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MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
SGrondin SGrondin / tdigest OCaml OCaml implementation of the T-Digest algorithm 2.0.0 Release for Core v15, otherwise identical to `1.0.0`
mabam mabam / ScreenWakener AppleScript Activation tool intended for Hackintosh “Black Screens” that appear in “System Preferences” ▸ “Displays”. v1.0.1 Fixed uninstall script. **Screen Wakener exclusively runs on systems with an iGPU only.** Mount “ScreenWakener1.0.1.dmg” and copy “Screen” to your system’s Applications fol
samiam95124 samiam95124 / Pascal-P5 Pascal ISO 7185 Pascal Interpreter v1.4 This is version 1.4 of Pascal-P5.
github-actions[bot] pyapp-kit / magicgui Python build GUIs from python functions, using magic. v0.7.0.rc0 # Changelog ## [0.7.0.rc0]( (2022-11-26) [Full Changelog]( **Implemented enhanc
navarr navarr / specific-time PHP An implementation of PSR-20 providing a clock that stands still in time v1.0.0 🎉
mazahireyvazli mazahireyvazli / memento Go Fast In-memory cache written in Go v1.0 Initial release that includes the features below: - Sharding - Entry expiration - Providing custom hash function
github-actions[bot] netz39 / solder-workspace-lighting_firmware C++ Firmware for solder workspace lighting central control v1.0.0 [Full Changelog]( **Merged pull requests:** - Change firmware structure to Ap
harshraj8843 codinasion / year-progress-2 Jupyter Notebook A twitter bot to tweet year and week progress v0.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
paulbroek paulbroek / notion-utils-js TypeScript Utility library for v1.0.1
ebukreev ebukreev / word-to-pdf Kotlin Software Engineering 2022 labs 0.0.1 ## What's Changed * First service implementation by @ebukreev in * Add pdf document responding by @ebukreev in
navarr navarr / wall-clock PHP PSR-20 implementation of a Wall (System) Clock v1.0.0 🎉
drew-512 arcverse / go-cedar Go Essential tools for Go projects v1.2022.2
github-actions[bot] adamus1red / yt-dlp no-lang A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes 2022.11.26.181131 #### [A description of the various files](( are in the README --- <details open><summary><h3>Changelog</summary> <p> &
jopeek jopeek / fvtt-loot-sheet-npc-5e JavaScript FVTT - Loot Sheet NPC 5E 4.1.1-beta This release is a beta release of a "simple" variant of Lootsheet. It's essentially a classic release that is compatible with FoundryVTT 10. It forgoes many of Lootsheet's recent i
Suiram1701 Suiram1701 / Snake C# The Simple Snake game in .NET 4.8.1 in two different languages (C# and C++). The first release is in C# after that will came C++. Snake-CS-v1.0.0.0 The first version and C# release from my Snake game. At first is only Normal mode available.
kristianserrano kristianserrano / move-items-in-swade JavaScript A Foundry VTT module for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition that allows moving Items between Actors rather than cloning the Items. 1.0.0 - Initial release
pshaddel pshaddel / eu-tin-vat-validator TypeScript A Validator for TIN and VAT in European countries v0.0.1 Add TIN validator.
cnbatch cnbatch / PunchNAT C++ NAT打洞转发数据 v0.1 SHA256: | Filename | Hash | |-----------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------
djr7C4 djr7C4 / Adv360-Pro-ZMK Shell Production repository for the all-new Advantage360 Professional using ZMK engine explicit-modifiers-1.0 This version has the modifier explicitly set on all layers in case there is an issue with using &trans
gupta-ji6 gupta-ji6 / JavaScript Portfolio and Blog of Ayush Gupta v3.2 ## What's Changed * ⬆️ Bump url-parse from 1.5.1 to 1.5.3 by @dependabot in * ⬆️ Bump prismjs from 1.24.0 to 1.25.0 by @dependabot i
MixelTe MixelTe / SnowFlakes C# Snowflakes falling over the screen v1.0
yugalarora yugalarora / build-jenkins-job Python Action to trigger and build a jenkins job from github workflow v1.0.0 Initial release
0xhiro 0xhiro / amongrust Rust Reveal the imposters hiding in your sus code v0.1.1
tutkli tutkli / jikan-ts TypeScript Jikan API wrapper for Typescript and NodeJS with build in typings. v0.5.5 ### Build - Replace parcel with esbuild - Update dependencies ### Clients - Replace Pino with tslog - Fix exporting TopClient
gcarmix gcarmix / sfile Python Like linux "file" command on steroids, it is cross platform and work on Linux/Mac/Windows 0.1.1 First release
donaldmurf donaldmurf / VFV C# Hello. Welcome to the Victory for Veterans Game GitHub. To download the game and start playing please click on Releases below. A video is provided to help. -- ----------------------------------------------- To visit the Victory for Veterans Linkedin page click the link right below this paragraph. Release-1.1 ## [Click here to watch a video on how to download and play game]( ## [Click here to download the game] IMPORTANT FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY: remove gitingnore file befor
M5Ross M5Ross / DccSerialCom C++ Arduino library for custom serial communication protocol between PC tool DecoderConfigurator and DCC Decoders v1.0
liamtimms liamtimms / kuramoto-neurons Rust code for "Synchronization in phase-coupled Kuramoto oscillator networks with axonal delay and synaptic plasticity" v0.1.0 A working implementation of the model in rust in 1D and 2D with python graphing functions.
freearhey freearhey / table2array JavaScript Converts HTML table to Javascript array v0.0.2 First release
YasNikki YasNikki / SalonPlus no-lang SalonPlus is a software to administrate the reservation of rooms into a institute & etc. 2.1
rxliuli rxliuli / mami TypeScript cross-tool document converter mami-cli@0.1.0 # mami-cli.exe demo Publishing a mami-cli binary, I tried making an exe that doesn't require installing nodejs or npm dependencies, see if anyone is interested. Instructions 1. Download
alexstandiford adiungo / data-source-csv PHP Map-able CSV data source making it possible to import CSV files using Adiungo. 0.1.0 This marks the initial release for the CSV data source. Not much to say at this point since we've literally gone from "code not here" to "code here", but hey - it's still
holmesrichards holmesrichards / voltproc Shell Voltage processor synth module with summers and lag v1.0 Initial release corresponding to first run PCB, except R7 value updated to 47k.
TwinDragon Unicor-p / SCS_Map_Tiles no-lang Collection of map tiles for SCS Software games.
collimarco pushpad / web-push Ruby Web Push library for Ruby (RFC8030) - A fork of zaru/webpush actively maintained by Pushpad with many improvements, bug fixes and frequent updates [Work-In-Progress] v1.0.0 Fork of [zaru/webpush]( on 2022/11/26. This first version is compatible with the original, except for the name. In order to use this new gem use `gem 'web-pu
DYGV DYGV / hls_traffic_light_recognition C++ Traffic Light Recognition with High-Level Synthesis v1.0
ndgnuh ndgnuh / retinaface_detector Python Quick and dirty face detector using retinaface. Adapted from 1.0.0
GavinPolhemus GavinPolhemus / TheWorld TeX Physics textbook: modern perspective, historical approach, algebra based, designed for high school. v0.1.0 This preview is not the finished version. Chapters 1 through 5 are in good shape. We made significant changes to Chapters 6 through 8 in our classroom presentation this year, and those changes still n
github-actions[bot] edgebitio / enclaver Rust Open source toolkit created to enable easy adoption of software enclaves v0.2.0
Shumyk Shumyk / kdeploy Go deploy from the terminal to k8s v1.0.0 The initial version of kdeploy terminal tool. Functionality: deploy selecting repository; deploy specific microservice; deploy previously deployed microservices; edit, view, set configurations. T
TheKoren TheKoren / TribalWars JavaScript Server Side JavaScript v1.0
M5Ross M5Ross / ConfCVlib C++ Simple Arduino library to manage CV for special configurations v1.1
tolya-yanot ton-blockchain / ton C++ Main TON monorepo v2022.05
github-actions[bot] jxs / refinery Rust A powerful migration toolkit which puts usability first 0.8.6
github-actions[bot] KenanY / fermat JavaScript Fermat's probabilistic primality test 2.0.0 ## [2.0.0]( (2022-11-26) ### ⚠ BREAKING CHANGES * Node.js v12 is no longer supported. ### Features * drop Node.js v12 support ([2d17fd5](h
satthukid000 satthukid000 / QuanLySinhVienMidTerm Java Quản Lý Sinh Vien v1.0.0 Phiên bản ứng dụng quản lý sinh viên nhưng không dùng cơ sở dữ liệu
davep davep / unbored Python A TUI client for when you're bored v0.1.2 First proper release (ignore 0.1.0 and 0.1.1, they never happened, and if they did happen it was because I wrote the script entry point wrong, but they never happened so that never happened, twice).
InsonusK NNTrade / TimeFrame-lib Python Library with TimeFrame entity v1.0.0 Init from base project
shp7724 wafflestudio / snutt-ios Swift iOS version for SNUTT appstore/v3.0.0-release.1 테스트 릴리즈 노트입니다.
M5Ross M5Ross / DecoderConfigurator Python Simple PC tool to configure custom DCC decoders via serial protocol v.1.1
UTrosh UTrosh / Z-Radio-Addon Java An addon to ModularVoiceChat mod that adds a funtionnal radio item with frequencies. 1.0.0 trying
Dawid8plc Dawid8plc / StarDefendersLauncher C# Launcher for the Star Defenders 2D game v1.0.1 + Clipboard Support (can now paste text into chat and other places) + Hiding built in servers setting
lee-jinhwan lee-jinhwan / ha-smarttings Python Homeassistant Smartthings custom components 2022.11.4-20221127 2022.11.4 업데이트 반영
andreasabel andreasabel / fix-whitespace-action no-lang Run fix-whitespace on your repo. v1.0.0
varshith15 xlab-uiuc / slooo Xonsh Slooo: A Fail-slow Fault Injection Testing Framework v1.0.0 - Systems Ported - MongoDB - RethinkDB - TiDB - Abstractions - Node - Quorum - Faults - CPU (Limit) - CPU (Contention) - Disk (Limit) - Disk (Conten
yorguesonmatasea yorguesonmatasea / curso-node-restserver JavaScript Curso de node restserver basico v1.0.0 # RestServer + WebServer Configuraciones iniciales listas
hideNFN hideNFN / ManhuntEssentialPatcher Batchfile A simple patch that makes Manhunt run on modern systems. v1.1.0
TheChristophe EOSC-synergy / eosc-perf-frontend TypeScript EOSC-Perf Frontend v1.2.0 feat: Add url to benchmark submit form feat: Add filters to url feat: Implement browser memory for benchmark columns feat: Add SSR for results page, remember columns in URL feat: Add clear selecti
github-actions[bot] jenkinsci / copyartifact-plugin Java Jenkins copyartifact plugin copyartifact-1.48 ## 👻 Maintenance * Miscellaneous code cleanup (#160) @basil ## 🚦 Tests * Enable Jenkins Security Scan (#156) @basil * Replace deprecated `HttpStatus` import with a constant (#152) @Mar
mediaexplorer74 mediaexplorer74 / WConnectAgent C# Partially reconstucted "WConnectAgent.exe". Draft / Early bird v1.0.0.0-alpha "WConnectAgent" for Desktop (classic; not UWP) v1.0.0.0-alpha Normal users: no way! Developers/geeks only. As-is
haneefdm mcu-debug / rtos-views TypeScript RTOS views for microcontrollers V0.0.2 Available from the VSCode marketplace
mitchrmiller Plato-solutions / delay-timer Rust Time-manager of delayed tasks. Like crontab, but synchronous asynchronous tasks are possible scheduling, and dynamic add/cancel/remove is supported. 0.11.3 turn info! messages into debug!
github-actions[bot] netz39 / Ordnungen TeX Dies sind die Ordnungen des Netz39 e.V. Magdeburg v2.0.0
github-actions[bot] RuntimeRascal / get-json-patches TypeScript A function to compare two js objects and return a collection of json patches from the differences v1.0.10 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] tarangverma / kubescape Go Kubescape is a K8s open-source tool providing a multi-cloud K8s single pane of glass, including risk analysis, security compliance, RBAC visualizer and image vulnerabilities scanning. v2.0.3
AlperAkca79 AlperAkca79 / dotNETCalculator C# Windows 10 Calculator Clone for Windows (7/8/8.1) First Version of .NET Calculator <img src="">
ggffggg00 ggffggg00 / spring-cloud-config Java Docker image of Spring cloud config with actuator and spring boot admin client rel-1.0
jgaskins jeromegn / Crystal Protobuf generator, encoder and decoder. v2.3.0 ## What's Changed * Test against recent Crystal releases by @jgaskins in 5764c07 * Fix deprecation warnings in recent Crystal releases by @jgaskins in e4d35af * group installation by
github-actions[bot] a7d-corp / terraform-module-proxmox-instance HCL Terraform module to manage VM instances on Proxmox hosts v1.0.0 ### Added - Changelog. - Release workflows. ### Changed - Enable configuration of PXE booting.
redroostertech redroostertech / PhoneVerificationController Swift A nicer UI for FireBase phone authentication. 2.0.3 Latest release for repo
LucaCiucci LucaCiucci / LC_testing_utils C++ LC testing utils v0.0.1
flofriday flofriday / TU_Wien_Addressbook Dart An unofficial Android and iOS App to search TU Wien employees and students. 1.4.1 ![screenshot]( ## New Features * Upgraded to Flutter 3.3 * Udated UI to Material3 (just a
monsieurbab monsieurbab / FS22_ScreenshotMode Lua Screenshot Mode for FS22 v1.0.0.0
sezaialkan w8icon / icon no-lang Easier to customize with w8icon v1.0.0
ArrayIterator TrayDigita / Streak PHP Simple Php Framework Basis - Using Slim 4 1.0.1
nomaster nomaster / freifunk-icon no-lang Freifunk Icon (simplified logo) v2.0 This release fixes a visual error where the inner circles did not intersect ![freifunk-icon](
Dools1337 Dools1337 / AutoHideBinds no-lang AutoHideBinds is a WoW addon used for hiding binds and macro names. On mouseover both are shown, making it easy to refresh your memory without the ugliness of showing them at all times. 10.02 - Updated .toc - Added bar 5,6,7 That's all folks
gdiet gdiet / backup Scala Lightweight Deduplicating File System 5.1.0 DedupFS is a file system for storing many backups of large collections of files - for example your photo collection. The stored files are deduplicated, meaning: If you store the same files multiple ti
light4 light4 / mine-stats Rust [WIP] MineStats - ⚡ Dynamically generated stats and some usefull api. v0.1.1 v0.1.1
kasandrop kasandrop / psutils no-lang Command line utilities written in Powershell 0.2020.01.26
al1-ce al1-ce / sily-dlang D sily lib for d v1.0.0
TentionGames TentionGames / Spielesammlung ASP.NET Spielesammlung mit verschiedenen Gesellschaftsspielen pre5.2.1.I Test Version mit neuen Spielen: - Skat (3 Spieler) - Reversi/Othello (2 Spieler) - Uno (2-8 Spieler) **Full Changelog**:
pboettch pboettch / json-schema-validator C++ JSON schema validator for JSON for Modern C++ 2.2.0 A while bunch of changes. Some minor API changes and additions - hence the middle-version upgrade.
dustindclark dustindclark / homebridge-aws-iot TypeScript Sync Homebridge devices to Alexa via AWS IOT. v0.1.12 Initial release of AWS IoT Homebridge plugin. This plugin syncs the specified Homebridge devices with AWS IoT
nexusriot nexusriot / antiworld Go book downloader 0.0.1 Initial release
cutebear0123 cutebear0123 / better-youtube-short JavaScript go back or forward in shortcuts 1.0.1
YungSamzy YungSamzy / JumboVR no-lang JumboVR - My First VR Unity Game 1.0 Includes Binaries for both, tutorial soon, preview soon
d1snin d1snin / kotlin-jvm-application-template Kotlin Kotlin/JVM application template. 1.0.1
Leafeling Leafeling / ShowMeTheMoney Java Minecraft plugin that makes money drop from mobs killed by players. v1.0.0 The initial release of the plugin! I hope you enjoy using it.
github-actions[bot] rpatrick00 / terraform-provider-environment Go Terraform utility provider for reading local environment variables v0.10.0 ## Changelog * 3e3c2f9 Correct example in * 78aa683 Merge branch 'rpatrick00:master' into master * 76a1806 Merge pull request #1 from jimlcl/master * 8795108 Merge pull request #3
backwardspy backwardspy / juicy-fortress Go opinionated dwarf fortress installer v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
scriptsengineer expressobits / character-controller GDScript Modular Character Controller for Godot 4. Includes FPS version with headbob and camera movement. (Walk, Crouch, Sprint, Swim and Fly Mode). 2.0.1 - Update to Godot 4 - Move to plugin - Refactor core scripts - Add abilities - Add head bob and FPS controller variant - Refactor example scene
midzer midzer / dontbore-cli Go CLI tool for DontBore v0.0.1 * Initial version
tncrazvan tncrazvan / catpaw-dev-tools PHP The reason this program exists is to help you manage your product life cycle by allowing you to publish new tags, export common files to all projects your product depends on and offers a complete tag nuke option for clearing all (local and remote) git tags. 0.4.103 Fixing some options issues when using the `product.phar --some-option="..."` syntax.
adamlaki conedevelopment / sprucecss-site JavaScript The documentation of Spruce CSS. v3.0.0
fanhaoyuan fanhaoyuan / facteur TypeScript A lightweight tool for managing v0.1.0
Romanx StubbleOrg / Stubble.Helpers C# An extension for stubble adding helper functions in your templates v2.0.1 # Major Version Change Hey everyone, This is a major version bump however depending on how you use the package you may not need to make any changes. We originally were not correctly mimicing the s
LarsTi jlti-dev / openvpn_exporter Go Prometheus Exporter for OpenVPN via Management Interface v0.2 Releasing into test-mode
LKaemmerling usefathom / fathom Go Fathom Lite. Simple, privacy-focused website analytics. Built with Golang & Preact. v1.3.0 ## What's Changed * relative url for api/session calls issue #77 by @ericand in * Update installation instructions by @rizaldim in
takeokunn takeokunn / yasnippet-org Emacs Lisp Generate yasnippet templates from org document. v1.0.0 Release v1.0.0🎉
amirfakhrullah amirfakhrullah / license-gen Go Generate open-source license for your project from terminal. Written in Go v0.1 **Full Changelog**:
ivan-horchakov ivan-horchakov / flutter_off_cors Dart A script to disable and re-enable CORS checks for Flutter's Chrome instance & Web Server 1.3.3 For "flutter drive ... -d web-server" usage in Flutter web integration tests
Forcellrus Forcellrus / Discord-Auto-Publisher TypeScript Automatically publish messages or news in your announcement channels! 2.3.5
BloodDragon2580 BloodDragon2580 / FastMail Lua This addon shows in the TitanPanel if you have an email and from which player it comes, it shows you if you have already read messages. FastMail.v.1.1
getopendroplet sentinelos / packer Go Packer is a tool to build and package software distributions. 0.0.1 **Full Changelog**:
phelps-sg phelps-sg / play-hmac-signatures Scala A Play Framework module to build actions that validate HMAC signatures v0.4.3 This release uses the same version of Google guice (4.2.3) as Play Framework 2.8.18
mcalveiro mcalveiro / esp32AdminTool HTML Proyecto base. Curso: ESP32 Admin Tool (Servidor Web HTML) para IOT Makers 2022. v.1.0 Maquetado completo de las páginas html, involucradas en el proyecto **ESP32 AdminWeb-Tool**.
fliiiix radio-pi / python-websocket-backend Python API wrapper for a music player. v0.3.0 This is a rewrite of the API and websocket part to FastAPI.
cnbatch cnbatch / udphop C++ 专用于UDP的端口跳跃工具。A tool of UDP's Port Hopping v0.1 SHA256: | Filename | Hash | |---------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------
salimibrohimi salimibrohimi / web-resource-extractor PHP Simple and lightweight PHP class for downloading Web pages. 1.0
MarowaAdel28 MarowaAdel28 / Employees-System-V2 C this repo is version 2 from my employee system which user can enter # employees in run time and can increase size without losing data addition to the features in version1. Using C-programming language and BORLANDC compiler. V2.0.0
cptaus cptaus / github_decorator Python Automatic creator for making your GitHub Profile prettier 0.1 First release of the auto generator. **IMG URL MUST END WITH .PNG .JPG .JPEG**
radeklat radeklat / delfino-demo Python A minimal demo plugin using poetry 1.0.0 # Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on [Keep a Changelog]( and this project adheres to [Semantic V
tushar09 tushar09 / Contacts Java Android Contacts API 1.0.0 First Release
github-actions[bot] andrei1058 / SiderbarLib Java A minecraft packet-based sidebar library. 22.11 **Full Changelog**:
ArduFish123 ArduFish123 / ESP8266-NODEMCU1.0-ESP12E-IoT-Thermometer C++ ESP8266 and Blynk IoT thermometer 1.0.0
astraloverflow astraloverflow / starter-web JavaScript A starter template for web projects 2022.11.26
chvllad chvllad / bem-validator-action TypeScript Github Action для валидации BEM v0.1
pau1o-hs pau1o-hs / Learned-Motion-Matching Python A neural-network-based generative model for video-game characters animations v0.3.0 # Stable version ![LMM2]( Learned and updated some stuff based in [author version](https://g
stevdza-san stevdza-san / OneTapCompose Kotlin This library allow you to easily integrate One-Tap Sign in with Google in your project. It keeps away all the boilerplate code. 1.0.0 Initial release.
github-actions[bot] Safetorun / safe_to_run Kotlin A library to help verify the security of your android application v1.0.0
szigyi szigyi / sense-hat-matrix Python Manipulate the LED matrix of the sense-hat 0.0.1 it should kick off the automated release process
razonyang razonyang / hugo-theme-bootstrap-algolia Go A CLI tool for HBS theme to upload Algolia index file. v0.1.0
AlexisTM AlexisTM / fun-together JavaScript Rust Pet project acting as a Websocket Proxy to make serverless Jackbox-like game. Used in 0.1.1 This is the first actual "release". Just a beta, but reached a pretty good state as I do not seem to need more to develop a game with it as a networking layer.
isecvirus isecvirus / TrojanFactory Java Spoof trojans and malware. v2.0.0
MostafaNanticock MostafaNanticock / CreationWorkshop C# A slicer and print controller for SLA and FDM based 3d printers V1.0.0.82 The last release of CreationWorkshop
TheSp1der TheSp1der / tplink Go GoLang TP-Link Module for the hs105 and hs200 v1.0.0 First stable release.
fabriziocacicia fabriziocacicia / flutter_clean_domain Dart A plugin that provides core elements for implementing the domain layer of a Clean Architecture app v1.3.0 ## What's Changed * chore: remove the bricks from the repo by @fabriziocacicia in * chore: bump the minimum dart sdk version to 2
brandonja991 brandonja991 / ordinary-clock PHP A simple PSR-20 Clock implementation for accessing and mocking the current time. 1.0.0
saasan saasan / rename-file-to-folder-name Go フォルダ内にファイルが1つだけの場合、ファイル名をフォルダ名に変更し親フォルダへ移動する v1.0.0 初版
shyim shyim / danger-php PHP Danger runs during your CI process, and gives teams the chance to automate common code review chores. 0.2.10
piotrbajdek piotrbajdek / cargo-my-bin Rust list installed crates: a cargo subcommand to display the contents of .cargo/bin/ v0.1.1
seyerjo seyerjo / python-sample-code Python This repository contains several Python code samples that can be reused to learn and understand programming with this language. v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
siiimooon siiimooon / istio-ca-shim-step Go Simple shim-proxy enabling Step Certificates as CA for Istio v0.0.3 ## Changelog * 50f1a25 ci: configure workflow of goreleaser - change auth for ghcr * 2aa7b09 ci: configure workflow of goreleaser - change auth for ghcr * 2c6f545 ci: configure goreleaser - reduce goo
hantsy hantsy / spring-reactive-sample Java Spring 5 Reactive playground v1.0 Being switched to Spring Boot 3, mark the current codes for Spring 2.7.5. ## What's Changed * Fix typo by @silasmahler in * Add missi
ripreal green-api / whatsapp-api-client-js JavaScript This library helps you easily create a javascript application with Whatsapp support 0.3.29 Added new methods - sendButtons, sendListMessage, sendTemplateButtons, archiveChat, unarchiveChat, getContactInfo - minor fixes for methods
ErikCrDv ErikCrDv / RestServer-Dashboard JavaScript NodeJs Curso v1.0.0 # Server Init * Express * Cors
AlexeyBond AlexeyBond / Irene-Voice-Assistant Python Ирина - русский голосовой ассистент для работы оффлайн. Поддерживает скиллы через плагины. v0.3.0 Добавленная функциональнос
github-actions[bot] sigmonsays / dotbot Go manage dot file symlinks v0.0.10
zorazrr zorazrr / obsidian-link-opener TypeScript Obsidian plugin to open external links in modals or tabs 1.0.2 Tiny fixes and more customizability
nkilm nkilm / git-logs Python bird-eye view of commit history v0.1.0 ### Features added - Highlight weekends - Dates are more readable ### Bugfix - Fixed color issue on cmd/powershell
fliiiix radio-pi / RadioPi Java The Android Controller for the project v0.3.0 This is the first release of the new App. There will be some bugs probably.
RedLime RedLime / LimitlessStructureBlock Java Increase limit of Structure Block region size to 4096 (from 48) 1.0
github-actions[bot] patrickfend / simple-xlsx2json-api JavaScript Webservice to convert Excel-Files to JSON 0.1.0 false
filcuk filcuk / fimc-vanilla-plus no-lang Minecraft Fabric vanilla-friendly modpack v1.0.0
tyteck codenco-dev / print-factory PHP Awesome package (we hope) to industrialize the creation of printable documents v0.1 draft
github-actions[bot] rebeccacclevengeh6 / actions-openwrt-helloworld no-lang Actions使用Lean's lede源码编译含helloworld服务固件 2022.11.27-0033 🔗 [WeTransfer]()
HardcodedCat HardcodedCat / termux-float Java Termux add-on app to show the terminal in a floating terminal window. v0.15.0-1 ## Changelog: - Updated gradle wrapper to 7.5.1 - Bumped minSdkVersion to 26 - Bumped compileSdkVersion to 32 - set android.enableJetifier to true - Added dependabot to gradle dependencies
jgionti clt313 / SuperballVR ShaderLab UF Capstone Project v0.1-prototype Demonstrates the feasibility and core features of the project. ## Features - Main Menu area - Single Player Menu: UI concept + f
marco910 feichtmedia / imagehandler-react-sdk TypeScript React SDK for FeichtMedia ImageManager and ImageHandler for use inside a React application. v1.0.0 First major release of the package. Documentation is coming soon to the ``.
github-actions[bot] dseapy / numaflow-templates Go Controller for reducing duplication in similar Numaflow Pipelines v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] spidernet-io / cni-plugins Go underlay plugins for macvlan and sriov-cni meta-plugins-0.1.9 meta-plugins works with macvlan cni to solve some communication problems when macvlan is used as CNI.
sakitam-fdd sakitam-fdd / wind-layer TypeScript :flags: :rocket: wind-layer | a openlayers && amap && bmap && leaflet && mapbox-gl extension lik @sakitam-gis/mapbox-wind@1.1.2 ### Patch Changes - [`2721a99`]( Thanks [@sakitam-fdd](! - release: v1.1.2
xcervilla xcervilla / FridaGadgetPatcher Python Tool to patch an IPA file with FridaGadget.dylib 0.1 Initial release of the tool
AkshayGadekar AkshayGadekar / bulkExportCSV PHP Export unlimited records into CSV v0.0.2 To let package work in Lumen framework as well, changed dependency from Laravel to PHP itself.
HardcodedCat HardcodedCat / termux-tasker Java Termux add-on app for integration with Tasker. v0.6.0-1 ## Changelog: - Updated gradle wrapper to 7.5.1 - Bumped minSdkVersion to 26 - Bumped compileSdkVersion to 32 - disabled mavenLocal() for github CI - Added dependabot to gradle dependencies
hushilibg hushilibg / ZeroBot-Plugin no-lang 基于 ZeroBot 的 OneBot 插件 v1.2.3 one
anggrayudi anggrayudi / MaterialPreference Kotlin ⚙️ A library designed to replace default preferences on Android framework with something beauty. 3.8.0 **Breaking Changes** * Upgraded to AGP 7 * Upgraded to Kotlin 1.7 * Updated [SimpleStorage]( to 1.5.1 * Released `materialpreference-compiler` v1.8 * R
TheAirBlow TheAirBlow / LogTopia Java Disables all of the TekTopia's debug logging 1.0.0 Initial release
SimiPixel SimiPixel / chain_control Python Neural ODE control for kinematic chains. Uses MuJoCo and JAX. v0.3.0 **Breaking changes** - The functions `collect`, `collect_exhaust_source` and `sample_feedforward_collect_and_make_source` return one additional object. The additional object is a dictionary contain
NoLupiPls NoLupiPls / Lexsi Python A bot for managing a computer on Windows vv1.2.0.1 # What's new in this release: * Added multilingualism. * Added English.
github-actions[bot] polyflix / dependencies TypeScript The source code of the dependencies microservice. minio-starter-v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-11-26) ### Features * add docker images ([915ea8b]( * new release on github ([edc2448](https:
github-actions[bot] jdufresne / urllib3 Python Python HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post support, sanity friendly, and more. 1.26.13
HardcodedCat HardcodedCat / termux-widget Java Termux add-on app which adds shortcuts to commands on the home screen. v0.13.0-1 ## Changelog: - Updated gradle wrapper - Bumped minSdkVersion to 26 - Bumped compileSdkVersion to 32 - set android.enableJetifier to true - Added dependabot to gradle dependencies - Moved
marwan-at-work marwan-at-work / gowatch Go A simple .go file watcher that will stop & restart main.go v0.3.0 Features: 1. You can now specify a path to a file not just a directory. Breaking changes: Because of the above, the flag/config names such as "Go dirs" and "Non Go dirs"
felwal felwal / avganar Monkey C A Garmin Connect IQ widget displaying SL departures, using Trafiklab's APIs 1.0.0 App release!
evrifaessa FOSSBilling / Proxmox PHP Proxmox VM provisioning for FOSSBilling 0.0.1 Not production ready. We're issuing this release to have it work with the extension store.
rachelphan1508 rachelphan1508 / HdrHistogram_c C C port of the HdrHistogram 0.11.6-yb
brentcwilson mrwilsonsworkshop / php-mastodon PHP A small PHP library for interacting with Mastodon's REST API. 0.6.0
longstone longstone / js-zipcode JavaScript Postleitzahlsuche für die Schweiz / zipcode lookup for swiss area (offline) 1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Bump tar from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 by @dependabot in * Bump is-my-json-valid from 2.16.0 to 2.20.0 by @dependabot in https://github.
ClashLuke ClashLuke / TrueGrad Python PyTorch interface for TrueGrad-AdamW 0.1.0 * Add BackPack as possible backend * default_to_adam option for TGAdamW * rename square_grad to sum_grad_squared
smorad smorad / popgym Python Partially Observable Process Gym v0.0.1 Initial release of popgym
tedwon tedwon / quarkus-react-memo-app JavaScript Simple CRUD Quarkus React Memo App v0.1.0.Final Basic CRUD React on Quarkus
github-actions[bot] BrackeysBot / PasteMystBot C# A bot for the Brackeys Discord server to handle PasteMyst integration. v1.0.0
weiqiangxu weiqiangxu / protocol Makefile rpc api v0.02
romanin-rf romanin-rf / basic-system-information Python Показывает базовую информацию о работе системы v0.2.2 **Full Changelog**:
cristianovisk cristianovisk / epyon Go Epyon is a swiss army knife tool for pentesting DevOps ecosystems. v1.0.0 teste
BempaOSD BempaOSD / HemtestRESTAPI C# An example of a webb-api using ASP.NET Controllers 0.001 WEB-API
JosiasAurel JosiasAurel / dg Rust A dictionary CLI 0.0.1 This release has been heavily optimized and the binary compressed using `upx`
Taiizor Taiizor / Starterkit C# Starterkit library for projects using .NET Blazor v1.0.0.4 ## What's Changed * Minor changes have been made * Code improvements have been made **Full Changelog**:
9hk 9hk / mech Go Download media or send API requests v1.0.0
TheDen TheDen / gcopy Go Copy data to your clipboard via the command line (including images) 📋 v1.0.0
110-kenichi 110-kenichi / mame C++ MAmidiMEmo - Improved slot checking algorithm of VGMPlay_msx.rom. (Thanks Uniskie-san!) - Fixed VSIF command receive routine of VGMPlay_msx.rom. (Thanks Uniskie-san!)
Equiel-1703 Equiel-1703 / TrabFinalPOO Java Trabalho final da disciplina de Programação Orientada a Objetos, lecionada pelo prof. Ulisses Corrêa na Universidade Federal de Pelotas. Feito por Henrique Gabriel. v1.0 Arquivo Jar contendo o trabalho compilado. Esta release funciona em Windows, Linux e Mac.
luis-flores-vallejos luis-flores-vallejos / whatsappcloudapi_wrapper JavaScript An easy way to build Whatsapp Chatbots on top of the new Whatsapp Cloud API 1.0 disable footer required
threeplanetssoftware threeplanetssoftware / apple_cloud_notes_parser Ruby Parser for Apple Notes data stored on the Cloud as seen on Apple handsets v0.10 Major changes: - Re-wrote how HTML is generated to move logic into the protobuf classes themselves. Ultimately this will simplify output generation, but bugs may exist given how big of a re-write t
Piasy HackWebRTC / kmp-xlog C++ KMP wrapper for tencent mars xlog v1.0.0
marcellozaniboni marcellozaniboni / httpiccolo Go a small http file server 0.9 This should be the last release before version 1.0. A few things remain to be implemented, such as deleting the browser native dialogs in the admin interface, but overall this is a stable release.
github-actions[bot] louis030195 / gitpod-docker Dockerfile Built Docker images to make Gitpod boot faster 1.0.3
henkelmax henkelmax / character-renderer Java A simple player character renderer. 1.19-1.0.1
github-actions[bot] azurystudio / eslint-config JavaScript azury's eslint config eslint-config@1.0.13
theKorzh theKorzh / uwsgi_exporter Go uWSGI metrics exporter for 1.2.0
agung2001 agung2001 / Svelte My Github Profile Page 0.1.1 * Initial public release intended to replace
harvestcore harvestcore / AppContext C# MongoDB and simple configuration services for your .NET app. 0.2.0
Laxeder Laxeder / rompot TypeScript ChatBot API em TypeScript v0.1.0 Publish API
tesune tesune / GoogleDinosaur_Unity C# My first Unity project v.1.0 Download > Unzip > run GoogleDinosaur.exe
alingse thrift-labs / thrift-fmt Python thrift formatter tool in python, keep and align comment, patch required and list sep 0.2.7
AndrewPolish AndrewPolish / test.pack no-lang test 1.0.0
fabasoad fabasoad / setup-piet-action no-lang This GitHub action installs npiet interpreter. v0.1.0 # Changelog 4b572f533ef2c3b5e07b741f1d7d81650768feb9 Fix deprecation warning (#2) 04c6cf4773ddde3884476fbffbc94618c77bb0bc Fix functional tests (#1) 69163a3a634d20cf87d025aaf8a9ae531aa67177 Initi
famorcia famorcia / cpp11-examples C++ C++ 11 examples 0.1 This is a firs release of cpp11-examples.
markbaaijens markbaaijens / rpmusicserver Python Transform a Raspberry Pi in a music server with LMS (Squeezebox), Samba, transcoder, etc. v0.9 ## What's Changed ### User-interface * Show links as button by @markbaaijens * Show physical memory of RP-model
yihuo0420 Awesome-Qt / Qt-Advanced-Docking-System C++ Advanced Docking System for Qt 3.8.4-1
Swaddle Swaddle / Deformation-quantisation-and-Airy-structures TeX PhD Thesis v1.0.0 First edited version based on examiner feedback: - A lot of minor spelling corrections. - Added some more exposition about the series `\vartheta` and `\w_i`, and relating it to analogous expansion
mschiffn mschiffn / f_number MATLAB Frequency-dependent F-number for coherent plane-wave compounding (CPWC) 0.2
sloanasan sloanasan / go-proxy Go A pass through proxy that records URL and bytes sent/received. v1.0.0 Took old crusty code base, converted logging to zerolog, added Taskfile, upgraded go to 1.19.2
RecuencoJones RecuencoJones / vizkochos Vue Visual Kubernetes 0.1.0-2022.11.26
Pyrix25633 Pyrix25633 / backup-utility-cs C# A command line utility to make backups 1.6.0 ### News: Major improvements, now source and destination folder scans are done simultaneously, and Dictionaries are used instead of arrays to determine which files to copy and remove, making the whol
andreise pfpack / pfpack-collections C# pfpack-collections v0.10.0 EarlyFuncPack Collections v0.10.0 What's new: - `FlatArray<T>`: Implemented the new `Builder` with `MoveToArray()`; Rename the `Create` factory to `OfLength` - `FlatArray<T>`: Ad
kloodz-mrioux kloodz-mrioux / polly Go A simple program for periodically GET-ing from an API and dumping the output into a datastore. For now, InfluxDB. v0.1.1 Add influxdb configuration using env variable - INFLUX_USER - INFLUX_PASSWORD - INFLUX_TOKEN
tomwojcik tomwojcik / starlette-context Python Middleware for Starlette that allows you to store and access the context data of a request. Can be used with logging so logs automatically use request headers such as x-request-id or x-correlation-id. v0.3.5 - fix for accessing the context in error handlers (Thanks @hhamana)
MiguelFerrer99 MiguelFerrer99 / iOSCleanArchitecture Swift iOSCleanArchitecture is a template project that conforms a MVVM architecture focused in big projects buildings 1.1.0 Add scene file template
xsssends xsssends / l9explore no-lang l9explore - Digs the dirt v2.0.0
thought2 thought2 / purescript-classless PureScript Utils to create classless APIs v0.1.0
ermanimer ermanimer / crypto Go Cryptographer v0.0.1
becky2sawyer log-diginori / JavaScript grep -E 'oepn|source|mind' log.diginori.log v0.9.0
MootSeeker QAM-Projekt / Hardware_QAM16 no-lang Fancy PCB able to run QAM16 Modulation V1.0.0 Finished the first PCB design, the board is ordered.
RomanNebesnuyGC jupitoruiorg / Laravel-JS-Localization PHP 🌐 Convert your Laravel messages and consume them in the front-end! v2.0.2
github-actions[bot] Lyceris-chan / linux-tkg-actions Shell linux-tkg custom kernel with automated builds. v6.0.10
andygeers andygeers / scary-maze TypeScript A MakeCode project v1.0.0
koka831 koka831 / remark-custom-container TypeScript remark parser plugin for custom directive in markdown 1.2.0 This release addresses these issues: - - -
aushin19 aushin19 / Aushin19_Admob_InterestitialAds Java Short and Simple Way to Add Admob's Interestitial Ads to your Android Projects 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] TemplatesHub / unibo_thesis_template_english TeX A template repository for LaTeX thesis written for the University of Bologna v1.0.0
weizhijs weizhijs / WorldInAJar_v_weizhi no-lang modified version of WIAJ for Minecraft BE. 西瓜视频搜索:迪粉未知解说! 1.17
samanemami GAA-UAM / C-GB Python Condensed-Gradient Boosting 0.0.3 The 0.0.3 release, updates the base class parameters.
NovaVoidHowl NovaVoidHowl / VRCFaceTracking C# VRChat OSC App to allow AV3 Avatars to interact with Vive SRanipal Eye and Lip Tracking SDK v4.1.0 This Release adds support for CVR, both as auto detected and via use of the `--opMode` cli option Note this relies on the OSC Mod for CVR to work (find out more about this [here] (https://github.
weizhijs weizhijs / projectE_BE_by_weizhi JavaScript 西瓜视频搜索:迪粉未知解说! 0.4 西瓜视频搜索:迪粉未知解说
gperon gperon / slackrepo no-lang Automated SlackBuild package builder v0.4 Unofficial release 0.4
weizhijs weizhijs / DGCSJ_JZ_Rapid_Build no-lang 西瓜视频搜索:迪粉未知解说!输入/function help !建筑原版权归迪哥所有,致敬迪哥! v0.3
HsDom HsDom / DiscordRecovery Python Finds an old existing account locally stored on the local machine and attempts to dump all its info v0.1.0 ## First initial Release Complied Program
worldzhao worldzhao / react-ui-library-tutorial TypeScript 📚React组件库搭建指南 v1.2.0 - docs: update readme 62298d8 - Merge pull request #28 from worldzhao/chore/update-deps ab18fa8 - chore: update dumi version and lint tools version a2ace10 - chore: 切换pkg manager为pnpm并
grebaldi PackageFactory / specification PHP Implementation of the Specification pattern for PHP v1.0.0 This is the initial release of PackageFactory.Extractor. Enjoy! :)
squidventure squidventure / ratelimiter Go basic rate limiter v1.0.0 first release: includes RateLimiter interface and BasicRateLimiter type
github-actions[bot] 34j / backtrade Jupyter Notebook A small Python package for backtesting. v0.1.0 ### Feature * Trigger release ([`1001dc7`]( * Add main feat ([`12caff1`](
Computroniks RailwayController / maincontroller no-lang The main control board rev-0.3 Revision 0.3 of the main control board Gerber files are included and have been generated to work with JLCPCB however they should work with most other manufacturers. **Full Changelog**: https://g
Lantzify Weberistic / uSupport JavaScript uSupport is an ticketing system built for Umbraco. v1.0.1 This is a preparation for uSupport hub & node. We added content apps to ticket, ticket status & type. ### ✔️ Fixes - Ticket statuses now display correct behavior for the "defau
MacroUniverse MacroUniverse / SLISC0 C++ try to implement SLISC without template 0.1.0 everything works up to mplapack
BuyMyMojo BuyMyMojo / another_ssimulacra2_cli Rust Another ssimulacra2 cli 0.1.3 This is the first release I'm putting here on github so it's avalable to download.
github-actions[bot] fracht / rchat TypeScript Awesome react chat library. @rchat/client@0.5.10 ### Patch Changes - 4c44f08: Added error propagation from client to server - Updated dependencies [4c44f08] - @rchat/shared@0.5.10
xsssends xsssends / l9plugins Go LeakIX maintained plugins implementing the l9format golang plugin interface. v1.4.4 v1.4.4
achilleus68 achilleus68 / piwigo_failed_logins PHP Log failed logins in Piwigo 1.1.0 Make sure all config variables are deleted on deleting the plugin Extended functionality to determine the IP-address used for logging
jdhoffa RMI-PACTA / pacta.executive.summary R Repo containing the code to generate charts in the PACTA COP executive summary document. v0.0.1 * Added a file to track changes to the package. * This release corresponds to the version of the package used for the PA2022CH project
github-actions[bot] TitanNano / TS4ControlAnySim Python mod for The Sims 4 to control any NPC sims v1.2.3 ## What's Changed * Grammatical update to the by @DavidMichaelH in * Update Russian by @vanja-san in
rdeago Tenacom / Louis C# Essential building blocks for C# libraries and applications. 1.0.39-preview We also have a [human-curated changelog]( --- <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yml at main --> ## W
arjanarcheologie arjanarcheologie / mmy JavaScript Move messages or yourself thunderbird plugin v1.9 Improvements in style, icons added, unused code removed, explained how to change shortcut keys.
github-actions[bot] lubiksss / github-actions-first-workflow no-lang Practice for github actions v0.0.0test
martinstoeckli martinstoeckli / ExplorerGenie C# ExplorerGenie is an extended context menu for the Windows explorer. v3.0.0 Adapted to the new Windows11 context menu. Prepared for uploading to the Microsoft store.
Galsans Galsans / BOT-FAKE CSS THIS IS FAKE BOT FOR GALIH PUTRA v0.1.0 base project for fakebot galih putra
hahn-th hahn-th / homematicip-rest-api Python A python wrapper for the homematicIP REST API (Access Point Based) 1.0.10 ### Added - CLI: Print result when using set_switch_state and set_dim_level - Add tests for Multi IO Box HmIP-MIOB ### Fixed - Fix AsyncHeatingThermostatEvo #471 ## Changed - Changed
joshuaepstein JFS-Tech / CodeScanner Swift A SwiftUI view that is able to scan barcodes, QR codes, and more, and send back what was found. v1.2 - Added viewfinder sizes Please note this has been build for the JFS Tech Mobile App and nothing else, the features are edited and customised to work for us.
operrochek operrochek / Town-Of-Us C# An Among Us mod containing a bunch of roles 3.4.0+ **New Options:** > Vigilante Protection From Missing Guess > Vigilante Can Guess Impostor Modifiers **New Additions:** > If Medic reports in Grenadier Flash, he not see Killer Name &g
github-actions[bot] ptillemans / litra-control Rust CLI application to control Logitech Litra Glow light. 0.2.3
github-actions[bot] joshniemela / Vision.jl Julia A wrapper for Google's vision API to communicate with Julia v1.0.0 ## Vision v1.0.0
aquavitae aquavitae / hide-item-value JavaScript Foundry VTT module to replace item values with a range 1.0.0
hguo hguo / ftk C++ FTK: The Feature Tracking Kit 0.0.7 * Allowing partitioning of 2D unstructured mesh for critical point tracking in parallel. * Adding options to resample unstructured grids in input streams * Various performance improvements and bug f
cnblogs-dudu cnblogs / GitLabApiClient C# GitLab API .NET client 1.9.0 * Support .NET 6 and .NET 7 * Add api to create projects for specified user * Support IHttpClientFactory
github-actions[bot] Mineaurion / Api Java Api pour les serveurs de Mineaurion v0.10.0
Github-Aiko Github-Aiko / netch C# A simple proxy client 1.9.7 **Full Changelog**:
YangYiXuanyyds YangYiXuanyyds / WearOS- no-lang WearOS发烧友工具箱 1.4.1 WearOS发烧友工具箱 1.4.1
vanzhiganov vanzhiganov / phpGuestbook CSS Гостевая книга была разработана для сдачи тестового задания в январе 2011 года в компанию Softline ( v1.1 изменена структура файлов проекта
codingjoe codingjoe / django-pictures Python Responsive cross-browser image library using modern codes like AVIF & WebP 1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Improve E101 help text by @codingjoe in * Bump flake8 from 5.0.4 to 6.0.0 by @dependabot in
github-actions[bot] atk4 / core PHP Core Traits for Agile Toolkit 4.0.0 ## Breaking changes * Throw when merging seed /w 2 or more objects (#356) @mvorisek * Rename variables and properties to camelCase (#344) @mvorisek * Remove NameTrait from TrackableTrait (#343) @
catsmells catsmells / cool-schemes Vim Script Color schemes I make that I tend to enjoy. 1.2.0 new color schemes!
PepaPog PepaPog / firstProject CSS Testing git and github V1.0.2
funiclem funiclem / BetterMBN JavaScript Tout simplement une extension de votre magnifique MonBureauNumérique. BetterMBN-v2022.11.26 **Version fonctionnel** du _26 novembre 2022_ sans popup extension (à venir), code source modifiable pour modifier vos préférences visuel du site en utilisation personnel.
wulikanhua778899 wulikanhua778899 / Phigros_Asset_Replace C Phigros谱面和音频文件替换 v1.0.0
mahdisarani payping / plugins-whmcs-v7x PHP درگاه پرداخت پی‌پینگ برای WHMCS نسخه 7 2.0.0 سازگار با نسخه 8 به بعد
livelier livelier / u-boot no-lang "Das U-Boot" Source Tree 200.01
github-actions[bot] yyamanoi1222 / redrive-sqs Go CLI tool to migrate messages in DLQ v0.0.1 ## Changelog * 9766272 add env
edtsech edtsech / go-money no-lang Go implementation of Fowler's Money pattern 0.0.1
d-michail grnet / eidas-keycloak-extension Java Keycloak Identity Provider Extension which supports the extended SAML v2.0 dialect of the European Union eIDAS Nodes. v0.6 Release compatible with keycloak 18.0.2.
DanielcoderX DanielcoderX / chise C chip 8 SDL-based Emulator v1.0.0 little optimized and got ready to work alone. **64-bit ELF release**
hpyer hpyer / node-easysms TypeScript EasySMS is an SMS sender for Node.js v1.0.0 ### 初始版本 内置阿里云、腾讯云、百度云三个短信平台
hbjydev kuraudo-io / pulumi-symbiosis Python Pulumi provider for v0.1.3
cgwalters coreos / cargo-vendor-filterer Rust Tool to `cargo vendor` with filtering v0.5.5 ## What's Changed * Add support for multiple platforms by @cgwalters in * Add `--format=tar.gz` by @cgwalters in
heddendorp heddendorp / msc-thesis TypeScript Code and text for my master's thesis 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
AndreasLill AndreasLill / ComposeDateTimePicker Kotlin Date & Time picker library for jetpack compose. 0.1
benvp benvp / ex_cva Elixir Class Variance Authority for Elixir v0.1.0
mateonunez mateonunez / asterism JavaScript Asterism is a library that provides a set of tools to build a Lyra instance from your favorite database. v0.0.1 ## What's Changed * fix(cli): implement validate options for dirrefent databases by @mateonunez in * test(falcon): add validate options tests by @
zhlin160 zhlin160 / znets Go 基于Golang轻量级TCP并发服务器框架 v1.0.0 基于Golang简单轻量级TCP并发服务器框架
smartsmoon smartsmoon / mooncdn JavaScript 个人CDN服务 1.0 博客CDN版本1.0
root913 root913 / tinymce-plugin-grid TypeScript Grid plugin for tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. v2.0.0 **Full Changelog**: - fixed linking in - added support for Bootstrap5 - added examples for reactjs & vanilla,
github-actions[bot] bigcat88 / nc-py-api Python NC Cloud Python packages installer v0.0.1 ### Added - Deep, deep pre-Alpha. Just POC, that it works.
RomanNebesnuyGC jupitoruiorg / Lang.js JavaScript :performing_arts: Laravel Translator class in JavaScript! 1.1.15
github-actions[bot] startergo / ghidra-firmware-utils Java Ghidra utilities for analyzing PC firmware 20221126.0 - CI: Fix changelog generation - CI: Log commands - CI: Fix working directory on Windows - CI: Update to Ghidra 10.2.2 - Merge branch 'ghidra-10.2' - CI: Escape newlines in release changelog
salimdellali salimdellali / mini-twitter-rest-api-backend-server TypeScript Speer Technologies assignment: Mini twitter RESTful API backend server 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
TheLonerD TheLonerD / Degradation_SK C# Degradation (HSK version) mod for RimWorld game v1.0.1
aaronteamAAR aaronteamAAR / Drone-Program-tello-dijk Python Drone programming with python v1.0.0 Basic to be continued in 2023 by God's grace
shannah shannah / xataface PHP Framework for building data-driven web applications in PHP and MySQL 3.0.3 **Full Changelog**:
bsoyka bsoyka / blabber Python Blabber generates conversation starters. v0.1.1 ### Fixed * Error in Python 3.11 when initializing `StarterGenerator` (by @bsoyka in **Full Changelog**:
ulda ulda / python-vxi11-server Python A VXI-11 Instrument Server written in Python v1.0.1 to create an installable package
miracum-bot miracum / registry-on-fhir Java A FHIR-based clinical trials registry and web interface. v2.1.10 ## [2.1.10]( (2022-11-26) ### Miscellaneous Chores * added v-prefix to image tag ([934ea85](
mrzhxping mrzhxping / frpc-qnap Shell Package frpc into qnap application. v0.1.0 第一个版本 基于[frpc v0.45.0](
SupremeDeity SupremeDeity / Himotoku Dart A comic reading app for android 0.1.0-beta ## What's Changed * Remodeled Readme and new app name by @SupremeDeity08 in ## New Contributors * @SupremeDeity08 made their first contributio
sGOM sGOM / fastcampus-project-board Java 패캠 게시판 만들기 프로젝트, 자바 + Spring Boot와 관련 기술들을 공부 v1.0 # 게시판 서비스 - v1.0 게시판 서비스의 최초 완성 버전
wujiuye wujiuye / qps-helper Java 通用的qps统计工具包,为项目中一些框架实现QPS限流提供支持,为项目中统计接口的QPS提供支持。 1.1.3-RELEASE - fix #5 - fix #6
zepich mosparo / js-api-client JavaScript A JavaScript library to communicate with mosparo. v1.0-beta.1 This is the first beta release. Please use this library with caution, because the library is not finally tested.
tunip3 Xbox-Homebrew / ccleste C Celeste Classic C source port for 3DS and PC. There are no needed additional files
tw-ghub tw-ghub / dott-ng C Debugger-based On Target Testing (DOTT) Framework 1.7.0 Install DOTT.NG v.1.7.0 via pip: ``` $ pip install dott-ng ``` Please consult the [Setup Guide]( for additional, platform-specific detail
KondeU KondeU / GlobalSingleton C++ 一个进程空间内全局单例的框架(注册到独立外置的一个dll中),支持热加载/热卸载动态链接库。 v1.0
lhuanyun lhuanyun / mkcert Go A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like. 1.0
keraattin keraattin / EmailAnalyzer Python With EmailAnalyzer you can able to analyze your suspicious emails. You can extract headers, links and hashes from the .eml file v1.0 Initial Release ## What's Changed * Header extracting added by @keraattin in * File & content digests extracting added by @keraattin in
Xavier-Su Xavier-Su / Xiaofeng_Media_Player C++ Xiaofeng_Media_Player v1.2.8 ## 音书1.28发行版 基本实现大部分常用功能,可以正常使用的本地音乐播放器。 除了播放、暂停、上下曲的基本操作,还有以下额外操作可以玩。
ping11700 ping11700 / LOLKit no-lang One gift for all LOL gamers, LOL工具 Version1.4.0 添加功能: 手动输入账号
github-actions[bot] p-acid / blog-template TypeScript 📓 Blog Template for Beginner with Next.js v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2022-11-26) ### Docs * **ISSUE_TEMPLATE:** Add issue form ([1892896]( * **PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE:**
eugene-serb eugene-serb / CSS Personal website 1.1.0 First release that used Github projects and tags in the development cycle
nuew nuew / pandoc Haskell Universal markup converter nuew-v2.19.2-epub-copyright-page
justinhartman justinhartman / fifa-play-zone JavaScript Expo React Native app that consolidates FIFA+ Play Zone for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar 0.0.1 # FIFA+ Play Zone Changelog _This file contains the changelog details for revisions to the FIFA+ Play Zone._ ### New Features - [bb47364e](
github-actions[bot] photon1503 / DahlDesignDash Inno Setup SimHub dashboard and manual 1.2.3
h14turkiye h14turkiye / EntityOnView Java This plugin tries to optimize user experience with naturally spawned entities by restricting where an entity can spawn. Only entities that (can be seen)/seen by a player will be spawned. 0.1.1
mnkisala mnkisala / ggez GDScript gra godot ekologia zielen 0.99.1
daviel daviel / SDL-pigo no-lang Simple Directmedia Layer 2.0.22-pigo
svandeneertwegh svandeneertwegh / corebytecms-forms Python Flexible HTML forms for your django CMS projects 1.0.0
skwita skwita / Software-Engineering-Turtle Java Study project "Turtle" for software engineering v1.0 This is the first release of the Turtle program. Enjoy! ## What's Changed * Feature closes #1 text input by @skwita in * Feature
naren4b naren4b / nks no-lang This is Naren Kubernetes Service v1.1.0 This project helps setup Devops best practices . It sets up the initial files projects before you start
Clashsoft sekassel-research / actions-rancher-update JavaScript A Github action to upgrade a service in Rancher 2.X.X or Rancher 1.6.X v3.0.0 + Added `container_id` parameter. * Updated to Node 16.
wellyshen wellyshen / react-cool-dimensions TypeScript 😎 📏 React hook to measure an element's size and handle responsive components. v3.0.0 ## 💥 BREAKING CHANGE - Initial `width` and `height` now are `null`, see [doc]( Thanks to @sirkrisp
Jumeaux07 Jumeaux07 / app_news Dart Application de news app_newsV1.0.0 Application d'information en ligne
poly000 poly000 / doukutsu-save-editor-rs Rust Cave Story profile editor v0.1.0 note: webui is still not ready to use, since you have no graceful way to export processed savedata
xnzone xnzone / apollo-go Go apollo config go v0.0.1 - [x] 动态实时更新通知 通过`Watch`订阅对应的`namespace`变更,当有变更时,保证推送一次给业务 - [x] 支持默认值 当配置值无法获取时,支持业务配置的
amotl daq-tools / kotori Python A flexible data historian based on InfluxDB, Grafana, MQTT and more. Free, open, simple. 0.27.0 ## What's Changed - Add documentation about running Kotori with RabbitMQ as MQTT broker, see [Running Kotori with RabbitMQ]( - Allow connecting
fobser fobser / gelatod C a CLAT configuration daemon for OpenBSD v1.4 ### New features - Implement RFC 8781 to find the NAT64 prefix via router advertisements instead of RFC 7050 DNS64 probing. ### Bug Fixes - Memory leak fixed - Implemented DNS64 re-probing when re
pleonex pleonex / tinke C# Viewer and editor for files of NDS games v0.9.2 This will be the last release of Tinke. Thanks everyone for the support! Checkout @SceneGate for new development libraries for game format conversion. ## What's Changed * Fix typo in en-us
Safranil capsi-informatique / puppet-beats Puppet Manage Elastic Beats 0.1.0
hclivess hclivess / nado Python Blockchain project with multiple semi-novel game theory mechanisms to tackle inflation, distribution and the selfish mining phenomenon. 0.1B - Initial Betanet release
x7upLime x7upLime / awx-proj-test no-lang golang api integration test for awx project; gitlab/vm + awx/container = mess... why not github? v0.1 Testing how releasing works under github
haxi0 haxi0 / AirTroller12 Swift AirTroller port for iOS 12 1.0 - The Release
na1307 na1307 / Bluehill.Hangul C# 한글 조사 처리 라이브러리 v2.0-beta.1 **Full Changelog**:
DmitriyBobrovskiy DmitriyBobrovskiy / get-azure-keyvault-secrets Shell GitHub Action to fetch secrets from Azure Key Vault v0.2.0 Remove executing inside Azure CLI.
lark-max lark-max / DataSplittingAlgorithm C++ Several data splitting methods for data-driven hydrological models;6种数据分配算法的实现,以期获得数据分布特征一致的3个子集(训练、测试、验证) V1.0.0 提供了win和linux的可用版本
philsturgeon APIDevTools / json-schema-ref-parser JavaScript Parse, Resolve, and Dereference JSON Schema $ref pointers in Node and browsers v9.1.0 ## Bug Fixes - Force YAML loading to confirm to JSON-compatible types (#247) ## Feature - Allow excluding certain paths from dereferencing (#249)
y0zz3r y0zz3r / TwitchDropsMiner Python An app that allows you to AFK mine timed Twitch drops, with automatic drop claiming and channel switching. 14.0.39 **await on completed tasks, instead of calling .result()** [](
Manuel0119 Manuel0119 / 204DAWProyectoDAW CSS Despliegue de aplicaciones web 0.2 Actualización del índice añadiendo el tema 1
epulpublisher epulpublisher / myordersresto PHP Web frontend user oder makanan v.1.0 Versi pertama base project untuk tugas akhir WP3
juangonzalezarg juangonzalezarg / sb-components TypeScript Repostitorio de mi paquete npm del curso de Fernando Herrera v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2022-11-26) ### Features * agregamos semantic-versioning ([3aa9dc9]( * github actions conf
HSGamer BetterGUI-MC / BetterGUI Java Another GUI Plugin 6.6
DmytroZinkevych DmytroZinkevych / finita-fsm Java A simple finite-state machine v0.0.2 ## What's Changed * Initial implementation * Add callbacks before and after each transition * State enter and exit actions, exceptions * Invalid transitions handling * Ability to trigger a n
SergioVelaAlfajarin SergioVelaAlfajarin / SudokuSolver Java Sudoku Solver on Java 1.0 Run jar file to open the solver. Use the help tag in the window to see how to use the app.
aryadytm aryadytm / wa-api TypeScript HTTP API to Send Messages Through WA v0.1.1
ZMXJJ EnjoyCloudDev / DeltaNetwork Python Lightweight Web framework based by Python Beta_1.0.0.1126 Add Python 3.11 final and 3.12 alpha to CI Add demos folder Add docs folder
Saulo-Felipe Saulo-Felipe / eCommerce-ReactJS-NodeJS JavaScript 🏪 E-commerce construído inteiramente com ReactJS e NodeJS. v1.0
juliensatti astrepid / okapi-tracking-api Java Java wrapper for Okapi/LaPoste tracking API v2 0.0.1
yakovlevegor yakovlevegor / DroidRec Java Screen recorder app for Android. 2.0 Version 2.0 release - Fixed fps and bitrate settings. - Fixed panel touch response. - Added panel position option. - Added panel scale option.
Sagleft Sagleft / simple-migrate Go Migrations in a couple of clicks. Witten in Golang v1.0.5
hirokisan hirokisan / ga4data Go GA4 client service wrapper for Go v1.0.0
zina-frid zina-frid / BMP-to-PNG Python Converter .bmp to .png v1.0 # Первая версия сервиса по конвертации изображений! Мы готовы представить миру первую версию сервиса по конв
ABeltramo games-on-whales / wolf C++ Howling under the Moonlight v2022.11 Implemented streaming audio (Opus) and video (H.264/HEVC) to Moonlight using Gstreamer.
fulviodenza fulviodenza / pills-of-cs Go a telegram bot to retrieve pills of cs and give a look at my notebook 0.0.1 This is the first implementation of the bot, it still contains few pills, I'll add them later.
JackDavidZhang JackDavidZhang / JackDavidZhang_HOME HTML Frontside sources of website: JackDavidZhang HOME 1.1.1_Release
Skarlso Skarlso / effrit Go Go Efferent and Afferent package metric calculator. v0.1.3 ## Changelog * e61e089 fix JSON enconding of Package not to output values of NaN (#15) * f416d95 Remove the action * cdd277d removed the action
codemountains codemountains / collaboflow-rs Rust A Collaboflow REST API client for Rust language. v0.0.4 ## Version 0.0.4 ## Release Notes Query Builder is implemented. And some bugs were fixed. ### Resolved - #25 ### Fixed - #23 - #24 - #26
warrenhodg warrenhodg / shisen-sho GDScript Shisen-sho written in Godot v1.0.0
ndr-brt tidalcycles / atom-tidalcycles JavaScript Atom package for TidalCycles v3.16.18 * Support [pulsar]( * Update `BootTidal.hs
pacosoft2000 pacosoft2000 / carlos3m_devops Java Example for carlos3m maven myAppFGS-1.0
ChaosInsurgency ChaosInsurgency / pluginB no-lang TEST REPO 1.0.1
odan selective-php / database PHP A fluent SQL query builder for MySQL and MariaDB 3.2.0 ## Changes * Require PHP 8 Note: This is the last release of this package.
nkoporec nkoporec / composer_lsp Rust Lsp server for Composer v0.0.1 - Initial release
gavinsimpson gavinsimpson / physalia-multivariate HTML Multivariate analysis of biological data v1.0-nov-22
bjoernboeckle bjoernboeckle / HC_SR04 C++ Library to read multiple HC-SR04 sensors synchron or asynchron v1.0.0 Initial release
LightAPIs LightAPIs / only-one-newtab JavaScript Only one new-tab can alive. v0.1.0 ### First release.
github-actions[bot] MoonIsFalling / pf2e-display-actions TypeScript A FoundryVTT module which displays actions and reactions for convienience 1.3.0
duypham2108 BiomedicalMachineLearning / stLearn Python A novel machine learning pipeline to analyse spatial transcriptomics data 0.4.11 - Fix CCI bugs
InshallahX InshallahX / Remu-MC Java Bank plugin for Spigot 1.16.4 0.1.1 - Fixed Vault-API broke the plugin. - Fixed Bank inventory not displaying correctly. - Improved plugin performance.
Sunsetboy Sunsetboy / pravoved-api PHP Клиент для API Правоведа v1.2.0
Sjors Sjors / nthkey-ios Swift Your iOs device in a Bitcoin multi-sig v1.0.7 * Bump libwally-swift to v0.0.7
hTangle hTangle / preview-tab TypeScript An extension for chrome/edge, new tab replaced default. v1.0.0 v1.0.0 - new tab home page - can update background image from bing daily picture - add new website from collection popup - pin or delete website
NitraatPlagiaat NitraatPlagiaat / Chess C# Simple game of Chess written in C# v1.0-beta First BETA release of the Chess program.

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