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1bengardner 1bengardner / toshes-quest-ii Python Tkinter RPG v1.1.0 This is the "full version" of Toshe's Quest II (v1.0.0) plus Galijula and Fartooq Hold.
MykhailoLiutov AckeeCZ / TextInputLayout Java Android implementation of TextInputLayout with greater support for outlined boxes v2.0.0 Fixes build error with missing enum value of boxBackgroundMode.
Dimianas Dimianas / ColorText Java A plugin that allows you to write in colored text in books 1.0 en: Use `&` then put the code minecraft color, the plugin will change the color of the written text. ru: Используйте `&` после чего поставьте код minecraft ц�
MicheleCioccarelli MicheleCioccarelli / Dama C++ FTW against nonno v1.2 Now you can play a hopefully bugless dama game between 2 people Included is an Ubuntu 21.04 executable
github-actions[bot] MumetNgoding / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
OrzMiku OrzMiku / WebPageGenerator C++ 简易网页编辑与生成系统设计与实现 v1.0.5 ## 更新日志 - v1.0.5 - 重写页面预览逻辑,不再依赖Chrome浏览器 - v1.0.4 - 添加页面预览功能 - 修复部分菜单的返回逻辑 - v1.0.3 - 修复控制台无
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-data-api C# Clients for the Data API 1.3 Release of clients-data-api 1.3
MachineUserPTV PTV-Group / clients-sequence-optimization-api C# Clients for the Sequence Optimization API 1.5 Release of clients-sequence-optimization-api 1.5
RimuruChan RimuruChan / CustomAgriculture Java 为您提供客制化种子。 1.0-SNAPSHOT **Full Changelog**:
Sid220 Sid220 / Accent-Copier HTML The days of remembering long ALT codes are over with Accent Copier. Copy Anything. v2.0 Accent Copier 2.0 ### It's BIG, it's BOLD, it's Accent Copier v2.0 ## Install ### Regular People Way: 1. Via Chrome Web Store (Chrome/Chromium): [
menion asamm / locus-api Kotlin Core library for Android "Locus Map" application. 0.9.51
basti564 basti564 / DreamGrid Java DreamGrid is a launcher designed for Oculus Quest, Pico VR and HTC Vive headsets that supports both official and sideloaded apps and games. v1.1.0 - Introduced rounded icons. - Resolved a potential issue that could result in application crashes. - Optimised wallpapers for improved loading speeds and reduced memory usage. - Implemented support
carlosthe19916 carlosthe19916 / windup-maven-plugin Java Maven plugin for JBoss Windup 5.4.0.Final ## Changelog - 9600f41 🏁 Releasing version 5.4.0.Final - bdad33e Preparing for release ## Contributors We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions: carlosthe19916
clibdev clibdev / YOLO-FaceV2 Jupyter Notebook YOLO-FaceV2: A Scale and Occlusion Aware Face Detector 1.0.0 * Original [Krasjet-Yu/YOLO-FaceV2]( pretrained models. * Converted ONNX models.
github-actions[bot] euaaron / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS - Forked to release unstable alpha build v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
tcbegley facultyai / dash-bootstrap-components JavaScript Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash 1.0.3 This is a patch release that fixes a few bugs. Please continue to report any bugs on our [issue tracker](! ### Fixed - Set `cursor:
github-actions[bot] geoid-org / geoid-whitepaper TeX Geoid Whitepaper v0.0.0-wip This is a test release
akasolace ho-dev / HattrickOrganizer Java Assistant for Hattrick online football manager 7.3 # HO! 7.3 Release Notes Latest beta release - the version is feature complete - feedback from early users is welcome latest commit: "#1849 (#1912)" ## Some numbers * 3 commits * 26 files
github-actions[bot] kartoza / charts Smarty Kartoza Helm charts for Kubernetes common-1.1.0 Common library for ops
kodless kodless / leek TypeScript Celery Tasks Monitoring Tool 0.5.4 ## What's Changed * Bulk Filtered Tasks Retry by @kodless in **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] longanw / itlwm C Intel Wi-Fi Drivers for macOS v2.2.0-alpha ### Disclaimer: ***This alpha version is for testing only.*** It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability. If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, plea
github-actions[bot] madlib-lang / madmarkdown-parser no-lang Markdown parser for madlib v0.0.3
github-actions[bot] nodegui / nodegui C++ A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui: v0.0.0-latest-master Latest auto release corresponding to commit 9f9e61289bd9ef334e9f0263758fdc594d1c3beb 🔥. To install do: `yarn install
LuckierDodge AD-SDL / webcam_module Python An example module that supports taking a snapshot with a webcam or other video device. 1.0.0 Initial Release of the Webcam Example Module
colinnielsen 0xmetropolis / metal TypeScript Smart contract visualization CLI tool v0.7.10 ## What's Changed * feat(auth): add email to openid scope by @colinnielsen in * fix: --force flag always opens GH auth window by @colinnielsen in
ravana69 ravana69 / Music Vue Music player using Spotify API v6.10.0
gblong1 intel / openvino-ai-plugins-gimp Python GIMP AI plugins with OpenVINO Backend v2.99-R1 # v2.99-R1 This is the first official release of OpenVINO™ AI Plugins for GIMP. Updates: - Updated support to OpenVINO™ 2023.1 and 2023.2 - Improved model setup to removed need to convert
LuckierDodge AD-SDL / sleep_module Python An example module that implements a basic sleep(t) function 1.0.0
feymerwtf feymerwtf / fmNotifyOfRaid Java Плагин на уведомления о рейде базы. 1.1 Добавил команду перезагрузки плагина
esgg SoftwareUnderstanding / RSEF Python Pipeline to extract software implementations from research publications 0.0.1 Code used for the article sent to the Mining Software Repositories 2024 conference. It contains the first version of the tool.
Leknes Leknes / decorator-pattern C# Provides a leight-weight model for implementing the decorator pattern. v1.0.0 Every information about this library can be found in the readme file.
clem44 clem44 / slim4-starter JavaScript Slim 4 Starter Kit for new Web projects v1.0.1 Updated Composer dependencies
Kodylow fedimint / fedimint-thunderhub TypeScript ThunderHub LND Lightning Node Manager in your Browser v0.2.0-rc1
samsharp99 MediaMongrels-Ltd / LabVIEW-dotNET-Crypto-Wrapper LabVIEW LabVIEW .NET Cryptography Wrapper supporting MS CNG API V1.0.0.3 Initial release of a LabVIEW wrapper for the .NET Cryptographic functions as a VI package.
cccs-rs CybercentreCanada / assemblyline-service-configextractor Python Assemblyline 4 Malware Configuration Extractor service v4.4.1.dev80
osterman cloudposse / example-app-on-lambda-with-gha Python Example Lambda Python application using workflows 0.1.0
github-actions[bot] peter-marshall5 / minimal-server Nix Nix Flake that builds minimal embedded NixOS server images with OTA updates v1.0.1
professorDeveloper professorDeveloper / saikou Kotlin An Android Anilist only client, which lets you stream & download Anime & Manga. v1.0 Saikou is an Android AniList-only client that allows you to efficiently download and stream anime and manga. Saikou is built on the foundation of simple yet ultra-modern elegance. It’s an anilist
duyk16 duyk16 / karlsend no-lang Karlsend is an attempt to stay a GPU-friendly and ASIC-resistant BlockDAG implementation written in Go v0.1.0-rc1
tiberhealth tiberhealth / CanvasData2 Python Canvas Data 2 download for snapshot and MySQL. Generates SQL Create scripts and SQL Load scripts 1.1
ckesanapalli ckesanapalli / curve2mesh Python A light-weight Python library creates 3D mesh from a 2D curve by revolving v0.1.1
CheeseCake87 CheeseCake87 / flask-imp Python A Flask auto importer that allows your Flask apps to grow big. 2.7.9 Change in the way `flask-imp init` works. When run on its own without any arguments, it will ask you what level of app you want to generate. Build tool move to flit Lint tool move to ruff
LucaPaterlini LucaPaterlini / python-wrapper-priority-expiry-cache Rust wrapper for v0.2.1 first relase
github-actions[bot] linto-ai / whisper-timestamped Python Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition with word-level timestamps and confidence v1.14.1
tdev BeamNG / vscode-jbeam-editor JavaScript visual studio code extension to edit jbeam files v0.3.0 * Bugfixes: * improved groundplane size for large models * improved stability * nodes are picked in 2d space for better accurancy * exchanged left/right mouse button for pan/rotate * fi
NoelTelesforo NoelTelesforo / ingreso-egreso-app CSS Aplicación de ingresos y egresos - Curso de Redux v1.0.0 # Información - Template listo - Rutas funcionando correctamente
terukaaz Chromatic-Vision / cubescramble-rewrite Python Python based speedcubing trainer software. (WIP) v1.0a Stable first release.
natesway star-studios-official / FNF-Shattered-Engine-0.6.3 Haxe Engine originally used on Mind Games mod 0.0.1-2 The first PROPER release of the engine! Here are some change notes. - Added several fixes from the 0.7.1h version of the engine - Fixed Linux video support - Added some fixes - Removed the new m
alexgrozav alexgrozav / lemonsqueezy TypeScript Unofficial TypeScript SDK for the Lemon Squeezy API v1.0.1 - fix: export types 3d52a69 - fix: fix urls 4d86475
Alexk0309 Alexk0309 / Alexk0309-Portfolio TypeScript Portfolio Project with ReactJS v2.1.0 ## What's Changed * Refactor(app): Incomplete static portfolio v1.2 by @Alexk0309 in * Portfolio V2 by @Alexk0309 in
Wenhua-Zheng Wenhua-Zheng / AIOU no-lang Autonomous-IOU Loss: Adaptive Dynamic Non-monotonic Focal IOU Loss v0.1 Experimental data at the submission of the paper
albertomn86 albertomn86 / TLEGenerator C# Custom TLE file generator. v1.0 First version. This is a reimplementation of [TLE_Generator]( Features: - API requests are stored in disk to reduce the number of requests. - Allows
plastboks DevDimensionLab / plybuild Go Main repo for co-pilot cli binary v1.0.0 ## Changelog * 738a6df Fixes Makefile * 3351d43 Merge branch 'ply' * 3772bf3 Merge pull request #95 from DevDimensionLab/ply * b8fa302 Merge pull request #96 from DevDimensionLab/ply * b91bd
gadfort siliconcompiler / lambdalib Verilog Hardware abstraction library v0.1.1 ## What's Changed * use setup tools for versioning to improve Python 3.12 compatibility by @gadfort in **Full Changelog**: https://githu
mapcsasystem mapcsasystem / mean-backend TypeScript backend auth con nestJs v0.0.1 Login auth
github-actions[bot] vimiix / ssx Go 🦅 ssx is an ssh hunter. v0.0.1 ## Changelog * cd28601 chore:remove GOPROXY env * 4ed974c chore:downgrade goreleaser version to v4 * 610f47d chore:update badges * 347d2a5 chore:remove lint check in goreleaser.yml * 8b8e73e chore:upd
DuckCoder1101 DuckCoder1101 / ToListen JavaScript A free, and open-source music player to you! 1.0.1 Update service test, download the 1.0 version.
MissLavender-LQ MissLavender-LQ / LibreQuake Shell A freesoftware quake one remake with art under the BSD license v0.03-beta ## What's Changed * Add improved map building script. by @MotoLegacy in * Lqdm detailing, e1m2, lqdm11, textures, and texture adjus
github-actions[bot] jcornaz / cell-grid Rust A simple fixed-size 2d grid container suitable for `no_std` game development v0.1.0 * `Grid` struct * Create a new grid either with default values for cells, an iterator of cells, or using an `init` function for each cell * Access a cell by coordinate * Iterate over cells that
github-actions[bot] valora-inc / resolve-kit TypeScript Resolve an identifier to a Celo address. v2.1.1 ### [2.1.1]( (2023-12-08) ### Bug Fixes * **cd:** avoid running semantic-pr-title on merges to main ([#261](
Alkaison Alkaison / Live-Clipboard HTML Live Clipboard is a web app that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on live collaborative boards in real-time. v1.0.0 # Live Clipboard ![Live Clipboard]( Welcome to Live Clipboard, an exciting open-source project! We
github-actions[bot] lucaL99 / container-jrj0sly Shell Created using v0.0.1 :tada: This release contains work from a new contributor! :tada: Thank you, null[@lucaL99](, for all your work! #### ⚠️ Pushed to `main` - Added deploy.yml file ([@lu
github-actions[bot] qingchuan8023 / build-openwrt Shell 利用Actions在线云编译openwrt固件,适合官方源码,lede,lienol和immortalwrt源码,支持X86,电视盒子等众多设备! 2023.12.09-0208
tomickigrzegorz tomickigrzegorz / circular-progress-bar JavaScript ⭕ A circular progress bar in svg. No dependencies. ~2KB gzip v1.2.0 **Fixed** - Percentage of circle no longer changing after reaching 0% - #83
makisukurisu Wandering-Cursor / Samurai-Frontend HTML This repositary shall be used to contain Frontend for Samurai Project 0.0.2 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] rafaelldi / aspire-plugin Kotlin Aspire Plugin for JetBrains Rider v0.1.0 ### Added - Support for running and debugging of Aspire projects [Unreleased]:
rschouten97 Tools4everBV / HelloID-Task-SA-Target-HelloID-GroupGrantMembership PowerShell HelloID - Group grant membership v1.0.0 This is the first release.
azahnen interactive-instruments / xtraplatform-cli Java Command line tools for xtraplatform v2.0.1 **Fixed bugs** - fixed binary compatibility
keyboardcat1 keyboardcat1 / Erosio Java A Java API for fast erosion v1.0.0 Implementation of all methods described in the paper. - Complementary Nearest-Neighbor and IDW interpolation methods
cgohlke cgohlke / ipcf.ipynb HTML Tutorial on pair correlation function analysis of fluorescence fluctuations in big image time series v2023.12.8 # Pair Correlation Function Analysis of Fluorescence Fluctuations in Big Image Time Series using Python **A tutorial using Python and scientific libraries to implement pair correlation function (pC
samuel-oldra samuel-oldra / DevEncurtaUrl.Front TypeScript 🟥 TypeScript e Angular 14 (8ª ed.) v1.0
samuel-oldra samuel-oldra / DevEncurtaUrl.API C# 🟣 C# e .NET 7 (8ª ed.) v1.0
night-cruise night-cruise / dll-rs Rust Install the missing DLL file with one command! v0.1.0
markemer ionic-team / capacitor-gmaps-spm Swift A Swift Package the Capacitor Google Maps plugin uses to get the iOS Google Maps SDK 8.3.1 Mirror of Google Maps iOS SDK 8.3.1 for use in Google Maps Capacitor Plugin
Kenny-Hui DistrictOfJoban / mtr-nte-json Java Nemo's Transit Expansion. Various experimental addon functionalities made by Zbx1425 for the Minecraft Transit Railway mod. 0.4.1 Initial release
ArthurVBS ArthurVBS / LearnMore TypeScript 📻 Final project of the mobile device programming subject. 0.1
jonperron jonperron / airflow-providers-lokalise Python Lokalise hook and operator for Airflow based on the Lokalise Python SDK ( 1.1.4 ## What's Changed * Feat(connection): add rendering of connection by @jonperron in * chore(clean): clean repo using mypy and pylin
github-actions[bot] uncenter / xdirs TypeScript Get data, config, cache, log, and temp paths - cross-platform and respectful of user-defined XDG variables. v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] s71557 / StoneOS Shell 云编译OpenWRT Rockchip-StoneOS-linux.6.1-23.12.09-固件下载 源码:lede 设备:R2C R2S R4S R5C R5S R66S R68S H66K H68K H69K 地址: 密码:password
ventaquil ventaquil / rand-bits Rust Random number generators with a fixed number of set bits (ones). v0.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
Dmrain Dmrain / stretching_the_texture Python Программа на OpenGL, отображающая растягивание текстуры до позиции, в которой находится курсор мыши. v1.0.0 # RELEASE v1.0.0 - 2023-12-08 ## Основные особенности: - Загрузка и отображение текстуры: Реализована функция load_texture, ко�
xan1242 xan1242 / NFSU_JPSupport C++ NFS Underground - Japanese Language Support Plugin 1.0 ## Instructions - Extract to your root directory of Japanese NFS Underground - Apply the US v1.4.0 NoCD patch - Run the game
mgsperandii mgsperandii / editorialJVS R code to reproduce stats and figures v1.0.0 First release of code and data necessary to reproduced the stats and figures included in the JVS editorial.
slackr31337 slackr31337 / wyoming-piper-gpu Dockerfile Wyoming Piper docker container with GPU support for Home-Assistant v2023.12.0 First release docker pull slackr31337/wyoming-piper-gpu:v2023.12.0
ctuztas ctuztas / OneIMBootcampFiles PowerShell One Identity Manager boot camp deployment automation v0.1
ZuoYouF1 ZuoYouF1 / bwg-web no-lang web v1.0.0 v1.0.0
Ralphadewoye Ralphadewoye / Web-mapping-of-Oil-palm-estate.-Omotosho-Ondo-State. JavaScript Web mapping project v5.9-beta.3 version v5.9-beta.3
github-actions[bot] yonycalsin / eslint-config TypeScript eslint config @yonycalsin/eslint-config-import-sort@1.1.0 ### Minor Changes - [#48]( [`e27e4a3`]( Thanks [@yony
mmomtchev mmomtchev / ffmpeg.js TypeScript Experimental ffmpeg (w/avcpp) bindings for Node.js w/ Streams and async support v0.9.0 - First release
vncsmnl vncsmnl / CS50X C 📑 This is CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science Solutions 1.0.0
bengarvey CommonPaper / CSA no-lang Common Paper standard Cloud Service Agreement 1.1 Common Paper standard Cloud Service Agreement 1.1 - Minor text and formatting changes
Trilmatic form-js / forms.js TypeScript Fully featured javascript form builder 1.0.6 Minor bug fixes to default field values
cmolisee cmolisee / okAPI HTML Chrome web extension for mocking api calls. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2023-12-08) ### 1 * updated readme with a template and edited template ([ed3b4d4]( * updated readme with
noredlace noredlace / wakfu-sublimations HTML poorly written site to check sublimations 1.0.0 👍
williamtroup williamtroup / Select.js JavaScript A lightweight, and easy-to-use, JavaScript library for creating multi-select drop-down lists! 0.1.0 - Everything :)
swellmike swellstores / swell-node-http TypeScript HTTP client for Swell Backend API v1.0.2 - Initial publish of swell-node-http package
bengarvey CommonPaper / PSA no-lang Common Paper standard Professional Services Agreement 1.1 Common Paper standard Professional Services Agreement 1.1 - Minor text and formatting changes
ryangjchandler ryangjchandler / filament-data-studio PHP Low configuration exports and data analysis for Filament. v1.0.0-beta1 * Initial release.
github-actions[bot] StarryskyLL / OpenWRT-CI Shell 云编译OpenWRT固件 Rockchip_immortalwrt.git_23.12.08_23.55.35 这是个平台固件包,内含多个设备! 请注意选择你需要的设备固件! 不要问,更就完事了! 源码:immortalwrt.git 平台:Rockchip 设备:R4S R5C 密码:无 地
silvermete0r silvermete0r / 31github Python 31 Days of Programming Challenge - Machine Learning Algorithms & Data Analysis v1.1 First week release with apps: 1) 🏀 NBA Player Stats Explorer 2) 📈 Stocks Price Web App 3) 🧰 Streamlit Toolkit 4) 💎 No-Code ML Web App based on XGBoostRegressor 5) 🗃️ Excel &
RSMKode RSMKode / app-dwes-roger-jonathan PHP Ejercicio evaluable de la asignatura Desarrollo en Entorno Servidor - 2º DAW. v1.0 Versión inicial antes de la vinculación a bases de datos
github-actions[bot] going-dev / strapi-plugin-ckeditor JavaScript CKEditor 5 custom field for Strapi. v1.1.0 # [1.1.0]( (2023-12-08) ### Features * implement custom going preset ([34c1dec](
github-actions[bot] ValerioTrinca / superset TypeScript Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform superset-helm-chart-0.11.2 Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application
github-actions[bot] AK2083 / Zorro C# Class Library contains Tax Workflows 0.1.0 ## [0.1.0]( (2023-12-08) ### Features * **Zorro:** add model for tax workflows ([9a7f388](
ryanbond Lightspeed-Systems / apns2 Go ⚡ HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) push provider for Go — Send push notifications to iOS, tvOS, Safari and OSX apps, using the APNs HTTP/2 protocol. v0.24.0 New crypto library
CyferShepard CyferShepard / Jellystat JavaScript Jellystat is a free and open source Statistics App for Jellyfin 1.0.9 ## What's Changed * Update to main by @CyferShepard in * Merge from main to unstable by @CyferShepard in
alanfrigo alanfrigo / Elementor-Product-Video-Widget-Wordpress-Plugin PHP Um widget do Elementor que exibe o vídeo do YouTube para produtos WooCommerce. v1.0
Ranbun Ranbun / Cmark C++ Camera Log pre-release-0.1 load image. preview image logo. save preview result. save originalImage with logo. just support .jpeg file
marcel099 teiarruma / deltarune-ptbr no-lang Uma tradução PT-BR do jogo DELTARUNE, originalmente feita pelo grupo TEIARRUMA. 1.10.3 - Adição de sprites traduzidos esquecidos na migração da 1.07 para a 1.10 - Correção de letras incorretas aparecendo no quebra-cabeça da maçã em Cyber Campo - Troca de duas expressões em p
ffcplatform DEFRA / ffc-find-sfi-checker JavaScript SFI checker for Find service 1.0.5 Modify footer (#9) Co-authored-by: Mohammed Foysal <>
jklick-so jklick-so / so4t_tag_report Python An API script for Stack Overflow for Teams that creates a report of how well each tag is performing v1.1 - [New Metric] Communities. For now, this is obtained by using the advanced [`--scraper` flag]( (until an official API is released) - [New Metri
sakura-ryoko sakura-ryoko / afkplus Java AFK Plus Mod for Minecraft. Developed for my RyokoCraft Vanila+ SMP 1.19.4-1.3.9 - Backport for Minecraft 1.19.4
brunna-martins brunna-martins / portfolio2023 HTML portfolio em html e css, parte do processo trainee da orc'estra. v1.0.0 Entrega do Portfolio do PT da Orc'estra de 2023.
hagne hagne / productomator Python Product automation helper v1.0.0 going strong
Rainbow-SPY Rainbow-SPY / Counter-Strike-steam-Fix Batchfile 【MOD】1.0.0正式版 CSGO Mod,适用于正版反恐精英 1.0.0 ### 【MOD】1.0.0正式版 CSGO Mod,适用于正版反恐精英 > 1.0.0 Official version CSGO Mod for Genuine Counter-Strike ![Steam](
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-woo-extra-product-options-addon PHP WP-Stateless - WooCommerce Extra Product Options Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-imagify-addon PHP WP-Stateless - Imagify Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
VolcanoCookies VolcanoCookies / cs2shock Rust PiShock integration with CS2 v1.1.0 * Adds `Random` and `LastHitPercentage` shock modes - Random: Selects a random value between configured min and max values. - LastHitPercentage: Depends on how much health you had before the
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-ewww-addon PHP WP-Stateless - EWWW Image Optimizer Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
sdk-team alibabacloud-go / alicloudproc-20240104 Go Alibaba Cloud alicloudproc SDK for Go v1.0.0 - Generated 2024-01-04 for `alicloudproc`.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-shortpixel-addon PHP WP-Stateless - ShortPixel Image Optimizer Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
Constantin-Hentgen Constantin-Hentgen / ByteBeacon Python The Podcast Generator project combines OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo for script generation and Eleven Labs AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) for realistic audio. It automates podcast creation by aggregating content from RSS feeds, allowing GPT-3.5-turbo to craft engaging scripts converted into lifelike audio using Eleven Labs' TTS. v1.0.0 Is able to produce podcast with 2 people for a variable duration. **Full Changelog**:
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-wp-smushit-addon PHP WP-Stateless - Smush Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
siinax siinax / PermissionTip Kotlin permission tip v1.0 sd
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-wpbakery-page-builder-addon PHP WP-Stateless - WPBakery Page Builder Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
sdk-team alibabacloud-sdk-php / bpstudio-20200710 PHP Alibaba Cloud BPStudio SDK for PHP 1.0.0 - Generated 2020-07-10 for `BPStudio`.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-woocommerce-addon PHP WP-Stateless - WooCommerce Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-siteorigin-widgets-bundle-addon PHP WP-Stateless - SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-siteorigin-css-addon PHP WP-Stateless - SiteOrigin CSS Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
abdullahibneat abdullahibneat / TableExtraction Python A line-based framework to detect and extract tabular data in JSON format from raster images using computer vision and Tesseract OCR. v1.0.0 Initial release
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-simple-local-avatars-addon PHP WP-Stateless - Simple Local Avatars Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
egeldenhuys egeldenhuys / bookstack-exporter Rust Export a Bookstack instance as a hierarchy of files v0.0.4
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-litespeed-cache-addon PHP WP-Stateless - LiteSpeed Cache Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
suninthesky nestauk / afs_visit_a_heat_pump Ruby A web app to host and attend events to visit a heat pump near you v1.0.0 MVP release
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-gravity-forms-signature-addon PHP WP-Stateless - Gravity Forms Signature Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
ut0mt8 ut0mt8 / consul-host-cleaner Go consul-host-cleaner v0.2.0 **Full Changelog**:
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-elementor-addon PHP WP-Stateless - Elementor Website Builder Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-divi-addon PHP WP-Stateless - Divi theme Addon 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
balexey88 udx / wp-stateless-buddypress-addon PHP WP-Stateless - BuddyPress Addon 0.0.1 0.0.1 * Initial public release.
svc-autorelease palantir / atlasdb Java Transactional Distributed Database Layer 0.1000.0 | Type | Description | Link | | ---- | ----------- | ---- | | Fix | `SuspectedNotCurrentLeaderException` is now handled correctly; previously, a bug with exception handling meant that these exceptions
moritz-sauer-13 moritz-sauer-13 / silverstripe-basic-polls PHP Basic Poll Module for SilverStripe 0.0.2
github-actions[bot] soybeanjs / eslint-flat-config TypeScript SoybeanJS's eslint flat config presets v1.0.8 ###    🚀 Features - **projects**: support toml on demand, replace eslint-plugin-jsonc with prettier-plugin-pkg  -  by @honghuangdc [<samp>(4b48b)</samp>](https
github-actions[bot] ianatha / apeiro Rust ♾️ A Javascript runtime with function hibernation & automatic persistence! v0.0.1
jwetzell jwetzell / aas JavaScript Explorations in interacting with an All American Scoreboard 8000 v0.1.0 Initial release, the CLI I would say works as well as their official application. No real world testing has been done so very much use before you put it into real use.
ghislainp smrt-model / smrt Python Snow Microwave Radiative Transfert model to compute thermal emission and backscatter from snowpack 1.2.1 Add automatic release to pypi. A few minor improvments. See
MarkEdmondson1234 sunholo-data / sunholo-py Python A python library to enable LLMOps within cloud environments, starting with Google Cloud Platform 0.3.6 **Full Changelog**:
Damione1 Damione1 / google-ads-pb no-lang Google Ads API Client Library for Golang v1.0.0
hugo-loiola hugo-loiola / Banco_em_C C Projeto final de Algoritimos, Grupo 3 1.0 ## What's Changed * teste by @oclava in * Create oi.c by @oicarosouza23 in * Create c.c by @Ez
dmarkey dmarkey / traefik-lowercase-response-headers Go Traefik proxy plugin to make response headers lowercase v0.0.1
vissong vissong / go-readability HTML Go package that cleans a HTML page for better readability. v1.0.1
JPercival cqframework / clinical_quality_language Java Clinical Quality Language (CQL) is an HL7 specification for the expression of clinical knowledge that can be used within both the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Clinical Quality Measurement (CQM) domains. This repository contains complementary tooling in support of that specification. v.3.5.0 ## What's Changed * Tests for issues 1225 and 1226 by @JPercival in * Full implementation of detection of identifier hiding by
n25a n25a / gorabbit Go RabbitMQ client for Golang v0.0.1 init package
github-actions[bot] sierra-nevada-western-airways / mono C# Core application for swna flight search v0.0.1 ### [0.0.1]( (2023-12-08)
cran-robot cran / data.table C :exclamation: This is a read-only mirror of the CRAN R package repository. data.table — Extension of `data.frame`. Homepage:,, Report bugs for this package: 1.14.10
github-actions[bot] stylelint / create-stylelint JavaScript The npm init script for Stylelint 0.4.0 * Removed: Node.js less than 18.12.0 support. * Changed: bump `cosmiconfig` to v9. * Changed: bump `execa` to v8. * Changed: bump `ora` to v7.
NoraVR NoraVR / Terraplug C# a terraria + integration, with config support! v.1.0.0 yeah now we're gaming
CJCrafter CJCrafter / VivecraftSpigot Java Spigot plugin for Vivecraft, the VR mod for Java Minecraft. 3.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
isbhuvan isbhuvan / terraform-azurerm-resource-group HCL Terraform module to create resource group 1.0.0
NicolasNewman NicolasNewman / ArgParse C++ Argument parsing library for Arduino 1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
PierreRaybaut Codra-Ingenierie-Informatique / PyPlanning Python PyPlanning is a small planning tool to manage team schedules and to quickly create simple project plannings. v1.5.12 ## Version 1.5.12 ## 🛠️ Bug fixes: * Fixed an annoying bug where the application would select an unexpected line in the tree view when the user would modify a task's start date, end
KacperJarocki KacperJarocki / coders-place-backend Java Web app backend for final engineering project, social service for coders v0.0.0.1
James-Thorson-NOAA James-Thorson-NOAA / dsem R Dynamic structural equation models 1.0.0 See vignette for package functionality
Bermellet Bermellet / RoadToEngine C 3D engine using the Glew library on OpenGL v1.0 Release version of the 3D Engine. Implemented loading of geometry: pre-loaded or custom by drag-and-drop.
japinol7 japinol7 / small-odoo-addons Python Small addons examples of Python programming with the Odoo ERP framework. v1.0.0 Add addons examples of Python programming with the Odoo ERP framework: jap_addons_config, jap_custom_security, jap_sale.
steingod GlobalCryosphereWatch / DatasetGranularityPerspectivesDocument no-lang Concept document for definition of datasets. Target audience is data providers and data managers at data centres. Supports the Interoperability Guidelines Document. v0.0 Starting point for development after GCW Data Task team meeting in Geneva 2023-11
webchills zencartpro / 157-modul-facebook-inventory PHP Facebook Inventory für Zen Cart 1.5.7 deutsch v1.2.0 Changelog 1.2.0 - 2023-12-08 * Anpassungen für PHP 8.1.x
jy00566722 jy00566722 / chatgpt-plus Vue 基于 OpenAI API 实现的 ChatGPT Web 应用,包括通用版和角色版。自带管理后台,采用 Go + Vue3 + element-plus 实现。 oeoli-v3.2.0 Dall E3的请求路径,改为配置文件中的api_url。 原版本中的路径是写死的官方地址,这样不利于使用第三方key。
simple0x47 simpleg-eu / cp-core C++ Core configuration library with various extensions for Cuplan v0.1.1
christopher-lw ATMO-IUP-UHEI / FlexWrfInput Python Tool read, manipulate, and write input files for FLEXPART-WRF v0.1.1
github-actions[bot] luka5 / go-client Go Client library with golang for accessing Harbor API. v0.28.2
andreykyz andreykyz / ftpserverlib Go golang ftp server library 0.22.2
jeffyanta code-payments / code-server Go Code gRPC/web services and workers v1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Relationship accounts are now integrated into payment flows by @jeffyanta in * Cash and Web Payment chats can now be mute
tom-teledyne creotronics / 121-OpenTAP-PSU-Plugins C# Power Supply plugins for OpenTAP v0.2.1 This is the first release of the Power Supply plugin for OpenTAP. But it's not necessarily stable.
KacperJarocki KacperJarocki / coders-place-frontend HTML Web app frontend for final engineering project, social service for coders v0.0.0.1
github-actions[bot] sebastianwachter / wc-scratch TypeScript A fun scratch card native web component without any dependencies. v0.1.0 <!-- Release notes generated using configuration in .github/release.yml at v0.1.0 --> **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] DJB-Developer / wechat-android-history-versions JavaScript 微信Android 历史版本 官方下载地址 v8.0.44_20231208 发布版本:8.0.44 更新日期: 2023-12-08 16:10:40 (UTC) 下载地址: Sha256: 029729e9ec30d747942dd63276110b44394e
noble-varghese Portkey-AI / portkey-node-sdk TypeScript Build reliable, secure, and production-ready AI apps easily. v1.0.0 # Summary We're pushing out some exciting new updates to Portkey's SDKs, APIs, and Configs. Portkey's SDKs are upped to major version 1.0 bringing parity with the new OpenAI SDK st
plug-ins-pro plug-ins-pro / date_range_picker no-lang Oracle APEX Plug-in 23.1
boiscljo ObsidianMakerDevelopment / super-mario-rpg-switch-randomizer C# Randomizer for the Super Mario RPG on switch v0.0.1
calrom-jrudge Calrom-Ltd / dotnet-mockserver-client C# MockServer client written in dotnet C# 1.2.0 Added jsonbody matcher support
LucienCorreia LucienCorreia / shell_shortcuts Dart GUI for shell scripts 1.0.0
Bili345679 Bili345679 / drag_to_run Python python 拖动执行,算一个试例,也可以用作测试调用命令行的软件,如qbittorrent的“运行外部程序” 1.0.0 1.0.0
AminAlam AminAlam / ElecPhys Python Scripts and codes for conversion, preprocessing, and postprocessing of electrophysiology data V0.0.2 - It's now possible to run call the commands form command line using `ElecPhys COMMANDNAME [ARGS]`
Mercen-Lee toongether / TitleMaker Kotlin Easy Text-to-SVG tool for any Comic Thumbnails 0.0.2
KevinVG207 KevinVG207 / Uma-Carotene Python English translations for Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. v0.0.1 Work-in-progress release for testing.
nuradiyana atInisiatifZakat / donation-donor-recap PHP Small package for create donation recap in recording 0.0.3 ## What's Changed * Tambah support `browsershot-sidecar` by @nuradiyana in ## New Contributors * @nuradiyana made their first
Yenaled pachterlab / splitcode C Flexible and efficient parsing, interpreting and editing of sequencing reads v0.29.0 New features and bug fixes: #5 and #6
whichtwix whichtwix / EpicGamesDowngrader PowerShell a script for epic games players to use to get a older version of the game 2023.7.12-1 the script now fetches the latest legendary release, a critical bug was fixed in legendary downgrades to among us version 2023.7.12
snovak7 escendit / rabbitmq-dotnet-extensions C# RabbitMQ Client Extensions for .NET and Orleans v0.2.0 ## What's Changed * MVP by @snovak7 in * Send version to SonarCloud by @snovak7 in
psmf fortify / plugin-api Java Plugin API to develop plugin for Fortify Security Center v1.2.2320 * Add setSBOMEntry() method to ScanBuilder * The plugin-api version 1.2 is only supported since SSC version 23.2.0
sbrugman ing-bank / EntityMatchingModel Python Entity Matching Model solves the problem of matching company names between two possibly very large datasets. v2.0.0 Initial open-source release of the EntityMatchingModel
LHeen08 LHeen08 / stock_informant HTML Gathers data from specified ticker and provides some analysis based off of the gathered data v0.1.1-beta - Fixes issue with yahooquery api not communicating with yahoo #1 - Removed FlaskUI, just using browser - Added better testing of yahooquery, since yahoo keeps changing api access
rra lsst-sqre / nublado Python Science notebook service for the Rubin Science Platform 4.0.0a2 ## What's Changed * DM-42029: Update to Safir 5.1.0 by @rra in * DM-42029: Add nodeSelector support to the prepuller by @rra in
BenGalewsky materials-data-facility / connect_server Python The MDF Connect Server is the hosted ETL flow to deeply index datasets into the MDF and connected services. 1.0.0-rc.1
Fridtjof-DE Fridtjof-DE / MinecartTrains Java Link minecarts to trains like it should be possible in vanilla! 1.0.0 - arrows can't destroy minecarts (configurable) - download:
KashifSaadat appvia / terraform-azurerm-wayfinder HCL Terraform Module for installing Wayfinder in Azure v2.4.6-tf.1 # Major New Features in v2.4 ## Cross-cloud Web Identity support * With credential-free access to AWS, Azure and GCP, you can now use Wayfinder's web identity to authenticate Wayfinder into y
okinter11 okinter11 / ZoeDepth no-lang Metric depth estimation from a single image v1.0 <html> <body> <!--StartFragment--><h1 style="box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 2em; margin-top: 0px !important; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 16px; margin-left: 0px; f
alberto-abarzua alberto-abarzua / ribot JavaScript Robot arm control software, controlled by an ESP-32 via Wi-Fi. Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly v1.0.0 Marks the end of the work done for CC6909. 🎉 ✨
Lutzifer Lutzifer / aliasReplacer Swift A Swift tool to replace macOS alias files or symbolic links with their original content. v0.1.0 Initial Release
github-actions[bot] thulioph / jira-extension JavaScript This is a browser extension to beautify Jira boards v0.0.2
github-actions[bot] cismet / cs-conf JavaScript Exports and imports the configuration of an existing cids system in version 6.1. v2.3.10 First Release of csconf by triggered Github Action
flowzone-app[bot] balena-io / balena-sdk TypeScript The SDK to make balena powered JavaScript applications. v19.3.2 59811c2f (test:fast: Run the tests ignoring any linting errors, 2023-12-08) cb7c1a2d (tests: Re-enable the explicit error checks for non-tarball DWB requests, 2023-12-08)
nichem nichem / textbook Kotlin 搜索 查看 下载 中小学教材 v1.1
themandre themandre / kotlin-hex-arc-mongodb Kotlin Kotlin Hexagonal Architecture template for REST API projects (MongoDB sample). 1.0.0 Example architecture with MongoDB.
github-actions[bot] ayfanghua / Android-Builder Shell Automaticcaly build android kernel by github actions. v20231208.1 **Full Changelog**:
github-actions[bot] yiyungent / Yiyun.Utils C# 🧰 .NET libraries Yiyun.Office-v0.1.0 - build(csproj): package config (d700a56c4e61ed3c36bdf5664a00b63033f79ab1) - feat: yiyun.Office, Yiyun.Windows (c7318b7733a97a803b043a8b43fa28c6ef1b06df)
github-actions[bot] LBognanni / CodeMadeClock C# A simple analog clock for Windows v1.3.10.0 - Fix a bug where Clock is not always on top - Other small stability improvements
ach02raf ach02raf / mobx_flutter_exemple C++ example of a Flutter app using MobX for state management v0.0.0
Ace5th Ace5th / Risk-Assessment JavaScript Risk assessment program made using electron v1.0.0 - First Release - Adds basic features
wzshiming wzshiming / systheme Go Get system theme v0.0.1
hamzaharoon1314 hamzaharoon1314 / RandomCookiesWebsite Python You can simply login to any site with one file. 1.0 This is a .exe file to login to the Freepik account.
wagnerse-anaqor PlanQK / workflow-modeler JavaScript Modeler for quantum workflows planqk-workflow-service0.1.0 Transformation of PlanQK workflows with data flow to executable Camunda workflows that can be deployed as planqk services
botaohu holoi / missing-references-finder C# Finds all missing references in your project. Reads contents of assets to detect whether GUIDs they contain exist within the project. 1.0.0
NaiHeeeee NaiHeeeee / live2d-widget JavaScript 把萌萌哒的看板娘抱回家 (ノ≧∇≦)ノ | Live2D widget for web platform在网页中添加Live2D看板娘 0.0.1
Cosmospacedog Team-6-Google-code-jam / Power_Project Python Project for December 2023 google hackathon v0.1-alpha Version one of our project for the december 2023 hackathon
miku miku / uncork Go Partial port of corkscrew to Go, tunnel ssh through an http proxy. v0.1.1 ## Changelog * c4259c3 update ignore list
Ly-sec Ly-sec / FiveM-CC JavaScript Cleans your GTA5 FiveM Cache. v1.0.0
NaiHeeeee NaiHeeeee / live2d_api PHP Live2D 看板娘插件 ( 上使用的后端 API 0.0.1
notro notro / gud Python GUD USB Display v1.01 GUD images for the Raspberry Pi - gud-raspberrypi-lite: Read only, fast booting - gud-raspberrypi: Filesystem can be made writeable and it contains some debugging tools Changes since 1.00: - U
P403n1x87 DataDog / envier Python Python application configuration from the environment v0.5.0 ## What's Changed * feat: add Python 3.11 support by @Kyle-Verhoog in * refactor!: remove sphinx plugin by @P403n1x87 in
walk8243 walk8243 / try-electron TypeScript electronを使ってデスクトップアプリを作ってみる 0.0.0
holukas holukas / dbc-influxdb Python Database communication: show, download and upload data. Works with InfluxDB 2.x. v0.10.2
Tharos-ux Tharos-ux / pancat Python Pangenome graphs visualisation, distance computing, reconstruction of sequences and other utility functions v0.2.0 Major update that brings a lot of fixes, new functionalities regarding edition, performance upgrades and more. **General**: + **Changed repository name** from `pangraphs` to `pancat` because `pang
pedroslrn pedroslrn / Portifolio HTML Este projeto diz respeito a uma tarefa realizada no âmbito do processo trainee da Orc'estra Gamificação. O projeto consiste na elaboração de um portfólio utilizando HTML e CSS. v1.0.0
13OnTheCode 13OnTheCode / utils TypeScript A collection of JavaScript/TypeScript utility tools v0.0.1
opyg opyg / hujnia HTML hujnia v1.0.1 **### какрочи файл нада**
BrammBosch Living-Technologies / VIPPIV Tcl 'Visual Interactive Program for Particle Image Velocimetry' v1.1.0 Show mean speed and std speed in gui
WindSekirun WindSekirun / adb-devices-prometheus-exporter Rust Prometheus exporter for 'adb devices' v0.1.0 Initial release
tomer555 tomer555 / kafka-message-bus TypeScript Kafka Message Bus is a KafkaJS wrapper enhancing its functionality with deadletter topic support and handlers, improving Kafka stream reliability by managing failed message processing. 🚀 0.0.1
elwo412 elwo412 / swagger-editor-local JavaScript Swagger Editor Fully Local v0.1Local A local solution for Swagger (OpenAPI v2/v3) document validation and conversion. A frontend application coupled with a locally hosted light-weight backend server, designed to function entirely offline
notandy sapcc / andromeda Go Platform agnostic GSLB frontend with OpenStack-like API v0.0.1 ### Inital release of m31ctl release
dooji2 dooji2 / mtr-nte-json Java Nemo's Transit Expansion. Various experimental addon functionalities made by Zbx1425 for the Minecraft Transit Railway mod. 0.4.1
bbeny123 bbeny123 / ChireTweaks Lua CPU-lightweight unit frames WoW add-on - based entirely on the original, in-game unit-frames v1.0.0-rc1 Initial release
github-actions[bot] frimtec / pikett-assist Java :rotating_light: PAssist is an Android application to assist you while doing on-call duties. PAssist works for SMS based alerting systems. 2.10.1 ## What's changed ## 🐛 Bug fixes - #483 Support alphanumeric short codes for all contacts @frimtec **Full Changelog**:
ademkocamaz ademkocamaz / ilkEnvanter Python Electron + Django ile Bilgi Teknolojileri, Bilişim Ürünleri, Bilgi İşlemciler için Envanter 1.0.0 İlk çıkış sürümü. First release.
GiacomoXT belle2 / display TypeScript Public repository of Belle II Event Display with Phoenix v0.1.0 # v0.1.0 - 2023/12/08 ### This is the first release of the Belle II Event Display with Phoenix ### Features - Imported the code from Le Cong Minh Hieu developed during the [Google Summer of C
dependencytrack-bot DependencyTrack / dependency-track Java Dependency-Track is an intelligent Component Analysis platform that allows organizations to identify and reduce risk in the software supply chain. 4.10.0 For official releases, refer to [Dependency Track Docs >> Changelogs]( for information about improvements and upgrade notes. If additional details are
bogachevskes Backend-Training-1-1-0 / alpha PHP Репозиторий позтивного фреймворка, реализующего компонентный подход 0.21.1 - Изменено: - Изменено имя пакета
JanFellner ESTOS / PhoneDialer C++ TAPI Test Tool 4.0/
KennyDizi AI4Organization / hydra-docker-image-ecr-deployment-cdk TypeScript Deploy Hydra (Column-oriented Postgres) to ECR with AWS CDK. v1.0.2 - Hydra v1.0.2
bitsbiter bitsbiter / solidus_print_invoice Ruby Provide your users with printable PDF invoices in Solidus. v1.0.3 test
aldus AMASP-workbench / wb-forum PHP A simple forum for WebsiteBaker 2.8.3 v0.6.6 Origin from WBCE in dec. 2023 from WBCE-repository download.
johicasado sonoUnoTeam / sonoUno-desktop Python SonoUno is a sonification software for astronomical data presented on a table (txt or csv files). The software is being developed based on the study of other software, standards of accessibility like the ISO 9241-171:2008 (Guidance on software accessibility) and theoretical framework based on literature review and end user tests. 4.1 This release contains the changes made during the JOSS review. Apart from the paper and the documentation update, additional features are the possibility to sort the data by x axis and a clean-up,
Intuity Intuity / packtype Python Packed data structure specifications for multi-language hardware projects. v2.0.1 * Adds operator overloads to `Primitive` to allow it to be used in arithmetic/logical operations without `int(...)` casting * Fixes a bunch of bugs in SV template rendering
ihciah ihciah / rust2go Rust Call Golang from Rust 0.0.1 The first runnable version.
Yu-Hayate Yu-Hayate / extension-builder-helper TypeScript just a couple function to help you make an extension v0.0.1
publicimageltd publicimageltd / lister Emacs Lisp Yet another list printer for emacs. 0.9.5
chocola-mint chocola-mint / VisualScriptingKai C# Quality-of-life extensions to Unity Visual Scripting. v0.2.1 # What's new - VisualScriptingPlus has been renamed to VisualScriptingKai due to name overlap with an existing Asset Store asset. **This is a breaking change, and previously-generated nodes wo
JamesCordova JamesCordova / ChatAssistant Python A chat that tries to to assist you v1.0 This first release has the chat funcionality and more..
Teagan42 ajanis / ansible-docker Jinja Ansible role for installing and deploying docker and docker-compose projects. v8.5 **Full Changelog**:
OGD311 OGD311 / ObjDetect Python Simple Object Detection V1.8 New Features/Changes Speed and direction of object calculated (not 100% accurate - do not use for actual moving vehicles) Coming Soon: Better calculations FPS Boost on slower devices Installa
xTsuKiZox EthanCarollo / Beatwaves JavaScript Beatwaves is a single player rythm game 1.0.0 What's changed ? Final and playable version of the Beatwaves game !
AlexanderLaptev AlexanderLaptev / cg-math Java Java-библиотека для работы с векторами и матрицами размерностями четыре и меньше. v1.0.1
VelizarBG VelizarBG / buildevents Java Adds build events to track block placements and breaks within an area 1.18.2-0.3.2 - Backport to 1.18.2
github-actions[bot] nhielost / obs-midi-mg C++ Allows MIDI devices to interact with OBS Studio. 3.0.0-beta ## obs-midi-mg v3.0.0 Beta is now available. After many months, this update is finally here! Some of the most significant changes to the plugin are now available in beta. A culmination of many thin
8angy controlf / huawei_applock_brute_forcer Python Huawei App Lock Bruteforcer 0.03
AryaveerSR AryaveerSR / Hypaper Dart A Note-taking app written in flutter. v0.1
spryker-release-bot spryker-eco / akeneo-pim PHP Spryker Eco Akeneo PIM Module 2.1.0 Included commits: ### Improvements - Added a third-party library `guzzlehttp/guzzle` to dependencies supporting 6 and 7 versions. -
github-actions[bot] ansys / pymechanical-env Python Repository for loading environment variables when using PyMechanical embedding instances in Linux v0.1.0
cccs-kevin CybercentreCanada / assemblyline-service-pe Python Assemblyline 4 Portable Executable analysis service v4.4.0.stable20
ThanhDodeurOdoo odoo / sfu JavaScript Odoo's Selective Forwarding Unit v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * [ADD] SFU server * [FIX] fixes README link/example * [FIX] cleanup
FedeCasper FedeCasper / EntregaFinalRouyereFederico JavaScript This repository houses a practical e-commerce project developed in React, making use of Firebase for data management and user authentication. The application is styled with Tailwind CSS, providing a functional online shopping experience. Users can securely authenticate, and the system ensures persistent data management for a seamless interaction. v1.0.0-alpha ### Welcome to the first version of my project! This release marks the inception of my project, laying the groundwork for future development. Please note that this version is a pre-release and is
Ttibsi Ttibsi / iris C++ Vim-like terminal text editor v0.1.0
schinagl schinagl / winfile C Original Windows File Manager (winfile) with enhancements v10.2.1.0 This is the first release on schinagl/winfile which is a fork from microsoft/winfile. It contains - a few little changes over the last year from - one major cha
donjon56 donjon56 / 7D2D-extended-painting-textures no-lang 7 Days to Die - Extended Painting Textures - Requires OCBTextures Mod v0.1.0
daisukiKaffuChino daisukiKaffuChino / reOpenLua-Open-Source Lua 诸多修改版AndroLua+中的一种。 v0.7.8-3_release - No substantial improvement
k3rnel k3rnel / omnipay-easy-pay PHP EasyPay driver for the Omnipay Laravel payment processing library 1.0
ballerina-bot ballerina-platform / module-ballerinax-aws.redshift Java The AWS Redshift connector for Ballerina. v0.1.0
wenzhongyi wenzhongyi1987 / amlogic-s9xxx-armbian no-lang Support for Armbian in Amlogic, Rockchip and Allwinner boxes. Support a311d, s922x, s905x3, s905x2, s912, s905d, s905x, s905w, s905, s905l, rk3588, rk3568, rk3399, rk3328, h6, etc. Armbian_bullseye_save_2023.12
guillaumedelre FranceMediasMonde / DeepCopy PHP Create deep copies (clones) of your objects 1.2 [DeepCopy] #mezzo-4930 | avoid to copy lazyObjectState property
glide-the glide-the / RVC-Speakers Jupyter Notebook Ready Voice Controller , generate for End-to-End Text-to-Speech,with Multi-engine integration v0.0.2 项目基于python3.10开发,建议使用python3.10运行,构建环境使用poetry管理,需要安装poetry
ThomasRemmery SkylineCommunications / Skyline.DataMiner.ConnectorAPI.GenericLoggerTable C# This repository contains the messages that are used to interact with the Generic Logger Table connector using InterApp communication. 1.0.1-prerelease.2
nunocclourenco nunocclourenco / smacd-conference-web HTML SMACD Website 2023.4 SMACD 2023 LastUpdtate
f-coppola myriad-actions / aws-ecr Python Repo for AWS ECR actions v1.0.0
spignelon spignelon / InnerView Jupyter Notebook Real time facial emotion recognition using TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV and Fine-Tuned MobileNetV2 using Transfer Learning v1.0 This release includes the trained `InnerView_model.h5` and the `FER2013` dataset used for training. Citations: 1. FER-2013: 2. MobileN
tomgao365 tomgao365 / vite-plugin-electron TypeScript A simple vite plugin for electron, supports esm/cjs v1.0.0 - chore: remove build minify option d60e513 - feat: react example change CommonJS type 5780f43 - chore: update readme and api doc 4e9d1d6 - feat: use tsup to build main and preload script 8b44
github-actions[bot] Timtam / ReaHotkey AutoHotkey An AutoHotkey script for blind musicians and REAPER users 0.2.5 ## [0.2.5] - 2023-12-08 ### Added - Added support for several controls in Komplete Kontrol standalone ### Fixed - Fix crash when pressing Ctrl + N while in profile overlay of Dubler 2
geographika geographika / mappyfile-geojson Python A mappyfile plugin to convert GeoJSON to inline features v1.0.0 ## What's Changed * Bump mappyfile from 0.8.4 to 0.9.0 by @dependabot-preview in * Bump mappyfile from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 by @dependabot-prev
hlysine hlysine / create_connected Java A Create mod add-on adding quality-of-life blocks that you wish existed in Create. 0.0.1-mc1.20.1 Check out the detailed changelog at
orhun orhun / dotter Rust A dotfile manager and templater written in rust 🦀 v0.13.0-test
Wolfsin Wolfsin / aws-s3-archiver TypeScript Based on AWS SDK v3 and archiver, use stream to archive files in the AWS S3 storage bucket and generate a zip file to store it back in S3. v1.0.2 ### Add debugFlag to enable/disable aws sdk list/get command logging.
Asphaltt Asphaltt / sockdump C Dump unix domain socket traffic with Go+bpf v0.1.0 This is the first version with Go+ebpf. The `sockdump` of this version support the basic functions of Python+bcc version, including `--format pcap --output sockdump.pcap`.
github-actions[bot] liuyenhui / vagent TypeScript Open AI Agent v0.0.6
gadfort siliconcompiler / lambdapdk SourcePawn Library of open source Process Design Kits (PDKs) v0.1.0 Initial release of lambdapdk.
github-actions[bot] maas / gomaasclient Go Go MAAS client v0.1.0 ## Changelog ### Initial release This is the first release of `gomaasclient`
polashmahmud polashmahmud / taggy PHP Taggy is a Laravel package that provides tagging functionality for your Eloquent models. Easily add and manage tags for your models with this simple and flexible package. v0.0.3
quentinblampey quentinblampey / spatialdata_xenium_explorer Python Converting any SpatialData object into files that can be open by the Xenium Explorer v0.1.3 - new CLI - documentation - support both spatial images and multi-scale spatial images - better memory management during conversion - support image alignment with the explorer - conversion betwee
shahzadamodassir extensionpro / color-picker JavaScript Advance Eyedropper hexa color picker chrome extension to select easily web colors and more. 1.0.0
uxmansarwar uxmansarwar / learn-all-html-tags no-lang beginner classes v1.0.0 this is testing from branch: v1.0-testing-branch
jrpotter boardwise-gg / website Elixir The BoardWise frontend/backend. v0.1.0
na2na-p na2na-p / jetdisc TypeScript A bot for Discord 3.0.2 ## What's Changed * Topic/commands by @na2na-p in * テスト追加 by @na2na-p in * プロジェクト�
feugy vercel / speed-insights TypeScript Vercel Speed Insights package 1.0.1 ## What's Changed * Improve Next.js example by @tobiaslins in * fix(#27): sveltekit route is not always defined by @feugy in
kathool kathool / SHELDONBOT JavaScript Free Edgenuity auto answer with edgentweaks included 0.1-PR
al1-ce al1-ce / sily-web D Personal library for parsing web related things v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] VilnaCRM-Org / frontend-ssr-template JavaScript Template for modern SSR applications 0.1.0 - 938e529 build(#8): Bump graphql from 16.6.0 to 16.8.1 - 8998711 13 fixes for ssr template (#14) - c50c816 feat(#6): add auto releases (#7) - c6e22f1 build(deps-dev): Bump semver from 5.7.1 to 5.7.2
jukent ProjectPythia / unstructured-grid-viz-cookbook Jupyter Notebook Cookbook showcasing workflows & techniques for visualizing unstructured grids using the UXarray python package v2023.12 First Zenodo release
svitale75 svitale75 / OC-EFI-H270N-macOS no-lang An OpenCore (0.6.9) EFI that enables a Gigabyte H270N-WIFI based PC to run macOC (multiple versions) EFI1.3 Added support for macOS Sonoma
csukuangfj k2-fsa / sherpa-onnx-go-macos C sherpa-onnx Go package for macOS v1.9.1
AryaveerSR AryaveerSR / Calculator Dart A calculator app using Flutter v0.1 Android build
ryangjchandler ryangjchandler / filament-minimal-tabs PHP A clean and minimal design for the Tabs component in Filament. v1.0.0 * Initial release.
MrMarHVD MrMarHVD / idatt1003-eksamen Java Mappevurdering v1.0.0 This is version 1.0.0 of the TrainDispatchApp. All required functionality is now in order along with documentation and sufficient tests.
dependencytrack-bot DependencyTrack / frontend Vue Frontend UI for Dependency-Track 4.10.0 ### Dependency Track Frontend For official releases, refer to [Dependency Track Docs >> Changelogs]( for information about improvements and upgrade n
github-actions[bot] xwang2713 / HPCC-Platform C++ IMPORTANT - Issue tracking has been migrated to JIRA - use your github ID and password reset mechanism to log in community_ide-ga-9.4.2-3
gmifflen gmifflen / Rust-Planet-Simulation Rust a planetary simulation written in Rust, creating a visualization of planets orbiting the Sun. v1.0.0 ## What's New in v1.0.0 - Initial public release of the Rust-based Planetary Simulation. - Real-time simulation of planetary orbits using accurate gravitational physics. - Interactive visual
nlulic nlulic / slate-table TypeScript A set of utilities for flexible and straightforward table editing in your Slate editor. v0.1.0 Initial release.
robinElli telemarkfylke / azf-acos-interact JavaScript Azure functions for handling Acos files 1.0.0 Initial release
fajrullah fajrullah / food-list TypeScript Welcome to our Front-End Food Repository, your go-to source for a visually pleasing and user-friendly display of delectable food. v1.0.0(08-12-2023) - fetch the food results from the provided API and format - display a page of results - view foods by different categories - search foods by name
Evtihevich Evtihevich / how-to-use-pvs-studio-free no-lang How to use PVS-Studio for Free? 7.28.11111 **Full Changelog**:
guanzhenxing guanzhenxing / go-ether-kit Go Development Kit for EVM Networks v0.0.4
kitnato kitnato / locran TypeScript Location, creature, artifact & monster name string generation for an irreverent fantasy setting. v0.4.0 **Full Changelog**:
beibeikun beibeikun / ImageWarehouseManagementTool Java IWMT是一个跨平台图片仓库管理工具 v1.0 _RequiresJava 开箱即用,需要java环境 _SETUP 无需java环境,需要安装
mateustalles sardine-ai / repository-dispatch no-lang A GitHub action to create a repository dispatch event v2.1.2
noqcks xeol-io / xeol-action JavaScript End-of-life (EOL) container analysis and scanning provided as a GitHub Action using v1.0.11 ## What's Changed * add test for api-key usage by @noqcks in **Full Changelog**:
shine2008 netease-kit / qchat-uikit-ios Swift 云信 QChat UIKit 是基于 NIM QChat SDK(网易云信 QChat SDK)开发的一款圈组 UI 组件库。通过 QChat UIKit,可快速集成包含 UI 界面的圈组应用。 v9.5.3
github-actions[bot] kui / knavi TypeScript a chrome extension which Hit-a-Hint with magic key. 3.0.0 # Version 3.0.0 - **TypeScript** - Update dependencies. - Tests do not use babel anymore.
f-bn f-bn / ansible-role-registry Jinja Ansible role to deploy and configure the Docker Distribution registry 1.1.0 #### Changed * Update dependencies for GitHub Actions tests
f-bn f-bn / ansible-role-k0s Jinja Ansible role to deploy and configure k0s to deploy Kubernetes clusters 1.1.0 #### Changed * Bump default k0s version to `1.28.4` * Update dependencies for GitHub Actions tests #### Removed * molecule: remove 'all' group vars file
itlaohuo itlaohuo / termux-app Java Termux - a terminal emulator application for Android OS extendible by variety of packages. v0.118.1
arnaud BouyguesTelecom / spin TypeScript Common platform for developing, delivering and hosting frontends 1.0.0-rc1 ## What's Changed * 🛠️ Fix download templates and add Github Actions for the publishing by @sara-picoud in ## New Contributors * @sara-pi
LeMatosDeFuk Bored-Programmers / nightwind JavaScript An automatic, customisable, overridable Tailwind dark mode plugin v1.0.0
githbnn githbnn / git-project-1 no-lang Testing and learning all git commands using only git/command line tools v1.0.0 Initial Empty release : v1.0.0
amiga68k amiga68k / electuno C Vintage music organ simulator via MIDI v0.1.1 # Electuno 0.1.1 First public version for test and play of my universal lo-fi Hammond organ simulator library. At the moment only have examples for ESP8266 and ATMEL328 (Arduino NANO & UNO) G
SuperIntHuman SuperIntHuman / homepage HTML My first personal website. Basically this is just a résumé. v1.0.0
MagnunAVFAzion aziontech / vulcan-pipeline-test JavaScript Tool to launch and build JavaScript/Frameworks. This tool automates polyfills for Edge Computing and assists in creating Workers, notably for the Azion platform. v2.2.0-stage.1 ## [2.2.0-stage.1]( (2023-12-08) ### Features * new feat 1 ([e6747c8](
DougReynolds DougReynolds / AF_Diffraction_Spikes Python This script adds diffraction spikes to stars in astrophotography images. v0.1.0-beta ### AstroAF Diffraction Spikes - v0.1.0-beta This is the first beta release of AstroAF Diffraction Spikes Since the initial push, this release includes numerous UI improvements, improvements to st
lynnew7 lynnew7 / Hackintosh-OC-MSI-B450M-3600 no-lang MSI B450M MORTAR MAX 3600 5700XT Intel AX200 v1.0.0
m-mohr stac-api-extensions / collection-transaction no-lang The Collection Transaction Extension supports the creation, editing, and deleting of Collections through POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests. v1.0.0-beta.1 First release
Eyeke2 Eyeke2 / phd2.planetary C++ PHD2 Guiding with option for planetary and solar eclipse tracking v2.6.12-planetary.3 A development version v2.6.12-planetary.3
github-actions[bot] mullholland / ansible-role-repository_caddy Jinja Ansible role to add the caddy repository. v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2023-12-08) #### 🎁 Feature * initial commit (e711a659)
yang6world yang6world / ToolBox Shell 方便一键部署一些Linux服务以及一键开启https 1.2.1
sagar-viradiya sagar-viradiya / auto-benchmark Kotlin A Gradle plugin to automate macro-benchmark on baseline profile. v1.0.0-alpha02 ## What's Changed * Remove the Firebase project ID from the plugin config and add the service account JSON file path. * Add CI setup to demonstrate profile verification on CI * Upgrade macro-b
Karibura-Cyber Karibura-Cyber / NHNano-lib C++ This library is use for NHNano Board 0.0.2A ### New function!! - Motor control - sleep - SharpIR library
anoredis anoredis / HTML Just a test repo with web access v1.0.0 **Full Changelog**:
janstaelensskyline SkylineCommunications / Skyline.DataMiner.CICD.Tools.CatalogUpload C# Allows uploading artifacts to the DataMiner Catalog ( 1.0.1-Beta1 Initial pre-release of the .NET Tool to Upload packages to the Catalog.
github-actions[bot] killercc / Android-Builder no-lang Automaticcaly build android kernel by github actions. v20231208.2 **Full Changelog**:
mansurs hitmeister / rapido-cache PHP Yet another PHP caching library v1.1.0 ## What's Changed * Add return types to Cache methods & update PHP version requirement by @mansurs in ## New Contributors * @mansurs mad
miguelgrc cern-sis / react-formule JavaScript User-friendly, extensible form builder for React based on JSON Schema and RJSF 0.1.0 Initial test release
github-actions[bot] jcoder58 / v8-monolith-builds no-lang Precompiled monolithic static libraries for V8 v12.0.267
killertux killertux / temoc Rust Acceptance testing using Markdown 0.1.0 The very first release of Temoc. Expect braking changes in the next versions.
H2Sxxa CCZU-OSSA / CCZU-iCal-rs Rust 快速生成常州大学 .ics 文件,将课程导入日历 v0.1.0 **Full Changelog**:
leimbernon ARTIEROCKS / artie-pedagogical-intervention-webservice Java ARTIE Pedagogical Intervention Web Service 0.17.0-RELEASE ## What's Changed * Leimbernon patch 1 by @leimbernon in * Bump com.rabbitmq:amqp-client from 5.17.0 to 5.18.0 by
hymhub hymhub / next-axios-network TypeScript A Network panel to monitor server-side requests for next.js + axios projects during development. v1.1.0 init
github-actions[bot] Minosuko / container-0wgn4qy Shell Created using v0.0.1 :tada: This release contains work from a new contributor! :tada: Thank you, Minosuko ([@Minosuko](, for all your work! #### ⚠️ Pushed to `main` - Added deploy.yml f
shidaxi shidaxi / go-ethereum-hdwallet Go Ethereum HD Wallet derivations in Go (golang) v0.1.0
me885 me885 / linq-for-go Go Helper functions for working with golang slices and maps v0.2.0
Dafnik DatepollSystems / pdf-builder Kotlin PDF builder written in Kotlin with a statically typed DSL v0.0.1 refactor: rename group name-space to org.datepollsystems feat: allow supplying custom font
savkusamdetka23 savkusamdetka23 / kbot Go devops application from scratch 1.1.2 Tagging version 1.1.2
efasel springernature / cf-buildpack-update-action Kotlin A GitHub Action to allow you to scan projects for out-of-date Cloud Foundry buildpacks. v1.0.10 ## What's Changed Updated dependencies: * Update Gradle Wrapper from 8.2 to 8.4 by @github-actions in * Bump actions/ch
svivian svivian / jquery-filtable JavaScript A simple vanilla JavaScript plugin to filter an HTML table v1.0 Stable version of the jQuery version of Filtable.
achunbai achunbai / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt no-lang Support for OpenWrt in Amlogic, Rockchip and Allwinner boxes. Support a311d, s922x, s905x3, s905x2, s912, s905d, s905x, s905w, s905, s905l, rk3588, rk3568, rk3399, rk3328, h6, etc. OpenWrt_lede_save_2023.12

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