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ChlodAlejandro ChlodAlejandro / TopRight no-lang The builds for my latest game, Top Right. v0.0.1-b0002 [+] Controls were added. Albeit extremely sensitive. [=] Zoomed camera out. There is still no random obstacle generator.
sqra sqra / IoTGitHubFrame C++ Firmware for an ESP32 WROOM DevKit v1.0 module. The entire project will be described below. v1.0
matthew28845 matthew28845 / Bexitor Visual Basic Basic text editor for Windows 3.0.0 3.0.0: Full RTF support including loading and saving, zoom support, and every known bug is fixed. This version of Bexitor has been really stable from my testing. The exit button on the menu has been r
tablacus tablacus / TablacusExplorer C++ A tabbed file manager with Add-on support 19.2.23 Adjusted: Global keyboard :link:[VirusTotal](
yuzulabo KnzkDev / KnzkApp JavaScript 🐘Mastodon Client App📱✨ v1.4.5 # Features✨ - iOSでのプッシュ通知に対応 # Fixes🔧 - バグの多いタブレットモードを一旦削除 - OpenKnzkAppを に変更
danielpalme danielpalme / ReportGenerator C# ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by OpenCover, PartCover, dotCover, Visual Studio, NCover, Cobertura, JaCoCo or Clover into human readable reports in various formats. v4.0.13.1 This release requires .NET 4.7 or .NET Core 2.0.
Dream-Master GTNewHorizons / SpecialMobs Java Adds variants to the vanilla mobs to make them more interesting and challenging. 3.3.2
pablopioli pablopioli / letsencrypt-middleware C# An ASP.NET Core Middleware to automate the generation and renewal of TLS certificates. 1.2
ivknv ivknv / yadisk Python Библиотека-клиент REST API Яндекс.Диска для Python / Yandex.Disk REST API client library for Python v1.2.13 — Added `md5` parameter for `remove()` — Added `UserPublicInfoObject` — Added `country` attribute for `UserObject` — Added `photoslice_time` attribute for `R
TaylorFacen TaylorFacen / nomics-python Python A Python wrapper for the Nomics API v1.1.1 Added * get_all_time_highs * get_supplies_interval * get_currencies_interval * Travis CI integration
devvoh devvoh / parable PHP Parable is a PHP micro-framework, intended to just let you do your thing. 1.2.1 ### 1.2.1 __Bugfixes__ - `Route::extractParameterValues()` now only filters out values that are exactly an empty string. Anything else will be passed along as the provided value. - `Model::remove
anthonyjb GetmeUK / manhattan-js-manage CSS Support for the manhattan web framework's manage UI 1.0.9
mforets JuliaReach / LazySets.jl Julia A Julia package for calculus with convex sets v1.7.0 #### Announcements Note: this release is fully compatible with Julia v0.6/v0.7/v1.0/v1.1. #### Features * added `remove_redundant_constraints` for removing redundant constraints of an `HPolyg
codemasher chillerlan / php-oauth-twitter PHP A PHP 7.2+ client for the Twitter API 2.0.0 - PSR-7 & PSR-18 support
back-2-95 druidfi / tools Makefile Druid tools 0.0.2
vladimirok5959 vladimirok5959 / golang-server-resources Go Build and mount resources to http server v1.0.1
danisimov danisimov / gassert Java Library for simplifying json assertions. 1.0.2 Add javadoc & sources.
Marsgames Marsgames / GearHelper Lua GearHelper World of Warcraft's addon v2.2.3 No Changelog
moka-a moka-a / MokaBase Kotlin Android library for my boiler plate code .. 1.6.19 Resource 정리
m-grant-prg m-grant-prg / txt2manwrap Shell A useful wrapper for txt2man utility. v1.1.3 The asset 'txt2manwrap-1.1.3.tar.gz' is an AutoTools distribution tarball. The sources are available on this page. To perform an AutoTools install please refer either to the README file on the f
hotsaucejake hotsaucejake / laravel-coinigy PHP A laravel package for Coinigy API v2 v0.5.1
nissy nissy / bon Go Go http router v1.3.0 Fixed FileServer
ZintrulCre ZintrulCre / LeetCode_Archiver C++ Download submissions from LeetCode, generate summary figures, generate a markdown file. 🔮 v1.2.0 V1.2.0 Figure Update
shargon Red4Sec / WhiteBoxAudit TypeScript VSCode plugin for manual white box securit audits 0.0.2 - Generate Report - Allow to hide reviewed files
toooni invit / PayumCheckoutcom PHP Payum extension for integrating payments v2.0.0
norangebit norangebit / open-ar TeX Tesi di laurea triennale in ingegneria informatica - Unisannio 1.0
Emd4600 Emd4600 / Spore-ModAPI C++ A C++ library that allows you to create advanced mods for Spore (user interface, shaders,...) v2.3.1
aixiaoxiang aixiaoxiang / bast Go A lightweight RESTful for Golang v1.0.4
hikalkan abpframework / abp C# ABP vNext 0.14.0 ### Breaking Changes - #812 Reduce IdentityServer table field max lengths since they cause errors on MySQL - #787 Replace ValueObject implementation. Notice that this release requires to add db
BailunMobileDev BailunMobileDev / testComLib Java 测试使用的,公共库集合 v1.3 dev:2个模块
Kotori316 Kotori316 / FluidTank Scala Add huge tanks that can have up to 1048576 buckets of fluid. v3.8 ## v3.8 * Separated code for other mods. * Save custom names as chest or other inventory. ## v3.7 * Update ru_ru.lang [#11]( ## v3.6 * Added
tommyjl tommyjl / magic Go go module testing v0.0.4
anthonyjb GetmeUK / manhattan-js-content JavaScript Content editing for the manhattan web framework 1.0.0-beta.4
dop3j0e dop3j0e / traktouch C Improve Traktor's usability with a touch screen v0.9.1 This is the first public release of Traktouch. See for a description of what it all does.
cciradih cciradih / m4js JavaScript Music for JavaScript. aroma
addshore addshore / facebook-data-image-exif Java Script to add EXIF data back to your bulk downloaded photos 0.5 Release blog post & instructions: Tested mainly on Windows 10. Should work on all OSs. Tested with a pretend data downl
Coffee2CodeNL Coffee2CodeNL / gebaar-libinput C++ Gebaar, A Super Simple WM Independent Touchpad Gesture Daemon for libinput v0.0.3 This release adds Oblique support! :+1:
asedov asedov / demo_bejee JavaScript Тестовое задание: написать MVC приложение на чистом PHP без использования фреймворков. v0.0.1 ### Added - Минимально жизнеспособный продукт.
dreamerblue dreamerblue / recent_contests Vue Recent Contests from frequently used OJs v1.0.5
ifreeWorld ifreeWorld / reactseed no-lang react全家桶、react、redux、react-route、webpack、postcss-module、eslint v1.00 react seed初步脚手架版本,集成了demo
vikc07 vikc07 / gpm Python gpm is a set of modules that can be used for starting any python project 0.0.5a0
ehmicky ehmicky / gulp-shared-tasks JavaScript Gulp tasks for an opinionated workflow (Babel / ESLint / Prettier / Codecov / Travis / ava) 0.7.5 * Try fixing Windows (464d128)
Carlos-gb86 Carlos-gb86 / node-to-do JavaScript Esta es una aplicación de comandos de Node del curso v1.0.0 # Versión terminada de la aplicación - Crea notas - Actualiza notas - Elimina notas - Lista notas
Mieraidihaimu Mieraidihaimu / HKNews Swift Hacker News Cloned App 0.4.0
atul-wizni atularen / ngx-monaco-editor TypeScript Monaco Editor component for Angular 2 and Above 6.0.0 Angular upgrade 5.0.0 -> 6.0.0
blueskan blueskan / flixer Go Automatically creates Web UI for CLI Prompts 0.1
lukastaegert rollup / rollup JavaScript Next-generation ES module bundler v1.2.3 *2019-02-23* ### Bug Fixes * Use correct path when rendering dynamic imports where the entry module is empty (#2714) ### Pull Requests * [#2714]( Pr
dschadow jcryptool / core Java JCrypTool Core Plug-ins Weekly-Build--2019-02-23
alkhimey alkhimey / Spline AGS Script Spline Module for Advanture Game Studio v1.0.0 Initial version. Provides: 1. The ability to draw splines. 2. The ability to create a spline path that can be used for animations.
Fumler Fumler / ot-got TypeScript Convenience wrapper for got to add opentracing spans to requests v0.1.0 - build: Update tsconfig 828db2a - docs: Add README 6532c4d - tests: Write test in typescript (ish) 13a15ed - build: Add travis config a2c0406 - fix: Remove graphql logs and make trace error l
jogboms jogboms / flutter_offline Dart ✈️ A tidy utility to handle offline/online connectivity like a Boss v0.2.4+1
nolte nolte / ansible-minecraft Python Ansible role for provisioning a vanilla Minecraft server, forked devops-coop/minecraft/ v4.2.0 # Change Log ## [v4.2.0]( (2019-02-23) [Full Changelog]( \* *This Change
cainy-a cainy-a / sortingCsharp C# Some simple C# sorting algorithms v3.1 Bubble now has more efficient logic. Selection and Counting remain unchanged.
vis2k vis2k / Mirror C# A community replacement for Unity's abandoned UNET Networking System. master-1730 This is a bleeding edge release. BACKUP BEFORE USING THIS AUTOMATED BUILD Switched braces to silent as suggested by Petris
budparr budparr / gohugo-theme-ananke HTML Ananke: A theme for Hugo Sites 2.39 Furthering from our previous release with basic translation support, we now have translated strings with a fallback to params for those who want to change the strings, but don't wish to copy the i18n
viliampucik viliampucik / laska-a-zodpovednost HTML Elektronická verzia slovenského prekladu knihy Karola Wojtylu - Láska a zodpovednosť v1.3 Opravené nesprávne rozoznané bodky a čiarky.
Yihy Yihy / convert-ebook Python 转换电子书格式(azw3、epub、mobi) untagged-b60c750f494e68562c0a
pungin pungin / Beanfun no-lang 樂豆第三方客戶端 v2.7.1.0 - 修正上次使用QRCode登入時預設選中登入方式為非QRCode登入的問題 - 修正部分操作後QRCode登入失效的問題 下載: [ ](
tsuyoshiwada git-chglog / git-chglog Go CHANGELOG generator implemented in Go (Golang). 0.8.0
alexey-lysiuk alexey-lysiuk / gzdoom-macos-devbuilds no-lang Mirror of GZDoom development builds for macOS g3.8pre-524-g6be073f52 Development build at coelckers/gzdoom@6be073f52 SHA-256: 0d7a104b11685cfe432a9a73d1244bca668b87fe12048596c70a249596f09e41
gforsyth gforsyth / xonda Python A thin wrapper around conda for xonsh 0.9.0 **Fixed:** * No longer importing deprecated ``conda.install`` Instead including a modified fork of the symlink code until upstream xonsh support is solidified
v0ctor v0ctor / showcase PHP The place where I share my professional career, my skills and my interests. 1.4.0 - Improve main header. - Improve introduction text. - Update jobs. - Add projects. - Update skills. - Style fixes. - Update Composer packages. - Pin software versions in Dockerfile.
Evi1 Evi1 / V2rayE JavaScript v2ray client and json config editor v0.2.2
roehling roehling / postsrsd C Postfix Sender Rewriting Scheme daemon 1.6 * Bugfix release * Fix endianness issue with SHA-1 implementation * Improve unit test to minimize the risk of spurious failures due to hash prefix collisions
SoulBeaver SoulBeaver / d100 Kotlin Roll dX tables using this nifty little script. 0.3.0 Added support for tables with split headers, like: ``` The raiders are extorting our village for... 1d4 [2d10] CP per week from each family [1d8+4] CP per from each family [1+1d4] SP p
prof18 BigMoscows / bm_board_flutter Dart An app for blasphemies 1.0.2
johnnyreilly Realytics / fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin TypeScript Webpack plugin that runs typescript type checker on a separate process. v1.0.0-alpha.8 * [Respect tslint configs hierarchical order](
Nebucatnetzer borg-qt / borg-qt Python A Qt frontend for the command line software BorgBackup. v2019-02-23 This is the first stable release of Borg-Qt. It provides functionality to create, delete, restore and mount archives. In addition it supports background backups either through the command line or wit
dvabuzyarov dvabuzyarov / moq.ts TypeScript Moq for Typescript v2.8.4 ## [2.8.4]( (2019-02-23) ### Bug Fixes * **docs:** publish docs ([ee27574](, clos
Sognus Sognus / TelePlusPlus Java Teleporting Suite for Bukkit Servers TelePlusPlus-3.0.2-R2-UNSAFE # More configuration - More configuration to avoid magic numbers
johngodley johngodley / redirection PHP Manage all your WordPress 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors 4.0 * Add option for case insensitive redirects * Add option to ignore trailing slashes * Add option to copy query parameters to target URL * Add option to ignore query parameters * Add option to set
hytmachineworks hytmachineworks / Set-AuthProxy PowerShell living wih Authentication proxy v1.0 set easy AuthProxy on PowerShell
totalspectrum totalspectrum / spin2gui Tcl Simple GUI for Propeller 2 development v1.3.9 Spin2gui is a simple IDE for programming the Parallax Propeller2 and/or Propeller1. It is a front end for the fastspin compiler, which can compile Spin, BASIC, or C code to Propeller1 or 2 assembly la
Mike-Petersen Odania-IT / codepipeline-status Go Display the codepipeline status (Shell, HTML) v0.1.0 Initial release
rishichawda rishichawda / markdown-magic-build-badge JavaScript :confetti_ball: A plugin to update your branch badges to point to correct branch status. v1.1 * Added command line to update readme files. * Add post-checkout hook support. Now you can add a post checkout hook from cli by running `markdown-badge -g`
matthieuy matthieuy / feedseries Vue FeedSeries est une application qui permet de suivre les sorties de vos séries v1.2.7 - Recommandation : - Bugfix : Lors de l'acceptation, le cache n'était pas purgé et la série était encore notée comme non ajoutée. - Bugfix : Le bouton "Vérifier maintenant" uti
Remapper BitcoinGenX / BitcoinGenesisX C Fork of Bitcoin Green + Zerocoin Protocol 1.6.1 Update to improve network stability Windows 32 & 64bit {in compile} Linux static - all versions 14.04 , 16,04 , 18.04 - No dependencies needed on target machine. {in compile} MacOS {in
aslrousta aslrousta / persian Go Go Library to Work with Persian Locale v0.3.0 Fix extra thousands separator
totalspectrum totalspectrum / spin2cpp C Tool to convert Parallax Propeller Spin code to PASM, C++ or C v3.9.21 spin2cpp is a program for converting Spin, BASIC, or C code to PASM, C++, C, or Propeller binaries (both P1 and P2 versions of the propeller). The fastspin front end is a simplified command line co
Songmu Songmu / godzil Go A Go Authorizing tool v0.1.1
TvcFish TvcFish / AideHelper Java 一款为Aide量身打造的Xposed框架 1.2 1.适配太极 2.代码优化 tip:已完成太极的适配工作,但由于太极只开放了1.0版本的使用,所以后续版本就等太极慢慢开放。
patrickjuchli patrickjuchli / basic-ftp TypeScript FTP client for Node.js, supports explicit FTPS over TLS, passive mode over IPv6, async/await, and Typescript. v3.4.0 - Added: `access` and `connect` can reopen a closed `Client`. - Fixed: `access` can be called again after failed login. (#56)
ReggaePanda demokratie-live / democracy-development Shell A concept to vote on relevant Topics of Politics & Descicon-Making specifcly designed for Germany 1.2.1-internal+client+0.1.18-internal+server+0.1.8-bundestagio.2 render wom if shown
Mike-Petersen Odania-IT / tools Ruby Different Tools v0.1.0
v1cont v1cont / yad C Yet Another Dialog v0.42.0
hook-s3c hook-s3c / docker-tor-static-armel Dockerfile Builds an ARM static binary (armel) alpha-release
deanishe deanishe / alfred-sublime-text Go Filter and open your Sublime Text (2 and 3) project files from Alfred. v3.0.2 The description in the README was nonsense #10
adawolfa adawolfa / TGA-Merge Go Simple utility for blending series of TGA shots into PNG images. 1.0.0
endel colyseus / colyseus TypeScript ⚔ Multiplayer Game Server for Node.js 0.9.32 - **Bug fix:** support `onInit()` method to be `async`. (
CamDawg Gibberlings3 / Geomantic_Sorcerer HTML The Geomantic Sorcerer Kit is strongly based on the Druidic Sorcerer Kit by Constant Gaw, and resurrected by hlidskialf and loosely based on the Geomancer prestige class from the AD&D 3rd Edition Masters of the Wild manual. The kit combines the sorcerer's spellcasting methods and spells with additional druidic spells and abilities and features its own unique tiered HLA progression and custom spells. See the kit description below for more details. v7 * Fixed a bug in the library that could cause the kit's innate abilities to not work as expected
gnzlbg rust-lang / libc Rust Raw bindings to platform APIs for Rust 0.2.49
princeodzalasapp princeodzalasapp / WM-Android Java Library Java pour Windev Mobile 0.1.43
sindresorhus sindresorhus / internal-ip JavaScript Get your internal IP address v4.2.0 - Remove AIX support again (#25) cbb0a1e
yyh1102 Blockchain-zju / zjubca.wallet JavaScript A necessary wallet for a new world v1.0.0-rc First RC version of zjubca.wallet. Enjoy the blockchain trip.
Brutus5000 FAForever / db Python FAForever database v64
saqsun koreezgames / puremvc-js TypeScript PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern v3.0.1
zlzcn zlzcn / Notes Python Learning&Readings&Studying 1.0
zikalify zikalify / StoicReading Java Consolidation of many Stoic texts 0.9.14 This release modernises some of the texts making them a bit easier to read.
g3force RoboCup-SSL / ssl-game-controller Go The ssl-refbox replacement for RoboCup 2019 v0.27.0
thegergo02 thegergo02 / gKreta HTML Based on Electron, a replacement for KRÉTA's web interface. v0.8.1-alpha You can export to HTML now!
stom79 stom79 / SQLite2XL Java Library to Convert SQLite to Excel and Vice-Versa 1.2
Zac-HD HypothesisWorks / hypothesis Python Hypothesis is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use library for property-based testing. hypothesis-python-4.7.6 You can [read the changelog for this release here](
zlainsama zlainsama / OfflineSkins Java This mod allows you to show off your skins even if the server is in offline mode. v1f-fabric Updated. This is a release for minecraft 1.14 using FabricAPI. This is built against fabric and minecraft snapshot 19w08b.
sindresorhus sindresorhus / caprine TypeScript Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app v2.30.0 - Add option to use native emoji (#731) 2717359 - Add option to block delivery receipts (#793) 6ad22f4 - Add `Launch at Login` setting for macOS and Windows (#774) a43e6b5 - Re-organize the Pref
brunohansen brunohansen / iMove Java See wiki: v1.0.0
tomcashman elefana / elefana Java Elastic HTTP API for PostgreSQL 1.0.0-rc1 Delay index temp file deletion to allow PSQL to release file lock
Mehrdad-Dadkhah AsanbarCO / notifier PHP manage notifications 3.2.1
BeaumerF BeaumerF / Chirp-tac-toe no-lang 🔉 Multiplayer game thanks to sound. v1.0
CamDawg Gibberlings3 / PnP_Celestials HTML This mod modifies the Devas and Planetars that are summoned by the player so they gain most of their Monster Manual abilities and stats. I have taken some small liberties in how I adapted some of these abilities. Since the devas and planetars that are summoned are level 25 creatures and the monster manual lists them as much lower level creatures, I have chosen a class for each of the creatures and increased their statistics according to their class. v7 * Added Italian translation * Fixed systematic bug where several at-will abilities were not being refreshed * Weapons of the Monadic Deva and Planetar now show and are labeled properly * Fixed weir
k1ngJ k1ngJ / dtAP C# A simple autopotion/spammer/autobuff for Ragnarok Online. 1.1.2
liyuntao liyuntao / kong-init Rust Declarative configuration tool for Kong v0.8.0-rc-7
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2019-02-23-21-00-01
navhaxs navhaxs / BrightnessTray C# The missing laptop brightness slider for Windows 7/8/10. Bug fixes welcome (and needed)! v1.2.3 Simplify WMI query. Hopefully fixes app crash during log-off/shutdown
iwufan iwufan / DJExtension Swift Extensions, global functions for swift. Create a component with one line of codes. 1.3.1 You can create a Label/Button/ImageView... without a superView parameter in the init function.
xenophenes CrunchyData / crunchy-hugo-theme JavaScript Theme used for Crunchy Data generated documentation 2.2.0 ## [2.2.0] - 2019-02-23 ### Removed - Removed references to a Highlight JavaScript file which was not in use. ### Fixed - The chevron FontAwesome icons on the side navigation menu for the
ludeeus ludeeus / customjson Python Creates json with information for custom_updater and custom_component_store. 2.6.0 ## Changes - 1e8e302 get correct file if tags are used [Full Changelog][changelog] *** This release was created with [reporeleaser][reporeleaser] :tada: [reporeleaser]:
atwellpub inboundnow / inbound-pro PHP Inbound Pro Plugin for WordPress - Landing Page Framework, Calls to Action Framework, Visitor Analytics & List Segmentation, Email Campaigns & Marketing Automation <ul> <li>[email] Fixing ability to change email statuses to 'automation' from within quick edit screen. <li>[automation][email] Restoring ability to delete emails,rul
kmova openebs / openebs Go OpenEBS is containerized block storage for cloud native and other environments w/ per container (or pod) QoS SLAs, tiering and replica policies across AZs and environments, and predictable and scalable performance. 0.8.1 ## Getting Started ### Prerequisite to install - Kubernetes 1.9.7+ is installed - Make sure that you run the below installation steps with cluster admin context. The installation will involve c
jeroen rwinlib / protobuf C++ Used by RProtoBuf and protolite v3.5.1
GauiStori GauiStori / PyQt-Qwt Python Python PyQt wrapper for Qwt6 pyqt-qwt-1.02.00 - Fix compilation for Sip >= 4.18 and Qwt >= 6.1.2 Tested for Qwt 6.1.2, 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 - Add Analog Clock widget - Add Compass widget - Add Dial wigets - Add setSamples(QPolygon). Impro
ProjectSoft-STUDIONIONS ProjectSoft-STUDIONIONS / radioappnwjs JavaScript Your radio / Ваше Радио (Node Webkit JavaScript) 1.0.0
dalance dalance / procs Rust A modern replacement for ps written by Rust v0.5.0
krzmazur1 krzmazur1 / Gcode_renamer C++ Qt application for adding the print time information of the 3d printer to gcode filenames. v0.2-alpha
christian-fries christian-fries / teaser_manager PHP TYPO3 Extension to manage teasers 2.0.0 * Support TYPO3 8 LTS and TYPO3 9 LTS * Use doctrine for database requests * Use inject methods instead of annotations * Use `.typoscript` and `.tsconfig` file extensions * Add backend module for
BjoernPetersen BjoernPetersen / MusicBot Kotlin Party music queue with songs from various providers v0.18.0 ## Breaking changes - The action for an `ActionButton` now receives the entry as an argument ## New - Volume control (#57) - Included server and broadcast constraints (#52) ## Fixed -
renekris renekris / CSharp C# C# stuff for school & personal projects. v17 Slot Machine is finally finished! ![hcdr7ef](
vsvyatski vsvyatski / kmel_db Python A parser and generator for Kenwood Music Editor Light databases v0.2.0 This is the first public release on Github.
KirillShlenskiy KirillShlenskiy / tcping Rust TCP ping utility 0.6.0
Zonnev Zonnev / elementaryos-firefox CSS This theme for Firefox 65 and further wants to blend into the standard elementary OS gtk theme and keep all Firefox functions. v65.14 1. Made the header bar the same size as elementary standard without breaking the "rounded" corners of the window.
joric joric / nrfmicro no-lang Bluetooth module (nRF52840-based) in a Pro Micro footprint 0.1
CHEF-KOCH CHEF-KOCH / Spotify-Ad-free no-lang A filter list to block all Spotify ads 2.6 ## Android Mod #### Mod Info - Unlocked Spotify Connect - Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod - Visual ads blocked - Audio ads blocked - Seeking enabled - Unlimited shuffle
gasolin gasolin / lingascript TypeScript Multilingual Javascript (support non-English languages), based on Typescript v0.3.0 - Based on TypeScript v3.3.3333 - Show localized diagnostic message in command line tool by default #21 - Document `tsc --locale` usage in readme - (partial) Wrap keyword detector as functions #18
Mouse0w0 Mouse0w0 / EventBus Java Event bus implementation for Java 2.1.0
SimplyRin SimplyRin / BungeeFriends Java Hypixel のフレンド機能の BungeeCord 用パクリプラグイン Correction-1.5.11-SNAPSHOT
itsu020402 itsu020402 / MapGenerator Java Generate level from map source [Nukkit plugin] 1.0
LongAgoLong LongAgoLong / QrcodeDemo Java 一分钟快速集成,结合zxing与zbar,支持Zbar摄像头预览识别、高效识别相册二维码图片、生成带logo二维码 1.1 新增闪光灯功能
ndp-opendap OPENDAP / olfs Java The front end for Hyrax olfs-1.18.3 # OLFS Version 1.18.3 OLFS 1.18.3 requires libdap-3.20.3 and bes-3.20.3 ## Features: - Added a context/request sensitive message to all support email links. - Added support email links to
doobry-systemli systemli / userli PHP Web application to (self-) manage email users and encrypt their mailboxes. 2.0.0 * Rename project to Userli (Fixes: #133) * Add support for Dovecot's MailCrypt plugin. New users automatically get a MailCrypt key pair generated which is then passed to Dovecot via `checkpassword
gerhat gerhat / material-ui-formik-components JavaScript Formik ready material ui components v0.2.0 - Added `DateTimePicker`, `RadioGroup` and `Switch` components - Added default value for `required` prop - Updated `` - Minor refactoring in typescript definitions for `OptionsType`
darkfriend77 WorldOfMogwais / WoMNetCore C# World of Mogwais 1.0.161
mimers mimers / AndroidStudio-XCC-Patch Java 优化Android Studio/IDEA在超大型Android项目中的XML编辑器自动补全性能的补丁 1.0
Aninstance Aninstance / simple-stock-management Python A simple stock management and inventory web app, designed for small businesses and nonprofits. - Enable form submission by Enter key on all input fields.
aravindvnair99 aravindvnair99 / Smart-India-Hackathon-2019 HTML Equity Sports v1.2.0 - PWA - Major code changes (Check commit history for changelog) - First pre-release Visit live preview (always contains latest and not the version) here: [Equity Sports](https://equity-sports.fir
Garoe Garoe / ThunderKeepPlus JavaScript Google Keep for Thunderbird v0.10.3 - Added support for multiple accounts - Remove the need for the sign out button
MihaMarkic MihaMarkic / Righthand.MessageBus C# A very simple message bus implementation 1.1.2 Bugfixes (Dispatcher.Dispose)
ferrolho ferrolho / ModernRobotics.jl Julia Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control Code Library v0.1.0
basigur basigur / papirus-folders Shell Papirus Folders 1.1.0 Icons themes papirus color folder nordic. Icons themes Papirus Icons themes Nordic Arch linux insta
McDiod gruppe-adler / grad-civs SQF ambient civilians 0.4.1 * new: added onKilled event to config
windyakin windyakin / Honoka CSS Honoka is one of the original Bootstrap theme. v4.3.0 Honoka v4.3.0 は Bootstrap v4.3.0 との互換性があります。 ## Bootstrap の変更 * Bootstrap の機能追加やバグ修正は [Bootstrap の Release Note](
Nekotekina RPCS3 / rpcs3-binaries-win no-lang Repository for Windows binaries build-c325534f0791ad4bf8372d7dced3202b76c9f87f 67106F15E4DBA099A830B9424C5BBE8A91A5B734F98647DD4512E2746AD4135F;16.1874294281006MB
eduadiez dappnode / DNP_CORE Dockerfile Dappnode package responsible for manage the core packages v0.2.0
wolfmoritz PitonCMS / Engine PHP PitonCMS Core Engine 0.6.0 Where does this appear?
yamalight BuildingXwithJS / bxjs-weekly JavaScript BxJS Weekly news podcast links collection 20190223124100-e323974
codemasher chillerlan / php-oauth-discogs PHP A PHP 7.2+ client for the Discogs API. 2.0.0 - PSR-7 & PSR-18 support
christian-fries christian-fries / backend_module PHP Quickly build TYPO3 backend modules 1.0.0 Support for TYPO3 7 LTS, TYPO3 8 LTS and TYPO3 9 LTS
tomtoxx tomtoxx / spigot-ItemEventSearch Java A spigot plugin for searching event items. 1.1.4 This release added official support for Minecraft 1.13.2 🐱‍🏍 This update changes the version number of ItemEventSearch to 1.1.4.
my610 my610 / Bimoid-IM Java Android клиент для Bimoid v1.0.4.9 - fix x-status (android 8-9) - add main menu button
gbcreation gbcreation / linux-helios4 Shell Unofficial PKGBUILD for creating an Arch Linux ARM kernel package for the Helios4 NAS. 4.20.11-1
nusenu nusenu / ansible-relayor HTML An Ansible Role for Tor Relay Operators v19.0.0 changes since relayor v18.1.1: * torrc: * enable tor's Sandbox feature by default on Ubuntu (where it was previously disabled as a workaround for #160 ) * don't set tor RelayBandwidthBurst i
elgohr elgohr / Publish-Docker-Github-Action Dockerfile A Github Action which uses the Git branch as the Docker tag for pushing to DockerHub 0.1
tobami tobami / codespeed Python A web application to monitor and analyze the performance of your code 0.13.0 === Version 0.13.0, February 23, 2019 === * NEW #263: Added support for Django 2.1, drop support for Django 1.8 * NEW #255: Allow partial requests of timeline grid * FIX #233: Ensure missing data p
glph3k glph3k / cast_xmr no-lang Cast XMR - high speed CryptoNight miner for RX Vega GPUs v180 #### Cast XMR Version 1.8.0 (2019/02/21) - support for Radeon VII GPUs added
MarkSummerville TV-Rename / tvrename C# Organise your TV videos with ease 2.7.9 **We are in the process of finding and squashing a number of small bugs that have been introduced, so are keen to get releases out as quickly as possible** **Enhancement** * :eyeglasses: Further
Maze7 Maze7 / Tetris C++ A Tetris remake in C++ with SFML as a project for one of our University exams v1 Games: - Flappy Bird like Game - Tetris - Snake Supported Platforms: - Mac - Linux - Windows Run program: 1. Download static dir
HamidrezaAmz HamidrezaAmz / Rele Java This is a custom view include: RecyclerView,Empty View, Loading View, Error View v1.1.3 New Scroll listener added
jfdelnero viveris / jtag-boundary-scanner C JTAG boundary scanner with GUI. 2.18 * First public release. - Windows version GUI. * Main features - BSDL files support. - Target IOs sampling and control mode ( SAMPLE & EXTEST ). - I2C Bus over JTA
Tomash667 Tomash667 / carpg C++ Combination of action rpg with rougelike. v0.8 ``` ! this is last version working on windows xp ! cannot load saves from version 0.2.10 or older + new combat system, mobility calculations + master server, get list of existing servers and conne
bikenik bikenik / alfred-anki JavaScript Create New Cards into any decks with any "Note Type". v1.1.3 - Added aditional plugins for “Markdown-it” 8ba694e - markdown-it-abbr - markdown-it-emoji
awllee awllee / RNGPool.jl Julia A pool of random number generators for multi-threaded applications v1.0.1
eendebakpt eendebakpt / oapackage C++ Orthogonal Array package 2.6.2
teinen teinen / vue-seek-bar JavaScript Very simple page top scroll seek bar with Vue.js. v0.2.1
k-lpmg k-lpmg / FluidHighlighter Swift Fluid Interface based highlighting effect on UIView and UIControl. 1.0.1 Fix #1
marsday marsday / jxc JavaScript 练习用进销存系统 V2.1 1: 提供excel文件下载功能 2: 统计页面加入总计结果
nerdmax nerdmax / spa-github-pages-cli TypeScript A cli tool that can help you host single page apps with GitHub Pages. Inspired by v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-02-23) ### Bug Fixes * prevent duplicated script tag added ([8ee87ad](
ErikGartner ErikGartner / dTree JavaScript A library for visualizing data trees with multiple parents (such as family trees) built on top of D3 2.1.0 ### Bug Fixes * Bug in build script to update CDN link ([2525601]( * Missing borders in dTree demo ([5926c15](
tadashi-aikawa tadashi-aikawa / miroir-cli Go CLI for Miroir v0.5.0
weibezahn Open-Power-System-Data / national_generation_capacity Jupyter Notebook Data package: national generation capacity 2019-02-22 Release '2019-02-22' with updated data and bugfixes
uholeschak uholeschak / ediabaslib C# .NET BMW and VAG Ediabas interpreter library binaries_20190223 EdiabasLib Binary package 2019-02-23 including CAN, ELM replacement firmware, ENET adapter and Android samples. Changes: * Support for lower VAG baud rates
st235 st235 / EasyCurrency Kotlin Easy way to convert currencies! 💶 1.0.3 - [x] Implemented swipe to refresh gesture - [x] Fixed small bug, which causes update issues
akhilnarang akhilnarang / whyred C Custom kernel for Redmi Note 5/AI(Global)/Pro (India). Reported to work on the Mi 6X as well. Derp-v4.9 Merged in linux-stable v4.4.176 Merged in latest f2fs-stable
iamareebjamal fossasia / susi_android Kotlin SUSI.AI Android App v1.0.14 - UI updates - Crash fixes - Dependency upgrades - Minor Fixes
sergeyklay phalcon / zephir PHP Zephir is a compiled high level language aimed to the creation of C-extensions for PHP 0.11.10 ### Changed - Moved internal cache and logs to the user's home directory. - On macOS Zephir will use `XDG` if it is possible, otherwise `$HOME/Library` - On Windows Zephir will use `LOCALAPPDAT
codemasher chillerlan / php-oauth-spotify PHP A PHP 7.2+ client for the Spotify Web API. 2.0.0 - PSR-7 & PSR-18 support
DavidPL1 DavidPL1 / Hyperion Python A Tmux based System Startup Engine 2.1.0 ## [2.1.0] - 23.02.2019 ### Added - Mark noauto generated by visual validation mode graph with doubleoctagon. ### Changed - Moved graph generation to extra python file. - Before slave session
sashgorokhov sashgorokhov / edp Python Elite Dangerous Platform v0.7.3 ### Changelog: - Stability fixes ### Hashsums: MD5 exe: `89753592a0d335b032f1641018e614bc` MD5 zip: `63767f1b9093ede1d60d131930752a17` SHA1 exe: `717ff897941016ead63a3fd763f7c9c1bbc59
arkwnet arkwnet / ArakawaTemplate HTML General CSS Template for Website 1.2b1 ## 日本語 ### 新機能 - リスト要素(「ul」タグ)用のCSSコードを追加 - 文字サイズを変更できるクラス「tx-12」を追加 ## English ### New Features - A
KIRA009 KIRA009 / bingo-web Python An online site to play 1v1 bingo games with friends and family 1.0.0
arthurkushman SoliDry / api-generator PHP PHP-code generator for Laravel framework, with complete support of JSON-API data format 2.4.1 Preserve custom business logic in regenerated content. It means that if `--regenerate` not used, then generator will save all data between special comments: ``` // >>>props>>> //
ndp-opendap OPENDAP / bes C++ The BES framework, which forms the basis for the Hyrax server version-3.20.3 **News for version 3.20.3** Multiple bug fixes (See ChangeLog for specifics) HK-320 fixed - libcurl fails when called from the bes daemon on OSX HK-275 fixed - bes cmdln tests fail on master
gabr42 gabr42 / OmniThreadLibrary Pascal A simple and powerful multithreading library for Delphi release-3.07.7 - New features: - [HHasenack] On XE3 and above, TOmniValue.CastTo<T> supports casting to an interface. - [HHasenack] Implemented Parallel.ForEach(IEnumerator<T>) and Parallel.ForEach
andy-maier pywbem / pywbem Python Pywbem - A WBEM client and related utilities, written in pure Python. 0.13.0 For details, see the [change log for 0.13.0](
nonamenix nonamenix / spb_python_bot Python Telegram bot for SPb Python Chat 0.5.7
optimalisatie style-tools / php-cms-connector PHP PHP CMS Connector for 📐 Style.Tools - Inline Critical CSS management and professional CSS optimization tools for any CMS 1.7.0 - Restructured methods and classes - Moved authentication and custom methods to `API::handle_requests`
cdalvaro cdalvaro / saltstack-master Shell 🐳 Dockerized SaltStack Master 2018.3.4 - Upgrade SaltStack Master to `2018.3.4` - Change Docker base image to `ubuntu:xenial-20190122`
mikron-ia mikron-ia / rpg-hub PHP This is an attempt to make a hub for RPG players and GMs v0.14.0 * Character sheets display for front end, including access control * External data display improvements * Minor UX improvements * Some flows improved * Bugfixes
deniszh graphite-project / docker-graphite-statsd Python Official Docker image for Graphite v1.1.5-9 * Fixing "Missing exec permissions on log/run files" #90
lautis lautis / refined-github-safari Swift Safari version of the Refined Github extension v2.0.0
nexus-ci WFCD / warframe-items Lua 📘 Get all Warframe items directly from Warframe's API. No more messy wikia scraping. v1.218.0 # [1.218.0]( (2019-02-23) ### Features * **items:** Add new items for February 23 2019. ([b38a88f](
andreasots andreasots / eris Rust LRRbot's Discord part but in Rust because sucks out loud v0.1.0-pre.333
ttempleton spicywebau / craft-neo PHP A Matrix-like field type for Craft CMS that uses existing fields 2.2.5 ### Fixed - Fixed issue in Neo 2.2.4 with disabled blocks being deleted when saving a Neo field's contents
Myrdrahl Artsdatabanken / nin-innsyn JavaScript Ecological maps of Norway 20190223-121045-dbbd66f
moulayecisse moulayecisse / symfony-bundles-traits PHP Symfony Useful Traits 3.2.0
lobtao lobtao / phpdesktop PHP Developing Desktop Applications Like Developing Websites => phpdesktop v1.1 支持nginx和workerman的混合体
gkontsevich gkontsevich / benchmark-script1 Clojure test repo v0.1-alpha testing a dummy script
BijoySingh BijoySingh / Scarlet-Notes Kotlin Simple yet powerful rich note taking android application, with a lot of flexibilty of usage v6.9.5 - New Home experience: - Cleaner and easier UI - Faster images on the home screen, better image support - Upgrading the note editor experience: - New realtime markdown editor - Cleane
honnibal explosion / wheelwright Python 🎡 Automated build repo for Python wheels thinc-v7.0.2 ### Build spec ```json { "clone-url": "", "package-name": "thinc", "
BoShurik BoShurik / mapper PHP Library for mapping given object to another (e.g. to DTO and back) 0.1.0 0.1.0
tengge1 tengge1 / ShadowEditor JavaScript 基于three.js的在线3D场景编辑器,使用mongodb保存3D模型和场景数据。 v0.1.5 * 发布日期:2019年2月23日 * 更新日志: 1. 线段、CatmullRom曲线、二次贝塞尔曲线、三次贝塞尔曲线、椭圆曲线可视化编辑、保存和载入。 2. 修复时间
ekremogul ekremogul / bilimcellsms PHP Laravel için Bilimcell İletişim SMS Gönderim Paketi 1.0
Sandrem Sandrem / FlyCasual C# Fan-made "Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game" simulator 0.7.5 # Feature: Preview of Wave 3 * Some content from Wave 3 preview articles is availalble now. You need to turn on "Unreleased content" mod in Main Menu. WARNING: there is no official informat
optimalisatie style-tools / async-css-iife JavaScript Node.js module and CLI program to generate Async CSS loader IIFE (single script). 1.0.15 - Update to [async-css]( `v2.1.12`.
jp112sdl jp112sdl / JP-HB-Devices-addon Tcl addon to support my homebrew homematic devices 1.31 - [HB-OU-MP3-LED]( - added support for direct peerings
DavidAnderson684 DavidAnderson684 / simba-plugin-manager-updater PHP An updates checker and UI for WordPress plugins that are hosted using the Simba Plugin Manager plugin v1.6.0 * Add a .pot file for translations * Update yahnis-elsts/plugin-update-checker dependency to 4.5, necessitating our own version and class name bump (Updraft_Manager_Updater_1_6)
ines explosion / thinc Python 🔮 spaCy's Machine Learning library for NLP in Python v7.0.2 ## 🔴 Bug fixes * Fix regression in `thinc.linear.LinearModel` class.
eduadiez dappnode / DNP_WAMP Python Dappnode package responsible for providing WAMP communication v0.2.0 # Changelog
robertdebock robertdebock / ansible-role-cloud9 no-lang Install and configure cloud9 IDE on your system. 1.4.4 Use the service role for a simpler structure.
robertdebock robertdebock / ansible-role-artifactory no-lang Install and configure artifactory on your system. 1.3.3 Use the robertdebock.service role to keep this role simpler.
h3poteto h3poteto / megalodon TypeScript Mastodon API client library for node.js 0.5.0 ## Added - #28 Add all entities - #27 Add example in README for uploading media - #26 Add conversation event for streaming parser
gregdel odwrtw / polochon Go Organizes your movies and shows with Kodi metadata latest Generated from TravisCI build 785 (2019-02-23 12:02:01 UTC)
ankit7540 ankit7540 / H2-PolarizabilityDerivatives Python Set of data on polarizability with programs for obtaining the derivative of polarizability invariants (for H2, HD and D2) for specific inter-nuclear distance specific to a state defined by rovibrational wavefunction. v1.0 First release of the programs in Python for analyzing the derivatives of wavelength dependent polarizability invariants of H<sub>2</sub> HD and D<sub>2</sub>.
Zephiles Zephiles / TTYD-Practice-Codes C++ Practice Codes for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door v3.0.7 Fixed the game crashing if you enter the endless maze room with the Sequence at 385 and with the room counter at 7 (the counter that controls how far into the room you are; 7 means that you've complet
xAranaktu xAranaktu / FIFA-19---Career-Mode-Cheat-Table Lua FIFA 19 - Career Mode Cheat Table v1.1.4 v1.1.4: - Game will not longer crash after deactivating "Dont Pause Game on AltTab" script - You don't need to be in main menu to activate cheat table anymore. You can run chea
derwasp derwasp / au-packages PowerShell Template repository for Chocolatey Automatic Package Updater Module unreal-commander-3.57.1400 unreal-commander was updated from version 3.57.1391 to 3.57.1400
javisar javisar / ONI-Modloader-Mods C# Oxygen not Included Mods for ONI-Modloader Q2-311032.19-02-23 Modpack with all the mods.
Quake4 Quake4 / MindMiner PowerShell MindMiner - the miner manager programm with online monitoring v3.79 * Fixed aux coins fox pools.
optimalisatie style-tools / cms-connect-client JavaScript 📐 Style.Tools CMS connector client javascript for use in CMS connector plugins. 1.4.0 Updated for latest CMS connector plugins.
Songmu motemen / blogsync Go Push and pull blog entries from/to local filesystem v0.10.1
DenysVuika ngstack / translate TypeScript Translation library for Angular and Ionic applications. v.1.2.1 Maintenance release * Upgrade to latest Angular CLI and Angular libs * Upgrade dev dependencies to address security issues * Fix application unit tests
martinpitt martinpitt / python-dbusmock Python python-dbusmock: mock D-Bus objects for tests 0.18.2
Heitx Heitx / Maserow Java Maserow is a database manager for wow servers v0.0.2 # Version 0.0.2 * Overhauls the dark theme layout to be better. * First stage of Quest implemented (only targets the template column) * The quest layout is very similar to ingame. * It c
extremeCrazyCoder extremeCrazyCoder / dsworkbench Java The planning tool for the browser game 'Die Staemme' 3.7-pre2 Just for Testers Changelog: * DS-Workbench ist jetzt mit Java 9+ compatibel (benötigt für OSX / Linux) * Die Truppenzahlen werden nun in den Angriffen gespeichert, dadurch muss in einigen Fäll
PhocaCz PhocaCz / PhocaFontPlugin PHP Phoca Font Plugin is Joomla! CMS extension. Plugin rendering external font on website. 3.0.4
shreddedbacon shreddedbacon / concourse-slackbot Go A basic slack bot that allows you to start jobs in concourse v0.0.3 fix flag to parse before using it
texus texus / TGUI C++ An easy to use cross-platform c++ GUI for SFML v0.8.4 Changelog: - Added Changed signal to CheckBox and RadioButton (to more easily combine Checked and Unchecked) - Added EscapeKeyPressed signal to ChildWindow - ExpandDirection of ComboBox can now b
dominikvyhnak dominikvyhnak / SydneyHUDFix Lua Fixed version of SydneyHUD after former team stopped updating this mod 4.1.0 * Added language autodetection * Added "Throwables in Team Loadout" mod (Made by Snh20) * Added Health Bar enemy names for "Solomon Garrett" (Breakin' Feds), "Female Cop&quo
mimers mimers / Web-QR-Generator JavaScript 纯前端的二维码生成方案 1.0
yangyang200 yangyang200 / yc-vaultmc Java YC Project for VaultMC: Open Source version v1.2.1-major YangCore v1.2.1-major Updates: ``` CPS Check. If a player has CPS greater then (configurable), then notice players with yangcore.cpsnote. Players can also be kicked (configurable) when having too g
BjoernPetersen BjoernPetersen / MusicBot-API no-lang OpenAPI specification of the MusicBot REST-API v0.11.0 ## New - `/version` endpoint (#10) - `/volume` endpoint (#11) - Pagination for search (#5, bc49bed78688444b7686bde7e589fad52ce5ed6d) ## Breaking - `PUT /player/queue accepts` query params inste
csepreghy csepreghy / plotify Python A simple class to give plots some styling. v0.1.4
adamzerella adamzerella / adamzerella JavaScript My personal website. 0.4.8 - Removed `Dockerfile` - Removed `.deploy/` folder. - Bumped package deps. - Updated browserlist configuration - Updated `` - Ran `npm audit` to resolve vulnerabilities
SunriseHirame hiramesaurus / Portunus C# A Unity Inspector alternative that provides attribute based drawing and simple callbacks v1.2.0.1-96bf8e4
remk0202 remk0202 / Kaodana no-lang Kaomoji (Japanese emoji) input program 😝 1.0 # Kaodana Kaomoji (Japanese emoji) input program 😝 ## Usage 카오모지 버튼을 클릭하면 자동으로 복사 됩니다. (매우 Simple! 🤗) .NET Framework 4.7 버전을 포함
BBGONE BBGONE / JRIApp.Core JavaScript JavaScript (TypeScript) HTML5 RIA framework for creating data centric applications v1.8.0
skanehira skanehira / gol Go Application Launcher written in Go 1.0.0
Kikobeats Kikobeats / cacheable-response JavaScript An HTTP compliant route path middleware for serving cache response with invalidation support. v1.1.2
codemasher chillerlan / php-oauth-core PHP A PHP 7.2+ OAuth 1/2 client core library 2.0.0 - PSR-7 & PSR-18 support
YenerOezsoy YenerOezsoy / CYK Java Projektarbeit über CYK Algorithmus und Chomsky Normalform v1.4 PreRelease of project
eduadiez dappnode / DNP_VPN JavaScript Dappnode package responsible for providing the VPN connection v0.2.0 # Changelog
JonnyJD JonnyJD / python-discid Python libdiscid python binding v1.2.0 Improve installation with pip
AnthonyFuller OsirisRapadantCelestial / naturescourse Lua A Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition 2018 Entry Full-1 This is a full release with workshop ID and all.
DraxAris programmingfish / iceworkframework HTML Ice Work Framework CSS framework 1.0 # First release of the Ice Work framework this is our first release of the Ice Work framework. If you want to contribute feel free! Reported a nast bug, don't wait just say it! And of course we are h
risekit risekit / laravel-page PHP Laravel page component 1.0.1
AhmedImtiazPrio AhmedImtiazPrio / Keras-AudioDataGenerator Python Augmented Audio Data Generator for 1D-Convolutional Neural Networks v0.1 Tested on a linux computer for real time audio (1-dimensional) data augmentation with Keras API support.
Somov-QA Somov-QA / JsonFileEditor C# Json File Editor 1.0 Release 1.0
Joinn99 Joinn99 / KirinLabelAssistant C++ A scene text detection label helper v1.0-beta This is first release.
schinken strichliste / strichliste-web-frontend TypeScript Strichliste Web-Frontend v1.5.2
anibalsanchez anibalsanchez / XT-Tailwind-for-Joomla HTML XT Tailwind for Joomla. My Blog template, based on Tailwind CSS. 1.0.0
httpdigest JOML-CI / JOML Java A Java math library for OpenGL rendering calculations 1.9.13 **Additions** - Matrix4.perspectiveOffCenter()/setPerspectiveOffCenter() - (,
jVirus jVirus / 15-puzzle Swift 🧩 iOS game - classic 15 Puzzle game [Swift + SpriteKit]. 1.0.2 The update fixes a small issue that caused the `correctSolution` property, that was fixed at the hardcoded value. Now, the number of elements conforms to the `Constants` struct.
Blueyescat Blueyescat / skript-holo Java A properly made Skript addon for HolographicDisplays v1.0.0-beta.2 * Fixed startup errors when the server doesn't have ProtocolLib * Fixed console error when the location is undefined on the [create hologram effect](
christianwiedemann andock / server Python Ansible Role to server install Docksal v1.0.1 GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=="cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1"
alemar11 tinrobots / AdvancedOperation Swift AdvancedOperation 2.3.0 - Produced operations from another operation can now be dependent or not from that operation.
cntrump cntrump / boringssl-build C Pre-Built of BoringSSL v0.0.2 iOS 9.0+, (`armv7`, `arm64`, `x86_64`) macOS 10.10+, (`x86_64` only)
criography criography / chocolatey-packages JavaScript Chocolatey packages v2.1.1 Updated icon CDN to JSDelivr and to the new folder structure introduced in v2.1.0
tkrtmy tkrtmy / dtdiff Go 時刻の計算が苦手な人向け v0.3.0 New feature - Variable length argument
stleon stleon / chaterl Erlang basic chat on Erlang 0.0.3 # Sessions: ## Add mnesia: - mnesia dir - session table - session record - create tables ## Session storage worker skeleton: - create/0 - read/1 - list/0
VincentLoos VincentLoos / better-huygens-timetables JavaScript View your Huygens College timetable in a much easier way v2.0 Version 2.0 has been released.
piktur piktur / vue-cli-plugin-e2e-webdriverio JavaScript e2e-webdriverio plugin for vue-cli v2.0.0 Upgrade [WebdriverIO]( to v5 ([CHANGELOG](
Neophyliam Neophyliam / sublimetext_complete_xml_tag Python A sublime text plugin for completing xml tag. v0.1.3 Change the command to open settings file.
tuwq tuwq / blog Java 我的博客 React+SpringBoot,Vue+SpringMvc v3.0.0 内容: 分类归档,时间归档,标签归档,主页背景图片
SamBrishes pytesNET / tail.writer-bludit PHP Use the tail.writer Markup Editor for the Bludit FlatFile CMS. 0.3.3
rsoika imixs / imixs-docker Shell Docker Images for the Imixs-Workflow project imixs-docker-1.2.6 ## Enhancements * exim4 - new option - increase message_size_limit #26 * Upgrade Wildfly Image to openjdk-10 feature #25
Kikobeats Kikobeats / unavatar JavaScript Get unified user avatar. v1.2.5
jiripudil jiripudil / Naja JavaScript Modern AJAX library for Nette Framework 1.6.0 - **Refactor UIHandler and FormsHandler to only rebind updated snippets** (#19). This is a simple internal refactoring which could lead to a better performance. As a side effect, the `UIHandler` now e
sriniguna sriniguna / quotes-collection PHP Quotes Collection Plugin for WordPress helps you collect, manage and display your favourite quotations in your WordPress website or blog. v2.5 Quotes Collection 2.5 is a semi major update. What's new? * Gutenberg blocks included. *Note: to make use of these blocks, you should have WP 5.0 or above, or have the [Gutenberg plugin](https:/
shareringdev ShareRing / Shareledger Go A custom-designed distributed blockchain v0.2.0 ## [0.2.0] - 2019-01-23 ### Added - Upgrade cosmos 0.29.0, tendermint 0.27.4 - Shareledger supports Bech32 ### Updated - *init* command - Query Command to support Nonce, Check balance ### F
aMarCruz aMarCruz / eslint-plugin-prettierx JavaScript Format your code with ESLint using Prettierx, with presets for Prettier and StandardJS 0.1.3 # Changelog of eslint-plugin-prettierx ## \[0.1.3] - 2019-02-23 ### Added - 'no-useless-escape' to the conflicting rules, test with '\ca'. ### Fixed - Refence to unexistent 'preset' opt
timneutkens zeit / next.js JavaScript The React Framework v8.0.4-canary.1 ### Patches - Remove event-source-polyfill dependency: 297f1a3fc0df8544f37be94e05c55531981618f0
iniva iniva / hapi-api-base JavaScript Base code for APIs based on Hapi v2.7.0 # Added * New events service & events endpoint 60c2112a1c7eed391c17cfc5b4186bf6c9cfaedb #Modified * Added eslint rule to warn about unnecessary `return await`s
wessberg wessberg / scroll-behavior-polyfill TypeScript A polyfill for the 'scroll-behavior' CSS-property v2.0.7 - build(npm): updates dependencies 45593dc - fix(bug): fixes an issue where anchor scrolling could lead to the wrong coordinates under some circumstances 2f399f4
guch8017 guch8017 / pkgj C++ pkg download & installation directly on Vita PKGj_v1.06 1.06[0.49] 新特性: - 添加一键启用PSM安装的功能。 - 添加删除缓存的功能。(注意:删除缓存后软件将自动退出) - 移除了显示生效配置的功能。
brabster brabster / crucible Clojure AWS CloudFormation templates built with Clojure 0.40.1 You can use references in tags. Thanks to @AgentO3.
chfw pyexcel / pyexcel Python Single API for reading, manipulating and writing data in csv, ods, xls, xlsx and xlsm files v0.5.11 Find 0.5.11 in changelog for more details
eduadiez dappnode / DNP_ADMIN JavaScript DAppNode tool responsible for providing the admin UI of DAppNode v0.2.0 # Changelog * Replace L2TP by OpenVPN !! :-)
WetSealQQ WetSealQQ / fetchr-SDK PHP Wet... dirt... code v1.01-a
aMarCruz aMarCruz / eslint-config-standardize JavaScript Personal configuration based on standard, ready for JavaScript and TypeScript 0.3.0 ## \[0.3.0] - 2019-02-23 ### Changed - Disable 'unicorn/escape-case', 'unicorn/number-literal-case' because conflicts w/prettier. - Refactorization for better loading of the config. ### Remo
dimkasta dimkasta / Stringy PHP A PHP string manipulation library with multibyte support 3.1.1 Fixing: * Support for php 7.3 * Slugifying Greek Θ to TH instead of O
boncey boncey / Flickr4Java Java Java API For Flickr. Fork of FlickrJ flickr4java-3.0.1 Fix to handle bad responses from Flickr. Fixes issues #65 and #302.
AcerWilliamH acerwebai / VangoghCrazyWorld-UWP no-lang VangoghCrazyWorld-UWP v0.2 Fix Setup.exe issue and clean source project
yuk7 yuk7 / wsldl C WSL Distribution Launcher alternative. Use any rootfs. (Win10 FCU 64bit or later.) 19022300
Camork Camork / file-expander-plugin Groovy A Intellij plugin that can explore archive-based file in project view 1.1 .tgz extension support
Supamiu Supamiu / ffxiv-teamcraft TypeScript A ffxiv tool to handle collaborative crafts easily v5.0.35
eimink eimink / gsitool C# Tool for adding player seating information to data provided by CS:GO GSI v0.1.1
brendanmurty brendanmurty / PHP Murty websites v9.6.1 - Revert changes to Git links
semihM MathStuff / MatricesM Python Python 3 code to create matrices 0.9a2 ## 0.9a2 -Cleaned up and optimized the initializing process to work faster -"ranged" has the default value of [0,1] now -"ranged" parameter now also accepts dictionary as the
ridercz ridercz / AutoACME C# Automatic Let's Encrypt Certificate Manager for Microsoft IIS. v1.6.1 * Added full certificate chain export
Lineflyer cgeo / cgeo Java c:geo - The powerful Android geocaching app. market_20190223 New feature release with urgent bugfix and major changes: - Fix: Listing text no longer shown for caches from - New: Upgrade to higher target Android version as per Google requireme
lifo101 lifo101 / php-daemon PHP PHP Multiprocessing Daemon. Easily create stable and robust daemons with minimal boilerplate code. v1.0
1natsu172 1natsu172 / Outside-YouTube-Player-Bar TypeScript Display YouTube's player bar outside the video. v2.2.1 ## v2.2.1 [EN] * [JA] * --- _For developer_ compare code: [v2.2.0...v2.2.1](
asiftyro asiftyro / selectajax JavaScript A jQuery plugin to populate <option> element of html <select> input from ajax datasource. v1.0.0
janmikusch janmikusch / whisper C++ Whisper is a Game Project of & A Game Engine was build through our 3rd Semester at the Salzburg University of applied Sciences. With this engine we created Whisper in our 5-days project-week. Whisper0.3 New: * Added difficulties * add german manual, tweak english manual * Removed old Bugs * Added new Bugs
PolishJarvis PolishFiltersTeam / PolishCookieConsent JavaScript Polska Ciasteczkowa Zgoda to rozszerzenie, które automatycznie zgadza się na politykę ciasteczek/RODO na stronach dostępnych w języku polskim. v1.20
eaglerainbow promregator / promregator Java Prometheus Aggregator for Cloud Foundry (Core Component) v0.5.5 This is release v0.5.5 of Promregator. With this release the following changes are provided: ## Must-Know Information none ## Good-To-Know Information / New Features none ## Bug fixes * Im
jaqx0r google / mtail Go extract whitebox monitoring data from application logs for collection in a timeseries database v3.0.0-rc24
yashaka KnowledgeExpert / selenidejs TypeScript Concise Web UI browser tests in JavaScript (Selenide port to JS) 1.0.0 This release includes stabilized cleaned version of API. The API for sure will be extended in future. But we will try to keep the current one stable as much as possible:)
gswly gswly / dctoolkit Go implementation of the client part of the Direct Connect peer-to-peer system (ADC and NMDC) in the Go programming language. v1.0.5
haensl haensl / rollup-plugin-local-resolve JavaScript Rollup plugin to resolve folder imports without explicitly stating the file. v1.0.5 * Initial stable release.
typiconman slavonic / FiraSlav Python FiraSlav is a monospaced OpenSource typeface for Church Slavonic v0.4-alpha
tangjinzhou vueComponent / ant-design-vue Vue An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Vue. 🐜 1.3.5 `2019-2-23` - 🌟 Optimize the `Popover` `Popconfirm` component arrow style. - 🐞 Fix using autoprefixer 9.4.5 in postcss (vue-cli) will throw an error `Replace text-decoration-skip: ink to text-de
XWingDrLucky BSData / star-wars-legion Gosu Star Wars: Legion 1.2.9 Added and released all cards from the Jyn Erso and Rebel Pathfinder expansion packs. Also updated card text for the errata in RRG 1.3.0. Corrected some typos.
garchervar garchervar / Hermit-X JavaScript Hermit X 魔改版,预计支持苏醒的 Cosy 主题,感谢原作者 3.0.0
matiii matiii / Dijkstra.NET C# Graph processing library v1.2.1 Simple graph implementation, without custom informations in node and edge.
fracz fracz / supla-scripts PHP SUPLA on steroids! v3.0.1 * restore user timezone change option
Smartrazii Smartrazii / erpnext Python Open Source ERP built for the web v10.1.81 test
phalapi phalapi / kernal PHP PhalApi 2.0 框架核心部分,基于composer。 2.5.0 ## PhalApi 2.5.0 ### [主要更新] + 1、phalapi-buildtest脚本升级,优化单元测试代码生成 + 2、NotORM底层包支持在批量插入inser_multi时使用IGNORE关键词,PhalAp
goenning goenning / rendergun TypeScript A pretender service powered by puppeteer 0.3
sstok rollerworks / messagebus-form-bundle PHP Symfony Messenger handling fom Type v0.1.0 Initial release.
bbvch13531 bbvch13531 / SwiftTemplateLibrary Swift Data structure and algorithms for swift v0.1.0 Add multiple platform version
frank-w frank-w / BPI-R2-4.14 C Linux kernel 4.14+ for BPI-R2 CI-BUILD-20190223_110510-8eb79b025
dignajar bludit / bludit PHP Simple, Fast, Secure, Flat-File CMS 3.8.0 # Changelog ## Added - Media manager, alert when the file type is not supported - Media manager, alert max file size allowed by PHP - Media manager, handle bad response from AJAX - Included `X-
clerie clerie / just-paste-my-password JavaScript Anyone hates disabled pasting in password fields. We re-enables it! 0.0.3
nh3 ebi-gene-expression-group / bioconductor-sc3-scripts R Wrapper scripts for the SC3 R package v0.0.3
igoldyrev igoldyrev / autobagaz PHP Site of company Autobagaz, Perm. Dymamic site v.3.8.5 **ОБНОВЛЕНО:** Контент в разделе Экспедиционные багажники обновлен
gaborando gaborando / jERD Java Java Entity-Relationship Diagrams Tool 0.0.2 save on exit and font size
TaiSakuma alphatwirl / atdict Python Attribute-access ordered dictionary in Python v0.1.1
pethers Hack23 / cia Java Citizen Intelligence Agency cia-all-2019.2.23 # Release notes create trend over against_proposal_parties groupings!party/PARTYAGAINSTCOALATIONSSUMMARY/MP create trend over fr
alex-konovalov gap-packages / JupyterKernel GAP Native Jupyter kernel for GAP v1.3 Release for JupyterKernel
berkon berkon / wireless-microphone-analyzer JavaScript Scans the spectrum for free/congested wireless microphone channels ("RF Explorer" hardware is required!) V1.2.0
zekroTJA zekroTJA / shinpuru Go シンプル - a simple, general purpose Discord bot created in Go (discord.go) 0.9.0
Zarig Zarig / DragonFF Python Tools to edit GTA Formats in Blender v0.0.1 Basic DFF editing supported. Still in alpha version, so it isn't entirely bug-free.
Smartrazii Smartrazii / frappe Python Metadata driven, Low Code Web Framework in Python & JS. Used to build ERPNext v10.1.71 test
moritzfl moritzfl / mathematicallatexhelper Java Helper tool for rendering mathematical LaTeX-expressions 2.2 New: - Integration of Mathpix API Improved: - Better overall import for pdf images
arneson arneson / react-native-zss-rich-text-editor HTML React Native rich text editor based on ZSSRichTextEditor v1.2.1 * Updates to readme regarding publication to npm
blegat JuliaOpt / MosekTools.jl Julia MosekTools is the MathOptInterface.jl implementation for the MOSEK solver v0.6.0
NastuzziSamy simde-utc / portail PHP Nouvelle API du Portail des Assos de l'UTC v.1.8.0-beta
hschottm hschottm / survey_ce PHP Contao extension to create questionnaires and run online surveys 3.2.1 * Fixed a problem starting personalized surveys * Merged fix for PHP7 compatible hook calls
rehand rehand / liveticker HTML Sports Liveticker 20190223 * Reversed sorting of comments * Added a button to delete/decline all comments in a ticker or chat * Added team average to voting overview
alex-konovalov gap-packages / YangBaxter GAP Set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation v0.7.0 Release for YangBaxter
gdotdesign mint-lang / mint Crystal :leaves: A refreshing programming language for the front-end web. 0.4.0
tadashi-aikawa tadashi-aikawa / gowl Go An interactive git tool that works with GitHub and Bitbucket Server. v0.7.0
tauriqally tauriqally / StatisticsSA2019 no-lang Statistics Summative assessment 2019 - Tauriq Ally v1.0 Final release for submission
joachimmetz log2timeline / plaso Python Super timeline all the things 20190223 Release of version 20190223
reloni reloni / GoogleMusicClient Swift Google Music Player is a native macOS client for Google Play Music 0.2.0 - Added favorites playlist - Various UI improvements
greg0ire sonata-project / SonataMediaBundle PHP Media management bundle on steroid for Symfony2 3.19.1 ### Fixed - return type for `CategoryManager::find()` - Crash about `setFormTheme` when viewing the gallery list
SquidDev SquidDev-CC / CC-Tweaked Lua Just another ComputerCraft fork v1.12.2-1.81.0 ### Changes from the last CC:Tweaked release - Handle connection errors on websockets (Devilholk) - Make `require` a little more consistent with PUC Lua, passing the required name to modules and i
on3iro on3iro / aeons-end-randomizer JavaScript A simple randomizer PWA for Aeons End v0.5.0 ## Changelog * Add turn order helper
xxyan0205 didi / mand-mobile Vue 💰 A mobile UI toolkit, based on Vue.js 2, designed for financial scenarios. v2.1.1 __中文:__ - Fix - 修复构建时`postcss`未生效的问题,导致`mand-mobile.css`中图片等资源未被做url inline处理。 --- __English:__ - Fix - Fix the problem that `post
Joannis OpenKitten / BSON Swift Native Swift library for BSON ( 6.0.2 - Fixed a cocoapods dependency constraint
laurentkempe laurentkempe / GitDiffMargin C# Git Diff Margin displays live Git changes of the currently edited file on Visual Studio margin and scroll bar. Supports Visual Studio 2012 through Visual Studio 2019 Preview. v3.9.1 # Security fix - Update to LibGit2Sharp v0.26.0
ptibogxiv ptibogxiv / doliconnect JavaScript Sync Dolibarr with Wordpress via Doliconnect 3.2.4
Joinn99 Joinn99 / RepositoryResource no-lang resource for other repository Hi
lemonsqueeze pasky / pachi C A fairly strong Go/Baduk/Weiqi playing program pachi_networks Extra dcnns supported by Pachi: - Detlef's 54% dcnn Default network, about 1d level. Fully convolutional, so can work with boards other than 19x19. - Detlef's 44% dcnn Its predecessor.
robo-w wrk-fmd / CoCeMoCl C# Coordination Center Mobile Client v1.1.2 Fixed: * Changed location provider to Google Play Services. Native location provider is used as fallback. * Debug page is only visible if developer options are enabled on device * Fixed cutoff inci
hjc4869 hjc4869 / debian-stretch-orange-pi-zero Makefile Debian 9 (Stretch) SD card image for Orange Pi Zero Release-71
claude42 claude42 / logactiond C Trigger actions based on logfile contents v0.1 The very first release. Does sensible stuff but definitely is not production quality. Major stuff missing: * systemd support * many, many rules and actions * proper documentation * kqueue support
humhei humhei / FCSWatch F# Run standard fsharp codes in watch mode 0.5.0 Multiple target frameworks Refator to more readable codes Deep copy dlls from obj to bin Remove Unnessary dependecies Using lightweight server --- Suave FPublisher support
Adorable-SkullMaster Adorable-SkullMaster / pw4j Java Java Politics and War API wrapper 1.2.8 * Fixed HTTP Status Code handling * Fixed a NullPointerException in Wars, Nations and Trade history API :-(
anuragarwalkar anuragarwalkar / Angular-7-CRUD TypeScript Angular 7 CRUD operations 1 the first version uses rest API and node.js JSON server to GET, POST, DELETE employee form
Awbz Awbz / OneLife C++ a multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilization building OneLife+_v204 v204 merge - Reverted Sudden Infant Death (Shift + DEL) hotkey after [v202 server changes]( If your v202 clie
jcaillon jcaillon / 3P C# Progress Programmers Pal (3P), is a notepad++ plugin designed to help writing progress 4GL (OpenEdge ABL) code. It transforms notepad++ into an ABL code editor, providing synthax checking, compilation, autocompletion, tooltips and much more! v1.8.4 Hi folks, Even if most of my spare time is, at the moment, mainly spent on [sakoe](, it doesn't mean I forgot about 3P! This new release focuses once again
schinken strichliste / strichliste no-lang Bundled backend and frontend releases v1.5.0
ffluegel ffluegel / zippyshare Shell bash script for batch downloading files v1.0.6
thindil yet-another-static-site-generator / yass Ada Yet Another Static Site (Generator) v0.5 This is fifth development version of the program. Binaries are available for Linux 64-bit. For more info how to use AppImage, please see: Docume
zlainsama zlainsama / CosmeticArmorReworked Java This mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display, one for function. 1.13.2-v1a Minor improvements.
ecomonero ecomonero / ecowallet Java Dark Protocol Android Client v2.0 Android app for Dark Protocol.
januprasad januprasad / Fontmania Kotlin Fonts for android app | Roboto v1.1.1
nikparo nikparo / inputhub.js JavaScript A javascript hub for registering input events, marking them as handled (fulfilled) and for getting rid of ghost mouse events on touch devices. v0.3.3
fingolfin gap-packages / orb GAP The GAP package orb for advanced orbit enumerations v4.8.2 Release for orb
fues fues / SafeKill Java spigot plugin 1.0.0SS
TWLBot TWLBot / Builds no-lang This is where builds for TWiLightMenu++ and nds-bootstrap will be hosted v20190223-102441 ahezard - Complete cardId implementation
kimwalisch kimwalisch / primesum C++ 🚀 Sum of the primes below x v1.7 See the [ChangeLog]( for what's new.
ant-design-bot ant-design / ant-design TypeScript 🌈 A UI Design Language 3.13.6 - Form - 🐞 Use new method to repair align issue of Form.Item with validate message. [#14946]( - 🐞 Improved warning message logic of gene
satheshshiva satheshshiva / ews-java-api Java A java client library to access Exchange web services. The API works against Office 365 Exchange Online as well as on premises Exchange. 0.3
TwistedGate TwistedGate / ImmersivePosts Java Gives the ability to extend the wood, aluminium and steel posts. v0.0.4 Finaly added these mini-arm that apear on the posts themself. (When you attach for example a lever to them) #### It has now all the basic functions the original ones have at this point.
shiimaxx shiimaxx / txtmanip Go A tool for interactive text manipulation. v0.2.0
ilmiont ilmiont / requesty JavaScript Requesty, a JavaScript requests library. [ilm-requests@npm] 1.3.0 - [#8] Add `req(...)` method to Requesty class to construct and send a request automatically and get the response; please refer to `` for details.
jskyzero oYOvOYo / MoePicture.Electron JavaScript Help you to get moe pictures more easily😄 - Electron untagged-94568b034d660939eac2
jawher jawher / mow.cli Go A versatile library for building CLI applications in Go v1.0.5
frzb frzb / coinboot-debirf Shell Building your own Coinboot image 20190223
SteffenCarlsen SteffenCarlsen / OSRS-AutoSwitcher---PvPHelper C# Oldschool Runescape AutoSwitcher for PvM and PKing 1.2 ### [1.2] - 23-02-2019 Decided to rework the entire project since it started to get some attention from interested users. This is a WIP to rewrite the entire thing into an overall better application.
rds1983 rds1983 / Myra C# UI Library for MonoGame, FNA and Xenko
LexanderO LexanderO / Cat_Discord_Bot JavaScript My Cat Discord Bot CAT.2.1.0 A Balance Update and bug fixes to Release 2
adrido adrido / minetest-mapper-cpp C++ Generates maps of minetest and freeminer worlds v0.8.2
lemonmojo lemonmojo / IconComposer2x Objective-C Icon Composer 2x is a replacement for Apple's Icon Composer that supports Retina Resolution Icons. 1.2 - Fixed a memory management issue - Built on macOS Mojave with support for dark mode - Updated dates
jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x / jx Go Jenkins X provides automated CI+CD for Kubernetes with Preview Environments on Pull Requests using Jenkins, Knative Build, Prow, Skaffold and Helm v1.3.924
matthiasbaldi secanis / docker-image-checker Go Check if a new image tag was pushed to Docker Hub v0.1.0
willmcgugan PyFilesystem / pyfilesystem2 Python Python's Filesystem abstraction layer v2.4.4 ## [2.4.4] - 2019-02-23 ### Fixed - OSFS fail in nfs mounts
krre krre / memo C++ Outliner for my personal usage v1.0 Minimal working functional.
jacobtomlinson informatics-lab / pangeo-notebook Dockerfile A notebook image for use with Pangeo 0.5.17 Krontab and crontab alias
alimy unisx / logus Go Just a wrap of Zap, export useful interface. v0.3.0 * add W()/E()/P()/DP()/F() function to direct print error
kimwalisch kimwalisch / primecount C++ 🚀 Fast C++ prime counting function implementation v4.5-backup See the [ChangeLog]( for what's new.
roybs2 roybs2 / watermark-image Python python package to watermark list of images v1.0.2
rommansabbir rommansabbir / AndroidFirebaseListener Java Firebase Listener for Android 1.0
israelbejarano israelbejarano / angular-adminpro CSS app for administration v2.2.0 # Notes 1. User maintenance. 2. Load images. 3. Load images modal.
vadimtsushko inqlik / inqlik-tools Python Set of tools for QlikView development in Sublime Text 3 0.1.47 Another tweak in infovizion mode
bebatut bebatut / PylProtPredictor Python Prediction of PYL proteins 1.0.2 - Fix tests - Add Zenodo info
idleberg idleberg / Creative-Commons-Markdown no-lang Markdown-formatted Creative Commons licenses v0.2.5 - Merge pull request #14 from fer-rum/patch-1 fa40eb2 - Fixed enumerations in CC-BY-NC-SA 1cb6dac
HituziANDO HituziANDO / MKAToggleButton Objective-C MKAToggleButton is multiple icons toggle button for iOS. 1.1.0 Get and unzip!
ambiesoft ambiesoft / SceneExplorer C++ Exploring video files by viewer thumbnails v1.19.17
chenyong jimengio / router-code-generator TypeScript Core function of generating controller code of ruled-router 0.1.1 Previously we need `esm` module to run the code in Node, which does not recognize ES6 import/export syntax. Now it's compiled to ES5.
thisismydesign 5k-mirrors / poe-sniper Ruby Desktop tool for Path of Exile to make instants offers for listed items without leaving the game v0.6.0 This release introduces support for `` links. Additionally: - Config format was changed to YAML - JSON format input example has been removed - Firebase authentication was in
flokX flokX / devShort PHP A simple and privacy-friendly URL shortener for web developers, admins and all professionals. v2.1.0 ## Changelog The version 2.1.0 of devShort brings a few enhancements to devShort: - A new index file for the root directory - Small bug fixes and enhancements ## How to update There are no brak
davidpodhola iDempiere-micro / idempiere-micro-base-interfaces Java iDempiere micro base interfaces 0.9.0 - another cleanup
Yatin-Khurana Yatin-Khurana / NRF24L01 C++ A C++ Port of AVR Library of "NRF24L01+ Modules" V0.1
armin-reichert armin-reichert / mazes Java Maze generation algorithms (>35), solvers (DFS, BFS, A*, Dijkstra, Best-First, Hill-Climbing) and demo applications. 20190223 Latest improvements included.
kasecato kasecato / vscode-docomment TypeScript Generate XML documentation comments for Visual Studio Code v0.1.5 See [](
4face-studi0 4face-studi0 / MaterialBottomBar Kotlin Documentation 1.1-beta-4 ### Fixes: * Better soft-keyboard handling: Now the `PanelView` is closed properly when soft-keyboard is dismissed and it's no more glitching
galaxy119 Mozeman / SCPSLGamemodes C# Gamemodes for SCP:SL. Requires Smod 1.3.5 **Gangwar** * The nuke auto-detonation should now properly close the outside elevator doors * Chaos Insurgency should no longer spawn with empty inventories. **Three Muskateers** * Default valu
amilajack amilajack / eslint-plugin-flowtype-errors JavaScript Run Flow as an ESLint plugin v4.0.0-0 - initial migration to azure (#160) 78156c9 - Set up CI with Azure Pipelines (#161) 04bce8f - Update flow (#158) 571335d - Update renovate.json b68f8e4 - Remove greenkeeper badge 99de0e7 - A
slycelote slycelote / caide Haskell Automates certain common tasks that you do during programming competitions v2.4.0 * Support [Competitive Companion]( browser extension * Better test editing GUI in VsCaide, see new screenshot (thanks to @Predelnik) * Autodetect late
Turaiiao Turaiiao / meet-lang Go Meet Programming Language Interpreter 0.1.8 1.Adding Function Support Function Parameters. 2.The while statement can also exit using the break keyword.
lovac42 lovac42 / ReMemorize Python Anki Addon: reschedule current reviewer card and siblings v1.1.0 Release
ClemGamePrivate ClemGame / DevelopmentTools C# Some tools for Unity developers which will make some things easier. v0.1.3 Fixes: - There is now more place for the text of the consoles - Other small fixes New: - New command: "version": Prints the version of the DevelopmentTools
sanbongazin sanbongazin / TodolListDon-GUI-Windows no-lang TodoListを自動送信するソフトです。 V1.1 今まで公開範囲を、パブリックにしていましたが、 非収載にいたしました。これで安心して使いながらも、 通知代わりに受け取れるかと思われま
tateisu tateisu / SubwayTooter Java Mastodon client app for Android v3.4.3 - アプリ設定に「挙動/削除された投稿をタイムラインから除去しない」を追加。 - アプリ設定に「見た目/カラム背景画像を表示しない」を追加。 -
oskarirauta oskarirauta / NotificationManager PHP PHP application for sending iOS apns notifications and storing device tokens. 1.1.0
adumitru68 adumitru68 / CommonClasses PHP Common application classes 1.0.2 Renamed funcnction: flatValue to flattenValues
zillding zillding / tully JavaScript A tray app to watch self-set tcp ports and kill the process that occupies them v1.0.0 This is the first release of the app!
kg-bot kg-bot / laravel-rackbeat PHP Laravel Rackbeat App Wrapper v2.1.7
rasviitanen rasviitanen / rustysignal Rust Signaling server for WebRTC that supports SSL-encrypted connections v2.0.2
svinniks svinniks / oracle-dom Java Oracle database object model - a library that gathers and Oracle database object information and represents it in a Java object structure. 1.0.0
Lvluffy Lvluffy / dialog Java Dialog(弹框)lib库 1.0.3 dialog扩展textview行间距,添加默认值
igorescodro igorescodro / alkaa Kotlin Open-source app to manage your tasks quickly and easily v1.2.1 - Perfomance updates - Alkaa is faster than ever before!
er-devinderjeet er-devinderjeet / enterprise_laravel PHP version 2.0.0 version2.0.0 Enterprise Login System Dashboard version 2.0.0 dated 23-02-2019
ivandoric ivandoric / Sage-is-Awesome JavaScript This is a repository for video tutorial series "Sage is Awesome". You can check out the series here: 03 In this episode of Sage is Awesome we are going to take a look at another Blade feature called components and how it can help you with your WordPress development.
ishland ishlandbukkit / AsyncKeepAlive Java AsyncKeepAlive is a plugin that keep the players' connections alive v0.2 This is a big update! *Fixed PacketListener. +Added support for 1.8-1.11 +Added Asynchronous receive thread! Passed stress test.
GitHub-TC GitHub-TC / EmpyrionWebAccess C# A web frontend for managing an EmpyrionServer (similar to the EAH), as a MOD so that it can also be used seemless in game hosting. !!! WIP !!! 2.6.0
Licht-T UMATracker / UMATracker NSIS UMATracker = Useful Multiple Animal Tracker Release-8 # UMATracker [![Build status](](
chrisjsewell chrisjsewell / ipypublish HTML A workflow for creating and editing publication ready scientific reports and presentations, from one or more Jupyter Notebooks, without leaving the browser! v0.9.1 - fix newline between directive and options
carlosbraru carlosbraru / backend-server-udemy JavaScript Servidor backend para el curso de Angular v0.0.1 # notas: Configuración del backend express mongodb mongoose
uggrock tagspaces / tagspaces JavaScript TagSpaces is an offline, open source, document manager with tagging support v3.1.1 official 3.1 release
chadrockey chadrockey / TGC-Designer-Tools Python Tools to support course creation and Lidar/Terrain Creation in The Golf Club 2019. v0.1.2 Builds upon the previous releases by adding messages to users for the two most common bugs: forgetting to import a .course file and finding lidar data that does not have classified ground information.
myfreess myfreess / Shell Termux package helper 1.0.0
ytorbyk ytorbyk / sage PHP CLI helper for local development 0.8.8 - Updated php installation
liuchengxu chainx-org / ChainX-bin no-lang Dummy repository to serve unpublicized binary releases of ChainX v0.9.3 v0.9.3
Julius2342 Julius2342 / pyvlx Python PyVLX - controling VELUX windows with Python via KLF 200 0.2.9 Improved logging. ----------------- This is a breaking change, i removed the `log_frames` parameter from the `PyVLX `object - the frames are printed out if logging is set to `debug`.
JaykeBird JaykeBird / QuickTrex C# A quick and simple localization program, for usage by small/hobbyist developers! v1.2.1 This update is primarily a bug fix release (yes, done at 3 in the morning). - Fixed regressions with opening files from previous version (pre-public release) - Fixed crash when selecting "Can
AnthonyLloyd haf / expecto F# A smooth testing lib for F#. APIs made for humans! Strong testing methodologies for everyone! 8.9.0 Args replacement for Argu. #303 thanks @AnthonyLloyd New runTests CLI args functions. Please migrate to rather than using ExpectoConfig. thanks @AnthonyLloyd Easier to read error output with highlig
3Dickulus 3Dickulus / FragM GLSL Derived from Fragmentarium-2.5.0-190222
BorisTheBrave BorisTheBrave / DeBroglie C# DeBroglie is a C# library implementing the Wave Function Collapse algorithm with support for additional non-local constraints, and other useful features. v0.3.0 * Support setting a mask on the output topology of TilePropagator. Doesn't work perfectly with Overlapping, so undocumented feature for now. * Rotation is now specified in degrees [breaking] * Core
michaeltout VerusCoin / Verus-Mobile JavaScript The iOS/Android Verus Mobile cryptocurrency wallet. v0.1.0-beta # Verus Mobile v0.1.0-beta Android APK Welcome to the first test release of Verus Mobile! Verus Mobile v0.1.0-beta comes with the following features: •Multiple account support, the ability
vweevers airtap / airtap JavaScript Test your JavaScript in 800+ browsers. v2.0.2 ### Removed - Remove outdated `doc/` ([#197]( ([`24f3022`]( ([**@vweevers**](https://gi
yemenifree yemenifree / laravel-xss-middlware PHP A Laravel middleware to cleaning all inputs/data of request from XSS and embed elements 1.0.0
fortius-digital fortius-digital / sumo no-lang Simple Unified Model for Orthopaedics v0.1.1 This release includes the new patient timeline and individually tracked scores.
wenbowanghaha wenbowanghaha / webdev-wang-wenbo HTML Homework repo for CS5610 Web dev Spring 2019 NEU Seattle v3.3 The latest release for Homework3 - client side development Heroku link: Updates so far: V3.3: Homework 3 3rd Update(current) - Latest Version -
RetroGamer74 RetroGamer74 / RR_RetroReloaded no-lang RetroReloaded_CFW 1.30 Update: Includes now all ES and FS patches. If you want install NSPs using Goldleaf, do it using also Goldtree in your PC and thru USB. If you don't know how to do this visit Goldleaf project on githu
jfcherng jfcherng / Sublime-AutoSetIndentation PHP This plugin automatically detects and sets the indentation for you, by default, when a file is loaded. 1.0.0 The initial release.
pmiddend pmiddend / piggybudget TypeScript Android app that helps you to easily track your expenses v2.2 This release is compatible with the previous one. # Features - You can now export your entire transaction history to the CSV format, so you can import it into LibreOffice and do your own analysi
cyberadmin cybercongress / cyberd Go Knowledge consensus computer in Go v0.1.2 ## Changelog 7440d97 #265 Update to cosmos 0.32.0 b7897fe Launch euler-2 testnet (#267) 7f7aa02 Refactoring of search index. Fix links export
jenly1314 jenly1314 / WaveView Java :surfer: WaveView 一个水波纹动画控件视图,支持波纹数,波纹振幅,波纹颜色,渐变色,波纹速度,波纹方向等属性完全可配。 1.0.0
FreddieChopin FreddieChopin / bleeding-edge-toolchain Shell All-in-one script to build bleeding-edge-toolchain for ARM microcontrollers 190223 - gcc-8.3.0 - newlib-3.1.0 - binutils-2.32 - gdb-8.2.1 - expat-2.2.6 - gmp-6.1.2 - isl-0.20 - libiconv-1.15 (Windows only) - mpc-1.1.0 - mpfr-4.0.2 - python-2.7.15 (Windows only) - zlib-1.2
dtcooper dtcooper / raspotify Shell Spotify Connect client for the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™ 0.12.0
JeffreySarnoff JeffreySarnoff / SaferIntegers.jl Julia These integer types use checked arithmetic, in other respects they behave as ordinary Ints. v1.1.0
AskAlexSharov AskAlexSharov / imgdiff Go Calculate similarity of 2 images. Supports: jpeg, png v1.2.3 ## Changelog 2d369de bug: wrong percent calculation logic e4fc29b feat: tests now required before release
KumanoTanaka ttvnp / ttj-asset-desktop-client Vue Desktop application for handle assets like "sen coin" and "sen point" v1.1.2 - add copy & paste support
Stepa86 Stepa86 / edt-export-bugs 1C Enterprise Экспорт диагностик 1С: EDT для SonarQube 1C (BSL) Community Plugin 0.0.3 В имя правила теперь выводится осмысленный текст. Переход на встроенный конвертер json ускорил запись итогов
foldingbeauty foldingbeauty / wunder-wander JavaScript An easy to use GitOps deployment tool for Kubernetes workloads 0.1.0
hyochan dooboolab / dooboo-native-js JavaScript react-native javascript boilerplate with flow 0.59-rc.2 - Make components functional. - Use `react-hook` with `context-api`. + Use `useReducer`. - Upgrade flow for `react-hook` compatibility. - Use [react-native-testing-library](
lemonsqueeze lemonsqueeze / pachi C A fairly strong Go/Baduk/Weiqi playing program blank test
langecode openapi-tools / swagger-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin to activate the Swagger Core library to generate OpenAPI documentation. v2.0.3
antonreshetov antonreshetov / mysigmail Vue UI Email Signature Generator - Make easy to create your email signature v1.7.0 ## Features feat: upload awatar to AWS S3
WolverinDEV TeaSpeak / TeaWeb TypeScript TeaSpeak Web Issue tracker xx
dorrywhale aerobicslingua / video-engine JavaScript All the features about video manipulation 0.1.0
hyochan dooboolab / dooboo-frontend-js JavaScript react web app boilerplate with flow. FunctionalComponent - Makes component functional. - Use `react-hook`. - Remove `react-dom` and use [react-testing-library](
acelaya shlinkio / shlink PHP A self-hosted and PHP-based URL shortener with CLI and REST interfaces v1.16.0
jakub-tucek jakub-tucek / metacentrum-cli Kotlin CLI runner for metacentrum v0.08
xaoxuu xaoxuu / hexo-theme-material-x JavaScript MaterialDesign设计风格的卡片式hexo博客主题。 1.0.8
fluffykraken fluffykraken / bvg-sensor Python provides the time in minutes until the next departure v0.2.0 First public beta. Tested with Home Assistant 0.87.1
arijulianto arijulianto / ajn-framework PHP AJN Framework. Sebuah web framework modular bukan menggunakan konsep MVC untuk membantu development website yang terintegrasi dengan layanan seperti web service (API JSON, XML, dll) v1.0 Rilis versi pertama 1.0 dengan perubahan konsep menjadi MVC
Willy-Kimura Willy-Kimura / SharpClipboard C# A library for anonymously monitoring clipboard entries. v2.0.7 - Added the property `ObserveLastEntry` that enables/disables auto-picking of the last clipboard item once monitoring is enabled.
nohwnd pester / Pester PowerShell Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell. 4.7.0-beta1 # What is new since 4.6.0? Thanks to @renehernandez for these awesome improvements to `Mock`! ## Mock parameter filter can use aliases Using parameter aliases in `Mock` ParameterFilters was
lboulard lboulard / vim-win32-build Python Build yourself GVim/Vim for Windows v8.1.0976 Custom build of GVim/Vim for Windows. Use gvim-8.1.0976-x86.exe or gvim-8.1.0976-amd64.exe to install GVim/Vim. * [8.1.0976]( dosinstall still has
peppy ppy / osu-framework C# A game framework written with osu! in mind. 2019.923.0 Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2019.923.0). For more information check out the [osu! changelog page]( and [dev blog](https://b
qzc0537 qzc0537 / AdapteScreenUtils Kotlin 基于头条方案的屏幕适配库 1.0.1 Initial commit
Romez1990 Romez1990 / endless-evaluation C++ Endless evaluation period of JetBrains's IDEs v1.1.0
shilman storybooks / storybook JavaScript Interactive UI component dev & test: React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Ember v5.0.0-rc.5 ### Bug Fixes * UI: Fix `/` search hotkey so it doesn't type into the input ([#5702]( * Addon-a11y: Fix a11y setup being undefined ([#5724](https
jackettbot Jackett / Jackett C# API Support for your favorite torrent trackers. v0.10.830 nnm-club: new CA bypass (Thank you @Garfield69) TVstore: handle dashboard SnnEnn searching (Thank you @Garfield69)
drigofonte drigofonte / sqs-multilingual CSS A JavaScript module to facilitate the creation of multilingual Squarespace templates. 0.1.6
jedmao jedmao / location TypeScript A Location class that implements the Location interface of the Web API. v1.0 Initial release.
jgraham web-platform-tests / wpt HTML Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others merge_pr_15537
yannabraham yannabraham / lucile_clock JavaScript A fitbit clock face for my wife 1.0.2 clock display is in minutes but was updating every second : we changed the clock granularity to minutes.
rommansabbir rommansabbir / AndroidLocationListener Java Android Location Listener using "FusedLocationProviderClient" 1.0
scttcper scttcper / ts-wcwidth TypeScript Determine number of columns needed for a fixed-size wide-character string v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-02-23) ### Features * use eslint, update dep, only build commonjs ([ffcfe64](
rswiernik rswiernik / personal_site CSS My personal websites Jekyll setup. v1.0
line-solver line-solver / line MATLAB LINE - Performance and Reliability Analysis Engine 2.0.0-ALPHA6 Initial compatibility with Octave. Multiple bug fixes.
lynnfaraday AresMUSH / ares-webportal JavaScript AresMUSH Web Portal v0.43 See [main release notes](
dst78 dst78 / burnell C++ A Eurorack clock and clock divider v1.0.0 First release of the Burnell clock and clock divider.
lynnfaraday AresMUSH / aresmush Ruby AresMUSH online text-based game server v0.43 ## Features * You can now add admins to scenes via the portal. (Suggested by Tat) * The `dots_beyond_chargen` setting in FS3 XP config is now split into two settings - one for attributes and one
alexellis alexellis / inlets Go Expose your local endpoints to the Internet 0.5.2 Changelog: * Minor community fixes around locking / edge-cases
milesniu milesniu / CoustomTextView Java 初始化提交 1.0.1
sangkilc B2R2-org / B2R2 F# B2R2 is a collection of useful algorithms, functions, and tools for binary analysis. v0.1.0 ## 0.1.0 (2019-02-22) First public release.
scroll rgbnotes / rgb-api-python Python RGB Notes Python Library v1.2.9 Adds more robust error handling.
crypto117 crypto117 / Rhodium C++ Fork Of Plenteum RhodiumCoin private, secure cryptocurrency. v011-a
royeo royeo / git-checkout-branch Go Switch git branch interactively. v0.3.0 Remove selected text.
qzc0537 qzc0537 / StatusBarCompat Java 一个实现多fragment状态栏沉浸式的库 1.0.2 删除无用资源
tkem tkem / fsmlite C++ Lightweight finite state machine framework for C++11 v0.7.1 - Fix clang++ warnings. - Disable doxygen preprocessing. - Add NDEBUG Travis builds.
Lvluffy Lvluffy / ui Java android UI库 1.2.1 阴影线
thknieling SoftwareAG / adabas-go-api Go This is an API to access Adabas databases in applications written in Go v1.1.1 # Mainframe This version supports Adabas queries on Mainframe with full period index and multiple field read access. In advance the read to Adabas on Open System is improved. # Map administrati
bitbrain bitbrain / braingdx Java :video_game: Game jam framework based on libgdx. 0.4.7 * add offset to `AnimationRenderer`
chatsopond chatsopond / TU-CS821 TypeScript This was 2-2019 term project of CS821 - Seminar in Software Engineering at Thammasat University 0.1

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