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jdmitrijev interactivesolutions / honeycomb-core PHP HoneyComb CMS core files 0.6.5
cnsecer cnsecer / taobao-top-client PHP 淘宝客基础API 1.0.1
jdmitrijev interactivesolutions / honeycomb-scripts PHP Scripts for generating services and etc. 0.6.2
Right2Drive Right2Drive / clarify-js TypeScript Simplify javascript objects, flattening them and making properties enumerable 0.1.0 Utility is tested for simple objects, as well as prototype chains
jdmitrijev interactivesolutions / honeycomb-languages PHP Package responsible for project languages 0.6.2
lashnag Platron / yii2-graylog2 PHP Graylog2 log target for Yii2 v1.0.1
sanket203 sanket203 / Downloader Java Downloader repo version3
CloudHand233 CloudHand233 / TitleAssessingSys HTML The online title assessing and management system title ## 增加新的菜单层级 ## 修改了一下文件: * ch233.css * ch233.js * 所有头部的图片 * default.html 用于演示新的菜单层级,请按照新修改的层级使用(请
myflashlab myflashlab / Firebase-ANE ActionScript Firebase ANE collection give you access to the Google Firebase project in your AdobeAir projects supported on both Android and iOS with 100% identical ActionScript API. V5.1.0 V5.1.0
liudao01 liudao01 / LibTest Java 网络请求连接以及返回值实时查看. 不用每次看ide v1.4.3 修复其他依赖问题
wholemy wholemy / csharpstyle C# Wholemy C# style for syntax highlighter (Extension for Visual Studio 2017) 2017.0822.0759.74 Добавлены ключевые слова do, while, for, foreach, похожи на предыдущие символы) Их отличают количество стрелок) Для усл
buliannashouge buliannashouge / iOS_project Objective-C It's a iOS project 1.0 第一个版本的tag
joshbode joshbode / Holidays.jl Julia Public Holiday Database for Julia v0.0.1
cyx2288 cyx2288 / project-jf-wechat HTML 项目-嘉福员工端 v1.1.3 1、拆分福利增值样式以及脚本; 2、嘉福服务页面改版以及新增引导页; 3、新增现金用户转账等页面; 4、新增个人消息中心,以及我的页面改版;
kingmaxyang rayful / DBManager2 PHP A new ORM Driver for mongoDB driver for PHP(PHP7) 2.0 *去除几个函数,包括:DataSet=>setByRequest与readRequest,变成parseRequest($request); *分页依赖变成最新版rayful/pagination 2.0,留下paginate方法,但不包含样式,
astoilkov careteditor / caret no-lang Premium Markdown Editor 3.4.4
krisrybak rybakdigital / ucc PHP Universal Class Collection v1.18.5
jimmywarting jimmywarting / FormData JavaScript HTML5 `FormData` polyfill for Browsers. 2.0.4
limp-key limp-key / Fork-Framework PHP Framework for PHP v0.9.1
joanjane joanjane / handy-angular-components TypeScript An angular 4+ components library to build easily nice forms 0.2.7 Minor fixes on dropdown filter by value.
mr-absurd mr-absurd / gifengine C GitEngine is library for android . It loads GIF images efficiently and simply . v1.0.0 1.0.0 version
groupystinks groupystinks / react-draft-wysiwyg JavaScript A Wysiwyg editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS. v0.0.6
hnsylitao MoePlayer / react-dplayer JavaScript react-dplayer 0.0.2 0.0.2 Support browser
bmnepali bmnepali / ng4-dynamic-form TypeScript Nepali Datepicker with dynamic form fields generation starter project written in angular 4, typescript and SCSS 1.0.0 Nepali Date picker with angular 4 dynamic form fields generation.
tedivm tedivm / GitConsensus Python Automerge Github PRs based on consensus rules v0.1.0
madprops madprops / Msg Batchfile A javascript library to create and manage highly customizable modal windows and popup messages. v7.4.4 Made fade2 the default show and close effect, with durations [350, 0] and [0, 350].
mikebarkmin mikebarkmin / gestyled JavaScript A react component library based on styled-components. :dark_sunglasses: v0.7.0 0.7.0
myflashlab myflashlab / AR-ANE-Samples JavaScript MyAR is an augmented reality Air Native Extension supporting Android and iOS based on Wikitude SDK V7.0.0-0.0.2
vylan vylan / JavaScript The open source embeddable online markdown editor (component). v1.5.6
niteshkumarniranjan decoderhub / Borland-C-IDE C# An IDE for Borland C++ v0.1-beta This is beta release of The Application
Nefelim4ag Nefelim4ag / systemd-swap Shell Script for creating hybrid swap space from zram swaps, swap files and swap partitions. 3.4.2 -
larryli larryli / PuTTY C PuTTY 中文版,原 项目。下载地址见右 portable-putty-0.70cn 采用 []( 的 `0.12.0` 补丁制作的便携中文版。 使用 VS2010 Express 编译(`vc100`),并提供 `x64` 版本。 **请注意**:因
shivaenigma blockonomics / prestashop-plugin PHP Accept bitcoins on your website, payments go directly into your wallet v1.7.2 - Added German, spanish and french translations - Removed uncessary email templates - Note: This won't work on prestashop 1.6( for PS 1.6 use other release)
danielgindi danielgindi / node-vboxmanage JavaScript A wrapper for VirtualBox CLI with Promises 1.0.6
myplxdm myplxdm / LALibrary Java self use 0.1.6
axodox axodox / AxoTools C# Nice and free .Net code coverage support for Visual Studio with OpenCover. release-1.1.246
CarGuo CarGuo / RickText Java 类似微博的emoji表情、@人、话题等的EdiText,优化了编辑框中的光标点击和删除处理。TextView支持emoji表情、话题、链接、电话和@某人特殊显示的文本。 v2.0.2
changcheng1987 changcheng1987 / PANDA no-lang :panda_face:PANDA is a novel and comprehensive software package for quantitative proteomics data analysis v1.1.2 The development environment is changed from VS2013 to VS2017. So users need to install [Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017]( fi
hgabka hgabka / KunstmaanBundlesCMS JavaScript An advanced yet user-friendly content management system, based on the full stack Symfony2 framework combined with a whole host of community bundles. It provides a full featured, multi-language CMS system with an innovative page and form assembling process, versioning, workflow, translation and media managers and much more. 4.0.2
degliwe ec-europa / ffaua-styleguide HTML FFAUA Style guide v0.2.5
evilo saintberry / image-resizer JavaScript On-the-fly image resizing using Node.js and GraphicsMagick. Heroku Ready! v1.4.1
dleutnant dleutnant / influxdbr R R Interface for InfluxDB v0.13.0 * Fix coercion error in `influx_write()` in case of sub-second accuracy (#25). * `influx_select()` correctly parses integer arguments (#27). * Significantly improved performance of `influx_query
IonicaBizau IonicaBizau / parse-db-uri JavaScript Parse database URIs. 1.0.0 Initial
GregTrevellick GregTrevellick / SolutionOpenPopUp C# A Visual Studio extension to open a pop-up dialog containing the contents of a specific text file in a solution, when the solution is opened. 1.0.28
hninayekhine-mm hninayekhine-mm / slim-jwt-auth PHP PSR-7 JWT Authentication Middleware 2.4.0
fardog fardog / rejection-sampled-int JavaScript Cryptographically random integers, chosen by a rejection sampling algorithm v0.1.1 Adds typescript definitions for library. ```bash npm install rejection-sampled-int@0.1.1 ```
mbauskar frappe / erpnext Python Open Source ERP v8.8.5 * [hotfix] fixes for TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable (#10484) * [minor] ingore user permission for old_parent fields (#10471) * [Fix] Pricing rule applying only on item groups defined in
taimemik affecto / dotnet-Wcf.Monitoring C# Create dynamic monitoring endpoints for WCF services v1.0.1-prerelease01
kenpusney rec-framework / rec-core Java Record Modeling Utils on JVM v0.2.2
EisenbergEffect aurelia / dependency-injection JavaScript A lightweight, extensible dependency injection container for JavaScript. 1.3.2 ### [aurelia-dependency-injection 1.3.2]( #### Performance Improvements * **container:** improve dynamic construction of st
BrandonArp ArpNetworking / kairosdb-histograms Java Histogram datatype for KairosDB kairosdb-histograms-1.0.4
nyamsprod thephpleague / csv PHP CSV data manipulation made easy in PHP 9.0.1 ### Added - Nothing ### Deprecated - Nothing ### Fixed - CSV controls not applied when calling Writer::insertOne see issue [#244]( ###
pm-espirit e-Spirit / FSDevTools Java Project to support developer experience (DX) with FirstSpirit template development by offering a connection between a VCS like Git and FirstSpirit. 2.0.581 This binary release is without FS Access jar file. Please add fs-access.jar to lib directory. Since major version **2.0** `FSDevTools` requires at least FirstSpirit Version **5.2.717**.
icanhazstring icanhazstring / systemctl-php PHP PHP wrapper for systemctl v1.0-rc.1 This introduces the UnitInstaller and UnitTemplates. These can be used to create new units on your need and install them into your system.
corytu corytu / Old-Population-Proportions R Shiny app showing proportions of older adults across districts in Taiwan. v2.0 1. This time we discard the static maps with `ggplot2`, instead, we use `leaflet` to plot a interactive map. 2. Users don't need to specify county anymore. 3. Each execution generates a single map o
drabinova drabinova / difNLR R Detection of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) and Distractor Differential Functioning (DDF) by non-linear regression models v1.1.0 MINOR UPDATES * Bug in plot.difNLR was fixed. * README file was updated. * Package documentation was updated. * Default value for 'constraints' arguments in 'NLR()' and 'formulaNLR(
erickseolin erickseolin / jn_tester Python Jupyter notebook code grading system. v0.2.0 ## Changes - Closed tests implemented. - Major bug fixes. - Function usage improvements. - Table viewing improved. - able to order results table. - show time and memory in table. - able
Arcanemagus AtomLinter / linter-php JavaScript Lint PHP on the fly, using php -l v1.4.0 * Update dependencies ([#245][], [#255][]) * Defer loading of dependencies ([#263][]) * Asyncify specs and utilize activationHooks ([#264][]) * Add setting to ignore php.ini ([#265][]) [
kninami parti-xyz / catan-web Ruby Catan 1.94.1 * 630위원회의 그룹빠띠를 개설합니다 * 그룹빠띠 스타일시트를 그룹 슬러그 명의 폴더별로 묶어 관리합니다 * 설문과 투표카드 스타일을 다듬습니다
stenin-nikita LaraComponents / graphql PHP GraphQL & Relay for Laravel 5 0.2.2 # Changelog * Fixed issue #7
LucasPickering LucasPickering / Case-Control-CLI Java CLI to control the LEDs and LCD in my computer case. 2.1.0 Last version on Java/Arduino combo. Everything after this is in the wonderful new world of HTTP APIs.
aruntk aruntk / gold-email-input HTML An input element that only allows emails 2.0.0
ibuttimer ibuttimer / moviequest Java Movie informaton app v1.0.0
vladshepelenko vladshepelenko / mylibrary PHP Project, implementing digital library v0.1 This release include next functional: - genres, series, compositions, authors, publishings, countries and books CRUD; - books view; - simple library statistics with two charts; - exporting databas
nnarain nnarain / gameboycore-retro C++ GameboyCore libretro core 0.5.2 v0.5.2
chrisalexander chrisalexander / FilesystemActor C# Actors for wrapping filesystem operations and testing thereof v1.0.3 Release 1.0.3
jonnitto jonnitto / Jonnitto.TextWithPlyr CSS Text with plyr for Neos CMS 1.0.2 ✨ Add search configuration
renovate-bot singapore / renovate JavaScript Keep npm dependencies up-to-date v9.45.1 <a name"9.45.1"></a> ### 9.45.1 (2017-08-22) #### Bug Fixes * only migrate known strings for automerge (#716) ([238a72b1](
Xahlicem Xahlicem / XRaces C# Mod for Terraria adding races. v0.1 Adds several new races to terraria that you must craft. !Warning! You can only choose one once! Uses tModLoader v0.10.0.2 ( Missing a lot, but still pla
TingtingAn TingtingAn / XibFree C# Xamarin.IOS XibFree library
CTMacUser CTMacUser / cget Swift Command-line tool for URL transfers via Cocoa/Foundation URL Sessions v0.2 * Improve use of command-line argument processing by including help for the URL argument. * Add optional argument to suppress the MIME content header that's printed before the data's text representat
jbrendel romana / vpcrouter-romana-plugin Python The Romana 2.0 plugin for the vpc-router 1.1.8
imkitae ridi / intranet PHP 리디주식회사 인트라넷 1.0.4 Release 1.0.4 #65
zeromax007 zeromax007 / gpdb-roaringbitmap C RoaringBitmap extension for greenplum-db v0.0.2 Update the CRoaring to v0.2.32. And rb_maximum rb_minimum rb_rank function. Update, and functions and aggregations desc.
EisenbergEffect aurelia / fetch-client JavaScript An HTTP Client based on the Fetch standard. 1.1.3 ### [aurelia-fetch-client 1.1.3]( #### Bug Fixes * fix style typo in error message that affected links displayed in editors
julskhana julskhana / CampusFood Java Sistema de gestion de compra de almuerzos en un campus universitario. 0.1 Subida de Proyecto a SidWeb - Java 2
HazAT HazAT / badge Ruby Add a badge to your app icon 0.8.5 - Fixed loading broken pngs from
joeynelson42 joeynelson42 / ExpandingLayerView Swift A fun, possibly (read: hopefully) colorful toggling UIView subclass. 0.1.0
kotajacob kotajacob / wal_steam Python A little script that themes the colours for Metro for steam from wal or wpg. 1.0.1 If you're currently on an older version of wal_steam it's **highly suggested** you update to this version. It fixes the code getting the local wal_steam path. There was a bug when the script was run f
eshaham eshaham / israeli-bank-scrapers JavaScript Provide scrapers for all major Israeli banks and credit card companies v0.2.3 Changes: - add required babel plugins for phantom - specify node >= 6
jbrendel romana / vpc-router Python Build large Kubernetes clusters in AWS with the performance and visibility of native VPC networking 1.7.0
syu93 syu93 / battery-status HTML Polymer element helper to adapt behaviour regarding the device battery status v0.1.0 Polymer element helper to adapt behaviour regarding the device battery status
Daniel-Abrecht Daniel-Abrecht / fuse-nfs-crossbuild-scripts Shell fuse-nfs for windows using dokany libnfs=master_fuse-nfs=master_dokany=v1.0.3 2017-08-22 06:00:07 UTC libnfs repo= ref=master commit=df94ae931aca5ea40e68e9e43e93410457ea7c34 fuse-nfs repo= ref=master
IvanUkhov copies / 3d-ice C Hosting for 3D-ICE (v2.2.5) v2.2.6
tarampampam avtoraport / b2b-api-php-laravel PHP Laravel package for "b2b-api-php" v1.0.0
Levhav CppComet / comet-server JavaScript CppComet - easy to use and fast in work. 3.22 BUG FIXES: * last online time did not save IMPROVEMENTS: * Added functions for aggregating statistics of using server * Added settings to .ini file for control content-type header * Added
felixfbecker felixfbecker / vscode-php-intellisense TypeScript Advanced PHP IntelliSense for Visual Studio Code 🆚💬 v1.5.1
everhad everhad / AndroidRatingStar Java RatingStar is specific RatingBar use star drawable as the progress mark. v1.0.2 Add method getRating()
tseemann tseemann / snp-dists C Pairwise SNP distance matrix from a FASTA sequence alignment v0.2 Got sick of waiting for my Perl script to finish on big alignments. This was the result. Seems 20 years later I can still code C. Even chucked in some C99 `restrict` goodness in the hope of SIMD compi
hninayekhine-mm hninayekhine-mm / php-jwt PHP PEAR package for JWT v5.1.0
darrenjennings darrenjennings / js-data-structures-algorithms JavaScript Data structures and algorithms in javascript. v1.1.0 <a name="1.1.0"></a> # [1.1.0]( (2017-08-22) ### Features * **data-structure:** Doubly li
fatcerberus fatcerberus / minisphere JavaScript miniSphere is the successor to Chad Austin's original Sphere JavaScript game engine, written from the ground up in C, using Allegro 5 on the backend and Duktape on the frontend. v4.8.4 **miniSphere 4.8.4** is a maintenance release in the 4.8 release series. This release fixes a bunch of issues and improves manifest handling in Cell. ## What's Changed? * Improves Cell game man
BarnettZhou BarnettZhou / Parser PHP Rows Parser 0.1.0
zhouzhuojie zhouzhuojie / hast-electron JavaScript Hast markdown presentation in Electron v0.1.0 # v0.1.0 This release contains an MVP of the `hast` markdown presentation tool. - Save as you type - Basic file management and search - Presentation Mode
SonicFreak94 SonicFreak94 / sadx-frame-limit C++ A more precise framerate limiter for SADX. v1.0
mcansh mcansh / blog JavaScript My blog for @learn-co-students 2.6.7 ### Minor Changes - Pressing 'escape' will close nav: 678889cb7702c2bb159647a2fa131d003b308288 - Switch author object to the explicit version so i can pull info from it.: e6b42bdbeab5048f6e3fa6fbe
dreboard dreboard / myclient PHP Client application for MYAPI v0.1.0 Incorporate all dependencies and configure core site
wupflove asiainfo / Sql_DDL_Reverse C++ SQL DDL 逆向 0.10.0
sdelaysam sdelaysam / CreditCardEntry Java Smooth UI for Credit Card Entry on Android device, regex check for supported credit card types and luhn check. Inspired by Square credit card entry interface 1.4.9
EisenbergEffect aurelia / pal-worker JavaScript The web-worker-based implementation of Aurelia's platform abstraction layer. 0.2.0 ### [aurelia-pal-worker 0.2.0]( #### Features * **dom:** add createTemplateElement ([5143e8c](
brainoutsource kohesive / elasticsearch-data-import-handler Kotlin A multi-source-wrangling-incremental-and-full-loading Data Importer for Elasticsearch v0.20.0-ALPHA ### Elasticsearch/Algolia Data Import Handler A data import handler for Elasticsearch/Algolia * Simple * Powerful * Use SQL statements that can span multiple databases, text files, and Elastic
prjemian prjemian / spec2nexus PLSQL Converts SPEC data files and scans into NeXus HDF5 files 2017.901.4 Python 3 now supported * see [release notes]( * Released during Great American Solar Eclipse (2017-08-21)
vicancy dotnet / docfx C# Tools for building and publishing API documentation for .NET projects v2.23.1 1. Fix to support new c# 7.1 feature
hwding hwding / pdf-unstamper Java Text stamp remover for PDF files. 0.0.2 A new version with support of - provides -t(--cut-tail) option for stamp removal of's PDFs - -w option is optional now due to the birth of -t
China-ls China-ls / angular-baidu-maps JavaScript 百度地图AngularJs指令示例 0.0.2 修复信息窗体打开多次后,点击事件会被多次调用的问题。
LukePulverenti MediaBrowser / Emby C# Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. * Rework projects for .net core * Add dedicated next pvr tuner option (just a wrapper around m3u) * Add fix for folder rip transcoding * Add reminder that folder rip transcoding is expiremental
bryceadams metorikhq / zendesk-app JavaScript The Metorik app for Zendesk. 1.2.0 * Show product/line-item SKU * Remove depreciated guest code
asika32764 ventoviro / windwalker-joomla-rad PHP Windwalker RAD framework for Joomla CMS 2.1.14
stefansundin stefansundin / rssbox Ruby :newspaper: I consume the world via RSS feeds, and this is my attempt to keep it that way. heroku/v221 Deploy e90725f Diff: - [Add 404 page without HTML. Content-type is already text/plain.](
davidmoten davidmoten / rxjava2-aws Java RxJava 2 utilities for use with AWS especially SQS, S3 0.1.2 * upgrade to rxjava 2.1.3
brandonpadres brandonpadres / Greenhouse no-lang A server install script - now rewritten! v0.0.0-alpha.1 This is the equivalent to the "Alpha 1" release. ### Alpha 1 - <small>August 19, 2017</small> ``` This is an "Alpha" version. Most features have been tested bu
davidmoten davidmoten / rxjava2-extras Java Utilities for use with RxJava 2 0.1.13 * upgrade to rxjava 2.1.3
matgou matgou / owa-notifier Java Notify new mail on office365 by desktop tray notification owanotifier-0.9.0 This is the initial release of owa-notifier.
mesmo steelbreeze / state JavaScript Finite state machine for TypeScript and JavaScript v6.0.0-beta This is the first beta of the v6 code; it works under node, but has not yet been packaged for web use.
vla EsWork / docker-zk Shell Docker image packaging for Apache Zookeeper 3.4.10
davidbwire davidbwire / instant-ussd-app PHP Sample application using InstantUssd library 0.1.7 Downloadable version of Instant USSD app with all dependencies installed.
fragmuffin fragmuffin / pygcode Python GCODE Parser for Python 0.2.0 Moved to `alpha` Improvements to read more versatile formats ### Improvements * Tests include a sample-set of gcode files from varying CAM software and authors. * `lsenv` in deployment scrip
pruet cpe200-160 / CalculatorLab C# SkeletonForLab lab1
AntiBoomz AntiBoomz / BTRoblox JavaScript Chrome extension for ROBLOX v2.3.0
chfw chfw / jupyter-echarts JavaScript Bring echarts libraries to jupyter notebooks v1.0.1
jaychou2012 jaychou2012 / SmartSQLite Java SmartSQLite 加入泛型,直接获取List集合,无需转换,查询更快
AllennChang ECPay / PrestaShop_PHP PHP PrestaShop購物車 ECPAY金流模組 V1.0.0821 適用版本1.6.1.4~
ajordens spinnaker / fiat Java Spinnaker auth service v0.30.2
VijayaSankarN VijayaSankarN / sharepoint-rest JavaScript Angular service for accessing SharePoint Lists using REST API 2.2.0 ## Bug Fix - Fix for 403 permission error for idle connections
AllennChang ECPay / Magento_PHP PHP ECPAY Magento1.9.2.1~ 購物車金流模組 V1.0.0821 適用版本 Magento
devisbalsemin devisbalsemin / study Java Only for testing 1.0.0b
theotherp theotherp / nzbhydra Python Meta search for NZB indexers 0.2.226
KEN0331 KEN0331 / LightCalendarView Kotlin A lightweight monthly calendar view for Android, fully written in Kotlin. Designed to meet the minimum demands for typical calendars. 1.0.1 release as fork repo for 1.0.1
AllennChang ECPay / ECSHOP_PHP PHP ECSHOP 金流模組 V1.0.0821 適用版本 2.7.x
Jerajo Jerajo / activate-killer-instinct-mode CoffeeScript A plugin for activate power mode package that plays killer instinct exclamations. v1.0.1 ## Patch 1.0.1 * null exclamations when streak ends fixed * double exclamations when combo broke fixed
Ericwang1104 Ericwang1104 / PascalObjectSeralize Pascal Seralize a Object to xml or json file support lazarus Delphi 1.0 you can use this code serialize a delphi form collection object
kazupon cuusoo / electricity-load-forecasting-2017 no-lang TEPCO CUUSOO Electricity Load Forecasting Technology Contest 2017 v2.0.1 # v2.0.1 / 2017-08-22 - Update prediction result updating API example (PUT `/results/{timable}`) # v2.0.0 / 2017-08-17
andfoy spyder-ide / pywinpty Python Python bindings for the winpty pseudo terminal v0.2.0 pywinpty major version release: pywin32 package was removed from dependencies
Laraveldeep laravel-frontend-presets / zurb-foundation CSS Laravel 5.5.x front-end preset for Zurb Foundation 6 scaffolding v1.2.0 Zurb Foundation 6.4.3
GerardoSoriano GerardoSoriano / ES6Project JavaScript Crea una estructura base para empezar a codificar con ES6 v1.1.0 Ahora el proyecto incluye una actualización autmatica con browser-sync.
tichise tichise / FormSheetTextView Swift FormSheetTextView is a FormSheet style UITextView. 1.0.2
risonakamo risonakamo / ellephant HTML kantai viewer /w electron & polymer v1.1.0-d
bdentino finboxio / xlam Visual Basic excel add-in module v0.18.9 > To install/upgrade the add-in, download finboxio.install.xlam and open with Excel. If you are using Windows, ensure that the file is unblocked before opening. Instructions on how to do this are i
boydjj boydjj / awpug-django-2017 Python A modern Django tutorial for the Austin Web Python User Group. v0.5.0
rcliao rcliao / sql-unit-test Go A GoLang CLI in help of defining unit tests for SQL v1.0
vorth vorth / vzome-core Java core behaviors of vZome, without any user interface 0.14.0
ajordens spinnaker / clouddriver Groovy read and write operations across cloud providers v1.670.2
fpdavis fpdavis / MarquesasServer C# Small footprint HTTP Server Plugin for LaunchBox. Contains image and web service APIs for accessing LaunchBox/BigBox properties. 1.0.1 * Updated update helper to handle multiple files instead of just one Dll in preperation for socket support * Addded commented out socket code * Completed Etag support for default html page
aisk leancloud / lean-cli Go LeanEngine Command Line Tool v0.13.1 - 紧急修复美国节点不能正确登录的 bug - 修复 windows 环境下,有些日志输出颜色不能正确显示的 bug
ajordens spinnaker / front50 Groovy Cross-Application Persistence Service v1.104.1
ajordens spinnaker / igor Groovy Integration with Jenkins and Git for Spinnaker v1.74.1
IonicaBizau IonicaBizau / paths2tree JavaScript Convert a list of paths into a tree. 1.0.0 Initial
leadegroot uqlibrary / uqlibrary-search JavaScript Element providing library search v1.3.4
100pah ecomfe / zrender JavaScript A lightweight canvas library which providing 2d draw for ECharts 3.6.0 ## v3.6.0 <div class="time">2017-08-22</div> [+] Support rich text, including: + style.textFill + style.textStroke + style.textWidth + style.textHeight + style.textLi
chrisjsewell chrisjsewell / jsonextended Jupyter Notebook Extending the python json package functionality v0.4.3
iranianpep iranianpep / geocoder PHP A class for handling geocoding v1.4.1
rpg777 NREL / Radiance C Mirror of the master Radiance cvs source repo, used for the creation of Radiance installers for the NREL OpenStudio project 5.1.0
shatyajeet shatyajeet / weather-map JavaScript A Google Maps application that shows weather forecasts along with navigational routes v1.2.1 <a name="1.2.1"></a> ## [1.2.1]( (2017-08-22) ### Bug Fixes * **build:** Fixed library name typo ([8e8461a](h
100pah ecomfe / echarts JavaScript A powerful, interactive charting and visualization library for browser 3.7.0 ## v3.7.0 <div class="time">2017-08-16</div> + **[+] Supported [Rich Text](
webron swagger-api / swagger-parser Java Swagger Spec to Java POJOs v2.0.0-rc0 The Swagger team is proud to announce the rc0 release candidate of the swagger-praser library. This release candidate provides official initial support for OpenAPI 3.0’s main features. The missing f
WesGilster WesGilster / Photonic3D JavaScript (Beta) DLP resin 3D printer host controller with a browser-based UI WesGilster-a080629
nnarain nnarain / gameboycore C++ Gameboy Emulator Library 0.19.0
jeffreyhanson jeffreyhanson / raptr-manuscript TeX Data, code, and results for the raptr R package manuscript v4.0.0 This release fixes a few small typos.
hanstxu hanstxu / class_refresh JavaScript A chrome extension that automatically refreshes a class page on MyUCLA and notifies you if an enrollment spot has been opened. v1.0 # class_refresh A chrome extension that automatically refreshes a class page on MyUCLA and notifies you if an enrollment spot has been opened. You can install this extension manually on your o
flannelbum flannelbum / Bookmarks Java Bookmarks is a Minecraft Spigot plugin that provides players an easy way to create, share, and manage warp locations. v0.1.2 Added optional Holograms that can be toggled in the bookmarks book
leadegroot uqlibrary / uqlibrary-api HTML Element providing access to a user account v1.5.0
drmonkeysee drmonkeysee / ecs-scheduler Python A task scheduling application for Amazon ECS 0.9.0 Abstract out job persistence and add storage options beyond Elasticsearch. In addition ECS Scheduler no longer requires YAML files for configuration; settings are now controlled through environment va
frekele frekele / elasticsearch-mapping-builder Java Elasticsearch Java Mapping Builder 1.0.0.Alpha1
peterkahl peterkahl / Apple-OS-X-build PHP Associative array of OS X build and version codes. User Agent analysis. Genarate random User Agent. v16.0
samsonasik samsonasik / ErrorHeroModule PHP :gem: A Hero for your ZF2, ZF3, and ZF Expressive application to log ( DB and Mail ) and handle php errors & exceptions during Mvc process/between request and response 1.8.8 Enhancement: - Ensure uri in expressive include with existing base path
wzh880801 MalongTech / productai-java-sdk Java ProductAI® SDK for JAVA v2.0.7 - support pass extra paras to request when calling api ----- - 调用API的时候支持传入额外的参数
matt-sm AusDTO / dto-digitalmarketplace-api Python Digital Marketplace API. release-497
peterkahl peterkahl / Apple-iOS-build PHP Associative array of iOS build and version codes. User Agent analysis. Genarate random User Agent. v20.0
AluminiumTech CSMarkBenchmark / AutoUpdaterNetStandard C# This is a port of the AutoUpdaterDotNet Library to .NET Standard 2.0 v1.0.1 ## Bug Fix This release fixed issues with the library which cause the library to not download updates.
jonasfj taskcluster / taskcluster-worker Go Primary worker for TaskCluster v0.1.8
trombik reallyenglish / ansible-role-jenkins-master Ruby Installs and configures Jenkins 1.0.7 ## Release 1.0.7 * 34e05fe [bugfix] make role soft-depend on apt, and redhat-repo (#38) * e67e851 [bugfix] QA (#37) * 16fc2ec [bugfix] fix failure in creating node without labels (fixes #34)
BryanYeh BryanYeh / shopify-laravel PHP will add later v0.0.0
trombik reallyenglish / ansible-role-argus-radium Ruby Configures radium, an argus client 1.0.1 ## Release 1.0.1 * cd40389 [bugfix] make role soft-depend on redhat-repo (#5)
weijiansdlx weijiansdlx / yii2-phpmailer PHP Phpmailer extension for the Yii framework V1.0.0 V1.0.0
BattyBovine BattyBovine / NES-Stage-Tool C++ A tool for creating tilesets and stage layouts for NES homebrew games. v0.8.52.3371
EisenbergEffect aurelia / pal-nodejs TypeScript The NodeJS-based implementation of Aurelia's platform abstraction layer. 1.0.0-beta.2.0.0 ### [aurelia-pal-nodejs 1.0.0-beta.2.0.0]( #### Bug Fixes * **whole-text:** remove unnecessary wholeText polyfil
lee-ratinan lee-ratinan / socialLinks JavaScript jQuery plugin for generating links to social accounts V1.0 This is the first release where some of the keys left unused.
ajordens spinnaker / spinnaker-dependencies Shell Common dependencies for Spinnaker v0.109.2
ermanc ermanc / ChromeiQL CSS Chrome extension to use GraphiQL anywhere v1.0 - Upgraded to Graphiql 0.11.3 - Now using Babel for JSX + ES7 - Now using Webpack for build and packaging - Now using Yarn for dependencies
Vaerys-Dawn Vaerys-Dawn / DiscordSailv2 Java A complete Rewrite of the orginal S.A.I.L bot. 2.8.3 ## [Changes] \+ added a search for channel setting mode to channelstats \+ you can now list the user's settings with the usersettings command. \* PixelSettings now allows for multiple args to be us
vondear vondear / RxTools Java Android开发人员不得不收集的工具类集合 | 支付宝支付 | 微信支付(统一下单) | 微信分享 | 一键集成UCrop选择圆形头像 | 一键集成二维码和条形码的扫描与生成 | 常用Dialog | WebView的封装可播放视频 | 仿斗鱼滑动验证码 | Toast封装 | 震动 | GPS | Location定位 | 压缩与加密 | 图片缩放 | Exif 图片添加地理位置信息(经纬度) | 编译运行一下说不定会找到惊喜 v1.7.3.6
nomasi BA-Group / sizeme-react HTML SizeMe Webstore UI restart with ReactJs v3.0.7
hkjn hkjn / hkjninfra HCL Repo hkjninfra holds some infrastructure plans for 1.0.5 Take binaries from hkjninfra releases
rultor yegor256 / cactoos Java Object-Oriented Java Primitives 0.13.6
tsub tsub / blog Shell created by Hugo 1.0.14 * [#20] Refactor circleci config * [#21] Improve Dockerfile
kvic-z kvic-z / pixelserv-tls C Tiny web server for sending empty responses to advertisement and tracking requests. Kk-test Increased stability when non-SNI connections hit the server
elithrar cloudflare / logshare Go logshare is a library & CLI client for retrieving logs from Cloudflare's Enterprise Log Share service. v1.2.1 Support the new `--fields` option, which allows specifying the fields to be returned in each log-line. e.g. ```sh logshare-cli --api-email=$CF_API_EMAIL --api-key=$CF_API_KEY \ --zone-name=$
oleavr frida / frida Makefile Clone this repo to build Frida 10.5.1 See for details.
mlamarre VLAM3D / pyvulkan Python Vulkan Python bindings v0.7 Update for [Vulkan SDK]( Also add a setuptools based script to make wheels file. Unit tests are fixed using
alex1702 mediathekview / MServer Java Server zum Steuern des Crawler 3.1.17
negativetwelve negativetwelve / react-native-heap-analytics JavaScript React Native wrapper for Heap Analytics 2.1.0 Updated `react-native-package` dependency.
ajordens spinnaker / kork Java Kork exposes Spring bindings for NetflixOSS components v1.98.2
negativetwelve negativetwelve / react-native-ux-cam Java React Native wrapper for 4.1.0 Updated `react-native-package` dependency.
AdeptusAstartes AdeptusAstartes / AlamofireRSSParser Swift An RSS parser response handler for Alamofire 2.0.1 Fixed warnings in Xcode 8.3+ Add support for `enclosure` tag thanks to @pjay Add support for non-encoded content tags thanks to @steve228uk
tommy071 tommy071 / PopcornTorrent C++ A GCDWebserver torrent streamer for iOS and tvOS 1.1.15 LATEST GCDWebserver bitcode off
markdalgleish seek-oss / seek-style-guide JavaScript Living style guide for SEEK, powered by React, webpack, CSS Modules and Less. v30.4.0 <a name"30.4.0"></a> ## 30.4.0 (2017-08-22) #### Features * **Less:** Add accessible variant for mid-gray-dark on gray-medium (#295) ([ece4a0f8](
tienv2i tienv2i / biiblog PHP BiiBlog - A Simple Blog system v0.5-dev
nirvanatikku nirvanatikku / bittrex-enhanced JavaScript Chrome extension that enhances Bittrex by providing USD values alongside BTC, and swaps chart with TradingView widget 1.5.0 - Include ETH-* markets (ethusd value and tradingview chart) - Derives $ETHUSD price via Bittrex `ticker` API endpoint (BTC-ETH) and Bittrex BTCUSD price - Refactor price retrieval and caching mecha
markanthonyuy markanthonyuy / cryptomark HTML Cryptocurrencies Information Table (Updates every 5 mins) 1.0.0 ### Version 1.0.0 * Add Table sorting * Added Multi-currency support * Added "Add/Remmove Optional Data" * Initial Feature
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm sources and releases for opengapps 20170822 Automatically generated builds of 22 August 2017 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not al
darron1217 darron1217 / laravel-apidoc-generator PHP Laravel API Documentation Generator 2.0.1
cpfs-clustertech clustertech / cpfs-os C++ ClusterTech Parallel Filesystem 1.2.1 First CPFS open-source release.
rastikerdar rastikerdar / vazir-font no-lang A Persian (Farsi) Font - قلم (فونت) فارسی وزیر v14.0.0 نسخه ۱۴.۰.۰ ----------- ۳۱ مرداد ۱۳۹۶ - بهبود حروف و ارقام - اصلاح مشخصات فونت‌های تفکیک شده بدون لاتین و حروف فار
frinkr frinkr / font-tool Objective-C View font information on macOS v1.2.1 Shaping: vertical mode supported.
gtyun bitnine-oss / agensgraph C AgensGraph, a transactional graph database based on PostgreSQL v1.2.0 * Performance Enhancement * Improved ‘shortestpath()’ * Cypher Implementation * Consecutive use of writing clauses is enabled * Enable ‘RETURN’ after ‘SET’ * External module
fbennett Juris-M / propachi-upper Shell Monkey-patch CSL processor plugin for Zotero (uppercase subtitles) v1.1.89 To install the plugin, click on the &ldquo;propachi-upper-v1.1.89.xpi&rdquo; file below while viewing this page in Firefox. This plugin is signed for use in Firefox and will update automatical
fbennett Juris-M / propachi-vanilla Shell Monkey-patch CSL perocessor plugin for Zotero v1.1.103 To install the plugin, click on the &ldquo;propachi-vanilla-v1.1.103.xpi&rdquo; file below while viewing this page in Firefox. This plugin is signed for use in Firefox and will update automati
EisenbergEffect aurelia / pal-browser JavaScript The browser-based implementation of Aurelia's platform abstraction layer. 1.3.0 ### [aurelia-pal-browser 1.3.0]( #### Features * **dom:** add createAttribute function ([#21](
mjswensen mjswensen / themer-gui JavaScript A graphical UI for themer. v0.2.0 This release adds support for [](, the popular productivity app for macOS. It also adds a new wallpaper: a textured triangle pattern over smooth, broad gradients o
jlinxwiler welocalize / pantheon-public no-lang For release notes and other publicly-accessible information v0.5.0 ## New Features: * New Quote Page * From here you can add/remove locales to a project, as well as adjust the rates and word counts for any existing locales (until the project has been approved).
aoitofu aoitofu / CAFE D Creator's Advanced Film Editor v0.0.2_alpha Added New Renderer === [](が更新されています。必ずご確認ください。 今回のバージョンで追加されたO
absolute8511 absolute8511 / nsq Go A realtime distributed messaging platform v0.3.7-HA.1.5.7 1. Introduce new disk delayed queue for each channel. More delayed messages for channel (delay up to 3 days). 2. Support custom message extend header. The extend header can be used to filter some mes
aknysh cloudposse / tf_eb_environment HCL Terraform Module for Elastic BeanStalk Environment 0.1.3
rgcv rgcv / p3assembly-sublime-syntax no-lang A Sublime Text 3 assembly language syntax v1.0.1 Changelog: - Remove '(?i') case-insensitive where not needed - Inline 'x-' states where they were being pushed
lucas34 lucas34 / SwiftQueue Swift Run and retry constraints for IOS OperationQueue 0.0.4
crielly crielly / mongosnap Go tool for backing up and restoring a MongoDB cluster to/from S3 v0.0.3
iainrosen iainrosen / waerdb Python WaerDB Database Management Library for Pythonv2 v1.0.0 WaerDB has been released from Beta and is now available to the public!
luongnt95 melonproject / oyente JavaScript An Analysis Tool for Smart Contracts 0.2.6 This is our next official release of Oyente since our OneNorth release. There are some improvements and new features in this new release as the following: - Any security bugs that are detected are no
sobujbd greenitsolution / MaterialColorsApp JavaScript A handy little Cross-Platform app that gives you quick access to the standard material design color palette. v1.1.0 * Added search by color hex value or name (thanks [@abhiomkar](!) * Added alternate copy formats (hold down Option to hide #, and right-click to see additional copy f
Lebron1992 Lebron1992 / SlackTextViewController-Swift Swift SlackTextViewController-Swift v1.0.0
EisenbergEffect aurelia / pal JavaScript Aurelia's Platform Abstraction Layer 1.4.0 # [aurelia-pal 1.4.0]( ### Bug Fixes * **index:** add missing semicolon ([f5336ab]( ### Fe
nmiyake palantir / godel Go Go tool for formatting, checking, building, distributing and publishing projects 0.22.0 * `clean` * Fixed bug where `clean` would fail if build output directory did not exist * `test` * Changed behavior of tags * Running `test` with no arguments runs all tests (tagged and unt
fxia22 HingeAssembler / HINGE C++ Software accompanying "HINGE: Long-Read Assembly Achieves Optimal Repeat Resolution" 0.5 Change log - Bug fixes. - Add support for multiple blocks(`--mlas` option) to the whole pipeline - Improved consensus calling.
cdgraff mediainbox / sm-archiver CoffeeScript Archive StreamMachine HLS segments to disk or S3 v2.2.4
aknysh cloudposse / tf_subnets HCL Terraform module for public and private subnets provisioning in existing VPC 0.1.5
MaxPresman pubnub / javascript JavaScript PubNub JavaScript SDK. v4.15.1 - ⭐fix typo to enable http keep alive support
Kwoth Kwoth / NadekoBot C# Open source, general-purpose Discord chat bot written in C# 1.7.1 ## Changes fe377027 Added .songautodelete/.sad command. 03a86b0b Antispam can now take an extra parameter at the end which is the time of the mute. It will be ignored if punishment type isn't mute
yuchonghua ddvjs / ddv-restful-api JavaScript ddv-restful-api v0.1.8
msull msull / ansible Python Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems.
lextm jexuswebserver / JexusManager C# Jexus Manager v2.1.0.36 * Implemented all advanced settings for application pool. * Fixed broken application detection.
davelandry d3plus / d3plus-axis JavaScript Beautiful javascript scales and axes. v0.3.33 * updates documentation (fe14b19) * fixes linting errors (a9751aa) * updates env (3662565) * updates examples (65a6bf4) * fixes RTL label placement (closes #36) (adc518c) * updates d3plus dependencies
jijiucheng jijiucheng / JJCPayCodeTextField Objective-C iOS 支付密码框 0.1.0 1、Fix some bugs with repeating to do something while did end of inputing the key code; 2、Add function about clear key code initiativily. ****** 1、修复支付码输入完成时会重复
rakuyoMo rakuyoMo / RKOTools Objective-C 自己的一个工具库。支持CocoaPods 1.1.0 1.上传.podspec文件,方便未来跟踪修改。 2.Pods更新代码分组功能。下载下来之后再也不是一堆一堆的文件啦。 3.修改一下部分文件夹的路径
tjdraper buzzingpixel / datamodel PHP Data modeling 1.3.1 Fixed a bug where the asArray method would not use custom getters
zce zce / zce-cli JavaScript A scaffolding CLI tool for myself, inspired by vue-cli & yeoman v0.1.0-alpha.6
adrexia adrexia / silverstripe-brand PHP Branding and basic site theming admin for silverstripe 1.0 Working with silverstripe 3
iDanielLam Swerfvalk / SwerfvalkExtensionKit Swift Extension kit for Swerfvalk SDK 1.0.4 Add UITextFieldExtension and UILabelExtension.
illuspas NodeMedia / NodeMediaClient-iOS Objective-C NodeMedia RTMP/RTSP/HTTP Play/Publish Client SDK for iOS v2.1.11 提升音频处理性能
cimfalab deepscan / vscode-deepscan TypeScript Extension to integrate DeepScan into VS Code. 1.3.0 - TypeScript support: Support code inspection for `*.ts` and `*.tsx` files on save - Update rule definition (1.5.0-beta)
jin5354 wdfe / wdui JavaScript Mobile UI Components Library based on Vue 2.0 at Weidian v0.6.9 [feat] add noDataLoadLock prop in Scroller 在上拉加载无数据时可以锁住,不再尝试发送请求 [feat] add maxDisplay props in Actionsheet Actionsheet 组件中可以设定最多展
wawiesel wawiesel / Testing123 CMake CMake/TriBITS unit testing for C++/Fortran v0.5.1 ## [v0.5.1] - 2017-08-21 ### Added - this change log! ### Fixed - EXPECT_APPROX macro
yous yous / YousList Python Block filter for Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, uBlock, 1Blocker and AdAway v20170822 - Update for - Update for * * * [Download Rules.1blockpkg (v20170822)](
mpigott Wongad / afsa-govcms-theme CSS AFSA govCMS sub-theme (Zen themer's starter kit) v3.03 Added a one-column format for the creditor meeting content type for the ILRA second tranche changes.
mfix22 mfix22 / gest JavaScript 👨‍💻 A sensible GraphQL testing tool - test your GraphQL schema locally and in the cloud v1.4.2 Initial Release
akuha akuha / AUtils Java 常用工具类 0.1.6
matthewkhoury96 matthewkhoury96 / random_quantum_circuits Python Code written in Python 3.5 in order to simulate pseudo-random quantum circuits composed only of Clifford Gates v1.0.4
andrewkatis andrewkatis / jkind-1 Java JKind - a Java implementation of the KIND model checker JSYNv1.4.1
mumoshu kubernetes-incubator / kube-aws Go Kubernetes on AWS v0.9.8-rc.1 Release note is WIP.
rjackson90 NCI-GDC / portal-ui-legacy HTML GDC Legacy Archive 1.6.0
gnehs gnehs / Tocas-UI-Xiaoan HTML 洨洨安的歡樂天堂! 2.1.1 ## 修正 - 修改預設語意,避免指尖洨安出現奇怪的 Bug ## 新增 CSS 動畫 - [瘋狂ㄉㄨㄞㄉㄨㄞ](瘋狂ㄉㄨㄞㄉㄨㄞ) - [
ushbot ushahidi / platform-client JavaScript Ushahidi Platform Client v3.7.1-rc.3 v3.7.1-rc.3
jtarquino Microsoft / ReportingServicesTools PowerShell Reporting Services Powershell Tools
xiaweizi xiaweizi / RoundCornersView Java 利用 Glide 实现图片的圆角效果 v1.0 圆角效果1.0
Seantz12 Seantz12 / Initiative-Tracker Java This app keeps track of initiative order in DND, or similar d20 rolling systems. All that's needed is the character name, dice roll, and initiative order 1.0 Works as intended. Does Initiative calculations, can track abilities as they go round by round, and can remove and add characters. Looks ugly, but it works
findcoo findcoo / stream Go make simple ReactiveX pattern for golang 1.0.2
jpsider BelayTechnologies / XesterUI PHP User Interface for Powershell unit Testing software 0.1 Supports Vester 1.1.0, UI updates for silly bugs, and general performance enhancements.
wangyongwang wangyongwang / swipeback Java swipeback 1.0 SwipeBack
liuguoquan727 liuguoquan727 / library Java 基础库 BaseActivity BaseFragment 支持 RxJava2 MVP RxLifecycle 2.0.6
Tsusai Tsusai / BananaSplit86 Pascal Based upon pathartl's banana-split with a few modifications and as a native Windows application v1.1 ## Release 1.1 First build I feel comfortable releasing. Everything seems to run well
andrewkatis andrewkatis / SMTLib2C Java A simple tool for translating Skolem functions in SMT-Lib 2.0 to C implementations v1.2.1
kathyxchen kathyxchen / PathCORE-demo JavaScript The demo application for the PathCORE paper v2.0 This release includes significantly more documentation (particularly in the README), refactoring of Python files, and improvements to the user interface (network visualization and edge page heatmaps f
gushenjie gushenjie / HelloLibrary Java test v1.0.0
dolymood simple-uploader / Uploader JavaScript A JavaScript library providing multiple simultaneous, stable, fault-tolerant and resumable/restartable file uploads via the HTML5 File API. v0.0.5 Use `defineNonEnumerable`, better for Vue.js
loicteixeira springload / wagtailmodelchoosers Python A Wagtail app to pick generic models (rather than snippets or pages) v0.1.2 ### Fixed Infinite loop when the chooser's `display` option is an array.
kathyxchen greenelab / PathCORE-analysis Jupyter Notebook This repository is in support of the PathCORE paper ( It contains all the code and necessary data/metadata to repeat all analyses in the paper. v1.1.0 We have added a FastICA example Jupyter notebook that illustrates the complete PathCORE analysis workflow to this repository.
kathyxchen greenelab / PathCORE Python Methods to build a network of pathway co-occurrence relationships out of expression signatures extracted from transcriptomic compendia. v1.0.2 This release updates the README to link to example analyses and methods documentation.
kennethjiang kennethjiang / OctoPrint-Slicer JavaScript A full-blown GUI-based slicer plugin for OctoPrint 1.2.10
Guitarbum722 Guitarbum722 / align Go A general purpose application that aligns text v0.2 * #57 revealed a bug for proper padding with certain international characters * vendored a dependency which fixes the count of the string width properly
pissang pissang / qtek JavaScript WebGL graphic library 0.4.2
shlomikatriel shlomikatriel / OpenGLProject C# A project for academic course which runs on old version of OpenGL v1.11 Fixes and improvements [](
hainm arose / nglview Jupyter Notebook IPython widget to interactively view molecular structures and trajectories v1.0.a9
micooz blinksocks / blinksocks JavaScript A framework for building composable proxy protocol stack. v2.5.4 See []( for details about this release.
rjackson90 NCI-GDC / portal-ui JavaScript GDC Data Portal UI 1.8.0
timroesner timroesner / SKPhotoBrowser Swift Simple PhotoBrowser/Viewer inspired by facebook, twitter photo browsers written by swift 3.0 This version should be used for Swift 3
jlivas CodistoConnect / CodistoConnect-Magento2 PHP Magento 2 Extension for Codisto LINQ - sync magento with eBay and Amazon 1.91.9 * move to new stockregistryprovider and stockconfiguration interfaces * define second argument on order item converter to suppress warnings in Magento 2 EE gift registry plugin
mattThousand NiceThings / Mondrian Swift A Binary Space Partitioning Framework for iOS 0.0.5
binhex binhex / arch-jenkins Shell Arch Linux running Jenkins Master 2.75-1-01 2.75-1-01
franzejr dailydrip / rails-user-signup Ruby User Signups on Rails after_episode_005.4
jordinjm jordinjm / tacnode Java Command Manager 0.3.3
zhangGuangFu zhangGuangFu / android_util Java android相关工具类 1.0.8
zhouxuesheng zhouxuesheng / springBootDemo Java SpringBoot建构与使用 1.0
SusuKacangSoya SusuKacangSoya / Bouquet Java An organiser of key-value pairs, with descriptions. 1.2.0 Added window scaling. Bouquet starts off in 640x480 as usual, but resizing is now unblocked. Pull the window edges to resize. After releasing the mouse, the program will scale to the 4:3 resolu
rultor yegor256 / rehttp Java HTTP Repeater 0.3
travi-bot travi / eslint-config-travi JavaScript my shareable eslint config v1.5.4 <a name="1.5.4"></a> ## [1.5.4]( (2017-08-22) ### Bug Fixes * **bind:** explicitly disallowed bind for jsx
Azoy Azoy / Sword Swift Discord library for Swift 0.8.0
biappi biappi / EasyCart Swift A native OS X port of ndefpack v1.0
ChrisRackauckas JuliaDiffEq / Sundials.jl Julia Julia interface to Sundials, including a nonlinear solver (KINSOL), ODE's (CVODE), and DAE's (IDA). v0.14.0
tyler-gilbert StratifyLabs / HTML Stratify Labs v3.0
Crim jegeiger / storm-metrics-statsd Java Storm Metrics module for reporting to statsd v1.6.0 - Update underlying statsd client to 3.1.0 - Metrics are no longer coerced into ints - This means long values will no longer overflow.
cyberhorse cyberhorse / metabase-php PHP Library to embed Metabase frames 0.2.2 Rename file too
motemen motemen / ghq Go Remote repository management made easy v0.8.0 - [breaking feature] If given URL does not contain / character, treat the URL as<USERNAME>/<URL>, where USERNAME is GitHub username obtained from ghq.user Git configura
zizi4n5 zizi4n5 / mecab-swift Swift MeCab(Japanese Morphological Analyzer) wrapper for Swift 0.2.3 Add constructor which can change dictionary
keichi keichi / binary-parser JavaScript Blazing-fast declarative binary parser builder for node.js 1.2.0 - Add `lengthInBytes` option to `array()` (#19) @nhjm449 - Added support for nested parsers in `sizeOf()` (#36) @samfpetersen - Recursive parsers `.namely()` (#41) @shamansir - Move license text
alfhenrik OctopusDeploy / Library JavaScript A repository of step templates and other community-contributed extensions to Octopus Deploy v3.0.236 - Improved: [#583]( - `iis-apppool-create.json` - Fixed the Runtime Version drop down in App Pool step when set to No Managed Code - via @droyad
CDNSpeedgame CDNSpeedGames / 2017 Python Christian Developers Network Speed Game Contest SampleGame.v1.0 ### Sample Game Template<h3> ![Pong]( **Description:** This is a reproduction of the 1970s Atari style table tennis
zarocknz zarocknz / javascript-skyrocket JavaScript Create fireworks on HTML canvas with Skyrocket.js 0.4 * Added message to the bottom center of the screen as an example of putting messages there for different occasions. * Made it so that the screen can be clicked to launch another rocket, it will trave
tateisu tateisu / SubwayTooter Java Mastodon client app for Android v1.2.0 v1.2.0 - 1.4.7のインスタンスでプロフィール編集のノートが崩れるのを修正
Albertism Albertism / webdev-project JavaScript CS5610 project folder project-1.0 project-1.0
Justineo ecomfe / veui Vue Enterprise UI for Vue.js. v0.2.4 * [+] 增加 `veui-loader`,确保只在 Webpack 能够 resolve 样式文件时 `babel-plugin-veui` 才注入样式 `import` 语句。 * [^] 改善 `Button`、`Table` 组件的样式。 * [+] 为 `
nov30th nov30th / AlipayHighHeadsomeRichAndroid Java Xposed module for Alipay App which makes you HighHeadsomeRich immediately. v1.0.6 1. 新增两个开关可自由选择功能开启关闭。 2. 修复安卓7.1部分机型修改数额无法生效。 3. 添加对老旧手机运行支持。
sarus polarityio / virustotal JavaScript Polarity Integration for VirusTotal, a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs 1.5.0-beta * Add `Show Files (Hashes) with No Detections` option * Add Unit Test * Update Dependencies
victormech victormech / ditesto PHP Object Oriented library to manipulate text files with PHP v2.0.0
naftulikay naftulikay / ansible-role-python-dev Makefile An Ansible role for a Python development setup. v1.2.1 Bugfix release, fix to documentation.
tclindner tclindner / npm-package-json-lint JavaScript Configurable linter for package.json files v2.8.1 ### Changed/Fixed - Updated rule: [prefer-property-order]( based on discussion with @moshest in [issue #50](https://githu
imliujun imliujun / LJFramework Java 自用的Android快速开发框架 1.0.1 release 1.0.1
Phoenix84 Phoenix84 / TorchPrivateMods C# Torch plugin to allow private mods to be used in DS. Requires Torch server admin for Space Engineers. v1.1.2 * Fixes issue with collections not propagating to clients. To install: Extract contents into torch Plugins folder
WindSekirun WindSekirun / RichSocialManager Kotlin Easy to integrate KakaoTalk, Naver, Twitter, Facebook in your application written by 100% Kotlin 1.0.4
joshbode joshbode / GoogleCloud.jl Julia Google Cloud APIs for Julia v0.1.0 Includes bugfixes and support for credentials derived from Google Compute Engine instance metadata
SusanDoggie SusanDoggie / Doggie Swift A Swift foundational support library includes functional programming, complex number, polynomial, fourier, accelerate and signal processing, threading, atomic. v1.8 the last version of Swift 3 support
davelandry d3plus / d3plus-text JavaScript A smart SVG text box with line wrapping and automatic font size scaling. v0.9.21 * updates documentation (8abf478) * fixes textWrap test (194f6fc) * implements stronger RTL detection (3f7dad3) * sets default fontFamily of textWrap to "sans-serif" (8e8e8b1) * updates d3pl
hkgumbs hkgumbs / parser Elm Simple Parser + Nice Error Messages 1.0.0
retailcoder rubberduck-vba / Rubberduck C# Every programmer needs a rubberduck. COM add-in for the VBA IDE (VBE). Rubberduck-v2.1.2084 AppVeyor build on [next] -
agrobbin agrobbin / spritely Ruby Hooks into the Sprockets asset packaging system to allow you to easily generate sprite maps v2.0.0 This is mainly a support-cycle release. We've dropped support for: * Ruby 2.0 and 2.1 (#27) * Sass 3.1 and 3.2 (#26) We have also started testing against Ruby 2.4 (#27) and Rails 5.1 (#28) and
codeanticode processing / processing-android Java Processing mode and core library to create Android apps with Processing android-266 **Version 4.0 Release Candidate 3 of the Android mode** Compatible with Processing 3.1+ *Fixes* - Connect to watch paired over Bluetooth even if emulator is running: #377 - Don't trigger mouse
hpux735 hpux735 / CCurl Makefile A Swift wrapper around libcurl that works with Linux 0.0.8
rspitler-alien AlienVault-Engineering / service-template-pylib Python Cookie cutter template for a pybuilder project latest
RationalAnimal RationalAnimal / vui-ad-hoc-alexa-recognizer JavaScript npm module that provides NLP/NLU (natural language processing/understanding) for easy implementation of chat bots and voice apps v1.0.9
gushenjie gushenjie / TvViewPager Java 一个viewpager模板 v1.0 viewpager通用模板。需要依赖commomsdk依赖库使用
stephen-fox stephen-fox / buffer-overflower Shell A Bash script for running unintended code. Designed for educational purposes only. 1.0.0
glatard big-data-lab-team / paper-sequential-split-merge TeX A paper that describes sequential split-and-merge algorithms for large 3D images 0.1 Version submitted to IEEE BigData 2017 (
stephen-fox stephen-fox / chrome-docker Shell Chrome, in a Docker container. 1.0.0
stephen-fox stephen-fox / goto Go Gradle Orchestrator in Tandem Orbit (pronounced "go-toe"). 1.0.0
sandorfr geeklearningio / gl-vsts-tasks-semver TypeScript Visual Studio Team Services Build and Release Management extensions that help you work with semantic versioning 2.0.0 Support for disabling component by setting allocated bits to 0 #4 Support for custom total bit size #5
quanvo87 IBM-Swift / Swift-SMTP Swift Swift package for sending emails to an SMTP server. 1.1.0 [See #41] Breaking API change for initializing a `Mail` object: - Initializing a `Mail` object now requires a `hostname` to be provided. New API for the `SMTP` struct: - `makeMail()`: create
cyrax1800 cyrax1800 / ishoupbud Java An shopping app helping home customer 1.0.0
shuanglengyunji CopterWithCamera / Tools no-lang 调试项目时使用的辅助工具 V0.4
imsamthomas mageplaza / magento-2-smtp PHP Magento 2 SMTP Extension helps the owner of store simply install SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server which transmits the messages into codes or numbers. v1.0.2 - Update composer and configuration
wsmind wsmind / anisotropix C 4k intro v1.0 Final version with shader and audio fixes!
jclarke0000 jclarke0000 / MMM-MyWordClock JavaScript Full screen Word Clock module for Magic Mirror. Acts like a screensaver. v1.3 Added ability to have the clock pick a supported language at random each time it updates. **NOTE** this update requires a change in the way the module is configured. See the README.
Bvin Bvin / rainbow_analytics Java a analytics sdk 0.0.1d
emroussel stockpile-co / app TypeScript Front end for Stockpile, an app that manages stuff for organizations v1.1.0 - Rent items by kits to make sure you don’t forget anything - Speed and interface improvements to bring you a better experience
Murfalo Murfalo / Aneroe C# Top-down RPG exploring the mechanics of time travel and the flow of state and information between timelines. v1.0
robmcguinness Availity / availity-workflow JavaScript Upgradable workflow for Availity boilerplate projects v2.4.7 * **Docs** fa16072, 5b993d7, 52b8258, dfa30cf * **Improved** da35bd8 Do not show module information in webpack startup stats
VEMTK VEMTK / dexlibrary Java 动态加载插件 v3-1.3.0 dexlibrary-v3
yukinying yukinying / chrome-headless-travis-build Shell Continuously building chrome headless shell and docker image. 62.0.3192.2 62.0.3192.2
DickyWoo DickyWoo / DWBasicAlertAction Objective-C 系统弹窗,根据版本自动选择调用UIAlertView、UIActionSheet还是UIAlertController 1.0.1
CreScert CreScert / VitamioBundle Java Vitamio for Android v4.2.2.1
davelandry d3plus / d3plus-shape JavaScript Fancy SVG shapes for visualizations v0.13.4 * updates documentation (50a4a29) * updates examples (ff786e7) * updates d3plus-dev to v0.4.16 (70b2b0a) * updates d3plus-text to v0.9.20 (9639fd9) * cleans up indentation, imports, and comments (4ae4
nluedtke nluedtke / brochat-bot Python A Discord bot to enable friendship (and at times enforce it) v3.3.0 Various bug and formatting fixes Adds luck effect items Adds regen effect items Adds disarm effect items Makes !trump chance at item just as good as !duel Changes general testing channel to gen_t
airylinus airylinus / go4it Go golang http get lib 0.1.0 1. use sync.waitgroup 2. No headers
normann deviateltd / silverstripe-advancedassets PHP Adds greater control over asset-access within the SilverStripe CMS 1.1.11 SecuredAssetsAdmin::getCurrentPageID() fixed when editing a GridField item if the item is a file.
DeveloperACE DeveloperACE / Answery PHP A simple site for people who like answering questions v2.0 - Add support for text-only scale questions - Add loads more questions - reworked backend for improved randomness - Switched to POST instead of GET for form data
yuliskov yuliskov / SmartYouTubeTV Java View YouTube videos on your Android TV box with comfort. 6.8.26
viile huntlabs / hunt D A high performance full-stack Web framework written in dlang. v0.8.0
ozdanborne projectcalico / libcalico-go Go Golang Calico library functions: v1.6.1 #499 Fix up comments and errors around CRD issues
cvogit cvogit / electron-api-test JavaScript An application to practice using Electron and React. v1.0.0 The application uses jsonplaceholder to practice interaction with a remote server and changes local state with React, all wrapped in Electron to create a desktop application. Extract file, start th
lowjoel lowjoel / activerecord-userstamp Ruby Adds magic creator and updater attributes to your ActiveRecord models. v3.0.5 * Jonathan Putney - Support Rails 5.0. * Joel Low - Add additional combinations to Travis build matrix. * Joel Low - Defer association definitions until the schema is loade
shuanglengyunji CopterWithCamera / Calculator C++ Copter工程配套的四旋翼飞行控制地面站,由Qt编写 V1.0
TrurlMcByte TrurlMcByte / gotemplated Go Go based "templated" tools v0.1.1
ferram4 ferram4 / Ferram-Aerospace-Research C# Aerodynamics model for Kerbal Space Program v0.15.9_Liebe Update for KSP 1.3 Update to MM 2.8.1 Include support for localization Include German (by terorie), Russian (by pand5461), and Chinese (by Nigh) translations Fix NaN errors with Trajecto
shuanglengyunji CopterWithCamera / ImageGeneration C++ Camera工程配套的图片生成器,读取图片灰度数据连续存储的hex文件,自动生成bmp图片 V1.1
michaeljcalkins michaeljcalkins / mcom-alarm-unity C# Arm the bomb game for Airsoft! 1
PerthuisQuentin PerthuisQuentin / Draw-me-a-Tintin TypeScript Little website for a private joke 1.1.0
Zhouxing-Su Zhouxing-Su / CropEpsMargin C# (crop|remove|trim|shrink) oversize (margin|white space|bounding box) of *.eps file. 0.1 The naive implementation that crops extra bounding box by invoking GhostScript. GhostScript should have been installed if there are LaTeX distributions or GSview on your computer.
dude56987 dude56987 / youtube-dl-selection Shell Grab the copied/highlighted text and pass it as a argument to youtube-dl in a queue limited to three parallel downloads. v0.2.0 ## Features - Grab the highlighted text from the clipboard and pass it into youtube-dl - Recover from failed downloads and restart the download process with youtube-dl-recover
NullSoldier NullSoldier / serverthrall Python Conan Exiles dedicated server runner v2.0.1 **What's New** - Fixed an issue where ServerConfig plugin would infinitely restart the server This is not a guaranteed fix but should solve the issue. I'll keep a close on eye it for now. Please
shuanglengyunji CopterWithCamera / GroundStation C++ Camera工程所使用的图像处理地面站,提供数据监控和图像显示功能 V3.0
mhucka sbmlteam / moccasin Python Model ODE Converter for Creating Automated SBML INteroperability 1.1.1 MOCCASIN release 1.1.1 fixes [issue #15]( and allows MOCCASIN to work with wxPython [version 4.0.0](
versalle88 versalle88 / base PHP Package of base class(es) for PHP projects v0.0.1
ushbot ushahidi / platform PHP Ushahidi Platform v3 API v3.7.1-rc.2 v3.7.1-rc.2
jsun98 jsun98 / MentorMap CSS Website development project for MentorMap v1.0-beta
groupby-ops groupby / api-java Java Java API v2.4.29 Release v2.4.29
projectgus espressif / esptool Python ESP8266 and ESP32 serial bootloader utility v2.1 Latest stable release available from PyPi: This release: ## New since v2.0.1 ### ESP32-Specific Changes * elf
kensoh tebelorg / TagUI JavaScript General purpose tool for automating web interactions v2.4.0 TagUI is a general purpose tool for automating web interactions - snap webpage to pdf file (PhantomJS / Headless Chrome) - write step to append new line to file (dump step overwrites) - table ste
codeskyblue openatx / wdaproxy HTML WebDriverAgent Proxy 0.1.1 ## Changelog 87b05fa exit wdaproxy when xcodebuild quit 20243ec remove power koradka3003 dbfabcf add xrecord, longTap and so on, finish #5 d498b69 update readme --- Automated with [GoReleaser](http
rtconner rtconner / laravel-kint PHP Seemless integration of Kint into Laravel 3.0.1
XAS-712 XAS-712 / esp8266_deauther C ESP8266 deauther v.1.6.c 项目使用了 559,866 字节,占用了 (53%) 程序存储空间。最大为 1,044,464 字节。 全局变量使用了57,540字节,(70%)的动态内存,余留24,380字节局部变量。最大
DiegoForgan DiegoForgan / functional-template Clojure Repositorio destinado a la primer entrega de ejercicios sobre Programación Funcional para la materia 75.10 Técnicas de Diseño de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad De Buenos Aires. Entrega1
gvonline gvonline / gvo_quote Pascal Great Voyages Online Quote Helper 0.1_#1 * 프로그램 개발
jcgregorio jcgregorio / stamp JavaScript HTML templates using the <template> tag. v2.0.0 Drop <host-content> since spec is stabilizing on <slot>. Remove associated code, and add example using Shadow DOM, <slot>, and Stamp.
timkinnane PropertyUX / hubot-pretend JavaScript Test Hubot scripts with a mock robot, rooms and users. v1.1.0 <a name"1.1.0"></a> ## 1.1.0 (2017-08-22) #### Features * **pretend:** Add helper to get latest incoming and outgoing res ([7be43c1e](
drnic cloudfoundry-community / bigdata-boshrelease Shell A collection of big data software v0.7.0 Replaced Oracle Java with OpenJDK. ### Deployment ```yaml releases: - name: bigdata version: 0.7.0 url:
epfromer epfromer / MEANseed JavaScript A MEAN stack seed project v0.4 refactor to have component folders in app
matt-sm AusDTO / dto-digitalmarketplace-frontend JavaScript Frontend service for digital marketplace 3.0.4 - Javascript disabled message
sergiomb2 rpmfusion-infra / mock-rpmfusion Shell Mock templates files for the RPM Fusion Repositories 27.0 Fedora 27 is ready !
jaedb PlasticStudio / dev-tools Scheme SilverStripe Developer Tools 1.1.1 - Style fixes to avoid clashing with BugHerd sidebar
grinet grinet / Magento2_TurkeyCities PHP Adds cities of Turkey to Magento2 website / Magento2 sitenize Türkiye sehirlerini ekler... 1.0.2 Some fixes
CodingSha CodingSha / SPGuidePage Objective-C SPGuidePage 1.1.0
Corecii Corecii / Spectrum C# Spectrum Mods, modified. Download: ServerMod.C.7.2.0 Changes * Added `!filter` command to save filters * Added `-l` `-last` filter to use your last filter again. * Added `-f` `-filter <name>` filter to use a saved filter * There's no longer tw
carloluis UruIT / vscode-react-snippets no-lang Visual Studio Code extension with UruIT's react snippets v1.1.2 keep in sync with plugin version on [vs marketplace](
michaelficarra shapesecurity / superpack-js JavaScript :package: JavaScript implementation of the SuperPack extensible schemaless binary encoding format v3.0.0
boviex FireEmblemUniverse / CCB_Round1 Assembly Project Folder for Chapter Creation Blitz 1 v1.1.0 ## Things you need: ### To just play: Apply to a clean FE8 (U) rom using NUPS or Multipatch. ### To build: Get a clean rom called "FE8_clean.gba" and put it in the e
kevindees TypeRocket / laravel JavaScript Composer package for Laravel v2.1.0 Lot of goodies but still in beta
africalinguist africalinguist / PySrc Python A cli for installing Python from source v0.1.2-alpha
cryos OpenChemistry / tomviz C++ Cross platform, open source application for the processing, visualization, and analysis of 3D tomography data 1.1.0 Featuring a number of bug fixes, updated ITK, pore segmentation, and a technology preview of a new 2D transfer function for volume rendering.
XWingDrLucky BSData / swxwing Gosu Star Wars X-Wing 1.2.1 Added all Pilot and Upgrade cards spoiled in the Wave 12 announcement.
LuisAraujo LuisAraujo / pplay Python Framework para criação de jogos em Python utilizado pelos alunos de Ciência da Computação da Universidade Federal Fluminense, com contribuições minhas PPlay_v1.0_UEFS
atomist-travisorg atomist / end-user-documentation Shell End-user documentation sources and generator 7.11.2
HyfSunshine HyfSunshine / SdrBaseLibrary Java SDR的基础库 0.1.8 v0.1.8
sangeethnandakumar sangeethnandakumar / hms PHP Hospital Managesystem System v21.8.2017 Global update for style sheet added New patient addition on reception added
chancedj chancedj / LockedOut Lua wow raid and dungeon lockouts v1.2.1 Fixed issue with AceLocale folder.
sebestenyb boysfromthefactory / docker Shell All Agileek docker images ionic_3.9.2
faraway faraway / kubernetes-plugin Java Jenkins plugin to run dynamic slaves in a Kubernetes/Docker environment kubernetes-0.12-take-a-nap Based on `kubernetes-0.12`, cherry-picked `364abb99ccb6defc539b90882d1854305e39d01a` to handle concurrent node provisioning issue.
ravindu1024 ravindu1024 / android-loadingdialog Java A better looking progress dialog for Android 1.0.3 - Added support for a custom retry layout - Bug fixes
foxhound87 foxhound87 / mobx-react-form JavaScript Automagically manage React forms state and automatic validation with MobX v1.31.19 <a name"1.31.19"></a> ### 1.31.19 (2017-08-22) #### Bug Fixes * #273 ([68cf435e](
wifast-release zenreach / envprops Go Parse properties from environment variables. 1.0.0
bwide bwide / BWCollectionView Swift a collectionView made for Sprite Kit v1.3
yellows8 yellows8 / oot3dhax Assembly 3DS OoT3D savegame haxx 08-21-17 This contains raw savedata images. See the oot3dhax repo README for documentation. This contains the latest *hax payloads as of {filename date}.
dshalaby TapTrack / Tcmp-CSharp-SDK C# A C# SDK to communicate with a TappyUSB or TappyBLE using the TCMP protocol. 0.5.1 The core TCMP SDK was updated to include changes that support additional features of the kiosk heartbeat mode. These features allow customization of LED indicator duration on the TappyBLE in kiosk mo
adelarcubs adelarcubs / ofxparser PHP OFX Parser v1.1.3 Removendo retorno do tipo void, esta presente apenas no php 7.1
shroman mybatis / ignite-cache Java Adapter for Apache Ignite mybatis-ignite-1.0.6 - Ignite 2.1.0 - MyBatis 3.4.5
glop102 glop102 / imageApproximator C++ Approximates an image with different techniques 0.2 This release adds another approximator, still using circles. This time it prioritizes pixels that are more wrong, trying to put a circle in that position. Also, this new method is non-random, giving t
flexdeviser future-grid / fgp-js-kit JavaScript Future Grid JavaScript Library. 1.0.42-UE
UNKN98 UNKN98 / kanjigation JavaScript Practice Japanese verb conjugations. v1.0.0 ### Kanjigation's first launch with it's new GUI, built with Electron!
coenvalk coenvalk / mastermind C A program that solves a game of mastermind in the least possible moves. v2.0 # What's New: instead of a large two dimensional array (unsigned char**) with every code in the array there's a boolean array that determines whether a certain code is still possible. Idea is that th
keithbox keithbox / AngularJS-CRUD-PHP PHP A simple idea for Rapid application development 1.2.0 rewrite the crud controller into separated directive <entry> - manipulate a record in a HTML form <pageview> - display a data set of a list of view with pagination <screen> - use
Lange nodecg / bundle-manager JavaScript NodeCG's internal runtime memory store of bundles v0.5.6 <a name="0.5.6"></a> ## [0.5.6]( (2017-08-22) ### Bug Fixes * fix panel changes in symlinked bundle fold
Nightro Nightro / VSBlockJumper C# Visual studio extension to enable navigation over blocks of code (like Vim next/previous blank line). v1.1.1 # Bug Fixes * Fix for error when opening "Surround With" context menu (see #1)
grimzy grimzy / laravel-mysql-spatial PHP MySQL Spatial Data Extension integration with Laravel. 1.0.0
3vi1 3vi1 / IMP C++ Eve Online Intelligence Management Program v0.9.5 * If the map is autoscrolling its focus to a system and you move it yourself, it will no longer fight you and jump back to focusing on the first system. * Fix red-by-last check to not misreport par
chefsalim habitat-sh / habitat Rust Modern applications with built-in automation 0.30.1
shobhitsharma shobhitsharma / embedo JavaScript Embeds third party content to DOM with perks v1.5.0 - Added support to embed **Gists** URLs from Github - Fixed minor issue with iframe/external URL embeds where DOM onload event was called before element was ready. - Added basic test stubs (more fol
dotarb dotarb / dotparser PHP Parse your BBCode easy with this library. v1.2.0
hurui1990 hurui1990 / RuiWatchView Java 自定义时钟 v1.0.1 自定义时钟
travisbrown circe / circe-jackson Scala Jackson parsing and printing for circe v0.9.0-M1 This release updates the circe version to 0.9.0-M1.
rockchalkwushock rockchalkwushock / how-to-open-source JavaScript A repository for learning how to publish NPM packages as well as contribute to open source projects. v2.0.0 <a name="2.0.0"></a> # [2.0.0]( (2017-08-22) ### build * **rollup:** Updated rollup config to cu
GiovanniMCMXCIX GiovanniMCMXCIX / Python Asynchronous version of v0.1.0rc1 The first release candidate for
tintoy tintoy / msbuild-project-tools-vscode C# VS Code extension for PackageReference completion in MSBuild project files v0.1.9 ## Changes * Hover tooltips for all Condition attributes. * Basic syntax-highlighting for expressions in MSBuild projects (currently only supported in attribute values). * Reduce initial delay (i
cranndarach cranndarach / lifetracker JavaScript Keep track of events and trends in your life. v0.3.0 * UI and configuration improvements. * It is now easier for users to create or edit forms. * Users can set their preferred directory for saving data from within the app. * Tweaks to the sidebar. *
ayufan-jenkins ayufan-rock64 / android-7.1 no-lang Main repository with Android 7.0 releases 0.2.8 # 0.2.x - 0.2.8: Make image to be SD and eMMC bootable, - 0.2.6: Make regular to be rk3328, not box, - 0.2.5: Include more standard/system-apps in builds, - 0.2.3: Rename targets to rock64_regular an
philipjohnstephens powerspowers / flatland C 3D grid and building block engine supporting the 3DML text format, similar to but predates Minecraft v3.6-beta.18 This version now saves spot files using a consistent indentation, with unnecessary white space removed, and all tag and attribute names in lower case, for easier readability. Also fixed some bugs rel
Xinguang Xinguang / WechatKit Swift 一款快速实现微信第三方登录的框架(Swift版) SDK 1.8.0 0.3.4 SDK 1.8.0 <~> 0.3.4
nicpottier nyaruka / courier Go A fast, GoLang message receiver and sender for SMS and IP channels v0.4.5 ## Changelog 59a06f8 tighten up test --- Automated with [GoReleaser]( Built with go version go1.8 linux/amd64
ppetrosh electricimp / Builder JavaScript Preprocessor v2.2.4 Allow for trailing comments for all builder directives + extended the allowed characters set for the company/project name for GitHub resources.
akerl amylum / iproute2 no-lang Package for iproute2 4.12.0-1
tpokorra openpetra / openpetra-nightlydevzip no-lang nightly zip file for developers with precompiled binaries 2017-08-22
flovilmart parse-community / Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX Objective-C Parse SDK for iOS/OS X/watchOS/tvOS 1.15.2 - Fixes issue related to heap corruption (#1170) … - Fix #1162 PFSubclassing.object() class method unavailable since Xcode 9
Shenei Shenei / CGLT Game Maker Language Concise (set of) gamemaker language tools 1.0.5 Have been working to support mouse collision with rectangles whilst a view is in use. Notable additions: -mouse_view_touching_rect (x, y, width, height, viewID) (same as mouse_touching_rect except
eminga eminga / ts3updater Shell TeamSpeak 3 Server Installer and Updater v0.4
jettify aio-libs / aiohttp-sse Python Server-sent events support for aiohttp v1.1.0 CHANGES ---------- * Drop python 3.4 support * Add new context manager API
JosonKing JosonKing / zzk no-lang 找找看,基于地图的自由开放式信息编辑共享系统,用户可以在地图上任意位置编辑的建筑信息,实现全民参与全民享用的地图信息共享。 v1.0 初始版本,最基本功能实现。
maxeber maxeber / mean-auth-app TypeScript MEAN stack authentication app. v1.0
pbuttigieg EnvironmentOntology / envo Web Ontology Language A community-driven ontology for the representation of environments v2017-08-22 ## About this release :information_source: Note that the links in this note will be live after a short delay, during which they percolate through the various indexing services which harvest ENVO.
SergeySatskiy SergeySatskiy / cdm-pythonparser C Python extension module to parse a python file (or a character buffer) 3.0.1 - Fix: missed quote in nice stringify output - Better package description - Better pep8 compliance of the unit tests
Zleub Zleub / adebray-turing HTML A simple turing loader 0.0.8
akamen blackducksoftware / hub-common Java Common Hub communication library 14.1.1 Auto Release
cghawthorne tensorflow / magenta Python Magenta: Music and Art Generation with Machine Intelligence v0.3.0 Changes: - Python 3 support - Pitch class and note density conditioning for Performance RNN
jonathanpotts jonathanpotts / Ring C# An unofficial Ring library for .NET. This library is in no way endorsed by Ring. 1.1.0 Added the ability to connect to the Ring API asynchronously.
jkasten2 OneSignal / OneSignal-Cordova-SDK Objective-C OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps. This plugin makes it easy to integrate your Ionic, PhoneGap CLI, PhoneGap Build, Cordova, or Sencha Touch app or game with OneSignal. Supports Android, iOS, and Amazon's Fire OS platforms. 2.2.0 ### Android Oreo (8.0) > Must upgrade to this version when targeting Android API level 26. * Added support for Android O Notification Channels. - Also know as Notification Categories.
xx10t4 xx10t4 / iota1k JavaScript iota1k is a privacy-minded messaging system built on the IOTA Tangle. Messages are encrypted so only the intended recipient can read them. 0.0.2 The packaged Windows version now works.
ThatOneWolfie ThatOneWolfie / Discord-Wolf-Theme CSS A Theme for BeautifulDiscord And BetterDiscord! 0.1.1 # Changelog Auto updates theme Fixed status border Colored the edit and close message Colored the white selected server bar # What do I download? Download wolf.theme.css for BetterDiscord. (DO N
mmatyas szeged / servo-nightly no-lang Contains nightly releases of Mozilla's Servo v10779f02
roeyherzel roeyherzel / cricket JavaScript React.js WebApp to keep score of Cricket Darts 2.0 Replaced React state with Redux store.
james7132 HouraiTeahouse / FantasyCrescendo C# A 2.5D Touhou Platform Fighter, By the fans, for the fans. 0.3.1-alpha
sd-buildbot screwdriver-cd / queue-worker JavaScript Create executor queue worker(s) v1.2.6 <a name="1.2.6"></a> ## [1.2.6]( (2017-08-22) ### Bug Fixes * **redis:** fix format of ioredis construct
drjonesy drjonesy / ParrotDrone_Airborne_CodingWithTynker no-lang Beginner Drone Block Coding Course with Tynker version.1 At this point, the GitHub and print editions have 14 tutorials with 9 lessons included.
mzbac mzbac / react-glamorous-tooltip JavaScript react tooltip component V1.0.3
RamsesMartinez DigimundoTesca / CK-Dabbawala HTML CloudKitchen for Dabbawala [Dabbanet] 0.9.2
awstools aws / aws-sdk-go Go AWS SDK for the Go programming language. v1.10.29 Release v1.10.29 (2017-08-21) === ### Service Client Updates * `service/firehose`: Updates service API and documentation * This change will allow customers to attach a Firehose delivery stream to a
pkharchenko hms-dbmi / spp C++ SPP - R package for analysis of ChIP-seq and other functional sequencing data 1.15 Merged pull requests to switch to unordered_ templates instead of hash_ ones, incorporated other fixes for compilation.
rafrsr ynloultratech / woorefill-extension JavaScript WooRefill is a extension for WooCommerce to add wireless plans to your shop and make refills. 1.0.21-alpha2
johnwu96822 coupa / knapsack Ruby Knapsack splits tests across CI nodes and makes sure that tests will run comparable time on each node. vC-1.4.1 Added MAX_PROCESS_PER_AGENT environment variable so that we can limit the number of processes on an agent. This is to reduce the memory usage when too many processes run without sufficient memory.
actionless actionless / oomox Python Graphical application for generating different color variations of Numix theme (GTK2, GTK3), Gnome-Colors and Archdroid icons
tintoy DimensionDataResearch / dd-rancheros-cloud-config Go A trivial cloud-config server for RancherOS iPXE, driven by metadata from Dimension Data CloudControl v0.0.1-beta1
barrust barrust / pyprobables Python Probabilistic data structures in python v0.0.8 * Counting Bloom Filter: * Jaccard Index * Union * Intersection * Unique element estimation
abrom abrom / rocketchat-ruby Ruby Ruby wrapper for RocketChat v1 REST API v0.1.11 * Support add/remove moderator room type methods #14 * Fix bug with missing require (net/http) #17 * Improve handling of response errors #15
pmsaue0 pmsaue0 / play JavaScript A Google Play Music desktop player built with Electron, styled for the minimalist v2.0.8
ProjectSky ProjectSky / FrackinUniverse-sChinese-Project Python Starbound Frackin' Universe Localization Projects 5.4.31 ###### 翻译进度 - 已翻译:**11892** - 文本量:**13175** - 总进度:**90.2618595825427%** ###### 说明 - Source Code为源文本,除非你需要它们,否则直接下载FuChinese.p
Li-Gru Li-Gru / Python
infobeny infobeny / PaintVehicles SQF Old Paint Vehicles script updated and upgraded for Dayz Epoch v1.2 **UPDATED:** Script is now fully compatible with **Virtual Garage** and **Vehicle Key Changer (VKC)** script thanks to @salival (**2017-08-22**). All scripts by @salival and this one prior update dat
cedx cedx / ngx-inline-resources JavaScript Angular resource inlining for Gulp build system, Rollup bundler and the terminal. v0.4.0 - Breaking change: changed the signature of the `inlineResources` methods. - Breaking change: the resources are now compressed by default. - Breaking change: updated the path resolution algorithm.
Orjuwan-alwadeai Orjuwan-alwadeai / HawkQuerySMMMMeasureLib Java A Library to create a Hawk query measure v1.0.0 [](
addisonElliott addisonElliott / SIUE-Fat-Segmentation-Tool C++ This program will take in MRI images in the NIFTI format and display them on the screen. The user will draw a closed contour around specified areas of fat at multiple axial slices. These results are saved in a file to be validated with the VisceralFatSegmentation program. This program is created using Qt and C++. v1.0.2.0 # Changelog - Renamed VisceralFatValidation to SIUE Fat Segmentation Tools to accurately describe the intent of the program - Create sample windows and mac scripts for creating the final release of
Duckie-TV DuckieTV / Nightlies JavaScript Nightly builds for DuckieTV nightly-201708220130 DuckieTV nightly release for Tue Aug 22 2017 01:55:54. **Changelog:** - 8d0bf03 load aliasmap for #664 - fe0cb47 introducing default anime processing for #664 - 4d93430 drop reliance on correct par
kirill-konshin ringcentral / ringcentral-php PHP RingCentral Connect Platform PHP SDK 2.1.1 Event dispatcher version fix
bcedu bcedu / MuseIC Vala Simple audio player made with Vala. v1.1.0 * New remote controler: * Runs a server waiting requests to control the media * Offer a html player to control the media from any browser
theZieger theZieger / utilitiesjs JavaScript Utility functions for front-end JavaScript development. 0.9.0 Fixes #17 by adding the ability to use an array or function as mapBy argument for the toObject function.
HoLLy-HaCKeR HoLLy-HaCKeR / osu-BackgroundChanger C# Allows you to change your osu! background without supporter status! v1.1.1 This update brings a single feature, a bugfix and a minor update to enhance user experience. **Changelog since v1.1:** * Add "Select All" menu item, with hotkey CTRL+A, to select all ima
sayterdarkwynd sayterdarkwynd / FrackinUniverse Lua 1.3 SB release version of FrackinUniverse 5.4.31 * sound fix for longsword swings * dungeon fix for Wreck pieces linking incorrectly
kalebo kalebo / repoweb Go A utility to expose a simple webhook for updating a set of websites stored in git repos v0.1
MarkJamesHoward MarkJamesHoward / Scroll-Top HTML Polymer 2.0 scroll to top component 0.3.6
computron hackingmaterials / atomate Python atomate is a powerful software for computational materials science and contains pre-built workflows. v0.6.0
ShiehShieh ShiehShieh / shieh-recsys Python A python recommender system. 0.0.4 - a.
obeliskos obeliskos / exoskeleton C# A .net, windows-specific native web app hosting framework 0.2 Mostly feature complete release including : - support for multiple windows - support for loggers / console for debugging - support configuring external icons - adding eventing and multicast event
arlac77 arlac77 / npm-template-sync JavaScript Keep npm package in sync with its template v3.8.0 <a name="3.8.0"></a> # [3.8.0]( (2017-08-21) ### Features * **Rollup:** do not patch if template is missin
scatterclegge scatterclegge / wowiebot C# A self-hosted Twitch bot you can download and use v2.2 **Changelog:** - Added ability to send periodic messages automatically - Fixed bug in 8-ball
oksanasoyko bidorbuy / opencart PHP Bidorbuy OpenCart store integrator v2.0.10 * EOL (End-of-life due to the end of life of this version) for PHP 5.3 support. * Improved the logging strategy. * Added extra save button which was removed from debug section (settings page).
sd-buildbot screwdriver-cd / ui JavaScript Screwdriver UI v1.0.176 v1.0.176
binhex binhex / arch-emby Shell Arch Linux Docker with Emby installed
jturbo26 jturbo26 / the100DiscordBot JavaScript Discord bot for our group on using discord.js. v1.0 Just setting up versioning in prep for a big refactor.
bhoriuchi bhoriuchi / rethinkdb-doc-filter JavaScript MongoDB document queries in RethinkDB v0.2.0 * updated to match spec better
bicycle1885 bicycle1885 / TranscodingStreams.jl Julia Simple, consistent interfaces for any codec. v0.3.1 - Expand output buffer when no data are processed (#10). - Add CodeBase.jl (433596ff0af7b6c348ebfa847932e8438888df7a, 6961cf07a49c73b9b1b5c0d7dea621aa7d63a948).
edmofro sussol / mobile JavaScript Open source mobile app for medical inventory control v2.0.0-rc2 What's new in this release: - Tweaks to ExpiryTextInput - Minor tweaks to UI - Minor translation update for Timor
gajus gajus / isomorphic-webpack JavaScript Abstracts universal consumption of application code base using webpack. v2.1.0 <a name"2.1.0"></a> ## 2.1.0 (2017-08-21) #### Features * fetch bundle name from stats & Custom context on eval ([753ede47](
sqrtofsaturn octoblu / zooid-spinner JavaScript A loading indicator. A React component. A Zooid component! v1.0.9
estroz coreos / dex Go OpenID Connect Identity (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 Provider with Pluggable Connectors v2.6.1 This is a security release of dex that addresses flaws in API query parameters and `groups` scope handling logic in the GitHub connector. Issue 1: Dex's GitHub API calls used a users' display name,
fchollet fchollet / keras Python Deep Learning library for Python. Runs on TensorFlow, Theano, or CNTK. 2.0.7 # Keras 2.0.7 ## Areas of improvement - Bug fixes. - Performance improvements. - Documentation improvements. - Better support for training models from data tensors in TensorFlow (e.g. Dataset
tmatsuo GoogleCloudPlatform / php-docker PHP Docker images for running PHP applications on the App Engine Flexible Runtime 2017-08-21-12-24 * gRPC extension 1.4.6 * protobuf extension 3.4.0 * Allow individual packages for stackdriver integration ([PR](
samuelcolvin samuelcolvin / arq Python Fast job queuing and RPC in python with asyncio, redis and msgpack. v0.10.4
billcowan foreseecode / backbone-oauth-1.0a JavaScript OAuth 1.0a Plugin for Backbone.js v0.9.6
kunalgupApDx Appdynamics / snmptrap-alerting-extension Java AppDynamics SNMP Trap Alerting Extension v5.2.0 - fix for TimeTicks issue [](
dbslone dbslone / relay JavaScript Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications. v1.2.1
petrvecera petrvecera / ChessEloApp JavaScript Chess Elo app for small groups of players ( intended to use internally - no authentication implemented). ExtJS frontend, NodeJS backend. v0.5 The zip has the production build of the Ext app. If anyone would like to deploy their version they would need to change the backend url to the IP of their NodeJS backend or just modify
zendesk-deploy zendesk / samson Ruby Web interface for deployments v1774
ecrist OpenVPN / easy-rsa Shell easy-rsa - Simple shell based CA utility v3.0.2 Add missing Windows binaries and publish release.
syqu22 syqu22 / Snake2D-LibGDX Java First project using LibGDX v0.3 **Changelog** [x] - Sounds added [x] - Menu changed again
JazZ51 JazZ51 / MaDKitLanEdition Java Multiagent Development Kit (Lan Edition) v1.2.0 - Adding P2PSecuredConnectionProtocolWithECDHAlgorithm connection protocol (speedest) - Adding Client/ServerSecuredConnectionProtocolWithKnwonPublicKeyWithECDHAlgorithm connection protocol (speedest)
helluvamatt helluvamatt / ModMonitor C# An alternative to Device Monitor from the Evolv Escribe Suite for monitoring Evolve DNA devices through a serial connection. v0.1.0.0 ### Initial release features: * High resolution live graph when firing * High resolution live data updates * Device statistics (auto update after firing) * Configurable graph line colors * Show
robflop robflop / chatron-client JavaScript A chatroom client built with electron and v1.1.0 # Bugfix-a-plenty! Lots of bug fixes this release! Some added features, which bump this to a minor semver though. ## Bugfixes - Error message position while logged in has been fixed - No more
kevinburke kevinburke / gitlab Go Command line tool for waiting for Gitlab pipelines to complete 0.6 0.6

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