curlcpp 0.1.3 šŸ’¾

curlcpp is a C++ wrapper around cURL/libcurl. It abstracts connections and transfers in a more user-friendly and object-oriented API, through curl_easy, curl_multi and curl_share. It provides tracebacks, and a curl_writer interface for output capturing, and simplified data transfer handling via curl_reader/writer.

minor bugfix: Update to new cURL version. Bug fix and new features. Removed throw() from curl_exception's constructor and added noexcept due to deprecation.

MITL c++ curl http ftp file-transfer library

OpenRA 20141029 Halloween šŸ’¾

OpenRA is a real time strategy gaming engine, which implements Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods, as well as Dune 2000. They're not exact copies, but feature the classic gameplay with new feature and graphics improvements. All titles are useable cross-platform.

major feature: The Halloween 2014 release includes various new features from the last 760 commits since July. This release includes over 760 commits The RA mod has received a brand new sidebar. Improved keyboard shortcut configuration, with new defaults based on Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3. The in-game menu has been completely overhauled, and now includes information on mission objectives. A new end-game score screen appears once a game is complete. The lobby now prevents players from choosing cheating colors that are too similar to the terrain. Veteran units gain improved reload time and accuracy, and elite units will now heal over time. Planes will maintain their distance from each other in a similar fashion to helicopters. Servers will now drop players with unresponsive connections to unfreeze stalled games. Units will now properly move inside transports, instead of teleporting. Tank turrets will now turn to face forward after the unit has finished attacking. A number of small balance changes to the Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods. Many more small bug-fixes and behaviour improvements.

GNU GPLv3 c lua game strategy rts command-and-conquer

TextMate 2.0-beta.5.2 šŸ’¾

TextMate is a text editor for MacOS X which binds common Unix tools and features and is useful as programming editor. It provides project sessions, regex search and replace, auto indentation, bracket pairing, a clipboard history, column selections, word completion, CSS-style selections, language grammars and syntax highlighting (50 langs), document outlines, shortcut words, code folding, visual file bookmarks. It's also plugin-extendable, allows macro recording, shell command invocation, SCM integration, and works together with Xcode.

minor bugfix: Items in the bundle editor now have a context menu with Show in Finder . For items with local changes, this item turns into a submenu, showing all the location of the item. Closing stale tabs when the tab bar overflows can be disabled using defaults write com.macromates.TextMate.preview disableTabAutoClose --bool YES . Swapped key equivalents of New File and New Folder actions to make it somewhat consistent with Finder.

GNU GPLv3 c++ objective-c text-editor macosx programmers

TurboVNC 1.2.2 šŸ’¾

TurboVNC is a performance-oriented version of the VNC remote desktop connection protocol, based on TightVNC, x4vnc, TigerVNC, and It provides 3D rendering and VirtualGL compression, works well on video- and image-intensive connections. It remains fully compatible to other implementations, but often requires less than a fifth processing power. A Java-based VNC viewer is also available

major feature: The Xvnc build system now uses CMake. Xvnc can now be built and run successfully on OS X and PowerPC platforms. The default DPI of the X server has been changed to 96, to match that of recent releases and other VNC implementations. When the server is run with a depth of 8, PseudoColor visuals now work properly. Added a security option to the Java TurboVNC Viewer that, when enabled, will prevent the user from opening any new VNC connections from within the same viewer instance. The libjpeg-turbo JNI libraries are now deployed with the Java TurboVNC Viewer on Un*x and Windows, so it is no longer necessary to install the libjpeg-turbo SDK on those platforms in order to get accelerated JPEG decompression. Fixed a couple of cosmetic issues with the automatic lossless refresh feature. The Mac packaging system now uses pkgbuild and productbuild rather than PackageMaker. Fixed various usability issues related to the display of dialogs in the Java TurboVNC Viewer. If the TurboVNC Server receives a clipboard update larger than 1 MB from a connected viewer, it will now ignore the update instead of disconnecting the viewer. The Java TurboVNC Viewer can now be used to connect to UltraVNC Repeater instances. Refer to the documentation for the Via parameter for more details.

GNU GPL c vnc remote-desktop 3d tightvnc cross-platform java

LibreOffice 4.3.3 šŸ’¾

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite. It provides a simple and intuitive interface with various editing tools. It's comprised of Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet application, Impress, the presentation engine, Draw, a drawing and flowcharting application, Base, an database frontend, and Math for editing mathematics and formulas. It's derived from and supports the OpenDocument Formats as well as proprietary/legacy office documents.

minor feature:

GNU LGPLv3 office desktop opendocument writer excel end-users word-processor spreadsheet

Linux kernel 3.17.2 šŸ’¾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine plattforms.

minor feature: Linux 3.17.2, sparc64: Implement __get_user_pages_fast(). sparc64: Fix register corruption in top-most kernel stack frame during boot. sparc64: Increase size of boot string to 1024 bytes, sparc64: Kill unnecessary tables and increase MAX_BANKS. sparc64: sparse irq, sparc64: Adjust vmalloc region size based upon available virtual address bits. sparc64: Increase MAX_PHYS_ADDRESS_BITS to 53. sparc64: Use kernel page tables for vmemmap. sparc64: Fix physical memory management regressions with large max_phys_bits. sparc64: Adjust KTSB assembler to support larger physical addresses. sparc64: Define VA hole at run time, rather than at compile time. sparc64: Switch to 4-level page tables. sparc64: T5 PMU, sparc64: cpu hardware caps support for sparc M6 and M7, sparc64: support M6 and M7 for building CPU distribution map, sparc64: correctly recognise M6 and M7 cpu type, sparc64: Fix hibernation code refrence to PAGE_OFFSET. sparc64: Do not define thread fpregs save area as zero-length array. sparc64: Fix FPU register corruption with AES crypto offload. sparc64: Fix lockdep warnings on reboot on Ultra-5, sparc64: Fix reversed start/end in flush_tlb_kernel_range(), sparc: Let memset return the address argument, sparc64: Move request_irq() from ldc_bind() to ldc_alloc(), sparc64: find_node adjustment, sparc64: Fix corrupted thread fault code. sparc64: sun4v TLB error power off events, sparc32: dma_alloc_coherent must honour gfp flags, ima: pass 'opened' flag to identify newly created files, ima: provide flag to identify new empty files, ima: fix fallback to use new_sync_read(), powerpc/eeh: Clear frozen device state in time, powerpc/iommu/ddw: Fix endianness, powerpc: Only set numa node information for present cpus at boottime, powerpc: Fix warning reported by verify_cpu_node_mapping(), futex: Ensure get_futex_key_refs() always implies a barrier, mm/balloon_compaction: redesign ballooned pages management, rtc-cmos: fix wakeup from S5 without CONFIG_PM_SLEEP, kernel: add support

GNU GPL linux kernel

Docker 1.3.1 šŸ’¾

Docker is an open platform for distributing software application in containers. It utilizes operating system-level virtualization for process and full resource isolation through cgroups, capabilities, SELinux, AppArmor, netfilter, and Linux kernel namespaces. Its libcontainer is based on libvirt and lxc. Docker Engine is the application and environment packaging tool. And Docker Hub is a cloud service for sharing prepackaged containers.

security: Security: Prevent fallback to SSL protocols TLS 1.0 for client, daemon and registry Secure HTTPS connection to registries with certificate verification and without HTTP fallback unless `--insecure-registry` is specified Runtime: Fix issue where volumes would not be shared Client: Fix issue with `--iptables=false` not automatically setting `--ip-masq=false` Fix docker run output to non-TTY stdout Builder: Fix escaping ` ` for environment variables Fix issue with lowercase `onbuild` Dockerfile instruction Restrict envrionment variable expansion to `ENV`, `ADD`, `COPY`, `WORKDIR`, `EXPOSE`, `VOLUME` and `USER`

Apache virtualization application-containers security distributed-computing systems-administration

LyX šŸ’¾

LyX is a graphicel TeX/LaTeX document processor. It provides accessible authoring and layout features. LyX allows adds a graphical formula editor, adding equations by point and click, LaTeX source copy and pasting, document index and structuring through BibTeX support, different document classes and parallel editing, typical wordprocess features like spellchecking, search and replace, media embedding, image and figure cropping, various import and export formats, table embedding and geometry features.

security: This is an emergency release for OSX only. It resolves problems that affect LyX on OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) and, indeed, any program that depends upon the passing of environment variables to sub-processes.

GNU GPL tex latex text-processor document-structuring

iLib 8.0 šŸ’¾

iLib is a collection of internationalization functions for JavaScript. It provides date/time localization, duration & date range formatting, number, percentage, and currency formatting and parsing; calendar support, time zones and locale infos, string translation and formatting routines, "ctype" functions, collation/sorting, address, phone number and name parsing or formatting, phone number parsing and formatting.

major feature: Added support for phone number parsing and formatting, which supports the following countries: NANP (North American Numbering Plan) countries - USA, Canada, Bermuda, and various Caribbean nations, UK (GB), Republic of Ireland (IE), Germany (DE) France (FR), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), Mexico (MX), India (IN), People's Republic of China (CN), Netherlands (NL), Belgium (BE), Luxembourg (LU), Australia (AU), New Zealand (NZ), Singapore (SG), Republic of Korea (KR). Can parse and format SMS short code, emergency numbers, etc. Can parse and format partial numbers as well, which can be used to format the number as the user is typing it in. Also added support for phone number comparison and normalization. Supports Verizon's "Assisted Dialing", which allows you to dial any number in your contact list in any country, and the correct prefixes will be added/removed to dial that number. Supports normalization of SMS numbers and short codes as well. Added ilib.Date.getTimeExtended method, which is similar to ilib.Date.getTime in that it returns the number of milliseconds since midnight Jan 1, 1970 UTC, but it is not limited to the range of time of the normal 32 bit time_t. Instead, it returns the full range of what the the Javascript Date can return, which is midnight Jan 1, 1970 UTC plus or minus 100 million days. (That's approximately -271821 BCE to 275760 CE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.) Refactored the phone number parsing engine so that now we can support Japanese area codes. Rewrote the phone number parsing state generator in Javascript to output tries instead of state tables. Regenerated all phone number parsing files. Added support for Japanese and Taiwanese phone number parsing, formatting, and geolocation. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the address formatter would not work if you did not give any options in the constructor and were just trying to use the defaults. Fixed the name of the Korean "brackets" phone number formatting style t

Apache javascript internationalization i18n locale localization translation

ExpressJS 4.10.1 šŸ’¾

Express is a fast and minimalistic web framework for NodeJS. It provides robust routing, HTTP utility code (redirection, caching, etc), view and templating system (over 14 engines) support, HTTP content negotiation, and code generation.

minor bugfix: Fix handling of URLs containing `://` in the path. Fix parsing of mixed objects and values.

MITL javascript web-framework nodejs templating web-apps developers

Postfix Admin 2.92 šŸ’¾

Postfix Admin is a PHP/web interface for managing mailboxes, virtual domains and aliases, fetchmail, and away or auto-reply messages. It requires MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL, and optionally integrates with Squirrelmail / Roundcube.

minor feature: AliasHandler: don't clean goto field when making alias inactive. list-virtual: display quota even if CONF used_quotas == NO. fix postgresql queries in Fix query in AliasHandler getList() which caused an empty list and breaks. Deletion of aliases in MariaDB. fix ssl extra options (cert check, cert path, fingerprint). Fix logging (run setup.php to fix old log entries). fetchmail.php: change error_reporting() to exclude E_NOTICE. Translation updates: FR, NL. CONF default_aliases can now use the new domain as alias target. Check that vacation start/end date are not in the past. Update vacation INSTALL.TXT with more secure locations. Update Smarty to 3.1.21

GNU GPL php postfix mail-server administration email mariadb postgresql fetchmail

QAL 0.4.0 šŸ’¾

QAL (Query Abstraction Layer) is a set of Python libraries to handle and interchange data between multiple SQL databases or file storage backends. It works with Postgres, MySQL, DB2, Oracle and MS SQL server, and can read/write XML, CSV and Excel. It defines a SQL subset to facilitate interoperability.

minor bugfix: Add support for importing data without keys. Add support for importing data and automatically create destination table. Add test for Post-execute-SQL. Make meta query function static methods. Improve documentation. Cleanup. Change default sql type for python type "datetime" to "datetime". For some reason this was "timestamp" earlier, which is a data type that updates when records change on MySQL which makes it untestable.

BSDL python database sql csv

PC-BASIC 14.10 šŸ’¾

PC-BASIC is a cross-platform emulator for GW-BASIC 3.23, BASICA, PCjr Cartridge BASIC and Tandy-1000 GW-BASIC. It can run ASCII, bytecode and encrypted bytecode files, and supports the Microsoft Binary Format for floating point arithmetic. It includes graphics capabilities and sound output.

major feature: A selection of improvements in release 14.10: - Support for East Asian DBCS codepages - Copy paste to clipboard on Windows and Linux - MDA, Hercules, Olivetti, and monochrome EGA (SCREEN 10) video mode support - Better sound - Screen border emulation - Ability to specify alternative configuration files - Zipped packages for easy distribution of BASIC applications - Improved command-line interface, including Windows support - Support for reading UTF-8 encoded BAS files - Support for BAS files with Unix newlines - More better documentation - Lots of bug fixes.

GNU GPLv3 python pygame basic interpreter

EasyABC 1.3.5_p9 šŸ’¾

EasyABC is an open source ABC editor for Windows, OSX and Linux. It uses abcm2ps and abcMIDI for typesetting the score and playing the music.

minor feature: In addition to bugfixes and minor improvements, this release includes the new program

GNU GPL music conversion svg postscript midi cross-platform

MeteorJS 1.0 šŸ’¾

Meteor is a uncomplex and data-oriented web application framework for development in pure JavaScript. Instead of transferring HTML output, it provides bidirectional websocket communication for data exchange, thus allowing database access in the client exactly like on the server. It compensates for latency, provides auto-updating templates, easily hooks into existing libraries and comes with extensive documentation.

major feature: Add the `meteor admin get-machine` command to make it easier to publish packages with binary dependencies for all architectures. `meteor publish` no longer publishes builds automatically if your package has binary NPM dependencies. New `localmarket` example, highlighting Meteor's support for mobile app development. Restyle the `leaderboard` example, and optimize it for both desktop and mobile. Performance: Reduce unnecessary syncs with the package server, which speeds up startup times for many commands. Speed up `meteor deploy` by not bundling unnecessary files and programs. To make Meteor easier to use on slow or unreliable network connections, increase timeouts for DDP connections that the Meteor tool uses to communicate with the package server.

MITL javascript dhtml webapps framework

GNU Debugger 7.8.1 šŸ’¾

GDB is a source-level debugger for Ada, C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal and many other compiled languages. It can debug running processes on more than a dozen different processor architectures. It's itself ported to most BSD/ and GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows systems.

minor feature: PR python/17364 (Need better printer names in PR build/17104 (CFLAGS="-Wall -Wextra" gdb/confgure --with-babeltrace fails) PR gdb/17345 (babeltrace (1.1.2 and later) complains about the ctf data generated by GDB) PR build/17298 (gcore: Couldn't get registers: No such process) PR python/17342 (Xmethod Python is not Python 3 compatible) PR python/17355 (Crash on Python frame filters with unreadable arg) PR guile/17367 (computation of guild path wrong when pkg-config script supplied as arg to --with-guile) PR gdb/17247 (gdb freezes on multi threaded app) PR gdb/17347 (Regression: GDB stopped on run with attached process) PR gdb/17407 (Regression for Linux vDSO reading) PR server/17457 (aarch64/gdbserver: wrong floating point registers display) PR server/17487 (state- gt;dr_control_mirror == 0 failed assertion in gdbserver on Windows) PR gdb/17472 (with annotations, input while executing in the foreground crashes readline/gdb) PR gdb/17471 (repeating a background command makes it foreground) PR cli/17300 (crash in non-stop mode with continue -a amp; (readline_callback_read_char() called with no handler!)) PR python/17372 (python hangs when displaying help()) PR python/17408 (../../gdb/infrun.c:5256: internal-error: switch_back_to_stepped_thread: Assertion `!schedlock_applies(1)' failed.)

GNU GPLv3 c c++ debugger software-development

SQLite šŸ’¾

SQLite is a lightweight and embeddable database. It's fully ACID and SQL92 compliant with 100% test coverage. As storage a single cross-plattform disk file format is used, which may be up to terrabytes in size. It requires no setup and little administrative work. SQLite itself has a simple yet expandable API. Bindings for most programming languages exist on all major plattforms.

feature: In PRAGMA journal_mode=TRUNCATE mode, call fsync() immediately after truncating the journal file to ensure that the transaction is durable across a power loss. Fix an assertion fault that can occur when updating the NULL value of a field at the end of a table that was added using ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN. Do not attempt to use the strchrnul() function from the standard C library unless the HAVE_STRCHRNULL compile-time option is set.

Public Domain sql database c

PyUPC-EAN 2.7.0 šŸ’¾

PyUPC-EAN is a barcode library/module for Python. It supports the barcode formats upc-e, upc-a, ean-13, ean-8, ean-2, ean-5, itf14, codabar, code11, code39, code93, and msi.

minor bugfix:

BSDL customer-service developers unix windows cross-plattform posix python graphics office financial point-of-sale

ENdoSnipe 5.2.0-beta1 šŸ’¾

ENdoSnipe is a Java systems performance profiler and introspection tool. It can monitor a runtime on multiple servers, visalize the application flow (threads and processes in a sequence diagram). It utilizes bytecode instrumentation (BCI) debugging in the JVM to detect possible bugs and performance issues.

major bugfix: Dashboard and CommonsPool enhancements.

MITL java bci profiler performance monitoring japanese

Lance job scheduler 3.7 šŸ’¾

Lancypy is a process/job scheduler implemented in Python. It provides sequentially cron-style timed tasks, job chains, and handles syslogging, email notifications, allows to pause, resume or force instant job execution. It includes a status monitoring system and a Web GUI.

major feature: New "after" option that allow multiple child triggered by a single father. New feature: "ignore_parent_failure", when a parent fails, will still execute childs with this option set. Added last 10 runtime history on mouseover. Gui improvement: Changed the Enable and Disable by one single button that toggle on or off / improve visibility and avoid mistakes with refresh and run button.

BSDL python cron job-queue scheduler cross-platform

TimeTrex 7.4.4 šŸ’¾

TimeTrex is a PHP-based time and attendance management application. It allows scheduling, provides timeclocks and timesheets, job cost calculation, payroll and tax generation, expense tracking, and document management. It's generally geared towards workforce management, including recruitment.

minor bugfix: Critical security fix in bundled 3rd party library. Switched HTML5 to be the default interface, the legacy FLEX interface is still accessible however.

Affero GPLv3 php mysql time-management scheduling payroll accounting

STXXL 1.4.1 šŸ’¾

STXXL is an implementation of the C++ standard template library STL for external memory (out-of-core) computations. STXXL implements containers and algorithms that can process huge volumes of data that only fit on disks. While compatibility with the STL supports ease of use and compatibility with existing applications, another design priority is high performance.

major feature: Integrated support for kernel based asynchronous I/O on Linux (new file type "linuxaio"), which exploits Native Command Queuing (NCQ) if available. Merged stxxl::unordered_map branch, which provides a hash map backed by external memory. Replaced struct default_completion_handler with a NULL pointer, thus avoiding superfluous new/delete work for each I/O request. Added stxxl::external_shared_ptr which is a proxy class to allow use of shared_ptr classes inside stxxl containers. Fixing bugs and warnings on 32-bit systems (yes, they still exist). Use atomic_counted_object in class file for request reference counting. Adding support for MinGW-w64 (64-bit) systems with working SJLJ thread implementations.

BSL c++ software development libraries

uselessd 6 šŸ’¾

uselessd is a systemd-208 fork optimized for less resource usage, a leaner DBUS ABI, fewer dependencies and BSD/Linux cross-platform compatibility. It reduces featuritis by constraining unit types and concentrating on system initialization and process supervision. In particular udev gets extracted to support alternative handlers, binary journald logging removed to allow established syslog services for early boot sequences. Some auxiliary reimplementations like systemd-fsck are transferred back to the original system tools.

minor feature: Three new configure options have been added: --enable-mudflap for building with GCC Mudflap compiler instrumentation on compilers that support it. --disable-plymouth for turning off Plymouth event integration in units and tty-ask-password-agent. --disable-password-agents to strip the systemd-ask-password, systemd-reply-password and systemd-tty-ask-password-agent tools out of the build. Note that the path units will still be shipped if HAVE_SYSV_COMPAT evaluates to true. The KillMode=mixed unit option for sending SIGTERM to the main process of the control group and then a SIGKILL to all the remaining ones in the same group, has been backported. The exact kill signals are configurable, see man 5 systemd.kill for details. systemctl has gained an --avoid-bus option which will head straight for the /run/systemd/private IPC socket and not do any system bus checks, where such a condition is allowed. This is a small preliminary step for an intended future overhaul of the IPC system. Some dead code has been removed, shutdownd will no longer run an unmount in containers (instead relying on the kernel's namespace destructors), main-no-init no longer checks for Plymouth running.

GNU LGPL c init init-system systemd process-manager dbus boot pid0 linux bsd administrator

abcMIDI 2014-10-16 šŸ’¾

The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways.

minor feature: In this release, the new option "-silent" was introduced to silence all messages.

GNU GPL music conversion midi cross-platform

abcm2ps 7.8.9 šŸ’¾

abcm2ps is a command-line program that converts ABC music notation files to sheet music, in PostScript or SVG format.

major bugfix: This is the new stable abcm2ps release.

GNU GPL music conversion svg postscript cross-platform

Google2SRT 0.7 šŸ’¾

Google2SRT extracts subtitles from YouTube and Google Video to the .srt (SubRip) format as understood by media players. It also works on automatic speech recognition generated subtitles, and select an available caption language.

major feature: Support for multiple videos when specified in a text file with a URL list (one URL per line). GUI uses system look and feel so it looks like "another normal application". Output filename can contain the title of the video. Output is now a directory and filename is completely autogenerated, which is more intuitive. Last settings for language, output path, XML input path, +Track and +Title are saved between sessions. Simplified interface: multiple translations from multiples tracks from multiple videos can be converted by using both tabs. Minor graphical changes: added application icon, window is centered and resizable, columns are sortable, added multi-message textarea, etc. Cleaned up code. Major restructuration. 'Network' class became 'Video'. Most non-graphical logics have been moved from 'GUI' class to 'Controller'. Provided Windows Java wrapper: WinRun4j. Enhanced "run.bat" for users who still use it. Replaced "java" by "javaw" and JAR launched via "start". Built Windows software installer package.

GNU GPLv3 java swing youtube xml subtitles

HHVM 3.3.1 šŸ’¾

The HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) is an alternative PHP runtime implementation. It executes scripts JIT-compiled for higher performance, but retains most dynamic features, weak typing, and scripting language capabilities. While its companion language "Hack" constraints some features for additional execution speed. HHVM is developed and used by Facebook, where it achieved significant performance gains and reduced memory consumptiom. Its syntax and standard library feature set is meanwhile compatible to most established PHP libraries and frameworks. It can easily run with any FastCGI-aware web server.

minor bugfix: Fixed crashes when using Enum. Many typechecker fixes. Default config file location is always /etc/hhvm/php.ini. Fixes to the zend compat layer. Memcached ASCII protocol fix. Support custom stream wrappers in XMLReader::open(). Keep alive is ignored in FastCGI. CVE-2014-3670: Fix heap corruption in exif_ifd_make_value CVE-2011-0752: Don t allow extract() to overwrite GLOBALS or this.

PHPL c++ php hhvm programming-language dynamic-content developers linux

dex2jar 2.0 šŸ’¾

dex2jar is a tool collection to work on Android .dex and Java .class/.jar files. dex-reader can extract from executables (.dex/.odex), while dex-translator performs the conversion from dex-IR format, and returns optimized ASM. And d2j-smali is a bak/smali disassembler.

minor bugfix: Split DIV to Idiv/Ldiv/Fdiv/Ddiv. Support longOpt as key. Add to for extracting odex from dalvik memory dump.

Apache java dalvik android disassembler converter binary-format

Justsniffer 0.5.12 šŸ’¾

Justniffer is a raw TCP network traffic analyzer. It captures, logs and reconstructs application protocol data to emulate web server log files. It can fully introspect HTTP and its transferred payloads, also works on LDAP, SMTP and SIP from its capture dumps.

cleanup: Boost autoconf macro updated.

GNU GPLv3 c++ python network-analyzer traffic-capture logging tracing

Keycloak 1.0.2 šŸ’¾

Keycloak is a Single-Sign-On/Logout, social broker and account management system. It's intended for REST/web applications and run under JBoss/WildFly, supports Auth 2.0, Open ID Connect, JSON Web Token (JWT) and SAML for authentication, optionally LDAP, custom user registration, CORS support, with configurable themes, role metadata, password and revocation policies, and a simple JavaScript/HTML5 adapter.

minor bugfix: This is a maintenance release with only bug fixes, as well as one security fix.

Apache java jboss sso authorization user-management rest ajax

Neptune 4.2 šŸ’¾

Neptune is a KDE Plasma and Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for desktop and multimedia usage. It includes a more recent kernel and drivers, custom packages while relying on Debian for remaining updates, Chrome as default web browser, for media Amarok, Gwenview, VLC and KDEnlive, for security Truecrypt and Wireshark.

update: Kdenlive 0.9.10, neptune-installer uefi support, super user deactivatable,, linux-firmware updates, wireshark update 1.12, libreoffice update 4.3.2, kernel 3.16.3, btrfs-snapshot better detection of root partition, fixed bash vulnerability, Chromium now correctly chooses the localization of our homepage, apt fixes for apt-get source validation potential buffer overflow errors, rsyslog fixes for improper handling of invalid PRI values, Updated quickstarter guides to include notice about uefi support, updated names for recffmpeg, encode yavtd to be more clear what they do, Updated remaster-kit to support and create efi.img for efi boot (uses, xorriso now as backend), Updated guvcview in repository to fix issues with non clickable up/down buttons, Updated Chromium to version 37, Updated Icedove to version 24.8.1, Updated bash to version 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u3, Added snapper for btrfs snapshots, Added script to save restore plasma,qt,gtk theme and settings, Fixed unzip to work with umlaute in ark, lowmemory option is back with fluxbox wm, use bridge cursor theme now globally, added better error handling to zevenoshardwaremanager, updated qmmp to version 0.8.2 in repo, fglrx-driver 14.6 in repo, fixed dolphin builtin terminal crash in repo.

Mixed linux distribution kde debian

Idris 0.9.15 šŸ’¾

Idris is a functional programming language with dependent types, where values are constrained and pattern-matched by an expressive type system to avoid logic misbehaviours. It's a general purpose language, but also supports interactive theorem-proving, is sufficient performant trough eager and LLVM compilation. It has monads, type classes, comprehensions, lambda bindings, where and with clauses, expressions in case statements, an indendation-based and extendable syntax, lists, tuples and pairs, and comes with a Hugs-style REPL.

minor feature: Two new tactics: skip and fail. Skip does nothing, and fail takes a string as an argument and produces it as an error. Corresponding reflected tactics Skip and Fail. Reflected Fail takes a list of ErrorReportParts as an argument, like error handlers produce, allowing access to the pretty-printer. Stop showing irrelevant and inaccessible internal names in the interactive prover. The proof arguments in the List library functions are now implicit and solved automatically. More efficient representation of proof state, leading to faster elaboration of large expressions. EXPERIMENTAL Implementation of uniqueness types Unary negation now desugars to "negate", which is a method of the Neg type class. This allows instances of Num that can't be negative, like Nat, and it makes correct IEEE Float operations easier to encode. Additionally, unary negation is now available to DSL authors. The Java and LLVM backends have been factored out for separate maintenance. Now, the compiler distribution only ships with the C and JavaScript backends. New REPL command :printdef displays the internal definition of a name. New REPL command :pprint pretty-prints a definition or term with LaTeX or HTML highlighting. Naming of data and type constructors is made consistent across the standard library. Terms in `code blocks` inside of documentation strings are now parsed and type checked. If this succeeds, they are rendered in full color in documentation lookups, and with semantic highlighting for IDEs. Fenced code blocks in docs defined with the "example" attribute are rendered as code examples. Fenced code blocks declared to be Idris code that fail to parse or type check now provide error messages to IDE clients. EXPERIMENTAL support for partial evaluation (Scrapping your Inefficient Engine style).

BSDL c llvm programming-language functional haskell ml agda

Beast 0.9.0 šŸ’¾

Beast is a music composition and modular synthesis application. As input methods, it offers a multitrack editor, a piano roll, and supports pattern editing. It has a wide range of technical abilities like sequencing, unlimited undo/redo history, real-time synthesis with multiprocessor support, full duplex 32-bit audio rendering, seeking at sample granularity, on demand loading of partial wave files, on the fly decoding of various sample formats, aliasing free oscillators, and full scripting support.

major bugfix: This release includes many fixes, build and dependency updates. In particular Rapicorn-14.10 is now required and for 32bit platforms, upgrading is strongly recommended.

GNU LGPL multimedia sound audio synthesis midi editors mixers ogg vorbis flac mp3 sound-synthesis library c++ scheme x11 bsd linux

Linux Resource Compiler 1.2 šŸ’¾

lrc (The Linux Resource Compiler) is a system for packing many files into a single file for use in a program as its resources (such as the graphics and sounds used by a game). It consists of a command-line tool, called lrc, for compiling the resources and a library, called liblrc, to extract the resources from a file generated by the compiler.

minor feature: * Allow embedding the compiled resource * Also read Windows .rc files (File containing only RCDATA entries) * Use C++11 regular expressions to parse the RC files

GNU LGPLv3 build-tool c++ compiler

Pidgin 2.10.10 šŸ’¾

Pidgin is a widely-used and featureful instant messenger and chat client. It supports AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MXit, GroupWise, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP (Jabber), Yahoo!, Zephy. It provides friend lists across chat networks, file transfers, avatars, custom smileys, typing status display, away messages, and many more features (encryption, audio alerts, LED notification, IRC scripting, SMS gateways, sessions, auto-replys) and IM services (Tor, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, QQ) through plugins.

security: Check the basic constraints extension when validating SSL/TLS certificates. This fixes a security hole that allowed a malicious man-in-the-middle to impersonate an IM server or any other https endpoint. This affected both the NSS and GnuTLS plugins. (Discovered by an anonymous person and Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project, with thanks to Moxie Marlinspike for first publishing about this type of vulnerability. Thanks to Kai Engert for guidance and for some of the NSS changes) (CVE-2014-3694) Allow and prefer TLS 1.2 and 1.1 when using the NSS plugin for SSL. (Elrond and Ashish Gupta)

GNU GPL c gtk chat instant-messenger icq xmpp cross-platform

LXR Cross Referencer 2.0.3 šŸ’¾

LXR is a source code indexer and cross-referencer which generates HTML output linking to declarations and identifier uses within code. It's general-purpose and supports C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, COBOL and other languages. It also works well with larger code bases, provides a search function, and understands versioned sources.

minor bugfix: This is bug fix release improves Ubuntu and more generally Debian family compatibility. A syntax error in tree-server1.conf.part prevented correct canonization of hostname. UTF-8 character boundary truncation for author name fixed.

GNU GPL perl developers source code-analysis indexing referencing

SCaVis 2.1 šŸ’¾

SCaVis is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers and students. While itself implemented in Java, it provides bindings for Jython, Groovy, JRuby, BeanShell or Matlab/Octav for symbolic calculations. It features chart plotting, histograms, advanced statistics, symbolic calculations, data analysis, mathematical functions, data mining, linear algebra and plots.

minor feature: Support for n-dimensional arrays like Numpy The coding is based on ND4J and JBLAS All matrix packages were moved to lib/math

Other java groovy jython jruby mathematics statistics visualization algebra plotting

Gambit 1.0.1 šŸ’¾

Gambit is a graphical chess game. It's cross-plattform and there are binaries for Windows, and build instructions for Linux users.

minor feature: Building from a source tarball/archive/package failed due to a source code control system directory being missing. Such a directory was being used to generate a revision number header file , so the revision number can be displayed in the About box. Source archives will now include such a generated revision number header, so it doesn't need to be generated.

Public Domain c++ qt board game chess

Claws Mail 3.11.1 šŸ’¾

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client derived from Sylpheed. It can manage multiple mail accounts, displays messages in threads, categorized by filtering and colored, has a built-in adressbook. It supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SSL and NNTP. It understands MBOX and MH storage. And it provides GnuPG encryption setup per default. Many extensions plugins (such as for spam filtering) are also available.

minor feature: Use 'gnutls_priority' hidden account preference for POP3 and STARTTLS connections, in addition to SMTP. RSSyl plugin: Enable use of .netrc to store network credentials. Remove dependency on intltool. Remove appdata. Updated translations: Norwegian BokmƄl. Bug fixes: o bug 3306, 'HTML tag is not always rendered in error dialog' o bug 3308, 'build ignores --localedir' For further details of the numbered bugs and RFEs listed above

GNU GPL email mail-client desktop

CodeSQL šŸ’¾

CodeSQL converts MySQL queries to string literals for a number of programming languages. It's a very simple tool that parses SQL and prepares any number of SQL commands for copy+pasting into C++, C#, Java, Delphi/Object Pascal or PHP code.

minor bugfix: ./.

CPL delphi win32 developers mysql code-generator