Jailer 9.2 💾

Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. Removes data w/o violating integrity. Generates topologically sorted SQL-DML, hierarchically structured XML. and DbUnit datasets.

minor feature: Support for nullable primary key columns. This simplifies the definition of pseudo-primary keys for tables without keys. "Limit" parameter as a safeguard for exports. #24.

Apache front-end quality-assurance utilities java sql cross-plattform developers end-users

4MLinux 31.0 💾

4MLinux is a small, independent, general-purpose Linux distribution with a strong focus on the following four "M" of computing: Maintenance (system rescue Live CD), Multimedia (full support for a huge number of image, audio and video formats), Miniserver (DNS, FTP, HTTP, MySQL, NFS, Proxy, SMTP, SSH, and Telnet), and Mystery (meaning a collection of classic Linux games).

major feature: This is a milestone release due to the fact that 4MLinux has finally dropped 32-bit support. It is now a fully 64-bit operating system. For this reason one must perform a fresh installation. There are two versions available for downloads: 4MLinux-31.0-64bit.iso (Desktop) and 4MServer-31.0-64bit.iso (Desktop with LAMP server). If you need a pure server environment (i.e. without Desktop), you can try an official 4MLinux fork called TheSSS, which is only about 120 MB in size.

GNU GPLv3 x window system x11 console terminal osdistro

GeniXCMS 1.1.6 💾

GeniXCMS is a PHP Based Content Management System and Framework (CMSF). It's very suitable for intermediate and advanced PHP developers. It requires a medium amount of configuration to achieve a working starting setup or fully fledged applications. It already provides a built-in User manager, Content manager (Post, Pages), Menu manager, etc. It's simple to add custom code or extend it to a rich custom web application.

minor bugfix: Security Fix #85 Issue #83 fix Issue #84 fix some bugfix add new features Gneex Theme update login referrer fix

MITL news-diary site-management php win32 macos-x jquery windows cross-plattform developers end-users information-technology

Vim 8.2.0008 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.2.0008: test72 is old style Problem: Test72 is old style. Solution: Convert to new style test.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Wine 5.0-rc1 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: Gecko update, with support for running from a global location. Unicode data updated to Unicode version 12.1. Initial version of the MSADO (ActiveX Data Objects) library. Update installation support in the WUSA (Windows Update Standalone) tool. More progress on the kernel32/kernelbase restructuring. Support for signing with ECDSA keys. Various.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

MONARC 2.9.4 💾

MONARC - Method for an optimised analysis of risks

minor feature: Users anrs permissions are not revocable / snapshots are displayed in the list;. Drag and drop recommendations: recommendations ordering. MONARC application: admin@admin.localhost:admin. SSH login: monarc:password. Mysql root login: root:71ff9e3acc45b8983652283e4bfe74e37c51e85bff82875acbb0980fd2c2b270. Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:f6fe3a0433c7c5875ebf722cc03f8e1a2094ce96ee5688b84fb2da598ac858d3.

Affero GPLv3 cases monarc governance method risk-analysis php security

Nextcloud 18.0.0beta2 💾

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Keep all of your life / business private and secure on a server you control. Share with only who you choose, and no-one else.

minor feature: Expose editor id for creators . Only expose link to info endpoint in capabilties. . Allow inline styles for theming images. . Use person icon for personal settings. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . . . . . . . Drop php 7.1 support. . integration. . Adjust DirectEditing test to PHPUnit8. . . . Bump integration to php7.3 with redis. . . . allow user flows when the acting user is legitimate, but not its owner. . expose user of running flows. . add convenience interfaces so entities can provide presentable details. . Set fileInfo in the rule matcher. . Properly anotate LockedException in files node api. . adjust unit test. . Always return overwritehost if configured. . Check for boolean value. . delay creation of the cert bundle. . when a user was delete remove them from applicable list, unless. . extend with group deletion handling. . . . Revert removed mimetypelist. . Adjust tags acceptance tests to moved admin section. . . . . . . . provisioning_api getUsers types. . . . Trim the login name. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . Set common-name to user's displayname if none is set. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Do not call count on null. . generation of an url to an absolute ocs route when NC in subfolder. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . Bump file-loader from 4.3.0 to 5.0.2. . Bump style-loader from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. . Bump bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.4.1. . Minor typo. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . Bump bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.4.1. . Bump style-loader from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. . Bump file-loader from 4.3.0 to 5.0.2. . Bump url-loader from 2.3.0 to 3.0.0. . Bump url-loader from 2.3.0 to 3.0.0. . . . . . files_sharing app LoadSidebar event. . Create sharing entry point with constants. . tests. . files_sharing app LoadSidebar event. . Add a transfer ownership background job. . Also allow transfer ownership of files. . Throw an invalid token exception is

Affero GPLv3 storage cloud web-environment file-sharing secure s3 dropbox

map-tools.js 2.0.2 💾

map-tools.js is a feature-rich Google Maps Javascript wrapper that simplifies things like: Marker filtering, asynchronous loading, working with TopoJSON or GeoJSON, animation and more. It adds a more convenient and easy-to-use API.

minor feature: It allows you to pass the API key. To use the Maps JavaScript API you must have an API key. The API key is a unique identifier that is used to authenticate requests associated with your project for usage and billing purposes.

MITL google maps gmaps google topojson geojson markers maps gmaps map-tools

Mesa 19.3.0 💾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor feature: Mesa 19.3.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned With stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or Wait for Mesa 19.3.1. Mesa 19.3.0 implements the OpenGL 4.6 API, but the version reported by GlGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / GlGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.6. OpenGL 4.6 is. only available if requested at context creation. Compatibility contexts may report a lower version depending on each driver. Mesa 19.3.0 implements the Vulkan 1.1 API, but the version reported by The apiVersion property of the VkPhysicalDeviceProperties struct Depends on the particular driver being used. New features, GL_ARB_gl_spirv on i965, iris. GL_ARB_spirv_extensions on i965, iris. GL_EXT_demote_to_helper_invocation on iris, i965. OpenGL 4.6 on i965, iris. EGL_EXT_image_flush_external VK_ANDROID_external_memory_android_hardware_buffer on RADV. VK_KHR_shader_clock on Intel, RADV. VK_KHR_shader_float_controls on Intel, RADV. VK_KHR_spirv_1_4 on Intel, RADV. VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore on RADV. VK_KHR_vulkan_memory_model on Intel. VK_EXT_shader_subgroup_ballot on Intel. VK_EXT_shader_subgroup_vote on Intel. VK_EXT_texel_buffer_alignment on RADV. VK_INTEL_performance_query on Intel. Meson support for windows using MSVC and MinGW. scons has been deprecated for non windows. Initial Intel gen12 (Tigerlake) support on anvil and iris. New compiler backend quot;ACO quot; for RADV (RADV_PERFTEST=aco). VK_EXT_shader_demote_to_helper_invocation on RADV/ACO., RADV The Dead Rising 4 is causing a GPU hang with LLVM backend, radeonsi: mpv --vo=vaapi incorrect rendering on gfx9+, NULL resource when playing VP9 video through VDPAU on RX 570, gnome-shell overview mode crash in recent mesa, radv/aco Jedi Fallen Order hair rendering gy, RADV VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore balloons in runtime, Shadow of Mordor has randomly dancing black shad

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl

exiftool 11.79 💾

ExifTool is a Perl library and command-line tool for reading and updating common meta data information in various file formats. Foremost it works on image files, EXIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF/JPEG, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, AIFF, DJVU, Postscript, GZIP, OpenDocument, PDF, SVG, OGG and ID3. It can also edit maker notes of digital (RAW) camera files from Canon, Casio, FLIR, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Nintendo, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Phase One, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.

minor feature: Added support for AVIF files. - Added new Canon, Sigma and Sony LensType values. - Made PDF 2.0 writable at your own risk with the -m option. - Enhanced -validate feature to warn about duplicate languages in an XMP lang-alt list. - inconsistency between documentation and ExifTool capabilities for. "Writable" status of some tags.

Artistic perl exif meta-data

YouTube to CUE 0.2 💾

This program is intended to download audio albums from YouTube. It downloads audio file using youtube-dl and generates Cue Sheet with metadata.

minor feature: fixed latest youtube-dl support; fixed cue directory name; fixed time format

BSDL-2 cue youtube qt

Calibre 4.6 💾

Calibre is an e-book library management application, viewer and editor. It's also commonly used for e-book file format conversion and syncing to reader devices. Calibre also simplifies downloading news from the web and converting them into e-book form, and can act as content server for online access to your book collection.

minor feature: Release: 4.6 13 Dec, 2019 New features Windows 10: Add support for the dark mode. If you turn on dark mode under the Windows Settings- gt;Personalisation- gt;Colors and restart calibre it will use dark colors. Can also be enabled by setting the CALIBRE_USE_DARK_PALETTE environment variable. Polish books tool: Add a setting to add or remove soft hyphens from the book text. Viewer: Re-enable the old reference mode from calibre 3.x. PDF Output: the option to break long words at the end of lines not working since calibre 4. DOCX Input: incorrect font sizes for footnote references in paragraphs that have text with multiple font sizes. DOCX Input: Avoid nested lt;sup gt; tags for footnote references. Viewer: max text width/height settings not being applied correctly on window resize. Viewer: Auto-expand entries in the Table of Contents when viewing the corresponding location in the book. Viewer: When creating a new bookmark, if there is selected text use it as the default bookmark title.

GNU GPLv3 python c++ ebook-reader e-book conversion

MOSP 0.9 💾

MOSP is a platform to create, edit and share JSON objects. The goal is to gather security related JSON objects, in the first place aimed to be used with MONARC. You can use any available schemas in order to create new JSON objects.

minor feature: Major improvements to the structure of the backend and to the models;. Introduction of tests with pytest;. Now using GitHub test workflow (GitHub Actions);. Added app.json file for easy deployment with the Heroku button.

Affero GPLv3 json json-schema monarc security

Flowblade 2.4 💾

Flowblade is a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux released under GPL 3 license. Flowblade is designed to provide a fast, precise and robust editing experience. Flowblade employs a film-style insert editing model as workflow. In insert editing clips are generally placed tightly after other clips when they are inserted on the timeline. Edits are fine tuned by trimming in and out points of clips or by cutting and deleting parts of clips. Flowblade provides powerful tools to mix and filter video and audio.

minor feature: Remove all decode utfs from projectaction.py, assumption is that thes . More decode removals. . Misc. non-py3. . . Add files via upload. . Add files via upload. . Add files via upload. . Add files via upload. . print cleanup. . . . Merge branch 'master' into dvdlvr-patch-694-big-buttons. . . . Roll back prefs attribute name change. . Undefined name: IconSize.DND - Gtk.IconSize.DND. . Simplify testing with 'in'. . . . . . Make monitor tc infos pop better. . Media icons update, round rect and 0.5 opa outline. . Add keywords to label constructors. . Media icon touchup. . Middlebar. Middlebar whitespace touchup. . Make application give info when running from Flatpak. . Create creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Make possible to render compound clip from non-active sequence. . Batch render window GUI touchup. . Small pn prev commit. . Autofollow compositor, new look. . Compositions mode work. . Create Sequence menu to cut down Edit and Project menus a bit. . Merge branch 'master' into comp2. . Compositing mode menu. . Kf editor copy/paste work. . Kayframe values copy/paste, first working. . Geom editors GUI update. . JKL playback new speed 1.8x, GUI. with cairo blending. . Drop compositor Dodge. . renderencoding: add h.264 proxy format. . . . py3 - rerendering proxies. . Comment. theme: override background-image from system theme. . theme: change selected_bg_color to something calmer. . theme: change assets to something calmer. . . . Comp2 work. . Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com

GNU GPLv3 multimedia video non-linear-editor artistic-software linux python gtk

OCRmyPDF 9.2.0 💾

OCRmyPDF adds an invisible text layer to PDF documents after passing it through the Tesseract OCR engine. The output will be PDF/A with a selectable but invisible text layer above scanned image-documents. This allows later searching and archiving.

minor feature: black: don't reformat _leptonica.py . Improve pre-commit checks. . Update version of pdfminer.six supported. . Make devnull check compatible with Windows. . black: don't reformat _leptonica.py. . compile_leptonica: move to correct location. . Refactor symlink usage to support Windows. . leptonica: Use Windows name for DLL. . leptonica: Handle API change for pixFindPageForeground. . leptonica: don't open files by name; use memory buffers. . leptonica: missing Leptonica error message for Windows. . difference in Windows error message breaking test_no_languages. . TypeError "environment can only contain strings". . tests: a few Windows. test_single_page_inline_image - remove temp file. . test_metadata: use mmap in a Windows and POSIX compatible way. . test: Replace many instances of run_ocrmypdf in subprocess with inline. . Enforce str-only environment for Windows since it's more strict. . Don't worry about streams on Windows. . Move gs tests to test_ghostscript. . Remove os_environ() context manager. . ghostscript: don't use NamedTemporaryFile. . ghostscript: use correct executable name on Windows. . ghostscript: use run(check=True) for more consistent error handling. . ghostscript: Refactor checking for executable name on Windows. . Use _OCRMYPDF_TEST_PATH for testing and.py stubs to simulate symlinks. . Don't expect filenames to be replicated on NT. . Make test_german more Windows-friendly. . ghosttext: mention page number differences. . Remove test_bad_utf8. . Add Windows install advice. . docs: sketch Windows install procedure. . DecompressionBomb related errors due to Windows process differences. . tests: error message from tesseract change. . Tesseract no longer posts an error message if config file not found. . Document function of symlink shim. . docs: cause about using Windows in production. . Possible to loss of log adapter state. . Remove Tesseract 4.0 specific check. . Merge branch 'windows'. . Add typing hints for

GNU GPLv3 pdf ocr scanning

Electron 9.0.0-nightly.20191212 💾

The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on Node.js and Chromium and is used by the Atom editor and many other apps.

minor feature: Accessibility window title on macOS. #21465. Flicker when switching between BrowserViews after creating new BrowserView. #21396. Throttling in webContents.setBackgroundThrottling. #21359. Generate desymbols on Linux. #21280.

MITL node js

VirtualBox 6.1.0 💾

VirtualBox is a full x86 hardware virtualizer, suitable for server, desktop and embedded usage. It's extremely feature-rich, emulates lots of individual and alternative hardware and devices, supports different virtual machine disk formats, it's cross-platform and supports ancient and current Windows versions, DOS systems, BSD, Solaris and OS/2 as guest operating system.

minor feature: Implemented support for importing a virtual machine from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Extended support for exporting a virtual machine to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, allowing the creation of multiple virtual machines without re-uploading. Also added option to export a VM to the cloud using the more efficient variant "paravirtialized", and to specify free-form tags for cloud images. Virtualization core: Support for nested hardware-virtualization on Intel CPUs (starting with 5th generation Core i, codename Broadwell), so far tested only with guest running VirtualBox. Graphics: New style 3D support (with VBoxSVGA and VMSVGA) remains, old style 3D support (with VBoxVGA) has been completely removed. Shared Clipboard: Implemented experimental support for file transfers (Windows hosts/guests only at the moment). Needs to be enabled via VBoxManage. In addition, the following items were and/or added: Virtualization core: Drop recompiler, i.e. running VMs now needs a CPU supporting hardware virtualization. Runtime: Works now on hosts with many CPUs (limit now 1024). Appliance and Cloud Import: Add field for defining firmware type (not part of OVF spec and thus manual in the Appliance case, for OCI it is automatically taken from the instance information). GUI: Improved the VISO creation and file manager dialogs. GUI: Virtual machine list of VirtualBox Manager was improved. Machine groups are now more obvious visually and VM search functionality has been improved. Global Tools element can now be pinned in place, to avoid scrolling it with rest of machine list. GUI: Virtual machine details pane is now extended with embedded editors for selected VM attributes, allowing user to edit them on-the-fly byi clicking corresponding hyper-links without opening VM settings dialog. GUI: Details pane provides more complete information. GUI: Internal medium enumeration routines were optimized to reduce the load and optimize the performance in cases when user have lots of media registered.

GNU GPL c c++ virtual-machine operating-system virtualization emulation

Boost C++ Libraries 1.72.0 💾

Boost++ is a collection of reusable and well-tested C++ libraries, which cover linear algebra, pseudorandom number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions, and unit testing. They're mostly template based for flexibility, but also encompass independent libraries.

minor feature: Updated Libraries: Asio, Atomic, Beast, Circular Buffer, Context, Endian, Filesystem, Functional/Factory, GIL, Histogram, Log, MPI, Math, Multiprecision, Outcome, PolyCollection, Preprocessor, Smart Pointers, Test, VMD.

BSL c++ libraries software-development boost

Pixelitor 4.2.3 💾

Pixelitor is a Java/cross-platform image editor. It provides image filters, drawing tools, layered editing, bleding modes, multiple undo steps, etc. Its main attraction are the more than 80 unique image filters and color adjustment tools. Besides supporting standard graphic files, it defaults to saving in its custom PXC format (a gzipped Java object serialization for retaining layer data).

minor feature: Brush outline in the Brush, Eraser, Smudge and Clone Tools. Create selection from the text of a text layer. Move selection in the Move Tool. Copy/paste for selections. Selection crop can be nonrectangular (with generated layer masks). "Color randomness" option in the "Spray Shapes Brush". "Image Source" option and Hue/Saturation distances in the "Mask from Color Range". Add layer mask from transparency and from layer contents. Chaos Game, Mandelbrot and Julia fractal renderers. "Watermarking" option for the Render/Shapes filters. Minor and UI improvements

GNU GPLv3 java image image-editor graphic-filter raster-graphics

VideLibri 2.13 💾

VideLibri lists the books you have borrowed from a public library and lets you search the library catalog from your local device. It has all the usual features of a library OPAC, i.e. viewing, renewing, searching and ordering books. It also renews all due books automatically and can do other things only a locally running app can do, like keeping a history of all ever borrowed books across multiple libraries. Developed since 2006 it is the world's first library app, and by supporting 20 different kinds of OPACs from different vendors it is probably compatible with more libraries than other app. So far VideLibri has been tested with 200 libraries successfully, but it was designed to allow every user to adds its own library without requiring any/much programming knowledge. For this purpose three query languages were developed that are supposed to simplify the querying of webpages as much as possible: - A pattern-matching language that selects arbitrary data from a single HTML page, based on an annotated sample of that page. - A catalog of related pages to apply these patterns to multiple webpages. Its syntax is similar to XSLT and likewise it is almost Turing complete (i.e. it has the necessary control structures, but requires XPath to do calculations ). - A dialect of XPath/XQuery/JSONiq that is Turing-complete and thus can calculate arbitrary, unexpected things. VideLibri is platform-independent and currently there are binaries for (Desktop) Windows, Linux and Android.

minor bugfix: koha/lmscloud: Fix login. Sisis/Touchpoint 6: Do not attempt to login twice. Android 9: Fix crash, when activity is closed, while the list of libraries is opening during the first account registration. Android x86 64-bit: Fix relro crash. Windows/Linux: Load column ordering correctly. bibliotheca: Show renew count in corresponding field. Adapt to changes of public libraries in Gießen, Pfungstadt, Rastatt; university libraries in Osnabrück

GNU GPL libraries opac interpreter object-pascal java windows linux android bibliothek bibliotheken buecherei buechereien stadtbibliotheken

HumHub 1.4.0-beta.2 💾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: Approval by group manager broken. Enh: Set max signs of User tags to 250. humhub/humhub-modules-wiki#103 Topic attachment fails with given topic instances. Set max-width for stream entry image file attachments. ContentContainerController::getAccess uses ContentContainerControllerAccess also for global access. Global content does not allow guest access. With Bluebird and Firefox 71 breaking mentioning requests.

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware

OpenOrienteering Mapper 20191211.4 💾

OpenOrienteering Mapper is an orienteering mapmaking program and provides a free alternative to the existing proprietary solution. Its main advantages compared to it are: Open Source: The program is completely free, every programmer can improve it. Cross-platform: The program works on Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. It has been used to produce maps for classical orienteering, MTBO and radio orienteering races. All required functions for drawing maps are implemented and the program works very stable. So it can be considered ready for productive use, although it is like always a good idea to keep backups of your files. We are happy about feedback to the program.

minor feature: ISSkiOM 2019 symbol set. Baseline and hatched areas view for touch mode UI. Import/export of area pattern clipping options to OCD 12. Georeferenced usage of templates created with Terra Incognita. for georeferencing setup and symbol assignment inconsistencies on data import. for geo coordinate on export. Windows (7 and up): You can choose between an installer (*.exe) and a portable archive (*.zip). For most modern Windows installations, you should choose the x64 bit packages. The x86 will also run on all Windows desktops but are limited by the 32-bit architecture. macOS (10.12 and up): You may need to run the app via Ctrl+Click the first time, in order to allow it to run despite coming from an "unknown source". Android (4.1 and up): You can try arm64-v8a package on newer devices. Otherwise, the armeabi-v7a package should work for most older devices. Note that you will have to allow installation "from unknown sources".

GNU GPLv3 c++ maps

PHP 7.4.1RC1 💾

PHP is a scripting language primarily suited for web applications. It's organically grown into a full-featured programming language, with huge semantic progress in recent years (apart from the namespace separator choice). Many features and extensions come built-in or can be dynamically loaded. Database interfaces, XML processing, regular expressions, networking and broad internet protocol support, IPC, internationalization, image manipulation, filesystem, contemporary cryptography support, file and data format support make the Zend-based PHP.net distribution the most general-purpose PHP runtime.

minor feature: Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4 . typo in CODING_STANDARDS.md ci skip . . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . (Does not compile with DTRACE anymore). . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . crash when unpacking into array literal with string keys. . use-after-free with delayed interned memoized const operand. . . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Add support for mbstring.regex_retry_limit. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . typo in UPGRADING. . Limit retry_limit test to oniguruma = 6.9.3. . Delete temporary.post files of run-tests.php. . Don't test default serialize max_depth. . Bail out if JUNIT is not enabled. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . number of required arguments in arginfo. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . leak when include fails in a read operation. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . grammar nits on php 7.4 UPGRADING. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . add librt for opcache. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . . . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Handle "non well formed" exception during ZPP. . Don't check type of simple parameter default values. . Avoid file clash in root_check skipifs. . : new COM Crash. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . leak on "Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object" error. . Report error if stream_read is not implemented. . Merge branch 'PHP-7.3' into PHP-7.4. . Also check for exception after stream_eof. . leak when property AST evaluation fails. . Explicitly check for exceptions in by-ref obj prop assign. . Return error_zval form get_property_ptr_ptr on exception. .

PHPL php scripting programming-language web

Vim 8.1.2418 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.1.2418: bufnr(' ') is wrong after recycling popup buffer Problem: bufnr(' ') is wrong after recycling popup buffer. Solution: Sort the buffer list by buffer number.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Samba 4.11.3 💾

Samba is a software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients.

minor feature: CVE-2019-14861: DNSServer RPC server crash. CVE-2019-14870: DelegationNotAllowed not being enforced.

GNU GPLv3 communications file-sharing cifs windows

Babel 7.7.6 💾

Babel is a code translator, which compiles next-gen EcmaScript 6 syntax into browser-consumable ES5/JavaScript. It adds a few proposed ES7 constructs even, and works with React, Node.js, Rails, etc. It provides for: array comprehensions, arrow functions, async functions, async generator functions, classes, class properties, computed property names, constants, decorators, default parameters, destructuring, exponentiation operator, for-of, generators, generator comprehensions, let scoping, modules, module export extensions, object rest/spread, property method assignment, property name shorthand, rest parameters, react, spread, tail call optimisation, template literals, type annotations, unicode regex support.

minor feature: (2019-12-08). #### :house: Internal. Chore: add PR Revert labels to changelog ci-skip (@JLHwung). #### :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Revert. `babel-plugin-transform-modules-commonjs`, `babel-plugin-transform-regenerator`, `babel-plugin-transform-runtime`, `babel-preset-env`, `babel-runtime-corejs2`. Revert "Add ".js" extension to injected polyfill imports" (@JLHwung).

MITL javascript ecmascript nodejs compiler conversion es6 es7 developers

ImageMagick 7.0.9-8 💾

ImageMagick® is software toolset and library to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It supports easy cropping, resizing and distorting, combining and morphing, colorizations, animations, applying effects or decorations, adding text, polygons and Bézier curves. Supported image formats include PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000, GIF, SVG, TIFF, DPX, EXR, PDF and Postscript. IM is comprised of the command line tools convert, identify, mogrify, composite, montage, compare, stream, display (with editing GUI), animate, import and conjure for scripting. And there are bindings for Ada, C, COM+, C++, Java, Lisp, haXe, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl.

minor feature: Also add the alias to the header file. . -type bilevel behavior restored, it creates a black and white image. . Disabled broken UnsharpMaskImage OpenCL kernel. . Changed the spot where the broken OpenCL kernel is disabled. . https://github.com///1784. . Use v1 of checkout task instead of master. . https://imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=3 t=37194. . https://imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=1 t=37202. . Some more tweaks to improve the speed of reading PsInfo. . https://imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=3 t=37192. . . . Try to use master as the ref. . Switch back to checkout/@master and install git in the container. . Minor refactoring. . Try to use the full path instead. . Corrected order. . List directory contents. . Switch back to v1 of the checkout on the Linux build. . Use GITHUB_WORKSPACE instead. . Try dir to test if the variable is set. . Switch back to v1 of checkout. . Switch back to refs/heads/master. . Try to use HOME instead. . Switch back to RUNNER_WORKSPACE. . . . . . Build file clean-up @ #1798. . Improve memory allocation @ #1798. . https://github.com//pull/1798. . . . . . . . Improve semaphore handling @ #1798. . .

Apache c graphics image-manipulation image-magick graphics-conversion

µBlock Origin 1.24.3b5 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Chromium: Install from the Chrome store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm. For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. . For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. Firefox: Pending review. Opera: Install from Opera addons: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/ublock/. token array being too small for very long URL.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

TEA text editor 50.0.4 💾

TEA is powerful text editor that provides hundreds of text processing functions. It supports QML plugins and external scripts. TEA can open plain text files, FB2, ODT, RTF, DOCX, Abiword, KWord KWD, SWX, PDF, DJVU. Other features: Built-in MC-like file manager. Spellchecker (using the aspell or/and Hunspell). Tabbed layout engine. Syntax highlighting for C, C++, Bash script, BASIC, C#, D, Fortran, Java, LilyPond, Lout, Lua, NASM, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PO (gettext), Python, Seed7, TeX/LaTeX, Vala, Verilog, XML, HTML, XHTML, Dokuwiki, MediaWiki. Multiply encodings support. Code snippets and templates support. Scripts (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash script). Hotkeys customizations. Misc HTML tools. Dokuwiki, MediaWiki, Docbook, Markdown, LaTeX, Lout editing tools. Preview in external browsers or other programs. String-handling functions such as sorting, reverse, format killing, trimming, filtering, conversions etc. Bookmarks. Morse code translator. Calendar/organizer Built-in image viewer (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, TIFF, TGA, etc.). Built-in image converter and resizer. Built-in ZIP packer/unpacker with file names charset selector.

minor bugfix: Important fixes for the single application mode and OS/2.

GNU GPLv3 text editor qt documentation text-processing filter latex html wiki xml utilities c++ windows os2 macos cross-platform bsd linux

abcMIDI 2019.12.09 💾

The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways.

minor feature: abc2midi: new feature. Since double quotes notation is frequently misused to display other information that can cause a problem, the new option-NGUI ignores any guitar chords in the body of file.

GNU GPL abc music conversion midi cross-platform

Mixxx 2.2.3 💾

Mixxx is an audio mixing / turntable software for DJs. It provides a dual-deck interface, easy drag and drop. It's GUI has various wave transformation controls, beat and cue points, and full waveform previews, vinyl emulation, sample stretching, single click looping, quad sampler decks, MIDI controls. It also helps organazing playlists, with BPM detection, an auto DJ feature, recording, replaygain normalization, and even ICY broadcasting.

minor feature: Don't make users reconfigure sound hardware when it has not changed #2253. MusicBrainz metadata lookup lp:1848887 #2328. high DPI scaling of cover art #2247. high DPI scaling of cue point labels on scrolling waveforms #2331. high DPI scaling of sliders in Tango skin #2318. sound dropping out during recording lp:1842679 #2265 #2305 #2308 #2309. rare crash on application shutdown #2293. Workaround various rare caused by database inconsistencies lp:1846971 #2321. Improve handling of corrupt FLAC files #2315. Don't immediately jump to loop start when loop_out is pressed in quantized mode lp:1837077 #2269. Preserve order of tracks when dragging and dropping from AutoDJ to playlist lp:1829601 #2237. Explicitly use X11 Qt platform plugin instead of Wayland in.desktop launcher lp:1850729 #2340. Pioneer DDJ-SX: delayed sending of MIDI messages with low audio buffer sizes #2326. Enable modplug support on Linux by default lp:1840537 #2244 #2272. keyboard shortcut for View Skin Preferences lp:1851993 #2358 #2372. Reloop Terminal Mix: mapping of sampler buttons 5-8 lp:1846966 #2330.

GNU GPL c++ qt audio playback mixing auto-dj

MONARC 2.9.3 💾

MONARC - Method for an optimised analysis of risks

minor feature: Configuration menu should not be scrollable;. The type hint of parameter "theme" in method "setTheme" is invalid;. Training VM does not show version number;. library object duplicated;. Drag and drop recommendations;. Edit an asset in the library. MONARC application: admin@admin.localhost:admin. SSH login: monarc:password. Mysql root login: root:d61b7bcb7f74d75c6288e781610500c9edc69785dea079fcfc89a760a1d78e2c. Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:70ad0142e19cfb0bc2990fcb5a742739deb924d66d5f1f50384db923b1d36cb6.

Affero GPLv3 cases monarc governance method risk-analysis php security

MantisBT 2.23.0 💾

MantisBT is an open source issue tracker that provides a delicate balance between simplicity and power. Users are able to get started in minutes and start managing their projects while collaborating with their teammates and clients effectively.

minor feature: Change version to 2.23.0-dev . Bump slim/slim from 3.12.1 to 3.12.2. . Add ViewCommand and use it in _view_inc.php. . Merge history_inc.php into _view_inc.php. . Use standard REST + view extra info. . Expose view page info via REST API. . documentation for ViewCommand. . Add show flags to determine fields to show. . Revise rendering of custom fields. . Rendering relationships improvements. . Reformatting long lines and some visibility tweaks. . Rename variables in ViewCommand. . Added visibility flags for more fields. . of rendering differences from original behavior. . Remove unused `relationship_get_summary_html_preview`. . Refactor rendering of relationships. . Move html methods unique to view to view. . Remove unused `html_button_wiki()`. . Refactor action button generation on view page. . check for displaying wiki link. . Remove unused variable. . Control showing of action buttons via flags. . Rename command and REST API. . rendering relationships belonging to multiple projects. . Use html regex validation for string custom fields. . Sort custom field table. . Make custom fields table sortable. . styling of custom field manage table. . Link attachments to note id when applicable. . Attachments with note id should be auto-linked. . When deleting notes, delete associated attachments. . Enable adding attachments with private notes. . Decide visibility of history file entries. . Handle marking of notes w/ attachments as private. . Tweaks types returned by file_get_visible_attachments(). . Link history events to note when visibility changes. . Support private attachments with empty note. . Add schema upgrade step for file table. . Trigger note added event after adding

GNU GPL bugtracker php

Hashrat 1.10.4 💾

Hashrat is a command-line utility that hashes things using md5, sha1/256/512, whirlpool and jh hash algorithms. It's written in C with few dependancies (basically just the standard C library). It can read input from standard in and hash it, either as a complete file, or line-by-line. It can recursively hash files on disk, either outputing hashes to stdout, or storing them in filesystem attributes, or in a memcached server. It can check files against a list of hashes supplied on stdin, or in the filesystem attributes of the files, or in a memcached server. It can find files that match a list supplied either on stdin, or uploaded to a memcached server. It has a 'cgi' mode that presents a web interface for hashing lines of text. It can pull files over ssh or http, to allow remote hashing/checking from another machine.

minor bugfix: Fixes to handle API changes in recent versions of openssl.

GNU GPLv3 hashing md5 sha1 whirlpool security monitoring c console posix unix linux

castclient.lua 2.1 💾

A primitive keyboard-driven, terminal podcast/vodcast/bitchute client. Depends on libUseful and libUseful-lua. Handles download and displaying episode lists, uses external apps (mpg123, mpg321, ogg123, mplayer, cxine etc) for actual playing.

minor feature: Some changes needed for latest version of libUseful-lua

GNU GPLv3 podcast terminal vodcast bitchute

menubuilder.lua 1.3 💾

menubuilder.lua is a lua program (requires libUseful and libUseful-lua) that builds root menus for window managers using both .desktop files and an internal database. Supported window managers are: blackbox, fluxbox. icewm, pekwm, mlvwm, jwm, twm, vtwm and ctwm. Icons are supported under icewm and jwm. menubuilder searches for icons matching a list specified for the app in the config-file, then by the program name and filename, then by the group that the program belongs to. A section can be added to the top of the menu for 'favorite' applications. Xdialog/Zenity/Qarma can be used for programs that require a url or filelist or other argument to be passed on startup.

minor feature: Support added to pwm window manager. Fixes for pekwm window manager.

GNU GPLv3 window manager menu

barmaid.lua 1.4 💾

generates status-bars for dzen2, lemonbar, and the terminal (including 'bottom of screen' terminal bar by manipulating vt220 terminal). Requires libUseful and libUseful-lua.

major feature: Initial freshcode announcement

GNU GPLv3 dzen2 lemonbar status-bar