Trend: a general-purpose, efficient trend graph 1.2 02 Oct 10:05 ā›µ šŸ’¾

trend is a general-purpose, efficient trend graph for "live" data. Data is read in ASCII form from a file or continuously from a FIFO and displayed in real-time into a multi-pass trend (much like a CRT oscilloscope). trend can be used as a rapid analysis tool for progressive or time-based data series together with trivial scripting.

minor bugfix:

GNU LGPLgraphics information-analysis visualization monitoring utilities x11 posix unix developers end-users science-research system-administrators

Parcellite 1.1.9 02 Oct 06:45 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Parcellite is a X11/Gtk+ clipboard manager. It's lightweight and with a small memory footprint, by providing mostly basic functionality. Parcellite keeps a history of X clipboard contents, provides some view options, retains saved text even after application closure, provides a systray icon and global hotkeys for item access, but also allows to define custom commands using clipboard contents.

major bugfix: Fixed position_history broken. Fixed Enter key not selecting entry. Fixed unsolicited error message about xdotool. Changed systray icon. Updated Spanish+Chinese translation. Fixed right-click edit broken. Fixed unsolicited error message on startup.

GNU GPLv3c x11 gtk desktop clipboard

DOOM CPU Indicator 1.0.0 02 Oct 04:27 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Ubuntu CPU indicator that displays load using Flynn's dying face from the video game DOOM.

major feature: initial release

GNU GPLv3doom python ubuntu indicator

HomeGenie 1.00 beta r415 02 Oct 04:00 ā›µ šŸ’¾

HomeGenie is a feature-packed and easily programmable home automation server. It provides a customizable web based UI, can command X10 and Z-Wave devices, UPnP and DLNA media devices, infrared controls, handles voice interaction, provides statistics and metering, allows scripting without much programming per wizard. HomeGenie also works on low-energy embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi, provides a JSON Web API, virtual modules, and mobile app clients.

minor feature: Added support for Banana Pi GPIO. Added product handler for Fibaro Motion Sensor. Added Russian localization to HomeGenieUI.csproj. Fixed XTenLib received rf/plc events not firing.

Otherc javascript web-based embedded home-automation building x10 dlna upnp z-wave

FreeFileSync 6.10 02 Oct 03:15 ā›µ šŸ’¾

FreeFileSync allows comparing and synchronizing local file folders. It's performant and without GUI complexity. It detects moved and renamed files, detect conflicts, can operate on locked files, understands symlinks, allows automatic syncing, copyies extended file permissions (NTFS), and it's cross-plattform.

minor feature: Fixed crash when accessing recycle bin in compatibility mode (Windows 7, 8) Draw middle grid selection irrespective of focus column Don't show parts of progress graph if nothing to sync Break on missing directories before evaluating warnings Ignore leading/trailing whitespace in search panel Disable search panel during comparison Disable shortkeys during comparison Log folder pair only if files are synced Fixed number separator formatting for english locale Copying locked files now inactive by default Show all affected folders when warning about a shared sub folder

GNU GPLv3synchronization file-management backup version-control mirroring

nuBASIC 1.21 02 Oct 00:31 ā›µ šŸ’¾

nuBASIC is a BASIC interpreter designed for educational purposes. It's implemented in C++11 and buildable on Linux or Windows. It allows programming simple games, educational or small business programs, comes with various examples, documentation, and a syntax highligting editor on Windows.

minor bugfix: Fixed a bug of Print statement implementation (on print exception cursor remained hidden). Added double-precision floating-point support. Fixed GetWindowDx function bug for Windows platform (it always returned zero).

GNU GPLc++ basic interpreter programming-language

CUPS 2.0.0 02 Oct 00:29 ā›µ šŸ’¾

CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a modular printing system. It's based on the Internet Printing Protocol and supports PostScript or PDF and various raster printers. The spooler and drivers can deliver jobs remotely via IPP, LPD, SMB, and locally to USB, SCSI, Firewire, WiFi, serial, or parallel devices. With an extensive filter system it supports a wide range of input formats and printer targets. It's usable with BSD, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris and Windows servers.

major feature: The focus of this major release is on performance and security improvements. The scheduler did not preserve listener sockets from launchd or systemd after a restart. Added some USB quirk rules for the libusb-based USB backend. Spanish localization update. Updated documentation for 2.0.0 release.

GNU GPLc printing cups print-server ipp postscript

4DIAC - Distributed Industrial Automation+Control 1.6.0 01 Oct 21:18 ā›µ šŸ’¾

The general aim of the 4DIAC initiative is to provide an open, free, IEC 61499 standard compliant automation and control environment. The following open source projects are in the focus of the 4DIAC initiative: * FORTE (4DIAC-RTE): Modular IEC 61499 compliant Runtime Environment for small embedded devices (16/32 Bit), implemented in C++ * 4DIAC-IDE: Modular IEC 61499 compliant Integrated Engineering Environment based on the Eclipse open tool framework * 4DIAC-LIB: Library of function blocks usable for different kinds of control applications * 4DIAC-Systems: A set of example projects Furthermore this open source implementation should serve as discussion basis for the further development of the IEC 61499 standard.

major feature: As always, this release is a combined release of all current 4DIAC projects: 4DIAC-IDE, 4DIAC-LIB, FORTE, and 4DIAC-Systems. The main improvements for 1.6.0 are: 4DIAC-IDE: integrated Help Contents, extended Subapplication support and UI cleanup for FB type editor FORTE: Support of MQTT and New Platforms as Raspberry PI, Beagle Bone Black 4DIAC-LIB: Common I/O Function Blocks as IX and QX and Array handling blocks 4DIAC-Systems: Traffic light Furthermore many smaller improvements and bug-fixes have been performed. Together with the issues fixed during the maintenance of the last major release 100 issues could be solved.

EPLdistributed control industrial automation embedded-systems science-research manufacturing developers cross-plattform c++ java c++ java

CloudI 1.3.3 01 Oct 19:31 ā›µ šŸ’¾

CloudI is an open-source private cloud computing framework for efficient, secure, and internal data processing. CloudI provides scaling for previously unscalable source code with efficient fault-tolerant execution of C/C++, Erlang/Elixir, Java, Python, or Ruby services. The bare essentials for efficient fault-tolerant processing on a cloud!

major feature: September 30, 2014 Version 1.3.3 (beta) released. * backwards compatibility difference: * Some minor functions were deprecated in the cloudi_service module and the source code was moved to separate modules (cloudi_environment, cloudi_service_name, cloudi_request, cloudi_request_info, cloudi_key_value) * The CloudI Service API had some functions renamed with the older name deprecated (loglevel_set became logging_level_set and log_redirect became logging_redirect_set) * In version 1.4.0 of CloudI the cloudi_service behaviour will have a Timeout parameter in both the cloudi_service_init callback and the cloudi_service_terminate callback (if you want to start using it now, make sure cloudi_core is compiled with the CLOUDI_SERVICE_NEW define, a CLOUDI_SERVICE_OLD macro will exist in version 1.4.0 to avoid the change so older services can run without modification) * cloudi_service_api_requests now provides simpler URL paths for the CloudI Service API (while continuing to support the older URL paths) ( * Python 3 usage requires that the request_info, request, response_info, and response data be bytes * Elixir is now supported officially and has an example at * Python 3 is now supported by the Python CloudI API (both the cloudi module and the cloudi_c module) * queue_size is a service configuration option added so any service may limit their incoming service request queue by an amount of memory (in kB) (queue_limit provides a count limit and both can be used together) * Support for Aspects (from AOP, Aspect-Oriented Programming) were added as service configuration options (aspects_init_after, aspects_request_before, aspects_request_after, aspects_info_before, aspects_inf

BSDL-4erlang elixir c++ c java python ruby developers bsd linux unix cross-plattform distributed-computing clustering application-framework

firejail 01 Oct 19:17 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Firejail is a security sandbox tool, which utilizes Linux 3.x namespaces to setup restricted environments for untrusted applications. It works for console and graphical applications, servers, or even login sessions; by assigning them and their subprocesses a private view of globally shared kernel resources. Firejail isolates mount points, adds chrooting, filesystem writability or overlays, sandbox filesystem sharing, networking stack and firewall isolation, constrains interprocess communication, and separates processes. It comes with default profiles for Firefox or Evince, includes Seccomp and Linux caps support.

minor bugfix: More pulseaudio fixes. The overlay option was temporarily disabled in this build.

GNU GPLc linux security process-isolation namespaces sandbox

ALT Linux Regular 20141001 01 Oct 14:30 ā›µ šŸ’¾

ALT Linux is a set of Linux distributions that are based on Sisyphus, an APT-enabled RPM package repository that aims to achieve feature completeness, usability, and security in a sensible and manageable mixture.

minor feature: GNOME3 flavour updated to 3.14.0 (NB: frowns upon llvmpipe); rescue got working fuse-zfs; all of regular images are weekly built as usual.

Mixedoperating-system software-distribution installation end-users developers livecd rescue desktop server security

tblutils: Text-based Table Utilities 01 Oct 09:09 ā›µ šŸ’¾

tblutils complements the usual unix tools like cut and paste by providing enhanced versions that support column labels through-out, so that you can extract columns by name (tblcut), filter data using a mathematical expression (tblfilter), re-order columns without caring about the column index (tblcsort), join multiple files on a common index without having to pre-sort them (tblmerge), and much more.

minor feature:

GNU GPLtext-processing filter utilities c++ perl unix-shell console posix unix developers end-users system-administrators information-technology

Watson Framework 3.0.0 01 Oct 07:06 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Watson is a Python web application framework. It's unobtrusive and follows convention over configuration. It provides caching, console interaction, dependency injection, eventing, filter and validation, form handling, some HTML handlers, HTTP request interaction, and routing modules.

major feature: Moved commands into own namespace (following watson.console 2.0.0). framework.applications.Console now accepts the argv args in the run() method instead of __init__. Close the debug toolbar entirely if it's closed already. RouteMatch information included in debug toolbar. Bugfix for flashmessages in the view. Jinja2 global functions and classes no longer use the container as a service locator.

MITLpython framework webmvc wsgi dynamic-content jinja2

uselessd 3 01 Oct 03:39 ā›µ šŸ’¾

uselessd is a systemd-208 fork optimized for less resource usage, a leaner DBUS API, fewer dependencies and BSD/Linux cross-plattform compatibility. It reduces featuritis by constraining unit types and concentrating on system initialization and process supervision. In particular udev gets extracted to support alternative handlers, binary journald logging removed to allow established syslog services for early boot sequences. Some auxiliary reimplementations like systemd-fsck are transferred back to the original system tools.

bugfix: The systemd-machine-id-setup tool is now entirely standalone and not also a routine called by PID1. It is governed by a oneshot unit, and it can be optionally disabled from the build. Two new tools have been introduced: uselessd-hostname-setup uselessd-loopback-setup These are once again decoupled from PID1 logic and refactored into their own tools wrapped around by getopt loops, and governed by oneshot units. They, too, can be disabled from the build, and come with brief manpages. You may need to enable their services through systemctl. The test-hostname binary was dropped for being redundant, as a result. The test was manual to begin with. libgcrypt and liblzma have been dropped from the build, due to not actually being used. They formerly belonged as enabling optional extensions to journald behavior. An ordering bug in one of the default units was fixed. A bugfix for systemd-tmpfiles was backported, concerning files inheriting the age of their top-level directories.

GNU GPLc init init-system systemd process-manager dbus

rsyslog 8.4.1 01 Oct 03:34 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Rsyslog is a log proccessing framework optimized for performance and throughput. It has a modular design, and offers great security features. It evolved from a regular syslogd into a log message distribution and transformation system for different targets. It's multi-threaded, works atop TCP, SSL, TLS, RELP, can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other databases, filter syslog messages even partially, provides a configurable output format, and has been tested with enterprise-class relay chains.

minor bugfix: - imudp: add for bracketing mode, which makes parsing stats easier - permit at-sign in variable names closes: - bugfix: fix syntax error in script Thanks to github user anthcourtney for the patch. closes: - bugfix: ompgsql: don't loose uncomitted data on retry Thanks to Jared Johnson and Axel Rau for the patch. - bugfix: imfile: if a state file for a different file name was set, that different file (name) was monitored instead of the configured one. Now, the state file is deleted and the correct file monitored. closes: - bugfix: omudpspoof: source port was invalid Thanks to Pavel Levshin for the patch - bugfix: build failure on systems which don't have json_tokener_errors Older versions of json-c need to use a different API (which don't exists on newer versions, unfortunately...) Thanks to Thomas D. for reporting this problem. - bugfix: omelasticsearch does not work with broken/changed ES 1.0+ API closes: - bugfix: mmanon did not properly anonymize IP addresses starting with '9' Thanks to for reporting this problem. closes: - bugfix: build problems on SuSe Linux Thanks Andreas Stieger for the patch - bugfix: omelasticsearch error file did not work correctly on ES 1.0+ due to a breaking change in the ElasticSearch API. see also: - bugfix: potential abort when a message with PRI 191 was processed if the "pri-text" property was used in active templates, this could be abused to a remote denial of service from permitted senders see also: CVE-2014-3634

GNU GPLv3syslog system-administration

Bootstrap Listr 1.2.2 01 Oct 03:15 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Bootstrap Listr is a simple PHP script to display folders and files on a server. It utilizes the Bootstrap 3 CSS framework to visualize contents in a well formed list. It provides configurable columns for size / modified date / permissions, sorting, document icons, and ignored files.

minor feature: added X-UA-Compatible meta tag according to Bootlint. added search box; loading Stupid Table from CDN. added search box. removed icon option for search

MITLphp apache file-browser bootstrap font-awesome indexing-search

Scalaris 0.7.1 01 Oct 01:34 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Scalaris is a distributed and transactional key-value, store with early and full ACID support. Scalaris is implemented in Erlang, uses a structured overlay with a non-blocking Paxos commit protocol for transaction processing with strong consistency over replicas.

minor bugfix: Numerous bugs fixed. Support for new distribution versions, systemd and SELinux. Include daemon for monitoring Scalaris through JMX. Java-API: integrate new OtpErlang library. More robust (still experimental) support for active load balancing with Karger and Ruhl's algorithm including more flexible "load" definitions. rm_tman: less overhead by only sending unknown nodes to neighbours. slide: better support for slide aborts. node join: less overhead during joins, especially in setups with huge lists of known nodes. cyclon: move to new gossip framework. vivaldi: move to new gossip framework. monitor: move performance monitor to the basic_services group (once per VM).

erlang key-value database storage webscale

Mavscript 0.1.8 30 Sep 22:24 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Mavscript allows the user to do calculations in a text document. Plain text and OpenOffice Writer files (odt) are supported. The calculation is done by the algebra system Yacas (default), Jasymca or by the Java interpreter BeanShell.

major feature: This release improves support for OpenDocumentText files (.odt) and adds experimental support for MS-Word files (.docx). The math backend Yacas now draws simple plots.

GNU GPLjava scientific engineering mathematics text processing office business

clojure2minizinc 0.2.0 30 Sep 19:33 ā›µ šŸ’¾

clojure2minizinc provides an interface between state-of-the-art constraint solvers (via MiniZinc) and a very high-level programming language with excellent abstraction capabilities, Clojure. The clojure2minizinc user models in Clojure constraint satisfaction or optimisation problems over Boolean, integer, real number, and/or set variables. clojure2minizinc translates them into MiniZinc, they are solved in the background by a compatible solver, and the result is read back into Clojure. clojure2minizinc code can be very similar to the corresponding MiniZinc code, but in addition the full power of Clojure is at hand.

major feature: Version 0.2.0 adds all of MiniZinc's global constraints, list and set comprehension, and greatly improves the reference documentation.

GNU GPLdevelopers darwin macos windows unix clojure code-generator artificial-intelligence mathematics

UniSIMD assembler 0.5 30 Sep 19:18 ā›µ šŸ’¾

UniSIMD provides a unified and low-level macro assembler for ARM and x86 architectures. It declares a subset of shared SIMD instructions and a common API to reduce code deduplication and variation. Currently Intel SSE2 (32-bit x86 ISA) and ARM NEON (32-bit ARMv7 ISA) are supported. 64-bit wide SIMD with longer registers and adressing will be added later. UniSIMD is a C/C++ macro collection, thus can be easily included from header files.

major feature: - instructions naming scheme finalized - change ARM instructions to set flags - added framework for internal constants (used by reciprocals) - added SIMD instruction for cube root, reciprocal steps redesigned - additional SIMD tests, run level 14

MITLc c++ assembler simd macro header-files

IEC 61131-3 Virtual Machine 30 Sep 13:29 ā›µ šŸ’¾

This project is intended to implement a compiler for IEC 61131-3 textual languages, the output of which is a byte code intended to be run in a small virtual machine also under development as part of this project. While this project is intended to eventually support the Instruction List (IL) and Structured Text (ST) IEC 61131-3 textual languages, support has initially been implemented for IL only.

minor feature: Initial project announcement

GNU GPLv3c developers industrial automation virtual machine

Bond: transparent remote/recursive evaluation between Python and other languages 1.3 30 Sep 13:21 ā›µ šŸ’¾

The Python module bond supports transparent remote/recursive evaluation between Python and another interpreter through automatic call serialization. In poorer words, a bond lets you call functions in other languages as they were normal Python functions. It also allows other languages to call Python functions as if they were native. Remote output is also transparently redirected locally, and since the evaluation is performed through a persistent co-process, you can actually spawn interpreters on different hosts through "ssh" efficiently. bond currently supports PHP, Perl, JavaScript (Node.js) and Python itself.

minor feature:

GNU GPLsoftware-development interpreter python-module distributed-computing javascript php python perl posix unix developers

BenchLab 2.2 30 Sep 09:30 ā›µ šŸ’¾

BenchLab is a framework for realistic benchmarking of web applications. It commands multiple real browser instances, takes WAN connections and CDN latency or load balancing into account, and actually measures the complete page resource loading.

major feature: Video support has been added to BenchLab with a new MediaDrop server virtual appliance and new extensions in the BenchLab Client Runtime for video specific metrics. New enhanced analytics tools for easier comparison between experiments and visualization of all possible metrics and HAR files Check link for software releases at the bottom of this page

Apacheruby java web-based plugins performance benchmark

mikidown 0.3.6 30 Sep 06:21 ā›µ šŸ’¾

MikiDown is a note taking application utilizing MarkDown/CommonMark. It allows editing with a live WYSIWYG preview, can switch between Edit/View/LiveEdit modes. It centralizes all notes, but provides notebook/tab support, page crosslinking, can import from plain text, export to HTML or PDF with customized stylesheets, and includes spellchecking.

minor bugfix: Fix a confusing UI issue regarding single instance locking (clicking yes for saying mikidown's running would remove the lock, clicking no for saying mikidown's running would just quit it) When performing the check for nbListMigration, set a dummy version value until mikiwindow gets a chance to properly update the version strings. When performing the check to show the Changelog, also check the Mikibook settings string since that now also has version metadata on it. Make the makeExtensions config keyword have a default value of an empty dictionary because of python-markdown 2.5 details Instead of asciimathml as part of the default list, put mdx_asciimathml. Trying to import it without the mdx_ prefix through markdown will result in asciimathml not being enabled.

MITLpython qt desktop commonmark editor notepad whoosh

Neard 1.0.12 30 Sep 06:21 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Neard is a WAMP development distribution comprised of Apache, PHP, MariaDB and Node.js. It also includes applications like FileZilla, the GitList repo viewer, Webgrind for performance tuning, WebSVN, Adminer for database management, Console2 with TCC/LE, PortableGit, ImageMagick, and XDebugClient. It provides a convenient administrative menu for all features of course.

minor feature: Split bins, tools, apps configuration. Apache 2.4 SSL issue fixed. Bug switching php extension or apache module resolved.

Mixedwin32 php mysql nodejs apache servers developers

Zanata 3.4.2 30 Sep 01:35 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Zanata is a web-based Java editor for software translation. It exposes a REST API for external integration, can work on DocBook through PO files, property files, XLIFF and other formats. It requires JBoss, Seam, GWT and Hibernate.

minor feature: Fix some tests as revealed broken by Wildfly. Fix broken validations test. Fix focus on selected transunit in editor and long string in tu details. Set max PermGen to 256MB for surefire. Fix editor and project tests. Fix multi-line handling. New startup banner (italics). Allow changes in whitespace.

GNU LGPLjava web-based localization translation

HCRF 3.1.6 30 Sep 01:35 ā›µ šŸ’¾

HCFR is a video projector and monitor calibration software. It's derived from ColorHCFR version 2.1 and aims for more open development processes. It integrates ArgyllCMS, DVD or internal pattern generation, grayscale, gamma and gamut inspection, madVR calibration, and meter support.

minor bugfix: Various fixes. Fixed use of 100 white during combined GS+prim/sec measures. Fixed pattern generator targeting mode.

GNU GPLv3c++ c objective-c win32 macosx graphics test-measure video-monitor

MediaInfo 0.7.70 29 Sep 23:52 ā›µ šŸ’¾

MediaInfo displays technical, format, encoding, aspect and textual tag data for audio and video files. It provides a unified GUI for various file containers such as MPEG/4, QuickTime, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV. It can also generate reports in various text formats, batch process, and a GUI is available cross-plattform.

minor feature: + DTS Neural Audio: display of DTS Neural Audio descriptor information (matrix encoded channels count and position), sponsored by Numericable + FFV1: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 0 to 3, sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions + HuffYUV: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 1 to 3, sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions + PDF: basic detection (goal is to detect PDF/A profile) + HLS: support of encrypted streams (key must be in FileName.FileExt.key or provided via the library API) + CDP: using CDP service descriptor for the list of 708 services + language information + MXF: showing the real bit depth ("Quantization bits"); the count of bits stored in the file is in a new field "Stored bit depth" if it differs + MXF: Audio "frame rate" (how PCM content is split in packets) information + MXF: Audio block alignment byte size (hidden by default) + VC-3: adding the commercial name "DNxHD" + bitrate class + MXF: SMPTE ST 377-4 (MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework) + MXF: "ChannelLayoutID" new field (hidden by default) containing the MXF Channel Assignment Label + Wave64: Duration + CDP: frame rate

GNU LGPLv3c++ win32 command-line wxwidgets video analysis

TOMUSS 5.3.18 29 Sep 21:00 ā›µ šŸ’¾

TOMUSS is a collaborative web application for multi-user table editing. Its interactivity prevents accidential data loss or incorrect values, provides a cell editing history, does not impose complex formulas, a lean security model, allows integration with information backends, does not require a specific framework for extensibility. It's intended for managing student grades, but allows simple column averages or free text editing.

minor bugfix: Many bug fixes and a big security problem. Upgrading is required.

GNU GPLpython javascript web-based office education administration groupware table-editor

LGCK Builder 29 Sep 20:52 ā›µ šŸ’¾

LGCK Builder is a development environment for side-scrolling games. It can be used by novices and seasoned developers alike for quick results. Simplicity and reusability of components is a core concept. LGCK runs on Windows/Wine, provides tile-free design, is object-oriented, cross-plattform, makes programming optional, allows multiple background image layers.

minor feature: Fixed texture bug in Windows, added wizscript icon, tied wizscript w/ spriteEvents, implemented intro, introbkcolor, introtextcolor.

GNU GPLc++ lua qt sdl win32 code-generator sidescrolling game-framework

GnuCash 2.6.4 29 Sep 18:36 ā›µ šŸ’¾

GnuCash is a personal finance and small-business accounting software. It provides a check-book like register GUI to enter and track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses, for double-entry accounting. It also allows to manage stock/bond/mutual fund accounts, generate graphs and reports, supports QIF/OFX/HBCI import, and transaction matching, common calculations and scheduling. It's still simple to use.

major bugfix: Long list of bugs were fixed. - Incorrect sort order in "Sort by Statement Date". - Page Up, Page Down keys cause GnuCash to hang. - Re-numbering sub accounts crashes the program. - XML backend does not always store KVP slots. - Set all of the denominators correctly on the currency values. Convert ISO-8859-1 account chart templates to UTF-8. Python bindings. Add function gncVendorNextID, complementary to gncCustomerNextID. Use libsecret if available since gnome-keyring has been deprecated.

GNU GPLc perl scheme gtk gnome accounting personal-finance

Sky Chart 3.11 29 Sep 17:12 ā›µ šŸ’¾

SkyChart draws an observable night sky of stars and nebulas from its catalog. It can also note the position of planets, comets or asteroids. Many parameters allow automatic catalog selection, adapting colorization and dimensions, or the labels for non-star objects.

minor feature:

GNU GPLfpc lazarus x11 win32 gtk astronomy

LilyPond 2.19.15 29 Sep 06:37 ā›µ šŸ’¾

LilyPonds slogan is "Music notation for everyone". A music engraving program, devoted to producing the highest-quality sheet music possible. It brings the aesthetics of traditionally engraved music to computer printouts.

minor feature: We are happy to announce the release of LilyPond 2.19.15. This release includes a number of enhancements, and contains some work in progress. You will have access to the very latest features, but some may be incomplete, and you may encounter bugs and crashes. If you require a stable version of LilyPond, we recommend using the 2.18 version.

GNU GPLmusic notation scheme

DJV Imaging 1.0.0 29 Sep 04:46 ā›µ šŸ’¾

DJV Imaging is professional movie playback software intended for film production, visual effects, and computer animation. It's cross-plattform for Linux, Max OS X and Windows; plays either image sequences or movies, works with industry-standard formats as OpenEXR, Cineon, DPX, and QuickTime. It also provides command-line tools for batch processing. Also utilizes CMake, FFmpeg, GLEW, libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, libquicktime, OpenEXR, zlib, Qt.

major feature: DJV is now built upon the Qt toolkit Updated third party packages including OpenEXR 2.2

BSDLc++ qt video-editing video player command-line movie-creation

uselessd 2 29 Sep 03:15 ā›µ šŸ’¾

uselessd is a systemd-208 fork optimized for less resource usage, a leaner DBUS API, fewer dependencies and BSD/Linux cross-plattform compatibility. It reduces featuritis by constraining unit types and concentrating on system initialization and process supervision. In particular udev gets extracted to support alternative handlers, binary journald logging removed to allow established syslog services for early boot sequences. Some auxiliary reimplementations like systemd-fsck are transferred back to the original system tools.

minor feature: * Redundant options from systemd-analyze (set-log-level and dump) have been removed. Use the ones from the uselessd binary instead, or by setting the systemd.log_level kernel parameter. * The internal pager has been removed entirely. Pipes exist for a reason. Use them. Don't burden the software with junk. * A double-free bug has been fixed in the can_sleep() function in sleep-config.c. This means that the test-sleep binary will now pass successfully. * Some memory leaks were patched, thanks to findings obtained from clang-analyzer. * An unused shared file was removed, as well as some vestiges from the old manpages. Unused dropin directories were removed from systemd-delta's array listing. * The flag for disabling static linking has been removed from the build. Nonetheless, a modern GNU/Linux system typically requires shared objects for components such as NSS, gethostname(2) and many other things. We haven't done anything to explicitly enable static builds, we just got rid of the build-time error.

GNU GPLc init init-system systemd process-manager dbus

Linux Cluster Management Console 1.7.1 29 Sep 00:25 ā›µ šŸ’¾

LCMC is a GUI for managing server clusters based on Pacemaker, Corosync, Heartbeat, DRBD, KVM, XEN and LVM. Server management is implemented in Perl, while the management console is Java-based.

minor feature: DRBD: 8.4.5 support PCMK: fix for 1.1.12 GUI: support for centos 7

GNU GPLjava perl virtualization server-management clustering linux

LDAP Account Manager 4.7 29 Sep 00:17 ā›µ šŸ’¾

LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a web-based frontend for managing user, group, configuration entries of an LDAP directory. It's intended to simplify common tasks and discovery, abstracts technical and query details; but still provides an integrated full LDAP browser. It works on Unix instances, Samba 3/4, Kolab 2/3, Zarafa, DHCP, SSH keys, and can manage multiple servers. It provides user profiles for managing accounts and groups, CSV imports, instanting quotas, PDF summaries, allows some user self-management even.

minor feature: Nginx webserver support. DHCP: support pooling of IP ranges. Personal: support pager attribute. Renamed default config to lam.conf.sample.

GNU GPLphp web-based ldap

Chikitsa 0.1.2 29 Sep 00:11 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Chikitsa is an outdoor patient management system in PHP. It manages patient contact details, can register appointments, visit notes, receipt feeds, inspect and manage medicament stocks.

major bugfix: ./.

OSLphp codeigniter web-based medical healthcare

makipass 1.0.1 29 Sep 00:05 ā›µ šŸ’¾

MakiPass is a desktop tool for encrypting files. It utilizes the AES cipher, provides high-entropy password generation, capture keyloggers per keystroke simulation, allows process introspection. It can also be used as simple backup manager, can export data as JSON or ZIP file, and comes with a simple text note / editor facility.

cleanup: Minor cleanup and file removal.

GNU GPLjava javafx password-manager encryption file-encryption backup

Functy 0.31 28 Sep 23:41 ā›µ šŸ’¾

Functy is a 3D graphics generation tool. It plots cartesian, spherical or parametric curve functions. It allows altering their parameters for immediate redraws to explore 3D function results. It utilized GPU functions entirely for visualization.

minor bugfix: This is just a small update. It brings some UI improvements, allowing the left and lower panel to be toggled on and off. Plus the shader rendering can be better controlled. Shadows can be turned on and off, and the focus blur depth of field can be controlled.

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