes handwritten digits (0-9), trained with mnist - socketio connection - useless buttons <3 ## Not supported **yet** - touch support
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.321270.321271.103751 no-lang Merged fix for the issues: 1) A user get "Handle not found error" error In Experiance Editor if the user delete page that has reference to another item (broken link dialog) (issue #103751) 2. Issues where in multi-site Sitecore solutions, the Preview functionality of the Content Editor or Page Editor may incorrectly resolve the site the previewed item belongs to (issues #321270 and #321271). ### Permanent link ### Description Merged fix for the issues: 1. A user get "Handle not found error" error In Experiance Edit
solverat dachcom-digital / pimcore-news PHP Pimcore 4.x News Plugin v1.4.0
aamalev aamalev / aiohttp_apiset Python Package to build routes using swagger specification 0.4.2 * Up swagger-ui and fix prefix static url * Support for decimal in JsonEncoder
themhsami themhsami / FinishEditText Java Android library with custom Edit-text view purpose is to provide functionality to listen when user finished typing. Implement an interface to listen when user stop typing in edit text or finish typing in edit text. 1
Eighke newebtime / jbuilder-cli PHP CLI for Joomla / FOF component development 1.0.0 * Added entity builder * Asking for FOF version if git fail * Updating the pkg XML file on new component * Improved interaction * Improved non-interfactive (default choices, options) * Improved m
timgatzky timgatzky / pct_customcatalog_frontedit_notification_center PHP Send custom notifications on CustomCatalog Frontedit actions (onsave, oncreate, ondelete) via Contao notification_center extension 1.2.1 Fixed: Missing ##member##, ##customcatalog_entry## definition in config
highstrike unimatrix / cakephp-utility PHP A collection of CakePHP 3 utility libraries 1.3.3 ### Changes since 1.3.2 - Switched out mcrypt in favor of openssl
VincenTxxx0327 VincenTxxx0327 / EcxppSDK Java 千旸科技SDK v0.0.9 千旸SDK V0.0.9版本 整合了多时控控制
alejandrogoyen pivotal-cf-experimental / kubo-deployment Shell Contains scripts and configuration files used to build and deploy Kubo (Kubernetes on Bosh) v0.0.3 # Fixed - Fixed environment path expansion causing `deploy_bosh` to fail when using a relative path to the environment
SeerUK SeerUK / assert Go Ludicrously simple assertion library for Go, just to make using the built-in test framework a little easier. v1.0.0
brancz prometheus / alertmanager Go Prometheus Alertmanager v0.6.1 - [BUGFIX] Fix incorrectly serialized hash for notification providers. - [ENHANCEMENT] Add config hash metric. - [ENHANCEMENT] Add processing status field to alerts.
alejandrogoyen pivotal-cf-experimental / kubo-release Go Kubernetes BOSH release v0.0.3 ## Added * We're now using Kubernetes v1.6.1 * Cluster now uses CNI for networking ## Fixed * In the kubelet post-deploy script, the route to docker0 should only be deleted if it exists. https
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-xmledit JavaScript XML IDE v2.0.0
solverat dachcom-digital / pimcore-members PHP Pimcore 4.x User, Object, Asset and Document Authentication v1.4.0 check our update notes! changelog:
KristofferC KristofferC / TimerOutputs.jl Julia Formatted output of timed sections in julia v0.2.6 Allow using a title when printing a timer
meriadec mjmlio / mjml-app JavaScript :email: The desktop app for MJML 2.0.1 - [FIX] Reset Codemirror history when switching file
dbrgn dbrgn / acra-collector Rust A small, simple ACRA backend written in Rust. v0.1.1
xsc alumbra / alumbra Clojure Simple & Elegant GraphQL for Clojure! v0.1.5 __Breaking Changes__ None. __Features__ - upgrades [claro][claro] to 0.2.16, taking advantage of an improved internal tree representation, - upgrades [alumbra/claro][alumbra-claro] to 0.1.10
mathieudutour sketch-pm / skpm JavaScript 💎📦 A utility to build, publish and install sketch plugins v0.9.4 ### Added * basic error handling on -r build option: check for `Unknown command ‘run’` and `no such file or directory` and display some helper message ### Fixed * Look for polyfills in skpm's
acca SmartInfrastructures / ceilometer-plugin-fiware Python Fiware poster for ceilometer v6.3.1 #### Changelog - Add field description documentation - Reorg versions of pollster ##### Mitaka - Add region pollster compatibility ##### Kilo - Fixed last Kilo release
tianqiujie varFamily / cocos-ui-libgdx Java a ui library of ligdx with cocostudio 一个cocostudio的ui解析库 0.1.3
densh scala-native / scala-native Scala Your favourite language gets closer to bare metal. v0.2.1 This is a follow-up hotfix release that addresses a single issue: #673. # Changes #674 (by @densh) warn but not error if older JVM is found. # Full change log To see the full list of chan
BedagLA BedagLA / practice-linux no-lang Linux Terminal Übungsdateien 0.2 Übungen zu Auftrag 4 erstellt
LeonardoGentile LeonardoGentile / mobx-router5 JavaScript Router5 integration with mobx v1.0.2 <a name"1.0.2"></a> ### 1.0.2 (2017-04-28)
Sbingo Sbingo / GuideView Java 功能引导视图,支持fragment,只显示一次,接入超简单顺滑 v1.1.0 只在指定版本下显示引导视图
ahmehri TrustTIC / angular-scroll JavaScript Scrollspy, animated scrollTo and scroll events for angular.js v1.0.1 Fix bug related to Safari Mobile.
itsMeBender itsMeBender / bender-clock HTML Displaying an analog clock based on CSS transitions using a Polymer element. v1.0.3 Analog clock based on CSS transition animations.
robhicks robhicks / Uri JavaScript Lightweight Javascript library for handing URls 1.0.0
kjerandp kjerandp / CoPilot C# A feature rich object relational mapper that writes clean sql, offers great performance, is easy to configure and not leaking into your domain model or other layers. 0.7.5
DanTup Dart-Code / Dart-Code TypeScript Dart support for Visual Studio Code (VSCode). v1.2.0-dev-1 A temporary release to test fixes for #275 and #280.
zrrrzzt telemark / tfk-saksbehandling-minelev-templates JavaScript Templates for MinElev 1.2.3
ole ole / SortedArray Swift An array that keeps its elements sorted according to a given sort predicate. 0.4.0 Added equality operators `==` and `!=` to `SortedArray` (#9). Thanks @klaaspieter!
xsc xsc / claro Clojure Powerful Data Access for Clojure v0.2.16 __Breaking Changes__ None. __Features__ Internal tree construction, as well as result injection, has been adjusted and improved, providing significant speedups for deeply nested structures or
nonkit nonkit / SmallQuest no-lang Small Quest is a text base adventure game written in Microsoft Small Basic programming language. v0.8.05a # Small Quest Version 0.8.05a ## RELEASE NOTE - has only a short story. - compiled with Small Basic v1.2
taylorsj1980 ministryofjustice / opg-lpa-datamodels PHP PHP data models that represent a Lasting Power of Attorney 2.2.0 All code updated to PSR-2 standards
acca SmartInfrastructures / FIWARELab-monitoringAPI JavaScript the monitoring API v6.3.1 #### Changelog - Add vagrant support OPS-1496 - Remove ZurichS
MarekNovakNXP NXPmicro / rpmsg-lite C RPMsg implementation for small MCUs v1.1.0 - Supporting i.MX6SX and i.MX7D MPU platforms - Supporting LPC5411x MCU platform - Baremental and FreeRTOS support - Support of copy and zero-copy transfer - Support of static API (without dynamic
avblink avblink / read_more_formatter PHP Drupal 8 text_with_summary field formatter. Adds 'Read more' button to expand/collapse full content. v1.0.0 Initial release.
krisrybak rybakdigital / ucc PHP Universal Class Collection v1.16.0
cprudhom chocoteam / choco-parsers Java Parsers to Choco3 choco-parsers-4.0.3 Support Choco-4.0.4, and XCSP format (restricted to competition requirements).
avblink avblink / avb_twig PHP Drupal 8 Twig Extension. Provides custom twig functions and filters. v1.0.0 Initial release
zohairihsan zohairihsan / utmthesis TeX The LaTeX class for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) thesis. v5.2 1. Degree Specialization included. 2. Italicize Degree Specialization in supervisor(s) declaration. 3. Space between Title Heading and Title Name in ToC is reduced.Change the values of `em` at line
ymmt2005 cybozu-go / cmd Go Go framework for well-behaved commands v1.5.0 The framework detects if the program is running as a systemd service and if so, installs a signal handler to discard SIGPIPE. See [](/ for the complete list of changes.
jpas jpas / slim-minimal no-lang A simple dark SLiM theme v0.4
onishiweb Financial-Times / o-viewport JavaScript Utility for attaching debounced listeners to resize, scroll and orientation events on window v3.1.1 #39
alanfranz alanfranz / apt-current Shell Perform 'apt-get update' automatically at the right time, and only at the right time 1.13 1.13
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-theming-platform PHP An extension focusing on themes for the TAO Platform. v1.0.0
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-datauri PHP An extension providing necessary tools to create DataURIs. v1.0.0
lorenzomigliorero lorenzomigliorero / fresh JavaScript A free and open source Fresh-studio animation loader v1.6.0 <a name"1.6.0"></a> ## 1.6.0 (2017-04-28) #### Features * **Loop:** Add capability to read loop parameter ([9a4c9523](
liujie045 liujie045 / JointSweetAlertDialog Java SweetAlert for Android, a beautiful and clever alert dialog 1.0.1 ***2017年4月28日 v1.0.1*** * 为防止依赖冲突,修改控件包名。 * 增加了SweetAlertDialog使用的工具类
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-delivery-schedule JavaScript Delivery extension that allows scheduling using a calendar v2.0.0
thomaskrause korpling / ANNIS Java ANNIS is an open source, versatile web browser-based search and visualization architecture for complex multilevel linguistic corpora with diverse types of annotation. annis-3.5.0-preview2 This is a **preview** for a new feature release. ## Enhancements #551 Feature/kidko exporter two pass #541 Add virtual keyboards for Ethiopic #538 arabic in raw_text
tompee26 tompee26 / FunTabLayout Java An efficient tablayout for Android with added FUN! 1.0.0 Tab Layout Adapters 1. Simple Tab Adapter 2. Bubble Tab Adapter 3. Pop Tab Adapter
MenoData MenoData / Time4J Java Advanced date, time and interval library for Java v4.27 See milestones F3.32/4.27 and change log It is also strongly recommended to use the newest version of tzdata-module, starting with v1.10-201
rightfold TinkerTravel / purescript-date-format PureScript strftime-style datetime formatting v1.0.0 - Add PureScript 0.11 support.
bodrovis jsanders / angular_rails_csrf Ruby Rails integration for AngularJS style CSRF protection 2.1.0
Leopoldthecoder ElemeFE / element Vue A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Web v1.3.0-beta.1 ### 新特性: - 新增 Transfer 组件 - 新增 transition 的文档,现在用户可以使用内置 transition 了 - Slider 新增垂直模式,使用 `vertical` 属性即可打开,#4410(
jsomsanith Talend / ui JavaScript Talend's unified web UI repository. v0.72.3 Demo: Changelog === 2017-04-28 fix: svg are focusable with IE (#410) 2017-04-27 fix(theme): navbar form btn for IE11 (#409)
Drapegnik Drapegnik / bsu-cw TeX 🎓 course project report for FAMCS, BSU v1.0.0 ## РАЗРАБОТКА АЛГОРИТМОВ НАВИГАЦИИ БЕСПИЛОТНЫХ ЛЕТАТЕЛЬНЫХ АППАРАТОВ Курсовой проект > Пажитных Ивана П
nonkit nonkit / IconEditorSB no-lang This program is a plain PPM (Portable Pixmap) bitmap editor written in Microsoft Small Basic programming language. v0.9b # Icon Editor Version 0.9b ## RELEASE NOTE - #15 Bug fixed - saved PPM has wrong dimension
fedj criteo / zipkin4net C# A .NET client library for Zipkin 0.3.4 * Add CA and SA annotations support * Fix NPE bug Nuget available here:
christianbader crate / crate-python Python A Python client library for CrateDB. 0.19.2
gietos gietos / dadata PHP A PHP library for the REST API 1.1.7
madsbk bh107 / benchpress C++ A collection of benchmarks and tools for running them. v3.0.1 Now when installing Benchpress, our collection of benchmarks and suites examples are included.
pjpenast pjpenast / egeo-react JavaScript Egeo Components library adapted to React v1.1.0 - Add StTooltip Component - Add CSS Modules
martijn00 MvvmCross / MvvmCross C# The .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows and Mac. 5.0.0-beta.2
StuntsPT StuntsPT / Structure_threader Python A wrapper program to parallelize and automate runs of "Structure", "fastStructure" and "MavericK". 1.0.1 ## Changes since v1.0.0: ### Bug fixes: * Fixed issue when best K is 1 * Fixed missing population separators on static `.svg` plots when using --use-ind-labels * Changed a variable name to avoid
rlamana rlamana / Ventus-Bower JavaScript Bower component of the Ventus WM library v0.2.2
zapailaohei zapailaohei / Hyena Java 鬣狗快速开发库 v0.1.0 第一个内容是一个倒计时的按钮,适用于获得验证码等场景
ymmt2005 cybozu-go / log Go Logging framework for Cybozu Go products v1.4.0 The logger gains automatic error handling. The default error handler detects broken pipe (EPIPE) and exits with status 5. See [](/ for the complete list of changes.
wujun4code leancloud / unity-sdk no-lang Unity SDK v20170428.1 Released by CI at 20170428.1.
bugalot oat-sa / extension-tao-outcomeui PHP Tao Outcome Visualisation v4.0.0
rosolko rosolko / WebDriverManager.Net C# Automatic Selenium Webdriver binaries management for .Net 2.2.1 [Diff: 2.2.0 - 2.2.1]( ### Changes: - Update selenium dependency. - Set target framework to 4.5.2. - Update opera tests to
richelbilderbeek richelbilderbeek / travis_qmake_clang_cpp17 QMake Minimal project that uses qmake, clang, C++17 and is tested by Travis CI v2.0 Uses `clang` trunk
arekkas ory / editor JavaScript An extensible, modern WYSI editor for the web written in React. v0.1.22
filipsch datacamp / datacamp-light JavaScript Convert any blog or website to an interactive learning platform for data science v1.1.4 First official release, that contains everything DataCamp Light already had, including a fix for Python plots.
sgandon Talend / daikon Java Commons back-end java classes shared by dataprep and components services (for now) daikon-0.16.0
nodkz nodkz / graphql-compose-elasticsearch JavaScript Hide Elastic Search REST API behind GraphQL. v1.7.5 <a name"1.7.5"></a> ### 1.7.5 (2017-04-28) #### Bug Fixes * **getEnumType:** Bypass graphql 0.9.4 block for true/false values ([a7569392](
nouchka nouchka / GoogleTagManagerBundle PHP Google Tag Manager Bundle for Symfony 2 Commit 2c1846b2c822801031321c8cf9cedeb2ee194231
zhaogang999 zhaogang999 / shop PHP shop 4.6
Froskekongen Froskekongen / nortok Python Tokenizers and parsers based on NLTK to be used in deep learning applications. Primarily Norwegian support. License MIT. 0.1.8 Saving and loading of tokenizers are supported.
LinneyS ONLYOFFICE / onlyoffice-owncloud PHP The app which enables the users to edit office documents from ownCloud/Nextcloud using ONLYOFFICE Document Server, allows multiple users to collaborate in real time and to save back those changes to ownCloud/Nextcloud. v1.0.3
konnev bigclownlabs / bcp-ping-pong-table C BigClown Project: Ping Pong Table v1.0.0
dmitry-fedyuk mage2pro / moip PHP The «Moip» payment extension for Magento 2 0.3.1
gregorylegarec cozy / cozy-client-js JavaScript Javascript library to write Cozy applications v0.2.2 ### Changed - Accept an optional revision to be sent as `If-Match` when trashing a file/folder ### Added - method `cozy.client.files.createDirectoryByPath()`
georgeslabreche map-ashi / ekutia-visualizim JavaScript e-kutia visualizim shërben për të reflektuar rezultatet e grumbulluara nga opinionet e qytetarëve në kohë reale dhe në mënyrë transparente, si dhe mundëson përmirësimin e politikave publike për shërbimet administrative që ofrohen nga institucionet e Republikës së Kosovës. v1.0 First production version of the product.
grabbou callstack-io / generator-node-module JavaScript A Yeoman module to author Node libraries with Prettier, Jest, Flow and Babel. v1.2.0 In this release, we have switched from using `lint-staged` and `husky` over to running `eslint` with `--fix` option manually.
limxdev LIMXTEC / BitCore C++ BitCore Initial BitCore BTX 21 Million Coin 10 min Blocktime Segwit and Bloom online Core 0.14.x 20 MB Blocksize the proved retarget system from BitSend - DK3 Algo Timetravel10
MarekNovakNXP NXPmicro / imx-m4fwloader C Tool for loading firmware to M4 core on i.MX6SX and 7D v1.0.0 - Added support for i.MX6SX and i.MX7D firmware loading for embedded Cortex-M4 AMP CPU - Supports start, stop and kick commands - Supports --verbose option for verbose output of registers being writ
nyukhalov nyukhalov / dijkstra-java Java A Java implementation of the Dijkstra`s shorter path finding algorithm v1.0.0
aklink biggis-project / biggis-landuse JavaScript Land use update detection _snapshot_002_spark_2_1_0_geotrellis_1_1_0-RC4 Snapshot 0.0.2 with Spark 2.1.0 / Geotrellis 1.1.0-RC4 (28.04.2017) after merge branch feature/spark_2.1.0
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-dac-simple PHP Data Access Control Simple v2.0.0
janbender InteractiveComputerGraphics / Latex4CorelDRAW C# This is a addon for CorelDRAW. It allows to add and edit Latex equations or symbols easily. 1.0.2 - import text as curves to avoid problems with automatic font substitution
amayr aditosoftware / docker-cgate no-lang Preconfigured Communigate Pro Server with Testusers 1.2 Fixed Configuration
subiron subiron / aet Java Automated Exploratory Testing 2.0.1-rc1 dfg
mtompkins mtompkins / linux-kernel-utilities Shell :construction_worker: Utilities to compile and / or update linux kernels for Debian and derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu, LinuxMint, etc.) v1.1.4
noplanman noplanman / ansible-extra-sources no-lang Easily load extra repository source lists. 1.0.1
nyukhalov nyukhalov / polylabel-java Java A fast algorithm for finding the pole of inaccessibility of a polygon (in Java) v1.0.0
marcoconti83 wireapp / wire-ios-message-strategy Swift iOS synchronization of messages for Wire 33.0.1 Diff with previous: Commits: 7bb4edb LinkPreviewUploadRequestStrategy wasn't checking for dependencies (#
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-outcomekeyvalue PHP extension to manage outcomes in key value persistence v2.0.0
epointal epointal / lf-hiker PHP A wordpress plugin to show gpx track with profile elevation v1.0.1
pradiprv DreamworldSolutions / iron-meta HTML Element for creating and accessing self-organizing meta-databases 1.1.5
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-workspace PHP Stand alone workspace v1.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
albertkawmi albertkawmi / react-dragula-hoc JavaScript A higher-order React component wrapper for Dragula, drag-and-drop. 0.1.5 Dragula's `.on` event handlers were not being properly cleaned up in all cases. This release explicitly calls `.off` in `componentWillUnmount` for every `.on` handler that was added in `componentDidMo
l0g1n96 l0g1n96 / FitnessClub Java Project 2 1.2
forki fsprojects / Paket F# A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and Git repositories. 5.0.0-alpha007 BUGFIX: Fixed dotnetcore integration: Paket now properly understands runtime and reference assemblies Paket now understands the runtime graph and restores runtime dependencies New API `InstallModel
dmitry-fedyuk mage2pro / core JavaScript Mage2.PRO core package 2.6.0
AnderBiguri CERN / TIGRE Matlab TIGRE: Tomographic Iterative GPU-based Reconstruction Toolbox v1.1.7 Small bug fixes Small speedup of the projection operator
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-revision PHP Tao extension providing data revision control v3.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
odgaard Viestinta / viestinta JavaScript A website for interactive communication in university lectures 0.5 End of Sprint 5 and TDT4140 Project
jepser jepser / typeform JavaScript WordPress plugin for Typeform v0.7.3 First official release related. - This version fix issue with old PHP configuration and Arrays.
Gadgetoid pimoroni / clean-shutdown Shell Python daemon to watch a GPIO pin and trigger a clean shutdown. v0.0.2 This version of Clean Shutdown adds support for OnOff SHIM and general support for supporting newer devices in future. It also introduces Power Off functionality, borrowed from Picade HAT, which will
milewski milewski / webhook-exec TypeScript A lightweight WebHook Server that execute commands defined directly on your packages.json file 1.0.0
cpavanrun UiL-OTS-labs / ZEP-Picture-To-Picture-BOILERPLATE Shell This boilerplate experiment present a target picture and two possible answer pictures for the participant to respond to. v1.1
zajcu Cognifide / APM Java AEM Permission Management cqsm-3.0.0
Crease29 Crease29 / pageliner JavaScript Google Chrome extension to create guide lines on a website. v1.3.0
bugalot oat-sa / extension-tao-testtaker PHP extension to manage test takers for TAO v3.0.0
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-itemhtml PHP extension to manage HTML items in TAO v3.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
kbenzie kbenzie / vim-spirv Vim script A vim plugin for the Khronos Group's SPIR-V standard. v0.3.0
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-testlinear PHP A simple linear test runner for Tao v3.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
villepietarinen devgeniem / gdev Ruby Helper script for developing containerized web applications. v20170428.0
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-deliverytemplate PHP Backward compatibility extension for Tao 2.6 to 3.0 update v3.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
katieemelianova EdinburghGenomics / Analysis-Driver Python A pipeline for analysing Illumina HiSeqX data, from .bcl files to a .gvcf. v0.14.3 - Removed need for SampleSheet to exist for a Run to be picked up
lukaszklis cssconf / 2017-assets CSS Assets for all 2017 projects 1.23.0 # New Features - Add compact version of the schedule #37
joostverhoog joostverhoog / mendix-remember-search JavaScript Mendix widget that remebers the user's last search v0.1
imTigger imTigger / OneExcel PHP PHP Excel read/write abstraction layer, support PHPExcel, LibXL and Spout v0.5.1 * Fixed PHPExcelWriter stream mode * Allow usage of withDriver(Driver::AUTO)
out386 out386 / tg C telegram-cli test2
x-falcon x-falcon / VHosts no-lang hosts for android,implement by vpn mode,supports wildcard DNS records 1.2
MatthieuLemoine MatthieuLemoine / react-grid-path JavaScript :chart_with_upwards_trend: A pathfinding grid for React. v1.0.1 Add missing dist folder.
itinance itinance / react-native-fs Objective-C Native filesystem access for react-native v2.3.2
marekrogala Appsilon / modulesExtendeR R Wrapper around klmr/modules to support relative paths. 0.1.0
xiaochengfu xiaochengfu / yii2-alipay PHP 支付宝的手机网站支付、扫码即时到账付款、Oauth授权、单笔转账整合 v1.0.2
madeye shadowsocks / shadowsocks-android Scala A shadowsocks client for Android v4.1.6 Minor bug fixes.
snaow wazuh / wazuh-kibana-app HTML Wazuh UI for Kibana 5 v2.0-5.3.1 Packages Wazuh URL: ``` ```
pi0 bootstrap-vue / bootstrap-vue Vue Bootstrap 4 components for Vue.js 2 v0.15.0 ❤️ Welcome to our new team member Troy Morehouse (@tmorehouse) # Improvements & Fixes - Modals - Carousel - Dropdown / Navbar Dropdown - Links - Popovers - Tables - ... added more
zhenlineo neo4j / neo4j-dotnet-driver C# Neo4j Bolt driver for .NET 1.3.0-rc1 Finally we are presenting the release candidate for 1.3 drivers. Try it out and give us your valuable feedback for this driver version! [Changelog](
andresmgot bitnami / blacksmith JavaScript Blacksmith is a command line tool based on NodeJS designed to build thirdparty software and its dependencies on a Unix platform. v2.0.0 This is a major release for Blacksmith. The summary of the changes introduced is: - Support to include buildDependencies in component recipes - Add validation schema for the build specification
eitzikgr eitzikgr / radio-color-picker JavaScript radio-color-picker v0.1.1
mattiasiqq iseqqavoq / apsis-pro-for-wp PHP Apsis for Wordpress v1.0.9 - Fixed bug when using form with only one mailing list. - Fixed default text for submit button text in widgets. - Modified description texts and translations. - Modified readme and changelog to inc
mtoensing mtoensing / anor-londo-seventeen PHP less (code) is more. 1.7.3
mbohal visionappscz / bootstrap-ui JavaScript Bootstrap UI is a Bootstrap extension for building beautiful web apps user interfaces. v3.2.3 * Add support for installation via the npm registry
hrr hrr / WeightMonitor Ruby Testing out react+rails 0.2.1
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.159444 no-lang Reach metric calculated incorrectly for personalized component in the Personalized experience dialog. ### Permanent link ### Description Reach metric calculated incorrectly for personalized component in the Personalized experience dial
kenjinote kenjinote / JsonParse C++ JSONをパース(分解)する。dropbox/json11 を使用。 v1.0.0
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-funcacl PHP extension to manage feature access into TAO v3.0.0
kevcunnane Microsoft / vscode-mssql TypeScript Visual Studio Code SQL Server extension. v1.0.0-alpha.2
Shade- Shade- / MyFacebook-Connect PHP A plugin to integrate Facebook with MyBB, letting users login and register through Facebook. 3.2 - fixed #59; - fixed #60; - updated SDK to 5.5.0.
superSp superSp / PasswordInputEdt Java 密码以宫格的形式输入 v1.0 第一次提交
hiteshbal91 builtio-contentstack / contentstack-javascript JavaScript A javascript SDK for Contentstack's Content Delivery API (Nodejs and Browser) 3.1.0 **Changes:** - Code Revamp: ECMA6 used - React Native support added - Webpack upgraded **Bug Fixes:** - Fixed unwanted authtoken appending in embedded assets url in RTE field
vardius vardius / goserver Go Go Server/API micro framwework, HTTP request router, multiplexer, mux v2.2.0
fassko Qminder / swift-api Swift Qminder API for iOS, tvOS, macOS. Cocoapoads lib. 0.1.29 Using reserved disconnect code.
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-group PHP extension to manage groups for TAO v3.0.0
TomK fortifi / fortifi-api PHP Fortifi Business Platform Public API 6.1.0
sakitam-fdd sakitam-fdd / HMap JavaScript 项目中集成的jsapi,基于openlayer4封装 1.2.0 本次主要解决ie兼容性问题
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-item HTML extension to manage items for TAO v4.0.0
thinker0 thinker0 / mesos-health-checker Java Mesos Health Checker v1.0.2
terflogag terflogag / BadgeSegmentControl Swift Sweet segment control with text, badge and image. 1.0.8 Fix selection bar issue
kou pgroonga / pgroonga C PGroonga is a PostgreSQL extension to use Groonga as index. PGroonga makes PostgreSQL fast full text search platform for all languages! 1.2.0
mattgruenke mattgruenke / mkvwriter C++ A simple library for writing MKV files. release_0.1.3 Minor fixes & added attachment writing. * Fixed WritingApp and MuxingApp entries. * Added `MatroskaMuxer::Attach_File()`.
onishiweb Financial-Times / o-header CSS FT branded page header for responsive sites v6.14.3 #252
sgr-ksmt sgr-ksmt / Alertift Swift Swifty, modern UIAlertController wrapper. 1.0.1 - Refactor internal logic. #1
maff pimcore / pimcore-cli PHP A collection of command line tools for managing Pimcore installations. v0.2.2
ant8e ant8e / docker-sbt-scala no-lang A docker image for Scala & Scala.js build 0.1
GawainLynch GawainLynch / bolt-extension-lazyload JavaScript A tiny Bolt extension to change src element attributes to data-src for the LazyLoadXT jQuery script. v3.0.1 Fix asset path loading
chanmix51 pomm-project / Foundation PHP Foundation package for the Pomm database framework. 2.0.2 The last release is now 17 months old, here is a new maintenance release of 2.0 branch. It fixes 2 problems in converters: * JSON scalar support (thanks go to @tlode ) * range converters not to
pchalamet full-build / full-build F# smart build system for .net full-build-v4.1.592-stable 4a75bdb33619e5ee877698c1c949845eef67e0fa support for skip test
xsocksapp xsocksvpn / website CSS website for xsocks v2.0 First release on github
SJ-AW SJ-AW / aw-electron no-lang Projet starter-kit (projet minimal pour démarrer le développement d'une application minimaliste electron) v0.2.0
jmendiara therror / therror-connect JavaScript Connect/Express error handler for Errors and Therror 2.1.0 Features: * Add `Content-Security-Policy` header * Add `Content-Length` header * Reply with no content for `HEAD` requests
siwane oat-sa / extension-tao-devtools PHP extension that gathers development tools for TAO v3.0.0
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-testlti PHP extension to manage LTI tests v1.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
zemmediamatiker ZEM-Mediamatiker / grav-babs-theme HTML Grav theme using swiss style guide for the landing page of the Federal Office for civil Protection FOCP. 🇨🇭 1.0.3 * fixed search icon on mobile
ofavre wonderpush / wonderpush-android-sdk Java Android SDK for WonderPush − Notifications & Analytics v1.2.3.3 **Changelog:** * New sync algorithm: Fixes issues when setting properties at the very first launch, and more robust * Fix spurious @APP_OPEN on background SDK interactions * Fallback from `bigPic
Pashkinz92 Pashkinz92 / yii2-app-advanced PHP Yii 2 Advanced Application Template. Pashkinz92 edition 2.1.4
345thomas pypyr / pypyr-cli Python pypyr pipeline runner command line interface v0.4.1 - PipelineNotFoundError and PyModuleNotFoundError added - Red colour on exception bug - reset to normal terminal colour after error print done so subsequent cmds not also in red - unit tests
gijs nens / efcis-client JavaScript EFCIS client (Redux+React) v0.0.38
fnky fnky / sketch-dockpreview JavaScript A Sketch plugin that lets you preview your current artboard in the Dock. 1.0.2 - Added description and icons to commands, for use with [Sketch Runner]( - Updated Readme to add more bling.
Windos Windos / BurntToast PowerShell Module for creating and displaying Toast Notifications on Microsoft Windows 10. v0.6.0 * Updated bundled UWP Toolkit to 1.4.1 * Note that this caused an issue where strings were being wrapped with curly braces in end results. A workaround has been implemented, but could mean that i
cmsbuild cms-sw / cmssw C++ CMS Offline Software CMSSW_9_1_0_pre3 cms-bot is going to build this release
brad-jones brad-jones / dotnet-container Shell A couple of containers that extend the official microsoft/dotnet container. 2017.04.28 __dotnet version info__ ```Microsoft .NET Core Shared Framework Host Version : 1.1.0 Build : 928f77c4bc3f49d892459992fb6e1d5542cb5e86 ``` __dotnet cli version info__ ``` .NET Command Line
antoinerobin oat-sa / extension-tao-outcomelti PHP extension to manage LTI outcome for TAO v3.0.0 BASE_WWW removal
simonsmith suitcss / base HTML CSS base styles for web apps (a thin layer on top of normalize.css) 3.0.0 * Update normalize to `^6.0.0` * Add reset rules removed from normalize
rlamana rlamana / Ventus JavaScript A window manager written in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 v0.2.2
huangminlinux jpush / aurora-imui Java General IM UI Components. Android/iOS Ready. 通用 IM 聊天 UI 组件,已经同时支持 Android/iOS。 0.1.0 Aurora IMUI is a easy use UI library for instant messaging, Now released! ### Android usage: - [MessageList]( - [ChatInput
xtreamwayz zendframework / zend-expressive-tooling PHP Migration and development tooling for Expressive 0.4.3 # Added - Nothing. # Deprecated - Nothing. # Removed - Nothing. # Fixed - [#24]( fixes incorrect use statement in
cprudhom chocoteam / choco-solver Java An open-source Java library for Constraint Programming 4.0.4 ### Major features: - `arithm(IntVar,String,IntVar,String,int)` and `arithm(IntVar,String,IntVar,String,IntVar)` manage '*' and '/' - add new APIs to `ArrayUtils` - fix error in `PropBoolMin` and `Pr
mweibel rokka-io / rokka.js JavaScript The official JavaScript client library for 0.21.0 - Add tests (#21) - Update `user.create()` to support an optional organization name (#28)
CodeEagle CodeEagle / SSImageBrowser Swift IDMPhotoBrowser in Swift 2.1.5 Add optional button for download
chcbaram ROBOTIS-GIT / OpenCR C Firmware and Hardware for ROS Embedded board (a.k.a. OpenCR). OpenCR means Open-source Control Module for ROS. 1.0.12 released 1.0.12 - added battery monitoring for turtlebot3
olsh olsh / todoist-net C# A Todoist API client for .NET written in C# 1.2.0 * Add quick add API * Fix sharing service
aaronlee-xyz VMFive / android-sdk-3.0 Java android-sdk-3.0 3.1.4 ## VMFiveADN v3.1.4 release note #### VERSION VMFiveADN v3.1.4 #### CONTENTS * new features Modify InterstitialView background ratio spec to 2:3 * change features N/A * bug N/A
poison2k poison2k / Caterer-DB C# Caterer Datenbank 0.4 Ende Sprint 4
chrislim2888 chrislim2888 / IP2Location-C-Library Shell IP2Location C library enables the user to find the country, region, city, coordinates, zip code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, area code, weather and mobile information that any IP address or hostname originates from. 8.0.4
tateisu tateisu / SubwayTooter Java Mastodon client app for Android v0.1.8 - 「アプリについて」の開発者のボタンの表記を「~を検索」に変更 - アカウント追加時に鍵付きアカウントだったらデフォルト公開範囲を非公開
zouxing111 zouxing111 / upload_img_to_s3 PHP upload img to s3 v1.8
matthiasstein conterra / mapapps-editing-types JavaScript This bundle allows you to edit feature types together with the map.apps core editing bundle. 1.0.0
mirhec mirhec / buildsystem-docker-msdev6 Python Builder to build Msdev6 projects using docker image 1.2 #### Enhancements * The output "0 Fehler" is required in order to make the build passing
shaneporter att / rcloud.rcap JavaScript RCloud powered dashboards and websites 0.4.1 This release contains a few bug fixes found in 0.4, relating mostly to page reordering and renaming. Also #199 has been implemented.
alexruperez intelygenz / Kommander-iOS Swift Kommander is a Swift library to manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand. 0.6.1 - [x] @discardableResult
bkbilly bkbilly / AlarmPI Python Home alarm system v2.4 Run as a service, fixed some UI isues, Refactored the code and automate the installation.
haf haf / expecto F# A smooth testing lib for F#. APIs made for humans! Strong testing methodologies for everyone! v5.0.0-beta2
r-simlinger secucard / secucard-connect-php-sdk PHP PHP SDK for secuconnect API v1.3.1 ### Deprecated - Pass an array for API client configuration in the constructor of the class "SecucardConnect" is deprecated. ### Added - "User-Agent" for our statistic diagn
nghiapt nghiapt / ansible-role-nginx no-lang Ansible role to install and manage nginx configuration v2.7.7.1 forked from jdauphant without the replace.
AutomicAdmin Automic-Community / Microsoft-Azure-Resource-Manager-Action-Pack no-lang Automate and orchestrate ARM using REST API 1.0
admpub admpub / nging Go 基于 caddy 的网站服务程序,带图形化管理界面。 v1.1.0 增加: 1、支持端口管理 2、支持离线下载 3、支持安装到SQLite 修复bug 下载:
mhicauber mhicauber / geojson-jackson Java GeoJson POJOs for Jackson - serialize and deserialize objects with ease geojson-jackson-1.8_MHI Added empty constructor for jackson
Chainsawkitten Chainsawkitten / HymnToBeauty C++ C++/OpenGL 3D Engine nightly-384 Nightly build of Hymn to Beauty.
cchu1008 cpe305Spring17 / spring2017-project-cchu1008 Java spring2017-project-cchu1008 created by GitHub Classroom v1.0 Contains basic structure of main classes (has many method stubs). States run from GameDriver and can be switched between using either the left and right arrows or numbers 0-3. Piece images are ready t
giothenics giothenics / earthcore-classic C++ Earth-WoW Classic Core 1 Mangos Stable Classic World Database
michaelbaumer addressix / addressixapi-client-php PHP Addressix API PHP Client v1.2.1 Changed fetchAccessToken response.
sindastra sindastra / BukkitWalkPaths Java Simple plugin to create a path along the way you walk 1.3.0 \+ Added protection to many blocks so they don't turn into paths. \+ Added path types: log and wood. \* Made path type input case-insensitive. \* Made variables static.
omkarnagare omkarnagare / UnMouseDesktop Java UnMouseDesktop is a Java application with GUI developed using swing which is to be used in pair with UnMouse android application for translating UnMouse commands into corresponding valid actions in PC. v1.0
mackermans sanack / node-jq JavaScript node-jq is a wrapper for jq v0.5.3 <a name"0.5.3"></a> ### 0.5.3 (2017-04-28) #### Bug Fixes * **package:** update download to version 6.0.0 (#87) ([19e2371d](
core-lib core-lib / jestful Java A Powerful And Easy To Use RESTful Framework For Java v1.0.4
slaff SmingHub / Sming C++ Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency native ESP8266 development 3.2.0 This is a clean-up release. Some of the main changes include ### Clean-up - Removed all code related to the Espressif bootloader. You should use rBoot as bootloader. - Deprecated WifiStation:
sebaks t4web / Infrastructure PHP Infrastructure layer for Domain 1.3.6 Add identifier entity class for triggerAttributesChange, triggerChanges, triggerDelete
cyrilcab c3rb-org / plg_system_rgaac3rb PHP Plugin système pour le template c3rbrgaa 1.0.4
nimabt nimabt / renetty Java "Renetty" simplifies the usage of the "Netty" project with providing a set of handy annotations 0.1.1 renetty-v0.1.1
anttileppa Metatavu / kunta-api-mantyharju-extension PHP Kunta API extensions for Mäntyharju 0.2 Version 0.2
angelabriel HouzuoGuo / saptune Go Comprehensive system tuning management for SAP solutions 1.1.1 add solution SAP ASE (Sybase) and SAP Business OBJects (BOBJ) according to fate#320359
literacyapp literacyapp-org / literacyapp-android Java Android application for learning literacy/numeracy 1.5.9
mingruixia mingruixia / BrainNet-Viewer Matlab BrainNet Viewer is a brain network visualization tool, which can help researchers to visualize structural and functional connectivity patterns from different levels in a quick, easy, and flexible way. 1.6
garicchi garicchi / cocom Java a dialog system for research 1.4
REZ1DENT3 bavix / iterator PHP bavix iterator 1.0.3
anton-kasperovich anton-kasperovich / docker-ansible no-lang Docker image for Ansible 0.2.0 - Ansible Review v0.13.0
thehung111 visenze / visearch-sdk-ios Objective-C ViSearch SDK for IOS 1.3.1
be-hase line / line-bot-sdk-python Python SDK of the LINE Messaging API for Python. v1.2.0 * Add DeviceMessage property to BeaconEvent * *
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.103751 no-lang Handle not found error will appear In Experiance Editor if you delete page that has reference to another item (broken link dialog) ### Permanent link ### Description Handle not found error will appear In Experiance Editor if you delete page that has reference to an
gwagroves gwa / MySQL2Phinx PHP A command line PHP script to generate a phinx migration from an existing MySQL database v0.2.1
twovectors twovectors / Twig-View PHP Slim Framework view layer built on top of Twig 2.2.1
snupa UNLOQIO / unloq-wordpress-plugin PHP Wordpress plugin to instantly enable UNLOQ authentication 1.5.6 * Fixed $_GET non-isset() checked variable
Bonchouuur Bonchouuur / mean-first JavaScript First shot with MEAN v1.1.0
ironjan InteractiveOfficeProject / client C# Desktop-Client for our DIS project v0.0.6-mingw-64
richmahn unfoldingWord-dev / gogs Go Door43 Content Service v1.1.1 Gitea v1.1.0 with Fixes up to April 27, 2017
Quesar ctco / gradle-mobile-plugin Java Gradle plugin for mobile infrastructure (Xcode, Xamarin, Knappsack). Bug fixes - [all iOS platforms] added a workaround for NullPointerException in PropertyListParser.saveAsXML - [Xcode platform] restored lost Xcode platform utility tasks;
priesgo genomicsengland / clinical_variant_ark JavaScript A database to store known variants of clinical interest, their curations, validations and diagnostics v0.2 **Second prototype** * Major Changes: - Updated model to integrate reported variants from the CIP-API in a 4 collection model - Ensured integrity on insert/update of documents in the data
href OneGov / onegov.applications Python Meta-package containing all OneGov Cloud applications 2017.4.9
lbiedinger europeana / europeana-portal-collections Ruby Europeana Collections portal as a Rails + Blacklight application. v2.0.3 This is a minor release, the changes implemented are: * Social media buttons for Blog and Event pages. * A change to the filtering of Events, Blogs and Galleries, which now resets the page number
mpv1989 arangodb / arangodb-java-driver-async Java ArangoDB Asynchronous Java driver 4.1.12 * added ArangoDatabaseAsync.cursor() * optimized ArangoDB.Builder for better multi thread support
haassie haassie / rh_recaptcha PHP TYPO3 extension implementing Google reCAPTCHA 1.1.0
mpv1989 arangodb / arangodb-java-driver Java ArangoDB Java driver 4.1.12 * added ArangoDatabase.cursor() (issue #116) * optimized ArangoDB.Builder for better multi thread support * fixed VPackSlice float/double bug
omkarnagare omkarnagare / UnMouse Java Un-Mouse is an Android application which helps you to access your PC remotely using Wi-fi or Bluetooth. v1.1 v1.1: 1. Reduce API level requirement to 16. 2. Add provision to retain connection even after screen lock.
sdlfj sdlfj / eq-roll-tracker JavaScript Electron app that monitors EverQuest log files for player /random's v1.0 It's unstyled but functional at this point, not sure if I'll do more to it.
nuimk nuimk / nmk Python Tmux and Zsh working environment python-2.6
foxhound87 foxhound87 / mobx-react-form JavaScript Automagically manage React forms state and automatic validation with MobX v1.31.6 <a name"1.31.6"></a> ### 1.31.6 (2017-04-28) #### Bug Fixes * observe validation ([cbec692f](
royJang royJang / Olaf JavaScript Multi - project & package management system v1.0.3-rc.4
sasedev sasedev / mpdf-bundle PHP Mpdf Bundle for Symfony 1.0.2
pzitnick cpe305Spring17 / spring2017-project-pzitnick Java spring2017-project-pzitnick created by GitHub Classroom v1.0 System Architecture Skeleton progress
mickenordin stockholmuniversity / thruk-plugin-configeditor JavaScript Plugin to manage config via Icinga 2 api for Thruk (gui for nagios/icinga/naemon/shinken) v0.11.9
HouzuoGuo HouzuoGuo / cryptctl Go A disk encryption utility that helps setting up LUKS-based disk encryption using randomly generated keys, and keep all keys on a dedicated key server. 1.99 This pre-release introduces a library for decoding, encoding, and serialisation operations of KMIP v1.3: The library is not yet inte
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86_64 no-lang x86_64 sources and releases for opengapps 20170428 Automatically generated builds of 28 April 2017 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not all
vagnercardosoweb vagnercardosoweb / navegarte PHP Framework para navegarte framework! v1.0.1
cpaulik TUW-GEO / pytesmo Python python Toolbox for the Evaluation of Soil Moisture Observations v0.6.3 * temporal matching performance improvement of approx. 50% * Add functions for handling dekadal dates. See `pytesmo.timedate.dekad`.
qianshui423 qianshui423 / GreatInRxJava Java 极致RxJava v1.0.0-beta.1 实现基于MVP架构的baselib库
AutomicAdmin Automic-Community / Octopus-Deploy-Action-Pack no-lang Orchestrate Octopus Deploy as part of of your Release Automation workflows 1.0
cbroschinski OpenAPC / openapc-de Python Collect and disseminate information on fee-based Open Access publishing v3.16.3 Contribution from Ulm University contains APC data for the 2016 period.
terrencewei terrencewei / note JavaScript for own use, auto upload my notes 1.0.0 1. 完成基本的功能: * 从OSS获取所有文件列表 * 点击打开编辑单个文件内容 * 保存文件修改后的内容 * 右侧TOC自动根据markdown内容生成 2. 支持的OSS: *
e-feit e-feit / grunt-simple-watch-legacy JavaScript grunt task to watch files without using or fs.watchFile 0.2.3

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