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d1vanov d1vanov / quentier C++ Cross-platform desktop Evernote client continuous-development AppVeyor CI build log:
github-actions[bot] dnsge / chatterino2 C++ Chat client for github-latest-build 1 push 2 403aac19d25a1026b2ad21d5a4a73ef2565bd1e3 3 refs/heads/build/latest 4 Build 5 pajladacreate-release 6 dnsge
magicDGS magicDGS-gaming / retropie-emulationstation no-lang A Fork of Emulation Station for RetroPie. Emulation Station is a flexible emulator front-end supporting keyboardless navigation and custom system themes. continuous-master AppVeyor CI build log:
github-actions[bot] polserver / polserver C++ PenUltima Online (POL) is a MMO server, compatible with most Ultima Online clients. POL is customizable via configuration files and has its own scripting language (eScript). NightlyRelease
Linary hugegraph / hugegraph-loader Java HugeGraph Database data loader v0.11.1
github-actions[bot] mrc-ide / odin.dust R Compile odin to dust v0.1.2
Yogi1994 Yogi1994 / django-allauth Python Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication. 0.43.1 Replaced google button login with one tap
woutervanranst woutervanranst / TheGreatFollowUpper C# The Great FollowUpper is an Outlook plug in that enables you to do great follow up, by leveraging Outlook's native Flagging & Categories. v3.0
apolukhin apolukhin / magic_get C++ std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code 2.0.0 First Boost release of the library. Significant changes since version 1.0.x: * Removed the Flat reflection * Removed global_ops.hpp * `boost::pfr::ops::operator`* were changed to functions and move
danielpacak aquasecurity / starboard-lens-extension TypeScript Lens extension for viewing Starboard security information v0.0.1-alpha.1
ILDaviz ILDaviz / Extensions-extractor-Opencart-3.x PHP This module is used to extract all extensions present in opencart. Create a folder in the storage directory with all extensions inside. Very convenient for all developers who use this framework. 1.0.0 This module is used to extract all the extensions present in opencart. Create a folder in the storage directory with all extensions inside. Very convenient for all developers who use this framework.
heikohimu roboception / cvkit C++ Computer Vision Toolkit. cvkit is available for Linux as well as for Windows. It offers useful tools for viewing and analyzing images and 3d models. v2.2.1
EdJoPaTo EdJoPaTo / resilio-sync-nodejs-abstraction TypeScript Resilio Sync Abstraction v2.0.0 - feat: readonly config c178d67 - refactor(xo): adapt to new rules 97656c7 - chore(npm): update typescript dependencies 41823ca
LAzyOnline LAzyOnline / Android-PickerView Java This is a picker view for android , support linkage effect, timepicker and optionspicker.(时间选择器、省市区三级联动) v4.1.10-w
BennyKayer slakerZ / gamitude-docs TeX Documents Archive Archive docs from gamitdue 1.0
rotscher acend / prometheus-training-app Go Training app with features to support the labs in the Prometheus training. v0.0.1 Initial release of training app
LuisMMMTS FEUP-ESOF-2020-21 / open-cx-t1g5-esoflers Dart open-cx-t1g5-esoflers created by GitHub Classroom V0.1 Finished Iteration 1: -Design Mockups
github-actions[bot] shibin-cli / realworld CSS vue nuxt realword v0.0.1
hongquan AgriConnect / dj-static-revision Python Revision info for Django static file v0.4
laszlocph gimlet-io / gimlet-cli Go For a modular Gitops workflow tip
claudemamo smooks / smooks-csv-cartridge Java Smooks CSV Cartridge v2.0.0-M2 ## Release Notes * Upgraded to Smooks 2.0.0-M2 * Updated _com.opencsv:opencsv_ dependency to version 5.3 * Migrated to SAX NG API * Updated XML schema to use _smooks-2.0.xsd_ ## Binaries #
mondeja mondeja / potojson Python Pofile to JSON conversion without pain. v0.0.15 - Automated release upload to PyPI.
lindenbergresearch lindenbergresearch / mach-o-dump C Simple example of a Mach-O parser v0.1
Mqhir Mqhir / NaviCompass PHP PocketMine plugin that lets you transfer between your server network and worlds with a UI! 9.0
blakelead scalair / terraform-aws-efs HCL Terraform module to create an AWS EFS v1.3.0
stornado stornado / crypto-spring-boot-starter Java API Security starter for Spring Boot 0.0.1
pi0 nuxt-community / ngrok-module TypeScript ngrok exposes your localhost to the world for easy testing and sharing! No need to mess with DNS or deploy just to have others test out your changes 2.0.0
Mqhir Mqhir / RedstoneCircuit_PMMP-Plugin PHP This plugin makes the redstone circuit will work. 1.6
chennien chennien / no-lang Hearty Journal 1.0.37 v1.0.37 Published
veewee phpro / api-problem PHP RFC7807 Problem details implementation v1.4.0 Total issues resolved: **1** - [11: Add support for PHP80]( thanks to @veewee
zokioki zokioki / flatpickr-rails Ruby This gem packages flatpickr's assets for drop-in use in Rails applications v4.6.6.0
Praseetha-KR appknox / mfva Java the gangsta vulnerable android app 1.0.1
jniebuhr f0xdx / kafka-connect-wrap-smt Java Single Message Transform (SMT) to wrap key, record and meta data of kafka messages into a single struct. v0.2.0 The 0.2.0 release contains - Add support for header wrapping
tzununbekov tzununbekov / aws-custom-runtime Go Knative Function Using the AWS Lambda Runtime API v1.0.1
john-dot-oa Open-Attestation / document-store JavaScript Ethereum Smart Contract for OpenCerts Certificate Store v2.1.0 # [2.1.0]( (2020-11-27) ### Features * upgrade to solc 0.6.10 and added GsnCapableDocumentStore ([#76](https://gi
brusch pimcore / customer-data-framework PHP Customer Management Framework for management of customer data within Pimcore v2.6.0
tmaquart tmaquart / WEB_APP_SSA_ATAA JavaScript Statistical Shape Analysis (SSA) for Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (ATAA): This AI knows all ATAA geometries across the world. v1.0r0 First release of the WEB APP
github-actions[bot] clover-network / clover-wallet JavaScript The clover supported substrate wallet v0.1.0
developer-apimatic apimatic / apimatic-transformer-action Shell A GitHub action to transform your APIs to any of the supported formats by APIMatic Transformer v0.1 This is the first pre-release of the APIMATIC Transformer GitHub action that allows user to transform their API Specification to any of the supported formats by APIMATIC. The output is the URL to down
jesko-plitt Becklyn / translations-bundle PHP A bundle that extracts translations for usage in the frontend. 1.1.0 # 1.1.0 ## :gift: New Features * Add `LinkedTranslationBuilder` and `LinkedTranslationBuilderFactory`.
Linary hugegraph / hugegraph Java HugeGraph Database core component, including graph engine, API, and built-in backends v0.11.2 [HugeGraph 0.11.2 Release Notes](
popstas viasite / site-audit-seo JavaScript CLI tool for SEO site audit, crawl site, lighthouse each page. Output to console and tables in csv, xlsx, json, web or Google Drive. v3.3.0 ### Bug Fixes * outer_links: only http, not tel: mailto: etc. ([1d71579]( ### Features * --default-filter ([02b0129](
kreier kreier / T400 Python Robot car controlled by MicroPython v0.1 # Initial release `2020/02/11` ## Arduino C It starts a simple Wifi network "T401" with SSID "12345678". You can connect with your smartphone and control the robot car. In
vc-ci VirtoCommerce / vc-module-core C# Core module containing common eCommerce domain model and base abstractions 3.8.0 • do not create region for neutral culture (23233dd)<br />• Fix allow to understand two letter culture name for Language and Currency types (08fa575)
alkoumi alkoumi / laravel-hijri-date PHP Laravel package to Convert laravel date to our Amazing 💝 Hjri date {ummul qura and vice versa} . to look like [ الخميس ، ٢٢ ربيع الآخر ، ١٤٤١ - ٠٧:٤٩ مساءً] v1.0.4 Better Syntax and Documenting
kklmn kklmn / xrt Python Package xrt (XRayTracer) is a python software library for ray tracing and wave propagation in x-ray regime. It is primarily meant for modeling synchrotron sources, beamlines and beamline elements. 1.3.5 A bug fix release. See the version history at [RTFD](
bernarden bernarden / Ensure.Net C# Ensure.Net is a null checker library for .NET 2.4.0 Updated xml documentation for the publicly exposed functions. Library is now compiled with nullability feature on. Fixed return type on validation of Dictionary and other IEnumerables. Changed retu
sandrokeil event-engine / php-inspectio-graph PHP PHP Graph for InspectIO 0.2.0 - Remove Cody and GraphML because each is moved to an own repository
felixtsu felixtsu / pxt-summary TypeScript MakeCode 项目 v0.0.1
rejas Modernizr / Modernizr JavaScript Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser. v3.11.4
lemonsprite lemonsprite / Pustaka-Booking HTML Ini adalah aplikasi web yang dibuat berdasarkan modul materi Web Programming II Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, dengan menggunakan framework Codeigniter 3. P10 Paket rilis Aplikasi Pustaka Booking, Modul Web Programming UBSI.
konvergence konvergence / logstash-shuttle Dockerfile logstash for Shuttle logs 2.7
riasvdv spatie / laravel-rate-limited-job-middleware PHP A job middleware to rate limit jobs 1.5.0 ## 1.5.0 - 2020-11-27 - add support for PHP 8
radiohead speechly / react-ui TypeScript A collection of React components for Speechly-powered applications v1.0.0 Initial public release
elemental-lf elemental-lf / benji Python Benji Backup: A block based deduplicating backup software for Ceph RBD images, iSCSI targets, image files and block devices v0.13.0 * Fix Helm chart repo URLs because of Helm chart repostitory deprecation (see for more information)
mrclksr2409 mrclksr2409 / PTC-Preisliste PHP Preislisten Plugin 0.3.1
AndrewHaine WithCandour / statamic-aardvark-seo PHP Candour's SEO addon for Statamic 2.0.0 - [new] Full compatibility with Statamic V3 - [break] This will not work in Statamic V2 (for that code please see the `v1` branch
keepscoin keepscoin / keepscoin C++ keepscoin * Fix Crash Wallet * Spam block Patch * protocol update * reward change * recommended update * connection fix * Static Version Wallet
zurek11 zurek11 / porcupine-python Python Hi. I am a fucking porcupine 🦔. I am here to serialize your responses 💪. 0.3.0 - 🦦 Implemented possibility to add custom arguments to serializers. - 🦦 Pydantic version requirement changed from `1.4.*` to `1.7.*`.
claudemamo smooks / smooks-rules-cartridge Java Smooks Rules Cartridge v2.0.0-M2 ## Release Notes * Upgraded _org.smooks:smooks-core_ dependency to 2.0.0-M2 * Updated _org.apache.commons:commons-lang3_ dependency to 3.11 * Updated _com.opencsv:opencsv_ dependency to 5.3 * Up
fnattino eEcoLiDAR / Laserfarm Python Laserchicken Framework for Applications in Research in Macro-ecology v0.1.2 A method for setting up multiple custom features is added to the data processing pipeline.
m0skit0 m0skit0 / hms-sdk-unity C# Unity C# wrapper SDK for Huawei Mobile Services kits. 3.0.0-beta-02-2019
github-actions[bot] itsmeow / whisperwoods Java Minecraft mod for Spooky Jam adding a few fearsome forest critters alpha-1.15.2-
xNetcat xNetcat / audio-to-text Python Simple python script that converts audio to text and saves it to a file thanks to speech_recognition library 1.0.0 It works
ansrivas ansrivas / fiberprometheus Go prometheus middleware for Fiber v2.0.1
aokurdi aokurdi / ncurses-example C a simple c program using curses lib v1.0
the96 the96 / vscode-perl TypeScript Perl code intelligence via Ctags for Visual Studio Code 1.18.1 # Definition source jump was improved a little. ### Previous version This function don't check module name. ### This version This function became checking module name! (But `Foo::Bar->
SalmanCorleone SalmanCorleone / react-native-block TypeScript A handy customizable view component for React Native. v0.0.1
kanyways kanyways / rdm no-lang Redis Desktop Manager 2020.6 同步作者修改 最新的软件更名为RDM,如采用安装方式需要卸载软件后再安装。 Synchronize author changes The latest software is renamed RDM. If the installation method i
petrbela react-native-google-cast / react-native-google-cast Java React Native wrapper for the Google Cast SDK v4.0.0-beta.3 # [4.0.0-beta.3]( (2020-11-27)
A-Dolah A-Dolah / systemized-styling.css CSS An NPM package for systemized styling. v1.0.3
mysmarthub mysmarthub / wellory_task Python Проверка файлов json схемами schema v0.0.2a Проверка файлов json схемами schema
github-actions[bot] dwp / dataworks-corporate-storage-coalescence Python Coalesces corporate storage files into larger objects 0.0.1
mparker2 bartongroup / differr_nanopore_DRS Python Scripts for identifying sites with differential error rates in mapped nanopore DRS data 0.2 Improved parallelisation
github-actions[bot] tihmstar / img4tool C++ A tool for manipulating IMG4, IM4M and IM4P files 195
RobTillaart RobTillaart / BH1750FVI_RT C++ Arduino library for BH1750FVI (GY-30) Lux sensor 0.2.4 + Fixed #10 _sensitivityFactor for ESP32 + removed warning/error from examples.
afeiship afeiship / ushell-module-nodejs Shell Unix like shell module for nodejs. 1.0.4 * fix: nj/njn (5a386c2) * fix: nrrv (d5759d7) * feat: add nrrv --only-version for release it (747fe34) * add: nrci (415e3bd) * chore: jswork scope (b43a032) * add: ni7 (cee3bf7) * add: npv (56321ac) *
AzadKshitij AzadKshitij / Triger C++ The engine to make any graphic software mostly Games 0.0.01 Just a state panel and a View port and a panel to change color of a quad.
phrawzty phrawzty / AudioAddict.bundle Python Plex channel plugin for AudioAddict (,, etc.) 0.8.0 * Enable * Add server icons (thanks @Danfocus!) * Clean up README a bit
kartben kartben / thethingsstack-on-azure Shell Instructions and deployment scripts for setting up a LoRaWAN network server on Azure cloud, using the Things Stack. v0.1.1 Changelog: - Update The Things Stack 3.10.1 - Open TCP ports 8882 and 8883 - Improve documentation
artbear oscript-library / fs 1C Enterprise Часто используемые операции по работе с файловой системой v1.1.0 #20 // Дополнение к методу ОбъединитьПути // - разделители пути приводятся к единому разделителю, которые акту
TinoDidriksen apertium / apertium-get Shell Download and configure an Apertium language pair (along with its monolingual deps) for development v1.0.0
l0rn ctrlaltcoop / certbot-dns-hetzner Python Certbot plugin enabling dns-01 challenge on the Hetzner DNS API v1.0.5 *Fixes* * Update Readme to omit deprecated plugin prefix * Pin parsedatetime only for python <3.0, thanks @ml-w
buddekai SFB-ELAINE / cellPixels R R package for statistics of fluorescence microscopy images v0.1.0
Einsteins Einsteins / laser_based_localization Python This project introduces a novel localization algorithm mainly based on Lidars (Light detection and ranging) to solve the localization problem of a multi robots system. bigfile
yu1tiao yu1tiao / LiteAdapter Kotlin Powerful Adapter for RecyclerView 1.1.4 1.1.4
mrspaz mrspaz / wow_vulpetter Lua Auto-pet your little Vulpera friends in WoW! 1.0 Zipped folder for placement in WoW add-ons directory.
maheshtambe oneconvergence / dkube-helm Smarty Repository to host dkube helm charts dkube-deployer-0.1.0 A Helm chart for Dkube product installation on kubernetes platform
ojst60 ojst60 / Portfolio HTML My portfolio website 1.5 New update tesing
github-actions[bot] cognitedata / jetfire-cli C# Command-line interface for Jetfire/Transformations release/1.1.1
yzen-dev yzen-dev / validator-xsd PHP ValidatorXSD is a facade over DOMDocument that will allow you to more conveniently validate your XML file. v0.0.1
blattgoldowo blattgoldowo / Snake-game C++ Terminal based Snake game for linux made using the ncurses library 1.0 this is the game.
henkmollema webenablebv / Hangfire.Contrib C# Useful and opinionated set of ASP.NET Core integration extensions for Hangfire. v3.0.1 Update packages
henkmollema webenablebv / FeatureToggles C# Simple feature toggles implementation for ASP.NET Core. v0.1.2 Update packages
mboyamike mboyamike / flutter_concept_shop Dart A demo for a shop that sells shoes, made using the flutter framework v-0.0.1 A downloadable apk to show the current state of the mobile application
c-seeger Virtomize / mail2most Go watch emails and send them to mattermost 1.11.4 - added option to enable the use of local generated uuids for messages instead of server id's
bcebere OpenMined / PSI C++ Private Set Intersection Cardinality protocol based on ECDH and Bloom Filters c0.3.2
kugimiya codeleaf-sdk / core TypeScript SDK Core Layer 1.0.5 Codebase is 1.0.4, but npm registry contains 1.0.5
olovy libris / marcexportgui Java The web-ui for editing libris (marc) export profiles. 1.20.0
wilsam239 wilsam239 / Cling-Wrap C++ This app aims to provide a workaround for using Hekate and Tinfoil on the same Switch Console without having to remove Hekate. v1.0.2 # Also available as a [Tesla Overlay]( # # Changes # Latest Tinfoil now checks for the string `bootloader` in folder names, so the r
PotatoSoKawaii PotatoSoKawaii / p43s-ubuntu-disablegpu no-lang Lenovo Thinkpad P43s running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Disabled Discrete GPU FINAL
MrMusic JoomGalleryfriends / JoomGallery PHP A native image gallery component for Joomla! v.3.5.0
ReinerBforartists Bforartists / Manual no-lang The Bforartists Manual v2.6.0 This is the reference manual for Bforartists 2 version 2.6.0. The source code files contains the editable odt files. Bforartists is a fork of the popular 3D software Blender. With the goal to impro
olovy libris / lxlviewer Vue LIBRISXL Viewer 1.20.0
hofry hofry / jenkins-action JavaScript Github action to trigger an on-prem jenkins buildWithParameters v1.2
KelSolaar colour-science / colour Python Colour Science for Python v0.3.16 [Colour 0.3.16 - Alpha Milestone]( This release integrates all the GSoC work from Pawel (@enneract), most of the code from Nish
dkaoster dkaoster / rollup-generate-image-sizes JavaScript Automatically generate multiple sizes of images using rollup. 0.0.1
gititcp gititcp / BuryPoint Java 埋点库 1.0.5 迁库 修改内部引用
thedeadfish59 thedeadfish59 / OnePlusBulletWireless2-Viper no-lang Viper4Android Profile for Bullet Wireless 2 -Added SonyClearBass convolver -Optimized sound values to get crisp sound on bw2
github-actions[bot] Zettlr / Zettlr JavaScript A Markdown Editor for the 21st century. 1.8.0 This release brings to you a whole new Zettlr experience – we have fixed so many things the changelog will keep you scrolling for quite some time! This also means that Zettlr 1.8 demarcates a quantu
github-actions[bot] nicmart / Tree PHP A basic but flexible tree data structure for php and a fluent tree builder implementation. 0.3.1
ozumin ozumin / SwiftUIRefresh Swift Pull To Refresh for SwiftUI lists 0.0.4 ScrollViewReader can be used with this release
labudzinski BrandOriented / knp-components PHP Various component pack, includes paginator php-8
AndroidIosWebEmbeddedFirmwareDver AndroidIosWebEmbeddedFirmwareDver / slairportxh no-lang 双流机场智慧地服一键销号程序(内部使用) 1.0.0 macOs
tomlankhorst tomlankhorst / hangouts-chat PHP Google Hangouts Chat Notifications 1.0.0
Rawkush Rawkush / JavaScript my portfolio 0.0.1 First working state, not much robust, not good UI/UX
lgw1995 lgw1995 / Goasm-RAT Go 💻 A simple Windows console remote administration tool written in Go & Microsoft Assembly. It supports remote shell and screenshot now. v1.0.0-beta ***Goasm-RAT*** is a simple **Windows** console remote administration tool, written in *Go* and *Microsoft Assembly*. It supports remote *shell* and *screenshot* now.
APaikens APaikens / HtUserRegistration PHP A Zend Framework 2 module which extends the registration feature of ZfcUser with email address verification 1.0.0
swarupbhanjachowdhury swarupbhanjachowdhury / Magin-8-Ball---Flutter no-lang RAndom Magic 8 Ball Learnng from - v1.0 1.0 Final release for Magic 8 Ball Flutter Application
KunLibertad KunLibertad / NetOfHorrorSTD no-lang Net of horror is a event / enemy editor for World of Horror v0.20 NetOfHorror v0.20 Changes +Added support for Drag and drop #Improvment: Now you can preview the event options (Success and failure) #Fixed: while saving an event and wanted to create the "
CSharpRU CSharpRU / vault-php PHP Best Vault client for PHP that you can find 4.2.0
tbr-sparklane Sparklane / checkup Go Distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages v1.3.0
zhongxunking zhongxunking / configcenter Java configcenter(配置中心):存储管理各个系统在不同环境中的配置,降低配置维护成本。具备配置发布回滚能力、配置更新实时推送能力、配置灰度发布能力、客户端配置缓存能力、对敏感配置设置访问权限能力。使用http协议进行通信,可支持多语言。部署简单、页面操作简洁、运维成本低。后台逻辑简单(代码量不超过7千行),让你能够hold得住! v1.6.2 升级如下: 1、configcenter-spring-boot-starter修复未配置spring.application.name时,配置变更后@Value和@ConfigurationPropeties未自动刷新 2、configcenter-client修复不存在
liambob77 liambob77 / dotfiles Python dotfiles for bash git & hg 0.1
JojoStacy JojoStacy / NewsTicker no-lang News Ticker is a widget, that shows scrolling text running from right to left across the screen. 1.0.0
prayogi-id prayogi-id / Asrock-B460M-Pro4 no-lang Asrock B460M Pro4 Intel Core i3 10100F Hackintosh OC-0.6.3
github-actions[bot] fujiwara / maprobe Go Mackerel external probe agent v0.4.0
macleen macleen / JS-LightWeight JavaScript a light weight javascript library functionality with a storage engine manipulation and async pipeline implementation 1.0.0 First release for public contribution
genavarov genavarov / brcoin C++ BRCoin
myussufz myussufz / kubemq-go Go go library for kubemq server v1.4.5
vikulin yggdrasil-network / yggdrasil-android Kotlin The application for connecting to Yggdrasil network on Android v1.5 1. Fixed yggdrasil-network#19 issue (app crash after networks switch). 2. Upgrade yggdrasil core to 0.3.15 3. Added About app screen
jakubpolomsky qenta-cee / magento2-qcp PHP QENTA Checkout Page extension for Magento 2 2.0.0 - add compatibility with Magento 2.3.x and 2.4.x - add compatibility with PHP 7.3+ **NOTICE This extension is not compatible with the previous anymore. Keep in mind, that you have to deactivate an
Androz2091 Androz2091 / node-ecole-directe JavaScript Connexion à école directe sans passer par l'interface web! v1.1.0 ## Changements * Suppression du support des comptes `Famille`. (7793962) * Ajout de la fonction `fetchCahierDeTexteJour()` pour récupérer le cahier de texte d'une date spécifique. (7793962
eldiablo-1226 eldiablo-1226 / Youtube-DL-NET C# UI Youtube Downloader 1.5
timdegroote teamleadercrm / ui-visuals JavaScript 🎡 Illustrations used in the Teamleader application(s), both as SVG and matching React-based implementation. v0.0.34 ### Added - 60x60 Folder illustration - 60x60 Contacts illustration - 60x60 Timesheets illustration - 60x60 Handshake illustration - 60x60 Payments illustration - 60x60 Planning illustration
eyck Minres / SCViewer Java A lightweight tool to visualize VCD and transaction traces 2.10.0 Change window layout
cornmonster aliyun / aliyun-odps-jdbc Java JDBC Driver for ODPS v3.2.8
Rodrogamby Rodrogamby / void-barrier Java Minecraft Plugin made with SpigotAPI to prevent players from falling into the void. v0.1 Provides a basic anti-void protection for players. Pending: -Permission to allow override -Mob protection -Toggle ability
czs108 czs108 / Goasm-RAT Go 💻 A simple Windows console remote administration tool written in Go & Microsoft Assembly. It supports remote shell and screenshot now. v1.0.0-beta ***Goasm-RAT*** is a simple **Windows** console remote administration tool, written in *Go* and *Microsoft Assembly*. It supports remote *shell* and *screenshot* now.
github-actions[bot] TheLogicMaster / robot-recharge JavaScript A LibGDX programming puzzle game. v0.1
Vaqtincha Vaqtincha / ReGameDLL_CS C++ :hammer: Reverse-engineered gamedll (CS 1.6 / CZero) 1.0.56
haijian-vaadin vaadin / spring Java Spring integration for Vaadin 15.0.0 This is a release version for the Vaadin Spring add-on, built on Flow 5.0.0, targeted for Vaadin 18. It is tested with Spring Boot version 2.4.0 but works with 2.2 and 2.3 too. There are no notable
joente thingsdb / python-thingsdb Python Python client for communication with ThingsDB v0.6.19 * Changed re-connect behavior, issue #28.
Golemstorm Golemstorm / auto-jira-worklog Python jira自动填工时 0.01 sample excel
ganeryao ganeryao / linking-go-agile Go 零境网络golang-快速开发框架 1.0.0
santikka santikka / causaleffect R causaleffect: R package for identifying causal effects. v1.3.11 causaleffect package now on GitHub.
WhiteVermouth WhiteVermouth / intellij-investor-dashboard Kotlin Stock quote dashboard inside JetBrains IDEs v1.0.0 ## Changes: * 0cacb2fd8758fc9cdb938168ec937054df950f9b :zap: Refine UI and add actions * 48cde9283d59fd8e3eb698d2c127ad7247595e4a :zap: Refine UI and revert version number to 1.0.0 * ce14d543a46715
monkindey ahooksjs / useTable TypeScript A Progressive Solution for Query Table Scene v0.1.4 use-adapt-plugin deAdaptParams 使用的 params 改成 ctx.params,不然用户自定义 ctx.params 最后会导致参数丢失
nicolaferraro apache / camel-k Go Apache Camel K is a lightweight integration platform, born on Kubernetes, with serverless superpowers v1.2.1 # Release Notes ## Bug Fixes - KameletBinding can be used to push/pull data from Knative broker ([#1780](, [@nicolaferraro](
github-actions[bot] Djaler / esbuild-loader no-lang ⚡️ Speed up your Webpack build with esbuild v2.5.0 # [2.5.0]( (2020-11-27) ### Bug Fixes * indicate next as alpha prerelease ([9267bf7](
kapiltez Tezsure / Tezster-CLI JavaScript A complete testing setup to build, deploy and interact with smart contracts and decentralised applications on Tezos. 0.3.0 ## New features: - Delphinet protocol support - Inbuilt delphi sandboxed nodes ## Known Errors: - Require root access while installing npm package. (append ***--unsafe*** along with the command
crowdbotics-apps crowdbotics-apps / msm-mobile-271156-d-15791 JavaScript This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics build_2
benlye OctoPrint / OctoPrint-FirmwareUpdater Python OctoPrint plugin for flashing pre-compiled firmware images to a 3D printer. 1.7.1 Adds advanced option for sending gcode commands to the printer before updating the firmware. Can be used to dismount the USB/SD card media by sending `M22` prior to initiating the firmware update.
santikka santikka / dosearch C++ dosearch: R package for identifying general causal queries. v1.0.6 First release where all search logic is complete, and the search terminates properly without carrying out excess derivations.
athivvat athivvat / redux-saga JavaScript Redux Saga Tutorial v1
ouafnico ouafnico / mattermost-docker Shell Dockerfile for mattermost in production 5d4e885
github-actions[bot] mathildegui / pokeML Kotlin Pokedex with Pokemon machine learning detection $VERSION_NAME Changes in this Release
andmor- clarin-eric / switchboard Java The Switchboard: a web application serving as a broker between data sets and data processing/analysis tools. 0.0.0-test Test upload release package for release created via github web gui
Xander10alpha Xander10alpha / AICs-Xander10alpha no-lang Meine AICs für Stronghold Crusader v1.0 # English: I present you my improved AI for Stronghold Crusader! It has a much improved behavior and can be a real challenge for the player. No matter if Crusader march or PvE she can keep up very we
sys16384 sys16384 / simple-datamaker Python A simple datamaker for OI/ACM problems. v1.0.0 适用于Windows 64位平台的release版本 []( 适用于全平台
hbulens dimenics / windows-directory C# Wrapper around the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace. v1.0.0 Port from Dime.Scheduler.
danaki danaki / doctrine-enum-type-bundle PHP Bundle for Doctrine Enum Type 0.2.2
fabpot symfony / symfony-standard PHP The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution v3.4.47 **Changelog** ( * [PR]
hustodemon hustodemon / strutstestcase-uyuni Java Fork of strutstestcase compatible with jUnit 5 v.0.0.1-alpha
fcjr fcjr / go-rpi-rgb-led-matrix Go Go binding for rpi-rgb-led-matrix an excellent C++ library to control RGB LED displays with Raspberry Pi GPIO. 0.1.0
Semtexcz Narodni-repozitar / nr-events Python Data model for events related records 1.0.0a6
dhaavi safing / portmaster-ui Go User Interfaces for the Portmaster assets-v0.2.1 Changelog assets-v0.2.1: ac4c235eec34fedb00026b0ed69de09944e50dd5 Add roboto-slimfix.css and use it on Windows only
RogerSelwyn RogerSelwyn / skyq_remote Python Python module for accessing SkyQ box and EPG, and sending commands 0.2.33 To be auto generated
grillo78 Heroes-United / geckolib Java GeckoLib is an animation engine for Minecraft Mods, with support for complex 3D keyframe-based animations. Available for Forge and Fabric. 3.0.0-HU
adam-fowler adam-fowler / ssg Swift Static site generation using swift 0.1.0
laukvik navikt / sporenstreks-frontend TypeScript Frontend for sporenstreks applikasjonen prod/2020-11-27
borlano borlano / api-xml PHP PHP class for RBS360 API 0.0.1 some fixes
fiisch bcvsolutions / tomcat-docker Shell Apache Tomcat Docker 8.5.60-r0 Image with Tomcat 8.5.60 on Java 11 (openjdk). Resulting docker image is bcv-tomcat:8.5.60-r0. **Changes** * Tomcat version upgrade. [#2587]( * OpenJDK
NimbleWing NimbleWing / fetch-github-repo JavaScript Download and extract a GitHub repository from node. v1.0.1 ## [1.0.1]( (2020-11-27) ### Bug Fixes * **Readme:** add badges ([460aeb7](
simonwallstrom getanewsletter / wp-get-a-newsletter PHP Get a Newsletter's Wordpress plugin used by our customers to collect subscribers v3.0.3 "Active PHP session detected"-warning is now fixed
kainonly kainonly / think-elastic PHP ThinkPHP Elasticsearch 扩展 1.7
kainonly kainonly / think-redis PHP Think Redis 扩展 1.7
simonvh vanheeringen-lab / scepia Jupyter Notebook Single Cell Epigenome-based Inference of Activity 0.5.0 Changes: * New references (mouse H3K27ac, human hematopoietic H3K27ac from BLUEPRINT, human and mouse based on tissue/organ scATAC-seq ). * Methods to create custom reference sets, or add addition
kainonly kainonly / think-amqp PHP Think RabbitMQ 消息队列 AMQP 操作类 1.4
RuiJie-Mr RuiJie-Mr / moyu Go 一个摸鱼小说应用 v1
lvrfrc87 lvrfrc87 / git-acp-ansible Python git_acp (add/commit/push) installer for Ansible v1.1.1
Fry-James Fry-James / Work-Detective C# Программный продукт позволяющий отслеживать работу сотрудников во время дистанционного режима работы 0.5
bjmiller ModaOperandi / icons JavaScript Iconography packaged as React components v5.5.0 # [5.5.0]( (2020-11-27) ### Features * upgraded dependencies ([1f722ff](
umbrella22 umbrella22 / electron-vue-template JavaScript An Electron & Vue.js quick start 0.1.1-8.5.3
angelomelonas angelomelonas / vue-scroll-snap Vue A super simple Vue component that allows fullscreen and horizontal scroll snapping. 1.9.10 Updated dependencies.
NebelNidas Cicero-Interactive / Classic-YouTube-Design JavaScript Recreates the classic YouTube experience within the new polymer layout. 0.2.0pre2 - Fix some issues on home page
iensu iensu / emacs-config Emacs Lisp My Emacs configuration file v3 Moving back to a modularized setup, removing the added complexity org-mode tangling
sungbin5304 sungbin5304 / HyunnieServer Kotlin HyunnieServer official application alpha-0.1 # NOT WORKING APPLICATION ## JUST MAIN PAGE DESIGN PREVIEW APPLICATION
Numax-cz Numax-cz / napicu-zeman HTML Odpočet konec pana Miloše Zemana 1.0.0
akaipham ordoclic / compagnon no-lang Repository de release pour le compagnon Ordoclic v2.8.0
blakelead scalair / terraform-aws-sns HCL Terraform module for creating SNS topics and subscriptions v0.3.1
riasvdv spatie / laravel-model-cleanup PHP Clean up unneeded records 3.2.0 3.2.0 - 2020-09-08 - add support for PHP 8
curantes curantes / haproxy-prometheus Roff HAproxy rpm with with native prometheus support 2.2.3
SoulCollecter SoulCollecter / SoulCollecter C# Soul Collecter 1.0 SoulCollecter1.0_x86
MiroChao MiroChao / pxt-Grove-One TypeScript Grove One extension for micro:bit v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] jlehtimaki / drone-exporter Go Drone exporter is meant to push Drone build data to DB like InfluxDB v0.1.0 ## Changelog fef8df7 Added gitignore 5835118 Added gitignored files c4d673a Bug fix 3090c61 Bug fix on buildStatus 8996194 Changed folder structure 008b0f7 Fixed precision to ms instead of us f9f14
ferarias ferarias / win10_emulation_station PowerShell Emulation Station for Windows 10 v2.0.0-rc1 Avoid the use of chocolatey and the requirement of administrative privileges Added portable parameter
aligokdemir Trendyol / android-ui-components Kotlin Useful UI Components for Android Projects. cardInputView-1.1.1 Bug fix is done for card input view. Chain style changed for textViewCardExpiryMonth
koaning RasaHQ / breakoutbot Python A text based adventure game built with Rasa. S4
NielsCorneille Moovly / moovly-php-sdk PHP PHP SDK for the Moovly API 1.2.6
pelyib DoclerLabs / api-client-generator PHP API client generator is a console application capable of generating an API client based on OpenAPI(Swagger) specification. 3.2.1
kkdai line / line-bot-sdk-go Go LINE Messaging API SDK for Go v7.7.0 Support Redelivery object for narrowcast messages #242 (hinoguma) Messaging API - October 2020 update - Add API for set webhook endpointURL #233 #241 (hinoguma) Messaging API - October 2020 update -
faustbrian ArkEcosystem / laravel-commonmark PHP CommonMark for Laravel. Powered by league/commonmark. 1.0.1
inutano inutano / cwl-log-generator Ruby Generate JSON log from cwltool debug output, docker ps, etc. 0.2.0 - support the new format of cwltool log output
isalcahya defteams / wpic-impact PHP A PHP Framework for lite project or essay project v1.0
stulzq stulzq / dotnet-cnblogs-tool C# 博客园文章快捷发布工具 v1.4.0 重构代码,使用 .NET 5
maxwg maxwg / RageSaber C# What if Beatsaber scoring was based on how hard you hit the notes? A mod made of sheer quarantine boredom and need to exercise. 1.11.0 Release for BeatSaber 1.11.1 -- Probably works on 1.13.0 too but not tested.
supermonkeyz supermonkeyz / rollup-plugin-svg-to-vue JavaScript A rollup-plugin roll svg files to vue3 components v1.0.0 base on @vue/compiler-sfc 3.0.3
dlax dalibo / pg_activity Python pg_activity is a top like application for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring. v2.0.0a1 Change log: * Require Python >= 3.6 (#145) * Rewrite the UI, clean up many things (#145) * Add type hints, checked with mypy (#145) * Add tests, run with Python 3.6 to 3.9 in Travis-CI (#145)
thegulshankumar thegulshankumar / forget-spam-comment PHP A lightweight and privacy-friendly plugin to prevent spam comment in the default commenting system of WordPress. 1.0.2 * Added hint for purging cache upon plugin activation * Added support links * Performance optimization
boajer oat-sa / extension-tao-booklet PHP An extension for TAO to create test booklets (publishable in MS-Word and PDF along with Answer Sheets) v2.1.1
shahoob shahoob / todowork TypeScript A todo framework 2.0.0 # Breaking changes ## Removed functions 1. `add()` 2. `remove()` They had a scoping problem, Because: ```javascript this !== TodoList ``` `clear()` had also the same problem but has
riasvdv spatie / laravel-json-api-paginate PHP A paginator that plays nice with the JSON API spec 1.10.0 1.10.0 - 2020-11-27 - Add PHP 8 support - Drop support for Laravel 5.8
pjrobin burkhard154 / makestudio Pascal Setup your Delphi Environment very easily - build your projects with more comfort V4.1.3.1 - Bug fixes - Added: allow to make correction of an item without having to reenter the path - Delphi Sydney 10.4.1
APaikens APaikens / ZfcAdmin PHP Admin interface for Zend Framework 2 modules - ZfcAdmin is a ZF-Commons initiative. 2.0.0
dangeredwolf dangeredwolf / ModernDeckEnterprise no-lang Information about using ModernDeck, the powerful and beautiful Twitter client, in your business environment. v9.0.0 Introducing ModernDeck Enterprise, a SKU of ModernDeck designed for mass deployment in organizations * Added Enterprise configuration for Windo
asrx asrx / go-fedex-api-wrapper Go fedex webservice v1.0.0
TheAirBlow TheAirBlow / untitled-server C# Untitled Sandbox Server latest
gititcp gititcp / GeneralPay Java 通用支付 1.0.1
ghost1372 HandyOrg / HandyWinGet-GUI C# GUI for installing apps through WinGet and Creating Yaml file v2.0.0-beta - No need for winget cli - No need for Windows 10 (Older versions of Windows are supported (If .NET 5 is supported on Windows, HandyWinget is also supported) - Not completed yet) - Support Internal
Tenpi Tenpi / soundcloud-extension JavaScript Chrome extension for downloading Soundcloud tracks. 0.1.6 You can load this as an unpacked extension in Chrome/Firefox using the following zip file. In Chrome you get an error in `manifest.json` because it doesn't support `browser_specific_settings`, bu
fantongxue666 fantongxue666 / Rain Java Rain平台,由多个模块集成的且成熟的系统平台,为开发者打造一套易上手,易配置,即插即用的后台管理系统架构 V1.0.1 集成了Rain-Excel模块(v1.2),Rain-Shiro安全模块(v2.3)
a358003542 a358003542 / renshengdezhihui TeX 人生的智慧 0.1.0
github-actions[bot] ericpre / hyperspy Python Multidimensional data analysis v1.6.1.dev0
github-actions[bot] kazeburo / git-version-next Go git-version-next increments version (git tag) numbers simply v0.0.1 ## Changelog bb81e0b github actions 51e8fb7 first commit
Max-Cheng Max-Cheng / Magic-Stick-Creator Go A corss-plantform tool for hackintosh user&creator v1.0.0
riasvdv spatie / laravel-feed PHP Easily generate RSS feeds 3.1.0 ## 3.1.0 - 2020-11-27 - Add support for PHP 8
Atrate Atrate / LibgenCheck JavaScript Read-only mirror from GitLab. A simple Node.js script designed to check whether books in your collection exist on Library Genesis or not. v0.5.0 This is the initial release of libgencheck.
dhbhrl dhbhrl / ImagePicker Kotlin A friendly UI library that allows you to select images from the device library or directly from the camera.
atoulme apache / incubator-tuweni Java Apache Tuweni is a set of libraries and other tools to aid development of blockchain and other decentralized software in Java and other JVM languages. It includes a low-level bytes library, serialization and deserialization codecs (e.g. RLP), various cryptography functions and primatives, and lots of other helpful utilities. v1.3.0-incubating * Update to support Sodium 1.0.18 ( * Base58 encoding support ( * eth65 support (https://githu
FrankPfattheicher FrankPfattheicher / RevolutionPi C# .NET support libraries for data exchange with RevPi I/O-Modules and Gateways Nov2020 PiTest.Core compiled for netcoreapp3.1 and published as self-contained single-file. Command line used: dotnet publish PiTest.Core/PiTest.Core.csproj -c Debug -r linux-arm /p:PublishSingleFile=
miyako miyako / 4d-plugin-apple-window-title-bar C Make window content view display behind title bar 1.0.0
lizhuoyuan OpenFlutter / flutter_screenutil Dart Flutter screen adaptation, font adaptation, get screen information 4.0.0-beta 4.0.0beta example apk. Welcome to test
isaeken isaeken / jquery.context-menu JavaScript jQuery based context menus be like Material Design. 1.0.0
aparajita aparajita / ws-capacitor-native-decorator TypeScript @native decorator for Capacitor that revolutionizes the way we write and call plugins v1.0.1 This release is production-ready. I'm using it in multiple plugins and it works like a charm. Hope you enjoy it!
therajanmaurya therajanmaurya / sweet-play-update Kotlin Project development moved to Please follow MiKashBoks for future updates 1.5.0 What's New - Add Layout Background dynamically
kingback kingback / nice-lib-demo3 JavaScript nice-lib-demo3 v1.2.0 ### Features * ddd ([2602e92]( * ddd ([736ea55](
ttntm ttntm / watchlist Vue Movie watchlist and journal app built with Vue 3 and Fauna DB. Contact for invites. v1.0.0 Contains all features initially planned; deployed and ready to use.
tor-stangeland-bouvet tor-stangeland-bouvet / create-release-with-actions no-lang Simple setup for performing a build and creating a draft release with GitHub actions. v0.1
sookcha ridi / cms-sdk PHP Ridibooks CMS SDK 3.1
jbygdell neicnordic / sda-s3proxy Go S3 Upload Proxy v0.1.3 Uses passive exchange declaration for the broker connection.
manatsu525 manatsu525 / v2ray no-lang 最好用的 V2Ray 一键安装脚本 & 管理脚本 v3.05
ktsn ktsn / vue-lazy-components-option JavaScript Provide lazyComponents option for Vue components v0.2.0 ### Features * expose lazy components mixin ([421aa5b](
elinkthings elinkthings / TmpsSDKRepositoryAndroid Java TPMS SDK 1.2.4 去掉key校验
zhongxunking zhongxunking / ant-boot Java 本框架继承spring-boot,对部分原生能力进行增强并扩展。 v2.4.0 升级如下: 1、升级spring-boot版本到2.4.0 2、升级ant-parent版本到1.3.5 3、升级ant-common-util版本到1.3.4 4、清除pom多余信息
Woohwahwa brave-people / Dev-Event-Client CSS Dev-Event를 웹으로 만나요 0.1
nczirjak-acdh acdh-oeaw / repo-gui-ontology JavaScript Drupal 8 plugin, to create up-to-date ontology table automatically on the GUI v0.3
josephn814 josephn814 / dockers Shell Docker files intellij-2020.2.4
Nyholm Nyholm / psr7-server PHP Helper classes to use any PSR7 implementation as your main request and response 1.0.1 PHP 8 support
MartZOZ MartZOZ / IoT_Adafruit C++ Skole oppgave. Koble opp arduino med python skript som kommuniserer med adafruit dashboard. Toggle knapp fra adafruit. 1.0 This is a working patch of my project. Connecting your adafruit key with python, and uploading pyfirmata to your arduino board. This should make you able to control an LED from the adafruit dashboar
barathrajkb barathrajkb / TBrowser C# A Simple and Secure Browser v1.0r Added support for Tabs --> Tabs do not restore the website you visited. _Note- This will be the **Last Release** for TBrowser._
zhongxunking zhongxunking / ant-common-util Java ant-common-util工具包 v1.3.4 升级如下: 1、修复ToString由于spring-core版本低于4.2时报错 2、完善Cache 3、删除Money的jpa转换器相关功能
zdz1715 zdz1715 / laravel-middleware-log PHP 适用于laravel6的日志中间件,自动记录请求日志和sql语句 2.0
Julexar Julexar / TicTacToe Pascal Einfach nur TicTacToe mit einem oder zwei oder keinem automatischem Spieler tictactoe
FliegendeWurst FliegendeWurst / KIT-ILIAS-downloader Rust Downloader for v0.2.10 New: `.iliaslogin` file can be used to supply the username and password. Fixed: lecture names containing / or \ are now handled correctly.
codingmiao codingmiao / neo4j-rtree Java a spatial index for neo4j 4.x v1.4.0 精细对象的快速空间分析工具bigshape
laurineduf laurineduf / generator Java test 3 tp geco 1.0.0 Création tag 1.0.0
HUVEI HUVEI / Padavan-build no-lang Padavan 自动编译 1
samondlee samondlee / bg Python background 1.0
lucadentella lucadentella / WiThrottle C++ Arduino sketch to support JMRI's WiThrottle network protocol 1.0.0
augustoproiete augustoproiete / Cake.MinVer C# 🍰🏷️ Cake add-in that makes MinVer available in Cake build scripts v0.2.0 ### :zap: New features / improvements - Environment variables for default values settings (#8) (@augustoproiete) - Parse/TryParse methods to MinVerVersion (#9) (@augustoproiete) - IsPreRelease pr
bmitov bmitov / IGDI- Pascal Delphi friendly interface based GDI+ library. 5.0.3
yilefreedom yilefreedom / go-zero Go go-zero is a web and rpc framework written in Go. It's born to ensure the stability of the busy sites with resilient design. Builtin goctl greatly improves the development productivity. v2.0.0
JosueDLA JosueDLA / ShapeDetection Python Shape detection with OpenCV v0.0.1 # Release Notes - Add Point - Add Triangle - Add Square - Add Square recognition method
hrmzone hrmzone / pdfwatermark Java add watermark for pdf files. 1.0 1.pdfwatermark.jar:可执行jar文件; 2.conf.ini:水印样式配置文件
tienminhvy weDevCode / eSEduVN-dl PHP Phần mềm hỗ trợ công tác quản lý lớp học trực tuyến dl-v2.0.0-cb - Chuyển hướng dự án sang phát triển độc lập - Sửa lại phần hình ảnh trang chủ thành nền trắng
ombe1229 ombe1229 / BroadcastPlugin C# SCP:SL 편의성 공지 플러그인 1.0.1 몇인지는 까먹음
liugousheng liugousheng / rt-n56u C Padavan 0.1 包含show的版本
Debatrix Debatrix / BookxNote-Tools Python BookxNote的小工具 v0.1
lgao4 tianocore / edk2 C EDK II edk2-stable202011 # Release Date 2020-11-27 ## New Features * [ShellPkg: add HttpDynamicCommand]( * [OvmfPkg, ArmVirtPkg: enable HttpDynamicCommand](https://bug
PokkeDoll PokkeDoll / WarsCore no-lang PokkeDoll Wars Server's Core Plugin for Latest Version v0.42
nicklcyn nicklcyn / webpack-demo CSS Learning webpack 0.0.1
a3geek a3geek / XmlStorage C# Saving data and Loading data into an XML File 7.1.2 デフォルトの保存先のディレクトリを取得する方法を、EditorとRuntimeで切り分け
leouieda fatiando / pooch Python A friend to fetch your data files. v1.3.0 *Released on: 2020/11/27* [![Digital Object Identifier for the Zenodo archive](]( Bug fixes: -
dutchenkoOleg dutchenkoOleg / gulp-ejs-monster JavaScript Gulp plugin for ejs with steroids. v3.2.3
zulkamaula zulkamaula / crudphp PHP Membuat Aplikasi CRUD dengan PHP (Script Logic Only) 2.1 Sebuah program aplikasi berbasis web dengan bahasa PHP yang rancang untuk dapat membuat, mengedit, menghapus, dan melihat data (CRUD), pada contoh kasus Data Mahasiswa dan di dalam aplikasi sudah ters
cnicolov Kinvey / terraform-provider-aws Go Terraform AWS provider v3.18.0-kinvey
Hyakkii Hyakkii / MCrev Batchfile Minecraft Windows 10 License Disabler. v1.5-alpha # On-Liner Update! - Added Compability for Windows 10 20H+ Update - Premium Feature Unlocked! : ~ Playing at Realm ~ Playing at Featured / Original Minecraft Server ~ Marketp
chrsmlls333 chrsmlls333 / Ketchum-Bot-for-Discord JavaScript A simple bot to scrape Discord for download links v0.3.0 ### Additions - Add MIT License - Local asset injection for Bootstrap v4.4.1 CSS, - Base64 inline - Larger deliverable HTML files - Reducing reliance on external CDN server - Help command
noroot777 noroot777 / clui Go Command Line User Interface (Console UI inspired by TurboVision) v1.2.2 #### Changes * Tableview (Add methods: SetShowScroll, ShowScroll. Control show the scroll bar or not.) * TextView (Add methods: SetShowScroll, ShowScroll. Control show the scroll bar or not.)
Gimly MindOnSite / FluentxApi C# A fluent .Net Standard library to create xApi statements and communicate with a LRS v0.8.0 Attachment objects were incorrectly serialized, the names in their properties were incorrectly cased and the `null` properties were also incorrectly present (see #15). Thanks @erwindl0 for the fix.
washgo washgo / LineManagement Python Management Cloud Servers. v0.1
pythias pythias / Stark PHP Stark is a library for running php code as multi-process daemon. 2.1.0
likle likle / cwalk C Path library for C/C++. Cross-Platform for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Supports UNIX and Windows path styles on those platforms. v1.2.5 ### Bugfixes * Fixed cwk_path_get_relative when called with path without segments (#17 submitted by @winterland1989) * Fixed cwk_path_get_relative when called with unequal roots (#17 submitted by @w
Jviguy Jviguy / DCord PHP a discord webhook library for php and pmmp *VERY OBJECTIVE*. Available as a plugin and as a Virion for pmmp v0.0.1 Adds in simple objective bindings for webhooks. planning on adding discord bot api bindings on a later date.
Slamdunk paratestphp / paratest PHP :computer: Parallel testing for PHPUnit v6.0.0 [Full Changelog]( **Implemented enhancements:** - Replace WrapperRunner and SqliteRunner with file-based processes communication to
github-actions[bot] ankurk91 / google-chat-electron-linux JavaScript An unofficial desktop client for Google Chat 1.0.0
lgarbo lgarbo / heroku-buildpack-nodejs Shell The official Heroku buildpack for Node.js apps. 1.0.0
gititcp gititcp / GeneralWindow Java 通用dialog PopupWindow Toast 1.1.1 迁库
calgray ICRAR / leap-accelerate C++ Low-frequency Excision of the Atmosphere in Parallel 0.7.0-beta * Added experimental changes * Fixed channel wavelength calculation
pengzai-dev focusbe / deploy-action JavaScript 部署代码到服务器的 github action v1 1、support vue/react 2、support deploy over ssh,ftp,rysn
gezp gezp / xacro4sdf Python a simple XML macro tool with python script for sdf, like ros/xacro which is desiged for urdf. v1.2.1 * add common macro : `geometry_sphere` and `inertia_sphere`
nizacegodk cego / auth-middleware PHP Cego authentication middleware for laravel 0.2.0
asvetlov aio-libs / aiosignal Python aiosignal: a list of registered asynchronous callbacks v1.1.0 Changes ======== Features -------- - Added support of Python 3.8 and 3.9
liujie2019 liujie2019 / VuePress-Blog JavaScript 🔥基于VuePress搭建的博客,记录工作和平时学习的点点滴滴,Star是最大鼓励,请多多指教。博客地址: 1.0
yukon39 yukon39 / ringos 1C Enterprise Библиотека OneScript для работы с утилитой ring v1.0.0 # Реализованы: * Вызов команд ring * Работа с модулем ring как таковым
freekmurze spatie / pdf-to-text PHP Extract text from a pdf 1.4.0 - add support for PHP 8
github-actions[bot] kazeburo / chocon Go chocon is a simple proxy server for persisting connections between upstream servers. v0.12.2 ## Changelog 97f712c v++ = 0.12.2 c687e1f Merge pull request #45 from kazeburo/gorelease-by-github-actions de1fbfb fix version 5fee73f update go 8ca40e8 Merge branch 'master' into gorelea
Stian-Scholtz ianrothmann / inertia-laravel-app-service PHP RocketFramework Inertia Laravel Helpers for code brevity :) v0.0.3 Fixed the duplicate breadcrumb bug along with some small improvements.
IslamSakrak IslamSakrak / Airline-Reservation-System- Java Project of purpose of gaining additional skills and creating roadmaps v1.0 This is the version 1, it is built upon my current knowledge and every new release will bring additional improvements with gaining more knowledge
vsmid vsmid / htmlhammer JavaScript Write HTML with JavaScript using real HTML tag names. 1.0.7 1. Updated dependencies 2. Renamed helper.js to types.js
anishisaac66 anishisaac66 / anishisaac66 HTML static website 0.1
freekmurze spatie / laravel-flash PHP A lightweight package to flash messages 1.8.0 - add support for PHP 8
mantas-p 8devices / openwrt-8devices C OpenWRT for 8devices WiFi modules v4.0-ipq60xx Mango release based on QSDK 11.3
lomirus lomirus / simpleAndroidCalculator Kotlin a simple Android calculator 1.0
zyclonite NoEnv / docker-mongo-exporter Dockerfile MongoDB Prometheus Exporter as docker image 0.20.1
leastprivilege IdentityModel / IdentityModel.AspNetCore C# ASP.NET Core helper library for claims-based identity, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. 3.0.0 * removed netstandard support * added net5 support
github-actions[bot] stableness / fp-ts no-lang Functional programming in TypeScript 102.9.0
zhontai zhontai / Admin.IdentityServer C# Admin统一认证授权,支持国内外主流数据库自由切换,基于.Net Core IdentityServer4开发的统一认证授权项目 v1.1.1 - 更新1.1.1 - 优化 登录失败提示优化 - 优化 无客户端信息的时候,也能跳转到指定的客户端地址 - 修复 客户端登出的时候出现错误页的问题
britzl britzl / gooey-kenney Lua Theme for Gooey - Kenney 1.0.0
siffiejoe siffiejoe / lua-amalg Lua Amalgamation of Lua modules/scripts v0.6 * add support for plugins and three sample plugins * allow using stdin as the main script
britzl britzl / gooey-rpg Lua Theme for Gooey - RPG 1.0.0
liuyujie0136 liuyujie0136 / tinyfuncr R An R package containing some tiny functions for self-practice and handy use v0.0.5 A test release of R package "tinyfuncr", version 0.0.5
britzl britzl / gooey-dirtylarry Lua Theme for Gooey - Dirtylarry 1.0.0
ShreeCharranR ShreeCharranR / Eight-ML-models-explored Jupyter Notebook regression, classification & clustering algorithms 1 Machine Learning
suiyunonghen suiyunonghen / dxsvalue Go json,msgpack万能操作库 v0.1.10 增加yaml和bson处理 并修正一个yaml中间格式变动的问题
zjykzj ZJCV / ZCls Python PyTorch Implementation of Classify Models Benchmark CodeBase v0.1.0 Custom Resnet vs. PyTorch Resnet
rusty1s rusty1s / pytorch_geometric Python Geometric Deep Learning Extension Library for PyTorch 1.6.2 ## Features * [**`GCN2Conv`**]( [[Cora example](
grtfou grtfou / tw-air-quality-app Go Taiwan air quality MacOS App by Go v1.1 Fix: updated time from 12h format to 24h format
nanasess nanasess / setup-php Shell Set up your GitHub Actions workflow with a specific version of PHP 5.4 or later🎉 v3.0.5 PHP8 support - #44 - #45
2Bunzen2 2Bunzen2 / -Rainmeter-Mondaine_Stop2Go Assembly Rainmeter skin of the Mondaine clock Stop2Go V1.1-ita
higepon higepon / seed_rl no-lang SEED RL: Scalable and Efficient Deep-RL with Accelerated Central Inference. Implements IMPALA and R2D2 algorithms in TF2 with SEED's architecture. 0.0.1
HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse / House-DOS Assembly A real-mode x86 operating system and development platform (currently in ALPHA) v0.0.2 House-DOS NATE v0.0.2 features new commands that allow for entering in filenames or numbers as parameters. Instead of typing `COPY`, `SRC.TXT`, then `DEST.TXT`, you can now do it all in one, like this
bbatsov bbatsov / projectile Emacs Lisp Project Interaction Library for Emacs v2.3.0 ## 2.3.0 (2020-11-27) ### New features * [#1517]( Add project-specific compilation buffers and only ask to save files in the project when compi
ProfOak ProfOak / ascii_py Python Make some ascii arts 2.0 - Remove the GUI component because PySide is no longer supported by Python versions greater than 3.5 - The code is more organized and easier to understand.
stijnfrishert stijnfrishert / libLSDJ C Library for working with the LSDj save file format v2.1.0 The changes for this release * `lsdsng-export` can now export entire folders (searches them for saves) * `lsdsng-import` no longer imports files ending with `.WM.lsdsng` to the working memory. Ins
axllent axllent / silverstripe-trailing-slash PHP Ensure that a single trailing slash is always added to Silverstripe URLs 2.2.4 - Fixes some setups of unwrapped % in yml breaking site
kiozen Maproom / qmapshack C++ Consumer grade GIS software V_1.15.1 [QMS-158] Change Routino Profiles search for [prefix-]profiles.xml [QMS-216] QMapShack does not compile with Qt-5.15 [QMS-217] Fix crash due to faulty profiles.xml [QMS-223] Add additional filter p
axllent axllent / silverstripe-minifier PHP CSS & JavaScript minifier, in PHP for Silverstripe 4 1.0.3 - Fixes some setups of unwrapped % in yml breaking site
jikhanjung jikhanjung / DolfinID Python Dolphin dorsal fin detection and identification v0.1.2 Dolphin dorsal fin annotation program for Marine Animal Research and Conservation researchers.
keileg pmgbergen / porepy Python Python Simulation Tool for Fractured and Deformable Porous Media 1.2.7
MFarelS MFarelS / RajinNulis-BOT JavaScript Script BOT Nulis WhatsApp V1.0 Tambahin : Nama Kelas Hari Tanggal Bulan Tahun
Nv7-GitHub Nv7-GitHub / LetterBoxed Go An attempt to defeat New York Times' Letter Boxed puzzle - v1.0.0 This is the first working version.
cheminfo-bot cheminfo / nmr-parser JavaScript read and convert any NMR file v0.2.10 ### Bug Fixes * update dependencies ([2978a4d](
rultor jcabi / jcabi-log Java Static Wrapper of SLF4J 0.19.0
taobun bandprotocol / bandchain Reason BandChain - Decentralized Data Delivery Network v1.2.7 This is the upgrade version for `band-guanyu-mainnet` mainnet network. # Main features ## Yoda - Improve gas estimation of report transactions (Fix out of gas from the last version of `yoda`)
github-actions[bot] kazeburo / go-check-mysql-msr Go check multi source replication v0.0.6 ## Changelog 754c403 v++ = 0.0.6 4f3a116 Merge pull request #2 from kazeburo/github-actions a258637 introduced github actions f03b0b8 Merge pull request #1 from kazeburo/go-modules dc994ab go go mo
McSinyx Huy-Ngo / acanban Python Project management system with kanban and academic evaluation 0.0.1
lawliet89 basisai / terraform-kubernetes-consul HCL Deploy Consul on Kubernetes using Terraform v0.1.0
ardianferdianto ardianferdianto / laravel-forum-frontend Blade A frontend for riari/laravel-forum providing views written with Bootstrap 3. 1.1.10 Only For Prospark Usage
asrx asrx / go-ups-api-wrapper Go ups webservice v1.0.0
XanderYe XanderYe / docker-manager Java docker容器配置可视化UI,能够不删除容器情况下修改容器的端口映射、路径挂载、环境变量配置 1.0 初步完成容器控制、编辑映射路径、编辑映射端口和编辑环境变量功能
mafiosso mafiosso / node-mbox JavaScript mbox file parser for Node.js v2.0.0 Changelog: * Changed API to be more idiomatic to Node.js streams. * Possibility to choose a custom line streaming technology. * Always be strict when parsing. * Added way to include Mbox header or
joschi dropwizard / dropwizard-jdbi Java Dropwizard JDBI v2 support v2.0.13 * Bump dropwizard-parent from 2.0.12 to 2.0.13 (#19)
dkraczkowski kodemore / chocs Python Modern HTTP framework for WSGI compatible servers and AWS Lambda 0.5.0
mkolomeychenko supervisely-ecosystem / convert-supervisely-to-yolov5-format Python alex_convert-supervisely-to-yolov5 v1.0.0
cruanEzhou ChainSQL / chainsqld C++ ChainSQL: the collaboration of blockchain and database v1.0.2-pop ## 主要修改 1. 替换智能合约虚拟机执行器,由原先的evmjit替换为Interpreter,兼容新智能合约字节码 2. 防止SQL注入 3. raw字段支持null 4. 增加字段sfTxs
github-actions[bot] JuliaMusic / MusicXML.jl Julia MusicXML in Julia v0.3.3 ## MusicXML v0.3.3 [Diff since v0.3.2]( **Merged pull requests:** - CompatHelper: bump compat for "AcuteML" to "0.1
profilemyprofile profilemyprofile / vkma-boilerplate TypeScript Simple and actual boilerpate for VK-Mini-Apps platform. 1.0.0
bagusrin bagusrin / summarizer PHP Sentences summarizer using python lib SUMY 1.0.2
kingback kingback / nice-lib-demo2 JavaScript nice-lib-demo2 v1.1.0 ### Features * **relase:** releease ([213fc94](
axetroy axetroy / whatchanged Go 🚀 Elegant changelog generator v0.2.0 ### 🔥 New feature: - refactor multiple version generation([`65c50c6`]( (thanks @axetroy) - unified usage wh
zhxie zhxie / pcap2socks-gui TypeScript A front-end interface for pcap2socks. v0.2.0 This is an intermediate update from v0.1.0, contains a lot of bug fixes, new features and improvements. **New Features** - Test proxy - Display flow speed and data usage by traffic and packets
bagusrin bagusrin / twitter PHP Twitter API for PHP 1.0.2
syekmiao 302CEM / Event-Ticket-Management-System PHP Design and Layout of the webpage v1 version1.
lokst CircleCI-Public / helm-orb no-lang A CircleCI Orb to simplify deployments to Kubernetes using Helm. minor-release-v1.1.0
deliciafernandes deliciafernandes / Checklst Dart A location based cross platform reminder app. v1.0.1 In this release, the app now has a Profile and location detection for user with scheduled local notifications.
mantas-p 8devices / Caraboot-ipq C Caraboot for Jalapeno/Habanero/Mango based boards caraboot-v5.0 Initial release for Mango
Complikatd data301-2020-winter1 / course-project-solo_122 HTML course-project-solo_122 created by GitHub Classroom 0.1.0
SuperJoison SuperJoison / Padavan-build no-lang Padavan 自动编译 2020
phoye-developer phoye-developer / HelloWorld no-lang This is a repository for testing. v1.0 This is the initial release of the HelloWorld documentation. This documentation contains my photo, as well as a bit of information about me.
bogopdj AudioStreamingPlatform / mbed-os no-lang Arm Mbed OS is a platform operating system designed for the internet of things mbed-os-5.15.4p3 Added HAL GPIO for CA44
gyfen gyfen / GTA-Lucky-Wheel AutoHotkey Lucky Wheel script for GTA V Online v1.2 Merged a pull request from @User54a. + Added features to change the coordinates + Improved the code
bertjwregeer Pylons / waitress Python Waitress - A WSGI server for Python 2 and 3 v2.0.0b0
deejay-hub deejay-hub / timeline-lwc JavaScript :octocat: An interactive timeline for the Salesforce platform. v1.5 *Fixed bug causing custom relationships to error *Performance improvements *Support for all standard and custom objects *Improved tooltips and error handing
github-actions[bot] kazeburo / go-check-memcached-uptime Go check-memcached-uptime v0.0.3 ## Changelog 0318a1c fix release 1929d71 v++ = 0.0.3 37ece11 Merge pull request #1 from kazeburo/introduced-github-actions a0bce4c introduced github actions
Zhou-chengy Zhou-chengy / Robin Python This is a Chinese robot.He has many feature. v3.14 依赖项 1.Visual studio C++或其他C++编译器 2.Python3.86rc1和Python依赖库 (1)requests (2)pyaudio Python库下载 1.用pip install xxx下载 2.如果出现拒绝访问,用python -m
liang-louis liang-louis / bl-select JavaScript 基于el-select的拼音检索 v1.0.7 - 增加不传 `row`属性的时候,通过`on-iotion`方法获取当前选择项的完整数据
github-actions[bot] MarcusNoble / helm-charts HTML Helm charts for New Relic applications newrelic-infrastructure-1.6.4 A Helm chart to deploy the New Relic Infrastructure Agent as a DaemonSet
hyee hyee / dbcli PLSQL Windows/Linux/OSX/MSYS command line utility for Oracle/MySQL/DB2/PostgreSQL 1.7.6 * oracle: new command '10053' to parse 10053 trace file * oracle: new option 'dict <param|obj> <keyword>' to search offline dictionary * oracle: new option on 'u
flier268 flier268 / MoreTooltips Java Providing Integrations & Tooltips 1.0.1
B1eed B1eed / OSSFileTool C# A small tool for file transfer using OSS in the Red Team operation 1.0
github-actions[bot] rainsays / BILIBILI-HELPER Java 利用GitHub Action定时任务实现B站,哔哩哔哩(Bilibili)自动签到每日自动投币,银瓜子兑换硬币,领取大会员福利,大会员月底给自己充电等。每天轻松获取65经验值。赶快和我一起成为Lv6吧! V1.2.2 1. 修复server酱推送被截断 (#135)
khoih-prog khoih-prog / Blynk_Async_WM C++ Simple WiFiManager for Blynk and ESP8266/ESP32 with or without SSL, configuration data saved in either LittleFS, SPIFFS or EEPROM. This library, using AsyncWebServer instead of (ESP8266)WebServer, for configuring/auto(re)connecting ESP8266/ESP32 modules to best or available MultiWiFi APs and MultiBlynk servers at runtime. Enable adding dynamic custom parameters from sketch and input using the same Config Portal. Config Portal will be auto-adjusted to match the number of dynamic parameters. Optional default Credentials to be autoloaded into Config Portal to use or change instead of manually input. Static STA IP and DHCP Hostname as well as Config Portal AP channel, IP, SSID, Password can be configured. DoubleDetectDetector feature permits entering Config Portal as requested. v1.1.0 ### Releases v1.1.0 1. Add examples using **Free-RTOS MultiTask to avoid blocking in operation.** 2. Add Version String.
surol hatsyjs / serve-static TypeScript Hatsy request handler that serves static content v2.0.3 Move to dedicated repository.
drbyte spatie / laravel-permission PHP Associate users with roles and permissions 3.18.0 Allow PHP 8.0
brendoncoin Bitcoin-com / android-sendgrid Java A simplified Android email library utilising SendGrid's v3 API that targets minSdkVersion 16 v1.1.0 Click tracking parameters can now be set.
zllxy zllxy / gallery no-lang notes picture 1.0.0
pnerg pnerg / consul-recipes Scala Implements the most common "recipes" on Consul such as leader election and semaphore 1.1.0 Tickets fixed in release: * #3
sundream sundream / lua-i18n Lua i18n implement by lua 1.0.1
firmamentone NAERSTEAM / YM20201127_0_personcounter Python count person by imageAI object detection 001 測試: 啟動程式 console中顯示人數與畫面上"person"辨識框相符合 附件來源 "yolo.h5"
SteffenKong SteffenKong / DevTools PHP 常用的开发工具包 1.0 第一个版本。
github-actions[bot] travi-org / JavaScript my profile v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2020-11-27) ### Bug Fixes * **contact:** named the form ([69550bc]( * **csp:** removed the acci
Gaizgrol Gaizgrol / WorkshopJogos JavaScript Projeto utilizado para realizar o treinamento de equipes, com foco em desenvolvimento de jogos e JavaScript. v1.0
parveenkhtkr CodetrixStudio / CapacitorGoogleAuth Swift Capacitor plugin for Google Auth. Lightweight & no dependencies. 2.1.2 Interface fixes
stefandmn stefandmn / webinterface.clue JavaScript Clue Web Interface for Kodi 2.0.1
zhxie zhxie / pcap2socks Rust Redirect traffic to SOCKS proxy with pcap. v0.6.1 This is a minor update from v0.6.0, contains a lot of bug fixes. **Fixes** - Too large memory allocation for RTT computation - UDP bindings Thanks to all of you using pcap2socks 🥞.
SoulCollecter SoulCollecter / soulcollecter C# Soul Collecter 0.1 Test
Mei-Zhao qiniu / api.v7 Go Qiniu SDK for Golang (v7.x) v7.7.0 QVS视频监控: - 新增录制管理相关api - 新增数据统计管理相关api - 流管理api增加按需截图,删除截图 - 设备管理api增加通道管理,查询本地录像回放
Chrasm Chrasm / k8s Dockerfile k8s 相关镜像 Dockerfile 20201117
justmd5 justmd5 / pinduoduo-sdk PHP 拼多多API SDK【多多客|多多进宝&拼多多开放平台】 v1.3.0
ja-albagu ja-albagu / restserver-node JavaScript Curso de RestServer en Node v0.0.1 Código desarrollado del curso de Node, sección de RestServer, nada sorprendente.
sczyh30 sentinel-group / sentinel-go-adapters Go Adapter modules of Sentinel Golang v1.0.0 Sentinel Go adapters v1.0.0 (for gRPC/Gin/go-micro/echo)
skkrist Rapporteket / NORIC R Report generating scripts in R/knitr for the Norwegian Registry for Invasive Cardiology 2.0.12 Oppdatering av månedsrapport for stent * Fjernet tabell og figur for stent type * Tvungen plassering av figurer og tabeller i PDF * Bruk av funksjoner for tabell-formatering fra R-pakken * Forbed
ardianferdianto ardianferdianto / laravel-forum PHP A minimal forum package designed for quick and easy integration in Laravel projects 4.1.6
PatrikHlobil PatrikHlobil / Pandas-Bokeh Python Bokeh Plotting Backend for Pandas and GeoPandas 0.5.1
devezhao devezhao / persist4j Java A lightweight persistence framework 1.5.1
aohorodnyk aohorodnyk / gobitflags Go Bitset library provides implementation for all int/uint types and arrays and maps v0.0.1 This is initial version for the library
zhuyudong fe-port / fabric JavaScript 💪 一些保证代码质量的配置 v0.1.0 - feat: init 11420e3
catsforjodi data301-2020-winter1 / course-project-solo_303 Jupyter Notebook course-project-solo_303 created by GitHub Classroom v0.1.0 Have completed analysis and acknowledged feedback
daweiq intel / QATzip C Compression Library accelerated by Intel® QuickAssist Technology v1.0.2 1. Enable 7z format support in qzip utility 2. Update QATzip API 3. Bug fix
surol hatsyjs / router TypeScript Hatsy router v2.0.3 Moved to dedicated repository.
2576620 2576620 / Padavan-build no-lang Padavan 自动编译 1100mhz
KnotUntied KnotUntied / iosevka-custom no-lang Build results and TOML file for personalized version of Iosevka 4.0.0
ReSearchITEng ReSearchITEng / kubeadm-playbook Shell Fully fledged (HA) Kubernetes Cluster using official kubeadm, ansible and helm. Tested on RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu with support of http_proxy, dashboard installed, ingress controller, heapster - using official helm charts v1.19
jzongker LiveChurchSolutions / Chums TypeScript CHUrch Management Software 0.1 Initial release of Chums
aqibnaveed aqibnaveed / Shop_App JavaScript Shop App created using React Native v0.1-alpha ## Release 0.1 version * alpha release
jaywcjlove uiwjs / react-native-alipay Objective-C 基于 React Native 的宝支付包,已更新到最新的支付宝 SDK 版本,支持Android/iOS。 v3.0.0 - 8917fc9 - fix: Add title field to package.json - e47cf90 - chore: Upgrade AlipaySDK to v15.7.9 #10 - e931c29 - chore: Fix the schemes of
aifece aifece / NeteaseCloudMusicGoApi Go 网易云音乐 Go API service v0.0.0 v0.0.0-20201127
genavarov genavarov / ladacoin C++ LADAcoin dev release v0.10.4.121 Test Hour in Block
kmaehashi pfnet / pytorch-pfn-extras Python Supplementary components to accelerate research and development in PyTorch v0.3.2 This release includes the following enhancements and bug-fixes: * Support PyTorch 1.7.0 * Add custom `DistributedDataParallel` implementation to handle `torch.util.checkpoint` and dynamic computat
suiyunonghen suiyunonghen / DxCommonLib Go Go CommonLibrary v0.2.5
naaga78 naaga78 / chartrizard Smarty Helm Chart Repo app1-0.1.0 A Helm chart for Kubernetes
ivlnwn ivlnwn / rn-range-slider JavaScript A native slider with range 2.0.4 - Removed label opacity on isPressed
sidhujag syscoin / syscoin C++ Syscoin is a crypto currency that is universally merge-mineable and offers a unique variety of services including decentralized identities, asset token issuance platform capabilities directly on the blockchain and trustless 0-counterparty interoptibility with the Ethereum blockchain v4.1.99
Granitosaurus Granitosaurus / macos-compose Python compose key for macos 1.1.0 # Changelog - add `gen-compose-convert` command which converts `xcompose` type compose mappings to yaml files (see #1)
ysk24ok retrieva / pficommon C++ General purpose C++ library for PFI v4.0.0 # pficommon 4.0.0 Release Notes Date: 2020/11/27 # Download Download Link: # Overview pficommon 4.0
Jackistang Jackistang / lwrb2rtt C Lightweight generic ring buffer manager library 1.0.0 完成了 lwrb 与 RT-Thread 的对接,并增加了部分例程。
normanius hirsch-lab / roc-utils Python Python package to compute and visualize a ROC analysis v.0.1.1 - Import matplotlib lazily - Fixlet of jupyter notebook
soonsoon2 soonsoon2 / SoonsoonARStudy ShaderLab - 순순에서 제공하는 AR 스터디 예제입니다. apk - This is the initial version test apk file. - Unity 2020.1.14f1 verified
vincentparrett VSoftTechnologies / VSoft.WeakReferences Pascal Weak References for delphi v0.0.2 Added 10.4 support
JoseManuelMunozManzano JoseManuelMunozManzano / node-restserver JavaScript Plantilla para crear un restserver en Node v0.0.1 ## Una plantilla para generar un REST Server en Node
gititcp gititcp / GeneralView Java 通用View 1.0.1 第一个releases包
RelinRan RelinRan / ZXingQRC Java Android ZXing二维码扫描UI库扫描器(ZXing qr code scan UI library scanner) 1.0.5 AndroidX支持
Alwayslazydog Alwayslazydog / live2d-widget JavaScript 把萌萌哒的看板娘抱回家 (ノ≧∇≦)ノ | Live2D widget for web platform在网页中添加Live2D看板娘 v0.8.3 update position: right
crowdbotics-apps crowdbotics-apps / tst-tc109-zmyxaeain-15788 JavaScript This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics build_3
github-actions[bot] rdeits / MeshCat.jl Julia WebGL-based 3D visualizer in Julia v0.13.0 ## MeshCat v0.13.0 [Diff since v0.12.0]( **Closed issues:** - I got MeshCat working with 1.5.2. Any interest in that? (#184) **Merged
Carlos-Angel Carlos-Angel / instaclone-client JavaScript cliente de una aplicación de una red social como instagram utilizando react, apollo/client y graphql v.0.1.0 ## Features * Registro de usuario * Login de usuario
juanibanez juanibanez / node-restserver JavaScript API con node 0.0.1 Primerísima versión
surol hatsyjs / log-z-request TypeScript Hatsy request logger log-z-request@v2.0.3 Moved to dedicated repository.
atone atone / PullToRefreshKit Swift Pull to refresh in Swift, easy to use, easy to customize(下拉刷新/QQ/淘宝/优酷/雅虎天气/大众点评) 0.9.0 This version supports swift package manager with resources.
onlinesimio onlinesimio / gateway-soft CSS Soft for modems v3.3.41
furqoncreative furqoncreative / Resep-Mama Kotlin Android Recipe App (Recylerview Implementation) v0.0.1-alpha
github-actions[bot] IvanSolis1989 / OpenWrt-DIY Shell 多设备 OpenWrt Aciton 固件云编译——X86、竞斗云、极路由 B70、K2T、K2P、K3、N1、红米 AC2100、Newifi D2、树莓派、小娱 C5、R2S、小米 R3G、小米 R3P、小米 Mini、网件 R7800、NanoPI NEO2、星际宝盒 CM520、Amlogic S905X3、OrangePi Zero Plus、网件 3800 (本项目QQ群:1130190364) 2020.11.27-1406 🔗 [Cowtransfer]( 🔗 [WeTransfer](
Adran-Marit Adran-Marit / Atmosphere C Atmosphère is a work-in-progress customized firmware for the Nintendo Switch. 0.15.0.mod Modified atmosphere for release with my unbricking tutorial Only exosphere required.
keptsecret keptsecret / poke-info JavaScript just trying out react with the pokemon api v1.0 Current functionalities include adding pokemon view cards and deleting them. That's it.
Shilyx Shilyx / gomanuf Go 通过mac地址计算设备厂家信息 v1.0.5
liujunsong68922 liujunsong68922 / webdw1.0-all VBA webdw是pb里面数据窗口控件的重新实现,使用了vb,java,js,flex进行开发。webdw使得datawindow的使用范围扩展到了其他语言和开发工具上。webdw1.0-all里面包含了目前的四种客户端实现以及java编写的服务器端接口。建议使用webdw2.0版本。这一版本仅用于学习和技术交流使用。 1.0-final webdw1.0这一项目已经停止更新,20201127重新打包,发布最终版本。
odt1 odt1 / chaos-recipe-overlay JavaScript Overlay to track your chaos recipes progress. 1.2 ![Screenshot 2020-11-27 085802]( ![Screenshot 2020-11-27 085730](https://user-images.githubuserco
nbw linkers-dev / foundation-rails no-lang Foundation for Rails v6.6.3 Forked Linkers branch that has a fix for deprecated css messages.
youngchan919 BGI-flexlab / SOAPnuke C++ A Tool for integrated Quality Control and Preprocessing on FASTQ or BAM/CRAM files SOAPnuke2.1.5 Add rmdup function by adopting reverse Bloom filter.
kuakexing kuakexing / GenerateClassByJson C# A classlibrary based on litjson for UnityEditor that generate a data class by a .json file v2.0.0.0
xiaomoziyi ChickenTeamHz / go-zone JavaScript study v1.0 go-zone 1.0
sbathgate sbathgate / lokole Python Source code for the server managing the emails from the Lokole remote devices 0.1.74
PsyJim PsyJim / DCViewer Python A viewer and tool for different astronomy data cubes like; MaNGa, MUSE, CALIFA, etc. v0.1 A too primitive program to visualize FITS data files. For now, DCViewer just can to open FITS files, preferably Photometry data and display it in Log scale. Have a good day 🇲🇽🤠!!
deeyi2000 deeyi2000 / AVRDUDESS no-lang A GUI for AVRDUDE v2.13
github-actions[bot] kazeburo / diff-detector Go a tiny tool v0.0.10 ## Changelog 3e4a04b v++ = 0.0.10 772133f Merge pull request #2 from kazeburo/introduced-github-actions bc230e2 make check 9efcf7d introduced github actions add readme add -v
blinkfox blinkfox / hexo-theme-matery HTML A beautiful hexo blog theme with material design and responsive design.一个基于材料设计和响应式设计而成的全面、美观的Hexo主题。国内访问: v2.0.0 - 新增了对 Hexo 5.0.0 的支持,并推荐升级使用 Hexo 5.0.0,去除了对 `hexo-prism-plugin` 插件的依赖,可直接使用自带的 `prismjs` 插件; - 新增了背景图功能;
TernaryC TernaryC / Phonologiter Python A tool to create phonologies for conlangs (constructed languages). v1.0.0 First official release of Phonologiter
jaywcjlove uiwjs / react-markdown-preview TypeScript React component preview markdown text in web browser. The minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub Markdown style. v1.0.9 - 93c5f6d - chore(website): Update website. - 0351919 - chore(deps): update dependency tsbb to v1.7.7 - 5ad993d - Create
adobeDan adobe / Rust Decoder for FRL and SDL license files found on client machines. v1.2 As part of the move to Adobe Open Source, replace Travis CI with GitHub Actions. The new CI system always uses the latest stable Rust.
PortalCube PortalCube / therearemanybullets C# therearemanybullets - 탄막 피하기 게임 v0.0.3 ## 수정 사항 * 디자인 및 UI 리워크 * Art 시스템 구현으로 게임 진행중에 다양한 효과를 연출할 수 있도록 업데이트 * 페이즈 1 (~72초 구간) 완벽 구현
jothipriyadharshanr geosparks / motion-sdk-ios Objective-C Location SDK - iOS by Motion.Dev! Location platform for Developers and Enterprises. 1.0.10 1.0.10
ixre ixre / tto Go The simple code generator written by golang, support multiple program language, mysql, postgresql databases. 一个使用Go编写的支持多种编程语言的代码生成器, 数据库支持mysql和postgresql v0.3.23 增加升级功能 ``` tto update -y ```
Vencorr Vencorr / Pillow Java Minecraft server plugin bed utilities for players v0.1.5 Small release that fixes Respawn Anchor and changes some configurations. * `/bedtp` now checks if your respawn point is in another dimension. * Messages are now in the config.yml. * Multi-world s
allglorytoJesus allglorytoJesus / Rainmeter-Bible-Verse-of-the-Day no-lang Skin for Rainmeter that shows the bible verse of the day, from the page 8.11.2020 Version 8.11.2020
github-actions[bot] brentvollebregt / auto-py-to-exe JavaScript Converts .py to .exe using a simple graphical interface v2.7.10 - [#142]( Added browse button for output directory
RabbitDoge pancakeswap / pancake-uikit TypeScript :pancakes: Set of UI components for pancake projects v0.4.0 - feat(button): Icon button #69 - feat(icon): Arrow forward #70 - refactor(tag): New tag themes #71 - UIKit updates based on new Lottery designs #64
bile0026 bile0026 / minecraft_bedrock_deploy HTML Deploy a minecraft bedrock server on linux v2.0 Combines the update and deploy roles and runs whichever is needed based on the existence of a service on the host by the service name defined in the variables for the minecraft server.
shreetapanch data301-2020-winter1 / course-project-solo_320 Jupyter Notebook course-project-solo_320 created by GitHub Classroom v0.1.0 This is the first release of the project and further releases may follow as the project is refined.
gustawho gustawho / grub2-theme-breeze no-lang A minimalistic GRUB theme inspired by Breeze 5.20.3 Replaced all the JPG background images with PNG files (#12)
jianhw haiwen / seahub Python The web end of seafile server. v7.1.9-pro
eLFuvo eLFuvo / yii2-import-wizard PHP Пошаговый импорт из Excel файлов с сопоставлением атрибутов модели 0.1.3
pitipatdop pitipatdop / videojs-socialShare JavaScript Adds social sharing buttons to the video widget for Facebook and Twitter. 1.0.0 - Change video.plugin to video.registerPlugin - allow embed option to show even if facebook or twitter not setup.
github-actions[bot] Catofes / ddns-go Go 简单好用的DDNS。自动更新域名解析到公网IP(支持阿里云、腾讯云dnspod、Cloudflare、华为云) v1.4.1 ## Changelog 933d772 Add makefile afdd1c7 Add more flags. 8e42571 Update github action. 953ae91 dns remove webhook
ice4prince ice4prince / mixIndependR R R Package mixIndependR v0.4.2 In this release, most functions have been optimized and the programming would speed up. Importing format is more friendly to genotype files. New dataset is attached to this package in this new versi
lisr lisr / myssh Go SSH Manager for lazy one v0.9 first one
allglorytoJesus allglorytoJesus / Rainmeter-Versiculo-Biblico-del-Dia no-lang Skin para el programa Rainmeter que muestra el versículo bíblico del día, de la página 8.11.2020 Version 8.11.2020
crdotson crdotson / pi-usb-keyboard-remapper Perl A USB to USB keyboard remapper on a Raspberry Pi 0.1 Raspberry Pi 4 image that swaps Alt and Windows keys, for using a Mac keyboard on Windows. If you plug in any other USB devices to your Pi besides your USB keyboard, your emulated "keyboard&
Vencorr Vencorr / PetProtect Java Minecraft Plugin to render malicious players pet killing attempts useless v0.3.4 Small 1.16 update release.
sledges sledges / android Python Misc Android stuff droid-src-sony-aosp-10/
mrjackphil mrjackphil / obsidian-add-codemirror-matchbrackets JavaScript This plugins adds matchbrackets.js which allows to use `di[` or `ya(` commands in Vim mode 1.0.0 Initial version
sapiderman sapiderman / branch-preview-action JavaScript GitHub action to preview your branch v0.1-alpha
ilanolkies rsksmart / rif-data-vault TypeScript RIF Data Vault v0.1.0 Initial release! Get, put, swap and delete files from your Data Vault. Implements: - Provider - pinning and data management - Service - HTTPS API - Client - Web SDK Integrates: - [`@rsksmart
nishi2go nishi2go / maximo-liberty-docker Shell IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6.1 with WebSphere Liberty Docker Repository v7.6.1.2-r2 - Support Oracle Database containers
kazeburo kazeburo / check-diff Go mackerel check plugin for checking the difference between the results of the command v0.0.2 ## Changelog 48c6777 v++ = 0.0.2 c6796f4 Merge pull request #1 from kazeburo/introduced-github-actions 71f05f5 github actions/warning mode 8f0a767 refactor b1edd1f update readme e82a022 delete test
nkbt nkbt / terraform-workshop HCL Demystifying CI/CD with Terraform, CircleCI and AWS v1.0.0 It's time to go to Production
caizx666 saas-plat / metavm JavaScript 提供schema脚本的安全运行沙箱 v1.0.3
shesek shesek / minsc Rust A Miniscript-based high-level scripting language for Bitcoin contracts v0.1.0 Initial release! 💥
joachimmetz libyal / libfdata C Library to provide generic file data functions 20201126 Release of version 20201126
saadshams PureMVC / puremvc-kotlin-demo-android-employeeadmin Kotlin PureMVC Kotlin Android Demo: Employee Admin 1.0.1 A mix of built-in apis and raw query constructs
wgx954418992 wgx954418992 / framework PHP Fast, simple and practical php framework 3.0.0 Fast, simple and practical php framework
fhunleth fhunleth / toolshed Elixir A toolshed of IEx helpers v0.2.15 * New features * Add path autocompletion. Try it out by running `use Toolshed` at the IEx prompt. Then type `"/e<tab>")` for files in `/etc` or `ls "li<t
firdausfatberry firdausfatberry / canvas PHP A Laravel publishing platform
caizx666 saas-plat / metaschema JavaScript 一种用javascript语言来定义元数据的模式 v1.0.19
cipchk cipchk / ngx-highlight-js TypeScript Angular for syntax highlighting with highlight.js 11.1.0 feat: add `mode` parament (#13)
jxjo jxjo / Xoptfoil Fortran Xoptfoil-JX - modified version 1.60 This is a consolitation release with a bunch of smaller but nice enhancements and some refactorings inside the programm ### Xoptfoil-JX - More robust xfoil driver which reduces the situations, x
dduan llvm-swift / FileCheck Swift A standalone Swift version of LLVM's flexible pattern matching file verifier 0.2.5 Rebuild the `filecheck` tool with Swift Argument Parser
rangzone rangzone / AsbaX no-lang Watch Free Movies & TV shows APK Android app 1.0 first release
UmanShahzad ipinfo / laravel PHP Official Laravel client library for IPinfo API (IP geolocation and other types of IP data) v2.0.0 See
rfinner tbn-org / tbn-contour-authserver Go This was originally a fork from projectcontour/contour-authserver but I wanted to learn more about using PR with gitops tools without mistakenly issuing a PR back to projectcontour and so I no longer fork this repo from projectcontour. v0.1.4 ## Changelog d606ab8 added dist to gitignore
HanaForward HanaForward / PlayerLibrary C# Help clean up data and prevent data corruption 1.0.0
ChenJingZhuo ChenJingZhuo / BoXueGu2 Java 博学谷第一个版本 v0.0.1
iangg29 iangg29 / Hotel-Management C++ Final project for TC1033 OOP class. v1 # Hotel Management ## Version 1.0 ### Cambios: * Documentación a todo el código. * Mejoras en el rendimiento del programa. * Solicitudes de búsqueda mucho más rápidas. * Lenguaje del pr
lepikhinb envant / fireable PHP An elegant way to trigger Laravel events based on attributes changes. 1.0.9
Dream-cake Dream-cake / Grace-locales JavaScript All of Grace files used for translations on the bot and website. 1.0.0
Caenorst NVIDIAGameWorks / kaolin C++ A PyTorch Library for Accelerating 3D Deep Learning Research v0.1 first version of Kaolin beta
lextm phpmanager / phpmanager C# PHP Manager for IIS v2.5 **Changes from 2.4** * Added initial PHP 8.0 support. **Installers** x86 for 32 bit Windows systems. x64 for 64 bit Windows systems. SHA1 code for the downloads are: * PHPManagerForIIS_x64
LeoTheG LeoTheG / maple-roller JavaScript automatically roll the die for maplestory character creation v1.0 initial release of roller requires users to have installed tesseract and to include it in path (windows), installer found here assumes window is in
oskarth status-im / nim-waku Nim Waku node and protocol. v0.1 Initial beta release. This release contains: - A Nim implementation of the [Waku v1 protocol]( - A Nim implementation of the [Waku v2 protocol](https://spe

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