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eclipxe13 phpcfdi / sat-ws-descarga-masiva PHP Librería para usar el servicio web del SAT de Descarga Masiva v0.2.1 - Make `PackageReader\MetadataContent` tolerant to non-strict CSV contents: - Ignore lead/inner/trail blank lines - Include as `#extra-%02d` any extra value (not listed in headers) - Fi
ay42 spacenation / constrain Swift :rocket: Collection of useful swift property wrappers 0.3.1
zrrrzzt telemark / minelev-avtaler CSS Frontend for avtaler in MinElev 2.0.8 ### Patches - Updates package-lock: 52e5370a080ae951dd4ace61177fb9d077bed209 - Standard --fix: 7fe4bf8fa946a4b21ec1e7db952b63bc1c6c4ec8 - Implements unsigned as option: 25878f4b4e81dffddf96c15cb
AnourValar AnourValar / eloquent-validation PHP Composer Package: Validation feature for eloquent model (Laravel) 1.0.3
kewu1992 GoogleCloudPlatform / cos-gpu-installer Shell Scripts to build and use a container to install GPU drivers on Container-Optimized OS images v20190820
Shlep7 Shlep7 / tinyCube PHP Local 3D printing repository for G-CODE, STL files and OBJ files 1.2 Farr from finished, but it works.
gabrielwen kubeflow / kubeflow Jsonnet Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes v0.6.2-rc.1
Emzi0767 Emzi0767 / Discord-ASM-Bot Python A bot that assembles ASM code and outputs resulting bytes. v2.1.0 ### ASM v2.1.0 release This is a feature release. #### Changelog: - Updated to 1.2.3
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / api C# Common API infrastructure and helpers. v7.2.0 # [7.2.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * add support for parent span id ([4ee1d91](
crazy-max portapps / waterfox-portable Go 🚀 Waterfox portable for Windows 56.2.13-7 * Waterfox 56.2.13 * Portapps 1.25.0 🛡 VirusTotal analysis : * [`waterfox-portable-win64.exe`](
Galarzaa90 Galarzaa90 / Python API to parse content into python objects. v2.2.4 ## Changes - Disabled client compression for POST requests.
crazy-max portapps / skype-portable Go 🚀 Skype portable for Windows * Skype 🛡 VirusTotal analysis : * [`skype-portable-win32.exe`](
cupello B2W-BIT / restQL-clojure Clojure Microservice query language v3.5.0-RC1
tomascohen thekesolutions / koha-plugin-innreach Perl INN-Reach integration plugin for Koha v2.0.8
BrightspaceGitHubReader Brightspace / brightspace-integration CSS Integration project for various assets consumed by Brightspace v20.19.9-62
maneac maneac / go-ultralight Go Unofficial Golang bindings for the C++ Ultralight UI library v1.0
benbenbuhben ihmeuw / ihme-ui JavaScript Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation UI Toolkit v1.1.0 - Add `autoFormatAxesLabel` prop to `<AxisChart />` component. - Add `rotateTickLabels` prop to `<Axis />` component.
lysakaleksey d3sw / conductor Java Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine - v2.0.0-rc0 ONECOND-1250 Transcode Workflows Failing with No VFS Filepath ONECOND-1225 Review rerun input to minimize payload size ONECOND-1219 Event Processing Redesign
langsmith mapbox / mapbox-plugins-android Java Mapbox Android Plugins are a collection of libraries that extend our other SDKs, helping you design powerful mapping features while the plugins handle most of the heavy lifting. v0.3.0-scalebar #### Features - Refactor plugins state management in case of widget recreation #1033 #### Bugs - Listen for camera idle event #1035 - Invalidate the widget when plugin is toggled #1036
sayful1 sayful1 / dialog-contact-form PHP Just another contact form WordPress plugin. Simple but flexible. 3.0.1 * Fix - Fix timeZone is not working and making error notice. * Fix - Fix gutenberg block error. * Fix - Fix preview form gives meta cap warning. * Dev - Add Webpack for stylesheet and javaScript mo
Fokko apache / avro Java Apache Avro release-1.9.1-rc1
grahampugh jssimporter / JSSImporter Python Upload packages made with AutoPkg to your JSS with customizable policies. 1.0.2b5 ### Added - @grahampugh added a `do_update` feature to prevent overwriting a computer group if it already exists on the server, while continuing to create the group if it is not there. - @nstrauss
guifabrin fauxcompany / json2html.js JavaScript This is a repository to build HTML based in json struct 0.0.4
rupinder1133 rupinder1133 / ln2sqlmodule Python ln2sql as a python package v1.0.2
andrew2net metanorma / relaton-cli Ruby CLI for the Relaton bibliographic information repository v0.3.4 - Reverse bib to hash mapping
tonglil tonglil / auth-gcloud Shell Activate the service account for gcloud using a GCP service account JSON credential 258.0.0
primeappsio primeapps-io / pre HTML PrimeApps Runtime Environment v1.19.232.1
benjie graphile / migrate TypeScript Opinionated SQL-powered productive roll-forward migration tool for PostgreSQL. v0.0.7 Fixes a bug where `graphile-migrate watch --once --shadow` ran `current.sql` against the normal DB rather than the shadow DB.
tibbing svea-solar / terraform-null-label HCL Terraform Module to define a consistent naming convention by (namespace, stage, name, [attributes]) 0.15.3
FrederickEngelhardt nativepaint / native-pixelmatch TypeScript PNG screenshot diff library for react-native 0.0.1 POC release with stable file directory and PNG creation for Visual Regression using react native
NastuzziSamy simde-utc / payutc-mobile JavaScript Application mobile PayUTC v1.0.0 # Changelog Official release of the application ! ## News - Add a profile screen to show all user data ## Changes - Harmonize the Settings screen ## Fixed bugs - It was impossible to bu
rappdw resero-labs / docker-utils Python Command Line Utilities/Patterns for Using Docker with Python v2.0.5 support {home} to resolve to user's home directory
tru plexinc / plex-media-player C++ Next generation Plex Desktop/Embedded Client v2.40.0.1007-5482132c
yudongqiu lpwgroup / forcebalance-qcarchive Python Interface between ForceBalance and QCArchive v0.0.8.3 ## Description We added a new term, `a34a`, to deal with certain sulfurs with two connections. Particularly, `CCc1ccc(cc1)N=S=O` (id `"1468317"`) was found to utilize term `a34` `[*:1]=[#
jasonwalsh mongodb-ansible-roles / ansible-role-golang Ruby Installs multiple versions of golang v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * fixed merge conflict in README ([33aab3d]( * moved url into vars directory ([72649f
hube12 hube12 / Finders C Witch hut finder, ocean monument finder, name it, i can find it (WIP) 0.4 you need to modify the kernel accordingly
ricoberger ricoberger / kubeversion-exporter Go Find out which versions are running in your Kubernetes cluster and if there are updates available. 0.1.3 Fix the name of the ServiceAccount in the deployment of the Helm chart.
ScottehBoeh ScottehBoeh / CounterCraftRelease no-lang Official CounterCraft Releases 1.5.6a - Added Haunts to Infected game-mode rotation - Changed color theme of GUI slightly - Re-added game-mode player count - Disabled knife block-action when right-clicking - Fixed Infected potions
xharris xharris / blankejs HTML [USABLE, WIP] Latest version of game dev tool 0.2.2
Dennis-Mwea dytechltd / nova-permission PHP A Laravel Nova tool for Spatie's laravel-permission library 2.0.0
rcasanovan rcasanovan / Xcode-VIPER-Architecture-Template no-lang Xcode template for VIPER Architecture (Swift) 1.1.0 Fix some issues related with the protocols and the VIPER classes
splittingred bigcommerce / bc-lightstep-ruby Ruby Generic lightstep library for distributed tracing in ruby v1.6.0 * Allow for instantiation of interceptors at initialization time * Pre-build tag values for ENV interceptor at initialization to reduce CPU usage per-span
moov-bot moov-io / wire Go FedWire funds service file parser and writer v0.3.0-rc3
Cyan4973 lz4 / lz4 C Extremely Fast Compression algorithm v1.9.2 This is primarily a bugfix release, driven by the bugs found and fixed since LZ4 recent integration into Google's `oss-fuzz`, provided by @cmeister2 . The new capability was put to good use by @terre
seanrucker RoverPlatform / rover-ios Swift iOS SDK for the Rover platform v3.4.1 ## Changelog * Poll Refresh Fix (#503) * Polls Accessibility (#501) * Poll option border fix (#500)
peterdemartini terascope / kafka-assets TypeScript teraslice asset for kafka operations v2.2.0
LMS235 LMS235 / sap_maxdb_syscopy Shell SAP MaxDB System Copy Tool 1.0
EdwardOst Talend / job2lambda Shell Convert a Talend Job to an AWS Lambda Function v0.3 Test automated creation of release
timdeschryver timdeschryver / ngrx-tslint-rules TypeScript TSLint rules for NgRx v1.4.0 # [1.4.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * add ngrx-selector-for-select ([ced59d2](
GITL-BuildBot loopmediagroup / gally JavaScript Git-Ally - Automation around Repository Management v1.7.16 ## [1.7.16]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * update dependencies ([4cc1ae1](
ccoffrin lanl-ansi / bqpjson Python Utilities for working with bqpjson data v0.5.3 Add scaling and offset values to bqpjson_to_hfs.
rossgrambo Asana / node-asana JavaScript Official node.js and browser JS client for the Asana API v1 v0.17.2 Adds backwards compatibility for getTasksByTag.
travis-tf Typeform / js-api-client JavaScript Typeform API js client v1.5.0 # [1.5.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * **axios:** move from fetch to axios, fixes [#19](
AlbertSuarez AlbertSuarez / azlyrics-scraper Python 🎵 AZLyrics scraper for getting all the song lyrics and publishing to Box v1.1 This version adds Tor integration in order to make requests stronger and more robust. Some other scraping recommendations have been applied in the project.
turtlemaster19 turtlemaster19 / acperl-compiler JavaScript A compiler for AP CS Principles Exam Reference Langugage (ACPERL) Initial beta release of program
boldgriddev BoldGrid / boldgrid-backup PHP The BoldGrid Backup plugin. 1.11.0-rc.3
brayniac twitter / rezolus Rust Systems performance telemetry v1.0.0 Initial release
mainstringargs mainstringargs / FunStart4j Java A Java Webstart Alternative technology with support for JNLPs 1.1.0 Updates support for local file references
shadaj shadaj / scalapy Scala Use the world of Python from the comfort of Scala! v0.3.0 ### Highlights :tada: + ScalaPy now has a website! Check it out at []( + The `py""` interpolator now makes it possible to interpret bits of Python code with
jobala microsoftgraph / microsoft-graph-explorer TypeScript Navigate and test Microsoft Graph endpoints v1.8.1 Bug fixes Adds new workloads Upgraded to the latest mwf version
rkk001 rkk001 / PermissionUtils Java Android library for run-time permissions. Simply call this utils it will check run-time permissions granted or not. 1.0.0
trowski amphp / http-server PHP A non-blocking HTTP application server for PHP based on Amp. v1.1.2 - Fixed sending HTTP/2 push promises with header blocks too large to fit into a single frame.
julesy89 julesy89 / pysampling Python Sampling: Random, LHS, Sobol, Halton 0.1.2
msendlakowski eBay / skin CSS Pure CSS framework designed & developed by eBay for a branded, e-commerce marketplace. v8.0.1 Patch for checkbox icon color
birm camicroscope / Distro JavaScript Docker distribution of camicroscope and all its components 3.4.4 Viewer: touch events more global zoom control modifications Auth: jwks url support Pathdb: container improvements
ata4 ata4 / angrylion-rdp-plus C A low-level N64 video emulation plugin, based on the pixel-perfect angrylion RDP plugin with some improvements. r8 * Improved unfiltered mode (#65) * Added vsync and exclusive window options (Zilmar plugin only) * Added multithreaded rendering compatibility modes, which allows you to choose between speed and com
cogdog cogdog / wp-eventually CSS A WordPress Calling Card theme based on HTML5Up Eventually v0.31 Prepping for the first cpanel installer for Reclaim Hosting. Go Reclaim, Go!
tloriato sdec-brasil / sdec C++ Source code for sdecd, sdec-cli and sdec-util. new-cmds-20190820T165917 Build of (build log available at
Lucina Lucina / Fio C# C# Roslyn scripting API wrapper v1.1.1
brenoqueiroz takenet / blip-cards-vue-components Vue Reusable BLiP cards using Vue v1.55.9 <a name="1.55.9"></a> ## [1.55.9]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **vChatScroll:** Added
capflam capflam / yaws-travis-build-artifacts no-lang Build artifacts of Yaws generated by Travis-ci service (for debug purpose) travis_build_296
blooblahguy blooblahguy / bdUI Lua A lightweight progression raiding UI suite. 0.5 Testing tagged releases on curseforge. Initial release for live
Gerdie nylas / nylas-nodejs JavaScript A NodeJS wrapper for the Nylas REST API for email, contacts, and calendar. v4.7.0 * Update appId and appSecret to clientId and clientSecret [backwards compatible] * Add support for /token-info endpoint * Add webhooks CRUD functionality
ydahhrk NICMx / Jool C SIIT and NAT64 for Linux v4.0.5 Improvements since 4.0.4: - Add address query operation - Patch DKMS "clean" target - Fix #289 and likely #279 as well - Add support for RHEL 7.6
Hirnmoder Hirnmoder / CurIcon.NET C# Create Icons and Cursors directly from .NET v0.2 # 0.2 (2019-08-20) Second Release Supported Actions --- - Loading Icon-Files (*.ico) with multiple frames - Loading Cursor-Files (*.cur) with multiple frames and recognition of cursor hotspots
TheSriram awslabs / aws-lambda-builders Python Python library to compile, build & package AWS Lambda functions for several runtimes & framework v0.4.0 This release contains a bugfix when ```sam build``` is invoked on a non existent CodeUri in a sam template on non-windows platfroms. ## Changelog * Fix order of `scratch_dir` & `manifest_pat
ShamjiSolanki ShamjiSolanki / incubator-superset JavaScript incubator-superset for chart , dashboard and docker v1.0 Release v1.0 for the chart and dashboard filter.
andrew2net metanorma / relaton Ruby The Relaton bibliographic information project v0.5.3 - Reverse bib to hash mapping
Jaid Jaid / amazoom JavaScript Collects data from Amazon. v1.0.0 - Initial release
tegon plataformatec / show_for Ruby Wrap your objects with a helper to easily show them v0.7.0
themindoverall LibreTechnologyInc / hapi-resource-router TypeScript Resourceful Router for hapi v2.0.1 ## [2.0.1]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **plugins:** release ([e83cb92](
rtsisyk stegos / stegos-wallet JavaScript Electron-based wallet for Stegos blockchain. v0.12 This is the very first public version of the app, so it’s still a work in progress. But all the main features have been implemented: - Installing the desktop app automatically installs a Stegos n
gpcastro microsoft / Oryx C# Build your repo automatically. 20190820.2 ## Changes: * 450179ca187b5b9080175bb25f5b22466c63614b change authenticode as sha1 was disabled (#310) * c3b32f001c4a13441ef01fdc36df5c39fc2c4218 Fix benv to ignore named versions (#320) This list
dorian-tech doriantech / ExternalEEPROM C++ An External I2C EEPROM Library. 1.0.1 Changes: - Fixed bug according to issue #5.
kasskata kasskata / Unity3d-UIDragAndDrop C# Simple UI Drag and Drop Unity3D plugin. 1.0
HsOjo HsOjo / SleeperX Python macOS disable idle sleep or lid sleep! Auto sleep on low battery capacity. (Hackintosh Feature) 1.6.3 1.Support cancel disable sleep after any times. 2.Fix long time no refresh sleep check. 3.Optimize text.
Cyberduc-k Cyberduc-k / Moosic TypeScript Music player 1.1
PonteIneptique PerseusDL / canonical-greekLit XQuery XML Canonical resources for Greek Literature 0.0.1704
juancarlospaco juancarlospaco / plz Python PLZ Python PIP Alternative init - Linux `x86_64` any distro.
VSC-Service-Account dotnet / samples C# Sample code and snippets used in the .NET documentation 77867
rudderbucky rudderbucky / shellcore C# Shellcore Command Remastered 4.0.0-proto ### v4.0.0-proto: ADDITIONS: * Added the Core Upgrader and an additional branch to upgrade to, alongside 2 extra upgrades * Added 3 tiers of shards that are weighted differently * Added the repu
ZviRosenfeld ZviRosenfeld / MinMaxSearch C# A MinMax Search Engine 1.4.0
krzys-ostrowski tensorflow / federated Python A framework for implementing federated learning v0.8.0 # Release 0.8.0 ## Major Features and Improvements * Improvements in the executor stack: caching, deduplication, bi-directional streaming mode, ability to specify physical devices. * C
ZviRosenfeld ZviRosenfeld / GeneticAlgorithmEngine C# A parallel Genetic Algorithm Engine 1.2.0 Added the environment
SA-22C SA-22C / ProffieOS C++ Lightsaber Controller Software 2.4CA Added a config.ini parameter to control stab thresholds ProffieOSStabAccelerationThreshold=3.0 Lower values make stab easier to trigger. Higher make it harder.
dallendalton taxjar / taxjar-woocommerce-plugin PHP WooCommerce Sales Tax Plugin by TaxJar 3.0.2
Ricardo1991 Ricardo1991 / VoidRewardParser C# Reads the Warframe screen, looking for prime parts and displaying ducat and plat values 1.3.6 Might still not work as well. The new font of the UI is harder to read.
ob-stripe stripe / stripe-python Python Python library for the Stripe API. v2.35.1 * [#605]( Fix automatic retries of failed requests * [#606]( Clarify what `max_network_retries` does
ARival ARival / muddyGB-RVL C gameboy music program / muddyGB clone v0.7b Added echo! Enable with START+A.
ghop02 fritzlabs / swift-framework Objective-C Official Fritz SDK for Swift 5 and Objective-C 3.7.0-beta.2 Built for Xcode 11 Beta 6
cheat-engine cheat-engine / cheat-engine Pascal Cheat Engine. A development environment focused on modding 7.0 **Additions and changes**: * Icons * Added a way to dissect and show a function's working using a diagram * Auto repeat option for unchanged value scans * Added lua formula scans * Moved the
release-drafter[bot] neuenarrative / nn-website Vue Neue Narrative website v0.19.1 ### What's Changed 🎨 Move NODE_ENV env variable to build command in package.json #65 🐛 Make products description editable through Forestry #64 🐛 Fix subscribe form not working #63 htt
InTheLoopBuilder 4thOffice / loopinupdater no-lang Release repository for InTheLoop v5.18.0-beta.4 As a user I would like to see the new assign UX #5802 (updated) As a user i would like to see top or bottom position of collapsed extended onboarding pop-up #5836 As a user I would like to open &qu
Samgisaninja Samgisaninja / SuccessionRestore C Restore iOS devices without updating via rootfilesystem DMG 1.3.6 * Completely remove xerub's attach * Add exclusions inside /var/ as a safety feature (in case succession crashes during restore, bootlooping is now much less likely) * Fixes "You don't have per
indicator-protocol-bot pivotal / monitoring-indicator-protocol Go An observability as code project which allows developers to define and expose performance, scaling, and service level indicators for monitoring, alerting, and documentation. v0.8.3 TBD BOSH release sha1: aea6c111d3512af47a8b96e5b75199456ff70fec
gdestuynder mozilla-iam / sso-dashboard-configuration Python Mozilla list of RPs and Groups for SSO-Dashboard 1.6.1
marconi1992 marconi1992 / serverless-offline-lambda JavaScript Emulate AWS λ Invocations locally when developing your Serverless project 1.0.6
fcaro2 trusttechnologies / lat_trust_mobile_android_trust-identify_library Java Android mobile library responsible for generating a unique id per device through certain features of this same 2.0.7
nreimers UKPLab / sentence-transformers Python Sentence Embeddings with BERT & XLNet v0.2.3 Bugfixes: - SentenceTransformers can now be used with Windows (threw an exception about invalid tensor types before) - Outputs a warning if seq. length for BERT / RoBERTa is too long Improvements
copygirl copygirl / CarryCapacity C# Vintage Story mod which adds the capability to carry blocks in-hand and on your back v0.4.4 **Game Version:** 1.10.0-pre.13 ### Changelog - No actual changes to the source code were made, but *CarryCapacity* needed to be recompiled because the game API broke binary compatibility.
lgandecki TheBrainFamily / wait-for-expect TypeScript Wait for expectation to be true, useful for integration and end to end testing. Integral part of react-testing-library. v2.0.0 # [2.0.0]( (2019-08-20) * Get setTimeout lazily (#20) ([a6f0b72](
andrewbriand sys-bio / roadrunner C++ libRoadRunner: A high-performance SBML simulator v1.6.0 * Migrated to LLVM 6 * Added an API for editing a model after an SBML file has been loaded * Added the ability to quickly save and reload the state of a RoadRunner instance * Fixed issue #562 * Ad
Penguin8885 lisl-tut / kernel_perceptron Python カーネルパーセプトロンに関してのプログラム.更新状況を描画できる 0.2 CUI/GUIの基本機能が完成
vivan1790 vivan1790 / PageParserLibrary Java This is a sample application to parse content of a website's page source 1.0.7
robabram all-of-us / raw-data-repository Python PMI DRC data repositories and APIs v1-53-rc4
moker59 moker59 / AuthMeReloaded Java The best authentication plugin for the Bukkit/Spigot API! 5.6.0
hborras hborras / twitter-php-ads-sdk PHP A Twitter supported and maintained Ads API SDK for PHP. v5.0.0
thestinger GrapheneOS / PdfViewer Java Simple Android PDF viewer based on pdf.js and content providers. The app doesn't require any permissions. The PDF stream is fed into the sandboxed WebView without giving it access to content or files. CSP is used to enforce that the JavaScript and styling properties within the WebView are entirely static. 2 [Full list of changes from the previous release (version 1)]( Notable changes: * add document rotation actions * add skip to first/last page
isantop isantop / kernelstub Python A simple EFI boot manager manager for Linux v4.0.0-b2 This is the second pre-release of the Kernelstub 4.0 series. The 4.0 series is a very large departure from previous versions. This series marks the beginning of support for adding arbitrary entries
prange prange / niagara Kotlin Lightweight and lowkey reactive programming, json handling and webserving for Kotlin. ea25
dmitry-viskov dmitry-viskov / pylti1.3 Python LTI 1.3 Advantage Tool 1.2.0 Update Assignments Grades Service: added new API methods, bugfix
lipkau AtlassianPS / JiraPS PowerShell PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA v2.12.1
Battenburg GuidanceAutomation / GACore C# Common components for Guidance Automation assemblies. v1.6.0 Adds Kingpin State Controls & children.
jourdain Kitware / vtk-js JavaScript Visualization Toolkit for the Web v9.6.4 ## [9.6.4]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **Rendering:** fix hardware selection of many actors ([b376cdd](
sorbet-bot sorbet / sorbet C++ A fast, powerful type checker designed for Ruby 0.4.4668.20190820095904-314509954 To use Sorbet add this line to your Gemfile: ``` gem 'sorbet', '0.4.4668', :group => :development gem 'sorbet-runtime', '0.4.4668' ```
legendblade legendblade / needs Java A 1.14.4 Minecraft mod for adding arbitrary stats and stat systems v1.0.0-beta5 - Colorblind options - Better formatting options on display values - Fixing a few bugs from the conditional/trigger move.
Jblew Jblew / firebase-functions-rate-limiter TypeScript Js/ts library that allows you to set per-time, per-user or per-anything limits for calling Firebase cloud functions v3.4.1 ## [3.4.1]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * update dependencies ([86f6e0b](
katallaxie andersnormal / autobot Go :robot: Autobot is your nice and friendly bot. He is pluggable and written in @golang. v0.0.29-alpha ## Changelog c432782 fix: multistage builds c06f9d2 fix: copy CA certs properly 5877b9b generate v0.0.29-alpha 9e059a6 Adding CA certificates to base images ## Docker images - `docker pull andersn
JMVice JMVice / A.D.I.S-Project2 Java Proyecto de Análisis, diseño e implementación de sistemas. 0.1 0.1 beta.
rwynn rwynn / gtm Go gtm (go tail mongo) is a MongoDB event listener v2.0.0 * This is the current release of gtm designed to work with the latest golang driver from MongoDB.
cedx sab-international / rich-text-editor TypeScript A customized build of CKEditor, a rich text editor. v2.2.0 - Due to strong user demand, restored the [TypeScript]( source code. - Raised the [Node.js]( constraint. - Replaced the [JSDoc]( d
rafiki270 Einstore / ShellKit Swift Access local shell as well as remote over SSH 1.5.1 - Mocking target for tests
NewFuture NewFuture / miniprogram-build JavaScript A command line tool to build wechat MiniProgram. 小程序命令行构建工具 v6.5.1
DEVICARUS DEVICARUS / cra-enhanced JavaScript Like Create React app, but with Redux store, component generator and more awesome features! v1.1.0
mailcare mailcare / codeception-mailcare PHP Codeception module to test email using v0.2
sean0921 sean0921 / timeseries_process Fortran Time Series Processing Fortran Tools 190821.01 # update for GMT 5.x commands and cross-platform (#1) ## Features - update script command to gmt5 format - add preprocessor option for complie target as Windows Platform (default platform is Unix
su-u su-u / react-chat TypeScript リアルタイムオンラインチャット 1.0 とりあえずの最低限の動作
danielcaldas trivago / babel-plugin-cloudinary JavaScript Compile cloudinary URLs at build time. 0.0.3 ### Bugfix - Update dependencies based on npm security audit [#11 ](
CumpsD Informatievlaanderen / datadog-tracing C# A C# Implementation of Data Dog Tracing v3.4.0 # [3.4.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * add support for parent span id ([44f7033](
EkronTrombon EkronTrombon / ezpelur-app TypeScript App Ionic para el grupo de gaiteros Ezpelur (Navarra) v0.0.1 ## Notas: - Creación de la aplicación. - Creación de las tabs; Home, actuaciones y partituras. - Estilos propios de la app (Colores corporativos).
CarmeloRicarte CarmeloRicarte / node-restserver JavaScript REST Server creado con NodeJS y Express v0.1.1 # Notas: Google Sign In tertminado y funcionando en Heroku.
akameco akameco / extract-react-intl-messages JavaScript extract react intl messages v1.1.0 - feat: support babel-plugin-react-intl options (#42) ba46ac5 - Merge pull request #40 from akameco/merge-extract-react-intl 8ba782c
daybrush daybrush / moveable TypeScript ↔️ ↕️ 🔄 Moveable! Draggable! Resizable! Scalable! Rotatable! Warpable! Pinchable! Groupable! 0.7.2 ### Fixed - Remove react types.
ianpartridge kabanero-io / collections Shell Kabanero Collections v0.0.4
davelandry d3plus / d3plus-format JavaScript Shorthand formatters for common number types. v0.1.15 * updates documentation (7f078ff) * fixes double-negative being added to small numbers (55743ba)
jadekler googleapis / google-api-go-client Go Auto-generated Google APIs for Go. v0.9.0 - Small fix to chunking retry logic such that each chunk has its own retry deadline, instead of unbounded retries. - Various updates to autogenerated clients. _Please note:_ the release version
spundor spundor / HTML-and-CSS-Projects HTML HTML course v0.1.0
duff2013 duff2013 / ulptool Assembly Program the esp32 ULP coprocessor in Arduino 2.4.1
andrew2net metanorma / relaton-nist Ruby NistBib: retrieve NIST Standards for bibliographic use using the BibliographicItem model v0.3.3 - Reverse bib to hash mapping #33
tripodsan adobe / git-server JavaScript A GitHub Protocol & API emulation v1.0.0 # [1.0.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **server:** fix Promise executor [#120]( ([3d0
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-cli JavaScript Node.js command-line interface for using SHR tools v6.6.0 This release includes the following changes: -Adds a `--clean` flag to the CLI that clears the output directory on running the CLI and archives the previous output directory. -Updates the HL7 logo
indutny vowlink / vowlink-electron JavaScript Prototype of electron app for VowLink protocol v1.0.1 * Save message and identity when changing channel
bonifaido banzaicloud / drone-kaniko Shell A thin shim-wrapper around the official Google Kaniko Docker image to make it behave like the Drone Docker plugin. 0.3.5
chris-prener slu-soc1120 / STL_HEALTH_Lead R Data on elevated blood lead level test results for St. Louis, MO v0.2.0 * update repo organization * create new versions of plots and maps
paoloczi chanzuckerberg / shasta C++ De novo assembly from Oxford Nanopore reads. 0.2.0 Changes from release 0.1.0: * The only algorithmic change is the addition of the Bayesian model for repeat counts, which results in a significant decrease of erroneous indels. This is the new defau
thundernixon arrowtype / recursive no-lang Recursive Mono & Sans is a variable font family for code & UI (WORK IN PROGRESS) v1.015 This beta release includes variable TTF and woff2 files of Recursive, including five variation axes for extensive typographic possibilities. | Axis | Tag | Range | Default | Descrip
bladegery bladegery / csgo-trader-extension JavaScript CSGO Trader Browser Extension for Firefox and Chrome to help with CS:GO item trading 1.17 - Created site that showcases the features of the extension - Moved the changelog pages from the extension to - Created page that explai
stirante stirante / lol-client-java-api Java Simple library which provides access to internal League of Legends Client API. 1.1.4 Add possibility to get the assets from LCU API Add an example for getting assets from LCU API Update generated classes to version 9.16
mordechaim update4j / update4j Java Create your own auto-update framework 1.4.4
geovie Timeular / node-usb C Improved USB library for Node.js v1.6.2
thestr4ng3r thestr4ng3r / chiaki C++ Free and Open Source PS4 Remote Play Client v1.0.0
realmbgl realmbgl / kudo-tutorial no-lang Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator (KUDO) Tutorial v0.3.0 kudo-tutorial
richardbluestone demisto / content Python This repository contains all Demisto content and from here we share content updates 19.8.1 ## Demisto Content Release Notes for version 19.8.1 (27650) ##### Published on 20 August 2019 ### Integrations #### 4 New Integrations - __Have I Been Pwned? v2__ - Replaces the now depreca
bloodsplatter bloodsplatter / Transmission.PushbulletImport C# A simple program that checks pushbullet for messages and pulls any seemingly related messages and adds the magnet or torrent to transmission. v1.0.0 This very basic first release is made to be used through a cron job or in a script and supports only 1 verb: pull
mikeRNM lnrs / aries-isp_UAT no-lang Electron UAT version v0.0.44
DrDeth DrDeth / VS-SpecifierTool C# Unreal Engine 4 Specifier Tag Tool/Editor plugin for Visual Studio 2017 & 2019 1.4.2 [FIXED] Options grid in Tools > Options now working as it should. [ADDED] More meta options.
AndyBitz zeit / now-cli JavaScript The command-line interface for Now 16.1.2-canary.7 ### Patches - [now deploy] Fix `--prod` flag and adjust message for `--target`: #2797 - [now deploy] Fix builds output for failed deployments: #2799 - Use short-form for the update command: #280
alex-shul alex-shul / yii2-optimizer PHP Optimization tool for CSS & JS files, created as Yii2 extension. Refactoring in progress... 0.0.8
warrenfalk warrenfalk / rocksdb-sharp C# .net bindings for the rocksdb by facebook v6.2.2 Update to RocksDb 6.2.2 * Auto generation of native imports from c.h * Now including zlib, lz4, and zstd in native binary * Several bugs fixed and features added
bparsons-sgl SGL-UT / GPSTk C++ The goal of the GPSTk project is to provide an open source library and suite of applications to the satellite navigation community--to free researchers to focus on research, not lower level coding. v2.12 GPSTk 2.12 Release Notes ======================== Updates since v2.11 --------------------- **General Codebase Changes** * File Deprecation and Ext Cleanup - Lists can be found at the end of
Sharpz7 Sharpz7 / sharp-ops Go Sharp Ops - 0.3.0a
losek1 losek1 / Sounder3 Python Python music player. v3.0.6 Added artist label! Some code optimizations! Added text scaling for long titles!
isabelsa upside-projects / cimple-web-common JavaScript UI Component Library to be used in all Cimple platforms. v1.28.0 # [1.28.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **logo:** spreads props ([61d224c](
vrahli veri-fit / Asphalion Coq A Coq-based framework to verify the correctness of hybrid/Byzantine/crash fault-tolerant distributed systems v1.0
deanpapastrat square / ember-square-payment-form JavaScript The Square Payment Form Ember addon lets you take payments securely and easily in your Ember app using a familiar, component-based syntax. 0.3.0 This version adds support for specifying the `production` or `sandbox` environment in the `environment.js` file of your Ember app to support the Sandbox beta. ```js module.exports = function(envir
portnov portnov / ghcprofview-hs Haskell GHC .prof files viewer There is a package for ubuntu...
troysjanda troysjanda / Paywall-Bypass JavaScript A browser extension that maximizes the chances of bypassing paywalls 1.0.2 Changelog: *Corrected spelling errors *Added author, min FF Version support, and ID *Added support for,
thzinc syncromatics / syncromatics-track-api JavaScript Library to interact with the Syncromatics Track API v3.6.0 <a name"3.6.0"></a> ## 3.6.0 (2019-08-20) #### Features * **voip:** Add user filters for call state. (#62) ([fbda1c40](
RandomFractals RandomFractals / vscode-data-preview HTML Data Preview 🈸 extension for importing 📤 viewing 🔎 slicing 🔪 dicing 🎲 charting 📊 & exporting 📥 large JSON array/config, YAML, Apache Arrow, Avro & Excel data files v1.32.0 see `package.json` updates & tickets #107, #130 & #137 for more info
thisisaaronland whosonfirst / go-rasterzen Go Tools for rendering raster tiles derived from Nextzen (Mapzen) Vector tiles. v0.2.5 * Add `-strict` flag to govern return values in rasterzen-seed (defaults to false). * add `SeedError` in `seed/seed.go` (for eventual retry code)
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-data-dict-export JavaScript SHR Data Dictionary Exporter v6.1.0 Version 6.1.0 downgrades the exceljs dependency to the latest known stable version, to circumvent a known issue with `ctrl-c` not being able to close the shr-cli process.
aehmt hypertrack / views-react JavaScript ReactJS SDK to consume and customize HyperTrack views 1.1.20 * updating sample app version (c15eed4) * updating sample app version (febe6ec) * update sample app dependency (ef847cc)
prokher datadvance / DjangoChannelsGraphqlWs Python Django Channels based WebSocket GraphQL server with Graphene-like subscriptions v0.4.1 ### Changed - Better error message when Channels channel layer is not available.
vtex-io-ci-cd[bot] vtex-apps / checkout TypeScript VTEX Checkout app v1.0.1
svc-autorelease palantir / conjure-java Java Conjure generator for Java clients and servers 4.0.0 | Type | Description | Link | | ---- | ----------- | ---- | | Break | Match parameter order between jax-rs and retrofit clients | |
ygc2l WavX / bioacoustics C++ bioacoustics package: detect and extract automatically acoustic features in audio recordings 0.2.1
VSC-Service-Account microsoft / Windows-driver-samples C This repo contains driver samples prepared for use with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). It contains both Universal Windows Driver and desktop-only driver samples. 77822
qwe7002 telegram-sms / telegram-sms Java A robot running on your Android device. master-7944de74-201908201656 7944de7 修改ci
draftup-admin draftup / react-event-boundary TypeScript Simple and scalable event system for React projects v1.0.7 ## [1.0.7]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * use correct library target for webpack ([33a170e](
tdiprima SBU-BMI / FeatureMap JavaScript FeatureMap for PathDB - interact with feature probabilities 2.0.1 aaa
MartinSolie tokend / terraform-provider-tokend HTML WIP 1.2.1-rc.1
hipstersmoothie hipstersmoothie / create-check TypeScript Create a GitHub check + annotation v0.3.3 #### 🐛 Bug Fix - remove special newlines for jenkins [#12]( ([@hipstersmoothie]( #### Dependency Updat
thostetler adsabs / bumblebee JavaScript Clever face for ADS v1.2.30 #1907 - Stop parsing pubnotes and comments on abstract pages #1906 - Use docs(library/xxxx) for library exports #1904 - Adds the current query to GA introspection event
urmaul flix-tech / Go Push data about tech conferences to somewhere you can read it v1.2.0
allieychen googlegenomics / gcp-variant-transforms Python GCP Variant Transforms v0.8.1 This is a patch release that makes the following improvements: - Updated to Beam 2.14.0 to fix the Dataflow jobs stuck issue (#519). - Fixed bugs in loading BGZF (#500, #507).
tanguyantoine tanguyantoine / react-native-music-control Java React Native module to display Now playing Info on lockscreen and handle control events (demo: release-2019-08-20
hansdejongehv hansdejongehv / scratchClient-Tutorials Shell Tutorials for scratchClient: program to do physical computing with Scratch scv1.2-prerel # *__This is a version used for testing. DO NOT INSTALL THIS__* # What is in this release * The scratchClient-Tutorials-Rel-Rpi.tar.gz file is the installation file for Raspberry Pi. * The scratc
yuliskov yuliskov / SmartYouTubeTV Java Watch YouTube videos on your TV and set-top-box with comfort 6.17.84
jonathan-fries jonathan-fries / GhostThemeMods JavaScript Modifications to the theme I use. 1.1 This is the release prior to integrating all the security patches for 2.0.
manuth manuth / TSGeneratorGenerator TypeScript A Generator for Yeoman Generators Written in TypeScript. v1.4.7 ## TSGeneratorGenerator v1.4.7 - Add missing peer-dependency [Show differences](
juancarlosfarah graasp / graasp-desktop JavaScript Cross-platform desktop client for the Graasp ecosystem. v0.13.1 ### Bug Fixes - fall back on default language for proxied labs ([a7007b2](, closes [#173](
andyneff VisionSystemsInc / just Shell J.U.S.T. useful simple tasking 0.2.1
jedmao jedmao / redux-mock-store TypeScript A mock store for testing Redux async action creators and middleware. v2.0.3 ## [2.0.3]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * upgrade dependencies ([1fde3c2](
github-actions[bot] web-platform-tests / wpt HTML Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others merge_pr_18563 "Export MathML mathcolor, mathbackground and displaystyle reftests to WPT." "These are only file renaming, metadata/comments addition, changing the way Ahem is included and other minor
svc-autorelease palantir / gradle-consistent-versions Java Compact, constraint-friendly lockfiles for your dependencies 1.11.2 | Type | Description | Link | | ---- | ----------- | ---- | | Fix | Fix regression from 1.11.0 where non-locked configurations could not resolve a `platform()` dependency if its constraint was declare
Jefung Jefung / SQLAlchemy_wrap Python SQLAlchemy的封装,支持在指定文件夹中查找表对应类 V2.1.6
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-fhir-export JavaScript ES6 library for exporting SHR models to FHIR profiles and extensions v6.4.0 Version 6.4.0 includes changes for the following: -Support for using No Profile flags in the Content Profile grammar files rather than the mapping files. -The updated current HL7 logo on IG export
brentru adafruit / Adafruit_CircuitPython_hashlib Python Secure hashes and message digests v1.0.1 Fixes an initialization error caused by a case mismatch within the MD5 class. To use in CircuitPython, simply install the [Adafruit CircuitPython bundle](
emettely bbc / digital-paper-edit-electron C++ Work in progress - BBC News Labs digital paper edit project - Electron, Cross Platform Desktop app - Mac, Windows, Linux 1.0.9-alpha.1
xRealNeon xRealNeon / Reader JavaScript A simple Node.js application that reads books 1.2 ### Added: - Title ### Fixed: - .gitkeep error (only in development)
dariosilva viltgroup / minium-developer JavaScript Minium Developer minium-developer-1.9.8 * Fixed chrome driver download.
shastri9999 FinibusDev / ko-release no-lang Release only repo for Koverage One Insurance app v1.1.2
yatsinar yatsinar / recyclerview-animators Java An Android Animation library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items. 3.0.0-BETA-1
TorrentChecker TorrentChecker / TorrentChecker Visual Basic Автоматический поиск и скачивание торрентов по выбранным ключевым словам и опциям 3.0.6 Исправлена проблема со спецсимволами, если они используются в логине/пароле/ключевых словах Кто столкнулся
rywhale rywhale / kiwisR R Provides a simplified method for bringing tidy data into R from KISTERS WISKI databases via KiWIS API. 0.1.7 * All examples are now wrapped in \dontrun{} to avoid failing when a specific KiWIS server used for testing goes down (#7) * Improvements to exp_live utility function should avoid tests failing when
rtsisyk stegos / stegos Rust Stegos is a completely private, confidential, and scalable cryptocurrency that’s friendly to the environment v0.12 Stegos creates cutting-edge technology that keeps your secrets safe from prying eyes so you feel empowered and secure. This is a beta release of upcoming Stegos Mainnet. The label "beta"
vtex-io-ci-cd[bot] vtex-apps / io-documentation no-lang Content for the documentation center at v0.2.7
birm camicroscope / SlideLoader Python Tool for loading slide metadata for caMicroscope v3.4.3 Usability Improvements to manual workflows
dim-release-bot DestinyItemManager / DIM TypeScript Destiny Item Manager v5.42.1 * Changes to support preserving tags/notes data for Blizzard users who migrate to Steam. * Fix searching Collections.
magiclen magiclen / JavaChineseCalendar Java Java Chinese Calendar is a Java library of Chinese (lunar) calendar. It can convert date between Gregorian calendar(also called Western calendar) and Chinese calendar. Also, it can compute the weight of Ba Zi(八字). v2.1.4
Salamek dravencms / gallery PHP Draven CMS Gallery module v1.0.17
birm camicroscope / caMicroscope JavaScript Digital pathology image viewer with support for human/machine generated annotations and markups. 3.4.3 Updated touch and zoom event fixes.
chrissimpkins source-foundry / dehinter Python A tool for the removal of TrueType instruction sets (hints) in fonts v0.1.0
davidjgraph jgraph / drawio JavaScript Source to v11.2.1
tienvx tienvx / mbt-bundle PHP Automatically generate test cases, execute them, reduce reproduce steps, report bug using Model Based Testing technique v1.9.0-beta.6
thenodon opsdis / monitor-promdiscovery Python The monitor-promdiscovery tool generate file-based service discovery files for Prometheus and the monitor-exporter v0.0.3
madprops Merkoba / Effer Rust Encrypted CLI Notepad written in Rust v1.3.0 Move, menu mods, big globals refactoring. Fixes.
ermaccer ermaccer / mugenhook C++ Add features to M.U.G.E.N engine. 0.2.1
JanMosigItemis JanMosigItemis / dodo Java A somehwat generic download helper / verifier based on JavaFX dodo-snapshot-build-20190820184455
Cadsters Cadsters / acv-hass-component Python 🗑️ Component for bin/waste collection by acv-groep 0.1
spladug reddit / Python reddit's python service framework v0.30.6 Backport more serialization fixes for memcached. These changes allow bytes objects to be serialized.
cyrale cyrale / gulpfile.js TypeScript A set of gulp tasks combined into a configurable asset pipeline. v3.0.3 - Update dependencies to the latest versions - Get revision in favicon-data.json - Insert favicon-data.json in revision file
Nuru cloudposse / helmfiles Makefile Comprehensive Distribution of Helmfiles. Works with `helmfile.d` 0.58.0 See #159 1. Create [elasticsearch-exporter]( 1. Enhance [keycloak-gatekeeper] to take a proxy timeout setting 1. Clarify [kubecost] Grafana
starterboost starterboost / yeoman-generator-react JavaScript Generators for StarterBoost flavour of React 1.0.21
MrsFlux blackflux / object-hash-strict JavaScript Wrapper around object-hash that restricts allowed values v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * added functionality ([70813cf](
colintheshots mozilla-mobile / focus-android Java Firefox Focus: The privacy browser - Browse like no one’s watching. v8.0.16 - Updated the Tracking Protection blocklists to block the latest trackers - Fixed the About screen being blank - Removed home screen survey - Updated to latest GeckoView 69 engine and Android Compo
Santiniis Santiniis / gproc Erlang Extended process registry for Erlang 0.8.1
moker59 moker59 / Multiverse-Core Java The original Bukkit Multi-World Plugin! test
sfoster1 Opentrons / buildroot Makefile The Opentrons fork of buildroot for building the OT2 system. Our default branch is opentrons-develop. v1.0.2 Fix pip config file, udev rules, jupyter config
sleistner sleistner / vscode-fileutils TypeScript Visual Studio Code Extension v2.14.6 ## [2.14.6]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * missing callback in remote environments ([63ef29a](
junkdog junkdog / graftt Kotlin annotation-driven bytecode surgery 0.1.3 #### 0.1.3 - 2019-08-20 - Initial release
jondlm appnexus / lucid JavaScript A UI component library from AppNexus. v4.4.0 - #1015 `minor` Added new `Flag` icon - #1025 `minor` Added `isFilled` with a default of `true` to `Banner`. This allows for an "outlined" variant of banners. - #1024 `minor` Added a new `
jscavetta95 jscavetta95 / MaxentModelEvaluations R Script for evaluating many combinations of Maxent parameters for a set of layers and occurrence points. v1.0.0
zebrium zebrium / zlog-collector Perl Zebrium log collector release-ea9 EA9 release
Zorz42 Zorz42 / jaclang C++ jaclang is like C programming language very fast and light beta-1.2.0
tw-circleci transferwise / components JavaScript Common react components in TransferWise v11.1.0
ifel facebookincubator / dcrpm Python A tool to detect and correct common issues around RPM database corruption. v0.5.0 * Only perform package count check on Linux * Change run_with_timeout to argv instead of str * Uses the `which` utility function so tests pass properly on macOS * Use TestSlide as test framework
nikp123 nikp123 / spaceboopers C++ A simple hot-seat multiplayer game written in C++ and SDL2 0.0.1 enjoy btw its a 16M static binary so don't worry about dll files (just your hard drive space lmao)
neox95 neox95 / CNIRevelator Python Analyzer for MRZ Codes on identity cards, passports and others 3.1.2
joshbDev spotify / redux-location-state JavaScript Utilities for reading & writing Redux store state to & from the URL 2.5.2 Forgot to build 😬
re-autom8-ci alphagov / gsp Go GSP is a container platform and curated suite of components helping government deploy, run, observe and secure their services gsp-v1.0.88
heyder heyder / nessus_client Ruby Ruby gem for Nessus API v0.1.3
zachweix zachweix / PhpZmanim PHP PHP port of Kosher Java v1.1.0 Updated documentation, and added property information to Zmanim wrapper class
gmmcal gmmcal / CSS My personal website code, playground and learning lab v2.11.0 ### Added - Blueprinter gem to handle json transformation. - Draper gem to better isolate business/presentation login on ruby side and avoid duplication between frontend and backend. - Wicked PDF g
bakon11 ethernodeio / enui TypeScript UI integration build using React-Pristine for enAPI 1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * CI yml fixes ([00111b6]( * fixes for circle ci
automium-bot automium / service-kubernetes Python Deploy kubernetes for automium kubernetes-v1.15.3-418
shyuep materialsvirtuallab / monty Python This repository implements supplementary useful functions for Python that are not part of the standard library. Examples include useful utilities like transparent support for zipped files etc. v2.0.6
mopubservice mopub / mopub-ios-mediation Objective-C MoPub's official iOS Mediation Repository verizon- Refer
SabreCat HabitRPG / habitica JavaScript A habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game. v4.107.2 ## API * Chore: Bailey update announcing class pin Kickstarter
kgober kgober / VT52 C# DEC VT52 terminal emulator for Windows, supports serial ports, telnet, and raw TCP v1.0.0.8 * fix Swap BS / DEL startup setting
conventional-release-bot[bot] mikeyangyo / exchange-rate-line-chatbot Python a line chatbot will compare will exchange rate provided by multi banks v0.1.0 ## v0.1.0 (2019-08-20) ### :tada: New Features - initial commit ( by Mike Yang [0.0.0...v0.
BotellaA Geode-solutions / OpenGeode-IO C++ Implementation of input and output formats for OpenGeode v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **CMake:** replace private_headers by advanced_headers ([#7](
yerramshilpa GSA / sam-ui-elements TypeScript A JavaScript library for generating US and SAM WDS HTML elements and components. v0.9.15 #### closed - [**closed**] IAE-21978 clearing error messages for single control [#393]( - [**closed**] version updated to 0.9.14 [#392](https://github
13ace37 13ace37 / sm-calladmin SourcePawn light weight discord calladmin plugin 102 Translation file can be removed
shogo4405 shogo4405 / HaishinKit.swift Swift Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP, HLS for iOS, macOS, tvOS. 0.11.7 Hotfix 0.11.6
kgober kgober / VT05 C# DEC VT05 terminal emulator for Windows, supports serial ports, telnet, and raw TCP v1.0.0.8 * add -ob option to set/clear Backspace = DEL (default set)
nexial-bot nexiality / nexial-core Java test automation for everyone - test automation platform with support for web (selenium), desktop, database, api and much more. Coding not required ;-) nexial-core-v2.6_0616 Release nexial-core-v2.6_0616 on 2019/08/20 - [Release Notes](
TonyLiberatto TonyLiberatto / The-Neolithic-Mod C# Tony- Master 2.0.14 This is a pre-release, it will break existing worlds, It requires a new world creation. The mod depends on Vintage Story 1.10.0-pre-13, and on CarryCapacity-0.4.3.
johnjbarton karma-runner / karma-coverage CoffeeScript A Karma plugin. Generate code coverage. v2.0.0 ### Bug Fixes * **build:** Update to lodash 4 ([d6d21d2](, closes [#242]( * **
AJRedDevil AJRedDevil / youtube-video-player JavaScript Build YouTube Clone Application from Scratch using React v1.1.0 - Use Hooks
gyuho aws / aws-k8s-tester Go AWS Kubernetes tester, kubetest deployer implementation 0.3.3 Please check out [CHANGELOG]( for a full list of changes. Signing key can be found at [
shuZro GarnerCorp / go-zabbix-api Go Go package providing access to Zabbix API. v0.3.3
textileio-machine textileio / go-textile Go Textile is a set of tools and infrastructure for building composable apps and services on the IPFS network v0.7.0
Ne0nd0g Ne0nd0g / merlin Go Merlin is a cross-platform post-exploitation HTTP/2 Command & Control server and agent written in golang. v0.8.0 - Added OPAQUE Password Authenticated Key Exchange (PAKE) - JWT authentication and JWE payloads - Go lang's `gob` encoding for network traffic - Enabled HTTP/1.1 support - Added the ability to set
cyrilletuzi cyrilletuzi / angular-async-local-storage TypeScript Efficient local storage module for Angular apps and PWA: simple API + performance + Observables + validation v8.2.1 [Changelog here](
mei23 mei23 / misskey TypeScript A planet of fediverse ✨🐢🚀✨ 10.102.4-m190821012540 - TL APIのexcludeNsfwでCW付きも除くように / CW内のメディアはウェルカムページで列挙しないように
1e1 1e1 / Open-GATSO-POI JavaScript EU speed camera location for Gamin-like GPS, TomTom, Navman… travis_master.2019-08-20
yipengsun umd-lhcb / ut_tools AGS Script Python helpers for UT hardware-related tasks v0.3.8
Coretteket Coretteket / numpadipa HTML An IPA keyboard layout that makes use of the numpad and three new modifier keys to type the 'entire' IPA. v0.1-alpha **v0.1-alpha / Pre-release** - Most of the 122 characters in the IPA mapped - Diacritics, tonal markers and suprasegmental markers mapped - Precomposed macron, caron, ogonek, and dot below mapped
muxx muxx / dplr PHP Object oriented deployer based on GoSSHa. v2.0.1
julia-tagbot[bot] yuehhua / GeometricFlux.jl Julia Geometric Deep Learning for Flux v0.1.1 * Compatible with Flux layers
bassages bassages / home-sensors Java Application which is intended to run on a on a Raspberry Pi. Reads data from (1) a "Slimme Meter" and (2) Texas Instruments Sensortag and uploads the data to home-server v1.2.0
pcraciunoiu django-ses / django-ses Python A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service v0.8.11 * #172 Added a `bounce` extra to ``
ArthurHlt orange-cloudfoundry / locust-boshrelease Python A boshrelease to deploy locust master and slaves v1.2.0
spryker-release-bot spryker / price-product-volume-gui PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the PriceProductVolumeGui module. 3.0.2 Included commits: ### Bugfixes - Adjusted `order-item.twig` to have missing translations. - Adjusted de_DE.csv with new tra
MoustaphaSaad MoustaphaSaad / mn C++ minimal container library on top of c-flavored c++ v2.0.3 Add fast leak detector which doesn't get the callstack on every allocation this fast leak detector keeps track of how many allocations is made and their size and only reports these numbers at program
damcclean damcclean / Systatic PHP Simple, Modern and Flexible - Static Site Generator built in PHP v2.1.1 * [fix] Fixed issues with the Markdown parser * [fix] We can now detect templates from all templating languages the user has setup.
jgsogo conan-io / conan-clion-plugin Java CLion C/C++ IDE plugin for Conan Package Manager 1.1.2 **2019-08-20** - Add Conan logo as plugin icon ([#43]( - Improve CI. Deploy new releases from tags using Travis ([#41](
tyrcho tyrcho / dict Java Helper soft to learn vocabulary in a language v1.3 update dependencies
chris-prener slu-soc1120 / US_OUTCOMES_Stroke R Lecture-01 - stroke mortality maps by county, United States v0.1.0 * initial release of `US_OUTCOMES_Stroke` for `slu-soc1120` * contains four total maps (stroke belt, and stroke mortality rates for all adults over 35, African Americans, and non-Hispanic whites)
jeffkl jeffkl / ManagedDism C# A managed wrapper for the native Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) API. v2.0.20 # What's New * Add ApplyFfuImage and SplitFfuImage (#80)
halimus halimus / mSelect no-lang The Most Advanced Dropdown ever made that Support Big Datasets V2.0.1 add reset option to the configuration
rkusa rkusa / dcs-scratchpad Lua Resizable and movable DCS World ingame Scratchpad for quick notes - especially useful in VR. 0.3.0 ## Changed - The content of the scratchpad is not saved inside the config file anymore. Instead, it is saved (and the previous content migrated) into `Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scratchpad\0000.txt`.
etpinard plotly / plotly.js JavaScript Open-source JavaScript charting library behind Plotly and Dash v1.49.3 ### Fixed - Fix graphs with `visible: false` `sankey` traces [#4123] - Fix `scattergl` with `mode: 'text'` and `text` arrays longer than the coordinates arrays [#4125, #4126] - Fix `rangeslider`
gigobyte gigobyte / purify TypeScript Functional programming library for TypeScript - v0.13.1 Same as 0.13 but has changed compilation target.
nathanstitt openstax / tutor-js JavaScript :mortar_board: Javascript frontend for openstax tutor v23.2.0 ### Includes: - #2694 display figures inline and adjust preview modal styles - #2698 Display a loading indicator to teacher-as-student - #2696 Use regex to match multiple variants of titles
joelhawksley github / actionview-component Ruby View components for Rails v1.0.0 This release extracts the `ActionView::Component` library from the GitHub application. It will be published on RubyGems under the existing `actionview-component` gem name, as @chancancode has passe
nathanstitt openstax / tutor-server Ruby :mortar_board: v23.2.0 ### Includes: - #1892 QA APIs Fixes - #1894 add task plan id to dashboard tasks
waxtell waxtell / Serilog.Sinks.AwsCloudWatch.Extensions C# Configuration extensions for AwsCloudWatch Serilog Sink 2.0.0 Switched to non-compact JSON formatter
iabudiab iabudiab / HTMLKit HTML An Objective-C framework for your everyday HTML needs. 3.1.0 Release on 2019.08.20 ### Added - `HTMLTreeVisitor` that walks the DOM in tree order - New HTML serialization implementation based on visitor pattern ### Fixes - HTML serialization for de
n0th1ng-else n0th1ng-else / minimal-store TypeScript Minimalistic implementation of the reactive store pattern v1.0.2 ## [1.0.2]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **core:** Add full coverage and fix issues found ([42b6c55](
simeks simeks / deform C++ Efficient dense deformable image registration v0.4 Changes: * Code is now C++11 compatible, supporting things such as manylinux. * Improved build scripts for travis and appveyor. * New parameter variable: `regularize_initial_displacement` * Pypi
dlangille FreshPorts / freshports PHP The website part of FreshPorts 1.35
mud5150 mud5150 / docker-python-nanoserver Dockerfile Run python in a nanoserver container 1809
AbhishekNairOfficial AbhishekNairOfficial / react-native-progressbar JavaScript A simple Progress bar for React Native applications 1.0.2
rmconsole-wf Workiva / over_react Dart A library for building statically-typed React UI components using Dart. 2.5.1+dart2 ## Info Build: (waiting for build to complete) Skynet Results: (waiting for Skynet results) Pipeline: (waiting for pipeline to start) This **patch** release includes the following changes: ## Miscell
gionn ClouDesire / java-api-client Java Java client to consume the cloudesire API cloudesire-api-client-root-1.14.0 * Vendor can select payment methods for each plan (#372) * Move VAT exemption to UserCompanyDTO (#341)
tindy2013 tindy2013 / stairspeedtest-reborn C++ Proxy performance batch tester based on Shadowsocks(R) and V2Ray v0.2.6-alpha
rejsmont HassanLab / rdn-wdp-paper TeX Repository for RDN-WDP paper 2.2
NeilHarbin0 OPS-Solutions / SimpleVideoEditor Visual Basic :clapper: A simple video editor that uses ffmpeg.exe to do pretty much everything. Licensed Under GPL v2. -Massive frame scrubbing precision improvement, no more issues with seemingly duplicate or skipping frames -End frame should now be included in the final video properly -Fixed playback speed breakin
ThePandaJam LCOGT / serol-platformer JavaScript Serol the Cosmic Explorer Game v2.0 This is an updated version of Serol: Dark Sky Dash, now running on Phaser 3. There are additional features such as a menu system, level select and an all-new level 3
darisettysuneel darisettysuneel / basic-math Python To implement functions for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division v1.0-beta Take two inputs and return sum of the two inputs
aidenkeating integr8ly / walkthrough-applications JavaScript Repository for Integreatly applications used in walkthroughs 1.0.1 1.0.1
vitaly-t vitaly-t / connection-string JavaScript Advanced URL Connection String parser 2.8.0 * Added `strict` mode compatibility within TypeScript declarations. * Documentation updates
sean3z sean3z / angular-activity-monitor JavaScript An Angular 1.x service that tracks users' DOM activity 1.1.1 ### Vulnerability update - Angular `~1.4.9` to `~1.6` - Eslint `~1.10.3` to `>=4.8.2` - Karma `~0.13.19` to `~4.2` - Mocha `^2.3.4` to `~6.2`
mwang2700 mwang2700 / friendly-wager Java Java/Kotlin Android app v1.0 * Initial release to Google Play Store
UselessGuru MultiPoolMiner / MultiPoolMiner C# Monitors crypto mining pools in real-time in order to find the most profitable for your machine. Controls any miner that is available via command line. 3.5.2 # MultiPoolMiner dev version Download link: ## Changelog Version 3.5.2 #### Core changes - Backported
jamesdordoy jamesdordoy / vue-datatable Vue Vue JS Datatable made for Laravel 0.3.6 Users can now add their own filters and the table attributes to the url and local storage. Allowing filtering to be shared and remembered.
chrislo27 rhmodding / bread Kotlin An editor for the BRCAD and BCCAD format v1.0.4 # Version 1.0.4 If you like this community-driven project, why not give it a Star in the upper-right corner? ## Bugfixes * Fixed non-square textures not being rotated correctly for BCCADs * Fi
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-json-javadoc HTML Build javadoc style documentation for canonical json v6.1.0 Version 6.1.0 implements class filtering and improvements for the model doc. The user now can effectively filter the model doc to the options that are most relevant to them.
panjf2000 panjf2000 / ants Go 🐜⚡️A high-performance goroutine pool for Go, inspired by fasthttp. v2.0.0-alpha Refactor the logic when initializing goroutine pool
nathanielc influxdata / flux Go Flux is a lightweight scripting language for querying databases (like InfluxDB) and working with data. It's part of InfluxDB 1.7 and 2.0, but can be run independently of those. v0.40.0 ## v0.40.0 [2019-08-20] ### Breaking changes - [b852e59]( update compiler package to use true scope - [04db640](h
phR0ze phR0ze / chromium-launcher C Chromium launcher with support for Pepper Flash and custom user flags v6
spryker-release-bot spryker / propel PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the Propel module. 3.13.1 Included commits: ### Bugfixes - Adjust `PropelInstallConsole` to filter out non-registered commands.
MrSwitch 5app / base5-ui JavaScript 5app's reusable UI component library v3.6.1 ## [3.6.1]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * Fix chart tooltip's name proptype ([0ab10dd]( * Po
Neop Neop / mudmap2 Java A mapping tool for text-based games, like text adventures, MUDs and MUSHs v2.5.6 * fixed bug #39 introduced in v2.5.6: could not create new places
sentialx sentialx / node-window-manager C++ Manage windows in Windows, macOS and Linux using Node.js v1.1.0 # New features - Added `isVisible` method to `window` object (#15) # Changes - Added support for 32-bit systems (#14)
maybenull spurjobs / laravel-taxes PHP Yay taxes! 2.2.21 bug fix around wtd earnings
Compeito Compeito / flumemo Dart うごメモみたいなやつ v1.1.4 * 背景線が透過に表示される問題を修正
nsheff databio / yacman Python YAML configuration manager v0.5.2 Release version 0.5.2
ursuleacv ursuleacv / oauth2-vend PHP Vend Provider for OAuth 2.0 Client v1.0.3
geoperez unosquare / embedio C# A tiny, cross-platform, module based web server for .NET 3.0.1 Change some Info level logs to Debug
adrienball snipsco / snips-nlu-metrics Python Python package to compute metrics on an NLU intent parsing pipeline 0.14.5 ### Fixed - Fix issue with intents filter when dataset has not enough data [#118](
SergeySlice SergeySlice / RealtekLANv3 C LAN driver for macOS supporting Realtek chips 8111B,C,D,E,EP,F,G,GU,8411B v3.1.2
DoomyTheFroomy HSH / vi18n-client-public no-lang VOIS International Client v1.0.0-rc.3 - Fixed updating by adding zip files - Enabled access to appointment window when logged in and disable when logged out
konis nilfs-dev / nilfs-utils C NILFS utilities v2.2.8 nilfs-utils-2.2.8 Tue Aug 20, 2019 JST - Fix some build issues - Fix bugs in mkfs.nilfs2; This fixes underflow in calculation of minimum number of segments and wrong suggestion of minimum device
mtreinish Qiskit / qiskit-ibmq-provider Python Qiskit Provider for accessing the quantum devices and simulators at IBMQ 0.3.2 ### Changed - Pin version of nest\_asyncio requirement
jiyinyiyong thheller / shadow-cljs Clojure ClojureScript compilation made easy 2.8.51 a106d37 bump `2.8.51` 6bc2e92 allow global `:js-package-dirs` c3cfb17 introduce `:js-package-dirs` 3424955 expose `:ns-aliases` as config option 14546f3 bump some deps
OmSonone sharmabharath / DMS-FINAL HTML document management mobile optimized 1.0 Added a login UI, sidebar etc.
RyanRoll RyanRoll / react-use-api TypeScript React hooks for async HTTP request data. Designed for diverse UI states as well as SSR (server-side rendering) and data pre-cache. v1.0.7 ## [1.0.7]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **shouldRequest:** A bug fix, the option shouldRequest did not work properly due to the pr
scionoftech scionoftech / textgetter Roff A python package for extracting text from PDF/TIF/JPG/PNG files textgetter_stable_v0.0.1
alepauly microsoft / azure-pipelines-image-generation PowerShell Azure Pipelines VM image generation for Microsoft-hosted CI/CD wincon/157.1
peteroupc peteroupc / MailLib Java A portable library in C# and Java for parsing and generating Internet mail messages. v0.14.0
LucyGwilliamAdmin open-sdg / sdg-translations Python Translations of language for use with the Sustainable Development Goals. 0.6.5
dcoraboeuf nemerosa / ontrack Java Continuous delivery monitoring 3.39.4
bnomei robinscholz / better-rest PHP Kirby plugin for better REST requests v1.0.0
andyone essentialkaos / bernhard Go Go package for sending alerts to Bernhard v1.0.0 _First public release_
ShoshinNikita tags-drive / core Go The backend part of Tags Drive v0.10.0-beta.2 ❗**This release has breaking changes**❗ **Features** - :sparkles: Support S3 Storage – issue #80 - :sparkles: You can migrate files from/to S3 Storage with **Migrator** (more info can be
FredKSchott pikapkg / web TypeScript :package: :sparkles: Run npm dependencies directly in the browser. No bundlers or import maps required. v0.5.3 ## Small Fixes - Make sure that we're filtering directories out of glob patterns 0561f7a - Skip sourcemap generation if optimize is set to false 9adf3f0
poquirion CanDIG / candig_compose Shell deploy the candig stack with compose v1.0.1
htbhf-machine-user DepartmentOfHealth-htbhf / htbhf-deployment-scripts Shell The deployment scripts required to deploy projects to cloudfoundry 1.0.71
turbolocust turbolocust / GZipper Java JavaFX file archiver and hash tool. Compress and decompress ZIP, JAR, GZIP and TARBALL (GZIP, BZIP2 or LZMA). 1.2.0 - Support for putting each file into a separate archive - Fixed unique name generation (infinite loop)
GawainLynch CamelotProject / image-asset PHP Image management library & bundle based on GD to handle image thumbnails 2.0.0-beta1
Grobi2010 Grobi2010 / au-chocolatey PowerShell A testing setup related to how the Chocolatey Package Verifier runs testing. Used for manual testing or prior to submission personalbackup-6.0.0800 personalbackup was updated from version 6.0.0700 to 6.0.0800
kmilo17pet TECREA / QuarkTS C A Non-Preemptive Task-Scheduler for low-range MCUs v5.0.1-fr-beta Distributed framework version
chrisohaver coredns / corefile-migration Go Library and tools for migrating the CoreDNS corefile v1.0.2 Adds support for CoreDNS 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.
jhunt genesis-community / concourse-genesis-kit Shell A Genesis Kit for Concourse CI/CD v3.6.0 # Release Changes Bumped Concourse from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1 Bumped BPM from 1.1.0 to 1.1.3 Bumped HAProxy from 9.6.1 to 9.7.0 Bumped Postgres from 38 to 39 # Upgrading This version bumps Postgres up to
ursuleacv ursuleacv / oauth2-lightspeed PHP LightSpeed Provider for OAuth 2.0 Client v2.1.1
remusao cliqz-oss / adblocker TypeScript A fast, pure-JavaScript content-blocking library v0.14.0 * update compression codebooks [#289]( * clean-up and update local assets + add fanboy-cookiemonster.txt [#289](
abretaud galaxy-genome-annotation / python-chado Python A Python library for interacting with Chado database 2.3.0 - 2.3.0 - Fix non working --re_parent option in fasta loader - allow connection using a preformatted url (needed by galaxy tools using pgutil) - added loading of Blast and InterProScan
danivek danivek / json-api-serializer JavaScript Node.js framework agnostic JSON API ( serializer. v2.0.4 **Fixes :** - Fix default schema. Deserialization was broken for non 'default' schema (#85)
azure-pipelines[bot] nanoframework / nf-Visual-Studio-extension C# 🛠 Visual Studio extension for nanoFramework v1.2.1.10-VS2017 Check the [changelog](<br><br><h4>Install from nanoFramework MyGet development feed</
maxlovic Haivision / srt C++ Secure, Reliable, Transport v1.3.4 ## Release Notes ### New Features and Enhancements PR #720: Reason for rejected connection PR #678: Improved sending pace accuracy PR #796: Added a no-op for Windows in `BUSY_WAITING` mode
petchpanu petchpanu / Data-Science-for-Healthcare Jupyter Notebook Model created while studying PhD VGGFace
ApiaryBot apiaryio / dredd JavaScript Language-agnostic HTTP API Testing Tool v12.0.2 ## [12.0.2]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update gavel requirement from 8.0.2 to 8.0.3 ([b0a8976](
Mau-G shimmerproject / elementary-xfce C Elementary icons forked from upstream, extended and maintained for Xfce v0.14 ## Features - Improve symbolic icons for Thunar - Pull in updates from upstream (bluetooth, power, network, view-refresh) - New preferences-color and xfce4-color-settings icons - New software-upd
shopgate-deployer shopgate / ext-user-privacy JavaScript Shopgate Connect user privacy v6.7.1-beta.2
shopgate-deployer shopgate / tracking-ga-native JavaScript Shopgate's Google Analytics tracker. v6.7.1-beta.2
shopgate-deployer shopgate / ext-product-reviews JavaScript Shopgate's product reviews extension. v6.7.1-beta.2
shopgate-deployer shopgate / theme-ios11 JavaScript Shopgate's iOS11 theme. v6.7.1-beta.2
shopgate-deployer shopgate / theme-gmd JavaScript Shopgate's Google Material theme. v6.7.1-beta.2
shopgate-deployer shopgate / pwa JavaScript Shopgate Connect PWA library v6.7.1-beta.2
4tronix 4tronix / BitBot TypeScript Official Microsoft MakeCode package for the Bit:Bot robot 1.2.2 Added new strings and renamed files from "bitbot..." to "BitBot..."
DavidLevinsky melowntech / vts-browser-js JavaScript JavaScript WebGL 3D map rendering engine v2.22.3 ## Bug fixes * fixed dynamic labels
ctjoumas ctjoumas / Ghost-Azure JavaScript Ghost 2.x for Azure 2.29.0 * 🐛 Fixed blog setup crashing for falsy email config (#11041) - Rishabh Garg * 🐛 Fixed errors when rolling back certain database migrations You can see the [full change log](https://gist.git
TommyLemon APIJSON / APIJSON Java 🏆Gitee Most Valuable Project🚀A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library for providing APIs and Docs automatically. 3.7.0 ### Server: 新增支持多表关联操作的事务处理; RemoteFunction 内强制校验远程函数必须符合 Function 表的配置; Function 表新增 methods,tag,version 用于限制远
kubernetes-bitnami serverless / serverless-kubeless JavaScript This plugin enables support for Kubeless within the Serverless Framework. v0.7.3 Release v0.7.3 includes the following commits: - 220117e Allow function level runtime override (#185)
muratcorlu muratcorlu / lambda-expressless JavaScript Wrap AWS Lambda functions with Express-like functions to simplify your code v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2019-08-20) ### Features * First version ([e6023ed](
AbdulHannanKhan AbdulHannanKhan / django-feedreader Python RSS Aggregator v1.1-apha
Thetwam ucfopen / canvasapi Python Python API wrapper for Instructure's Canvas LMS. Easily manage courses, users, gradebooks, and more. v0.14.0 ### New Endpoint Coverage - API Token scopes (Thanks, [@jrsilveti]( - List scopes - Account Notifications (Thanks, [@jrsilveti](
depebo Egnarts94 / JEM-Project PHP JEM - an Event Manager for Joomla v2.3.0-beta2 Covers all issues listed under Beta 2 milestone. The issues will close automatically once this branch is merged into master.
gdebrauwer gdebrauwer / laravel-hateoas PHP Expose the authorization logic of your REST API using HATEOAS links 1.0.2 # 1.0.2 - Use empty Link collection if HATEOAS class triggers exception ([#5](
aaronstephenson USGS-WiM / whispersservices_django Python Django services for WHISPers v1.1.2 Ensure password is never saved unencrypted; ensure password validation happens on create as well as update
caarlos0 totvslabs / elasticsearch-reindex-exporter Go Exports ElasticSearch reindex task metrics in the Prometheus format. v0.2.0 ## Changelog b6a388d feat: docker image 70719cb fix: gitignore, typos ## Docker images - `docker pull totvslabs/elasticsearch-reindex-exporter:latest` - `docker pull totvslabs/elasticsearch-reinde
yinx thinktomorrow / chief PHP Chief admin application 0.3.0 major release
paulorieck paulorieck / ZionBox-Desktop CSS Secured and decentralized file system on the web 1.0.45
southbanksoftwaredeveloper SouthbankSoftware / dbkoda JavaScript State of the art MongoDB IDE 20-08-2019 dbKoda Nightly Build
jamesvidler agility / agility-content-fetch-js-sdk JavaScript JS SDK for the Agility Fetch API (node and browser) 0.5.1 ## Changes: * 3a7d75a6b74b1d0c71165adf575b3b76302ebcb2 Merge pull request #29 from agility/lowercasingsitemapcalls * 6245b87d317fd02cc833b5e4a1cce3e2fbc94d87 bug fix for sitemap call casing causing
michaeleisel michaeleisel / ZippyJSON Swift A much faster version of JSONDecoder 0.0.4
KSIEdge KSIEdge / BowsnArrows no-lang BowsnArrows, a mod for terraria using tModloader v0.1.3.5 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.11.4
adobe-bot adobe / helix-publish JavaScript Microservice for publishing Project Helix Fastly service configurations v2.3.2 ## [2.3.2]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** update @adobe/fastly-native-promises to version 1.12.0 ([6f273f8](https://github
flashwave flashii / backup-manager C# Handles backup tasks for Flashii 20190820
mike-works-bot mike-works / modern-javascript JavaScript 👨‍🏫 Mike's Modern JavaScript course v1.0.195 ## [1.0.195]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency sass-loader to v7.3.1 ([b94d43a](
pr3gt4u gt4u / utm JavaScript Библиотека для записи utm-меток и referrer в cookies на стороне клиента v1.0.4 Added default path option path:'/'
ShamjiSolanki ShamjiSolanki / apache-superset JavaScript Superset repo with modification. 1.0 First release for dashboard and chart filter modification.
23rd Forkgram / tdesktop C++ Fork of Telegram Desktop messaging app. v1.8.2 — Updated version to [1.8.2](
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-text-import JavaScript ES6 library for parsing SHR text files into ES6 models v6.4.0 Version 6.4.0 includes shr-grammar v6.3.0: This adds support for using No Profile flags in Content Profile files.
evan-buss evan-buss / openbooks-cli Go CLI for openbooks rewritten in Go v1.0
adobe-bot adobe / ops-cli Python Ops - wrapper for Terraform, Ansible, and SSH for cloud automation 1.8
MarkL4YG MarkL4YG / fng-vue-toasts JavaScript Yet another bootstrap toast wrapper for vue. But with some customizations for web projects @ FearNixx 1.0.0 Library extracted from parent project and available for use.
bifravst-ci bifravst / cat-tracker-fw C Cat Tracker Firmware v0.8.5 ## [0.8.5]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * rmv unnecessary line ([7a1691d](
Romakita TypedProject / ts-express-decorators TypeScript :triangular_ruler: A TypeScript Framework on top of Express. It provide a lot of decorators and guideline to write your code. v5.27.2 ## [5.27.2]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **common:** Deprecate $onMountingMiddleware. Use $beforeRoutesInit instead
ihooni paywteam / eodiro-api TypeScript A RESTful API for eodiro. v2.0.0-alpha.4 ### 📮 Now we can receive and view user inquiry message - Create `Mailer` - Send mail with vendor name for classification. - Send mail with unique random id identification.
famoser famoser / agnes-ui PHP ui for agnes which creates & deploys releases safely to various environments v1.0 Release of v1.0
jfcherng jfcherng / Sublime-Portable-Tool Batchfile A tool for portable Sublime Text/Merge. v1.4.1 - Use `SublimeLauncher.exe` as the notepad.exe debugger. So there is no longer a cmd flash while opening a file.
denis-yuen denis-yuen / dockstore-whalesay-wdl-only wdl Sample dockstore whalesay repo for testing v7.0
naveenkrdy naveenkrdy / AMDXNU C Patched XNU source to support AMD CPU's xnu-4570.71.2 Custom XNU AMD Kernel
jaylinski jaylinski / FFmpeg C mirror of git:// 4.2.0-Leia-18.4
flurmbo flurmbo / react-duration-picker JavaScript React duration picker for mobile, inspired by Android number pickers. 1.0.1 Fix bug with initial duration not rendering properly, plus added gif to readme and keywords to package.json
VSC-Service-Account Azure-Samples / cognitive-services-speech-sdk C# Sample code for the Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech SDK 77781
mcc108 mcc108 / mp-helper JavaScript ⚙️ 基于微信小程序原生框架的轻量型开发助手/增强类库 v0.5.0 ### Core - **Fix:** 引用 `deep-freeze-strict` 修复 `deepFreeze` 严格模式下报错
pedrotei hutomadotAI / Hutoma-Conversational-AI-Platform Shell Hu:toma AI is an open source stack designed to help you create compelling conversational interfaces with little effort and above industry accuracy 1.1
hyzhan43 hyzhan43 / KtArmor Kotlin :ghost: KtArmor 寓意着 为Android 赋予战斗装甲, 方便开发者快速进行Android 开发。 mvvm-1.0.3 1、Activity,Fragment 添加 initListener方法 2、BaseRetrofitConfig 添加 interceptors参数 3、修改log 输出tag为 KtArmor 4、KResponse, getKData, getKMessage 更改为可空类型
dudk pipelined / pipe Go DSP pipeline v0.5.1 * Make Hooks a part of public API * Fix sink parameters dispatch * Fix duration metrics exposure
pgrimaud pgrimaud / cegid-y2-sdk PHP CEGID / Y2 - SDK 3.0.0
eysi09 garden-io / garden TypeScript Development orchestrator for Kubernetes, containers and functions. v0.10.6-alpha.0
igoravl igoravl / tfscmdlets PowerShell PowerShell Cmdlets for Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server v2.0.1753.20190812_97c1a05c_branch_releases-2.0
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-models JavaScript ES6 models for representing SHR namespaces and elements v6.4.0 Version 6.4.0 adds changes to the Content Profile models in order to support the addition of No Profile flags in the Content Profile grammar.
eyyubovkamran eyyubovkamran / clopos-windows no-lang Clopos Electron releases v1.3.5 Sentry
artsyit artsy / reaction TypeScript Artsy’s React Components v17.2.2 #### 🐛 Bug Fix - GROW 1362 - Add hub entry points to collect page [#2698]( ([@anandaroop]( [@pepopowitz](https://github.c
marioortizmanero marioortizmanero / spotify-music-videos Python Watch Youtube music videos (and lyrics) for the currently playing Spotify songs 1.8.1 Now using a fix for the Spotipy dependency inside
mijicd zio / zio-nio Scala A small, unopinionated ZIO interface to NIO. v0.1.3-M6
adamlacombe InteractiveTraining / self-hosted-unpkg TypeScript :package: self-hosted unpkg clone (with private registry option) 0.0.3
richard-salazar richard-salazar / adminpro CSS login y página de contenido como header, footer, menú y cuerpo. v1.0.0 ## Versión 1 1. Incluye routes. 2. Incluye módulos. 3. Par de servicios. Con esta primera versión ya tenemos la carcasa de los menús, header, login.
colin-higgins DataDog / dd-trace-dotnet C++ .NET Tracer for Datadog APM v1.6.2 Changes in this release: - Integrations: - Revert changes in AdoNet Integration to Legacy IL builder and add more log details: (#479) - Tracer: - Bug fix for serilog logging contexts dispos
j0k3r j0k3r / PHP A more readable & cleaner feed 8.0.3 - Update deps #249 - Better iframe for Gfycat #250 - Use Makefile instead of ant #254
missedone cbeust / testng-eclipse Java Eclipse plug-in for TestNG * update embedded testng to 7.0.0
sonariorobot Rookout / docs CSS Rookout Documentation docs-v1.0.262 ## Release Notes - docs 1.0.262 - inner-999.0.262 ### Changes from docs-v1.0.261 #### Released by: CircleCI No pull requests found. Commit information: * [6dd44c](
qiazee qiazee / abraqiadabra HTML A compilation of tips, tools and guides to help mages on World of Warcraft Classic. v1.3.2 This is a patch version. For more informations about this release, please [see the changelog](
michaeleisel michaeleisel / ZippyJSONCFamily C++ C Family dependencies for ZippyJSON - Do not use directly! 0.0.1
DavidRouyer DavidRouyer / pipedrive-dotnet C# is an async .NET Standard client for v0.1.1 * Add field key to deal change to see which field was changed (385f6afd4d10c91e0eb411fcf7c12c5b266e465a)
mattmazzola microsoft / ConversationLearner-SDK TypeScript An SDK for ConversationLearner v0.330.0 # [0.330.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * set reprompt threshold in model settings ([#498](
RainbowMiner RainbowMiner / miner-binaries Shell Releases of miners. All releases are the unmodified zip files from their original source, hosted here to allow for automated downloading. v15.8.3-bminer - Improve the performance of BeamHashII algorithm.
aghozlane aghozlane / biomformatshaman R Biom file format support in R/Bioconductor, vers. 1.x (JSON) and 2.x (HDF5) v0.1 Biomformat for shaman solve the export of json when sample metadata are in the project.
mvvishnu7 mvvishnu7 / superheroworld Java A simple java console game v1.0.0
ericmehl hypothetical-inc / gaffer Python Gaffer is an open source application framework designed specifically for creating tools for use in visual effects production. This release brings Gaffer for Windows up to date with GafferHQ release
michaeleisel michaeleisel / JJLISO8601DateFormatter Objective-C A 10x+ faster drop-in replacement for NSISO8601DateFormatter 0.1.2
tsloughter erlware / relx Erlang Sane, simple release creation for Erlang v3.33.0 - [Fix undesired start of epmd when calling relx_get_nodename]( - [add configurable timeouts to nodetool]( - [Allow
yorinasub17 gruntwork-io / terraform-google-gke HCL Terraform code and scripts for deploying a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster. v0.3.3 ## Modules affected - `gke-cluster` ## Description This release exposes a variable `alternative_default_service_account` which can be used to specify a Service Account that should be used by
gdaniel xatkit-bot-platform / xatkit-neo4j-platform Java A simple Neo4j platform used in the Xatkit tutorial 2.0.0
miller45 miller45 / fnkg-keytranslator TypeScript Translates the KeyboardEvent.key code v1.0.1 startsWith replaced with indexOf to make the code independend of polyfills
silicium-one silicium-one / MetroSPB C# Связующее звено между SAP Ramax и Docvision. Заказчик - метрополитен Санкт-Петербурга. 0.21
john-preston telegramdesktop / tdesktop C++ Telegram Desktop messaging app v1.8.2 - Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
fauvernierma fauvernierma / survPen R hazard and excess hazard modelling with multidimensional penalized splines v1.2.0
erichschroeter erichschroeter / plex-media-server-auto-skip-uml no-lang Documentation to flush out a Plex Media Server feature request to skip intro/outro in videos. v1.0 This is the initial documentation I could think of for the _"auto-skip"_ feature. The name of this feature is subject to change based on feedback from the community and the Plex Media Server
Madlohe NagiosEnterprises / nagioscore C Nagios Core nagios-4.4.5 This is a bugfix release. [See the Changelog for a full list of changes.](
jamesburns-rts jamesburns-rts / harvest-go-cli Go CLI for Harvest Time Tracking v0.9.3 Added an upgrade command and fixed some timer things.
cjihrig nodejs / lts-schedule JavaScript Generate the Node.js LTS schedule v1.2.0
pius- opsview / os-winrm-agentless Python Monitor the status of Windows Updates v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
pius- opsview / os-windows-base-agentless PowerShell Monitor the status of your Microsoft Windows machines v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
pius- opsview / database-microsoft-sql-system-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft SQL System v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
pius- opsview / database-microsoft-sql-performance-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft SQL Performance v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
pius- opsview / database-microsoft-sql-database-states-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft SQL Database states v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
HelpMeGame HelpMeGame / ScriptHub PowerShell Powershell automation tool v1.1 This release adds some minor features, Shortcuts. These allow you to launch google straight from ScriptHub.
pius- opsview / application-microsoft-message-queue-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft Message Queues v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
pius- opsview / application-microsoft-iis-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft IIS Servers v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
pius- opsview / application-microsoft-hyper-v-server-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft Hyper-V Servers v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
schiewe imgly / vesdk-ios-build no-lang Integrate video creation into your iOS applications 10.0.1-xcode.11.0.beta.6 Prerelease of VideoEditor SDK 10.0.1 built with Xcode 11.0 beta 6. If you notice any issues, please create a bug report at This version is not available via the pub
pius- opsview / application-microsoft-dns-agentless PowerShell Monitor your Microsoft DNS Servers v2.2-opsview-6 ## ODI-3568 v2.2-opsview-6 Set status to stable
MahmoudObjects MahmoudObjects / ionic-v3 TypeScript The repo for Ionic 3.x. For the latest version of Ionic, please see v3.9.9
OGordon100 OGordon100 / nOmicron Python Python API and routines for controlling Omicron Matrix 1.1.3
wisespace-io wisespace-io / nettfiske Rust Detect Phishing fetching Certificate Transparency Logs v0.2.3 This release includes options to Fix deprecations with newer versions of rust (#8 ). Contributors: snake66 (
marcogschmidt solo-io / ext-auth-plugins Go Public interfaces for external auth services and plugins v0.0.2
sgsaenger sgsaenger / vipster C++ Visualization of various molecular structure files. continuous Travis CI build log:
carlosms src-d / sourced-ui JavaScript source{d} UI v0.5.0 ### Added - Apply source{d} brand styling to the CodeMirror sourced code viewer ([#253](, [#260](
kjmahalingam standardhealth / shr-grammar Java The ANTLR4 grammar for SHR's CIMPL text format v6.3.0 Version 6.3.0 adds support for No Profile flags in the Content Profile grammar, in a step to move that functionality away from the Mapping files.
daveyb daveyb / ansible Vim script personal ansible playbooks 1.0 USE AT YOUR OWN RISK 1.0 Release of Ansible playbook to setup local dev environment.
moralesmx moralesmx / async-pipeline TypeScript Javascript Async Pipeline v1.0.0
ForbesLindesay ForbesLindesay / type-assertions TypeScript Assertions to test your TypeScript types. v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * add an assert function ([#1](
Disane87 Disane87 / ngx-taskboard TypeScript Yet another angular taskboard v1.1.5 ### Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC. Generated by [`auto-changelog`]( #### [v1.
bodrovis lokalise / node-lokalise-api TypeScript Lokalise API 2.0 Node.js client. 1.2.0
michaelcowan michaelcowan / ass C++ Another Signal/Slot with a focus on automatic connection handling v0.1.0 Initial implementation that intends to provide for the basic functionality. `Signal` and `Slot` can each have many connections, though only one between each unique pair. Connections between `Sig
gdaniel xatkit-bot-platform / xatkit-uml-platform Java Provides action to create and manipulate UML models 2.0.0
warrenfalk warrenfalk / rocksdb-sharp-native C# script for building the native rocksdb binaries v6.2.2 RocksDb native v6.2.2 (rocksdb 6.2.2)
RadoslavGatev solvsoftware / Ghost-Azure JavaScript Production ready Ghost 2.x and 1.x for Azure :ghost: 2.29.0 * 🐛 Fixed blog setup crashing for falsy email config (#11041) - Rishabh Garg * 🐛 Fixed errors when rolling back certain database migrations You can see the [full change log](https://gist.git
MartynasZilinskas reactway / scss-bundle TypeScript Bundling SCSS files to one bundled file. v3.0.1 ## Changes: * 3100315444924a8e0c8f084105c21122cc0f8102 Hotfix: Missing shebang. (#70) * e3c9a990c006edf7cdcd6e71ed25d0d36610ec58 Hotfix: Editor config and EOL LF. (#72) * 68aba9f5b91202c4cfeb
cimendes B-UMMI / ReMatCh C Reads mapping against target sequences, checking mapping and consensus sequences production 4.1.0 Moved ReMatCh from python 2 to python 3, with lots of bug-fixes and small improvements. MLST mode with extended reference available for: *Campylobacter jejuni, Escherichia coli, Haemophilus influenz
dudk pipelined / vst2 Go Bindings for vst2 sdk v0.3.0 * remove `Processor` constructor * align interface with latest `pipelined/pipe` API
lane-c-wagner Q-Vault / qvault JavaScript An open source, fully transparent, and secure password manager v0.2.2
goruha cloudposse / terraform-aws-ecs-atlantis HCL Terraform module for deploying Atlantis as an ECS Task 0.13.0
MrCylops lysep-corp / CoreCheatCSGO-LSREMAKE C# REMAKE OF C# CSGO CHEAT v2.8.1
robcowart robcowart / elastiflow Shell Network flow Monitoring (Netflow, sFlow and IPFIX) with the Elastic Stack v3.5.1 v3.5.1 is a minor release. No migration of data from v3.5.0 to v3.5.1 is required. ### Breaking Changes ElastiFlow v3.5.x provides support Elastic Stack 7.x. The support for document types has b
mjsteinbaugh acidgenomics / DESeqAnalysis R Toolkit for performing differential expression with DESeq2. v0.2.4
heminei heminei / php-hemiframe PHP PHP micro framework 2.2.2
SocialGroovyBot SocialGouv / code-du-travail-numerique JavaScript Code du Travail Numérique v3.1.0 # [3.1.0]( (2019-08-20) ### Features * **frontend:** use new matomo :sparkles: ([#1102](
undecaf undecaf / typo3-in-a-box Shell TYPO3 in a box ‒ a multi-purpose TYPO3 8.7/9.5/10.0 image 0.3.1 Fixed link to online documentation
AGulev defold / extension-firebase-core Prolog Base extension for Firebase extensions 1.1.0 Firebase core updated to 16.0.7 with all dependencies
nsforth nsforth / nmea0183 Rust Rust NMEA 0183 parser. Targeting mostly embedded programming but not limited to. Do not relies on std and any external dependencies, core Rust only. v0.1.0 First release.
Coercive Coercive / FileServe PHP PHP Serve Files with header 2.0.1
timrae ankidroid / Anki-Android Java AnkiDroid: Anki on Android v2.9beta6 v2.9beta6
Mx8LIVE Mx8LIVE / One-Lasst-Trip C# Juego de barcos 2D, similar a 1942. Eres un barco pirata que debe enfrentarse a diferentes armadas para llegar a tu tesoro. 0.3 Videojuego One Last Trip con 3 niveles y jefe final ![One Last Trip Scene menu]( ![One Last tri
JonnyBGod Cloudtasks / image TypeScript Allows you to serve highly optimized images to your apps. v1.0.12 ## [1.0.12]( (2019-08-20) ### Bug Fixes * **component:** account for empty url string ([059b649](
crajun crajun / openroll C++ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match timer and scoreboard using IBJJF ruleset. v2.0.0-alpha Alpha preview release for public. Currently only has Windows 7+ installer.
va-bot department-of-veterans-affairs / developer-portal JavaScript Lighthouse (aka VA API Platform) website and documentation. developer-portal/v0.0.188 Release 0.0.188
JudeDillon JudeDillon / qjslib JavaScript QJSLib is a JavaScript utility library that provides functionality for QRadar apps to simplify interactions with QRadar. 1.0.5dev
olafurpg scalacenter / scalafix Scala Refactoring and linting tool for Scala v0.9.6 - #979 Fix issue with handling of source files with spaces in their names, by @jameskoch. - New support for Scala 2.12.9
efoerster latex-lsp / texlab-vscode TypeScript LaTeX for Visual Studio Code v1.4.0 ## Changes: * 8f2d630500f732a4dd54c2998b05dbc1eaf45212 Bump version to v1.4.0 * 90e541049267da11b78db6d99ecd8660e89b432f Ask before downloading the server * c47b324a6f16700ce33ffd27c5721470f6c6182b
Ghost-chu Ghost-chu / QuickShop-Reremake Java QuickShop is a shop plugin, that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands. It allows players to purchase any number of items easily. In fact, this plugin doesn't even have any commands that a player would ever need! Minecraft SunnySide Community continue update this plugin now! v2.3.9
whoward69 whoward69 / DLL-VMC C++ DLL - Various Mod Components PNM_DLL_v.90
bmullan91 nearform / graphql-hooks JavaScript 🎣 Minimal hooks-first GraphQL client graphql-hooks@4.0.0 # [4.0.0]( (2019-08-20) Breaking changes: fixes #302

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