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pooza pooza / mulukhiya-toot-proxy Ruby Mastodonのトゥートに対して、内容の更新等を行うプロキシ。通称「モロヘイヤ」。 v2.3.7 ### 更新内容 - __2.9.0未満のインスタンスには適用してはいけません。__ - URL貼り付けに関するバグ2点修正。
zj565061763 zj565061763 / progress Java android progressbar seekbar 1.0.0-beta3 1.0.0-beta3
makermelissa adafruit / Adafruit_Blinka Python Add CircuitPython hardware API and libraries to MicroPython & CPython devices 2.1.5 DragonBoard 410c added to Blinka
chrispyles chrispyles / mcautograder Python Small multiple choice question autograder for packaging with Jupyter Notebooks v0.0.3
faustbrian ArkEcosystem / core TypeScript The ARK Blockchain. Check for more information. 2.4.13 ### Changed - Do not purge transactions when a block is not accepted (#2751)
ermaccer ermaccer / BraveDwarves2.DATTool C Extract and create zlibbed archives from Brave Dwarves 2. 1.0
TWLBot TWLBot / Builds no-lang This is where builds for TWiLightMenu++ and nds-bootstrap will be hosted v20190626-025444 RocketRobz - Remove overwriting reboot stub identifier
Minenash Minenash / candybar-library Java Android icon pack material dashboard 3.5.0-b4-c3
sd-buildbot screwdriver-cd / queue-worker JavaScript Create executor queue worker(s) v2.7.7 <a name="2.7.7"></a> ## [2.7.7]( (2019-06-26) ### Bug Fixes * pull in new executor-jenkins ([#134](https
orthagonal firstandthird / arc-rapptor JavaScript Utilities for serving views from lambda 3.2.0
xabldint microsoft / appcenter-sdk-dotnet C# Development repository for the App Center SDK for .NET platforms, including Xamarin 2.1.1 Please update description. It will be pulled out automatically from next time.
FairyEver d2-projects / d2-daily CSS D2 日报 2019.06.26 ## 🔩 开源项目 * ➡️ **jonls/redshift** `非中文` 根据你周围的环境调整屏幕的色温 []( * ➡️ **ly525/material-vue
martiniturbide OS2World / APP-DATABASE-Datapad no-lang DATAPAD (PADHD) is a "scratch pad" to jot notes in and organize small files into. datapad
fradenza ndv6 / core-ios Swift One Labs Core iOS Library 0.2.0
hermanzdosilovic judge0 / api HTML Web API for code compilation and execution. v1.2.0-vlang0.1.3 # v1.2.0-vlang0.1.3 (2019-06-26) This image contains only [The V Programming Language](, specifically only V compiler built from commit [@b00a47be](
lujimmy lujimmy / PanDownloadX no-lang This is an unofficial macos version of PanDownload with Wine. V0.1.0 PanDownloadX第一个版本
junkisai junkisai / setup-for-react JavaScript Reactプロジェクトの環境構築 v1.1
Seraphli levelupai / waldorf Python Waldorf is an efficient, parallel task execution framework written in Python. v0.6
ZeusYang ZeusYang / no-lang jsDeliver CDN 1.1.16
homer0 homer0 / jimpex JavaScript Express as dependency injection container. 4.0.0 # v4.0.0 Release notes ## New features - Add a `listen` method for serverless platforms. #11 - A new version validator middleware/controller was added. #13 - `AppError` was refactored. #14 -
huangsuyu binance-chain / node-binary Shell Binaries for full nodes, light-weighted clients v0.6.0 This is a new release for Binance Chain testnet
mattab matomo-org / matomo PHP Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests! 3.10.0-rc3
proxpero proxpero / Geodesy Swift A Swift implementation of the geohash algorithm. 1.2.0 This release updates the framework for Swift 5. Thanks @olegbragin!
dav3r cisagov / pca-gophish-composition-packer Python Create machine images that include cisagov/pca-gophish-composition v0.0.1 This is a test to see if a pre-release release properly triggers the creation of an AMI in a single region.
dtolnay dtolnay / gflags Rust Command line flags library that does not require a central list of all the flags 0.3.1
NathanJRollins NathanJRollins / youtube-audio JavaScript Disable videos on youtube and save battery and bandwidth / data v0.0.2.4 Reverted to last functional version & implemented the option to hide the alert overlay in the video window. This is intended to be a stopgap measure for the others impatient like me, until Anim
talimity talimity / FFXIVQuickLauncher C# Custom launcher for Final Fantasy XIV 1.8.1-patched Removes gateStatus check from v1.8.1.
jkerry jkerry / sensu-go-elasticsearch Go an elasticsearch metric handler for sensu go 0.0.2 ## Changelog 635f80c adding event logging
Wind1337 Wind1337 / GPACalculator Java Simple Android app to calculate GPA (Not regularly updated) 1.1.2 Changelog: Added: + Settings page + Dark mode settings (Manually choose light/dark theme) + Potential translation support (Un-hardcoded strings) Changed: * Minor UI streamlining * Minor cod
Martin20150405 Martin20150405 / In77Camera Java Camera APP with filters for android 0.1
penguinn athurg / go-confluence Go Confluence API封装 v0.0.5
Sashie Sashie / skript-yaml Java The proper way to do yaml in skript v1.3.1 This update should fix the issue with yaml directory ids not working in the last release!
tenusha tenusha / student-and-instructor-information-system JavaScript SLIIT 3rd Year 1st Semester Application Frameworks Project v1.0 Features, * There are three user roles admin, instructor and students. * Admins can create other admins and instructors. Students need to sign up to the system. * Admins can create courses and
Epicpkmn11 Universal-Team / pkmn-chest C++ A Pokémon Bank for 4th and 5th generation Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS(i). v0.3 > Pokémon Chest, a Pokémon bank for the Nintendo DS(i) #### What's new: - Editing Pokémon has been improved - You can now change a Pokémon's Species, Nickname, Gender (if applicable), Ball
psy0rz letscontrolit / ESPEasy C++ Easy MultiSensor device based on ESP8266 mega-20190626
ksharp-drupal stanford-earth / matson CSS Matson Base Theme 8.1.1-alpha17 EARTH-642 updates.
magmastonealex envy-project / envy Python Main repo for ENVy release-0.5 This is the first ready-for-consumption release of ENVy!
azaeldevel azaeldevel / toolkit C++ Herramientas y clases de soporte C++, Java y Python. pk9 Se incluyo la capacidad para convertring string en un objecto version Soporte para APIDB v1.0
stormbirds stormbirds / STPayDemo Java STPay聚合支付android客户端 v0.0.1 STPay 聚合支付安卓端lib库
ujjwalguptaofficial ujjwalguptaofficial / JsStore JavaScript A complete IndexedDB wrapper with SQL like syntax. 3.1.2 modified ie_builder script to generate both dev & min file
bitnami-bot bitnami / centos-extras-base Shell Base image for CentOS containers. 7-r54 Update centos-extras-base base image
bitnami-bot bitnami / oraclelinux-runtimes Shell Dockerfiles for the base images used for Bitnami runtimes production images (Oracle Linux based) 7-r350 Update oraclelinux-runtimes base image
maomao-cn maomao-cn / blog PLpgSQL Everything about database,bussiness.(Most for PostgreSQL). 2019.06.26
bitnami-bot bitnami / oraclelinux-extras Shell Dockerfiles for the Oracle Linux base images used in Bitnami containers 7-r379 Update oraclelinux-extras base image
linuxgurugamer linuxgurugamer / EngineLightRelit C# (Unofficial) Fork of EngineLight for Kerbal Space Program ( 1.6.1 v1.6.1
ksharp-drupal stanford-earth / stanford_earth_helper PHP Helper modules to support the site. 8.1.0-alpha30 -Cleans up duplicate and unused profile images. -Updates community images. -Code clean up.
KangLin KangLin / Tasks C++ 任务程序,包括日历,视力保护(Task, calendar, Vision protection) v0.1.5 Release Tasks-v0.1.5
fisker fisker / left-phalange JavaScript Convert data between ESModule, CommonJS, JSON, JSON5, YAML, TOML v1.1.2 - feat: pin dependencies versions f735d96 - chore(deps-dev): bump execa from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0 (#115) cb6ea30 - chore(deps): bump flatted from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 a45209a - chore(deps-dev): bump rollup-
CataJenkins CleverRaven / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-jenkins-b9222 These are the artifacts from build 9222 of **Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead** experimentals. \ Check <> for details.
inc2734 inc2734 / snow-monkey PHP Premium WordPress Theme. This theme is published here for users and developers. Please buy themes when using themes on live site. we can not provide support to anyone who does not buy. 7.1.0
LtRipley36706 ACEmulator / aclogview C# Viewer/Parser for PCAP files created by aclog when attached to Asheron's Call game installation ACE.1.0.32 <h1> aclogview - ACE.1.0.32 </h1> <blockquote>The following commit is newly included in this release:</<blockquote> <h1></h1>WIP: Player exporter (#47) <p>
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86_64 no-lang x86_64 releases for opengapps 20190626 Automatically generated builds of 26 June 2019 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
Tommo-L Tommo-L / IndoleVPN C# Indole vpn v1.0 Tks to @AaronGarbut A new vpn protocol created for customer define
FreezeWarp FreezeWarp / php-shunting-yard PHP PHP Shunting-yard Implementierung
ValorCat ValorCat / legend Java A WIP multi-purpose programming language implemented in Java v0.1.1a-beta The Windows executable in Beta 0.1.1 was malformed. As a consequence of fixing this, the file size increased drastically, up to about 25 mb. There were a lot of missing files! However, this version of
cryptocrowdclub cryptocrowd-xcrc / xcrc-wallet C++ The primary development repository for the Bulwark project travis-travisci-headless-53
rmconsole-wf Workiva / slate JavaScript Beautiful static documentation for your API 2.2.79 ## Info Build: (waiting for build to complete) Skynet Results: (waiting for Skynet results) Pipeline: (waiting for pipeline to start) This **patch** release includes the following changes: ## Miscell
ISSOtm ISSOtm / smooth-player-demo Assembly A demo for Smooth-Player v1.0.0 The first version of smooth-player!
nikooo777 lbryio / ytsync Go An overly complex tool to mirror youtube content to LBRY v3.4.8 ## Changelog a4c6b2d actually count UTXOs
markstory markstory / asset_compress PHP An asset compression plugin for CakePHP. Provides file concatenation and a flexible filter system for preprocessing and minification. 3.5.1 * Update suggested scssphp package. * Remove usage of deprecated class alias.
fivesmallq fivesmallq / jenkinsci-builder Dockerfile jenkinsci docker builder latest
pddg pddg / ansible-role-xkeysnail Python To install xkeysnail into Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic v0.1.0
citrabot citra-emu / citra-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-1376
yoshihitoh yoshihitoh / ut-cli Rust A command line tool to handle a unix timestamp. 0.1.3
zpalmtree turtlecoin / turtlecoin-wallet-backend-js TypeScript Interact with the turtlecoin network in native JS v3.0.1 ### v3.0.1 * Fix issue where `reset()` would cause double wallet scanning ### v3.0.0 * Fix bug where using multiple wallet instances with different configs would only use the latest config.
xikancito xikancito / webserver-express JavaScript codigo fuente de node, hbs, express + heroku basico v1.0.0 ## nota desplegado en heroku
mn6 mn6 / nook JavaScript 🎹🐻 Nook is a Chrome/Firefox extension that plays Animal Crossing hourly themes.
hoang-innomizetech innomizetech / pm2-windows-service JavaScript Easily install (and uninstall) PM2 as a Windows service v1.1.1
gabrielmoreira-dev gabrielmoreira-dev / Processador-MIPS Verilog Descrição em Verilog de um microprocessador MIPS 1.0
Tedris Tedris / PlugyTools Java A program to read PlugY stashes v1.0.1 Jumped the gun on my last release, this one should work properly.
FriedCircuits NavigatingCancer / terraform-aws-rds-aurora HCL Terraform module which creates RDS Aurora resources on AWS 1.17.0 Using a workaround enable use of a list of security groups in the VPC SG var. Fix is in terraform 0.12
azaeldevel azaeldevel / apidb C++ APIBD es un generador de API para interactuar con la BD. Es similar a un ORM en que funge como intermediario entre la aplicación y la base de datos, mientras un ORM hace la mayor parte durente la ejecución del programa APIDB genera código capaz de ejecutar dichas funciones, en algunos casos eso podría marcar un diferencia en los tiempos de ejecución. v1.0.0 Incluye un nuevo formato de archivo de proyecto; todos los archivo del proyecto están empaquetado en un archivo tar y se conoce la versión del proyecto actual. Adatacion para toolkit pk8.
thekdub thekdub / IC2-Refined Java IndustrialCraft 2 Refined for Minecraft 1.2.5. Optimized for Tekkit Classic 3.1.2. 1.0.0 Changes: - Luminator update frequency decreased. Correction of flickering bug. - Geothermal Generator internal storage increased to 24,000 EU from 20 EU. Only turns on after internal storage is dr
TWLBot Universal-Team / extras AppleScript Here are the Themes for the Music Player of Universal-Manager. v20190626-021928 Epicpkmn11 - Add party Pokemon editing
ajordens spinnaker / front50 Groovy Cross-Application Persistence Service v2.2.1
KyozXD KyozXD / CSS The source code for my portfolio website, 2.0 This version brings a massive change, we first get rid of the old css framework and allow more freedom when it comes to customization, we also focused more on the portfolio side so i could show my pro
sailings sailings / DuckAdventure no-lang 丑小鸭历险记 v0.1 初始工程,包含如下内容: 1.丑小鸭模型以及动画 2.音效 3.字体 4.特效 5.Sprite
ASully BioAnalyticResource / eFP-Seq-Browser HTML An RNA-Seq data exploration tool that shows read map coverage of a gene of interest along with a coloured "electronic fluorescent pictographic" (eFP) based on its RPKM expression level. 1.3 ## **A brand new version of the [eFP-Seq Browser]( has dropped!** Version 1.3 includes even more features, more quality of life changes and more bug fixes
unclezs unclezs / ReadnovelOnWin Java windows平台下的通用小说下载器+阅读器 2.1 可以正常稳定使用的一个版本 依赖下载地址
chenyan19209219 chenyan19209219 / test-notify Java test-notify description天翻地覆的奋斗换个身份回到三国花果山党纪国法的舒服的设计风格聚合多个设计规范建设的风刀霜剑更好的水果富含多少股份公司的华国锋黄金时代个风华绝代是个很过分 chenyan19209219-patch-2 213123131312
galaxy-captain galaxy-captain / Rocket-Spring-Integration Java 🎉🎉RocketMQ与Spring集成,@RocketListener方法注解自动注册🎉🎉 1.0 v1.0正式发布,支持MessageListenerConcurrently和MessageListenerOrderly消息监听器,提供RocketTemplate消息生产包装类。
dougmassay Sigil-Ebook / PageEdit HTML Simple Single Page XHTML Visual Editor 0.7.0 PageEdit ======== Page Edit is a single page visual XHTML editor based on Sigil's Deprecated BookView. It uses QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit. It replaces much of what Sigil's BookView could do pl
citrabot citra-emu / citra-nightly C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEAES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-1285
zxdong262 ringcentral / hubspot-embeddable-ringcentral-phone JavaScript Embeddable ringcentral phone for hubspot(Google Chrome/Firefox extension) v0.6.1
dougmassay Sigil-Ebook / Sigil C++ Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook editor 0.9.15 A Beta Release of Sigil ported to QtWebEngine to replace QtWebKit ## New Features - ported to use QtWebEngine (based on Chromium) to replace QtWebkit - QtWebEngine plugs many major memory leaks
masajiro yahoojapan / NGT C++ Neighborhood Graph and Tree for Indexing High-dimensional Data v1.7.6
Diordnas Diordnas / Missile-Dodging-Game C# A reasonably fun and complete missile dodging game made for an IST assignment in Unity! windows-build It's a windows version of the game. Let me know if there are any bugs.
jessep workflowy / desktop-development no-lang Daily builds of WorkFlowy Desktop v1.3.2-development.4368
rodrigopivi rodrigopivi / Chatito TypeScript 🎯🗯 Generate datasets for AI chatbots, NLP tasks, named entity recognition or text classification models using a simple DSL! 2.3.1 CHANGES: - Fixed cli argument for `defaultDistribution`
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / x86 no-lang x86 releases for opengapps 20190626 Automatically generated builds of 26 June 2019 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
brunomlima11 brunomlima11 / pbl1-sd Verilog Problema 1 do MI de Sistemas Digitais 1.0
rahdjoudj rahdjoudj / terraform Go Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. It is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned. v0.12.3-4 ## Changelog 5626edeb6 Add goreleaser config 12ae4eeda test config e4b13b68d update repo target
ledao ledao / lufly-im Python 基于小鹤音形的输入法 v1.2.1 1. 系统词库由30万提升到93万; 2. 修复词库的错误。 3. 同时,1.2.1版本提供自然码+鹤形版本,以及全拼+鹤形的版本。
yulingtianxia yulingtianxia / BlockHook C Hook Objective-C blocks with libffi. 1.4.1
langaads langaads / release-conector-devhero no-lang Releases e documentos públicos relacionados ao conector v0.0.23
ghop02 fritzlabs / swift-framework Objective-C Official Fritz SDK for Swift 5 and Objective-C 3.5.6 Changes: 1. Decrease minimum Deployment target to 9.0.
okkype okkype / sihipo HTML Sistem Informasi Hidroponik v1.1.1
eprendre eprendre / tingshu Kotlin 一款可在线播放多个免费听书站点的安卓app v1.0.13 1. 尝试修复锁屏时不能自动切下一首的问题 2. 修复幻听网某些分类的书籍过少时会报错的问题
AlphaXDev AlphaXDev / AlphaX C# alpha x roblox exploit its bad ik 2.2 --made the ui a little bit cleaner --fixed some bugs Other than that nothing new ~Alpha X Dev Team
taku-o taku-o / fcpx-audio-role-workflow JavaScript MacOS X Folder Action, to append Audio Role to wav file for "Final Cut Pro X". 0.1.6 - fix encode bug.
zhangxu19830126 fagongzi / gateway Go An HTTP API Gateway v3.0.0-RC.2 ## Feature * Support online js plugin (disable by default) * Support online management js plugin * Support listen https and cert per API * Rewrite URL rewrite module * Rewrite API match module
Ayvytr Ayvytr / MarkdownView Java Android library to display markdown text. 0.40.0
Gregory-Meyer Gregory-Meyer / cht Rust Lockfree growable concurrent hash table. v0.1.2 * `Bucket`s and `BucketArray`s are dropped when no longer needed, so no more memory leaks * `mod set` removed, since it's dead code at the moment * insert/get operations will swing the current bucke
rsur bfitech / zapmin PHP An authentication manager. 2.0.0 - Drop support for PHP <7.0. Type hinting everywhere. - Upgrade zap* dependencies to ~2.0.
jeroengerits typoluxe / global-helpers PHP Global Helpers for PHP 0.0.3 - refactoring
JSpiner ridi / rbhelper-android Kotlin Convenient helper classes for Android platform 1.4.0 dp <-> px 변환시 float로 리턴하도록 변경, Number 타입은 전부 받을수 있도록 변경
Earthcomputer Earthcomputer / amidst Java Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking v4.3-beta6-techrock This should be a fully functional Amidst with Bedrock edition support, provided you have Java Edition 1.13.1 installed (can be demo) and Bedrockified in the Amidst directory. All features should be id
kshetline kshetline / iconv-lite JavaScript Convert character encodings in pure javascript. v5.0.2 Update to iconv-lite that adds UTF-32 support. These updates are currently being considered for addition to the original iconv-lite, so this package is only recommended for use if UTF-32 support is
ColonolNutty ColonolNutty / MoreFarmingFrackinRaces Lua Frackin' Races support for More Farming v1.0.3 - Updated all items to support more complex diets
alexcortesa alexcortesa / backend-server-hospital JavaScript Proyecto para almacenar el backend que hará interacción con la aplicación hospital v0.0.1 # Información Se crea proyecto de backend-server para realizar acciones a la base de datos, denominada hospitalDB. ## Importante Este proyecto fue creado con EspressJS y MongoDB, por lo que debe
syamsoul syamsoul / laravel-datatable-ssp PHP DataTable SSP (PHP) for Laravel 2.1.7 Debug - Default blank array for MySQL variables
eesandoval eesandoval / NefBot Python A Dragalia Lost Discord Bot v0.7.0 # Remote Updates and Events Added; More Bugfixes ## New Features - Added remote updates - New command has been added: update - This will fetch database updates from a remote server when
larvacent larvacent / supports PHP PHP 公共支持库 1.2.9
publicdevop2019 publicdevop2019 / oauth2service Java oauth2 impl based on spring boot + security + jwt v1.0.0 related post on Juejin
jessestuart jessestuart / TypeScript This is where my words and pictures live. v1.9.1 ## [1.9.1]( (2019-06-26) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency gatsby-source-s3-image to v1.4.13 ([0102c6b](
yuzubot yuzu-emu / yuzu-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-2408
befovy befovy / ijkplayer C Android/iOS video player based on FFmpeg n3.4, with MediaCodec, VideoToolbox support. b0.1.0-alpha [fijkplayer]( is a Flutter media player plugin which use ijkplayer in the backend. This alpha release contains the basic support for fijkplayer.
gclm gclm / Chromium_VPN no-lang 自带 VPN 的 Chromium 76.0.3806.1 Chromium 76.0.3806.1 暂停版本更新
anandakelvin anandakelvin / instagrump Python Instagram public API wrapper v_01
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm64 no-lang arm64 releases for opengapps 20190626 Automatically generated builds of 26 June 2019 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
DaveJarvis DaveJarvis / scrivenvar Java Java-based desktop Markdown editor with live preview and variable interpolation 1.3.8 * Created local copy of FontAwesomeFX library * Upgraded Renjin library
aenany aenany / google-hangouts-chat-linux JavaScript Unofficial Linux client for Google Hangouts Chat v0.0.3 Configurations implemented to remember size and position of browser window. Dark mode now supported.
aswaterman riscv / riscv-isa-manual TeX RISC-V Instruction Set Manual draft-20190626-e13c872
sean-mcmanus microsoft / vscode-cpptools TypeScript Official repository for the Microsoft C/C++ extension for VS Code. 0.24.0-insiders2 ## Instructions Set the "C_Cpp.updateChannel" setting to "Insiders" to auto-install the latest Insiders vsix. ## Requirements * VS Code 1.30.0 or later. ## Changes ### Min
stanthesoupking stanthesoupking / Commodore64-Assembler C Assembles plain text files into C64-readable, tokenised format. v0.1.2 ## Changelog - Code cleanup and removal of redundant code - Improved source code documentation
deploy-code-org code-dot-org / code-dot-org JavaScript The code powering and v2019-06-25.1 - [Add scripts that connect to MySQL as the admin database user [skip ci]](
ctlee ctlee / gamer C++ Geometry-preserving Adaptive Mesher v2.0.2 Major update to Python bindings, documentation, and code stability. Major components include `libGAMer` (the main library), `PyGAMer` (Python access to libGAMer functions), and `BlendGAMer` (Blender a
sebavan BabylonJS / Exporters Mathematica Exporters for Babylon.js and gltf file formats preRelease20190626.2 ## Changes: * 8c626a147efdcb2b2100e6742c9437a37490c61b Merge pull request #555 from BabylonJS/drigax/updatemeshexportmessage * 13abe0ec51b769cdacab8b1b37e9b17f80df3148 update skinning and morph tar
darkValorous darkValorous / ValorMount Lua A simple addon just for mounting up. v2.5 TLDR: What worked on the PTR did not work on Live. When I first created this the MountJournal behaved fine, now it appears to sometimes lag on character login, returning all mounts as not favorites
liand2264 THISProgrammingClub / spartapp-ios Swift Spartapp iOS code v3.1
mbrowne mbrowne / dci-php PHP For DCI programming in PHP v1.0.0 First release of the composer package on
knative-prow-releaser-robot knative / eventing Go Open source specification and implementation of Knative event binding and delivery v0.7.0 [add release notes here]
thewizardplusplus thewizardplusplus / wizard-parser C++ LL(*)-парсер на C++ с поддержкой DSL для описания грамматики в EBNF непосредственно в коде программы v4.4
SherlockShi JAYAndroid / FastDroid Java 快速开发框架 v1.6.9
dastels adafruit / Adafruit_CircuitPython_turtle Python left! right! forward! turtle power! 1.0.1
BitHighlander BitHighlander / diagonAlley JavaScript A simple GRIN wallet 1.2.4-rc2 debugging windows build
Gztabo21 Gztabo21 / ControlAsistencia JavaScript Control de Asistencia para empleado 0.0.1 desarrollando la api
TFSThiagoBR98 Dador / JavascriptSubtitlesOctopus JavaScript Displays subtitles in .ass format via JavaScript. Supports all SSA/ASS features, easily integrates with HTML5 videos. 2.1.0
webcpp webcpp / mongols C C++ high performance networking with TCP/RESP/HTTP/WebSocket protocols release- update tcp_server support ipv6
pjankovsky fivetran / jackson-dataformats-text Java Uber-project for (some) standard Jackson textual format backends: csv, properties, yaml (xml to be added in future) 2.9.8-3-FIVETRAN
vlad-ignatov smart-on-fhir / client-js HTML JavaScript client for FHIR v2.0.7 Complete rewrite! For details see
elithrar gorilla / csrf Go gorilla/csrf provides Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention middleware for Go web applications & services. v1.6.0 ### Notable Changes * We've removed support for versions of Go prior to v1.7 - v1.6 was released over 3.5 years ago (@kisielk making me feel old!) * As a result, we've also removed `gorilla/contex
sunqian1991 sunqian1991 / px2rwd-intellij-plugin Java 用于将css中的px转换为rem/vw/vh值的IntelliJ插件,支持idea和webstorm v2.1.2 ###### changeNotes add the rollback action(rem/vw/vh to px) into code intention. ###### local install <kbd>File</kbd> - <kbd>Settings</kbd> - <kbd>Plugins</k
nlfurniss ahmadsoe / ember-highcharts JavaScript A Highcharts, HighStock and HighMaps component for ember cli v1.2.0 # Changelog - Use the "app" argument if available - Bump bootstrap version to fix security vulnerability
jgomezh09 jgomezh09 / clima-app-node JavaScript Una aplicación del clima v1.0.0 ## Aplicacion del clima - curso node Recuerde ejecutar ```npm install``` para instalar las librerias ### Ejemplo ``` node app -d "colombia" ```
akhilharihar akhilharihar / Flask-EscapeJSe Python Flask extension which registers a filter to escape curly braces for use in javascript frameworks such as vue.js v1.0
isabelc isabelc / zp-house-systems PHP WordPress plugin, extension for ZodiacPress 1.5 = 1.5 = * Tweak - removed zp_shortcode_default_form_title filter because no longer needed in ZP 2.0.
eljuguetero matrix-io / matrix-creator-init Shell Debian package to initialize MATRIX Creator on boot v0.4.14 * Buster support added * Jessie deprecated
aoxiang594 aoxiang594 / laravel-province-city-area PHP 全国「省市区县乡镇街道」数据,来源于【京东】,【内置爬虫】,可自行获取最新数据) v1.1.1 ProvinceCityArea::getAllProvince(); ProvinceCityArea::getAllCity() ....
pcolby pcolby / lcoveralls Ruby Report Gcov / LCOV (ie C, C++, Go, etc) code coverage to v0.2.4 Bug fixes: - wrong use of `%` in `format()` ([#8](../../pull/8)) Special thanks to @masatake for contributing to this release.
Akryum vuejs / ui Vue 💻 UI components for official Vue organization apps v0.10.1 # Fixed - VueGroup: issue with last button style
timothycrosley timothycrosley / isort Python A Python utility / library to sort imports. 4.3.21 ### 4.3.21 - June 25, 2019 - hot fix release - Fixed issue #957 - Long aliases and use_parentheses generates invalid syntax
usatie yenom / Mew Swift The framework that support making MicroViewController. 0.3.1 Add Environment
TonyJiangWJ TonyJiangWJ / Ant-Forest-autoscript JavaScript 蚂蚁森林自动收能量脚本,基于Autojs v1.0.3 click 无法识别字符串数字,进行parseInt处理
hi-kondo seed-solutions / noid-ros-pkg C++ seed-noid meta package 0.0.1
cyberrufus cyberrufus / Chromium no-lang Chromium builds for Windows v77.0.3833.0-r671646-win64 Reference: Google Chrome Dev release 6-25-19 No-sync, all codecs and Widevine. Revision: 2f272e2df45fa27805c57b7f444923b2e8f28ed7
christopheranderson Azure / azure-cosmosdb-java Java Java Async SDK for SQL API of Azure Cosmos DB 2.5.0 Release Notes: - Features - Enables TCP mode by default for direct mode - Fixes - failover for multi-master accounts during query now retries properly - Global Strong consistency now
tysonwolker qantasairways / runway JavaScript Qantas Style Guide v0.32.7 ## [0.32.7]( (2019-06-26) ### Bug Fixes * **daypicker:** safely handle date and price data render paths, skip diclaimer content con
odinsride odinsride / olubalance Ruby olubalance is a personal finance tool to balance and reconcile your bank accounts v1.2.3 ### Changed - Ruby version updated to 2.6.3 - Rails version updated to 5.2.3 - Other gems updated ### Removed - Removed Account Documents attachment type. This is not a well known or used featu
damonsson BitBagCommerce / SyliusPayUPlugin PHP PayU payment plugin for Sylius applications. v1.8.0 * Upgrade plugin skeleton * Change Yaml file with services to XML, split services to separated files. * Add symlink in root folder to node_modules catalog. * Add strict types and type hinting. * A
rahularya50 rahularya50 / 61a-editor Python Web-based IDE for Python, Scheme, and SQL intended for students taking CS 61A. v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-06-26) ### Features * try to get the thing to make a release ([57c8502](
Mikunj loki-project / loki-electron-gui-wallet JavaScript Loki electron GUI wallet v1.2.1 **[lokid]( Version:** 3.0.6 **Changes:** - Fix issue where incorrect amount is calculated when staking or transferring (#86) ``` -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESS
gp-releng gp-releng / gpdb C Greenplum Database 7.0.0-alpha.0-430-g60de5b512a Greenplum-db version: 7.0.0-alpha.0-430-g60de5b512a
sunny5156 sunny5156 / gocronx Go gocronx 1.0.0 基于gocron 开发
opengappsbuildbot opengapps / arm no-lang arm releases for opengapps 20190626 Automatically generated builds of 26 June 2019 These builds are provided by The Open GApps Project and are provided under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allo
isabelc isabelc / zodiacpress PHP Generate astrology birth reports with your custom interpretations in WordPress. v2.0 Release of version 2.0
rasensuihei rasensuihei / mcf Emacs Lisp Emacs major mode for editing Minecraft mcfunction. 0.2.2
cezarywojcik cezarywojcik / Operations Swift Advanced NSOperations in Swift 7.0.3 7.0.3
nrvikas superdesk / superdesk-aap Python Superdesk AAP v1.29.2 # Superdesk Change Log ## Fixed ### Client - [SDESK-4412] Content views are not getting more items on scroll ### Server None
Kesin11 Kesin11 / Firestore-simple TypeScript More simple, powerfull and TypeScript friendly Firestore wrapper. v4.0.0 ## v4.0.0 2019/06/26 - **Braking changes** - Fix FirestoreSimple.collection generics type arguments - `
daboehme LLNL / Caliper C++ Caliper is a flexible application introspection system v2.1.0 Caliper 2.1.0 brings improvements and new functionality, including * Simplified linking: libcaliper is now self-contained, linking `-lcaliper` (or `-lcaliper-serial` for non-MPI programs) includes
frankvega2010 frankvega2010 / Unity-LunarLander C# A game made with Unity for a College Assigment v1.1 Download the game by clicking on FirstContactv1.1.rar! ### Changelog: - Fixed issue with UI scaling incorrectly on the different resolutions. - Fixed a bug where the player could land successfull
BurntSushi BurntSushi / imdb-rename Rust A command line tool to rename media files based on titles from IMDb. 0.1.5 Automatically deployed release
Lokitodev Lokitodev / Seven-Maker JavaScript Plataforma de E-Commerce v1.0 25-06-2019
goodguyry goodguyry / postcss-tidy-columns JavaScript PostCSS plugin to manage column and margin alignment. 0.4.0 **Added** - Support for configuring different grid specs across multiple breakpoints (#20) - Use the `tidy-var()` function to retrieve option values in declarations (#27, #32) - Use the `debug` o
roderickhsiao roderickhsiao / react-in-viewport JavaScript Detect if React component is in viewport 1.0.0-alpha.8 #33
cocosip cocosip / WeChatFramework C# WeChat基础库 v0.1.8 - 升级包引用
BenTheElder kubernetes-sigs / kind Go Kubernetes IN Docker - local clusters for testing Kubernetes v0.4.0 v0.4.0 brings improved networking features in particular, including initial IPv6 support and additional node port forwards. It also continues to improve speed and reliability (hopefully! :upside_down_
keplersj keplersj / cises TypeScript A browser extension that incrementally improves on the University of Utah CIS experience. v1.0.8 ## [1.0.8]( (2019-06-26) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update emotion monorepo to v10.0.14 ([764996c](
meson10 tsocial / tskv Go Wrapper on top on consul for versioned value items v4 tskv is only a library. Binary has been moved to escher plugins.
aporeto-bot aporeto-inc / trireme-lib Go Simple, scalable and secure application segmentation v10.197.0 v10.197.0
MatrikMoon MatrikMoon / EndlessMode C# Beat Saber mod which stitches songs together so you play all of them before returning to the menu 0.1.0 Fixed the bug with the previous release! Custom songs are now loaded right before they're played.
zxftuid TeamWeGo / source_code JavaScript 挣闲钱 源码 v1.0.0 * demo already
OutlineBot Jigsaw-Code / outline-server TypeScript Outline Manager, developed by Jigsaw. The Outline Manager application creates and manages Outline servers, powered by Shadowsocks. It uses the Electron framework to offer support for Windows, macOS and Linux. daily-2019-06-26
genokolar genokolar / nrf51822-keyboard C ble keyboard with nrf51822 20190620 1、修正USB连接困难问题 2、修正USB充电时识别为插入电脑问题 3、提高USB主频,提高UART通讯波特率 注意:USB和APP必须同时更新。
hiroppy hiroppy / fusuma JavaScript ✍️Fusuma makes slides with Markdown easily. v1.8.0 # [1.8.0]( (2019-06-26) ### Features - **client:** implement drawing feature ([7a75b09](
martinbaillie martinbaillie / htmltest Go :white_check_mark: Test generated HTML for problems v0.10.4-martinbaillie
admin-vizcentric viz-centric / flair-visualizations JavaScript Flair BI Visualizations - Open source Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics platform v1.2.2
ChristopherJD ChristopherJD / lsm9ds1 C C and Python extension library for the LSM9DS1 v0.1.0-alpha Initial alpha release. Pre-built for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ # Known Issues * Sensor readings are incorrect
Walker-ZHAO Walker-ZHAO / ISUS Kotlin 统一推送框架
neuhausi neuhausi / canvasXpress-node JavaScript Node application to run CanvasXpress in the command line 24.5
neuhausi neuhausi / canvasXpress R JavaScript VisualizationTools 24.5
fulmicoton tantivy-search / bitpacking Rust SIMD algorithms for integer compression via bitpacking. This crate is a port of a C library called simdcomp. 0.7 Bugfix #11 AVX2 bitpacking was broken. This bug does not affect tantivy.
atsushi-morita tfabworks / pxt-stem TypeScript TFabWorks STEM package v0.0.6
leonetosoft leonetosoft / upaki-sync-ui no-lang Aplicativo de sincronização desktop v4.2.47
EmulationChannel EmulationChannel / yuzu-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-2411
JamesJose7 JamesJose7 / LabUTPL-CursoAndroid Java Curso de Android dictado en la UTPL en asociación con la IEEE v5
jordyamc jordyamc / MaterialChipsInput Java Implementation of Material Design Chips component for AndroidX compatible 2.0.6
guybedford zeit / ncc JavaScript Compile a Node.js project into a single file. Supports TypeScript, binary addons, dynamic requires. 0.20.2 ### Patches - Use isArray check for `externals`: #437 - Fixup windows build: #441 - Update to webpack-asset-relocator-loader 0.5.6: #442 - Webpack-asset-relocator-loader@0.5.7: #443
im6 im6 / vp JavaScript source of (react.js) v1.3.0
psealock woocommerce / woocommerce-admin PHP A feature plugin for a modern, javascript-driven WooCommerce Admin experience. v0.14.0 Release v0.14.0 == Changelog == = 0.14.0 2019-06-24 = - Dev: Action Scheduler: fix potential endless sync #2425 - Dev: Fix Activity Panel being overlapped by editor toolbar #2446 (Activity P
devinbarcelos raalf / VAP3 MATLAB The extended version of the MATLAB version of the higher-order potential-flow code FreeWake. 3.1 Here is a discription
andnp andnp / ValidTyped TypeScript Fast Typescript runtime typesystem backed by JSON Schema and AJV v2.2.0 # [2.2.0]( (2019-06-26) ### Features * add nullable values and shortcut ([2208f25](
maurodelazeri Zinnion / logging-log4cxx C++ Mirror of Apache log4cxx v0.10.1
EliezerCoronado EliezerCoronado / backend-server-udemy JavaScript backend server con mongo v0.0.1 Coneccion a Mongo
jurczewski jurczewski / KSR TSQL Computer Recognition Systems classes in Lodz University of Technology (TUL) v2.0 Zad 2 done and passed.
kbessonov1984 phac-nml / mob-suite Python MOB-suite: Software tools for clustering, reconstruction and typing of plasmids from draft assemblies 2.0.0 Added plasmid host range and transfer rate predictions. Corrected previous bugs related to a) empty mob_aggregate_report.txt when running mob_recon; b) results reporting for multi-replicon plasmids;
rtchagas rtchagas / pingplacepicker Kotlin An almost plug and play replacement for Google's Place Picker v1.0.7
eshen1991 GoogleCloudPlatform / storage-sdrs Java Data retention tool for Google Cloud Storage v0.2.1 # Relese Notes This release includes the following minor changes: - STS job allocation enhancement -- instead of getting next hour STS job, look for the one with schedule time closest to the current
nosskranitz DSI-Ville-Noumea / radi Java REST Services Interface on top of Active Directory 1.03.00 ajout list exch
eduardokraus EduardoKrausME / moodle-local-kopere_dashboard JavaScript Dashboard Moodle 2.3.5
csgura csgura / di Go Guice Style Dependency Injection Library for Golang v0.2.8-rc.1 nilable tag added
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / JavaScriptSDK JavaScript JavaScriptSDK for the Client API of PlayFab 1.48.190625
eyadgaran eyadgaran / SimpleML Python Machine learning that just works, for effortless production applications v0.6 - Full database initialization with alembic - DB schema validation on start - Main configuration file for all credentials - Drop official support for python 3.4 - Automatic handling of no data ope
guybedford zeit / webpack-asset-relocator-loader JavaScript Used in ncc while emitting and relocating any asset references 0.5.7 ### Patches - Fixup return statement asset inlining: #59 - Fixup and document cache attachment: #58
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / UnrealMarketplacePlugin C++ Source code for the PlayFab Marketplace Plugin for Unreal 1.20.190625
pralhadsapre rticommunity / rticonnextdds-xml-output-utility C A command line utility to output final XML values provided by a QoS Profile for RTI Connext DDS Professional. v1.0.1 ## rtixmloutpututility Minor refactoring relating to utility name
anouarbensaad anouarbensaad / vulnx Python vulnx 🕷️ is an intelligent bot auto shell injector that detect vulnerabilities in multiple types of cms { `wordpress , joomla , drupal , prestashop .. `} v1.8
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / JavaSDK Java PlayFab SDK for Java applications 0.93.190625
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / UnitySDK C# Unity C# SDKs for PlayFab 2.69.190625
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / UnityEditorExtensions C# The home for PlayFab's Unity Editor plugin. This plugin houses a custom inspector for viewing and configuring the PlayFab SDK. 2.69.190625
sgratzl sgratzl / emscripten_wrapper TypeScript Emscripten Wrapper Helper v2.0.0 * update dependencies (f684994) * fix setup (eb045dc) * use rollup (ca0291d) * adapt syntax (2b70dcf)
electron-bot electron / i18n JavaScript 🌍 The home of Electron's translated documentation v1.1472.0 # [1.1472.0]( (2019-06-26) ### Features * update source content ([34ca071](
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / PostmanCollection no-lang PlayFab Postman Collection 0.84.190625
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / NodeSDK JavaScript Playfab SDK for node.js applications 2.30.190625
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / CSharpSDK C# SDK for C#/.net environments other than Unity 1.53.190625
bibbot ag-gipp / bib TeX Biblography build-master-2019-06-26-270
Joezer12 Joezer12 / backed-server-MEAN JavaScript Creación de un backend con MEAN v1.0.3 ## Temas de la Sección - CRUD de hospitales y médicos - Servicio para cargar imagenes a un folder del servidor. - Servicio para recuperar una imagen del servidor. - Validación de archivos ( m
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / ActionScriptSDK ActionScript ActionScript3 SDK for use in Adobe Flash and AIR. 0.88.190625
pcmoritz pcmoritz / crossbow no-lang Build queue for arrow build-24-travis-wheel-osx-cp27m
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / Cocos2d-xSDK C++ PlayFab SDKs for c++ based Cocos2d-x game development 0.66.190625
PlayFabJenkinsBot PlayFab / LuaSdk Lua PlayFab Lua SDK for LuaDist command-line, Defold, and more 0.59.190625
onkelbeh onkelbeh / HomeAssistantRepository Shell Gentoo Overlay for setting up Home Assistant on Gentoo Linux without virtualenv or docker. v0.95.0_beta4 * bump frontend-20190624.0 & 1 * bump pyatmo-2.1.0
dc-koromo dc-koromo / koromo-copy C# WPF-based downloader, file-manager program that implements Hitomi Downloader as main function 1.11.7116.16400
notmgsk rigetti / quilc Common Lisp The @rigetti optimizing Quil compiler. v1.9.0
Guichaguri react-native-kit / react-native-track-player Java A fully fledged audio module created for music apps. Provides audio playback, external media controls, chromecast support, background mode and more! v1.1.5 ### Breaking Changes **We have updated from the support library to Android X.** Only React Native 0.60 or newer support Android X. You should only update if you're running React Native 0.60 and all
notmgsk rigetti / qvm Common Lisp The @rigetti high-performance quantum virtual machine. v1.9.0
benlumia007 benlumia007 / initiator PHP A WordPress Starter Theme 1.0.1 Needed to fixed customize settings for use
zikalify zikalify / StoicReading Java Consolidation of many Stoic texts 1.0.2 Fixed the icon issue on Oreo+ devices.
gonza4 gonza4 / recipes JavaScript app para buscar recetas 1.1.2
LadyFluffyPanda LadyFluffyPanda / LadyFluffyPandasMod no-lang LadyFluffyPandasMod, a mod for Terraria using TModLoader v0.3.4 Mod Browser Autorelease built on tModLoader v0.10.1.5
ClassyBot ClassyBot / ClassicPress-nightly PHP Automated nightly builds of ClassicPress. You probably want instead. 1.0.1+nightly.20190625 Nightly build 1.0.1+nightly.20190625. Use the source code zip. Source commit:
nwg-piotr nwg-piotr / azote Python Wallpaper manager for Sway, i3 and some other WMs v1.1.0-alpha1 - new: German translation by xsme - new: sorting order -> settings, sorting order button & menu - bug fix: column width 256 -> 280 to avoid the last column that does not fit in the screen
tristanhimmelman tristanhimmelman / AlamofireObjectMapper Swift An Alamofire extension which converts JSON response data into swift objects using ObjectMapper 6.1.0 #267
mitchhentges mitchhentges / application-services Rust Firefox Application Services 29
LittleHuba xournalpp / xournalpp C++ Xournal++ is a handwriting notetaking software with PDF annotation support. Written in C++ with GTK3, supporting Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Suse), macOS and Windows 10. Supports pen input from devices such as Wacom Tablets. 1.0.13-nightly.20190626 Automated nightly release ## Changes: * ebc7277984d21e1d1cd02b3267c89cbfc24609bd Update translation.yml for Azure Pipelines * 25d162b7472cf5cfb9b5822086584ebb5fe97e54 Update translation.yml for Azur
JChristensen JChristensen / JC_Button C++ Arduino library to debounce button switches, detect presses, releases, and long presses 2.1.1 Fixes issue with UpDown.ino example.
Fleshgrinder Fleshgrinder / protobuf-wkt Shell Protobuf Well-Known Types v3.8.0
tyrchen ArcBlock / forge-python-sdk Python Python sdk for forge v0.29.2 release on branch ____ b7fd01a | Put instant tests under test/unittests and add more tests (#184) [Riley Shu]
valyala VictoriaMetrics / VictoriaMetrics Go VictoriaMetrics - high-performance, cost-effective and scalable time series database, long-term remote storage for Prometheus v1.20.7 Read [docs about free single-node VictoriaMetrics]( The corresponding docker image is available [here](https://h
sougata-chatterjee sougata-chatterjee / FloatingActionButton Java Android Floating Action Button based on Material Design specification v1.6.5.1
Duckie-TV DuckieTV / Nightlies JavaScript Nightly builds for DuckieTV nightly-201906260130 DuckieTV nightly release for Wed Jun 26 2019 01:55:50. **Changelog:** - e84a116 1337x: new download selectors
suparngp suparngp / kotlin-multiplatform-projects HTML Kotlin Multiplatform projects. 1.0.0 iOS and Android Stable releases for 1. suparnatural-threading 2. suparnatural-fs
cfreehill RadeonOpenCompute / rocminfo C++ ROCm Application for Reporting System Info roc-2.6.0 * Modified CMakeLists.txt to generate .deb and .rpm packaging
issakomi issakomi / UnicodeBlocks C++ View Unicode symbols v1.0.0
smokytheangel0 smokytheangel0 / clock Makefile A personal code journal v0.1.1
kristoferjoseph kristoferjoseph / morse JavaScript Begin app 0.0.1 wee
dshelbyo terraform-providers / terraform-provider-oci Go Terraform Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provider v3.31.0-rc1
coolblock vivocoin / vivo C++ Official VIVO Repository v0.12.1.17 Please update as soon as you can. Some bug fixes and reporting enhancements.
tristanhimmelman tristanhimmelman / ObjectMapper Swift Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift 3.5.1 #1059
NACH0CHEE5E NACH0CHEE5E / ColonyManager C# A manager for you colony in colony survial 1.0.0beta3 added an icon
sorbet-bot sorbet / sorbet C++ A fast, powerful type checker designed for Ruby 0.4.4314.20190625164244-5e8410bd1 To use Sorbet add this line to your Gemfile: ``` gem 'sorbet', '0.4.4314' ```
emjburns spinnaker / kork Java Kork provides some basic service building blocks for Spinnaker. v5.7.0
agilliland opencitymodel / data-pipeline JavaScript Open City Model data pipeline 2019-jun data-pipeline supporting the [2019-jun release](
tripleabuilderbot triplea-game / triplea Java TripleA is a turn based strategy game and board game engine, similar to Axis & Allies or Risk. 1.10.14993
khaledhosny khaledhosny / harftex C A TeX enginge with embedded HarfBuzz and Lua test2
leomullerbq leomullerbq / node-semantic-versioning Dockerfile A docker image with node alpine and semantic release installed v0.1.0
sgriffin53 sgriffin53 / raven C Raven Chess Engine 0.40 This is the 0.40 version of Raven, it should be significantly stronger than the 0.30 version. Updates since last release: Use bitboards for board representation, movegen, and evaluation. More
mgacesa66 mgacesa66 / O-CO2_cross-sections no-lang Raw data and codes for O(3P)+CO2 scattering at superthermal energies (0.03-5 eV) v0.9-beta Pre-release of raw data used in publication "O(3P)+CO2 scattering cross sections at superthermal collision energies for planetary aeronomy".
halotroop2288 halotroop2288 / More-Creeps-and-Weirdos-Reboot-1.8.9 Java Source of the Creeps and Weirdos Reboot v1.0.0-beta This is just a version of the mod from the upstream, modified to at least boot up. Some things are working, most do not seem to be.
mobitar standardnotes / desktop JavaScript A free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app. Mac, PC, & Linux app repository | v3.0.15 - Fixes issue where zoom settings were not remembered on Linux. - Decreases sync timeout when typing, which was increased to too high a level in 3.0.12.
bochoven munkireport / inventory PHP Inventory module for MunkiReport v2.1
dsandersAzure dsandersAzure / terraform-library HCL Terraform Module Library 0.8.0
firebase-ops firebase / firebase-functions TypeScript Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions v3.0.2 <ul><li>bug where auth.UserRecord.metadata was undefined.</li></ul>
mbelluzzo clearlinux / clr-distro-factory-config Shell Clear Linux* Distro Factor Config clr-distro-factory-config-0.3.3
mbelluzzo clearlinux / clr-distro-factory Shell Clear Linux* Distro Factory clr-distro-factory-0.3.3 CI and Makefile improvements
the6thdoor the6thdoor / Morph Kotlin A game engine that combines functional elements with ECS. 0.8.0 - Particles!
zendesk-deploy zendesk / samson Ruby Web interface for deployments, with plugin architecture and kubernetes support v2828
miguelpruivo miguelpruivo / plugins_flutter_file_picker Java File picker plugin for Flutter, compatible with both iOS & Android. v1.3.7
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk12-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK12 variants and platforms jdk12u-2019-06-25-23-30 Nightly Build of jdk12u-2019-06-25-23-30
TravisChenn TravisChenn / ADMIN-TEMPLATE Vue 标准的中前台开发模板 0.0.1
bochoven munkireport / localadmin PHP Localadmin module for MunkiReport v2.0
gaithoben gaithoben / cloudhub-react-components JavaScript Various React Components v1.13.9 ## [1.13.9]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **Image:** Image display ([7aac532](
colinrgodsey yesdog / Paper Shell Yesdog fork of Paper that provides hacks for PE 0.3
cozy-bot cozy / cozy-bar JavaScript cozy-bar.js library, a small lib provided by cozy-stack to inject the Cozy-bar component into each app v7.3.4 ## [7.3.4]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency cozy-ui to v20.24.0 ([e874569](
magicalbanana magicalbanana / npireg Go (NPI Registry) client v0.1.0
kanej kanej / merkling TypeScript JS to IPLD mapping library v1.2.1 ## [1.2.1]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **merkling:** Persist changed parent on save if child has changed ([159ac5a](
cccm5 APDevTeam / Movecraft Java The original movement plugin for Bukkit. Reloaded. Again. 7.0.0_pre-release_8 This pre-release brings with it fixes to several large issues in the plugin. While there's no new features, all of these fixes should greatly increase the overall stability. If you have any issues you
lunalangCI luna / luna-studio Haskell An IDE for hybrid textual and visual functional programming. Includes Dataframes library built from
Shatur95 Shatur95 / optimus-manager-qt C++ An interface for Optimus Manager that allows to switch GPUs on Optimus laptops. 1.2.4 **Added** - Automatic logout for Sway and i3. **Changed** - Fix incorrect generation of the nvidia/options.
mustafaydemir airscarp / plugin.speedtest JavaScript Airscarp - Speedtest Plugin v1.0.3
tommyettinger tommyettinger / Glamer Java Bitmap font generator producing distance-field fonts (intended for use with LibGDX) v0.0.1-ALPHA This makes a fixed-width font into an MSDF, PSDF, or SDF font using the AngelCode BMFont format, meant to be loaded by libGDX. See the README.txt in the jar for rudimentary instructions on how to use.
salcock wanduow / libwandder C C library for DER encoding and decoding 1.1.3-1 This release fixes a single bug: `wandder_etsili_get_cin()` was returning bogus CIN values due to a decoding error.
knative-prow-releaser-robot knative / build Go A Kubernetes-native Build resource. v0.7.0 [add release notes here]
JohannC JohannC / React-Web-Media-Player JavaScript A React Player that can play videos, audio tracks, slideshows, with an easily cutomizable design. 1.1.3 Bugs corrected: - Removing JS timers when unmounting component - Slideshow not changing the image displayed when paused if the user change the current player time - In some rare cases the timer was
adranwit viant / assertly Go Arbitraty datastructure validation v0.5.1 - Patched nil pointer
andstor KQMATH / tex2max JavaScript JavaScript library for converting LaTeX math into Maxima code v1.2.1
uwap fnordcredit / fnordcredit JavaScript 💰 Open source credit system. v2.1.0 ### Backend * Updated dependencies ### Frontend * Updated to version 2.1.4. #### Features * New design following the material design guidelines * Added an idle timeout that throws you
austinread austinread / WhatsOnTap TypeScript Digital Taplist Solution v1.1.2 - Bugfix for beer form not working properly under certain circumstances - removes weird double scrollbar on lists that go longer than the page length
CliffordSesel CliffordSesel / crackme C Source repository for my introduction to reverse engineering workshop 0.0.1osx binaries for osx
julienbourdeau algolia / algoliasearch-rails Ruby AlgoliaSearch integration to your favorite ORM 1.23.0 **Added** * Introduce `rake algoliasearch:set_all_settings` command - PR [#315]( This command will push settings for all models to a
redbugz fs-webdev / strong JavaScript Internationalization library for Node.js 2.0.0 Deprecate project, no longer maintained.
eljuguetero matrix-io / matrix-creator-hal C++ Hardware Abstraction Layer for MATRIX Creator v0.3.8 * Raspbian Buster support added.
vardius vardius / trace Go Simple helper to trace the function calls, errors or logs reference v1.0.0
felipeacviana PML-UCF / pinn Python Physics-informed neural networks v0.0.1
mlms13 mlms13 / bs-decode OCaml Type-safe JSON decoding for ReasonML and OCaml v0.7.0 ### :rotating_light: Breaking - `relude` and `bs-abstract` are now peerDependencies. This means you'll need to add these dependencies to your own `package.json`, and you're much less likely to end
mlms13 reazen / relude OCaml FP-inspired prelude for ReasonML projects v0.14.0 ### :sparkles: New Stuff - `Relude.Map` and `Relude.Set` wrap Belt's implementation with functions that fit with the Relude style (significant data last, named appropriately, etc) - `Relude.List.I
Flynsarmy Flynsarmy / laravel-db-blade-compiler PHP Render Blade templates from Eloquent Model Fields 5.4.4 Make compatible with laravel/framework v5.8.25
eats-ci pivotal-cf / metric-registrar-cli Go Allow users to register metric sources for CF 1.2.0
X4Zero X4Zero / webserver-express JavaScript Código fuente de un servidor express, hbs, heroku básico v1.0.0 # Notas: Listo y desplegado en Heroku
95CivicSi RevivalPMMP / PureEntitiesX PHP A Revival of the original PureEntities, a plugin which provides MobAI for PMMP - Coming back soon 0.6.2 ## Intro TargetAPI: 3.8.4 Some minor updates to keep things compatible with new changes in PocketMine 3.8.4 Please check the contact info for ways to get assistance if you have problems with this p
dannyrs18 dannyrs18 / clima-app-node JavaScript Una aplicación del clima del curso de Node v1.0.0 - Recuperar información del lugar - Obtener datos del clima - Obtener la temperatura del clima
bitnami-bot bitnami / minideb-runtimes Dockerfile Dockerfile for the base image used for Bitnami runtimes production images stretch-r316
bitnami-bot bitnami / minideb-extras-base Shell Dockerfiles for the bash-based images used in Bitnami stretch-r284
bitnami-bot bitnami / minideb-extras Shell Dockerfiles for the base images used in Bitnami Stacksmith stretch-r402
lodev09 lodev09 / php-models PHP A PHP library that allows you to easily create and define your models using PDO 1.2.0 support for `bool` type (tinyint)
laurenyu laurenyu / sagemaker-mxnet-serving-container Python Support code for allowing inference and serving with MXNet in SageMaker. v1.0.1 ### Bug fixes and other changes * bump min version * add changelog * remove ei gpu tests (there's no ei gpu) * fix version number * add eia * Add release buildspec * Fix SageMaker integration
NastuzziSamy NastuzziSamy / laravel-query-selector PHP A Laravel package that add some custom scopes on models to make a better selection via requests v2.4.0
minethai aws / aws-codebuild-docker-images Dockerfile Official AWS CodeBuild repository for managed Docker images 1.11.0 Changes: 1. Updated patch versions for php, dotnet sdk, ant, and maven 2. Updated minor versions for node8, node10, powershell, and gradle 5
dgosbell DaxStudio / DaxStudio C# DAX Studio is a tool to write, execute, and analyze DAX queries in Power BI Designer, Power Pivot for Excel, and Analysis Services Tabular. 2.9.2 This release fixes the following issues: - #189 Fixing issues with loading metadata - Hierarchies in folders were causing an infinite loop - Certain combinations of folder names with and with
MCOfficer-jenkins ES-Builds / endless-sky-osx C++ This Repo provides OSX Binaries for Endless Sky, built with Travis CI 424
fanglinfang uw-it-aca / uw-restclients-bridge Python Bridge restclient 1.4.3 Add position location
avafinger avafinger / nanopi-a64-kodi no-lang Kodi on NanoPi A64 v1.2 Mainline Linux 5.2.0-rc6 (experimental) * Ready to run Kodi * hdmi-sound * camera * linux-cedrus * mali
naxuroqa naxuroqa / vala-toxcore-c Vala Vala bindings for toxcore v0.2.10-1 Bindings compatible with v0.2.10 TokTok/c-toxcore@7aab0d9
jamesfer jamesfer / cypher-query-builder TypeScript An flexible and intuitive query builder for Neo4j and Cypher. v4.0.1 ## [4.0.1]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * update code style and test errors ([1b94118](
rs-jeff retentionscience / tap-s3-csv Python Singer tap for getting CSV and XLS(X) data out of Amazon S3 v1.0.0 v1.0.0
bmoylan palantir / conjure-go-runtime Go Go implementation of the Conjure runtime 0.3.1 [fix] Error instead of panic when no base URIs are used (#41) [fix] Fix goroutine leak when using error decoder (#52)
0u812 sys-bio / roadrunner C++ libRoadRunner: A high-performance SBML simulator 1.5.4
linuxgurugamer linuxgurugamer / Through-The-Eyes C# Continuation of Chronothan's mod "Through the eyes of a kerbal", aka "1st person EVA", aka "Force IVA" for Kerbal Space Program v2.0.2.5
cjimti txn2 / provision Go WIP: User and Account micro-platform. v0.3.1 ## Changelog ebc4831 updated template mapping 26832c9 better condition names ## Docker images - `docker pull txn2/provision:armv6-latest` - `docker pull txn2/provision:armv6-v0.3.1` - `docker pull
abedra abedra / ngx_bot_verifier C A search index bot verification module for NGINX v0.0.9 Fixes repsheet blacklist command argument order.
baseui-probot-app-workflow[bot] uber-web / baseui JavaScript A React Component library implementing the Base design language v7.8.0 v7.8.0
jotadrilo jotadrilo / rubbi-sh Go Go and Shell helpers to provide a sandbox directory for rubbish. 0.1.0 ## Changelog ece4629 Add terminal interface and 'sel' option 5b28656 Add terminal interface to the 'del' option c500572 Update version and docs
jexp jexp / store-utils Java Utilities to compact, copy, fix, analyse Neo4j stores 3.5.6 This release contains a fix for stores with a high node-id of > 2bn
SolidHal SolidHal / PrawnOS Shell Libre Mainline Kernel and Debian for the Asus C201 (Once Called Librean) v0.11-alpha - Added a new screen locker, xfce4-screensaver - Moved the ath modules to built in, reducing reliance on the filesystem and making kernel upgrades easier - This may have unseen stability improveme
wolfy01 wolfy01 / rpnow Go The Dead-Simple Roleplay Chatroom Service. 23408u5 Beta 8
warmCabin warmCabin / mm2ghost GDScript FCEUX scripts for recording and playing back speedrun ghosts in Mega Man 2 v0.3.0 * Fixed wrapping issues when ghosts get too far ahead * Added "retro mode," which provides an old-school flickery alternative to plain transparent ghosts * Added support for a config file,
ayufan-jenkins ayufan-rock64 / linux-build Shell Rock64 Linux build scripts, tools and instructions 0.8.1 ## Notes - **PRE-RELEASE**: unstable and should be only used for testing purposes - **Fully reproducible, upgradable and trustable builds, build by CI system** - Check [Compatibility list](https://do
arcanite24 arcanite24 / dionisio-cli JavaScript Dionisio CLI v0.0.1 Very buggy, don't use
kkoryaka Office-of-Digital-Innovation / California-State-Template-Web-Forms CSS .NET Web Forms version of the California State Template v5.0.8 This is Web Forms template new release that incorporates State Template version 5.0.8 fixes. See the updates list below: ----- - Updated search box aria visibility for the screen reader and made
exwundee oldfagorg / CrashPatch Java Patches one of the few methods of crashing the server by limiting offhand use. 1.0 **v. 1.0** - Initial release
c-w c-w / mathquill4quill JavaScript Power-up Quill's formula editing via the MathQuill editor v0.1.0 * Merge pull request #10 from c-w/react-quill-integration (f4adf00) * Switch usage examples to function-style API (05d669c) * Add hook for integrating with react-quill (5ad752a)
uvatbc accupara / crave no-lang Release vehicle for the crave command line tool 0.2-5439 Bugfix release - Allow `crave version` even when there is no git repository
ijjk zeit / next.js JavaScript The React Framework v8.1.1-canary.58 ### Patches - Unflag Dynamic Routing: #7663 - Fix memory leak from requiring pages: #7659 ### Credits Huge thanks to @Timer for helping!
binglihub snowflakedb / spark-snowflake Scala Snowflake Data Source for Apache Spark. v2.5.0-spark_2.4 * Support only Snowflake JDBC 3.8.4 + * Add getLastSelect function * Fix pushdown failure in large SQL query
m4rw3r crossroads-loyalty-solutions / crustate JavaScript Crustate is a message-based modular state-management library for JavaScript applications v0.3.0 ### Changed - `Update<T>` is now an object with `data` and `messages` - `update` now returns a nullable `Update` - `State` -> `Model` - `Init` -> `ModelInit` - `Model`.`name` -> `i
fohristiwhirl fohristiwhirl / nibbler JavaScript Nibbler - Leela Chess Zero (Lc0) interface v0.6.2 The movelist (bottom of the screen) will now grow to fill available space. Yay! Searchmoves functionality available in Serious Analysis Mode (tm). The limit on moves shown has been removed. A scroll
JackNewman12 JackNewman12 / NetHex Rust A small rust utility for dumping and sending data-layer network traffic v0.4.1 You can now set rates and number of transmits. Rx and Tx moved to their own threads.
davidweterings labd / terraform-provider-commercetools Go Terraform provider for commercetools 0.11.1 ## Changelog b770449 Merge pull request #68 from sshibani/fix/issue667-shippingmethod-zone-rates 8631461 create zones on the shipping-method before setting the shipping-method-rate. c42d19c format co
proteanx devaultcrypto / devault C++ DeVault Decentralized Economy v1.0.4
posva posva / eslint-config-posva JavaScript 🤺 Opinionated eslint set of rules with support for Vue v3.0.1 * use correct option for release-it (9ac06ea)
SuddenGunter SuddenGunter / pandaren Go small tool for html -> pdf convertion using go and chromedp v0.1 current v0.1 is dumb cli tool that can be runned in docker. it goes to, make screenshot and stores to /store folder that can be mounted as volume
kkoryaka Office-of-Digital-Innovation / California-State-Template-MVC-v5 CSS .NET MVC version of the California State Template v5.0.8 This is .NET MVC template new release that incorporates State Template version 5.0.8 fixes. See the updates list below: ----- - Updated search box aria visibility for the screen reader and made f
asher spinnaker / keel Kotlin Spinnaker's declarative service v0.37.3 - fix(alb): format targetGroup attributes according to clouddriver (#340) - chore(tests): couple of tests to ensure DB schema consistency
memellis memellis / SlotPuzzle HTML A game which is a combination of a Fruit/Slot Machine and a Puzzle game where matching patterns is required. v619
solocommand solocommand / TitanPoints Lua TitanPoints is an interface add-on for World of Warcraft that displays in-game currency amounts. 8.2.0 - Interface update for 8.2.0
solocommand solocommand / TitanSocial Lua TitanSocial is an interface add-on for World of Warcraft that displays information about friends and guild members. 8.2.0 - Interface update for 8.2.0
macmoyer careerpathways / Career-Pathways-Web-Tool HTML Web Tool for editing Career Pathways roadmaps used by the community colleges in the state of Oregon. The Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (OCCWD) working in partnership with Oregon's 17 community colleges through the Oregon Pathways Alliance developed the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool to provide visual maps using web technology for students and citizens to learn more about education, training, occupations, careers, and the labor market in Oregon. We welcome others state agencies, educational institutions, and organizations to download the source code to develop a comparable Web Tool for the students and citizens in their state or region. The Web Tool was developed with funds from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (US DOL ETA) and the Oregon Community College Strategic Reserve Fund. 4.4.0 [#1375] Allow users to resize and move the content editor
maiqbal11 maiqbal11 / azure-functions-python-worker Python Python worker for Azure Functions. 1.0.0b8-test2
goncasmage1 goncasmage1 / UINavigation C++ A UE4 plugin designed to help easily make UMG menus navigable by mouse, keyboard and gamepad v2.5.0 This release adds an actual slider to the plugin's functionality. OnComponentBoxNavigateTo/From replaced with OnHorizComponentNavigateTo/From. It also adds a bunch of platforms to the plugin's w
connor-baer connor-baer / rich-text-from-notion JavaScript A library to convert Notion page content to the Contentful Rich Text document format. v1.0.0-alpha.4@alpha # [1.0.0-alpha.4]( (2019-06-25) ### Features * Add config options for transformers ([1a0de97
edwardsmarc edwardsmarc / CASFRI Batchfile CASFRI v5 development v5.0.2-beta Updates for this release include the addition of new attributes to the existing translation tables, and the addition of new translation tables for some inventories. Translation tables have also been u
paramt paramt / videocloud Python Generate word clouds from YouTube videos v2.4
camsaul metabase / mbql Clojure Formal definition and utility functions lib for the MBQL language 1.0.3 Minor change: Made `FieldOrAggregationReference` schema public.
BrandonEdwards BrandonEdwards / bbsBayes R An R Package for Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of North American Breeding Bird Survey Data v1.0.1 Changes in this version * Use median for index calculations * Change "dont_track_n" to "track_n" (less confusing) * Specify JAGS v4.2.0
erssebaggala bodastage / bts-ce-lite JavaScript Cross platform vendor and technology agnostic telecommunication network management tool v0.1.9
ilidiomartins ilidiomartins / monitor_alerting Ruby alerting tool 16.04
bochoven munkireport / event PHP Event module for MunkiReport v2.0
nemgrea nemgrea / Laser_MK1 no-lang Co2 laser design v0.1 preliminary release, just getting github setup
Kirby1997 Kirby1997 / Banano Python Banano Related Things 1 Extract all the files and then run SendMulti.exe Fill "addresses.txt" with the accounts you want to split funds across, separated by new lines. Deposit funds to the temporary address gener
christophery christophery / pushy CSS Pushy is a responsive off-canvas navigation menu using CSS transforms & transitions. 1.3.0 - Added the `data-menu-btn-class` attribute [#131]( - Updated with Development, NPM and Options sections.
gdbrown gdbots / ncr-php PHP Node Content Repository for php. v1.0.3 * Ensure `NcrLazyLoader::flush` can bypass permission check.
ahus1 asciidoctor / asciidoctor-intellij-plugin Java AsciiDoc plugin for products on the IntelliJ platform (IDEA, RubyMine, etc) 0.28.5 - support zoom in preview window (thanks to @ianflett) (#199, #279) - save generated images from preview (thanks to @bbrenne) (#245 #278)
monamimani monamimani / llvmjit Batchfile llvm build for the orc jit llvmJit_v283 Build commit id 1c2dca95c3e4092649375dccc250c4ee856eb822
tfredian MDSplus / mdsplus C The MDSplus data management system alpha_release-7-78-4 Commits since last release: commit 30b2cd56493d4f9247275ae27d69f3812fa5e60f (HEAD -> refs/heads/alpha, tag: refs/tags/alpha_release-7-78-4, refs/remotes/origin/alpha) Author: Timo Schroeder <za
mike-works-bot mike-works / pwa-fundamentals JavaScript 👨‍🏫 Mike & Steve's Progressive Web Fundamentals Course v0.4.15 ## [0.4.15]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency concurrently to v4.1.1 ([864a66d](
yarcowang yarcowang / marked-katex JavaScript This is a forked version marked (with katex included & tex enabled), original info => v1.6.2
github-actions[bot] web-platform-tests / wpt HTML Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others merge_pr_17506 "Rewrite WPT test viewBox-scaling-text-001.html to not depend on Ahem font having X-with-diacritics character." "Differential Revision:
prampec prampec / IotWebConf C++ ESP8266/ESP32 non-blocking WiFi/AP web configuration Arduino library v2.2.0 New features: - skipApStartup mode was introduced
hscasn hscasn / examplepackage Go Temporary - example of go modules v2.0.0
kjohn47 kjohn47 / KjohnWebService C# Soap Based Web service transaction system release_0.1 Start of project, Simple wsdl soap based web service
FlorianRappl graphql-extended / gqlx-cli TypeScript Command line utility for GraphQL eXtended. :camel: 0.2.0
christian-omatech omatech / laravel-done-jobs PHP Quick way to save jobs that have been created without any problem. The antithesis of failed jobs. v1.0.0
FeiMinhao BIUT-Block / biutblock-client Vue secjs block chain client 2.0.49
xmorera SolrNet / SolrNet C# Solr client for .Net 1.0.17 ## 1.0.17 (2019-06-25) - Provide support for adding request body (eg. JSON) in Solr query #481 (@mattflax) As usual, many thanks to @gjunge for being the technical lead, reviewer, and approver for
NicolasMassart PegaSysEng / pantheon Java An enterprise-grade Java-based, Apache 2.0 licensed Ethereum client 1.1.3 ## 1.1.3 ### Additions and Improvements - \[PAN-2811\] Be more lenient with discovery message deserialization. Completes our support for EIP-8 and enables Pantheon to work on Rinkeby again. [\#1
hdoupe comp-org / comp-ce Python A Utility for Sharing Computational Models 0.9.9 - Bump timeout for worker node requests. (#168)
nseidle sparkfun / SparkFun_BNO080_Arduino_Library C++ An Arduino Library for the BNO080 IMU combination triple axis accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer packaged with an ARM Cortex M0+ running powerful algorithms. v1.1.5 Add support for raw readings of MEMS sensors.
noglitchyo noglitchyo / middleware-collection-request-handler PHP Lightweight & dead simple PSR-15 Server Request Handler implementation to process a collection of middlewares. 1.1.0 Added handful factory methods
gkute gkute / CombatTimeTracker Lua Addon for the game World of Warcraft v2.5.02 ##Changelog: ###v2.5.02 * Update build version for 8.2 * Minor bug fixes
sebastianlange roland-rad-lab / MoCaSeq R This repository serves as a companion to an analysis workflow for mouse cancer genomes. v0.2.5 Changes to README
persi-ci cloudfoundry / smb-volume-release Shell BOSH release with SMB driver and service brokers v1.2.2 # Release Notes - Fixes an issue in the SMB volume driver startup script that can cause it to fail or modify application data permissions if the driver is restarted while there are active mounts.
edwardsmarc edwardsmarc / PostgreSQL-Table-Translation-Framework PLpgSQL Table translation engine for PostgreSQL v0.0.2-beta The major update for this release is that the translator now only accepts text arguments as inputs. The translator then casts input arguments to the correct type inside the helper functions (#17). Thi
aMarCruz aMarCruz / eslint-plugin-prettierx JavaScript Format your code with ESLint using Prettierx, with presets for Prettier and StandardJS 0.4.0 ## \[0.4.0] - 2019-06-25 ### Added - New option `quoteProps`, similar to the [quote-props]( option of ESLint. - New option `parenSpacing`, which insert
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk8-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK8 variants and platforms jdk8u-2019-06-25-22-24 Nightly Build of jdk8u-2019-06-25-22-24
chrisgregan snozbot / fungus C# An easy to use Unity 3D library for creating illustrated Interactive Fiction games v3.11.5 ## Fixed - Mushroom icon for the inspector moved in 2019 as to not overlap the new visibility toggle Unity has added. #745 - FlowchartWindow MutliSelect now more strictly manages selectedness #744
JonathanHenson awslabs / aws-crt-cpp C++ C++ wrapper around the aws-c-* libraries. Provides Cross-Platform Transport Protocols and SSL/TLS implementations for C++. v0.4.5
rs-jeff retentionscience / tap-csv Python Singer tap for basic CSV files v1.0.0 v1.0.0
matyasselmeci matyasselmeci / htcondor-ce Python A site grid gatekeeper technology based solely on Condor components v3.2.2.3matyas
bradleyjkemp bradleyjkemp / grpc-tools Go A suite of gRPC debugging tools. Like Fiddler/Charles but for gRPC. v0.2.0 ## Changelog 712a48d Release v0.2.0 af89291 Dump error codes as strings instead of integers (#25) d4f7079 Use correct http_proxy env var 348a16a Include timestamps of received/sent messages (#23) 17b
wzalazar graphitejs / server JavaScript Framework NodeJS for GraphQl v0.9.25 ## [0.9.25]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update apollo-server monorepo to v2.6.6 ([#213](
kw123 kw123 / pibeacon Python plugin that uses Raspberry PIs to track iBeacons, BLE devices, read sensors, set output devices v7.105.293 Added features / changes in v7.105.293 @ 2019-06-22 =================================================== 1. allows now to "normally" create an RPi beside "basic initial setup of RPI.
indigo423 opennms-forge / opennms-mqtt-plugin Java OpenNMS Plugin which can receive mqtt messages from IoT devices such as Eclipse Kura v0.0.5
hft-team-city OpenHFT / Chronicle-Ticker Java A time ticker as a light weight clock chronicle-ticker-2.17.2 *No changelog for this release.*
AlexHesp AlexHesp / winston-churchill-tribute HTML Sir. Winston Churchill Tribute - Code Test v1.0.1 Changed linking to the style sheet.
ahsai001 ahsai001 / zlcore Java zaitunlabs's android library core ZaitunLabs Core Library v1.2.48.85
tomwayson Esri / hub.js TypeScript JavaScript wrappers for talking to ArcGIS Hub v2.3.0 ### @esri/hub-common * Added * getType and getTypeCategories of an item
asutula textileio / react-native-sdk Java Alpha version React Native SDK for Textile framework v2.1.1
davidmoten davidmoten / sparse-hilbert-index Java Java library to create and search random access files (including in S3) using the space-filling hilbert index (sparse) 0.1.3 * add builder overloads to specify files with just filenames
bethesque pact-foundation / pact-ruby-standalone Ruby A standalone pact command line executable using the ruby pact implementation and Travelling Ruby v1.69.0
BaconatorNoVeg BaconatorNoVeg / STG-Lib Java Java library that generates a Smite Team Comp on demand. RC1.5.21 - Added Set - Added Horus - Added Olorun
elv1n elv1n / keybuddy TypeScript Refined library for keyboard shortcuts 📍 v0.0.6 - reset on window focus to avoid conflicts with system shortcuts - add methods destroy to remove all events listeners and actions handlers 4851e8d
MrJeremyHobbs MrJeremyHobbs / Book-Be-Gone Python A Program for Withdrawing Books in Alma 3.0
Red1812 Red1812 / Pilot_Fatigue C# Pilot Fatigue System for BATTLETECH 4.0.1 Fixed an issue preventing Morale to give any bonus or malus. Removed a +1 days added to rest due to mission not advancing time anymore.
rdev zeit / now-desktop JavaScript Create deployments right from the tray menu 5.0.0-canary.19 ### Patches - Open login immediately if token isn't present: #664 - Downgrade Electron nightly to stable: #665 - Handle missing config files on startup: #666
infinitered-circleci infinitered / reactotron JavaScript A desktop app for inspecting your React JS and React Native projects. macOS, Linux, and Windows. v2.16.0 # [2.16.0]( (2019-06-25) ### Features * allow exporting command timestamps ([a7ea790](
EvanLovely basaltinc / knapsack JavaScript Build Design Systems on Knapsack (formerly Bedrock), by Basalt v1.4.0 # [1.4.0]( (2019-06-25) ### Features * implement feedback from rochelle ([04a0738](
gothub NCEAS / metadig-checks HTML MetaDIG suites and checks for data and metadata improvement and guidance. v0.1.0 This is a pre-release of the MetaDIG Quality Engine Checks and Suites, and includes a subset of the FAIR Suite. See for a description of the FAIR Guidelines.
iredmedia roofr / laravel-geo PHP GeoSpatial integration on Laravel 5.2+ that supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. 3.0
ndobb uwrit / leaf TypeScript Leaf Clinical Data Explorer v3.2 This release focuses on significant Admin panel additions, usability improvements, and numerous bug fixes found by various sites deploying Leaf. Special thanks to @sgchoe and @weberlab for all their h
ostrya ostrya / PresencePublisher Java An Android MQTT client that regularly publishes messages to notify about the device's presence v1.5.2 New minor feature: added a log view to the app to be better able to track some strange misbehavior
XIROPHT XIROPHT / Xiropht-RPC-Wallet C# Xiropht RPC Wallet especially made for exchanges, web wallet -> Updated from the Mandatory Update scheduled on the 26 June 2019. -> Implement the option to bind a specific IP Address to the API. -> Implement a new API Command line: get_wallet_tra
alexdlaird alexdlaird / pyngrok Python A Python wrapper for ngrok 1.4.0 ### Added - Configurable `timeout` parameter for `ngrok.connect()`, `ngrok.disconnect()`, and `ngrok.get_tunnels()` in [ngrok module](
JakeMakesStuff MagicCap / MagicCap JavaScript MagicCap is a image/GIF capture suite for Mac and Linux. v2.0.0b2 - Added functionality into the app so you can easily get documentation if you are stuck with something (thanks @MattIPv4) and new documentation to go with it. - Actually fixed a bug with Ubuntu large
murphm8 aws-robotics / aws-robomaker-bundle-support-library Go A Library in Go that supports download and extraction of colcon-bundle format. 0.0.2
keith lyft / xiblint Python A tool for linting storyboard and xib files v0.9.5 This release contains a new named color validation rule
bangbingsyb microsoft / IIS.Compression C++ Compression schemes for Microsoft IIS v1.0.9 The initial release of IIS Compression. IIS Compression is a bundle of two IIS compression scheme providers, iisbrotli.dll and iiszlib.dll, that expand IIS's capability to compress HTTP responses.
anton7r anton7r / a7 JavaScript a7 is a Javascript Framework which makes SPA's really easy to make v1.1.1 New features in this release: - Modules (Smaller components that are used frequently) - In page links (links inside views that link to other pages in the app).
ShrineFox Amicitia / JackFrost-Bot C# Discord.NET bot for moderating Discord servers 2.0 ![Logo]( This update includes a complete rewrite of the configuration system, now using .XML instead of .INI, among many other changes. Filters and warns now also rely
iredmedia iredmedia / laravel-geo PHP GeoSpatial integration on Laravel 5.2+ that supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. 3.0
Stanzilla Stanzilla / AdvancedInterfaceOptions Lua WoW Addon that restores access to removed interface options in Legion 1.3.0 # Advanced Interface Options ## [1.3.0]( (2019-06-25) [Full Changelog](
singleNeuron singleNeuron / XposedMusicNotify Java An xposed moudle trying to make QQMusicPlayer using standard notification 2.1 增加自动更新检测 开启代码混淆 大幅缩小体积 增加网易云设置引导及O以下设备的QQ音乐支持 由于技术问题暂时屏蔽酷我音乐 持续优化代码,为日
FantusDev FantusDev / EtGCheatMenuInstaller C# The installer for my Enter the Gungeon Cheat menu 0.1b First beta for the graphical installer of the cheat
chrisbra vim / vim-win32-installer Batchfile Vim Win32 Installer v8.1.1594 ![Github Downloads (by Release)]( Nightly Vim Windows build snapshots ([more information](
thudugala thudugala / Plugin.LocalNotification C# The local notification plugin provides a way to show local notifications from Xamarin Forms apps . v4.0.3 added Android Permission RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED to plugin itself.
jentfoo threadly / threadly Java A library of tools to assist with safe concurrent java development. Providing unique priority based thread pools, and ways to distrbute threaded work safely. release-5.38 Improvements included in this release: * Added `ArrayIterator` as a way to efficiently go from an `Object` array to an `Iterator<T>` * `FutureUtils` added some convenience functions where we a
Konrad-Ziarko Konrad-Ziarko / DokiDokiMD Python Python manga downloader and PDF creator. 0.2 Changelog: - Added Qt GUI
bencvdb fivetran / amazon-kinesis-client Java Client library for Amazon Kinesis 1.9.3-15-FIVETRAN-TEST Test Release for improving error handling for AWS'
dbklabs dbklabs / clicker-for-youtube-tv-release no-lang Clicker for YouTube TV Releases v0.0.3 🐛 Fixes issue that prevents you from using the overlay buttons in PiP
tonysneed TrackableEntities / ObservableEntities.Core.Templates.TypeScript HTML Handlebars templates for EF Core scaffolding to generate client-side TypeScript observable entities. v1.0.0 Initial release.
ryknuth ryknuth / OneRuneBar Lua A World of Warcraft Death Knight addon that combines all runes into one bar, sorting it by cooldown allowing for easier use. 8.2.0 Fixed a minor frame bug. Ready for Rise of Azshara!
mgara mgara / winston-sentry JavaScript Sentry transport for winston logger for node js 5.4.3-beta Added Sentry/Node api Extra, Tags and User data
tanner0101 vapor / postgres-nio Swift 🐘 Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for PostgreSQL. 1.0.0-alpha.1.3 New: - `PostgresData(bytes:)` and `postgresData.bytes` methods for going to / from `[UInt8]` (#38) - `Foundation.Data` now conforms to `PostgresDataConvertible` (#38)
nalbam opspresso / awscli Shell Docker Image - aws/aws-cli 1.16.186
Arcanemagus AtomLinter / linter-stylelint JavaScript A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to stylelint. v4.4.9 ## [4.4.9]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency assign-deep to v0.4.8 ([5578c4c](
Technologicat Technologicat / pyan Python Static call graph generator. The official Python 3 version. v1.0.4 Bugfix release: fix #7, #8, #9.
rspaeth79 mvqn / ucrm-plugin-sdk PHP An alternative UCRM SDK designed to ease Plugin development. 1.2.4
mstrimas CornellLabofOrnithology / auk R Working with eBird data in R 0.3.3 # auk 0.3.3 - Dates can now wrap in `auk_date()`, e.g. use `date = c("*-12-01", "*-01-31")` for records from December or January - Fixed bug preventing dropping of `age/sex` co
yubo yubo / doc HTML document v1
RyanNerd RyanNerd / willow PHP Willow Framework for quickly creating ORM/RESTful APIs 0.0.33
gabrielcachioni gabrielcachioni / ChatAppTier1 Visual Basic T1 Chat App desktop front-end with webscrapping logic 2.0 - Version with T2 Routing - Bug Fixes - DeadLocks exits
Reiikz Reiikz / BashBackupScript Shell A simple and easy to use bash script to automatize your backups 1.2.0 -Removed -I option +Added -x option to get a backup file +Improoved -l option +Improoved some error messages +Fixed error on -l option when backup folder is empty +Fixed error on example list
phillipskevin canjs / canjs JavaScript Build CRUD apps in fewer lines of code. v5.28.4 ## StacheDefineElement bug fixes - [can-stache-define-element v0.6.3 - calling disconnect when an elements nodelist is unregistered](
ohif-bot OHIF / ohif-core JavaScript Useful functions and classes for building web-based medical imaging applications v0.7.0 # [0.7.0]( (2019-06-25) ### Features * support preRegistration hook, and extension configuration at time of registration ([23976b9](https:/
TheUnderScorer TheUnderScorer / wp-eloquent PHP Eloquent ORM for WordPress 1.3.1 - Updated tests - Added updateMeta method to WithMeta - Fixed missing properties in User model
ansis mapbox / mapbox-gl-js JavaScript Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL v1.1.0-beta.2 ## ✨ Minor features and improvements * Improve line rendering performance by using a more compact line attributes layout ([#8306]( * Improve data-
chrisspankroy chrisspankroy / react-native-questionnaire JavaScript A custom dialog for React Native that displays and animates multiple questions v0.0.9 -Dims the background and animates correctly on entry. Exit animation works, but it looks rather bad. A fix for that is coming in a future release
nimisha84 intuit / QuickBooks-V3-DotNET-SDK C# .Net SDK for QuickBooks REST API v3 services - Added support for 1913 release schema - Operation void will have query prefix 'operation=' instead of 'include='
furcan furcan / Markers-On-Map JavaScript Use highly customizable maps (Google Maps), with multiple custom Markers in your web projects. v1.0.0 First Release: Markers On Map published
andre-meyer andre-meyer / sm64-randomizer JavaScript Super Mario 64 Randomizer 0.7.2 # Hotfix 0.7.2: - Bob-Omb Secret Coin Rings stay stationary - Disable shuffle for Overworld Warp - Fix Keydoor "open" issues - Disable ASM Tweaks for non US-Roms (Sorry, I'll work on a s
RyusukeFujita jpmessaging / CollectExchangeInfo PowerShell PowerShell script to collect Exchange Server's Information v2019-05-31
Leejjon Leejjon / SimpleJerseyService Java With Java 11 and modules 3.0
daviesalex jumptrading / FluentTerminal C# A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies. Build 60c186599e91fe39b2a60c942729898aed5e3c33 on master branch
StephanGerbeth basics / vector JavaScript This libary provides 3D Vector in js including support for + - * / operator handling. v1.28.2 ## [1.28.2]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** white lines inside package list ([4f03b79](
dmdevgo dmdevgo / RxPM Kotlin Reactive implementation of Presentation Model pattern in Android v1.2.5 Fixed `MapPmSupportFragment`
clark800 sparkswap / grpc-methods JavaScript Make writing Grpc Methods fun by using these handy wrappers v0.8.0 Fixed a bug that caused some errors to be double logged and converted public errors to private errors.
Saki-EU Saki-EU / XiaomiADBFastbootTools Kotlin A simple tool for managing Xiaomi devices on desktop using ADB and Fastboot 6.5 ### Changelog * Added support for system-wide installations of ADB and Fastboot * Added File Manager support for older devices * Improved the ROM Downloader module * Major efficiency and speed i
release-drafter[bot] aerokube / selenoid-ui JavaScript Graphical user interface for Selenoid project 1.7.0 ## What’s Changed * Basic video player for recorded videos in selenoid node (#152) @eacevedo79 * Added Google Analytics script to docs (#149) @vania-pooh
MatiasVara torokernel / torokernel Pascal This repository contains the source code of toro kernel master-523
sbenedicadb adobe / places-monitor-ios Objective-C Handles native location monitoring in your app and integrates with Places extension in the Adobe Experience Platform iOS SDK v1.0.2-ACPPlacesMonitor **1.0.2 (25 Jun, 2019)** - Improvements to logging to help troubleshoot unintended behavior
croqaz ShinyTrinkets / overseer Go Simple process manager written in Go-lang v0.3.1 * Fixed Supervise bug on retry on exit code 1 * Fixed Supervise bug in case of restarting a process * Added more tests
philipedem darelabs / ipay-ghana-woocommerce PHP Receive online payments on your WooCommerce store in Ghana. 1.0.5 Update on plugin to making use of user friendly checkout page
alexbertis alexbertis / LibreriaLedRGB C++ Librería de control de un LED RGB para Arduino 1.0.2 Bug fixes (#2)
bjoerge sanity-io / sanity JavaScript The Sanity Studio – Collaborate in real-time on structured content v0.141.2 Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with npm install --global @sanity/cli Upgrade the Content Studio with: sanity upgrade # 🐛 Notable bugfixes This release fixes a regress
akrantz OfficeDev / generator-office TypeScript Yeoman generator for building Microsoft Office related projects. v1.3.0 * git is no longer required to be installed. * Each project template contains the code to do the conversion to the desired host.
NightmareNightstep NightmareNightstep / nagisa-bot JavaScript A Discord Hack Week Project: 6/24/19 - 6/28/19 0.1.3 **RELEASE LOG** --- **ADDED:** - Images Folder (*Located in the Assets Folder.*) - Client Folder (*Located in the Client Folder in the Assets Folder.*) - Command_error.png File (*Located in the C
evcohen evcohen / jsx-ast-utils JavaScript AST utility module for statically analyzing JSX v2.2.0 - (fix) Fix getLiteralPropValue for TS-specific node types. - (chore) upgrade dependencies. - (improvement) Stop throwing errors when unknown AST nodes are encountered. - (dev) CI changes.
FlorianRappl graphql-extended / gqlx-apollo-express-server TypeScript A Node.js Express middleware for integrating an Apollo server supporting gqlx :rocket:. 0.3.4
fmachado091 quintoandar / docker-firebase-tools Dockerfile Docker image to assist deployments of Firebase projects. 7.0.1_8.15.0 ### Base image [node:8.15.0-alpine]( ### Additional modules [firebase-tools@7.0.1](
rsdoiel caltechlibrary / eprinttools Go eprinttools is a Go package and command line utilities for working with EPrints 3.x EPrint XML and REST API v0.0.48 This release tracks release the dataset v0.0.64. Change is compilation against dataset v0.0.64 for binary files.
Craetion5 Craetion5 / colorful-labyrinth Java a colorful logic puzzle game release The zip archive contains the required files to play the game.
JohnPeel MerlijnWajer / Simba Pascal Simba is a program used to repeat certain (complicated) tasks. Typically these tasks involve using the mouse and keyboard. Simba is programmable, which means you can design your own logic and steps that Simba will follow, based upon certain input such a colours on the screen. autobuild-378 Auto build for the simba-1.3 branch
HT2Bot HT2-Labs / semantic-release JavaScript A package containing HT2 Labs' Semantic Release scripts v1.1.74 ## [1.1.74]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @semantic-release/npm to v5.1.12 ([cc58242](https://gith
pyrmont rouge-ruby / rouge Ruby A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments v3.5.1 This is an update to address a bug in the PowerShell lexer caused by an update to the Shell lexer.
infinitered-circleci infinitered / ignite-bowser TypeScript The most popular React Native boilerplate, powered by Ignite CLI and Infinite Red v4.4.2 ## [4.4.2]( (2019-06-25) ### Bug Fixes * **plugin:** Delegate git init and ignite attach to Ignite CLI ([#183](
Nuru cloudposse / reference-architectures HCL Get up and running quickly with one of our reference architecture using our fully automated cold-start process. 0.14.0 - Update to more recent versions of kops, Kubernetes, helm, helmfile, while pinning versions - Enable use of shared VPC - Fix race condition in creation of Docker images - Update helmfile configu
SeBassTian23 Photosynq / PhotosynQ-Documentation JavaScript Documentation on how to use the Platform, including Help and Tutorials v0.70 + Minor reviews and fixes. + Transition to vuepress.
randomir dwavesystems / dwave-hybrid Python Hybrid Asynchronous Decomposition Sampler prototype framework. 0.3.1 New Features --- - Added `Branches` and `Dup` components that generalize `Parallel` - Added predicate-based termination criterion in `Loop`, enabling run-to-energy mode - Even lazier auto-embedd
ursuleacv ursuleacv / wallaby PHP A simple lightweight framework for building small apps in PHP v1.0.5
ngirot ngirot / NeverGetBored TypeScript Entertainment aggregator 0.1
proxycheck proxycheck / proxycheck-php PHP PHP library for the API. v0.1.4 This release adds support for viewing risk scores and attack history through the addition of a new RISK_DATA parameter within the options you can pass to the check class. View the main [readme](htt
davideas davideas / GrabVer Groovy Gradle Automatic Build Versioning Plugin - An easy Gradle plugin that follows rules to automatically generate the Patch version, Build number and Code version, while Major, Minor and Pre-Release suffix remain under our control. 2.0.1 ### Improvements - Reduced verbosity - Added grabverDebug dummy task to print debug steps
darrylmosher darrylmosher / influxdata Shell A script to install and configure a complete Influx stack v0.4-alpha * Alpha release of current script. * should be stable for most operating systems. * Please report any issues you encounter. * Working towards fixing Travis issues before releasing to
fenric autorusltd / monolog-telegram-handler PHP Monolog Telegram Handler for PHP 7.1+ based on CLI CURL utility v1.0.3 * Formatting support
diegoserranoa Wootric / WootricSDK-iOS Objective-C iOS SDK survey 0.13.0 ## Changes: - Add support for custom scales
jhh strykeforce / thirdcoast-tct Kotlin Third Coast Telemetry Utility v19.3.0 ## Improvements - Added ability to control solenoids
dougkerr NeighborhoodGuard / communityview JavaScript Program to generate website for easy navigation of images uploaded from IP surveillance cameras. v1.0.2 ### Changes - Fix stats code crash due to attempt to remove temp file left behind after non-graceful shutdown.
asutula textileio / ios-textile Objective-C iOS bindings for go-textile 1.1.0
taoteh1221 taoteh1221 / DFD_Cryptocoin_Values PHP Private cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, with email / text / Alexa alerts. 3.18.0 -FAQ.txt for FAQ info before installation (besides FAQ web page in-app) -Increased price alert checking efficiency by a factor of 2 -Price alert UX revisions -Documentation / FAQ revisions
aborren aborren / dnaViews Swift Testing out SPM 0.1.0

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