Mercurial 3.5 šŸ’¾

Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It's lightweight and efficiently handles projects of any size with an easy and intuitive interface.

minor feature: bookmark: informs of failure to upgrade a bookmark. bookmark: remove the "touch changelog" hack. bookmarks: abort the whole push if bookmarks fails to update (BC). bookmarks: change bookmark within a transaction. bookmarks: clear active bookmark on non-linear update. bookmarks: mark internal-only config option. bookmarks: mark internal-only option. bookmarks: name label for active bookmark correctly. bookmarks: remove unused updatecurrentbookmark function (API). bookmarks: rename bookmarkcurrent to activebookmark (API). bookmarks: rename current to active in variables and comments. bookmarks: rename readcurrent to readactive (API). bookmarks: rename setcurrent to activate (API). bookmarks: rename unsetcurrent to deactivate (API). bookmarks: simplify iscurrent to isactivewdirparent (API). bookmarks: use try/except/finally. branch: don't warn about branches if repository has multiple branches already. commands: use the optional badfn argument when building a matcher. commands: use try/except/finally. commit: add ui.allowemptycommit config option. commit: avoid match.files() in conditions. commit: improve --close-branch documentation. commit: mark internal-only option. commit: no longer allow empty commit with the 'force' argument (API). config: give it an includepaths option for looking for config files. files: recurse into subrepos automatically with an explicit path. import-checker: add xargs like mode. import-checker: don't treat modules as relative one if not found. import-checker: exclude mercurial packages installed into the system path. import-checker: loop to get list of locally defined modules at first. import: cross-reference patch.fuzz option from 'hg help import'. import: cross-reference ui.patch option from 'hg help import'. import: use ui.allowemptycommit to allow empty commits. log: add a status template. patch: add 'extra' argument to makememctx. patch: add fuzz config flag (). phases: abort the whole push if phases fail to update (BC). phases: fix bug

GNU GPL c python version-control distributed-revision-system source-control console developers

SQLite šŸ’¾

SQLite is a lightweight and embeddable database. It's fully ACID and SQL92 compliant with 100% test coverage. As storage a single cross-platform disk file format is used, which may be up to terrabytes in size. It requires no setup and little administrative work. SQLite itself has a simple yet expandable API. Bindings for most programming languages exist on all major plattforms.

feature: Restore an undocumented side-effect of PRAGMA cache_size: force the database schema to be parsed if the database has not been previously accessed.

Public Domain c sql database sqlite embedded

stunnel 5.22 šŸ’¾

The stunnel program works as SSL encryption wrapper between remote and local network sockets or inetd-started daemons. It adds SSL or TLS functionality to any network service, commonly POP3, IMAP or HTTP servers. Stunnel uses OpenSSL for cryptography. It can itself function as port redirection deamon, or as temporary traffic interceptor, and requires no adaption of the shadowed programs.

minor feature: New features.. New service-level option "OCSPnonce". The default value is "OCSPnonce = no". Inactive ports removed from the PORTS file.

GNU GPL c ssl tls network-daemon inetd

Picat 1.3 šŸ’¾

Picat is a rule and logic based programming language. Its syntax is derived from pattern matching rules, but allows traditional declarative and imperative programming and is suitable for general-purpose development. It runs in a VM, with automatic stack/heap allocation and garbage collection.

minor feature: The sort functions are improved. A bug in the parsr that caused errors in parsing unary operators as atoms is fixed. An improvement on the SAT encoding of the circuit constraint. An improvement on the min(L) and max(L) constraint expressions.

MPL programming language compiler interpreter

Seed7 - The extensible programming language 2015-07-20 šŸ’¾

Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

documentation: - The chapter about errors in the manual has been improved. - In seed7_05.s7i parameter declarations without parameter name (which use the keyword 'param') have been changed to parameter declarations with parameter name. - The compare functions in rational.s7i and bigrat.s7i have been improved. - The compiler has been improved to use inline code for the integer compare function. - Checks for the compare function have been added to chkint.sd7. - Checks for hash tables with bigInteger, rational and bigRational keys have been added to chkhsh.sd7. - Calls of logError have been added to pcs_unx.c, pcs_win.c and ref_data.c. - Calls of logFunction have been added to big_rtl.c, blockutl.c, drw_win.c, flistutl.c, gkb_win.c, gkb_x11.c, heaputl.c, hshlib.c, identutl.c, infile.c, listutl.c, pcs_unx.c, pcs_win.c, ref_data.c, tim_dos.c, tim_unx.c, tim_win.c, trm_inf.c, typ_data.c, typeutl.c and typlib.c. - In cc_conf.s7i, flt_act.s7i, cmd_rtl.c and common.h the configuration value MAX_INTEGER_IN_FLOATTYPE has been renamed to INT_RANGE_IN_FLOATTYPE_MAX. - Documentation comments have been added to string.s7i, strlib.c and str_rtl.c.

GNU GPL software-development interpreter compiler

atoum 2.2.0 šŸ’¾

atoum is a PHP unit testing framework and harness. It provides a simpler and modern assertion syntax with fluid syntax and extensive comperators, mocking and native function monkeys, a test case runner based on autocleaning and parallelized process separation, with xUnit/Cover reporting. It requires less configuration overhead and comes as a contemporary Phar runtime. While it hasn't all features of Pythons `nose`, nor provides interpreted language introspection, atoum succeeds as a way more convenient PHPUnit alternative.

minor feature: Hide classes and methods coverage details in CLI report. Add the method return type and parameter type in the mock generator. Add `isNotEmpty` asserter on `array`. Add relative url root choice for code coverage report.

MITL php testing framework unit-testing xunit assertion-framework fluid phar

Drawj2d 0.6.4 šŸ’¾

Drawj2d creates technical line drawings using a descriptive language. It writes pdf, svg, eps and emf vector graphics or png images. It runs on all platforms that run Java. It is inspired by Asymptote but with a tcl-like syntax and 2D only.

minor feature: This release improves Mavscript interoperability, supporting unicode characters (greek letters, etc) in labels. Changes: - new commands min, max - command geom.vector enhanced - commands label and texlabel enhanced: escaped unicode chars (e.g. "escu00b7" for the unicode char U+00B7) as internally used by mavscript-yacas - svg metadata: creator set to Drawj2d

GNU GPL graphics-conversion vector-based visualization java console cross-platform end-users

GLERI 0.4 šŸ’¾

A service and API for using OpenGL through a socket.

major feature: * Rewrite font engine to support UTF8, variable width fonts, and kerning. * Implement TrueType and PCF font loading with Freetype. Update internal texture format to support multilevel textures. Implement GIF loading. Allow zero-size strings in streams. Add support for PNG images with 16 bit colordepth. Add VRENUM macro for defining vertex ranges in a combined VBO. Reorder keycodes to make function keys easier to see. Implement pointer crossing and window visibility events. Support non-toplevel windows. Add support for specifying attributes by name. Add XK_ISO_Left_Tab keycode, sent by Shift+Tab. Remove self-modifiers from modifier keycodes. Remove Shift modifier from all printable keys. Support systemd socket activation. Implement COM object Delete notification. Set WM_NORMAL_HINTS(WM_SIZE_HINTS), making popup windows of a fixed size.. Add VGENs for ellipses and circles. Remove alpha, truecolor, and rgba requirements from fbconfig match.

MITL graphics library user-interfaces c++ x11 posix

ExpressJS 4.13.2 šŸ’¾

Express is a fast and minimalistic web framework for NodeJS. It provides robust routing, HTTP utility code (redirection, caching, etc), view and templating system (over 14 engines) support, HTTP content negotiation, and code generation.

minor feature: deps: accepts@ 1.2.12. - deps: mime-types@ 2.1.4. deps: array-flatten@1.1.1. - perf: enable strict mode. deps: path-to-regexp@0.1.7. - Fix regression with escaped round brackets and matching groups. deps: type-is@ 1.6.6. - deps: mime-types@ 2.1.4.

MITL javascript web-framework nodejs templating web-apps developers

The Sidef programming language 0.08 šŸ’¾

Sidef is a high-level, general-purpose programming language, inspired by Ruby, Perl6 and Go. Main features of the language include: - object-oriented programming - multiple dispatch - metaprogramming - regular expressions - support for using Perl modules - optional dynamic type checking - and a large number of built-in types

minor feature: What's new Generalized the syntax for prefix method calls. (3828759 3f119d9) Added the Block.pfork method, which is a lightweight version of Block.fork (24e928e) Added the String.looks_like_number() method and others (33bf066) Added the -C command line switch to check the syntax of a program (a5332b0) Added the assert, assert_eq and assert_ne built-in keywords. (354e22e) Added the s(...) and S(...) quotes (f527e18) Changes Modules are now executed in reversed parse order (4bd4f97) Simplified the internal object system, among other core changes (48c1f1f b4da2e2) Number.divmod() and some other methods will return a list instead of an array (d0fdf0f) Added srand() after each fork to re-seed the random number generator (8fdb831) Changed the behavior of the smartmatch operator for String String (0322aab) Bug-fixes Fixed a stack bug for variables initialized inside the condition of a while loop (d7eb89e) Fixed a bug related to object stringification of various objects (814ae15)

GNU GPLv3 programming language development perl

WinPython 1.2.20150731Qt5 šŸ’¾

Winpython is a portable Python Distribution for the Windows-platform, allowing you to run your code using Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Numba, Cython and many other great software of the scientific stack of Python.

minor feature: Spyder 3.0.0dev of july30th, (contain some Qt5 fixes). pyqtgraph from git master. pyuic should be fixed (was a PyQt5 change to incorporate in Winpython). PyQt5.4.1 instead of PyQt5.5.0. remove Vitables (not PyQt5 compatible).

MITL python win32 win64 distribution science portable

tke 1.8 šŸ’¾

Tke is a full-featured and Tcl/Tk-based source code editor. It supports syntax highlighting and auto-indentation for multiple languages. There's support for a Vim mode, code snippet and clipboard management, bookmarks and multiple cursors. Tke provides a tabbed interface with a file system sidebar. It's also NFS and lock aware, extensible per plugins, allows regex searching/replacing, has configurable menus, and allows unlimited undo/redo levels.

minor feature: Added Swift syntax. Added Copy Pathname command to sidebar contextual menus. Added support for Git in difference view. Adding ability to change the font size of any text or listbox widget using Control-+ or Control-- while hovering over the targetted widget. Adding many new Vim commands, including the following: :wq!, :wq., :wq!., :cq, ZQ, :r !., gf. n. N. , (with selection/visual mode), V, X., D. Added support for file/directory drag-and-drop on the sidebar and file/text drag-and-drop in the text editing area. Adding plugin support for on_rename, on_duplicate and on_delete events. Adding "Merge panes" command to View menu. Adding uncommenting support for block comments when the cursor is currently in one (via the "Toggle Comment menu command). Adding new "View/ShowFindInFileResultsInOtherPane" preference item. Adding TextMate transformation support to snippet syntax. Created Windows installer executable for TKE which will be available for stable releases only at this point. Adding ability to open file or expand/collapse directory with the Return key in the sidebar. Adding support for URIs in the command launcher. Removing Comment and Uncomment Text menu commands and replacing it with a single "Toggle Comment" command. Enhancing comment support to handle multicursors and single cursors (not just selected text). Restructuring some code in the search/replace proc and improving UI. Changing yellow to gold for current text highlight border color to help make things easier to see in light window themes. Enhancing vim search/replace to support i and I options. Removing visual highlight border and active border around selected file/directory in sidebar (UI cleanup). Adding missing cases for visual mode usage in Vim commands. Adding sidebar support for multi-row selections (allows for batching some sidebar operations). Changing api::sidebar::get_selected_index to api::sidebar::get_selected_indices. Changing file renaming to allow the file to be moved as well as rename

GNU GPLv3 tcl tk editor code-editor syntax-highlighting software-development developers

QEMU 2.4.0-rc3 šŸ’¾

QEMU is a generic machine emulator and virtualizer. It can emulate other CPU and host architectures, or run native binaries with native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU any only emulate devices. It's thus often used in conjunction with KVM on Linux for system virtualization.

minor feature: The handling of the floppy device controller is different between lt;2.4 and gt;=2.4 machine types that use the Q35 chipset (e.g. "-M pc-q35-2.3" vs. "-M pc-q35-2.4"). This can cause problems if you are defining floppy drives with command-line options such as "-global isa-fdc.driveA=. id. The ARM 'virt' board default interface type has changed from IDE to virtio. This means that some incorrect command lines that we previously silently accepted will now fail with an error message like "qemu-system-arm: -drive file=img.qcow2,id=foo: Drive 'foo' is already in use because it has been automatically connected to another device (did you need 'if=none' in the drive options?)". As the error message suggests, you should add "if=none" to the -drive option to fix this. Three options are using different names on the command line and in configuration file. In particular:, The "acpi" configuration file section matches command-line option "acpitable"; The "boot-opts" configuration file section matches command-line option "boot"; The "smp-opts" configuration file section matches command-line option "smp". Behavior of automatic calculation of SMP topology when some SMP topology options for -smp are omitted (sockets, cores, threads) will change in the future. If guest ABI needs to be preserved on upgrades while using the SMP topology options, users should either set set all options explicitly (sockets, cores, threads), or omit all of them. Image encryption is fatally flawed, and will be dropped entirely. It'll remain available only in qemu-img, so you can use 'qemu-img convert' to convert encrypted images to uncrypted ones. Host floppy device pass-through (block driver "host_floppy") is deprecated, and will be dropped in a future release. Block device parameter aio=native has no effect without It will be made an error. A few devices will be configured with explicit properties instead of implicitly. Unlikely to affect users; for the full list, see the 2.3 ChangeLog.

GNU GPL c emulator virtualization qemu system-emulation hardware-simulation

Gambas 3.8.0 šŸ’¾

Gambas is an IDE and BASIC interpreter with object-oriented extensions. It's designed to ease building graphical applications programs using Gtk+ or Qt, and runs on most Unix and Linux systems. With its runtime standalone applications can be packaged, even command-line programs. The Gambas3 JIT-compiling interpreter often executes faster than Perl or Python apps. It also supports SDL, OpenGL and OpenAL, MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, CGI webserver interfacing,

minor feature: Here are the main changes in this new version:. The text editor has been entirely rewritten in Gambas. It is located in a new component named gb.form.editor. That way, GTK+ programs now have a text editor with syntax highlighting for free. Support for QT5. The new gb.qt5, gb.qt5.opengl and gb.qt5.webkit. components have the same interface as the QT4 components. Automatic support for KDE amp; Unity tray icon DBus protocols. Just use the TrayIcon class. as before, and the new protocol will be automatically used if a DBus system tray icon is detected. Otherwise, the old X11 protocol is used. Important fixed in UTF-8 string handling. Searching inside native arrays is faster. The SQLite3 driver has been rewritten and is faster now. And of course tons of bug fixes. Changelog. CONFIGURATION... Do not use the AC_LIBLTDL_CONVENIENCE macro. It is deprecated and. now useless. DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT. Source editor... New editor based on gb.form.editor. A new button to toggle wrap word mode in code editor and text. editor. Code prettyfier should not move the cursor anymore. Fix completion with language keywords. Use IDE breakpoint icon for displaying breakpoints in editor. Text editor... New editor based on gb.form.editor. A new button to toggle wrap word mode in code editor and text. editor. Do automatic completion while typing strings. Compression correctly marks the file as modified. Fix text pasting. Database editor... Add a "Remember database structure" checkbox in the connection. properties dialog. The IDE will dump the database structure into a template file only if this checkbox is checked. It won't do that all the time anymore. The import CSV dialog is now a wizard. Removing a connection now removes the template file too. The connection properties dialog now correctly uses the. provided password to list the available databases. Form editor... Fix the edition of DataComboView.Columns property and any other. field" property that takes its table in another property of th

GNU GPL c++ c basic interpreter ide developers x11 gtk kde curses sdl

Update Notifier Applet 0.3 šŸ’¾

A simple, light-weight, desktop-independent update notification applet for the system tray on apt based systems as Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint. A cron job runs in the background and periodically checks for pending software updates, the applet informs you by its color about the state of your system. Through its menu you can view the list of pending updates, check for updates and install these. The main goal of un-applet is to provide an easy way to help users to keep their system up to date without getting in the user's way while keeping software dependencies at a minimum.

minor feature: This version 0.3 is the initial release.

GNU GPL debian ubuntu desktop apt software updates python

ĀµBlock šŸ’¾

ĀµBlock is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. ĀµBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: DOM inspector broken because Element.matches not supported. New Logger Tab / Windows - Output incorrectly formatted within Palemoon 25.5.0.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

firejail 0.9.28 šŸ’¾

Firejail is a security sandbox tool, which utilizes Linux 3.x namespaces to setup restricted environments for untrusted applications. It works for console and graphical applications, servers, or even login sessions; by assigning them and their subprocesses a private view of globally shared kernel resources. Firejail isolates mount points, adds chrooting, filesystem writability or overlays, sandbox filesystem sharing, networking stack and firewall isolation, constrains interprocess communication, and separates processes. It comes with default profiles for Firefox or Evince, includes Seccomp and Linux caps support.

bugfix: network scanning, --scan option. interface MAC address support, --mac option. IP address range, --iprange option. traffic shaping, --bandwidth option. reworked printing of network status at startup. man pages rework. added firejail-login man page. added GNU Icecat, FileZilla, Pidgin, XChat, Empathy, DeaDBeeF default profiles. added an /etc/firejail/ file to hold common directory blacklists. blacklist Opera and Chrome/Chromium config directories in profile files. support noroot option for profile files. enabled noroot in default profile files. bugfixes. -- netblue30 Sat, 1 Aug 2015 08:00:00 -0500.

GNU GPL c linux security process-isolation namespaces sandbox

pimd 2.3.0 šŸ’¾

pimd is a lightweight, stand-alone implementation of the Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM/SSM) specification.

major feature: Support for PIM-SSM and IGMPv3, support for PIM Hello DR Priority and Generation ID, and more. Tested on Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.

BSDL c networking routing multicast

4tH compiler 3.62.3 šŸ’¾

4tH is a Forth compiler with a little difference. Instead of the standard Forth engine it features a conventional compiler. 4tH is a very small compiler that can create bytecode, C-embeddable bytecode, standalone executables, but also works fine as a scripting language. It supports about 95% of the ANS Forth CORE wordset and features conditional compilation, pipes, files, assertions, forward declarations, enumerations, structures, suspended execution, recursion, include files, etc. It comes with an RPN calculator, line editor, preprocessor, compiler, decompiler, C-source generator, a virtual machine, and a multitasking environment.

minor feature: The database library now supports indexes. Simple regular expressions are supported. NULL strings can be compiled in a CREATE clause. Slightly better NEGATE optimization. 4tH now supports external editors using the EDIT4TH environment variable.

GNU LGPLv3 code-generator compiler

Crystal 0.7.5 šŸ’¾

Crystal is a programming language with a Ruby-inspired syntax, completely typeless and with modern idioms. It allows to bind and call C code directly. And the compiler produces native efficient code.

minor feature: (breaking change) 0 is not a prefix for octal numbers anymore. Use 0o. . (breaking change) Renamed MissingKey to KeyError. . (breaking change) Renamed IndexOutOfBounds to IndexError. . Fixed all exception-handling related bugs. Allow nested and multiline ternary expressions. Allow assigning to _ (underscore), give error when trying to read from it. Macros can now also receive the following nodes: And, Or, Case, RangeLiteral and StringInterpolation. And and Or have left and right methods. Added -e option to hierarchy command to filter types by a regex. Added -v as an alias of --version . Added -h as an alias of --help . Added Array#transpose. Added Benchmark#ips. Added Hash#merge( block) and Hash#merge!( block). Added Hash#invert. Added Bool# . Added Enumerable#drop, Enumerable#drop_while and Enumerable#take_while. Added Enumerable#none?. Added Set#subset?, Set#superset? and Set#intersects?. Added Set#new(Enumerable). Added String#succ. Added Array#*. Added Char#===(Int) and Int#===(Char). Added StringLiteral#camelcase and StringLiteral#underscore in macros. Added Expressions#expressions in macros. Added Cast#obj and Cast#to in macros. Added ASTNode#class_name in macros. Added Array#push/Array#

Apache c ruby crystal-lang compiler programming-language developers

LibreOffice 4.4.5 šŸ’¾

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite. It provides a simple and intuitive interface with various editing tools. It's comprised of Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet application, Impress, the presentation engine, Draw, a drawing and flowcharting application, Base, an database frontend, and Math for editing mathematics and formulas. It's derived from and supports the OpenDocument Formats as well as proprietary/legacy office documents.

minor feature: please start LibreOffice at least once before installing a languagepack, languagepacks are unsigned and require to use "Open" from the contextmenu while pressing the "Option" key, to make use of dictionaries shipped with a languagepack, please see tdf#90298

GNU LGPLv3 office desktop opendocument writer excel end-users word-processor spreadsheet

Wine Staging 1.7.48 šŸ’¾

Wine Staging is a testbed Wine compilation with new experimental features and application bug fixes (formerly known as wine-compholio). It's synced with regular Wine, and patches sent upstream after testing. There are for example CSMT, or CUDA/PhysX support, DXVA2 GPU video decoding, Job Object support, named pipe message mode, IO performance optimizations, S3/DXTn support, the threadpool API, d3dx9 improvements, Windows ACL support, and a PulseAudio driver for Wine.

security: Update patches for d3dx9_36.D3DXGetShader Input,Output Semantics and add additional tests. Update patchset to query GPU infos with GLX_MESA_query_renderer extension. Update vcomp patchset and add implementation for various atomic functions. Updated CSMT patchset to fix crash in Path of Exile after character selection. Added patch to forward exitcode from child process when in wineconsole. Added patch to check architecture before trying to load libraries. Added patch to share source of d3dx9_36 with d3dx9_33 to avoid Wine DLL forwards. Added patch with stubs for d3dx10_43.D3DX10CreateEffectFromFileA/W. Added patch to silence repeated LocaleNameToLCID/LCIDToLocaleName unsupported flags FIXMEs. Added patches to improve security cookie handling. Added patches to implement ThreadQuerySetWin32StartAddress info class. Added patch to fake success in kernel32.SetFileCompletionNotificationModes. Added patch to export additional OpenAL32 functions. Added patch to return dummy ID3DXSkinInfo interface when skinning info not present. Added patch to store registry timestamps with nanoseconds precision. Added patch to implement AMStream GetMultiMediaStream functions. Added patch with stub for D3DXTessellateNPatches. Added patch with stubs for D3DCompile2 and D3DCompileFromFile. Added patch to implement dbghelp.UnDecorateSymbolNameW. Added patch to add wined3d detection of GeForce GT 425M. Added patch to use video memory for rendering targets if possible. Added patch to avoid race-conditions with long running threadpool tasks. Removed patch to allow to enable/disable InsertMode in wineconsole settings. (accepted upstream). Removed patch to improve IoGetDeviceObjectPointer stub to appease SecuROM 5.x (accepted upstream). Removed patch to forward GIF encoder requests to Windowscodecs (accepted upstream). Removed patch to ignore garbage after decoding gif lines (accepted upstream). Removed patch to increase buffer size in widl/typegen.c (accepted upstream). Removed patch to revert secu

GNU LGPL c wine windows emulation patchset

QtPass 0.9.1 šŸ’¾

Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With QtPass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password. These encrypted files can be be organised into meaningful folder hierarchies, which can be shared with teams.

minor bugfix: pwgen and git options not available when not applicable. git removal of files (when applicable). Filtering of unusable keys in user dialog.

GNU GPLv3 password manager utility qt qt5 pass gpg git

Nikola 7.6.2 šŸ’¾

Nikola generates static websites and blogs, with feeds, comments, media galleries and an archive. Content can be authored in reStructuredText, Markdown/CommonMark, Wiki, BBCode, Textile, AsciiDoc, Python Notebooks, Misaka, Pandoc, txt2tags, orgmode, or plain HTML. It also provides code sections with syntax highlighting, is multi-lingual, fully themeable, and can utilize external tools. It's foremost rather fast and its static pages don't have further webserver requirements.

minor bugfix: Features: Make the Google Search example prettier, integrating well with Bootstrap 3. Add categories filter to post list directive. Remove empty directories with nikola check --clean-files. Bugfixes: Don't assume things are HTML in auto mode. Don t rebuild Atom syndication files unnecessarily often. Include.php files in sitemaps. Retry all client errors (4xx) to HEAD as GET reques when checking remote links. Graceful fallback in `nikola serve --detach` on Windows. Don't auto-rebuild on changes to ".foo" or "foo " or changes in folders. auto should also rebuild in response to move events. Don t get metadata from file if compiler-specific metadata exist. Fix PRETTY_URLS prompt for Windows. Fix reST and Markdown title extraction from documents. Minor improvements to the extending document. Re-add the hack to kill nikola auto on C.

MITL python website blog code-generator static-pages

LimeSurvey 2.06+ build 150729 šŸ’¾

LimeSurvey is a web application that interacts with MySQL, MSSQL, or Postgres to develop surveys, publish surveys, and collect responses to surveys. Once a survey has been created, data can be inserted into the survey either by a "pretty" public screen which presents each question one at a time, or by a quick and nasty data entry screen. It includes the capacity to generate individualized "tokens", so that invitations can be issued to participants. It also has the capacity to set conditions on whether questions will display (branching), numerous question types, and a basic statistics function.

minor bugfix: Fixed : CSRF token entropy (Carsten Schmitz). Fixed : Unable to directly upgrade from 1.87 to 2.06 (Carsten Schmitz). Fixed (Sam). Fixed : Upgrade from 2.05+ breaks on Linux/MSSQL systems (Carsten Schmitz). Fixed : Token table upgrade goes wrong on MSSQL (Carsten Schmitz). Fixed issue: Unable to validate ranking question (Denis Chenu). Updated translation: Albanian by eunacal. Updated translation: Arabic by malbariqi, AmalHanna. Updated translation: Armenian by bagrig. Updated translation: Chinese (Taiwan) (Traditional) by asakous. Updated translation: French (France) by arnaud21. Updated translation: German by c_schmitz, hermann. Updated translation: Hebrew by gadeynebram. Updated translation: Korean by c_schmitz, spn. Updated translation: Polish by elisa. Updated translation: Polish (Informal) by elisa. Updated translation: Russian by ddrmoscow. Updated translation: Slovak by gmambro. Updated translation: Spanish (Mexican) by javoguadas. Updated translation: Ukrainian by exlibris69, myksyd, NPO, zvorchik.

GNU GPL survey php mysql mssql postgres

Gfarm File System šŸ’¾

Gfarm is a network shared filesystem and alternative to NFS, but optimized for reliability, scaling and access from wide area network. It can federate local disks of network-connected PCs and compute nodes in several clusters, and supports explicit replica location control by users. Plugins exist for FUSE, Zabbix, Hadoop, Samba, MPI-IO, GridFTP, and a Linux kernel module is under development.

minor feature: is a minor release for several bug fixes. major feature of 2.6 branch is automatic replica creation and removal on user-sepcified locaitons.

BSDL c filesystem fuse hadoop samba mpi globus network file-server file-sharing distributed

OrientDB Multi-Model NoSQL 2.1-rc6 šŸ’¾

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license (Apache 2 license). First generation Graph Databases lack the features that Big Data demands: multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases.

minor feature: 153 issues resolved from OrientDB 2.1-rc5.

Apache nosql dbms graphdb

Slpkg 2.6.8 šŸ’¾

Slpkg is a powerful software package manager that installs, updates, and removes packages on Slackware based systems. It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what things should occur to install packages. Slpkg makes it easier to maintain groups of machines without having to manually update.

major feature: Fixed: - SBo dependencies installation order

GNU GPLv3 python package-manager slackware installation packaging

io.js 2.5.0 šŸ’¾

io.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment for event-driven applications. It's NPM-compatible and derived from NodeJS 0.12, but puts emphasis on a predictable release cycle. It utilizes the newer V8 JavaScript VM in version 4.2.

minor: https: TLS sessions in Agent are reused. src: base64 decoding is now 50 faster. npm: Upgraded to v2.13.2, release notes can be found in . Known issues: See for complete and current list of known issues. Some problems with unreferenced timers running during `beforeExit` are still to be resolved. See. Surrogate pair in REPL can freeze terminal.. `process.send()` is not synchronous as the docs suggest, a regression introduced in 1.0.2, see. Calling `dns.setServers()` while a DNS query is in progress can cause the process to crash on a failed assertion.. `url.resolve` may transfer the auth portion of the url when resolving between two full hosts, see. Commits: process: resize stderr on SIGWINCH. benchmark: add remaining path benchmarks optimize. (SEMVER-MINOR) cluster: emit 'message' event on cluster master. crypto: fix legacy SNICallback. deps: make node-gyp work with io.js iojs/io.js#990. deps: upgrade to npm 2.13.2. deps: update V8 to deps: make node-gyp work with io.js iojs/io.js#990. deps: upgrade to npm 2.13.1. doc: add GPG fingerprint for cjihrig. doc: note about custom inspect functions. doc: Replace util.debug with console.error. doc: add joaocgreis as a collaborator. doc: add TSC meeting minutes 2015-07-15. doc: recompile before testing core module changes. http: Check this.connection before using it. https: reuse TLS sessions in Agent. lib,test: add freelist deprecation and test. net: don't throw on immediately destroyed socket. node: remove bad fn call and check. repl: better empty line handling. repl: improving line continuation handling. repl: preventing REPL crash with inherited properties. repl: fixing `undefined` in invalid REPL keyword error. src: make base64 decoding 50 faster. test: do not use public IPs for timeout testing. test: skip IPv6 part before testing it. test: fix valgrind uninitialized memory warning. test: add -no_rand_screen

MITL javascript server event-driven programming-language npm v8 developers

Pybik - Rubik's cube game 2.1 šŸ’¾

Pybik is a 3D puzzle game about the cube invented by Ernő Rubik. * Different 3D puzzles - up to 10x10x10: cubes, towers, bricks, tetrahedra and prisms * Solvers for some puzzles * Pretty patterns * Editor for move sequences * Changeable colors and images

major feature: * New puzzles: Triangular Prisms and Pentagonal Prisms * For each puzzle type, the game is saved independently * Misc improvements * Updated translations

GNU GPLv3 game rubik cube qt python puzzle

mtools 2.3 šŸ’¾

Tools for multicast testing (msend and mreceive)

major bugfix: First release of the mtools multicast testing suite (msend and mreceive) after importing the sources from the Multimedia Networks Group, University of Virginia, mngroup/software/. Changes include, but are not limited to: Code cleanup and modernization to be able to build with a modern (2015) GCC and Clang. Simplify, clean up and reindent code to use KNF. Removed old support for Windows. Add common README and create real man pages. Tested on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (Amd64) and FreeBSD (Amd64)!

Public Domain multicast

Wine 1.7.48 šŸ’¾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: Fleshed out OpenMP implementation. I/O stream support in the MSVCIRT C++ runtime. Support for pixel snapping in DirectWrite. More support for OpenGL core contexts. Various bug fixes.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

PSXSDK 20150729 šŸ’¾

The PSXSDK is a free and open source software development kit that enables anyone with C programming knowledge to make programs and games for Sony's PlayStation console. Everything was either written from scratch or based on already available open source resources. It is thus free from any proprietary code and fully legal to use. The SDK is mostly geared towards a *nix environment, but is fully usable with emulation environments such as MSYS and Cygwin.

major feature:

Mixed psx sony linux unix sdk psxsdk ps1 playstation ps game videogame

Atom 1.0.3 šŸ’¾

Atom is a programming editor. It has a web / JavaScript-based GUI, but runs as desktop application. Atom can be edited with itself. Lots of plugins and extensions, and language bindings are available. The default interface comes with a paned interface, a file system browser, fuzzy search, code folding, an understandable configuration dialog, snippet browser, multi-cursor and selection support.

minor feature: Eliminated a polling loop which caused reduced battery life on laptops when Atom was open in an idle state. Key binding matches are no longer delayed when longer partially-matching multi-stroke bindings are mapped to unset!. When multi-keystroke bindings containing printable characters fail to match, those characters are now inserted into the editor. This will enable bindings like j j for exiting insert mode to work correctly in the vim-mode package.

MITL javascript editor programmers web-development

Quill Rich Text Editor 0.20.0 šŸ’¾

Quill is a rich online/web text editor. It provides a modern UI, is built for compatibility and customization. Its implementation is lightweight and fast, it produces semantic markup and compliant HTML; works in all major browsers.

minor feature: getBounds now returns null instead of throwing an error #412.

BSDL javascript rte richtext editor web-based

Mesa 10.6.3 šŸ’¾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor bugfix: Mesa 10.6.3 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 10.6.2 release. Mesa 10.6.3 implements the OpenGL 3.3 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 3.3. OpenGL 3.3 is. only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported. New features, None, Bug fixes, This list is likely incomplete. dvd playback with vlc and vdpau causes segmentation fault, OSMesaGetProcAdress( quot;OSMesaPixelStore quot;) returns nil, Changes, Brian Paul (1):, osmesa: fix OSMesaPixelsStore typo, Chad Versace (1):, mesa: Fix generation of git_sha1.h.tmp for gitlinks, Christian Kƶnig (2):, vl: cleanup video buffer private when the decoder is destroyed, st/vdpau: fix mixer size checks, Emil Velikov (3):, docs: Add sha256 checksums for the 10.6.2 release, auxiliary/vl: use the correct screen index, Update version to 10.6.3, Francisco Jerez (1):, i965/gen9: Use custom MOCS entries set up by the kernel. Ilia Mirkin (5):, nv50, nvc0: enable at least one color RT if alphatest is enabled, nvc0/ir: fix txq on indirect samplers, nvc0/ir: don't worry about sampler in txq handling, gm107/ir: fix indirect txq emission, nv50: fix max level clamping on G80, Kenneth Graunke (1):, program: Allow redundant OPTION ARB_fog_ directives. Rob Clark (1):, xa: don't leak fences

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl

Slpkg 2.6.7 šŸ’¾

Slpkg is a powerful software package manager that installs, updates, and removes packages on Slackware based systems. It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what things should occur to install packages. Slpkg makes it easier to maintain groups of machines without having to manually update.

major feature: Fixed: - Fix typo #32 Added: - graph-easy optional require to draw dependencies ascii diagra

GNU GPLv3 python package-manager slackware installation packaging

BeeBEEP 1.0.3 šŸ’¾

BeeBEEP is a secure networking chat. It allows simple chat-style instant messaging, group chats, friend lists, and exchanging files. It works in any intranet environment, or through public networks.

minor feature: Message box can be resized. Show only last num messages (increase the usability). Reset windows geometry to default at startup option.

QPL c++ qt chat encryption