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jessitron satellite-of-love / jed Java jed 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT304
plinss plinss / bindtool Python Preprocessor for bind9 zone files v1.0 First official release. Users of the previous version please note changes to config, file path behavior, and change to dkim record arguments
PascalCoin PascalCoin / PascalCoin Pascal P2P cryptocurrency without need of historical operations TESTNET_3.2 Testnet 3.2
jrosenth jrosenth / SourceOne_POSH PowerShell This project contains a Powershell module for managing and automating the configuration of an EMC SourceOne environment. v4.0.0.41
bpuglisi outerstack / terraform-aws-ec2migrate HCL Terraform module for making EC2 migrations easier 1.0.2
Wisser Wisser / Jailer Java Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. Removes data w/o violating integrity. Generates topologically sorted SQL-DML, hierarchically structured XML. and DbUnit datasets. v7.8 Jailer 7.8 - The new feature "Analyze SQL" analyzes SQL statements and proposes association definitions. This allows to reverse-engineer the data model based on existing SQL queries.
spjeff spjeff / sppatchify PowerShell SharePoint Patchify - centralized tool to apply CU patch to entire farm from one console v0.89
hectorri hectorri / MastermindSlim PHP Práctica sobre juego mastermind usando el framework Slim para PHP MASTERMINDSLIM_v01 Versión inicial que contiene el esqueleto Slim y el script de creación de BD
ejether reactiveops / terraform-vpc HCL Terraform module to create an AWS VPC v2.1.2
helio-frota bucharest-gold / license-reporter JavaScript license-reporter is a tool that gathers licenses for a projects dependencies and produces a output in XML, JSON, YAML and HTML format. v1.2.0 Commits related to this release:
jlinoff jlinoff / make-gcc Shell Bash script to build arbitrary versions of g++, boost and gdb on linux. v0.8.1 ### Release Notes 1. Remove dead code related to obsolete BLD_SYS_PKG_UPDATE support. 2. Added support for systems with minimal packages installed (when logged in as root). This is useful for runn
erwstout factor1 / prelude-wp PHP Prelude is a WordPress starter theme that helps you craft custom themes. It uses Gulp to compile and minify scss/css, concatenate and minify JS, compress images, and more. v4.2.1 ## [4.2.1] - 2018-04-26 # Updated - browser-sync - gulp-cssnano # Removed - yards
DarkKnight64 andreja6 / G3D-Fun C++ Fun with G3D (Graphics3D) cb1 Current build release for Apr 26 2018 - non production ready, do not release. Compile with G3D 6.10 and VS05.
iqqmuT rameplayerorg / rameplayer-webui JavaScript Angular Web UI for Rameplayer v1.2.0
gsipos gsipos / esti-mate-cli TypeScript CLI tool for quickly drafting project estimations 1.0.5 **Features:** * change task tags * automatically save changes to JSON **Improvements:** * added some documentation **Fixes:** * confidence interval fix display fix on project summary
CodingCodersCode CodingCodersCode / EvolvingNetLib Java 网络请求库,对RxJava2+Retrofit2+OkHttp3进行了封装,达到简化网络请求的类链式调用 v1.0.1.4
RobertLucian DexterInd / GoPiGo HTML The GoPiGo Robot for Raspberry Pi DexterOS2.0
nwronski nwronski / mocha-annotated JavaScript Mocha but with tasks and feedback built into it! v0.3.0 ### Features * add babel and target es5 ([#2]( ([0f0206a](
rewelser rewelser / image-processor C# A C# tool for pixel-by-pixel processing of an image v0.1 Works, but are some major performance issues. Did a profile and it seems to be in constructing the points/pairs for pixels. Modifying paths/method is very manual in the code; to be fixed in a later re
Edujugon PygmySlowLoris / vue-fab Vue Vue Floating Action Button 2.1.4 ## [Fix] fab class name conflict fab class conflict with font-awesome 5 #21
DieterReuter DieterReuter / rpi64-kernel Shell Build a Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi 3 in 64bit v20180426-171616 Auto-released by [Travis-CI build #21](
ruslo ruslo / hunter CMake :package: CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C/C++. Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi. v0.20.58
dantti cutelyst / cutelyst C++ A C++ Web Framework built on top of Qt, using the simple approach of Catalyst (Perl) framework. v2.2.0 * Make WebSockets work again * Add codacy cppcheck tests * Many fixes * Add Context::wait() and Context::next()
FireFart FireFart / pastebin_scraper Go GO program to parse Pastebin for keywords and send them per E-Mail 1.3 Check for API access
jeroen opencpu / opencpu-server Shell Installation packages (deb, rpm, docker) for OpenCPU cloud server v2.0.7
rokob rollbar / rollbar-ios Objective-C Objective-C library for crash reporting and logging with Rollbar. v1.0.0-alpha8 Fix potential crashes due to JSON serialization of nil objects.
Serrin Serrin / Celestra-demo-plugin HTML Celestra-demo-plugin v1.0
acdcjunior c3pr / c3pr-agent JavaScript C3PR agent for tool containers 7.0.0
zendesk-deploy zendesk / samson Ruby Web interface for deployments v2234
nelsonpecora clay / amphora JavaScript Middleware for Express that composes components into renderable pages v4.10.0 * backport #528 into amphora 4.x
nateiler flipbox / salesforce PHP Salesforce RESTful Resources 2.0.1
pri-bender PublicRadioInternational / pri-component-library JavaScript This repository contains a node module that exports PRI's React components. v1.5.0 <a name="1.5.0"></a> # [1.5.0]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **footerlinks:** swaps l
jhorowitz-firedrum AoD-Technologies / react-redux-ui-tools JavaScript UI state management for React with Redux v1.0.10 - Allow peer dependency of Redux v4 (thanks @krzysiek1507)
gaplo917 gaplotech / kotlin-protobuf-bson-codec Kotlin Provide a Protobuf BSON Codec for MongoDB, written by Kotlin 0.1.1 initial
jhamman dask / dask-jobqueue Python Deploy Dask on job schedulers like PBS, SLURM, and SGE 0.1.1
julianoes dronecore / DroneCore C++ API and library for PX4 Autopilot using MAVLink written in C++11 v0.4.0
tpdownes tpdownes / cvmfs-setup-autofs Shell RedHat and Debian Packages that configure the CernVM File System to mount with autofs 1.0
tnagler tnagler / VineCopula R Statistical inference of vine copulas v2.1.4 NEW FEATURES * All C-headers are now located in `inst/include/VineCopula` (#48). * Most C routines are registered as C-callable (#47). BUG FIXES * `RVineMLE` can now safely calle
CleoQc DexterInd / GoPiGo3 Python The GoPiGo3 is a Raspberry Pi Robot! DexterOS2.0
jaspervdj jaspervdj / stylish-haskell Haskell Haskell code prettifier v0.9.1.0
OZOSKO OZOSKO / PySAMP C++ With this plugin you can use Python scripts for writing a gamemode and use any functions and callbacks available in SAMP. Alpha Bugs, Bugs and Bugs... Dauhhhh
Fausti Fausti / Tobor Haxe Game of Robot Clone v0.4.4-beta
dbatiste Brightspace / brightspace-integration CSS Integration project for various assets consumed by Brightspace v10.8.2-daylight.5 * daylight widget demarcation styles
seddighi78 ericomgroup / JalaliDateTimeBundle PHP A bundle to using jalali date time in Symfony applications v2.5.2
DBall8 DBall8 / ENotes JavaScript Notepad but on the web 1.0.1 I think there were just some resources not pushed to the repo when I tagged that last release, this is a second one in case anything was missing before.
CleoQc DexterInd / DI_Sensors Python Dexter Industries Sensors DexterOS2.0
bkimminich bkimminich / juice-shop JavaScript OWASP Juice Shop is an intentionally insecure webapp for security trainings written entirely in Javascript which encompasses the entire OWASP Top Ten and other severe security flaws. v7.1.0 > This release contains **incompatible changes to existing challenges** (⚡️) which might break [canned CTF setups](
evilebottnawi itgalaxy / execa-webpack-plugin JavaScript A better `child_process` for `webpack` 2.1.0 * Feature: support options for commands. * Fix: don't crash when `bail: true` in sync event.
shawn-hurley automationbroker / bundle-lib Go This is a library to facilitate running service bundles in a k8s/openshift cluster. This is meant to be used by the automation broker to expose this functionality to the OSB API. 0.1.4
Kipok NVIDIA / OpenSeq2Seq Python Toolkit for efficient experimentation with various sequence-to-sequence models v0.2 * Massive API changes * Add mixed precision training support * Add speech-to-text models support * Improved documentation
orbingol orbingol / NURBS-Python Python Object-oriented NURBS curve and surface evaluation library in pure python v3.7.4 * Fixed a bug when `_reset_ctrlpts` function resets the bounding box
WulfMarius WulfMarius / Better-Water-Management C# Mod improving the way water is managed for The Long Dark 2.1.0 - added craftable Waterskin - added Turkish translation from @UtkuxGARIP
xyandro xyandro / NeoEdit C# Edit all the lines of all your files, visually, at the same time! ![neoedit](
jlyst idewcomputing / utility-libraries JavaScript Utility libraries for projects. 0.1
MarvinToll gtcGroup / justify-jpa Java JPA MODULE: PED Central is the home for the open-source “Justify” suite of software engineering modules. Justify seeks API alignment between Java 1.8+ application code and JUnit 5 test code. 8.5.0-alpha4
nylssoft nylssoft / MynaBank C# A bank account manager for Windows using WPF v1.0.5.0 - Import bookings from a CSV file - Remember import settings per account
samparkewolfe samparkewolfe / Sound_Control Max A desktop app for rapidly making bespoke digital instruments. v1.2
markphip subclipse / subclipse Java Subclipse - Eclipse SVN Provider 4.2.4 * Update client adapter API to latest build - Contains fix for SVNUrl with # in name [#33](
aronhelser CASL / VeraInView JavaScript Kitware developed open-source repository for viewing the geometry from a VERAIn XML input file. v1.2.2 <a name="1.2.2"></a> ## [1.2.2]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **CellEditor:** Display 2D/3D cell view side-by-side (
gmackiewicz gmackiewicz / SddTool C# Simple tool converting base64 string to image. Especially useful in Screenshot Driven Development approach. v1.0
philippe-tellier nio-dev / niotext-php PHP PHP bindings for the NioText Platform API 2.1.0
wj008 wj008t / php-beacon PHP php 框架 1.1.4 代码调整,废弃 hackData 函数,废弃ViewEngine类
anthraxx anthraxx / linux-hardened C Minimal supplement to upstream Kernel Self Protection Project changes. Features already provided by SELinux + Yama and archs other than multiarch arm64 / x86_64 aren't in scope. Only tags have stable history. Shared IRC channel with KSPP: ##linux-hardened 4.16.5.a
TSGut TSGut / BProbeM Mathematica BProbeM is a Wolfram Mathematica package based on BProbe, which is the implementation of an algorithm which rasterizes the semi-classical limit of a fuzzy brane described by a set of matrices. BProbeM adds several features for scanning, improves and significantly expands the documentation and improves computation time. v1.0.4 Bug fix release: * ProbeGetOperator[] was working but not properly callable from the user-side of the package due to a missing API entry. This bug has been fixed.
wadearnold moov-io / achsvc Go A RESTful API enabling ACH transactions to be submitted and received without a deep understanding of a full NACHA file specification v0.0.1-pre-release
pdautry pdautry / picsou C++ Keep track of your expenses with picsou ! 1.0.0 Let me introduce Picsou ! It is not: * beautiful * as light as a web application * documented (from both user and developer points of vue) But it: * is useful (at least I'm using it on a mo
lsaravia lsaravia / MarineFoodWebsSmallWorld R Are Marine Food Webs small world networks: R Code and data 1.1.1 Minor Update of Beach Peru food web data, both csv and degree file.
jghaanstra jghaanstra / JavaScript Homey app for controlling Sonarr and Radarr 2.0.2 UPDATE: updated dependencies to fix security issue in on of the packages, no functionality changes
MarvinToll gtcGroup / justify-core Java CORE MODULE: PED Central is the home for the open-source “Justify” suite of software engineering modules. Justify seeks API alignment between Java 1.8+ application code and JUnit 5 test code. 8.5.0-alpha4
Unitech Unitech / pm2-axon-rpc JavaScript Modified version of visionmedia/axon-rpc 0.5.1 - node 10.x fixes
danqrodney all-of-us / raw-data-repository Python PMI DRC data repositories and APIs v1-27-rc1
jackettbot Jackett / Jackett C# API Support for your favorite torrent trackers. v0.8.926 TorrentDay: add .it domain again (Thank you @kaso17) BaseIndexer: fix potato API (Thank you @kaso17) Fixes and optimizations (#3029) (Thank you @Kicker83) allow other options to be edited with in c
foxhound87 foxhound87 / mobx-react-form-devtools JavaScript DevTools for MobX React Form v1.9.0 <a name="1.9.0"></a> # [1.9.0]( (2018-04-26) ### Features * mobx 4 support ([2315897](https://gi
compulim Microsoft / BotFramework-WebChat TypeScript Embeddable web chat control for the Microsoft Bot Framework v0.13.0 ### Added - Support of `OAuthCard`, in [#954]( ### Changed - Updated [`botframework-directlinejs@0.9.15`](
dankolbman kids-first / kf-api-release-coordinator Python :recycle: Coordinate multiple services to syncronize data release 0.2.0
gordonwoodhull crossfilter / crossfilter JavaScript Fast n-dimensional filtering and grouping of records. 1.4.6 Adds the `unpkg` field to `package.json` for []( support. Previously unpkg would default to the `main` field, which references our CommonJS support, `index.js`.
saqibahmed515 saqibahmed515 / chat-scaling JavaScript This application is a demonstration to show how websockets can be made to work with multiple replicas of a chat application in a scalable environment. v1.0 This is the first release of the project.
jakecoolidge nationalparkservice / symbol-library CSS National Park Service map symbols optimized for the web. v2.5.0 Adds all remaining HFC symbols to the standalone directory, and adds a new "bridge" symbol
emirotin emirotin / chgk-db-dumps no-lang DB dumps published for the chgk-db-search project proto1-schema3-dump20180426154628 DB ver. proto1-schema3-dump20180426154628
kazuhidet jenkinsci / xcode-plugin Java Xcode integration for mobile/iOS developments (iPhone, iPad, ...). xcode-plugin-2.0.1 Add xcode9 new signing support. 1. Wrap development team setup in a conditional manual signing block 2. Add definitions of needed provisioning profiles in this same block 3. Default to
briney briney / abstar Python VDJ assignment and antibody sequence annotation. Scalable from a single sequence to billions of sequences. 0.3.3 # Features * updated macaque germline database with germline sequence information from long-read sequencing of the rhesus macaque genome (by Corey Watson and Shane Crotty, publication pending)
LDmicroGitHub LDmicro / LDmicro C++ This is unofficial LDmicro support == Release * Fixed: Can't assign PWM pin because of empty PWM pins list #73 * Fixed: When compiling ansic for Arduino using REGISTER mcu, generated code includes "#&quo
frednora frednora / gramado C Gramado Operating System v 0.1 v0.1.0212 Release v0.1.0212
terinjokes cloudflare / certmgr Go Automated certificate management using a CFSSL CA. v1.6.1
ciromattia ciromattia / laravel-teamwork PHP Laravel ServiceProvider for Teamwork v1.3
inio inio / arcore-android-sdk C++ Google ARCore SDK for Android Studio optional_1
corydolphin corydolphin / flask-cors Python Cross Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS ) support for Flask 3.0.4 Handle response.headers being None. (Fixes issue #217) Thanks @dusktreader for the improvement!
jimblue jimblue / grav-plugin-webpacker JavaScript 🚀 Full power Webpack integration for Grav with zero configuration 1.2.2 **Improved** - update npm packages (ready for node.js v10)
microshine PeculiarVentures / graphene-cli TypeScript The graphene-cli is a cross-platform command line tool for working with PKCS#11 devices v1.0.6 - change test commands - support `thread` option for test commands - format error message
jamesallison monzo / intercom-go Go Go Bindings For Intercom v2
ozanuykun znframework / package-zerocore PHP ZN Framework Core Package 5.6.25
snownz snownz / Virtual-Intelligence C# A open source machine learning framework in .net core 2_0_0
joseraul joseraul / alpha-vantage-api PHP Alpha Vantage API Client 0.0.3 - WMA
CDrummond CDrummond / cantata C++ Qt5 Graphical MPD Client for Linux, Windows, macOS, Haiku v2.3.0 1. Only disable system tray support if org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher is not registered when running under Gnome. 2. Add ability to change grid cover size - Ctrl+ / Ctrl- 3. Avahi support (automati
EddieCornelious EddieCornelious / js_data-collections JavaScript Efficient, fully tested, mutable data collections for JavaScript v0.6.8
SamChou19815 SamChou19815 / cognitivej Java Cognitive Image Analysis for Java 0.7.0
ItsJonQ helpscout / hs-icons JavaScript Help Scout's Icon Fonts v0.0.11 ## Update dependencies This update bumps the dependencies to the latest versions.
maklas maklas / MRUDP Java Reliable UDP protocol by Maklas 3.2
chrissmith-mcafee opendxl / opendxl-environment Shell Pre-configured environment that supports the development and running of OpenDXL solutions 0.1.4 Release (0.1.4): * Updated dxlclient to * Updated dxlbootstrap to 0.2.0 **The only currently supported delivery mechanism for the OpenDXL Environment is a [Docker](https://www.docker
swernerx sebastian-software / preppy JavaScript A simple and lightweight tool for preparing the publish of NPM packages. 4.0.2 * Some updates (0f63f49)
chfw pyecharts / echarts-countries-pypkg Python pyecharts map extension -world countries - python package v0.1.4 Find 0.1.4 in changelog for more details
mmottl mmottl / sqlite3-ocaml OCaml OCaml bindings to the SQLite3 database 4.4.0 ### 4.4.0 (2018-04-26) * Support for new open flags: * uri - for URI filename interpretation * memory - for in-memory databases Thanks to Raman Varabets for this contribution!
MustaphaTR MustaphaTR / OpenRA C# Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X. gen-20180426
judgej consilience / starling-payments-objects PHP Starling Bank Payments Service data objects 0.8.1 Fixes for Issues #8 and #10
futurouz futurouz / TREAT-LAB JavaScript System of Behavior and Risk analysis of the Computer in Office 🤖👦👩🏻👩🏽 v1.0.3 - New design login page
Reeywhaar Reeywhaar / tabsaver JavaScript WebExtension to manage tabs 0.0.20 Small fix
JeffersonBenzan JeffersonBenzan / rest-server-curso-node JavaScript Servidor REST desarrollado con los avances de curso de Node JS v0.0.1
kimyearho kimyearho / SharePod no-lang Applications that manage Youtube music player 1.3.0 *** [2018-04-27] v1.3 업데이트 *** ### 압축파일에 업데이트 내역을 확인하십시오. [구글 다운로드 속도가 빠름] 다운로드 링크 : [구글 다운로드](https:
spryker-release-bot spryker / product-management PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the ProductManagement module. 0.13.4 Included commits: ### Bugfixes Modified variant controller action to provide missing gift and bundle information to the view
rewelser rewelser / cells-attract JavaScript Web-based depiction of "cell"-like creatures attracted to one another v1.0 * Name changes: * fear.html --> cells-attract.html * fear.css --> cells-attract.css * Changed html refs to reflect the above * Fixed readme to include latest version
diamond2016 diamond2016 / TEA5767sk C++ Arduino sketchs to manage the TEA5767 FM radio on chip with Arduino on I2C 02.00.00 This release contains the first release of functionalities as a library. The library "libtea" is composed by libtea.h, libtea.cpp A sketch is provided as example. Please look at class TEA
mbennett-uoe mbennett-uoe / librarytools Python A collection of tools for a collection of library purposes v1.6 First "official" release. Not quite production ready, but not far off!
ttung chanzuckerberg / cloud-blobstore Python Simple API that abstracts out differences between the blobstores across different cloud providers. 2.1.1 Support for better messages for BlobNotFoundError
anthonycastelli vapor-community / apns Swift Vapor APNS for iOS 1.0.0-rc.1.2 This just fixes syntax issues. NOTE: This currently doesn't work as NIO doesn't have HTTP/2 support just yet. For the time being, you can implement this as the methods should stay the same when the
satterly alerta / angular-alerta-webui HTML Alerta Web UI 3.0 v5.2.0
CJJ69 CJJ69 / CJTF-Azure HCL TF example v0.3-alpha
TheElectronWill tuubes / GameAnalysis-IUT Java First year student project, IUT2 STID Grenoble: Analyse the behavior of Minecraft players to improve Tuubes v1.2 Ajout d'une configuration
MeGysssTaa MeGysssTaa / SimpleConfigs Java An extremely simple and lightweight configs API for Java v1.1.0 **Changelog:** * Added public static `VERSION` field to the `Config` class to allow program-level SimpleConfigs API version checking. * Added `getOrSet` and corresponding analogs for all types of da
yomatters CUUATS / geojson-vt-py Python A Python port of geojson-vt for generating vector map tiles 0.1.0 Initial release.
lipkau AtlassianPS / ConfluencePS PowerShell Confluence REST API (including Cloud) via PowerShell v2.3.6
ribizli ribizli / ngx-image2dataurl TypeScript Angular image to data URL converter module 1.1.2 Fixes #1
jschall matternet / ardupilot C++ Matternet modifications of diydrones/ardupilot mttr-0.4.9
crwilcox googleapis / nodejs-speech JavaScript Node.js client for Google Cloud Speech: Speech to text conversion powered by machine learning. v1.5.0 # ⚠️ Breaking Change The following breaking change to the beta endpoint is introduced in this release: GoogleDataCollectionConfig and google_data_collection_opt_in have been removed from v1p1b
edineibauer edineibauer / conn-crud PHP operações CRUD no banco 1.2.8
hbschr hbschr / snapshotbackup Python yet another backup tool: uses `rsync` and `btrfs` snapshots 0.0.1
teixeirak forc-db / ForC HTML Global Forest Carbon Database v.2.1 This data version will be used in default tables for biomass growth of natural forests in the (sub)tropics in the 2019 Refinement of the 2006 IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories.
calvertdw ihmcrobotics / ihmc-commons Java Useful tools and utilities that extend Java, Apache Commons Lang, and Apache Commons IO to make them a little more accessible and non-intrusive. 0.9.3-alpha ### Release Notes - Refactor Conversions API - Complete Conversions documentation - Remove array signatures - Fix Issue #1: Add double precision signature to milliseconds method - Fix Issue #2:
lakshyaranganath treebohotels / leaf-ui JavaScript 🍃 Leaf-UI: A react component library built using styled-components v0.27.1 <a name="0.27.1"></a> ## [0.27.1]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **build:** publish theme.js for the default e
PytoCryto PytoCryto / PytoFlashMessage PHP Flash messages with PHP sessions 1.0.1
poerror poerror / react-virtual-keyboard JavaScript Simple virtual keyboard built with React.js v0.2 Add listeners for typing
TheNetAdmin TheNetAdmin / zjuthesis TeX Zhejiang University thesis/design LaTeX template. v0.1.1 本次修复内容有: - 去除章节标题数字末尾的`.` - 目录页从正面开始 - 目录页页码使用罗马数字编号
ozanuykun znframework / fullpack-edition PHP ZN Framework Fullpack Edition
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-04-27-01-00-01
ximion ximion / appstream-generator D A fast AppStream metadata generator v0.7.3
xx45 xx45 / dayjs JavaScript ⏰Fast 2KB immutable date library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API v1.5.15 <a name="1.5.15"></a> ## [1.5.15]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **release:** fix not trigger release ([54c8a9f](https:/
edineibauer edineibauer / config CSS Setup de start para criação da base do projeto 1.3.9
edineibauer edineibauer / link-control PHP controle de url e request 1.4.5
edineibauer edineibauer / form-crud JavaScript Cria formulários automáticos para manipulação de informações em uma tabela do banco de dados 1.7.4
MidnightMasha69 MidnightMasha69 / Neta.WebPage.CSharp CSS The site project for Net@ About my C# Projects. v0.04
edineibauer edineibauer / session-control PHP Controle de Sessão de usuários 1.5.8
binhex binhex / arch-airsonic Shell Docker build script for Arch Linux base with Airsonic v10.1.1-02
TravisL12 TravisL12 / apod_chrome_extension JavaScript Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) Chrome Extension for the new tab screen 2.1 Now available for Firefox v54+ - A few other cosmetic things, but nothing crazy.
sungo joyent / conch Perl Datacenter build and management service v2.7.0
robfletcher spinnaker / orca Groovy orchestration engine v6.48.0
thjaeckle eclipse / ditto Java Eclipse Ditto Project 0.3.0-M1 Next milestone release of Eclipse Ditto. We renamed the "amqp-bridge" to "connectivity" and therefore also the docker artifact.<br/> The Ditto Docker images now run in th
albertomontesg albertomontesg / davis-interactive Python Package to evaluate interactive segmentation with scribbles at DAVIS dataset. 0.0.5 Public version for DAVIS Interactive package. This is a beta release.
quiram quiram / java-utils Java Useful snippets of code for Java v5.0.1
kso512 kso512 / install-check_mk-client Shell Ansible Role to install Check_MK RAW Edition client v1.4.0p31 Installs client/agent for [Check_MK Raw Edition version 1.4.0p31](
kellyselden samselikoff / ember-cli-mirage JavaScript A client-side mock server to develop, test and prototype your app v0.4.6 Server routes (`'foo')`) now return pretender handlers.
Purpzie Purpzie / RPC JavaScript Discord RPC ✨ Awesome custom images on your profile, no tokens required. Save different combinations for later! 1.1.1-beta Just a few changes and bugfixes, it's all good.
ArchonIT civicsource / xunit-bdd C# Small BDD Framework built on top of xUnit v5.0.0+1 * #8 @chadly Effectively revert to v2.0.0
AmiralBl3ndic AmiralBl3ndic / MonteCarlo_demo_-TAI- HTML A demonstration of the Monte Carlo method and its relation with entropy 0.1.0-alpha # First Release! v0.1.0-alpha This is the first release of our app, for the moment it is only pre-packaged for linux-x64 but in the future, there will be more support of other OS
ozanuykun znframework / package-request PHP ZN Framework Request Package 5.6.04
chriscainx chriscainx / mnnpy Python An implementation of MNN (Mutual Nearest Neighbors) correct in python. v0.1.2
lokha lokha / spigot-logger-for-bungee Java This is a BungeeCord plugin that allows you to do logging in BungeeCord, as in Spigot. 1.0.2
EugeneManushkin EugeneManushkin / CtagsSourceNavigator C++ Reworked Ctags Source Navigator plugin based on source code v0.93 beta compatible with Far3 build_2.1.0.3 Implemented feature #3. Only x64 platform supported
rewelser rewelser / convex-hull-sim JavaScript A web-based sim for finding the convex hull of a plot of points. v1.1 * Following renames, as well as updated html refs: * playing.html --> ch.html * playing.js --> ch.js * playing.css --> ch.css
cesardeazevedo blinktrade / BlinkTradeJS JavaScript BlinkTrade JavaScript SDK v0.1.0-beta.3
mennolovink mennolovink / Zoomy Swift Adds seamless scrollView like zooming to UIImageView's in any view hierarchy 1.5.2 [Closed Issues](
holta iiab / iiab Shell Internet-in-a-Box - Build your own LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA with a Raspberry Pi ! 6.5-preview-14 Try our 1-line installers for Raspberry Pi 3 (and 3 B+) @ <a href=></a> !
f3l1x contributte / event-dispatcher-extra PHP :recycle: Nette-based Symfony events for application, presenter, form, latte, templates, security and many others. v0.2 Bump! :tropical_drink: Diff: Changes: - require PHP 7.1 [#8] (thanks @mabar) - update codestyle, tests, travis, qa
tianon boot2docker / boot2docker Shell Lightweight Linux for Docker v18.05.0-ce-rc1 - Docker [v18.05.0-ce-rc1]( - Linux [v4.9.93]( - AUFS [v4.9-20180409](h
alacroix onedior / react-slick JavaScript React carousel component 0.23.2
DJTiqer DJTiqer / tiger-locker-test C# based on hidden tear v1.0.0.0 First version of the ransomware, with separate locker and decrypter files.
sectsect sectsect / wp-split-single-page PHP Wordpress Split Single Page for each array of custom field. v1.2.8 - Rename a function to is_perm_trailingslash()
aaronschachter DoSomething / gambit-campaigns JavaScript :black_joker: A Gambit microservice for campaign activity and configs 5.5.0 Adds External Post Type, used for campaign conversations that prompt user to use an external application to submit a post (voter registration URL, call a senator).
remi-daigle remi-daigle / MarxanConnect Python Marxan Connect v0.1.1 This is the first public beta release of Marxan Connect. It contains all the planned functionality for the official release. The intention for this version is to demonstrate the app and test for bugs.
osterman cloudposse / terraform-tls-ssh-key-pair HCL Terraform module for generating an SSH public/private key file. 0.1.0
microdee microdee / mp.essentials C# Essential nodes from mcropack 3.0.8
genjohnson ITS-UofIowa / sitenow_custom_profile CSS Install profile for SiteNow custom. 7.x-3.70 Update Display Suite to 7.x-2.15
isaiastavares isaiastavares / gcs-2018-1-atividade-supervisionada-1-grupo07 no-lang Projeto para a disciplina de Gerência de Configuração de Software (GCS) - 2018-1 linhaBase01-HierarquiaICS
eduardoconekta conekta / C# bindings v1.1.0 # Features * Event class implementation * Oxxo recurrent implementation * Force to use TlS v1.2 (stable)
microdee microdee / mp.dx HLSL DX11 / EX9 related nodes from mcropack 3.0.3
hearot pyTeens / producti-gestio Python Manage your projects & create APIs! By developers, for developers. v0.4.4 **Changelog:** - Fix thread management - Rename classes - Added main classes (Decorator & Server) into
Neerhom Neerhom / COM3D2.ModLoader C# Sybaris patcher for GameData-like functionality. v1.4.2 Pre-requisites: **COM3D2 version 1.11 or above.** [Sybaris]( or [Sybaris 2.1]( [Mono.Cecil.Inject](h
cyian-1756 RipMeApp / ripme Java Downloads albums in bulk 1.7.39
BoPeng vatlab / sos-sas Python SoS extension for SAS Finally figured out how to support SAS under windows.
sknorr openSUSE / daps XSLT DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (DAPS) 3.0-alpha3
t-tsutsumi shiromoji / shiromoji-ipadic Shell A compiled IPA Dictionary for Shiromoji. v0.0.2 Reduce size of tokenInfoDictionary.bin * Remove trailing unnecessary spaces filled with null. * Reduce size of feature from 4 bytes (int) to 3 bytes.
Jubaroo Jubaroo / TabardMod Java A mod that allows all kingdom tabards to be crafted and worn by players. 1.1 **New in version 1.1** - Added Legion of Anubis tabard. - Changed the armor.xml file to reflect the new DDS format textures
alcalyn eole-io / sandstone-edition PHP Build a Real-time RestApi. 1.3.0 - Make it compatible to Symfony 4
lucamasera lucamasera / NESSRA C++ NESSRA is a pipeline that finds candidate genes to expand a known gene-network. 1.0
sandwichdoge sandwichdoge / MinimizeToTray AutoIt Minimize/Hide any Windows to tray icon to be restored later. v1.4 -Fixed random crash after restoring all windows
RaphaelCouronne RaphaelCouronne / Benchmark_RF-LR_OpenML R Comparison of Logistic Regression and Random Forest performances on OpenML Datasets v1.1 Dataset pool was extended to all datasets (including the bigger ones), removing the artificial ones. To gain more insight biological datasets were identified as such, and a subgroup analysis was pe
mhdostal Esri / arcgis-runtime-toolkit-ios Swift Toolkit components that will simplify your iOS app development with ArcGIS Runtime v100.2.1 This release updates the code to be compliant with Swift 4.
DWatkins rosmod / lib-pid C++ simple pid class 0.4 [](
runehaubo runehaubo / lmerTestR HTML lmerTest Revised v3.0-1 Same as v3.0-0 except that 1. over-sensitive tests (failing on Solaris) have reduced tolerance 2. `sigma` and `sigma.merMod` defined and exported for `R <= 3.3.0` 3. Warn if Kenward-Roger is us
Zeta314 Zeta314 / Sinon Python Modular anime downloader 1.0.0 It's just the first release of Sinon! Don't expect this much! Just try it and report for bugs in the issues section.
daddinuz daddinuz / panic C A panic library to abort execution on non-recoverable errors with a detailed message. 0.1.0
microdee meso-unimpressed / Notuiv C# a VVVV implementation of the Notui framework 0.1.16
JEFFVILLA JEFFVILLA / Angular-hospital CSS Curso v1.2.0 #Temas 1. Diseño de la pagina account settings 2. Cargar CSS de forma dinamica 3. Uso de vanillla javascript 4. Modulo de Servicios 5. Indice de servicios 6. Carga de Scripts externos a compo
hippee-lee vmware / clarity TypeScript UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences v0.11.15 - Renamed the `clDgRowSelection` input to `clrDgRowSelection` to match with our naming conventions. (#2180) - `clr-dg-string-filter` will now emit the string value through the `clrFilterValueChange`
iankov iankov / control-panel HTML Control panel for laravel v1.0.6
liqueurdetoile liqueurdetoile / Elementify JavaScript Ultra lightweight vanilla JS library for DOM and events manipulation, form manipulation and data validation v1.4.2 <a name="1.4.2"></a> ## [1.4.2]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **inputElement:** Fix edge cases where value
tiberiuzuld tiberiuzuld / angular-gridster2 TypeScript Angular gridster 2 v5.3.2 ### Bug Fixes * fix document "dragend" EventListeners never removed #311
simp-auto simp / rubygem-simp-beaker-helpers Ruby A collection of methods to help Beaker scaffold SIMP acceptance tests 1.10.4
icwells icwells / mutect2Parallel Python Calls Mutect2 in parallel over a list of samples 0.1 Creates batch scripts for call mutect to compare tumor-normal files or to create a panel of normals. Performs contamination estimate, optionally produces bam output, and optionally skips filtering.
gregmajor LeadPipeSoftware / medkit Go MEDKIT (Multi-Environment Dotfiles Kit) v0.0.1-alpha ## Changelog b0856e3 Add a commands list to the documentation 823c3c9 Add a description of the .medkit config file 154eabd Add homeDirectory to config as a default value 9d58af2 Add homeDirectory to
podkot regru / eslint-plugin-regru JavaScript REG.RU ESLint custom rules 2.0.2
jiyinyiyong thheller / shadow-cljs Clojure ClojureScript compilation made easy 2.3.8 fix reload-macros check, broken in 2.3.7
ayufan ayufan / inode-tests Shell A bunch of useful scripts and tools to interact with sensors v0.1 The initial release of `inode-server` binaries.
chrissmith-mcafee opendxl / opendxl-client-python Python OpenDXL Python Client OpenDXL Python Client Release Release notes: * Fixed command line issues on Python 3 when invalid arguments were specified
Road-block Road-block / guildbank Lua Vanilla WoW AddOn for posting bags and bank items to forum (BBCODE) 2.0-11200 ## Guild Bank Lets a player export bags, bank, mail attachments to a bbcode formatted list for posting on forums. ### Configuration / Usage - FuBar or Minimap plugin for setting options. - Cli
pablonunez UEGMobile / ArduinoOTAServerBundle PHP This Symfony bundle provides a HTTP Server to manage OTA for Arduino with ESP8266 wifi chip v1.2.0
ilyagru ilyagru / Space-Snake JavaScript A Desktop game built with Electron and Vue.js. 0.11.1 Updated electron dependency.
SergeyKanzhelev Microsoft / ApplicationInsights-Ruby Ruby Microsoft Application Insights SDK for Ruby v0.5.5 - Add some basic logging when failed to send telemetry to the server - Add timestamp as an optional parameter to the `TelemetryChannel::write()` method
sascha imgly / pesdk-ios-build no-lang A fully customizable photo editor for your app. 8.3.2 ### Fixed * Fixed a bug where setting a title on a discard or apply button would not work when embedding the `PhotoEditViewController` in a `UINavigationController`. * Fixed a crash when setting `
avimanyu786 avimanyu786 / UplayStartupMinimize Visual Basic To launch Ubisoft game client Uplay on startup and minimize it to system tray(similar to Steam and Origin) by manually setting a desired time delay. v2.0 # 2.0 ## Major changes: No longer waiting for an estimated time interval to hide the Uplay overlay on Windows startup (v1.1.2). Uplay will automatically hide itself to the system tray as soon
piranucc piranucc / cli JavaScript famous style package manager's open-source code 1.0
mengyingdu facebookincubator / facebook-for-woocommerce PHP A first-party extension plugin built for WooCommerce. v1.8.6 Release of v1.8.6
NikhilShankar GreedyGame / unity-plugin Objective-C A complete guide to integrate GreedyGame plugin within your Unity game. r8.8.7 * Removed ima sdk dependency. * Play services ads-lite module. * Minimum SDK version 16 to 17. * Bug fix.
edsiper fluent / fluent-bit C Fast and Lightweight Log processor and forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX v0.12.19
flibbertigibbet azavea / cac-tripplanner JavaScript Clean Air Council Circuit Trip Planner and Travelshed 2.5.0 - Changed bike routes layer - Fix duplicates occasionally showing on save in the admin interface - Update social media page tags for images
Nenkai Nenkai / PixelPlanner C# A World Planner for the game Pixel Worlds written in C#. 2.4.0 Added missing sprites
msdmkats predictionmachines / Angara.Table F# Angara.Table is a .NET library that provides types representing plain tables. It allows loading and saving tables and facilitates operations on tables. 0.3.1 * Added TableView which encompasses a Table and some settings for table viewer
Ali60351 Ali60351 / Quick-FIV JavaScript A tool to quickly verify file integrity v0.1.0-beta First release of Quick FIV Windows users can simply use the installer Debian / Ubuntu and derivatives ``` sudo apt install QuickFIV_0.1.0_amd64.deb ``` Arch users and derivatives ``` sudo
daviddiazvico daviddiazvico / scikit-keras Python Scikit-learn-compatible Keras models v0.1.4
Tam ethercreative / seo JavaScript SEO utilities including a unique field type, sitemap, & redirect manager v3.2.5 ## 3.2.5 - 2018-04-26 ### Fixed - Fixed broken `robots.txt` code editor. #90 - Fixed sitemaps having wrong Content-Type header. #91
NikhilShankar GreedyGame / cocos2dx-plugin C++ A complete guide to integrate GreedyGame plugin within your Cocos2d-x Game. r8.8.7 * Removed ima sdk dependency. * Play services ads-lite module. * Bug fix.
DWatkins autochair / lib-definitions C++ collection of enums and defines 1.0 [](
wrld-teamcity wrld3d / ios-api Objective-C++ iOS API for WRLD: Stunning, Interactive 3D Maps v0.0.808 v0.0.808
zhenyulin Financial-Times / n-auto-logger JavaScript auto log every function and express middleware operation in one LOC v3.0.0-beta
bararchy crystal-community / hardware Crystal Get CPU and Memory usage of the running OS v0.2.1 * Modular * More access to memory and CPU information
wltjr Obsidian-StudiosInc / jem C Universal *nix Java Environment Manager - port of Gentoo's python java-config in C v0.2.5
hemantsonu20 hemantsonu20 / jwt-cracker Java A multi-threaded jwt cracker via brute force approach master-v0.1.103
RobEasthope RobEasthope / portfolio JavaScript Portfolio site (WIP) 0.9.1 - Run postbuild task correctly when deploying - Styling tweak
kamil-sita kamil-sita / scanner-helper Java Converts multi-colored images (presentations, photos of text) to 2-bit pictures. 0.4 Core of this program is now multi-threaded, should be faster in almost every case.
IceMerman IceMerman / TransformerSolution Python A little program in Python 3.4 and PyQt4 to solve Three-phase transformer circuit v1.0 ## Executable file for windows x64 Just download de file and run it!!!
dshurt di2e / openstorefront Java This repository holds the current development version of the DI2E Storefront. v2.5.4 Release Notes - DI2E Storefront Redesign - Version 2.5.4
abourget eoscanada / eos-bios Go EOS.IO BIOS Program, to kickstart a new network. v0.3.5 ## Changelog 8a884a3 Added `--use-cache` and now always tries to re-traverse the graph. b8e4974 Added a few social properties. Clean up.. 5b09f2a Better output. 114f422 Fixup f380467 Improv
ChenhuaFan ChenhuaFan / campusShops JavaScript 校园商城 v0.1.0
citronalco citronalco / calibre-dnb Python DNB (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) metadata plugin for Calibre v2.0.2 fetch edition, guess series, configurable tag fetching, ...
jqs7 tuotoo / biu Go a set of toolkits for go-restful. v0.3.0 - add [mpvl/errc]( to catch error, using it by `ctx.Must(err, 100)`, disable it: `biu.DisableErrHandler = true` - color logger 😆 enable it: `biu.UseColorLogger()` - a
Rprop Rprop / LIEF C++ Simplified & Minimized LIEF Library for Android/C++ with VS2017 project 0.8.4x
iBotPeaches iBotPeaches / Apktool Java A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files v2.3.3 _release notes pending_
riga riga / law Python Build large-scale task workflows: luigi + job submission + remote targets + environment sandboxing using Docker/Singularity v0.0.24 - Fixed description parsing on PyPi.
ImMathanR GreedyGame / android-native-plugin Java A complete guide to integrate GreedyGame plugin within your native android game. r8.8.7 * Bug fixes.
TomK fortifi / fortifi-api PHP Fortifi Business Platform Public API 7.98.1
sylvainhalle liflab / cornipickle Java Versatile web application testing tool v1.3 Additions and improvements: - Added the use of the comma and '*' in css selectors - It's now possible to use the character > in css selectors to fetch children - Added the use of variables in
cdupuis sdm-org / cd13 Java cd13 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT483
xtremespb xtremespb / zoia JavaScript Zoia Web Framework (Zoia.js) 1.04.2601 * Code cleanup & lint * Bugfixes * Some typos fixed
Taritsyn Taritsyn / BundleTransformer JavaScript Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for System.Web.Optimization (also known as the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework). v1.9.202 **Version:** 1.9.202 **Published:** 4/26/2018 **Change Set:** [7a78c5b]( * In BundleTransformer.SassAn
sct sct / buttbot-discord JavaScript Buttbot for Discord, because it needs this. 1.0.3 - Simply removed a `console.log` that was mistakenly left in the code
dreafusion fusionalliance / handlebars-transpile JavaScript Handlebars Transpile is a node module for converting handlebars templates, partials, JSON, and helpers to a desired file output. v1.1.1
gggeek kaliop-uk / ezmigrationbundle PHP This bundle makes it easy to handle eZ Platform content upgrades/migrations 4.7.0 * New: migration step `file/prepend`, works just like `file/append` but adds content at beginning instead of end of file * New: migration steps `file/append`, `file/prepend` and `file/save` can loa
pailakka HSLdevcom / OpenTripPlanner Java An open source multi-modal trip planner 20180426 - Fix `compactLegsByReversedSearch` being true by default - Try to fix `ConcurrentModificationException` in updaters
ntomsic ntomsic / hydraql JavaScript 🐙 Quickly get up and running with this easy to use yet powerful graphql server library. v1.2.1 <a name="1.2.1"></a> ## [1.2.1]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * Modified how logging works ([a8f3b49](https://github.c
kuanfandevops bcgov / tfrs JavaScript Transportation Fuels Reporting System v0.1.0.1 ## This minor release updates the Fuel Suppliers page: * Use the same table style as Credit Transactions and Historical Data Entry * Unused buttons and filters are hidden * Credit Balance are dis
tshafer LaravelCollective / html PHP HTML and Form Builders for the Laravel Framework v5.6.7
yesoreyeram yesoreyeram / yesoreyeram-boomtable-panel HTML Boom Table Panel for Grafana v0.2.8 Release to fix the version number
highstrike unimatrix / backend PHP Backend for CakePHP 3.6 3.0.4
infval infval / Fceumm-PS2 C FCEUmm-PS2 v0.3.3 In-game menu is more convenient. ![Palette](
phy31c3 phy31c3 / DeclarativeViews Java Android Declarative Views 0.2.0
lucaslavandeira datosgobar / series-tiempo-ar-api Python Aplicación distribuible de la API de series de tiempo basada en el perfil de metadatos del Paquete de Apertura de Datos. 1.0.15-beta.6
ewoutp arangodb-helper / arangodb Go ArangoDB Starter - starts ArangoDB clusters & single servers with ease. 0.11.2 0.11.2
mnaughto HBKEngineering / url-builder JavaScript A simple library for building URLs v1.0.8
obipawan obipawan / react-native-hyperlink JavaScript A <Hyperlink /> component for react-native that makes urls, fuzzy links, emails etc clickable v0.0.14 * fix onPress props being added to non-linked text bug (4d21bf653fa933ec5c00d70a3763b60e5f5df1b4)
jackytck jackytck / mongo-relay-connection JavaScript Assist building relay connection from mongoose. v0.1.7 #### New: * Upgrade dependencies and freshen yarn.lock
highstrike unimatrix / ckfinder PHP CKFinder package for Unimatrix Backend 3.0.0
mbamarante mbamarante / cakephp-firebird-driver PHP CakePHP 3 Driver for Firebird Database 1.0.3
neoascetic krondor-game / minetest C++ Binary releases of Minetest for OS X 2018-04-26
shawn-hurley automationbroker / broker-client-go Go Generated go client for Automation Broker 0.1.2
deathaxe jisaacks / GitGutter Python A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to see git diff in gutter 1.7.14 ------- Fix: - Diff Popup's content looks ugly due to Courier font - Use Segoe UI Symbol for popup toolbars - ST2 compatibility issue in TempFile class
venusdrogon venusdrogon / feilong-spring Java :gem:focus on spring 1.11.2 ### [Feature] :new: * #42 优化 seo 优先级 * #44 新建 SeoViewCommandFromAttributeValueBuilder 接口 ### [Update] * none ### [Remove] * #43 删除 ViewCommandFoundSeoIntercept
AlanShaw-GitHub AlanShaw-GitHub / MiniMIPS no-lang 全新轻量级MIPS ASM,支持语法高亮,代码编辑,文件拖拽,debug模式,汇编反汇编,monokai代码配色风格,Windows 、macOS,Linux全平台支持,吊炸天,快star,保持更新! v2.0 新版增加的功能: 1.支持反汇编功能,可以从bin和coe文件中加载。 2.支持更多的mips指令,现在可支持近200条mips指令及伪指令(伪指令格式参照spim模拟
Alicg Alicg / IA.Episodes.Releases no-lang Releases of IA.Episodes program. 1.18-msi
MarcoLehmann EPFL-LCN / neuronaldynamics-exercises Python Python exercises accompanying the book "Neuronal Dynamics" 0.3.6 We've added new parameters to the working memory simulation: you can now provide a distractor stimulus and probe the stability of the bump.
cbeer samvera / active_fedora Ruby A Rails interface to the Fedora repository, akin to ActiveModel v8.5.0 - Improves compatibility with Rails 5.1+.
cmayomsft cmayomsft / promptly-js TypeScript JavaScript/TypeScript conversation modelling library for building bots with Bot Builder SDK V4. v0.0.15 ## Notable Changes * Updated source and samples to 4.0.0-m2.1. * Added common sense defaults for Prompt properties (e.g. not added onPrompt will create a Prompt that doesn't write to the conversatio
jbradford cognisant / cr-csharp-codestyle PowerShell The custom ruleset file for Style Cop used at Cognisant 1.0
thefrosty dwnload / wp-rest-api-object-cache PHP Enable object caching for WordPress' REST API. Aids in increased response times of your applications endpoints. 1.2.0
relianceproject relianceproject / Rel C++ Flex coin Swap 1.0
Paul-Davis WormBase / wormbase-pipeline Perl Sanger Wormbase Build Pipeline models.wrm.WS266 This release is used for identifying the correct version of the models.wrm file.
dancespiele spieljs / spiel-build TypeScript router builder for diferents framworks 1.0 Router builder for different frameworks based in states
davidwatkins73 khartec / waltz Java Enterprise Architecture 1.9.0 [Closed issues]( For DDL Scripts only 1.9, master and properties have changed.
MuellerSeb MuellerSeb / AnaFlow Python A python-package containing analytical solutions for the groundwater flow equation v0.2.4 PyPi release for Py2 and Py3 simultaneously.
sietseringers privacybydesign / irma_api_server Java An IRMA verification and issuing server v1.4.2
lpatino10 watson-developer-cloud / salesforce-sdk Apex A Salesforce library for communicating with the IBM Watson REST APIs v1.3.0 ## Changelog
arichiv arichiv / typescriptase TypeScript TypeScript Codegen v0.0.9-UNSTABLE Use CWD for resolution
MarkusBordihn google / coding-with-chrome JavaScript An Educational IDE showing off various Google EDU technologies. 5.4.25 Binary version of the latest release which was used for the Girls Day 2018 event.
jal-morales jal-morales / Proyecto_GitHub HTML Curso de GitHub V1Ej
electron-bot electron / electron C++ Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS v2.0.0-beta.8 Note: This is a beta release. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it. This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta, or npm i
kaicode IHTSDO / snomed-owl-toolkit Java An Open Source Toolkit enabling simple SNOMED CT to OWL conversion and classification. 1.3.0 # Support for Snomed Extensions - Multiple RF2 Snapshot archives can be loaded. Only the latest components across snapshots will be used. - Ontology URI and version can be set in RF2 to OWL conver
binhex binhex / arch-jackett Shell Docker build script for Arch Linux base with Jackett 0.8.920-1-01 0.8.920-1-01
akesson akesson / LogCentral Swift A modern swift logging utility made for the real needs. 1.0.0
lagmoellertim lagmoellertim / ImageShare-DesktopApp Python Desktop App to receive Images send via ImageShare Mobile App v0.1-beta This release only works on 64-bit Windows. To use it, unzip the included file, execute the executable ImageShare.exe and accept the firewall popup to allow ImageShare to receive Images from the ImageS
yvolk andstatus / andstatus Java Multiple accounts client for multiple Social networks. For Android 38.04-relese
highstrike unimatrix / cake PHP Utilities for CakePHP 3.6 3.0.2
highstrike unimatrix / frontend PHP Frontend for CakePHP 3.6 3.0.2
xuhongbo TALFE / judgeRelease no-lang 判题文件发布 0.1.9-rc 修复在低版本ios无法判题的问题
bedrich-schindler twigyard / twigyard PHP TwigYard is a PHP library to host multiple websites written in the Twig templating language. v2.0.1 Fixes errors in data and form middlewares connected with `AppState.php` type hints.
IonicaBizau IonicaBizau / face-detectify JavaScript 😅 Detect faces in images. Without native modules. It uses tracking.js. 1.0.0 Initial release
swernerx sebastian-software / eslint-config-readable JavaScript A preset for ESLint to achieve readable source code. Zero-Config. 1.11.1 * Updated a few deeper deps (0697b3a)
MarcSoft MarcSoft / clima-app-node JavaScript Una aplicación del clima en node v1.0.0 ## Aplicacion del climea - Curso Node Recuerden ejecutar ```npm install```para las librerias ####Ejemplo: ``` node app -d "Sabadell" ```
YunTianJinShi SEA-group / Arpeggio-UI no-lang Yuntian's Blue Steel of Arpeggio interface mod v0.7.4.0
Renari Renari / Chataraxia Java Chat + Ataraxia 1.4 Fixed file loading on Linux and OSX hosts. Compile against Java 1.7 instead of Java 9.
toopay toopay / kongfig JavaScript Declarative configuration for Kong v1.6.0 Support enterprise version
LukasHechenberger atSCM / atscm JavaScript Source code management utilities for atvise v0.6.0-beta.27 <a name="0.6.0-beta.27"></a> # 0.6.0-beta.27 (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * Do not transform reference config files ([#184]( ([8531734
jogeraca jogeraca / ex_audit Elixir Ecto auditing library that transparently tracks changes and can revert them. v1.1
pcalouche pcalouche / spat Java Single Page App Template built on Spring Boot 2.0, Spring Security, JSON Web Tokens, and Angular 5 3.0 Big conversion to use Spring Boot 2, JWT, and Angular 5
csicar csicar / MensaPlan Kotlin Information for canteens at KIT, HS Pforzheim etc. v0.2.6
swernerx sebastian-software / stylelint-config-readable JavaScript Configuration for Stylelint to achieve readable source code. 1.1.0 * Updated deps (73c5db8) * Updated logo (0907b7d) * Updated deps (cfa3473)
kdambekalns flownative / beach-flow-companion PHP Useful configuration and tools for Flownative Beach projects 1.0.4 Fixes the `Too many keys specified; max 64 keys allowed` error during warmup.
zemiak zemiak / gpx Java A tool for manipulating' generated GPX files v0.0.1
Litude Litude / BSPTexRM C Command line tool for removing textures that are embedded in a GoldSrc (Half-Life engine) BSP file. v1.0 Initial release of BSPTexRM.
peterlazzarino peterlazzarino / react-adaptive-image JavaScript React component that allows for lazy image loading on scroll with resizing based on users viewport size and screen density (retina display). 1.6.0 Add background-image support.
saenzramiro saenzramiro / rambox JavaScript Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one. 0.5.17
stephen-hoover civisanalytics / datascience-python no-lang Common dependencies for data science workflows v4.2.0 ## [4.2.0] - 2018-04-26 ### Package Updates - civis 1.8.1 -> 1.9.0 - civisml-extensions 0.1.6 -> 0.1.8 - muffnn 2.0.0 -> 2.1.0 - dask 0.15.4 (pip) -> 0.17.2 (conda) - tensorflow 1.
cjihrig cjihrig / hapi-auth-signi JavaScript hapi authentication scheme for validating signed requests v0.2.0
maier circonus-labs / circonus-agent Go Circonus host agent for metric collection v0.13.0 # v0.13.0 * upd: refactor enable new metric logic to work better for new check use case * upd: refactor reverse connection and command processing
naterchrdsn Spudnik-Group / Spudnik TypeScript An awesome chatbot for Discord. v0.1.2
austin3410 austin3410 / Steam-Game-Repository Python Steam Game Repository SGR is a Python based tool that helps people maintain a repository or archive of their Steam games. I imagine that this tool would help households that have low bandwidth and multiple gamers. Or just a lot of gamers in general. V1.0.2 Added Update Check function Fixed Version number system
JuicyDragon NuixSDK / Yara-Integration Ruby Integrate Yara binary scanning tool with Nuix Workbench v1.1.0 - Matches can now be recorded as custom metadata in addition to as tags
stefan-kolb JabRef / jabref Java Graphical Java application for managing BibTeX and biblatex (.bib) databases v4.2 We are proud to release JabRef 4.2! This version fixes a lot of bugs of version 4.1. Unfortunately, JabRef binaries are still not digitally signed any more. However, we will release a signed ve
strenkml strenkml / LIT230-Final-Project NSIS Game for LIT 230's final project at Clarkson University 2018 1.0.0
renanberto renanberto / rails-converter Ruby Ruby base conversion v4
tavenli tavenli / JLauncher Java JLauncher provides a easy way to start a Java application 1.3 V1.3
Aqualex AquaqProdSupport1 / TorQ-Finance-Starter-Pack Shell Example data capture system, based on random financial data v2.0.0
SergioMadness SergioMadness / crm-buffer-lib PHP Library to work with crm-buffer v0.1.5
tatav-kinow kinow-io / video-analytics-players JavaScript Video Analytics player integration for Kinow solution v1.2.6 ### Fixed - **[Clappr]** - Player did not launched at start
asim micro / protoc-gen-micro Go Protobuf code generation for micro v0.4.0 - Breaking changes - FooServiceClient becomes NewFooService - ServiceService stutter is now fixed
alanhamlett wakatime / sublime-wakatime Python Sublime Text 2 & 3 plugin for automatic time tracking and metrics generated from your programming activity. 8.1.1
boogheta medialab / hyphe JavaScript Websites crawler with built-in exploration and control web interface v1.0.2 Changelog: - Updated mongodb calls and added more indexes to fasten pages indexation - Changed default configuration from storing html contents to not storing them to lighten disk consumption - Sma
aswinkarthik93 aswinkarthik93 / csvdiff Go A blazingly fast diff tool for database tables dumped as csv files. v0.1.0 Initial Release ## Features - Additions - Modifications
jdelasoie epfl-idevelop / infoscience-exports Python Configurable exports from Infoscience for your list of publications 0.5.0 See []( for all details
BjornTwachtmann bbc / programmes-frontend PHP The new frontend for v3.4.1 Bugfix release
aleksandrgilarov aleksandrgilarov / messageBook PHP single page application using laravel and angular as Guest Book 1
devowhippit CityOfNewYork / ACCESS-NYC PHP Find help in NYC with food, money, housing, work and more on ACCESS NYC, managed and developed by the Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity. v2.0.5
GuillaumeJasmin GuillaumeJasmin / react-table-hoc-fixed-columns JavaScript ReactTable HOC for fixed columns v0.1.2 ### Bugfix: * offset left with header group during init and resize
cbroschinski OpenAPC / openapc-de Python Collect and disseminate information on fee-based Open Access publishing v3.28.3 Contribution from University of Konstanz contains APC data for the 2017 period.
FishGoddess FishGoddess / AutoMySQL Java MySql增删改查自动生成器(MySQL CURD automatical generator) v1.4.2 新增通过 List<Map> 来得到多个 bean 对象的方法,这样就可以一次读取多个 Map了。
swernerx sebastian-software / babel-preset-edge JavaScript Babel Preset Edge is a centralized modern Babel Configuration for React development. Part of the Edge Platform. 2.1.0 * Improved docs + updated modern target for current engines. (0357e9b)
dmitry-fedyuk mage2pro / HTML A custom module for 1.0.0
splanquart payplug / payplug-php PHP PayPlug PHP Library 2.5.1 - **Bugfix:** Fix packagist bundle.
psychomieze TYPO3 / testing-framework PHP TYPO3 testing framework for core and extensions 3.4.1 - [BUGFIX] Fix class namespace and position of class variable access
deenison upstreamplugin / UpStream PHP UpStream is a free project management plugin that allows you to manage any type of project from inside your WordPress site. v1.17.0 ### Added * Added action `upstream:frontend.project.details.after_title` ### Changed * Increased spacing between filters section and data rows within Projects in wp-admin - #431 ### Fixed *
tkoolen JuliaRobotics / RigidBodySim.jl Jupyter Notebook Simulation and visualization of articulated rigid body systems in Julia v0.2.0 * Compatibility with LCMCore v0.2.0 * Fix deprecations in RigidBodyTreeInspector, RigidBodyDynamics usage * Add `RealTimeRateLimiter` callback * Rework API: introduce `Dynamics` callable object; se
toxic-johann Chimeejs / chimee JavaScript a video player framework aims to bring wonderful experience on browser 0.10.0-alpha.4 * suppor `useStyleFullscreen` on global config In some situation, the browser's fullscreen api do not perform well. We can use css to simulate fullscreen. You can just set `useStyleFullscreen` to b
tfjmp CamFlow / information-flow-patch C Create a patch that implements the changes (and more) to the LSM framework suggested in the paper: Verifying the reliability of operating system-level information flow control systems in linux, Georget et al., ACM/IEEE Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering (FormliSE'17) 2017. 4.16.5
gamgine gamgine / HCSR04-ultrasonic-sensor-lib C++ HCSR04-ultrasonic-sensor is lib for use HCSR04 ultrasonic module sensor 1.1.0 multiple sensor > HCSR04 hc(2,new int[6]{5,6,7,8,9,10}); > hc.dist(i);
droazen broadinstitute / gatk Java Official code repository for GATK versions 4 and up Highlights of this release include major performance improvements to `MarkDuplicatesSpark`, better sensitivity and precision in STR (short tandem repeat) contexts for `Mutect2`, support for a "ge
shadeofblue golemfactory / golem-messages Python shared module for formatting and parsing messages (Golem & Concent) v2.6.1 `TaskMessage` + `validate_ownership()` - validates the message against the expected role + `validate_ownership_chain()` - validates the chain of messages against their respective roles + `verify_ow
AlaricChan AlaricChan / RackHD Python RackHD™ provides hardware management and orchestration services 2.158.0
alanhamlett wakatime / wakatime Python Command line interface used by all WakaTime text editor plugins. 10.2.1 To install this release from [pypi]( ``` pip install -I wakatime==10.2.1 ```
DavidBadura DavidBadura / orangedb PHP :orange_book: Super Fast Readonly Filesystem Database | Object-File Mapping 1.0-alpha6 * nullable fields * more tests
jessfraz genuinetools / bpfps Makefile A tool to list and diagnose bpf programs. (Who watches the watchers..? :) v0.1.0
havok2063 sdss / marvin Python Data access and visualization for MaNGA. 2.2.5 Changed --------- - Galaxy Web page spaxel loading to be robust when no modelspaxels are present in the database.
Vassyli lotgd / core PHP Core functionality for Legend of the Green Dragon, a text-based RPG game. v0.4.1 - Adds a hotfix to re-enable testing via `./t` command - Fixes a few PHP7.2 issues.
burdandrei YotpoLtd / resec Go ReSeC- Redis Service Consul v0.4.0 FEATURES: * Service check now registered as initially passing to avoid service flapping FIXES: * Handling slave session invalidation * Prevent from shutting down if local consul agent
kfinny kfinny / avclass-lib Python An attempt to convert malicia/avclass into a library for integration in other projects v2.0 Release includes code cleanup and ensures all aspects of malicia/avclass are working (e.g. generic and alias detection).
tune-andyp TuneOSS / sdk-release Objective-C TUNE iOS, Android, and Windows native SDKs android-5.2.2 Change Log:
zce zce-templates / nm JavaScript A template for generating node modules by zce-cli v0.1.0
franzmelchiori franzmelchiori / alyvix-doc Python Alyvix source documentation v2.6.2 Alyvix 2.6.2 documentation
AdrianoFerrari gingko / client Elm Gingko desktop client. Written in Elm, running in Electron. v2.0.8 - Icons working on all three platforms - Correct certificate used to sign Windows builds
bagby cardstack / identitymind JavaScript IdentityMind Cardstack Plugin v0.1.2 Adds form validation, usable dummy app, acceptance testing.
capasha capasha / eeditor HTML Public files and release hosting for EEditor 3.7.6 * Fixed world loading and world uploading issues * Fixed about window, which now redirect you to issues if you want a feature or have a bug. Also added credits to a new page on wiki. * Fixed the i
carsonxu tencentyun / cos-wx-sdk-v5 JavaScript 腾讯云 COS JS SDK(XML API) v0.5.0 * 修改签名样例,改成临时密钥形式,通过临时密钥的 Policy,更好地在后端控制权限 * 修复 DOMParser 在手机小程序环境里报错问题 * 优化 demo,只使用
LuizKrlz Bludata / base PHP Basic functions and classes used to create *awesome* Application Program Interfaces v4.0.1
hft-team-city OpenHFT / Chronicle-Core Java Low level access to native memory, JVM and OS. chronicle-core-1.12.1 - [**closed**] ThreadDumper requires exact name matches. [#55](
Aris-t2 Aris-t2 / CustomCSSforFx CSS Custom CSS tweaks for Firefox Quantum (57+) 1.8.4 <b>Changes since 1.8.3</b>: [General UI] - (new) context menu > hide "set as desktop b
snyksec snyk / snyk-gradle-plugin JavaScript Basic Snyk CLI plugin for Gradle support v1.3.0 <a name"1.3.0"></a> ## 1.3.0 (2018-04-26) #### Features * don't include `from` arrays in tree ([ef3c7cc7](
nickp10 nickp10 / twitter-notifier C# Desktop application that notifies when new tweets are added to a user's Twitter feed 1.7
graemes graemes / poolparty-x16r C OpenSource Ravencoin-only miner v1.5.0 Before the imminent release of cuda 9.2. * More speed squeezed out (slightly more than 1%) - now >5% faster than evermore imo. * Hopefully fixed the newlines in the windows batch files * Exten
ffMathy ffMathy / Shapeshifter C# A clipboard manager for the 21st century. shapeshifter-v6.2018.0426.2331
joachimwolff deeptools / HiCExplorer Python HiCExplorer is a powerful and easy to use set of tools to process, normalize and visualize Hi-C data. 2.1.2 The second bug fix release of 2.1 includes: - documentation improvements - fixing broken Readthedocs documentation - Small bug fix concerning hicPlotMatrix and cooler: --chromosomeOrder is now pos
DonyorM DonyorM / Horizontal-Maker Clojure Create horizontal charts for BCC and SBS v1.0 Initial release. Fully featured.
MikeyBurkman MikeyBurkman / elasticsearch-sender JavaScript Easier use of Elasticsearch v1.1.0 Add TS typings file
SebastianS90 SebastianS90 / webpack-polyfill-injector JavaScript Webpack plugin to automatically inject polyfills into your bundle v2.0.2 - Update documentation
josephsl josephsl / stationPlaylist Python StationPlaylist Studio add-on for NVDA screen reader 18.05 Hi all, StationPlaylist Studio add-on 18.05 is now available. Note: from version 18.05 onwards, Windows 7 SP1 or later aloong with Studio version 5.10 or later should be used. Changelog: *
kruszczynski rainforestapp / rf-stylez Ruby Styles for Rainforest code v0.2.8
marcos-diazg marcos-diazg / musica R MuSiCa - Mutational Signatures in Cancer v0.9.1 MuSiCa web application
valiant1x valiant1x / intensecoinwallet QML GUI wallet for Intense Coin v2.0.0 Version 2.0 of the Intense Coin daemon and wallet. Mandatory upgrade for block major version 4 hardfork, which occurred at block 166133. Includes new proof-of-work algorithm (cryptonight variant 1 aka
kozmaadrian WondrousLLC / icon_select_field PHP Drupal 8 module. Use jQuery plugin Select2 dropdown to select an icon from a given list. 1.1.0 This update will let the user to override the global icon settings per field, see field settings page. This change is backward compatible.
DBall8 DBall8 / EnotesAndroid Java Android App for Enotes 1.0.0 Version of the App I've been using since about Jan 2018 when classes started up again and I no longer had time!
kasperrt zoff-music / zoff JavaScript The shared YouTube radio v4.3.6 Removed jQuery as dependency, and made the site compatible cross-browser.
0x41mmar 0x41mmar / HBIMPortal JavaScript Web application for heritage building conservation and data analysis based on BIM. Implements linking to real-time sensor data, document management, and data analysis capabilities, for collaborative studies and decision making. 1.2
torabian owsolutions / angular5-iot-dashboard CSS Multipurpose dashboard admin for IoT softwares, remote control, user interface. 20180426151759-076edef
jourquin jourquin / Nodus Java Transportation network modeling software designed for multimodal and intermodal freight transport v7.0
magiruuvelvet magiruuvelvet / MusicConsoleReborn C++ A simple console app which organizes all of your media files for fast and easy access. v0.8.4-3 - support for crossfade albums
shawn-hurley shawn-hurley / osb-broker-k8s-lib Go Kubernetes specific library for OSB brokers 0.0.2
Lanseria Lanseria / zhoushan-bus-routes JavaScript 用于查询舟山公交位置情况(嫌弃官方的太丑) v1.1 浏览器端与微信小程序端同步功能
scusi scusi / gsocks5 Go Secure SOCKS5 server in Go v0.1.0 ## Changelog 59e4bba Initial commit 35d93b7 Initial commit e4457c9 Merge branch 'master' of 4f5cac1 Merge branch 'master' of 5e12b3a Merge cleanup
funk-yourself centosadmin / redmine_intouch Ruby Redmine Intouch plugin sends notifications to users via Telegram and E-mail v1.2.1 * Fix helpdesk support
cjihrig cjihrig / metri JavaScript hapi plugin for returning Node.js process metrics v0.4.0
tiromansev tiromansev / Android-Scan-Barcode Java Barcode scan library 0.8.9
WinUP WinUP / dlcs-provider-local-storage TypeScript Resource provider for localStorage and memory cache 1.1.0
alrra sonarwhal / sonarwhal TypeScript A linting tool for the web sonarwhal-v1.8.0 ## New features * [[`5ebd0e2471`](] - New: Support to set the rules via CLI (by [`Shyju`](
weierophinney phly / keep-a-changelog PHP Tools for manipulating files in Keep A Changelog format, including tagging and releasing. 1.4.4 Added ----- - Nothing. Changed ------- - [#22]( modifies how PR links are generated in several ways: - If the provided package name does not resul
ckcz123 ckcz123 / mota-js JavaScript HTML5 魔塔样板 v2.1.1
funk-yourself centosadmin / redmine_telegram_common Ruby Redmine Telegram Common plugin v0.7.1 * Use tdlib-ruby 0.9.0
mathmerized camsys / transam_transit Ruby Transit focused engine for TransAM v2.1.1
mathmerized camsys / transam_reporting Ruby Reporting extensions for TransAM v2.1.1
takeshixx takeshixx / python-ssllabs Python Python interface and command line client for the SSL Labs APIs. v1.3
romulodl shortlist-digital / wp-video-header-type-plugin PHP Video Header Plugin 1.1.0
mathmerized camsys / transam_ntd Ruby NTD Reporting for TransAM v2.1.1
santiagogil santiagogil / russell-image JavaScript Responsive image component for russell v1.2.0 <a name="1.2.0"></a> # [1.2.0]( (2018-04-26) ### Features * **cli:** Ads class support ([f5a6100](https://
alexrayu alexrayu / ui_toggle JavaScript Toggle visibility of UI elements in Drupal 8 admin forms and views. 1.1 - Multiple UI fixes. - Disable caching of ajax responses.
apimation apimation / testEngineWorker no-lang Test agent for use in apimation framework v0.4.15 ## Changelog e67b106 Fix chan deadlock, API-144 --- Automated with [GoReleaser]( Built with go version go1.10 darwin/amd64
GenbuHase GenbuHase / WhatYouarePlaying JavaScript An extension of Google Chrome for Mastodon that toots what you're listening to v3.1 ## Changelog * 有効/無効切り替えスイッチの追加 * 動作の最適化
snyksec snyk / snyk-mvn-plugin JavaScript Basic Snyk CLI plugin for Maven support v1.2.0 <a name"1.2.0"></a> ## 1.2.0 (2018-04-26) #### Features * don't include `from` arrays in tree ([b55648c4](
TimothyZhang023 TimothyZhang023 / MiPushFramework Java 在任何非 MIUI 设备上体验小米系统级推送。 0.3.3.TimothyDev Build with code Commit Sync with latest cod
mdouchement FranckKe / mersea Ruby Application web pour gérer et cartographier le ramassage de déchêts 1.1.1
m-grant-prg m-grant-prg / swocdoc Shell Server Wait On Clients Documentation. v1.0.1-rc6 Dev release.
jelhub jelhub / scimgateway JavaScript Using SCIM protocol as a gateway for user provisioning to other endpoints. Can be used by management products like CA Identity Manager. v1.0.7 ### v1.0.7 [ENHANCEMENT] - Docker now using node v.9.10.0 instead of v.6.9.2 - Minor log cosmetics
zhenyulin Financial-Times / n-express-enhancer JavaScript common components you need to build an express middleware enhancer v1.2.0
nadavsinai Algotec / pre-git JavaScript Automatically install pre-commit / pre-push hooks in your git repo v3.17.2-1 to fix submodules
Beaten-Sect0r Beaten-Sect0r / yii2-db-manager PHP Database Backup and Restore functionality 2.0.2
lasote conan-io / conan-package-tools Python Conan Package Tools. Helps with massive package creation and CI integration (Travis CI, Appveyor...) 0.17.0-beta3 0.17.0-beta3 ========= - Refactored profile code. - Fixed issue with build policies. - Introduced env var to help with #184 recognizing the create. - Cool docker asscii art.
Ducatel TraceSoftwareInternational / HostMyDocs-python-client Python Python client for HostMyDocs 1.0.0
uglide uglide / RedisDesktopManager C++ :wrench: Cross-platform GUI management tool for Redis 0.9.3 ### ![rocket]( RedisDesktopManager is driven by our [supporters and contributors](https://redisdes
snyksec snyk / snyk-python-plugin Python Basic Snyk CLI plugin for Python support v1.6.0 <a name"1.6.0"></a> ## 1.6.0 (2018-04-26) #### Features * don't include `from` arrays in tree ([3023d601](
shuse2 LiskHQ / lisky JavaScript :cat: A command line interface for Lisk v1.0.0-beta.2 Note this release is for use with Version 1.0.0 (_not_ Version 0.9.x) of Lisk Core: # Change Log ## [v1.0.0-beta.2](
psieg psieg / Lightpack Pascal Lightpack and Prismatik open repository _Unofficial Prismatik Fork Release_ * Fix broken white balance in wizard (#176) * Fix stops working after switching display (DDupl) (#181) Please uninstall the original Prismatik manually befor
chrisbianca invertase / react-native-firebase JavaScript A well tested feature rich modular Firebase implementation for React Native, supporting both iOS & Android platforms for 12+ Firebase modules (including a feature rich Notifications implementation) 🔥 v4.0.6 # v4.0.6 Changelog ## Auth - Fix for #980 - possible race condition when initialising `onAuthStateChanged` ## Firestore - [typings] #1018 Fix for Firestore Query `.where` TypeScript typin
avbravo avbravo / avbravosecurity Java proyecto para seguridad 0.1.1 0.1.1 quita el mensaje
mKeRix mKeRix / room-assistant JavaScript A companion client for Home Assistant to handle sensors in multiple rooms. 0.4.2 - logging option - updated depencies
cutamar Innoactive / redux-paginator JavaScript redux-paginator helps you deal with paginated API with Redux without the need to create new actions and reducers cases
tumugin tumugin / NowPlayingV2 C# iTunes,MusicBee,foobar2000で#NowPlayingするWindows向けアプリ(Twitter・Mastodon対応)
nadavsinai Algotec / ggit JavaScript Local git command wrappers v2.4.2-0 add compatibility with submodules
snapjay engagepeople / podium-admin-js-sdk TypeScript Podium Admin JavaScript SDK v0.0.1 Initial Release
scovitin-vsevolod EU-OSHA / osha-website PHP EU-OSHA - Corporate - Drupal website 2018_04_26_prod_fix
eirikurn aranja / react-stagger JavaScript React component for staggered rendering. v1.0.0 <a name="1.0.0"></a> # 1.0.0 (2018-04-26) ### Features * First release ([25d93b9](
dlubitz vivomedia-de / neos-simple-table PHP Simple Html-Table NodeType for Neos CMS 2.1.1
craigtaverner neo4j-contrib / spatial Scheme Neo4j Spatial is a library of utilities for Neo4j that faciliates the enabling of spatial operations on data. In particular you can add spatial indexes to already located data, and perform spatial operations on the data like searching for data within specified regions or within a specified distance of a point of interest. In addition classes are provided to expose the data to geotools and thereby to geotools enabled applications like geoserver and uDig. 0.25.5-neo4j-3.3.5 A patch to the 0.25.x series which includes two bug-fixes: * a bug-fix to cases when the same node is added to both RTree based layers, as well as lucene index based layers (like geohash, zorder or
4np 4np / TVGemist Swift An *Unofficial* Uitzending Gemist application for  TV 0.0.5 Fixed an issue where Live Channels would not show if the NPO APIs would return a schedule without a program.
to4iki to4iki / OctavKit Swift Swift toolkit for the Octav( API 0.5.0 Migrating to Swift 4.1: 88075b36b6f06f0f8a46b9cd238f01ef5885fa5e - Improve & refactor codes f058c2568420d0785bb9e699b1e26ff517b9aa3e - Remove `Result` framework in dependency 000fa4cd6a64f960fbc
zenkins wireapp / wire-ios-sync-engine Swift iOS synchronization library for Wire 165.0.0 Diff with previous: Commits: 4a1a5410 [WIP] ZIOS-8814: Update with new UUID validation API (#749)
davidcava davidcava / privoxy-dsm Shell Privoxy package for Synology DSM 3.0.26-1 works well for me on my DS214play (architecture evansport)
ezimir Techire / sandbox Python Play with git/github v0.2 *Boo* ;]
i-like-robots Financial-Times / n-handlebars JavaScript Enhanced handlebars for use in next applications v1.19.5
slenderslack slimslender / spring029 Java spring029 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT888
fabianhauser-ci xmpp-grid-broker / xmpp-grid-broker TypeScript 🖧 XMPP-Grid Broker Implementation test-0.9.1
mehmetakinn mehmetakinn / react-native-zss-rich-text-editor HTML React Native rich text editor based on ZSSRichTextEditor v1.2.0
ef-carbon-bot ef-carbon / react-native-navigation TypeScript A react native navigation library that does not require changes to the components to be shown as screens v3.1.0 <a name="3.1.0"></a> # [3.1.0]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** add the necessary dev de
arlac77 arlac77 / npm-template-sync JavaScript Keep npm package in sync with its template v5.0.0 <a name="5.0.0"></a> # [5.0.0]( (2018-04-26) ### Features * clean up package.json template layout options
rgleason rgleason / statusbar_pi C statusbar to display various info to users v0.604 Fix some visible display config issues.
maxrimue maxrimue / tizo JavaScript easily parse and convert any string containing hours, minutes and timezone v1.0.1 - fix issue when running tizo without any timezone specified
simformsolutions simformsolutions / SSGoogleLogin Swift The GoogleSigninReusabelComponets for iOS is the easiest way to get data from Google . 1.0.4
dlubitz vivomedia-de / fusion-cachevisualisation PHP Fusion Cache Visualisation for Flow/Neos 1.0.3
muskie9 dynamic / silverstripe-elemental-sponsors PHP A simple Sponsors element for SilverStripe 4 1.0.0-beta2
scovitin-vsevolod EU-OSHA / campaigns PHP EU-OSHA - Campaign - Drupal website 2018_04_26_prod_fix
PBM42 js-republic / intervals-fn TypeScript Manipulate intervals in a functional way v2.8.2 <a name="2.8.2"></a> ## [2.8.2]( (2018-04-26) ### Bug Fixes * **split:** keep ranges that doesn't intersect
effzett effzett / Zeugnis Java Verwaltet und druckt Zeugnisse für Grundschule v1.4.5 # Änderungen: * Zeilenabstand vergrössert auf Deckblatt * Schriftgrösse grösser und nicht kursiv auf Deckblatt * Datum kann zum Erstellen des PDF-Zeugnisses eingestellt werden * Auslassungspun
FlorianMoser FlorianMoser / plesk-deployer PHP Deployer common recipe fixes to deploy on shared hostings using Plesk v6.2.0
fabiang fabiang / doctrine-dynamic-zf PHP Zend Framework binding for doctrine-dynamic v0.3.0 * Added support for DoctrineORMModule 2
adhusch adhusch / PaCER Matlab PaCER - Precise and Convenient Electrode Reconstruction for Deep Brain Stimulation 1.0.2
erickpeirson cul-it / arxiv-search Python arXiv NG Search 0.1.2 # Release notes - arXiv-NG - Version search-0.1.2 <h2> Bug </h2> <ul> <li>[<a href=''>ARXIVNG-5
bradkav bradkav / WIMpy_NREFT Jupyter Notebook WIMpy_NREFT is a code for calculating Dark Matter direct detection rates in the framework of non-relativistic effective field theory (NREFT). v0.9
webschik webschik / ng2react-builder TypeScript Angular1 -> React.js transpiler v0.5.0 * added Angular controller transformation * **Breaking change:** [New transformation API](
fiatjaf fiatjaf / jq-web JavaScript jq on the browser with emscripten. 0.3.0 Now you don't get errors for calling `jq()` before the wasm or mem files finish loading. Instead, you'll get a default `{}` returned. Call it again after the initial loads to get correct values.
sdiehl adjoint-io / uplink-sdk-python Python Uplink Python SDK 1.6
degobbis JoomTools / plg_content_jtf no-lang Neue Version vom JT-Formulator 3.0.0-rc15
mxlje commissure / redbox-react JavaScript :red_circle: A redbox (rsod) component to display your JavaScript errors. v1.6.0 <a name"1.6.0"></a> ## 1.6.0 (2018-04-26) #### Features * add support for vscode like file schemes ([59c0b5e1](
cheminfo-bot image-js / image-js JavaScript Image processing and manipulation in JavaScript v0.21.0 Release v0.21.0
janette GetDKAN / dkan-drops-7 PHP DKAN installation for Pantheon 7.x-1.14.7 See release notes at
krokyze krokyze / uCrop-n-Edit Java Image Cropping + Editing Library for Android 2.2.3
remybach Financial-Times / n-swg JavaScript JS, Styles, Templates and utils for Subscribe with Google implementation v0.8.0
beworker beworker / magnet Java Modern dependency injection and inversion library for Android 2.0-RC1
schnatterer schnatterer / photostationtagdownloader JavaScript Downloads all tagged photos from Synology Photo Station 0.1.1
thymikee callstack / haul JavaScript Haul is a command line tool for developing React Native apps, powered by Webpack v1.0.0-rc.0 ## Highlights TODO ## Fixes TODO ## Features * 9a1465a - Update polyfills to sync with latest RN (#414) (4 minutes ago) <Michał Pierzchała> * 95ade60 - Base website setup with Docusaurus
parkr github / pages-gem Ruby A simple Ruby Gem to bootstrap dependencies for setting up and maintaining a local Jekyll environment in sync with GitHub Pages v183 Bump github-pages-health-check :gem: to v1.7.3 (#554)
vsavkin nrwl / nx TypeScript Nrwl Extensions for Angular 1.0.3 ### Bug Fixes * **schematics:** do not use npm-run-all when parallel is set ot false ([30de0b9](
andrewyatz andrewyatz / webdocker-perllibs no-lang Ensembl web docker image build file release/92
philippgille philippgille / apiomat-go Go Go (golang) packages and CLI for ApiOmat v0.2.0 v0.2.0 (2018-04-26) ------------------- - Changed: Renamed package aomm to aoms ### aoms - Added: Interface Client - acts as interface for consuming packages - Added: Constant SdkVersion -
Cupofassam rehive / dashboard-angular JavaScript Generic dashboard built in Angular 2.7.3 **Minor features:** - Transaction details pop-ups now display a destination ID when a transaction is a transfer. Where a destination ID is pending recipient creation, it will display the message 'I
james-cain james-cain / how-wonderful-the-cain-design Vue 为服务端而生的中台模板 1.0 集成登录,权限认证,图表等基础功能
josephsl josephsl / wintenApps Python Windows 10 App Essentials NVDA add-on 18.05 Hi, Windows 10 App Essentials 18.05 is now available. This version is ideal for people upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1803. Changelog: * When opening, closing, or switching between virtual d
ihtml5 ihtml5 / jscalpel JavaScript A small feature library that makes it easier to manipulate objects 1.2.0
anhcraft anhcraft / ReportAnvil Java Reports someone via anvil v1.2.0 - Recoded the plugin - Now requires the latest version of SpaciousLib
nateiler flipboxfactory / patron PHP An OAuth Client for Craft CMS 1.0.0-rc.3
SLiV9 SLiV9 / epicinium no-lang Turn-based strategy game with environmental gameplay mechanics v0.21.0 Binaries for version 0.21.0, with smaller FFA maps, bug fixes orders that float to the order list.
mayzabeel eciis / web JavaScript AngularJS Frontend with Appengine Python Backend v1.78.153-alpha **0 enhancement(s):** **1 bug(s):** - Fix institution removal notification process - #1027 by @raonismaneoto **0 feature(s):**
codecutout codecutout / JsonApiSerializer C# JsonApiSerializer supports configurationless serializing and deserializing objects into the json:api format ( v1.3.1
benbarnett Financial-Times / n-myft-ui JavaScript Client side component for interaction with myft v10.9.5 #134
james-cain james-cain / cain-cli JavaScript 一个nodejs的克隆工具 1.0 实现通过仓库的脚手架生成项目,可以添加,删除,查看目前仓库中的脚手架名称
dmitryrazinkov dmitryrazinkov / angular-daterangepicker CoffeeScript Angular.js wrapper for dangrossman/bootstrap-daterangepicker 0.2.4
blackrim FePhyFoFum / opentree_dating no-lang Simple techniques for adding dates to opentree v0.0.1 This was dated with dates from commit 1a8baa0b61d158783954933d6742b4d0302dc1b6. These are based on Hedges, S. Blair, Julie Marin, Michael Su
MarcusBaitz bakdata / conquery JavaScript Visual, interactive queries against big databases v1.8.0-RC6
scovitin-vsevolod EU-OSHA / oira-website PHP EU-OSHA - OIRA - Drupal website 2018_04_26_prod_fix
FloofyReal FloofyReal / WeGAN Jupyter Notebook 100% RAW & Bio Generative Adversarial Framework for Weather Predictions 1.1 Working main_sample as main evaluation method - load saved mode, evaluate on test data - save differences between real future and forecast - print RMSE of all weather variables (also to tensorboard
xander-marjoram justeat / global-component-library CSS Global Component Library and Documentation for sharing across UK and International v1.7.0 ### Changed - Disable links to incomplete pages. - Update styling of disabled links. - Remove disabled links from tabindex. - 'Show Code' buttons are now actually buttons.
chamilwijesooriya chamilwijesooriya / PHP CiviCRM Extension to clear items in the recent items block. v1.1
eea-jenkins eea / eea.docker.apache-eea-www Pascal Apache Docker image for EEA website 5.3 Release 5.3
Keksik9000 Keksik9000 / slowaes JavaScript [Unofficial mirror] AES encryption in scripting languaes 2
icyphox icyphox / vite Python :cyclone: a static site generator that Just Works™ v1.2 - better argument parsing - PyPI package :party:
chris-kruining chris-kruining / utilities PHP some utilities for php, nothing special, nothing new, just to my taste 0.2.5
dbkr vector-im / riot-web JavaScript A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web. v0.14.2-rc.3 [Full Changelog]( * Fix CSS dependency versions to be the same as those in react-sdk to fix left panel header positions.
robertlemke robertlemke / RobertLemke.Akismet PHP TYPO3 Flow package which provides convenient access to the Akismet REST service 2.0.1
weizlogy weizlogy / tos Lua tree of savior addons for jtos and itos in Japan. removetipsfe 新規登録
tammoippen tammoippen / plotille Python Plot in the terminal using braille dots. v3.4
Lqlsoftware Lqlsoftware / Gopcap Go A Multithreading HTTP web server based on pcap TCP layer. v0.3.2 Bug fix.
wepr wepr / babyloncoin C++ babylon coin 1.0
nikashitsa graftpro / GraftNetwork C++ Graft - decentralized payment processor for merchants v1.2.1-ext
ebolyen qiime2 / q2studio JavaScript Prototype graphical user interface for QIIME 2 2018.4.0
ricab ricab / scope_guard C++ A modern C++ scope guard that is easy to use but hard to misuse. v0.2.3 This is a development release and it may be subject to breaking changes. It is meant as a candidate for review and changes only minor details since the previous release.
freekmurze spatie / laravel-backup PHP A package to backup your Laravel app 5.6.3 - fix wrong import
arnoschoon MaxServ / t3ext-fal_s3 PHP S3 driver for FAL 1.7.0
adtrue24 adtrue24 / CSS 201804262140
ChanpleCai ChanpleCai / SQLSwitcher C# A SQL Server Switcher v1.0.1 * ignore UAC warnings 绕过UAC

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