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probonopd AppImage / AppImageKit C Package desktop applications as AppImages that run on common Linux-based operating systems, such as RHEL, CentOS, openSUSE, SLED, Ubuntu, Fedora, debian and derivatives. Join #AppImage on continuous Travis CI build log:
github-actions[bot] shadowninja108 / Skyline C++ An environment for runtime hooking/code patching within Super Smash Bros Ultimate beta Beta built off of the latest code in the repository.
denikson drummerdude2003 / CursedDlls.BepinEx C# H3VR mod that allows for ClosedBoltWeapons and Handguns to be full auto v1.0 ## Changelog * Initial release ### Refer to the included README or [the repository readme](
vincjo vincjo / svelte-simple-datatables JavaScript Datatable component for Svelte 0.0.3
github-actions[bot] maltfield / pyinstaller-deterministic-test Shell A repo that builds a python app with pyinstaller to test for reproducibility 158543399_mac
julianxhokaxhiu julianxhokaxhiu / pugixmlCI CMake CI builds of pugixml for x86 platform canary This is a canary build. Please be aware it may be prone to crashing and is NOT tested by anyone. Use this build AT YOUR OWN RISK!
pkolaczk pkolaczk / fclones Rust Efficient Duplicate File Finder 0.4.0 * Redirection to a file (`-o <file>`) * Timestamps in the diagnostic log * Ability to transform each file through an external command-line program before matching
IvanGoncharov graphql / express-graphql TypeScript Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Express. v0.10.2 ## v0.10.2 (2020-07-05) #### Bug Fix 🐞 * [#669]( Move cspell to devDependencies ([@danielrearden]( ####
oleksis oleksis / cubadebate HTML Cubadebate Comenta v1.2.17 Nube de palabras de los comentarios de Cubadebate. Exporta una imagen (wordcloud_cubadebate.png) y los resultados (comments_tfidf.json) cada cierta hora en el día usando Github Actions workflows.
JaredNeil JaredNeil / minecraft_datapacks mcfunction A collection of my datapacks for Minecraft. v3 Update to 1.16.1
bvandehey SynchroFeed / SynchroFeed.Console C# A configuration driven command line program that uses the SynchroFeed Library and Add-ons to synchronize, catalog or validate packages on Nuget and Chocolatey feeds SynchroFeed.Console-v1.0.21 SynchroFeed.Console v1.0.21 Release
euantorano mybb / mybb PHP MyBB is a free and open source forum software. mybb_1823_build
Tomper-dev Tomper-dev / MagicDungeons Python This is a text-based RPG game that I have been developing. It is just in Alpha version, so, if there is any bug, please let me know V1.4 I am so sorry I have not been posting for a month, but here are the new assets: - BETA <3 - Brazilian Portuguese Version - Heal option archive1 = en archive2 = pt-br
nicolindemann tikatuka / logo no-lang Palm tree tikatuka logo v2.0.3
rumanzo rumanzo / bt2qbt Go bt2qbt is cli tool for export from uTorrent\Bittorrent into qBittorrent v1.6 Stable version Fix: --------- - Correct file priority counting. - Replace mapped files separator if defined (migration)
Ronef DivanDesign / EvolutionCMS.snippets.ddGetDocuments PHP A snippet for fetching and parsing resources from the document tree by a custom rule. v1.1 * \* Attention! (MODX)EvolutionCMS.libraries.ddTools >= 0.40.1 is required (not tested in older versions). * \* Improved compatibility with new versions of (MODX)EvolutionCMS.libraries.ddTools. *
github-actions[bot] BobDotMe / bob Shell Bash on Board! - General purpose container for Kubernetes v0.9.6-rc.6 ### Changes - Added code for bootstrap to wait for core dependancy
Luohuayu Luohuayu / CatServer Java 开源免费的高版本Forge+Bukkit+Spigot服务端 20.07.06
Gremious Gremious / SymlinkWatcher C# Watches any number of directory couples and automatically creates symbolic links for newly created folders within them from one the other. 1.1.0 That was dumb because then you don't get a choice what was I thinking
florent-lamiraux humanoid-path-planner / hpp-core C++ The core algorithms of the Humanoid Path Planner framework v4.9.1
eavam eavam / use-debouncy TypeScript 🌀 Small (120 bytes) debounce effect hook for React with TypeScript support v2.1.5 ## [2.1.5]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * add force tag for bit ([0081b64](
fredrikr johanberntsson / PunyInform C++ Parser and stdlib for the z-machine, designed to perform well on old 8-bit computers v1_0 Initial release. Release note: We just released PunyInform 1.0, a library for writing interactive fiction or text adventures in Inform 6, with focus on making the games fast enough and small enough
jsnjack jsnjack / wakeci Go Task automation v0.91.0
Prodip2416 Prodip2416 / panda-commerce HTML Panda commerce v1.1
EyeOfPython be-cash / python-ci Dockerfile CI pipeline for Python v0.1.2 Added missing pytest dependency
Andre601 Andre601 / HexChat Java Spigot plugin that adds chat formats and HEX color support (1.16+ only!) v1.0.3 You can now set text colors in every text section in the config For example would the following setup here, display the group name as red and the name as a bright green: ```yaml formats: defau
woodser woodser / JavaScript Web app to stress test the Monero network by generating transactions v0.0.1 Proof of concept release of with basic UI.
Abincyp Abincyp / mmultiplayer C++ Mirror's Edge Multiplayer Mod 2.0
doughphunghus doughphunghus / Doughs-Buff-Sounds-Common no-lang A 7 Days to Die modlet to add more sounds to the game v1.0.0
danierrr danierrr / EEGViewer no-lang EEG Viewer v0.9-beta EEGViewer PC Standalone This is a beta release. Please provide feedback!
UngeheurenUngeziefer UngeheurenUngeziefer / Python_Games Python Snow Screensaver, Snake Game, Square Run Road_Rush Road Rush -enemies added -restart button logic added -enemies dynamics added
X-Guardian X-Guardian / SSLLabsScanPS PowerShell PowerShell Wrapper for the SSL Labs Assessment API v1.1.0-preview0001 ## [v1.1.0-preview0001] - SSLLabsScanPS - Improved error processing.
aaarsene aaarsene / CC45 no-lang 45% mechanical keyboard v1.1 * Fix reset button wiring * Added the 1u keys needed for the 1.5u bottom row compatibility
pacificpelican pacificpelican / library2 JavaScript The Library of Progress 1.5.1 The Library of Progress is a tool for archiving electronic books, publications, and documents. Includes a list-all-books feature. This version also comes with a beta birthday tracking tool. Written
frank-w frank-w / BPI-R2-4.14 C Linux kernel 4.14+ for BPI-R2 CI-BUILD-20200705_194858-43eae3b60
manuelbl manuelbl / QrCodeGenerator C# QR Code Generator for .NET v1.6.0 Assembly is now strong-named
clandestinz clandestinz / ergaleio-library CSS Web library for building websites with ease v0.1
KyranRana KyranRana / xmlhttprequest-ssl-es6-node JavaScript Based on 0.2.3 - Added responseBuffer - Added gzip/deflate/compression support
InTheLoopBuilder 4thOffice / loopinupdater no-lang Release repository for InTheLoop v6.0.0-beta.5 Nedeljska beta s petkovimi fixi in popravki za kontakte (luki, revision + id :))
HJackH HJackH / CodeBook C++ Some algorithms and data structures 20200706-3
vrajiah vrajiah / farmbuddy Java This project contains a simple solution that allows Farmers to use water efficiently on their farms. 0.0.1-farm-buddy
github-actions[bot] UziTech / tonybrix JavaScript About Me v1.1.27 ## [1.1.27]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * **deps:** update dependency terminal-kit to ^1.35.10 ([6aa6d5e](
KenWilliamson Ulbora / six910-mysql Go MySQL database module for Six910 Shopping Cart and E-commerce System v1.0.7 v1.0.7
release-drafter[bot] awslabs / aws-lambda-powertools-python Python A suite of utilities for AWS Lambda Functions that makes tracing with AWS X-Ray, structured logging and creating custom metrics asynchronously easier v1.0.1 ## Changes Quick bugfix to Logger causing additional keys to be dropped when added before `logger.inject_lambda_context` was called. **This only happened in two typical situations, and is now fi
mad2342 mad2342 / LittleThings C# [Battletech Mod][ModTek] Fix some little annoyances and change minor stuff. 1.9.1-007R
botherder phishdetect / phishdetect-node Go This is the server component of PhishDetect v2.6.1
spockers spockers / HTML test 5.2.0 unc0ver 5.2.0 signed
girba feenkcom / gtoolkit Smalltalk Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. v0.7.1159
rikka0w0 rikka0w0 / LanServerProperties Java Enhance the vanilla "Open to LAN" Gui for listening port customization and removal of enforced authentication 1.16 For Minecraft 1.16 and above, requires MinecraftForge version 28 and above
mikan kaginawa / kaginawa-sdk-go Go Kaginawa Server client library for the Go programming language v0.0.2 Fixed bug: - #2 Fixed typo
kaga2 kaga2 / ruby-grape-api Ruby Ruby, Grape API, DockerCompose, Kubernetes, Github Actions, Gitlab, Rubocop, SimpleCov v0.1-alpha
joffarex joffarex / Specification C# A small library to separate your filtering logic from Data access layer 1.0.0
lucidrains lucidrains / local-attention Python An implementation of local windowed attention for language modeling 1.0.0
AShifter AShifter / harmony-span JavaScript A Node.JS application that allows you to trigger external webhooks from your Logitech Harmony Hub and compatible remotes. v1.2.0 Binaries for HarmonySpan v1.2.0. Download the binaries for your platform, modify the config file to suit your needs, and run the executable.
github-actions[bot] yamcs / yamcs-studio Java Desktop TM/TC Client for Yamcs v1.4.0.rc1 Connection layer was rewritten using a new Java-based Yamcs 5 client. To iron out potential bugs there will be a few RCs before doing a final 1.4.0 release. * Requires Yamcs 5 * Additional client-
mitch292 mitch292 / gimmeplan Go CLI app to generate a terraform plan and output it to a slack channel v0.2.0 ## Changelog 555a4e5 Make git access over ssh primiary citizen
NotOfficer Fortnite-API / csharp-wrapper C# C# implementation for 2.0.0 - implemented all V2 endpoints + minor refactoring
TheFel0x TheFel0x / Steam-Install-Checker C# Checks all Drives for Steam folders and helps you locate and delete games that you have installed multiple times on accident. 1 First release.
raymond-lam raymond-lam / writable-stream-and-promise JavaScript Pipe a stream into a Promise. v1.0.11
LiquidatorCoder Hash-Studios / Prism Dart Prism is a beautiful open-source wallpapers app for Android. It is built with Dart on top of Google's Flutter Framework. v2.4.1 This is the official release of the **Prism Wallpapers App v2.4.1** on the Play Store. ## Changelog ### v2.4.1 - Minor bug fixes ## Assets - - `app-arm64-v8a-release` For most users, this w
jckuester jckuester / awsls Go A list command for AWS resources v0.3.0 ## Changelog df85f15 Fix: Pick up regions for AWS profiles 1f9b926 Make AWS client connections public (#9) 9e68196 Replace flag with
github-actions[bot] zond / android-dipact Kotlin Android wrapper for 2085 Automatically generated due to a new version of the codebase.
docjyJ docjyJ / TisseoLib Kotlin Library to simplify calls to the Tisséo API in Java / Kotlin. v1.2.3 ## Note - *use now* the apiClientBuilder to optimize the code ## Add on project In your `build.gradle` put : ````groovy repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { implementation 'f
kamranayub kamranayub / wait-for-netlify-action JavaScript A GitHub action that will wait until a Netlify Preview deploy is completed before continuing on 1.0.1 - fix: commit `node_modules`
Pliavi Pliavi / live-runner GDScript A project to be doing in live stream at 1.0.0 **Live Runner** Jogo finalizado todo em live:
rveltz rveltz / BifurcationKit.jl Julia A Julia package to perform Bifurcation Analysis 0.0.1
github-actions[bot] 2020-01-est-19 / proyecto R Proyecto de estadística y probabilidades v4.0.0
MattiusMatt MattiusMatt / react-native-sketch-canvas JavaScript A React Native component for drawing by touching on both iOS and Android. v0.9.1
amardeshbd amardeshbd / android-police-brutality-incidents Kotlin 2020PB Android client app for (Repository containing evidence of police brutality during the 2020 George Floyd protests) v2.4 Release for [milestone v2.4]( ### Features * List of states now hows days since an incident reported for the r
ThatcherDev ThatcherDev / Song-inSync Swift An iOS app that lets you play the same song at the same time across multiple devices. 1.0.1 - Fixed minor UI bugs - Fixed Multipeer connectivity bugs - Implemented a more efficient way of using the Apple Music API
anuradhaneo anuradhaneo / MavenMultimoduleTest Java A test project for testing out Maven Multi-module type projects master-v0.6.618
ShortDevelopment ShortDevelopment / Legacy-Edge-Launcher Visual Basic .NET Get back to Microsoft Edge Legacy! v1 Download application an double click. The first time you start the app you have to grant admin rights to set a registry key telling Windows not to block Edge Legacy. Have fun!
valsou valsou / bellerophon Python Python script to maintain a clean Pegasus-frontend directory 0.16 version 0.16 (06/07/2020) : + no more <PATH_VARIABLE> in .conf + added <CORE_VARIABLE> and <SYSTEM_VARIABLE> instead.
hemersonvianna org-descco / HTML Site Nerd Calistênico v3.144.0 * feat: update submodules (fa5be08)
lnaghash naghashyan / Naghashyan-PHP-Framework-Core PHP Naghashyan Framework Core 4.0.1
Bunn Bunn / SwiftHole Swift Swift API for PiHole 1.2.0 Add support for DNS request historical data
github-actions[bot] rogerballard / nestjs-relay TypeScript A batteries-included toolkit for building Relay-compliant GraphQL APIs with NestJS v7 v3.0.1 ## [3.0.1]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * enable releases ([36633db](
vroncevic vroncevic / bash_env Emacs Lisp Linux BASH/Emacs Environment files v1.1.0
benedekrozemberczki benedekrozemberczki / pytorch_geometric_temporal Python A Temporal Extension Library for PyTorch Geometric v_00004
yantonov yantonov / dot Rust Tiny cli tool which helps to deal with dot files. 0.1.4 Add verbose output
carmensantoro carmensantoro / ABC JavaScript ABC - Ace Book Club is a project for Start2impact - It's a website where you can search in a large collection of books v0.2.0 ### - When you going back to the search page all the old parameters are restored
github-actions[bot] vx-labs / wasp Go 🐝 Distributed MQTT broker, written in Go v1.7.6
TemApex TemApex / payday2-vtc Lua Various Text Changes, now with a lot more changes! R25 The second pre-release version. Highlights include: All of Golden Grin's interactions (excluding Dentist's loot) now rewritten. All of No Mercy's interactions rewritten. All of White Xmas' interact
Yuhtin Yuhtin / Faction-Tracker Java A simple bukkit plugin that gives a book with a clue to a faction (MassiveCore) 1.1-RELEASE
jonmmease plotly / Kaleido HTML Fast static image export for web-based visualization libraries with zero dependencies v0.0.1rc5 ### Added - Added support for EPS and EMF formats using poppler and inkscape ([#5](
RodrigoVT7 RodrigoVT7 / node-restserver-curso JavaScript Este es el repositorio oficial del curso de Node v0.0.1 ## Fin sección 8 Aquí esta todo el código tal cual lo dejamos en la sección 8
diVineProportion diVineProportion / ThunderTac Python War Thunder Tacview Bridge v0.1.0-alpha.1
kbarbounakis kbarbounakis / most-data-express JavaScript MOST Web Framework Data ORM Express Middleware 1.5.8 **Changes** - Use Content-Encoding, Content-Location, Content-Language and Content-Disposition headers while using StreamFormatter.
danifujii danifujii / bookqlub JavaScript Book review site, done using GraphQL v0.3.1
assintates assintates / hina Vue hina A-0.2 #####Improvements: Better SEO Better Page Load time #####Removed: Home Carousel
bybilvanis bybilvanis / SyliusElasticsearchPlugin no-lang Elasticsearch integration for Sylius apps. v1.5.7
Victor-Mo Victor-Mo / IRT-ESP C++ Nefit / Buderus iRT protocol encoder / decoder for ESP8266 travis-dev_master-build Version Automatic firmware builds of the current IRT-ESP branch built on 2020-07-05 19:31:42 UTC from commit 039f588ede788981424b8e1b27caba8881567db8. Warning, this is a development bu
radhermit pkgcore / pkgcore Python a framework for package management v0.10.13
dmikusa dmikusa / rust-cnb no-lang Rust Cloud Native Buildpack v0.0.5 Dependencies: | name | version | stacks | |-|-|-| | com.mikusa.rust-dist | 0.0.3 | io.paketo.stacks.tiny,io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic, org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3 | | com.mikusa.rust-cargo
TheGreatRefrigerator GIScience / Leaflet.Heightgraph JavaScript Leaflet plugin to visualize height information and road attributes. v1.1.0
herbievine herbievine / kimp TypeScript Easy to use, ID generator v1.1.0 - No change to the package itself - Converted to TypeScript
badtrash eskimo-sh / eskimo Java Eskimo is a state of the art Big Data Infrastructure and Management Web Console to build, manage and operate Big Data 2.0 Analytics clusters. This is the git repository of Eskimo Community Edition. 0.3.0 Release V0.3.0 of Eskimo Community Edition. See for more information.
sunnyque sunnyque / herus-mon-go Go Herus monitoring Golang library v0.0.2
JuanLiz JuanLiz / twrp_device_samsung_kanas Makefile TWRP Device Tree and releases for SM-G355M/H untagged-e239fb80d2119d71d213
sambacha freight-trust / omnibus no-lang Go to the v5 branch v5.0.0-rc1 # Version 5.0 RC-1 Release See it here: []( ## Version 5 updates New Features include: Netlify Deploy Updated build tooling Updated Semantics and
blackweaver blackweaver / angular-admin JavaScript Administrador realizado con Angular 7.0 v2.1.0
Oj18 SwagMiD / App TypeScript 🧬 Source code of the PreMiD application. v3.2.0 Changes from v3.0.1-prealpha (skipped the v3.1.0-prealpha release): - Changed default RPC data state value to "Unknown" - RPC data's details now also defaults (to "Unknown") - A
TAImatem TAImatem / owml C# The mod loader and mod framework for Outer Wilds 0.4.0-InputHandler
solital solital / solital PHP Solital is a framework for php projects. Contains a route system, template, ORM and API 0.7.0 # Released Notes ## v0.7.0 - (2020-07-05) ### Added - Added method to create a standard user in the database - Added method that configures `db.php` in` vinci` - Added method that creates t
dov fribidi / fribidi C GNU FriBidi v1.0.10 This version fixed various compilation problems and symbol exports necessary for proper compilation under Windows
smarbar smarbar / MitelDhcpTool PowerShell Utility to help generate Option 125 used for Mitel IP Phones v1.0.0 Initial release of the Mitel DHCP Option 125 Tool
grwei grwei / transmission-line-params-extractor SourcePawn Matlab implementation of patent "Transmission-line simulators and methods" (US8892414B1) v0.2.0-alpha.1 Works well when the input S-parameters is perfect. - Still in progress: - Low-frequency treatment - passivity/causality/stability/reciprocity enforcement
sleepingwheel sleepingwheel / faves Shell Personal bash script for brew, casks, mas installation v0.2 v0.2 includes: brew: cask mas ffmpeg cask: telegram tyke Itsycal Toggl google-chrome gimp brackets slack charles mas: 1320666476 #Wipr + /Users/mindaugas/Pictures/r
Trimatix Trimatix / GOF2BountyBot Python Small discord bot written in python, for the Kaamo Club discord server. Main goal is to provide a bounty hunting minigame. v0.9.0-beta This is a major features release. *Additions* + Added mining! Users may now periodically attempt to mine ore from asteroids. See `$help mine` for more details. Many thanks to Novahkiin22 for this
MatthiasKainer MatthiasKainer / pure-lit TypeScript Register your lit-elements as a pure functions. v0.1.0 - [Creating new release 0.1.0]( - @MatthiasKainer - [Split up the code and added test description to readme](
Kajabity Kajabity / Kajabity.Tools.Java C# Classes to read and write Java style “.properties” files in .NET applications. Kajabity.Tools.Java Release v0.2-40
github-actions[bot] Senipah / VBA-Better-Array VBA An array class for VBA providing features found in more modern languages v1.5.2 8af4184 ParseCSV - dont reuse row array
bitranox bitranox / pathlib3x Python backport of latest pathlib (3.10.a0) to python 3.6 and newer with a few extensions v0.3.3 0.3.3 ----- 2020-07-05 : patch release - fix minor typos
kainsteffen kainsteffen / movie-watchlist JavaScript A webapp to find different lists of movies to watch. v0.0.8 Add react app Story_001 Story_006
phev8 influenzanet / web-client TypeScript Web app as a user interface for participants and researchers v0.4.0 - include 2FA login flow - add option to resolve study link to simplify login - code optimizations
Cito graphql-python / graphql-core Python A Python 3.6+ port of the GraphQL.js reference implementation of GraphQL. v3.1.2 Patch release GraphQL-core v3.1.2, based on GraphQL.js v15.1.0. This release includes the following improvements: * Added @specifiedBy directive * Extended type definitions (#89) * Enum type f
almarklein pygfx / pyshader Python Write modern GPU shaders in Python! v0.6.1 * Decorate ArrayStride for storage buffers * Fix typo, fixing the matrix_inverse function
shivankmishra shivankmishra / linux_cmd_cheatsheet no-lang Space to store all my terminal commands, and shortcuts v0.01 test
francois-a broadinstitute / gtex-v8 Jupyter Notebook Notebooks and scripts for reproducing analyses and figures from the V8 GTEx Consortium paper main_figures
IvanGoncharov graphql / graphql-js JavaScript A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript v15.3.0 ## v15.3.0 (2020-07-05) #### New Feature 🚀 * [#2688]( Added new 'FormattedExecutionResult' type ([@IvanGoncharov](
spikespaz spikespaz / search-deflector D A small program that forwards searches from Cortana to your preferred browser and search engine. 1.3.1 This pre-release contains a few bug fixes and one small change. **Changes:** - Fixed missing language files from previous installer - Fixed empty search engine URL on first launch (now dumps Goog
jabolina jabolina / relt Go Transport for reliable broadcasting messages. v0.0.6 Removed the flawed auto-reconnection.
Vel-San Vel-San / KF-EnhancedSyringe UnrealScript Healing Syringe with advanced, balanced features. v2.0 # Changelog - [fix] Critical bug where the syirnge was only replaced on Westlondon map
tiefenb blue-tomato / ImageBlurhash PHP 🖼️ Module for ProcessWire which automatically generates Blurhashs. 2.0.3 * Minor Improvement if a imagefile does not exists
yordis straw-hat-team / terraform-github-sht HCL Terraform modules for provisioning GitHub v0.0.3
bphaslett bphaslett / android_kernel_amazon_karnak C experimental merge of android kernel with main tree 3.18.49 Built natively in a gentoo chroot w/ gcc 6.4.0
corbindavenport corbindavenport / nexus-tools Shell Installer for ADB and Fastboot on Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS 4.3 * Added easy opt-out mechanism for analytics * UDEV file can now be removed during uninstall process
idleberg idleberg / vscode-nsis TypeScript Language syntax, IntelliSense and build system for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) v3.27.1 - update dependencies
github-actions[bot] pygfx / wgpu-py Python Next generation GPU API for Python v0.3.0 Autogenerated binary wheels that include wgpu-native.
jwodder jwodder / wheel-filename Python Parse wheel filenames v1.2.0 - Changed `ParsedWheelFilename` to a `namedtuple` so that it can be iterated over - Dropped support for Python 3.5 - Added type annotations
extsoft extsoft / jcat Java This repo provides a sample set of automated tests for application. 0.2.1 <h3>Release notes</h3> <li> <a href="">Add badges</a></li> <li> <
schemers schemers / homebridge-hunterdouglas-platinum TypeScript Hunter Douglas Platinum Blinds plugin for HomeBridge v2.1.0 ### Added - debounce all shade changes as a group, instead of by shade id - this allows grouping all shades being set to the same position (with the same feature id) into a single set command to
mseemab mseemab / smarttm Python SMARTTM Platform for Toastmaster Clubs to manage participation data of members v1.4.1
Aspartic Aspartic / My-OpenWrt Shell OpenWrt自编译 07/06_2020_00/29 墙内加速下载🔥: 🚀 🗽
idleberg idleberg / atom-language-nsis CoffeeScript Atom language support for NSIS, including grammar, snippets and build system v7.4.1 - update dependencies
Yuriy-Karpov Yuriy-Karpov / react-just-scrollbar TypeScript just custom native scrollbar v0.1.0
manami-project manami-project / modb-test Kotlin This lib contains all essential dependencies as well as some convenience functions and classes for creating tests in modb prefixed kotlin projects. 1.0.1 + Updated wiremock-jre8 to 2.27.1 + Updated junit-jupiter-engine to 5.6.2 and junit-platform-launcher to 1.6.2
trexinc FarGroup / FarManager C++ File and Archive Manager ci/v3.0.5637.1648 Far Manager 3.0.5637.1648 - 2262e4b29a3d0a43245301af8f1aebd20ab40216
linuxgurugamer linuxgurugamer / SpaceTuxLibrary C# Easy way to pick a color v0.0.3.4
romkatv romkatv / zsh-bin Shell Statically-linked, hermetic, relocatable Zsh v4.1.0 - Add xterm-kitty and termite to the embedded terminfo database.
pierreyvesbaloche pierreyvesbaloche / PiHQCam Python A Full self-contained Raspberry Pi Camera Project 1.0.0 This is the initial release of the project after full review and test on a clean install of the system to ensure a successful deployment
github-actions[bot] hannobraun / vndf Rust Von Neumann Defense Force - a game about spaceships v20200705-191558
odrevet odrevet / bide_et_musique_flutter Dart Ecouter et consulter la web radio "Bide et Musique" 3.3.1 Upgrade packages Wait for favorite list to refresh after set a favorite song rank No fade in or fade out for the song cover Main function returns a MaterialApp instead of the AudioServiceWidget up
soroushamdg soroushamdg / acd no-lang ACD helps you download Adobe Connect Sessions Videos and Audios v1.6 ### Join @iranpythoneers for more information and news. ### 💻 Available on macOS, Debian Linux, and Windows ### ✅ Replace all new files on previous version files ### ☑ ACD needs Google Chrom
Brutus5000 FAForever / db TSQL FAForever database v97
lucienlizlepiorz ChicagoDSA / haymarket CSS A GitHub Pages theme to easily launch Chicago DSA websites. v1.2.9 Removed custom selection colors. Unreadable, and typo had broken build.
blueminder blueminder / nullDCNetplayLauncher C# A nullDC launcher & distribution optimized for peer-to-peer online gaming on the NAOMI/Atomiswave platform v0.6.5.8 * Adjusts controller priority in test mode to allow legacy DirectInput device to be default when Joystick 1 is set & QJC file is detected * Recognizes controller QJC files both with spaces and un
github-actions[bot] tk3369 / LoggingFacilities.jl Julia Life is beautiful when your application log looks nice! v0.2.0 ## LoggingFacilities v0.2.0 [Diff since v0.1.0]( **Closed issues:** - Redesign thoughts (#6) **Merged pull requests:** - ✨
khalwat nystudio107 / craft-retour PHP Retour allows you to intelligently redirect legacy URLs, so that you don't lose SEO value when rebuilding & restructuring a website 3.1.40 ### Added * Added the Codeception testing framework to SEOmatic * Added a Unit Test to Retour that executes on every push to GitHub to verify there are no regressions for [#110](
wehowski frdl / mount-manager PHP PHP stream wrapper library to magically mount local or remote filesystems. v1.2.7.3
tanmaypatil tanmaypatil / node-express-aws-deploy JavaScript simple node project to deploy to aws using github actions. v0.1 testing deployment on ecs
github-actions[bot] alanta / Kontent.Statiq C# Module to retrieve content from Kentico Kontent for building static websites with Statiq v1.0-beta3 Pre-release version supporting Kontent SDK v14, which is still in bèta.
delawr0190 delawr0190 / foreman-apps Java The Foreman miner agent. 3.4.4
joligario joligario / Server no-lang EQEmu - Open Source EverQuest Server 20200704
WortgeschichteDigital WortgeschichteDigital / ZettelsTraum JavaScript Wortkartei-App von „Wortgeschichte digital“ v0.42.0 # Release Notes v0.42.0 ## Verbesserungen * Mehrwortausdrücke können im Formvariantenfenster nun als Wort oder Variante aufgenommen werden * Button zum automatischen Ergänzen der Anhängelis
github-actions[bot] tknopp / RedPitayaDAQServer.jl Julia Advanced DAQ Tools for the RedPitaya (STEMlab 125-14) v0.1.0 ## RedPitayaDAQServer v0.1.0 **Merged pull requests:** - Julia 0.7 (#1) (@tknopp) - Install TagBot as a GitHub Action (#2) (@JuliaTagBot) - Changes of protocol (#3) (@tknopp) - Add hint for read-o
BitsOfBinary BitsOfBinary / yarabuilder Python Python 3 library to build YARA rules. v0.0.3 - Added capability to convert YaraRule to Python dictionary (and vice versa)
GeoDoo GeoDoo / post-your-standup JavaScript Slack app to create automated standups from Jira boards v1.0.9 ## [1.0.9]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * **npm-publish:** stop publishing to npm registry ([#47](
LiorBanai Analogy-LogViewer / Analogy.LogViewer.Serilog C# Serilog Parser for Analogy Log Viewer V1.2.0 ### Fixes: - Add EnvironmentUserName to the parser and set it to User property Of AnalogyLogMessage. #39 - Add dynamic columns per file properties. #43 This release enables the dynamic column
AlbertoFdzM OnlyThePixel / ghost-theme-ectoplasm CSS The default personal blogging theme for Ghost 3.0.13-0.1.1 **Compatible with Ghost ≥ 3.0.0** * [83be21a]( refactor(comment): remove ghost prefix from disqus page identifiers - Alberto
kad kad / Marlin no-lang Optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers based on the Arduino platform. v2.0.5.3-kad2 - Extruder max feedrate 30 - Adjusted min Y position to not hit linear bearing - Enabled individual homing menu - Enabled turbo-back menu item - Fixes for bootscreen logo
smoked-herring smoked-herring / sail C SAIL is a fast and lightweight cross-platform image decoding and encoding library providing multi-leveled APIs from one-liners to complex use-cases with custom I/O sources. v0.9.0-pre4 - Fixed a critical initialization issue on Windows
Jim00000 Jim00000 / IMF-Z8 C++ An automatic bot to buy card in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution v1.0
CW4RR10R CW4RR10R / yify-grabber Python Command line tool for downloading yify subtitles 0.1
benedekrozemberczki benedekrozemberczki / littleballoffur Python A graph sampling extension library for NetworkX. v_10001
hammy3502 hammy3502 / tarstall Python A package manager for managing archives (.zip, .tar.gz, .7z, .rar, and .tar.xz) v1.5.4 Fixed a bug that prevented tarstall from working under bash and zsh,
retrooper retrooper / packetevents Java Lightweight packetlistener & packetsender with multi version supporting utilities(1.7.10->1.16.1) 1.4.1 ## Changelog: * WrappedPacketOutEntity added, which can be used for Rel entity move and rel entity movelook and entity look aswell! * Now possible to register/unregister multiple listeners in on
erici57 erici57 / backend-server-udemy JavaScript este es un backend server para para el curso de angular avanzado v0.0.2 #Usuario y token listo 1. implementacion del modelo de usuario 2. CRUD de usuario 3. token 4. middleware - verifica token codigo funcionando a la fecha
chainlist chainlist / svelte-forms JavaScript Svelte forms validation made easy 1.1.0 A new configuration object has been added to the package as well as a refactoring of the properties to validate. Now contained inside a `fields` property.
HerlinMatos EveryMundo / tui.image-editor JavaScript 🍞🎨 Full-featured photo image editor using canvas. It is really easy, and it comes with great filters. v3.9.1
GOVINDDIXIT GOVINDDIXIT / chronos-localiser Kotlin Android Library to solve all your locale problems 📱 :white_check_mark: 1.0.0
Explv Explv / Explvs-AIO Java Explv's AIO v3.2.4 1. Close help overlay in bank if it's visible. 2. Prioritise depositing items in ItemReqBanking to avoid scenario where the script is trying to withdraw an item req, but the inventory is full. 3. Pr
wesley-221 wesley-221 / wyReferee TypeScript AxS calculator v3.0.2 Prevent all credentials (api key/irc/wybin) from showing up in export
hsynlms hsynlms / fastify-prettier JavaScript a simple and lightweight beautifier plugin for Fastify. v1.1.3 **Fix:** `streams` are excluded for beautification **Fix**: `buffers` are excluded for beautification **Add:** `onSend` hook enabling/disabling option
datadavev datadavev / soso-chrome JavaScript Tool for Science on Schema.Org (SOSO) validation in Chrome browser 1.0.1 This initial release provides the basic functionality for a manually installed chrome plugin. Download the .zip, unzip it, then load the unpacked extension using chrome (must be in developer mode).
HerlinMatos EveryMundo / toast-ui.react-image-editor JavaScript TOAST UI ImageEditor wrapper for React.js v1.2.1
tastyfriedtofu tclog / tclog Go Twitch Chat Logger v0.0.3 ## Changelog 8729f4f 🔨 Update goreleaser token
garypang13 garypang13 / Actions-OpenWrt-Nginx Shell Automatic unattended weekly builds of the current OpenWrt development master branch 07/06_2020_00/44_x86_64 墙内加速下载🔥: 奶牛快传: 🚀 WeTransfer: 🗽
sdufourbeausejour sdufourbeausejour / tiff_at_shp Python # Get TIFF image band values for pixels overlapping point features from a shapefile. v1.0 tiff_at_shp is a Python script to sample a TIFF image at shapefile feature points using fiona and rasterio. Version 1.0 used for analysis included in the following manuscript: S. Dufour-Beausé
mchaptel cfourney / OpenHarmony JavaScript Beginning of Open Source Harmony Tools. 0.2.9 fixes to oNodeLinks/oLinks: added oLink.insertNode/ oNode.linkedInNodes/ oNode.linkedOutNodes. oLink.connect() will now attempt to guess ports to use when not provided. fix for createBackdrop when c
github-actions[bot] ruby / jruby-dev-builder Ruby JRuby Dev Builds for GitHub Actions builds-20200705-190134
watterle watterle / When-the-haipai-cry-majsoul Ren'Py VN Sequel of WTTC v1.2.2
1e1 1e1 / Open-GATSO-POI JavaScript EU speed camera location for Gamin-like GPS, TomTom, Navman… travis_master.2020-07-05
github-actions[bot] baggepinnen / MonteCarloMeasurements.jl Julia Propagation of distributions by Monte-Carlo sampling: Real number types with uncertainty represented by samples. v0.9.4 ## MonteCarloMeasurements v0.9.4 [Diff since v0.9.3](
JordiCorbilla JordiCorbilla / stock-prediction-deep-neural-learning Python Predicting stock prices using a TensorFlow LSTM (long short-term memory) neural network for times series forecasting v0.1 This release contains a sample weight.h5 file which can be used to predict future prices from GOOG. This model has been trained using LSTM deep learning network and the metrics of the model are: lo
cansarigol cansarigol / pdbr Python pdb + Rich library v0.2.1
sfalexrog sfalexrog / clever_vm Shell Packer config files to build VM for Clever development v0_base_vm Release for storing base VM image
NickCuso Fairmint / c-org-js JavaScript NPM module to interact with a continuous organization v0.8.8
husnusensoy GlobalMaksimum / sadedegel Python Extraction-based turkish news summarizer 0.1 We are finally there as a working library that can be installed and used. Obviously we are still far from being production ready. With this first release: * We bundled sadedeGel wheel and let othe
Danielsinsama Danielsinsama / de-prueba HTML Explorando lo que se puede hacer en GitHub. v1.0.0 # Instalación * Paso 1 * Paso 2 * Descargar: [](
fatihunlu fatihunlu / vue-admin-template Vue Sample Admin Template based on Vuejs & Vuetify. v1.0.0
JackWHLiu JackWHLiu / dora Java 🌟This is a professional debug framework tailored for Android App developer that focuses on crash log collection.这是一个为Android应用开发者量身定做的专业debug框架,专注于崩溃日志的收集。 2.2.2
github-actions[bot] janssen-io / foundry-macro-marker TypeScript Allows Foundry VTT players and GMs to mark macros as active giving them a coloured border. v0.5.0 - Add css to zip --- ### Known issues The examples won't work with The Furnace. `this` no longer references the macro itself when using that module. *The maintainer is aware of the issue and a fix
MegaEzik MegaEzik / LeagueOverlay_ru AutoHotkey Based 200705.1
faraplay faraplay / ImasArchiveS C# C# App for reading imas archives v0.1.1 ## Version 0.1.1 ### Added Command to extract all commus Default folder name appears in dialog when extracting files ### Changed File names in the file browser no longer have the .gz exte
raviranjan3570 raviranjan3570 / Tour-Guide-App Java :car: Android Basics Nanodegree Project :three: v1.0 This is the Release version of theTour Guide App.
nikos-glikis nikos-glikis / php-redis-client PHP RedisClient is a fast, fully-functional and user-friendly client for Redis, optimized for performance. RedisClient supports the latest versions of Redis starting from 2.6 to 6.0 v1.10.0.1
akamyshanov brokeree / quickfixn C# QuickFIX/n implements the FIX protocol on .NET. v1.10.2 Resolves deadlock issue
jtheoof jtheoof / swappy C A Wayland native snapshot editing tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS v1.2.0 # Changelog ## [1.2.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Features * **i18n:** add translatable desktop file ([cf3d7a5](
storm-ptr storm-ptr / bark C++ Bark is a geospatial, cross-platform, C++17, header only library. 1.0.263
Shyrogan LeafClient / Konfigurate Kotlin A small yet complete Setting library for Kotlin 1.1.0
chr15k chr15k / array PHP Array helpers for your PHP project 0.1.0 * Initial release
krishna-acondy macropeople / sasjs-cli JavaScript command line for creating, compiling, and building SAS® projects v3.9.2 ## [3.9.2]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * _program discovery ([4135ced](
MonolithProjects MonolithProjects / ansible-tfvars2facts Python This role will help you to use the Terraform variables (tfvars) as Ansible local facts. 1.1.0 - Replaced the regex tasks by one Ansible module to speedup the translation process
bastler2 bastler2 / PegasusMetaCreator C# A little program for editing / importing games into the Pegasus frontend alpha-0.1 first release
eallion eallion / HTML My Hubo blog public files and Utterances comment system. 2020.07.06
dj3c1t dj3c1t / sourceml PHP A Php/MySql music sharing CMS v3.1.1
benlye benlye / flash-multi C# A tool for managing the firmware on a MULTI-Module 0.4.1 ## Important - USB drivers * If you are updating from Flash Multi 0.2.x you will need to update the device drivers for the DFU bootloader. * If you are downloading and running Flash Multi for the fi
gabrielbusarello gabrielbusarello / material2-carousel TypeScript A carousel component for Angular using Material v0.7.1.3 ### Fixed - travis.yml
Shyrogan LeafClient / Kall Kotlin A powerful yet lightweight EventBus for Kotlin 1.2.1
Brutus5000 FAForever / faf-java-api Java The FAForever REST api v2.8.3-RC1
fabioiuri fabioiuri / DRecPy Python Deep Recommenders with Python: A Python library for building Deep Learning based Recommender Systems v0.1.0 # Improvements - Point Sampler now returns triples instead of tuples, now containing the interaction value of the sampled user id and item id as well - Update recommender workflow to process multipl
ayberktandogan ForFansubs / node-server JavaScript Back-end Node Server for ForFansubs project. v3.2.0 Bu güncellemeyi kullanmak için `front-end-admin` paketini v3.1.0'ye güncellemeniz gerekmektedir. ## 💮 Yenilikler - İçeriklerinizin tümünü görüntüleyebileceğiniz liste sayfası ekle
BiteDasher BiteDasher / rvrspkg Shell Creates a package for Arch Linux using the already installed package and its binary files 1.7 Symlinks now works just as expected.
github-actions[bot] lovasoa / dezoomify-rs Rust Zoomable image downloader for Google Arts & Culture, Zoomify, IIIF, and others v2.3.0-beta v2.3.0-beta : new IIIF image encoder
igtampe igtampe / ColloquorClient C# The client side of the Colloquor Serer 4.0 Heyo here we goooooo Also included in this thing is Colloquor 2.4! Extract it on the about page.
TheJuki TheJuki / KFormMaster Kotlin Generic form builder in Kotlin 7.0.0 ## Issues Resolved - #194 Added editViewGravity. The button element's default gravity is CENTER. - #195 Added editViewPaintFlags. Set the value to Paint.UNDERLINE_TEXT_FLAG to underline all text, fo
MaceWindu linq2db / linq2db C# Linq to database provider. v3.0.0-rc.2 Release candidate 2 of version 3 [Release notes]( [Milestone items]( [Nuge
ayberktandogan ForFansubs / front-end-admin JavaScript Front-end Admin React repo for ForFansubs project. v3.1.0 Bu güncellemeyi indirdikten sonra `yarn install` yapmanız gerekmektedir. ## 💮 Yenilikler - İçeriklerinizin tümünü görüntüleyebileceğiniz liste sayfası eklendi.
LukasHirt owncloud / phoenix Gherkin Next generation frontend for ownCloud v0.11.2
eylexlive eylexlive / Discord2FA Java Discord2FA 2.5 Released for 2.5
igtampe igtampe / ColloquorServer C# The server for a Chat program that uses Switchboard 1.0 Here we go! Remember to run settings at least once to do initial configuration before starting the server!
arsium arsium / NativeFunctions Visual Basic .NET I'm there to share a DLL I'm building to make the usage of Win32 API easy. I will add more functions , structures and enum with the time ! Also make some special functions myself (like Hide Desktop Icons and things like that). 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] NFSTools / YAMLDatabase C# A command-line tool that allows users to export and edit AttribSys (VLT) databases as text files. v2.0.0-beta1 Version 2.0.0 (beta 1) of YAMLDatabase comes with the following fixes and improvements: ## General: - Implemented new plugin system to allow new functionality to be added to the application, such
github-actions[bot] tk3369 / ContextTracking.jl Julia Do you know where you are? Now you do! v0.2.0 ## ContextTracking v0.2.0 [Diff since v0.1.0]( **Merged pull requests:** - ♻️ Call path now in Context object (#9) (@tk3369
inginiir inginiir / eurotrip Java my petproject for easy travels v.1 deployed on server
ijvs ijvs / openpay-ios Objective-C iOS Objective-C SDK for tokenization and fraud prevention v2.0.1
tattali tattali / CalendarBundle PHP Provides event calendar for your Symfony 4 project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and API like Google Calendar. v1.2.1 Fix #26
Matho Matho / wal-g no-lang Archival and Restoration for Postgres v0.2.16 This release is for PostgreSQL, build based on v0.2.16 version for RaspberryPi model v4 8GB ram architecture arm64 based on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
CodeIsJustLikeMagic CodeIsJustLikeMagic / SummonerTrackerOverlay Python Summoner tracker overlay that synchronizes between teammates v5.3.1 fixed critical but where application wouldn't start if CDragon folder doesn't exist.
TheAssassin linuxdeploy / linuxdeploy C++ AppDir creation and maintenance tool. Featuring flexible plugin system. continuous Travis CI build log:
urlordjames urlordjames / gnuhc Java GPL3 UHC plugin for Minecraft Spigot 1.16 v0.1 Please try it out and let me know if you encounter any bugs.
lucas-engen lucas-engen / Warzone-2100-Hack C++ Hack para o game Warzone 2100. Funciona no modo multiplayer online v1.1 - Suporte para a versão 3.3.0 - Pequenas mudanças na interface - Melhorias na estabilidade
github-actions[bot] svenstaro / proby Rust :satellite: Check whether hosts are reachable on certain ports and return result on HTTP 0.4.1
StevenBlack StevenBlack / hosts Python Consolidating and Extending hosts files from several well-curated sources. You can optionally pick extensions to block Porn, Social Media, and other categories.. 2.6.28 * Updates from clefspeare13,, URLHaus, KADhosts, and HostsVN. (6906938b) * Merge pull request #1329 from mullinsmikey/patch-1 (5bab40d6) * Update StevenBlack hosts (ad45f75d)
derdanne derdanne / stern Go ⎈ Multi pod and container log tailing for Kubernetes or pushing to GELF logging solution 2.1.0
jcmnunes jcmnunes / widy TypeScript Widy - What I did yesterday - Productivity app v0.11.0 # [0.11.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * **Report:** tasks table layout ([887ff7a](
Antosik Antosik / lol-guilds-client TypeScript 🎮 Desktop Client for RU League of Legend "Guilds" program v0.1.2 ## LGC v0.1.2 **Улучшения:** - Повышена стабильность и производительность клиента - Исправлены некоторые критическ
TFarla TFarla / subs2srs-cross-platform Python Generate flash cards with audio, images and text using subtitles 0.1.0-alpha.1 First version. Lots to still do but preview is working. Only works on OSX. No windows or linux build are included in this release.
ygrek ygrek / mldonkey OCaml cross-platform multi-network p2p daemon release-3-1-7-2
BrunoMeirel3s BrunoMeirel3s / ZabbixHidder AutoIt Software para ocultar a execução do Zabbix, Versão: 1.0 1.0 Versão inicial, já podendo ser utilizada para ocultar automaticamente a execução do Zabbix ![Icon ZabbixHidder](
srexi srexi / RexShop-mybb PHP Mybb plugin for easy rex shop integration. 1.04 #Features This allows you to sell lifetime subscriptions #Bugfixes Fixed issues if you're using mysql in strict mode.
pascal-sochacki pascal-sochacki / build-latex Shell GitHub Action to build tex files (with Bibtex) 0.1
Abuelodelanada Abuelodelanada / pepe-emacs-config Emacs Lisp My personal emacs configuration (lot of PHP, autocompletion, etc) 1.0.1 We improved load time
andrelmlins recifejs / cli TypeScript CLI for RecifeJs 0.3.1
Andoz Andoz / Broadcast- no-lang New solution for Broadcasting on Minecraft servers! v1.4 More informations you can find here:☛-broadcast-new-broadcasting-solution-made-with-skript-1-9-1-16-1.81057/update?update=346166 Thank you for using my Skript
cdgriffith cdgriffith / Box Python Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access 5.0.0a3
kiku233 kiku233 / yuzu-early-access C++ Yuzu Early Access 汉化版 mainline-0-708 ## Changes: * 73bbfc3e5923815e81ffab6b8ae122766aa6705b yuzu-early-access 708 汉化版更新 * dc67b52feea86ff0cf9b52d26d196ff8840936a3 add git_submodule * 59e79eedd0e6d4e19a266434f0eb536b7eedbbb1
romkey romkey / multiball-diagnostics C++ Diagnostic library for Homebus/Multiball applications v0.1.0-alpha Very first release, meant only for testing.
koriym bearsunday / BEAR.Skeleton PHP Skeleton application for BEAR.Sunday 1.8.0 ## Release Note * ## Improvement * Require bear/package ^0.10 * declare(strict_types=1); * QA files * update phpmd.
loitho loitho / acmi-compiler C++ Program to convert Falcon BMS .flt files to .vhs by using all of your computer available ressources v2.0 Hi there, After a few days of the v1.0 release, I'm releasing a 2.0, due to major changes concerning the way the compiler compiles files. The compiler now compiles files Much faster than BMS and u
mohtada-h divar-ir / react-virtuoso TypeScript An elegant virtual list component for React v0.18.0-beta.2
rubenaraya rubenaraya / phpme PHP Kit de desarrollo para aplicaciones y servicios REST / WEB en PHP v1.1.1
awesomebytes awesomebytes / gentoo_prefix_ci Shell A Gentoo Prefix continuous integration repo. Find precompiled Gentoo Prefix in the releases section release/2020-07-05T18at35plus00at00 Use Gentoo Prefix with: tar xvf gentoo_on_tmp*.tar.lzma; ./gentoo/startprefix
dmjio dmjio / miso Haskell :ramen: A tasty Haskell front-end framework 1.7.1 - Allows for adding multiple classes together ```haskell view _ = div_ [ class_ "foo", class_ "bar" ] [ ] ``` Will be shown on the DOM as `class="foo bar"` - B
jshufro jshufro / home_assistant_noaa_tides Python A fork of Home Assistant's NOAA Tides sensor with additional features. 0.0.3 Improved data reliability
darkwizard242 darkwizard242 / ansible-role-gcloudsdk Python Ansible role for Google Cloud SDK (cli). Available on Ansible Galaxy. 1.0.3 * Refactor task names to be more meaningful and descriptive around the OS family that the playbook is running the tasks on. * Bump TravisCI python to 3.8
GuiBrandt GuiBrandt / PersistentArray JavaScript Persistent array data structure in JS v0.1.0 [MVP] - Reads take O(u) when rerooting is necessary, O(1) otherwise. - Updates take O(1) time and space. - Not thread-safe, unfortunately.
benedekrozemberczki benedekrozemberczki / karateclub Python A general purpose community detection and network embedding library for research built on NetworkX. v_10008 Error handling by assertions.
drageelr drageelr / men-crud JavaScript MongoDB + Express + Node CRUD Application. v1.0.0 This release contains the following operations: 1. Login 2. Add User 3. Delete User 4. Fetch Users Note: JWT is used for communication with the server
linseycurrie linseycurrie / RockPaperScissors Python Guessing game against the computer v1.0 My first independant Program : ) The user is given three chances to beat the computer at rock paper scissors. They are then presented with the result.
seanwlk seanwlk / wfaccountmanager Python Simple class that allows the usage of Warface account with a session that takes care of the login and offers useful methods. 0.0.4 - New methods - Hidden argument in GET and POST to allow usage of base url from outside the library - README cleanup
galhavivi yahoo / jafar JavaScript 🌟!(Just another form application renderer) v1.0.6 ### Form * Add - support for updater function for changeState and changeValue actions ### React Editor * Fix - edit field should render all its validators when editing saved field
mikroskeem mikroskeem / WorldEditCUI Java WorldEdit client interface for Minecraft, running on Fabric 1.16.1+01 Big thanks to @zml2008 for updating WorldEditCUI to 1.16.1
tboeghk observabilitystack / geoip-api Java A JSON REST API for Maxmind GeoIP databases 2020-27
Karitham Karitham / WaifuBot Go discord waifu / husband gacha bot v0.1.0-alpha This is the first bot release, this has been very fun and I have learned a lot through this project, I believe the bot is now usable on a small scale and I will continue adding functionalities to it w
github-actions[bot] q-masters / vsqlik TypeScript VSCode Extension for better Qlik App Development 0.6.0 ## Changes - Release 0.6.0 @konne (#307) - Feature/281 organize by stream @r-hannuschka (#306) - feat: readme and tags for marketplace @konne (#292) - Remove changelog generation code @konne (#2
kruserr kruserr / aiocheck Python A python asyncio host health checker using native ping commands 0.0.11 # Features - Preliminary support for the core functionality of the project. # Known issues - Only works on python 3.8
peteroupc peteroupc / Numbers C# A C# implementation of arbitrary-precision numbers and arithmetic v1.7.1 Version 1.7.1 - Fix bugs in new char[] and byte[] overloads of FromString
mschilling dutchhackers / eleventy-strapi-example JavaScript Example project: Eleventy + Strapi + GraphQL v0.0.1
anthonyalmarza ladders-elo-tracker / ladders-api Python Ladders API v0.0.0-beta This release is intended to test the github workflow and to allow for local testing of the web client if it succeeds.
FlatheadV8 FlatheadV8 / Filmwandler Shell Mit diesem Skript kann man einen beliebigen Film in viele verschiedene Formate umwandeln. Das Skript besitzt viele nützliche Option wie z.B. die Möglichkeit Werbung und schwarze Ränder zu entfernen, Clips zu erzeugen, Bildformat und -auflösung zu ändern u.v.a.m. Außer bei AVI-, MPEG-1 und 3GPP(2)-Filmen werden automatisch die Bildauflösungen so umgerechnen, dass der neu erstellte Film quadratische Bildpunkte (Pixel) besitzt, dazu werden beim Film (wenn nötig) automatisch schwarze Balken angefügt um am Ende ein 4:3- oder 16:9-Bild zu erhalten, bei dem die Kreise immer noch rund sind. Seit dem 22. September 2019 liegt hier die 5. Generation (seit ca. 2005). v5.3.2 Mit diesem Skript kann man einen beliebigen Film in eines von den folgenden verbreiteten Formaten umwandeln: - MKV: mkv + VP9 + Opus - WebM: webm + VP9 + Opus - MP4: mp
Kiplacon Kiplacon / Renai-Transportation Lua Factorio mod about ridiculous transportation methods 0.3.5
HenrikFricke srvycool / ds TypeScript design system v1.4.1 ## [1.4.1]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * load font in storybook ([06779c0](
linseycurrie linseycurrie / FilmMusicVideos Python Opens music videos from children's films on youtube based on user selection v1.0 This is my second independant program. I have created a text file that contains the names of films with their associated url addresses of the videos on youtube. This information is extracted from th
dskatz dskatz / wsdl2go Go Command line tool to generate Go code from WSDL for SOAP XML services v1.4.8
darkwizard242 darkwizard242 / ansible-role-dockercompose Python Ansible role for docker-compose. Available on Ansible Galaxy. 1.0.7 * Set task name from Debian to Debian/Ubuntu Family
cnizzardini mixerapi / cakephp-rest-baker PHP The missing RESTful API component to CakePHP's bake console. Create RESTful API skeletions in seconds. 1.0.0-beta-2
badguy99 badguy99 / PlantPictureCard no-lang Like a picture glance card, but for plant data v0.1.3 Removes background image which shows up when png images don't have a background layer.
RanDumSocks RanDumSocks / RanDumBot HTML Personal Twitch IRC and overlay bot v0.2.2 # Changes - RanDumBot Core - Console & Logs - Equal padding between tags - Logs now ignore console color codes - Chat is now formatted consistently with other output - Cert
github-actions[bot] tabetalt / pulumix TypeScript Pulumi template-resources used in Tabetalt backend v1.0.0-alpha.7 # [1.0.0-alpha.7]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * missing args from super call ([44abe68](
olivervogel Intervention / imagecache PHP Caching extension for the Intervention Image Class 2.4.2
ydcjeff ydcjeff / pyurl Python PyURL: check websites' new updates, blogs, posts, announcements or releases from CLI v0.1.0 Initial Release
moisespr123 moisespr123 / PAQCompress Visual Basic .NET GUI for the PAQ compression software v0.3.51 * Added paq8sk v30, v31 and v32.
LeoNatan wix / DetoxRecorder Objective-C Detox Recorder is a utility for recordings steps for a Detox test as you use your app in Simulator. After recording the test, add expectations that check if interface elements are in the expected state. 1.0.115 Improved element matching.
darkwizard242 darkwizard242 / ansible-role-docker Python Ansible role for Docker. Available on Ansible Galaxy. 1.0.4 * Refactor task names to be more meaningful and descriptive around the OS family that the playbook is running the tasks on. * Bump TravisCI python to 3.8
Trojaner openmod / openmod C# OpenMod .NET Plugin Framework 0.9.52
inexorabletash a2stuff / a2d Assembly Disassembly of the Apple II Desktop - ProDOS GUI v1.2-prealpha17
t3solution t3solution / t3sbootstrap PHP Startup extension to use bootstrap 4 classes, components and more out of the box. 4.4.8
cemarriott cemarriott / PlayerPRO no-lang A mirror of the Sourceforge project PlayerPRO PlayerPRO-6.0.0 6.0 code modified to run on macOS 10.15 Catalina. 32-bit plugins have been removed to allow building on Catalina, which does not support creating or running 32-bit applications. To install, mount t
aerubanov aerubanov / DS_for_Air Jupyter Notebook Analisys of air quality data in Moscow v0.3.3 Fix anomalies
s-schoen mbed-libraries / mbed-servo C++ Servo library for mbed 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] joonas-fi / sadetutka Go Scrapes data from into simple images files 20200705_1821_8d80d655 First release 🎉
alexei-sintotski alexei-sintotski / dart-borg Dart Command-line tool for consistent configuration management of Dart packages in a mono repository 1.4.4 * Bootstrapping dependency analysis takes dependency overrides into account * Unit test coverage improvements
FrankHeijden FrankHeijden / ServerUtils Java ServerUtils - (Un/Re)load plugins in-game, commands.yml, Bukkit config, without restart! v2.0.1
hunters11 hunters11 / Sekiro-Mod-Manager C++ Mod Manger for the 2019 Game of The Year; Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice 2.1 Users can now change the mod manager's resolution, options include 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p.
olback olback / library-loader Rust [Unofficial] Samacsys Library Loader for all platforms! 0.2.2 * Update download url (fixes 401 errors)
camiloestrada69 camiloestrada69 / ingreso-egreso-app CSS ingresos y egregsos del curso de redux v1.1.0
Shyrogan LeafClient / keyboardPLS Kotlin The input library for Leaf. 1.1.0
kyounger kyounger / terraform-github-public-org HCL Terraform module to create a simple all-public GitHub org structure v0.0.1
agohorel agohorel / aleph JavaScript a framework for developing and performing audio-reactive visuals in p5.js, built on Electron. v.0.4.1-pre-alpha **BREAKING CHANGES:** - `assets.textures` has been renamed to `assets.images` to better reflect its use - the render method for 3D sketches has been changed from `utils.renderLoop` to `utils.rende
choldgraf executablebooks / sphinx-book-theme Jupyter Notebook A lightweight book theme built off of the pydata sphinx theme v0.0.30
oktemerbay oktemerbay / vgg_point_image_rotation Python VGG add rotated images to Model v1 VGG image rotation lib
eacevedof eacevedof / prj_phpblog PHP Blog personal en laravel v0.0.1 - Aprovechando el esqueleto de docker de symfony lo reciclo para montar laravel - Laravel 7.18.0 se sirve con nginx - Se usa mariadb universal
schuelermine schuelermine / Install-Steam-Locomotive PowerShell This PowerShell script will install an easy to access alias for your favorite Linux command sl using Windows Subsystem for Linux! 5.0
github-actions[bot] rugaard / vue-homeassistant JavaScript Home Assistant WebSocket Client for Vue.js v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2020-07-05) ### Features * Initial release. ([b17cc0d](
Radium-XCore Radium-XCore / radium-0.11 no-lang Radium Core integration/staging tree Wallet.v.
martinandersen cvxopt / CVXOPT.jl Julia Julia interface to CVXOPT v0.3.2
fiatjaf fiatjaf / lightningd-gjson-rpc Go Talk with a lightningd/c-lightning with minimal overhead and gjson responses. trustedcoin-v0.2.2 Updated URL from /electrs to /api. This was causing big breaks.
sschueller sschueller / peertube-android Java Thorium, a PeerTube Android Client v1.0.44 * Completed implementation of Likes & Dislikes (@Poslovitch) * Added preview of the current playback speed and video quality in the VideoOptionsFragment (@Poslovitch) * Lots of code cleanup
cmrazek cmrazek / WallSwitch C# An application to cycle your desktop wallpaper. 1.6 ### Version 1.6 Changes Changes: * Added support for WebP image files. * Moved automatic updates over to GitHub. * Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.7.2
maudy2u maudy2u / tsx_cmd JavaScript meteor-react-mongo javascript server for TheSkyX and astrophotography RC33 - revised scheduler - calibration file - rotator support - Weather report supports - noVNC support - misc fixes
bmos bmos / FG-PFRPG-Live-Hitpoints-from-Constitution Lua FantasyGrounds PF1e extension to enable updating HP total based on the effects of con bonuses/penalties v1.0.4 For 1.0.4, I duplicated some of the 3.5E effects code to allow for improved functionality: * Recalculating hitpoints will no longer cause "skipped" effects to reactivate. * It is now possi
ernestoalejo altipla-consulting / browser-cookies-module JavaScript NPM package browser-cookies re-exposed as a ES6 module for vite. v1.0.0 - Add LICENSE. fb71cd1 - Copy code from third party library. c10769e
lflare lflare / mdathome-golang Go An unofficial rewrite of the official MangaDex@Home client, with focus on performance and reliability! v1.2.0 ## [v1.2.0] - 2020-07-05 ### Added - [2020-07-05] Added rudimentary validation of request tokens by [@lflare]. - [2020-07-05] Automatic update of client settings in the event of new fields by [@lfl
MarkH817 lion-byte / eslint-config JavaScript ESLint config for personal projects v1.8.0 # [1.8.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Features * **eslint:** turn off jsx-a11y/no-onchange ([1072e40](
Pillagr Pure-Wallet / crypto Python cryptography library v0.0.1 This release is capable of generating and saving a wallet, generating addresses, and contracting transactions using the Blockstream Esplora API. Warning: Testing is not complete.
Zefau Zefau / ioBroker.hue-extended JavaScript Connect your Philips Hue and / or deCONZ with ioBroker 1.3.8 ### 1.3.8 (2020-07-04) - (Zefau) fixed long-time polling for connection retry after connection fails serval times on short-time polling (see [#58](
gagyn Devscord-Team / Watchman C# v1.0
github-actions[bot] jmoiron / humanize Python python humanize functions 2.5.0 ## Added * Add pt_PT locale (#138) @rjgpacheco
Spoorloos Spoorloos / SirHurtThemes no-lang hey come look around here there are a lot of nice themes for sirhurt :) v9.0 Test
monoai monoai / Tri-themed-Game-Jam GDScript Another game submission v1.0.0 This is the release that was submitted for the tri-themed game jam. Although it still needs fixes, if you know how to play then the game is functional enough (of course with bugs) Make sure that yo
vladyslavstartsev Germey / LaravelGeetest PHP Geetest Package for Laravel5 v3.1.0
vruusmann jpmml / jpmml-sklearn Java Java library and command-line application for converting Scikit-Learn pipelines to PMML 1.6.3
gruve-p Groestlcoin / rust-groestlcoinconsensus Rust Groestlcoin's libgroestlcoinconsenus.a with Rust binding. Built from Groestlcoin sources with cargo. 2.19.1
ibnux ibnux / SebelahNews-Creator Java Aplikasi untuk Membuat Capture Hoax dari grup sebelah 1.0
navarasu navarasu / serverless-ruby-layer JavaScript A Serverless Plugin to deploy gems from Gemfile to AWS Layer v1.1.0 ### Use-Docker Release * Added option to use docker to bundle gem with os specific C extensions * Auto excluded node_modules and vendor folder, Gemfile and Gemfile.lock from being deployed to functi
enajski enajski / eink-mode JavaScript Browser extension to allow 'tap to scroll' behaviour v1.1
cnizzardini cnizzardini / cakephp-swagger-bake PHP A CakePHP Swagger Generator. Automatically generate OpenAPI documentation from your code. No annotations required. v1.4.1 Supports CakePHP >= 4.0
rolandbernard rolandbernard / marvin JavaScript This is a keystroke launcher for Linux. 0.0.1
mortalis13 mortalis13 / BGL-To-DSL-Converter C++ Converter for dictionary formats (BGL, DSL) v1.0.0
Cyb3r-Jak3 Cyb3r-Jak3 / html5validator-action Shell GitHub Action that checks html5 syntax. v0.4.1 ## [v0.4.1] - 2020-07-05 ### Added - Issue Templates ### Changed - Swapped to using tee for better log output. Resolves #4
melgar1992 melgar1992 / sistema-ganadero-recria PHP sistema de control de ganado v1.0
Vadskye Vadskye / Rise TeX The Rise RPG 5.9.3 Changes: * Fighting with two weapons has been redesigned and simplified * Instead of making a single strike with both weapons, all strikes are now made with one weapon * Wielding two weapons al
mortalis13 mortalis13 / StarDict-To-DSL-Converter C++ Converter for dictionary formats (StarDict, DSL) v1.0.0
Albermonte Albermonte / nim-pools-hub-miner JavaScript CPU/GPU Nimiq Miner v0.1.2
bmos bmos / FG-PFRPG-TotalEncumbrance Lua FantasyGrounds PF1e extension to enhance functionality related to carrying capacity and weight/armor encumbrance. v1.6.4 For 1.6.4, I duplicated some of the 3.5E effects code to allow for improved functionality: * Recalculating speed, hitpoints, or carrying capacity will no longer cause "skipped" effects to r
dmikusa dmikusa / rust-dist-cnb Go A Cloud Native Buildpack for Rust v0.0.3 Dependencies: | name | version | stacks | |-|-|-| | rust | 1.44.1 | io.paketo.stacks.tiny | | rust | 1.44.1 | io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic | | rust | 1.44.1 | org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3 |
jakubdabek jakubdabek / gembiler Rust Compiler for a simple language for a university course. 0.3.0 Basic optimizations.
aramg aramg / droidcam C Official Linux Client code for DroidDcam v1.4 Add iOS USB support Fix for video delay buildups.
seriema seriema / retro-cloud Shell An expensive and over-engineered approach to storing your ROMs and their metadata. v1.2.0 > This will be the last release on RetroPie 4.5. [Version 4.6 released on April 28th and supports Raspberry Pi 4](
github-actions[bot] jacoelho / contract Go golang contract testing using pact and containers v0.0.8 Version 0.0.8 ### Commits - [0a65b042] Update comment (#7)
SciLor toniebox-reverse-engineering / hackiebox_cfw C++ Custom firmware for the Toniebox WIP nightly-20200705 - RFID CLI - UID Json Web - Load CLI - Active RFID - blinking - Thread names
jgroth jgroth / kompendium TypeScript Documentation generator for Stencil components v0.1.4 ## [0.1.4]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * emoji in changelog ([46c5adf](
kind-ci-robot kind-ci / containerd-nightlies Shell Unofficial containerd nightly builds containerd-1.4.0-beta.1-71-g3919dbcb
choldgraf executablebooks / sphinx-thebelab Python Interactive code cells for your Sphinx documentation powered by Thebelab and Binder v0.0.6
thepotterfamily thepotterfamily / homebridge-ewelink-sonoff JavaScript Homebridge plugin to control Sonoff devices with OEM firmware. v1.5.6-0 - ignore files 806d7e9 - bug 0d555be
candywin candywin / Coin Shell XMR Coin
Sean2525 Sean2525 / kantaishigure JavaScript An electron project for kancolle automate v0.5.9
github-actions[bot] lvauvillier / nexus-plugin-shield TypeScript Use graphql-shield in your nexus application v0.2.0 # [0.2.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Features * **types:** enforce typings for rule definitions ([486ee97](
Wistaro Wistaro / Chrome-Extension--Twitch-FuzeIII JavaScript Send a desktop notification when FuzeIII start a livestream on 1.2 # **Découvrez l'extension Twitch de FuzeIII!** Cette extension vous enverra une petite notification lorsque Fuze passera en live sur Twitch! Vous aurez également accès à toutes les information
github-actions[bot] rembertmagri / pi-control-panel C# Web control panel for Raspberry Pi 4 implemented on Angular and .NET Core using GraphQL as API and EF Core as ORM. 1.76 Changes in this Release: - First Change - Second Change
MarcinOrlowski MarcinOrlowski / DateTimeTemplate Java Android date/time formatting library supporting formatting placeholders 1.4.0 * Updated demo app to use AndroidX * Updated dependencies to recent versions
AmazingRise AmazingRise / JointPPT C# Join few PPT files in one click. A pratical WPF program written in C#. v0.1-alpha
dominik-korsa open-website-status / provider JavaScript CLI provider for Open Website Status v1.0.5
sblack4 rhythmictech / terraform-aws-ecs-cluster HCL Create an ECS cluster in AWS fronted by an ALB v2.0.0
fdundjer fdundjer / SnippingTool C# Simple snipping tool application for Windows. It was used as part of bigger application created for v1.0 Initial release
Matt-Gleich Matt-Gleich / profile_stack Python 🚀 Display your tech stack on your GitHub profile's README v0.0.1
makigumo makigumo / wadoku-mac-dic XSLT Conversion scripts/xslt for’s xml data into Mac OS dictionary format v20200105-1-release * fixes * css tweaks
dominik-korsa open-website-status / provider-sdk-js TypeScript TypeScript SDK for Open Website Status v1.0.7
dippas dippas / WebWhatsapp-Native-DarkMode JavaScript Add the native Dark Mode to Web Whatsapp v1.1.1 ## What's new? - Added a feature to toggle between dark/light theme
iantrich custom-components / gpodder Python 🎧 gPodder Integration for Podcast Feed Monitoring 1.1.0 Big thanks to @ludeeus for fixing the async issues and modernizing the project
CataJenkins CleverRaven / Cataclysm-DDA C++ Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. cdda-jenkins-b10811 These are the artifacts from build 10811 of **Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead** experimentals. \ Check <> for details.
ryanjulian rlworkgroup / garage Python A toolkit for reproducible reinforcement learning research v2020.09.0rc1 This is a pre-release of v2020.09.0rc1. It contains changes to garage since v2020.06.0. This pre-release makes cutting-edge features available via PyPI, but comes with no promises of support or bug
AliSoftware SwiftGen / SwiftGen Swift The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs! 6.2.1 There are no major changes in this release, although JSON & Plist template writers may want to read the [small migration guide](Documentation/SwiftGenKit%20Contexts/
jpwilliams jpwilliams / cloudflare-workers-svelte JavaScript A template for a Svelte site with TypeScript support hosted on Cloudflare Workers Sites. v1.1.0 Added TypeScript support to both the Svelte and Workers Sites sides.
lmasaya lmasaya / pagerduty-notifier-action Dockerfile Github action that pushes notifications to PagerDuty v1.1.3
PicoJr PicoJr / rtw Rust rust time tracker CLI tool v1.5.0 For release content please see [](
timc1 timc1 / postel TypeScript A tiny and extensible component to build tooltips, flyovers, menus, and more. ⚡️ v0.0.9 ### Bug fixes - Fixed an issue where mousing in and out of a toggle sometimes causes the content to not display.
spagootie spagootie / PCano Assembly A simple bootsector program that uses the PC speaker to create notes v0.9.1 notes are now displayed on the screen only while they are being pressed.
github-actions[bot] nonomal / web-clipper TypeScript For Notion,OneNote,Bear,Yuque,Joplin。Clip anything to anywhere canary Be warned: Canary can be unstable.
kashirin-alex kashirin-alex / swc-db C++ SWC-DB (Super Wide Column Database) - High Performance Scalable Database v0.3.0 ## _**Is it a Zombie ?**_ #### **The 1st SWC-DB package release.** The build of **"swcdb_0.0.1-0.3.0.debug_amd64.deb"** was made with GLIBC-2.28 on "_Ubuntu - 20.04 LTS (Focal F
raviranjan3570 raviranjan3570 / Udacity-Android-Basics-Miwok-App Java :microphone: Miwok app built with the Android Basics: Multiscreen course. v1.0 This is the Release version of the Miwok App.
github-actions[bot] simpleclub / CaTeX Dart Fast math TeX renderer for Flutter written in Dart. v0.0.1+3 ## 0.0.1+3
nightshade00013 nightshade00013 / arduino-nitrox-analyzer C++ Arduino nitrox analyzer V1 Only change is the addition of the display settings in the original code.
17cliu 17cliu / eslint-config-personal JavaScript My personal ESLint config file v1.0.0 First release! :tada:
berichan berichan / ACNHMobileSpawner C# ACNH item injector for mobile built in Unity. Based heavily on NHSE. 0.6-a Took a while, but I've finally gotten (somewhat) real-time villager editing working. There's a small guide here here: Have fun!
github-actions[bot] PiSugar / pisugar-wifi-config Python PiSugar BLE wifi config tool latest
lanpa lanpa / tensorboardX Python tensorboard for pytorch (and chainer, mxnet, numpy, ...) v2.1 2.1 (2020-07-05) ----------------- * Global SummaryWriter that mimics python's default logger class, concurrent write is supported. * 200x speed up for add_audio. Please install the soundfile packa
trowski amphp / websocket-client PHP Async WebSocket client for PHP based on Amp. v1.0.0 ### Changes since RC2 - Removed header methods from `Connection`. Now the `Response` object is available with `Connection::getResponse()`, which provides access to the response headers and other re
chrisbra vim / vim-appimage Shell AppImage for gVim v8.2.1139
trowski amphp / websocket-server PHP WebSocket component for the Amp HTTP server. v2.0.0 ### Changes since RC3 - Renamed `Endpoint` to `Gateway`. An alias to `Endpoint` is provided for compatibility. - Renamed `WebsocketObserver` to `WebsocketServerObserver`. ### Upgrading from v1.
onpon4 kotc-game / kotc Python Keeper of the Cards v10.0 This is the 10th published ruleset of Keeper of the Cards. It features the following changes compared to 9th Edition, revision 1: * Added caveats of the form "you must [x] to attack with, defe
ogonkov ogonkov / nunjucks-loader JavaScript Webpack loader for Nunjucks templates v2.0.0 * **BREAKING CHANGE**: global function `static` replaced with `static` tag (#74). This happens because globals is not supporting async operations, while dynamic assets is using promises, when loaded w
ugexe Raku / tap-harness6 Raku A TAP harness for Raku v0.1.0
jpalus jpalus / pld-linux-aarch64 Shell PLD Linux chroot for aarch64 pld-linux-aarch64-20200705
jensschulze jensschulze / restinthemiddle Go HTTP logging proxy, more than just inspired by 0.2.0
shivamverma182 shivamvermainc / time-tracker Java Maven training - time tracker project v1.0
mbrn mbrn / material-table JavaScript Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features v1.64.0 Version 1.64.0 published. Remove redundant recursive check. Thanks to @ifndefdeadmau5 onFilterChange is made to optional using 'filterOnItemSelect' columnDef. Thanks to Ashok Add error state. Th
Ewpratten frc5024 / lib5k Java The software libraries that power all Raider Robotics projects v1.1.0 This release adds: - new motor factories - A new Take Back Half controller - New example code - Behind-the-scenes cleanup - Support for the RevRobotics Pressure sensor - State-space contro
chenshuai2144 ant-design / ant-design-pro-layout TypeScript 🌃 Powerful and easy to use beautiful layout v6.2.0 - 📝 docs: add getting-started doc (#535) 243af3ad - 💥 feat: add menuContentRender props (#535) 243af3ad
mojojoji anyfiddle / starter-template-images Dockerfile Template image for all anyfiddle maintained starter tempates 0.3.3 0.3.3
gravity-api gravity-api / gravity-core C# Extension package for Selenium .NET Client. v2020.7.5.3 ## Changes: * 4054457bfa65dbceb98ead8464fbaec6ef5e9ffa Merge pull request #17 from gravity-api/stage * e718e3268347d5d4f6de2d043534bd138505e310 close documentation node * 75de10737bf0d299badd69e501
J-Ben87 bjd-php / parsley-bundle PHP Convert Symfony constraints into data-attributes for client-side validation with Parsley. v2.1.1
github-actions[bot] Meshbits / komodo_dapps C cc/dapps windows release_buildv0.7 CD Release Github SHA: b0cbea923a035688386ad048b81458184007f65c Branch: master Build number: 7 version: v0.7
rexdf rexdf / ChineseLocalization Python Localization for Sublime Text, support 简体中文 繁体中文 日本語 Chinese Japanese German Russian Spanish Armenian Swedish and French st3-1.11.7 Update Simplified Chinese translation to support Sublime Text 3211.
robitalec ropensci / spatsoc R :package: spatsoc is an R package for detecting spatial and temporal groups in GPS relocations. v0.1.14 * updated tests, man and vignettes following new handling of projections in sp ([PR 31](, [R spatial information](
manusa manusa / electronim JavaScript Electron based multi IM client v0.0.61
vigstudio vigstudio / vig-reactions PHP Botble CMS - Plugin Reaction same Facebook 1.0.13 Fix
shutsugan shutsugan / react-swp JavaScript A light simple react swiper component v1.0.5 - docs(readme): update setup bc4f8b6
github-actions[bot] ShiftLeftSecurity / sast-scan Python A Free & Open Source DevSecOps Platform v1.7.0
cyberw gwik / geventhttpclient Python A high performance, concurrent http client library for python with gevent v1.4.4 Add kwargs to exception objects representation
nolombic nolombic / more_up_packs Lua [minetest mod] This mod lets you upgrade your upgrade packs, allowing you to have even higher stats. R3 Added two new upgrade packs: +15 Breath and +20 Breath
github-actions[bot] czkwg8 / no-lang it's a auto build actions script to build amerlin firmware for phicommm k3 with branch mainline and branch master 202007051652_mainline_k3_c505eab7 this is only a latest build from mainline version:
yoshuawuyts http-rs / async-sse Rust Async Server Sent Events parser and encoder v3.0.1 [docs]( This patch simplifies library internals by using the `async-channel` crate. ## Internal - Use `async-channel` to notify senders of disconnection #6
emoose emoose / Xb2XInput C++ XB2X: User-mode Windows driver for Xbox OG controllers, supporting both XInput and DirectInput. v1.4 Read the Setup/Usage sections of the [README]( to learn how to set it all up, really it only takes a minute or two. A list of supported con
QuiteYellowStudio QuiteYellowStudio / InDesign-Feature-Set-Locale-Switcher-macOS JavaScript Enables quick switching between Roman, right to left and Japanese feature sets within InDesign on macOS. v1.0 Initial release.
ivan-dalmet ivan-dalmet / formiz TypeScript 🐜 React forms with easy validation and multi steps v1.0.0-rc.13 ### What this version is about? This is about a **full rewrite** of the complete library. Why this full rewrite? Because of the limitations of the old architecture. ### Why TypeScript? Even if
raviranjan3570 raviranjan3570 / Football-Counter Java :football: Project Number :two: from Udacity's Android Basics Nanodegree v1.0 This is the Release version of the Football Counter App.
jukibom jukibom / audica-mod-starter-template PowerShell A no-config starter project for creating audica mods. See the README to get started. 0.2.3 For use with MelonLoader 0.2.3 and above (until it inevitably breaks!). Note: Releases are basically just a clone of the repo without any git metadata getting in the way.
Woersty Woersty / LoxBerry-Plugin-cam-connect HTML A LoxBerry Plugin 2020.7.5 [DE] Kamera Trendnet TV-IP315PI hinzugefügt [EN] Camera Trendnet TV-IP315PI added
sobolevnrm Electrostatics / mmcif_pdbx Python Yet another version of PDBx/mmCIF Python implementation v0.0.1 A minimum translation of the code from the original form, with an upgrade to Python 3. This release corresponds to
Shyrogan LeafClient / Trunk Kotlin A bench of utilities for the client's structure. 1.1.0
becquerel BocianCZ / Slider-module PHP Slider module for AsgardCMS v3.4.0 * [FEATURE] add option to enter individual classes for each slide
Plugner Plugner / Multiverse-Core no-lang The original Bukkit Multi-World Plugin! 1.0 To use with JitPack
mathisdt mathisdt / radiomanager Java playback automation for web radio stations untagged-d96607ec41aafcf54e0b
diffuse diffuse / gloss Go Simple microservice boilerplate in Go v0.3.0 Changes in this release: - Routing has been moved to the `chi` package to allow for easy router swapping if chi is not desired - A Database instance is created in `main.go` instead of `handlers.go`,
RobinBoers RobinBoers / Bloggr_Letter_Correcter HTML A App to make blogging in the new Blogger editor easy v0.01-beta This is the first test version. It only supports win32-x64, but you can build the code later yourself with Electron Packagers if you want to have it for a different platform
RonenNess RonenNess / BonEngineSharp C# A simple and fun SDL-based game engine in C#. 1.2.4 # 1.24 **Released on: 05/07/2020** - Made UI elements on C# side inherit from each other the same way they do in C++ side, effectively extending their API (now you can access 'UIIMage' methods f
piroor piroor / treestyletab JavaScript Tree Style Tab, Show tabs like a tree. 3.5.7
thejumboroar thejumboroar / deep-human-action-recognition Python Multi-task framework for jointly estimating 2D or 3D human poses from monocular color images and classifying human actions from video sequences v0.1-alpha Weights for pose-estimation (trained on Human3.6M, NTU, MPII and PennAction) as baseline for training own dataset on action-recognition
MerGatto MerGatto / BattleTracker TypeScript BattleTracker is an initative tracker for Shadowrun 5th Edition that helps Game Masters to keep track of initative, condition monitors and more during combat. 0.4 - Added a shield icon for participants that have full defense active - Updated to Angular8 - Participants can no longer use Interrupt action when they lack the initiative to do so
FreeApp2014 FreeApp2014 / Malugri C++ A native BRSTM player app for macOS v1.0-beta-b2 BWAV, BFSTM
cf-ci-bot codefresh-io / cli JavaScript Codefresh CLI v0.70.2
DestroyerDarkNess DestroyerDarkNess / DiscordRPC Visual Basic .NET Discord Rich Presence | Plugin For NetLoader . v2.0
afnavaja afnavaja / vanella-rest-api PHP Vanella REST API Framework is a standalone API framework using native php. v1.0.4 - added new run:sql command for vanella-cli
florimondmanca florimondmanca / asgi-sitemaps Python Sitemap generation for Python ASGI web apps 0.3.0 ## 0.3.0 - 2020-07-05 This release changes the approach from "scrape the ASGI app to gather URLs" to a programmatic class-based API inspired by Django's sitemap framework. As such, the
haykam821 haykam821 / Brute-Imitation Java Allows parrots to imitate piglin brutes. 1.0.0 This is the initial release of Brute Imitation, supporting Minecraft snapshot 20w27a on the Fabric mod loader.
mporan mporan / list-control PLSQL Oracle APEX List Control Plug-In - Make List and Card items selectable! 1.0.0
eallion eallion / openwrt Shell 20200706
CNOliverZhang CNOliverZhang / PotatofieldImageToolkit Vue 一个适用于摄影从业者/爱好者、设计师等创意行业从业者的图像工具箱。 2.0.1 修复了最大化后界面缩放比例失效的问题。
e2t e2t / step-screen Python Расчет ступенчатых решеток v2.0.0 ### Изменения - Изменен расчет массы и других параметров согласно новой конструкции. - Уточнен расчет привод
thoherr thoherr / brickevent Ruby Registration and event management of the LUG Bricking Bavaria. release_2020-06-03
Nic41981 Nic41981 / Y7-DuYa Kotlin 永远的七日之都-渡鸦的残信活动工具 1.0.0 基本测试稳定
RandiakM RandiakM / Ironman-Game Processing 3rd Year Image Processing Mini Project V1.0 Ironman-Game Initial Release
github-actions[bot] metabrainz / picard Python MusicBrainz Picard release-2.4.0b2 ## Bugfixes - [PICARD-1864]( - Adding single files does ignore existing MBIDs - [PICARD-1866]( - Cov
maylortaylor maylortaylor / PhotoNoSwiping Dart Photo No Swiping is a Flutter based project that allows users to select multiple photos and only show those selected photos. v1.0.9
timhoar NCAR / DART_CASES no-lang DART CASE directories from CESM experiments. v2019.07
lriecken lriecken / Vera-Graphics-Converter C++ This software converts indexed and RGBA images in the formats PNG, JPG or GIF into binary data suitable for the VERA chip in the upcoming 8-Bit Computer Commander X16. v0.1.1
QuranX QuranX / QuranX C# QuranX website 3.6 Hadith additions
kentcdodds testing-library / react-testing-library JavaScript 🐐 Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. v10.4.4 ## [10.4.4]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * React next fails on build ([#726](
ajeema ajeema / ffmpeg-python Python Python bindings for FFmpeg - with complex filtering support v0.31
github-actions[bot] ruby / truffleruby-dev-builder Shell TruffleRuby Dev Builds for GitHub Actions builds-20200705-170315 oracle/truffleruby@6dc25181105f529c36060aedb537d54dc31b919d
ladybugbot ladybug-tools / ladybug-pandas Python :beetle: <3 :panda_face: A ladybug extension powered by pandas v0.3.0 # [0.3.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Features * **dataframe:** init dataframe concat axis and metadata columns ([52a6400](https://gith
github-actions[bot] AppThreat / cdxgen JavaScript Creates CycloneDX Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) for Node.js, Java, Python and golang projects v1.4.37
RonenNess RonenNess / BonEngine C++ A simple and fun SDL-based game engine. 1.2.3 # 1.23 **[06/07/2020]** - Added optional 'active element' output param to UI update. - Added text input UI element. - Added method to get keys assigned to action id. - Added 'Contains' and '
AleDiBen AleDiBen / RevShell C++ C-based Reverse Shell that uses CMD or PowerShell v1.0 This first release includes the x64 and x86 binaries.
denikson BepInEx / BepInEx C# Unity game patcher and plugin framework v5.2 This is a maintenance release to fix regressions in logging after v5.1 changes. ## Changelog * **Major change**: Unity output logs are now redirected to game root folder by default whenever poss
howardjp k3jph / phonics-in-r R Phonetic Spelling Algorithms in R v1.3.4
santisiri DemocracyEarth / sovereign JavaScript Censorship resistant democracies. 0.8.1 # Fixes - Implements search bar on mobile devices. - Resizing of letters and icons to better fit mobile screens. - Improved spinners to ease load stress.
flbulgarelli flbulgarelli / headbreaker JavaScript :jigsaw: :exploding_head: Jigsaw puzzles framework for JavaScript v0.2.0
EarthmanT cloudify-cosmo / cloudify-vsphere-plugin Python Cloudify vSphere Plugin latest cloudify-vsphere-plugin-v2.18.1
raviranjan3570 raviranjan3570 / Udacity-Android-Basics-just-Java-App Java :coffee: Just java app built with the Android Basics: User Interface course. v1.0 This is the Release version of the Just Java App.
amberovsky amberovsky / currency PHP ISO-4217 Currency implementation v0.2.2
RogerSelwyn RogerSelwyn / Home_Assistant_SkyQ_MediaPlayer Python Home Assistant SkyQ Media player component v2.2.4 To be auto generated
GrapheneCt GrapheneCt / ElevenMPV-A C Eleven Music Player PS Vita v3.70 Full changelog available here:,152.0.html
onevcat onevcat / Kingfisher Swift A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web. 5.14.1 #### Fix * Early return if no valid animator in an `AnimatedImageView`. This prevents a CGImage rendering issue displaying a static image. [#1428]( *
mwz mwz / sbt-sonar Scala An sbt plugin which provides an easy way to integrate Scala projects with SonarQube. v2.2.0 Improve compatibility with [SonarScala]( plugin (#117). This release adds a new setting key (`sonarExpectSonarQubeCommunityPlugin`), which
Pengii Pengii / ArmadaCollector-bin no-lang Binaries for ArmadaCollector 1.0.24
xanderfrangos xanderfrangos / twinkle-tray JavaScript Easily manage the brightness of your monitors in Windows from the system tray v1.11.2 **New features & improvements:** - Added Chinese (Simplified) localization. Thanks, RobinPang!
Ink-33 Ink-33 / SMLKBOT Go 聚合群聊娱乐机器人,主打功能:VTBMusic, BiliAu2Card v1.8.2 ## Changelog 14929eb Fix an stupid error. f6e54ff Fixed i/o time out issue. dc85c2b terminate the goroutine that causes time out
c0ldplasma c0ldplasma / freshrss-twitterresolver PHP A FreshRSS extension to directly embed videos from YouTube channel feeds v0.1-alpha2
aspriddell dragonfruitnetwork / OnionFruit no-lang OnionFruit™ Connect Info & Downloads 2020.705.0 For full changelog details check [the DragonFruit Site]( This includes further bug fixes and optimisations for the 2020.704 release
Marinhodev Marinhodev / ConfigProvider Java A simple config provider to help you get values into a configuration file. 1.0
ming-tsai ming-tsai / AutoSort.NetCore C# Use entity attributes for default sorting v2.0.0
yoshuawuyts http-rs / async-h1 Rust Asynchronous HTTP/1.1 in Rust v2.1.0 [docs]( This patch fixes an issue with `HEAD` requests, and exposes encoding / decoding functionality that was internal-only to now exist as part of the pub
emilypi emilypi / base64 HTML RFC 4648-compliant Base64 v0.4.2.2 * Add `NFData`, `Exception`, and `Generic` instances for `Base64Error` + `@since` annotations for new instances. ([#28]( * Doc improvements and add `-XTrust
raviranjan3570 raviranjan3570 / Single-Screen-App Java Android Basics Nanodegree Project :one: v1.0 This is the Release version of the CC Jitters App.
simonarvin simonarvin / eyeloop Python EyeLoop is a Python 3-based eye-tracker tailored specifically to dynamic, closed-loop experiments on consumer-grade hardware. v0.1-beta Hi all, EyeLoop is a Python 3-based eye-tracker tailored specifically to dynamic, closed-loop experiments on consumer-grade hardware. The beta version was released with its [preprint article](https
Zabrimus Zabrimus / vdr-osr-browser C++ CEF (chrome embedded framework) OSR (offscreen browser) für VDR v0.0.4 - Bugfixes the browser caches the video length and subsequent videos had all the same (mostly wrong) length Tatort now plays well including OSD fixed reading config files - New changed
Lab101Space Lab101Space / iFrame no-lang 2D Beam and Frame Analysis Program v1.1.2 - minor bug fixed.
ymoch ymoch / preacher Python Web API Verification without Coding 0.14.8 ## Features - Support formatting for relative datetime values - Give a format along to [the format codes, which is along to `strftime` codes](
github-actions[bot] sterlingwes / underreact JavaScript "Just JSX" - Build declarative UI in JS without the DOM diffs and updates @underreact/jsx-runtime-v1.0.2 # [@underreact/jsx-runtime-v1.0.2]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * **jsx-runtime:** e
stevegardiner26 stevegardiner26 / payroll-tracker JavaScript A way for contractors/freelancers to easily track their hours in a very minimalist way. v1.0 The application's basic functions including the new records table have been completed and all known bugs have been solved. Usage documentation has also been added to use the application. ## Additio
boussadjra boussadjra / vueye-datepicker JavaScript Date picker input created using Vue and Vue composition api 0.1.7
namusanga namusanga / Server_Auth_CardGame_Unity_Transport ShaderLab A server authoritative tutorial for the new Unity Transport layer. Starter_Pack This is the .unitypackage that you should install at the beginning of the 6th post in the server-Auth series. This will ad some basic game scripts along with all the messages we need to see how the se
gardarica gardarica / stm32f334-buck-boost C++ Buck-boost dc/dc converter with CC/CV algorithm on the STM32F334C4T6 v1.0 ![Вид платы]( ## Технические характеристики * Топология: *buck-boost* * Вхо
sionpixley sionpixley / custom-cpp-vector C++ Creating a custom vector using C's malloc, realloc, and free. 2.0.0 Almost total re-write of the sion-vector and sion-vector.cpp files. Has support for const iterators, reverse iterators, and const reverse iterators now. Also has built-in methods for sorting and rever
bnadim tankyouoss / dif Go Docker image factory tool v0.0.3
M66B M66B / FairEmail Java Fully featured, open source, privacy friendly email app for Android 1.1241 * Showing encryption type in action bar * Small improvements and minor bug fixes * Updated translations * All changes: Feedback, thanks,
mackerelbot mackerelio / go-check-plugins Go Check Plugins for monitoring written in golang staging - Bump from 1.3.0 to 1.5.2 #359 - ignore diffs of go.mod and go.sum #363 - Bump from 2.20.3+incompatible to 2.20.4+incompatible #358 - Bump
AlvISsReimu penguin-statistics / frontend-v2 Vue The frontend of the Penguin Statistics website. v3.2.1 Some minor fix
patrickeharris patrickeharris / PokeCore Java A test plugin (replaced by Poketowns and ServerCore) to add new features for the Pixelmon Minecraft server, Poketowns 1.0.0 A test plugin (replaced by Poketowns and ServerCore) to add new features for the Pixelmon Minecraft server, Poketowns. The plugin adds chat commands, a currency system, a disguise system, faction comm
beefon avito-tech / Emcee Swift Emcee is a tool that runs iOS tests in parallel using multiple simulators across many Macs v9.0.2 # APIs - We've exposed `EmceeCommunications` library, a set of APIs to discover and talk to Emcee queue. # Other - `enableWorker` command correctly enables worker now - Emcee cache size is
legionus osboot / make-initrd Shell Creates an initramfs image 2.8.1 Changes ======= - Feature changes: + fsck: Always add fsck utilities - Utilities: + make-initrd: Fix --boot=DIR option
dreamsparkx dreamsparkx / apple-tv-parallax TypeScript Apple TV parallax effect for react v2.0.0 # [2.0.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * **package.json:** added publishconfig ([5072c62](
bill-ahmed bill-ahmed / qbit-material-WebUI TypeScript A fully-material WebUI for the qBittorrent application, written in Angular. v1.7.2 `v1.7.2` Another incremental upgrade. **Features** - #71 - qBittorrent icon shows up inside the tab - #72 - Set default sort order in settings modal (*Settings > Web UI > Torrents*) - #
tonton-pixel tonton-pixel / tutti-quanti-shelf JavaScript Collection of miscellaneous developer-oriented utilities wrapped into one single app, built with Electron. v1.15.0 - Added `Load...` and `Save...` buttons to the `JSON Formatter` utility. - Fixed resetting multiline fields scroll to top. - Updated `Electron Packager` to version `15.0.0`.
ardauzunoglu ardauzunoglu / banabi-siparis-otomatizasyonu Python Yemeksepeti'nin Banabi uygulamasının internet sitesinden vereceğiniz siparişleri otomatikleştirmenizi sağlayan bir masaüstü uygulaması. banabi-siparis-otomatizasyonu Banabi Sipariş Otomatizasyonu'nun bu versiyonunda 10 adete kadar otomatik sipariş oluşturabiliyor ve oluşturduğunuz bu siparişleri tek bir tık ile sepetinize ekleyebiliyorsunuz.
supimen supimen / digdag-plugin-glue Scala digdag plugin for AWS Glue 0.1.1
mackerelbot mackerelio / mkr Go Command Line Tool for Mackerel staging - Bump from 2.2.8 to 2.3.0 #293 - Bump alpine from 3.11.5 to 3.11.6 #292 - Build with Go 1.14 #286 - Bump from 1.22.3 to 1.22.4 #287 - Bump
mackerelbot mackerelio / mackerel-agent Go mackerel-agent is an agent program to post your hosts' metrics to staging - Bump from 2.20.3+incompatible to 2.20.4+incompatible #641 - Improve FreeBSD rc script #640 - Bump from 2.20.2+incompatible to 2.20.3+incompatibl
mikepenz mikepenz / FastAdapter Kotlin The bullet proof, fast and easy to use adapter library, which minimizes developing time to a fraction... v5.2.0 # Dependency updates - / # Fixes / Changes - Swipe gesture sensitivity and threshold are now customizable [#905] - Thanks for the great addition @RobbWatershed - `Drawer` swipe implementatio
github-actions[bot] clegirar / berty Go Berty is a secure peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without internet access, cellular data or trust in the network v2.42.0 # [2.42.0]( (2020-07-05) ### Bug Fixes * add a too many files open indicator on SystemInfo ([49e7409](
patrickeharris patrickeharris / Poketowns Java A custom plugin made to enhance the player experience on the Pixelmon Minecraft server, Poketowns 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT A custom plugin made to enhance the player experience on the Pixelmon Minecraft server, Poketowns. The plugin adds many features including PokeStops, a custom minigame based on super smash bros, playe
binhex binhex / arch-radarr Shell Docker build script for Arch Linux base with Radarr
patrickeharris patrickeharris / ServerCore Java A custom essentials-like plugin for the Pixelmon Minecraft server, Poketowns 1.1.9 A custom essentials-like plugin for the Pixelmon Minecraft server, Poketowns. The plugin adds a permissions system, chat commands, punishment commands, a rank system, and a currency system to enhance
amifunny amifunny / tf-stitch Python Starter code with best practices for different Deep Learning problems in one command. v1.1
derammo HeliosVirtualCockpit / Helios C# Helios Distribution 1.6.3045.1 # Release 1.6.3045.1 Full change notes from previous releases are located here:
patrickkusebauch Dance-Engineer / psalm-knapsack-collections PHP Psalm stub to understand knapsack collections 1.0.0

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