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billbsing datacraft-dsc / starfish-py Python Developer Toolkit for Decentralised Data Ecosystems v0.16.0 Rename to datacraft-dsc and use datacraft-chain for testing
kyour-cn kyour-cn / xoshe PHP 小猿社H5源码 2020
github-actions[bot] suzuki-shunsuke / tfcmt Go Fork of mercari/tfnotify v0.1.0-0 ## Changelog 96f377b build: update version to v0.1.0-0
newCodeRunner newCodeRunner / pb-sa-release no-lang PB SA Release v0.0.1-alpha Testing UI Testing Installation
raythurnevoid raythurnevoid / sapper no-lang The next small thing in web development, powered by Svelte 0.28.10.webpack5-fix-log
staticImages staticImages / img no-lang img v1 v1
krishenriksen krishenriksen / jfsw-rg351p C Buy me a Coffee 1.0.0
Jokinen City-of-Helsinki / outdoors-sports-map HTML Helsingin kaupungin Ulkoliikuntakartta. release-1.1.3 ## [1.1.3] - 2021-01-05 ### Changed - [#34]( Run tests in GitHub - [#37](
kevink1103 kevink1103 / goex Go Exchange Rest And WebSocket API For Golang Wrapper support okcoin,okex,huobi,hbdm,bitmex,coinex,poloniex,bitfinex,bitstamp,binance,kraken,bithumb,zb,hitbtc,fcoin, coinbene v.1.2.6
fengzhou-msft fengzhou-msft / azure-cli Python Command-line tools for Azure. azure-cli-2.1.0b
github-actions[bot] navikt / su-se-framover TypeScript Saksbehandlingsstøtteverktøy for supplerende stønad latest ## Commits - [[9da649c](]: Test tagging and releasing (Christian H. Mosveen) - [[42b14de](
evg1401 evg1401 / elementary_complete PHP Complete v0.1.0
jmn8718 jmn8718 / aws-ecr-tag JavaScript Github action to tag ecr image v1
liamcottle liamcottle / rustplus.js JavaScript Unofficial NodeJS library for controlling Smart Switches in the PC game Rust v2.0.0 - Renamed package from `rustplus-api` to `rustplus.js`.
vrmiguel carmesim / shrimp Rust Password generator writen in Rust. v0.1 Dynamically linked (against glibc) optimized binary (with LTO) for Linux x86-64. Non-stripped.
itemuse itemuse / xylib Java 个人library项目 2.3 替换为自己写的ToastUtils
ahmadfajar92 ahmadfajar92 / NativeBase JavaScript Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native v3.0.1-mod
Biendeo Biendeo / Advent-Of-Code-2020 C# My attempt at the 2020 Advent of Code using as much C# 9 as possible. test
ezpayDEV ezpayDEV / SDK_POS_ezAIO_Net C# ezPay 簡單付多元支付 POS_SDK 技術串接 .Net C# 版 V1.0.5 - 對應瑞仕普文件版號: V1.5.0 - 對應的卡機版本編號: 350S1EZN201224C 2020/12/24 1. 新增終止交易說明(一般版本、自助版本都可使用,但是寫法須參考 SampleCo
github-actions[bot] beeware / rubicon-java Python A bridge interface between Python and Java. v0.2.5 Features -------- * Added support for passing Python lists into Java numeric array types (#53)
xho95 xho95 / CoreShape C A xcframework for drawing additional shapes and filling it with some patterns 0.3.2
FujiHaruka FujiHaruka / TransM TypeScript Translation assistant tool for Markdown document :us: :jp: 1.0.3
github-actions[bot] meloncn / OpenwrtAutoBuild Shell OpenWRT自动化云端编译平台 mips_d-team_newifi-d2_2021.01.05-1439 项目启动时间:2021-01-05 13:13 编译开始时间:2021-01-05 13:36 编译结束时间:2021-01-05 14:38 所属Jobs:mips 面向设备名称:d-team_newifi-d2
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-nodejs-sdk JavaScript Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http Nodejs SDK 1.0.3 1. support order message
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-cpp-sdk C Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http Cpp SDK 1.0.3 1. support order message
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-csharp-sdk C# Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http C# SDK 1.0.3 1. support order message
github-actions[bot] modernweb-dev / rocket JavaScript The modern web setup for static sites with a sprinkle of JavaScript @mdjs/core@0.6.1 ### Patch Changes - Updated dependencies [a8c7173] - plugins-manager@0.2.0
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-python-sdk Python Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http Python SDK 1.0.3 1. support order message
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-java-sdk Java Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http Java SDK 1.0.3 1. support order message
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-go-sdk Go Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http GO SDK 1.0.3 1. add order message 2. support setting timeout 3. add request id to response
charonn0 charonn0 / VT-Hash REALbasic VT Hash Check v1.61 This release "fixes" issue #16. Virus Total no longer allows free API users to submit rescan requests. This release improves the error message that free API users receive when they try.
aliyunmq aliyunmq / mq-http-php-sdk PHP Aliyun Message Queue(MQ) Http PHP SDK 1.0.3 1. add order message 2. fix GuzzleHttp 7 compatible problem
rocdove rocdove / replacepathfromurlregex Go A Traefik plugin v0.0.2 First releases
oudbd oudbd / mlog Go A simple logging module for go, with a rotating file feature and console logging. v1.0.1
rMousali rMousali / automate-npm-publishing HTML This repository is an example of how we can easily publish npm package using semantic release and github Action. v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2021-01-05) ### Features * Add github actions ([94e3f41](
WhiteVermouth WhiteVermouth / XcodeTheme Java Xcode Light & Dark Theme for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, RubyMine, PhpStorm, WebStorm, etc) v0.0.2 ## Changes: * 4f019c2a3acf0841edb13a4b73943bc6831cedb6 🔖Bump version * c0898d9e07ebfc542dcbe097adb5315d607b3f0f ✏️Append badges to readme * 4c7c92afa6b638207c88c142bd29c11581c0c817 Set up CI
GKCsdfsGKC GKCsdfsGKC / runx Python Deep Learning Experiment Manager v0.1.0
jonfackrell HBLL-Collection-Development / omeka-s-any-cloud PHP Omeka S Module for storing media in one of several cloud storage services v2.0.0 # Changed - Upped version number to `v2.0.0` - Upgraded for Omeka S v3 compatibility - Updated to latest composer repositories for dependencies
github-actions[bot] bootjp / jenkins_consecutive_fail_detector Go Notify when there is a consecutive of fail in a jenkins job. v0.0.0
frec0717 frec0717 / flutter-chat-app Dart App v0.1.0 #Notas Diseño del login y registro
sergeyf sergeyf / SmallDataBenchmarks Jupyter Notebook Small Dataset Benchmarks on the Dataset of Datasets UCI++ 0.2
evg1401 evg1401 / elementary_core PHP Elementary framework core version v0.1.0
github-actions[bot] weitian8 / amlogic-s9xxx-openwrt Shell OpenWrt for Amlogic S9xxx series boxes. Support boxes are Phicomm-N1, Octopus-Planet, X96-Max+, HK1-Box, H96-Max-X3, Belink GT-King, Belink GT-King Pro, UGOOS AM6 Plus, etc. openwrt_s9xxx_2021.01.05.1414 This is OpenWrt firmware for S9xxx-Boxs * Firmware information Default IP: Default username: root Default password: password Default WIFI name: OpenWrt Default WIFI password: none S9xxx-Bo
github-actions[bot] dzhang314 / MultiFloats.jl Julia Fast extended-precision floating-point arithmetic for Julia v1.0.0 ## MultiFloats v1.0.0 [Diff since v0.4.0]( **Closed issues:** - conversion to/from other extended precision types (#5) - Support
dvc94ch flutter-rs / engine-builds Shell flutter-rs engine builds f-0049dcbfe92ad2715c5347a19e03e42323a68fd5
BernieWhite BernieWhite / PSDocs C# Generate markdown from PowerShell. v0.7.0
caokai1073 caokai1073 / UnionCom Python The Software of UnionCom Algorithm v0.3.0 + Add more comments to make the software easier to understand + Fix some bugs
miuchi kobeDM / newage-slowmonitor-viewer C++ newage slow monitor v4.9.2 bug fix for parameter initilization
yizhang-yiz metrumresearchgroup / stanc3 R Rewriting the Stan compiler in OCaml Torsten_v.0.88
dgarijo mintproject / ModelCatalog Python A repository containing the resources needed to create a catalog of software model models and link them together 1.7.0 This release of the model catalog assigns SVOs identifiers to local URIs (of type Thanks to this change, the local API will have less trouble distinguish
sandeep-paliwal adobe / aio-lib-web JavaScript Scripts to build, deploy and run an Adobe I/O cloud native app 4.0.1 - fix: static file caching issue (#135) 1cab462 - Move to GH actions CI (#137) 64f93b5 - trivial: fix a comment in code 91da4a9
seddonm1 tripl-ai / arc-xml-plugin Scala Provides the XMLExtract and XMLLoad stages 1.4.0 - update to Arc 3.7.0
JericoFX JericoFX / t1ger_mechanicjob Lua T1ger_mechanicjob for QBUS based server, from JericoFX with love! 1.0.1_beta
pichsy pichsy / xpermissions Java xpermissions 1.0 权限请求框架封装
seanpm2001 seanpm2001 / SeansLifeArchive_Images_PocketPlanes Pascal The module for my life story project that contains my Pocket Planes gameplay images. M5V1.0A *** # Milestone 5 version 1.0A - January 4th 2021 ## M5V1.0A ### About This is the first public release of the AdVenture Capitalist image folder for the SeanPM Life Archive project. This
gibum1228 gibum1228 / as_service no-lang A/S실 웹 서비스 v1.0.0
fregante fregante / webext-base-css CSS Extremely minimal stylesheet/setup for Web Extensions’ options pages (also dark mode) v1.3.0 - Add support for Safari c830a1e If you're interested in supporting Safari, take a look a this PR:
aecreations aecreations / clippings-tb JavaScript Clippings for Thunderbird (legacy overlay add-on) 5.8a1
liamcottle liamcottle / rustplus-api JavaScript Unofficial NodeJS library for controlling Smart Switches in the PC game Rust v1.2.0 - Added `getTime`, `getMapMarkers` and `getInfo` helper methods.
kaylyu kaylyu / tcb-openapi-go-sdk Go Cloudbase Open API v1.0.0
gunter1020 nueip / helpers PHP NUEiP Helpers 1.10.1
aeosynth aeosynth / bk Rust Terminal Epub reader 0.5.2 fix install
iYogesharma iYogesharma / datatable-laravel PHP Handle both client side and server side datatable js operations 3.0 Laravel 8.0 support
ThunderHydra ThunderHydra / ThunderBot-For-Discord no-lang Hi! my name is Agustin Granes i am a programer Of 12 years old, i like so much discord and their utilities, BUT, is complicated because obviously i have to do the school works so i dont have so much time, so for that reason i mae this github page, and now i can have one more hand to my project, My dream is work on google an THIS is the first step. 0.0.1 Hi! this is the first upgrade of my bot of discord, with some bugs to fixs, some APIs to correct, coommands to correct And go more better with all upgrade! stay here because nice things are coming!!!,
kazuhiro4949 kazuhiro4949 / PagingKit Swift PagingKit provides customizable menu UI. It has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries. 1.16.0 - updated delegates: - func contentViewController(viewController: PagingContentViewController, willBeginPagingAt index: Int, animated: Bool) - f
mhjiang97 mhjiang97 / RNASeqFlow Python A small python tool for RNA-seq workflows test
Koelbe Koelbe / RandomGenVisualization C# (FINISHED) Console app that visually displays a number randomly walking up and down based off user configuration. v1.0 First iteration of the app. It's not perfect, but it's working.
kakkarja kakkarja / TVG Python TreeViewGui 1.0.050121 ## Dependency files that needed to get manually: * **Telethon** * **Markdown** * **CreatePassword** * **ProtectData**
Alaskyed Alaskyed / WordReferenceAutoSort Python 使用python实现word文档参考文献的自动排序 2.0 # 第一个release版本 目前只是发布一个测试版, 只是能进行简单的参考文献排序, 会有很多隐藏问题
DHRUV-CODER DHRUV-CODER / Discord-Bot Python Code For My Discord Bot. v1.0 In Our First Release We Added A Read Me file giving the Steps To Run Their Own Bot and Added Requirements File So user Get Ease and Have no problem Running The Files. ![new-release-bigstock-hofred-75
andrii-bakulin andrii-bakulin / DustGUI C# Unity GUI extension GUI-0.1.0
SsallyLin SsallyLin / touchprice Python Extended features of Shioaji v0.1.3
thejavierCO thejavierCO / Todo-app-svelte JavaScript Create first app in svelte 0.0.5 # Todo app in svelte + localStorage use + observer pattern
asdfcube asdfcube / ASDFmod-BPS Java A simple mod to remove delay between block placing and its sound 1 A release, first, and probably the last.
xpf0000 xpf0000 / php-curl PHP php curl framework v1.0.2 新增超时时间, 新增范围下载
dhruba1979 dhruba1979 / demo PHP just playing v0.1 * install and configure breeze, tailwind, inter ver font, mix and ide-helper * start playing on your branches
stg609 stg609 / DingTalkExternalLogin C# 提供钉钉外部扫码登陆的 Middleware。支持仅有钉钉扫码登录 appId、secet 的登录方式 (此方式只会返回用户的 unionId、nickname),也支持更丰富的基于钉钉企业内部开发小程序的 appId、secet (此方式会返回更详细的用户信息,如姓名、工号、电话等) 2.0.0
cd1m0 ConsenSys / scribble TypeScript Scribble instrumentation tool v0.3.3 This release has 2 small fixes: - disallow if_succeeds annotations on contracts and invariant annotations on functions - fix buggy behavior for identifier paths in user-defined type names in fla
Moustikitos Moustikitos / gryd Python Great circle computation & EPSG object manipulation. 2.0.0 ## Improvements and features + documentation API change + binary source released + code improvement + dump location api change ```python >>> import Gryd >>> dublin = Gry
tkmine tkmine / Kundefense HTML EXTENSION DEFENSE ver1.4 CUTE KUN
mikumaycry mikumaycry / akari Go A TLS termination proxy v1.0
gav06 gav06 / GameModeSecure Java for sev 1.0
ye4241 ye4241 / pptlib-keygen C# Keygen of PPTLib addin v0.1-alpha
ch3n90 ch3n90 / pi Vue 聚合各种图床 1.2.1 * 修复linux平台托盘程序问题 * 修复mac平台托盘程序问题 * 修复一些其他问题
viniciusjarina codefoco-forks / crunch no-lang Command line texture packer created for Celeste. v1
mqycn mqycn / huile8 JavaScript 英语差等生必备的 vscode 插件,解决 单词不会读、单词不认识的痛点 0.0.11
yrong itering / go-workers Go Sidekiq compatible background workers in golang v1.1.2
willmao willmao / docker-state-exporter Go Prometheus exporter to exporter container status release
redr0 redr0 / rStaff Java ✨ It is a simple staffmode plugin but it only has what you need release An update coming soon fixing various things
noonchen noonchen / BTT_AppleWirelessHeadphone Python Toggle and display battery info of apple wireless headphones on the touch bar v1.1.1 1. Add menubar display (default off, due to the limitation of BTT). 2. Fix an issue (#2) in the M1 chip that cannot detect connection status properly.
SSBun SSBun / JVerification Objective-C Pod JVerification 1.0
zzmmzzmm zzmmzzmm / NanoPi-R1S-H5-Openwrt-Autobuild no-lang Customize your own OpenWrt firmware for FriendlyArm NanoPi R1S-H5 using Github Actions. test test
Garux Garux / netradiant-custom C The open-source, cross-platform level editor for id Tech based games. 20210105 ### Q3map2: * fix: do not affect styled lightmaps by floodlight * support -extlmhacksize N N input for non square lightmaps, for example -extlmhacksize 2048 1024 * no shaderlist.txt or empty one
k2ke k2ke / eslint-plugin-declaration-quotes JavaScript For those of us who use backticks as default quotes, this plugin will enforce consistent use of single or double quotes for import/export declarations. v0.2.0 Initial release
LKaemmerling laravel-notification-channels / onesignal PHP OneSignal notifications channel for Laravel v2.3.0 - Add support for PHP 8
gav06 gav06 / FakeRules Java fake rules plugin for anarchy servers 1.0
Ryheff24 Ryheff24 / Massdiscordunban JavaScript Used to mass unban discord users. 1 Inital Release
sathishm6 cypresssemiconductorco / btstack C BTSTACK library is Cypress' Bluetooth Host Protocol Stack implementation. The stack is optimized to work on Cypress Bluetooth controllers. The BTSTACK supports Bluetooth BR/EDR and BLE core protocols. release-v2.0.0 This release is an update over BTSTACK1.5 release. ## What's Changed This section provides a high-level overview of what changed from the previous release of BTSTACK. The BT Host Stack is BT
krishenriksen krishenriksen / q3lite-rg351p C Buy me a Coffee 1.0.0
nmwsharp nmwsharp / polyscope-py Python Python bindings for Polyscope v0.1.4
RogueProeliator RogueProeliator / IndigoPlugins-Roku-Network-Remote Python Indigo plugin that allows control of a Roku via its network remote protocol v2.4.8 * Added state to track the current tuner channel for Roku TV devices * Added action to tune the TV tuner to a specific channel for Roku TV devices * Minor UI consistency/clarity enhancements * Bett
hongshengjie hongshengjie / crud Go 一个mysql crud 代码生成工具 v0.0.1
innerlee open-mmlab / mmpose Python OpenMMLab Pose Estimation Toolbox and Benchmark. v0.10.0 **Highlights** 1. Support more human pose estimation methods. - [UDP]( 1. Support pose tracking. 1. Support multi-batch inference. 1. Add some useful tools,
taoes taoes / SimpleDocker Vue A docker dashboard and dedicated to making docker easier to use 0.0.1 发布 0.0.1 版本
justin-fyfe santedb / santedb-server C# SanteDB Central Server 2.0.60 This release represents the first Montreal CTP. New features include; * Bulk operations on persistence layer * Copy operation to support archiving * Purge operations to support purging data
seddonm1 tripl-ai / arc-mongodb-pipeline-plugin Scala Provides the MongoDBExtract and MongoDBLoad stages 1.7.0 - update to Arc 3.7.0
baszy baszy / bones Assembly Small, featureless kernel for learning purposes 0.0.1 This release provides both a standalone Multiboot 1 compliant kernel and a bootable floppy image. The kernel can be booted by GRUB, while the floppy image can be booted on any emulator (although it�
github-actions[bot] gjasny / prometheus-cpp C++ Prometheus Client Library for Modern C++ v0.0.1
goodluck028 goodluck028 / ShowLoading Java Show loading in Activitys Fragments and Views 1.0.0 1、在fragment的create周期中调用会无效,与其加载机制有关,后续进行修改。
karlprieb karlprieb / babel-plugin-add-import-extension JavaScript A babel plugin to add extensions to import and export declarations. 1.4.4
JJU115 JJU115 / JPlay-NesEmulator C++ An emulator of the Nintendo Entertainment System written in C++. v1.0
AcoDev AcoDev / HoloItems Java HoloItems Spigot Plugin (1.8.8-1.12.2) 1.0-STABLE
MasonLiuChn MasonLiuChn / Arrow Java Arrow is a lightweight dependency injection library for Android. 1.1.7
robotdan FusionAuth / fusionauth-samlv2 Java SAML v2.0 bindings in Java using JAXB 0.5.1 Fix signature location for un-successful requests, or when configured to sign the response instead of the assertion. -
learnforpractice uuosio / uuoskit C++ Python Toolkit for EOSIO V0.8.2 Add support for asyncio
bradley-kyan bradley-kyan / Arduino-GPU-Monitor C# Displays basic GPU information on an arduino lcd display v1.0-alpha Fully working but in an unfinished state.
github-actions[bot] tprasadtp / ubuntu-post-install Shell Effortless and Simple Post Install Script for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian & their derivatives v6.2.0-rc1 Please check the changelog at
sqfmi sqfmi / Watchy C Watchy - An Open Source E-Ink Smartwatch 1.1.7 Added Watchy class with basic apps and menu system
seddonm1 tripl-ai / arc-geospark-udf-plugin Shell Provides GeoSpark UDFs functionality to Arc. 1.1.0 - bump Arc to 3.7.0.
pedrokpp pedrokpp / Python Um script em Python que envia mensagens que travam discord 2.0 Arquivo sem as outras coisas do repositório
pichsy pichsy / svgamanager Java svgamanager 1.0 SVGA动画管理封装
joonwoo8888 danawalab / es-extention-api Go 엘라스틱서치 확장 API 서버 입니다. v1.0 Left Join 개발완료
sojonatgithub themefisher / Aviato-E-Commerce-Template HTML Aviato is the ultimate e-commerce front-end solution. Along with styling all default components of popular framework it introduces lots of new flexible elements you can use across website. In total 25+ components. v1.0.0 v1.0.0 Initialize Template
kask01 cypresssemiconductorco / anycloud-ota C Over The Air update middleware library for AnyCloud release-v3.0.0 * Updated for use with MCUboot v1.7.0, which includes SWAP and REVERT functionality. * Updated documentation to describe API changes and new functionality. * Added OTA support for CY8CKIT_064B0S2_43
pedrohcgs bcallaway11 / did HTML Difference in Differences with Multiple Periods and Variation in Treatment Timing v2.0 Major update on did package
cmac994 cmac994 / KerBalloons C# KerBalloons is a KSP mod that adds a wide array of balloons to the game, which can be used on any planet with an atmosphere v1.0.0 Rerelease ![Kerbal Space Program Screenshot 2020 12 18 - 13 37 33 51]( of KerBalloons for KSP 1
krishenriksen krishenriksen / eduke32-rg351p C++ Buy me a Coffee 1.0.0
303248153 303248153 / BlogArchive no-lang Markdown files of my blog on cnblogs 202001
pedrohcgs pedrohcgs / DRDID R Doubly Robust Difference-in-Differences Estimators v1.0.1 Added some additional error-handling.
TalkingJourney TalkingJourney / SCIndexView Objective-C SCIndexView provide a index view like Wechat. 2.2.4
keithchad keithchad / Design-Toast Java Design Toast is a custom Toast Library in Android using Java. 0.1.0 This is the first in many releases to come. This is a design toast library that extends the Toast View.
Zylleon Zylleon / MoreVanillaBiomes C# Rimworld mod that adds new vanilla-friendly biomes 2021-1-4 Added Russian translations by Buregonitel
sathishm6 cypresssemiconductorco / command-console C Framework to add command console support to your application. Support for Wi-Fi iPerf and Bluetooth BLE commands is bundled with this library. release-v2.0.0 * Added support of the Command Console Library for the Amazon FreeRTOS framework. * Added Wi-Fi diagnostic commands to perform network operations. * Added BT diagnostic commands to perform BLE opera
lemon-mint lemon-mint / godotenv Go .env file loader for Go v1.0.0
sathishm6 cypresssemiconductorco / mqtt C This repo contains the MQTT client library that can work with the family of Cypress connectivity devices. This library uses the AWS IoT Device SDK MQTT Client library and implements the glue layer that is required for the library to work with Cypress connectivity platforms. release-v3.0.0 * Supports QoS-2. * Fully compliant with MQTT spec v3.1.1. * Provides simplified C APIs. * Integrated with the latest AWS IoT Device C SDK library version #202011.00. * This version of the library
cmac994 cmac994 / KerbalWeatherProject C# Kerbal Weather Project is a groundbreaking weather and climate mod for Kerbal Space Program. 1.0.0 Initial Release of Kerbal Weather Project compiled for KSP 1.11. *Global Hourly climatology from MPAS: enables players to experience diurnal and spatial variations in atmospheric conditoins *Point
rsmithlal open-data-rescue / climate-data-rescue Ruby Climate Data Rescue is an archival data rescue platform using Ruby on Rails. v1.2.1 Use Vue.js and a JSONAPI-standard API to deliver huge performance improvements on the pages data table in the admin management area. Created a new Vue app and layout for the admin area. Added a new
Le-Zheng intel-analytics / BigDL Scala BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Apache Spark v0.11.0
sathishm6 cypresssemiconductorco / wifi-connection-manager C This library provides a set of APIs that are useful to establish and monitor Wi-Fi connections on Cypress platforms that support Wi-Fi connectivity release-v2.0.1 * Minor fixes added in ping API, and in re-connection logic for statically assigned IP. * WEP security support is disabled in connect AP API. * Documentation updates.
croconut croconut / godot-tester GDScript A Github Action to handle testing Godot applications with GUT v2.1 v2 gave options for an import time, a Godot version (mono or stable). and the path to your Godot project. This release (v2.1) has everything from v2 plus : * allowable test partial failure (can sp
zhangli254804018 zhangli254804018 / web-debug-cli JavaScript web 捕获抓包工具断点调试app内脚本问题 v1.2.233
zhangli254804018 zhangli254804018 / appcache-webpack-plugin-client JavaScript 配合webpack生产appcache文件 v1.2.330
archtaurus archtaurus / RetroPieBIOS Python BIOS collection for RetroPie 4.7.1 for retropie 4.7.1
sathishm6 cypresssemiconductorco / secure-sockets C Secure Sockets library eases application development by exposing a socket like interface for both secure and non-secure socket communication. This library provides abstraction API for underlying network and security libraries release-v2.1.0 Added socket option for type-of-service(TOS).
erobertus erobertus / doc-web-project Python doc web project 2021-01-04-234201
jeffkeen jeffkeen / metasploit-aggregator no-lang Created by Jeffrey Martin via the GitHub Connector 0.2.2
guihen01 guihen01 / Math-FFT-Lib C# Library for FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) & DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) routines V2.2.0 1) include news routine to calculate FFT on N, points or by bloc of 512 or 1024 points FFTN, FFT512, FFT1024 call in C# with FFT.FFT512, FFT.FFT1024, FFT.FFTN 2) include new routines for storin
xwsnet xwsnet / deny-ssh-password-attack Shell Openwrt 自身没有对抗ssh破解的工具,为了暴露在互联网的路由器更加安全,基于iptables编写了一个小脚本, 脚本通过crontab定时执行, v0.1
voorjaar voorjaar / windicss TypeScript windicss is a css compiler or css interpreter, which is based on the grammar of tailwindcss and adds other features. 1.1.6 Last function interfaces version. Next version will replace `compile()` -> `new Processor().compile()`
github-actions[bot] Thefrank / donet5-freebsd-projects no-lang My poor attempt at CI/CD of Microsoft dotNET 5 for FreeBSD main
URL-plus URL-plus / Download no-lang URL+ download v2021.1.0 ## INTRODUCTION ## SAVE URL. IN UNIQUE WAY. URL+ is for store weburl and open that weburl in browser in one click. ## WHY URL+? ## For save net surfing time on brow
ryangwsimmons ryangwsimmons / WinSpotlightGNOME Shell A utility for automatically downloading Windows Spotlight images, and setting them as your desktop background in GNOME. 1.0 - A debian package is now provided.
zeke words / google-did-you-mean JavaScript Fetch Google search suggestions for misspelled queries by scraping for 'Did you mean...' and 'Showing results for...' links. v2.0.0 This version includes a breaking change to the return value, allowing for an `error` object to be returned when requests start getting rate limited. - remove unpredictable suggestion (milia vs mili
Pixelguin Pixelguin / P4GPC.AIOPrerequisiteInstaller C# Persona 4 Golden PC All-In-One Prerequisite Installer v0.3h-beta I'm very smart and forgot to deploy a self-contained EXE
q4a q4a / premake-core no-lang Premake a15-9b8b035 - premake5 alpha15 at 9b8b035 builded for armhf on Asus tinker board
github-actions[bot] fmcong / v2ray-rules-dat no-lang 🦄 🎃 👻 V2Ray 路由规则文件加强版,可代替官方 geoip.dat 和 geosite.dat 规则文件,兼容 Trojan-Go 和 Shadowsocks-windows。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files, compatible with Trojan-Go and Shadowsocks-windows. 202101050429
q4a q4a / re3 C++ Reversed code of GTA III premake5
kennymckormick open-mmlab / mmaction2 Python OpenMMLab's Next Generation Action Understanding Toolbox and Benchmark v0.10.0 **Highlights** - Support Spatio-Temporal Action Detection (AVA) - Support precise BN **New Features** - Support precise BN ([#501]( - Supp
azhengyongqin azhengyongqin / discordgo Go (Golang) Go bindings for Discord v0.22.1 fix Login Identify.Token is nil
gCurse EinApfelBaum / otr-verwaltung3p Python Mit OTR-Verwaltung lassen sich otrkey- und avi-Dateien von unter Linux verwalten. Built on 1.0.0.b8.post4 * Cutinterface: Cursor is hidden in video window * Preferences->MainWindow: New setting Default sort order of the file list (filename or recording date) * If "Cutlist nach dem Schneiden l
fuziontech fuziontech / posthog-ios Objective-C PostHog iOS integration 1.2.2
lyciumlee lyciumlee / llvm_passes_build_demo C++ flofli is an opensource project which aims to protect your software easily. flofli is the abbreviation for free llvm obuscator for llvm ir. It will let your software hard to analyse. 0.2 I compile two models to help programers protect their software easily. The following so executable can only run on the Linux. Other platform need you to compile it. In the future, I will release tool
OceanPang open-mmlab / mmtracking Python OpenMMLab Video Perception Toolbox. It supports Single Object Tracking (SOT), Multiple Object Tracking (MOT), Video Object Detection (VID) with a unified framework. v0.5.0 ### Highlights - MMTracking is released! It is the first open source toolbox that unifies versatile video perception tasks include single object tracking, multiple object tracking, and video object
microprediction microprediction / timemachines Python Time series models taking the form of state machines, where the caller is expected to maintain the state. Ideal for lambda deployment. v0.0.1
AkisKourouklis AkisKourouklis / ecommerce-merng-platform TypeScript ecommerce-merng-platform, is a ecommerce cms created with merng stack. You have a fully functional backend, dashboard and client v0.1-alpha In this version the basic API is finished, a lot o functionality is missing still the basics work, you can create products, categories, orders, customers, variants and carts. Also error handling is a
willadri willadri / appNotes JavaScript aplicación para guardar notas v1.0.0 ## Notas version 1.0.0 que tal quedo
ttqftech ttqftech / FFBox Vue An user-friendly ffmpeg GUI v2.6 增加了 macOS 系统的相关支持 优化了“输出文件名”参数的相关功能
mikepj mikepj / XRG Objective-C System monitor for OS X. 3.0.0 • Support for Macs with Apple silicon. • Added a new Sensors window that shows all temperature/fan sensors with their current, min, average, and max readings. • New Temperature Graph with a fr
wuyuanyi135 nncrystals / roLabelImg no-lang Label Rotated Rect On Images for training v1.0
ashblue ashblue / fluid-database C# A simple key value pair database for Unity3d projects that supports string, bool, float, and int. v2.1.0 # [2.1.0]( (2021-01-05) ### Bug Fixes * **ci:** bumping node version number again ([2d5d91d](
adenot DNXLabs / aws-google-auth Python Provides AWS STS credentials based on Google Apps SAML SSO auth. 0.0.36-dnx1 Bringing changes from cevo 0.0.36 to fix captcha problem with new users
LaurentBergeron LaurentBergeron / lights-puzzle-game-exe ASP.NET LightsPuzzle.exe 1.0.0-alpha First release (test)
pedrokpp pedrokpp / automaitc-token-getter Python This python script will get automatically your available tokens for you 1.0 Initial and (probably) final release
anekc anekc / BackSchool JavaScript BackEnd de un sistema administrativo para una escuela v1.1.0
krishenriksen krishenriksen / Half-Life-rg351p C++ Buy me a Coffee 1.0.0
gilangabdulaziz gilangabdulaziz / webviewsdk Java Kotlin version 0.3.4
timroesner timroesner / Videos Swift 🎞 A simple video player for iOS that works with iTunes File Transfer. 1.4.1 - Improved organization of TV Shows - Redesigned Episode Overview with Thumbnails - Hide delete function if Guided Access is enabled - Smaller fixes and polish
github-actions[bot] remark-embedder / transformer-codesandbox TypeScript @remark-embedder transformer for CodeSandbox links v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2021-01-05) ### Features * initial release ([fc46114](
jsonxr jsonxr / js-promises TypeScript Promises that will limit the number of executions that will concurrently execute 1.0.1
cshmnyfy cshmnyfy / x264-kMod-patches no-lang kMod patches for x264 core 161 r3030 ``` x264 0.161.3030kMod 8bd6d28 (libswscale 5.8.100) (libavformat 58.65.101) (lsmash 2.16.1) built on Jan 5 2021, gcc: 10.2.1 20201224 ```
jlv-chino jlv-chino / restServer-NodeJS JavaScript restServer realizado en NodeJS v1.0.0 Inicio de app restServer en NodeJS
fatkhul77 fatkhul77 / IlhamFatkhulLib Java Pertemuan 11 1.1 Pertemuan 11 praktikum
ipcjs ipcjs / fcitx5-pinyin-zhwiki Python Fcitx 5 Pinyin Dictionary from 20210101 和原版的差异: 1. 不进行简繁转换,对繁体词库用户更友好(由于包含简体词条,可能会“污染”词条) 2. 使用rime-luna-pinyin词库进行多音字注音 3.
ndkimhao unsat / gentree C GenTree: Using Decision Trees to Learn Interactions for Configurable Software (ICSE 21) submit_icse21
leaxoy go-board / x-go Go Extend go std library. v0.1.0
phantie phantie / bound-sized-hash-map Python Dictionary restricted in growth, FIFO 0.4
santosderek santosderek / Vitality Python A workout companion app focused on managing user fitness and trainer information. 1.0.0 The semester has ended. This was the completed and submitted code for a grade within our senior project. From here on, any updates were done on our own accord.
normanius hirsch-lab / spiderplot Python Utility to create spider charts v0.1.1
ianhi QuantStack / ipycytoscape Python A Cytoscape Jupyter widget 1.2.0 Now `ipycytoscape` will work with JuptyerLab 3 and no longer requires a build step or nodejs. Thanks to all the contributors for this release: - new examples - @joseberlines - Consolidated code f
nilforooshan nilforooshan / pedSimulate R R package for pedigree, genetic merit and phenotype simulation v0.1.0
DenysNosov Joomla-Ukraine / 2col-template PHP 2col template for SEBLOD CCK 1.0.0
github-actions[bot] dalance / svlint Rust SystemVerilog linter v0.4.10 [Changelog](
ashjian ashjian / picBed no-lang 这是ashjian的图床 1.0 正式第一次发布
firminoveras firminoveras / SIEPandemia C# Pequeno programa que auxilia na criação de macros para usar no SIEPE, para facilitar a inserção de dados de maneira fácil e automatizada. 0.1.0
GABowers GABowers / BeatMaker C# A WPF program that plays a local song and then records keyboard input while the song is playing (with onset/offset times). v0.1
Zephiles Zephiles / TTYD-Practice-Codes C++ Practice Codes for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. v3.0.50 This release contains code that frees some memory that would previously be unusable, and thus gives the game a decent chunk of extra memory to work with.
viteshan vitelabs / go-vite Go Official Go implementation of the Vite protocol v2.10.1 migrating to go mod && update blocks db
kivutar piepacker / duckstation C++ Fast PlayStation 1 emulator for PC and Android v2021-01-05
kanishkan91 JGCRI / ambrosia R An R package for calculating and analyzing food demand and in accordance with the Edmonds et al food demand model v1.3.1 Updates as a part of this release- 1. Added documentation for 11 parameters and added clear instructions on how to calculate the same 2. Added better documentation in vignette 3. Made shiny app
BenJetson BenJetson / py-rwmutex Python Provides a threading read/write mutex lock usable with context managers. v1.0
YGQ8988 YGQ8988 / HP-ProBook430G6 ASL HP ProBook 430 G6 EFI for MacOS10.15.6 3.0.0 惠普 430 G6 OC0.6.4,MacOS11.1 EFI
nguyenvanvy1999 nguyenvanvy1999 / realtimeDatabase JavaScript Realtime Database with Nodejs and MongoDB and SocketIO v1.1.0
irackson irackson / heroku-app HTML example deploy on heroku 1.0 this is my first heroku deploy with git integration
DMNT68 DMNT68 / flutter-qrreader Dart Aplicación móvil para escanear códigos QR (coordenadas mapas, sitios web) v1.0.1 ## Uso de: - Camara para escanear códigos QR - Mapbox para visualizacion de coordenadas
lheredias lheredias / Luftmensch Python Useful all-PDF-related productivity tool capable of merging PDFs, converting them into PDF/A and having all its pages adopt vertical A4 dimensions with no content mess-up. v1.0 Description in progress
oreganoli oreganoli / bfc-rs Rust Brainfuck compiler for x86-64 Linux implemented in Rust. 1.0.0 As documented in [this blog post](, BFC-RS has reached feature-completeness as of today.
PotatoPresident PotatoPresident / simplehat Java simple serverside hat mod for fabric v1.0.0
alpinstang alpinstang / orthographic-camera-unity-package no-lang Unity Package for othographic camera setup. Includes a prefab. Drag and drop. 1.0.0 Package for Unity - Packaged in Unity 2019.4.16f1
koyangyang koyangyang / Java-Store-Management-System Java Java+MySQL课程设计购物管理系统 1.0 Package and release the first version of the Java-Store-Management-System
ErFer7 ErFer7 / game-jaaj-5 C# Jogo para a 5º edição da game jaaj V0.4-7 Em desenvolvimento
AdanMc00 AdanMc00 / node-porHacer JavaScript aplicacion node de tareas por hacer v1.0.0 # Version terminada de la app -Crea notas -Actualiza Notas -Elimina Notas -Liast Notas
hanzhi713 hanzhi713 / mc-map JavaScript A minecraft map rendered using Mapcrafter vfull-map
github-actions[bot] ashmind / SharpLab C# .NET language playground experimental-server-release-202101051636
altbdoor altbdoor / jekyll-exe Shell A portable Jekyll for Windows stable-v3.8.7
philliplakis philliplakis / gpuNinja JavaScript A GUI application to monitor Nvidia GPUs on Linux & Windows. 0.1.0 Initial test version
dev2ekgis eKMap / ekmap-publisher-for-qgis Python eKMap Server Publisher for QGIS v1.2.2 Publish map with simple style
yougaliu007 tencentyun / qcloud-iot-explorer-sdk-embedded-c C SDK for embedded system connect and comunicate with Tencent Cloud IoT Explorer Platform 3.1.6 发布日期:2021/1/5 开发语言:C 语言 开发环境:Linux/Windows,Cmake/GNU Make 内容 1. 数据模板新增结构体成员支持。 2. 支持下行控制消息用户回调注册
sdomanskyi sdomanskyi / decneo Python Comberons from single cell transcriptomics in endothelial cells 1.0.1
sgalal nk2028 / qieyun-encoder Python 《切韻》音韻地位編碼器 v0.0.1
github-actions[bot] burturt / railfence-bruteforce Python a simple python implementation of the Rail Fence cipher (with offset support) modified to brute force railfence ciphers. AUTO-1 New build! Check out to see changes If you want to run the program yourself, download one of the files under "Assets" with the
seanpm2001 seanpm2001 / SeansLifeArchive_Images_Sunset Java The module for my life story project that contains my sunset photography images. M5V1.0.1A *** # Milestone 5 version 1.0.1A - January 4th 2021 ## M5V1.0.1A ### About This is the third public release of the Sunset image folder for the SeanPM Life Archive project. This release c
ruritoBlogger ruritoBlogger / Sanbaka_1.5_fan_site TypeScript にじさんじ所属のさんばかの皆さんの活動1.5周年をお祝いする非公式ファンサイト(予定) 1.4 ## 変更内容 - TypeScriptに移行しました - 移行に合わせてディレクトリ構成を改善しました - バグ修正を実施しました
AndresW99 AndresW99 / socket-server HTML Socket server con v1.0.0 #Notas: Configuracion del socket server basado en clases
sam20908 sam20908 / matrixpp C++ A header-only C++20 and later matrix library. 0.0.1-test
mastrHyperion98 mastrHyperion98 / PassLock Java PassLock is a simple application that uses a local database to handle a users list of service credentials. v0.6.0-beta # Changes - User can import .csv files - User can export the database in a .csv file - Adds progress bar for the Importing/Exporting operations - User cannot Add, Delete or Update the application
github-actions[bot] exAphex / asena Java Opensource SCIM Gateway for provisioning userdata v1.2
jiangyugang jiangyugang / cloud-images no-lang 图片库 1.0
Ujang360 Tapalogi / tapa-micro-mailer Rust Tapalogi's Mailer Microservice v0.1.0-alpha.0
Arkanic Arkanic / PlayerIdsPlugin Java Clientside command to get another player's id (useful for votekicking/banning people with weird names) 1.0 This plugin won't change much (if at all)
UmanShahzad ipinfo / ruby Ruby Official Ruby client library for IPinfo API (IP geolocation and other types of IP data) v1.0.1 This clears all existing dependency issues and supports the officially maintained Ruby 2 versions. NOTE: This is not yet published on RubyGems, so for now you may point to this tag on Github direct
github-actions[bot] ianshmean / SystemBenchmark.jl Julia Julia package for benchmarking a system v0.3.5 ## SystemBenchmark v0.3.5 [Diff since v0.3.2]( **Closed issues:** - a few style suggestions before registration (#10) - Fails
lwh9346 lwh9346 / NoGoWeb Go 不围棋游戏的网页版 1.0.0 第一版的NoGo Web,似乎有内存泄漏问题,但不是很严重,有空会修。 下载下来解压运行即可,会占用8888端口。 由于用了cgo以及gcc O3,不一定能运行,
entr0pia entr0pia / SwitchyOmega-Whitelist Python SwitchyOmega大陆白名单 1.0
Rohmad999 Rohmad9 / the-ariors no-lang Is link automaticcaly likers Rohmad999 # Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct ## Our Pledge In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as contributors and maintainers pledge to make participation in our pro
pichsy pichsy / xfilechooser Java xfilechooser 1.0 系统文件选择器和分享
audioo audioo / AN602 C# Discord server nuking tool. Created this to demonstrate how easy it was to make such a tool, and that it should not be monetized. v1.1
PikluDey21 rewardz / Feeds Python Feeds v1.1.5 Tagging Feature
ckkimkonai ckkimkonai / SwiftKueryMySQL Swift MySQL plugin for Swift-Kuery framework 2.0.200 release draft
helloshiki helloshiki / gosproto Go sproto in golang v0.1.1
chas-iot chas-iot / psi-sg JavaScript An adapter for the WebThings IoT Gateway to provide the Singapore Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) from the API. v1.1.0
github-actions[bot] upsatish / AWSConsoleNavigator JavaScript AWS Console Navigator Chrome extension. Navigate to resources in the AWS console from the Omnibox. v1.0.1 Added support for IAM resources
lawliet89 lawliet89 / terraform-provider-vault Go Terraform Vault provider gcp-static-2021-01-05
Anasjabri Anasjabri / freenas-provisioner no-lang Kubernetes external provisioner using Freenas as backend v2.7
github-actions[bot] pfeodrippe / CommunityModules no-lang TLA+ snippets, operators, and modules contributed and curated by the TLA+ community 202101050312
seanpm2001 seanpm2001 / SeansLifeArchive_Images_Pocket_Trains Pascal The module for my life story project that contains my Pocket Trains gameplay images. M5V1.0.1A *** # Milestone 5 version 1.0.1A - January 4th 2021 ## M5V1.0.1A ### About This is the third public release of the Pocket Trains image folder for the SeanPM Life Archive project. This re
xingyun86 xingyun86 / gsoap CMake gsoap Usage First: cmake build Second: comment "add_custom_command(TARGET soapcpp2 POST_BUILD COMMAND" in folder "vendor/gsoap-2.8/", cmake build Third:uncomment and cmake build ok.
Spottedleaf Spottedleaf / Starlight Java Rewrites the light engine to fix lighting performance and lighting errors 0.0.2 - Significantly reduce memory overhead - Rewrite nibble initit This fixes all of the known issues around nibble init - Fix save hook not firing Now we will no longer be relighting all of the
baoliaogeming2020 baoliaogeming2020 / other HTML 翻墙教程下载传播版 打包下载 全教程打包下载
taylor-meyer taylor-meyer / Axiom-Loot-Sheet Lua WoW Addon for use by [H]<Axiom>, US-Moon Guard 1.0
didhd didhd / kubelog Go Aggregate Kubernetes logs using cli command. v0.1.0 ## Changelog d92f8c2 first commit
github-actions[bot] best-of-lists / best-of no-lang 🏆 Discover best-of lists with awesome open-source projects on all kinds of topics. 2021.01.05 ## 📈 Trending Up _Projects that have a higher project-quality score compared to the last update. There might be a variety of reasons, such as increased downloads or code activity._ - <b>
jdmedeiros jdmedeiros / northwind HCL RDS instance with the Northwind database v1.0 Create an AWS RDS instance and import the Northwind database into it.
sanders41 sanders41 / cookiecutter-python Python Generates a Python project structure with Poetry for package management and github actions for continuious integration. v0.1.4 - Updated isort version
PoqXert PoqXert / gaconsentmanager-android-plugin Java Appodeal Consent Manager for Godot 1.0.0 # Compatibility Godot 3.2.2+
geky-bot geky / littlefs-test-repo C Test repo for littlefs scripts v2.3.0 First
Ungravitation Ungravitation / DeskBit TypeScript keyestudio desk-bit for microbit 0.0.7 Added a separate steering gear steering and speed module
davemoore- zentity-io / zentity Java Entity resolution for Elasticsearch. zentity-1.6.1
seanpm2001 seanpm2001 / SeansLifeArchive_Images_PocketFrogs Nim The module for my life story project that contains my Pocket Frogs images. M5V1.0.1A *** # Milestone 5 version 1.0.1A - January 4th 2021 ## M5V1.0.1A ### About This is the third public release of the Pocket Frogs image folder for the SeanPM Life Archive project. This rel
cptpcrd cptpcrd / obnth Rust Allows securely opening files in untrusted directories on *nix systems. v0.1.0 Initial release
Greg-Griffith project-ecc / lynx JavaScript A wallet UI for ECC lynx0
henryinqz henryinqz / open-docviewer-tabs JavaScript Chrome extension that opens Quercus DocViewer modules in new tabs 1.0 v1.0 of Open Docviewer Tabs (Chrome extension that opens Quercus DocViewer modules in new tabs). The green badge on the `Open DocViewer Tabs` icon appears when any Quercus module is being viewed, i
ItsRuntimeException ItsRuntimeException / Paimon-chan JavaScript A personal project to teach myself the basics of JavaScript and Discord-Bot. 1.2.2 v1.2.2 Release Note -Bot is now hosted onto 'Raspberry-Pi model 3B+' with -Added extra loop mode: list -Fixed bugs: 1. Music connection crash if queue author leaves channel
highb highb / pathspec-ruby Ruby Match Path Specifications, such as .gitignore, in Ruby! 1.0.0 Adds a required ruby version of 2.6 (reason for major version bump) Adds man/html docs
ArtexJay ArtexJay / Obsidian-CyberGlow CSS A mix of TriDiamond's Obsidianite and Deatau's 80s Glow themes for Most of the code has been altered to a certain extent from the original themes. 1 The first version
edenleung friendsofthinkphp / think-pullword PHP ThinkPHP 分词/抽词 扩展包 v1.2.1
kanderso-nrel pvlib / pvlib-python Python A set of documented functions for simulating the performance of photovoltaic energy systems. v0.8.1
jasonlong jasonlong / mater JavaScript 🍅 A simple and purty menubar Pomodoro app written in Electron 1.0.9 Window can now be dismissed by using the <kbd>esc</kbd> key at the end of a timer run. Focus will also go back to the window that previous had it.
yossibokor yossibokor / Skyler.jl Julia Julia package for recovering stratified spaces underlying point clouds. v1.0.0 First release of Skyler.
github-actions[bot] pizzafox / how JavaScript Learn how to use CLI apps v1.0.0 # 1.0.0 (2021-01-05) ### Features * make how ([a32255f](
verbxtim Cybertopia-Inc / cyberverse C# Welcome to Cyberverse, a virtual experience where you can buy and sell land, live by the laws and our virtual government, all with our own cryptocurrency, which you can convert into real money! v0.01-prealpha # WARNING: This does not contain *ANY* game files except the default Unity 3D files. ## This is just a test release, do not use it.
lexikiq lexikiq / minecraft-crowdcontrol Java A Minecraft plugin that allows your Twitch community to interact with your game. v1.0.0 v1.0.0 supports [many chat commands]( but does not yet support affiliate features (bits, subs, or channel points). Thes
jhonc19 jhonc19 / node-restserver-curso JavaScript Aplicación Rest server con node-mongodb v0.0.1 Aquí esta el código de avance de Rest Server
btelman96 remotv / controller-for-android Kotlin open source software for pairing your Android powered robot with our site. v0.19.0 This is a feature update, and fixes some performance issues as well. Please report any issues that occur if any are seen. ## Major Changes ## - Switch to newer version of FFmpeg that allows devi
perfree perfree / PerfreeProject JavaScript Perfree是一款基于java开发的博客建站平台,后端采用SpringBoot、Shiro、Mybatis、Enjoy模板引擎等技术进行开发,给您带来全新的创作体验 V1.0.0 发布V1.0.0正式版: 1. 修复网站注册开关失效问题 2. 修复发表文章时分类数量不会自动增加问题
singularo singularo / simple-paas Shell An Anti-Kubernetes, Anti-Galera. Anti enterprise lightweight hosting PAAS. 1.0 Things pretty stable now, in daily use, hosting multiple sites with few issues.
EmadShafik EmadShafik / Healthcare_NaturalDisaster_Pandemic MATLAB This repository set is for the case study discussed in the manuscript titled "Orchestrating Performance of Healthcare Networks Subjected to the Compound Events of Natural Disasters and Pandemic" v1.0.0 This is the first release of Healthcare_NaturalDisaster_Pandemic
houyawei-NO1 houyawei-NO1 / DtkSerialport C++ dtk学习之路1,使用DTK制作的串口工具 v0.4 v0.4修复低波特率下文本框回车过多的问题,第一次尝试打包 【DTK串口助手].deb
jgreys jgreys / korea-for-woocommerce PHP WooCommerce Toolkit for Korean use. 🇰🇷 1.1.1 * New - New Korea for WooCommerce branding 🎨 * New - Korea for WooCommerce is now translatable from * New - Added woocommerce_korea_loaded action hook * New - Korean vers
t3kt t3kt / raytk Python Raymarching shader toolkit for TouchDesigner build-0.10 RayTK library v0.9. Minimum supported TouchDesigner version: 2020.44350 (experimental). # Release Notes * Improvements / additions * Improve customOp initialization (#71) * Distance modul
jackyxie jackyxie / guzzle-jsonrpc PHP JSON-RPC 2.0 client for Guzzle 3.2.2
antonsofyan antonsofyan / HTML Personal Github Page v.1.1.0 v.1.1.0
yebrwe yebrwe / log_manager Vue log_manager v0.1
noah-severyn noah-severyn / SC4PropTextureCatalog HTML The definitive visual Prop and Texture guide for SimCity 4 modders. The list is dynamically sortable and searchable to best find the exact prop or texture needed. 1.0.0 First Release
caiena78 caiena78 / http-server Go http server to share files 0.1 The following Releases will run in Windows, Linux and Mac.
Phil-0 Phil-0 / TornAPI Python An API wrapper for Torn City. 0.1 Initial release.
LiPYlpy LiPYlpy / AutoTest C++ This program is built by Qt. v4.0 未有json配置文件版本.
yangsenius yangsenius / TransPose no-lang TransPose: Towards Explainable Human Pose Estimation by Transformer Hub We release the ResNet-50, HRNet-W32, and HRNet-W48 networks pretrained on ImageNet. Note that only the initial several layers/blocks of them are taken as the convolutional blocks of TransPose models.
chentl666 chentl666 / IndicatorX Kotlin kotlin+mvvm+LiveData+viewModel+DataBinding+Navigator 1.0.1
yoosoo-won fastcampus / fastcomposer Vue fast and simple layout based WYSIWYG html editor v0.15.0 - 디바이스 미리보기 추가(desktop, tablet, mobile) - 컴포저 컴포넌트 구조 개선 - moment 제거 - cypress 적용
ddj231 ddj231 / Handel JavaScript a small procedural programming language for writting songs in browser v0.1.11 * fixes duration variable bug
ylx2016 ylx2016 / kernel no-lang linux kernel for bbr/bbrplus cloud
Nosrac Nosrac / SwiftyCon Makefile Create icons using SwiftUI 1.0 - Generate iOS icons using SwiftUI
github-actions[bot] BlueMedoraPublic / terraform-provider-bindplane HCL Terraform Provider for Bindplane v0.2.5 resolved bugs - importing collector fails - resolve an issue where source configuration json order matters https://github.c
Akilarlxh Akilarlxh / live2d-widget JavaScript 把萌萌哒的看板娘抱回家 (ノ≧∇≦)ノ | Live2D widget for web platform在网页中添加Live2D看板娘 v0.14 将cdnpath改成apipath,更多模型,可以换装。去掉原来的按钮。配合butterfly主题侧栏按钮。
cristiansep cristiansep / socket-server-react HTML Class-based Socket Server v1.0.0 # Notas: Configuración de socket server basado en clases
snewcomer emberjs / data JavaScript A data persistence library for Ember.js. v3.24.0
hgschmie hgschmie / ofa Go Okta For AWS Authentication tool v1.0.0 # Changelog All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](, and this project adheres to [Semantic
DankDumpster DankDumpster / mouse-rs Rust Rust library to control the mouse v0.4.2
biel-michael biel-michael / ndscheduler Python A flexible python library for building your own cron-like system, with REST APIs and a Web UI. 1.0.0 There is functional control over IP and HTTP basic auth for proxied request. Tested that: 1. is *not* accessible directly 2. requires user to be in IP whitel
chen-junyi chen-junyi / socket-ts TypeScript restructure socket-js 1 support umd esm npm module
dm-p dm-p / powerbi-visuals-html-content TypeScript Visualise column or measure values as HTML in your Power BI reports. Intended as a spiritual successor to the OG HTML Viewer custom visual, with some extra stuff thrown in. **This version is independent from the Power BI Marketplace and is available for historical purposes. It will not auto-update and will not be supported when the Marketplace version is updated.** **
casperdcl NiftyPET / NIPET Cuda High-throughput PET image reconstruction with high quantitative accuracy and precision v1.1.22 Final v1 (Python2) release
box-archived box-archived / vlive-py Python vlivepy is reverse-engineered Python-based API of VLIVE( 0.0.1 dev release
github-actions[bot] Tedkk / BILIBILI-HELPER Java B站,哔哩哔哩(Bilibili)自动签到每日自动投币,银瓜子兑换硬币,领取大会员福利,大会员月底给自己充电等。每天轻松获取65经验值。赶快和我一起成为Lv6吧! V1.2.9 1. 增加了月底使用赠送的大会员B币券给指定对象充电的功能,默认的充电对象是你自己(值为:0)。 2. 如果月底想给喜欢的UP充电,将config.json中chargeF
github-actions[bot] uption / uption Rust A tool to collect and export network performance metrics on Linux devices mainly targeting smaller resource constrained devices like Raspberry Pi. v0.6.0 ### Added - Add default values to all configuration options. - Implement wireless interface collector. ### Changed - Improve configuration validation. ### Infrastructure - Remove deprecated `set-
akshaybabloo akshaybabloo / spark-hugo-theme JavaScript Hugo theme v1.1.0 **New** - Sponsor links added - 9a17e7908c67d61da576711a3c86ab87bde3f013 - Cloudflare insight support added - a98c17b5ff36e63839da868e331a63e7401d8877 **Updates** - Libraries updated - 7cc25
Leeon123 Leeon123 / Aoyama Python A New version of Python3 botnet, old version: v2.0.1
Musician101 Musician101 / Bukkitier Java Use Mojang's Brigadier with Spigot. 1.0 Initial Release
AethLi AethLi / mineauth Java Minecraft auth mod 0.1.0
ragaeeb masjidalsalaam-website / islamic-simplefolio JavaScript Dar As Sahaba website v1.0.0 First site launch.
joshblum macropin / django-registration Python Django-registration (redux) provides user registration functionality for Django websites. v2.9 See [CHANGELOG]( for release notes.
Coookie93 Coookie93 / LaMulana2Randomizer C# Randomizer for La-Mulana 2 v2.1.0 ### New Features * **Items** * **Random Reasearch Papers** - Adds the Research Papers to the pool of random items * **Logic** * **Require Life Sigil for Awoken Hall of Malice** - Makes logic r
Palid Palid / battlecry-react JavaScript Battlecry-react generator for all react things 1.0.0
walkor walkor / mqtt PHP Asynchronous MQTT client for PHP based on workerman. v1.1
jianningzhuang jianningzhuang / ip Java Starter code for the Duke project A-JAR
qianhn qianhn / vue-admin-console Vue 控制台模版 0.01 测试
adamint adamint / spotify-web-api-kotlin Kotlin The Spotify Web API wrapper for Kotlin, with Android, JVM, JS/Browser and JS/Node targets. v3.4.03 - Introduces full coroutine support - Fixes #229
github-actions[bot] Algotia / core TypeScript A technical analysis driven cryptocurrency trading and back-testing platform. v0.0.4-25
Jamyth Jamyth / jamyth-script-v2 TypeScript React Cli tool for boilerplate generation, with webpack, react, scss, typescript 2.3.6 # V2.3.6 This release is a stable release for jamyth-script, in the next version, a self-made state management library will be added to jamyth-script. For someone who do not want the new featur
arrow2nd arrow2nd / tokumeiPlayer JavaScript Webラジオ「匿名ラジオ」を再生するプレイヤー v1.0.9
Mohamedghaly140 Mohamedghaly140 / Airbnb-ITI-Graduation--Project JavaScript Airbnb ITI Graduation Project 1.1
ryan4yin ryan4yin / pulumi-proxmox Go A Pulumi Provider which adds support for Proxmox solutions. v0.0.5 download and install resource plugin, command: ```shell pulumi plugin install resource proxmox 0.0.5 -f pulumi-resource-proxmox-v0.0.5-linux_amd64.tgz ``` and then install python sdk from pypi
lixd vaptcha / vaptcha-go-sdk Go VAPTCHA SDK for Go 0.0.2 fix code style
pjb7687 gnudatalanguage / gdlde Java An IDE for GDL (GNU Data Language) untagged-edb83d05cdb4f13194d6
Drillgon200 Drillgon200 / Hbm-s-Nuclear-Tech-GIT Java My fork of the HBM's nuclear tech mod. hbm-1.4.0a-1.12.2 Ported stuff from to Can't remember mo
pointerboy pointerboy / Windows-Frameless-Terminal C# Remove boundaries of your favourite terminal! beta1.2 # New, simpler, interface! * Theme now matches Window's selected theme. * All components are now merged into the main page. * You can now look up for running processes and mark them. * All co
ivanrein bandlab / SCRecorder Objective-C iOS camera engine with Vine-like tap to record, animatable filters, slow motion, segments editing 2.7.3
daixxtech daixxtech / little-fox-running C# A simple 2D side scroller game with the theme of learning garbage classification. v1.0 First release of little-fox-running.
zhuobinchan zhuobinchan / distributed-lock Java 分布式锁工具包 v2.0 zookeeper 的分布式锁实现
romellem Designory / diff-dev-prod JavaScript View useful differences between development source code and deployed production code 🎭 v0.1.0 Initial release! - Supports a "clean configuration" specification to get more useful diffs - Supports an interactive mode
tmaas510 tmaas510 / ImageEditor Swift image editor 0.1 test version
github-actions[bot] KangLin / RabbitRemoteControl C++ Rabbit remote control. Support VNC, RDP, SSH, TELNET etc(玉兔远程控制,支持VNC、RDP、SSH、TELNET等) v0.0.1
lt94 lt94 / RSSAid JavaScript RSSAid 是一个由 Flutter 构建的 RSSHub 的辅助 App v1.0.0 * 修复从设置页面返回时状态栏全黑bug。 * 修复按钮点击效果溢出。 * 添加加载 url 动画
DenysNosov Joomla-Ukraine / jutab-template PHP JUTab template for SEBLOD CCK 1.0.0
d2verb d2verb / mkt Rust A tool to make a temporary note test test
ntucker ntucker / rest-hooks-1 TypeScript Delightful data fetching for React. @rest-hooks/core@1.0.0-k.5 ## 1.0.0-k.5 (2021-01-05) * Expose BodyFromShape from core library ([060dcd3]( * feat: Track and use entity resolution time ([54203f9](https://g
keshey jcubcms / assessment-2-cp5637---group-1 CSS assessment-2-ksprashanthshastry created by GitHub Classroom 2 Version 2 Release
JoelDesante JoelDesante / Printfully TypeScript A Promise based API wrapper for Printful. 1.0-alpha
Laribene leoponte / Dispositivos-Moveis Java Repositório dedicado à disciplina de dispositivos móveis, do segundo semestre do ano de 2020 v1.0 Aplicativo em prol do Cursinho Comunitário Pimentas a fim auxiliar os alunos e professores.
lucca-rodrigues lucca-rodrigues / be-the-hero-api JavaScript [API Node com Express e Knex para a aplicação Be the Hero] 1.0 Create ongs and Incidents
British-Systems British-Systems / MultiPlug.Windows.Desktop NSIS Windows Discovery App 1.1
CandraRahmawan CandraRahmawan / cms-admin JavaScript Back End Content Management System 1.2.2
ReFreezed ReFreezed / LuaPreprocess Lua A small and straightforward Lua preprocessor using simple syntax. 1.11.2 ### Changes **Library:** - Fixed parsing of numbers ending with a point. **Command line program:** - Added `--backtickstrings` and `--nonil` options (for specifying [params.backtickStrings and p
viyancs viyancs / lumen-api-generator PHP simple tools for building REST API using Console Generator beta beta
CandraRahmawan CandraRahmawan / cms-web PHP Front End Content Management System 1.2.1
Ashwin-Paudel Ashwin-Paudel / APSuggestions Swift Shows a suggestion window under the search field 1.0 Our first release!!
brianhorn brianhorn / Tunerly Kotlin A minimalistic, multi-language pitch tuning app 1.0.1 - Fixed Drop D tuning on Guitar - Added basque
CStyleArray CStyleArray / java-telegram-bot Java Helper library to build Telegram bots faster 0.0.1 This is the initial pre-release. Still need to do a lot of things
British-Systems British-Systems / MultiPlug.Ext.Thm.Default2016 HTML 2016 default theme for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform 1.0.14
ryz310 ryz310 / my_api_client Ruby A framework of Web API Client. Provides features error handling, retrying, pagination and so on. v0.18.0 ### Feature * [#381]( Add endpoint option to the generator ([@ryz310]( ### Breaking Change * [#365](https://github.
enusbaum enusbaum / MBBSEmu C# The MajorBBS Emulation Project is a cross-platform emulator for The MajorBBS & Worldgroup Modules v1.0-alpha-010421 23 PR's are Included in this Release. Highlights Include: * #353: **Event Driven Architecture** * Decreased CPU load by only processing MajorBBS/Worldgroup events when data is ready t
rodrigosiviero rodrigosiviero / csgo-config Batchfile My Configuration for Counter-Strike Global Offensive plus installer. 1.0 it is what it is
nieopierzony nieopierzony / tiktokbot Python 🎥 Finds videos from TikTok and compiles them in youtube video v0.9.1
github-actions[bot] burturt / canvas-scripts Python Simple script for STUDENT canvas api keys 17 New release! Check out burturt/canvas-scripts's commits to see changes
PrincessKitty560 PrincessKitty560 / 4x4EvoLauncher C# Simple launcher for 4x4Evolution to disable the specific device which is causing the "Mystery Crash" on your computer. 0.1 Initial Release - intended for easier download only - still under development
Terence-D Terence-D / CheckGameControllers C# Checks if specified game controllers are plugged in before launching your game v1.0 Initial Release
cuizhenjie cuizhenjie / software-engineering-document no-lang 软件工程常用文档模板及示例:可行性分析报告、开发计划、需求分析文档、概要设计文档、详细设计文档、用户操作手册、测试计划、测试分析报告、开发进度报告、项目开发总结报告、软件维护手册等 1.0 * 项目基本的生命周期内相关文档模板及案例-1.0版本
PerfectLuo PerfectLuo / HTML 描述 1.0 第一次发布
n4fTvs n4fTvs / random-numbers JavaScript Simple program to generate random two numbers in node.js 1.0 First release
github-actions[bot] bluewindover / codedx-docker no-lang Scripts for building fully functional Code Dx Docker containers v1.0.0 ## 1.0.0 (2021-01-05) ### Features * add test.yaml ([1257df5]( ### Bug Fixes * add .releaserc file
InPermutation InPermutation / be6502 Assembly Following along on Static_VRAM Goes along with the video [TMS9918A Static VRAM](
github-actions[bot] fsevents / fsevents C Native access to MacOS FSEvents in Node.js 2.2.2 Released to npm as v2.2.2
casperdcl NiftyPET / NIMPA Python NiftyPET: Neuro-Image Manipulation, Processing and Analysis v1-final Last Python2 version
GarboMuffin TurboWarp / turbowarp-desktop JavaScript TurboWarp as a desktop app -- very early prototype v0.0.1
Lukyrafi13 Lukyrafi13 / LukyrafiLibrary Java Ini adalah Library Luky Rafi 1.1 LukyrafiLibrary version 1.1 telah rilis
kenanbit kenanbit / hymn-hosting LilyPond Typeset and serve up new and old hymns 0.1
furrutiav furrutiav / simulador-contagios Python Proyecto personal, utilizando OpenGL para python 3, de un simulador de contagios entre dos poblaciones con aplicación de medidas preventivas a partir de un virus modificable. v1
drpitman76 Cloudouble / live JavaScript The fastest, simplest way to make your HTML web app real-time with server-side data. Part of the live-element framework. 1.0.0 Initial Stable Release
yuralves yuralves / snow-jinja-lint Python linter for snowflake queries using jinja2 templating latest
github-actions[bot] NoizeMe / prometheus-covid-exporter Go A prometheus metric exporter that scraps Web APIs for current Covid stats from Germany v0.1.0 ## Changelog 8a19f08 Add a bit of documentation db79e1d Add docker file 2011400 Add logging dfb1e40 Add multi-plattform build e305d10 Add new diesease metrics b1f99c1 Add vaccination quote metric fd8
grahamknockillaree gap-packages / hap GAP Homological Algebra Programming v1.28 Release for HAP
VinaiRachakonda dolthub / dolt Go Dolt – It's Git for Data 0.22.9 This release addresses several bug fixes as well as performance gains. It also includes some more SQL based CLI functions.
YouHaveTrouble YouHaveTrouble / BalanceBringer Java Bring balance to the game v1.0 As all things should be.
CultClassik CultClassik / ansible-role-git no-lang Installs and configures Git along with other components. 0.1 Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 only so far.
fabian12943 fabian12943 / Haushaltsbuch C++ Application that helps to keep track of spendings and earnings for one or several users. v1.0.0 This is the initial release of the "housekeeping-book" Application "meinHaushalt".
lzxZz lzxZz / clipsender-android Java 从手机分享内容到电脑粘贴板的安卓客户端(Android client to share content from mobile to computer clipboard) v0.1 windows服务端地址
lzxZz lzxZz / ClipRecver-win no-lang 从手机分享内容到电脑粘贴板的Windows服务端(Windows Service to share content from mobile to computer clipboard) v1.0 安卓客户端地址
davidgiven davidgiven / fluxengine C++ PSOC5 floppy disk imaging interface FluxEngine-Windows-client-version-478 This is an automatically built version of the FluxEngine Windows client which is generated whenever a significant checkin has happened. It's had no testing whatsoever. To use, download it, put it
dereuromark dereuromark / cakephp-tags PHP CakePHP Tags Plugin 1.1.1 ### Fixes Fixed query to work also with joined tables by using always aliases keys.
nglasl symbiote / silverstripe-addressable PHP Adds configurable address fields to an object, and provides automatic geocoding. 5.0.3
ijoshuadavis ijoshuadavis / pixeltext Python PixelText is a content visualization concept to translate each unique word from the targeted text (e.g. books, lyrics, poems) to a color (specified or random) and then display the word as a pixel in order as they appeared in the original text. Simply put, translate these words to pixels. The hope is to create novel and compelling art from sources that already possess meaning as well as possibly provide a new perspective on the text. 1.0 Beyond the first few versions. This one includes clockwise circle creation as well.
taptorestart taptorestart / tistory-to-android-app Java 티스토리 블로그를 안드로이드 앱으로. 안드로이드 웹뷰 활용해서. v.1.0.0
PhocaCz PhocaCz / PhocaTopMenuModule PHP Phoca Top Menu Module - a Joomla! CMS module which displays horizontal top menu in Joomla! administration. 4.0.3
devfaysal devfaysal / laravel-admin PHP Roles/Permission UI for Laravel Application 0.0.5
FichteFoll SublimeText / Zeal Python Zeal docset browser integration for Sublime Text v2.0.1 - Fix comments in settings.
chimbori chimbori / animated-progress-bar Kotlin Firefox Focus’s Animated Progress Bar v2020.12.25
Shaun-Regenbaum Shaun-Regenbaum / Vue_Chrome_Extension JavaScript This is a Vue Chrome Extension Boilerplate that demonstrates how to make a paywall remover. 1.0.0 An alpha version with basic functionality
FelipeRosa FelipeRosa / jason-rs Rust Jason is a JSON-RPC 2.0 client library written in Rust. v0.1.0 Initial release featuring: - Serializing and deserializing JSON-RPC request, response and notification - HTTP/HTTPS transport - Websocket transport - IPC transport
rupor-github rupor-github / win-gpg-agent Go Simple Windows GnuPG helpers v1.0.0
Hideosan500 Preimtime / Project_CRT TeX Projektarbeit CRT 1 Draft version 1.0
wormie-bot WormieCorp / conventional-changelog-wormiecorp TypeScript Conventional changelog preset for the WormieCorp organization v1.1.4 ## [1.1.4]( (2021-01-05) ### Dependencies * bump ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.7 ([#271](
LeddaZ LeddaZ / FrontlineMaidITABot JavaScript Bot molto bello per Girls Frontline v0.0.0-test * a (8b499a2) * Template per changelog aggiornato (20cbe7c) * Changelog v0.2.1 (d10a0a4) * /tempo è ancora incompleto (74fcb30)
MadMax49 MadMax49 / mcs-ubuntu-script Shell Ubuntu Script for MCS to secure an Ubuntu machine v2.1 - Added support for automatically removing Wireshark
fracpete waikato-datamining / video-frame-processor Python Python 3 library to make video frame processing easier. v0.0.1 * initial release
carlreinke carlreinke / SlnSort C# Sort projects in a Visual Studio Solution file. v1.0.0 Initial release.
muryanto1 ESGF / esgf-stats-api Java Spring API REST for federated data usage statistics. v2.0.0 for testing only to be deleted when testing is done
FyreByrd FyreByrd / Battleship_In_CMD Python A version of the classic game "Battleship" that is playable in the command line v1.0-alpha First release. It works. The AI is not very optimized (ie, it runs slow when testing, it takes too many guesses to win on average (60+)). Have fun!
rushtehrani onepanelio / couler no-lang Unified Interface for Constructing and Managing Workflows on different workflow engines, such as Argo Workflows, Tekton Pipelines, and Apache Airflow. 0.1.1rc8
withsalt withsalt / DdnsService C# DDNS服务,兼容Windows和Linux,基于.NET Core 3.1。可注册为系统服务运行。 1.3 1、修复一些错误; 2、更换获取外网IP地址的接口;
itaylor itaylor / bucket-ts TypeScript Bucket-ts monorepo bucket-ts-abs@1.0.2 ## bucket-ts-abs [1.0.2]( (2021-01-05) ### Dependencies * **bucket-ts:** upgraded to 1.0.4
GiovanniCiampi GiovanniCiampi / confidence_interval_estimator_ML Jupyter Notebook This repo contains code to perform Bootstrap Confidence Intervals estimation (a.k.a. Monte Carlo Confidence Interval or Empirical Confidence Interval estimation) for Machine Learing models. v0.1 First working release
kou-yeung kou-yeung / WebGLInput C# IME for Unity WebGL 0.96 fix #53
MNie MNie / ResultType C# ResultType implementation in C# 3.0 Bump to net5.0
GStefanowich GStefanowich / SDV-NFFTT C# A Stardew Valley visual-content replacer mod. v1.0.2 Release 1.0.2
itz-hassan itz-hassan / myreacts JavaScript Created with CodeSandbox v1.0 # Release Notes - Fixed bug 1 - Fixed bug 2 - Fixed bug 3 - Added a form.....
DanPurdy DanPurdy / firebase-firestore-rule-testing-demo JavaScript A Firebase Firestore demo repo for testing Firestore rules 1.0.0
Coookie93 Coookie93 / LM2ItemTracker C# La-Mulana 2 Item Tracker v1.0.1 * Show Sacred Orbs and Maps in recently collected
lmatheus1 lmatheus1 / aplicacion-colas JavaScript Esta es una aplicacion de colas en node v1.0.0 # Informacion Versión de colas lista
andreburgaud andreburgaud / crypt2go Go Go (golang) ECB mode of encryption and padding. v0.12.0 Fixed issue #7 (Panic due to slice bounds out of range): * An incorrect padding with the last byte with value `0` caused the problem * The issue is fixed in `padding.Unpad()` * An example `test Exa
ysthakur ysthakur / YamlPlugin Kotlin Yaml plugin for FRC Team 449, the Blair Robot Project 2020.3
lafriks lafriks / go-shamir Go A pure Go implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm v0.1.0 Initial release
msyml msyml / MyServices Java 后端服务 v0.0.1 测试
cowshedworks cowshedworks / trees PHP Tree Database 0.0.1 First version, still work in progress
muryanto1 ESGF / esgf-security Java ESGF Security v4.0.0 testing only to be deleted once testing is done
fernancumez fernancumez / school-admin-api TypeScript Rest api of school administration v0.0.1
QingYXu QingYXu / RS-VPdtw R Standardization of Raman Spectra using Variable Penalty Dynamic Time Warping RS
LeoReyesParedes LeoReyesParedes / node-por-hacer JavaScript App de comandos de node v1.0.0 #Primera versión terminada de la aplicación -Crea notas. -Actualiza notas. -Lista notas. -Elimina notas.
schnusch schnusch / ytdl-info JavaScript WebExtension and remote server to extract video information v0.1
github-actions[bot] Damix48 / documentazione TeX Documentazione progetto. Per trovare i PDF leggere il README o andare in Releases. refs/heads/master
patorjk patorjk / d3-context-menu CSS A plugin for d3.js that allows you to easy use context-menus in your visualizations. 2.0.0 * Added support for D3 6.x. Thanks to @ngg ( * The index parameter of callbacks are undefined when using D3 6.x or above. See the index.htm file in
eengoron closeio / closeio-desktop-releases-dev no-lang A repository for testing releases of our Close Desktop Application. See for the main releases repo. v5.0.2-dev DEV clone of master version 5.0.1 on Electron@8.1.1
biofuture biofuture / Ublastx_stageone HTML This is the source code for multisamples ARGs profiling using SARG2.0 database 2.3 backup the v2.3 and release singularity version of ARGs OAP
mcldbot MCLD / greatreadingadventure C# :books: The Great Reading Adventure is an open-source tool for managing dynamic library reading programs v4.2.0 ## Release Notes: 4.2.0 ### Introduction The Great Reading Adventure is a robust, open source software designed to manage library reading programs. The GRA is free to use, modify, and share. Che
jasper-zanjani jasper-zanjani / c C :brain: Assorted C and C++ projects for learning 0.01
tdeveaux tdeveaux / hlsget C Download HLS VOD streams v1.0
lecheel lecheel / dirmarks C++ simple way change directory (cd) v0.2 []( for Windows 10
hideakitai hideakitai / DS323x C++ Arduino library for DS3231/DS3232 Extremely Accurate I²C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal 0.1.1
C-racker C-racker / jd_seckill Python 京东秒杀商品抢购,目前只支持茅台抢购,不支持其他商品! 1.0
tdeveaux tdeveaux / hls C Parse HLS playlists v1.0
github-actions[bot] lgariv / DownloadBar14 Logos Temporary name. Originally forked from v1.0.0-beta
YashTotale YashTotale / introspect TypeScript Chrome/Firefox extension that allows users to rate, describe, and reflect on their daily lives v1.0.0 Initial Release Links: - [Chrome Web Store]( - [Firefox Add-On](
github-actions[bot] chimbori / crux Kotlin Crux parses Web pages to identify the crux of an article — the very essential points — minus all the fluff. v3.0.1
Nahnahchi Nahnahchi / DSR-Enhanced Python Sinners of Lordran - DSR Game Overhaul (soulstruct project) 1.9.3 *Uploaded for preservation reasons.*
kujxu kujxu / KFP-Pack no-lang a Kiara and Hololive Themed Overlay Pack for Minecraft 21y01w2 first release on GitHub Changelogs can be found in inside the Archive
dvdoug dvdoug / PHPCoord PHP Conversion of phpcoord project for modern PHP v4.0.0beta1 PHPCoord v4 is a ground-up rewrite of the entire project starting over with a clean slate. The rewrite is based around the EPSG dataset, providing support for over 6200 worldwide coordinate systems (u
amusingimpala75 amusingimpala75 / TerraFabricCraftCore Java Core code for Fabric port of TerraFirmaCraft 0.2.0 Fix sounds things, also some util things for Caveins
kristian-skistad sparkade-games / com.sparkadegames.sparktools.objectpooling C# A generic object pooling solution for C#, along with a Unity specific application of it. v1.0.0
bastiion T-i-M-M-i / DE4LRoadTracker Java an android app used to track sensor data of cyclists 0.0.10
jeffk-kiva kiva / guardian-bio-auth Kotlin Plugin for using biometric fingerprint authentication with the aries-key-guardian 0.0.9 * Updates to the api * Upgrade java, gradle, spring and other underlying dependencies * Fix some build issues
E66666666 E66666666 / GTAVManualTransmission C++ Manual Transmission for GTA V v5.1.0 # 5.1.0 * Add an option to hide the steering wheel in FPV * Improve Automatic Transmission during braking with locking up * Cut throttle during NPC upshifts * Fix Dock Handler lift unusable when
muryanto1 ESGF / esgf-node-manager Java Mirror: ESGF Node Manager v2.0.0 to be deleted when testing is done v2.0.0
komiya-atsushi komiya-atsushi / typeorm-logger-adaptor TypeScript Logger adaptors for TypeORM v1.0.3
rexor12 rexor12 / Python A simple, reusable video game gacha library for Python projects. 1.0.4 Changes: * Rename package from gacha-rexor12 to **Important!** This introduces a breaking change on this branch but due to the repository still being fresh, this is accepted this time. * C
sbtaku11 sbtaku11 / ExpressionConvert C# Fast Binary Converter 1.0
jcornejoinf93 jcornejoinf93 / angular-adv-adminpro JavaScript Repositorio del curso de Angular avanzado - FH v1.0.0 ## Diseño listo * Rutas. * Rutas hijas. * Angular implementado
jimmynewland jimmynewland / colabnotebooks Jupyter Notebook Google Colab Notebooks Labs 1.02 Added a lot of corrections.
EthanDevelops EthanDevelops / JavaScript Okay website. 3.0.0 Added legal and Ethan Hub
VidValda VidValda / JavaScript A basic socket server with Express v1.0.0 # Notes Socket server without a business logic
narumishi narumishi / chaldea Dart Chaldea center. v1.0.0+1 First release version - Support platform: Android. - Features: - servant/craft essential/command code info - servant level up planning - event planning - quests planning for items'
Dhanurjan Dhanurjan / Android-Weather-App Java Android Weather Application with User Registration 1.0.0
release-drafter[bot] buildkite-plugins / junit-annotate-buildkite-plugin Ruby 📈 Summarise your test failures as a build annotation v1.8.1 ## Fixed * Change <testcase> selector to only apply to direct descendants. (#143) @aryounce ## Upgrading To upgrade, update your `pipeline.yml` files: ```diff steps: - plugins:
aminya aminya / solid-simple-table TypeScript Blazing fast Table component with solid-js v0.1.0
HW13 autotelic / fastify-opentelemetry JavaScript A Fastify plugin that utilizes the OpenTelemetry API to provide request tracing. v0.6.0 #### Breaking Changes - Update to `@opentelemetry/api` v0.14.0 (#14). - Implementations depending on previous versions of `@opentelemetry/api` may have compatibility issues. Ensure that your ap
krysztalzg krysztalzg / ThandulsTogglableBuffsAndEffects no-lang Foundry VTT module that provides custom scene control which allows toggling buffs and effects for most of common spells on actors associated with selected tokens. 1.0 Initial version 1.0 release: - adds custom scene control button for enabling different buffs and effects on selected tokens. - adds automation for Barkskin, Mage Armor, Rage and Shield effects.
PUDlDl PUDlDl / Games HTML Mix or Match Games Mix-Or-Match-Games New releases
to-ba to-ba / close-other-tabs JavaScript A WebExtension to close other tabs of the selected one. 1 1
hell03end RomeoMe5 / FPGAMarsohodCAD Verilog CAD for automatically configuring FPGA "Marsohod" 0.1.0 First stable release
Musician101 Musician101 / MusicianLibrary Java A group of common classes used for my various projects. 4.0 An actual release version of the libraries.
aleksnyder aleksnyder / jekyll-cv SCSS Jekyll theme for displaying a resume/cv in a clean, minimallistic way. v0.1.1 * Add favicon.ico * Update google fonts URL to include only Roboto 700 and Open Sans 2 * Restructure sass folder * Update HTML to be more semantic. * Footer message is now an include. * Include m
Edouard127 Edouard127 / naorisav C++ Antivirus beta + Single Scan + 380,000/25493504 MD5 Virus Hash
theolternative theolternative / SwiftDeepNeuralNetwork Swift SwiftDeepNeuralNetwork aims to provide a step by step guide to Deep Neural Network implementation. It's largely based on code developed in Neural Networks and Deep Learning course by Andrew Ng on Coursera. v0.1 Initial commit
TinoDidriksen apertium / apertium-eo-fr XML Apertium translation pair for Esperanto and French v0.9.1
horwitzlab horwitzlab / V1-double-opponent-receptive-fields MATLAB Supplementary figures for "Spatial receptive field structure of double-opponent cells in macaque V1" v1.0.1
tuxedoar tuxedoar / ssh-commander Python Execute commands on several remote hosts, with SSH. v0.3 Most prominent changes, since v0.2 release: * Add SSH *key-based authentication* support!. * Validate remote hosts against the `known_hosts` file!. * Minor improvement at session handling. * Fail
mvllow mvllow / pinecone TypeScript vscode theme generator ✨ v1.0.0 - New package name, `pinecone-cli` - Shared colours between variants - User-friendly API: less clutter, more creating - 9x faster builds seen on our own Rosé Pine theme (and more "prettier&qu
airbjorn airbjorn / twentyseventeen-dcb PHP A wordpress child theme for our club's homepage on v0.2
Boss-Man-Dev Boss-Man-Dev / vrp_banking Lua ui based banking for vrp2. ui based off of the esx version with alterations. v1.0 New Features: Transfer Function User ID toggle in cfg Fixes: Changed some style issues Extra: Images added
oforshaddy iohype / clipShare-Desktop Java A java desktop app to share clipboard content amonst connected devices v1.0-alpha
ghseeli ghseeli / latex2blender Python Code to render LaTeX and import it into Blender v1.0.3 Bugfix for certain objects getting imported in a funky way. Now, script should convert each curve to a mesh before joining them together into a single object.
leadedge leadedge / SpoutVDJ C++ Spout plugins for Virtual DJ v2004 - VDJSpoutReceiver64 v2.01 updated to use VDJFLAG_VIDEO_OUTPUTRESOLUTION flag which could potentially fix resolution problems. - VDJSpoutSender64 v2.03 is unchanged. Binaries are in the release zi
muryanto1 ESGF / esgf-idp Java ESGF IDP v2.9.0 to be deleted when done.
MarcTowler ItsLit-Media-and-Development / Twitch-Chat-Extractor no-lang Simple tool to retrieve the chat messages from a Twitch stream and save them to CSV V1.2.0 I have added a couple of Quality of Life pieces into the latest update which are below. As always, I am looking for feedback and suggestions of features to add to the tool so feel free to let me know
minhhut minhhut / NFAuthenticationKeyCli C# Generate NFAuthenticationKey file which used to login to Netflix Add-on in Kodi 1.0.0 Download here:
danklammer danklammer / tailwind-sublime-autocomplete Python Tailwind CSS Autocomplete for Sublime Text 3 2.0.1 Updated to Tailwind v2.0.1. Thanks to @n0ah01 for updating.
airbjorn airbjorn / twentyseventeen-casa-mendoza PHP child theme for v0.1-test-sonja some changes and also show metaslider show within header
Gustavinho Gustavinho / laravel-views PHP Laravel package to create beautiful common views like data tables using the TALL stack. v2.1.0-rc1
dolfies dolfies / cadb Shell A script that makes Chrome OS ADB commands easier. v1.3
KleberMotta KleberMotta / FakeFocus C# Unofficial fork from Universal Split Screen to fake focus on games running in the background 1.0.0 Ffirst release, bugs are expected, Have fun!!
li929752433 li929752433 / AutoBuild-OpenWrt Shell Build OpenWrt using GitHub Actions | 使用 GitHub Actions 编译 OpenWrt | 感谢P3TERX的项目源码|感谢KFERMercer的项目源码 0.0
pivotal-jbarrett pivotal-jbarrett / geode-native C++ Mirror of Apache Geode native components builds/v1.14.0-build.17
hvianna hvianna / desktopCal.js JavaScript Calendar generator built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. v.21.1 ## What's new: ### Added: + Crop, move, resize and rotate your calendar images, thanks to [Cropper.js](; + Holidays' names / descriptions (re
daczarne daczarne / mars no-lang mars v1.0 # This is a title ## This is a subtitle - This is a list item - This is another list item *This is italic text* and **this is bold text**
Non-Contradiction Non-Contradiction / JuliaCall R Embed Julia in R v0.17.2 ## Changes since v0.17.1 * Fix bug for Julia plot in RMarkdown document caused by change of knitr #1717. * Workaround for #99: `ERROR: could not load library` on Debian/Ubuntu and other systems wh
mjsteinbaugh acidgenomics / r-goalie R Assertive check functions for defensive R programming. v0.4.12
teslajoy reactome / reactome2py Python python client for reactome content, analysis, and human functional protein interactions (FI) services api calls. 2.0.0 updated docker file ubuntu release version + tested functionality with python 3.8 and added to package
github-actions[bot] Lateralus138 / rgbtohexr Rust Convert decimal red, green and blue colors to hexadecimal format from the command line with a few options..
MrTipson MrTipson / DiscordCSS CSS Custom CSS im writing for the discord client v0.0.3 Since releases don't make much sense for this repo (there aren't any binaries that rely on versions and such) i might as well discuss stuff I've been up to regarding this project. Be
emilyzakem emilyzakem / global_phi_calculation MATLAB Datasets and code for calculating data-based "phi," the threshold for viable anaerobic metabolism in the ocean. v1.0
darrachequesne socketio / JavaScript Realtime application framework (Node.JS server) 2.4.0 ### Bug Fixes * **security:** do not allow all origins by default ([f78a575]( * properly overwrite the query
poyonshot poyonshot / markdowncat TypeScript It is Visual Studio Code Extension to create one markdown file from many markdown files. ver.0.4.0 release
willkoman willkoman / Jotblock-Creation-Suite C# Quickly and easily generate jotblocks for all Assuresign purposes with reliable accuracy! RELEASE Support for most basic jotblock functionality with alignment and id/description modification. Exports your created jotblocks in perfect copy & paste format for word document input. IMPORTANT -
chandrunarayan chandrunarayan / idmd JavaScript Bush School Interactive Digital Media Design Course v0.5-spring2021 This is the pre-release version of the IDMD class being taught in Spring 2021
jugla jugla / worldtidesinfocustom Python world tides info custom component for home assistant v1.0.0 Initial release
MrTape MrTape / Android18 JavaScript Personal Discord Bot for my server! 0.1.0 ### First Release!
hayato-SMZ hayato-SMZ / quill JavaScript Quill is a modern WYSIWYG editor built for compatibility and extensibility. 2.0.0-dev4 suppor private Version

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