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buddhi1980 buddhi1980 / mandelbulber2 C++ Official repository for Mandelbulber v2 continuous Travis CI build log:
velitasali genonbeta / TrebleShot Java An Open-Source Android application that allows you to send and receive files over available connections, and pause and resume transfer process even after something went wrong. continuous Travis CI build log:
github-actions[bot] jan-zajic / crystal Crystal The Crystal Programming Language latest
jrassa jrassa / EmulationStation C++ This is primarily a dev/working repo. All PRs should be submitted upstream. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
sgsaenger sgsaenger / vipster C++ Visualization of various molecular structure files. continuous AppVeyor CI build log:
ukinoki ukinoki / Rufus TSQL Rufus est un logiciel open source publié sous licence GPLv3 de gestion d'activité en ophtalmologie et en orthoptie, conçu pour s'adapter à toutes les formes d'exercice : individuel, groupe, et travail multisite. Rufus est bâti sur un modèle client-serveur. Le code est compilable sous MacOSX et Linux. continuous Travis CI build log:
mmahnic mmahnic / cpp-argparse C++ C++ argument parsing library v0.1.0
alexeyyanukovich alexeyyanukovich / foundation-sites-scss-refubrished CSS A SCSS theme based on Foundation for sites 1.8.0
christian-schlichtherle christian-schlichtherle / truelicense Java TrueLicense is an open source engine for license management on the Java Virtual Machine. truelicense-4.0.1 This is a maintenance release with dependency updates. There is only one insignificant bug fix, and its only effect is a minimal performance improvement when generating source code using the TrueLicen
SortAnon SortAnon / PonySorter Python Tool for pony stuff v1.0.3 New keyboard shortcuts, DPI scaling and bug fixes.
aryam7 aryam7 / varCA Shell Use an ensemble of variant callers to call variants in ATAC-seq data v0.1.0
jaspenlind jaspenlind / nordvpn-server-lister TypeScript A tool for listing NordVPN servers v0.2.1 build: :bookmark: 0.2.1
Tagueo Tagueo / icue-ambilight JavaScript Ambilight for iCue devices v1.1.0 Changed the default refresh framerate of the leds to 30fps Removed some charge of the cue sdk by removing useless steps
kazz187 kazz187 / fargate-td Go Generator of amazon fargate task definitions v0.0.2
sudkumar tourepedia / tp-ui TypeScript UI Components for Tourepedia @tourepedia/ui@1.6.1 ## [1.6.1]( (2019-12-07) **Note:** Version bump only for package @tourepedia/ui
nexus-ci WFCD / warframe-items Lua 📘 Get all Warframe items directly from Warframe's API. No more messy wikia scraping. v1.673.0 # [1.673.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Features * **items:** Add new items for December 07 2019. ([5c8e362](
duksis titel-media / wireguard-orb no-lang CircleCI orb for connecting to a WireGuard VPN 0.0.3 * Removes manual nameserver modification * Formats code
OMIsie11 OMIsie11 / SpaceXFollower Kotlin Android app for tracking Space X data 🚀 v1.1.0 This release introduces brand new main screen - Dashboard. It contains charts with some stats about launches, capsules and cores. - new screen with Launch sites with intents to Google Maps (alpha
rhuizer immunityinc / libptrace C An event driven multi-core process debugging, tracing, and manipulation framework. 1.0-rc2
urbanspr1nter urbanspr1nter / jrpg-sample-game C# JRPG.System sample game Demo0
kentcdodds kentcdodds / babel-plugin-macros JavaScript 🎣 Allows you to build simple compile-time libraries v2.8.0 # [2.8.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * manual release ([6ecddef](
amatkivskiy mojio / mojio-java-sdk Java An SDK for Android and server side Java. 0.0.252
julia-tagbot[bot] JeffFessler / LinearMapsAA.jl Julia Overlay of LinearMaps.jl v0.3.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
slimdave ragalie / lisbn Ruby ISBN manipulation helpers v0.3.1
fortysevenbot bmlt-enabled / bmlt-root-server PHP This is the Main Root Server Repo for the Basic Meeting List Toolbox 2.14.5
cliambrown cliambrown / rad-syntax CSS A bright and colourful syntax theme for Atom, inspired by Google Material Design's colour palette. 0.5.0 From a pull request by @barbeque
EvgenyOrekhov EvgenyOrekhov / eslint-config-hardcore JavaScript Hardcore ESLint Shareable Config v7.4.0 Changes: - Add `hardcore/fp` config (moved from [eslint-config-hardcore-fp]( - Add [eslint-plugin-json](
DlhSoftTeam DlhSoftTeam / GanttisDemos Swift Ganttis demo apps for macOS and iOS
SimonMellerin SimonMellerin / Pilea PHP A little dashboard to analyse your electricity consumption data from Linky 0.4.4 Add help on graph in documentation Optimize assets
jcmnunes jcmnunes / widy-backend JavaScript Widy backend repo v0.3.0 ## [v0.3.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Features * Change account information * Change pomodoro settings * Change password
schollnw29 schollnw29 / HighPH-Converter Python Basic convert for binary hex and decimal 1.2.2 Added change language option and removed some repeated code
4gname 4gname / GWPP ZenScript Modpack Greg`s World++ 0.21b - Исправлены ULV генераторы - Исправлен Fluid Detector (Редстоун сигнал показывает исправно) - Исправлен I/O Hatch (Жидкос
DlhSoftTeam DlhSoftTeam / GanttisSamples Swift Ganttis sample apps for macOS and iOS
GlennCottam GlennCottam / RacTrack JavaScript RacTrack: Scraping the trash for music you desire! v1.1.1-alpha # Whats in the release? ```diff + RacPlay functionality added! Bot will now play music in current channel the user is in - Issues with RacTrack not delivering a response and continuously typing (tr
yuriescl yuriescl / runoverssh Shell POSIX-compliant shell script for easily running shell commands and scripts over SSH. 3.0.3 Version 3.0.3 changes: * Updated program description
ttys3 ttys3 / WizQTClient C 为知笔记跨平台客户端 v2.8.2 WizNote v2.8.2 for Fedora 31
Ivansgc Ivansgc / adminpro-udemy CSS Curso de Angular avanzado v1.1.0 ## Notas Esta es la aplicación con la sección 6 del curso de Angular Avanzado terminado y funcionando. 1. Input 2 .Output 3 .ViewChild 4. focus 5,ng-charts
garyb purescript / purescript-console PureScript Console-related functions v4.3.0 Added `timeLog` (@matoruru)
kanekotic tarantx / tarant-db-persist TypeScript persist actors in database v0.3.0
primys usoamic / SwapBackend Kotlin Backend for Swap Platform v1.2.2
Aris-t2 Aris-t2 / CustomCSSforFx CSS Custom CSS tweaks for Firefox Quantum 2.9.1 <b>Full changelog</b>: [GENERAL] - megabar optimizations (enabled by default) - location bar popup options are not enabled by defaul
Andrew-64 UVASGD / fall-2019-dungeon-stars C# fall-2019-dungeon-stars created by GitHub Classroom v.1.0 Final Version of Dungeon: Stars and all its features (and bugs) Contains: -3 Levels -4 Unique Playable ships (+1 Variant) -A horde of baddies sending swarms of bullets at you -A linear narrative
joopschilder joopschilder / php-async PHP Asynchronous PHP callable processing with return values via SysV shared memory. v1.0
dcarbone dcarbone / php-fhir-generated PHP Pre-generated classes from dcarbone/php-fhir v2.0.3 - Types that have `{name}` and `_{name}` entries in their json representation will now be constructed if either / or are present. - Class properties that are not FHIR values are `private` once again
dcarbone dcarbone / php-fhir PHP Tools for consuming data from a FHIR server with PHP v2.0.3 - Types that have `{name}` and `_{name}` entries in their json representation will now be constructed if either / or are present. - Class properties that are not FHIR values are `private` once again
mer1dian freight-trust / ansible no-lang Ansible Playbook for Production v0.2.0 pre-ansible tower release checkpoint
primys usoamic / UsoWallet-CLI Kotlin CLI Wallet for Usoamic v1.0.6
mullema mullema / k3-image-clip Vue Visually crop images with a handy image editor directly inside the panel v2.1.0 - compatibility with Kirby 3.3
aivarannamaa thonny / thonny Python Python IDE for beginners v3.2.4 3.2.4 is mostly a bug-fix release, but also contains new translations and performance improvements. * NEW: Turkish translation by M. Burak Kalkan * NEW: Polish translation by Jarek Miszczak * NEW
miguelangel-nubla miguelangel-nubla / WireGuard-CoreOS Shell WireGuard builds for CoreOS 0.0.20191206 Automatic [Travis CI]( build. If the package for your CoreOS release is not in this tag then it is not compatible. Look for a previous WireGua
EvanKepner EvanKepner / mutatest Python Python mutation testing: test your tests! Mutations are modifications that could slip past your test suite, even with high test coverage. 2.0.1 RTD builds were incomplete due to missing `typing-extension`, this is now explicit in `` and `docs/requirements.txt` for potential Python 3.7 import errors.
yuki0n0 yuki0n0 / action-appstoreconnect-token JavaScript App Store Connect API token generator. v1.0
Anuken Anuken / MindustryBuilds no-lang Latest builds for Mindustry 6187
sheerun sheerun / vim-polyglot Vim script A solid language pack for Vim. v4.1.3 4d8423c Add v language, closes #437 e204a72 Add ftplugin to markdown, fixes #447
yasirkula yasirkula / UnityInspectPlus C# Speeding up your Inspector workflow in Unity 3D v1.1.12
calbertts calbertts / formatcss JavaScript Beautify CSS from Command Line v1.0.0
Verticaleap findelabs / rust-redis-proxy Rust Simple network proxy written in rust for HA redis deployments v0.1.1 Changed functionality of the master redis healthcheck to only log failures, not successes, unless --debug is passed as an arg.
Koziev Koziev / chatbot Python Русскоязычный чатбот В этом релизе в коде чатбота сделаны два важных изменения. 1) Расширен набор intent'ов. Добавлены несколько инте
zim514 zim514 / script.service.hue Python Kodi add-on for Philips Hue. v0.12.0-dev1 Add resume light state after ambilight stop
github-actions[bot] d2-projects / oh-my-frontend-release JavaScript Open source project release workflow test v1.3.5 ## [1.3.5]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * welcome to SPACE small station, we are here ([aa5fa37](
danielscherzer danielscherzer / AutoUpdateViaGitHubRelease C# This is a .net standard class library that allows application to update themselves. 0.1.22 Release auto generated by AppVeyor
JellyBrick organization / KotlinInside Java 비공식 디시인사이드 API (Kotlin) / Unofficial DCInside API written in Kotlin 1.6.2 1. 세션 자동 갱신 추가 (`KotlinInside.createInstance` 메소드가 수정됨) 2. app_id Date 관련 변경점 반영 (`Week of year` 값 관련)
mfikes mfikes / tubular Clojure Clojure Socket REPL client 1.4.0 - Quit process on Ctrl-D
mavimo mavimo / phpstan-junit PHP PHPStan JUnit error reporter 0.3.0 - refs [#34]( Support PHPStan 0.12 - refs [#36]( Stop to distribute unuseful file via packagist
severedsolo severedsolo / OhScrap C# Scrapyard Based Part Failure Mod for KSP 2.0.1 - Fixed NRE Spam and slowdown
jmattheis traggo / server Go self-hosted tag-based time tracking v0.1.0
zakjakub zakjakub / oswis-address-book-bundle PHP Address book module for One Simple Web IS. v0.0.143
Griffone Griffone / gaclen Rust Game Client Engine v0.0.7 - **!IMPORTANT!** removes implicit viewport transformation, this results in: - flipped y-screenspace direction - default depth now works as expected - **!BREAKING CHANGE!** Device::draw() now r
github-actions[bot] Roang-zero1 / github-upload-release-artifacts-action Shell Upload artifacts to a GitHub release v2.1.0 - Add support for glob patterns - Add support for passing an external tag
comorebi-notes comorebi-notes / rechord JavaScript Let's share your chord progressions! v1.1.4 Heroku に移設
Ismanyan kubi-codes / cisetup PHP My Setup for using Codeigniter 3.1.11 1.0 Stable version with ci 3.1.1, bs 4.4, dotenv and sweet alert 2
aquaminer ColineTeam / TS-BinaryUtils TypeScript TypeScript BinaryUtils, fork v0.0.3 test init
KFERMercer KFERMercer / OpenWrt C Mercer's OpenWrt source tree R9.12.03-12.8
SmilesAir SmilesAir / codeglue JavaScript A good enough build system. v0.1.7
npelov npelov / knockd-tools C Tools to use with Judd Vinet's knockd v0.5-beta.2 * Fixed a bug where port-close won't work if port-open is called with path (ex. /usr/local/sbin/port-open)
skyvow wux-weapp / wux-weapp JavaScript :dog: 一套组件化、可复用、易扩展的微信小程序 UI 组件库 v3.8.3
iliapolo iliapolo / pyci Python PyCI - CI toolchain for Python projects 0.8.2
billythekids billythekids / Python Support to watch movies on several Vietnamese sites 0.3.5
ebkalderon tenx-tech / cargo2nix Nix Convert a Cargo.lock to mkRustCrate statements for import in Nix v0.5.0 ### Changed * OpenSSL is no longer linked statically. * Restore original package attribute convention of `registry.crate."x.y.z"`. * Parse `Cargo.toml` attributes at codegen time instea
yasirkula yasirkula / UnitySimpleInput C# A replacement for Unity's standard Input system that supports custom input providers like joysticks, UI buttons and d-pads v1.1.4
julia-tagbot[bot] madsjulia / Mads.jl Julia MADS: Model Analysis & Decision Support v0.9.2 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
Elmegaard Elmegaard / D2TxtImporter JavaScript Create documentation for Diablo II mods from .txt and .lst files v1.4 Added rune effects to rune words, fixes #11. Added support for runewords with multiple types, fixes #5 Fixed #7 per level calculation
gdubicki egnyte / gitlabform Python Easy configuration as code tool for GitLab using config in plain YAML v1.9.0 With group settings management (fixes #58 and part of #6) and project archive/unarchive feature.
Thimxx Thimxx / pyGenealogical-Tools Python A python interface for genealogical tools (Geni, RootsMagic, GEDCOM, Family Search...) 0.4.0 Code is now able to investigate a database (i.e. RootsMagic) and match with another one (i.e. Geni) linking profiles in one database with the other. As well a retry mechanism has been introduced when
DimaRU DimaRU / TridentCockpit Swift Unofficial macOS control app for the Sofar Trident Underwater Drone. 1.0.0 ## Stable version * Gamepad support. * Reliable connection to Trident
xiaokai-wang xiaokai-wang / rapidjson C++ A custom distribution of rapidjson (a fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API). Used by the Athena Game Framework. 0.12
PrzemyslawKlys EvotecIT / PSWinDocumentation.O365HealthService PowerShell PSWinDocumentation.O365HealthService is a Powershell module that has a single goal of getting Office 365 Health Status v0.2.3
masteramyx masteramyx / Karakum Kotlin Android Base Class Repository v1.0.0 This release includes an Rx-Scheduler and Base View Model class
zakjakub zakjakub / oswis-core-bundle PHP One Simple Web IS v0.0.339
chrisliuqq chrisliuqq / PIBBK-Lite TypeScript Web LightNovel Translator v1.0.1 1. 左側原文區塊會自動對齊右側的游標位置。 2. 新增名詞取代的移除重複名詞。
Sudoblark Sudoblark / Doggify-Firefox JavaScript A Firefox extension that lets you doggify your browsing experience v1.0.1 - Added new settings menu to the extension 🦄 - Settings menu allows you to choose a preferred breed of doggo 🐶 - When generating random images, only your preferred breed of doggo will appear
Apipa169 Apipa169 / Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio Shell Send commands (including broadcasts) to the Google Assistant via Home Assistant v0.7.2 ## 0.7.2 Update to Assistant Relay v3.1.3 - Fixed a bug that stopped /assistant from working (#9)
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk8-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK8 variants and platforms jdk8u-2019-12-07-16-26 Nightly Build of jdk8u-2019-12-07-16-26
tateisu tateisu / SubwayTooter Kotlin Mastodon client app for Android v3.9.3 試験リリースです。 - (fedibird)「アプリ設定/挙動/ドメインタイムラインを有効にする」をオンにしてfedibirdアカウントのカラムからトゥートやユー
4lex4 4lex4 / intellij-platform-solarized no-lang Solarized UI and editor themes for IntelliJ IDEA, CLion, Rider, PyCharm, RubyMine, PhpStorm, WebStorm, Android Studio, DataGrip and GoLand v2.1.0 Changes: * Support for IntelliJ platform version 2019.3 * Fixed toggle button on/off colors
github-actions[bot] ivandeex / rclone Go rclone with and file chunking, merged since rclone v1.50 v1.50.iva02
jangofett4 jangofett4 / ExamInspectionSystem C# A project for inspecting and generating worksheets for exams v1.0.1
ubicorn UBIC-repo / core C++ UBIC: The crypto currency providing UBI for the masses using the E-Passport V0.3.1
leowmjw Sinar / go-dundocs Go Tools to process questions + debates in State Assemblies (Selangor, Penang, and others) 1.0.0 NAME dundocs - CLI to process PDFs from Selangor State Assembly USAGE dundocs [GLOBAL OPTIONS] <command> [COMMAND OPTIONS] [arguments...] VERSION 1.0.0 COMMANDS plan
pmqs pmqs / Archive-Zip-SimpleZip Perl Perl5 interface to read/write Zip files v2.035 * 000prereq.t - needs version 2.092 of dependencies Addresses smokre failure with t/010main-unzip.t ea4bfdd14d4e0047d8e3fe55c6ce88de2e1c
plus3-releasebot plus3it / terraform-aws-tardigrade-cloudtrail HCL Create an AWS cloudtrail 2.1.0 * [TARDIGRADE-CLOUDTRAIL v2.1.0 CHANGELOG](
alistairewj alistairewj / pyroc Jupyter Notebook Calculate area under the ROC and p-values when comparing predictions v0.1.1 Initial release of pyroc. pyroc is a python package for calculating the receiver operator characteristic (ROC) curve, the area under the ROC curve, and statistical comparisons of multiple predictor
inclim inclim / bitcoin-kit-android Kotlin test ce01bfe
pmqs pmqs / IO-Compress-Lzma Perl IO-Compress-Lzma - Perl5 module to read/write compressed lzma/xz/lzip data v2.093 * Fixed minor typo in the pod. PR e50eb1253e779f79918a3c9bd6a6fd714d1ef261
jiro4989 jiro4989 / websh Nim シェル芸botのWeb移植をNimで 0.1.17 * front: ローカル開発用のURLをビルド時に指定できるようにした * server: シェルのタイムアウト時間を20秒にした
johnjeremih johnjeremih / rotationHandler Kotlin This is a simple library that handle the camera rotation 0.1.0-beta.4
github-actions[bot] cruz82 / jsev TypeScript Base environment for building javascript applications. v0.11.2 ## [0.11.2]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * **graphql:** fix graphql missing stack trace for errors ([71e1a33](
inclim inclim / hd-wallet-kit-android Java hd-wallet-kit-android 40eaed5
oliverschwendener oliverschwendener / ueli TypeScript This is a keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS. v8.4.1 Bugfixes: - Updated dependencies due to security vulnerability: [CVE-2019-16769](
Bionus Bionus / imgbrd-grabber C++ Very customizable imageboard/booru downloader with powerful filenaming features. nightly Nightly automated builds from the develop branch. Automatically uploaded by AppVeyor, **use at your own risk**! **Head:** 1222fc4b23ecd4ef09791e0cada90f9d47a69044 **Date:** 2019-12-06T13:21:42.000000
Hendrik-Koelbel Hendrik-Koelbel / RunAsAdmin C# Is a tool that stores admin login data and allows starting a program with this data. v1.1.1.1
pmqs pmqs / IO-Compress Perl IO-Compress - Perl5 module to read/write compressed data in multiple formats v2.093 * No changes
mmoreram driftphp / twig-bundle PHP Twig bundle for DriftPHP 0.1.0
trinnguyen trinnguyen / tinytimer Swift A simple Timer for macOS v1.1.1 - Support Dark Mode in macOS 10.14
xtermi2 xtermi2 / sec-elasticsearch-prometheus Shell A extended elasticsearch docker image which provide easier setting of users/passwords. And it also integrates vvanholl/elasticsearch-prometheus-exporter. 6.8.5
htpc-helper htpc-helper / k8s-openvpn-socks-proxy Smarty Increases OpenVPN client functionality on K8s by exposing it as a socks proxy v1.2.1 ## 1.2.1 (2019-12-07) #### Bug Fixes * add config dir to caddy exec (4a79247f)
pmqs pmqs / Compress-Raw-Zlib C Perl5 interface to zlib compression library v2.093 * No changes
fossapps-demon fossapps / Micro.Auth C# Authentication in a container (Not ready) v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2019-12-07) ### Features * **signup:** add signup endpoint ([9942b4d](
jonesde moqui / PopRestStore HTML REST API for eCommerce and an in-browser eCommerce application built with Vue JS v1.0.1 Maintenance release along with Moqui Framework 2.1.3 and Mantle UDM/USL 2.1.2.
rogeraabbccdd rogeraabbccdd / DMT2-Tool Vue A tool to manage cracked DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 1.1.0 - Fix reset file path. - Dark style scrollbar.
tienvx tienvx / mbt-bundle PHP Automatically generate test cases, execute them, reduce reproduce steps, report bug using Model Based Testing technique v1.15.7
allanpope allanpope / gatsby-source-nhl TypeScript A Gatsby source plugin to load resources from the NHL API v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Features * add contributing guide ([#23](
jonesde moqui / PopCommerce Groovy POP Commerce is an eCommerce and ERP application suite for retail and wholesale organizations. POP Commerce is based on Moqui Framework, Mantle Business Artifacts, and Simple Screens. v2.1.2 POP Commerce Retail and Wholesale ERP and eCommerce 2.1.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of changes se
jonesde moqui / HiveMind Groovy HiveMind is a project management and ERP application for services organizations. It features project/task management, request tracking, time tracking, expenses, invoices/payments, general ledger, and content management (wiki). HiveMind is based on Moqui Framework, Mantle Business Artifacts, and Simple Screens. v1.4.2 HiveMind Project Management and Service ERP 1.4.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of changes see: ht
balbyu balbyu / campmii JavaScript CampMii is the final code-along project in the Udemy Web Developer Bootcamp. This project will contain many new features that I have been wanting to add since the beginning. v1.0.0
dfinke dfinke / ImportExcel PowerShell PowerShell module to import/export Excel spreadsheets, without Excel v7.0.0 - Remove all functions from the `psm1` - Move functions into public subdirectory - Align TDD and continuous integration workflow for this refactor - Move help from functions to mdHelp and use [Plat
krlmlr r-dbi / RPostgres C++ A DBI-compliant interface to PostgreSQL v1.1.3 - Replace `std::mem_fn()` by `boost::mem_fn()` which works for older compilers.
jonesde moqui / SimpleScreens FreeMarker Simple Screens is a library of screens and screen components (forms, sections, transitions) to be included, extended, or generally reused in applications based on Moqui Framework and Mantle Business Artifacts. v2.1.2 Simple Screens 2.1.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. The most significant changes in this release are major improvements to bank account transaction reconciliation, new forms to c
MC42 MC42 / LightPuck no-lang WS2812B carrier board to use with the new WPILib DIO-based driver software. 1.26
cryptozeny sugarchain-project / bootstrap Python creating a bootstrap.dat for Sugarchain max_height=1820701 **Warning:** We do not recommend using this bootstrap. However please use in case only if you are very urgent. **Last block hash:** ``` 1820701 = 510*(510*7)+1 ``` 1820701 `3dd1bf5ec2e2c3bb9
shred shred / acme4j Java Java client for ACME (Let's Encrypt) v2.8 * `Login.bindChallenge()` was mentioned in the documentation, but missing. Thanks to @AndersGM for finding and fixing it. * `Session.networkSettings()` can be used to change the default network timeo
jonesde moqui / mantle-shippo no-lang Mantle USL integration with Shippo ( for address verification, shipping rates, labels, and tracking across a wide variety of carriers v1.1.2 Maintenance release with Moqui Framework 2.1.3 and Mantle UDM/USL 2.1.2
bakito bakito / k8s-event-logger-operator Go k8s event logger operator v0.1.1 Release v0.1.1
liwugang liwugang / filecrypt C A simple tool to encrypt/decrypt files V2.0 Add multi-threads
AlexanderVorobyov unity-game-framework / ugf-module-serialize-utf8json C# UGF.Module.Serialize.Utf8Json 0.4.0-preview - [Commits]( - [Milestone](
David-Desmaisons David-Desmaisons / PoormanUiFramework JavaScript Word's tiniest UI framework v1.0.2-beta.1
jonesde moqui / AuthorizeDotNet no-lang Mantle Authorize.NET Integration v1.2.3 Mantle Authorize.NET Integration 1.2.3 is a patch level update release. There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of changes see:
AlexanderGranhof AlexanderGranhof / ramverk1 CSS Repo for course ramverk1 for BTH 4.0.0
chrisbra vim / vim-appimage Shell AppImage for gVim v8.1.2402 ![Github Downloads (by Release)](<br><br>Version Information:<br>**GVim: v8.1.2402** - Vim git commit: [6
jonesde moqui / mantle-usl Groovy Mantle Universal Service Library v2.1.2 Mantle Universal Service Library 2.1.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. This release is based on Moqui Framework 2.1.3, and mantle-udm 2.1.2. This release has mostly improvements t
elfgzp TNK-Studio / gortal Go 🚪A super lightweight jumpserver service developed using the Go language. 一个使用 Go 语言开发的,超级轻量的堡垒机(跳板机)服务。 v1.2.3
jonesde moqui / mantle-udm no-lang Mantle Universal Data Model v2.1.2 Mantle Universal Data Model 2.1.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. This release is based on Moqui Framework 2.1.3. This release has mostly new seed data, a few additional fields, a
insertt FunnyGuilds / FunnyGuilds Java FunnyGuilds is a fully customizable RPG plugin that allows you to create guilds 4.5.2 **Zmiany:** - GH-1117 Od teraz można użyć specjalnego znaku `*` w sekcji `explode-materials`, dzięki któremu każdy blok będzie zaliczany do zniszczenia przy kalkulacjach wybuchów. - GH-1097
aquariuslt aquariuslt / blog TypeScript my blog v6.20.0 # [6.20.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Features * **theme-react:** set hash after click content-item ([be3fb3b](
garyb purescript-web / purescript-web-file PureScript Type definitions and low level interface implementations for the W3C file API v2.3.0 - Added `lastModified` for `File` (@BebeSparkelSparkel)
mpromonet mpromonet / webrtc-streamer C++ WebRTC streamer for V4L2 capture devices, RTSP sources and Screen Capture v0.2.2
jerkyrs metanyx-official / iostpay-woocommerce PHP IOSTPay for WooCommerce 1.0.1 - Minor updates for Wordpress Plugin Exchange
zafranf zafranf / ZetthCore PHP ZetthCMS Core Admin Panel v1.1.9 fix popular post query
davideicardi davideicardi / live-plugin-manager TypeScript Plugin manager and installer for Node.JS v0.14.0 - compatibility with recent node versions
ARMy4D Sazito / mosalat Go a rule-engine with custom dsl for golang v0.0.4
pchan37 pchan37 / grader Go Auto-Checker for the sbml language (CSE 307) 0.1.0
Nyholm capistrano / symfony Ruby Capistrano tasks for deploying the Symfony standard edition 2.0.0 See [change log]( for changes.
jonesde moqui / moqui-poi Groovy Moqui Framework tool component for Apache POI v1.0.0 This is the first release of the Apache POI tool component along with Moqui Framework release 2.1.3. This component provides Apache POI libraries and a XML Screen renderer to generate an XLSX for a
achubaty achubaty / grainscape R Efficient Modelling of Landscape Connectivity, Habitat, and Protected Area Networks v0.4.2 Known issues: version 0.4.2 ============= ## Dependency changes * removed unused dependency `hunspell` from Suggests ## Bugfixes * reduced
somerandomdev49 somerandomdev49 / phantomuserland C Phantom: Persistent Operating System 0.0.1 #### ⚠️ WARNING! This is not PhantomOS release, it's just Debugger for Phantom Objects! ⚠️ #### ℹ️ Debugger doesn't support `.internal` objects now... It's just doing something...
TitanNano TitanNano / TS4ControlAnySim Python mod for The Sims 4 to control any NPC sims v1.2.0-pre.2 Issue #20 should be fixed now.
firefinchdev firefinchdev / play-services-plugins no-lang Plugins to help with using Google Play services SDK. 11
greghesp greghesp / assistant-relay JavaScript A Node.js server that allows for sending commands to Google Home/Assistant from endpoints v3.1.3 # Assistant Relay v3! Assistant Relay is a Node.js server that exposes the Google Assistant as a REST API. Send Assistant Relay any query you would send the Google Assistant SDK, and get a respo
zwilias zwilias / elm-json Rust Install, upgrade and uninstall Elm dependencies v0.2.5 Appveyor Automated Release
alexinea cosmos-loops / Logging C# Logging component for .NET Core with nice APIs for developers to use. 0.1.1 Cosmos Release Plan 0.1.1 Cosmos Logging 0.1.1 包含以下内容: + Cosmos.Logging 0.1.0 (19 个包): + 1 个核心包 + 7 个 RunsOn 包 + 8 个 Extension 包 + 9 个 Sink
jonesde moqui / moqui-hazelcast Groovy Moqui Framework tool component for Hazelcast, used for distributed async services, entity distributed cache invalidation, web session replication, and distributed cache (javax.cache) v1.1.2 Maintenance release with Moqui Framework 2.1.3
dciangot Cloud-PG / dodas-go-client Go A dodas CLI client v0.3.0-rc2 as suggested here #13
defeatedcrow defeatedcrow / HeatAndClimateMod Java The Mod for Minecraft 1.9.4+ v3.1.7 - add: grape - add: some dishes using grape - change: Added the upper state to the iron plate block (like the slabs). - fix: Fixed some wrong recipe.
jagadeeshshetty jagadeeshshetty / jc-calculator JavaScript Host on NPM v1.1.0 - Added multiplication support. - Added tags.
jonesde moqui / moqui-elasticsearch Groovy Moqui Tool Component for ElasticSearch useful for scalable faceted text search, and analytics and reporting using aggregations and other great features v1.2.2 Moqui ElasticSearch 1.2.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of changes see:
410-dev 410-dev / Privacy-Enclave Shell Your Private Space! pr2 This release is prerelease, therefore some features are not supported and there may be unintended errors. Added Feature: - Check password field first before starting resource checks - No longer req
d0c-s4vage d0c-s4vage / lookatme Python An interactive, terminal-based markdown presenter v0.4.0 Adds stylable meta field values (title, author, date) and smart slide splitting. | type | ticket | description | |--------:|-----
UltraFaceguy UltraFaceguy / SnazzyParties Java hap birf 1.0.2
buppt buppt / electron-vue-music JavaScript 由于咪咕音乐没有客户端,简单做了一个,慢慢优化... 欢迎 issues 提需求,欢迎 star v0.0.2
mignz mignz / DevA2 PHP Bundle with the necessary packages and configuration for web development using Docker. v1.2.4
gdethier pousse-cafe / pousse-cafe-maven-plugin Java Pousse-Café Maven Plugin v0.13.0 This release of the plugin relies on Pousse-Café 0.15.0, which solves an infinite recursion issue when generating documentation.
ChildOfJustice ChildOfJustice / MathAndGavrish Jupyter Notebook Course Project ProjectFiles
jonesde moqui / example Groovy Example Component with entities, services, screens, compiled code, and tests v2.1.3 Maintenance release with Moqui Framework 2.1.3
gthaatar gthaatar / Ad_Astra no-lang An adaptation of Astronomer's Visual Pack to JNSQ v1.2 Update 1.2. Can be installed over-top of a previous install, and allow it to overwrite everything. The 43k settings and textures are now going to be co-located here to make downloads easier. Readm
dsznajder dsznajder / react-native-otp-inputs TypeScript OTP inputs for React-Native v4.0.5 * :label: Restrict keyboardTypes (5d64348)
jonesde moqui / moqui-runtime FreeMarker The default runtime directory for Moqui Framework v2.1.3 Moqui Runtime 2.1.2 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release, in parallel with the release of Moqui Framework. There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of
frenck frenck / python-elgato Python Asynchronous Python client for Elgato Key Lights. v0.1.0 🎉 Initial release
darksworm darksworm / imgsel C++ Image selection tool (now on QT!) v0.2.0 ## NEW FEATURES * "auto" mode by default (run app only with --files param) #8 * added `--resize-output-image` parameter #11 * imgsel is now available for windows! #10 ## IMPROVEMENTS
Amdeo Amdeo / CDN no-lang CDN V1.0.3 V1.0.3
xxkfqz xxkfqz / pmktorrent C A simple command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files 1.2 ### Added - Support for block devices (#9 by @infinity0) - Implement quicksort for faster file path sorting (#33 by @aheadley) - Optional "Created by" field (`-b`). - `` ###
JanDeDobbeleer JanDeDobbeleer / oh-my-posh PowerShell A prompt theming engine for Powershell 2.0.342
jonesde moqui / moqui-framework Groovy Use Moqui Framework to build enterprise applications based on Java. It includes tools for databases (relational, graph, document), local and web services, web and other UI with screens and forms, security, file/resource access, scripts, templates, l10n, caching, logging, search, rules, workflow, multi-instance, and integration. v2.1.3 Moqui Framework 2.1.3 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release. There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of changes see:
mikee47 mikee47 / esp-quick-toolchain no-lang GCC toolchain for esp8266/arduino on MacOS, Linux, ARM64, Raspberry Pi, and Windows 3.0.1-patch Fixes issue with __FUNCTION__, etc. not emitted to PROGMEM.
defeatedcrow defeatedcrow / HeatAndClimateLib Java Mod necessary for defeatedcrow's mod in 1.9.4+ v3.1.2 - change: Added the analogue thermometer in HUD. - change: The temperature drops at night. - change: Raised the water biome temperature and humidity. - fix: Minor fix of the console log.
DimaRU DimaRU / FastRTPSBridge Objective-C++ Swift wrapper for eProsima Fast RTPS library 1.0.0 Support Participant, Reader, Writer state change notifications. Improved RTPS connection.
kloknibor kloknibors-mod-hassio / addon-grafana Shell Grafana - Community Add-on for Home Assistant v3.0.2
huangxuewu huangxuewu / entree Vue Entrée Point Of Sales 1.2.1
Ragginn Ragginn / bitcoin C++ Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree v0.18.1rc1 [blockchair_bitcoin_transactions_20191206.tsv.gz](
panz3r panz3r / react-keycloak JavaScript React bindings for Keycloak javascript adapter v8.0.1-191207 ## Feature * Bump required `keycloak-js` version to `8.0.1`
cnaimo cnaimo / compile-me Python Python script to automatically handle gcc/g++ in Linux v1.1.1 Added OS detection and warning if not used on a supported OS
maierj maierj / fastlane-action JavaScript A GitHub action for executing fastlane lanes. v1.1.0 There is a new input option called `bundle-install-path`, where a custom install location for Ruby gems that are installed by Bundler can be specified. This option can be used to optimize execution ti
soandsoSwEn soandsoSwEn / Grouping PHP Statistical grouping 0.1.2
mariolo1985 mkworldsolutions / sereneame CSS v2
shaypal5 shaypal5 / pdpipe Python Easy pipelines for pandas DataFrames. v0.0.33
Cervator MovingBlocks / Terasology Java Terasology - open source voxel world alpha13rc2 Second release candidate for Alpha 13, has _better_ working JoshariasSurvival and multiplayer in general, but some minor dependency version issues on other modules. Will get replaced but aiming to use
Peled-Zohar Peled-Zohar / ExtendedConsole C# Provides a set of methods to make your life as a programmer easier when writing a Console application. 1.0.5 Fixed a small bug in markup parser that caused spaces between XML tags to disappear.
astrom-tom astrom-tom / stpip Python Pip download statistics from scraping 19.5.9 stpip is simple tool to webscrap
skylot skylot / jadx Java Dex to Java decompiler v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * add assign for inlined getter methods ([ccb8ed1](
fbriol CNES / pangeo-pyinterp C++ Python library for optimized interpolation. 0.0.8 * Added interpolation by RBF in RTree * Improvement of RTree class performance
shugachara shugachara / console PHP PHP Console 控制台管理器 v1.0.0 Console 控制台管理
voothi voothi / basejava Java JavaOps v1.2.2 Исправления по ревью
antfu antfu / i18n-ally TypeScript 🌍 All in one i18n extension for VSCode v1.3.6 ### Features * improved usage report ([6c51981](
phpgao phpgao / proxy_pool Go A simple proxy pool v4.0.1
NoChanceSD NoChanceSD / PvPManager Java PvP management plugin. Stop combat log, toggle pvp and much more 3.6-SNAPSHOT Changelog can be found here:
infothrill infothrill / ansible-role-nullmailer Python ansible role to install nullmailer v2.0.0 * switch testing framework to python3, drop support for python2 * testing support for Ansible 2.9
gvvad gvvad / nowin C++ Run win32 app without window v1.0
github-actions[bot] edwardskrod / devops-for-desktop-apps C# Devops for a Windows desktop Wpf Net Core application
zj565061763 zj565061763 / activity-event Java Android activity event observer 1.0.0-beta1 1.0.0-beta1
alexinea cosmos-loops / Standard C# Standard component for cosmos-loops to make developers more efficient in their work. 0.1.1 Cosmos Release Plan 0.1.1
johlju dsccommunity / SqlServerDsc PowerShell This module contains DSC resources for deployment and configuration of SQL Server. - Changes to xSQLServer - Updated Pester syntax to v4 - Fixes broken links to issues in the - Changes to xSQLServerDatabase - Added parameter to specify collation for a datab
gdethier pousse-cafe / pousse-cafe-spring Java Integration of Pousse-Café with Spring v0.12.0 This release includes the RuntimeStarter. This component automatically starts the Pousse-Café runtime on Spring application startup.
rube200 rube200 / PlayerInfoLib C# Adds a more advanced/detailed investigate command and provides an api for other plugin to get player. 1.0
jay0lee jay0lee / got-your-back Python Got Your Back (GYB) is a command line tool for backing up your Gmail messages to your computer using Gmail's API over HTTPS. v1.32 * arm64 / aarch64 binaries allow easy install on ARM Chromebooks with Crostini and Raspberry Pi devices * improvements to label handling for non-English locales * Fix issue where --label-restored wa
ilkerkorkut ilkerkorkut / go-pubsub Go Simple publisher and concurrent and distributed subscriber implementation v1.1.0
taoes taoes / performance_record Go An utils what record computer cpu use rate and memory info on windows, macOX and linux base on goLang v1.0
herewithme BeAPI / simple-tags PHP WordPress Plugin : Add some tools for taxonomies : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Auto terms, Advanced manage term 2.5.6 * Bug: Try to fix compat with Classic Editor and WP 5.3 * Bug: Related posts do not appear in the RSS feed. * Change: remove support of CKEditor for WordPress plugin (not maintained)
irom77 IrekRomaniuk / HealthchecksIO C# Windows client for 0.2 SetupHealthchecksIO , created and tested on Win Server 2016 and Win 10. Inno script updated to include service description
SBrugel SBrugel / RWPackager no-lang This application was made to package Train Simulator 2020 scenarios and other content in a fast, simple way. v1.0-beta The program is out to the wild now. It does what it's intended to do - package scenarios - but there are a few imperfections that I'll hopefully have time to iron out. Notably, the fact that you can't
eprendre eprendre / tingshu no-lang 一款可在线播放多个免费听书站点的安卓app v1.3.6 此版本修复了不少bug,建议更新。 1. 懒人听书(伪)加入第二天就失效了,这次更新给移除掉。 2. 本地播放增加一个是否加载音频封面的开关(因
n-d-k n-d-k / ndk_tools Shell Daily auto Clover Bootloader builds from 5100 prevent wrong patching Field
PrzemyslawKlys EvotecIT / PSParseHTML PowerShell PSParseHTML is PowerShell module that's main purpose is to be a helper module for PSWriteHTML. However it's functionality can be utilized in other projects, not related to PSWriteHTML, therefore it's available as a separate module. v0.0.10
peterabarry cell-5 / c5-deploy-action Shell c5-deploy-action v0.1-alpha.2
numebrique numebrique / rwdUtility JavaScript A jQuery plugin which helps developers to view the current breakpoint in web page. 1.1.0 - light optimization of source code - deleting second parameter and add it in global option (bootstrap4) - updating result when change orientation is detected (tablet & mobile)
taoes taoes / onesmart_lesson_comment JavaScript 精锐 教育课堂评课辅助插件 (Chrome) v1.0
miisieq miisieq / InfaktClient PHP InfaktClient is a PHP library for the third version of Infakt REST API that makes it easy to perform CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations on invoices, clients and products. v1.0.1
JohnMount WinVector / data_algebra Python Codd method-chained SQL generator and Pandas data processing in Python. 0.3.8
Vortexdata Teamspeak-Query-Plugin-Framework / tsq-plugin-framework Java A framework application hooking into a Teamspeak servers query, adding additional features using plugins. 2.0.0-rc-1 First release candidate for the TSQPF 2.0 Mint version. This is only for internal system testing. There may still be major bugs contained in this build!
Kaeltis Kaeltis / docker-mysqltuner Dockerfile Lightweight Alpine container for mysqltuner v1.7.19
projectpixel1080 projectpixel1080 / Mobile-Wallet JavaScript Pixel Mobile Wallet V1.0.0
Sogrey Sogrey / HTML :earth_americas: Sogrey's github pages @20191207
josephpal josephpal / esp32-SPIFFS-Extracter Python Simple shell script for linux based systems to up- and download files to the ESP32 using the v1.0
ir0nfist ir0nfist / TickTimer AutoIt Tick Timer primarily for P1999 0.1
xgfone xgfone / go-service Go A service library, such as LoadBalancer, HealthCheck or Retry. v0.8.0 - **Added:** - Add the type `Endpoints` to represent `[]Endpoint`. - Add the lock for thread-safety when calling the updaters. - Add the function `UpdaterFunc` to convert the function to `Up
Ilyaki Ilyaki / Elevator C# Adds a hotel building to Stardew Valley to hold unlimited farmhand cabins v1.1.0
desruisseaux Kortforsyningen / PROJ-JNI Java Java Native Interface for PROJ 1.0-RC2 This release candidate implements most of GeoAPI 3.0.1 interfaces. It is made available for testing purpose and collecting feedbacks before to make a first final release. This second Release Candidate
lutz lutz / CopyTextOfSelectedAnnotationAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
lutz lutz / JumpToLastPositionAfterActionExecutionAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
andrii-bodnar crowdin / crowdin-dotnet-client C# .NET client library for Crowdin API v1 1.0.2
HarveyKandola documize / community JavaScript Modern Confluence alternative designed for internal & external docs, built with Golang + EmberJS v3.5.2 * Resolve intermittent scroll/focus for Rich Text editor * Hide PlantUML samples when content already present * Upgrade TinyMCE to v5.1.3 Documentation @ Looking for
lutz lutz / SetPDFSelectionAsAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
JaeYeopHan JaeYeopHan / cra-template-unicorn CSS 🦄 The full template with redux-toolkit for Create React App. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * Change App.tsx template ([30bf47c](
lutz lutz / KnownProjectsCleanerAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
agusguerra10 agusguerra10 / vzaar-api-ios Swift iOS client SDK for vzaar API v2 1.2.1
lutz lutz / PDFThumbnailAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
lutz lutz / OpenWithAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
gdethier pousse-cafe / pousse-cafe Java Framework assisting in writing DDD-based applications v0.15.0 The main topic addressed by this release is the capacity of Pousse-Café to behave properly in a redundant context (i.e. when several identical runtimes are executed in parallel). Indeed, previous ver
lutz lutz / SynchronizeFiltersWithFullscreenPreviewAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
lutz lutz / DocFetcherSelectionAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
23kreny 23kreny / blenderaddon_botw-physics-generator Python Blender addon for generating valid Breath of the Wild physics files v0.1.1
marcandrews twitch-js / twitch-js TypeScript A community-centric, community-supported version of tmi.js v2.0.0-beta.31
travi-bot travi / cli JavaScript cli for my various tools v1.21.212 ## [1.21.212]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * **package:** update @travi/scaffolder-sub-command to version 1.19.20 ([1f01073](https://github
dotellie dotellie / apollo-metrics TypeScript Export Apollo server request information to Prometheus through prom-client v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * remove console log ([7df7c79](
shibi391 shibi391 / project-justapad Python justapad is an underdevelopment text editor for Windows. I'm learning Tkinter and this project is a result of that. justapad is in its early days but the more I'll learn the better it will get. Future updates are sure thing. v1.1 This is not a major update. Found a few bugs just after releasing v1.0. They have been taken care of.
lutz lutz / GoToPdfPageAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
chrix75 chrix75 / unified-log Kotlin This project offers basics for usage of unified log. 0.3.1
joshdholtz fastlane / packaged-fastlane Ruby Preparing a Ruby bundle 2.0.0 - package-fastlane 2.0 that installs and builds Ruby 2.4.5 on users machine on brew cask install fastlane via
lutz lutz / PDFSplitAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
aceisace aceisace / Inky-Calendar Python E-Ink / E-Paper software for the 7.5" E-Paper Displays from Waveshare / GoodDisplay v1.7(BETA) As there have been many back-end changes in the Inky-Calendar software, futher testing is required to debug and fix errors. Due to this, this release is clearly marked as **experimental**. Right n
lutz lutz / AddCitaviProjectToRecentListAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
PawelJastrzebski PawelJastrzebski / Movie_Translate_App_Releases no-lang Releases Movie Translate App v0.0.1-win
mbeale mbeale / timeseriesql Python A Python Time Series query language that uses many backends v0.1.3 ## Added * improved label handling/reduction * use a more intuitive AST for decompiling generators * 100% test coverage for AST * added a fill function * added tests for PCA and differencing *
lutz lutz / HideKnowledgeItemFileFormHelpBoxAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
hitsubunnu mercari / QRScanner Swift A simple QR Code scanner framework for iOS. Provides a similar scan effect to ios13. 1.4
lutz lutz / HideKnowledgeItemTextFormHelpBoxAddon C# Citavi addon v1.0 `Citavi 6.0 or higher`
Hacksore Hacksore / bluelinky TypeScript An unofficial API wrapper for Hyundai bluelink 0.0.8
vadi2 Mudlet / Mudlet C++ A cross-platform, open source, and super fast MUD client with scripting in Lua Mudlet-4.4.0 Added a new option for customising the mapper's "you are here" location marker, added notepad autosave, re-added stopwatches overhaul and fixed a possible crash when copying text in this upd
wellyshen wellyshen / react-cool-img TypeScript 😎🏞 A React <Img /> component let you handle image UX and performance as a Pro! v0.6.0 **Breaking Change** - `observerConfig` has been changed to `observerOptions ` (see [API]( - `debounce` now is an top-level prop (see [API](https://gi
joelkraehemann gsequencer / gsequencer C Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer 2.4.3 * minor improvements
github-actions[bot] nishi-yuki / knetlogin Go k**netの自動ログインツール v0.0.1 ## Changelog 844ef2c Merge pull request #28 from nishi-yuki/feature/#26_try_go_releaser_action 99db97b Merge pull request #29 from nishi-yuki/feature/#26_try_go_releaser_action-1 dbb2675 Create mai
strumanapp strumanapp / rate-app Kotlin Rate app for android 1.0.0
Elem8100 Elem8100 / MapleStory-GM-Client Pascal Offline MapleStory Client Emulator v3.13
hustlahusky dockeronfire / nginx-php-fpm Shell Alpine-based docker image with NGINX and PHP-FPM 2.2.0 - Добавлена поддержка для сборки образа с PHP 7.4 - Обновлены патч-версии для PHP 7.3 и 7.2 - Расширение Xdebug обновлено
dmitry-shechtman leanchess / leanchess Assembly The world's smallest chess program v1.6 * Removed row counter initialization (-2 bytes)
sogehige sogehige / sogeBot TypeScript sogeBot - Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js 10.1.1 ### Bug Fixes * **panel** - import tmi library (#3069) ([fe84ce84]( * **sockets** - split access/refresh token authorization (#3068) ([7afb0ffb
auvipy celery / celery Python Distributed Task Queue (development branch) 4.4.0rc5 - Kombu 4.6.7 - Events bootstep disabled if no events (#5807) - SQS - Reject on failure (#5843) - Add a concurrency model with ThreadPoolExecutor (#5099) - Add auto expiry for DynamoDB backend (#5
Muirey03 Muirey03 / Cr4shed Objective-C More useful crash logs 20191207150827-c3a52e3
zshorz zshorz / AccessPort C++ 一个基于qt的端口读写软件 v1.0
Aidanvii7 Aidanvii7 / Toolbox Kotlin A collection of kotlin libraries for Android v0.9.60 Moved adapterviews.recyclerview to adapterviews.databinding.recyclerview to match package naming structure of adapterviews.databinding.recyclerpager
fuji44 fuji44 / tyranoscript-packager HTML This is a CLI tool for packaging Tyranoscript apps. v0.1.7 The exe file name can now be changed.
kbessonov1984 phac-nml / ecoli_serotyping Python In silico prediction of E. coli serotype 0.9.1
github-actions[bot] artyom / go-example-github-ci Go Sandbox for Go + github actions experiments v0.0.3
miaolapd miaolapd / KF_Online_Assistant JavaScript KFOL必备!为绯月Galgame论坛增加了大量人性化、自动化的功能,更多功能开发中…… V12.9.8 * 修正帖子页面改版导致更多表情错位的BUG
bijayprasadtiwari cohesity / cohesity-powershell-module C# This repository provides a PowerShell Module for Cohesity DataPlatform. v1.1.1 New version of Cohesity PowerShell Cmdlet is here! ## Released on PowerShell Gallery * [Cohesity.PowerShell.Core]( * [Cohes
JamesyfNascimento ateixeiraleal / ProjetoFinal_ES_20192 CSS Sistema WEB para aplicação dos conceitos passado na diciplina de Engenharia de Software v1.0.0 <h1>Projeto</h1> <p>YourEvent é um software com o objetivo de auxiliar empresas relacionads a eventos e/ou promotores nas atividades atreladas a organização de eventos das mais
zareismail zareismail / nova-trust PHP An nova acl package based on laratrust laravel package 0.2.2 merge into [request]( thanks to @saiik
GokulDas027 GokulDas027 / TelegramBridge Go GitHub action plugin to send notification to Telegram. Just Tailoring the existing. v1.0.a # Telegram Bridge This is a GitHub Action plugin to notify about the changes in GitHub to Telegram Chat via Bot. This could highly help in incresing the development pace. ## What all can this do
frantuma swagger-api / swagger-scala-module Scala Swagger support for scala v1.0.6 **Notable changes** * update core and jackson versions (#65) * scala 2.13.0 build (#63)
VictorVG VictorVG / ph no-lang My personal build Process Hacker included Plugins-Extra v3.0.7396.2869 ### Process Hacker v3.0.7396.2869 Git-a7600511 * Process Hacker v3.0.7396.2869 Git-a7600511 **SHA-256** 611631ce09b6db35a33b6f4eb261e23840c93163d59a79182f9abfa6792fd421 *gitlog.txt d3e7c644c
geosigno geosigno / simpleParallax JavaScript Simple and tiny JavaScript library which adds parallax animations on any images 5.2.0 This feature is fixing one issue when the translation was applied after the transition, so the first translation on load time looked buggy. It also removes the *breakpoint* parameter, as this should
tarkh tarkh / pkg no-lang Custom Node JS build gor PKG v12.13.1 Added custom MacOS Node JS build for PKG
omnius-bot fabulator / rest-api-handler TypeScript Handler for REST APIs v2.7.0 ## [2.7.0] 2019-12-07 ### Changed - [fad00a7]( Update dependency @babel/runtime to v7.7.5
octavonce purpleprotocol / mimalloc_rust Rust A Rust wrapper over Microsoft's MiMalloc memory allocator v0.1.11 ### Changes * Added full-secure feature which adds double-free mitigation.
gensekiel gensekiel / modtreefarm Java Tree farm mod for Wurm Unlimited Fixed skill gain exploit and wrong skill assignments.
Yaffle Yaffle / EventSource JavaScript a polyfill for 1.0.11
DamonHu DamonHu / HDCommonTools Objective-C 一句代码即可实现多种常用功能,根据数据处理、文件管理、多媒体管理、权限管理、系统信息、Appstore操作、加密解密、快捷宏定义等几种不同的类型封装,A short code can achieve a variety of commonly used functions,according to the data processing, file management, multimedia management, rights management, information system, Appstore, encryption and decryption, quick macro definition type package several different Category 2.3.9
sindresorhus sindresorhus / meow JavaScript CLI app helper v6.0.0 ### Breaking - Require Node.js 8 cd635d4 - Remove flag's aliases from the `flags` property (#108) f36715c - Only consider enabling autoHelp/autoVersion in case there is only one argument in `pr
lonkamikaze lonkamikaze / bsda2 Shell BSD Administration Scripts v2 0.3.0 This release adds pkg_validate to verify package integrity with faster execution times than `pkg check -s`.
jonian jonian / python-acestream Python Python interface to interact with the AceStream Engine and the HTTP API v0.1.7
PixeyeHQ PixeyeHQ / actors C# The Entity Component System framework for Unity. Ease the pain of decoupling data from behaviors 2019.12.07 **Fixed** minor bugs
hellflame hellflame / printer Go terminal printer v0.1.1 * hide binary debug output * build project with "-s -w" flag * some issue fix =.=
Sylux6 AzurAPI / AzurApi-Kotlin Kotlin Unofficial & open source json based api wrapper that returns Azur Lane data in Kotlin 0.1.0 Available functions: * get ship by name * get ship by id * get all ships
avbezdolny avbezdolny / mancala_kivy Python Mancala v1.0
praveenbingo dremio / arrow-build no-lang Helper repo for doing Arrow Crossbow builds nightly-450-travis-gandiva-jar-trusty
LinusU TooTallNate / node-speaker JavaScript Output PCM audio data to the speakers v0.5.0 ## 💥 Breaking Changes - Build using N-API instead of NAN Migration Guide: Upgrade to at least Node.js 8.6.0 for continued support. ## 🎉 Enhancements - Upgrade to debug 4.x - Drop depen
depken depken / libsearch Python Libsearch = Goodreads + 1.1 Minor UI improvements
feuzeu jaxon-php / jaxon-dialogs PHP Modal, alerts and confirmation dialogs for Jaxon with various javascript libraries v3.1.1 Changes: - Fixed undefined variable.
tsimbalar serilog-web / classic-mvc C# ASP.NET MVC support for SerilogWeb.Classic v2.1 - Ensure exception gets logged when CustomErrors mode is On #13 by @AroglDarthu
filalex77 filalex77 / replace-youtube-with-invidious JavaScript Replace all and links with their conterpart v0.2.0 Added: - Settings page (very work-in-progress), allowing to change the name of the instance to use (see wiki)
cheminfo-bot cheminfo / font JavaScript v0.22.1 Release v0.22.1
severedsolo severedsolo / MADLAD C# Mod for detecting when other mods didn't load in KSP 2.2 - Fix PATH always failing in InstallValidator (linuxgurugamer) - Added support for KSPAssembly dependencies - Added support for a whitelist where an assembly is expected to fail to load (for example
FJancsi FJancsi / adaptive-loading-helper JavaScript Helper util to get info about the target platform performance v1.0.2
ZyCromerZ ZyCromerZ / thermalmod-X01BD Shell custom thermal mod fpr X01BD V4.3
YQHP-Happi YQHP-Happi / catalina-browser-plugin JavaScript 卡特琳娜答题插件端,答案自动填充~ v1.1.5 1.修复部分Android无法使用的问题
alenaksu alenaksu / json-viewer HTML Web Component to visualize JSON data in a tree view v0.0.6
dktr0 dktr0 / estuary Haskell Multiply multi-lingual live coding symbiont 20191207
frank-w frank-w / BPI-R2-4.14 C Linux kernel 4.14+ for BPI-R2 CI-BUILD-20191207_144736-00365378e
iMicknl iMicknl / python-postnl-api Python Python wrapper for the PostNL API, a way to track packages using their online portal. 1.2.3 ### Fixed - Change endpoint for token retrievement - Change User Agent and Api Version
will-stone will-stone / title-case TypeScript Lodash addon; converts string to title case. v1.0.6 - fix: jest warning about esModuleInterop 389351b - fix: error "has no call signatures" e14ce36
Stenodyon Stenodyon / blink Zig A game about building logic with lasers 0.0.1-2 - Fixes a bug with copy ghost centering - Adds double-sided mirrors. :warning: **breaks 0.0.1-1 saves**
adriankumpf adriankumpf / teslamate Elixir A self-hosted data logger for your Tesla 🚘 v1.13.2 ### Enhancements - Enable the time range control in the "Charging Stats" dashboard ([#278]( by [@nnoally]( -
TFSThiagoBR98 Dador / JavascriptSubtitlesOctopus JavaScript Displays subtitles in .ass format via JavaScript. Supports all SSA/ASS features, easily integrates with HTML5 videos. 3.0.1 # Changelog * Add Support for Woff2 font files * Add Support for Brotli Compressed Subtitle files ( * Bug fixes
BlackTurtle123 BlackTurtle123 / TurtleNetwork Scala Turtle Network node application v1.0.3
juanmuscaria CrucibleMC / Crucible Java Minecraft Forge Server Software implementing the Spigot/Bukkit API, formerly known as Cauldron/MCPC/Thermos v2.0 What has changed in this update: + Beginning to implement paper 1.14. + TimeZone setting has been added (for people using hosts that do not allow timezone switching). + Changed internal chunkmap to
aubhall aubhall / cmdlinehere HTML This adds an item named "Command Line Here" to the context menus of folders in Windows Explorer which, when selected, opens a command prompt window with the folder as the current directory. Under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 1.0
robiso robiso / wondercms PHP WonderCMS - fast and small flat file CMS (5 files) 3.0.3beta # New features - Fixed redirect after logout. - Activating a theme is now easier and faster. - Added IP logging for last 5 logins. - Minor code improvements. # How to update If you're running
julia-tagbot[bot] JuliaSpace / SatelliteToolbox.jl Julia A toolbox for satellite analysis written in julia language. v0.6.4 - The download path of the file `fluxtable.txt` was changed. (Issue #34) - The submodule SatelliteToolboxSGP4 was created, which contains all the low-level functions related to the SGP4 orbit propagat
1vanK 1vanK / MarkdownViewer C++ Offline Standalone Markdown Viewer v1.0
pepyta pepyta / binge JavaScript 🎥 Egy sorozatnéző alkalmazás a DMDAMedia adatai alapján. v1.6.0 ## Verzió 1.6.0 ### 📦 Újdonságok: - Minden kategória megjelenítése a főoldalon - Update logok minden frissítés után - Tagek megjelenítése a részletes nézetben ### 🐛 Hibajav
suifeng320 Titanium-2656 / Teamcode-2656 no-lang The teamcode repository for 2019-2020 season v0.2 Teamcode v0.2 is released. Now the robot can do : 1. forward/backward movement 2. translate right/left 3. rotate right/left
Jackson-S Jackson-S / Cantonese-English-Dictionary Python A Cantonese-English dictionary for MacOS' v0.1a Initial alpha release. Quite a few small issues and not many features implemented yet.
Polar-Pumpkin Polar-Pumpkin / Shoal Java A series of Bukkit plugins for Shoal. v1.5-LP 若您在使用时遇到问题,请于 MCBBS 回复帖子或私信我,在此项目下创建一个 Issue 也是可以的。 - - - **正式发布于 *MCBBS* 及 [*SpigotMC*](https://www.spigotmc.or
avbezdolny avbezdolny / game2048_kivy Python Game 2048 v1.0
kizitonwose kizitonwose / CountryPickerView Swift A simple, customizable view for efficiently collecting country information in iOS apps. 3.0.5 - Fix the name of Iran (thanks @hojatdelfan) - Add `Kosovo` to the list of countries. - Make `countries` property internal in `CountryPickerView` class. Please use the "preferred countries"
frzb frzb / coinboot Shell A framework for diskless computing 20191207
bg1000 bg1000 / bt_monitor Python Python<->MQTT based bluetooth monitoring v0.1.0
PolarPanda611 PolarPanda611 / grf Go golang restframework plugin with gin+gorm, 5 lines to generate rest api with high security v1.1.6
Nyholm backup-manager / symfony PHP Driver to seamlessly integrate the Backup Manager into Symfony applications. 2.3.0 See [change log]( for changes.
Jayesh333 spaceuptech / space-cloud Go Space Cloud is an open source, web server that provides instant Realtime APIs on any database of your choice. Build highly scalable apps with the agility of a prototype! v0.14.0 This release of Space Cloud has some significant changes to the schema module which makes modelling and using the CRUD module of Space Cloud very easy. ## Explicit foreign key The `@relation` di
github-actions[bot] animate1978 / MB-Lab Python MB-Lab is a character creation tool for Blender 2.80, based off ManuelBastioniLAB 1_7_7 ## Changes - Dev 1.7.7 Merge @animate1978 (#208)
AhRoon AhRoon / CacheFileCleaner Batchfile Cleans the Cache Files of Team Fortress 2 v3.1/v1.1-l4d2 # Changelog * Added Color Support! * English Grammar has been improved for people who cannot understand as well. * TF2 version name has been changed to Original since they support hl2.exe based gam
hss01248 skyNet2017 / webviewdebug Java Provides a custom WebViewClient which will log info each time one of its methods is called 1.1.5
CMiSSioN BattletechModders / CustomBundle HTML CAC + CAE + CU binaries 0.1.82 1. AIM: some russian localization improvements 2. CAC: now some weapon's parameters can depend on evasive pips count 3. CAC: CharlesB has been cannibalized until included to CBTBehaviors 4. CU: Fir
VSC-Service-Account microsoft / pxt-microbit-buttons TypeScript Advanced support for micro:bit buttons in MakeCode 104747
sergeysyrovatchenko sergeysyrovatchenko / SQLIndexManager C# Free GUI Tool for Index Maintenance on SQL Server and Azure
michaelfm1211 michaelfm1211 / How-Many-Tabs- JavaScript A simple Chromium extension to tell you how many tabs you have open. v1.0.0 ## Overview This is the first version of "How Many Tabs?". "How Many Tabs?" tells you how many tabs you have open in Chromium/Google Chrome. ## Installation Download the packed
omnius-bot fabulator / locales-detector TypeScript Tool for detecting locales of visitors from browser, url, ... and transform them. v2.6.0 ## [2.6.0] 2019-12-07 ### Changed - [ca0b2bc]( Update dependency @babel/runtime to v7.7.5
LupusVII Web-Ex-Machina / contao-smartgear PHP SmartGear - Website easier than making legos - Powered by Contao CMS 0.5.2
NilGems NilGems / PxlJquerySticky JavaScript This is a basic use of this plugin. Just add or remove sticky class from body when window scroll. 1.0.0 It's our first release
WDKFernando WDKFernando / WAVE Logos An awesome Dune extension tweak! v1.1.1 WAVE is an awesome Dune extension :) - check out the [depiction]( for more information. - Added better Eclipse Support thanks to gkeep (now can close
github-actions[bot] terraform-linters / tflint Go TFLint is a Terraform linter focused on possible errors, best practices, etc. (Terraform >= 0.12) v0.13.2 ## 0.13.2 (2019-12-07) GPG key ID: 8CE69160EB3F2FE9 ### Enhancements - [#526]( [#532](
NilGems NilGems / Best-Jquery-Responsive-Tabs JavaScript Best JQuery responsive tabs is a lightweight and Easy to implement jQuery responsive tabs plugin. It'll automatically convert to Collapse in mobile device. You can define your own device break point and this plugin automatically convert tabs to collapse when window size below or equal of the break point size. 1.0.0 First stable version
goetas hautelook / TemplatedUriBundle PHP Expose the hautelook/TemplatedUriRouter in a symfony application 3.2.0 - Allow symfony 5 #29
smutkiewicz smutkiewicz / nfc-mqtt-forwarder Kotlin Simple NFC tag message MQTT forwarder based on Paho Android Service. Processes NFC intent and sends its content directly to MQTT Server. v1.01 - added forwarded message to callbacks
biud436 biud436 / MV-App-Builder C# This tool allows you to easy to build the app for RPG Maker MV using cordova. v0.2.15 # Requirements You need to install required programs manually before running this program. - Dot Net Framework v4.5.4 or more. - Node.js (npm) - Cordova v9.0.0 - JDK 8 - Android Studio & A
goetas willdurand / BazingaHateoasBundle PHP Integration of the Hateoas library into Symfony. 2.1.0 - Test against php 7.3 and php 7.4 #88 - Support symfony 5.0 #89
eebrown eebrown / LST MATLAB Lesion Segmentation Tool by Paul Schmidt ( v3.0.0 LST v3.0.0 as distributed by the authors at Retrieved 2019-12-04.
IMiMineDigital IMiMineDigital / Fareway Java First commit 8.4
atomist[bot] atomist / lifecycle-automation TypeScript Automation client for running lifecycle for common development flow using GitHub 1.2.5
SupianIDz SupianIDz / OctopyFramework PHP Lightweight PHP Framework with Laravel look like. v0.2.3 # Initial Release
jafaronly jafaronly / guarded-authentication-bundle PHP This bundle provides full authentication for login form and also api with JWS (signed JWT) based on Symfony Guard. v2.0.8
guywilson guywilson / weatherctl C++ Weather station controller v1.6.013
2015qyliang 2015qyliang / POCP R 计算两个细菌基因组之间的核心蛋白相似性 v1.1 just one step to run on Windows platform.
shihanng shihanng / gi Go Generate .gitignore files from your terminal. v0.1.2 - Modify sorting so that the logic is close to (#32)
kosatnkn kosatnkn / neutrino JavaScript NodeJS, Express RESTful API built using the Clean Architecture paradigm. v1.1.0 - Added cluster mode - Code refactored to use ES6 strict
otykier otykier / TabularEditor C# A lightweight editor for SSAS Tabular Models built in .NET/WinForms 2.9.0 It's time for another round of bugfixes and improvements. Many thanks to the community for reporting issues so that I can keep improving Tabular Editor. #### Calculation Groups - Calculation Gr
iulianpascalau ElrondNetwork / elrond-go Go Elrond Network testnet v1.0.57 Binary 100% compatible with 1.0.55^ Note: *This release should start with a new DB*
DmytroNazarenko skalenetwork / Python Python library to interact with sgxwallet 0.2dev8
AlenKAOs AlenKAOs / keyword_text_analyser Python A Library which extracts keywords from a given string using the TextRank algorithm which is based on the PageRank algorithm v_01
ictrobot ictrobot / gamegig-2019 Lua Deadline Dash - We've been trying to meet deadlines all term - it's finally over, so here's a game to memorialise our experience! submission [Deadline Dash | Devpost](
absolute8511 absolute8511 / redcon Go Redis compatible server framework for Go v0.9.1 1. handle null bulk response 2. adjust flush for Conn
simcolony simcolony / WickedWhims_Traditional_THAI no-lang WickedWhims Transalation Thai WHV20TH WickedWhims ภาษาไทย V20 Beta อัพเดทภาษาไทย 99.9% ============================== WickedWhims v147g - 4 December 2019 ============================== ![Wic
gebv gebv / ffsm Go Finite State Machine for Go v1.1.0 simplifying and improving code
selul Codeinwp / nivo-slider-lite PHP The official WordPress plugin for the Nivo Slider (Lite) v2.3.1 * Tested up for wp 5.3
github-actions[bot] aem-design / docker-aem Shell aem image that allow running Author and Publish instances using AEM configs 1.0.66 e78f970 - add missing tests (wildone)<br> f546eac - add python requirements install (wildone)<br> aa579c6 - fix path (wildone)<br> 95f65f2 - add missing params add python setup add m
slawekjaranowski s4u / pgpverify-maven-plugin Java Verify PGP signatures plugin pgpverify-maven-plugin-1.5.0 - required maven **3.5** or newer - moved build from to - #44 Add parameter 'strictNoSignature' to make missing signatures explicit in keys map - #43 Make pgpverify-maven-plug
LovesAsuna LovesAsuna / InviteCode Java 2.4.1
DosMike DosMike / LangSwitch Java A localization service for sponge plugins 1.6.1 * Fixed NPE with HoverActions in Spannable::toText
WeMakeMachines WeMakeMachines / loomse JavaScript Interactive storytelling for the modern web 0.6.2
tazzben tazzben / SmithWagnerCV Python This module produces critical values for the disaggregated learning types as described in Smith and Wagner (2018) and Smith and White (2019 - unpublished). v0.0.3 Bugfix
KrishnaMoorthy12 KrishnaMoorthy12 / trident Java A new classical text editor v0.1.0 Refer README and changelog of for recent changes. ** Production-ready build
nzbin ng-matero / extensions TypeScript Angular Material Extensions. v0.3.1 ### Bug Fixes - Move `cdk` and `material` to peerDependencies
VirtuBox WordOps / WordOps Python Install and manage a high performance WordPress stack with a few keystrokes v3.11.2 ### Changed - Proxy virtualhost now include proxy_params with X-Forwarded-Proto header - upgrade ### Fixed - Issue with Nginx variables_hash_bucket_size & variables_hash_max_size
albertodeago albertodeago / CalcetThron Vue A PWA made to try Quasar framework - store and show table soccer games played during coffee breaks in THRON 2.0.3 - fix a bug that was resulting in hiding player nickname when selecting it from the chip (quick selection in add game) - in statistics view, add average stat per game (e.g. below total goals done,
idleberg visbot / awesome-avs no-lang A curated list about Winamp's AVS plug-in v1.0.1 - fix link d6b2c2e
inmysocks OokTech / TW5-BobEXE JavaScript TiddlyWiki5 packaged with the Bob plugin in a single executable file. Now in a much more usable repo! Please don't put issues with Bob here, this is for the part that do the compiling. 1.4.0-beta Due to the changes in this update it has a higher than normal chance of having weird bugs. Back up your data and please make bug reports. This update changes a lot on the back end. On the front end
JanSlabon Setasign / FPDF PHP FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP. F from FPDF stands for Free: you may use it for any kind of usage and modify it to suit your needs. 1.8.2
reyostallenberg reyostallenberg / BazingaPropelEventDispatcherBundle PHP Integrates the Propel EventDispatcherBehavior into Symfony2. 1.1.1
lo1tuma lo1tuma / pr-log JavaScript :page_facing_up: Changelog generator based on GitHub Pull Requests 4.0.0 ### Breaking Changes * Drop support for nodejs 6 and 8 ([#208]( ### Dependency Upgrades * ⬆️ Update dependency babel-plugin-istanbul to v5.2.0
andrei923 andrei923 / LeafBattleRoyale no-lang 0.1.5
stevepryde stevepryde / thirtyfour Rust Selenium webdriver client for Rust, inspired by the python selenium library. v0.2.1 Implemented WebElement (both sync and async) Updated unit tests
matanki-saito matanki-saito / CK2JPModAppendixIV PowerShell map font aoyagi Build-20191207.1 new font released!
GhiaC GhiaC / bale-bot-api Go Golang bindings for the Telegram & Bale Bot API 6.0.1
Nyholm SymfonyTest / symfony-bundle-test PHP Smoke test your Symfony bundle 1.6.1 See [Change log]( for changes.
newsbielt703 vuepressjs / vuepress-plugin-blog TypeScript Official blog plugin for VuePress v1.5.2 ### Bug Fixes * generate pagination title correctly (fix: [#41]( ([#42]( ([586bf14]
noahmay Dsek-LTH / reglemente TeX Detta är reglementet för Datatekniksektionen inom TLTH. htm1-2019
Amaterasy17 Amaterasy17 / BKIT C# some programming 1.0.5 fixed reading of empty words
bookshiyi autolaborcenter / autolabor_simodem C++ Simulated modem based on STM32 and CC1101 v1.0 support unpack transplant data from stm32
dbenfouzari dbenfouzari / react-typescript-starter TypeScript This repository contains a basic React app containing wonderful tools v6.0.28 ## [6.0.28]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency @material-ui/core to v4.7.2 ([56f280a](https:
urbanware-org urbanware-org / salomon Shell Easy-to-use log file monitor and analyzer with various highlighting features 1.16.0
mytionbr mytionbr / acap-web Java Projeto de TCC do curso técnico de analise e desenvolvimento de sistemas da Etec Irmã Agostina. Versão utilizando JSF, JPA e CDI. v2.8.1 Versão 2.8.1 do nosso projeto.
norseto norseto / k8s-watchdogs Dockerfile Simple watchdogs for Kubernetes evicted-cleaner-v0.1.0
Guseyn Guseyn / HTML My blog. Based on Page. v1.0.175 **Change log:**<br/>5a3a7a7 1.0.175<br/>438e8bf zero plan
mariocoski kube-js / kube-ts-react-client TypeScript Dockerized single page application powered by react/typescript ready to be deployed on kubernetes cluster v1.7.6 ## [1.7.6]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update mui monorepo ([046c300](
ipponshimeji ipponshimeji / Panasu C# Tools to help to convert a group of documents using pandoc. 0.2.0 ## Changes * Change the name of the tool to "Panasu". * Restructure scripts drastically. Actually this is the first release. ## SHA256 Hashes * * F965BB7D5D76
fedqx fedqx / GeldaEngine C C raylib game engine 1.0 The main release
Perksey PrisonTeam / Prison Java The home of the Prison project. v3.2.0 # Changelog * **Prison is now under new leadership!** It is now being lead by RoyalBlueRanger (@rbluer on GitHub) * Works with Minecraft 1.14.4 * Added PlaceholderAPI support * Updated the updater
loouislow81 loouislow81 / kraft.ui JavaScript An UI prototyping tool for high-fidelity web and mobile app prototypes wireframes. UI components can be very modular. 4.6.22
pmoled pmoled / frp no-lang A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. v0.30.0 v0.30.0备份
rzander rzander / ruckzuck C# software package manager for windows Fix: RZ4Intune - Problem with special characters in short name Fix: RZ4Intune - Updating apps in Intune Fi
batstyx batstyx / Hearthstone-Collection-Tracker C# A plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker that allows to keep track on pack sets v0.8.10 Descent of Dragons added
Callyste Callyste / Lightsaber-Color-Editor C# Customize Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's lightsaber colors 1.1 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Lightsaber Color Editor Create your own Lightsaber colors! The Lightsaber Color Editor is a user-friendly tool designed for modifying Jedi: Fallen Order's lightsaber c
dschadow jcryptool / core Java JCrypTool Core Plug-ins Weekly-Build--2019-12-07
leavez leavez / JustMyPassword Logos Jailbreak tweak. Allow you add new card in wallet while using 4-digit password 0.1 initial release
yueshutong yueshutong / JustWrite no-lang 中国本土化的Typora Plus,跨平台Markdown编辑器,增强微信公众号文章排版,自带新浪微博免费图床,Markdown转个人简历,一键发布文章到博客园、CSDN、SegmentFault、掘金、开源中国等平台。 5.0.0 每次到X.0.0都是特别多特别重要的更新!这次也不例外哦。更新贼多,主要包括: - [x] 支持[TOC]目录啦!这个不需要我多解释吧。 - [x] 支持图片自定义
mchekin mchekin / rpg PHP Online Role Playing Game (based on Laravel 5) v0.30.0
iscodeminister iscodeminister / wanlundafa no-lang Hmmm...Let me think about it later. 1.3b1
jcramer simpleledger / Electron-Cash-SLP Python SLP Tokens Wallet Reference Implementation 3.6.1 - `.AppImage` is for any **Linux 64** bit (it's a self-contained app bundle with everything inside) -- Note: Be sure to set this to executable to run it (chmod +x) - `.dmg` is for **macOS**, as usual
iGoogle-ink iGoogle-ink / gopay Go 微信(WeChat)、支付宝(AliPay)的Go版本SDK。【持续更新,望开发者及时升级】 v1.4.5 版本号:Release 1.4.5 发布时间:2019/12/07 21:56 修改记录: (1) 支付宝:修复 公钥证书模式 下,同步返回参数接收问题,返回接收结构体增加参数 alipa
CMiSSioN BattletechModders / ModTek C# Mod system for HBS's PC game BattleTech. 1. ModTek.allModDefs now public, other mods can list loaded mods. 2. Dynamic enums now loading before adding to mod's files to DB. 3. On change mods enable/disable settings ModTek cache clearing
SanderKlootwijk SanderKlootwijk / ubuntu-nednieuws QML Unofficial app for the Dutch news service NOS 1.1.1 * Scroll to top after selecting category
matt-bartlett matt-bartlett / php-spotify-api PHP PHP Package for the Spotify Web API 1.0.2 Refactored Resource class.
vsulak touch4it / ical-timezones JavaScript RFC 5545 VTIMEZONE iCalendar component generator 1.1.0
esler intraworlds / enum PHP Lightweight implementation of enum value object in PHP. v2.3
aeilot aeilot / daily-notes CSS Markdown 日记应用程序。 v2.0.0 2.0.0出来了! - UI的巨大改变 - 功能强化 - 支持Dark Mode
rnuske rnuske / komaletter TeX Simple yet flexible Letters via the KOMA-Script LaTeX Bundle from R Markdown v0.3.2 modified pandoc LaTeX template to consider that tex package 'grffile' might not be available. grffile is now a legacy package and was absent from TeX Live for a short time. (thanks @cderv)
martinftlsx martinftlsx / 2019-SBAPR-CryptoOperationsExtractor Java Program to extract cryptographic operations from power traces. 1.0.0 This is the first release for windows.
akihyro akihyro / orika-spring-boot-starter Java Spring Boot Starter for Orika v1.9.0 * Change the version of Java supported to 8, 9, 10, 11 (#11) * Change the version of Spring Boot supported to 2.1.3 (#9) * Change the version of Orika supported to 1.5.4 (#9)
noelmace noelmace / slides-modern-vanilla HTML Embrace the power of the Web Platform! A real-life practical guide. v1.1.0-beta.1
tongyuantongyu tongyuantongyu / FileUploader-Java Java Simple multithread file uploader in Java. Subject Homework. Compatible with C++ version. v0.2-alpha Use with caution.
mrzhiin mrzhiin / modis TypeScript Comment service for web v2.0.2
bumpagyal bumpagyal / Tibetan-Style-for-EmpireCMS_7.5 PHP 帝国网站管理系统7.5藏文样式补丁 v2.1.0 采用了有字库提供的Webfont字体Qomolangma
LabberToasT LabberToasT / HaushaltsManager Java Repository of the AusgabenManager Android application 1.7
codykingham codykingham / Mahir Jupyter Notebook Corpus-driven vocabulary review with Text-Fabric v0.011 Preservation release for Zenodo.
dktapps pmmp / RakLib PHP RakNet server implementation written in PHP 0.12.6 # Changes since 0.12.5 - Fixed several bugs in split packet handling. - Fixed off-by-one bug in port validation for `InternetAddress`. - Fixed `EncapsulatedPacket::getTotalLength()` not including s
kLabz kLabz / haxe-material-ui Haxe Haxe externs and tools for material-ui 4.0.2 * Update for `4.7.2` release of `@material-ui/core` * [Lab] Autocomplete: add getOptionSelected() prop * Avatar: add fallback classkey * Add size prop to form control components
overtrue overtrue / phplint PHP :bug: A tool that can speed up linting of php files by running several lint processes at once. 1.2.1
VaSe7u VaSe7u / LiquidMenu C++ Menu creation Arduino library for LCDs, wraps LiquidCrystal. v1.5.1 - method for changing screen now takes a `LiquidScreen` pointer
deltoss deltoss / d3-mitch-tree JavaScript D3 plugin to create stunning interactive tree visualisations. v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2019-12-07) ### Bug Fixes * 🐛 Adjusted CSS that disables clicking on the node body ([47f1491](
iblazhko iblazhko / docker-dev-services PowerShell Set of services (ELK, Mongo, RabbitMQ, and others) you can run on demand with Docker Compose v1.0.0 - Support for multiple service sets - Scripts converted to PowerShell Core to make everything consistent across platforms - Restructured service definitions so it is now possible to keep definitions
ssilverman ssilverman / TeensyDMX C++ A full-featured DMX library for Teensy 3 and Teensy LC. v4.0.0-alpha.4 ## Added * BREAK and MAB times can be determined separately in the receiver, in addition to their sum, if the RX pin is monitored by connecting it to a digital I/O-capable pin and calling the new `Re
evilsocket evilsocket / pwnagotchi JavaScript (⌐■_■) - Deep Reinforcement Learning instrumenting bettercap for WiFi pwning. v1.4.1 hotfix for 1.4.0
lorenc-tomasz lorenc-tomasz / react-native-mixpanel Objective-C A React Native wrapper for Mixpanel tracking 1.1.14 Check
timoxd7 timoxd7 / Steroido C A small OS running on a Microcontroller-Platform making cross-compilation easy. B0.0.1 First Alpha for Steroido. Use with caution! To use it, just add the Files as a librarie to your code. Include the Steroido.h after your platform include (e.g. Arduino.h or mbed.h)
2015qyliang 2015qyliang / PhyTA no-lang Phylogenetic tree analysis on Windows v1.4 Add process to transform IQTree output to Newick tree format.
SanderKlootwijk SanderKlootwijk / harbour-nednieuws QML Unofficial app for the Dutch news service NOS 1.1.1 * Fixed issue #1: scroll to top of page after selecting category
julia-tagbot[bot] mauro3 / UnPack.jl Julia @pack and @unpack macros v0.1.0 A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.
OMOSde OMOSde / contao-om-backend PHP Additional backend tools for Contao 4.4+ 1.6.5 + Fixed: Hook 'parseTemplate' for element classes not called in frontend (#41)
pviotti pviotti / sayit F# A text-to-speech command line tool that uses Azure Cognitive Services. v0.2 ## Changes: * 4b1c8d14b214d481b52aa92a2bf6046a2e2de242 dispose task result to fix hanging on Windows (#24) * 0697b1624ae1407fb7bc9fb61adebe5b08479fa7 Bump FsUnit.xUnit to v3.8.0 (#22) * 5ddda6012
dgerhardt thm-projects / arsnova-backend Java ARSnova is a modern approach to Audience Response Systems (ARS). v2.7.4 This is a maintenance release which only brings libraries up to date to fix potential bugs.
emmenko commercetools / commercetools-docs-kit JavaScript Tools and components for developing Documentation websites 🛠 v1.0.1 The following packages had problems being published in the previous version. - `@commercetools-docs/gatsby-transformer-mdx-introspection` - `@commercetools-docs/gatsby-transformer-raml-legacy`
andrii0yerko andrii0yerko / Conway-s-Game-of-Life C++ Console "Conway's Game of Life" for Windows made with C/C++ using "windows.h" as first year coursework. Not the best style of coding, but it was one of my first projects 1
jacobtomlinson opsdroid / opsdroid Python 🤖 An open source chat-ops bot framework v0.17.0 ## Enhancements Events IIb - Matrix (#1070) Add build subcommand to load config without running bot (#1289) Add Slack interactions support (#1279) Load config from path and show active modules (#1
mneudert elixir-geolix / mmdb2_decoder Elixir MMDB2 File Format Decoder v2.1.0 - Enhancements - Lookup options can now be passed as a map instead of a keyword list - Bug fixes - Decoding `:pointer` values with a 32 bit offset should now work as expected - Raisi
stCarolas stCarolas / setup-maven JavaScript Set up your GitHub Actions workflow with a specific version of Apache Maven v1
pan93412 pan93412 / bulma-nginx-fancyindex JavaScript 適用於 Nginx Fancy Index 模組的佈景。 v1.0.0-beta1
nblagoev nblagoev / pull-release-notes TypeScript A command line utility to generate a PR changelog between two refs. v1.2.2
marcin-golebiowski SpiceSharp / SpiceSharpParser C# SPICE netlists parser for .NET 1.4.3 * Include file name in exceptions about problem e.g.: "SpiceSharpParser.ModelReaders.Netlist.Spice.Exceptions.ReadingException: Could not find 'OPAMPa' subcircuit (at line 17 from file G:\Elek
chiefpansancolt chiefpansancolt / ruby-on-rails-repo-template Ruby A Template Repo for standard files and configuration used on Ruby on Rails Applications v2.0.1 # Enhancements - Upgrade Gems and Node Modules
snail23 snail23 / ntools C The Nanotool Suite includes a nano sized C runtime library, documentation generator, and more! v1.0 ## <a href="">Version 1.0</a> ### All - All tools and libraries are now built in the `build` directory instead of `<name&g
Jooyer Jooyer / Beauty Java 一款欣赏MM的软件 v1.1.0
Akilesh-T Akilesh-T / QACC Java Custom accent colour creator v1.20 **Changelog** * Make wallpaper colours selectable. * Add preset colours from AEX. * Support Android Oreo & above. (Tested only on Pie and 10 atm) * UI enhancements to manually enable custom
zhanghongtong emqx / emqx Erlang EMQ X Broker - Scalable Distributed MQTT Message Broker for IoT in 5G Era v4.0-rc.1 EMQ X 4.0-rc.1 is now available. This release mainly optimizes the internal modules and the process of handling MQTT control packets. ### emqx #### Enhancements: - Optimize the process of han
chiefpansancolt chiefpansancolt / HTML Persona Chiefpansancolt v1.0.1 # Enhancements - Upgrade Gems and Node Modules
github-actions[bot] sdispater / poetry Python Python dependency management and packaging made easy. 1.0.0b9
shastri9999 FinibusDev / ko-release no-lang Release only repo for Koverage One Insurance app v2.10.0
littleboycoding littleboycoding / kilogram-exam-desktop JavaScript Kilogram Exam Desktop: The exam sheet creator and checker via scanning in one solution ! v1.0.0 v1.0.0 release, core functionality expected. ![image](
minfrin minfrin / mod_scrape C An Apache httpd filter module that scrapes visible content passing through a proxy 1.0.0 Initial release of mod_scrape.
skylee03 skylee03 / My-Dev-Cpp Pascal A new and improved fork of Orwell Dev-C++ v5.12 Version 5.12 - 7 December 2019 - Upgraded the default compiler to MinGW-W64 GCC 8.1.0. - Improve the naming mechanism for auto-configured compiler sets by automatically assembling user-friendly na
pmoled pmoled / youtube-dl no-lang Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites 2019.11.28 youtube-dl 2019.11.28备份
Andrej-Antipov Andrej-Antipov / AppleGVA-Debug-Checker Shell Starts debugging AppleGVA and shows which decoder GPU is in use while video decodes. 1.0 1) Checker service management applet 2) Start and stop AppleGVA debugging 3) Check AppleGVA log to confim GPU video accelerations 4) Messages sent via system notifications
borkdude borkdude / sci Clojure Small Clojure Interpreter v0.0.11 ## New - #126: support reader conditionals - #130: add `assert`, `ex-message`, `fn?`, `namespace`, `prn-str`, `print-str`, `doall`, `dorun`, `run!`, `reset-vals!`, `swap-vals!`, `some->` (than
damianszczepanik jenkinsci / build-history-manager-plugin Java Jenkins plugin that allows to define which old builds should be removed and which preserved build-history-manager-1.1.0 - Validate matchAtMost parameter for Rule #26 - Update plugin description #24
gaiguy18 gaiguy18 / github-run-tests-action TypeScript mabl Github Actions implementation v1.2
feuzeu jaxon-php / jaxon-core PHP The Jaxon core library v3.1.1 Changes: - Renamed attribute in JaxonCallable class.
alexnoob alexnoob / BasketBall-GM-Rosters no-lang JSON Rosters for Basketball GM 2020.1.0 The link to download the file is right below. You can also use the "UPLOAD LEAGUE FILE" feature under "CUSTOMIZE" with this link:
Electry Electry / PSVshell C Yet another overclocking plugin v1.0
aigarius bmwcarit / dltlyse Python A Python module and a collection of plugins to support analysis of DLT traces v1.1
AayushSabharwal AayushSabharwal / kdap Python A knowledge data analysis tool for python test_v3.0
kevinbrennanIO kevinbrennanIO / cinema-application HTML Cinema Application Project 2019 v1.0 This is a tag of master branch before we merge many different branches back. This version has been taken as a fail safe in case out working master branch becomes corrupt.
lijinke666 lijinke666 / react-music-player JavaScript :musical_note: Maybe the best beautiful HTML5 responsive player component for react :) v4.7.1 # Bug fixes - fix can't trigger `onAudioListsChange` when remove all audio list #75
SudoAjay SudoAjay / LoadingAnimation-Android Java Loading animation is an android library . Which helps you to show user an loading animation from which behind your work is ongoing v3.6
rocksdanister rocksdanister / lively C# Animated Wallpapers: Turn Videos, Web pages, Games, Emulators into windows wallpapers. v0.3.4.0
LinusU LinusU / blockhash-core JavaScript Core implementation of the blockhash perceptual image hashing algorithm v0.1.0 ## 🎉 Initial release
devhubyt devhubyt / source-code-viewer Java An app to view source code of any website free & faster 🌟 1.2
kostyaplis rails-on-services / terraform-k8s-monitor HCL Manages kubernetes monitoring stack (grafana, prometheus, loki) 0.0.9
rumboalla rumboalla / apkupdater Kotlin APKUpdater is an open source tool that simplifies the process of finding updates for your installed apps. 2.0.0-beta5 * Chinese translation. * Handle Google Play links. * Bug fixes. * Crash reports.
raulhaag raulhaag / MiMangaNu Java *ES - Lector de Manga online / offline, gratuito y de código abierto. *EN - Manga reader online / offline, free and open source. *FR - Lecteur de manga en ligne / hors ligne, gratuit et open source. *DE - Eine App um Manga zu lesen. Man kann damit Manga online und offline lesen. Es ist kostenlos und quelloffen. *IT - Manga lettore online / offline, gratuito e open source. *RU - В России Манга читает вас. Попробуйте MiMangaNu прямо сейчас. 1.119 Cambios en v1.119: * Pequeños fixes. Changes on v1.119. * Min fix.
sanaehirotaka sanaehirotaka / logbook-kai Java 「艦隊これくしょん ~艦これ~」をより遊びやすくするための外部ツール v19.12.1 **v19.12.1** --- - 出撃識別札の情報を更新しました。 - 任務進捗「精鋭「三一駆」、鉄底海域に突入せよ!」から長波改二の旗艦指定を除去しました
mr-archano novoda / bintray-release Groovy A helper for releasing from gradle up to bintray 0.9.2
tdegeus tdegeus / GooseHDF5 Python Simple command-line tools (and Python library) to inspect HDF5 files (wraps around h5py) v0.3.1 * Simplifying implementation of "G5compare" using the library's `equal` * Updating docs.
ziplantil ziplantil / BriefingStudio C# A tool for creating Descent briefing files (.txb) v0.5.2 * Fix color bug that caused colors to get lost * Add screen duplication & copy/paste (from one level to another, etc.) to interactive editor
Hackin7 Hackin7 / GetGPS Dart A Flutter app to get your latitude & longitude 1
fbennett Juris-M / zotero-odf-scan-plugin JavaScript RTF/ODF-Scan for Zotero add-on v2.0.43
srdanrasic DeclarativeHub / ReactiveKit Swift A Swift Reactive Programming Kit v3.15.2 - Make default `ObservableObject` methods implementation available on all iOS versions.
ES-Alexander ES-Alexander / serial-visualisation Python For simple visualisation of serial input in a grid (for Arduino and the like) v1.1.0 Added optional blurring functionality as a replacement for inconsistent `clarity`. The result image can now be viewed with interpolation between the data-points to give a smoother image. ### Bug Fi
vdelendik qaprosoft / carina Java Carina automation framework: Web, Mobile, API, DB 6.2.29 6.2.29 (2019-11-28) ## Enhancements * Completely removed public LOGGER declarations on core level. Pay attention to <B>Migration Steps</B> in case of any compilation failure. * [#831]
Core-2-Extreme Core-2-Extreme / Line_for_3DS C Line for 3DS v1.0.0 * Add- other app(Google translation etc) * Fix- Some bugs # This release is expected some issues How to use Discord
casey casey / just Rust 🤖 Just a command runner v0.5.2
spryker-release-bot spryker / gift-card PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the GiftCard module. 1.4.0 Included commits: ### Improvements - Introduced `GiftCardFacade::addCartCode()` to set gift cards to the quote if the code hasn't been ad
spryker-release-bot spryker / discount PHP [READ ONLY] Subtree split of the Discount module. 9.7.0 Included commits: ### Improvements - Introduced `DiscountFacade::addCartCode()` to set voucher discount to the quote if the code hasn't be

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