Vim 8.0.1389 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: Patch 8.0.1389: getqflist() items are missing if not set Problem: getqflist() items are missing if not set, that makes it more. Difficult to handle the values. Solution: When a value is not available return zero or another invalid. Value.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

uSTL 2.6 💾

A partial implementation of the C++ Standard Template Library optimized for size.

minor feature: Erase cow sometimes truncating strings. Hang in istringstream read_number at end of stream. Test failures new with gcc 7.2. Configure directory detection with new gcc. Remove operator templates for ustl types. Add pkg-config file. Do not use memcpy in fallback implementation of copy_n_fast. Remove -march=native from default compiler flags. Add configure --with-native flag.

MITL c++ standard template library

VideLibri 1.955 💾

VideLibri lists the books you have lend from a public library and lets you search the library catalog from your local device. It has all the usual features of an library OPAC, i.e. viewing, renewing, searching and ordering books. It also renews all due books automatically and can do other things only a locally running app can do, like keeping a history of all ever lend books across multiple libraries. It is the world's first library app. So far VideLibri has been tested with 200 libraries successfully, but it was designed to allow every user to adds its own library without requiring any/much programming knowledge. For this purpose three query languages were developed that are supposed to simplify the querying of webpages as much as possible: - A pattern-matching language that selects arbitrary data from a single HTML page, based on an annotated sample of that page. - A catalog of related pages to apply these patterns to multiple webpages. Its syntax is similar to XSLT and likewise it is almost Turing complete (i.e. it has the necessary control structures, but requires XPath to do calculations ). - A dialect of XPath/XQuery/JSONiq that is Turing-complete and thus can calculate arbitrary, unexpected things VideLibri is platform-independent and currently there are binaries for (Desktop) Windows, Linux and Android. At the moment its GUI is entirely in German as no support for any non-German-speaking library has been requested, but a translation can be made if wished for.

minor bugfix: Public libraries of Berlin: Adapt to changed links. Public library Weimar: New OPAC address. College libraries Berlin-Beuth, Würzburg-Schweinfort: New information homepage address. Android: Filter logcat before showing it in debug log

GNU GPL libraries opac interpreter object-pascal java xquery windows linux android bibliothek bibliotheken

cdrtools 3.02a09 💾

cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) creates home-burned CDs/DVDs with a CDR/CDRW/DVD/BluRay recorder. It works as a burn engine for several applications. It supports CD/DVD/BD recorders from many different vendors; all SCSI-3/mmc- and ATAPI/mmc-compliant drives should also work. Supported features include IDE/ATAPI, parallel port, and SCSI drives; audio CDs, data CDs, and mixed CDs; full multi-session support; CD-RWs, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, BD-R/BD-RE; and TAO, DAO, RAW, and human-readable error messages. cdrtools includes remote SCSI support and can access local or remote CD/DVD/BD writers.

major bugfix: Various enhancements in the Schily Makefilesystem (e.g. better support for Haiku and Arm processors). Added a workaround for a clang bug. Fixed some problems with 64 Bit compilation on ReactOS and Win-DOS. Cdrecord man page now mentions the exit status. Cdda2wav now works around a Linux libc bug that causes stderr, to be illegally buffered. Cdda2wav -vall no longer clobbers out-fd= to become stdin when compiled in 64 bit mode.

CDDL software distribution archiving multimedia sound audio cd audio cd writing cd ripping boot

cdrtools 3.02a08 💾

cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) creates home-burned CDs/DVDs with a CDR/CDRW/DVD/BluRay recorder. It works as a burn engine for several applications. It supports CD/DVD/BD recorders from many different vendors; all SCSI-3/mmc- and ATAPI/mmc-compliant drives should also work. Supported features include IDE/ATAPI, parallel port, and SCSI drives; audio CDs, data CDs, and mixed CDs; full multi-session support; CD-RWs, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, BD-R/BD-RE; and TAO, DAO, RAW, and human-readable error messages. cdrtools includes remote SCSI support and can access local or remote CD/DVD/BD writers.

major feature: cdrtools-3.02a08 is only in schilytools, see:

CDDL software distribution archiving multimedia sound audio cd audio cd writing cd ripping boot

Crystal 0.24.1 💾

Crystal is a programming language with a Ruby-inspired syntax, completely free of type declarations, still providing for static checks, and many modern idioms. It allows to bind and invoke C code directly. With a compiler that produces efficient native code.

minor feature: macro lookup from included modules. WebSocket Upgrade header is now case-insensitively compared. Upgraded PCRE version with security. Added PCG32 random generator, now the default one. Added crystal tool format in man page. Docs platform improvements.

Apache c ruby crystal-lang compiler programming-language developers

ConsoleKit2 1.2.1 💾

ConsoleKit2 is a continuation fork of ConsoleKit for managing user sessions, logins, and tracking seats. It's an alternative to systemd-logind, and intended for XFCE as compatibility layer to run on the various BSD systems. It interates many patches since ConsoleKit was unmaintained, utilizes recent dbus, glib, X11, libkvm, PAM, udev, inotify and pm-utils bindings.

minor feature: Stable release of ConsoleKit2 Changes since 1.2.0. New Features: Add ListSeats method to Manager interface. Add CanControlSession dbus call. : Correctly report SELinux support. Only use tmpfs mounts on DFly if supported. incompatible-pointer-type warning. Remove some redundant code probing for hibernation, suspend, and sleep. make_tmpfs for DragonFly. memory leak in ck-manager. Seat property on Session interface. Misc Changes: Add DragonFlyBSD as a platform. Remove DragonFly specific code from FreeBSD sysdeps. Switch away from AC_DISABLE_STATIC.

GNU GPL c session login-manager pam linux bsd

HumHub 1.2.4 💾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: Enh: Translation updates. Added ManageSpaces and SystemAdmin check to UserGroupAccessValidator. Only include content with stream_channel = default into spacechooser update count. Enh: Add LinkedIn auth to login. (Felli). Enh: Add Twitter auth to login. (Felli). Enh: Add Instagram auth to login. (Felli). Enh: Add Twitter, LinkedIn Instagram auth to docs (Felli). Enh: Make lucene search term limit configurable via ZendLuceneSearch:: searchItemLimit. Empty stream message between friends. Enh: Improve composer-asset-plugin config (cebe). Enh: Added a link to the permalink from the ago text (benklop). Enh: Added directory group description (githubjeka). Enh: Added configuration option to include user profile posts in dashboard without following. User profile sidebar disappered. Like notification for comments not working. Add example users to default Users group. getting model attribute value using Html::getAttributeValue(). Directory member search broken on page 2. Disable content search for guest users due to space visibility. Register process broken on some environments (Felli).

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware

BallroomDJ 3.17.2 💾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Attempt a fix for a rare crash when using the mouse wheel. Linux: Added support for Fedora systems in INSTALLER script. Linux: Fixed support for SoX on arch based systems (INSTALLER). Linux/Fedora: work around a bug.

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

Nextcloud 13.0.0beta2 💾

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Keep all of your life / business private and secure on a server you control. Share with only who you choose, and no-one else.

minor feature: check for encryption state on propfind . adjust permissions in web view for encrypted folders. . Remove wrong entry in admin_settings that causes 500. . Add data attribute to file list rows telling if the file is encrypted. . show e2e folder icon on encrypted folders. . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . Remove unused, deprecated icons. . . . Make icon fill more space. . Less exaggerated size increase for icon. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . Give audio-white and audio-off-white shadow via CSS. . Use flex for guest full screen alignment. . heigh resize. . Add HTML5 audio player in public view. . add postgresql10 compatibility to dbal. . run postgresql 10 tests in drone. . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . contact menu horizontal position. . contacts menu vertical position for comment authors. . Submit comments with Enter and use Shift+Enter for new lines. . top. . . . . . alignment of items in comments. . Use basename() instead of self implementation. . . . avatars in file rows of outgoing shares. . avatars in file rows of incoming shares. . adjust, and extend tests. . adjust tests and apply sorting. . rip out obsolete recipientsDisplayName. . apply tooltip to all avatars. . tooltips for good. . input field not disabled while a comment is being sent. . Make "contenteditable=false" divs look like disabled input fields. . recycle SharedFileInfo values in fileInfo. . Update CRL due to files_frommail. . Update CRL due to aboutconfig. . loading icon position in the app menu. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . Remove unused checkCode method. . Disable elements while a comment is being deleted. . Reset bruteforce attempt table on successful login. . . . sorting test on phantomjs. . . . . . . . Show submit working icon at the same position as the submit confirm icon. . Show delete working icon at the same position as the delete icon. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . Cache fetched a

Affero GPLv3 storage cloud web-environment file-sharing secure s3 dropbox

Atom 1.24.0-beta0 💾

Atom is a programming editor. It has a web / JavaScript-based GUI, but runs as desktop application. Atom can be edited with itself. Lots of plugins and extensions, and language bindings are available. The default interface comes with a paned interface, a file system browser, fuzzy search, code folding, an understandable configuration dialog, snippet browser, multi-cursor and selection support.

minor feature: Atom packages can register a URI handler function that will be invoked any time the user visits a URI that starts with atom://package-name/. Hide specific commands in the command palette. Improved the performance of multi-cursor editing operations by restructuring event APIs to call their callbacks only once per keystroke. The GitHub package now never locks the index, making it easier to use the CLI or other Git tools with Atom open in the background. Atom/atom#15768 - :arrow_up: atom-keymap@8.2.6. Atom/atom#15770 - flaky package manager spec. Atom/atom#15777 - mouseup listener cleanup when dragging in text editor. Atom/atom#15760 - faded application icons on macOS 10.13. Atom/atom#15776 - slowness in Cursor.getCurrentWordBufferRange. Atom/atom#15729 - Update first-mate. Atom/atom#15785 - :art: Shortened last three methods in color class. Atom/atom#15769 - :arrow_up: electron@1.6.14. Atom/atom#15799 - Preserve indentation when toggling comments on whitespace-only lines. Atom/atom#15800 - rendering when folds cause the vertical scrollbar to disappear with soft wrapping enabled. Atom/atom#15798 - Prompt to save when unloading if editor is in conflict. Atom/atom#15775 - Update the stale markComment message. Atom/atom#15821 - Clear dimensions cache when approximate screen line count changes. Atom/atom#15828 - Clear the dimensions cache after updating the soft wrap column. Atom/atom#15823 - Decaffeinate Gutter. Atom/atom#15833 - Always revert to composition checkpoint, even if input is disabled. Atom/atom#15834 - Decaffeinate GutterContainer. Atom/atom#15840 - Add indentation to force YAML to leave certain lines the way they are. Atom/atom#15838 - Decaffeinate GrammarRegistry. Atom/atom#15865 - Don't throw when destroying block decorations inside marker change event. Atom/atom#15882 - decaffeinate Atom/atom#15904 - Link to more accurate local dev instructions. Atom/atom#15906 - Link to the flight-manual instead of duplicating documentation. Atom/atom#1

MITL javascript editor programmers web-development

OrientDB 2.2.31 💾

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license (Apache 2 license). First generation Graph Databases lack the features that Big Data demands: multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases.

minor feature: Use soft references in SQL SELECT result set . Implement missing methods in SoftQueryResultList. . contains() on SoftQueryResultList. . Enhance management of soft references in result sets. . version bumped to 2.2.31-SNAPSHOT. . Merge branch '2.2.x' into sql_soft_ref. . UPDATE ADD of a map in an embeddedlist. . SELECT `@rid` to be consistent with SELECT @rid. . Several with SoftRef management were. Initial tests were . . CI build - limit increased till 8GB, dev build memory decreased till 4GB. . CI build - limit increased till 8GB, dev build memory decreased till 4GB. . Merge branch '2.2.x' of into 2.2.x. . Auto-configuration of usage of soft references in queries and additional. . made sure to check and trigger rollback on error just in the needed c . . Log query when CREATE EDGE fails. . SoftRef list state checks were added. . IS DEFINED and IS NOT DEFINED in SQL. . concurrency on sequence library. . Add Hazelcast AWS dependency to the classpath. . SoftRef list tests were completed. . usage of multiple sequences in the same SQL statement. . Additonal containers were converted to SoftRef containers. . Merge branch '2.2.x' into sql_soft_ref. . Labels for docker monitoring were added. . add checks for avoid invalid rids to be persistend in embedded ridbags. . direct cast to JSON context in the fetch plans when run from bi . . Enhance javadoc for database.backup(). . Maven memory limit is increased till 1g. . Crash tests are excluded from integration tests. . Memory limit was increased till 5g. . wrong return type on distributed is ready callback. . add check for avoid nullpointers in valid rid asserts. . Amount of memory resources is set to 48 (24GB). . Merge branch '2.2.x' of into 2.2.x. . Memory resources were removed. . add test case of ridbag serialization invalid rid assert. . Memory locks were added. . Memory consumption limit was increased till 6gb.

Apache nosql dbms graphdb

ALT Starterkits 20171212 💾

ALT is a set of Linux distributions based on Sisyphus, an APT-enabled RPM package repository that aims to achieve feature completeness, usability, and security in a sensible and manageable mixture.

major feature: Linux 4.9.67 / 4.13.16; Mesa 7.1.10; smartmontools 6.6; Firefox ESR 52.5.2, NetworkManager 1.8.4; added support for btrfs (to installable livecds for now), intel ucode, amdgpu, Chinese fonts; improved support for eMMC, vmware; cinnamon: 3.4.6; enlightenment: 0.21.11 / efl 1.20.5; icewm: Chromium 61; kde5: 5.39.0 / 5.10.5 / 17.04.3; rescue: fixed rw sessions; wmaker: palemoon 27.6.2; new flavours: engineering, lxde-sysv (livecd), opennebula (vm image)

GNU GPL operating-system software-distribution installation end-users developers livecd rescue desktop server security

µBlock Origin 1.14.21rc4 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: kasper93: improve DOM inspector. gwarser: Update supportURL for POL filters. NoScript WebExtension and its CSP reports. Use local image in Add-ons Manager. suspendTabsUntilReady and Violentmonkey compatibility. NSFW not popup. Regression Preview of CSS 'style' filters no longer works. Add Adguard Mobile ads filter to default filter list Adguard Mobile Ads filter list will be automatically selected with Firefox for Android (for new installations of uBO). . Adguard Mobile Ads filter list will be automatically selected with Firefox for Android (for new installations of uBO). A case that a custom RegExp rule doesn't work. generichide filter entry appears twice in the Logger on first load. Performance RegExp uses undue amount of memory on Chromium-based browsers. Reported as a core because the also benefits Firefox performance-wise. . Reported as a core because the also benefits Firefox performance-wise. uBlock unhides hidden elements when it's updated. Regression :style filters incorrectly shown in logger. 'Block element' from context menu not working in Firefox, when 0 active filters. Accessibility Screen reader, after clicking the toolbar button, the shown up interface is not accessible with screen reader keyboard control. DOM inspector not sees element.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

Natron 2.3.4 💾

Natron is a visual effects composition software. It supports many common image file formats (EXR, DPX, TIFF, JPEG, PNG); colorspace management via OpenColorIO, and visual effects via OpenFX / OFX plugins. It has low hardware requirements that allow real-time playback, comes with command line tools, and uses Python3 for scripting.

minor feature: Binaries distributed through Natron's web site are now built with 8-bit x264. 10-bit x264 (introduced with 2.2.6) causes too many compatibility. There are other codecs that support 10-bit output (especially ProRes, vc2, libopenjpeg, libvpx-vp9, and x265 on some systems). In order to get 10-bit x264, it is recommended to encode a quasi-lossless using one of these codecs, and then transcode with a ffmpeg binary capable of encoding 10-bit x264. Work around a possible Qt/Linux where tablet events have a negative pressure on Wacom Intuos tablet #1697. Binaries: add 10-bit HEVC encoding, Cisco openh264 encoding, VidVox Hap encoding. Upgrade SeExpr to version 2.11. Grade: add a "Normalize" button to automatically compute the clack and white points. Matrix3x3, Matrix5x5: new plugins, apply a 3x3 or 5x5 custom filter. ColorCorrect: wrong render for input values outside the 0-1 range #1703. ReadOIIO: Adjust Maximum Thr. (used when reading RAW camera files) should defaut to 0.0 #1705.

GNU GPL c++- python graphics composition animation effects

BallroomDJ 3.17.1 💾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Playlists can have automatic selections based on your choice of dances and how often those dances should play, stops after some number of songs has been played, stops at a particular time, allowing of songs with certain keywords, sequences, and manual selection. Mix all of these in any order and modify them at any time.

minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Player: More fixes for a potential crash on exit. Fixed background color issues. Music Manager: Fixed display of marks for played songs. Music Manager: continuous playback mode is disabled except when in playback mode. Player: Fix volume reset on exit when there are multiple instances of ballroomdj running. Player: Fix rounding error display for countdown timers. Multiple Instances: Fixed a bug registering the main instance. Fixes for possible socket hangs.

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

CakePHP 3.5.8 💾

CakePHP is a web development framework, somewhat similar to Rails. It provides scaffolding tools, an ActiveRecord/DataMapper implementation, doesn't require much setup or configuration. It comes with helpers for text translations, caching, validation, authorization backends, CSRF and XSS protection, and templating. It follows the Web-"MVC" scheme, centralized route dispatching, less efficient class-by-class autoloading, etc. Thorough API documentation and a rich set of user-contributed plugins exist.

minor feature: Improved internal usage of PHPUnit assertions. Improved API documentation. warnings from phpstan level 3. inconsistent hash algorithm usage in Digest Authentication. Database Type::map() now clears built objects when types are re-mapped. CakePHP catches Throwable in several places improving PHP7 support. schema reflection with MariaDB's current_timestamp() default value. Routes now match when _method is an array which could happen when named routes supported multiple HTTP methods. FormHelper::button() now supports the confirm option. Response::body() will no longer invoke string callables. ServerRequest::referer(true) no longer returns protocol relative URLs that are embedded in the path. po files that contained the same message string as both a singular and a plural form now correctly work with __(). ADmad. Dariusz Ruminski. David Yell. Florian Krämer. José Lorenzo Rodríguez. Mark Scherer. Mark Story. Raúl Arellano. chinpei215. mosaxiv. saeid. timalive.

MITL php framework web-mvc cakephp rails

abcMIDI 2017-12-10 💾

The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways. It provides a cross-platform GUI and bundles Tcl/Tk for Windows.

major feature: Abc2midi: abc2midi now implements the command abc-include "" where "" is typically a header file which defines various global parameters. For example, the file could remap the channel pitches to particular percussion instruments using the MIDI drummap command.

GNU GPL music conversion midi cross-platform tcl tk tclkit

QOwnNotes 17.12.4 💾

QOwnNotes is the open source (GPL) plain-text file notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud.

minor bugfix: a possible problem with the settings dialog size for new installations. Moved the setting `Show all notes of a tag including the notes of their children-tags` in the *Panel settings to the settings for the *Note pane*.

GNU GPL desktop note-taking owncloud todo

Linux kernel 4.14.5 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.14.5, locking/refcounts: Do not force refcount_t usage as GPL-only export, usb: host: incorrect updating of offset, USB: usbfs: Filter flags passed in from user space, USB: core: Add type-specific length check of BOS descriptors, usb: xhci: panic in xhci_free_virt_devices_depth_first, xhci: Don't show incorrect WARN message about events for empty rings, USB: ulpi: bus-node lookup, usb: hub: Cycle HUB power when initialization fails, staging: ccree: leak of import() after init(), dma-buf/sw_sync: force signal all unsignaled fences on dying timeline, powerpc/kprobes: Disable preemption before invoking probe handler for optprobes, powerpc/jprobes: Disable preemption when triggered through ftrace, locking/refcounts, x86/asm: Enable CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_REFCOUNT, iio: multiplexer: add NULL check on devm_kzalloc() and devm_kmemdup() return values, iio: adc: ti-ads1015: add 10 to conversion wait time, mm, x86/mm: performance regression in get_user_pages_fast(), perf tools: leaking rec_argv in error cases, tools include: Do not use poison with C++, s390/ptrace: guarded storage regset handling, locking/refcounts, x86/asm: Use unique.text section for refcount exceptions, kprobes/x86: Disable preemption in ftrace-based jprobes, perf test attr: python error on empty result, perf test attr: ignored test case result, staging: fsl-mc/dpio: incorrect comparison, serial: imx: Update cached mctrl value when changing RTS, usbip: tools: Install all headers needed for libusbip development, serial: sh-sci: suppress warning for ports without dma channels, sysrq : Show Regs call trace on ARM, usb: xhci: Return error when host is dead in xhci_disable_slot(), ARM: cpuidle: Correct driver unregistration if init fails, staging: rtl8822be: Keep array subscript no lower than zero, staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Account for Rx FD buffers on error path, usb: mtu3: error return code in ssusb_gadget_init(), EDAC, sb_edac: missing break in switch, dt-bindings: timer: renesas, cmt: SoC-specific compatibl

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

matplotlib 2.1.1 💾

Python matplotlib is a for 2D plotting publication-ready figures in various formats, or rendering them interactively cross-platform. It can be scripted or used in Pythons interactive shell, within web applications, or through bindings with multiple GUI toolkits. It simplifies plot generation, histograms, power spectra, bar charts, error charts, scatter plots. Typical uses only require a few lines of code, while complex rendering is kept feasible. Its pyplot interface provides a MATLAB-style API.

minor feature: REL: v2.1.1 The first and only planned -release for the 2.1 series. This release include many and documentation. Highlights are: Change default logscale behavior to clip. Webagg import errors. Tweaks to polar ticks. Exception when guessing afm family names. Update manifest to include all doc files. Improve masked array handling in pcolormesh. Segfault from reading invalid png. Blocking_input. Resulting in huge multi-page pdf files. Make `show` in nbagg take args as other backends do. Several to OSX backend. Restore positional arg handling on Figure.legend. - in interactive navigation. When panning with invalid limits. With fully masked arrays passed to imshow.

Python python plotting graphs science mathematics matlab matplot

Kamailio SIP Server 5.1.0 💾

Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) is a high-performance SIP (RFC3261) server with a flexible architecture and many extensions. The server implements proxy, registrar, redirect, and location SIP/VoIP services. It has support for UDP, TCP, TLS, and SCTP transport layers, DNSsec, ENUM, AAA via database, RADIUS, DIAMETER, gateways to SMS and XMPP, least cost routing, load balancing, NAT traversal, and call processing language. Kamailio implements SIMPLE presence and instant messaging extensions, and includes an embedded XCAP server and MSRP relay, IMS/VoLTE extensions. It can be also used as a routing SIP sever for WebRTC via WebSocket.

major feature: A major release with nine new modules (acc_diameter accounting with a diameter server (alpha); app_sqlang Squrrel scripting interpreter; call_obj track active calls with integer ids; evrexec execute event routes at startup; ims_diameter_server diameter server implementation; keepalive perform keepalive checking against a set of sip addresses; phonenum phone number lookup and normalization module; sipdump write sip traffic and runtime metadata to files; topos_redis redis backend for topos module), most of the functions exported to KEMI framework and new features in more than 50 old modules.

GNU GPL sip voip webrtc volte ims telephony messaging

abcMIDI 2017-12-06 💾

The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways. It provides a cross-platform GUI and bundles Tcl/Tk for Windows.

minor feature: Midicopy: added an option -xchns to exclude specific channels.

GNU GPL music conversion midi cross-platform tcl tk tclkit

ClamTk MATE 0.02.01 💾

clamtk-mate is a simple plugin for ClamTk to allow a right-click context menu scan of files or folders in the Caja file manager. It's based on clamtk-gnome by Dave M.

major feature: Add localization for german, spanish, french, italian, portuguese and russian.

Artistic clamav clamtk mate-desktop caja

darktable 2.4.0rc1 💾

darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

minor feature: When appending EXIF data to an exported image, do not fail if reading of EXIF from the original file fails. Support XYZ as proofing profile. Clear DerivedFrom from XMP before writing it. bauhaus: when using soft bounds, keep slider step constant. Some GCC7 build. cmstest: crash when missing XRandR extension. crash in Lua libs when collapsing libs. Mac packaging: some. RawSpeed: TiffIFD: avoid double-free. a few alloc-dealloc mismatches. Canon EOS 77D. Canon EOS 9000D. Nikon D500 (14bit-uncompressed, 12bit-uncompressed). Nikon D5600 (12bit-compressed, 12bit-uncompressed, 14bit-compressed, 14bit-uncompressed). Panasonic DC-FZ82 (4:3). Panasonic DMC-FZ80 (4:3). Panasonic DMC-FZ85 (4:3). Panasonic DC-GH5 (4:3). Pentax K-3 II. Nikon D500. Panasonic DMC-FZ300. Panasonic DMC-LX100. Pentax K-70. Sony ILCE-5000.

GNU GPLv3 capture digital-camera graphics-conversion viewer macos linux c

Zeal 0.5.0 💾

Zeal is an offline documentation browser. It's similar to Dash on OS X, but available cross-platform. It comes with ready-to-download manuals for many scripting and programming languages, frameworks and document standards. Zeal greatly simplifies searching across documentation.

minor feature: Added optional fuzzy search. Added support for user-defined styles via custom CSS file. Added support for a basic dark theme (webview only). Added support for high resolution displays. Switched to the CMake build system, support for qmake will be dropped shortly. The minimally required Qt version bumped to 5.5.1. As the result of above, libappindicator support is relies on the built-in Qt implementation. Dropped support for Qt WebEngine. Removed dependency on Qt Sql by using SQLite directly. Windows binaries now bundle the new Qt WebKit, which a lot of rendering and stability isses. (#359, #723). Windows binaries are now 64-bit, and built with MSVC 2015. New tabs now have the search box automatically focused. Added a Retry button to the error box appearing on docset list download failure. Updated welcome page style (includes a Carbon ad banner, which can be disabled in the settings). search for one-character terms. Multiple in the search algorithm. (#603, #650, #677). navigation in some docsets. portable version not saving docset storage path. (609). Many rendering and stability by switching to the new Qt WebKit. (#359, #723). MSI installer not removing custom protocol handlers. Web pages using Fira Sans (e.g., PHP docset) font are rendered in italic. This is an upstream with Qt WebKit.

GNU GPLv3 c++ qt documentation browser developers

youtube-dl 2017.12.10 💾

youtube-dl is a small command-line tool to download videos. While it originally and still is used for, it supports many other video hosters like Anitube, Appletrailers,, ARD, Arte, Blinkx, Bloomberg, CBS, clipfish, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral, Discovery, dropbox, eHow, flickr, FranceTV, Google+, GorillaVid, Internet Video Archive, justintv, KhanAcademy, liveleak, MTV, MyVideo, NBC, Newstube, novamov Slideshare, SoundCloud, Southpark, Steam, SyFy, Veoh and Vimeo. It can save video MP4s and other provided formats or just extract audio tracks.

minor feature: utils Add sami mimetype to mimetype2ext. culturebox Improve video id extraction. twitter Improve extraction. udemy Extract more HLS formats. udemy Improve course id extraction. stretchinternet Add support for ellentube extraction. raiplay:playlist Add support for playlists. sonyliv Bypass geo restriction. sonyliv Extract higher quality formats. fox Extract subtitles. fox Add support for Adobe Pass authentication. dailymotion:cloud Remove extractor. xhamster thumbnail extraction. xhamster Add support for mobile URLs. generic Don't pass video id as mpd id while extracting DASH. ard Skip invalid stream URLs. porncom metadata extraction. pluralsight Detect agreement request. toutv login.

Public Domain python utility video

ffmpeg 3.4.1 💾

FFmpeg is the leading framework for decoding, encoding, transcoding, muxing, demuxing, streaming, filtering and playing pretty much any media format. It supports widespread and standardized, proprietary and fringe file formats and encodings. It's comprised of the ffmpeg, ffserver, ffplay and ffprobe utilities. But also provides libavcodec, libavutil, libavformat, libavfilter, libavdevice, libswscale and libswresample for application use. Its primary development attention is on security.

minor feature: 3.4.1 was released on 2017-12-10. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release From the 3.4 release branch, which was cut from master on 2017-10-11. It includes the following library versions: Libavutil 55. 78.100 Libavcodec 57.107.100 Libavformat 57. 83.100 Libavdevice 57. 10.100 Libavfilter 6.107.100 Libavresample 3. 7. 0 Libswscale 4. 8.100 Libswresample 2. 9.100 Libpostproc 54. 7.100

GNU LGPLv3 video conversion display capture library c x11 developers

Fiwix 0.9.1 💾

Fiwix is an operating system kernel written from scratch, based on the UNIX architecture and fully focused on being POSIX compatible. It is designed and developed mainly as a hobby OS and, since it serves also for educational purposes, the kernel code is kept as simple as possible for the benefit of readers or students. It runs on the 32-bit x86 hardware platform and is compatible with a good base of existing GNU applications.

major bugfix: Added full support of Minix v2 filesystem. Improved the initialization procedure of the keyboard driver. Improved filesystem permission semantics. Improved protection checking in every single system call. Improved the hard disk ATA driver. Included the file /proc//mountinfo to support GNU coreutils. a missing acknowledgement in an spurious interrupt. a missing tty output flush at the end of console_flush_log_buf(). a in /dev/lp driver that prevented write data in parallel port. a in namei() with filenames bigger than NAME_MAX. a in namei() to return -ENOENT if filename is NULL. to include a default 0022 umask in INIT. the mask during the creation of a directory in the Minix filesystem. to not wake up a process if its pending signals are blocked. to ignore the SIGCHLD signal by default. to avoid trying to flush on disk virtual inodes (i.e. from PIPE_DEV). a missing inode_unlock() in file_read(). a bad block size assignment when sharing disk and CDROM in the same major device. to stay with 32bit addresses in bios_map_init(). a bit the buffer management. a missing inode release in sys_open() when opening an unexistent file. a missing inode release in is_pre(). in sys_open() to return ENOENT instead of ENOTDIR when O_CREAT is set. a in pipe_read() that prevented reading completely the buffer. a lot of system calls. New system calls: sys_fdatasync (as an alias of sys_fsync).

Other operating-system kernel posix unix

smenu 0.9.10 💾

Powerful terminal utility that allows you to use words coming from the standard input to create a nice selection window just below the cursor. Once done, your selection will be sent to standard output.

minor feature: A giant commit because a lot of things have been rewritten/enhanced

GNU GPL unix c terminal console commandline

SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.9 💾

SimpleScreenRecorder is a screen recorder for Linux. Despite the name, this program is actually quite complex. It's 'simple' in the sense that it's easier to use than ffmpeg/avconv or VLC.

minor feature: Updated Hungarian translation . first cmake attempt. . cleanups. . cmake: adding pthreads to link step. . list of files to be installed. . adding glinject library. . cmake: typo. cmake: adding X11 to required libraries (build ). . cmake: finding avformat library. . typo. cmake: finding avcodec library. . cmake: finding avutil library. . typo. cmake: finding Xlibrary. . cmake: adding missing file. . typo. make: finding swscale library. . cmake: mocing first files. . make: finding pulse audio library. . cmake: adding more files to moc. . including/linking Alsa. . cmake: cleanups with XExtensions. . cmake: adding mssse3 flag to certain files. . cmake: translating files. . adding 32bit version of GLInject. . cmake: adding install target. . cmake: ing icons installation. . cmake: ing libssr-glinject name. . cmake: ing installation paths for man. . cleanups. . Added one more translation. . . . Add RGB24 support (without optimization since it is rarely used). . Merge branch 'master' of . . . polish translation progress. . adding more polish translations. . restoring original TS version. . Merge branch 'tr' - progress for polish translations. . . . CMake refactoring. . moving options to main CMakeLists.txt + adding qt5 option. . cmake: support for qt4 (default). . cmake: introducing WITH_GLINJECT and WITH_SIMPLESCREENRECORDER options. . cmake: preparations for ing WITH_JACK option. . . . CMake: finishing jack support. . cmake cleanups. . cmake: for conditional build of pulse audio. . cmake: build x86 specific files only when necessary. . cmake: moving ENABLE_32BIT_GLInject option to top CMakeLists.txt. . rename tray normal status to ssr-indicator. . scalable

GNU GPLv3 video capture screen-capture c++ qt

Antivirus Live CD 24.0-0.99.2 💾

Antivirus Live CD is an official 4MLinux fork including the ClamAV scanner. It's designed for users who need a lightweight live CD, which will help them to protect their computers against viruses. Both Ethernet (including Wi-Fi) and dial-up (including fast USB modems) Internet connections are supported to enable automatic updates of the virus signature database. All partitions are mounted automatically during boot so that they can be scanned by ClamAV (the supported filesystems are: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, f2fs, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, nilfs2, ntfs, reiser4, reiserfs, and xfs). Antivirus Live CD images are fully compatible with UNetbootin, which can be used to create an easy-to-use Antivirus Live USB.

major feature: This version is based on 4MLinux 24.0 and ClamAV 0.99.2.

GNU GPLv3 framebuffer command-line antivirus

Parrillada 1.18.2 💾

A CD/DVD burning application for MATE Desktop forked from GNOME's Brasero by Philippe Rouquier. Parrillada is a CD/DVD mastering tool for the MATE Desktop. It is designed to be simple and easy to use.

minor bugfix: - Added mate-common macros. This fixes some build issues. - Update parillada-main-window.png. - Change to a pro-positive translation the spanish support. - Remove more unnecesary files in git tree. - Update info in - Add to - Reset Changelog to reflect only changes made in parrillada

GNU GPL burn cdrom dvd mate desktop linux mate-desktop gstreamer dvd-burning-application cdrtools

Mesa 17.3.0 💾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor feature: Mesa 17.3.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned with stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or wait for Mesa 17.3.1. Mesa 17.3.0 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is. only available if requested at context creation because compatibility contexts are not supported. New features, Note: some of the new features are only available with certain drivers. libtxc_dxtn is now integrated into Mesa. GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc and GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt are now always enabled on drivers that support them, GL_ARB_indirect_parameters on i965/gen7+, GL_ARB_polygon_offset_clamp on i965, nv50, nvc0, r600, radeonsi, llvmpipe, swr, GL_ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query on radeonsi, GL_ARB_texture_filter_anisotropic on i965, nv50, nvc0, r600, radeonsi, GL_EXT_memory_object on radeonsi, GL_EXT_memory_object_fd on radeonsi, EGL_ANDROID_native_fence_sync on radeonsi with a future kernel (possibly 4.15), EGL_IMG_context_priority on i965,, Regression: GLB 2.7 amp; Glmark-2 GLES versions segfault due to linker precision error (259fc505) on dead variable, glsl/ir.cpp:1376: ir_dereference_variable::ir_dereference_variable(ir_variable*): Assertion `var != NULL' failed. Regression in Mesa 17 on s390x (zSystems), AMD SI cards: Some vulkan apps freeze the system, interpolateAtSample check for input parameter is too strict, Explicit sync support for android, gfx corruption on windowed 3d-apps running on dGPU, llvmpipe piglit gl-1.0-scissor-offscreen regression, Assertion `! quot;invalid type quot;' failed when constant expression involves literal of different type, PATCH regression bisect Xorg fails to start after f50aa21456d82c8cb6fbaa565835f1acc1720a5d, regression libEGL_common.a

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl

Fusio 1.0.0-RC5 💾

Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to build and manage RESTful APIs. It provides endpoint versioning, handling data from different data sources, schema definition (JsonSchema), automatic documentation generation and secure authorization (OAuth2).

minor feature: Documentation handle schema array types #106. logging of long request uris #105. Add config to specify expire time of refresh token #104. Allow schema scheme when deploying a json schema #103. Add upgrade check. Improve test cases. Add PHP 7.2 support.

Affero GPLv3 api rest php

Wine 3.0-rc1 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: Direct3D 11 enabled by default on AMD and Intel GPUs. AES encryption support on macOS. Implementation of the task scheduler. Registry export support in the reg.exe tool. Progman DDE support. OLE data cache improvements. More event support in MSHTML. Relay deging improvements. Various.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

Linux Wacom tablet project 0.27 💾

The Linux Wacom project is comprised of hardware drivers, libraries and documentation for Wacom tablets. It can configure devices, and interfaces with X11 under Linux, or graphics applications; usually provides out-of-the-box support on most distributions. Supported devices include the Wacom series Intuos, Cintiq, TabletPC, Graphire, Intuos Pro, Volito, PenPartner, PL & DTF , Bamboo, Bamboo Pen & Touch, and Graphire Bluetooth.

minor feature: New devices: - Dell Canvas 27. - Pro Pen 3D stylus. - XP-Pen Star 03. - ISDv4 4831 (Dell XPS 13 9365). New API: libwacom_get_button_evdev_code() and the matching EvdevCodes entry in the.tablet files.

GNU GPL c x11 hardware tablets wacom linux desktop