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jkilpatr althea-mesh / althea-firmware Shell Firmware building tool Beta4RC4 # What's new? --- * Changes to billing rules to prevent divergence over long periods * Replaced individual wifi settings endpoints with a single one, to make setting up wifis while on wifi smoother
fanux fanux / sealos Go Build a production kubernetes cluster! v2.0.2 [![Awesome](]( [![Build Status](
caarlos0 caarlos0 / httperr Go func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) error v1.0.0
RUDNI RUDNI / AndroidThirdParty no-lang Some commonly used third-party Android frameworks 1.0.1
samgarasx kotlinspain / ks-web Kotlin A Web as a part of the Kotlin ES platform v0.1.1
timelyart timelyart / Kairos Python Kairos aims to help you save time by automating repetitive tasks on TradingView such as refreshing alerts and creating new ones. v1.3.3 * TV removed the option of sending SMS directly
LPFun LPFun / OneSignalWrapper Kotlin OneSignalWrapper 0.3.3
brocaar brocaar / loraserver Go LoRa Server is an open-source LoRaWAN network-server v3.0.0-test.1
danielgodard decisionbrain / cplex-scala Scala A scala library for IBM ILOG CPLEX 1.5.2 This is a hotfix: * Update Gradle file `build.gradle`: set default values for environment variables for the Nexus. The java library is the same as in release 1.5.0.
MatthiasNickles MatthiasNickles / fol2asp Scala A tool for the translation of First-Order Logic to Answer Set programs (logic programs) 0.4.4 fol2asp 0.4.14 Self-contained jar file for use with JDK/JRE 8 or higher. See fol2asp-0.4.4/ in source code folder for usage instructions. Copyright (c) 2016-2019 by Matthias Nickles Li
optionsome HSLdevcom / digitransit-site JavaScript web site 20190425 * Add deprecation warnings to about non-GraphQL realtime APIs
Rain120 Rain120 / Free-Source Batchfile 分享资源 0.0.14 JavaScript ES6函数式编程入门经典 ![image](
BogdanNicolau aptoma / drpublish-plugin-api JavaScript Plugin JS for DrPublish 3.10.2
BBGONE BBGONE / JRIApp.Core JavaScript HTML JavaScript (TypeScript) RIA framework for creating data centric applications v1.7.0
byjs-dev zepdev / zeppelin-element-library CSS Element Library as a styleguide solution for Zeppelin v0.7.0 # [0.7.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * **checkbox:** fixed disable colors ([2c72c6e](
ncarlier ncarlier / feedpushr-contrib Go Plugins for Feedpushr. v1.0.2
BBGONE BBGONE / JRIApp JavaScript JavaScript (TypeScript actually) HTML5 RIA framework for creating data centric applications (aka web clients) v4.9.0
yeomann CyprusInternationalUniversity / LoginSystemCrossApp JavaScript Demonstration of Cross Login mobile app 2.0 Improved Registration and Login UI with validation and API Improved Auto-login feature Test everything with Batu
kapilra ExpediaDotCom / haystack-service-graph Scala haystack component that infers service call graph from the spans received 1.0.18 - jetty version update to fix security issues
jboero jboero / hashifuse C++ Experimental FUSE clients for Hashicorp REST APIs. v0.1 Created a v0.1 release for blog post. Experimental stage - not recommended for production currently.
opoudjis metanorma / metanorma-cli Ruby CLI (Command Line Interface) for Metanorma v1.1.7 * Added support for templates, creating new Metanorma documents
imTigger imTigger / webapp-hardware-bridge Java Silent print and serial ports for web! 0.8 * Support "qty" for PDF/Image Printing * Default bind to so no more firewall prompts * fallbackToDefaultPrinter default value changed to false * Use "Amazon Corretto 8"
tmtbe go-swoole / consul PHP consul api 0.0.2
frzb frzb / coinboot-debirf Shell Building your own Coinboot image 20190425
leontiy Fueled / ios-utilities Swift A compilation of small utilities used in Fueled projects 1.5.2 This is the last release to support Swift 4.
pigxo trinity-project / trinity Python Trinity state channel protocol v2.9.10
invisnik invisnik / laravel-steam-auth PHP Laravel Steam Auth v4.0.0 * Drop support for PHP 7.0 and lower (#89) * Drop support for Laravel 5.7 and lower
webim webim / webim-client-sdk-ios Swift WebimClientLibrary – Webim SDK for iOS 3.24.5 * Int64 in `HistoryRevisionItem`.
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / build-pipeline Python Contains generic files for all Basisregisters Vlaanderen pipelines. v1.6.0 # [1.6.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Features * bump to .net core 2.2.4 ([2922779](
yuslf yuslf / jaeger-php PHP Jaeger Bindings for PHP OpenTracing API v2.0.5-beta2.4.1
LongDirtyAnimAlf LongDirtyAnimAlf / fpcupdeluxe Pascal A GUI based installer for FPC and Lazarus 1.6.2u Solaris only test
benchdoos benchdoos / WeblocOpener Java Open MacOS .webloc links on Windows v. beta.1 Added unix support ---- not working: * notifications on unix * auto-updates on unix * unix features still in windows version
tmtbe go-swoole / easyroute-plugin PHP 简单Http路由 0.0.2
tmtbe go-swoole / aop-plugin PHP aop特性支持 0.0.2
LavaPower LavaPower / PyEngine Python A Lib to help creating game. (Made with PyGame) v0.2.0-DEV Installation : Pour installer cet update, il suffit d'utiliser pip : pip install PyEngine-2D Changelog : - Components/PhysicsComponent : Collision Callback return object - Systems/EntitySystem :
caarlos0 caarlos0 / env Go Simple lib to parse envs to structs v5.0.0 - major refactor - removed `OnEnvVarSet` - improved error messages - default custom parsers for durations and urls Check [the diff]( for m
nim65s humanoid-path-planner / hpp-gui C++ Qt based GUI for HPP project. v4.5.0 Changes since v4.4.0: - hpp-fcl plugin - update to GV changes.
winternet-studio winternet-studio / yii2-libs PHP Yii2 Helper for simplified handling of common tasks with AJAX, modals, and display of messages from Javascript code v1.7.4 New method is named response()
jendakol avast / cactus Scala Library for easy conversion between GPB and Scala case classes. 0.15.2
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / swagger C# Swagger and ReDoc Helpers. v1.0.3 ## [1.0.3]( (2019-04-25)
tmtbe go-swoole / actuator-plugin PHP actuator-plugin 提供endpoint端点服务 0.0.2 0.0.2
nim65s humanoid-path-planner / hpp-plot C++ Graphical utilities for constraint graphs in hpp-manipulation v4.5.0 Changes since v4.4.0: - Update to changes in gepetto-viewer.
opoudjis metanorma / metanorma-nist Ruby Metanorma processor for NIST standard publications v0.0.8 * Generate consistently formatted document identifiers, in short form, machine readable form, and abbreviated form, incorporating revisions and volumes:
PVince81 owncloud / files_mediaviewer Vue Viewer for pictures and videos integrated in the files app v1.0.0RC2 - Initial release
ChrisGalliano ChrisGalliano / Pion PHP Light PHP Framework 1.0.0 ## Breaking changes: - Rename RegexRoute RegexRoute renamed to MatchPathRoute. Created new class RegexRoute that works with regex pattern. <details> <summary>Minor changes:</
99Masternodes 99Masternodes / NMN C++ NMN v1.0.0.1
dcolomer dcolomer / tareas-node JavaScript Aplicación de consola para gestionar tareas v1.0.0 Versión terminada de la aplcación - Crear notas - Actuailizar el estado de la nota - Eliminar notas - Listar notas
Yomguithereal jacomyal / emmett JavaScript A custom event emitter for Node.js and the browser 3.1.3 * Fixing compatibility with older browsers (@haroldhues).
noximo noximo / dbgr PHP More versatile var_dump alternative 0.1.2
bluezio mondo-project / mondo-hawk Java Heterogeneous model indexing solution, based on NoSQL stores. v1.2.0-rc5 This version implements #81, which adds a number of useful primitives for running time-aware queries. It also fixes some bugs in the server, which prevent users from selecting the TimeAwareEOLQueryEng
digit-fpfis-devops openeuropa / oe_theme PHP OpenEuropa Drupal 8 theme based on the Europa Component Library 0.15.0
sebastianlange sebastianlange / Nature-Protocols-2018 Shell Computational pipelines for the analysis of mouse cancers v0.5.5
PxyUp PxyUp / FastDom TypeScript Lightweight replacement of React + MobX + React Router. The library allows you to create quick and responsive interfaces using only JS / TS. Very small and fast !! 0.0.45-alpha 1. Add support fdObject in composite
appelgriebsch atom-ide-community / atom-ide-signature-help JavaScript A replacement of the SignatureHelp functionality from the original Atom-IDE / Nuclide package developed by Facebook. v0.6.3 ## [0.6.3]( (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * parameter help documentation ([197ef36](
nICEnnnnnnnLee nICEnnnnnnnLee / BilibiliDown Java 包含PC端UI界面的B站 视频下载器。 V3.2 * ennnnnnnnnnnnnn嗯,大概是没啥要改得了 * 修复下载路径不存在时,程序关闭不了的问题 * 双击视频某p Title可复制作品信息+avId(适用于批量打开
maresiaerik maresiaerik / Lend Java Lending platform 1.0
localvoid localvoid / ivi TypeScript :fire: Javascript (TypeScript) library for building web user interfaces v0.25.0 ### Context New context implementation provides a slightly different API that makes it possible to remove dirty context checking during updates and dirty checking, doesn't require to provide value
snyksec snyk / snyk-docker-plugin TypeScript This plugin provides dependency metadata for Docker images v1.23.0 # [1.23.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Features * export dockerfile for registry to validate dockerfile ([265d0de](
StepUp18 StepUp18 / CustomEllipsizeTextView Java TextView which allows you to use any text as ellipsize v.1.3 Fixed android:text
00xc 00xc / h2buster Python A (very) simple web directory and file brute-force scanner over HTTP/2. v0.1d
sdonk uktrade / directory-cms Python Content Management System service for directory apps 2019.04.24
amaitland cefsharp / cef-binary PowerShell NuGet repackaging of the CEF binaries provided by Chromium Embedded Framework to work better with CefSharp v74.1.13+g98f22d3+chromium-74.0.3729.108 CEF 74.1.13+g98f22d3+chromium-74.0.3729.108 / Chromium 74.0.3729.108
ShortStickBoy ShortStickBoy / Tangram Java Tangram is a complex UI framework based on RecyclerView that you can use to implement a variety of complex UIs. 5.2.8 Update TangramView
gustafla gustafla / mehustin C SDL2, stb_vorbis and rocket boilerplate in C and GNU make v0.1 At this point I'm confident enough in the API between the mehustin executable and the module, that I feel like marking it usable with a release. The idea of the mehustin executable comma
Burgyn Kros-sk / Kros.KORM C# Simple and fast micro-ORM framework for .NET. v_4.0.0-alfa # New features #10 Support for MsSQL IDENTITY. # Resolved Issues #9 Sum throws error when there are no data to sumarize.
Wanxujie Wanxujie / iOS Objective-C 绝知此事要躬行 1.0.1 修复swift文件无法找到address的问题
justIsZFL justIsZFL / compilerlib Java tt 1.0 ok
francisco-orduna king / results-cache-service Java Reference implementation of the Cache Service to be used in the Results Cache Plugin. 1.0.1 ## Fixes Fix HTTP 406 error returning JobResult value
Skrikjo vaadin-component-factory / vcf-password-strength HTML Component for visualisation of password's strength 1.1.0
leomaxi open-learning-exchange / myplanet Java myPlanet application communicates with Planet Learning (Open Learning Exchange) web application. It reads data from Planet for offline use as well as it collect usage data and sends them back to the Planet. v0.3.46
jessgilbert uktrade / invest-ui Python Django app UI for invest project 2019.04.24
modax modax / helm-diff Go A helm plugin that shows a diff explaing what a helm upgrade would change v2.6.1+mdx1 [helm-diff as of 2.9.0+2]( (with minor changes) built against [helm v2.6.1](
tmtbe go-swoole / redis-plugin PHP redis插件 0.0.1
Thavarshan Thavarshan / parthex PHP A simple PHP support class collection 1.0
tmtbe go-swoole / autoreload-plugin PHP 自动reload插件 0.0.1
js2me acacode / stonex TypeScript Simple state container for JavaScript/TypeScript applications untagged-914729b15e3dad61f65f test \n test
tmtbe go-swoole / console-plugin PHP 控制器插件 0.0.1
PopovEvgeniy PopovEvgeniy / SDGF C++ Simple dingux game framework is powerful and simple multimedia library for Dingux. It support Dingoo A320 and compatible devices v3.2.1 3.2.1 – Small changes.
Jeffail Jeffail / benthos Go A stream processor for dull stuff written in Go v1.14.2 ## Changelog
RUDNI RUDNI / AndroidUtil Java Some commonly used Android tools 1.0.1
liyuanqiu liyuanqiu / deadly-simple-state JavaScript Deadly simple state v1.1.0 # A lightweight state management tool is born. ## Docs ### Summary ### Core
tmtbe go-swoole / saber-plugin PHP httpClient插件,使用saber作为基础库 0.0.1
stoplight-bot stoplightio / spectral TypeScript A flexible JSON linter with out of the box support for OpenAPI v2 and v3 v2.1.0 # [2.1.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Features * --ruleset multiple ([3d305a0](
LYajun LYajun / LGNote Objective-C 笔记工具 1.0.5 上传笔记来源相关参数
yo20077673 yo20077673 / pal-tracker Java my first repository on git hub release-9
JoshLmao JoshLmao / Spotify4Unity Objective-C++ 🎵 Set of UI tools and scripts for integrating Spotify into your Unity game/app! v1.4 **Asset store:** [Download Link]( - Support for iOS - Merged "Android Spotify Servi
michaelshass cellular / localstorage-swift Swift iOS, tvOS, watchOS storage for persisting small data sets 5.0.0
ZVNexus ZVNexus / ffxiv-launcher Makefile A custom built launcher for FFXIV written in Javascript on Nodejs via Electron. 0.2.8
rockiger rockiger / awiki-react CSS A Zim inspired wiki with markdown syntax 1.0.0
ugexe ugexe / zef Perl 6 Perl6 Module Management v0.7.3 * Allow auto-update to be disabled on the command-line * Enable a way to force updating the ecosystem(s)
narvekarparag narvekarparag / products_service Python Humanitec LogicModule backend service for products v0.0.30 pfa
zachary-vinyard zachary-vinyard / oaf-rwanda-core-ussd JavaScript Core library for USSD interaction Rwanda v1.4.0 feature complete - all major bugs resolved
Flanker32 Microsoft / azure-tools-for-java Java Azure tools for Java, including Azure Toolkits for Eclipse, IntelliJ and related projects. azure-intellij-toolkit-v3.21.1 [Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ IDEA 3.21.1]( is available in the [Marketplace](
LostMekka LostMekka / sekiro-save-saver Kotlin Automatic savegame backup manager. Made for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but can manage all kinds of files. 1.0.2 - added file name blacklist, since sekiro now has a sort of backup system as well and we do not want to make backups of backups - bugfix: cannot backup files that are created while the app is running
edgarmueller eclipsesource / jsonforms TypeScript React/Redux-based forms for JSON data v2.2.3-beta.0 [core] Use JSON schema `title` property where appropriate (#1335) [core] Improve `toDataPath` to handle occurrences of combinator keywords correctly (#1342) [core] Make `isObjectArray` use `deriveTy
NoixChou NoixChou / Otoge C++ 音ゲーとそのエンジン的なもの v1.0.0.31b
kapilratnani kapilratnani / JSON-Viewer C++ A JSON viewer plugin for Notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view. 1.34 - Fix bug which resulted in "Access Violation" when the root element is an Array
anonymoussc onsigbaar / onsigbaar PHP Laravel Passport OAuth2 API Server authenticate using Password Grant. v0.12.3 - Add AcceptJson middleware into api middleware group
tmtbe go-swoole / guzzle-saber PHP Saber for GuzzleHttp ClientInterface 0.0.1 0.0.1
sam43 sam43 / MyLibraryApp Kotlin Sample library .aar file testing 0.0.2 Step 1. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories: allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url '' } } } Step 2. Add the dependency depende
simialbi simialbi / yii2-rest-client PHP REST client (AR-like model) for Yii Framework 2.0 (via yii2-http-client) 2.0.0-alpha.2
hotoo hotoo / gitopen JavaScript :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Open git/hg/svn remote url from web browser. 3.0.0 - feat: config in .gitconfig. - config: github PR scheme config. - feat: support `--remote` bash paramter.
jan-auer getsentry / sentry-cli Rust A command line utility to work with Sentry. 1.41.2 * Fix slow unzipping in debug file upload (#519)
alcastrob alcastrob / labManager CSS A small management software for managing a prosthetic laboratory. v1.0.4 ## Español * Exportación a Excel de la tabla de cierre de mes. Las cifras se exportan ahora correctamente con formato numérico * Mejorado el tiempo de respuesta general de la aplicación. ## E
tmtbe go-swoole / base-server PHP 基础服务 0.0.1
lmmrssa open-learning-exchange / planet TypeScript Planet Learning Angular application v0.7.32
rldhont 3liz / lizmap-web-client PHP Lizmap Web Client 3.2.3 Bugfix: * Edition - Set a timeout to messages * Dataviz - fix reference of public function resizePlot * Dataviz - Allow to give number > 9 in template, e.g. 2 * qgisVectorLayer - try better to
andrenarchy satoshipay / docker-stellar-core Shell Fully configurable docker image for Stellar Core 11.0.0 New upstream release:
kangaechu kangaechu / goradiru Go らじるらじるを取得 v1.0.0
deivid-rodriguez activeadmin / activeadmin Ruby The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications. v2.0.0.rc2 ### Enhancements #### Minor * Require arbre `~> 1.2, >= 1.2.1` [#5726] by [@ionut998], and [#5738] by [@deivid-rodriguez] [0-6-stable]:
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / hashcode-calculator C# Calculates hashcode based on given fields. v1.0.3 ## [1.0.3]( (2019-04-25)
genemars zuixjs / cdnjs no-lang Free and Open Source Public Web CDN for web developer! 1.0.3
bameyrick ONSdigital / design-system HTML ONS Design System 3.0.0 - Change width of summary question and answer items #303 - Added ability to add theme settings and a census output #308 - Ensure NVDA can read labels #310 #311 - V3 Runner integration changes #30
CremboC permutive / fs2-google-pubsub Scala Google Cloud Pub/Sub stream-based client built on top of cats-effect, fs2 and http4s. v0.12.0 Dependency updates: * `http4s` 0.20.0 * `jsoniter` 0.46.2 * `google-cloud` 1.71.0
scottphc dexon-foundation / dexon-wallet-web3-provider JavaScript Web3 javascript wrapper provider for iOS and Android platforms. 0.4.0 Update to dexon wallet provider
graup aergoio / aergo Go aergo blockchain kernel v1.0.3 This is a minor patch release changing some performance settings regarding smart contract execution ## Improvements - [ctr/lua] prevent referencing state at global scope and leak patch - [ctr/l
jstarpl nrkno / tv-automation-media-management TypeScript Sofie: The Modern TV News Studio Automation System (Media Manager) v0.1.9-rc2 * Fix issues with expectedItemsGenerator (an exception thrown by onExpectedRemoved handler) when the file could not be handled by assigned source storage * Fix issues with expectedItemsGenerator, whe
gimelfarb gimelfarb / spice-app-react JavaScript Blend React functionality with existing DOM v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * 🐛 Add property descriptor support to traceUse() ([b435eeb]( * 🐛 Fix attaching of text nodes a
pivotal-bill-kable pivotal-bill-kable / pal-tracker Java Pal Tracker release-7
jsi enonic / app-contentstudio TypeScript Content Studio of Enonic XP v0.9.7 # Changelog ## Improvements - Enable expanding Context panel in floating mode (#436). ## Bugs - Descriptor selector in the Inspect panel is not refreshed after adding an application to a sit
SarahMorgan SarahMorgan / Morphometric_Similarity_SZ no-lang Morphometric similarity in psychosis- data and code v1.0.0 This is the first release of the Morphometric Similarity in Psychosis data and code, which accompanies the paper [Morgan et al, PNAS 2019](
joshix joshix / caddybox Shell Caddy web server container image v1.0.0 Caddy v1.0.0. Linux x64 binary `rootfs/bin/caddy` built from [upstream source]( with go1.12.4, `GO111MODULE=on` **NOTE:** This release deposes Caddy from
JonathanMagnan zzzprojects / EntityFramework-Extensions C# Entity Framework Bulk Operations | Improve Entity Framework performance with Bulk SaveChanges, Insert, update, delete and merge for SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQL Compact, MySQL and SQLite. v3.17.7 ## Download the library **[here](** - **FIXED:** Issue with `IncludeGraph` and some self hierarchy scenario. The saving orders will now save `Self-H
denis-kisel denis-kisel / smart-image PHP Image lib from opencart integrate to laravel for easy cache image v1.1
hhromic hhromic / pi-gen-nano Shell Tool used to create Raspbian "nano" images 2019-04-25-raspbian-stretch-nano Please refer to the attached info file for a list of the packages included in this release.
comgit sealsystems / node-mocha JavaScript Mocha executable and test configuration for SEAL Systems 2.0.3 ## 2.0.3 (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes #### Fix quotes for Windows ([9c247db]( ---
franciscomcdias franciscomcdias / DrKA Python Knowledge Assistant for open-domain questions 0.1.0-fdias.4
nielshulstaert compomics / ThermoRawFileParser C# Thermo RAW file parser that runs on Linux with mono v1.1.2
maheshshetti maheshshetti / CommonMethodsPvt Swift MSS Common Methods Private 1.0 Common Methods Private
im-kulikov im-kulikov / helium Go Helium is a small, simple, modular constructor with some pre-built components for your convenience. v0.11.8 - `logger.trace_level` - simplify `NewLogger` - replace go-convey with `testify/require` - add to README - fix golint warnings
fahrirusliyadi fahrirusliyadi / fr-address-book-for-woocommerce PHP Allow customers to save multiple addresses that they frequently use when placing an order. 1.1.1 * Fix missing endpoints after saving permalink settings.
tsubik ClimateWatch-Vizzuality / climate-watch-components JavaScript Playground of components available for the climate watch platform. 1.49.2 ### Patches - Merge pull request #135 from ClimateWatch-Vizzuality/fix/multilevel-dropdown-parent-elements-without-items: 7a738b3baefa50f0a6b0e172a85ebc313b8249b4
DevelopedByAnurag DevelopedByAnurag / Datscan Python DatScan is an initiative to build an open-source CMS that will have the capability to solve any problem using data Analysis just with the help of various modules and a vast standardized module library 1.15 just a Beta version with basic functionality and introduction for stable release wait for a production version
19oshet 19oshet / extremism HTML A quiz about extremism. 1.0 The initial quiz.
PhocaCz PhocaCz / PhocaGallery PHP Phoca Gallery is Joomla! CMS extension. Component which displays image gallery on website. 4.3.17
the1812 the1812 / chrome-dark-theme no-lang Simple dark theme for Google Chrome Material Refresh UI. v1.02 Update theme for Chrome 74.
jzChia jzChia / F2Tab no-lang csv、json、mongo、mysql转tab工具 0.0.3 添加了支持oracle导出 添加了支持shp文件导出 添加了手动选择到处类型支持
onlinesimio onlinesimio / gateway-soft CSS Soft for modems v3.1.18
adamtheturtle dcos / dcos-e2e Python Spin up and manage DC/OS clusters in test environments 2019.04.25.0 See
stakater-user stakater / Reloader Go A Kubernetes controller to watch changes in ConfigMap and Secrets and then restart pods for Deployment, StatefulSet and DaemonSet – [✩Star] if you're using it! v0.0.27
azzra botilka / botilka PHP CQRS & Event Sourcing library 1.1.4 - (#25) PHP 7.3 compat - (#23) Snapshot - (#26) Parameterized stores config - (#27) Update PHPStan - (#28) Handle commands using a DataPersister - (#29) Made endpoint prefix for command & que
sebastianlange roland-rad-lab / Mouse-Cancer-Genome-Sequencing R This repository serves as a companion to an analysis workflow for mouse cancer genomes. v0.1.3
cmaquaire Insiteo / Android Java Android V3 SDK (legacy platform) 3.6.5.a [Add] new method to calculate itineraries with waypoints
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / deterministic-guid-generator C# Create a deterministic GUID based on namespace Guid, a string and an optional version. v1.0.3 ## [1.0.3]( (2019-04-25)
jorisvandenbossche geopandas / geopandas Python Python tools for geographic data v0.5.0 GeoPandas 0.5.0 includes some improvements for writing files with fiona (better performance, better support for data types and mixed geometry types), along with many other new features and bug fixes,
JohannesMerz Bojagi / bojagi JavaScript public bojagi node modules test2
maysarax maysarax / Sn1per Shell Automated pentest framework for offensive security experts v6.2
drscream skylime / mi-core-gogs Shell Gogs - Go Git Service 18.4.0 ### New * Core-base and gogs version bump to [Thomas Merkel] ### Fix * Fix ssl-generator script path. [Thomas Merkel]
leaanthony wailsapp / wails Go Coming Soon... v0.11.3 ## Changelog 760e109 create windows builds 855032e release 0.11.3
afief HOOQTV / sqs JavaScript An SQS async-await-ed library 0.2.0 - Add useIamRole param to remove AWS access and secret key manually from SQS constructor. - Promisify sqs for existing function without Async suffix.
peircej psychopy / psychopy Python For running psychology and neuroscience experiments 3.1.0
zish94 zish94 / RfModel_driversrequired no-lang This model evaluates the number of drivers required to meet the demand of orders. 1.1
c-blake c-blake / cligen Nim Nim library to infer and generate command-line-interfaces v0.9.23 This release adds both CLI-style insensitivity (kebab/camel/snake collapse) and unambiguous prefix matching to subcommand names. So, now it works for all 3 major sets of keywords CLI users use - long
Mic92 nix-community / nix-user-chroot Rust Install & Run nix without root permissions (maintainer=@Mic92) 1.0.1 fix out-of-bound bug, when printing error message of a failed command.
randoms BluewhaleRobot / javagalileo Java Galileo navigation system java SDK 1.2.2
evelthon evelthon / Zotero-to-DSpace Python A tool to migrate Zotero metadata to DSpace. It converts Zotero-CSV to DSpace-CSV format. v1.1.2 Includes: - bug fixes - Usability feedback (percentage bar) - Custom metadata creation to add contributor ORCiDs.
prasanth-pulla ARM-software / sbsa-acs C ARM Enterprise: SBSA Architecture Compliance Suite v19.04_REL2.2 Major changes are * Adding a reference pal_baremetal directory with overrides to be used when ACPI tables are not available. * Minor bug fixes.
Unengine Unengine / UBMS C# Unity BMS Player. v1.4.1-alpha Now available to turn off BGA in option! Turning off BGA can save your loading time and save your eyes. And UI slightly changed!
LF112 LF112 / BTCO HTML 🎉 宝塔面板响应式解决方案 V0.1 V0.1 Beta 仅提供面板首页响应式支持,预计 GitHub Star > 320 继续开发。
marlon360 marlon360 / cube-shooter ShaderLab A third-person shooter in cube style made with Unity3D. Deploy-2019.1
havoc-io havoc-io / mutagen Go Simple, cross-platform, continuous, multidirectional file synchronization for remote development v0.8.2 **NOTE:** This is a ***beta***-quality release. It may have unknown issues. It should not be used on production or mission-critical systems. Use on any system is at your own risk (please see the [lice
samous samous / gin-swagger Go gin middleware to automatically generate RESTful API documentation with Swagger 2.0. v1.2.0
aozisik swiftmade / swiftdocs JavaScript Smart document designer implemented /w Vue v0.5.1 Bug fixes
msimecek msimecek / Azure-Speech-CLI C# Unofficial CLI tool for Microsoft Azure Speech service management - datasets, models, tests, endpoints etc. Useful for automation. 1.4.0
Erftralle JoomGalleryfriends / JoomStats PHP This module displays a small gallery statistic. v3.0.0
zout verifai-id-verification / example-app-ios Swift The iOS example app v.2.6
NineSwordsMonster NineSwordsMonster / vuepress-theme-nine Vue An another theme for vuepress v1.0.1
mklimuk Koriit / gval Go Expression evaluation in golang v0.2.3
Asherda VerusCoin / Agama JavaScript Desktop App for SuperNET DAPPs v0.6.0-tech-preview-02 Please note that this is a test release intended to use with test chains. We do not advise using it for main net. Do not use as main wallet Maximum of 3 eras Minimum 500 blocks worth of notariza
eriklax halon / changelog no-lang Halon MTA changelog 5.1
Talebian12 Talebian12 / winboxSpeedScript Shell A script that download, set permission and execute WinboxPoC in one command. v1.0
github-actions[bot] web-platform-tests / wpt HTML Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others merge_pr_16531 "Fix include in no-media-call.html." "Bug: 956447 Change-Id: Id6f74bc8d259c6560ab25e969c1c1701193f29fd Reviewed-on: Com
gsmet quarkusio / quarkus Java Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java. 0.14.0 ### Major changes * [#2165]( - Disable Fallback native images by default * [#1983]( - Upgrade to Gra
dhardiman dhardiman / Fetch Swift Simple http in swift 4.0.0 Adds `typealias FetchResult = Result<T, Error>` to give us the same behaviour as we had previously whilst making use of the stdlib `Result` type.
AlanGinger AlanGinger / CalendarView Java Android上一个优雅、万能自定义UI、支持周视图、自定义周起始、性能高效的日历控件,支持热插拔实现的UI定制!支持标记、自定义颜色、农历、自定义月视图各种显示模式等。Canvas绘制,速度快、占用内存低,你真的想不到日历居然还可以如此优雅!An elegant, highly customized and high-performance Calendar Widget on Android. 3.5.10 MonthViewPagerAdapter override getPageTitle
lukas1 lukas1 / AppFoundation Swift App Architecture for iOS apps written in Swift 0.7.0 Add BooleanValidationRule
321zeno uofa / funnelback-php PHP A PHP client library for Funnelback Search 0.0.2 - bumped dependencies for Guzzle and PHPUnit - PSR-2 code style tweaks
subzerobo subzerobo / elastic-apm-php-agent PHP PHP Agent for Elastic APM With Intake API v2 Support + UDP Support + ProtoBuf 1.0.6
trinhvanduong templaza / tz_portfolio_plus PHP An open source advanced portfolio extension for Joomla! v2.2.3 - Fix warning when creating a menu. - Fix error edit state of article in front-end. - Compatible with Joomla 4 Alpha 8. - Added latest blog feed for dashboard in admin. - Added option "Date F
avdeev avdeev / vanilla-sharing JavaScript Small (1.5 KB) simple tool for sharing url, title, description and image to VK, Facebook (Feed, Dialog, Button, Messenger), Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, G+, VK, OK,, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Line v5.6.2 Revert ES5 only environments support
rumart rumart / GlobalDashboardPS PowerShell A Powershell module for working with HPE OneView Global Dashboard v0.9.0 ## [version 0.9.0] - 2019-04-25 ### Added - Support queries (#9) ### Changed / Breaking - Changed Entity parameter to Id for all functions (added Entity as alias) ### Fixed - Reworke
khituras JULIELab / julielab-parent-pom no-lang The top Maven Parent POM for all JULIE Lab projects. v2.4 Using Java 11.
alfonsosanchezbeato alfonsosanchezbeato / jetson-ubuntu-core Shell Scripts to build images for the nvidia Jetson devices v0.4 Gadget * all: u-boot: faster loading of the kernel * all: make boot partition larger to support kernel updates * nano: fix bug so now it can start with a HDMI monitor co
zish94 zish94 / Recom_engi no-lang This project is our current on going project which is soon going to be deployed on production. 1.1
mbardelmeijer enflow-nl / document-replacer PHP Modify docx templates and convert them to PDF 0.1.0
SlupikB evemorgen / PlasticMonkeysCansat Python This repo contains all work related to CanSat 2018 competition done by Plastic Monkeys team 1.1.0-250419b This release contains an updated version of Raspbian as for 25 April 2019. Uploaded to another card and tested with, all software modules installed and operational. Contains a script wh
georgringer FriendsOfTYPO3 / tt_address PHP Add address / contact datasets to your content management system. 4.3.0
choco-bot chocolatey-community / chocolatey-coreteampackages PowerShell Chocolatey Core Community Maintainers Team Packages - packages that are managed and maintained by core community team for community package repository ( tortoisesvn- tortoisesvn was updated from version to
ducdhm ducdhm / jquery.niceform JavaScript The jQuery plugin for validation and post form data to server v1.0.3 Change logs: * Fix `index.js`
yhatt marp-team / marp-vscode TypeScript Marp for VS Code: Preview Marp slide deck in VS Code v0.2.1 ### Fixed - Improve scroll sync by re-implemented line number mapping to each page ([#25]( - Improve engine compatibility with VS Code ([#27](http
ducdhm ducdhm / bootstrap-msg JavaScript The jQuery plugin for showing message with Bootstrap alert classes v1.0.2 Change logs: * Fix `index.js`
szymon-polaczy szymon-polaczy / e-dziennik PHP Projekt dziennika elektronicznego tworzony przez ucznia dla uczniów do nauki budowania aplikacji internetowych. MAJOR First release of this project. In this release I have working app which from this point on I'm going to make it better. Till this point I was trying to make this a working app and now that I did tha
brocaar brocaar / lora-gateway-bridge Go LoRa Gateway Bridge abstracts the packet_forwarder protocol into JSON over MQTT v3.0.0-test.2
kremalicious oceanprotocol / commons TypeScript ⛲️ Commons Marketplace client & server to explore, download, and publish open data sets in the Ocean Network. v0.2.3 * hotfix for asset title user input (17082c8) * Merge pull request #109 from oceanprotocol/fix/datepicker (8398d67) * lock Travis to Node.js v11 (7e9013e) * fix datepicker styles (9860272) * update ch
wolf81 photector / sdk-ios-releases no-lang Binary releases of the iOS SDK v1.5.0 v1.5.0
brocaar brocaar / lora-app-server Go LoRa App Server is an open-source application-server for LoRa Server v3.0.0-test.1
nalbam opspresso / jx Shell Docker Image - jx (jenkins-x) v2.0.42
roderik settlemint / certimint-validate TypeScript A toolkit to independently verify CertiMint seals v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * docs ([20dc2a0](
HiguchiKiyoshi ISID / iPLAss Java Java-based open source low-code development platform for enterprise 3.0.8 モジュールは以下からダウンロード可能です。 ### Changes 変更点、詳細は以下のリンクを参照ください。 [v3.0.8の変更点
hadix-lin hadix-lin / ideavim_extension Kotlin IdeaVIM插件的扩展插件 v1.3.5
odan odan / psr7-skeleton PHP A PSR-7 / PSR-15 skeleton application 2.1.0
rineone rineone / VersionUpdate Java APP自动更新 1.5.0
adrianchincm kaodim / android-design Java Android Bootstrap Design Library for Kaodim 1.1.1
Juanferca Juanferca / masNgRx CSS Repasando ngRx v4.0.0
MarioZhao uniondrug / service-sdk PHP service sdk 1.6.195
slxzh8800 slxzh8800 / download no-lang sulian vpn download download
jvanderbiest jvanderbiest / directline-jabber TypeScript DirectLine-Jabber is an automated command line end-to-end testing tool for a Microsoft BotFramework conversation 0.1.0 Supports a single chat conversation with text and image attachment conversation.
maplee maplee / DownloaderDemo Kotlin 简易下载文件 1.0.2 增加get方法,修改混淆
whois42 Leeruniek / webclient-ui CSS Pure UI components v0.3.2 ### [0.3.1] - 25 April 2019 ### Change - Update corejs version
d3ck-org flexos-io / flexospyflask Python flexos python flask utilities 0.2.0
nilmerg Icinga / icingaweb2 PHP A lightweight and extensible web interface to keep an eye on your environment. Analyse problems and act on them. v2.6.3 ### What's New in Version 2.6.3 You can find issues related to this release on our [Roadmap]( #### PHP 7.3 Now supported. :tada:
m1guelpf SocialiteProviders / Manager PHP Easily add new or override built-in Laravel Socialite providers v3.3.6
khituras JULIELab / trec-pm Jupyter Notebook Support code and resources for participation at the TREC Precision Medicine Track (TREC-PM) SIGIR19-aftermath This tag points to the latest version of the SIGIR19 branch with some added pipeline files. Those should have been added to the original SIGIR19 submission tag, I think. Perhaps I just forgot to add
JakeChampion Financial-Times / origami-image-service JavaScript Optimises and resizes images v397.0.0
drscream skylime / mi-core-taiga HTML Your Agile, Free and Open Source Project Management Tool 18.4.0 ### New * Thumbnails should be PNG. [Thomas Merkel] * Enable services, fix nginx https listening for ipv6. [Thomas Merkel] * Disable debug mode for UI, add mail support email address. [Thomas Mer
schlessera wp-cli / handbook PHP 📖 Complete documentation for WP-CLI v2.2.0
lorenzo cakephp / phinx PHP PHP Database Migrations for Everyone v0.10.7 ## Bug Fixes * Several bug fixes introduced in 0.10 related to the batching of alter table statements (#1523) * Fixed DSN parsing (#1433) * SQLite Adapter now respects `LIMIT` on `CHAR` typed col
Aleryc Aleryc / 3SpotsGame Java Java Project : The 3 Spots Game 1.0 ### How to run the jar file ```sh > java -jar ./3spotsgame.jar ``` boom!
oponder giantswarm / happa JavaScript Web user interface for Giant Swarm Kubernetes as a Service 0.5.3 ### Changes - You are now automatically logged in after a password reset. - We now have a CONTRIBUTORS.MD to acknowledge the open source contributions to Happa ### Bugfixes - The flash mess
carlesandres Financial-Times / o-ads JavaScript Advertising framework for DFP v12.0.0 * V12 release notes (#251) (319942d) * Improve loading documentation (#250) (4030c3b) * New slot level events (#248) (7719110)
manssster manssster / nitnem Dart Nitnem App v1.0.4+6
jeffmomo jeffmomo / laziter Python Lazy iterators for Python 3, in the spirit of LINQ or Java Stream. Has easy multithreading built in v0.1.0 Initial release.
youngbrioche innoq / innoq-styleguide HTML INNOQ Styleguide and Component Library 1.1.4
ptqa verbit-ai / ecsctl Python kubectl-style command line tool for AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS) 20190425-1 Fixes errors like OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:348: starting container process caused "exec: \"35e43ce7aaf7\": executable file not found in $PATH": unkn
DevChangBo DevChangBo / LoadingDialogLibrary Java 多种加载动画样式,及 弹出框样式 v1.0 多种请求加载动画,及多种对话框样式
grayddq grayddq / GScan YARA 本程序旨在为安全应急响应人员对Linux主机排查时提供便利,实现主机侧安全Checklist的自动化,用于快速主机安全点排查。 v0.1.1 本程序旨在为安全应急响应人员对Linux主机排查时提供便利,实现主机侧Checklist的自动全面化检测,尽可能的发现入侵痕迹,包括但不限于进程、历史操
dags- dags- / TextMU Java A simple markup syntax for Sponge 0.3.9
Chris707 myparcelnl / opencart2 PHP MyParcel plugin Opencart | For Opencart 2.1 and 2.2 V1.1.3 🇳🇱 | 🇬🇧 ------------ | ------------- Handleiding: [v1.5.3]( | Manual: [v1.5.3]( Vorige v
ghlt viessmann / viessmann_data_audit Python Functions for explorative data analysis used for e.g. data audits at Viessmann v0.1.8
avgils openearth / dgds-front-end JavaScript Front end for DGDS v0.1.2.1
aeneasr ory / fosite Go Extensible security first OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect SDK for Go. v0.29.4
Jaifroid kiwix / kiwix-js-windows PowerShell Kiwix JS Offline Wikipedia app packaged for Universal Windows Platform (tablet/mobile/PC) v0.9.9.89-beta This release is of Kiwix JS Windows (just the base app) for the Microsoft Store. It is easiest to install it from the Store here: If you do not
flamingelk UniversityofWarwick / id7 CSS ID7 University of Warwick Corporate Identity v2.3.1 <h2> Task </h2> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>ID-297</a>] - Update jQuery to 3.4.0 </li> <li>[&l
SilenceDut SilenceDut / Hub Java Android 开发中通过接口获取实现类,可用于module之间的通信,通过注解解决module的依赖初始化问题,同时支持Activity跳转,Activity参数自动处理传递的参数,不需要繁琐的注解标注,多进程传参自动解析支持。a concise di library which can get implementation class for a interface easily in multiple module app , also avoid check null when want to invoke a implementation by interface. 2.9.0
ELY3M ELY3M / My-Own-Theme-for-Nintendo-Switch no-lang I made my own theme for my Nintendo Switch 1
ghedlund phon-ca / phon Java Phon is a software program that greatly facilitates a number of tasks related to the analysis of phonological data. 3.0.5-beta.3 ## Changes from 3.0.4 * Fixed an issue where reports containing elements from the praat-plugin were not loading after saving the custom report to disk * Updated Italian (ita) dictionary * Adde
mor1 mor1 / mrt-format OCaml Parser for MRT format trace files 0.3.1 CHANGES: * Add explicit dependency on `bigarray`
reatlat reatlat / wp-multidomain-support-for-elementor PHP This plugin will help those who have a Multilanguage website with a multi-domain structure, the plugin will add to Elementor Page Builder the support for multi-domains structure. v1.0.0 First public release
SitecoreBot SitecoreSupport / Sitecore.Support.323146 no-lang AddRenderingItemProperties works incorrectly with query datasource ### Permanent link ### Description AddRenderingItemProperties works incorrectly with query datasource ### Compatibility - .NET Frame
TotallyMehis TotallyMehis / ZM-AI SourcePawn SourceMod plugin for Zombie Master HL2 mod 0.97-ZMR Fixes 'override round restart'-function and a bunch of errors present for ZMR. Added some more deathrun maps to configs.
pitw pitwch / go-wrapper-proffix-restapi Go Golang Wrapper für die PROFFIX REST API v1.13.4 ## 1.13.4 (2019-04-25) #### Bug Fixes * Add SyncBatch for Batch Sync Entries (7bfaa95f)
borisskert adorsys / keycloak-config-cli Java This tool is able to import JSON-formatted configuration files into Keycloak by using its REST interface. v0.6.2
lasote conan-io / conan Python - The open-source C/C++ package manager 1.14.4 - Bugfix: Fixed error while using Visual Studio 2019 with Ninja generator. ( - Bugfix: Fixed error while using Visual Studio 2019 with Ninja generator. (htt
kr7ysztof ing-bank / rokku-dev-mariadb Dockerfile MariaDB development image for the Rokku project: 0.0.4
Chris707 myparcelnl / opencart3 PHP MyParcel plugin Opencart 3 V1.0.4 🇳🇱 | 🇬🇧 ------------ | ------------- Handleiding: [v1.5.3]( | Manual: [v1.5.3](
Jasper-MultiSafepay MultiSafepay / PrestaShop PHP Prestashop 1.7 compatible MultiSafepay module 4.3.0 ### Added + PLGPRSS-274: Add iDEAL QR payment method + PLGPRSS-311: Add transaction ID to payment details when viewing order in backend ### Changed + PLGPRSS-225: Change way path to plugin js/cs
zaharchenko-evgeny cuba-platform / addon-gradle-plugin XSLT CUBA Addon Gradle Plugin is optional gradle plugin which provides configured checkstyle and findbugs plugins v1.0.8 **Changes since version <previous version>** - <issue 1> - <issue 2>
mikesperber deinprogramm / schreibe-dein-programm TeX Schreibe Dein Programm! 2019-04-25
bosnivan e-radionicacom / pxt-wifi TypeScript MakeCode extension for WiFi:bit. Connect micro:bit to the Internet through WiFi network. v1.0.1 Test is added.
seniorjoinu seniorjoinu / reliable-udp Kotlin Kotlin reliable UDP using fountain codes 0.1.3
wangchen1999 wangchen1999 / cdn no-lang cdn 1.5 加入live2d
2881099 2881099 / FreeSql C# FreeSql is the most convenient ORM in dotnet. It supports Mysql, Postgresql, SqlServer, Oracle and Sqlite. v0.5.4 ## v0.5.4(青年版) - 修复 Expression OrElse 两侧括号丢失的 bug; - 修复 Expression DateTime 类型 CompareTo 在 MySql/SqlServer 下的 bug; - 修复 ISelect.ToList(true) 无效
goto-bus-stop choojs / nanohtml JavaScript :dragon: HTML template strings for the Browser with support for Server Side Rendering in Node. v1.6.0 Support the [hui]( component module by default ([#146](
dputhier dputhier / pygtftk Python A python package and a set of shell commands to handle GTF files 1.0.6 This release contains lots of improvements regarding OLOGRAM. See changelog for more information.
aabherve q-rapids / qrapids-backlog-openproject Java Spring Boot based extendable REST API to transform Q-Rapids dashboard generated requirements into OpenProject work item. 1.1.00
TomK packaged / form PHP Form Builder 2.6.0
see-- see-- / keras-centernet Python A Keras implementation of CenterNet with pre-trained model (unofficial) 0.1.0 Upload COCO weights
damien-duignan damien-duignan / documents_service Python Microservice for the documents API v1.0.13
minwork minwork / array PHP Pack of advanced PHP array functions v1.2.0 # Unpack * Added unpack method to easily convert multidimensional arrays to flat map of keys concatenated by dot and corresponding values # Map ## New functionality * Now map method handles multid
rttfoxdh rttfoxdh / OsuBGChangerRemover C# Simple osu! background changer/remover 1.3 Some fixes
yannicklamprecht yannicklamprecht / PathfindergoalAPI Kotlin An API to introduce a version compatibility layer for minecraft spigot servers.
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / publicservice-registry C# Authentic base registry containing public services of Flanders. v1.2.0 # [1.2.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Features * update vbr projector package ([833225b](
Erftralle JoomGalleryfriends / JoomSearchModule PHP Combined with the search plugin you can provide a search for pictures and/or categories in JoomGallery. v3.0.1
ssachtleben styladev / shopware5 PHP This repository contains the shopware 5 plugin to use styla magazine v5.4.4 * Use proper 'EK' prices instead of first price * Improved product transformation
bart84ek tooploox / oya Go Using Oya packs containing reusable boilerplate & scripts, you can bootstrap easy to work with, deployable projects v0.0.8
Chris707 myparcelnl / opencart2_3 PHP MyParcel plugin Opencart | For Opencart 2.3 1.1.8 🇳🇱 | 🇬🇧 ------------ | ------------- Handleiding: [v1.5.3]( | Manual: [v1.5.3]( Vorige v
DmitryBorisenko33 DmitryBorisenko33 / esp8266_iot-manager_modules_firmware C++ Это модульная прошивка для ESP8266 и приложения IoT Manager. Она позволяет быстро настроить умный дом на базе ESP8266 без программирования. v1.0.4
mcollina fastify / fastify-autoload JavaScript Require all plugins in a directory v0.8.0 * Load multiple modules from a directory #33
Avdhesh51000 Avdhesh51000 / SocialShareFeature Ruby Share on social media platform and check how many times url was shared in social networks, e.g. share counts. V0.1.4 V0.1.4 [](
uncleLian uncleLian / vue2-echo JavaScript 基于vue2 + vue-router + vuex 构建的一个音乐类单页面应用 —— echo回声 v3.1.0 ### 新增 1. 新增环境变量 2. 新增大屏适配(大于768px) 3. 新增播放列表清空功能 4. 添加一些代码注释方便理解 ### 优化 1. 优化目录结构 2. 优化数
zviederi zviederi / xymon-client Shell Install xymon client using ansible v1.0 The first version of the xymon-client ansible role
w8tcha w8tcha / CKEditor-CodeMirror-Plugin JavaScript Syntax Highlighting for the CKEditor v1.17.11
WickhamWei WickhamWei / WickhamsPlugin Java Minecraft_Spigot_Plugin v1.2.8.2 1. 将旧密码转移并加密 2. 未登录的人将没有退出信息提示
PushwooshCI Pushwoosh / pushwoosh-android-sdk no-lang Pushwoosh Android SDK 5.14.1 ### Fixed * Fixed “Application Not Responding” errors occurring with the first launch of native Android apps
danyadev danyadev / vue-scrolly Vue Overlay scrollbar for Vue.js. 1.4.0
manaphp manaphp / app-admin HTML manaphp laravel phalcon yii2 ci admin rbac 190425-1baf4ca
potty-dzmeia potty-dzmeia / LZ-log Java Logging program for LZ HF contests v1.6.2 Change log: - RCV serial is now handled the same like in N1MM To run: download the file "" and extract to a directory of your liking. Make sure the directory name doe
ncarlier ncarlier / feedpushr Go A simple feed aggregator daemon with sugar on top. v1.0.2
DavidKeller enyx-opensource / net-tools C++ This package contains various tools used to generate and verify network traffic v0.1.7 Fix -S argument used for both datagram-size and shutdown-policy
andrenarchy satoshipay / docker-stellar-horizon Shell Fully configurable docker image for Stellar Horizon 0.17.5 New upstream release:
wwwy3y3 keycloak / keycloak-nodejs-admin-client TypeScript 🔑 NodeJS keycloak admin client v1.12.0 * [dd8fba855b493e3feb764f1ab41734cd29383a34]: resolve #11. Support resourceId response for create-related api. * [2b20010e403f3cb3215eb02b9d6acdd19b5e5018]: add `POST /{realm}/groups/{id}/children` a
mduesterhoeft moia-dev / lambda-kotlin-request-router Kotlin A REST request routing layer for AWS lambda handlers written in Kotlin 0.5.0
vaibhavpandeyvpz vaibhavpandeyvpz / sendotp PHP API abstraction for SendOTP service by MSG91. 1.2.1
imTigger imTigger / laravel-acl-crud PHP Laravel ACL CRUD Controller with Laratrust 0.2
michaelmelodysmartbear swagger-api / swaggerhub-maven-plugin Java A simple maven plugin to access SwaggerHub hosting of OpenAPI/Swagger from a maven build process. 1.0.5 This release adds support for On-Prem installations of SwaggerHub, the ability to provision an Azure DevOps Services integration and includes a fix for errors seen when creating integrations from a Wi
manaphp manaphp / app-user PHP ManaPHP User Application 190425-f67aa5e
yardnsm yardnsm / node-mashov JavaScript :school: A node.js wrapper for Mashov API. 0.2.3 v0.2.3
EasyAndroidDev EasyAndroidDev / EasyTools Java Android tools 1.0.8
femaref femaref / postgres_exporter Go A PostgresSQL metric exporter for Prometheus v0.4.8
travis-tsunami-sociomantic sociomantic-tsunami / dhtproto D Distributed Hash Table protocol definition, client, fake node, and tests v14.6.1+d2 See
laurentj 3liz / qgis-atlasprint Python Export PDF using composer atlas feature, usable in server v1.1.0 - Improve the use of feature filter - Improve performance for large PostgreSQL datasets - Fix QGIS Server segfault - Add a new request getCapabilitiesAtlas which returns a JSON - Improve the li
frantuma swagger-api / swagger-codegen HTML swagger-codegen contains a template-driven engine to generate documentation, API clients and server stubs in different languages by parsing your OpenAPI / Swagger definition. v3.0.8 3.0.8 release of swagger-codegen with OpenAPI 3 support. ### Supported V3 generators - akka-scala (_experimental_) - dynamic-html - html - html2 - java - jaxrs-cxf-client - jaxrs-cxf - in
jro7 jro7 / flutter_lcov_docker Dockerfile Flutter + Lcov for code Coverage reports! v1.5.7 Update to Flutter v1.5.7
akiyama-r gurunavi-creators / eslint-config-gnavi JavaScript :fork_and_knife: ESLint config for gnavi ui eslint-config-gnavi@2.0.0
im-kulikov nspcc-dev / netmap Go REPL for interacting with netmap in NEOFS and applying placement rules to it v1.4.4 - fixes for Makefile.protoc command - make protoc
mficzel neos / Neos.Demo CSS The Neos demo site package 5.0.2
Geeksongs Geeksongs / ExpressLove HTML 用于表白女朋友的Android软件,目前网络上基于Android平台的表白软件较少,因此本人将其开源。主要集成了腾讯X5内核,Web与安卓原生混合开发。可以随时更换软件背景动态等,支持高度定制以及二次开发。欢迎各位技术同仁下载,在README.MD文件当中我会详细解释如何更换我们的背景动画以及背景音乐。 v1.0 暂无背景音乐的版本
MarisKori MarisKori / Toster-Comfort JavaScript This browser extension makes better. 0.8.4 - Исправление утечек памяти (пока не оптимизировано).
esimov esimov / caire Go Content aware image resize library v1.2.1 ## Release changes * Increased performance by using the scale function by default * Fixed index out of range error when using the scale option without specifying the width or height * Support for m
melistik rocketbase-io / commons-asset Java Adds a simple asset service with basic features to your spring-boot applications 1.4.1 - upgraded spring-boot 2.1.4 + commons-rest 1.4.2 - little fixes
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / default-response-compression-quality-middleware C# ASP.NET Core MVC Middleware to define default compression quality priorities. v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2019-04-25)
jperedadnr openjfx / javafx-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin to run JavaFX 11+ applications 0.0.2 Includes a new `javafx:jlink` goal to create custom runtime images of modular projects.
mariuswilms atelierdisko / dsk Go DSK, short for “Design System Kit” – a workbench for collaboratively creating Design Systems v1.1.1
khurshid5211 BoutiqaatREPO / opticalshrink Go A Service for Image Storage and Manipulation. v1.0.41 Upgraded newrelic version to v2.7.0
ditclear ditclear / tiktok_gestures Dart 使用Flutter仿写TikTok的手势交互(use flutter to mimic gestures in tiktok) 1.0.2 完成基本的手势
makar21 TatauCloud / tatau Python Tatau Framework 2019.04.25stg
ddattee shoppingflux / php-sdk PHP Shopping-feed PHP SDK to ease our API integration in your application 0.2.6 ### Added - `OrderItem` : Adding TaxAmount retrieval #74
bajb packaged / rwd PHP Real World Data 1.0.0
luca-moser iotaledger / iota.go Go IOTA Go API Library v1.0.0-beta.6 * Fixes an issue with the `BadgerStore` under Windows by setting the BadgerDB's `Truncate` option to true under Windows. * Fixes an issue where calling `UpdateSettings()` on an account instance would
muffinmad muffinmad / emacs-vc-hgcmd Emacs Lisp Emacs VC mercurial backend that uses hg command server v1.6.1 Find proper filename across renames on diff
kfirapps facebook / componentkit Objective-C++ A React-inspired view framework for iOS. 0.26 - We've added `CKDebugAnalyticsListener` in order to provide information about components that can be converted to `CKRenderComponent` and as a result will be reused during a state update, which makes
saullocastro saullocastro / alg3dpy Python Algebra modules including useful classes and methods for: point, line, plane, vector, matrix etc 0.17.0 First version with high test coverage. Please, cite as:
nolar zalando-incubator / kopf Python A Python framework to write Kubernetes operators in just few lines of code. 0.9.1 * Better PyPI's README page #41
Babanila sphereio / sphere-node-product-csv-sync CoffeeScript Component to import, export and update your SPHERE.IO products via CSV. v1.6.0 **feat:** - Add tiered prices sync support for product Import/Export (
wandersnail wandersnail / easyble Kotlin A simple framework for Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 1.2.4
plamen-peshev BALKANGraph / OrgChartJS no-lang OrgChart JS is a simple, flexible and highly customizable organization chart plugin for presenting the structure of your organization and the relationships in an elegant way. 4.6.2 - Minor fixes
Diaosuyang Diaosuyang / CoCoMusic JavaScript a simple music player built by electron and vue http://装逼.xyz/#/article/598403683e4bc40848718dfe 2.0.5
marcbal marcbal / Printable-AZERTY-NF CSS Printable layout of standard french keyboard AZERTY NF Z71-300 v1.0
sdk-team sdk-team / openapi-sdk-php PHP Alibaba Cloud SDK for PHP 1.5.4 - Generated 2015-02-27, 2015-04-16 for `Yundun`
theRealSuperMario pesser / edflow Python Logistics of Deep Learning v0.2_rc1 * seperated tensorflow and pytorch dependencies * minimal tests
wheresvic wheresvic / mongoose-field-encryption JavaScript A simple symmetric encryption plugin for individual fields 2.3.1 * B fix test db name (68c2965) * D update mongoose@5.5.3 (10e89ed) * D revert mocha@5.2.0 for node 4 support (60bf952) * D update mocha@6.1.4 (2e38a31) * D update nyc@14.0.0 (4684cfd) * D update depen
muesli muesli / beehive Go A flexible event/agent & automation system with lots of bees 🐝 v0.3 ## Changelog b05b963 Abort if the config file is invalid. Fixes #120 507423a Adapt EFABee to upstream changes 145346b Adapt S3Bee to upstream changes dab12b1 Adapt to latest smolder API 11a5964 Adapt
keenlysoft keenlysoft / database PHP Database processing module in keenly 1.25
AlexELEC AlexELEC / ptv Cool ptv3: fork 3.3.2
mwullink SIDN / entrada Java Entrada big data for network data analytics v0.1.3 This release contains a fix for handling invalid pcap files, these files caused entrada to stop processing. This has been changed in this version, invalid pcap files will now be ignored. #87 Handl
freyaacar NeuroStat / ReviewfMRI no-lang Data and results of a review executed on reporting practices in fMRI studies v1.0 This release contains the original pubmed ID's and a summary of the analyzed files.
2938137849 2938137849 / meamod JavaScript 基于雀魂Plus的一个mod v1.5.0 由于雀魂更新更改了文档结构,强行更新了一波版本
SamuelMarks SamuelMarks / date-time-picker TypeScript Angular Date Time Picker (Responsive Design) master
ker-an Financial-Times / o-comments HTML A fully featured commenting client integrated with FT's membership systems. If you simply wish to add comments to some content this is the component to use. v6.0.0-beta.3
niklas88 ad-freiburg / wharfer Go Wrapper around the docker command allowing only a basic and restricted subset of commands and flags v0.5.1 This is a minor bug fix release for #16. We were adding `--user $(id -u):$(id -g)` even when running with user namespaces which means that inside the container the user is the UID of the host user. Th
chris-steele adaptlearning / adapt-contrib-assessmentResults JavaScript A component used to display a single assessment's results. v3.3.1 Minor release to correct version mismatch with tag
hendrikmoree flitsmeister / photon Java an open source geocoder for openstreetmap data fm_1.5.3.1
diodonfrost diodonfrost / ubuntu-laptop-playbook Ruby Linux laptop setup and configuration via Ansible. 1.2.0 * Use ansible role to install Packer and Vagrant * Install python3 and python-pip3
ozcanovunc smartface / sf-extension-utils JavaScript Smartface Native Framework extension that has useful utility classes to use in your applications v6.3.0 🚀 Release Notes 🚀 - Add [settings]( utility - Add functionality to redirect to app settings automatically
BhpAlpha BhpAlpha / bhp-gui C# bhp wallet gui v1.2.0.6 Optimizing transformation between JSON objects Witnesses readonly
wolfy-j spiral / session PHP Secure sessions over native PHP handlers v1.1.3 - added session abort - PSR-12 - strict_types=1
zender rxstack / skeleton HTML a fully-functional skeleton application that you can use for your new applications. v.0.2.2
deepspeech-automation mozilla / DeepSpeech C++ A TensorFlow implementation of Baidu's DeepSpeech architecture v0.5.0-alpha.6
tkzcfc tkzcfc / vpn_uv C socks5 libuv v1.0
fengjiajie sensorsdata / sa-sdk-java Java The official Java SDK for Sensors Analytics v3.1.11 使用 BatchConsumer 调用 shutdown 后,再次调用埋点方法重新打开 HttpClient
weyou weyou / tclcurl C TclCurl package to provide Curl support in Tcl. 7.64.0 - Fixed some issues on multi curl - Support to compile with mingw under Windows
julia-tagbot[bot] rana / GCP.jl Julia Google Cloud Platform (GCP) APIs for the Julia programming language. v0.1.1
mxhash NETWAYS / check_tinkerforge Python Icinga Plugin to monitor metrics from Tinkerforge Bricks and Bricklets v0.9.0 Version v0.9.0
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / guid-header-modelbinding C# An MVC ModelBinder for GUID type or GUID as string, which also looks in the header. v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2019-04-25)
svendvd imgly / pesdk-android-demo Java A fully customizable photo editor for your app. v6.4.0 ### Dependency changes * `renderscriptTargetApi` version migrated from 19 to 28. ### Added * 64bit compatibility. ### Fixed * Some RenderScript crashes.
thuync thuync / requests-srv Python A wrapper for Requests supporting DNS SRV records. v.0.0.7
calummoore zeplo / zeplo-cli JavaScript CLI for Zeplo v0.11.5
BhpAlpha BhpAlpha / bhp-cli C# bhp command line interface v1.2.0.6 Refactor RpcServer Optimize system shutdown Fix memory leak as transactions are continuously received. Add plugins and rpc
bernhard-efler ixocreate / cms-package PHP IXOCREATE CMS Package 0.2.2 ### Changed - Upgrade to Admin Package v0.2 ### Fixed - route generation for offline pages - routePrefix
LouisSung LouisSung / LaTeX_Diff TeX Scripts to generate paper.pdf from .tex files and diff.pdf from git-commit versions v1.0 Louis Sung ฅ• ω •ฅ
JakeChampion Financial-Times / headshot-images no-lang An image set of headshots for FT journalists v1.146.0
opoudjis metanorma / metanorma-standoc Ruby Metanorma for Standoc documents v1.1.8 * Removed error in XML for contact details of parties and organizations: there is no `contact` element in Relaton * Inject id attribute to `ul`, `ol` elements as well as `p` elements that have been c
julia-tagbot[bot] JuliaArrays / InfiniteArrays.jl Julia A Julia package for representing infinite-dimensional arrays v0.1.0
nim65s humanoid-path-planner / hpp-universal-robot Python Data specific to robots ur5 and ur10 for hpp-corbaserver v4.5.0 Changes since v4.2.1: - [CMake] find xacro executable - Make root joint type parameterizable.
julia-tagbot[bot] JuliaMatrices / LowRankApprox.jl Julia Fast low-rank matrix approximation in Julia v0.2.3
DannyCooper DannyCooper / olympus-google-fonts PHP Add Google Fonts functionality to your WordPress website in minutes without any coding. 1.6.3 Release of version 1.6.3
cederigo spoud / sdm-cli no-lang sdm transport management cli v1.0.0 ## Changelog 20f84d5 Merge branch 'master' into feature/print-the-whole-response 372cf9d Merged in feature/print-the-whole-response (pull request #27) f5fe410 build sub branches c5c72be changelog f62
cdemi cdemi / NewsletterCurator C# An application that maintains a list of links to be sent via a newsletter to interested parties 20190425.1 ## Changes: * 48c8d2472d76e2022c8419c61f4b043d20809adb Added Medical Category This list of changes was [auto generated](
stepansib stepansib / alm-client PHP HP ALM/QC REST Client for PHP v0.5.0
cf-london pivotal-cf / cf-rabbitmq-release Shell A BOSH Release of RabbitMQ v265.0.0 **Release Notes:** - Evaluate ternary for source_id in metadata [6799064] - WIP fix indicator file for PP [d30241f] - [go-forward] Update vendored Go dependencies [d75e4d1] - [go-forward] Update vendo
adriengentil criteo-forks / carbon-relay-ng Go Fast carbon relay+aggregator with admin interfaces for making changes online - production ready v0.11.30+criteo
milesgranger milesgranger / pyrus-nn Rust Lightweight, easy to use, micro neural network framework written in Rust w/ no python dependencies v0.2.1 - Include long description in `` ( - Removal of pre-emptive training stop (
escopecz mautic / intl PHP A PHP replacement layer for the C intl extension that also provides access to the localization data of the ICU library. v2.8.51 Contains
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / enable-requestrewind-middleware F# Middleware component which enables rewinding of requests in order to help other middlewares. v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2019-04-25)
bikass bikass / korla Shell Korla icon theme for GNU/Linux os v1.0.5
cn-xuqing cn-xuqing / QueueEvent Java 队列化执行线程和代码块 v1.0.0 QueueEvent
horsemwz shimohq / sdk-doc CSS Shimo SDK 文档 v2.2.1 幻灯片: editor 支持 updateOptions API 播放器独立为插件,具体内容和用法见文档「播放器」和「通用布局」节的“使用”部分 支持国际化(英文版)
FishGoddess FishGoddess / Tuz Java Smart and small resources manager v0.7.4-FINAL 2019-4-25: 1. 微调拦截器的执行顺序,同一级别的拦截器都会执行 2. 为 JDK9 以上版本做兼容,替换 Class.newInstance 方法为构造的 newInstance 方法 3.
wolfy-j spiral / router PHP Routes, RESTFul, URI generation, Adaptive Patterns v1.1.3 - PSR-12 - strict_types=1
onegate DanskeBank / Connector-Syst no-lang Integration Connector - Syst environment v0.0.8-syst.4
timmo001 hassio-addons / addon-matrix Shell Matrix - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v0.5.0 [![GitLab CI][gitlabci-shield]][gitlabci] ✨ This release adds support for the "Add to sidebar" feature that became available in Home Assistant 0.92. Please note: You need to have Hom
liuqiyu aspire-coding / aspire-docs Shell 开发文档 v2 213
artsyit artsy / reaction TypeScript Artsy’s React Components v16.4.2 #### 🐛 Bug Fix - User can not click into histogram bars [#2325]( ([@lilyfromseattle]( #### 🏠 Internal - Updat
tskj bekk / storybook TypeScript Et bibliotek for komponenter som brukes av Bekk 2.2.6
farkasmark nexogen-international / Leaflet.TileLayer.WMS.BearerTokenAuth JavaScript Monkey patch Leaflet.TileLayer.WMS to support authentication with bearer token. v1.0.0
tsbxmw hautof / haf Python automation test framework,support python >= 3.5 2.8.8 - fix one bug of urllib.urlopen 's request - when using get method: 1, if u want to using data as url, just not using `using_data` in kwargs ```python Util.http_request(request) ``` 2,
cngJo cngJo / gen-ipsum TypeScript a simple to use lorem ipsum generator for node.js v0.1.0 The first release with the very basic functionality
SimonDanisch SimonDanisch / ReferenceImages HTML Reference Images for Makie v0.1.7
travis-tsunami-sociomantic sociomantic-tsunami / swarm D Asynchronous client/node framework library v5.4.0+d2 See
wolfy-j spiral / http PHP HTTP Core, Secure Cookies, CSRF protection, Middleware, Input Slices v1.1.2 - PSR-12
solarBcom SolarFramework / NaturalImageMarker C++ NaturalImageMarker PipelineNaturalImageMarker/0.5.2/unix
narc0tiq narc0tiq / test-release-creation no-lang Tests automatic creation of releases test-3
zhaopei8948 zhaopei8948 / copyfile Go 复制文件到另一个目录多份 v1.0 1,根据cpu数量设置最大的并发 2,复制源文件到目的目录指定的份数 3.二进制文件,不带后缀是linux, exe是windows的
selfly selfly / sonsure-commons Java 常用工具类封装、收集 2.0.0
bfred-it bfred-it / webext-options-sync JavaScript Helps you manage and autosave your extension's options. v0.16.0 ### Minor Changes - Add option to disable logging: #18 ### Credits Huge thanks to @plibither8 for helping!
LoRexxar LoRexxar / Cobra-W Python Cobra-W -> Cobra-White 白盒源代码审计工具-白帽子版 v1.4.1 - 2019-04-23 - Cobra-W 1.4.1 - 修复新生成函数正则表达式过于宽松导致的递归问题 - 修复list变量的bug - 修复了深层递归的bug - 添加了指定
jwoLondon gicentre / elm-vegalite Elm Elm - Vega-Lite Integration for functional declarative visualization 1.9.0 Additional boxplot configuration options missing from earlier release ## Additions * `maOutliers` for customising boxplot outlier marks * `maBox` for customising boxplot box mark * `maMedian`
opoudjis metanorma / isodoc Ruby Ruby gem to convert ISODoc documents into HTML and Microsoft Word v0.9.22 * Removed error in XML for contact details of parties and organizations: there is no `contact` element in Relaton * Expanded date types in bibdata to match Relaton: added `transmitted copied unchange
kotovaleksandr DigDes / SoapCore C# SOAP extension for ASP.NET Core #176 DataTable #208 Added WCF metadata support for soapfaults #209 Add support for serializing extension types #213 Add support for DataMember attribute names, this includes ordering #214 fix #21
pawzar adshares / adserver PHP AdServer v0.6.5 ### Fixed - Campaign keywords for AdSelect
ademarco openeuropa / oe_corporate_blocks PHP OpenEuropa Corporate Blocks 1.0.0 **Merged pull requests:** - OPENEUROPA-1792: Translate string 'Resources for partners'. [\#6]( ([imanoleguskiza](
lixiang1994 lixiang1994 / Guider Swift An elegant highlight focus guide written in swift 1.0.5
frenck hassio-addons / addon-happy-bubbles Lua Happy Bubbles - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v2.1.1 [Full Changelog][changelog] ✨ This release adds support for the "Add to sidebar" feature that became available in Home Assistant 0.92. Please note: You need to have Home Assistant 0.
localgod Mathmagicians / kumori Vue Healthcheck of your architecture v0.1.0-664 ## This is automated release. Please see []( for what is new. To try out this release you may use this [doc
ruslo ruslo / hunter CMake :package: CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C/C++. Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, etc. v0.23.162
twendt twendt / homey-matic JavaScript Homematic App for Homey v0.12.0
edgurgel edgurgel / tentacat Elixir Simple Elixir wrapper for the GitHub API v1.4.0 * Add support for Repositories Deploy Keys API #170 Thanks, @milica-nerlovic 🎉 * Add Projects API endpoints #172 Thanks, @achiurizo 🎉
dobrebydlo dobrebydlo / laravel-ffdb PHP Integrates FFDB with Laravel v1.0.0 Implemented the basic functionality: * Service provider enabling app('ffdb')->get('something') * Facade enabling Ffdb::get('something') * Default config that can be published and modified
bugalot oat-sa / qti-sdk PHP A QTI (Question & Test Interoperability) Software Development Kit for PHP 0.17.0
fanrunqi fanrunqi / ZxingView Java Lowest cost integration and most convenient customization 1.0.0 1.0.0 for master
simchaba mfpaccessibilite / MFP_AccessPlayer JavaScript This project is a web video player that complies with the WCAG and RGAA accessibility guidelines and implements the WAI-ARIA specification. It is driven by MFP's determination to adapt France Télévisions's video accessibility requirements to the web. v1.0.1 Bug Fix for better Aria Compatibility
nonameplum PGSSoft / ParallaxView Swift tvOS controls and extensions that add parallax effect to your application. 3.0.0 Swift 5 release. Addressed
bamarni dcos / dcos-http-cli Go HTTP requests against your DC/OS cluster! 0.1.0
tiborsimko reanahub / HTML REANA project web site v0.5.0
andrewgilbertsagecom andrewgilbertsagecom / pmd-custom-rule-sample Java An example custom rule for PMD v0.1
satya164 react-navigation / react-navigation JavaScript Routing and navigation for your React Native apps v3.9.1
xujichang xujichang / XBase Java 作为开发最基础的组件使用, v1.0.4-alpha02
cnych cnych / sinaimgmover Go 微博图床一键迁移到阿里云 OSS v0.2 * 提取公共接口 * 使用 Cobra 制作 CLI * 优化代码 * 支持横向扩展其他云服务
lshaf lshaf / symfony-simple-amqp PHP Simple AMQP implementation for symfony {works with lshaf/yii2-simple-amqp} 1.0.3 Add container to process
josw123 josw123 / dart-fss Python 한국 금융감독원에서 운영하는 Dart 시스템 크롤링을 위한 라이브러리 v0.1.5 - with 구문에 의해 일부 requests에서 발생하는 오류 수정(#4) - CPU 코어수가 1개일때 발생하는 오류 수정(#5)
umupub umupb / AndroidBaseLibs Java base lib code 1.0 Plugin Base Code
onel peermetrics / webrtc-stats JavaScript Helps you collect stats for peer connections v1.0.4 Changed how we select candidate-pair to make sure it's the correct one c9a4670
deadbits deadbits / securitytrails-python3 Python Python 3.7 wrapper for the SecurityTrails API v1.2.0-beta Version: 1.2.0-beta - Added url verification if user changes base_url - Changed "session" to be a private variable - Changed "parse_output" to be a private variable - Standardi
quicoto quicoto / needs-full-moon JavaScript Adds emoji to Stash PR status 2.5.1
ademarco openeuropa / oe_content PHP Drupal module that contains the corporate entity types in Drupal. 0.4.0 **Closed issues:** - Update the drone file. [\#43]( **Merged pull requests:** - OPENEUROPA-1852: Default and optional content language setti
cedricalfonsi passbolt / passbolt_browser_extension JavaScript Passbolt browser extensions (Firefox & Chrome) v2.9.2 ## [2.9.2] - 2019-04-25 ### Fixed - PB-227: Fix browser extension backward compatibility with API < v2.2.0
viktor-silakov viktor-silakov / python-flask-docker Makefile Basic Python Flask app in Docker which prints the hostname and IP of the container v0.0.5 ## Changes * release 0.0.5
kobalski thundra-io / thundra-lambda-agent-nodejs TypeScript Thundra Lambda Node.js Agent v2.3.0 * Update package.json (89df525) * Merge pull request #53 from thundra-io/feature/distributed-tracing-support (b64bc09) * Change dynamodb delete response check on injected trace link (db493f4) * Add on
satya164 react-navigation / react-navigation-core JavaScript Core utilities for the react-navigation framework v3.4.1 ### Bug Fixes * use compiled files for react native. closes [#58]( ([c507374](
qbhy qbhy / poster-generater Java ⚡⚡⚡海报生成器. 只需要一个简单的 json 配置即可生成你需要的海报... v2.0.1
Sheeo FAForever / client Python FAF Python Client 0.18.3
HojouFotytu PTMagicians / PTMagic JavaScript A Complete Profit Trailer Add-On 2.2.2 **This release addresses upcoming changes to PT 2.3.3's strategy naming convention, custom stratgey labels, as well as other various improvements and fixes.** # Update Instructions ### General -
kjt666 kjt666 / TicketDivideLine Java 仿各种卡票分割线、电影票分割线。支持自定义分割线长度、分割线间隔长度、分割线颜色、方向等属性。 v1.1
renovate-bot renovatebot / renovate JavaScript Multi-language dependency update automation. Flexible, so you don't need to be. 16.5.8 ## [16.5.8]( (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * **gitlab): Revert "feat(gitlab:** try merging PR on creation ([#3308](https://github.c
DanielMSchmidt DanielMSchmidt / apollo-opentracing TypeScript Performance trace your Apollo GraphQL server with Opentracing v1.2.1 ## [1.2.1]( (2019-04-25) ### Bug Fixes * acknowledge upper limit for apollo-server-env ([b336789](
damien-duignan damien-duignan / products_service Python Humanitec LogicModule backend service for products v0.0.30
ahopkins ahopkins / sanic-jwt Python Authentication, JWT, and permission scoping for Sanic v1.3.1 ## Added - Support for False and None scopes. ## Changed - Use `request.args` instead of `request.query_args` to resolve Depracation Warning.
springkim springkim / PSpring C mspaint extension project 1.0
PhysTom88 UKTV / django-cas-provider Python Central Authentication Service Provider for Django 0.6.0.b2
nim65s humanoid-path-planner / hpp-rbprm-corba Python python bindings for the rbprm library v4.5.0 Changes since v4.4.0: - add API for posture weights - Update and add tools script - fix com-rrt Python API - : only import gepetto.blender.exportmotion inside the export method - [CMa
DaveTryon Microsoft / accessibility-insights-windows C# Accessibility Insights for Windows v1.1.0844.01 ## Changes: * f339d8a18732cfc2f7042e1957fba1e1470a38a0 Sign TelemetryTests (#338) * 6f7209ddc30686f45ef0261fdb89b3287a4bdd94 Add code owners for runtime components * eb6252e4e732f544e748c90ebbe7056
flep74 magenta-aps / onlyoffice-alfresco Java Alfresco Onlyoffice Integration magenta. removed excel support
markusjwetzel ProAI / intlized-components JavaScript :earth_africa: React.js Redux components for internationalization (i18n) v0.6.0
opoudjis metanorma / nistbib Ruby NistBib: retrieve NIST Standards for bibliographic use using the BibliographicItem model v0.1.2 * Add recognised series prefixes for NIST publications #3
wolfy-j spiral / hmvc PHP HMVC Core and Controllers v1.1.2 - PSR-12
frenck hassio-addons / addon-influxdb Shell InfluxDB - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v3.0.4 [Full Changelog][changelog] ✨ This release adds support for the "Add to sidebar" feature that became available in Home Assistant 0.92. Please note: You need to have Home Assistant 0.
inoue-nec nec-baas / baas-sdk-embedded C++ NEC BaaS Embedded SDK for C++ v7.5.1 ACLレスオブジェクトバケット機能 追加
soccerloway soccerloway / quill-better-table JavaScript Module for better table in Quill, more useful features are supported. v1.1.0 * Fix unexpected errors when the table operation menu items was clicked after window scroll. * Fix table layout collapsed when user merged all cells in several rows. * Support copying and pasting fo
TalebRafiepour TalebRafiepour / AndroidSteper Kotlin simple steper view for android 0.5
lasselehtinen lasselehtinen / groschen PHP Wrapper for Opus REST API v1.7.3
wolfy-j spiral / models PHP DataEntity models: set of common data wrappers with field mutators, strict data schemas and reflection capabilities v2.0.2 - PSR-12
ZSAIm ZSAIm / iqiyi-parser Python 解析下载爱奇艺视频 v1.2 * **2019/04/25** * 重构项目。 * 添加支持下载Bilibili视频。 * 加入ffmpeg的支持。(目前仅用来视频和音频的合并)
opoudjis metanorma / ietfbib Ruby RFCBib: retrieve RFC Standards for bibliographic use using the BibliographicItem model v0.4.6 Add script tag to relaton XML output #17
peppy0510 peppy0510 / PyWinStartup Python Windows Startup Manager to kill or hide unwanted processors. 0.1.2
wolfy-j spiral / security PHP RBAC security layer based on NIST definition, role/rule/permission associations, bulletproof v2.1.5 - PSR-12
frenck hassio-addons / addon-glances Lua Glances - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v0.4.1 [Full Changelog][changelog] ✨ This release adds support for the "Add to sidebar" feature that became available in Home Assistant 0.92. Please note: You need to have Home Assistant 0.
IonutVornicescu eMAGTechLabs / emag-apps-ui-kit JavaScript eMAG Apps UI KIT is a collection of visual elements and guidelines for admin applications. v1.8.2 BugFix(Demo): Fix resources loading Refactor(Sidebar): Reorder components Refactor(Block UI) BugFix(Modal): Fix modal events setup Feature(JqGrid): Add table classes on header table too Feature(J
mrsarthak001 mrsarthak001 / scm-project C++ SCM Project fdec1d6
rihardsgravis rihardsgravis / entangled-node C IOTA Entangled Node bindings v0.2.3
asantaga asantaga / wiserHomeAssistantPlatform Python Platform and related climate/sensors to support the Drayton Wiser Home Heating System R1.3 R1.3 with Read/write functionality
pi0 nuxt / nuxt.js JavaScript The Vue.js Framework v2.6.3 ## Fixes - **cli**: Watch and reload `nuxt.config` (#5574) - **utils**: serialize inline functions (#5051) (#5580) - **vue-app**: Fix context `req` and `res` types (#5560) - **webpack**: Fix pro
nim65s humanoid-path-planner / hpp-affordance-corba C++ corbaserver to provide affordance utilities in python v4.5.0
wileeam TV4 / airflow Python Apache Airflow (Incubating) v1.10.3 Very important: Includes cherry-picked commit 67d8ab760b372919c1d500bd9901dbae48a4517d
lucafavatella aeternity / aeternity Erlang æternity: solving scalability problems by making sense of state-channels v2.5.0
stijnbuurman clearvox / Callcontrol-Client TypeScript A realtime client for ClearVox Call Control 0.0.2 This is the initial release
IonutVornicescu eMAGTechLabs / emag-vuejs-lib JavaScript JS library for admin applications based on Vue JS and eMAG Apps UI KIT v0.1.15 BugFix(UserMenu): Fix translations for user menu Feature(JqGrid): Set classes on component
motin Gapminder / gsheets-gm-functions TypeScript Gapminder-specific custom functions for Google Spreadsheets v0.9.1 * Fixed a bug related to refreshing the data catalog for the first time * Refreshing the data catalog now also fills the "Catalog status" column in the data-dependencies sheet with the GM_D
sk-zr ZooRoyal / coding-standard PHP This Repository contains the necessary files for testing code against out coding standard, 2.0 * Implementing the 'all' command to run all SCA tools. (#31) * Hardening against injection by branch name * Composer.json updated * No more PHP 5 * Removed phpcodesniffer-composer-installe
krook1024 krook1024 / textbook Common Lisp 📚 A simple textbook written for my programming class. 20190425084158-b187e72
DTMad Dynatrace / bosh-oneagent-release HTML BOSH release for Dynatrace OneAgent v1.2.1 Fixed: * For Windows-based VMs the OneAgent BOSH release will now use the .exe instead of the .msi installer * Allowing TLS, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 in order to guarantee a secure download of the OneAgent
dereuromark dereuromark / cakephp-dto PHP CakePHP DTO plugin - quickly generate useful data transfer objects for your app (mutable/immutable) 0.2.4 ### Bugfixes Fixed auto-detect of PHP7.1+
quaquel quaquel / EMAworkbench Jupyter Notebook workbench for performing exploratory modeling and analysis 2.0 2.0 version of the workbench. Main changes: * requires python 3.6 or newer! * move from numpy recarray to pandas dataframe for experiments * consistent API in analysis package with x for experim
aveliz1999 aveliz1999 / coins-server JavaScript Node.js REST API server to accompany the coins-client project. Handles the client requests and interfaces with the mysql database. 0.1.0 Initial release with user registration/login, and basic requests/transactions system.
j8seangel satellitestudio / eslint-config JavaScript CRA based including custom prettier config ready to be used in satellite studio projects 1.1.0 Update create-react-app to support hooks
wooden-utensil wooden-utensil / OP_Rainbow_Swordz C# A Terraria mod that adds an OP Rainbow Sword and other cool items! v6.7.0 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.5
deinhofer asterics / AsTeRICS Java The Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set v4.0.0-alpha1 ## This is an alpha release of AsTeRICS v4.0 You need an [Oracle Java Runtime Environment (32bit recommended, >= 8)]( installed, to execute the AsTeRI
jdhoek JOSM / josm-gridify Java Gridify plugin for JOSM v1.2
Starz0r Starz0r / addo Rust A sudo command for Windows Administrators. v0.9.0
weiyd weiyd / GetIPToWeChat Python 爬取信息定时发送到微信 0.1.0 测试发布
chrissie-c ClusterLabs / libqb C libqb is a library providing high performance logging, tracing, ipc, and poll. v1.0.5 This is a regression fix to 1.0.4 Huge thanks to Ferenc Wágner <> for this
vshlapakov scrapinghub / python-scrapinghub Python A client interface for Scrapinghub's API 2.1.1 - add Python 3.7 support - update msgpack dependency - fix iter logic for items/requests/logs - add truncate method to collections - improve documentation
KushalKatta KushalKatta / rpk_electron JavaScript RPK Backend Electron v0.1.2
frenck hassio-addons / addon-motioneye Shell motionEye - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v0.4.2 [Full Changelog][changelog] ✨ This release adds support for the "Add to sidebar" feature that became available in Home Assistant 0.92. Please note: You need to have Home Assistant 0.
FaureWu FaureWu / zoro JavaScript A Simple Redux Framework, For Weapp, React App and Other. zoro@2.3.6 #### `2019-04-25` > version 2.3.6 * 新增umi-plugin-zoro支持
BureauAudit ANSSI-FR / ORADAD C Outil de récupération automatique des données de l'Active Directory / Automated tool for dumping Active Directory data 2.0.100
artlaman artlaman / chalice-icon-theme no-lang Chalice icon theme for Visual Studio Code v0.0.3
devalex88 katalon-studio / utils Java Utilities to work with Katalon Studio v1.0.5
Myrdrahl Artsdatabanken / nin-kart-frontend JavaScript Ecological maps of Norway 20190425-083538-646f8a2
angels2it angels2it / MWPhotoBrowser Objective-C A simple iOS photo and video browser with grid view, captions and selections. 2.1.3 2.1.3
elusivecodes elusivecodes / FrostCore JavaScript FrostCore is a free, open-source utility library for JavaScript. v1.0.5 - Added isArray method - Added isDocument method - Added isElement method - Added isNode method
suevalov contentful / create-contentful-extension JavaScript Create Contentful Extension is a CLI tool for developing in-app extensions without the hassle of managing build configurations. @contentful/contentful-extension-scripts@0.8.0 ### Features * **contentful-extension-scripts:** allow to override publicUrl ([17c74ad](, closes [#29](
frenck hassio-addons / addon-adguard-home Lua AdGuard Home - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v1.0.1 [Full Changelog][changelog] ✨ This release adds support for the "Add to sidebar" feature that became available in Home Assistant 0.92. Please note: You need to have Home Assistant 0.
openui5bot SAP / ui5-builder JavaScript UI5 Tooling: Builder v1.2.0 ### Features - Add option to use hash signatures in cachebuster info file [`a4e8338`]( ### All changes [`v1.1.1...
Zuluft Zuluft / SafeFragmentTransaction Java This library avoids IllegalStateException when working with Fragments v1.2.1
LGUG2Z LGUG2Z / story Go Workflow tool for implementing stories across multiple inter-dependent node projects in a meta-repo v0.3.3 ## Changelog 462e494 fix: update command to operate on the metarepo as well
nsvraja nsvraja / MO-IPT-NEW Fortran Multi-Orbital Iterated Perturbation Theory V1.1 Several bugs and paths in V0.9 at msjarrell/MO-IPT have been fixed. Thye convolutions have been implemented through open-source fast Fourier transforms. And the k-summations for the DFT+DMFT calculati
keichinger Becklyn / OrderedFormBundle PHP This bundle adds functionality for ordering form elements 1.1.0 ## :gift: New Features * Added support for Symfony 3.4 ## :hammer_and_wrench: Internal * Fix deprecations in form extension
barmac bpmn-io / diagram-js JavaScript A toolbox for displaying and modifying diagrams on the web. v3.3.0 - chore(CHANGELOG): update to v3.3.0 c43965a - chore(README): rename Gitter -> Node Sequencer fb54578 - fix(modeling): correctly layout connection on reconnect* f7cc7a8 - chore(project): bump
subzerobo subzerobo / sabalim-action-wrapper PHP Action Wrapper Library for Before/After Specific action handling v1.0.2
Keith-CY cryptape / microscope TypeScript Blockchain Explorer for CITA v0.4.1 1. Fix docker configuration
IAmWave IAmWave / jwalk C++ Audio-only game v1.1
etienne-napoleone tomochain / create-tomochain-masternode Python Set up a TomoChain masternode by running one command. v1.2.2
smartive-ci smartive / kuby TypeScript "kuby" is a command line tool, written in Node.js that helps with kubernetes deployments and kubernetes managment. v4.4.0 # [4.4.0]( (2019-04-25) ### Features * preview deployment ([#9]( ([66d92ad](
molnarzs garlictech / deepstream-rxjs TypeScript Rxjs wrapper for deepstream functions v1.9.5 <a name"1.9.5"></a> ### 1.9.5 (2019-04-25) #### Bug Fixes * rxjs upgrade ([88a7b054](
gonsolo gonsolo / swift-package-manager Swift The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language 0.4.2
0xB4DF4C3D 0xB4DF4C3D / kelthuzad Go kelthuzad monitors a log. If any errors are detected, then he replaces it with normal one. 1.0 Supported OS: Linux, Mac TO DO: - implement as a service, not a process - support for Windows - make use of yaml for more advanced usage
zrrrzzt telemark / next-dashboard-rambo JavaScript Dashboard for the RAMBO bots 4.0.0 ### Major Changes - Implements offline. Moves to serverless: c3bf3d38f4bba031cdbec1de58fa66452b21debe - Updates now-build: 5ccc5dbda2c2acd9de4267b99f202904fbaa281e - Updates deploy script: e6bbf
thinkh Caleydo / ordino_public JavaScript security adapter for ordino for the public instance v5.1.0 New features: * Add (optional) [Matomo]( tracking
jeremyvaartjes jeremyvaartjes / subminder Vala Keep tabs on your subscriptions. 1.1.0 * French translation from @NathanBnm. * Tooltips added to header bar by @NathanBnm. * The app now shows the proper currency symbol instead of a dollar symbol. * You will now see both the cu

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