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alimpfard alimpfard / citron C General purpose programming language (mainly for unix-like systems) continuous Travis CI build log:
d1vanov d1vanov / QEverCloud C++ Unofficial Evernote Cloud API for Qt 4 and/or Qt 5. continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
github-actions[bot] polserver / polserver C++ PenUltima Online (POL) is a MMO server, compatible with most Ultima Online clients. POL is customizable via configuration files and has its own scripting language (eScript). NightlyRelease
robert7 robert7 / nixnote2 C++ Nixnote - Evernote desktop client for Linux continuous Newest [stable build - tip of the branch master]( - [Release notes](
rory-linehan rory-linehan / pypvpnctl Python ProtonVPN interface for Python 0.1.0
dtuskenis dtuskenis / papajohnscodes-android Kotlin Simple app that uses public (yet!) api to obtain promo codes for Papa John's pizzeria. v1.0
TrueDevProfile TrueDevProfile / kinopoisk-api Kotlin :cinema: Java/kotlin library for simply accessing to the kinopoisk(кинопоиск) api. 0.1.5
rioil rioil / covid19 Vue 兵庫県非公式 新型コロナウイルスまとめサイト test
github-actions[bot] atmnk / hwrust Rust Sample Hello World with github actions v0.0.2
argon-theme-release-push solstice23 / cdn Python 自用 20200404075802
melanth-web melanth-web / container PHP A dependency injection container manages objects. 1.0.0
tkashkin tkashkin / GameHub Vala All your games in one place 0.15.0-47-dev CI build
yansaan yansaan / MineClicker Visual Basic .NET Autoclicker For Minecraft v1.3a ✔(ADD) Milisecond ✔(Fix) Small poblem in Mineclicker
phuhuynh2411 phuhuynh2411 / SwiftUI-PullToRefresh Swift Pull to refresh in SwiftUI for List, NavigationView 1.0.4
mekramy mekramy / support PHP Support libraries and functions for laravel v1.0.1
vinoya21 upcs / cs341-project-ss2020-rust JavaScript cs341-project-ss2020-rust created by GitHub Classroom v1.0
lessthantrue lessthantrue / nes-centipede Assembly A port of the arcade game "Centipede" to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) v0.9.1 Fleas now only attack at level 2 and beyond
joshuatz joshuatz / linkedin-to-jsonresume JavaScript Browser extension to turn a LinkedIn profile page into a JSON Resume export. v0.0.8 - Fix issue #10 (improving contact information extraction) - Add version string display to popup Chrome webstore push initiated. Zip attached for sideloading.
alekseykuleshov alekseykuleshov / viva-php PHP Viva Wallet Native Checkout REST API PHP SDK 0.2.0
JedStephens JedStephens / ExpertChoice R An R package to support designing efficient Discrete Choice Experiments. Experimental designs can be formed on the basis of orthogonal arrays or search methods for optimal designs (Federov or MIP programs). Various methods for converting these experimental designs into a discrete choice experiment. Many efficiency measures! v0.2 # CRAN Release The `ExpertChoice` package is now available on CRAN.
puzza007 puzza007 / katipo Erlang HTTP2 client for Erlang based on libcurl and libevent 0.8.1 It's faster. Thanks, @patatoid!
IvanSolomakhin IvanSolomakhin / magnetizer TypeScript Library for parsing and encoding magnet links. v1.0.2
axhe axhe / keycloak-docker-pathprefix Shell Keycloak docker image that allows deploying it under a custom path prefix 9.0.2
ShogunPanda cowtech / webpack-config JavaScript CowTech WebPack configuration without any CSS handling. v1.23.1 - feat: Improve SSL detection. ([9257465](
cwtickle cwtickle / danoniplus JavaScript Dancing☆Onigiri (CW Edition) - Web-based Rhythm Game v13.2.0 ### [v13.1.1](../../releases/tag/v13.1.1) [-> v13.2.0](../../compare/v13.1.1...v13.2.0) ( [vs. latest v13](../../compare/v13.2.0...master) ) ## ⭐️ New Features - Appearance設定に「Hidden+
hikerell hikerell / wsproxy Python A Secure High-Performace Proxy Based on Websocket 0.1 There is a prototype test version on websocket channel
Naturalclar react-native-community / clipboard Java React Native Clipboard API for both iOS and Android. v1.2.1 - chore: update lint config (#41) - docs: fix typo in README (#42) - chore: remove unused package and add babel/core (#43) - chore: fix peer dependencies (#46)
prajaymas prajaymas / terraform-google-k8s HCL Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform v1.5
zishone zishone / gojsend Go A JSend Builder and Response Writer for Go. v0.1.1 - Fixed Documentations
chenshuai2144 chenshuai2144 / linguist TypeScript A tool to count the code in the repo v1.0.1 - ✅ tests: update snapshot e830614 - ✅ tests: update snapshot d068727 - ✅ tests: fix test e4dfd8f - 🏗 scrtipt: add lint 85d4e3e - 🏗 scrtipt: add publish script 8430e53 - ✅ test
tibbi SimpleMobileTools / Simple-Thank-You Kotlin A warm Thank You for supporting our modern & easy Simple Mobile Tools apps! 5.1.0 Updating the app icon and some translations
zhaopanlong zhaopanlong / plateNum Java 选择车牌号组件 1.1 新增 清空车牌 新增 设置默认车牌
bonedaddy RTradeLtd / Temporal Go ☄️ Temporal is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade interface into distributed and decentralized storage v2.7.0-rc1
tomxukui tomxukui / NavigationBar Java NavigationBar 1.0.1
masudhossain masudhossain / queue-desktop no-lang Desktop application for Queue v1.4.2 -Minor bug fixes
ralphdev ralphdev / angularjs HTML Course AngularJs v1.1.0 - var app - var $scope - ng-hide - ng-show - animate.css
github-actions[bot] tomatenquark / code C The code that powers Tomatenquark v0.1.1
Cartman34 Sowapps / orpheus-entitydescriptor PHP Entity Descriptor Library for Orpheus, use ORM now ! v1.5.1
atomicptr atomicptr / crab Go 🦀 A versatile tool to crawl dozens of URLs from a given source, like a sitemap or an URL list. v1.1.3 ## Changelog edef46d add a few more tests to request modifiers and status rules 309e212 add rpm/deb builds, update readme ## Docker images - `docker pull atomicptr/crab:latest` - `docker pull a
tootal tootal / DBLParse C++ 科学文献管理系统 v2.4 优化界面显示
sindresorhus sindresorhus / is-online JavaScript Check if the internet connection is up v8.2.2 - Fix UV pool overflow and cancel outstanding HTTP requests on DNS success (#69) 0349077
davidngjy garethbaumgart / YnabApi C# A Client library to access YNAB's rest api 0.1.0
thomasreiser openhoi / ogre-package Batchfile Repository containing scripts and helpers to create binary OGRE packages. This repository also contains the corresponding ImGui version required in combination with the used OGRE version. msvc_1.12.5_31948109 Automatically built Windows release of 1.12.5
mkontani mkontani / haribote-config-server JavaScript Simple configurable multi process web server v2.0.1
github-actions[bot] average34 / for_test no-lang テスト用。 v1.21 for_testの本体です。 下の「Assets」タブを開き、「」をダウンロードしてください。 更新箇所 v1.21
josegonzalez josegonzalez / go-xunit-reader Makefile A tool for reading xunit xml output files v0.1.0
prajaymas prajaymas / terraform-aws-k8s HCL Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes cluster on Amazon Web Services EKS v1.5
FelixRilling FelixRilling / yugioh-deck-tool TypeScript 🎮 A tool to view deck prices, share and edit decks, create random decks and much more. v4.15.0-0 - Use Ygoprodeck API for card data (#51). - Randomizer improvements. - Added "Highlander" randomization option (#53). - Limit the amount of cards from each archetype when using archet
thquinn thquinn / MultiGo C# An online multiplayer Go/Baduk variant 0.01 Initial build for gameplay testing.
soatok soatok / dholecrypto-js JavaScript JavaScript implementation of dhole-cryptography v0.7.1 Updated sodium-plus to the latest version.
HCLonely HCLonely / auto-task JavaScript 自动完成赠key站任务 | Automatically complete giveaway tasks 2.2.7 增加Steam商店、社区登录检测
drrouen drrouen / NouBan Python 检测文本中是否含有豆瓣敏感词。 v0.22 Update icon. Minor bugs fixed. [NouBan -](
xjbeta xjbeta / iina-plus Swift Extra danmaku support for iina. (iina 弹幕支持 0.4.14(20040415) - Update CommentCoreLibrary - Fix Bilibili bugs - Restore Bilibili old video support - Delete Acfun support
hatlesshacker hatlesshacker / gitsie JavaScript The GitHub Package Manager 💫📦 🌟 1.1
kuboosoft UnitedRPMs / unitedrpms-appstream-data no-lang Appstream metadata for the UnitedRPMs project repository (automatic) 2020.04.04 Not a movie, contrary to popular opinion. The magic is here!
zkqiang fluid-dev / hexo-memorial-day JavaScript Grey your hexo site on the memorial day / 哀悼日专用 Hexo 插件,开启后全站灰色 0.2.0 Support for IE
JackPotte JackPotte / JackBot Python This bot is launched from Wikitech every day v2.0.3 Python 3.6 + unit tests + PEP 8 (snake_case...)
sushantdhiman sequelize / sequelize JavaScript An easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js v5.21.6 ## [5.21.6]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * **connection-manager:** add switch for dynamic import ([#12014](
Qobiljon Qobiljon / EasyTrack-Library Java EasyTrack Library for easier integration of Third-Party Applications with the platform 0.0.2
IngoZenz IngoZenz / personaldnsfilter Java See for details - Improve: IP packet handling - Fix: Performance issue when loading local filter file - Fix: Autostart issue on some Android 9 devices - Improve: Added dnsfilter.conf setting "vpnInAdditionToP
pawelByszewski ProteGO-app / android Kotlin Aplikacja Android 0.0.3
github-actions[bot] h4de5 / godot-wusely GDScript A godot game simulation about swarming dots v0.0.3
inc2734 inc2734 / snow-monkey-blocks JavaScript A add-on of WordPress theme Snow Monkey 8.0.2
Matze1985 Matze1985 / GlucoTT AutoIt A simple discrete glucose traytip/tooltip for Nightscout under Windows, scripted with AutoIt * Add: Added API SECRET option * Change: Removed MsgBox of UpdateCheck
petersenna petersenna / 30mmTtoOlympic OpenSCAD 30mm threaded to Olympic Barbell (2 inch / 50mm) adapter v1.0
GoldenF0x GoldenF0x / live2d JavaScript live2d 7.0.1
github-actions[bot] epaew / ecg Ruby ERB(eRuby) based, simple and powerful configration file generator for general purpose. v0.3.2
vivan1790 vivan1790 / HtmlParserLibrary Java HtmlParserLibrary allows you to load your html content in customisable ViewGroup. The various tags can be handled with android style resources and added as separate views inside the customised HTMLParserView. 1.2.2 Bold tag elements were not visible
webdevAlina1107 webdevAlina1107 / ImageAnalysis Python Python utility to analyse images data 0.2.3
benas761 benas761 / obj2 C++ Antroji objektinio programavimo užduotis v1.0
kadoshita kadoshita / live-share-editor JavaScript ソースコードをリアルタイムで共有できるオンラインエディタ v2.4.1 Dockerfileを追加しました。
pnwparksfan pnwparksfan / rph-live-lights C# Live carcols/sirensetting editing for GTA V using RagePluginHook v0.2-beta This release adds a dependency check for RPH 78+ to ensure compatibility with all features, and adds a version check for future updates.
embnode embnode / ENConfigurator JavaScript Embedded node configurator initTag It is the zero release. ### Features * Load nodes * Create nodes tree * Getting and setting values from nodes
M66B M66B / FairEmail Java Fully featured, open source, privacy friendly email app for Android 1.1075 * Added reminder PGP key available for recipients * Updated AndroidX * Updated build tools * Small improvements and minor bug fixes * All changes:
webcpp webcpp / mongols C C++ high performance networking with TCP/RESP/HTTP/WebSocket protocols release- update
nikuyo eteona / event-dispatcher PHP PSR-14 event dispatcher implementation v1.0.0 See [changelog]( for changes.
calvinckho calvinckho / restvo-desktop no-lang Restvo Desktop App for Mac and Windows v1.7.6
vk26 vk26 / action-fasterer Dockerfile Github Action to run fasterer with reviewdog 🐶 v1
nurtugan nurtugan / WebApplication C# .NET Core Web Application v2.0 ASP.NET Core MVC Routing
minblock minblock / tuttycoin C++ Because turds float v0.18.1
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk14-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK14 variants and platforms jdk14u-2020-04-04-07-25 Nightly Build of jdk14u-2020-04-04-07-25
BoomManPro BoomManPro / web-folder-upload Java 一个供nb产品经理上传Axure的小工具 v1.0 基础功能
darthvader666uk darthvader666uk / futwebapp-tampermonkey JavaScript TamperMonkey scripts to enhance the FUT 20 Web App 1.6.5 ## Release 1.6.5 Since the Fork, I have made the following changes: * Added 5% EA Tax to all FUTBIN prices so that it shows at least a profit is to be made * Made the colours more colourblind F
jakolehm kontena / kubelet-rubber-stamp Go Simple CSR approver for Kubernetes v0.3.0 - Move to kube-system namespace (#18) - Migrate to Go Modules (#19) - Move logging to klog (#21) - Fix CSR approval on kubernetes-1.18.0 version (#26)
Alex009 icerockdev / moko-resources Kotlin Resources access for mobile (android & ios) Kotlin Multiplatform development release/0.9.1 - fix duplication bug #54 - fix invalid android resource names bug #46
iyear iyear / E5SubBot Go A Simple Telebot for E5 Renewal v0.1.5 ## Changelog 077b753 增加日志输出 a739ee4 bindmax,notice配置项改为热更新 增加用户反馈 修复数据库配置读取错误 去除/notice命令合并至/help 9563bfb 修复任务反
MasonProtter MasonProtter / Gaius.jl Julia Divide and Conquer Linear Algebra v0.2.0 Added BLAS2 support
suufi suufi / noblox.js JavaScript A Node.js wrapper for ROBLOX. (original from sentanos) v4.5.3 - Implement getOwnership - Updated typings
ishanbhagwate ishanbhagwate / covid19_tracker Dart An app which will track all the COVID-19 updates amid the pandemic we all are suffering from. v1.1.0 Reduced the number of network calls. And made some UI optimizations.
prayzzz prayzzz / teamspeak3-metrics C# Exposes metrics from your Teamspeak 3 Server 0.3.0
TadaoYamaoka TadaoYamaoka / cshogi C++ 高速なPythonの将棋ライブラリ v0.0.4
awesomebytes awesomebytes / ros_overlay_on_gentoo_prefix_32b Dockerfile ros-overlay built on Gentoo Prefix ready to use (32b) release/2020-04-04T07at21plus00at00 Use ROS Melodic on Gentoo Prefix with: cat gentoo_on_tmp_with_ros-melodic_desktop-x86_2020-04-04T07at21plus00at00.tar.lzma.part-* > gentoo_on_tmp_with_ros-melodic_desktop-x86_2020-04-04T07at21plus0
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk15-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK15 variants and platforms jdk-2020-04-04-07-06 Nightly Build of jdk-2020-04-04-07-06
Puzovoz Puzovoz / Bootshuze Python OBJ to XML converter for Spiral Knights v1.0.1 Nothing particularly interesting, but 1.0.0 didn't work so I had to fix it :)
SusanDoggie SusanDoggie / SwiftJS Swift A cross platform Javascript engine for Swift 0.0.1
lehcimcramtrebor lehcimcramtrebor / es-theme-forever no-lang Simple ES theme. Batocera and Retrobat alpha This is a functionnal version but not finish.
congcoi123 congcoi123 / tenio Java TenIO is a java NIO (Non-blocking I/O) based server specifically designed for multiplayer games. tenio-0.0.1
Chek97 Chek97 / clima_app_node JavaScript Aplicacion para saber el clima apartir de las coordenadas v1.0.0
SmileZXLee SmileZXLee / ZXNavigationBar Objective-C 灵活轻量的自定义导航栏,轻松实现【导航栏渐变、折叠、修改Item大小和边距】等各种效果 1.0.8
lbarasti lbarasti / statistics Crystal A Crystal shard to perform descriptive statistics and sampling on popular distributions v0.2.0 Parametrize `Distribution` in the return type of `Distribution#rand`. This improves type resolution when mixing different distributions, for example in the expression ``` x = rand < 0.5 ? Norm
KatanoShingo KatanoShingo / AutoBackup C# 💾UnitySceneを自動でバックアップを定期的にするアセット v1.0
hackerhgl hackerhgl / react-native-loop-game JavaScript Clone of infinity loop game built with react native v1.1.0
github-actions[bot] sardinasystems / sensu-go-systemd-check Go Sensu Go check for Systemd 0.3.2 ## Changelog 017debf bonsai: remove unsupported platforms
marcussacana marcussacana / VNDB-Extender-2020 JavaScript An Updated version of the VNDB Extender 2.8 - Fixes the Query-Mode cover url parser - Make all vn columns optionally
JeaSungLEE JeaSungLEE / ImageViewer.swift Swift An easy to use Image Viewer that is inspired by Facebook 3.1
Brovning Brovning / fronius PHP IP-Symcon (IPS) Modul für Fronius Wechselrichter mit TCP ModBus (bspw. Symo). v0.4 - Behobene Fehler: #9 - Variable für hostSwapWords für ModBusGateway hinzugefügt - KR_READY check des KernelRunLevel hinzugefügt
noahgeren noahgeren / FriendsAgainstHumanity Java A local network web clone of Cards Against Humanity made using Spring Boot, Vue, and WebSockets. v0.0.1-alpha The basics of the game should be working at this point, but there is still more that could be done with the design and functionality.
Seb33300 stwe / DatatablesBundle PHP This Bundle integrates the jQuery DataTables plugin into your Symfony application. v1.2.1 - Fixed LinkColumn - Fixed double header
djmgit djmgit / Paraglider Go Golang based tool to convert any Linux host into a TCP load balancer using iptables v0.1.1 Initial release
grindsa grindsa / dkb-robo Python library to access the internet banking area of "Deutsche Kreditbank" to get account information and transactions 10 - Ability do download documents from DKB Postbox - Tan2go support
namreeb namreeb / dumpwow C++ Unpacker for World of Warcraft 0.1 Will import into IDA with some warnings. Not 100% accurate yet.
uakihir0 uakihir0 / misskey4j Java misskey client written in java. 0.1.9
adoptopenjdk-github-bot AdoptOpenJDK / openjdk11-binaries no-lang The new home for releases and nightlies for all OpenJDK11 variants and platforms jdk11u-2020-04-04-07-04 Nightly Build of jdk11u-2020-04-04-07-04
TheWanderingCoel TheWanderingCoel / Trojan-Qt5 C A cross-platform trojan GUI client based on Shadowsocks-qt. **See you guys soon...** v0.0.7 This version contain these following changes: - [New Feature] Auto update subscribe - [New Feature] Double click to restore window - [New Feature] Double click to connect - [New Feature] Switch no
shuu9025 shuu9025 / SimpleJsonTranslate C# Jsonで翻訳を管理してる人向けのほんのちょっとした翻訳補助アプリ コードゴミだけど気にしてはいけない 2020-04-04 めっちゃ長いJSON入れたときに文字数制限でエラーがうんたらかんたらを修正
awesomebytes awesomebytes / ros_overlay_on_gentoo_prefix Dockerfile ros-overlay built on Gentoo Prefix ready to use release/2020-04-04T07at05plus00at00 Use ROS Melodic on Gentoo Prefix with: cat gentoo_on_tmp_with_ros-melodic_desktop-amd64_2020-04-04T07at05plus00at00.tar.lzma.part-* > gentoo_on_tmp_with_ros-melodic_desktop-amd64_2020-04-04T07at05p
spbrogan tianocore / edk2-pytool-library Python Python library package that supports UEFI development v0.10.9 # Version 0.10.9 * Conditional parsing improvements for edk2 files
jamestjw jamestjw / ytdl no-lang YouTube download library and CLI written in Go v0.6.2.2
z80maniac alkatrazstudio / qt5-build Shell Build scripts for Qt5 + Qbs + some libs v5.13.2-33
cavoirom saigonwithlove / ivy-devtool Java Ivy Developer's Toolkit v0.2.2 ## [v0.2.2] - 2020-04-04 ### Added - to keep track changes. - Create new PMV to deploy not existed PMV. - Added response to EngineApi params. ### Changed - Deploy logic/workflow w
jkowalski kopia / kopia-ui-release no-lang Pre-releases for Kopia UI 20200403.0.235640
zkedem zkedem / wsl-tcl-setup no-lang A script that allows Tiny Core Linux to run on WSL 2. v1.0.0 First release ever.
TakosThings TakosThings / Metro-for-Discord CSS The Metro theme for Discord v3.14.0 * **Clean up** (7) * Renamed `/src/components/loadscreen/` to `/src/components/loadscreens/` * Moved `/src/components/core/_status_circle.scss` to `/src/components/misc/_status_circle.scss` *
paragonie-security paragonie / sodium-plus JavaScript Developer-friendly libsodium interface v0.7.1 * Expanded unit test coverage * Removed `console.log()` debug code from an error condition
disbelief Mote-OU / capacitor-native-log Java Alternative to Capacitor's Console plugin for logging to the native device log console v1.0.0 Upgrade to capacitor 2.0.0 which contains a migration to AndroidX for the java codebase.
ColorsWind ColorsWind / SubmitManager Java 配合问卷系统高效收集作业 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
jonmak08 liferay / alloy-ui JavaScript AlloyUI is a framework built on top of YUI3 (JavaScript) that uses Bootstrap 3 (HTML/CSS) to provide a simple API for building high scalable applications 3.1.0-deprecated.76
xaoxuu xaoxuu / hexo-theme-volantis JavaScript A Wonderful Theme for Hexo 2.4.1 - 新增 `audio` 标签 [#Audio](
github-actions[bot] Neovici / cosmoz-i18next JavaScript Cosmoz translations support based on i18next. v3.1.0 # [3.1.0]( (2020-04-04) ### Features * upgrade i18next dependency ([f07b598](
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-callstack-utils Game Maker Language Callstack utility scripts 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
github-actions[bot] wolfeidau / cognito-cli Go This is the missing CLI tool for working with AWS Cognito v0.3.0 ## Changelog 420cae3 Merge pull request #3 from wolfeidau/feat_logout_command
DavidGamba DavidGamba / go-getoptions Go Go (golang) command line option parser inspired on the flexibility of Perl’s GetOpt::Long. v0.19.0 As the releases before, this release has 100% test coverage. ### Update * `opt.GetEnv` now satisfies `opt.Required`: When an environment variable that matches the variable from `opt.GetEnv` i
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-draw-utils Game Maker Language Draw utility scripts 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
domain-registry-eng google / nomulus Java Top-level domain name registry service on Google App Engine nomulus-20200404-RC00 Automated release at Sat Apr 4 03:01:06 EDT 2020.
qrac qrac / musubii CSS Simple CSS Framework for JP 7.1.0 - Form:InputにAlignモディファイアを追加 #276
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-event-system Game Maker Language Custom event system 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
BenLubar DFHack / dfhack C++ Memory hacking library for Dwarf Fortress and a set of tools that use it 0.47.04-beta1 DFHack 0.47.04-beta1 ==================== New Scripts ----------- - `color-schemes`: manages color schemes - `devel/print-event`: prints the description of an event by ID or index - `gui/color-scheme
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-hex Game Maker Language Hexadecimals 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-input Game Maker Language Input library 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-iter Game Maker Language Custom foreach iterator 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-list-utils Game Maker Language List utility scripts 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-map-utils Game Maker Language Map utility scripts 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
django-wong django-wong / launchbar-youdao-translate JavaScript A LaunchBar action to use Youdao translate v0.0.1
dadyarri dadyarri / audio-splitter Python Simple audio splitter written in tkinter 0.0.5 - **[FIX]:** Some bugs fixed.
vadimdemedes vadimdemedes / draqula JavaScript 🧛 GraphQL client for minimalistic React apps v0.5.4 ## Highlights - Fix race condition when fetching more items after page is focused 0e3ec3b - Add React Native + TypeScript recipe 5b691e3
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-real-utils Game Maker Language Real numbers utility scripts 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
github-actions[bot] ScaleLeap / jest-polly TypeScript Integrate Jest with PollyJS for a smooth HTTP recording and playback experience for your integration tests. v1.3.1 ## [1.3.1]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * guards content.mimeType.includes ([ff86fcd](
Simon-Tesla Simon-Tesla / RaccoonyWebEx TypeScript A WebExtension that adds shiny features to art sites 1.2.3 - Experimental open all in tabs now restricts delayed tab opening to the same window that opened them. - Added current time and date placeholders for the download filename format - Fixed auto-downlo
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-serialize Game Maker Language Object serialization library 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-string-utils Game Maker Language String utility scripts 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-surface-utils Game Maker Language Surface utility scripts and shaders 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
zrrrzzt Alheimsins / b5-johnson-120-ipip-neo-pi-r JavaScript Big Five Johnson 120 IPIP-NEO-PI-R questions 5.0.0 ### Major Changes - Updates engines: 1d2327f82347b9e43cd92a858a6ebcd43858416a ### Patches - Updates package-lock: 880a68abef916e22884df5dd2e0ef104669155a7
shankari e-mission / e-mission-transition-notify Java Generate local notifications for various transitions of the finite state machine v1.2.3
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-tween Game Maker Language Tweening library 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
github-actions[bot] unional / typescript-guidebook TypeScript The TypeScript Guidebook v0.4.1 ## [0.4.1]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * minor cleanup for type declaration section ([718f6ba](
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-class Game Maker Language Custom class system 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
Malm Malm / insomnia-plugin-save-access-token JavaScript Get a token from a login response and save it a template variable 1.0.3 Select an access token based on dotted path. Thanks to Ixten 🙌
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-depth-sort-component Game Maker Language Depth sort component 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kujirahand kujirahand / nadesiko3win32 JavaScript 日本語プログラミング言語「なでしこv3」のWindowsバイナリ配布用 3.0.72
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-ds-index Game Maker Language Index data structure 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-macro Game Maker Language Handy macros 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
AR-Ghodrati firoozehcorporation / GameService-UnityNative-SDK C# Firoozeh GameService Unity Native SDK 2.1.1 ### Added - Added Ignore Default Value To FaaS ### Fixed - Fixed SDK
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-math-misc Game Maker Language Miscellaneous math functions 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
Sylvain303 Sylvain303 / docopts Go Shell interpreter for docopt, the command-line interface description language. v0.6.3-rc2 This is a transitional release. It supports all the previous command line API plus some extra options. Fully compatible with previous 0.6.2 python code for Bash. See:
github-actions[bot] joshuaavalon / docker-cloudflare TypeScript Cloudflare DDNS minimal docker. 2.2.0 # [2.2.0]( (2020-04-04) ### Features * **script:** update dependencies ([c6d108e](
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-state-machine-component Game Maker Language State machine component 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
danielroe danielroe / sanity-typed-queries TypeScript A typed, zero-dependency schema generator and query builder for Sanity. 0.4.1 ### [0.4.1]( (2020-04-04) ### Features * add support for resolving image and file types ([f0f79b7](
shogo82148 shogo82148 / actions-upload-release-asset TypeScript Yet Another Upload Release Asset Action v1.0.2 - update dependencies
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-xml Game Maker Language XML reader and writer 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-timer-component Game Maker Language Timer component 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
CalmLong CalmLong / domain-parse Go 域名列表解析工具 0.3.1 * 支持输出 CoreDNS 配置
sujalmandal sujalmandal / spellbetter Java an small GUI application to train users for correct spelling. v1.0 Features ========= 1) Save favourite words as topics. 2) Manage topics from a list. 3) Practice the words from a topic. 4) Autosave while modifying the current word list. 5) Audio feedback for c
kevinleeex kevinleeex / scu_thesis_2020 TeX 四川大学研究生学位论文LaTeX模版(复刻官方word模版)Here you go! v2020.04.04 - [x] 修复了已知的错误。
umstek umstek / parcel-plugin-md-fm JavaScript @parcel-bundler plugin for loading markdown with parsed front-matter v0.5.8
CxpcakeTheDerp CxpcakeTheDerp / OWN-ER320 C# Trying my best to not leak my token ;33 v1.0 Since I have started the 5th rewrite of this, I can finally start versioning from v1.0 It is recommended to use the most compatible one for you. If you have a linux, use the linux, windows, the win
JNKKKK JNKKKK / MoreToggles.css CSS A pure CSS library that provides you with a variety of nice-looking toggles v0.2.1 13 styles Separate CSS files for each style
django-wong django-wong / launchbar-google-translate JavaScript A LaunchBar action to use Google Translate v0.0.1
tarepanda1024 tarepanda1024 / knife-panel Go 小刀🔪Linux面板 0.0.1 - web terminal
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-window-resize-tracker-component Game Maker Language Window resize tracker component 1.0.1 Fixed coding style
koenhoeijmakers koenhoeijmakers / laravel-translatable PHP A fresh new way to handle model translations. v0.6.0 Fixes: - [9ec153c ]( - Fixed a signature mismatch which prevented actual Laravel 7 support.
zrrrzzt Alheimsins / b5-costa-mccrae-300-ipip-neo-pi-r JavaScript Module for returning Big Five Costa and McCrae's 300 IPIP-NEO-PI-R items 3.0.5 ### Patches - Updates renovate config: 2155bd3c9cecb89fb8560bf521cdce99a3c47663 - Updates engines: 8e10e64ecacb0dca138b426b5eac1473b21b80f7 - Updates package-lock: 8126c4d8d314550b5567149f494b7e
raphailias raphailias / Projeto-1-2 HTML Atividade de criação de uma pagina html 2.0 Projeto 2 é adicionado css para a pagina html
kraifpatrik slagtand-org / ce-component Game Maker Language Component system 1.0.1 Code style fixes
roberto404 roberto404 / ui JavaScript A collection of useful React/Redux UI elements. v2.4.3 ## [2.4.3]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * **form:** dropzone ([bb7b827](
azhuge233 azhuge233 / SteamDB-FreeGames-dotnet C# dotnet core version 0.1 Fill TOKEN and CHATID in the config.json file first. On macOS and Linux, you may need to execute `chmod +x ./SteamDB-FreeGames` to give the binary file permission.
github-actions[bot] 0saga0 / AutoBuild-OpenWrt Shell Build OpenWrt using GitHub Actions | 使用 GitHub Actions 编译 OpenWrt | 感谢P3TERX的项目源码 Lede-2020-04-04-064619
Saad888 Saad888 / AutoSynthesis C# Autocrafter for Final Fantasy XIV (Successor to AutoHotCraft) Installation can be found here:
hayd hayd / deno-lambda TypeScript A deno runtime for AWS Lambda. Deploy deno via SAM, serverless, or bundle it yourself. 0.39.0 Bump to 0.39.0
antonreshetov antonreshetov / massCode Vue A free and open source code snippets manager for developers. v1.2.0 ### Fixes - Fixed db backup #72 #83 (#90) - Fixed starting the app after upgrade #88 (#90) ### Other Changes - Brand new logo
thura10 thura10 / airwave JavaScript Share Files between iOS and Windows without hassle. v1.3.0 Added a 'secret key' option. Enter the same key in the settings and in the shortcut. Then, you won't be prompted to accept files.
cliism cliism / clinote Go 命令行的笔记软件,基于Git版本库存储,以实现多终端同步 1.0 该版本为测试版本
noelrosales noelrosales / it321_demo3 HTML A demo project for online discussion v1.0 This is app is capable of display news from different resources
LochStudios LochStudios / LochStudios-Apps CSS LochStudios Apps Website v2.2-ls
zrrrzzt Alheimsins / b5-50-ipip-neo-pi-r JavaScript Module for returning Big Five 50 IPIP-NEO-PI-R items 2.0.1 ### Patches - Updates renovate config: cc9c3a14d4ae1f404171a2063469b193793ddb7a - Updates engines: 488f5677b5d46082d4e2b25422ab916ed34d735c - Updates package-lock: 0245069dab97ac38874a288ec9d7c1
fivebillionmph csmc-vaneykjlab / pine Python A command line and GUI tool for visualizing protein-protein interaction networks. v0.1.3
eprendre eprendre / tingshu Kotlin 一款可在线播放多个免费听书站点的安卓app v1.5.5 1. 修复我听评书网的报错 2. 修复 app 接听电话后,内置音量控制失效的问题 3. 灰色主题改为黑白配色
wuhan005 wuhan005 / MuseDash_Free_Player Go 🎵利用 MuseDash 周免机制实现所有曲包免费任意畅玩~ | 当前适配到 ver1.1.5(2020.4.1) v1.1.5 **Release 版本与所支持的 MuseDash 版本相同,并向后兼容** MuseDash v1.1.5 愚人节更新 * 修改了周免接口并加入了验权 * 加入了新的曲包`music_package_23`
yyyIce yyyIce / iceSniffer C++ This is a Sniffer exercise to learn the protocol analyzing process. v1.0 OS: windows 10 How to use: 1.Download the and decompress it. 2.Click the "iceSniffer_boxed.exe" and start your own sniffer. QT can be compiled on most of the OS. If you want
github-actions[bot] technote-space / add-richtext-toolbar-button PHP WordPress plugin to add richtext toolbar button v2.0.0 ## What’s Changed ## :wrench: Maintenance * chore: sync workflows (#309) @technote-space * chore: sync workflows (#308) @technote-space * chore: sync workflows (#305) @technote-space * chore: sync
JamesFlorance JamesFlorance / Int_TShoot Python Quickly retrieve information from a Cisco switch to troubleshoot access port connectivity issues. 1.0 Working version of the tool. Will add more logic and CDP neighbor information in next version
taina0407 taina0407 / T480-OpenCore-Hackintosh no-lang T480 Catalina Hackintosh with OpenCore v0.5.6 v1.0.0 ## Knowning Issue: - Trackpad it not perfectly smooth - CPU temp is quite high, considering using CPUTemp for next release
zrrrzzt Alheimsins / bigfive-calculate-score JavaScript Calculate score for big five tests 2.0.1 ### Patches - Updates renovate config: 0d1dddb7bebab8564ed8c5b78bf0464622f73542 - Updates engines: 80ed2b83058f24699e1ea1cea9ffdb71f81124bb - Updates package-lock: 3e14671e3db1056d515f3eafbd5a13
github-actions[bot] navikt / fp-felles Java Felles kode / bibliotek for foredrepenger området 1.6-20200404062354-47b2e8a
WaffleLapkin WaffleLapkin / arraylib Rust Tools for working with arrays in rust v0.2.0 Add `ArrayWindows` iterator, fix UB, add methods for refcasting (`&[T] -> &[T; N]`) and more. See [changelog](
liuxp2003 liuxp2003 / JMeter Java Apache JMeter Fork from 5.3.20200404 Fork from latest offical JMeter git and included ssh protocol.
TobiasBriones TobiasBriones / example.programming.web.coniestica HTML Example project for a simple company information front-end website made in pure JS without any JS/CSS library or framework. Coniestica - Consolidadora internacional importación exportación y servicio de logística. Notice that Coniestica is a fictitious company. v1.1.0 The second and last or one of the last releases of the Coniestica website example project.
hmerritt hmerritt / backup-script Shell A simple script that compresses files/folders and moves them to a backup location v0.1.2
YunchuWang YunchuWang / PassbookModel Java Model package containing commonly used classes and entities for passbook service 1.0.0
zhanghai zhanghai / AndroidFastScroll Java Fast scroll for Android RecyclerView and more v1.1.2 - Fixed issue when theme color is specified with a color literal.
zfazylz zfazylz / .NetCoreFirstPractice C# .NetCore First Practice v1 v1
azubieta AppImageCrafters / AppRun C AppImage runtime components v0.9.0 Travis CI build log:
zathras kukulo2011 / OpenCovid_ventilator Dart Open source ventilator 0.0.8 Implement reasonably nice, decimal-aligned display of values. Make settings persistent. Verify checksum. Make meterData look at wall clock time. ![Screenshot from 2020-04-03 23-25-04](https://user
Finalfantasykid Finalfantasykid / AstraStack Python Astronomy Stacking Application v0.1.1 -Fixed drifting breaking
jonasbn DK-Hostmaster / epp-service-specification Dockerfile Public specification for the DK Hostmaster EPP service 3.7 - 3.7 2020-04-04 - Revised information on IP whitelisting
BanKnight BanKnight / nanopi-openwrt Shell Openwrt for Nanopi R1S R2S 固件编译 R2S-Lean-2020-04-04
sup-ham sup-ham / php-share PHP Save disk space by sharing common used php package to multiple projects. 1.0.4
ikemo3 ikemo3 / gossip-site-blocker TypeScript Hide harmful sites from Google search results. v1.10.0
github-actions[bot] navikt / fp-prosesstask Java Bibliotek for å kjøre Prosesstasks ( asynkrone tjenester backed av database) 2.2-20200403045959-66ccd07
omnius-bot fabulator / strava-api-handler TypeScript Unofficial handler for Strava API v1.41.0 ## [1.41.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [270fc84]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
jensgoe PhotoFilmStrip / PFS Python Desktop application v3.7.3
hehohoku matrixz-cn / ArixoThermalSDK no-lang Arixo Thermal Camera SDK 1.0.0
jimhavrilla WGLab / Phen2Gene Python Phenotype driven gene prioritization for HPO 1.2.0 Also includes fixes to scripts for manuscript as per reviewer questions and comments. Can now specify folder for and lib scripts (e.g., /usr/bin or $HOME/bin, etc.) and local for KB (s
github-actions[bot] zhmushan / abc TypeScript A better Deno framework to create web application. v0.2.7
103style 103style / Java fork form eclipse /, catch SNIServerName not found bug under Android 7 1.2.2_fixed
k163377 ProjectMapK / KRowMapper Kotlin Spring JDBC RowMapper for Kotlin. 0.8 # アップデート - `Shared` 0.9 -> 0.10 - マッピングの処理効率の向上 - - `kotlin` 1.3.70 -> 1.3.71 - `junit jupi
Jonatandb Jonatandb / LoginsAdmin-Xamarin- C# LoginsAdmin | Administrador de credenciales (Versión para Android con Xamarin.Forms) v0.8-alpha # Instalación ## Descargar desde el dispositivo <a href="">el archivo apk<
tobiu neomjs / neo JavaScript The webworkers driven UI framework (Beta version) 1.1.8 worldometers is listing world as a country now, the novelCovid api does not yet exclude it.
zcbenz yue / yue C++ A library for creating native cross-platform GUI apps v0.7.0 __Changelog__ * Remove support for Node v8 and v11. * Add support for Node v12. macOS: * Fix `TableModel` returning `null` value occasionally.
cloudbees-ci-cd-play[bot] jenkins-x-labs / helmboot Go a PoC of an improved UX around `jx boot` using helmfile + helm 3 v0.0.80 ### Linux ```shell curl -L | tar xzv sudo mv helmboot /usr/local/bin ``` ### macOS ```shell curl -L
jstarry yewstack / yew Rust Rust / Wasm framework for building client web apps 0.14.3 #### 🛠 Fixes - Remove `html!` component validation to allow generic components. [[@mankinskin], [#1065](] - Improve `Debug` formatting for `VTag` a
JarnoVgr Limetric / OpenRCT2-binaries no-lang Development binaries for OpenRCT2 project. v0.2.5-13a2f67 `13a2f67400d2e1c54e6a5b0174e9766214bd5f85`;`develop`
vvaldersteins vvaldersteins / ngx-svg TypeScript Angular library for creating SVG elements. v1.1.0 ## General Updates * Added unit tests for all components and directives. * Refactored code to increase the performance of the library. * Optimized code to reduce the size of the library. * Cleared
leynier covid19cuba / covid19cuba-app Dart Mobile application of Covid19 Cuba Data project implemented with Flutter v0.3.1
zrrrzzt Alheimsins / b5-result-text JavaScript Text for big five results score 3.0.1 ### Patches - Updates renovate config: 239ea0b5edb171da28dfaff59ab73ec06b3f1e76 - Updates package-lock: aefa43f4aeb3ed1a52c955e66641f19b0d92d8cd
github-actions[bot] technote-space / marker-animation PHP WordPress plugin to add underline animation v3.0.1 ## What’s Changed ## :sparkles: All Changes * release: v3.0.1 (#322) @technote-space
nikiroo nikiroo / fanfix Java A small program to download and convert fanfictions and comics from supported websites into offline files (epub, cbz...) fanfix-3.1.0 ## Version 3.1.0 - MangaHub: a manga website (English) - MangaFox: removed (too many unfriendly changes, bye) - e621: fix cover not saved ## Supported websites Currently, the following web
bahmutov cypress-io / code-coverage JavaScript Saves the code coverage collected during Cypress tests v2.0.1 ## [2.0.1]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency nyc to v15.0.1 ([732001d](
algolia-crawler-bot algolia / renderscript TypeScript A custom JavaScript rendering engine based on puppeteer v1.3.11 ## [1.3.11]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency uuid to v7.0.3 ([42dcf72](
rnbot microsoft / react-native C++ Microsoft fork of react-native v0.60.0-microsoft.67 v0.60.0-microsoft.67
leopardciaw leopardciaw / R619AC Shell 竟斗云openwrt 2020.04.04 🚀 Automated build | 自动编译
mapurple mapurple / cdn2 no-lang m 1.03
AstrobioMike AstrobioMike / GToTree Shell A user-friendly workflow for phylogenomics v1.4.13 Check added by @vinisalazar looking for duplicates in user-provided mapping file, previously would run entire analysis, not produce a tree, and have duplicate entries in the alignment file. Now it exi
Hua-Zhou OpenMendel / VCFTools.jl Julia Julia utilities for handling VCF files v0.1.2
moekoritsu moekoritsu / Actions-OpenWrt-Lenovo_Newifi_Y1 Shell Auto build OpenWrt firmware for Lenovo Newifi Y1 via GitHub Actions 2020.04.04 🚀 Automated build | 自动编译
k163377 ProjectMapK / KMapper Kotlin Mapper Libraly for Kotlin. 0.19 - `Shared` 0.9 -> 0.10 - マッピングの処理効率の向上 - - `kotlin` 1.3.70 -> 1.3.71 - `junit jupiter` 5.6.0 -> 5.6.1
saibalmars saibalmars / GraphRicciCurvature Python A NetworkX addon to compute the graph Ricci curvature and Ricci flow. v0.4.5 - Performance tune, the Ricci curvature computation speed is up 33% compare with v0.4.4. - The pairwise shortest path is still not that idea, now it's an option only.
tianrosandhy tianrosandhy / base-cms PHP Base CMS v3.0.0 - new module structure - new crud structure - module extension scaffold now created in each modules directory - new yesno input type - new styling - translation moved from config to modules direc
jsanahuja jsanahuja / InstagramFeed JavaScript Vanilla JavaScript Instagram Feed without access token. Not using the Instagram API 1.3.5 Added network ban detection.
leopardciaw leopardciaw / D2 Shell Newifi_D2 2020.04.04 🚀 Automated build | 自动编译
pauloelias pauloelias / docker-php-dev Dockerfile Docker LEMP development stack. 1.0.3 ### Fixed - Fix version number
s-meada ashley003 / Personal-Fridge Java A program that keeps track of all items and their quantities in the fridge based on user inputs. This project was started 2 years before this repository was created. v1.0 Based on inputs and outputs from a console in an IDE. Can add and remove items with given names and quantities. Can also place items into categories (e.g. meat). The user can "review" all it
moekoritsu moekoritsu / Actions-OpenWrt-YouHua_WR1200JS Shell Auto build OpenWrt firmware for YouHua WR1200JS via GitHub Actions 2020.04.04 🚀 Automated build | 自动编译
moekoritsu moekoritsu / Actions-OpenWrt-Newifi_D2 Shell Auto build OpenWrt firmware for Newifi D2 via GitHub Actions 2020.04.04 🚀 Automated build | 自动编译
azimut azimut / cepl-travis Common Lisp Building cepl binaries, in travis, for multiple OS's untagged-948a27911dd7136668bc
green-green-avk green-green-avk / AnotherTermShellPlugin-Location Java Another Term Shell Plugin - Location v1.2
minio-trusted minio / minio-go Go MinIO Client SDK for Go v6.0.52 ## Changelog - fix: go mod tidy (04/03/20) <Harshavardhana> - Export identifiers for shared credentials providers (#1255) (04/03/20) <Vincent Besanceney> - Add support for x-amz-bypass-
github-actions[bot] sentrei / sentrei Dart Official sentrei app v3.6.1 ## [3.6.1]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * 🐛 fastlane GITHUB_RUN_NUMBER ([1d3219c](
github-actions[bot] author / shell JavaScript A very lightweight framework for building shell/CLI applications. Works in Node.js and the browser. 1.2.0
ITmind ITmind / Fuseman Objective-C iOS/macOS game 1.0
Bokjan Bokjan / BravoFinder C++ A flight route planner library written in C++ v2.0.0 No binary.
typekpb p6spy / p6spy Java P6Spy is a framework that enables database data to be seamlessly intercepted and logged with no code changes to the application. p6spy-3.9.0
jsanahuja jsanahuja / jquery.instagramFeed JavaScript Instagram Feed without access token. Not using the Instagram API 1.2.4 Changelog: - Added network ban detection. Related to #54 #53 #51 #50 #49 #42 #25 issues
minio-trusted minio / minio Go MinIO is a high performance object storage server compatible with Amazon S3 APIs RELEASE.2020-04-04T05-39-31Z ## Highlights - Fixes a major connection leak observed in large disk setups (#9263) ## Changelog - update minio-go to latest v6.0.52 (04/03/20) <Harshavardhana> - fix: possible connection
hedii hedii / laravel-recaptcha PHP Google reCAPTCHA v3 for Laravel 7.0+ 1.0.1 - Environment variables defaults to empty string
minio-trusted minio / mc Go MinIO Client is a replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems and object storage. RELEASE.2020-04-04T05-28-55Z ## Changelog - fix all the build errors (04/03/20) - add disableMultipart option to Copy() (#3141) (04/03/20) - update to minio-go latest release v6.0.52 (#3142) (04/03/20) - Make NewS3Config an
Scrounger Scrounger / ioBroker.vis-materialdesign JavaScript ioBroker Material Design Widgets are based on Google's material design guidelines. The adapter uses different libraries. 0.2.76 ### 0.2.76 * (Scrounger): deprecated Widgets Slider, TopAppBar, Select, Column View removed * (Scrounger): JSON Chart Widget added * (Scrounger): Line Chart Widget: starttime by object added * (Sc
tobiasschaefer NovatecConsulting / micronaut-camunda-bpm Java Integration between Micronaut and Camunda BPM Process Engine. We take an opinionated view of Camunda BPM to define sensible defaults, so that you can get started with minimum configuration. v0.2.2
merrickluo merrickluo / liberime C A emacs dynamic module provide librime bindings for emacs v0.0.5
AcrylicShrimp AcrylicShrimp / webhook-action Dockerfile Posts data to an endpoint on any event 1.0.4 Bug fixed.
omnius-bot fabulator / fio-api-handler TypeScript Unofficial handler for Fio Bank API v2.22.0 ## [2.22.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [48a0be1]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
jellyfin-bot jellyfin / jellyfin-docs Shell Documentation for Jellyfin ci/5463
zrrrzzt Alheimsins / acos-innsyn HTML Wrapper for acos innsyn 2.0.0 ### Major Changes - Updates engines: 0e371fdaaf676fa583840f55407aff36d438f339 ### Patches - Standard --fix: 229469d6e20019769658d480ee206a0bb8c1a2f6 - Updates travis: e150023fd8e109a8a6554
zcong1993 zcong18 / JAViewer Java 更优雅的驾车体验 2.4.0
jcerise gogue-framework / gogue Go A small, simple Roguelike Toolkit, based on BearLibTerminal, for developing Roguelike games in Go. v0.0.1-alpha Super early alpha, things are missing, code is broken. Use at your own risk.
jmanly56 jmanly56 / CSVParser C++ Simple C++ CSV Parser v0.2
hicjcn hicjcn / demo Java First Demo project for Spring Boot 0.0.5
zhanghai zhanghai / AppIconLoader Java Android app icon loader from AOSP Launcher3 v1.1.0 - Fixed crash when using `shrinkNonAdaptiveIcons` due to package name mismatch. - Added `shrinkNonAdaptiveIcons` as a parameter in APIs. - `AppIconLoader.loadIcon()` now returns the result `Bitmap`
hayd hayd / deno-docker Dockerfile Latest dockerfiles and images for deno - alpine, centos, debian, ubuntu 0.39.0 Bump to 0.39.0
v1cont v1cont / yad C Yet Another Dialog v6.0
mcychan mcychan / nQuant.cs C# Fast pairwise nearest neighbor based algorithm with C# console 1.67
disrani-px libopenstorage / stork Go Stork - Storage Orchestration Runtime for Kubernetes v2.3.3 # Improvements * Added support for collecting Custom Resources during `Migration`, `ApplicationBackup`, and `ApplicationClone` operations. Stork currently supports `IBPPeer`, `IBPConsole`, `IBPOrdere
nickrandolph builttoroam / pipeline_templates no-lang Templates for use in build and release pipelines v0.6.0 Breaking change to parameters for enabling stages. These parameters are now boolean which means that they need to be passed in as literals or via a parameter in the calling pipeline.
a-tak a-tak / taskclear TypeScript シンプルなタスク管理ツール v0.11.24
puresyntax71 puresyntax71 / hugo-theme-chunky-poster HTML A simple, bootstrap 4 based hugo blog theme. v0.0.7
TWLBot TWLBot / Builds no-lang This is where builds for TWiLightMenu++ and nds-bootstrap will be hosted v20200404-054509 RocketRobz - Add more games to SpeedBumpExclude list
josegonzalez dokku / sshcommand Shell Turn SSH into a thin client specifically for your app v0.10.0
SillyCuckoo SillyCuckoo / Cnblogs-Theme-SimpleMemory CSS 🍭 Cnblogs theme / Basic theme : SimpleMemory v1.3.1 base.min.css
omnius-bot fabulator / zonky-api-handler TypeScript Unofficial handler for Zonky API v2.24.0 ## [2.24.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [8f70731]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
InsightAppDev InsightAppDev / Insight.Tinkoff.InvestSdk C# Unofficial Tinkoff Invest OpenApi .Net/C# SDK 2.2.2 Update -------------------------- Add missing currencies: * Gbp * Hkd * Chf * Jpy * Cny * Try NuGet --------- Release as [NuGet package](
github-actions[bot] danobot / notorious TypeScript Offline-first note taking and knowledge management application for desktop and the web. Supports nested notebooks, tags, real-time sync, images and file attachments. Optimised for efficiency with keyboard navigation, full-text search and version control. Never lose a thought. Private, fast, notorious 😈 v0.2.1-alpha.1
github-actions[bot] yaegashi / o365events Go Office 365 calendar event exporter v0.0.2 ## Changelog 8454a82 Update 9d06fc4 Update help message
Bozar Bozar / GodotRoguelikeDemo GDScript A Roguelike demo made with Godot engine. 1.0.1 Fix a minor bug caused by generating two dwarfs in the same position.
take64 citrus-framework / variables PHP php variable wrapper v1.0.1
thanhson1085 tomochain / tomoxjs JavaScript TomoX Relayer Javascript SDK v0.5.0
ksughosh ksughosh / PermissionsManager Kotlin Kotlin: Android runtime permission handler using RXJava2 2.0 Changelog: - New Kotlin version port - RxJava 3 dependency inclusion - New contract functionality - Updated packages - Clear separation of classes and responsibilities - Store functionality to s
jaredsinclair jaredsinclair / etcetera Swift Stuff I need often enough to that's too small to exist on its own. 2.2 Refactor `@Shared` wrapper.
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / honeybee-rhino-plugin C# 🐝+🦏 Honeybee plugin for Rhino v0.30.0 # [0.30.0]( (2020-04-04) ### Features * **schema:** update schema ([e28a95c](
dvictory bypasslane / bypass-passport-strategy JavaScript Express.js Passport Strategy to handle Bypass session tokens. v2.0.0 Add API-KEY strategy
OsamaRabie Tap-Payments / TapApplePayKit-iOS Swift Apple pay kit 1.0.1 Fix the position of Apple Pay button in the sample project
roboll roboll / helmfile Go Deploy Kubernetes Helm Charts v0.106.4 1654ce4 (HEAD, tag: v0.106.4, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) Add regression tests for environment values merge (#1170) 25aae67 Merge pull request #1169 from elodani/master d404356 feat: fix empty
arsley arsley / working_times Ruby Store your working(worked) time simply with CLI v0.7.0 ## Feature ### :tada: `invoice` command to create invoice ... with updating default config of `wtconf.json`. This command will do these things: - create invoice from template that you set
svmaris evillage / evillage-android-demo Kotlin Android Demo App v0.0.3
lbyrd2 lbyrd2 / SMBSLC Ren'Py Hey paizanos! 1.1.0 Patch Notes: -Funny Toad music (and other poem writing hits) -Fixed some spelling and grammar issues -Credits are now 10% more epic -Brooklyn accents are slightly stronger -Minor adjustments to s
omnius-bot fabulator / semantic-release-config-fabulator JavaScript Semantic release config for Fabulators projects v1.25.0 ## v1.25.0 (2020-04-04) ### Changed - [9bf7366]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
spncrhrstn spncrhrstn / xkcd-enhancer JavaScript Browser extension to add some minor enhancements to the xkcd website. v0.1.3 Fixes issues #1 and #2
BouKiCHi BouKiCHi / mucom88android C MUCOM88 for Android 200404 ディレクトリ上にあるファイルを直接読むようにしました。 再生時に未保存の場合、保存ダイアログが出るようになりました。
ivanc2002 ivanc2002 / rhythm-tengoku-3DS no-lang A port of Rhythm Tengoku from the GBA in english for the 3DS using Virtual Console 1.0 Initial release version
dilfish dilfish / libcode Go a general encoder/decoder for Chinese word transform v1.0.1 In this release, I use go1.14 and goland 2020.1 to be the bleeding edge tech.
sureshmaidaragi1919 sureshmaidaragi1919 / CircularTimer Kotlin Edited version of Circular timer with Kotlin Extensions v1
github-actions[bot] jindaxiang / akshare Python AkShare is an elegant and simple financial data interface library for Python, built for human beings! 一款丰富的开源财经数据接口库 v0.4.65
omnius-bot fabulator / fitness-libraries TypeScript Fitness libraries as inversify modules v0.147.0 ## [0.147.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [c5f9f25]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
cosmosfarm cosmosfarm / KBoard-wordpress-plugin PHP KBoard - 무료 게시판 워드프레스 플러그인 5.6 ### 게시판 5.6 버전 변경사항 1. kboard_reply_list_select 필터 추가 2. kboard_reply_list_from 필터 추가 3. kboard_reply_list_where 필터 추가 4. kboard_reply_list_orderby 필터
omnius-bot fabulator / fitness-models TypeScript Extendable fitness models for Workout and GPS points v0.29.0 ## [0.29.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [6a4e326]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
omnius-bot fabulator / endomondo-api-handler TypeScript Unofficial handler for Endomondo API v3.70.0 ## [3.70.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [c1ba741]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
takasehideki takasehideki / ros_study Shell ROS講習会用のソースファイル test
omnius-bot fabulator / fitbit-api-handler TypeScript Unofficial handler for Fitbit Web API v3.56.0 ## [3.56.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [4a02df0]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
pawitp pawitp / libva-mesa-driver-vlc Shell Patched version of libva-mesa-driver to support VLC on AMD 20.0.4-999
omnius-bot fabulator / workouts-transfer TypeScript Workouts transfer between services as inversify modules. v0.64.0 ## [0.64.0] 2020-04-04 ### Changed - [adc20da]( Update dependency luxon to v1.23.0
github-actions[bot] makigumo / jmdict-mac-dic XSLT Converts JMdict xml data into a macOS dictionary 20200404.70374397
jcerise gogue-framework / bearlibterminalgo C++ The Go build of BearLibTerminal (, which is included in the BearLibTerminal distribution. I have separated it out and hosted it here for ease of inclusion in Go projects. v1.0.1 Updated module path due to organization update
nike4613 beat-saber-modding-group / BeatSaber-IPA-Reloaded C# A not-so-simple anymore Unity mod injector, originally built for Beat Saber. 4.0.4 - Fixed some concurrency issues - Added some converters for more types in the config system - Gave `UseConfigAttribute` a default constructor that uses the default converter for the member type.
frank1916 frank1916 / Udemy_adminPro CSS curso de angular avanzado en udemy v1.0.0 ##trabajo con codigo base ordenado con componentes compartidos, uso de rutas principales y rutas hijas.
ideallove ideallove / CDN JavaScript something need to speed up 0.0.4 update time.js
metageni metageni / FOCUS Python FOCUS: An Agile Profiler for Metagenomic Data 1.5 - Fix Jellyfish problem which raised after this change (
jillesvangurp jillesvangurp / geogeometry Kotlin GeoGeometry is a set of algorithms and functions for manipulating geo hashes and geometric shapes with geo coordinates. v3.0.1 No functional changes; just did some updates to misc dependencies (mostly test related)
hunternsk hunternsk / go-binance Go Go wrapper for Binance API v1.1.1
ChaoSun14 ChaoSun14 / DAFCC C++ A common, flexible and efficient framework for weakly coupled ensemble data assimilation based on C-Coupler2 v1.0 DAFCC is a common, flexible and efficient framework for weakly coupled ensemble data assimilation based on C-Coupler2.
kicomodo kicomodo / Typecho-Theme-niRvana PHP 🍰 一款大气简洁的作品展示Typecho模板 3.5 🙇 niRvana 3.5 发布 🔨 移除后台强制暗亮模式 🔨 修复手机端菜单重合 ( @FutureApple ) 🚀 延迟JS和CSS加载 🚀 合并杂乱散布的CSS ✨ 判断浏览器暗亮色
dovahcrow sfu-db / dataprep Python Dataprep: Data Preparation in Python v0.2.2 ### Fix * constrain the x-ticks of boxplots (issue #104 ), and polish the x/yaxis (9f9235e4ff432b627cf1319be1cbb97c688c3f1f) ### Documentation * Polish readme (0585f906c04fb7f9a67efb7c4415eb89432
gorcha socialresearchcentre / dialrjars R Package required libphonenumber jars for the dialr package v8.12.0 * Update libphonenumber jar to version 8.12.0 * Update carrier jar to version 1.126 * Update geocoder jar to version 2.136 * Update prefixmapper jar to version 2.136
jspenguin2017 NanoAdblocker / NanoCore no-lang An adblocker v1.0.0.142b0 - Updated core to uBlock Origin 1.26.0 - Updated filters - Fixed various issues with Nano Highlighter and Nano Linter
LSafer cufyorg / base Java The main dependency for all Cufy Java/Groovy Repositories. beta0.1.0-beta5
lovac42 lovac42 / ReMemorize Python Addon: reschedule current reviewer card and siblings v1.3.2 This is going on ankiweb. Changes: A small nonessential change added for hooks. For CCBC, I changed the directory name, so you may need to copy the meta.json file to the new directory if you're
Akashdesarda Akashdesarda / ResNet-builder Python Build a Customized ResNet architecture with n desired depth or layers. Based on ResNet v2. v1 This is the first working release. Next release will include a universal API control from one place (like a jupyter notebook) using YAML as backend
jspenguin2017 NanoAdblocker / NanoCore2 JavaScript Restarting fresh v1.0.0.142b0 Release notes and prebuilt packages can be found here:
miurahr miurahr / picast Python A Simple Wireless Display Receiver on Raspberry Pi v0.3 Changed ------- * Release artifacts with github actions. * Use setuptools_scm to automate version. * Packaging metadata in setup.cfg * Auto generate binary by build backend. Fixed -----
github-actions[bot] bdwyertech / gontlm-proxy Go NTLM Proxy Forwarder for Windows v0.1.3 ## Changelog 6aeb289 Update goproxy for half closeables and 200 on ConnectHijacks
Daemonyz DeepWisdom / AutoDL2019 Python Solution for AutoDL challenge opensource
adafruit-adabot adafruit / Adafruit_CircuitPython_Bundle Shell A bundle of useful CircuitPython libraries ready to use from the filesystem. 20200404 Updated libraries: [ble](, [featherwing]( As alway
baryon Note-sv / no-lang The highest crypto note and password manager based on Bitcoin SV v1.0.0 Let's start new world. The highest security Personal Privacy Information Manager powered by Bitcoin SV #BitcoinSV
AKryukov92 AKryukov92 / terms_workout Java Веб-приложение для отработки терминологии у студентов v0.0.3-alpha Реализованы подсказки о том, что нужно выделить меньше текста или больше текста.
sundy-li housepower / ClickHouse-Native-JDBC Java ClickHouse Native Protocol JDBC implementation v2.1 * Fix clear batch so we can reuse the Statement #116 * Add DateTime64 support #119 * DateTime zone fixed #111
LSafer cufyorg / util Java Utilities final static classes 0.1.0-beta3
Phlogi Phlogi / tezos-snapshots Shell :boom: Daily snapshots of tezos mainnet :chains: and a list of public peers, see releases. 20200404.1 Rolling and full snapshots up to level 894203 at 2020-04-04T03.55.21Z and block BM4K5P6qDhM4qTzCYDVdgVzJgD8uF2JNQs7KedGo2HxpRV4J3r5. Current list of public tezos peers.
prikhi prikhi / lightdm-mini-greeter C A Minimal, Configurable, Single-User GTK3 LightDM Greeter 0.4.0
timoline timoline / PSRES PowerShell RES Workspace Manager / Powerfuse - powershell module Nightly
features-not-bugs features-not-bugs / Oxide-Auto-Patcher PowerShell Powershell Script to auto patch Rust with Raid Simulator required hooks 142
psycofdj orange-cloudfoundry / gomod_exporter Go An exporter that analyze golang modules dependencies v1.0.1 fixes: pusher exporter metrics with a grouping label **project**
desaiuditd desaiuditd / enhanced-wp-migrations PHP WordPress library for managing database table schema upgrades and data seeding 0.0.1
Drew-Alleman Drew-Alleman / csgo-auto-accept Python Automatic Competitive Game Acceptor v1.0.4 * added move mouse line to increase reliability.
TeamQuicko TeamQuicko / quicko-api-client Java The official repository of SDKs to communicate with Quicko APIs. v3.0.1 Updates: PAN APIs: Includes Real-time PAN verification API
iamjamilspain IBMIntegration / roks-cli Go Command Line Utility to configure and manage OpenShift & Cloud Pak for Integration environments v0.3.8 ## Changelog 54923f0 updating to v0.3.8
lukespragg OxideMod / Oxide.Rust C# Rust game extension for the Oxide modding framework 2.0.4528 See for changes
Volmarg Volmarg / personal-management-system CSS Your web application for managing personal data. v1.20.8.5 * Added new form type **IndentChoice** - works just like a choice but allows to make indents on the list, * Replaced **Entity** to **IndentChoice** in **MyNotes** - categories visible in the
NaturePinks NaturePinks / blockinstockproducts PHP Block In Stock Products for ThirtyBees v2.2.2 Code updated to be in sync with upstream module
prasanth95 prasanth95 / Hachart JavaScript HaHa, this is a flowchart generator. 0.0.4
kaunteya kaunteya / PassGen Swift Lightweight password generator for Mac mad in SwiftUI 1.4(11)
leshawn-rice1 leshawn-rice1 / snake-pygame Python A simple snake game built in python with pygame V1.0 The official release of the snake game. The source code has been slightly reformatted, comments have been added. and a try-except statement has been added for working with audio files.
ppizarror ppizarror / pygame-menu Python Menu for pygame. Simple, lightweight and easy to use 2.2.0 - New color input widget, supports rgb and hex formats. #100 (@ppizarror) - add_option deprecated, replaced by add_button. #90 (@anxuae) - Fixed textinput default issue. #86 (@ppizarror) - Fixed jo
citrabot citra-emu / citra-canary C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR CANARY RELEASES ONLY. For development see our main repo at canary-1635
harikt MascotPhp / Mascot-Skeleton PHP A skeleton to get started with Silex 0.1.0 * Init mascot skelton
takkii takkii / zinbeijett Ruby [ 多機能型 ] コンソール検索エンジン🐬🔍 1.1.0.beta1 ### Info ```markdown 記録のためにpre-releaseで保存します。 ```
Thibor Thibor / RapSimpleCs C# Cs chess engine 2020-04-04
Thibor Thibor / RapShortCs C# CSharp Chess Engine 2020-04-04
justgeek justgeek / vue-generate-component JavaScript Vue js component generator v1.0.0 First functional MVP for Vue(x) Generator
zareismail armincms / many-to-many PHP The inline polymorphic and non-polymorphic `ManyToMany` field for the Laravel Nova 0.2.1 Fixes issue #1
leiyu66 leiyu66 / PortalRecordsMoverConsole C# Port of the Portal Records Mover XrmToolbox plugin by Tanguy Touzard v0.1.3 Merge fixes from other PR to parent repo and mask password in outputs to screen and log
Thibor Thibor / RapChessCs C# C# chess engine 2020-04-04
XDean XDean / action-maven-publish JavaScript 📦 GitHub Action for automatically publishing Maven packages v1.3.3
github-actions[bot] inabagumi / inaba-jinja TypeScript 因幡神社へようこそ! v1.7.1 ### Bug Fixes * **csp:** add doubleclick to connect-src ([#481]( ([d34e2d5]( * **sw:**
XiaoningDing futurewei-cloud / arktos Go Arktos for large-scale cloud platform v0.1 Released Components: * Unified Node Agent * Unified Scheduler * Partitioned and Scalable Controller Manager * API Server/Core Server with Multi-Tenancy and Unified Pod Support * Arktos VM Runti
yorinasub17 gruntwork-io / terragrunt Go Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for working with multiple Terraform modules. v0.23.5 ## Updated CLI args, config attributes and blocks - `dependency` [Block] ## Description This release introduces an optimization for retrieving dependencies, where each dependency will be retr
sbstp sbstp / kubie Rust A more powerful alternative to kubectx and kubens v0.7.3
LaughingLeader LaughingLeader / SourceControlGenerator C# Source Control Generator is a program designed to ease effort in creating git repositories and backing up projects. ## [Changelog]( SCG is portable, so unzip the archive in a directory of your choosing. Requirements ====== * **
parsifal-47 mzbench / mzbench Erlang Distiributed Benchmarking 0.5.8 * Support for OTP 21+ * Fix low disk space alert message for docker installation * Add password to root user and set no password auth for ssh config
juandav nest-modules / mailer TypeScript 📨 A mailer module for Nest framework (node.js) v1.3.18 ### [1.3.18]( (2020-04-04) ### Bug Fixes * now pug and handlebars are optional dependencies and nodemailer a peer dependency ([
shaonianzhentan shaonianzhentan / openwrt-orangepi Shell Try use GitHub action make OpenWRT orange pi ROM test test
yuk7 yuk7 / CentWSL Makefile CentOS as a WSL Instance. Supports multiple install. 8.1.1911.1
shimat shimat / opencv_files PowerShell Build OpenCV
MickyPalacios MickyPalacios / adminpro CSS Este es el demo del curso de Udemy - Fernando Herrera v1.0.0 ## Versión 1 1.- Incluye routes 2.- Incluye módulos 3.- Incluye servicios Todo listo para iniciar cualquier proyecto
Colin1224 Colin1224 / rgn C# Rural Grocery Network v0.0.7-pre-release
li2 li2 / android-common Kotlin A library includes bunches of utilities classes. 0.1.7
citrabot citra-emu / citra-nightly C++ THIS IS A STAGING REPO FOR OUR NIGHTLY RELEAES ONLY. For development see our main repo at nightly-1463
SomeBottle SomeBottle / BBlock JavaScript 🎵 Wow~you can really play! Square Music Player 1.1 * 增加点击事件,优化体验
Xpp521 Xpp521 / MultiprocessingSpider Python A multiprocessing web crawling and web scraping framework. 1.1.2 #### Refactor - Remove property "name" from "FileDownloader". - Complete class "UserAgentGenerator" in "MultiprocessingSpider.Utils". - Continue to optimize
github-actions[bot] epaew / tmux-erb-parser Ruby A Tmux plugin for loading tmux.conf written in Ruby (eRuby) notation. v0.1.6
Nuru cloudposse / geodesic Shell 🚀 Geodesic is a cloud automation shell. It's the fastest way to get up and running with a rock solid, production grade cloud platform built on top of strictly Open Source tools. ★ this repo! 0.129.0 Tool/dependency updates (#576)
ironboundred ironboundred / OreBroadcast Java [BUKKIT] Broadcast the server when you find ores. 1.5.2 Can enable cross server broadcasts so that any one can see the broadcast on any server the plugin is installed on.
StandOutstar StandOutstar / daemon Go A daemon package for use with Go (golang) services with no dependencies v0.11.1
Tayeb-Ali DetaElectPro / vitel-user TypeScript An application that helps hospitals find doctors v1 # Part one: Today we conclude the work on the first stage. We have done a large part of the work. # What Next: ولا شي ياهو نجز للتعديلات
fatihpense mdpgroup / ui5-i18n-plugin TypeScript UI5 i18n Plugin v0.0.1 Copy: ``` github:mdpgroup/ui5-i18n-plugin/ui5-i18n-plugin.theia@latest ``` In Theia run command: "Deploy Plugin by Id" Paste and hit enter.
github-actions[bot] iamkroot / ilc-scraper Python A scraper for Impartus Lecture Capture videos for BITS Hyderabad v0.6.2
yuhao0102 yuhao0102 / C-Coupler2_DaRong C++ C-Coupler2 with the routing network generation algorithm DaRong v1.0
badbones69 badbones69 / Crazy-Envoy Java A plugin that drops crates from the sky. v1.3.10 ## Added: - Command bypass to envoy.admin. ## Fixed: - The chance system not working. - When using random locations it spawned the crates into the ground instead of where they are supposed to la
Dr-Incognito Dr-Incognito / V2Ray-Desktop C++ 最优雅的跨平台代理客户端,支持Shadowsocks,V2Ray和Trojan协议。The most elegant cross-platform proxy GUI client that supports Shadowsocks, V2Ray, and Trojan. Built with Qt5 and QML2. 2.1.0 ## Change Log - Getting/setting system proxy now supports the KDE desktop environment. - Replace PAC with Clash rules. - Update the format for GFWList. - Fix some bugs.
shubhamchandak94 shubhamchandak94 / LFZip Jupyter Notebook Error bounded lossy compression of time series using prediction-quantization approach v1.1
github-actions[bot] rokucommunity / brighterscript TypeScript A superset of Roku's BrightScript language v0.4.4
norrisng norrisng / FcomClient C# Forwards private and frequency messages on IVAO and VATSIM via Discord DM. 0.9.2 **Bug fixes:** * Aircraft config packets should no longer get forwarded (see #1) * The version number for `FcomClient.exe` is now correctly displayed in the standalone GUI
Anuken Anuken / MindustryBuilds no-lang Latest builds for Mindustry 7814
xuliangzhan xuliangzhan / vxe-table-plugin-shortcut-key TypeScript 🔧 基于 vxe-table 表格的增强插件,为键盘操作提供快捷键的设置 1.2.4 optimize
beJuvenile beJuvenile / opensdk-dataoke PHP 大淘客API SDK v1.0.0 从gitee迁移至github
niftylettuce lassjs / lass JavaScript :girl: Lass scaffolds a modern package boilerplate for Node.js v2.1.1 - chore: bump deps 8b1f0ec
lovac42 lovac42 / TouchWood Python AnkiAddon: Show New Cards Left Hint v0.1.0 Tested to work with CCBC and 2.1.24beta3
jakobbouchard jakobbouchard / yadob JavaScript Yet Another Discord Open Bot v0.3.0-beta The biggest part of this release are improvements to the way commands are loaded. It is now much clearer and cleaner when looking at it. Also, I apparently uploaded my token by accident when changi
Barnett2050 Barnett2050 / JXCategoryKit Objective-C 系统基础类扩展 0.1.6
nkomarn nkomarn / Harbor Java Harbor is a plugin that redefines sleep within your Spigot server! 1.6.2-b4 This beta of Harbor adds completely reformatted configuration layout, proportional acceleration for night skipping (based on player sounds), instant night skipping, separate rain/thunder clearing togg
gh0stwizard gh0stwizard / libeav C The Email Address Validation Library 0.2.1 Release version 0.2.1 * Fix build under Windows (tested with gcc + gmake + libidn2) * Updated IANA database
ReymundBautista ReymundBautista / terraform-aws-blog HCL Terraform module to setup my blog infrstructure v1.0.5 ## Summary of Changes * Added `ssl_support_method` for the CloudFront `viewer_certificate` config which is required if you use AWS ACM for your certificate.
alimy alimy / kr Go Some develop help toolkits. v0.3.6 * optimize generate code more beutiful
github-actions[bot] sprout2000 / lessview TypeScript An image viewer for minimalists v0.0.9
tngan tngan / samlify TypeScript 🔐 Node.js API for Single Sign On (SAML 2.0) v2.7.2 #344 Make optional for time verification of SessionNotOnOrAfter attributes (@fas3r) #346 Fix code block on markdown page (@lacivert) #351 Add missing property to sp settings type (@nflaig) #352 Rem
chentianming11 LianjiaTech / retrofit-plus Java retrofit-plus基于retrofit2,并对retrofit2进行功能增强,实现了retrofit2与spring和spring-boot深度集成,极大简化http调用开发。 v1.1.1
yuk7 yuk7 / AlpineWSL Makefile Alpine Linux as a WSL Instance. Supports multi-install. Lightest WSL distribution. 3.11.5-1
mattdavis0351 mattdavis0351 / packet-create-ansible-inventory Python GitHub Action to dynamically create an Ansible inventory file from a project v1 Initial release of this project
AlexTheFox64 AlexTheFox64 / cyan-image-converter Shell Cyan Image Converter allows you to convert images v0.1.0-alpha Now it can resize images!
fszlin fszlin / no-lang A domain pointing to v1.0.213 PFX password: certes
sameera-madushan sameera-madushan / CoverMaster Python Download covers arts from Spotify and Soundcloud and embeds them to your MP3 files. (My first GUI attempt in python.) v1.0.1 - Added a feature to get save location from user There are two type of releases available. 1. One directory release 2. One file release One directory release has all dependencies in one fold
brok1n brok1n / file_forward Go 用go语言写的文件中转服务器 File transfer server developed by golang 1.0.0 文件中转服务器 (file forward server) ## 怎么使用 (how to use) 1. Windows x64 使用 (use) `server_x64.exe` 或者使用 (or use) `server_x86.exe` 2. Windows xp 使用 (use) `
dieunb dieunb / rubocop-action Ruby Lint your Ruby code in parallel to your builds 1.1
WonderedLamb256 WonderedLamb256 / LemonIce Python A ransomware made (primarily) in Python and Batch, and has multiple payloads including the typical payloads of both ransomwares and trojans. vB0.0.1 Likely extremely buggy. Not ready for show just yet. Includes all needed registry corruptions for a payload.
gaelforget gaelforget / MarineEcosystemNotebooks Jupyter Notebook Marine ecosystem observations and models v0.1.3 - add 04-GradientsCruiseData.jl - add opendap example - add CSV and DataFrames as dips - update dependencies - reorganize notebooks - slideshow
warren-bank warren-bank / Android-Image-Slideshow-Screensaver Java Android daydream/screensaver app to display images on local device as a slideshow v2.0.0
MasterToast10 MasterToast10 / str-templates TeX All LaTeX templates in Research for PSHS-CARC v2.1.0 Welcome to the unofficial LaTeX Research Paper Templates for PSHS-CARC! Read the for more information on usage and recommendations. # Release Notes - Better scientific names (adhere to
mattstratton mattstratton / castanet CSS A podcast-oriented theme for Hugo 1.2.3
umstek umstek / sampler TypeScript Generate elaborate random data instantly. v0.4.7
LyricWulf LyricWulf / Embers no-lang Issue board for Embers. Issues only. 1.0.4 Hello! This is the most stable release of Embers to date. Expect crashes to be rare from now on. ### Bugs - Fixed a critical bug that would crash Embers, literally always. #80 #82 - Fixed an
brucificus brucificus / html-antlr4-typescript TypeScript HTML lexer & parser written in TypeScript using ANTLR 4 & ANTLR4TS v0.2.6 # [v0.2.6]( (2020-04-04)
inker calipsa / eslint-config JavaScript Setup for ESLint v1.10.0 - update 166cbac
bcessa bcessa / echo-server Go Sample RPC server to test deployment requirements v0.1.1 Created directly from GH
irvinowens irvinowens / RotatingWallpaper Kotlin A simple Android app that will rotate a selection of wallpapers randomly every 24 hours 1.0.1 - Added open-source notice - Made the detail view WYSIWYG - Handled a bug that could leave empty files in the list - Ensured that start / stop rotation will appear on the detail screen - Cleaned u
Aniyue Aniyue / picture no-lang jsDeliver 2.0
srwaggon srwaggon / minecraft-roguelike Java This is a mod for minecraft that adds randomly generated dungeon complexes. v2.0.0 * Rooms property `type` has been renamed to 'frequency' * Rooms property `name` has been renamed to 'type' * Rooms have a new property, `spawnerId` * `spawnerId` refers to a DungeonSetting with a
cf-pe-bot pivotal / cloud-service-broker Go OSBAPI service broker that uses Terraform to provision and bind services. Derived from sb-0.1.0-rc.6-gcp-0.0.1-rc.44
Mettra Mettra / HitScoreVisualizerAudica C++ An audica mod to change the hit score text color based on how close the score is to max 1.1 Updated to work with the new version of the [Mod Loader]( Tweaked cutoff for the cyan value to 95%
faustbrian kodekeep / laravel-paddle PHP @PaddleHQ for @laravel 1.2.2 ### Added - `ClearPastDueTrials` command
ashutoshmimani Inspirock / spring-icu Java Provides the ICU4J's message formatting features, such as named arguments support, flexible plural formatting, rule based number format, date interval formats 0.2.5
kevinlul ProjectIgnis / windbot C# WindBot Ignite is an EDOPro-compatible C# bot. 20200403
yamelsenih erpcya / adempiere-gRPC-Server Java ADempiere gRPC Server example of integration rt-9.8
uvulpos uvulpos / gitea-installer Shell a simple bash installer for gitea! please check if you are using the latest Gitea download link before executing the script 2020.04.02.1 # Gitea Installer This is the first public version of this installer. So be careful and check the code! ## Contributor #### -- Owners(s) -- - [@uVulpos]( ## License
hrsetyono hrsetyono / wp-custy JavaScript This plugin adds variety options such as Typography and Color Picker to WP Customizer. 1.1.1
davidovic93 davidovic93 / adminpro CSS Este es un demo de una app spa admin para implementar en alcia v1.3.0 ## Sección 8 terminada 1. Promesas 2. Observables y pipes rxjs,filter,retry,map. 3. Breadcrumbs 4. Metatag, Title y Página actual.
Mettra Mettra / AudicaModLoader C++ A modloader for PC DLLs for Audica. 1.0 To use, download `winhttp.dll`, and place it in the same directory as `Audica.exe` and `GameAssembly.dll`. (Should be somewhere like `C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Audica`). Run `A
SDchao SDchao / AutoVsCEnv_WPF C# Simple Tool to configure C/C++ in VScode automatically V1.95 * 修复了蓝奏云随机sign导致无法解析链接 * 修复了蓝奏云注释sign对解析的干扰 国内网盘:**[蓝奏云](**
rajadain omenad / fonts Shell Fonts for writing Indian Classical Music 2.2.0 - Add Punjabi version of Bhatkhande font. [#21]( - Add User and Developer instructions to README. [#22](
ElXreno ElXreno / archlinux-bootia32 Shell bootia32.efi for Arch Linux (automated builds) ARCH_202004
minblock minblock / crtcoins C++ zero day coins v0.18.1 137 Million Coins 1337 Premine
hchiam hchiam / anonymous-input JavaScript Desktop app powered by Electron. For personal teaching use. 1.1.1 - more tests and updates
github-actions[bot] noborus / oviewer Go Modern terminal pager v0.0.3 ## Changelog b24c4b7 Add screenshot image
AlexanderBabansky AlexanderBabansky / OrientationRecorder C++ Records orientation (rotation) of Android device v0.1-beta
R-T-B R-T-B / EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements C# Visual enhancements including clouds, lights, etc. EVE build for KSP 19.x. Will not work on any earlier KSP versions. Merely a small patched build by R-T-B to work with 1.9 plumes, the rest of the work goes to the respective authors. What's changed
KeithMaxwellZ KeithMaxwellZ / FFXIVCraftingSim Java A simple Crafting Simulator for FFXIV expert recipes V1.5.9-S Fixed the issue that crafting info won't update in no GCD mode
Duckuk Duckuk / FileDeen C++ "It's like a zip file, but worse" v1.0 First release ヽ(・∀・)ノ
nor-ko-hi-jp nor-ko-hi-jp / stream-executor TypeScript functional stream programming library v1.0.2
Kansattica Kansattica / msync C++ Store and forward client and library for Mastodon-compatible servers. osxreleasetest Don't tell anyone, okay. ssssh
lilwhitemouse lilwhitemouse / RimWorld-LWM.DeepStorage C# A mod for the game RimWorld that has a set of Deep Storage Units that allow storing more than one item at a location. v1.1.0.6 Automatic compatibility with Project RimFactory
jtescher open-telemetry / opentelemetry-rust Rust OpenTelemetry API and SDK for Rust v0.4.0 ### Added - New async batch span processor - New stdout exporter - Add `trace_id` to `SpanBuilder` ### Changed - Add `attributes` to `Event`s. - Update `Span`'s `add_event` and `add_event_with
renatoGarcia renatoGarcia / icecream-cpp C++ 🍦 Sweet and creamy print debugging. C++ flavored. v0.3.0
R-T-B R-T-B / Scatterer C# Atmospheric scattering mod for KSP 1.40_055_RTBDEV_UR This is a bugfix update to the 1.0 release series of Scatterer. To install simply extract to your KSP install. What was changed / added since Unofficial Release 1.22? 1.) We have integrated blac
yamelsenih adempiere / LVE Java Localización de ADempiere para Venezuela rs-1.6
ffledgling ffledgling / dactyl-build no-lang Repository that builds and uploads XPIs for pentadacytl automatically v0.0.20200404
stephenyeargin stephenyeargin / hubot-grafana CoffeeScript 📈🤖 Query Grafana dashboards v2.3.4 * [Trivial] Add Husky hooks (b2bc0fa) * Merge pull request #123 from stephenyeargin/update-minimist-and-kind-of (59750e0) * Bump dependencies to address security alerts (a7b6131) * Merge pull request
bvaisvil bvaisvil / zenith Rust Zenith - sort of like top or htop but with zoom-able charts, network, and disk usage 0.8.1 # Bug Fixes - Fix panic on scrolling past end of process table after filtering - Refined path toggle ('p'), Issue #15 to behave more closely to that of htop.
github-actions[bot] average34 / eraVoiceroidA HTML ボイチェビキャラを監禁調教するゲーム v1.16 eraVoiceroidAの本体です。 下の「Assets」タブを開き、「」をダウンロードしてください。 更新箇所 〇COMF200.ERB など  ・新コマンド
Jakaria08 Jakaria08 / EESRGAN Python Small-Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images with End-to-End Edge-Enhanced GAN and Object Detector Network v1.0
angelsalvadordev angelsalvadordev / node-rest-server JavaScript Creacion de Rest Server en NODE JS v1.0.0 Iniciando proyecto REST SERVER
januwA januwA / flutter_note_app Dart 记事本 1.3.0 - 优化 ui - 迁移数据库,以前的备注可能会丢失
jaymehtasa jm-recipes / whats-cooking-today no-lang What's Cooking Today - Indian Recipes for daily cooking needs 3.0.0
shimingxy shimingxy / MaxKey Java MaxKey is Access Management System-Single Sign On(SSO). v.1.3GA 1、记住登录修复,RememberMe fix 2、应用账号配置修复 3、内部缓存使用改用ehcache,同时支持redis 4、社交账号登录使用JustAuth 1.14.0,支持更多的第三方
bmf-san bmf-san / gobel-api Go Gobel is headless cms built with golang. 1.0.1
katahiromz katahiromz / CustomHook C++ Customizable API hook program 1.3
88250 88250 / lute Go 🎼 一款对中文语境优化的 Markdown 引擎,支持 Go 和 JavaScript。 v1.2.7 * [列表支持渲染标记符属性]( * [类似超链接字符串前后自动空格改进](
Bun133 Bun133 / NobaMod no-lang [のばまんゲームス](のファンmodです V4.4 -のばかまど追加 -のばチェスト追加 -修正 アルミニウムピッケルのテクスチャが欠損していたため追加
oonqt oonqt / Emby.Notifications.Discord C# Emby plugin for Discord notifications ## What's new: * Changed plugin thumbnail (see plugin page) * Fixed media added notification sending for libraries that the configured user doesn't have access to * Added most translations for the
agapetry publishpress / PublishPress-Permissions-Pro PHP Advanced and flexible content permissions for WordPress. Includes Pro modules. v3.1.2 ### Change Log * Fixed : Status Control - for statuses with custom capabilities enabled, users with submission capabilities could also edit other user's posts of the same status * Fixed : Limited ed
github-actions[bot] mskelton / generator-mskelton JavaScript Yoeman generator for my projects. v1.7.0
alvarocastro alvarocastro / heapsort JavaScript Yet another implementation of heapsort in JavaScript aimed to be flexible, lightweight and fast. 1.0.4 - Updated readme.
code2828 code2828 / liboptions C++ C++ easy option parsing v0.1-gamma1.1 Fixed another part of segmentation fault issue, and fixed issue * [No.3]( stablize arrays
ricmoo ethers-io / ethers.js JavaScript Complete Ethereum library and wallet implementation in JavaScript. v5.0.0-beta.180 - Correctly return the Provider in NonceManager. ([6caf7c2]( - Fail earlier when resolving an ENS name that is n
kwinyyyc kwinyyyc / strapi-starter-react-blog JavaScript Strapi Starter React Blog 0.0.1
yamelsenih erpcya / Withholding Java Withholding Engine rs-1.4
diademoff diademoff / InformaticsNotebook C# Сборник задач по информатике 1.0.7
bbalganjjm bbalganjjm / natural_js JavaScript Natural-JS : Javascript Front-End Architecture Framework v0.88.394 ## Natural-UI v0.38.238 * N.grid : Fixed a bug where columns were not merged correctly when the rowSpan option was declared. ## Natural-CORE v0.18.26 * N.event.getMaxDuration : Fixed a bug that
HCLonely HCLonely / HTML 个人博客 1.1.8
KCarlile TanagraDev / tanagra Python Authoring framework for converting markdown into HTML, PDF, and EPUB books using Pandoc. 0.0.5 - Fixing unicode PDF compilation issue - Fixing file and directory cleanup on compile (both from cwd and output path)
JonathanILevi JonathanILevi / loopnum.d D A number which loops within a particular range, like a deg at 360, or a radian degree at Tau. Works for integrals and floating point numbers. v1.0.0-beta.1
nbey SlateFoundation / slate-connector-gsuite PHP Synchronize Users to GSuite, Create Calendar Events v0.0.3 fix: form validation (#3)
joneswan msdm-ust / proj_v_recom Jupyter Notebook Building a recommendation engine v1.0 First development version To be revised to enhance backend and frontend
rodrigodesouza rodrigodesouza / imagemupload PHP Pacote de upload de imagens para Laravel v1.1.14 Ajustes ao setar largura e altura da imagem por parametro
pzuraq glimmerjs / glimmer.js TypeScript Central repository for the Glimmer.js project v2.0.0-beta.5 #### :boom: Breaking Change * `@glimmer/blueprint`, `@glimmer/component`, `@glimmer/core`, `@glimmer/ssr`, `example-apps` * [#271]( [BUGFIX][BREAKING
blueboxd blueboxd / chromium-legacy no-lang Latest Chromium for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8 756501 Chromium: 84.0.4104.0 (Official Build) (64-bit) Revision: 44bdf4ba3d7a529c8bb8c903f6aa2d4f05b95040-refs/heads/master@{#756501}
EXL EXL / DigestBot JavaScript Telegram digest bot for group chats v1.0.7 Fourth and last release of the Telegram digest bot.
RecoX ao-libre / ao-cliente VBA Client for Argentum Online v0.13.29 * 02/04/2020: Subida de texto mas suave, sin depender de los fps. (FrankoH298) * 02/04/2020: Arreglado reconectar al logear, y setAlpha() en drawText. (FrankoH298) * 03/04/2020: Si no se puede desca
nexus-ci WFCD / warframe-patchlogs JavaScript 📃 All warframe patchlogs parsed to more usable JSON. Also lets you find all patchlogs for a specific item. v1.393.0 # [1.393.0]( (2020-04-04) ### Features * **patchlogs:** Add new patchlogs for April 04 2020. ([5921d94](
ksbeattie IDAES / examples-pse Jupyter Notebook Example Python code, Jupyter Notebooks, and other files for the IDAES PSE 1.5.0rc2 The IDAES examples release to correspond to the 1.5.0rc2 release of the IDAES-PSE framework
trustin trustin / sphinx-maven-plugin Java Maven site plugin that uses Sphinx sphinx-maven-plugin-2.8.0 - Added `useDoctreeCache` and `doctreeCacheDir` option to `SphinxMojo`, inspired by @firthl's contribution to [`sphinx-gradle-plugin`](
trustin trustin / sphinx-gradle-plugin Groovy Sphinx site generation plugin for Gradle sphinx-gradle-plugin-2.8.0 - Fixed a bug where the task fails to execute. #16 - Fixed a bug where the task properties are inaccessible. #17 Bumped the minor version to keep the version number in sync with [`sphinx-maven-plu
mil mil / idiotbox C (Fork) See: v0.0.1
martinellison martinellison / fanling Rust Fanling is a distributed note-taking system that is currently implemented on Linux PC and Android. It should alse be possible to build Fanling on Microsoft Windows and Apple PC platforms, and to write an iPhone port of the Android version. Status is: code uploaded, still under development 0.1.2 Another development release (alpha).
davidtran JSLancerTeam / react-google-flight-datepicker JavaScript React date picker inspired by Google Flight 0.1.8 - Support changing dates programmatically - Add highlight today props
AsioSir AsioSir / AsioBlogTheme-SimpleMemory CSS cnblog博客SimpleMemory样式美化 v2020.4.9 2020.4.7更新的版本,新增打赏,修改主题日间和夜间自动切换,新增公告,修复细节

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