Wine 1.7.41 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: More Known Folders supported in the shell. Some more support for kernel job objects. More MSI patches improvements. Some theming fixes. Various bug fixes.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

Battle for Wesnoth 1.13.0 💾

The Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy and turn-based tactical strategy game. It features single-player campaigns and online multiplayer combat. Players build an army by controlling villages, quiring gold and fighting enemies for experience and growing new abilities. There different unit types with varying abilities, six major factions, weapons and spells. Maps can be customized, and scripting for new factions and campaigns is simple.

major feature: Security fixes: Fixed arbitrary file read from WML/Lua API. Add-ons client: The Update All button is now displayed on all Add-on Manager views instead of just the Upgradable filter view, and enabled only when there is at least one add-on that may be upgraded. Campaigns: Use the new bigmaps for A Tale of Two Brothers, Delfadors Memoirs, The Hammer of Thursagan, Northern Rebirth and the epilogue of Legend of Wesmere. Descent into Darkness:. Fixed various issues with player and enemy gold and income in. Descent into Darkness'. Fixed Darken Volk's ellipse in scenarios 'A Small Favor part 3' and. Alone at Last'. Fixed Darken Volk being completely passive in 'Alone at Last'. Return to Parthyn' now has variable content depending on whether necromancy was used in 'Saving Parthyn'. Eastern Invasion:. In 'Captured', stolen gold won't be mentioned if the player had no carryover gold. Updated maps for scenario 14, 16 and 17b. New animation for Ravanal's shadow wave. Added the Skeleton Rider line. New map for 'Mal-Ravanal's Capital', as well as updated maps for scenario 2 and 4b. Tweaked and rebalanced all scenarios up to 'Two Paths'. Heir to the Throne:. Tweaked and expanded music playlists for all scenarios. Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser. Liberty: Fixed possibility of no viable routes around guards in 'Hide and Seek'. Tweaked resistances for the Skeleton Rider line. Northern Rebirth:. Fixed Sister Thera and Father Morvin respawning into the recall list if the other is on the north or west map edges. Sister Threa and Father Morvin will no longer speak dialog on their death after 'The Pursuit'. The maps for 'Infested Caves', 'Clearing the Mines', and 'The Pursuit' have been completely redone. All scenarios up to 'Old Friend' have been significantly tweaked and rebalanced. Son of the Black Eye: S2: adjusted starting villages; scenario now ends if Kapou'e is already on the signpost when the messenger comes back. S3: make objectives consistent b

GNU GPL c++ lua sdl game turn-based strategy

Veusz 1.23 💾

Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready Postscript, PDF, or SVG output. It features an easy to use graphical interface as well as a command line interface and can be scripted or embedded in Python scripts. Graphs are constructed in a modular fashion from separate components. Datasets can be interactively modified or created from within the program.

minor feature: Veusz now includes an export dialog box allowing export of multiple graph pages in different formats. The program now has an improved filtering dialog. Colourmaps now support parametrised "cubehelix" schemes and maps can be arbitrarily stepped. Incorrect colours in log images have also been fixed. The release also includes a large number of bug fixes.

GNU GPL science-research cross-platform qt cpython visualization

psx 0.9.10 💾

PSX is a framework written in PHP to create RESTful APIs. It provides tools to handle routing, API versioning, data transformation, authentication, documentation and testing. With PSX you can easily build an REST API around an existing application or create a new one from scratch.

minor feature: Added getConnection method to table manager to enable easy transaction handling. Moved cache logic from table manager into seperate reader class. Added exception converter service which converts an exception into an record which gets used to display error messages. This makes it easy to change the global error response format. Send correct content type on exception or send 415 status code. Handle Accept headers with +json or +xml media types correctly . Added jsonx format to default api controller. Added http StreamInterface and remove psr http dependency. Updated bootstrap cache generator file list. Resource listing controller documentation create context in seperate method which can be overloaded.

GNU GPLv3 php rest api framework oauth

Maxima 5.36.0 💾

Maxima is a computer algebra system comparable to commercial systems like Mathematica and Maple. It emphasizes symbolic mathematical computation: algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and much more.

minor feature: New function parse_timedate: parse time/date string. New function lll: Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz algorithm. At: remove variables in simplification.

GNU GPL mathematics lisp

Boost C++ Libraries 1.58.0 💾

Boost++ is a collection of reusable and well-tested C++ libraries, which cover linear algebra, pseudorandom number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions, and unit testing. They're mostly template based for flexibility, but also encompass independent libraries.

minor feature: New Libraries: Endian, Sort. Updated Libraries: Asio, Chrono, Container, Context, Conversion, DateTime, Flyweight, Function, Functional/Factory, Fusion, Geometry, Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive, Lexical Cast, Log, Math, Move, Multi-index Containers, Multiprecision, Optional, Phoenix, Predef, Random, Thread, TypeErasure, TypeIndex, Units, Unordered, Variant.

BSL c++ libraries software-development boost

stunnel 5.15 💾

The stunnel program works as SSL encryption wrapper between remote and local network sockets or inetd-started daemons. It adds SSL or TLS functionality to any network service, commonly POP3, IMAP or HTTP servers. Stunnel uses OpenSSL for cryptography. It can itself function as port redirection deamon, or as temporary traffic interceptor, and requires no adaption of the shadowed programs.

minor feature: New features: Added new service-level options "checkHost", "checkEmail" and "checkIP" for additional checks of the peer certificate subject. These options require OpenSSL version 1.0.2 or higher. Win32 binary distribution now ships with the Mozilla root CA bundle. This bundle is intended be used together with the new "checkHost" option to validate server certs accepted by Mozilla. New commandline options "-reload" to reload the configuration file and "-reopen" to reopen the log file of stunnel running as a Windows service (thx to Marc McLaughlin). Added session persistence based on negotiated TLS sessions. 28computing 29#Persistence The current implementation does not support external TLS session caching with sessiond. MEDIUM ciphers (currently SEED and RC4) are removed from the default cipher list. The "redirect" option was improved to not only redirect sessions established with an untrusted certificate, but also sessions established without a client certificate. OpenSSL version checking modified to distinguish FIPS and non-FIPS builds. Improved compatibility with the current OpenSSL 1.1.0-dev tree. Removed support for OpenSSL versions older than 0.9.7. The final update for the OpenSSL 0.9.6 branch was 17 Mar 2004. sessiond" support improved to also work in OpenSSL 0.9.7. Randomize the initial value of the round-robin counter. New stunnel.conf templates are provided for Windows and Unix.. Bugfixes. . Fixed compilation against old versions of OpenSSL. Fixed memory leaks in certificate verification.

GNU GPL c ssl tls network-daemon inetd

Lollypop 0.9.19 💾

Lollypop is a visual music collection browser and player for Gnome. It supports MP3/MP4, FLAC and OGG Vorbis, presents a genre and album cover browser, sorting and searching by genre and artist, art/cover downloading, a playing queue and different replay modes.

minor bugfix: Drop mutagen dependency, full gstreamer scanner... Reading tags is now rock solid :). Can be set as default audio player. Rework settings dialog. Many code optimizations. You can force CSD. New options in dconf. Fix MPRIS support. Show discs number. Enable type-to-find in lists.

GNU GPL python gtk gnome music player audio mp3

mlock 0.7 💾

mlock reads and writes encrypted miniLock files. It is a fast native implementation of the minilock file format. Despite its name (and in contrast to the original implementation), it can also handle big files. Information about the cryptographic details:

major feature: Replaced QML UI by a new QT Widgets interface. Some minor issues were fixed.

GNU GPLv3 cryptography c console linux

Linux kernel 3.19.4 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine plattforms.

minor bugfix: Linux 3.19.4, mfd: kempld-core: Fix callback return value check, net: ethernet: pcnet32: Setup the SRAM and NOUFLO on Am79C97 3, 5 , powerpc/mpc85xx: Add ranges to etsec2 nodes, powerpc/pseries: Little endian fixes for post mobility device tree update, arm64: percpu: Make this_cpu accessors pre-empt safe, arm64: Use the reserved TTBR0 if context switching to the init_mm, regulator: palmas: Correct TPS659038 register definition for REGEN2, powerpc/book3s: Fix the MCE code to use CONFIG_KVM_BOOK3S_64_HANDLER, hfsplus: fix B-tree corruption after insertion at position 0, spi: trigger trace event for message-done before mesg- complete, spi: dw-mid: clear BUSY flag fist and test other one, spi: qup: Fix cs-num DT property parsing, dm snapshot: suspend merging snapshot when doing exception handover, dm snapshot: suspend origin when doing exception handover, dm thin: fix to consistently zero-fill reads to unprovisioned blocks, dm io: deal with wandering queue limits when handling REQ_DISCARD and REQ_WRITE_SAME, dm: hold suspend_lock while suspending device during device deletion, dmaengine: dw: append MODULE_ALIAS for platform driver, vt6655: Fix late setting of byRFType. vt6655: RFbSetPower fix missing rate RATE_12M, staging: vt6656: vnt_rf_setpower: fix missing rate RATE_12M, perf: Fix irq_work 'tail' recursion, of/irq: Fix of_irq_parse_one() returned error codes, brcmfmac: Perform bound checking on vendor command buffer, cpuidle: mvebu: Fix the CPU PM notifier usage, rtlwifi: Improve handling of IPv6 packets, phy: Find the right match in devm_phy_destroy(), usb: common: otg-fsm: only signal connect after switching to peripheral, usb: chipidea: otg: add a_alt_hnp_support response for B device, usb: phy: am335x-control: check return value of bus_find_device, uas: Add US_FL_NO_ATA_1X for Initio Corporation controllers / devices, iwlwifi: mvm: Fix ROC removal, iwlwifi: mvm: BT Coex - fix a NULL pointer exception, iwlwifi: fix max_ht_ampdu_exponent for older devices, iwlwifi

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

gnome-manual-duplex 0.64 💾

Gnome-manual-duplex is a utility that adds manual duplex to the "Print" menu. It is a virtual CUPS printer, but also works as standalone utility. It can handle both PostScript and PDF documents.

minor feature: * Translations: ca, es

GNU GPL python printing duplex

Docker 1.6.0 💾

Docker is an open platform for distributing software application in containers. It utilizes operating system-level virtualization for process and full resource isolation through cgroups, capabilities, SELinux, AppArmor, netfilter, and Linux kernel namespaces. Its libcontainer is based on libvirt and lxc. Docker Engine is the application and environment packaging tool. And Docker Hub is a cloud service for sharing prepackaged containers.

minor feature: Building images from an image ID. build containers with resource constraints, ie `docker build --cpu-shares=100 --memory=1024m...`. `commit --change` to apply specified Dockerfile instructions while committing the image. `import --change` to apply specified Dockerfile instructions while importing the image. Basic build cancellation. Client: Windows Support. Runtime: Container and image Labels. `--cgroup-parent` for specifying a parent cgroup to place container cgroup within. Logging drivers, `json-file`, `syslog`, or `none`. Pulling images by ID. `--ulimit` to set the ulimit on a container. `--default-ulimit` option on the daemon which applies to all created containers (and overwritten by `--ulimit` on run).

Apache virtualization application-containers security distributed-computing systems-administration

XHP library 2.0.1 💾

XHP is Facebooks extension to utilize XML fragments and structures directly within PHP source code. Which allows simpler document construction, processing, and sane variable interpolation without having to use DOM functions. It also permits to declare custom :xml:object classes for even quicker templating. Previous versions are available for Zend/PHP5.

minor bugfix: Make second argument to getContext() optional. Improve performance of AwaitableXHP. Add 'init.php' for people who choose not to use Composer. Small changes to make it pass the typechecker in the upcoming HHVM 3.7. Updated patent grant (

MITL php hhvm c hack xml language-syntax extension developers

Titania X3D browser 0.7.8 💾

Titania is a X3D/VRML editor and browser. It's intended to become a fully standard-compliants X3D renderer for future Ubuntu releases. It already completely implements the Moving Worlds specification for VRML 2.0, and most parts of the X3D spec. Titania can also be used as 3D viewer for .wrl files, as 3D rendering engine, data visualization, and even as game engine. It comes with x3dtidy for beatifying X3D/VRML files.

bugfix documentation: Precision Placement Panel has now an own documentation page on our website. x3dtidy can now convert between .x3d and .x3dv files back and forth. Fixed bug with undo of bbox fields in Precision Placement Panel. Fix bug with wronly set rotation values if using input widget in Precision Placement Panel. Fix fatal crash with x3dtidy in rare cases when a node has a texture applied. As side effect, this makes x3dtidy slightly faster. Fixed bug with TouchSensor when Text with ScreenFontStyle is selected. Fixed bug with pointing device sensor nodes and multiple layers. Fixed bug when exporting x3d file with Viewpoint anchor url. Fixed bug with XML export of CDATA Script urls.

GNU GPLv3 c++ perl javascript x3d 3d-rendering vrml game-engine

GeniXCMS 0.0.3-patch 💾

GeniXCMS is a PHP Based Content Management System and Framework (CMSF). It's very suitable for intermediate and advanced PHP developers. It requires a medium amount of configuration to achieve a working starting setup or fully fledged applications. It already provides a built-in User manager, Content manager (Post, Pages), Menu manager, etc. It's simple to add custom code or extend it to a rich custom web application.

security: Update Release for Version v0.0.3-patch Security Issues when register new user.

MITL news-diary site-management php win32 macos-x jquery windows cross-plattform developers end-users information-technology

SQLiteStudio 3.0.5 💾

SQLiteStudio is an intuitve SQLite 2.x and 3.x database management tool. It comes ready to use in a single executable, is cross-platform using the Qt toolkit (the previous Tcl/Tk implementation was just as pretty), its interface available in various translations. It allows editing database content and schemes, views and triggers with syntax checks; and can export into various serialization formats, and provides for plugins and scripting capabilities.

minor bugfix: Ported 'Erase table data' feature (in table's context menu) from version 2.1.5. Data view has now a 'cover' with progress bar when commiting more changes at once. This eliminates weird GUI freeze when commiting lots of new/deleted rows. Populate dialog has now progress bar when working. Enhanced SQL formatter to format CREATE TRIGGER statements in a bit more readable way. Fixed outstanding bug causing database file to be deleted if a user tried "Test connection" on the database under Windows. Fixed crash when closing Populate Dialog while populating was in progress. Fixed warning messages when there was a problem with restoring windows from last session. A message contains now window name that caused problem. Closing database list made impossible. Fixed support for DEFERRABLE (and related) keywords in foreign keys. Release a file after import. Fixed bug in SQL formatter causing 'expr ISNULL' expressions to disappear. Removed './lib' form rpath for linux non-portable compilation. Removed termcap dependency, as it was deprecated and no longer required.

GNU GPL c++ qt sqlite database-management ide tcl

Samba 4.2.1 💾

Samba is a software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients.

minor bugfix: s3:winbind:grent: Don't stop group enumeration when a group has no gid. build:wafadmin: Fix use of spaces instead of tabs. s3-winbind: Fix cached user group lookup of trusted domains. s3: lib: ntlmssp: If NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_TARGET_INFO isn't set, cope with servers that don't send the 2 unused fields. s3: client: "client use spnego principal = yes" code checks wrong name. s3: lib: libsmbclient: If reusing a server struct, check every cli- gt;timout miliseconds if it's still valid before use. s3: libcli: smb1: Ensure we correctly finish a tevent req if the writev fails in the SMB1 case. Fix lots of winbindd zombie processes on Solaris platform. s3: libsmbclient: Add missing talloc stackframe. backupkey: Explicitly link to gnutls and gcrypt. backupkey: Use ndr_pull_struct_blob_all(). vfs_fruit: Enhance handling of malformed AppleDouble files. Initialize dwFlags field of DNS_RPC_NODE structure. docs/idmap_rid: Remove deprecated base_rid from example. waf: Fix the build on openbsd. talloc: Version 2.1.2. s4:auth/gensec_gssapi: Let gensec_gssapi_update() return NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE for unknown errors. Update libwbclient version to 0.12. spoolss: Retrieve published printer GUID if not in registry. replace: Remove superfluous check for gcrypt header. s4-process_model: Do not close random fds while forking. s3-passdb: Fix 'force user' with winbind default domain. brlock: Use 0 instead of empty initializer list. lib: texpect: Fix the build on Solaris. libcli/auth: Match Declaration of netlogon_creds_cli_context_tmp with implementation. Backport subunit changes.

GNU GPLv3 communications file-sharing cifs windows

Perl Compatible Regular Expressions 8.37 💾

PCRE is a widely used Unicode-compatible regular expression engine. It implements Perl5 regex syntax and semantics, some Python, .NET and Onigurama extensions. It uses just-in-time compilation, has consistent escaping rules, and allows for recursion, assertions and conditional patterns or complex subroutines and callouts, thus goes far beyond classic regular expressions.

minor bugfix: This is bug-fix release. Note that this library (now called PCRE1) is now being maintained for bug fixes only. New projects are advised to use the new PCRE2 libraries.

BSDL c regex pcre perl

Pharo 4.0 💾

Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language. It tightly integrates compiler, runtime and a modern IDE focused on being simple to use, provide immediate feedback and inline debugging. It implements a Smalltalk dialect with live objects, hot recompilation, full reflection, dynamic typing, direct inheritance, automated instance and memory management.

minor feature: GTools: Playground, Inspector, Spotter. Slots model instance variables as first class enities and enable meta-programming on this level. ShoreLine reporter: submit information automatically when errors happen TxModel, a modern text model who works with Athens (Preview). OSWindow, a new way to handle windows and input events (Preview). Glamour, a mature declarative browser builder. Dark theme. Updated: Zinc, new object logging, improvements to character encoding/decoding, improvements to URL parsing, bug fixes, simplifications, comments. Zodiac: bug fixes. Fuel. Versionner. Important changes: User interface. FreeType fonts now default (Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro). Enhances to Nautilus Refactorings . Enhances to Nautilus to detect: examples, scripts, initializations. Enhanced Monticello GUI (including status icons).

MITL, Apache smalltalk pharo programming-language ide runtime compiler introspection debugger developers

OrientDB Multi-Model NoSQL 2.0.8 💾

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license (Apache 2 license). First generation Graph Databases lack the features that Big Data demands: multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases.

minor bugfix:

Apache nosql dbms graphdb

ownCloud 8.1.0alpha1 💾

ownCloud is an online file synchronization and sharing solution. It's easy to use as consumer-grade product, but can be hosted on private servers or data centers. It integrates with existing IT business infrastructure as well, and this allows to constrain and customize security and functional requirements. It comes with a simple user interface for file uploading, viewing or editing, contacts and calendars, bookmarks and media files.

cleanup: Reset init status before login. Introducing trait LocalTempFileTrait. Fixing encryption storage wrapper tests. Fixing encryption stream wrapper seek - thanks @jknockaert. Adding unit test for read and write of big file. fix versions download and previews. remove unused code. Properly set size and unencrypted size in the stream unit tests. Adjusting count on read. Using stream_get_contents in file_get_contents implementation + close?. implement webdav copy. add unit tests to the keystorage. fix versions tests. Encryption storage wrapper is enabled by default - necessary to detec?. comment change as it broke unit tests. userRecovery() was replaced by setRecoveryForUser(). PHPDoc cleanup - clean code o/. fixing unit test execution. fixing unit test execution - test dummy module was behaving wrong. adding recovery tests. adding recoverFileTest. adding user setup test and adding 4 tests to keymanager. respect mount option while encrypting. fixing unit tests. fixing unit test execution related to trashbin. Deduplicate code. Fix PHPDoc. In case of encryption exceptions we return 503 - this will allow the ?. fixing unit test - expected value change due to different size being ?. Introducing the maximum size preview. fixing license headers - encryption code related. adding test for user hooks. Adding check command to validate server environment - . fix function call. command delete orphaned file cache entries. Delete orphaned shares in a background job. Fixing showing Settings button next to gear icon. Added FIXME about registering jobs in apps.php. Replace originalStorage in tests with a proper teardown. Disable OCS api when in maintenance mode. Disable trashbin when testing orphaned shares deletion job. Fix language level incompatibilties. Work directly on the storage when uploading over webdav. read cipher from key header and always write a key header if a new pr?. don't throw exception if a file gets uploaded and encryption is disabled. Fix ma

OSL storage cloud web-environment file-sharing

afick 3.4.3 💾

Afick is a fast and portable intrusion detection and integrity monitoring system, designed to work on all platform (it only needs perl and standard modules), including windows, linux, unix. The configuration syntax is very close from tripwire/aide

minor feature: this release was built to fix the 2 following problems : 1) changing attributes in a rule should not change the afick's report (files are not changed) 2) some attributes (inode/mtime) are not meaningfull to detect a file change, but are interesting for analysis So the code was changed : until 3.4.2 : only required attributes are stored in the database from 3.4.3 : store all attributes in database and use required attributes (inode, file_size, checksum ...) to detect file changes bug fix (afick) fix sparse error Odd number of elements in anonymous hash (afick-tk) after save config, reload only if same name improvements better file change detection (less false positives) incompatiblities (linux, windows) remove inode, mtime from default rules (dummy change detection) plugins output may also change, because they can access many more data others (afick) rename all same variables with same name ra_toscan (afick) add internal doc (afick) clean code, remove dead code (test_dbm_available, make_regex) (afick) rename update sub into update_database (afick) remove Nbmod global variable (control) control sub also use is_changed

GNU GPL security

Gnuaccounting 0.8.8 💾

Gnuaccounting is an open source Java cross-platform accounting and bookkeeping application. It embeds, supports chip-card-based online banking (HBCI), imports data e.g. from time trackers, homebanking software or online shops and exports data suitable for tax accountants and e.g. for VAT announcements. It has been downloaded > 32,000 times since it's release on 23 March 2005. Gnuaccounting is available in German and English, can be used as a portable application and uses, if desired, external databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of the embedded Apache Derby. The application is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and KDE-based 32- and 64-bit versions of Linux.

minor feature: Improvements/refactorings * Upgrade to Mustangproject 1.1.1 * Asset export now also exports status attribute * Refactored customer edit window * Delegating driver could facilitate access to external databases besides MySQL (e.g., PostgreSQL) Fixes * Don't list 0 VAT values in VAT:list * Sort order of accounts is now more stable * Fixed possible truncationexception when importing from bank account New features * Sales tax improvements: Renamed Canadian TVQ to Sales tax, added possible sales tax exemption per customer and per transaction * respect header/footer lines in templates

GNU GPLv3 accounting invoicing business finance

schily 2015-04-16 💾

The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), devdump, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, mt, p, patch, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh (Bourne Shell), star, star_sym, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

minor feature: Support for Haiku on x86-64 was added. Some bug-fixes and speedups for smake have been introduced. bsh/wait3.c now returns pid_t - report if this causes problems with UnixWare. bsh and Bourne Shell now write HOME /.globals and .locls with mode 0600 and do not read them in case that other people have write access to that files. The Bourne Shell now supports to specify options in more than one argument. The Bourne Shell now supports "set -o vi" and "set -o ved". Fixed a bug in libgetopt that could cause a SIGSEGV in the Bourne Shell in case that getopts(1) was used incorrectly.

CDDL software development build tools utilities

Hibernate 4.2.19 💾

Hibernate is a popular Object/Relational Mapper tool for Java, and implements the persistence API. Besides ORM functionality, it provides indexing and search, annotation-based constraints, OGM for NoSQL storage, various tools (mapping editor, console, wizards, database reverse engineering) and a few extensions (Hibernate Shards).

minor bugfix: Backport HHH-8853 to 4.2: NonBatchingBatch.addToBatch() calls statement.close() twice. Criteria creates invalid Column aliases. Embedded OneToMany association fetch join does not work in CriteriaQuery. Deprecation: buildSessionFactory() should return a sessionFactory.

GNU GPL java orm hibernate database indexing

Grav 0.9.24 💾

Grav is a modern Web-CMS, implemented in PHP, utilizes flat-file storage, and is optimized for low latency. It uses MD/CommonMark for page structuring, provides a lean but powerful API and plugin hook system, uses Twig for templating, YAML configuration, Doctrine caching. The file store allows simple backups and versioning using any SCM. Grav comes with a feature-rich admin interface and CLI tools are provided.

minor bugfix: Added support for chunked downloads of Assets. Added new `onBeforeDownload()` event. Added new `download()` and `getMimeType()` methods to Utils class. Added configuration option for supported page types. Added assets and media timestamp options. Added page expires configuration option. Fixed issue with Nginx/Gzip and `ob_flush()` throwing error. Fixed assets actions on 'direct media' URLs. Fix for 'direct assets` with any parameters.

MITL php cms webcms flat-file markdown yaml

QEMU 2.3.0-rc3 💾

QEMU is a generic machine emulator and virtualizer. It can emulate other CPU and host architectures, or run native binaries with native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU any only emulate devices. It's thus often used in conjunction with KVM on Linux for system virtualization.

minor feature: Behavior when the three SMP topology options (socket, cores, threads) are specified but don't match the number of VCPUs was changed. In previous versions QEMU silently adjusted the "threads" option to (try to) make the topology match the number of VCPUs, now QEMU will abort when sockets*cores*threads don't match the number of VCPUs. Three options are using different names on the command line and in configuration file. In particular:, The "acpi" configuration file section matches command-line option "acpitable"; The "boot-opts" configuration file section matches command-line option "boot"; The "smp-opts" configuration file section matches command-line option "smp". Behavior of automatic calculation of SMP topology when some SMP topology options for -smp are omitted (sockets, cores, threads) will change in the future. If guest ABI needs to be preserved on upgrades while using the SMP topology options, users should either set set all options explicitly (sockets, cores, threads), or omit all of them. Image encryption is fatally flawed, and will be dropped entirely. It'll remain available only in qemu-img, so you can use 'qemu-img convert' to convert encrypted images to uncrypted ones. Host floppy device pass-through (block driver "host_floppy") is deprecated, and will be dropped in a future release. Block device parameter aio=native has no effect without It will be made an error. A few devices will be configured with explicit properties instead of implicitly. Unlikely to affect users. Device "allwinner-a10" will get its networking configuration from properties "mac", "vlan", "netdev" instead of the first -net nic. Devices "160s33b", "320s33b", "640s33b", "at25df041a", "at25df321a", "at25df641", "at25fs010", "at25fs040", "at26df081a", "at26df161a", "at26df321", "at26f004", "at45db081d", "en25f32", "en25p32", "en25p64", "en25q32b", "en25q64", "gd25q32", "gd25q64", "m25p05", "m25p10", "m25p128", "m25p16", "m25p20", "m25p32", "m25p40", "m25p64", "m25p80", "

GNU GPL c emulator virtualization qemu system-emulation hardware-simulation

Babel 5.1.10 💾

Babel is a code translator, which compiles next-gen EcmaScript 6 syntax into browser-consumable ES5/JavaScript. It adds a few proposed ES7 constructs even, and works with React, Node.js, Rails, etc. It provides for: array comprehensions, arrow functions, async functions, async generator functions, classes, class properties, computed property names, constants, decorators, default parameters, destructuring, exponentiation operator, for-of, generators, generator comprehensions, let scoping, modules, module export extensions, object rest/spread, property method assignment, property name shorthand, rest parameters, react, spread, tail call optimisation, template literals, type annotations, unicode regex support.

minor bugfix: Remove `makePredicate` from acorn in favor of an `indexOf`. Remove statements to expression explosion when inserting a block statement. Remove runtime compatibility check.

MITL javascript ecmascript nodejs compiler conversion es6 es7 developers

Universal Media Server 5.1.2 💾

Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server, which is implemented in Java and thus runs on all operating systems. It can convert any media file format, and stream it to a wide range of hardware devices (smart TVs, and media centers).

minor: General: Added "upnp_enable" user-level option Added "log_level" user-level option Added "UpnpAllow" renderer-level option Added "Create TRACE logs" button Added the ability to restart the program (not just the server) Fixed videos being muxed instead of streamed Various minor fixes/improvements Renderers: Added DSD/DFF streaming support to Cambridge Audio Blu-ray Disc players Added more tags to DefaultRenderer.conf Improved renderer detection/handling Improved Android device detection Improved detection of Panasonic AS600 Series TVs Improved PS3 muxing via tsMuxeR Improved support for Samsung D6400 TVs Improved support for Samsung EH5300 TVs Improved support for transcoding to Technisat S1+ Fixed support for MP3 files on some Samsung TVs and Blu-ray Disc players External Components: Updated h2database to 1.4.187 Updated JDom to 2.0.6 Updated Logback to 1.1.3 Updated Maven AntRun Plugin to 1.8 Updated Maven Findbugs Plugin to 3.0.1 Updated Maven Git Commit ID Plugin to 2.1.13 Updated Maven Javadoc Plugin to 2.10.2 Updated Maven PMD Plugin to 3.4 Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.73, which: Added and improved support for many formats Fixed bugs Updated slf4j to 1.7.12.

GNU GPL java media streaming ffmpeg upnp dlna

Pukcab 1.4 💾

Pukcab is a lightweight, single-binary backup system that stores de-duplicated, compressed and incremental backups on a remote server using just an SSH connection.

minor feature: New features and bug fixes * documentation updates * front-end improvements * back-end improvements * web UI improvements * official OS X support * bugfixes

GNU GPL backup go console darwin posix linux web ssh

webminstats 2.11 💾

Webminstats is a Webmin module designed to store system information in an rrdtool database and to display historic (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and custom) graphs. It is modular in design, so as to be able to log everything from CPU usage to email box size.

minor feature: the main change is big rewrite to allow compatibility with themes (tested with authentic theme) bugfix : fix bug with install on webmin = 1.73 fix bug on action operator =, add new operators = and

GNU GPL monitoring

gnome-manual-duplex 0.63 💾

Gnome-manual-duplex is a utility that adds manual duplex to the "Print" menu. It is a virtual CUPS printer, but also works as standalone utility. It can handle both PostScript and PDF documents.

minor feature: * Translations: es, pl

GNU GPL python printing duplex

Nano 2.4.1 💾

GNU nano is a console text editor, modelled after Pico. It is very newcomer-friendly due to on-screen menus with always visible keyboard shortcuts. Keybindings are configurable, and full undo and redo actions are supported. Nano even can be used as STDIN pager, and it provides fast syntax highlighting, even for regexps.

documentation: This release includes several fixes for issues with the file browser menu, linter and formatter functions, spell checker, undo/redo with some specific marked-cutting situations, and some small improvements to the color syntax highlighting definitions. There are also various documentation and code comment updates included, and finally, fixes for compilation on non-GNU/Linux systems and certain configure combinations. Toasters!.

GNU GPL c editor console nano pico syntax-highlighting

Atom 0.191.0 💾

Atom is a programming editor. It has a web UI and JavaScript-based GUI, but runs as desktop application. Atom can be edited with itself. Lots of plugins and extensions, and language bindings are available. The default interface comes with a paned interface, a file system browser, fuzzy search, code folding, an understandable configuration dialog, snippet browser, multi-cursor and selection support.

minor feature: Sped up parsing CSS selectors and calculating CSS selector specificity which should improve startup time. Sped up loading of bundled keymaps and system menus which should improve startup time. Fixed an issue where certain .less files would be synchronously compiled on the very first launch of Atom making it load significantly slower. The core.followSymlinks config setting now defaults to true . Fixed issues with bundled packages not working correctly in 1.0 API preview mode (atom --one).

MITL javascript editor programmers web-development

Q Light Controller Plus 4.8.5 💾

QLC+ is a tool to control DMX and analog lighting systems. It can orchestrate moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc. It's a fork of QLC with new features comparable to commercial control systems.

minor feature: RGB Matrix Editor: fixed conversion to a Sequence, Scene Editor: fix preview in non-tabbed mode, Fixture Editor: added UV primary color, MIDI templates: added APC mini sysex template, Experimental Loopback plugin, Monitor: save both DMX view and 2D view settings, RGB Scripts: added new Plasma script and added 'radial' orientation to Gradient, Virtual Console: Frame: allow pages circular scrolling, Virtual Console: Frame: Increased the maximum number of pages to 100, Virtual Console: Fix issues with cut-paste from one frame to another, Virtual Console: Solo Frame: Fix regression: frame inside a solo frame not working, Monitor: show color of color filters and shutter state, Input Profile editor: fix off-by-one for MIDI note numbers, Input: fix input received several times in a row after changing input profile, Fix opening files outside of QLC+ install dir in Windows, Plugins/ArtNet: fixed input from non-contiguous universes, Plugins/ArtNet: enabled local address to communicate with other softwares running on the same computer, Webaccess: fixed CSS/JS loading on OSX, Webaccess: deny the favicon, so the interface doesn't get unresponsive after a while, New fixture: Robe Pointe, New fixture: Ledj Performer 18 RGBWA, New fixtures: Stairville DJ Lase GR-160 RGY MKII, Stairville Hz-200 DMX, New fixture: lightMaxx Complete PAR56 9x12W RGBAWUV, New fixtures: Briteq BTX-180L, Martin Mac Viper Wash DX, Martin Mac Viper Performance, New fixtures: Blizzard Hotbox EXA, Blizzard Hotbox RGBAW, Blizzard Hotbox RGBW, Blizzard Puck RGBAW, New fixture: Varytec LED Laser 4, New fixture: Chauvet Hive, New fixture: Studio Due Shark 150C, New fixture: American DJ Dotz Par, New fixture: Img Stage Line PARL-4Set, New fixture: Varytec Thunderscan FX, Pro-Lights GoboMix, New fixture: Chauvet Omega I DMX-155, New fixture: Eurolite LED SCY-100 RGBW DMX, New fixture: Chauvet Q-Wash 560Z LED, New fixtures: JB Systems Plano Spot 7TC, JB Systems Plano Spot LED

Apache c++ qt lighting light-systems control engineering

Oddjob 1.5.0 💾

Oddjob is a flexible scheduler and manager for jobs/tasks across a distributed server network. Any machine can put off jobs to other servers, may set dependencies or trigger alerts. It's suitable to automate batch or shell scripts, trigger email processing, SQL queries, or file processing jobs.

major feature: Created Reset Actions including an AUTO reset action that will look at the state before issuing either a hard or soft reset. Changed Reset Job to use the new actions. Added an optional Reset Action to Run Job. Added an ParameterisedExecutable concept to allow jobs to be run with parameters. Timer STARTED state is not complete so a Cascade will wait for timers to complete. Fixed bug where lastStateEvent was not reflected in a JMX client.

Apache java swing scheduler jobs cron distributed job-monitor server desktop

Cross Package Maker 💾

XPM is an experimental branch of fpm (effing package management). Both simplify generating DEB, RPM, OSX, Solaris packages and some language-specific bundles. Cross package maker (XPM) adds simpler milti-target building per "-t deb,rpm,ipk" and convenient update filters. It also introduces a Windows EXE target, IPK/Listaller packages, support for PHP Phar archives, Composer bundle conversion, and a SRC input filter (for self-contained scripting code). "xpm" can be installed in parallel to the mainline "fpm" tool.

minor feature: Add an even more general update filter, which utilizes make scripts called `Packfile`. (Can be utilized for mid-packaging tweaks.). Add mandatory `Source:` control field for DEB packages. Guard absent documentation comment when reading -s src files. Introduce brute force charset detection, assume UTF-8, else L1/ASCII. Fix default file mode for write_changelog, and fix lintian bug with absent md5sum for stub changelog. Prepare parseable DEP-5 license list. Introduce preprocessor filter utilizing Enhance -s src plugin with some relative target path inheritance. Absolute paths aren't modularizable yet. And be more precautious with comment syntax consistency. Make -u fixperms ignore symlinks and chmod woes. Composer target: strip VCS #hashversion suffixes. Reinstate RPM support with php-composer(vnd/pkg) serialization. Handle tilde, caret and asterisk specifiers more concretely. Downcase version suffixes for DEB. Add --composer-no-alt flag to avoid phar- php- combinations. Phar target: Add --phar-x flag for executable flag. Remove --phar-stub prefix path. Classmap building avoids chdir now, uses Canonic_Autoloader tokenizer implementation. Default attributes are better filtered. Src plugin: retain invocation script as `main` file in attrs .

MITL ruby packaging installation deb rpm npm ipk exe phar php composer