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sanselme sanselme / snips Ruby My personal Atom snippets 1.0.3
nemundo nemundo / core PHP Nemundo Core 0.0.5
yeokm1 yeokm1 / SwiftSerial Swift A Swift 3 Linux and Mac library for reading and writing to serial ports. 0.0.12 From pull request:
rimiti dimsolution / dominos-vouchers-crawler JavaScript Domino's Pizza vouchers crawler v1.0.0
Hirse Hirse / vscode-ungit TypeScript Extension to show ungit in Visual Studio Code. v1.0.2 #### Changed - Updated Ungit to 1.1.20
uias-bot uias / Tabman Swift A powerful paging view controller with indicator bar. 0.7.0 0.7.0 release.
artbear silverbulleters / vanessa-runner 1C Enterprise утилита автоматизация базовых операций разработчика 1С 0.11.1
SPARTAN563 Mpstark / articulate C# Articulate is a voice input program for Arma 3. v0.2.14 This release adds the following commands, thanks to @MrQuark and [whitelionx]( from the BI Forums. ### Commands #### Move To (`Spacebar`) -
Ericvulpi Ericvulpi / MusicBar Swift Control your music players from the macOS (OS X) menu bar v1.1
chylex chylex / TweetDuck C# A Windows Client for TweetDeck. 1.8.1 ### New Features - **Update notifications** were redesigned, and include a **Remind me later** option - **Notification scroll speed** can now be changed ### Enhancements - Redone the **timeline
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Nginx Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, User-Agents, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, with anti-DDOS, Wordpress Theme Detector Blocking and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V3.2017.06.600
lindahu1 lindahu1 / ansible-mgt-users Shell Ansible Role to manage users. v1.1 * Enhance test cases for Travis-CI * Change Ansible Role Name: from user_accounts to users
Wyqer Wyqer / kp_liberation SQF The work on GreuhZbugs Liberation Mission for ArmA 3 continues... v0.955 * Added: Some small aesthetic things for the buildlist * Added: Exception for TFAR items from the 1.0 Beta (it's TFAR_ and not tf_ in the classnames there) * Added: Malden missionfile. Thanks to [Ap
DamienCassou DamienCassou / json-navigator Emacs Lisp View and navigate JSON structures v0.1.0
yamachu yamachu / World C++ A high-quality speech analysis, manipulation and synthesis system v1.1.2
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / Travis-CI-Nginx-for-Testing-Nginx-Configuration Shell How to get Travis CI to test Nginx code including nginx.conf, vhosts and custom nginx code you have written and need to test using Travis CI's build checker. V3.2017-06.419
chautruongthinh chautruongthinh / android_device_pantech_ef63 C Release version of Vega Iron 2 20170624 - Update source 24-06-2017 - Fix echo in call - Kernel updated
dktapps pmmp / PocketMine-MP PHP A server software for Minecraft Pocket Edition in PHP 1.6.2dev-3.0.0-ALPHA6 **For Minecraft PE** Beginning of strict types, some performance improvements, lots of bug fixes. **DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN ALPHA SNAPSHOT. THIS BUILD IS NOT FEATURE-COMPLETE AND IS LIKELY
TheSylence TheSylence / Twice C# Twitter Windows Client v0.10.4 # Changes - More performance improvements - Unfavorited status is immediately removed from favourites column - Image viewer can be closed by clicking outside the dialog - Image viewer is now corre
kelunik amphp / redis PHP Async Redis client built on the amp concurrency framework v0.3.0 Initial release on Amp v2.
semin-lev DarvinStudio / DarvinImageBundle PHP This bundle provides images management functionality. 5.5.0 Now you can use image_imagine('filter_name') in twig for resize image entity with liip imagine filter configuration config liip_imagine: filter_sets: app_upload_preview
Chillee VSCodeVim / Vim TypeScript :star: Vim for Visual Studio Code v0.9.0 VSCodeVim's 100th release! We've come a long way :') Not many changes in this one, but the changes we do have are some of the most requested changes we've ever had. * Fixing our off by one error
jackprawns jackprawns / customizer CSS Responsive CSS Framework! v0.1.0
n0ix n0ix / SFDL.NET Visual Basic SFDL.NET Project NIGHTLY_24062017 **Changelog:** * Fixed a Bug in GetRecursiveListing * improved priority handling a little * Added Feature #155
kaganus kaganus / weapons SourcePawn CS:GO Custom Weapon Options (Skins, NameTag, StatTrak, Wear/Float, Knives) v1.0.3 Fixed a bug with ConVar handling, which made MySQL usage a little pain in the ass Added Portuguese translation provided by ShutDowN
kartik-v kartik-v / bootstrap-fileinput JavaScript An enhanced HTML 5 file input for Bootstrap 3.x with file preview, multiple selection, and more features. v4.4.2 **Date:** 24-Jun-2017 - (enh #1005): Update Dutch Translations. - (enh #1004): New Krajee Explorer Font Awesome Theme. - (bug #995): Correct and fix image load jquery event triggering for browser
Mincka Mincka / DMArchiver Python A tool to archive the direct messages and images from your private conversations on Twitter 0.1.3 Fix #17 Handling of non-text messages
desyncr zsh-users / antigen Shell The plugin manager for zsh. v2.2.1 This is a bugfix release to address varios issues regarding extensions such as lock and parallel. Includes documentation and minor enhancement as well. # Changes - Avoid compiled theme artifact
yash0087 yash0087 / react-native-elements JavaScript Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit v1.2.0
sid-engel sid-engel / MaterialCraft HTML An incredibly unique and sleek MC server site, designed with materialize. v1.12 The staff page has been made prettier. It now displays an image, and a nice card-panel to hold some basic information.
whs whs / K2AUSBKeyboard Java Keepass2Android USB Keyboard plugin v1.3 Added default layout option Thanks to @gt945
string-lzc string-lzc / IOSDIalogMaster Java ios风格的安卓弹出框和底部弹出框 1.0 ios风格的弹出框和底部弹出框
Wramberg Wramberg / TerminalView Python Terminal inside Sublime Text 3 view v0.3.0 Feature release including * Support for copying selection in terminal into clipboard * Support for pasting contents from clipboard into terminal * Keybindings for moving ST3 cursor to facilitate
atruskie atruskie / index-file-perf-test C# Benchmark tests of various generic application file formats for cached binary blobs v1.0 Pre-publish
vaeth vaeth / portage-bashrc-mv Shell Provide support for /etc/portage/bashrc.d and /etc/portage/package.cflags for the portage package manager (Gentoo Linux) v14.4
egalli64 egalli64 / springtime Java Learning about Spring Framework 5.5 We need to register users for our Spring Web App. A form is presented in the View, the data is stored in a bean, pushed in a repository in the Model, the Controller orchestrates the connections. In
shadow11177 shadow11177 / ccminerGUI C# A GUI for the CCMiner, NSGMiner or BFGMiner for People mining on Coinotron or p2pool 0.4.2 Added an error message to remind you to change the settings started beefing up the number conversion shortened the value and palance of your ftc stats (still using full resolution for the chart)
moccalotto moccalotto / hayttp PHP HTTP request made easy! 0.9.2 Improves detection of content types. before fix: `Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8` was not detected as json. after fix: `Content-Type: foo/bar;whatever` is now correctly parsed
enums enums / Pjango Swift A server-side framework working like Django based on Perfect. 0.3.0
gjerokrsteski gjerokrsteski / pimf-framework PHP Micro framework for PHP that emphasises minimalism and simplicity v1.10.1-beta
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / apache-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker Shell Apache Block Bad Bots, Spam Referrer Blocker, Vulnerability Scanners, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Malicious Sites, Wordpress Theme Detectors and Fail2Ban Jail for Repeat Offenders V2.2017.06.347
aksource aksource / MultiToolHolders Java this add toolholders in Minecraft 1.12.0-1.4.8 build2348以降のRegistryシステムに対応
amannocci amannocci / kibana-plugin-metric-percent JavaScript Plugin for Kibana Version 5.x.x 5.4.2
RadarNyan RadarNyan / ElectronicObserver C# 七四式电子观测仪 ( 汉化版 ) v2.6.2-m2 基于原版 v2.6.2 信息:汉化内容、区分中日文字体 日志:跟随主题配色、区分中日文字体 舰队编成:扩大标签拖动死区 ( 优化数位板使用体验 ) 掉
ikatyang ikatyang / dts-jest TypeScript A preprocessor for Jest to snapshot test TypeScript declaration (.d.ts) files v20.4.0 #### 🚀 New Feature - Add actual test transformer (`dts-jest/transform-actual`) with `//=> value` comment
mitchellkrogza mitchellkrogza / Badd-Boyz-Hosts Shell A hosts file for use on any operating system to block bad domains out of your servers or devices. V1.306
jeremytammik jeremytammik / q4r4_populate_tbc Python q4r4 is QARA, a Question Answering system for Revit API 1.0.6 populate blog posts with addblogpost.js
PulseRainmaker PulseRain / M10SerialAUX C++ Auxiliary Serial Port for PulseRain M10 board 1.0.0 Initial release for M10SerialAUX library
Bleuzen Bleuzen / Blizcord Java Discord Bot written in Java using JDA and lavaplayer 0.3.7 New installers AUR and DEB packages follow soon
PaulWoitaschek PaulWoitaschek / MaterialAudiobookPlayer Kotlin Minimalistic audiobook player v3.3.6.4
Trylobot Trylobot / ss-nom Java Starsector Mod: The Nomads 1.1.2-rc3 Mostly small tweaks but apparently re-introduced an exception when trying to open comms with any Nomad fleet or Station: ```126849 [Thread-4] INFO com.fs.starfarer.campaign.rules.Rules - Looking
ColinDuquesnoy ColinDuquesnoy / MellowPlayer C++ Cloud music integration for your desktop test-deploy-on-tag This release will be removed soon.
tag-them tag-them / metoothanks Kotlin An Android app for creating and manipulating pictures 0.5.1 Fixed a crash when adding text on Lollipop
aclemons aclemons / java-readline Java GNU readline and BSD editline wrappers for Java v0.8.1 - getVar()/setVar() - unicode support - added bats test case and running on travis ci - various build fixes [libreadline-java-0.8.1-src.tar.gz](
cosote MyBotRun / MyBot no-lang Public source to MyBot MBR_v7.2.1 This release works with SC May 22 game update with Builder Base AND adds some new features. Change log: * Add Builder Base collect resources and activate Clock Tower * Add Bot Android Option &
RayKoopa Syroot / NintenTools.Bfres C# .NET library for loading and saving the Nintendo BFRES graphics archive format. 1.0.1 - Fix `ResDict.Add()` method from always throwing a bogus "Key already exists" exception. - Make a lot more properties writable instead of read-only. - `AnimCurve.Keys` are now multi-dimen
eshirazi eshirazi / ember-resizable-table JavaScript A table with resizable cells component for Ember.js 0.7.3
PulseRainmaker PulseRain / M10SRAM C++ SRAM (Microchip 23LC1024) library for PulseRain M10 board 1.0.0 Initial release for M10SRAM library
pradeep1991singh pradeep1991singh / cordova-plugin-secure-key-store Objective-C Cordova plugin for securely saving keys, passwords or strings on devices. v1.5.1
sagarjadhav sagarjadhav / marvy CSS Theme Demo: 1.0.4
vaeth vaeth / chessproblem C++ Chess and chess problem C++11 libraries with a demo program for finding solutions of chess problems (mate, selfmate, and helpmate) with cooks v2.8
aNNiMON aNNiMON / Lightweight-Stream-API Java Stream API from Java 8 rewritten on iterators for Java 7 and below v1.1.8 - Added `findIndexed` operator. Thanks to @PromanSEW - Added an ability to run action after closing streams. Stream classes now implements `Closeable`, `close` and `onClose` methods are added. Thanks
tenox7 tenox7 / listdisk C List and Query Physical Disk Properties on Windows NT based systes 2.7
piksel piksel / phantomjs-raspberrypi no-lang PhantomJS for Raspberry Pi v1.9.8
peter-gribanov anime-db / anime-db PHP Anime DB v0.3.29 # Changes * Make unique secret key after composer install/update * Use stable versions of Symfony and Twig * Update dependencies * Test on PHP 7.1
zdying hemsl / hemsl JavaScript Node.js command line argv parser v1.1.0
LemonSkin LemonSkin / KerbinSpaceStation no-lang A contract pack for KSP, designed to replace the current Space Station Missions - Full Station Science support: Contracts added for all Station Science modules - Station progression has been reworked, it's now possible to build the space station earlier in your career and the sc
kenjinote kenjinote / Shisensho C++ 四川省 v1.0.0
RobHolme RobHolme / HL7-Listener C# Command line tool to receive HL7 files via TCP 1.0 Initial release
nkvoronov nkvoronov / Makefile Just enough OS for KODI 8.0.2-20170623
spunkypear spunkypear / HYDRA Visual Basic Annoying program that opens a message box that when closed opens two more of itself. V1.1 Added a text file explaining how the program works.
ruslansalikhov blckchnd / rudex-ui JavaScript Graphical User Interface for Bitshares RuDEX v2.0.170624 new release
Hom-Wang KitSprout / AltiumDesigner_PcbLibrary no-lang AD 元件庫,AltiumDesigner PCB Library v3.0
sea75300 sea75300 / fanpresscm3 PHP FanPress CM News System Version 3 v3.5.3 I'm proud to announce a new release of FanPress CM today. Version 3.5.3 comes with a few bugfixes, TinyMCE 4.6.4 and a couple of new/ improved features. * The article and comment editor a redirecte
sgr-ksmt sgr-ksmt / Alertift Swift Swifty, modern UIAlertController wrapper. 2.0 - Can add multiple actions at once #14 - Changed `Protocol-Oriented-AlertType` using associatedtype and protocol.
eduard93 intersystems-ru / RESTForms no-lang Forms adapter for InterSystems Cache v1.4.1 For real this time.
rhyolight htm-community / highbrow JavaScript HTM 3D Translation Tool for 3d Rendering of HTM Networks 0.0.1 First release
tmurakami tmurakami / classinjector Java A library that provides the ability to inject classes into a class loader. 0.2.7 - Update Javadoc comments
bep gohugoio / hugo Go A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang. v0.24.1 This release fixes some important **archetype-related regressions** from the recent Hugo 0.24-relase. ## Fixes * Fix archetype regression when no archetype file [4294dd8d](
duyisking duyisking / Library C++ KTLT - Assignment 2 v1.1 LIBPRO version 1.1 has finally arrived. You may try it!
daveyx daveyx / chiangrai-trip2 Java Spring Data REST backend for my ReactJS page v0.5 * switch to mysql
jeppefrandsen bang-olufsen / github-oclint Shell OCLint plugin for GitHub v1.0 Initial release
DavidRotert DavidRotert / Desktop-4-Network Python Remote control for desktops v1.0.1 This is the first real release for Desktop 4 Network.
net rmct / AutoReferee Java Bukkit plugin for automatically refereeing competitive Minecraft matches. v2.8.4 ## Changelog - [AutoReferee HUD Mod]( compatibility update (@charburgx)
RobHolme RobHolme / HL7-Powershell-Module C# HL7 PowerShell Module v1.6.3 minor fix: For Receive-HL7Message, the date/time stamp prefixed to the filename of the file received will now pad a zero for single digit days, months, minutes or hours.
davdiv musicociel / webapp TypeScript Mobile web application allowing to display songs. v0.1.3 <a name"0.1.3"></a> ### 0.1.3 (2017-06-24) #### Bug Fixes * no longer build search index in the background when synchronizing ([4eb95728](
bfred-it bfred-it / shorten-repo-url JavaScript Shorten GitHub links like GitHub shortens Issues and Commit links. v1.1.0 ### Minor Changes - Add currentUrl parameter to applyToLink: 04142b9b22346fffadab9753c7a360c3bffd7cb9 ### Documentation - Document currentUrl parameter: 90a32f3405ae5f5feb4ce08937bac1a50741
Corecii Corecii / Spectrum C# Spectrum Mods, modified. ServerMod.C.0.5.6 Renames `autoSpecCountsAsPlayer` to `autoSpecHostIgnored` for clarity. Note: this change was simple enough to publish enough though it could not be tested.
JavidPack JavidPack / RecipeBrowser C# RecipeBrowser mod for tModLoader v0.2.0.3
harryparkdotio harryparkdotio / ipc-flux JavaScript Flux like state & action management across electron processes (ipc). v0.2.8 - externalDispatch callback fixes - more verbose errors regarding caller and target processes
tmurakami tmurakami / mockito4k Kotlin A Kotlin wrapper around Mockito 2. 0.8.0 - Inline almost all the functions
be5invis caryll / otfcc C Optimized OpenType builder and inspector. v0.8.1 ### Notable Changes - (0.8.1) Fixed data corruption when writing an empty GSUB/GPOS lookup. - (0.8.0) Added CMAP format 14 (UVS) support. - (0.8.0) Optimized CFF parser to reduce redundent Hint M
rmcarlsson rmcarlsson / wbc C# Windows beer calculator v1.0.1.0
Sweets Sweets / sndcld-dl C++ SoundCloud downloader. 2.0 Rewrote in C++. Requires json11 and curlpp.
sadovnychyi autocomplete-python / autocomplete-python Python Jedi based Python autocomplete for Atom v1.9.1 * Don't destructure TouchBar if it doesn't exist (
dbetebenner CenterForAssessment / randomNames HTML Function to generate random gender and ethnicity correct first and/or last names. Names are chosen proportionally based upon their probability of appearing in a large scale data base of real names. 1.0-0.0 Pushing out a full release with a [GitHub Pages website](
Kfirco12 benhuri / Mifalot TypeScript Mifalot - Education and social project v1.0 Final release, ready to use.
hfreire hfreire / tinder-wrapper JavaScript A :revolving_hearts: Tinder :package: wrapper library v1.0.3 <a name"1.0.3"></a> ### 1.0.3 (2017-06-24) #### Bug Fixes * **babel:** properly transpile extended error classes ([a1fb9cf1](
zgmrvn zgmrvn / corp-edition C++ Outils d'édition du CORP pour Arma 3. v0.5.1
hfreire hfreire / happn-wrapper JavaScript A :revolving_hearts: Happn :package: wrapper library v1.0.2 <a name"1.0.2"></a> ### 1.0.2 (2017-06-24) #### Bug Fixes * **babel:** * properly transpile extended error classes ([840f1de5](
Polpetta Polpetta / MobileProgrammingNotes TeX Notes about 'Mobile Programming' course in Italian 0.2 Solo il lab4 manca, il resto e' stato verificato. Buona lettura 📚
metral metral / tectonic-installer HCL Install a Kubernetes cluster the CoreOS Tectonic Way: HA, self-hosted, RBAC, etcd Operator, and more 1.6.4-tectonic.1_0.0.6 ## Changes - Remove pinning of CL to 1353.8.0 and re-enable CLUO - Parameterize external DNS server used for DNS registration of nodes and as a resolver in the console proxy - Move the console-prox
dbetebenner dbetebenner / randomNames HTML Function to generate random gender and ethnicity correct first and/or last names. Names are chosen proportionally based upon their probability of appearing in a large scale data base of real names. 1.0-0.0 Pushing out a full release with a [GitHub Pages website](
Miachol JhuangLab / BioInstaller R BioInstaller can be used to download/install bioinformatics tools, dependences and databases in R relatively easily. v0.1.2 - Use v0.3.0 configr: glue parse be supported - inst/extdata/nongithub_databases_blast.toml be added, a example to download NCBI Blast FTP databases - Cancel windows OS install step - Several singl
dertseha inkyblackness / deck Go This is the release package of the InkyBlackness project v0.9.0 This release contains several usability features for the game editor: * Sloped tiles are indicated in the level map. The outer, green triangles indicate an elevated floor corner. The inner, red trian
Persistent13 Persistent13 / PS.pfSense PowerShell PowerShell tools for pfSense foo
FedeDP FedeDP / Clight C A C daemon that turns your webcam into a light sensor. It will adjust screen backlight based on ambient brightness. 0.14 New Clight release: * added a dimmer module * added a dpms module * less verbose logging * various fixes
pithyone pithyone / wechat PHP 企业微信 API v0.1.0
ruslo hunter-packages / protobuf C++ Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format v3.0.0-hunter-4
johanlofberg yalmip / YALMIP Matlab MATLAB toolbox for optimization modeling R20170624 For release notes see
JayMontana36 JayMontana36 / vBoxSysInfoMod Batchfile VirtualBox VM System Information Modifier v4 Implemented Masking of VM Indications in TaskManager and others, as well as the ability to specify system/bios build dates. Code's also been optimized to avoid having more duplicate code than required
PhilippDE PhilippDE / Categories Java Work in progress categories multiplayer game for android. v1.6.6
martec martec / Rin-Editor_for_phpBB CSS WYSIWYG Editor for phpBB (Powerd by CKEditor) 0.0.8-alpha
gubatron frostwire / frostwire Java An easy to use Cloud Downloader, BitTorrent Client and Media Player. Search, Download, Play, Share frostwire-desktop-6.5.3-build-240 ``` frostwire (6.5.3) stable; urgency=high * New jlibtorrent * Fixed Thread pool max size issue * Serbian, Albanian, Japanese, Korean translations updated -- FrostWi
freemanjp gantsign / ansible-role-visual-studio-code Python Ansible role for installing the Visual Studio Code IDE 2.10.1 Enhancement: * #77: Updated to Visual Studio Code 1.13.1 Other changes: * #78: Migrated from docker-engine to docker-ce
develar electron-userland / electron-builder TypeScript A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with “auto update” support out of the box v19.9.1 ### Features * Support setting boolean properties with --extraMetadata ([9e77231](, closes [#1674](
uias-bot uias / Pageboy Swift A simple, highly informative page view controller. 1.3.1 1.3.1 release.
arturparkhisenko arturparkhisenko / gulp-gold JavaScript :wrench: Custom Gulp pack v1.1.0 :up: deps, webpack3
ivantsov ivantsov / yandex-mail-notifier JavaScript Chrome ( and Firefox ( extension for Yandex.Mail v4.1.1 * Add additional debug info to solve
Curlip Curlip / rotmg-item-calculator JavaScript Currently the base of what will become an item calculator for ROTMG, taking data from htps:// v0.3.0 ##Interface Clicking on the item now displays a menu with additional information and actions. I'm about to begin the calculator section for weapons. Also now tracks weapon info and equip stats.
fcannizzaro fcannizzaro / npm-install Python auto install npm modules, show npm icons, open npmjs documentation. 1.1.6 - move to **default sublime settings**
QuiCM QuiCM / Headquarters C# A C# Library for creating and running commands concurrently v1.3.0 Headquarters Release v1.3.0. View commits for this release [here](
SimonImbrogno SimonImbrogno / Grun no-lang Sublime Text colour scheme. 1.2.0
piotr-oles Realytics / immutable-models TypeScript Create immutable models driven by Immutable.js iterables. v0.1.1 * Improve typings
MarcoAntonini 3Dartists / dc42-RepRapFirmware-Alligator no-lang dc42 RepRapFirmware for Alligator Releases Alligator_r2-1.19beta7 []( A single binary for all types of pri
jdsingh jdsingh / timber-loggly Java A Timber tree that posts to Loggly v2.0 Updated Timber and Support library version.
dcefram dcefram / Stupendous CSS Another ghost theme 1.5.1 - bugfix: remove extra spacing on top of page and post layouts - bugfix: next/previous suggested post flex basis should depend on max-width
kelunik amphp / uri PHP Uri Parser and Resolver. v0.1.1 - Fixed bogus return type declaration for `Uri::getQueryParameter()`
matsu-chara matsu-chara / gol Go gol(go link) is a url shortner that run in cli and browser. v0.1.1 add dump
MarcoAntonini MarcoAntonini / RepRapFirmware C OO C++ RepRap Firmware Alligator_r2-1.19beta7 []( A single binary for all types of pri
AlexeyGorokhov AlexeyGorokhov / mlingual JavaScript Create sets of textual files in different languages from templates v2.0.0 Complete re-write. ### Breaking Changes * New API ### New Features * Flat template output mode. * Saving dictionary files.
Halluzination Halluzination / cpp-snake C++ A simple Snake game for Windows v1.1 +Added score system The compiled version of my simple snake game. Compiled with TDM-GCC-64 on Windows x64.
codyyeachann CodyyAndroid / Downloader Java 原生断点续传下载 0.1.3 移除延迟发送功能,改为实时发送
mithrandie mithrandie / csvq Go SQL like query language for csv v0.2.1
sebastianbassen sebastianbassen / SteamDesktopAuthenticator C# Desktop implementation of Steam's mobile authenticator app
BhavinGupta BhavinGupta / BGLogger Swift A Dynamic Swift Logger for debug mode to print the values for your project. 1.0.0
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm64 no-lang arm64 sources and releases for opengapps 20170624 Automatically generated builds of 24 June 2017 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
sinadarvi sinadarvi / kotlin-for-android-developers no-lang <<Kotlin for android developers>> book v1.0 * Translated from Chinese to english * The book is available on [gitbook]( __future plans:__ * Compare every page of this electronic bo
basiliscos basiliscos / cpp-bredis C++ Boost::ASIO low-level redis client (connector) v0.02
katabamia SydneyMOD / meth C# Mod Environment management Tool for Heister 1.0 Add: list disable enable freeze
frechei frechei / gitlab-git-test Ruby fdfd v1.0
elafarge elafarge / confsyncer Go Synchronizes a configuration folder with a remote KV-store forever v0.1.0 Initially, I wanted to share some config files between load-balancer pods (ingress controllers actually). Basically, TLS certs obtained dynamically by my ingress controllers Traefik. This little
joshp23 joshp23 / YOURLS-title-refetch PHP A simple plugin to refetch poorly defined titles in YOURLS 1.0.0 ### Fully functional release - add essential api refetch-title fix (core of the plugin) - add extra api maint. stuff to work with future development and fix bad url's that have already populated t
ChrisFernandez ChrisFernandez / hispagatos-enumeration Shell Bash script that runs most of the external enumeration with some logic 0.0.2 Another snapshot release for those testing.
ranjib ranjib / reef-pi Go A Raspberry Pi based open source reef tank controller 0.0.6
DarkByte7 DarkByte7 / VisualPlus C# Windows Forms .NET UI Development Library. v0.4.0.7
nilsreiter nilsreiter / uima-util Java Utility components for Apache UIMA v0.7.2 # Changelog - tuning the CoNLL exporter: - It is now possible to include the collection id - We can define paths over arrays # Installation As a maven dependency: ```xml <dependenc
PulseRainmaker PulseRain / M10CODEC C++ Voice Codec (Si3000) library for PulseRain M10 board 1.0.1 Keep files in sync
thery math-comp / math-comp Coq Mathematical Components mathcomp-odd-order.1.6.1 odd order theorem
Jeff-Lewis Jeff-Lewis / async-hook-jl JavaScript Inspect the life of handle objects in node v1.7.5 * dep: fix package.json node engine semver
kelunik amphp / socket PHP Non-blocking socket and TLS functionality for Amp. v0.10.0 Initial Amp v2 release.
blacksmoke26 blacksmoke26 / Yii2-Manual-CHM no-lang Yii 2 latest guide/Api/Docs in a CHM format 2017.06.24 What's new? - Removed deprecated extension `yii2-codeception` . > This package is deprecated. All the features were intergrated into Codeception Yii2 module. - Fixed some links in html files
justinhunt justinhunt / moodle-filter_poodll JavaScript The PoodLL Filter v3.0.44 This is mainly a bug fix release for a problem introduced in v3.0.43 where the Flash MP3 Recorder AMD load script would fail, or in some cases create havoc with javascript in general
nikhiln nikhiln / django-easy-audit Python Yet another Django audit log app, hopefully the simplest one. v0.9.2.1
hirak spindle / spindle-collection PHP The fastest php collection library 0.0.2 Fixed some bugs & improve `Spindle\Collection::range`
Jeff-Lewis Jeff-Lewis / cls-hooked JavaScript CLS using AsynWrap instead of async-listener for node 4.7+ v4.1.7 * dep: fix package.json engine semver to allow 6.10.x * dep: Forked [async-hook]( to [async-hook-jl]( to fix it
josephmcmac josephmcmac / JosephM.Xrm.WorkflowScheduler C# Dynamics CRM solution to configure workflow processes to run on a recurring schedule Fix when wait seconds per workflow > 10 causing sandbox time limit to exceed Change picklist field to display loading... prior to view names loaded
eclipxe13 eclipxe13 / XLSXExporter PHP PHP Office Open XML Spreadsheet (xlsx) exporter v1.5.5 - Fix bug when the array in the ProviderArray has non consecutive keys - Improve ProviderIterator, use count() method if the $iterator parameter is an instance of \Countable - Set composer specific
dosarkz dosarkz / laravel-uploader PHP Laravel file uploader 0.2.1 Support Laravel 5.4 service provider
gacopl gacopl / NiceHash-farmmanager HTML This will allow you to monitor all your nicehash mining rigs in one place 0.1 # NiceHash-farmmanager This will allow you to monitor all your nicehash mining rigs in one place, easily add and remove rigs from UI Of course you will need NiceHashMiner from my repo it includes pa
wfyhehe wfyhehe / tetris-winform C# Famous game Tetris with more original functions v2.1 Enjoy it!
Cannonb4ll Cannonb4ll / LaraPay PHP Laravel wrapper to make payments even more simple through their API 1.1
bmdanielsson bmdanielsson / marvin-chess C Marvin - An UCI/XBoard compatible chess engine v2.1.0 ### New features * Support for Syzygy tablebases * Support for the Xboard 'egtpath' command * Support for the Xboard 'memory' command * Support for the UCI 'SyzygyPath' command * SYZYGY_PATH ini-
msarca opis-colibri / user-sql PHP SQL based implementation for user module 3.0-alpha.2
PulseRainmaker PulseRain / M10I2C C++ I2C (both master and slave) library for PulseRain M10 board 1.0.0 Initial release of M10I2C library
PHLAK DirectoryLister / DirectoryLister PHP A simple PHP based directory lister that lists a directory and all it's sub-directories and allows you to navigate there within. 2.7.1 **Changes to 2.7.1** - Fixed error when navigating to a parent directory via breadcrumb links Full changelog:
applepudding applepudding / ffxiv.act.applbot C# Robot, callouts, and timeline plugin for boss encounters. Sequence contains no elements .. fix i hope :(
msarca opis-colibri / user PHP User module 3.0-alpha.2
mownier mownier / pyrobase Swift An iOS lightweight wrapper for Firebase REST API 1.0
drmad drmad / semeele PHP Extremely simple and minimalistic XML generator for PHP. Really, very simple. v1.0.0
sashsvamir sashsvamir / yii2-js-scrollreveal PHP Yii2 asset ScrollReveal js 1.0.0
pisces pisces / SimpleLayout Swift SimpleLayout helps you to using auto layout very easily 1.0.0
czp3009 czp3009 / danmuji Java Bilibili 直播 弹幕姬 java 简易实现 v2.0 实现了插件系统 实现了弹幕发送功能 实现了插件设置菜单 实现了登录机制(目前仅支持使用cookies) 优化代码 重构 编写了一个自动感谢送礼的小插
PulseRainmaker PulseRain / M10SD C++ Secure Digital library for PulseRain M10 board 1.0.1 move M10SD.cpp and M10SD.h to src folder
siordache beryx / text-io Java A library for creating interactive console applications in Java v2.5.0 - text-io-web / client-side library: exposed uuid of TextTerm - RatpackDataServer: changed getters visibility
ngmansion ngmansion / FE8N Assembly 聖魔改造のデファクトスタンダードを目指す物 20170624 [変更]祈りに兵種スキル設定追加 [追加]アイテム「おまもり」
takayasaito takayasaito / precrec R An R library for accurate and fast calculations of Precision-Recall and ROC curves v0.8.0
keirans keirans / azuremetadata Ruby This Puppet module exposes the Azure instance metadata as facts 0.1.0 Initial version released to the forge.
GodMod EQdkpPlus / core PHP EQdkp Plus - The Gamer CMS & DKP System - Core 2.2.15
hongyukeji hongyukeji / eBestMall_Html5 HTML eBestMall是国内电子商务系统及服务解决方案新创品牌。为传统企业及创业者提供零售网店系统、网上商城系统、分销系统、B2B2C商城系统、微信分销系统、行业ERP等产品和解决方案。 1.1.8
havetisyan yahoo / athenz Java Athenz is a role-based authorization (RBAC) system for provisioning and configuration (centralized authorization) use cases as well as serving/runtime (decentralized authorization) use cases. v1.7.16 The Athenz team is happy to announce the availability of v1.7.16 release of Athenz. This release includes the following set of bug fixes and enhancements. #141 update to the latest jetty release -
msonowal msonowal / laraxchange PHP Laravel 5 package for working with multi currency conversions using API. v1.0.7 updated location fix *which now retrieves location information from laravel request->ip() helper which was previously auto detecting and resulting in inconsistent ip/location *this fixes that by
Whalen207 Whalen207 / WH SQF Various mission scripts for Arma 3, inspired by F3, the CMF, and ST. v0.7C See readme. This is a beta build.
breakwa11 shadowsocksr / shadowsocksr-csharp C# ShadowsocksR for Windows 4.5.5 服务器订阅编辑窗口的BUG修正 CRC32: 119EB2FF MD5: 66B1FE380BD62621DCC1B78DDA517EA6 SHA-1: 90DA094B970D2991F1F1CE33D4BF046F81E0E817 SHA-256: 22F5A8321563BB4B932AB6EADE6BCE997170C567842
mcauser mcauser / micropython-pcd8544 Python MicroPython library for Nokia 5110 PCD8544 84x48 LCD 1.1.0
ajchili ajchili / sync Java a Java based multi-client video and audio syncing application 0.5.0
bobthecow bobthecow / psysh PHP A REPL for PHP v0.8.8
helinjiang helinjiang / matman JavaScript Mock service and Tester assistant v0.4.1 本版本主要特性: - 增加了一个方法 `matman.util.requestInMock`,用于在 mock module 中请求现网数据,然后二次加工之后,返回给请求 - 增加了一个新的配
richpeck richpeck / jquery-hashchange JavaScript This jQuery plugin enables very basic bookmarkable #hash history via a cross-browser HTML5 window.onhashchange event. v.1.3.0
HashEngineering HashEngineering / dash-wallet Java Dash Wallet for Android v5.14-beta-4 Added PIN support for View Recovery Phrase
cat-in-136 cat-in-136 / redmine_scheduling_poll Ruby a plugin to provide the simple way to schedule appointments on Redmine v2.1.0 * fix regression issue #14: Could not create a new poll. * show 404 page if the issue does not exist for new/create action. * also fix regression issue #13.
trowski amphp / dns PHP Async DNS resolution built on the amp concurrency framework v0.9.0 Initial release on Amp v2.
JackDn JackDn / NL2API Kotlin NoLimits 2 Telemetry Client v1.0.2
jkawamoto rgmining / tripadvisor Python Trip Advisor Dataset Loader v0.5.6 ### Update - Support Python 3.
jkawamoto jkawamoto / loci Go Testing remote CI scripts locally v0.5.0 <h3>Update</h3><ul><li>Support parallel running tests.</li><li>Support <code>--select</code>/<code>-s</code> flag to specify a runtime versi
azuresdkci Azure / autorest C# OpenAPI (f.k.a Swagger) Specification code generator. Supports C#, Go, Java, Node.js, TypeScript, Python and Ruby. v1.1.0-20170624-2300-nightly This release just contains the binary runtimes for the 1.1.0-20170624-2300-nightly release of AutoRest. To Install AutoRest, install nodej.js 6.9.5 or later, and run > `npm install -g autorest`
jamonholmgren infinitered / ignite-ir-boilerplate-2016 JavaScript A boilerplate for Ignite with best practices we've learned from last year. v0.2.4
MasterGeneral156 MasterGeneral156 / chivalry-engine PHP Chivalry Engine 0.1.1 -Added login page CSRF check. -Added gender change in preferences. -Added Hall of Fame. -Added profiler. -Added user's last action on profile, viewable if staff. -Added Javascript alert if reCapt
lizhengxiao lizhengxiao / TurboBaiduDisk C# Download files from Baidu Network Disk with speed it should be. v0.6b 首次启动会测试当前网络环境最大速度,以后的下载线程数会根据这个值自动设定
shepdelacreme MindPointGroup / RHEL7-STIG Python Ansible role for RedHat 7 STIG Baseline 0.1.2
lespinalrivera lespinalrivera / lame-excuses JavaScript Random Lame Excuses Library :sparkles::rocket::sparkles: v2.0.0 <a name"2.0.0"></a> ## 2.0.0 (2017-06-24) #### Features * **compile:** adding ES6 Support ([ac244693]( #### B
divyank01 divyank01 / Blow_v1 Java JAVA based ORM. 0.0.1 Currently only oracle database is supported due to limitations on sequences.
AlexMasterov AlexMasterov / oauth2-stackexchange PHP Provider for the OAuth 2.0 Client 0.1.1 Improve tests
saantiaguilera saantiaguilera / gradle-api-easy_publish Groovy Publish bintray aar/jar multi-module in a duper easy way v2.0.2 ### CHANGELOG * When creating for the first time a package in bintray, if using licenses it will add the project license to the package
briskemen briskemen / analysis Java analysis 1.0.1 测试
atomist-travisorg atomist / microgrammar TypeScript Atomist microgrammar NPM TypeScript module 0.3.6
matchdav matchdav / fp-utils PHP Some abstractions for functional, prettier programming. v1.0-stable
rarcega rarcega / instagram-scraper Python Scrapes an instagram user's photos and videos 1.4.1 ## Bug Fixes - Changes hashtag and location to use new api endpoints #65
citrabot citra-emu / citra-nightly C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEAES ONLY. For development see our main repo at untagged-4114e09c70c4390c259c
pgodwin pgodwin / GopherServer C# A Gopher Server implemented in C# V0.2 Version 0.2 adds a few more providers. See the readme for details.
daftspaniel daftspaniel / np8080 Dart A web based text editor written with AngularDart. v0.0.20 New Themes are available under the View menu - the selection is persisted. Internally switched to a simple Event Bus and singleton Services. Various other UI tweaks and improvements.
JNeitzel JNeitzel / v6shell C Etsh Project (V6Shell) 4.5.0 See for details.
lwdupont intuit / GroupedArray Objective-C An Objective-C and Swift collection for iOS and OS X that stores objects grouped into sections. v1.1.5 Took two pull requests, one for Swift 3 and one for fixing a macro name.
kokorin kokorin / Jaffree Java Java ffmpeg command-line wrapper v0.1 Fully functional command line wrapper over ffmpeg
jakewmeyer jakewmeyer / Ruby-Scripts Ruby A collection of ruby scripts for those who live in the command line. v1.8.4 **Features Added** * Users can now set their own API keys through environment variables
wamekukyouzin wamekukyouzin / eratohoK HTML eratohoKの開発用レポジトリ 1.4.6 FIX:口上デイリー「お風呂上り」において、見た目和姦シチュエーションであるのにFUCK_RAPEが使われている問題 FIX:外交で見返りとしてアナルセック
wwwillchen wwwillchen / ui JavaScript Customizable set of components for React Native applications v0.13.3
brunchboy brunchboy / dysentery Clojure Exploring ways to participate in a Pioneer Pro DJ Link network v0.2.0 This version incorporates a great deal of new discoveries about how to obtain track metadata, playlists, beat grids, cue lists, and track waveform data from players, as well as new interpretations of
wwwillchen wwwillchen / animation JavaScript Animate your React Native components v0.10.2
nhoxbypass USAssignmentWarehouse / Chess Java An awesome Java Chess with AI and network socket v1.0.0 This is the first release for alpha testing. Any help and error reporting would be appreciated!
wmsgood wmsgood / ShowSQLPlan Python 一个快速查看Oracle中SQL的执行计划工具 v1.0 稳定可用,代码高亮
wwwillchen wwwillchen / theme JavaScript Style your React Native components on one place v0.9.1
Pandaaaa906 Pandaaaa906 / ScrapyAutoDb Python Storing Scrapy items in database v0.0.1
toplan toplan / phpsms PHP :iphone::rocket:Probably the most intelligent, elegant sms send library in php (可能是目前最聪明、优雅的php短信发送库了) 1.8.1 1. fix #120 2. fix #121 4. 修复阿里云代理器签名bug
Hailiax Hailiax / DocsJS JavaScript Documentation. Simplified. 1.0.0.pre
dxkim08 dxkim08 / FilterTwitchChat JavaScript 2017 VS.K v_2017.06.24.r2 [크롬 웹 스토어에서 다운로드]( ## 수정 사항 * Twitch.TV의 모든 생방송 및 VOD
dutchenkoOleg dutchenkoOleg / gulp-ejs-monster JavaScript OBT 0.2.0
AO-StreetArt AO-StreetArt / 0-Meter Python 0-Meter: A 0MQ Load Testing Tool 1.0 Initial Release of 0-Meter
WindstormSCR BSData / wh40k-mobile-format Gosu Warhammer 40,000: 8th Edition Mobile Format v1.0.2
drostron quasar-analytics / quasar Scala Quasar Analytics is a general-purpose compiler for translating data processing and analytics over semi-structured data into efficient plans that run 100% in the target infrastructure. v18.8.5 18.8.5: Don’t create an autojoin when one side is a constant. (Merge branch 'sellout-dont-join-constants') This avoids indirect access to constant values, which is something we can hopefully promi
zjuchenyuan zjuchenyuan / safetalk Python End to end talk encryption, defend against censorship v1.0 First release # drag to python.exe to start
ericyue ericyue / mooncake_utils Python just a useful utils for mooncake's personal project. 0.1
t2ym t2ym / live-localizer JavaScript Live Localizer widget for Polymer i18n-behavior 2.0.0 ## Features - Polymer 1.x/2.x hybrid support - Chrome and Firefox support - Export XLIFF from the running app to a local file - Import XLIFF from a local file to the running app - Save XLIFF to
ggggle ggggle / myclient no-lang client docker 1.1 with ffmpeg
KevinKeyser CSUN-SERL / Quado C# 2D Java game for the PATH project. The game aims to measure human trust through predictability of performance and predictability of process. v1.0.27-alpha Fixed saving of doors correct after and before battery decay.
kedixa kedixa / removal C++ 使用Qt制作的(丑陋的)消除游戏 v0.1 Release v0.1
swelljoe virtualmin / virtualmin-install Shell Shell script to perform a Virtualmin GPL or Professional installation v5.9.3 This is the first feature-complete version of the Virtualmin 6 installer (it probably doesn't work everywhere, but when it does work, it probably results in a fully functional Virtualmin 6 system, or
georapbox georapbox / immutable-arrays JavaScript Immutable versions of normally mutable array methods v0.4.1
auchenberg RemoteDebug / remotedebug-ios-webkit-adapter TypeScript Debug Safari and WebViews on iOS from tools like VS Code, Chrome DevTools, Mozilla Debugger.html v1.2.0 Console support added! - Add support of Runtime.compileScript - Add support for Runtime.consoleAPICalled
AllanWang AllanWang / Frost-for-Facebook-APK-Builder no-lang Automated test builds for Frost v83 Automatic Release v83
Lax Lax / Dockerfile Ruby rails-5.1.1
paranoidjk ant-design / ant-design-mobile TypeScript A configurable Mobile UI 1.4.0 - **Feature** - `Button` 新增 `activeClassName` 以自定义点击时类名。([3331f00]( - `Ca
miniers miniers / safari2aria JavaScript 使用aria2替代safari的下载 v2.5 1. 优化定时获取队列逻辑,防止任务过多时流量过大 2. 修改badge为所有正在进行和等待中的任务数量
s2x crazy-goat / octophpus PHP Asynchronous ESI filter for PHP 7.1+ 0.4.1
Dear-Min Dear-Min / NovaClient no-lang Lobby Client for Starcraft : Dawn of Change v1.2.753
harryparkdotio harryparkdotio / electron-process-comms JavaScript Flux like state & action management across electron processes (ipc). v0.2.6 - less code duplication for main & renderer processes
Cervator MovingBlocks / TeraBullet Java An extended version of JBullet offering integration for voxel worlds v1.3.0 What stuff? Dunno! But we're testing it tomorrow! And by tomorrow I mean in 9 hours! Woo!
Sage-of-Mirrors Sage-of-Mirrors / WindWakerCollisionEditor C# An editor for the DZB collision format found in Nintendo's Gamecube games - specifically, all collision in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and object collision in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. v.14 This release adds the ability to export the currently loaded model as a .obj model. This is useful for dumping the native DZB files for use as collision in other games.
aruntk aruntk / wc-loader JavaScript :toilet: Webcomponents webpack loader. v1.1.5 # changelog Avoid external urls
degananda degananda / express-mongodb JavaScript express-mongo db : 1.0
KiameV KiameV / rimworld-rimfridge C# Adds refrigerated racks to keep food and other perishables cold. 20170623 Can now store all items that can deteriorate.
jctrinidad jctrinidad / JavaScript Personal website v1.0 First main release of
tishion tishion / mmLoader C++ Lirary for loading dll module bypassing windows PE loader from memory (x86/x64) release-appveyor-v1.0.0.21 mmLoader libs and demos for x86/x64 all in one.
egoist egoist / devdocs-desktop JavaScript A full-featured desktop app for v0.6.4 ## Fixes - Focus search field after click header - Tweak in-page search ## Install - [macOS]( - [Windows](ht
luiztsmelo luiztsmelo / verdeasy JavaScript :house_with_garden: :sunflower: :seedling: Indoor plants friendly database 0.2.1 <li>Modal trigger fixed (now, able to get data from v-for list).
stefanseefeld stefanseefeld / faber C Faber snapshot/2017-06-23
xor512 xor512 / Python Python script to automatically download albums from site 1.2
weirdtales weirdtales / senor-rosado Go Señor Rosado is a Slack bot 0.1.0
PulseRainmaker PulseRain / M10PWM C++ PWM library for PulseRain M10 board 1.0.0 Initial release for PWM library
ckampfe ckampfe / vector Elixir an array-backed vector datatype for Elixir v0.2.0 * add new/1 when is_integer(size) * add append * add map/2 * add new/1 when integer test * rearrange new, remove extra * add reverse/1 * add more benchmarks * new benchmarks to RE
briskemen briskemen / Base64Demo2 Java Base64加密jsonObject处理 v1.10.1 测试
firstred thirtybees / paypal PHP PayPal 5.2.0 Finally, we have been able to verify that the terrible rounding issues have been solved. We have been testing until we no longer had any rounding issues. Cart rules, catalog price rules, free shipping
epage cobalt-org / Rust Static site generator written in Rust v0.7.0 ## 0.7.0 (2017-06-24) #### Bug Fixes * **tests:** * Harden CLI tests ([0a73edd0]( * Improve err
jkawamoto rgmining / amazon Python Amazon Dataset Loader v0.5.1 ### Update - Support python 3.
moodmosaic hedgehogqa / fsharp-hedgehog F# Hedgehog will eat all your bugs. v0.3.0 Added exponential range combinators.
kohei-takata BoostIO / boost-releases no-lang 🚀 Boostnote app releases & changelog v0.8.11 ## Features - Add importer which imports files from .md/.txt - Make Ctrl-C copy ## Bug Fix - Rename `T
punpun1 punpun1 / Serial-Block PHP Serial Block модуль для DLE который будет автоматически обновлять данные сериала по мере выхода серий из любой доступной озвучки на а так же обновлять title новости и заполнять доп поля данными. Модуль кроме обновлений доп полей и title новости, может выводить оформленный блок с всеми доступными озвучками, сезонами и сериями а так же автоматически запоминает на какой озвучке, сезоне и серии остановился пользователь сайта. В модуле есть выбор как выводить блок, со всеми сезонами или только по сезонно или выводить просто iframe с ссылкой на видео. На этом преимущества модуля не заканчиваются, он так же может одновременно работать как с посезонным выводом так и не посезонным, что делает модуль просто не заменимым. Еще модуль выводит блок с последними сериями сериалов по озвучкам, или только выводит одну озвучку с наибольшим сезоном и серией а можете просто выводить данные по русским сериалам, зарубежным и аниме отдельно а не вместе - все это настраивается в админ панели. Блок с обновлениями серий может заменить стандартный тег {content}, если включить в настройках вывод пагинации. 1.13
gastonb-cs5610 gastonb-cs5610 / webdev-gaston-brittany JavaScript Assignment1 for cs 5610 Web Developement course assignment3
icewolfz icewolfz / jiMUD TypeScript MUD client for, based on webclient 0.4.0 - **New:** - Display control - Faster then old system by nearly 50% when processing - Fixes find all highlighting performance issues - Cleaner text selection effect - Better exp
ebjohnston ebjohnston / Suda JavaScript Discord Bot utilizing discord.js 1.0.0 #First Major Release - Passively tracks alerts, invasions, news, and weekend bonuses - Can query warframe for current status of many in-game events - Stable npm build - Basic support for dynamic i
d3viant0ne webpack-contrib / extract-text-webpack-plugin JavaScript Extract text from bundle into a file. v3.0.0-beta.3 <a name="3.0.0-beta.3"></a> # [3.0.0-beta.3]( (2017-06-24) ### Bug Fixes
AucT AucT / AucT-Hotkeys-Tool AutoHotkey All-in-one autohotkey based program that enables you to customize your keys, which is usefull for inventory, messages, customkeys and other needed stuff in WarCraft III and Dota. v2.9.3 added 1.28.4 patch support
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm sources and releases for opengapps 20170624 Automatically generated builds of 24 June 2017 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
JackieDo JackieDo / Artisan-PHP-CS-Fixer PHP A PHP-CS-Fixer bridge for use via Artisan CLI on Laravel v2.0.2 [Bug] [615e46d]( Fix bug for the command parameters
TYoung86 TYoung86 / Vulkan.Binder C# Hardy, efficient (low level), portable .NET Standard 1.6 bindings for Vulkan with integrated documentation. Generated directly from Vulkan C headers and docs. Uses ClangSharp, supports 32-bit, 64-bit, agnostic (AnyCPU) interfaces. Incorporates Vulkan Docs and XML from official github repo. 1.3
Trophonix Trophonix / TradePlus Java Easy-to-use, highly configurable trading plugin for Spigot- and Bukkit-based Minecraft servers. 2.43 I added some code that helps to support special characters in the new blocked.lore config item and added support for & color codes.
damiansteiger ProjectQ-Framework / FermiLib Python FermiLib: Open source software for analyzing fermionic quantum simulation algorithms v0.1a2
IcySon55 IcySon55 / Kuriimu C# A general purpose game translation toolkit for authors of fan translations. v1.0.2
pfstrack pfstrack / eldamo XSLT An Elvish Data Model in XML v0.5.6 * Finished data entry for PE15. * Began Early Quenya phonetic analysis. * Reviewed Early Quenya name descriptions.
dkzwm dkzwm / SmoothRefreshLayout Java A highly efficient refresh library for Android . In theory , Can support all Views. 1.0.2 Fixed NestedScroll bugs; Add NestedScroll sample;
master-atul master-atul / react-native-exception-handler JavaScript A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions. 1.1.0 Added method to get the handler
mckays630 ICGC-TCGA-PanCancer / pcawg-operations Python This contains whitelists that assign work to different processing sites for Pancancer 2017-06-24 Blacklist release for 2017-06-24
LukeMS LukeMS / dnf-lua Lua Lua ongoing port of DNF v0.1-alpha First release ever! It allows you to see a map. That's it.
clancyz wmfe / xcui Vue :fork_and_knife: A Vue.js 2.0 desktop components colletion 2.0.0-rc-9 1. add tag feature #132 2. fix suggestion bug #135
wwood wwood / OrfM C simple and not slow ORF caller v0.7.1 Fix bug in printing of reverse complement ORFs when `-p` is specified.
Josantonius Josantonius / PHP-Hook PHP Library for handling hooks 1.0.5
Josantonius Eliasis-Framework / Eliasis PHP PHP Framework 1.1.0
hexadecy beenote / angular-material-datetimepicker JavaScript Datepicker for Angular Material, mimick's Android's date time picker v1.6.6 #110 Support for RequireJS
mixberry8 mixberry8 / v3d C++ Vulkan をラップした 3D グラフィックスライブラリです。 version_0.0.5 * #### 修正 * スタティックライブラリで DLL EXPORT が有効になっていたのを修正しました。 * その他バグを修正をしました。 * #### 変更 * グラ
travi-bot travi / eslint-config-travi JavaScript my eslint config v1.2.15 <a name"1.2.15"></a> ### 1.2.15 (2017-06-24) #### Bug Fixes * **package:** update eslint to version 4.1.0 ([7dc48815](
nmred weiboad / kafka-php PHP kafka php client v0.2.0.4
mrdokenny mrdokenny / Cookie-AutoDelete JavaScript Extension that deletes cookies as soon as the tab closes. 1.4.0b4
zoejane zoejane / playground no-lang playground for DUr try all kinds of git actions 0.1 Hello world! ## test test
DrKrar DrKrar / GeoEfficiency.jl Julia Accurate Geometrical Efficiency Calculator v0.9.0
layerssss layerssss / bnb JavaScript Run and serve your web apps in .dev domains on your develop machine. v1.0.3
OMENScan OMENScan / AChoir C++ Windows Live Artifacts Acquisition Script v1.0 AChoir Version 1.0
snappysnappydog snappysnappydog / Simple-IP-Config AutoIt View and change your local IP addresses. 2.8 Inital release on GitHub.
zcolin zcolin / ZUILib Java 自定义Ui库,包含Dlilog系列、WebView系列、Key-Value系列等。一般常用的会放到这个库里,不常用的会再单独起一个库。 1.4.0
extesy extesy / DeckTracker no-lang Universal Deck Tracker for collectible card games such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Eternal 1.0.43 1. Adds support for folder paths with Unicode characters for #5. 2. Deck import now uses card ids if available, falling back to name matching if not.
baopoguicai baopoguicai / Algorithm no-lang binary search 1.0 1.0 大变换后
daattali daattali / ggExtra R Add marginal histograms to ggplot2, and more ggplot2 enhancements v0.7 - Complete refactoring of `ggMarginal()` - added visual unit test - added tests over different versions of ggplot2 to ensure compatibility over time - added arguments to `rotateTextX()`
ChlodAidanAlejandro ChlodAidanAlejandro / PandaBundle Java A pile of projects containing multiple custom plugins that run on our server, PandaXOX 2. PBv1.0 The first release of PandaBundle, giving access to most of the plugins in this project. Currently does not include PandaAdmin and MobPackage as both are heavily bugged.
carryforward FactomProject / distribution no-lang This repository holds the latest versions of Factom v0.4.2.4 v0.1.3.0 Enterprise Wallet Notes: - [fix] An error regarding the wallet's sync status was showing despite the wallet saying 100% synced. This message would only go away when factomd's second pass hi
TARPTAEYA CrustaBrowser / ScreenShot-Windows- C++ A qt GUI to capture Crusta's screen-shot for creating twitter post and other banners. You can use it for your personal use too. v1.0 A simple GUI ScreenShot win64 app. Developed to capture Crusta Browser screenshots. You can use it for your personal use even commercially!
TheCase TheCase / concourse-test no-lang example of CI/CD using concourse, github, docker/dockerhub, vault, consul and nomad 0.0.2 ---
joachimschmidt557 joachimschmidt557 / Downloader Visual Basic A simple download application 0.9 This is a simple first post-moving-to-GitHub release.
punpun1 dle-modules / Related-Link PHP Релевантная кольцевая перелинковка для DLE 1.0
Benawii Benawii / tenhou-log-collector C A tool for collecting log links and downloading actual log files from Tenhou's Mahjong clients. v1.1.5 Fixed issue with player name encoding conversion to UTF-8
donaldsteele donaldsteele / getDVDTitle Visual Basic getDVdTitle - Attempt to get the movie title of a dvd in your dvd drive V1.0.1 In the event that the dvd title is to new or if the microsoft api does not return a value , the dvd volume label will be returned.
mtjsoft mtjsoft / SwiperefreshRecyclerview Java 支持下拉刷新、上拉加载的 Recyclerview,包括线性布局、网格布局和 流布局 1.0.1
charburgx charburgx / ARHudClientReborn Java A Minecraft forge mod that adds an in-game HUD display, as well as other nifty features, to help referees and stream viewers discern match information 0.2.1 * Added more objective info support * Added "panic button," defaulted to L, which refreshes info in case something goes terribly wrong * ONLY WORKS WITH
titu1994 titu1994 / Neural-Style-Transfer Python Keras Implementation of Neural Style Transfer from the paper "A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style" ( in Keras 2.0+ v0.2.6.2 Bugfix update `- Fixed the tuple index out of bounds error that occurs in Keras 2+`
tamodaleko tamodaleko / oauth2-yahoo PHP Yahoo Provider for OAuth2 Client 1.0
sharwell DotNetAnalyzers / StyleCopAnalyzers C# An implementation of StyleCop rules using the .NET Compiler Platform 1.1.0-beta004 # Beta Release ## Summary - New features - C# 7.1 support (#2423) 🎉 - General improvements - Use 'should' instead of 'must' for warnings (#2036) - Bug fixes - Spacing: SA1000 (#24
Eliastik Eliastik / ah HTML Denis Brogniart – Ah ! 1.0.2 * Ajout du préchargement des données audio (code extrait d'un autre de mes projets, [Hacklol]( ; * Correction du code de préchargement des images ; * Le chargeme
sanity sanity / pairAdjacentViolators Kotlin A JVM implementation of the Pair Adjacent Violators algorithm for isotonic regression 1.4.3
sivasamyk sivasamyk / logtrail JavaScript Kibana plugin to view, search & live tail log events v0.1.16
unkchandev unkchandev / re-nicome Go Replace comments files to niconicolive-based. v0.1.6 Updates ===== - add header and footer to output file
TeaDrivenDev TeaDrivenDev / StatusPotentiae F# System tray application to automatically switch power plans depending on the AC power connection 1.0.0 Initial release
scopewu scopewu / qrcode.vue JavaScript A Vue.js component for QRcode. v1.3.0 Upgrade build to webpack v3; Use vue.js component.
PsiLupan PsiLupan / MakeLobbiesGreatAgain Java Dead by Daylight lobby lag checker 1.37 * KINDRED is a new system that lookups player IDs from a server hosted by ShadowMoose. * This opt-in system means you should have the correct player every time you join them, regardless of if they
bjornbytes bjornbytes / lovr C Virtual Reality for Lua v0.7.1 Add: - Add ``. - Add ``. - Add ``. - Add `Model:getAABB`. - Add `lovrNormalMatrix` uniform to shaders. Change: - Change the mini
jtblin jtblin / kube2iam Go kube2iam provides different AWS IAM roles for pods running on Kubernetes 0.6.4 * Fix #84 - better validation of base ARN * Fix #83 - reverse IDE refactoring of ec2 metadata string
jimsch jimsch / CoAP-CSharp C# CoAP Implementation in C# 1.1.5
juninhodev juninhodev / configurando-apache-virtual Shell Este é um pequeno script com proposito de acelerar a instalação e configuração de um ambiente de trabalho para desenvolvimento web 1.4
josephmcmac josephmcmac / JosephM.Xrm.Autonumber C# An autonumber solution for Dynamics CRM Added description to auto number entity - was throwing error when entity included in unmanaged solution
rcmaehl rcmaehl / NotCPUCores AutoIt The same, but free UI Open NotCPUCores as administrator the follow the tool tips included in the program. This is the FIRST UI release and various quality of life tweaks, improvements, and appearances will be improved a
jimsch cose-wg / COSE-csharp C# COSE Implementation using C# 1.0.5
chrissng datagovsg / airflow-maintenance-dags Python A series of DAGs/Workflows to help maintain the operation of Airflow 1.1 - By subtracting a timespan of 1 day if that the dags runs @daily (and 1 hour if hourly) - More info:
alisinabh alisinabh / prex Elixir REST API client scaffolder for elixir v0.0.3 ## 1. Support url parameters Url parameters are now supported in prex v0.0.3 ```elixir def list_all_users(since \\ nil, limit \\ nil) do req_url = Path.join @base_url, "/users?limit=#
GianFF GianFF / AdHoc Ruby Web system for lawyers v0.4 Las tareas que entran en esta release son: * Carga de notificacion #62 * Carga de mero tramite #62 * Carga de contestacion de demanda #62 * Carga de adjuntos #63 * Presentacion de escritos
nikhilnanivadekar eclipse / eclipse-collections Java The Eclipse Collections Project 8.2.0 The primary theme of 8.2.0 release is to continue leveraging features of Java 8, prepare for Java 9, improve OSGi integration and reduce tech debt. New Functionality ----------------- * Impl
Zamiell Zamiell / isaac-racing-client Lua The client software for Racing+, a Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ racing platform v0.7.5
leesheppard leesheppard / toy_robot Ruby Toy Robot test. v1.1.0 Robot now moves in all directions. North and East are the directions used to identify direction along the axis as the starting point is from the South West corner at 0. From that point, it can only mo
tpoulsen tpoulsen / generate-component Haskell A component generator for React and React Native v0.4.3 Removes unnecessary whitespace at file starts. Facilitates Ubuntu builds.
Hyuchia MonogatariVN / Monogatari JavaScript Monogatari is a simple web visual novel engine, created to bring Visual Novels to the web. v1.3.2 ## Features Added: - New icon placeholders to improve user experience and provide a more transparent expected actions to developers - Image and Audio asset native preloading - An app manifest was a
xristy BuddhistDigitalResourceCenter / ontology-service Java service to access the current BDRC ontology 0.0.3 includes support for classes not defined in the current ontology
ngreen-gt frc1108 / 2017-Robot-Code-Cogsley LabVIEW Cogsley is the code in LabVIEW for FRC Team 1108 for the 2017 v1.0
asd268 asd268 / lora_gateway C Driver/HAL to build a gateway using a concentrator board based on Semtech SX1301 multi-channel modem and SX1257/SX1255 RF transceivers. v3.1.0t
seagirl seagirl / QLWaveForm C A QuickLook plugin that lets you view waveforms of audio files v1.0
mrexodia mrexodia / akt C++ Armadillo Key Tool v0.4 - Fixed Drag&Drop on Vista+ - Better MSVC compatibility - Updated version of `armabrut_opencl` - Fixed bug with inline plugins - Added binaries for all inline plugins - Include [NanoLol](http
brandonlujan brandonlujan / exchange Vala A currency converter for elementary. 0.1.4 Added a swap button to easily change currencies with one click.
briskemen briskemen / ChildInfo no-lang 自定义控件 v1.0.1 releases功能测试
d3viant0ne webpack-contrib / compression-webpack-plugin JavaScript Prepare compressed versions of assets to serve them with Content-Encoding v1.0.0-beta.0 <a name="1.0.0-beta.0"></a> # [1.0.0-beta.0]( (2017-06-24) ### Code Refactoring
xucongli1989 xucongli1989 / CopyWithLineNumbers C# Copy With Line Numbers Visual Studio Plugin v1.0 I had upgraded a little function like this: 1:nothing to selected. > //D:\MyData\GitHub\CopyWithLineNumbers\CopyWithLineNumbers\CopyWithLineNumbersCommand.cs (15) 2:select some code. &
JonathanKirknes JonathanKirknes / Animated-iOS-Segment-Control-Swift-3 Swift Animated iOS segmented control for Swift 3 v1.0 Segmented Control for Swift 3
JonathanKirknes JonathanKirknes / react-redux-feathers-postgresql-template JavaScript A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using react, redux, express, feathersjs and postgresql v1.0 PostgreSQL is not integrated yet.
momibun926 momibun926 / redmine_issue_evm Ruby This plugin provides the function of calculating evm of projects . EVM can help you to track your project progress and its status and to forecast the future performance of the project. 3.9.3
tripleabuilderbot triplea-game / triplea Java TripleA is a turn based strategy game and board game engine, similar to Axis & Allies or Risk.
php-cuong php-cuong / magento2-regions-manager PHP Manage regions in magento2 addresses, regions manager in magento 2 2.1.0 2.1.0
mattmahn mattmahn / git-key-grep Roff Search your git repo for any mistakenly tracked API keys. 1.2.0 ## Features - In the output, the matched text is now colored - Learned how to find private key blocks (e.g., `-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----`) ## Bug fixes, improvements, other - 🐛 Fixed
kevinxia787 kevinxia787 / FilmRoulette Java WatchSomething--DesktopVersion v1.0.1 A Java applet that lets you pick a movie to watch! Just input a genre and a year bound!
forensicmatt forensicmatt / RustyMft Rust MFT to JSON v0.1.0 - JMES Query functionality ( - JSONL output (
Khalian goktugyil / EZSwiftExtensions Swift :smirk: How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work. 1.10 More features and test. Also added support for macos.
Innectic ThePalaceMC / PalaceResourcePack GLSL Palace Network Resource Pack - Main 1.1
acnleditor2 acnleditor2 / BolsaMii_ES no-lang Bolsa Mii, de la plaza mii de Streetpass, en PC. 2
Innectic ThePalaceMC / WDWResourcePack no-lang Palace Network Resource Pack - Walt Disney World 10.7
deniseschannon rancher / cattle Java Infrastructure orchestration engine v0.181.6
themaster402 themaster402 / AstronomersVisualPack no-lang Astronomer's Visual Pack: Updated and Repackaged, a port of the E.V.E. 7-4 visual mod "Astronomer's Visual Pack" to KSP 1.2 and beyond. v3.15 Astronomer's Visual Pack: Updated and Repackaged Must have the following dependencies before installing: <a href=""
mambax7 XoopsModules25x / mastop_go2 PHP Mastop Go2 is a new concept in Spotlights Management for XOOPS sites, following the standards of OO development, facilitating the inclusion of new resources. 1.04_RC2
AndyGrant AndyGrant / EtherealBenchmarking Python EtherBench, A Distributed Mutli-Opponent Chess Engine Testing Framework V1 Replacing this project with a new one. One which will allow not only self testing, but testing versus many opponents. If you are interesting in a self testing framework, one which uses SPRT, see Stock
cabauman cabauman / TTKoreanAcademy Java A Korean study app for Android v1.2.2 **Admin Panel** - Ability to edit course name and tuition - Syllabus editor now stays synced with database - Ability to edit "to" and "from" times in syllabus editor **Front
wircd wircd / ircu no-lang Undernet IRCd For Windows! v2.10.12.16 This is the Windows version of the Undernet IRCd.
bradmac Kademi / kademi-dev JavaScript Contains source code for web page templates 11195 11195
Cythral Cythral / Phroses PHP Upcoming multi-site dispatcher & content management system written in PHP. v0.4.5
minocys 15Prospects / ws JavaScript WS release-1.0.0
GigsD4X F3XTeam / RBX-Building-Tools Lua A set of powerful, easy building tools for ROBLOX. v2.2.0 ### New features * Added color picker to Paint Tool to select any color (0d812b65481cd50f8c4657c5beca08e5ff7ea04a) * Middle (mouse wheel) clicking on parts now selects siblings (other parts under sa
cdelorme cdelorme / serve Go A simple cli utility for service static website files. 1.0.0 Attached are the cross-compiled binaries of a tool that creates a local web file server, with zero optimizations, and launches the page so you can quickly test html.
HunkD HunkD / DeepLink Java Let's use annotation bind parameter provided in deeplink path and query v1.0.0 Add base function and publish on jcenter. * BindParam - use this annotation to auto bind the path/query parameter in deeplink url. * BindLink - use this annotation to bind the route target to specfi
alex-dixon CoNarrative / precept Clojure A declarative programming framework v0.3.1-alpha - Add fullstack example - Add ability to insert facts as Datomic-style entity maps - Add support for arbitrary predicate s-expressions in value slot of rule expressions - Update fact-index based on
JustBru00 JustBru00 / RenamePlugin Java A Spigot/Bukkit Plugin that renames items. v3.1.2 Fixes bug with the economy message. (Found by @Adsy on No config changes in this update.
colbywhite colbywhite / weight-program-schema JavaScript An open-source JSON schema for defining weightlifting programs v0.2.2
gabfl gabfl / vault Python Python password manager 1.0
Fazendaaa Fazendaaa / Anilist-bot JavaScript Bot that searches data in Anilist. 2.4.0
shbatm shbatm / MMM-OnScreenMenu JavaScript MagicMirror² utility module that provides a simple on screen menu for control v0.0.9 Initial release for public testing
davidmckenzie davidmckenzie / pagermon HTML Multimon-ng pager message parser and viewer v0.1.2-beta This release mostly contains bug fixes and minor UI tweaks. * Updated documentation * Cdnjs and unpkg includes now explicitly specify HTTPS * Fixed bug with async loading of includes * Added FLEX
tamlok tamlok / vnote C++ A Vim-inspired note-taking application, especially for Markdown. v1.6 - Support simple but powerful **Vim mode**. - Change the shortcut of ExitAndRead from `Ctrl+R` to `Ctrl+T`. - Add a edit status indicator in the status bar. - Dragging mouse with Ctrl and left butt
bcanseco bcanseco / common-bot-library C# :globe_with_meridians: An asynchronous .NET library of API wrappers designed to help with typical bot commands. 1.1.5 * Use [accurate names]( for category enum model.
Dacitic Dacitic / Jelbrek933 Objective-C iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak App v1.2 - Much Cleaner Code... - More Stable iPA Is Unsigned Sign It Yourself With Cydia Impactor Or Similar Tool
npearce npearce / f5_chatbot CoffeeScript Hubot script for communicating with F5 iControl REST API v0.1.0 Create/delete/modify functions for provider and tenant roles. docker pull npearce/f5_chatbot:v0.1.0
jbockerstette jbockerstette / rpp-swagger-ui JavaScript Swagger UI is a dependency-free collection of HTML, Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API. v0.8.6-megawin-sim RPP release v0.8.6-megawin-sim
jbockerstette jbockerstette / jsonapi-store-mongodb JavaScript A mongodb database handler for jsonapi-server v0.8.6-megawin-sim RPP release v0.8.6-megawin-sim
erikdesjardins erikdesjardins / global-mediakeys JavaScript Use global keyboard shortcuts to control Soundcloud, Google Play Music, and YouTube. v1.2.34
DingoDjango DingoDjango / NotificationsArchiver C# RimWorld archive tab for letters and messages a17_v1.2.17b Restricted the Messages patches to only activate if the game is in Playing state (i.e. not on the main menu, etc.).
tomFlidr parallel-pooler / pooler C# .NET parallel tasks executing library - DLL and NuGet package source. v2.1.0 - parallel and repeater pooler - masive refactoring - execution speed improvements - assembly rename
TheDEVILHDBK TheDEVILHDBK / machine-learning-for-software-engineers no-lang A complete daily plan for studying to become a machine learning engineer. hoanghuuson
amenonDJI dji-sdk / Onboard-SDK-ROS C++ Official ROS packages for DJI onboard SDK. 3.3.0 All new Onboard SDK ROS with improvements for speed, stability and features. Please see [release notes]( for more details
ilyavolodin eslint / eslint JavaScript A fully pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. v4.1.0 * e8f1362 Docs: Remove wrong descriptions in `padded-block` rule (#8783) (Plusb Preco) * 291a783 Update: `enforceForArrowConditionals` to `no-extra-parens` (fixes #6196) (#8439) (Evilebot Tnawi) * a
TeaDrivenDev TeaDrivenDev / Amagatsha F# Command line utility for saving and restoring Visual Studio document window layouts across different Git branches. 1.0.0 Initial release
fython fython / Blackbulb Java Night Screen - Material Design Screen Filter - Remove the limitation of time picker 中文说明: - 移除了时间选择的限制
Bysokar Bysokar / Regenerator Java Regenerator is a perpetual world plugin that supports many grief prevention plugins 3.3.0 Hi All, ## Release Summary - For all Regenerator Users This release is primarily directed at moving away from the integrations that Regenerator has required in the past, requiring work to be com
forensicmatt forensicmatt / RustyPrefetch Rust Prefetch to JSON v0.2.0 - Added JMES Query functionality ( - Added JSONL output (
jlesage jlesage / docker-dupeguru Python Docker container for dupeGuru v1.4.0 Changes in this release: - Switched to Alpine Linux 3.6 baseimage. - Now using baseimage v1.4.3, which brings the following changes: - Updated Alpine Linux to version 3.6.2. - Make sure
markcode fluidecho / yakety JavaScript Bi-directional node to node messaging and request-reply. v0.1.5
Alshain01 Alshain01 / KSP-ElectricLights C# A realism mod for Kerbal Space Program that adds electric charge consumption to cabin lights. v1.0.4 * Code optimization * Change license to MIT
jdtzmn jdtzmn / Twitch-Dashboard JavaScript A twitch dashboard for clutter free twitch streaming v1.0.0-beta.1
thast geoscixyz / em_examples Python python code for running the apps in v0.0.13 New widget to explore DC & IP 2D Pseudosections over an Overburden Geological Model
ObjectIsAdvantag CiscoDevNet / devnet-express-cloud-collab-code-samples JavaScript Public repo that contains code samples for the DevNet Express Cloud Collaboration track. 0.9 - with Tropo sample codes
andsalves andsalves / doctrine-elastic PHP Doctrine Adaptation For Elasticsearch v1.2.2 Bug fixes
rsepassi tensorflow / tensor2tensor Python A library for generalized sequence to sequence models v1.0.7 - Improved Python 3 compatibility in data generation - New BlueModel with shake-shake
jay1803 jay1803 / maxoxo Python 尝试着使用 GitHub 的 Issues 来进行任务管理。 5c
MarianoMiguel MarianoMiguel / roca CSS Personal starter repo for projects 2.0.0-beta.2 **2.0.0-beta** - Re-introduced objects layer - Added base template - Re-organized directory - Standarized comments - Made npm & bower packages available **>2.0.0-beta.1 > 2.0.0-beta.
jdizoglio box / box-ios-preview-sdk Objective-C Box iOS Preview SDK v1.1.0
firstred thirtybees / ganalytics PHP Google Analytics module for thirty bees 3.0.4 - Restore the analytics tags
JKshared92 JKshared92 / JKNumberKeyBoard Objective-C 自定义数字键盘,简单快捷 5.2.0 添加cocoapod导入项目
Fumblesneeze Fumblesneeze / Mod-Manager no-lang The Mod Manager Source and Releases. 20170624.2
marvis marvis / pytorch-yolo2 Python Convert into pytorch v0.3 Fix a lot of problems 1. weight decay on bn weights and bias weight should zero 2. optimize cls loss 3. warmup training is very important
php-cuong php-cuong / magento2-faqs-extensions PHP Magento 2 FAQ Extension Free 2.1.2 Released the version 2.1.1 after fixing some the bugs
sanadan sanadan / pixiv_feed HTML Generate atom feed from pixiv follow new illusts. 0.0.5
walkingriver walkingriver / dispatcher no-lang An Electron app v0.0.6
lavajumper sexcoin-project / p2pool-sexcoin Python Peer-to-peer Sexcoin mining pool sexcoin- P2pool for Sexcoin.
AndreNicolasChene AndreNicolasChene / DRAGRACES IDL Reduction pipeline for GRACES spectra (Gemini spectrograph) 1.1 Improved wavelength solution. New scattered light correction. Various bug fixes, e.g., 2 fiber mode extraction now works.
Ghostff Ghostff / Session PHP PHP Session Manager (non-blocking, flash, segment, session encryption) v1.0.0
sshock sshock / AFFLIBv3 C AFF is an open and extensible file format to store disk images and associated metadata. v3.7.16 Fix build with LibreSSL; from @Sp1l Use DESTDIR for packaging; from @kwizart Fixes for building on Windows
ayufan-jenkins ayufan-rock64 / linux-build Shell Rock64 Linux build scripts, tools and instructions (based on Longsleep work) 0.2.0 Credentials: rock64/rock64 Upgrade: ``` sudo ./ 0.2.0 ``` # 0.2.x - Include recent kernel/u-boot and bl31_v1.34 fixes, - Add arm64 as foreign architecture for armhf builds,
paulzim CiscoDevNet / home-lab-network HTML Learning Labs for Building Your Home Networking Lab for Network Programmability 0.6.0
farribeiro farribeiro / wscef-docker Shell Warsaw in docker container v1.1.3
Seancheey Seancheey / Ark-Sonah Kotlin a not finished AI Game build-17-6-23-0 add setting pane. add a bit transparency to WarningGrid.
codyspring codyspring / skitter JavaScript Progressive ORM for interacting with CockroachDB. 0.1.2 CI and test / code coverage.
ayapapa ayapapa / docker-gitlab-some-issues-fixed Shell fixed some rerative url issues into sammersbn/docker-gitlab v9.2.7
dupski dupski / subpackage JavaScript Utility for managing NodeJS projects with sub-packages v1.1.0 * Adds `yarn` support (thanks @mateuszluczak)
charlesalvessm charlesalvessm / dotfiles Perl Arch Linux + i3wm + Polybar Repo
heaths Microsoft / vssetup.powershell C# PowerShell module to interact with Visual Studio Setup 2.0.1
Sergio0694 Sergio0694 / UICompositionAnimations C# A wrapper PCL to work with Windows.UI.Composition and XAML animations, and Win2D effects v2.5.1.0
nstoik nstoik / farm_device Python device portion of farm_monitoring v0.3.0.beta Base release that supports update option
abbyachau pivotal-cf / pcf-pipelines Shell PCF Pipelines v0.15.1-rc.26 - last tested with Ops Manager and Elastic Runtime 1.11 ## Major Pipeline Changes * Upgrade pipelines now enforce the application of PCF patch upgrades; for example, an upgrade pipeline does not a
moshez shopkick / seashore Python Seashore -- A collection of shell abstractions v17.6.0 Adds a handful of bug fixes, including a bug that stopped in_virtual_env from working.
clemahieu clemahieu / raiblocks C++ RaiBlocks is a cryptocurrency V7.9.0 This release makes a number of improvements to synchronization and is recommended for everyone. There are also a number of improvements to the GUI to make things more intuitive.
zulubo zulubo / knuckles C# Knuckles finger tracking and advanced interaction system plugin for Unity3D v1.0 the first release of the demo and interaction system.
tpokorra openpetra / openpetra-nightlydevzip no-lang nightly zip file for developers with precompiled binaries 2017-06-24
thdaemon thdaemon / mydm C A Simple Display Manager for Linux, it will start a Xorg Server and log a user to run X Client v0.2
DotJoshJohnson DotJoshJohnson / vscode-xml TypeScript XML Tools for Visual Studio Code v1.9.2 Available on the [Visual Studio Marketplace]( ### Bug Fixes - Corrected a regression that caused elements with one or more attributes
heaths Microsoft / vswhere C++ Locate Visual Studio 2017 and newer installations 2.0.2
scarstens WordPress-Phoenix / abstract-plugin-base PHP Abstract class library used to standardize setting up the WordPress plugin object. 2.3.0
ahmelsayed Azure / azure-functions-ux TypeScript Azure Functions UX v2.4 # Features: Add Keyboard navigation to right nave. #1411 Add a standalone picker for Service Bus #329 Add button to show connection string value in Integrate tab #1421 Add a button for generating
mjswensen mjswensen / themer-gui JavaScript A graphical UI for themer. v0.1.2 * Show some handy usage tips on startup.
SebastianJay josephbaik / UVA.hax0rs ASP Hack.UVA 2015 Project 1.1 I was going through my old laptop and found some unused loops.. so I added them in. There are now 7 choices per tier, for 49 total 4 second loops. Note: The Web build now uses HTML5 canvas since Un
nstoik nstoik / farm_monitor JavaScript A python and Flask system to monitor and control sensors and other devices v0.3.0.beta Added backup option Groundwork for update option
topheman topheman / d3-react-experiments JavaScript Mix d3 & react v3.0.0 ### Now using webpack 2 You can follow those steps to upgrade a webpack1 react project with hot-reload to webpack2 : * 8eeb35f upgrade to [webpack2]( * 8840b67 setup [re
archco archco / cosmos-css CSS The css framework for personal practice. v0.12.2 ### Added - Add scss helper class "rounded". #175 ### Changed - Modifying npm-run-scripts. #177
clauret pageseeder / berlioz Java A light Web framework built on URI templates and XSLT v0.11.2 Maintenance release following static analysis to remove those pesky little NPE. `RedirectFilter` and `RelocationFilter` now support reload on `berlioz-reload=true` parameter.
jesseruder expo / xde JavaScript The Expo Development Environment v2.19.1 * Revert Axios changes. They caused a bug with uploading assets.
KyleAMathews gatsbyjs / gatsby JavaScript ⚛️📄🚀 Blazing fast React.js static site generator v1.0.0-beta.5 Our versions of GraphQL got mis-matched due to the new release of Relay Compiler so quick new release to fix that. * Fix graphql mis-match problem #1248 @kyleamathews
caballa caballa / crab C++ A language-agnostic library for abstract interpretation vmcai16 Crab version used in the experimental evaluation of the paper "Abstract domain of uninterpreted functions" published in VMCAI'16.
ShiraNai7 kuria / debug PHP Collection of useful debugging utilities. v1.0.2 - ``Dumper`` now displays the ``-INF`` float value correctly
j12y predixpy / predixpy Python (Pre-Release/Alpha) Python SDK and client sample code for working with Predix Industrial IoT Services 0.0.6 alpha
Phanatic Phanatic / KhanAcademyJS JavaScript A nodejs library for interacting with the Khan Academy APIs v0.0.3 ### Khan Academy JS v0.0.3 *Node.JS SDK for interacting with Khan Academy APIs* #### Install this package. ``` bash npm install khanacademyjs --save ``` ### SDK documentation * [Badges](#badges) *
irees transitland / transitland-datastore Ruby Transitland's centralized web service API for both querying and editing aggregated transit data from around the world 4.9.34 **Fixed bugs:** - Stop becomes StopPlatform [\#1103]( - Slow StopsController include query [\#996](
xiaolin xiaolin / react-image-gallery JavaScript Responsive and flexible carousel component with thumbnail support 🖼 v0.8.3 * Support of additional touch events on the slides * `onTouchEnd`: Function, `callback(event)` * `onTouchStart`: Function, `callback(event)` * Adds onThumbnailClick prop callback * Fixed warni
jkrrv TenthPres / StaffPhotoSync Python Copy Staff Photos from website, crop, install in Active Directory and Google Cloud v1.0.0 Initial Release. Python scripts are each built to separate EXEs. Functionally deployed internally on 20 June 2017.
caeost caeost / gosnap Go Very simple pluggable static site generator in go v0.1
mmatyas szeged / servo-nightly no-lang Contains nightly releases of Mozilla's Servo ve2a26e7b
detain detain / myadmin-abuse-plugin PHP Abuse Handling Plugin for MyAdmin v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-webhosting-module PHP Website Hosting Module for MyAdmin System. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-vps-module PHP VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Management Module for MyAdmin System. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-ssl-module PHP SSL Certfiicates Module for MyAdmin v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-servers-module PHP Dedicated Servers Module for MyAdmin v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-quickservers-module PHP QuickServers Module for MyAdmin v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-licenses-module PHP Software Licensing Module for MyAdmin System. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-domains-module PHP Domain Names Module for MyAdmin v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-backups-module PHP Backups Module for MyAdmin v1.1.0
devvyn devvyn / slimish-jinja2 Python Jinja2 extension for slim like syntax. v2.0.0b2 Allows installation and use in Python 3.6. Breaks compatibility with Python 2.
blairlierman washingtonstateuniversity / WSUWP-Plugin-iDonate PHP A WordPress plugin for passing a fund list to iDonate 1.1.0 Merge pull request #182 from washingtonstateuniversity/version/1.1.0 [PR] Bump version 1.1.0
rikypisano prosimity / growth-x-releases no-lang Releases v0.9.221
k3yavi k3yavi / alevin C++ single-cell testing camera
drudru drudru / ansi_up JavaScript A javascript library that converts text with ANSI terminal codes into colorful HTML 2.0.1 Bug fix from #41 - adds support for another ANSI CSI code.
nol13 nol13 / fuzzball.js JavaScript Easy to use and powerful fuzzy string matching, port of fuzzywuzzy. v0.12.3 dont re-run collator code
detain detain / myadmin-fantastico-licensing PHP Fantastico Licensing for MyAdmin v1.1.0
patedit mixpanel / mixpanel-android Java Official Mixpanel tracking library for Android v5.1.4 See
mndrake ZurichPA / honeycomb R dplyr backend for Hive v1.0.0
sblask sblask / firefox-image-forward JavaScript A firefox extension for easy cycling through images and image links on a page. 2.0.4
sblask sblask / firefox-skip-redirect JavaScript Some web pages use intermediary pages before redirecting to a final page. This add-on tries to extract the final url from the intermediary url and goes there straight away if successful. 2.1.5
brianv0 smonkewitz / scisql C Science-specific tools and extensions for SQL. Currently the project contains user defined functions (UDFs) for MySQL including spatial geometry, astronomy specific functions and mathematical functions. The project was motivated by the needs of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). 0.3.7 undeploy fails on python 2. This fixes that
hang-up hang-up / buuk CSS A simple markdown based wiki generator v3.0.0 > There is no security on this earth, only opportunities. ### 🚀 New #### Progressive Web App We made it possible to deploy Bük as a progressive web application! A pwa is defined as a web
Gwolfski Gwolfski / LAST_DAYS no-lang The Official repository for the LAST DAYS texture pack found here: v0.3 some more download source as zip
amillogical amillogical / Makefile 'Just enough OS' for Kodi 8.0.2-testing6 - Minor aml video_dev change and eventparam cleanup. [Device Trees]( ^Missing from above: [gxl_p230_KI_Pro.dtb](!SwcQA
LinusCDE LinusCDE / SpotifyAPI Java Java-API to control the official Spotify-Client on most Unix-Systems 1.0 Tested to work on most standard Linux Distros by default.
yeriomin yeriomin / YalpStore Java Download apks from Google Play Store 0.18 * Issue #189 Background updates can now be restricted to wifi * Issue #199 privileged/root installer is now properly chosen for ui installs * Issue #194 "Apps by X", "Similar apps&quo
detain detain / myadmin-softaculous-vps-addon PHP Softaculous Licensing Addon for VPS Module in MyAdmin. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-ips-vps-addon PHP Additional IPs Addon for VPS Module in MyAdmin. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-hd-vps-addon PHP Additional HD Storage Space Addon for VPS Module in MyAdmin. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-fantastico-vps-addon PHP Fantastico Licensing Addon for VPS Module in MyAdmin. v1.1.0
detain detain / myadmin-directadmin-vps-addon PHP DirectAdmin Licensing Addon for VPS Module in MyAdmin. v1.1.0
tony19 tony19 / timber-loggly Java A Timber tree that posts to Loggly timber-loggly-1.0.2 * Update to Timber 4.1.2
detain detain / myadmin-cpanel-vps-addon PHP CPanel Licensing Addon for VPS Module in MyAdmin. v1.1.0
jpadilla GetBlimp / django-rest-framework-jwt Python JSON Web Token Authentication support for Django REST Framework 1.11.0 # Changelog ## Added - Test on Django 1.11 #325 by @orf - Allow jtw_payload_handler to work with User models that don't have an Email field #268 by @shanx ## Changes - Bump up PyJWT to 1.5.2
fredemmott hhvm / definition-finder Hack Find definitions (classes, functions, etc) in PHP and Hack files v1.5.2 eg `dict` is a type in hack, but this is still valid: ```Hack use Foo\Bar\Dict as Dict; ```
Duckie-TV DuckieTV / Nightlies JavaScript Nightly builds for DuckieTV nightly-201706240130 DuckieTV nightly release for Sat Jun 24 2017 01:55:49. **Changelog:** - f00f2a4 typical.
macjustice macjustice / git-lfs-container no-lang Simple Dockerfile for Ubuntu w/ Git-LFS installed. 2.1.1
peterkahl peterkahl / curlMaster PHP Simple curl wrapper with forced caching. v1.1
meh2481 meh2481 / SKDecompress C Rips images from Yacht Club .anb animation files v1.0 [](
zsdonghao zsdonghao / tensorlayer Python TensorLayer: Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Library for Researcher and Engineer. 1.5.2 Recommended Update ! This is an incomplete list among the many features added. * Support * [SpatialTransformer2dAffineLayer](
mintty mintty / wsltty Batchfile Mintty as a terminal for Bash on Ubuntu on Windows / WSL Added option `-h err` to invocation to ensure display of launch error message (#43).
aaronlevy kubernetes-incubator / bootkube Go bootkube - Launch a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster v0.4.5 [Full diff (v0.4.4...v0.4.5)]( * Kubernetes v1.6.6 (@diegs * Add
corbindavenport corbindavenport / nexus-tools Shell Tool to install ADB and Fastboot on Mac OS X and Linux. 3.3 **New in Nexus Tools 3.3:** - Updated ADB and Fastboot binaries for x86 Linux and Mac to the latest versions
bsclifton brave / browser-laptop JavaScript Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, OSX, and Linux v0.19.0dev (placeholder)
cockroach cockroach / episoder Python TV episode reminder episoder-0.8.1 * Handle failures to load TVDB API pages
bmitch bmitch / churn-php PHP Discover files in need of refactoring. 0.0.2
hardyoyo UCLALibrary / DSpace Java (Official) The DSpace digital asset management system that powers your Institutional Repository 6.0.1-preview This is a preview release of the VSim fork of DSpace 6.0. This is for preview purposes, for user testing. Definitely not for production.
brandur brandur / stripestub Go A stub for the Stripe API powered by the OpenAPI specification that it generates as an artifact. v0.1.3 ## Changelog d3b8774 Fix some linting problems 72c4df8 Reorganize functions in files 60356cd Support wildcard expansions 7f478f5 Properly error on supported expansions e7b8e14 Fix expansions to be ne

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