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DoNormal zicht / zss CSS 📐 Sass for design systems 2.1.2 ## Minor - Add 0 z-index #37 ## Credits Thanks to @Hangloozz for the feature request.
VictorVG VictorVG / PH no-lang Process Hacker Enchanced (can bee unstable for some OS/configuration)! v3.0.5872.1345 * Fix extended statistics version check **SHA-256** a27b96ef85ade6015360094173c87efa1ffac7ef0e7fbcefe7e23ba27aa671f6 * a4d3d9ad79c3226acd6dc0dbd93f1e60bb60bf8684c8d053f
shawntoffel jukeizu / treediagram-commands-chat Go Chat command 0.0.1
muldjord muldjord / skyscraper C++ Powerful and versatile game scraper written in c++ 2.3.5 * IMPORTANT: Fixed bug that caused resources to be mixed up between games because Qt's network cache wasn't cleared (Probably not a Qt bug, but a DAMN hard bug to spot either way). All previous Skyscr
erikbarke monounity / karma-typescript-es6-transform TypeScript Plugin for transforming ES2015 javascript code to to ES5 syntax. v1.0.4 # Bugfixes - The dist version actually uses the preset "env" now.
me7art me7art / Password2Go C# Simple password manager tool v1.0.1
brian978 brian978 / itunes-music-mover Python The itunes-music-mover script is a small script that is used to copy the downloaded files from the itunes media folder to another location. v0.1 This release provides both a method to copy the media files and a CLI application to update the tags of a specific file
mnapoli PHP-DI / Slim-Bridge PHP PHP-DI integration in Slim 3 2.0.0 Compatibility with PHP-DI 6.0
sucom sucom / SPA.js JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) Front-End Framework/Library. v2.32.0 v2.32.0
ProgMiner ProgMiner / maintenance-screen PHP The "Maintenance mode" screen for your site v2.0 Using now `progminer/maintenance-screen-project`
moteus moteus / lua-spylog Lua Execute actions based on log records v0.0.2
Superstroller Superstroller / GoogleDevTools Java 支持Google第三方登录,Google+分享。对Google play-billing-libray进行二次封装,添加防掉单处理。 v1.1 GoogleDevTools v1.1
cotes2020 cotes2020 / HTML My personal blog, power by Jekyll and GitPage. Click to expore -> v1.1 - Bootstrap style imported. - Dynamic TOC for post. - Added google_analytics - Using Disqus comment. - Zoom in image of post. - Show code line number (Jekyll original feature.) - Tags pag
sschmid sschmid / Entitas-CSharp C# Entitas is a super fast Entity Component System (ECS) Framework specifically made for C# and Unity 1.3.0 As always, the Unity Asset Store version might take a few days to be processed and accepted by Unity. Please check for updates in 2 - 4 days here:!/content/87638
Khang-NT Khang-NT / Android-Media-Converter Kotlin Android open source media converter build on top of FFmpeg release-v0.7.1
DeanCording DeanCording / node-red-contrib-state-machine HTML A Node Red node that wraps around Javascript State Machine v1.2.0 * Added option to throw error if an invalid trigger is received for the current state * Added unit tests
stokbaek stokbaek / ResurrectionAnnounce Lua Plugin for HealComm (WoW 1.12.1) to announce who you are resurrecting v1.1
Harystolho Harystolho / AutoPresser Java A Fully Configurable Key Presser in Java 1.0 Release Version
rsegtx rsegtx / IO.Outbound.Sdk.iOS Shell Xamarin.iOS bindings for the Outbound messaging SDK
believer-ufa believer-ufa / prettyforms JavaScript Helps to make a simple and easy client-server validation for forms v1.0.13
Linkupdated Linkupdated / d3-node-editor JavaScript JavaScript library for visual programming v0.6.8.1
rsegtx rsegtx / IO.Outbound.Sdk.Droid C# Xamarin.Android bindings for the Outbound messaging SDK
wzypandaking wzypandaking / rms PHP 招聘管理系统 基于tp5框架实现轻量级 人事招聘系统 v1.0.0 没有用户概念。 包含以下功能: 1、面试安排 2、面试反馈
animetosho animetosho / Nyuu JavaScript Flexible usenet binary posting tool v0.3.7
lotsofone lotsofone / Fengchi no-lang 参加风驰程序设计大赛的小游戏 0
roughike roughike / flutter_twitter_login Dart A Flutter plugin for authenticating users by using the native TwitterKit SDKs on Android & iOS. v1.0.1 * Fixed `onActivityResult` override that was potentially preventing other plugins from receiving `Activity` results. * Fixed a logout crash on Android in the case when the user wasn't already logged
peyman3d peyman3d / koochak CSS A minimal & lightweight CSS framework V0.9.2
OneMoreGres OneMoreGres / ScreenTranslator Inno Setup Screen capture, OCR and translation tool. 2.0.2 Version 2.0.2
nishiki nishiki / is_master Ruby is_master execute a command when it determine that server is master v1.2.0 * add is_slave binary
mimmi20 mimmi20 / ua-browser-type PHP Classes for different browser types 5.0.3
stonebug-com stonebug-com / Sora-Bin HTML Binaries of v1.00.005 - new post "Ferien" in media
mimmi20 mimmi20 / ua-device-type PHP Classes for different device types 5.0.4
Carrion-Crow Carrion-Crow / pyslackdesc Python Simple script to generate Slackware's slack-desc files. pyslackdesc-0.3.1
lwolf86 lwolf86 / beats Go :tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash v6.2.0-wingon
vladk1m0 vladk1m0 / docker-owa Shell Open Web Analytics docker image based on Alpine Linux 1.6.1
stonebug-com stonebug-com / SoRa-Src CSS Source Code of v1.00.005 - new post "Ferien" in media
camielvg camielvg / hello-world no-lang Just another repository v1.0.0 This is version 1.0.0.
willnode willnode / MeshDebugger C# 🌐 First-class Mesh debugging tools for Unity3D v0.6.1
exdownloader exdownloader / injectLoader C# Runtime assembly reload for Unity 1.0
chapuni llvm-project / llvm-project-20170507 C++ Flat monorepo imported from (17 repos) release_600_rc3 # What is? They are *unofficial* RPM packages for CentOS6. Let me know if any issues are there. Note: They will not include RC numbers and I will not handle RPM release numbers. Please remove the
gugu0087 gugu0087 / GuUtils Java 工具类 2.0 2.0版本
darhanger daygu / PQR-HWoW no-lang PQRotation for Heroes WoW * More improvements; * Warrior Arms test profile;
9and3r 9and3r / livetracking Java Proiektu Amaierako Proiektua v2.1.0_BETA
kubar123 kubar123 / MagneticKelp AutoHotkey Torrent client manager for Windows v0.1.0 First buggy beta release. Supports: * Drag and drop .torrent files * Easily stream/download content No uninstaller (yet!) - %appdata%\MagneticKelp - to remove all files. Reassign default magnet
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm64 no-lang arm64 sources and releases for opengapps 20180224 Automatically generated builds of 24 February 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
XenHat Ociidii-Works / GPU-Idle-Helper C# An utility that aims to improve some GPU's idle power usage by killing background processes 1.0.5 Made stuff better and faster. It's been a while since the last release, I've mostly been doing refactoring invisible to the user.
yjfnypeu yjfnypeu / Router-RePlugin Java 针对360的RePlugin插件化框架适配的路由Router框架 0.7.0 重构跨插件时的动作路由启动逻辑,修复不能由插件向宿主中发送动作路由的问题。
augi avast / gradle-docker-compose-plugin Groovy Simplifies usage of Docker Compose for integration testing in Gradle environment. 0.7.1
sielver Pleesher / php-client PHP PHP SDK to easily send requests to Pleesher's REST API. v1.0.2.1
matteocontrini matteocontrini / comuni-json JavaScript 🇮🇹 Database comuni italiani (2018) con informazioni ISTAT + CAP aggiornati 2018-02-17 2 nuove fusioni - Megliadino San Fidenzio, Saletto, Santa Margherita d'Adige => Borgo Veneto - Barbarano Vicentino, Mossano => Barbarano Mossano
thekingnothing powermock / powermock Java PowerMock is a Java framework that allows you to unit test code normally regarded as untestable. powermock-1.7.4 Published to [![Bintray](]( # Improvements: - Add supporting Java 9 into Powe
JionSey JionSey / JCNetWorkingManager Objective-C a netWorking tool 0.03
bartjkdp Pleio / pleio PHP Online collaboration software for governments v1.0.25 * De plugin *pleio_transfer* vernieuwd. Een aantal vraag-specifieke items toegevoegd.
Argent77 Argent77 / PST-UB-reloaded DTrace A mod that makes Qwinn's original "PS:T Unfinished Business" available for PST:EE v1.1 This mod is a continuation of Qwinn's original *PS:T Unfinished Business*. It has been completely overhauled and made available to PST:EE in addition to classic PS:T. **Changelog:** - Added Portug
yirius yirius / iceshttp PHP a http client for tp5.1 0.1 an easy http client for tp5.1
mmzliveid BizAppFramework / angular-build TypeScript Build tool for Angular app and library projects. v5.2.5 - Fixed error 'Cannot find module @angular-devkit/build-optimizer ...' [#89d00657]( - Set rollup-plugi
private-yusuke private-yusuke / saveledge C++ 日記をつけられるQt製アプリ An application for writing your diary 1.0.0
anders-hopland AscendNTNU / ascendntnu-web JavaScript The Ascend NTNU website. v1.2.34 Updated to the latest version of dotenv-expand in hope of running the production build
ChunshengZhao ChunshengZhao / feedingbottle no-lang FeedingBottle is a Aircrack-ng GUI, create by Fast Light User-Interface Designer ("FLUID"). v3.37 2018-02-24 FeedingBottle-3.37 --- Rewrite the option "airmon-ng check kill".
keiranmraine cancerit / cgpJBrowseToolkit JavaScript Holds publicly useful scripts and tools for JBrowse users and admins 2.0.0 phantomjs has reached end of life so this release switches to a puppeteer/chrome based script. Items of note: * Switched to [puppeteer]( * Lost bmp
bjavaid BlueEastCode / bluerain-plugin-material-ui TypeScript 📺 BlueRain plugin that adds Material UI components v1.0.0 <a name="1.0.0"></a> # [1.0.0]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * **Breadcrumb:** Remove stories
AdamCarroll VocabHunter / VocabHunter Java VocabHunter helps learners of foreign languages find vital new vocabulary to study. 1.0.23
stewid ropensci / git2r C R bindings to the libgit2 library v0.21.0 * Added methods 'odb_blobs' and 'odb_objects' with missing repository signature. Internally, they use 'getwd' and 'discover_repository' to open a repository. BUG FIXES * The bundled libgit
Ryozuki Ryozuki / discord.aio Python An asynchronous Discord API wrapper 0.1.7
b-vesco b-vesco / vesco-helixpresets no-lang Helix Factory Presents through the ages 2.50.0 All factory presets that have been deleted from 1.06.5 to 2.50.0
XiaMuYaoDQX XiaMuYaoDQX / rapidmvc Java origin 0.03 第三次发布
phorzycki phorzycki / decarte PHP decARTe online shop v2018.02.24.1
shams-ahmed Nexmo / conversation-ios-sdk Swift [READ ONLY] Nexmo Conversation iOS SDK 0.20.0 # Breaking changes ## Rename - `Audio` class has been renamed to `Media` - `RTCController` class has been renamed to `MediaController` Previous version: ```swift Client
bihe0832 bihe0832 / readhub-android Java 基于个人兴趣开发的一款浏览Readhub内容的Android应用 V2.0.0 ### 应用简介 该应用非无码科技官方产品,仅是基于个人兴趣开发的一款浏览Readhub内容的Android应用。app内所有资讯内容均来自无码科技产品 Readhub。
bgultekin bgultekin / laravalid PHP Laravalid : This package makes validation rules defined in laravel work client-side by converting to html/js plugins such as jquery validation. It also allows to use laravel validation messages so you can show same messages for both sides. v1.3.1 - Make source code compatible with PHP 5.4 / Laravel 5.0 - Use PHPUnit mock instead of Mockery - Add more unit-tests to coverage all source code
toby1991 toby1991 / laravel-release Shell help people who's behind the wall to use laravel. 帮助没有网络自由的人使用Laravel 2018-02-24-18-00-01
KazuCocoa KazuCocoa / appium-source-viewer JavaScript Appium source viewer under offline mode v0.0.4 - Element properties viewer #5
amir2b amir2b / image-fit PHP Laravel image fit 1.2.3
joemcintyre Cygns / eslint-config JavaScript ESLint config for React and Node.js applications v2.1.0 Relax react/jsx-filename-extension rule to allow .js and .jsx file extensions to be used for files that contain JSX content. This provides consistency for files when JSX and non-JSX files are present
jrierab jrierab / SunriseSunset TypeScript APP per mostrar l'hora de sortida/posta de sol en un lloc determinat, usant Ionic. v0.2
marcodeltutto marcodeltutto / UBXSec C++ LArSoft tools for a MicroBooNE cross section measurement v3.2.0 * New cuts to remove nues * Bug fix for ACPT ophite vector * More variables to output tree * General improvements
hello2mao hello2mao / XLogging Java Network performance monitor SDK for Android supporting TCP/SSL/HTTP(S). v2.0.3
Aephiex Aephiex / ST-PROB AMPL Stellaris user modding about orbital bombardment and war mechanics improvement. Legacy This is the latest PROB for pre Stellaris v2.0 update.
patricks patricks / GeocachingAPI Swift Swift framework for the Geocaching API. 0.1.3
opdss opdss / Nroute PHP slim框架的注释路由器 v0.1.4 slim注释路由插件
hammermaps DZCP-Community / DZCP-1.6 PHP Official repository for deV!L`z ClanPortal Version 1.6.x 1604f2
dr-orlovsky pandoraboxchain / pyrrha-boxproxy JavaScript Server-side Proxy for Pyrrha Boxchain Explorer 0.1.0
tommartensen tommartensen / fake-news-detector Python Implementing a fake news detector. Comparing different ML algorithms and NLP strategies. v1.0 The report presents a survey of different feature extraction techniques, configurations and machine learning algorithms to predict whether a news article is fake or genuine. The problem is approached
LapisDev LapisDev / fund TypeScript A tool for getting the real-time information on your funds. v1.0.0
mackerelbot mackerelio / mkr Go Command Line Tool for Mackerel staging - Fix copying plugin archives while installing a plugin on Windows #144 - update rpm-v2 task for building Amazon Linux 2 package #143
zyw5791557 zyw5791557 / Vue-Chat-Business CSS This is a Vue-Chat item's business branch. v2.1.1 ## v2.1.1 | 2018-02-24 1.天气功能上线 2.优化 3.离线消息bug修复
liuf1986 liuf1986 / CulturalCloudInfrastructure Objective-C CulturalCloudInfrastructure 0.0.1 0.0.1
Dilshat subutai-io / snap Shell Required files to build SS snap package using snapcraft tool 6.2.2
toxicFork toxicFork / react-three-renderer JavaScript Render into a three.js canvas using React. v3.2.4 `npm install --save react-three-renderer@3.2.4` ## Changelog ([see diff]( ### Components - Fixed `index` property to d
Dilshat subutai-io / agent Go Subutai Agent is daemon written on Go which is meant to provide CLI to control Subutai infrastructure, receive and perform Management commands through secured channels 6.4.5
leveychen leveychen / AioConfigHelper Java AioConfigHelper v1.3.9 v1.3.9
avsej couchbase / libcouchbase C++ The couchbase client for C. 2.8.5 API documentation: ### Changes * [CCBC-883]( Always use built-in compression. It is not
inorton inorton / EDMCHits Python Client for 0.4.8 You can now change how long HITS displays messages for. Also, if Elite is obscured or minimised HITS won't keep rendering messages.
g1eny0ung ilime / GoalHub Swift :golf: Set your GitHub year contributions' goal. v1.2.0 - Now can set update data's frequency
sagiegurari sagiegurari / cargo-make Rust Rust task runner and build tool. 0.10.3
yulrizka yulrizka / osx-push-to-talk Swift OSX status bar application that mute microphone on user click. 0.1.1 * Refactored to swift 3 and then to switft 4 * new icon Mostly thanks to nielubowicz
hoppe93 hoppe93 / NORSE Matlab The NOn-linear Relativistic Solver for Electrons v1.1 This release is the first version of NORSE published on GitHub. It is a significantly improved version of the code released together with the paper by Stahl et al. [[Stahl et al., Comp. Phys. Comm. 21
petrockblog petrockblog / petrockutil Go This is a command line utility for interacting with devices v1.0.0 Initial release with support for scanning serial ports and interacting with the [GamepadBlock](
javidalpe javidalpe / laravel-idempotency PHP Laravel Idempotency Middleware v1.0
banklink banklink / paysystem Java Banklink encapsulates the unionpay interface, which makes it easier for developers to access POS machines. 1.0.4
sdrausty sdrausty / TermuxArch Shell Use 📲 to install Arch Linux in Termux on Amazon Fire OS, Android and Chromebook. This setup script will attempt to set Arch Linux up in your Termux environment. 0.8.9 * Options refined. * Rootdir refined. * Printout statements refined. TermuxArch v0.8.9 Arch Linux in Termux install script for Amazon Fire OS, Android and Chromebook. See https://sdrausty.
imrealashu thecodework / two-factor-authentication PHP Two Factor Authentication for Laravel Fixed issue with disabling 2fa
dr-orlovsky pandoraboxchain / pyrrha-consensus JavaScript Core set of Ethereum contracts for Pandora Boxchain functioning 0.1.0
Datseris JuliaDynamics / DynamicalSystemsBase.jl Julia Definitions of core system and data types used in library of DynamicalSystems.jl v0.6.2 Helies -> Heiles and docstrings of integrators became betterer.
cssivision cssivision / vxlan Go overlay network base on linux virtual VXLan switch. 0.1.0
shawntoffel jukeizu / treediagram-commands-contacts Go Contacts commands 0.0.2
EvgeniyKorepov EvgeniyKorepov / MinerPro-for-NiceHash Batchfile MinerPro for NiceHash v1.1.0.16 - Added minimization of the application to the system tray. Available in the application settings. - Fixed a buffer overflow error when the excavator is locally connected. - Fixed various interface
RobRich999 RobRich999 / Chromium_PGO no-lang Chromium browser compiled with PGO optimization. v66.0.3354.0-r538832-win64 Chromium build and version details: Chromium 66.0.3354.0 (Official Build) (Windows 64-bit) - No Sync | No WebRTC | No Widevine Revision 1a37b1651971b41c71ba51040bee38a51584697c-refs/heads/master@{
javiereguiluz javiereguiluz / EasyAdminBundle PHP The new (and simple) admin generator for Symfony applications. v1.17.12 ### New features [b955cf56] Added support for immutable date types (@javiereguiluz) [3df0a6ea] Allowed to define the max_results option per entity (@javiereguiluz) [cfcdc62a] Allowed to pass cust
hzhjellyfish llakcs / SDoor Java smartdoor v1.5.3
kkcodes kkcodes / laravel-firebase-auth PHP Firebase Authenticator Baked for Laravel 1.0 Firebase Auth for Laravel. Currently Supports: Facebook Google
lotsofone lotsofone / Lissajous-figure no-lang 给物理课做的李萨如图课件 0
Hansi7 Hansi7 / AVSorter C# Move the Video file to some folder using data from .This is a Html reader for Search Japanese AV using a key-word and geting detail information.If you already have the Video file, it could move the file to some (new) folder by the video's actor,procuder etc. and save the video info at local database in order to query later. v1.1 1. 修改了界面的显示效果。 2. 完善了自定义目录的预览工具
mohierf Alignak-monitoring-contrib / alignak-module-backend Python Alignak modules (arbiter, broker, scheduler) for the backend 1.2.0 Allow to configure the Alignak backend items count at a high value to improve performance Closes #138 : bulk posting Closes #139 : default is to not manage update_program_status broks
jcgay jcgay / gradle-notifier Groovy Desktop notifications for Gradle v2.2.0 - Upgrade to Gradle 4.5.1 ([3ab1ba6]( - Don't notify when building buildSrc ([35a4b90](
SeriaWei SeriaWei / ZKEACMS.Core C# ZKEACMS for .Net Core (.Net Core CMS) v2.6.2 - 增加文章阅读计数时,仅更新Count字段 #149 - 简化Widget实现 #147 - 组件中支持发起响应404 #146 - 媒体库列表图片压缩显示 #145 - 编辑器中的媒体库支
victordzmr victordzmr / web PHP My personal website. v1.3.4 * Added back HTMLMin, as now it is compatible with Laravel 5.6. * Fixed issue with Xdebug configuration. * Improved the "readme" file.
akoya-tomo akoya-tomo / futaba_thread_highlighter_K JavaScript スレ本文を検索してカタログでスレッド監視しちゃう v1.6.6rev7
xtreamwayz zendframework / zend-expressive-authentication PHP Authentication middleware for Expressive and PSR-7 applications 1.0.0alpha3
Dilshat subutai-io / base Java Subutai is a next generation peer to peer (P2P) cloud computing and Internet of Thing platform. Subutai peers collaborate and share resources to create secure virtual environments tying together the shared network and machine resources across peers. 6.3.6 TODO
joan-domingo joan-domingo / Podcasts-RAC1-Android Kotlin Android app to listen to podcasts from RAC1 radio station 3.1.2 * Bug fixing
gkluoe gkluoe / git2jss Python Release control for JSS scripts v0.1.0 New Features: ============= Add support for storing passwords in keychain by default ### Notable Changes * Now uses the `keyring` module by default to safely store passwords (Issue #1) * Us
WiseLord WiseLord / ampcontrol C ATmega32-based amplifier control module with 32-band spectrum analyzer and FM radio support m8-20180224 Source code optimizations, restyle and refactoring Synchronization tuner/audio code with m32 branch
eerobot eero-inc / sch_cake C Out of tree build for the new cake qdisc v3.8.0-310+2018-02-23
shockey swagger-api / swagger-editor JavaScript Swagger Editor v3.3.0 This release includes significant performance improvements! See [Swagger-UI v3.11.0]( for more information. **Interface changes**: Non
anhbontb anhbontb / BPCollection Swift Swift category for parse, convert data v1.0.6
kyuwoo-choi nhnent / tui.editor JavaScript 🍞📝 Markdown WYSIWYG Editor. GFM Standard + Chart & UML Extensible. v1.0.4 ## Bug Fixes * c374912 Fix: XSS in Viewer
shockey swagger-api / swagger-js JavaScript Javascript library to connect to swagger-enabled APIs via browser or nodejs v3.5.0 **Interface changes**: Added `Swagger.resolveSubtree`. **Changelog**: - Added a subtree-discriminating resolver interface to Specmap, for more performant resolution in downstream projects (via #12
rougier rougier / freetype-py Python Python binding for the freetype library 1.2.1 Bugfix release
boostchicken boostchicken / nginx-asg-sync Go NGINX Plus Integration with AWS Auto Scaling groups v0.2-2 Reduced Api calls significantly to help this run at scale
AtwindYu Rise-Soft / Abp.Castle.NLog C# Abp的NLog日志输出模块。 3.4.0 ## 使用方法 > - 使用Nuget管理卸载Abp.Castle.Log4Net > - 使用Nuget安装Abp.Castle.NLog > - 配置[nlog.config](doc/nlog.config) 文件,可下载直接使用 > - 修改Sta
Ct7Liang Ct7Liang / tangyuan Java tangyuan 1.0.4
jackrabbit335 jackrabbit335 / LinuxMaintain Shell Scripts to get the most out of Linux systems. 2.0 Linux scripts
fenying litert / logger.js TypeScript A logs-recorder for LiteRT framework. v0.1.0
karip karip / harbour-file-browser C A native file browser to view files on Sailfish phones. v1.7.1 * Added translations for French, Dutch and Greek * Fixed icons for high density screens
shamim2883 shamim2883 / front-end-pm-um-integration PHP Front End PM custom extension to integrate with Ultimate Member v1.1 initial release
lotsofone lotsofone / RASB no-lang 初中做的一款小游戏,现在仅保留了动作游戏部分做展示用 1.0.1
josercc josercc / ZHAutoSizeTagView Objective-C 自动适配大小标签试图 1.3.1
AAAlvesJr MultithreadCorner / MCBooster C++ Header only library to fast generation of large samples of phase space Monte Carlo using CUDA, OpenMP and TBB backdends. v1.2.1 Release to get doi from Zenodo
littlemo littlemo / alfred-financial-toolbox Python Alfred Workflow应用:提供分期付款并用于固定收益率理财的最终收益计算 v1.10 包含工具如下 * 信用卡分期计算工具 * 固收理财计算工具
RunGp RunGp / Nvidiux Python Nvidiux overclock or underclock your nvidia Gpu 2.0 Version 2 of nvidiux with the new interface Note RedHat Rpm is not updated
xzzpig xzzpig / PigBukkitAPI Java 幻猪的Bukkit插件基础插件 v1.1
AAAlvesJr AAAlvesJr / MCBooster C++ Development fork of MCBooster v1.3.0
hacdias filebrowser / filebrowser Go :file_folder: Web File Manager which can be used as a middleware or standalone app. v1.5.5 ## Changelog 04096b6 chore: version 1.5.5 b0e3ec2 chore: bump frontend version 52803dd chore: setting untracked version [ci skip] --- Automated with [GoReleaser]( Built
recluze recluze / cli-files no-lang Working files for the Linux Command Line course 0.0
fniephaus fniephaus / alfred-pocket Python Manage your Pocket list with Alfred v7.1 - Add `Random` category (Thanks to @Kitefr)
M66B M66B / NetGuard Java A simple way to block access to the internet per application 2.186 * Removed power saving * All changes:
tossmilestone tossmilestone / crawlgo Go A crawler written in golang v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 ## Features: - Crawl the links of a site by the DOM selector. - Download the links in parellelism using goroutine.
medienbaecker medienbaecker / kirby-simplemde JavaScript Kirby Markdown Editor using SimpleMDE 1.3.16
jxr202 jxr202 / XRefreshView-Multilingual Java For multilingual v1.0.7 修复莫名其妙的字符转换错误
landonp1203 CSC480-18S / Red-Team Java Read Team Repository v1.0-proto.2 Word placement is properly validated on the board.
clown cube-soft / Cube.Net C# Network library and an implemented application named CubeRSS Reader. 1.7.0 * The first release.
Xupeijie Xupeijie / hello-world no-lang 这是俺的 1.0 123
amrfahmyy amrfahmyyy / Hang-Man no-lang yarab teshtaghal ddd
billryan billryan / blog Python blog source 20180224_085336-14460ad
landonp1203 landonp1203 / Red-Team Java Read Team Repository v1.0-proto.2 Word placement is properly validated on the board.
chrme henrypp / chromium no-lang Chromium builds with codecs v64.0.3282.186-r520840-win64 Chromium v64.0.3282.186 r520840 (stable) - only for windows x64 - with codecs (h264, h265, flac, xvid, etc..) - nosync without WebRTC support - WPO build
develar electron-userland / electron-builder TypeScript A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with “auto update” support out of the box v20.2.0 To support building snap for Electron 2 applications, new Docker image is introduced. You don't need to use it directly — used automatically (but not on CI server). But in any case if you don't have
TKkk-iOSer TKkk-iOSer / WeChatPlugin-MacOS Objective-C mac OS版微信小助手 功能: 自动回复、消息防撤回、远程控制、微信多开、会话置底、免认证登录、窗口置顶、会话多选删除、通知快捷回复 v1.5.0 * 优化防撤回提醒 * 新增自动登录开关 * 新增小助手检测更新 * 新增通知中心快捷回复 * 新增表情包复制 & 存储 * 自动回复 & 远程控制设置存
JJ JJ / 1line-py JavaScript Enseñando pensamiento computacional a partir de python one-liners v2018.2 El principal cambio ha sido en la versión impresa, que aparecerá en breve en [Amazon](
zrunker zrunker / ZMall Java 商品APP,自定义框架汇总集合。 v1.03 1、在build.gradle文件中添加以下代码: ``` allprojects { repositories { maven { url '' } } } ``` ``` dependencies { compile 'com.github.zrunker:ZMall:v1.03'
daviscook477 gskleres / FruityMod-StS Java Fruity Mod for Slay The Spire v0.4.3
lotsofone lotsofone / RB24solver no-lang Ruby写的24点破解器,下载可直接双击Game运行 2.0.5 初中写的24点破解器
syssi syssi / xiaomiplug Python Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Socket integration for Home Assistant 1.3.0 Unavailable state introduced if the device isn't reachable. Set power mode service added.
lakatoshv lakatoshv / Shop CSS Онлайн магазин написаний на Zend Framework 1.11 з використанням jQuery, Bootstrap v1.2
mjpt777 real-logic / simple-binary-encoding Java Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) - High Performance Message Codec 1.7.7 * Regenerate IR codecs. * Provide `ByteOrder` as a constant available in the generated Java codecs. * Do not allocate when putting or getting an empty string in Java codecs. * Apply strict indentat
Morbidslinky Morbidslinky / SOC C# SideOp Companion v0.6.0.0b # SideOp Companion 6th Release, Pre-release Build * Added "Walker Gears" detail. Users can place, customize and set Walker Gears as sideop targets. * Added "Enemy Helicopter" det
Relrin Relrin / sanic-mongodb-extension Python MongoDB with μMongo support for Sanic framework v0.1.1 Fixes: - Missing import to motor asyncio client
RyanJ93 RyanJ93 / email-address-validator JavaScript A simple tool that allows you to validate and check for e-mail address existence. v1.1.2
xtreamwayz zendframework / zend-expressive-session-ext PHP PHP ext-session persistence adapter for zend-expressive-session. 0.1.3 Added ----- - [#5]( adds support for the ^1.0.0alpha1 release of zend-expressive-session. Changed ------- - Nothing. D
kitsuyui kitsuyui / invisible Go Embed noise or hidden message to text. v0.0.1
mohierf Alignak-monitoring-contrib / alignak-backend JavaScript Backend for alignak (REST API for configuration, retention, livestate, logs) based on Python Eve 1.4.0 Closes #489 : Change default pagination limit / default - make it higher to improve performance Closes #490 : Allow to configure HTTP notification for Alignak arbiter when a new realm or host is crea
RyanJ93 RyanJ93 / password-toolbox JavaScript A simple toolkit for generate, analyse and hash passwords with Node.js. v1.1.4
RyanJ93 RyanJ93 / php-password-toolbox PHP A simple toolkit for generate, analyse and hash passwords with PHP. v1.1.4
RyanJ93 RyanJ93 / php-tor-detector PHP A very simple library to detect Tor connections using PHP 7 without any dependency. v1.1.2
RyanJ93 RyanJ93 / tor-detector JavaScript A very simple library to detect Tor connections using Node.js without any dependency. v1.1.2
GDave50 GDave50 / Snake Python The classic arcade game Snake 1.0 All features have been implemented. The game is now in its final state so long as no bugs surface.
tanvir002700 tanvir002700 / tabulator-rails Ruby Tabulator jQuery Plugin v0.2.1 tabulator js version 3.4.1
kronoscloud kronoscloud / Instagram-Account-Creation-Tool C# A C# tool for creating instagram accounts. v1.0 First release of the instagram account creation tool.
gtrafimenkov gtrafimenkov / right-mouse-click Makefile Simple program for performing right mouse click 0.0.2
sim1984 sim1984 / langref40 XSLT Firebird 4.0 Language Reference langref40 # Руководство по языку SQL СУБД Firebird 4.0 - 24 февраля 2018 — v.0000-1 для Firebird 4.0 Beta 1 ### Внимание В настоящее время Firebir
mjpt777 real-logic / agrona Java High Performance data structures and utility methods for Java 0.9.13 * Add `CountersReader.forEach` method that gives basic label information and the counter value. * Improve Agents error handling in aggressive shutdown scenarios. * Add SystemUtil.getPid(). * Add `M
sim1984 sim1984 / langref30 XSLT Firebird 3.0 Language Reference langref30 # Руководство по языку SQL СУБД Firebird 3.0 24 февраля 2018 — v.0043-1 для Firebird 3.0.3
electr0sheep electr0sheep / OctoPrint-Cr10_leveling Python Adds CR-10 leveling buttons to the controls tab on OctoPrint v1.0.2
ltlovezh Tencent / VasDolly Java Android V1 and V2 Signature Channel Package Plugin V1.1.7 1. 优化文件copy速度 2. 提供了FastMode,生成渠道包时不进行校验,速度可以提升10倍以上。
Zaeworks Zaeworks / SteamScreenshotImporter C# Import images to steam as game screenshots 1.0 Release版本 注: 已使用ILMerge将Gameloop.Vdf合并
yueeng yueeng / hacg Scala 琉璃神社 hacg android app by scala 1.2.5 * 修正一些问题
talha629 talha629 / AnnotationStyler Java Style xml using annotation v1.0.0
ajeeth ajeeth / keycloak-docker XSLT Extension of the official Keycloak Docker image customized for Computer Science House. 3.4.3
liuf1986 liuf1986 / CulturalCloudDataOverview Objective-C CulturalCloudDataOverview 0.0.2 0.0.2
0xfeedface1993 0xfeedface1993 / WebShell Swift A shell could opreate WKWebView in Swift & JS, it run like internet worm, but not in harm way. v0.1 # Core Function is ready, but you need more work. More detail coming soon! [](
dickens libusb / libusb C A cross-platform library to access USB devices v1.0.22-rc3
ivanilves ivanilves / lstags Go Compare & Sync Docker tags/images between registries v52 ## Changelog
chrberger chalmers-revere / opendlv-device-gps-nmea C++ OpenDLV Microservice to interface with Trimble GPS/INSS units v0.0.2 * Fixed automated aarch64 build
icaishaohua icaishaohua / weixin-pay Java 微信支付(开放平台) 1.0.0
HanProjectCoder HanProjectCoder / PreviewHelper Objective-C An ipa/app/mobileprovision files Preview Plug-in for Mac OS Edit Add topics 1.2
sim1984 sim1984 / langref25 XSLT Firebird 2.5 Language Reference langref25 # Руководство по языку SQL СУБД Firebird 2.5 24 февраля 2018 — v.0482-1 для Firebird 2.5.8
simonsmith suitcss / stylelint-suitcss JavaScript A collection of stylelint plugins for SUIT CSS 3.0.0 * Update stylelint to ^9.0.0 - Note this drops support for Node 4
dschadow jcryptool / core Java JCrypTool Core Plug-ins Weekly-Build-24.02.2018
artemnovichkov artemnovichkov / zepcode JavaScript Zeplin extension that generates Swift snippets from colors, fonts and layers 0.1.0 ## Added: - Generates UIColor extension with palette colors - Generates UIFont extension with text style fonts - Generates code snippet for border and corner radius - Generates code snippet for li
RyanJ93 RyanJ93 / php-email-address-validator PHP A simple tool that allows you to validate and check for e-mail address existence. v1.1.2
Relrin Relrin / sanic-redis-extension Python Redis support for Sanic framework v0.1.0 Features: - Implemented RedisExtension class
jiyee jiyee / XcodeClangFormat Objective-C++ Format code in Xcode 8+ with clang-format 1.1.0
cuileon yiichina / yii2-adminlte PHP Yii2 后台中使用 AdminLTE 主题 v2.0.0
romagny13 romagny13 / JsonObjectSerializer C# Json Serializer for .NET projects 0.5.1
bergen-miha bergen-miha / QuEqTrain JavaScript Quadratic equations training (HTML, JS) beta3 - New UI - Background music by I. Mayzinger - Game sound (Freesound) - Etc ![_2018-02-24_15-16-54](
lxb31 lxb31 / kubbo Java Kubbo是一个分布式高性能rpc框架, 支持异步调用, 底层基于kubernetes和netty v0.11.0
wuxudong wuxudong / react-native-charts-wrapper Java a react native charts wrapper (support android & ios) v0.4.2 #209 add x and y PieChartDataSet ValuePosition prop #210 Fix chart frame being mispositioned #217 Docs for react-native-charts-wrapper #219 NormalizeSizeEnabled for Bubble Charts
coreycoburn coreycoburn / presenter PHP A presenter package for Laravel 5.5+ based off of the package by Laracasts 1.1.1
Slut umods / EnhancedBanSystem C# Ban players by Steam ID, IP address, local ban list, or remote ban list v5.2.2 - Fix error with PlayerDatabase (OnServerInitialized)
JasonBoy JasonBoy / wechat-jssdk JavaScript 🐧Next-Generation WeChat JS-SDK integration with NodeJS v3.1.0-alpha.3 - 🐛fix fenToYuan func #17 - 🐛 some UT fixes - 🔧 enable Payment & Card in tests - 📛 badges updates
yjfnypeu yjfnypeu / EasyThread Java 一款安全、轻巧、简单的线程池管理器 0.4.0 1. 重构延迟任务逻辑 2. 部分api调整
mcfedr mcfedr / resque-queue-driver-bundle PHP A driver for Queue Manager Bundle that uses resque 3.5.0
artkirienko artkirienko / just_a_travis_ci_test Makefile Just a TravisCI test v0.4test2
Mattomanx77 Mattomanx77 / tmodloader-crescent C# UI/RPG Mod for Terraria v0.4.7 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.1
windhc windhc / code-generator Java IntelliJ IDEA插件, 生成模板代码 v1.0.0 - 生成dao/service/controller - 满足目前使用
lhw5123 jpush / cordova-plugin-jsms Objective-C JiGuang's officially supported JSMS PhoneGap/Cordova plugin (Android & iOS). 极光官方支持的短信验证码 PhoneGap/Cordova 插件。 v1.2.0 ## Improvements - 支持 cordova-android v7.0.0。 - 提供 @jiguang-ionic/jsms 包兼容 ionic-native。
anandpotukchi anandpotukchi / campus Elixir Campus platform 0.1
yukinomiu yukinomiu / Hikari-go Go The Golang version of Hikari 0.0.1-beta
unifycoin unifycoin / unifycore-lib JavaScript A pure and powerful JavaScript Unifycoin library v0.13.22
alexey-lysiuk alexey-lysiuk / gzdoom-macos-devbuilds no-lang Mirror of GZDoom development builds for macOS g3.3pre-420-g12eb760ff Development build at coelckers/gzdoom@12eb760ff SHA-256: 510fe04f1af11b3087270978d05d9ee63c8cfeb412dca74a81620484b732d2b1
jorritfolmer jorritfolmer / puppet-splunk Puppet Deploy Splunk indexers, search heads and universal forwarders with Puppet in any imaginable topology, distributed or (multisite) clustered. v3.9.1 Fixed issue where splunk first time run would happen before install
mvpleung mvpleung / UniquePay JavaScript 微信支付、支付宝支付聚合SDK,支持内置对象调用、jsSdk 调用,支持 vuejs、script 引用 0.0.2
zikula-bot zikula / core PHP Zikula Core Framework 2.0.5 Zikula Core **2.0.5** is available as of today, 24 February, 2018. - BC Breaks: - matthiasnoback/symfony-service-definition-validator has been removed to make compatibility to newer Symfony v
rohanthewiz rohanthewiz / roftp Go Wrappers around jlaffaye/ftp v0.2.0 This is the first implementation of downloads and is simply a download of all files in the specified folder with an optional limit. Single file download should follow soon.
AndyLavr AndyLavr / wip-kernel C WIP Patched Kernel Sources (Linux 4.15.*) v4.15.5-wip-x23 4.15.5-wip-x23 WIP Kernel (Patched Kernel Sources Linux 4.15.5) - Full kernel adaptation to version Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic. - Full kernel adaptation to build GCC7/GCC8. Full support: - Ind
moritzfl moritzfl / safari-bibtex HTML safari browser extension to help with citing websites in bibtex 1.0.5 the citation now includes an entry for bibdesk-users
zemanlx zemanlx / remark-lint no-lang Docker image for remark-lint markdown code style linter 0.1.0 Initial release with configuration and CI examples for fast integration. Docker base image: - node:8.9.4-alpine NPM dependencies: - remark-cli: 5.0.0 - remark-lint: 6.0.1 - remark-preset-lin
zsfenggy zsfenggy / ZxingLib Java A simplified library based on ZXing. See: 0.0.2 update zxing to 3.3.2
DamonHu DamonHu / HDCommonTools Objective-C 一句代码即可实现多种常用功能,根据数据处理、文件管理、多媒体管理、权限管理、系统信息、Appstore操作、加密解密、快捷宏定义等几种不同的类型封装,A short code can achieve a variety of commonly used functions,according to the data processing, file management, multimedia management, rights management, information system, Appstore, encryption and decryption, quick macro definition type package several different Category 1.2.5 fix cocoaDoc
skipperbent skipperbent / ninjaimg-php-sdk PHP Official PHP SDK for the NinjaImg service 2.5.1 - Added better support for generating urls.
pvizeli home-assistant / hassio HTML :house_with_garden: First private cloud supervisor for home automation 0.93 ## Bugfix - System tab on UI ## Changes - Partial restore only stop Home-Assistant if they is enabled
wangzhzh sensorsdata / sa-sdk-ios Objective-C The official iOS SDK for Sensors Analytics v1.9.2 1、优化 profile 相关的接口,防止因为参数为 nil 而导致 crash 2、修复无法找到 SAAppExtensionDataManager.h 的问题
alash3al alash3al / httpsify Go a transparent HTTPS termination proxy using letsencrypt with auto certification renewal v3.1 New ==== - Restrict the `Let's Encrypt` challenge validation to be only `http-01` because [Let's Encrypt disables TLS-SNI-01 validation](
nighca qiniu / js-sdk JavaScript 基于七牛 API 开发的前端 JavaScript SDK v2.1.0 #331 添加日志报告
wangnan31415926 bithd / bithd-mcu C :lock: Sources for TREZOR firmware v2.0.0 for engineering machine
elcritch elcritch / nerves_system_bbb_ti Shell Base Nerves system configuration for the BeagleBone Black and Green v1.0.0rc
SiberiaDante SiberiaDante / TitleLayout Java 多功能、通用的、可在布局或者使用Java代码实现标题栏; 支持沉浸式状态栏; 支持左侧返回按钮不需要手动实现页面返回; 支持左侧按钮,中间标题,右边按钮点击 左侧支持图片+文字、单独图片、单独文字;右侧支持单独图片、单独文字等。 v1.1.0 v1.1.0
stephenjsweeney stephenjsweeney / blobwarsAttrition C A C source port of Blob Wars : Attrition v0.5
josegonzalez dokku / dokku Shell A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications v0.11.4 ### Bug Fixes - #3071: @josegonzalez Do not grab restart policies if the deploy phase cannot be read - #3065: @josegonzalez Check if dokkurc files are readable before attempting to source - #3066
killdash9 killdash9 / buffer-flip.el Emacs Lisp Flip through Emacs buffers Alt-Tab style. 2.0 Removed dependency on key-chord. Commands are now bound to keys using normal key binding configuration, although key chords continue to be supported through explicit key-chord bindings. This was a
giginet giginet / Toybox Swift Xcode Playground management made easy 1.0.1
mouserd mouserd / neblio-slack-bot Python A Slack Bot with Neblio wallet integration for Raspberry Pi v1.0.0
sudtanj sudtanj / Prolog-Language Prolog Prolog Language Script Collection 1.0.0
kyleneideck kyleneideck / BackgroundMusic C++ Background Music, a macOS audio utility: automatically pause your music, set individual apps' volumes and record system audio. 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-3ba53a5
harrynguon harrynguon / Discord4j-Discord-Bot Java Discord bot made using the Discord4j API for my discord server called SC Loot. v0.7-alpha
aojiesody zhenzhen-and-xuexue / practice5_webpack JavaScript learn webpack v1.0.0 这个版本是webpack打包简单js 使用 git checkout v1.0.0可以到该版本查看
gokmen gokmen / hodext JavaScript Hodext: Hold the text! v0.1.0
vmchale vmchale / atspkg Haskell Build tool for ATS.
Reiji-Nishiyama tutertlob / im920-arduino C++ Arduino library for communicating among IM920 wireless modules from Interplan. 1.0.0 Changed the supported operation mode of IM920 wireless modules from ECIO to DCIO. Deleted the functions to encode/decode payload into/from base64 strings. Modified the arguments list of functions to
thmufl ipublia / language-detection Jupyter Notebook Language detection for English, German, French, Italian and Romansh. 1.0.0 Initial Release with 94.65% Accuracy trained on 75'000 samples.
hfaran hfaran / slack-export-viewer Python A Slack Export archive viewer that allows you to easily view and share your Slack team's export 0.3.2
wangnan31415926 wangnan31415926 / Mytest C my first test code repository v1.0 1233445qwerty
J0shhT J0shhT / MoonEngine C++ MoonEngine is an open-source prototype game engine that focuses on scripting via Lua 5.3 v1.01-alpha
jdneo jdneo / vscode-leetcode TypeScript Solve LeetCode problems in VS Code v0.2.0 ## [0.2.0] ### Added - Support setting the default language to solve problems [(#5)]( ### Fixed - When user cancels login, no further actions wi
SkyCloudAlex SkyCloudAlex / moduleTwo Java 服务调用方 1.0.1
flyher flyher / blog-temp no-lang temp for blog 0.01 demo
SkyCloudAlex SkyCloudAlex / moduleOne Java 服务提供方 1.0.1
Suprcheese Suprcheese / Vehicle-Wagon Lua A mod for Factorio: 1.2.2 ## Minor Features: * Added the ability to specify the position where you would like vehicles to be unloaded from Vehicle Wagons. ## Changes: * Reverted wagon entity icons to 32px; other icons rema
gtrafimenkov devops-toolkit / golang-deb-packages no-lang Go Packages for Debian and Ubuntu 2018-02-24
dgaussin ledup / maildev no-lang Docker image for Maildev used by led v1.0.0-rc1
frenzzy hyperapp / render JavaScript Render Hyperapp to an HTML string with SSR and Node.js streaming support. v1.3.0 * Scoped npm package name. Use `@hyperapp/render` instead of `hyperapp-render`. * Render `style` attribute with `cssText` correctly. * Better performance for numeric attributes.
SergeyKopylov SergeyKopylov / ESP8266_to_AVR_trough_NAT Lua Remote programming of AVR microcontrollers by ESP8266, located behind the NAT of a mobile network v0.2
EryouHao EryouHao / hve JavaScript A static blog management tool. | 一个你喜欢或者不喜欢的静态博客客户端工具 v0.2.0 - 支持图片上传 - 支持备份 - 支持预览
tstavropoulos tstavropoulos / Musegician C# An MP3 player built in WPF that gives you control over song weights and differentiates between the concepts of a Song and a Recording v0.7.4 Rewritten installer to improve experience and updating. You may need to uninstall existing installations before proceeding, but that should not be necessary going forward.
MustaphaTR MustaphaTR / OpenRA C# Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X. gen-20180222
retrixe retrixe / electron-installer-linux JavaScript Aggregate electron-installer-debian, -redhat and -flatpak under a single package. 2.0.0-alpha.3 ### Major Changes - Add TypeScript definitions and Jest. Remove `debian/flatpak/redhat.js`. You must use the alternative syntax (use the debian/redhat/flatpak key of index.js). This will change..
loveychao loveychao / springmvc Java SpringMVC框架的搭建模板,可拿过来修改直接用 0.001
emako emako / TcpTest-Client Python TCP Protocol Testing Tool - Client Version r1
xtreamwayz zendframework / zend-expressive-flash PHP Flash messages for PSR-7 applications using zend-expressive-session 1.0.0alpha2 Added ----- - [#6]( adds the FlashMessages::getFlashes() method to retrieves an array with all messages for the current request. Ch
Kirk-Wang Kirk-Wang / oh-wheel TypeScript ^_^ v1.1.0 <a name="1.1.0"></a> # [1.1.0]( (2018-02-24) ### Features * **render.ts:** add render.ts ([56d63cd](https://githu
ssmusoke METS-Programme / openmrs-module-aijar SQLPL Electronic Medical Records system for Uganda emtct_module_integration_0.1 Pilot runs from February 26, 2018 in South West Uganda
ZhYong10 ZhYong10 / vscode-markdown-html JavaScript Markdown converter for Visual Studio Code 0.1.8
ssmusoke METS-Programme / openmrs-module-ugandaemr-reports Java Reports for UgandaEMR distribution emtct_module_integration_0.1 Pilot runs from February 26, 2018 in South West Uganda
smhg smhg / date-period JavaScript JavaScript time period iterator v2.2.1 * Update dependencies
smhg smhg / date-interval-js JavaScript Time intervals with algebraic operations v1.1.5 * Update dependencies
rsic-v rsic-v / xilinx C source_code xilinx_linxu_v1.0
JohnsonZZZ JohnsonZZZ / RouterAnnotation Java 路由注解 1.0.2
LukasBrin SAP / iot-application-services-sdk-nodejs JavaScript A NodeJS package that acts as a thin wrapper over the API of SAP IoT Application Enablement. v1.4.0
sgr-smile2015 sgr-smile2015 / website Python website use python3.6 and django 1.11 v1.0.0 project first commit
taisel taisel / xmr-stak C++ Unified All-in-one Monero miner Intel Experimental build with AMD support replaced with Intel iGPU support. Yeah, idk. Go nuts!
panda2525252525 panda2525252525 / ThunderfuryBlessedBladeOfTheWindseeker C# Terraria mod v1.6 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.1
amereii RooyeKhat-Media / IGProtoBuffLibrary Swift IGProtoBuffLibrary For iOS Client - dependencies iGap-Client-iOS 74-a
smhg smhg / date-duration JavaScript ISO 8601 durations v1.4.0 * Expose duration's parameters. * Add `.add(duration)` method to merge 2 durations.
yunzhu-li yunzhu-li / nextbus-tracker Swift Nextbus Tracker App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch v0.1.3.1
f0ghua f0ghua / txtbooker C win32 c version compiled with lcc-win32 v0.5 bug fix version, more stable [](
vic-tan vic-tan / mj-com-utils Java safda 1.0.8 1.0.8
EisenbergEffect aurelia / middleware-koa JavaScript Koa middleware for Aurelia SSR 0.1.1 ### [aurelia-middleware-koa 0.1.1]( #### Bug Fixes * **typings:** Correct typings file path ([ccffe36](
chicanh chicanh / laravel-shop PHP Laravel shop package v0.2.12a
f981545521 f981545521 / iblog2 Java iblog第二版 iblog2_release SSM
startcode startcode / apollo-platform C++ Collections of Apollo Platform Software 2.0.0
aibow liugj / openapi-sdk PHP openapi-sdk v1.2.24
teppeis teppeis / eslint-config-teppeis JavaScript ESLint config set for me! v6.4.0 - add `es2018` presets - update `node-v8` preset to v8.3+ - update eslint-plugin-node@6.0.1 - update eslint@4.18.0 - `"comma-style": [2, "last", {exceptions: {NewExpression:
zevilz zevilz / zImageOptimizer Shell Simple image optimizer for JPEG, PNG and GIF images. 0.8.1 New: - added new parameter for excluding optimizing process from output; - added number of input and optimized files after optimizing in output. Others: - disable colored text, when script execu
glinscott glinscott / leela-chess C++ A chess adaption of GCP's Leela Zero v0.1 Initial binary release of client.
DizzyThermal DizzyThermal / TKViewer Python NexusTK DAT Object Viewer 2.0 * Updated to modern NexusTK DAT files / tiles * Removed Map Viewer tile viewer, now everything is handled from the File Context menu * Added a tk_client - may be the start to something beautiful :)
chrisdostert opspec-pkgs / fs.cp-dir JavaScript copy directory content to another directory 2.0.0
marcin-sielski marcin-sielski / hazyair JavaScript Air quality monitoring tool. v1.5.4
crynobone orchestral / notifier PHP Notifier Component for Orchestra Platform v3.5.2 ### Changes * Assign `orchestra.platform.memory` as `Orchestra\Contracts\Memory\Provider` if the IoC is bound.
FishGoddess FishGoddess / easyMySQL Java 一个简化的 mysql 数据库操作库。。。 A simplified toolkit for mysql... v1.2.2 第三次大更新! the third update!
littleyoda littleyoda / littleyoda-DCC-Decoder C++ Ein Framework, für die Programmierung von ESP8266 basierter Modelleisenbahn-Dekoder (WLAN, Z21, DCC, PWM, LED) v1.1.4 Beta-Version. Nur zum Testen! ## wichtige Änderungen seit dem letzten Release: [Imp] Speicherverbrauch reduziert [Bro] Config-File Format für Gleisbildstellpult geändert. | ESP8266-Board
Xiaoye220 Xiaoye220 / EmptyDataSet-Swift Swift 🎄 DZNEmptyDataSet implement with Swift.A drop-in UITableView/UICollectionView superclass category for showing empty datasets whenever the view has no content to display. DZNEmptyDataSet with Swift. 4.0.3
TNPLR TNPLR / OHCS C++ OH Cryptography System v2.2.0beta We change windows mode to read file because windows default code page is not utf8. We want the file using utf8 to make the ohcs international.
hongliang8769 hongliang8769 / diwu JavaScript 谛悟科技 v1
sunggun-yu sunggun-yu / ansible-role-openstack-bootstrap no-lang Ansible role that creates OpenStack instances and volumes, also attach and mount the volumes to the instances. 1.1.0 Auto-generated inventory file after bootstrapping the OpenStack instances
LIU9293 LIU9293 / victory-native-0.16.1 JavaScript Forked from 0.16.1 0.1
ZhYong10 ZhYong10 / vscode-markdown-pdf JavaScript Markdown converter for Visual Studio Code 0.1.8
LeanZo LeanZo / CSYT C# CSYT is a free and open source program that allow you to watch Youtube videos while doing other stuff. v2.1 ## Description Changed somethings to adequate to program style. Please report any bug found. ### Changelog * Removed taskbar icon. * Added icon to system tray. * Change Video and Settings dialogu
EisenbergEffect aurelia / hot-module-reload TypeScript Core functionality for Aurelia's hot-module-reolad (HMR) capabilities, which is shared by all loaders and tools. 0.2.1 ### [aurelia-hot-module-reload 0.2.1]( #### Bug Fixes * **hmr:** modules from transpilers do not use the 'css-resource-plugin'
peolsson peolsson / git-changelog C# Simple Windows tool for creating a formatted changelog from Git and related Jira issues v1.0.0-rc0 This is the initial release with basic functionality for connecting to a git repository, and to a Jira server. It will gather the needed information and present a simple changelog.
Stouse49 Stouse49 / goldcoin-wallet Java GoldCoin Wallet app for your Android device. Standalone GoldCoin node, no centralized backend required. v4.58.6 * Update exchange rates to use Bittrex and then Cryptopia (CCEX was removed).
Porges Porges / email-validate-hs Haskell Email address validation for Haskell v2.3.2.2 ## Changed * Bump `doctest` upper bound.
JasonGreenBIT pyfecta / pyfecta-core Python Pyfecta Core Class Library v0.1.0 Implement minimum required functional to populate a database with historical racing data.
Californ1a Californ1a / distplay JavaScript Basic Xbox controller input display v0.2.0-alpha All credit to TntMatthew for the initial codebase: Changelog * Fixed Distance layout * Added config.ini (located in `resources/app/`) * Ability to change
jhspetersson jhspetersson / fselect Rust Find files with SQL-like queries 0.1.2 Added exact match operators
jborean93 jborean93 / pypsexec Python Remote Windows execution like PsExec on Python v0.0.1.dev4 Changes to arguments to avoid Python keywords or simplify their meanings Change the connection timeout param to be set on the `connect` function instead of __init__ Tried to make the tests a bit mor
kevinGodell kevinGodell / rtsp-cam-tester JavaScript Enter rtsp url to ip camera and view multiple streaming formats. v0.0.2 Added feature to look for ffmpeg in folder that contains our packaged binary. If it doesn't find it there, then it will try to use ffmpeg in PATH. If not found there, it will prompt to install on the
EisenbergEffect aurelia / i18n JavaScript A plugin that provides i18n support. 2.1.2 ### [aurelia-i18n 2.1.2]( #### Bug Fixes * **i18n:** stop forcing lng option ([#259]( ([5692e30]
joostfaassen linkorb / userbase-client-php PHP UserBase Client for PHP v1.1.0
ThomasPohl EXXETA / sonar-esql-plugin Java Sonar plugin to analyze ESQL-sourcecode of IBM Integration Bus projects 2.3.0-RC3 Third release candidate for 2.3.0
shimt shimt / lv C lv - a Powerful Multilingual File Viewer / Grep
vladk1m0 vladk1m0 / alpine-owa no-lang Open Web Analytics docker image based on Alpine Linux 1.6.1
ray1919 ray1919 / cutPrimers Python curPrimers is a tool for trimming primer sequences from amplicon based NGS reads 1.7a rewrite code to use single 5p primers input file added ability to check non-specific product as new feature added ability to check similar primers which edit distance less than min-errors
Silverfeelin Silverfeelin / Starbound-CoreDirectivesGenerator C# Starbound-DirectiveGenerator in .NET Core 2.0. v1.0.0 Please check the [README]( if you don't know how to install or use the tool. Apologies for the large release size! I'm new to .NET
c2016bb c2016bb / TxtRreader Java 一个可以阅读的txt阅读器 v2.0.0 txtReader V2.0.0
DavideTriso DavideTriso / aria-accordion JavaScript HTML, CSS and JS accordion UI-component for scalable projects. v1.5.0
jborean93 jborean93 / smbprotocol Python Python SMBv2 and v3 Client v0.0.1.dev4 Moved global timeout setting to just the negotiate/connect phase Added special check for NTLM auth handler to fail with better exception Added more NtStatus error codes
Ghawken Ghawken / IndigoPlugin-BlueIris Python BlueIris Web Camera Plugin for IndigoDomo Indigo 0.8.5 # Version 0.8.5 This add a new Action group to generate a recent ClipList for playback of recently recorded files. (! ) This is the only addition but has taken a bit of time. Consider this ad
josegonzalez dokku / dokku-redirect Shell BETA: a plugin for dokku that gives the ability to set simple redirects for an application 0.6.0 - feat: add better help output #22 - fix: strip trailing whitespace #20 - fix: pass shellcheck #21
huangyanbin huangyanbin / smartTable Java 一款android自动生成表格框架---An Android automatically generated table framework 1.8.8 1.修复在constraintlayout父布局显示崩溃问题; 2.修复下拉刷新固定列标题显示异常; 3.修复Double Float 统计无效问题。
binhex binhex / arch-nzbhydra2 Shell Docker build script for Arch Linux base with NZBHydra2 1.4.3-1-01 1.4.3-1-01
binhex binhex / arch-nzbhydra Shell Docker build script for Arch Linux base with NZBHydra 0.2.233-1-01 0.2.233-1-01
sttk sttk / JavaScript Checks whether a value is a function or not. 1.0.1 ### Build * Update versions of browserify and coveralls * Modify settings for lint
lukasc-ubc lukasc-ubc / SiEPIC-Tools Python Package for KLayout to add integrated optics / silicon photonics functionality (waveguides, netlist extraction, circuit simulations, etc) v0.3.29 added error messages - Verification DFT: add GC pitch details in fibre array error - suggestion to restart KLayout, first time; also KLayout edit-mode=true in SiEPIC.setup - Error messages: when
EisenbergEffect aurelia / history-browser JavaScript An implementation of the history interface based on standard browser hash change and push state mechanisms. 1.1.1 ### [history-browser 1.1.1]( #### Bug Fixes * **history-browser:** Add location.href to replaceState() call ([424c252](https://g
sttk sttk / JavaScript Checks whether a value is a valid date object or not. 1.0.1 ### Build * Update versions of browserify and coveralls
sttk sttk / JavaScript Checks whether a value is an integer or not. 1.0.1 ### Build * Update versions of browserify and coveralls
sttk sttk / JavaScript Checks whether a value is a finite number or not. 1.0.1 ### Build * Update dependency versions: browserify, coveralls
sttk sttk / JavaScript Checks whether a value is an array or not. 1.0.1 ### Build * Update dependency versions: browserify, coveralls
adranwit viant / endly Go End to end functional test and automation framework v0.4.0 **Download** [endly_linux_0.4.0.tar.gz]( [endly_osx_0.4.0.tar.gz](
lltcggie lltcggie / Rocket.Chat JavaScript Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor. 0.62.0-rc.2-custom
lukespragg umods / Everlight C# Allows infinite light from configured objects by not consuming fuel v3.2.1 - Removed debug output that was spamming the chat
mochen1995 mochen1995 / NewVersonApp Java 发布 v1.0 1.0版
aomarks PolymerElements / paper-badge HTML Material Design status descriptors for elements v2.1.0 Adds TypeScript declarations.
ihahoo ihahoo / go-api-lib Go Go RESTful API Lib v0.1.14
aomarks PolymerElements / iron-icons HTML A set of icons for use with iron-icon v2.1.0 Adds TypeScript declarations.
radjkarl radjkarl / dataArtist Python Simple and interactive data visualization and manipulation, based on pyqtgraph. 0.10.6 updates in PerspectiveGridROI
aslushnikov GoogleChrome / puppeteer JavaScript Headless Chrome Node API v1.1.1 ## Big Changes No big changes. ## API changes No API changes. ## Bug Fixes - #2046 - Using the dumpio setting throws an error in v1.1.0 ## Raw notes 42b0082 - chore: mark version v1
TartaricAcid CFPAOrg / Minecraft-Mod-Language-Package Python Release Website 汉化资源包-Snapshot-20180224060729
mogaoyong mogaoyong / m-orm-spring-boot-starter Shell Spring boot starter for m-orm 1.0.1
LapisDev LapisDev / qr-art C# A QR code generator for creating QR codes combined with images or GIF animation. v1.0.0
bolingithub bolingithub / ormlitesqlcipher Java ormlite 集成 sqlcipher 1.0.0 ormlite 集成 sqlcipher
Salakar invertase / react-native-firebase JavaScript A well tested feature rich Firebase implementation for React Native, supporting both iOS & Android platforms for 10+ Firebase modules (including Cloud Firestore) 🔥 v3.2.7 - Fix #848
pangmi pangmi / PanMi C# Windows shell extension and application for file encryption. v1.0.2 Added authenticated encryption (Encrypt-then-MAC). Added uninstalled shortcut with Wix
lboulard lboulard / vim-win32-build Python Build yourself GVim/Vim for Windows v8.0.1532 Custom build of GVim/Vim for Windows. Use gvim-8.0.1532-x86.exe or gvim-8.0.1532-amd64.exe to install GVim/Vim. * [8.0.1532]( compiler warnings wit
nitishk72 nitishk72 / New-Toast Java Using this Library you can replace your Old Toast to New Toast. This is currently in beta version. more features will added soon. 0.10 This is very first Release and It's is the beta version of New Toast Library
coderbot16 coderbot16 / cemconv Rust Tool for converting to and from Empire Earth's model format. v0.1.0
Suprcheese Suprcheese / EMP-Biters Lua A mod for Factorio: 1.2.1 ## Changes: * Prevented EMP blast sounds from overlapping/being too loud. * Minor optimizations.
mosaxiv mosaxiv / packagist-trends JavaScript Compare composer package download stats! v0.0.2
matheo selvera / npm-datepicker TypeScript Material Datepicker Fork with TimePicker by CoachCare v0.8.0 Documented installation and usage, plus some examples.
lamplife lamplife / wechat-authorizer PHP 微信第三方授权 2.3.2
Suprcheese Suprcheese / Orbital-Ion-Cannon Lua A mod for Factorio: 1.6.3 Minor Features: * Ion cannon strikes now show up on the minimap akin to vanilla artillery strikes. Changes: * Added an icon to the "Number of times an ion cannon was fired" en
variadico variadico / timeit Go Time a program. 0.1.0
pooza pooza / pm2-syslog-logger JavaScript pm2のログをloggerコマンドに流し込む。 v0.1.3 各種ドキュメント調整。 …を兼ねた、リリースの練習。 #2 #3
Leo3418 Leo3418 / HBWHelper Java Hypixel Bed Wars Helper Minecraft Forge mod v0.0.5.0 ### New Feature - Show what traps your team has got ### Other Changes - This mod will no longer be loaded on a Minecraft Forge server - Internal performance improvements
TakaakiIchijo TakaakiIchijo / TypicalSoundManagerForUnity C# A typical sound manager system for Unity engine. 2.0 for Unity 2017.1.2f or later
kovidgoyal kovidgoyal / kitty C A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator v0.8.0 Release version 0.8.0
asmarkis AlertStudios / GMUI-Framework Game Maker Language GMUI framework for Game Maker v0.0.9.2 * Surfaces support * Set the UIEnableSurfaces value in the GMUI_Settings() to true to use surfaces * Surfaces in GM:Studio are not yet working right with groups and menus
chappjc dcrdata / dcrdata Go Decred block explorer, with packages and apps for data collection and storage. Written in Go. v1.3.0 This is the release of dcrdata v1.3.0. Huge thanks to @gozart1, @RogueElement, and @McEdward for their contributions! Since the last release (v1.1.0, since 1.2 was unreleased), the following change
cundong Qihoo360 / RePlugin Java RePlugin - A flexible, stable, easy-to-use Android Plug-in Framework v2.2.4 ## replugin-host-lib ### Breaking Changes 核心改动 * **(#506)No longer Override PluginContext's getDatabasePath method** - [@cundong]( >为了适配 Android
mistydemeo studio-lucia / sss_fontbuild Rust Build a 16x16 VWF font for use with Lunar: Silver Star Story v1.0.0
algeary algeary / Network-Canvas JavaScript Simplifying complex network data collection. va1 testing adding in new menu item
khs1994 acer-k50 / Clover C Clover EFI bootloader -- Boot OS X, Windows, and Linux on Mac or PC with UEFI or BIOS firmware Clover_v2.4k_r4416 2018-02-24 Automated Build By Travis CI
khs1994 acer-k50 / build-clover Shell Automated Build Clover By Travis CI Weekly. Clover_v2.4k_r4416 2018-02-24 Automated Build By Travis CI
michalsnik vuejs / eslint-plugin-vue JavaScript Official ESLint plugin for Vue.js v4.3.0 Diff: [v4.1.0 -> v4.2.0]( ## :star: Features - ccb6488674ea5e64ce9991ad74efb667af640611 (#289) Add [vue/prop-name-casing](ht
phoityne phoityne / haskell-dap Haskell haskell-dap v0.0.3.0
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm sources and releases for opengapps 20180224 Automatically generated builds of 24 February 2018 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not
gponimansky Voidustries / Poly Java Web scraping program that allows automatic download of TV Shows from a subscribed RSS feed. v0.1-alpha Tray working.
ju1115kr ju1115kr / tell-your-story JavaScript Nerd Archiving Project in GNL(Google Newslab Fellowship) 2017/2018 using D3.js and Flask v1.0 # first test release_180224
schungx chenhsong / ichen-terminal TypeScript Terminal (front-end) UI for the iChen® System. v4.1.1 This release enables production build.
updaterci Updater / semantic-release-monorepo JavaScript Apply semantic-release's automatic publishing to a monorepo. v6.0.0 <a name="6.0.0"></a> # [6.0.0]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * path to semantic-release's plugin def
kyle-flynn orange-alliance / TOA-DataSync Java Official data synchronization for TheOrangeAlliance. Meant to be running alongside the FTC Scoring System. v1.6.0-beta
pine holiday-jp / holiday_jp-swift Swift :crossed_flags: Japanese holiday for Swift 0.2.1 - Update master data f2037423e17f80c5fabdc655d6a5d674dee72b21
valentinvanelslande valentinvanelslande / 3DSToolkit-GUI C++ GUI for 3DSToolkit v2.5
atwellpub inboundnow / inbound-pro PHP Inbound Pro Plugin for WordPress - Landing Page Framework, Calls to Action Framework, Visitor Analytics & List Segmentation, Email Campaigns & Marketing Automation <ul> <li> [Settings] Extending timeout of API Key wp_remote_post method. <li> [Tracking/Email] Adding link tracking to Direct Mail. Also opening direct mail up to open
bolingithub bolingithub / ormlitelibrary Java 封装ormlite 1.0.0
th0br0 iotaledger / iri Java IOTA Reference Implementation v1.4.2.2 - Fix locking issue (#534) - Fix internal snapshot consistency checks - Update jeromq dependency to 0.4.3 (#544)
Apex-MC Apex-MC / Discord-Bot JavaScript Apex Discord Bot v0.3 __Changelog__ Fixed /say command! Added more bug fixes! __Notes__ You now need to replace your `botSettings.json` file with the new one. You must replace the `botSettings.json` file i
gcmvy3 tommy1019 / Totality Java Totality is a Java library that allows you to use any smartphone as a video game controller. 1.0.0 First official release!
ooesili ooesili / partygif Go Make your emojis party! v0.1.0
Him188 Him188 / MoneySLand Java 地皮 1.2.0 大扎好,我系轱天乐,我四渣渣辉,妈里爱思兰德,介四里没有永过的船新版本,挤需体验三番钟,里造会干我一样,爱象节款掐件。 - 插件目前支
Ishotihadus Ishotihadus / usamin C++ A fast JSON serializer / deserializer for Ruby with RapidJSON. v7.7.0 First release.
updaterci Updater / semantic-release-github-pr JavaScript Preview the semantic release notes that would result from merging a Github PR. v4.0.1 <a name="4.0.1"></a> ## [4.0.1]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * incorrect peer dep syntax ([39e3e72
fabricteam OfficeDev / office-ui-fabric-react TypeScript React components for building experiences for Office and Office 365. office-ui-fabric-react_v5.55.1 # Patches - Fix SplitButton rendering issue in ContextualMenu - ComboBox: Added property to set ComboBox's button's data-is-focusable attribute. - ContextualMenu: Import ContextualMenuUtility/index d
k-john-gough k-john-gough / gpcp Component Pascal Gardens Point Component Pascal is an implementation of the Component Pascal Language (CP). There are implementations for both the CLR and the JVM. v1.4.06.1 ## Gardens Point Component Pascal v1.4.06 for .NET This version has a new implementation of _PeToCps_ which uses the _System.Reflection_ library to read PE-files, rather that the binary PE file rea
cainlevy keratin / authn-server Go Authentication service that keeps you in control without forcing you to be an expert in web security. v1.3.0 ## New * Improved (simplified) coordination between multiple AuthN servers when synchronizing keys [#44]
ProjectSky ProjectSky / FrackinUniverse-sChinese-Project Python Starbound Frackin' Universe Localization Projects 5.6.201 ###### 翻译进度 - 已翻译:**11694** - 文本量:**15904** - 总进度:**73.52867203219316%** ###### 说明 - Source Code为源文本,除非你需要它们,否则直接下载FuChinese.
OmgLag sublime-ycmd / sublime-ycmd Python Sublime Text 3 Plugin for YCMD 1.2.0
akerl amylum / guile no-lang Package for guile 2.2.3-5
nicoleng12 standardhealth / flux JavaScript Flux: Data Capture Prototype for Clinical Oncology MidYear_Demo This release includes functionality for the mid year review demo. The following was added: - New hard coded patient json created based on a sample clinician note - Clinical trials section in the t
Shogri Shogri / EECS2311-TBB Java Main project for the Course EECS2311: Creating an application that assists the visually impaired with learning Braille 1.0 TreBBA: Treasure Braille Box Authoring! Amer Alshoghri Arsh Punia Amaan Vania
murrty murrty / aphrodite C# e621 tag/image and pool downloader 1.2
variadico variadico / bitios Go Send and receive bytes through TCP. 0.1.0
kartik-v kartik-v / yii2-export PHP A library to export server/db data in various formats (e.g. excel, html, pdf, csv etc.) v1.2.9 **Date:** 24-Feb-2018 - (enh #241): Update Ukranian translations. - (enh #239): New property `stripHtml` that would strip Html tags. - (enh #238): New style options for header, box, and cells. -
UselessPickles UselessPickles / ts-enum-util TypeScript Strictly typed utilities for working with TypeScript enums v2.0.0 ### Improvements * A `WeakMap` is now instead of a `Map` to cache `EnumWrapper` instances. This ensures that `EnumWrapper` instances are garbage collected whenever their corresponding "enum-like
mhosken mhosken / font-lisutzimu Python LisuTzimu font development v1.401 Fixes ascent and descents
MarcinOrlowski MarcinOrlowski / DateTimeTemplate Java Android date/time formatting library supporting formatting placeholders 1.2.4 * Added date/time pickers to demo app * [#10] %k% and %kk% produced 0 instead of 12 for noon and midnight
minerscale minerscale / dmf-parser C A C library for parsing dmf (Deflemask) files 0.0.4 Added freeDMF() function so you can have your memory and eat it too
MonoLogueChi MonoLogueChi / Drcom C# 中南大学联通网络登陆客户端 第一个可用版本 目前已完成的: - 登陆 - 注销 待完成的: - [ ] 正确提示; - [ ] 正确的配置文件路径; - [ ] 修改密码(只是尝试,不一定能完
Zuoweixiang Zuoweixiang / PodFrameworkTest Objective-C PodFrameworkTest 0.08 0.08
thecoder75 thecoder75 / liveme-pro-tools JavaScript An updated and more powerful version of the classic LiveMe Tools v1.61.20180224
masutaka masutaka / github-nippou Go Print today's your GitHub action v4.0.3
tanner0101 vapor / redis Swift ⚡️Non-blocking, event-driven Redis client. 3.0.0-rc.1
dhalbert adafruit / uf2-samd21 C MSC bootloader (based on UF2) for SAMD21 v1.26.0-adafruit.0 1. Merges microsoft/uf2-samd21 as of 00cb4802a044cec4554f11aae107ce6f60e1eb82. Microsoft's changes include support for WebUSB, a few bug fixes, USB power specification 2. On some boards with NeoPix
CoolLord22 CoolLord22 / OtherDrops Java An updated version of the OtherDrops plugin, originally be Cyclo, updated by Zarius 3.2.3 Update consists of a lot of bug fixes, composed by the following commits:,
ddh3 ESX-Org / es_extended Lua FXServer ES Extended 1.0.12 Adds the ability to give ammo Fixed Ammo glitches
sayterdarkwynd sayterdarkwynd / FrackinUniverse Lua 1.3.3 SB release version of FrackinUniverse 5.6.201 Several tier 1 and 2 armors are now dyable fixed a crash bug with immunity field
GameCreator2004 GameCreator2004 / mysticcraft Java A mod of Minicraft that got created in 2017 dev_1.4_mod_api Added mod loader to the game
SirusDoma SirusDoma / Cgen.Audio C# Audio Submodules of CygnusJam Game Engine 2.0.5 ### Changelogs: - Improved `SoundSystem` pool handling. - Improved `SoundStream` buffers handling and processing - Encoder now expose `SampleInfo` to determine sample meta data - Added `Pause()`,
TheHiddenHour TheHiddenHour / P5-RTE-Tool C# A Persona 5 real time editing tool made using PS3Lib that allows for the editing of persona slots, stats, and skills. 1 # First major release! This is a functional tool with TMAPI, CCAPI, and RPCS3 support thanks to TGE!
bpcmusic bpcmusic / telex Objective-C Open source modules designed to interface with and expand the capabilities of Monome's Teletype. v.020 Beta release of the TXo firmware. **TELEXi:** * No Changes; please continue to use v.019b. **TELEXo:** * Refactoring of codebase to support some Future Fun Firmware. For those hacking aro
alexanderepstein alexanderepstein / Bash-Snippets Shell A collection of small bash scripts for heavy terminal users v1.22.0 # Changes * Adding bash-snippets gui component #159 * Fixing bug in url shortener * Fixing old functionality cryptocurrency
montross50 montross50 / artisan-commands-helper PHP Laravel artisan commands helper. Provides shortcuts to basic docker-centric commands needed during development. 1.0.0
NicJames2378 NicJames2378 / Mystical-Agradditions-Compat Java A simple mod to add support for tier 6 seeds in the Immersive Engineering gardening cloche. 1.1 [](
NarryG NarryG / dolphin C++ Narry's Corruption focused modification of Dolphin 0.1.4 +Added Netcore2 support. This has gone through a lot of testing, but is still experimental. -Refactored NetcoreClient to not depend on TestClient -Added a workaround for Dolphin bug https://bugs.dol
nnogga nnogga / MethodDungeonTools Lua World of Warcraft AddOn for planning and optimizing Mythic+ dungeon runs v1.2-alpha
lintingbin2009 lintingbin2009 / csv2record Erlang A conversion tool for csv to erlang record. 1.0.0 Fix some bug.
skipperbent skipperbent / simple-php-router PHP Simple, fast and yet powerful PHP router that is easy to get integrated and in any project. Heavily inspired by the Laravel router. - Simplified url-rewriting and callback handling. - Added support for using rewrites in Routes - and are no longer as tight to Middlewares and ExceptionHandlers. - Optimisations. - Updated document
gsimardnet gsimardnet / PowerQueryNet C# Run Power Query M formula language from .NET (C#) v1.0.1 Run Power Query M formula language from .NET (C#) Support for Credentials on files and web anonymous Version 1.0.1 - PowerQueryNet.Service now runs as a Windows Service
mikasoukhov StockSharp / StockSharp C# Algorithmic trading and quantitative trading open source platform to develop trading robots (stock markets, forex, bitcoins and options). [EN] **IMPORTANT**: On some systems, the content of the ZIP file is blocked and the unzipped references may fail to work in Visual Stidio. Before extracting it, right click on the ZIP file, select **P
pmatseykanets pmatseykanets / laravel-scout-postgres PHP PostgreSQL Full Text Search Engine for Laravel Scout v2.1.0 ### Added - Added support for applying `ORDER BY` clauses set on the builder instance.
themeegg themeegg / accordion-for-wp PHP Accordion widget, shortcode for wordpress. Simple wordpress accordion plugin. 1.1.3 * Fixed - Admin Css/Js not enqueued
vukbatanovic vukbatanovic / SCStemmers Java A collection of stemmers for Serbian and Croatian v1.1.0 Fixed the elimination of non-Serbian characters in the text. The stemmer of Ljubešić and Pandžić now includes cyrillic to latin conversion.
droodman droodman / boottest Stata Stata module for fast execution of wild boostrapped-based inference tests v2.0.0 Implemented code optimized for pure "robust" case. Allowed bootstrapping clusters to be chosen arbitrarily, independent of error clusterings.
0x1abin m5stack / M5Stack C M5Stack Arduino Library 0.1.5
kballard postmates / PMHTTP Swift Swift/Obj-C HTTP framework with a focus on REST and JSON v4.0.0 * Convert to Swift 4. * Add a method ``. * Add methods `HTTPManagerDataRequest.decodeAsJSON(_:with:options:)` and `HTTPManagerActionRequest.decodeAsJSON(_:with:options
ghostry ghostry / toAria2 JavaScript 用Aria2接管chrome的下载。 1.0.3crx 本地安装方法:适用于Windows --win+r --gpedit.msc --计算机配置>管理模板>右键>添加删除模板 --选择chrome.adm --打开chrome应用扩展界面.toaria2.crx拖进
kiaking vuex-orm / vuex-orm JavaScript The Vuex plugin to enable Object-Relational Mapping access to the Vuex Store. v0.20.2 ## Fixes - #96 Fix auto relation field generation failing.
onlyabyte onlyabyte / mp3dl Shell A basic script to download MP3s from YouTube using youtube-dl. v1.0 This is version 1.0 of mp3dl.
twincitiesguy EMCECS / smart-client-java Java Java REST client with load balancing capabilities v2.2.0 * Updated jersey-client to 1.19.4 * Added support for automatic JSON body processing via JAXB or POJO (using Jackson 1.9.13)
naokazuterada naokazuterada / MarkdownTOC Python MarkdownTOC Plugin for Sublime Text 3 2.7.3 ## Changes - Fix the preblem when using autoanchor without 'autolink=true' ``` <!-- MarkdownTOC autolink=false autoanchor=true --> - Without autolink issue <!-- /MarkdownTOC --&g
matthewtrevino matthewtrevino / RegularBoard PHP PHP/MYSQL forum v0.0.8-alpha This is a (mostly) stable/bug-free alpha release (meaning that it could be production ready, but I wouldn't recommend it without thorough testing before-hand).
daviscook477 daviscook477 / BaseMod Java Slay the Spire mod which provides hooks and a console v1.7.3
Robz8 Robz8 / TWLoader C++ CTR-mode app that loads .nds ROMs natively, not through emulation. v6.6.0 **What's new?** * GitHub has dropped TLSv1/1.1 support as of 22 February 2018. As a result, the update features have been disabled, so you are currently unable to update TWLoader or nds-bootstrap.
azu almin / almin TypeScript Client-side DDD/CQRS for JavaScript. almin@0.16.0 ## [almin@0.16.0]( ### fixes - **almin:** Add readonly modifier to `transaction` ([7a666b7](
themeegg themeegg / htaccess-file-editor PHP Htaccess file editor WordPress plugin 1.0.0 Initial release
voltera-sw VolteraInc / styx no-lang Voltera V-One Application Software v1.0.0-releaseCandidate-beta.2 TODO: - perform final release tests - remove "-releaseCandidate" from name and tag - copy release notes here - publish - (optional) restart heroku dyno - bump package version
maxwellpower acuparse / acuparse PHP Captures, stores, and displays data from an AcuRite‎ 5N1 weather station and towers via an Access/smartHUB. Uploads to Weather Underground, PWS, and CWOP. Built using PHP/MySQL. v2.2.1 ### Changed - Documentation cleanup and updates. - Modified HUB response to prevent firmware updates. Acuparse now sends it's own response back to the HUB. - Login cookies so they will work as expe
timothymclane timothymclane / farming-party Lua A simple ESO addon that aggregates the items your group gets while farming and provides notifications and a leaderboard based upon MasterMerchant or Arkadius' Trade Tools values. release/v2.4.0 ### Added - Key bind for toggling the highscore window
dwsteele pgbackrest / pgbackrest Perl Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore release/2.00 **Features**: - The archive-push command is now partially coded in C which allows the PostgreSQL archive_command to run significantly faster when processing status messages from the asynchronous ar
albert-lii albert-lii / EasyBinding Java :lollipop:DataBinding的巧妙使用,包括基于DataBinding实现的屏幕适配大法以及与ListView、RecyclerView的结合使用,让你的代码更简洁! 1.0.3
simlu simlu / lambda-tdd JavaScript Test Framework for AWS Lambda v1.11.5 <a name="1.11.5"></a> ## [1.11.5]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([7096135](
wujun4code leancloud / unity-sdk no-lang Unity SDK v20180224.1 Released by CI at 20180224.1.
Hiroto-K Hiroto-K / Anime-push Ruby アニメの放送時間10分前と1日前にTwitterで通知を送る v2.0.0-beta New major version. Version **2.0.0-beta**. - Rewrite the almost all code. - **It's not compatible with Version 1.x**. - Database structure is not changed. Can be diverted as it's. - Change
simlu simlu / lambda-rate-limiter JavaScript Light memory rate-limiter for Lambda v2.4.1 <a name="2.4.1"></a> ## [2.4.1]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([d653b30](https://gith
simlu simlu / lambda-example JavaScript Example project for lambda development v1.8.3 <a name="1.8.3"></a> ## [1.8.3]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([8fb307d](
rv-jenkins kframework / k5 Java K Framework Tools 5.0 nightly-f5ab470 This is the nightly release of the K framework. To install, download and extract the "Prebuilt K binary", and follow the instructions in within the target directory. On Windows, s
simlu simlu / lambda-monitor JavaScript Automatically configure lambda log analysis and popagation to external services. v1.13.34 <a name="1.13.34"></a> ## [1.13.34]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([90072bc](https://g
mspielberg mspielberg / factorio-railloader Lua Rapidly load and unload trains of bulk materials. v0.3.4
chrissng chrissng / terraform-aws-emr-cluster HCL A Terraform module to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic MapReduce (EMR) cluster. 0.1.3
wmhilton isomorphic-git / isomorphic-git JavaScript A pure JavaScript implementation of git for node and browsers! v0.8.1 <a name="0.8.1"></a> ## [0.8.1]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * restrict allowed file modes in GitTree (
ultranoobian ultranoobian / DUWS-R SQF ArmA 3 Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth v0.5.4.x002 RC for 0.5.4
sckott ropensci / crul R R6 based http client for R v0.5.2 ### MINOR IMPROVEMENTS * Fixed handling of user agent: you can pass a UA string as a curl option or a header. Previously, we were wrongly overwriting the user input UA if given as a curl option
aandreev0 aandreev0 / hidelikes JavaScript hide number of likes and retweets v0.4 Now hiding "Moments" tab
hyleung hyleung / ratpack-zipkin Java RatPack application w/Zipkin tracing 2.3.1 This release includes: * Upgrade to Brave 4.16.1 * Reworks server tracing to support route-based span names using standard `HttpServerParser` (#58) * Adds current trace context support #57 * Fix
jrsen jrsen / Xposed-GodMode no-lang An xposed plug-in can be a cleaner activity. 2.7.4
Sreyas-Sreelal Sreyas-Sreelal / Cender C File sharing application built in c 0.1alpha A testing version for cender 0.1.
simlu simlu / s3-cached JavaScript S3 File Access Abstraction providing Memory and Disk Caching Layer v1.4.7 <a name="1.4.7"></a> ## [1.4.7]( (2018-02-24) ### Bug Fixes * updated dependencies ([c1472ea](
walles walles / px Python ps and top for human beings 1.0.11
arcauto advanced-rest-client / ui-elements HTML A set of visual elements for Advanced REST Client. Includes elements for working with layout, user input, and selection. 1.0.811
ovr ovr / ghubber JavaScript :iphone: Mobile client for GitHub build on React Native :atom: 0.11.4 Feature: - Rework OAuth proccess in WebView for iOS > Hello, Thank you for providing more information. Regarding 4.0, your app continues to link out to Safari for GitHub, which provides a p
mrUlrik mrUlrik / LCARS C# A little web-based game for a friend. v0.7.5-beta
dnaspider dnaspider / PD Visual Basic 🗽Keyboard assist v1.0.2 <pre>Latest compile for Windows 10 (32/64-bit)</pre> <a title="Wiki" href="">Overview</a>
lhs168 lhs168 / fasim-widget-form PHP a form widget for fasim 0.1.8 add checkbox and radio
felixpy felixpy / logger JavaScript A simple javascript logger for web developers. 0.1.3 ### Bugfix **fix:** webpack build
tragenalpha tragenalpha / ck6 Visual Basic Killer / bypass tool for internet cafe clients. v6.3 + Added True Cafe to the default target list + Cleaned up code and wrote new functions for repetitive codes
chrislo27 chrislo27 / RHRE-snapshots no-lang Experimental releases for RHRE ( v3.7.0-RC3 # Version 3.7.0 (RELEASE CANDIDATE 3) To view previous changelogs, [click here.]( ## Additions * Added ability to upload directly to
zyphs21 HansonStudio / PathToGo Swift PathToGo: Copy the current directory's path to the clipboard on macOS, similar to go2shell 2.1
HighRidas HighRidas / GodMode9 C GodMode9 Explorer - A full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console :godmode: v1.6.0
panda2525252525 panda2525252525 / ThrowingClass C# Meant to make the throwing class viable in terraria. v3.2.5 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.1
imathrowback imathrowback / telarafly C# RIFT world and model viewer. This project is not affiliated with Trion Worlds, Inc. or any of its affiliates. 0.0.17 This release fixes an issue with the latest PTS where the "manifest" was updated and prevented Telarafly from working. We suspect it's related to the new RIFT Prime functionality due to re
akerl amylum / gnutls no-lang Package for gnutls 3.5.18-2
GoogleX133 GoogleX133 / LINE-WebChat JavaScript LINE Messaging Web Platform 3.2.b Beta Release 3.2
nfrechette nfrechette / sjson-cpp C++ An Simplified JSON (SJSON) C++ reader and writer v0.2.0 * New SJSON file writer added * Added unit tests * Added contributing guidelines, setup instructions, code of conduct * Added CI builds with AppVeyor and Travis * Various other fixes and addi
jjchern jjchern / kffdata R :hospital: Datasets from the Kaiser Family Foundation in a tidy format v0.0.1 * Initial release with 9 state-year level datasets. * Added a `` file to track changes to the package.
KanzakiKino KanzakiKino / MedIO D FFmpeg Wrapper Library for dlang v0.0.1 Implemented mediafile's input/output. There are no ways to get metadata and any extended data.
ryuuji CALIL / unitrad-ui JavaScript 高速で使いやすい蔵書検索のための汎用的なユーザーインターフェース v1.4.4
lutzroeder lutzroeder / Netron JavaScript Viewer for neural network and machine learning models v1.5.4
HighRidas HighRidas / FBI C Open source title manager for the 3DS. 2.5.0
akerl amylum / autogen no-lang Package for autogen 5.18.12-27
hidori hidori / node-json-logger JavaScript logger for node.js v0.0.1
cTheDragons cTheDragons / Habitica-Party-Guild-Data-Tool HTML Tool that for Habitica Parties and Guilds v2.9 # Bug Fixes: + Handled if appearance is not populated in chat message. (Further work to be done in the area).
onury onury / accesscontrol TypeScript Role and Attribute based Access Control for Node.js v2.2.1 Role and Attribute based Access Control for Node.js See [CHANGELOG]( for changes in this release.
guness guness / Kal Objective-C A calendar component for the iPhone (the UI is designed to match MobileCal) 1.0rc2
wizicer uchaindb / UClient TypeScript Universal client for UChainDb untagged-e9014c286ca8edfb3d19
webarserker webarserker / reactSSR JavaScript reactssr服务端渲染基本配置 ReactSSR
4220182 4220182 / relation_graph Python 画关系图工具 0.0.1-beta1
airob0t airob0t / idcardgenerator Python 身份证图片生成工具 win_v1.1 windows
hss01248 hss01248 / ImageLoader Java 图片加载框架的api封装,涵盖fresco,glide,picasso.最大程度优化内存,防止OOM.最牛逼的大图预览,再怎么大,再怎么轮播,这些大图占内存也只有20M(单张)-40M(轮播时) 1.0.8

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