Linux kernel 4.17.4 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.17.4, virt: vbox: Only copy_from_user the request-header once, dm thin: handle running out of data space vs concurrent discard, dm zoned: avoid triggering reclaim from inside dmz_map(), x86/efi: efi_call_phys_epilog() with CONFIG_X86_5LEVEL=y, x86/entry/64/compat: "x86/entry/64/compat: Preserve r8-r11 in int 0x80", selinux: move user accesses in selinuxfs out of locked regions, x86/e820: put !E820_TYPE_RAM regions into memblock.reserved, block: cloning of requests with a special payload, block: transfer when chunk sectors exceeds max, pmem: only set QUEUE_FLAG_DAX for fsdax mode, dm: use bio_split() when splitting out the already processed bio, kasan: depend on CONFIG_SLUB_DE, slub: failure when we delete and create a slab cache, i2c: gpio: initialize SCL to HIGH again, Revert "i2c: algo-bit: init the bus to a known state", ALSA: hda/realtek - the problem of two front mics on more machines, ALSA: hda/realtek - Add a quirk for FSC ESPRIMO U9210, ALSA: hda/realtek - pop noise on Lenovo P50 co, ALSA: hda - Force to link down at runtime suspend on ATI/AMD HDMI, ALSA: timer: UBSAN warning at SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_NEXT_DEVICE ioctl, Input: elantech - V4 report decoding for module with middle key, Input: elantech - enable middle button of touchpads on ThinkPad P52, Input: elan_i2c_smbus - more potential stack buffer overflows, Input: psmouse - button reporting for basic protocols, Input: xpad - GPD Win 2 controller name, udf: Detect incorrect directory size, net: ethernet: suspend/resume in davinci_emac, xen: Remove unnecessary _ON from __unbind_from_irq(), tracing: Check for no filter when processing event filters, mm: devmem_is_allowed() for sub-page System RAM intersections, mm/ksm.c: ignore STABLE_FLAG of rmap_item- address in rmap_walk_ksm(), rbd: flush rbd_dev- watch_dwork after watch is unregistered, pwm: lpss: platform: Save/restore the ctrl register over a suspend/resume, Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN0618 (Lenovo v330 15IKB) ACPI ID, Input: silead - add MSSL00

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

HumHub 1.2.8 💾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: Enh: Added user email to javascript user config. Module Assets are not republished after module update. Enh: Added humhub components ModuleManager::EVENT_BEFORE_MODULE_ENABLE and humhub components ModuleManager::EVENT_AFTER_MODULE_ENABLE events. Enh: Added humhub components ModuleManager::EVENT_BEFORE_MODULE_DISABLE and humhub components ModuleManager::EVENT_AFTER_MODULE_DISABLE events. Improved ZendLucence driver error handling. Upload space picture dose not use file size setting in HumHub (acs-ferreira). Incorrect last visit date shown in space admin pending members view (acs-ferreira). Enh: Allow enable/disable modules by CLI. Enh: Added UTC only timezone in server timezone dropdown. Integrity checker removes modules default state. Enh: Updated translations.

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware

TEA text editor 45.0.1 💾

TEA is powerful text editor that provides hundreds of text processing functions. It supports QML plugins and external scripts. TEA can open plain text files, FB2, ODT, RTF, DOCX, Abiword, KWord KWD, SWX, PDF, DJVU. Other features: Built-in MC-like file manager. Spellchecker (using the aspell or/and Hunspell). Tabbed layout engine. Syntax highlighting for C, C++, Bash script, BASIC, C#, D, Fortran, Java, LilyPond, Lout, Lua, NASM, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PO (gettext), Python, Seed7, TeX/LaTeX, Vala, Verilog, XML, HTML, XHTML, Dokuwiki, MediaWiki. Multiply encodings support. Code snippets and templates support. Scripts (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash script). Hotkeys customizations. Misc HTML tools. Dokuwiki, MediaWiki, Docbook, Markdown, LaTeX, Lout editing tools. Preview in external browsers or other programs. String-handling functions such as sorting, reverse, format killing, trimming, filtering, conversions etc. Bookmarks. Morse code translator. Calendar/organizer Built-in image viewer (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, TIFF, TGA, etc.). Built-in image converter and resizer. Built-in ZIP packer/unpacker with file names charset selector.

minor bugfix: MacOS compilation fix.

GNU GPLv3 text editor qt documentation text-processing filter latex html wiki xml utilities c++ windows os2 macos cross-platform bsd linux

Django 2.0.7 💾

Django is a high-level Python Web-MVC framework for RAD with clean and pragmatic code. It's comparatively fast, integrates moderns security features, and is very scalable. It prefers explicit configuration over implicit conventions, has an object-relational database mapper, autogenerated admin interfaces, flexible regex-based URL dispatching, internationalization features, a custom templating engine or Jinja2, caching, authentication or authorization, a user comment plugin, RSS/Atom and sitemap modules, GeoIP integration.

minor feature: 2.0.x - a/an/and typos in docs and comments. . 2.0.x typo in docs/topics/db/aggregation.txt. . 2.0.x - Add a check for likely incorrectly migrated d . . 2.0.x - Warned that quoting a placeholder in a raw SQ . . 2.0.x Refs #28593 -- Updated old class names in comments following . . 2.0.x - Reallowed AuthenticationForm to raise the ina . . 2.0.x - Clarified the docs for admin.register's args. . 2.0.x - Added QuerySet.values()/values_list() support . . 2.0.x - Doc'd middleware ordering considerations due . . 2.0.x - tx_isolation deprecation warning on MyS . . 2.0.x invalid escape sequence warning in check_framework test. . 2.0.x - index name truncation of namespaced tab . . 2.0.x test failures due to ordering differences on PostgreSQL . . 2.0.x Updated main translation catalog. . 2.0.x incorrect integer division in DeletionTests.test_large_ . . 2.0.x Skipped test_exact_sliced_queryset_limit_one_offset on Oracle. . 2.0.x Bumped version for 2.0 release candidate 1. . 2.0.x - Doc'd backwards incompatibility when reverse( . . 2.0.x - typo in docs/topics/auth/default.txt. . 2.0.x Refs #28814 -- "SyntaxError: Generator expression must . . 2.0.x Refs #28814 -- test_runner failure on Python 3.7. . 2.0.x - ExtractYear imports in docs/ref/models/ . . 2.0.x - "Unknown system variable 'transaction_i . . 2.0.x Added assertion helpers for PostgreSQL's server-side cursor t . . 2.0.x - Made QuerySet.iterator() use server-side curs . . 2.0.x Clarified who the AdminEmailHandler emails. . 2.0.x typo in docs/topics/forms/media.txt. . 2.0.x Linked to prefetch_related_objects func in DB optimization docs. . 2.0.x - SQLite/MySQL crash when ordering by a f . . 2.0.x - Forced pot files to use UNIX-style newlines. . 2.0.x - test client crash if an exception with . . 2.0.x - Made query lookups for CIText fields use citext. . 2.0.x - a regression in caching of a GenericFor . . 2.0.x - Made Inl

BSDL python django orm web-mvc web-development routing authorization developers

OrientDB 3.0.3 💾

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license (Apache 2 license). First generation Graph Databases lack the features that Big Data demands: multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases.

minor feature: PrjHub has been. . Merge branch 'develop' of into . . in query execution plan in distributed when the database . . Implement optimization of index chains in new SQL executor. . Cleanup. . Cleanup. . Clenaup. . Logger in binary serializer v1. . Version of distributed task factory. . Moved trigger logic from hook to direct call. . Moved record level security logic from hook to direct call. . Removed thread local usage for access immutable class where possible. . Used the right check for changes from triggers. . . . Merge with develop. . Removed old database management from a distributed test, minor in. . .toJSON() with embedded lists in SQL. . Coding style reformat. . Removed the last embedded hooks. . Removed redudant null checking. . Reformatted code. . Disabled deadlock distributed test because is design do not take in a . . Merge branch 'optimizeSerializationHeader_new_flattenmap_tripleBuffer . . Was. . Merge branch 'markodjurovic-optimizeSerializationHeader_new_flattenma . . != operator in old SQL parser. . Was. . Merge branch 'develop' of into . . Implement CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS in new SQL executor. . PrjHub was. Merge branch 'develop' of into . . Index query with IN condition. . NPE on query optimization. . Made sure that on function library the result set are. Removed install of lucene class on open that create on distributed. . Add checks for avoid errors on distributed layer network. . Update maven-surefire-report-plugin with surefire.version. . Add check for invalid rid serialization for tree ridbags. . Add distributed remote exception as suppressed exceptions of quorum n . . NPE on shortest path. . Make expand() function name case insensitive (backward compatible wit . . Add objectQuery() API to the object database. . ORid SQL component to manage legary parsing. .

Apache nosql dbms graphdb

CherryTree 0.38.5 💾

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file. Features: rich text formatting and colorization, syntax highlighting, images handling, embedded files, lists handling, simple tables, codeboxes, text/image/table alignment, hyperlinks, spell checking, cross application copy/paste, export to html or plain text, table-of-contents generation, extensive search function. It can import from Basket, Cherrytree, Epim html, Gnote, Keepnote, Keynote, KnowIt, MemPad, Notecase, TomBoy, Treepad Lite, TuxCards, Zim.

minor bugfix: - when save on exit is enabled and write to disk fails, changes are lost. - superscript and subscript tags not recognized when copied from external source. - workaround for in locale module. Added syntax highlighting for go language. Implemented support for opening a text file from the command line with cherrytree.

GNU GPLv3 gtk c text-editor note-taking

MariaDB 10.3.8 💾

MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL. It is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, it offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server optimizations, and patches.

minor feature: MDEV-8743 - O_CLOEXEC on innodb/xtradb temp files MDEV-16267 - Wrong INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE.TABLE_NAME. MDEV-13779 - InnoDB fails to shut down purge, causing hang. MDEV-16283 - ALTER TABLE...DISCARD TABLESPACE still takes long on a large buffer pool. MDEV-13834 - Upgrade failure from 10.1 innodb_encrypt_log. MDEV-16376 - ASAN: heap-use-after-free in gcol.innodb_virtual_de. MDEV-15824 - innodb_defragment=ON trumps innodb_optimize_fulltext_only=ON in OPTIMIZE TABLE. MDEV-16124 - fil_rename_tablespace() times out and crashes server during table-rebuilding ALTER TABLE. MDEV-16416 - Crash on IMPORT TABLESPACE of a ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED table. MDEV-16456 - InnoDB error "returned OS error 71" complains about wrong path. MDEV-16469 - SET GLOBAL innodb_change_buffering has no effect. MDEV-13103 - Deal with page_compressed page corruption. MDEV-15611 - Due to the failure of foreign key detection, Galera slave node killed himself. MDEV-16496 - Mariabackup: Implement --verbose option to instrument InnoDB log apply. MDEV-16087 - Inconsistent SELECT results when query cache is enabled. MDEV-15114 - ASAN heap-use-after-free in mem_heap_dup or dfield_data_is_binary_equal. MDEV-16330 - Allow instant change of WITH SYSTEM VERSIONING column attribute. MDEV-16365 - Setting a column NOT NULL fails to return error for NULL values when there is no DEFAULT. MDEV-15953 - Alter InnoDB Partitioned Table Moves Files (which were originally not in the datadir) to the datadir. As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.3 for Ubuntu 17.10 Artful. Release Notes - MariaDB 10.3 Series . MariaDB 10.3.7 Release Notes .

GNU GPL database database-server database-engine mysql mariadb

VirtualBox 5.2.14 💾

VirtualBox is a full x86 hardware virtualizer, suitable for server, desktop and embedded usage. It's extremely feature-rich, emulates lots of individual and alternative hardware and devices, supports different virtual machine disk formats, it's cross-platform and supports ancient and current Windows versions, DOS systems, BSD, Solaris and OS/2 as guest operating system.

minor feature: User interface: a segmentation fault when accessing the interface through VNC User interface: X11: handle repeating keys on the host system correctly. VMM: emulation of the undocumented SALC instruction. VMM: emulation of so-called "huge unreal mode" ; this in practice only affected Intel CPUs with VT-x without unrestricted execution. Keyboard: The PS/2 keyboard emulation has been corrected to not queue partial scan code sequences ; this problem was likely only visible on Linux hosts due to losing the for #1296. Storage: CUE file support to correct REM keyword parsing. USB: a problem where the emulated xHCI device under very rare circumstances failed to report an empty isochronous transfer ring error, causing the transfers on the corresponding endpoint to stop. Audio: Linux kernel log flooding. Apple hosts: make kernel driver load with Mac OS Mojave pre-release. Linux guests: made vboxvideo driver build with kernel 4.17 and with pre-3.14 and EL 7.1 kernels.

GNU GPL c c++ virtual-machine operating-system virtualization emulation

stunnel 5.48 💾

The stunnel program works as SSL encryption wrapper between remote and local network sockets or inetd-started daemons. It adds SSL or TLS functionality to any network service, commonly POP3, IMAP or HTTP servers. Stunnel uses OpenSSL for cryptography. It can itself function as port redirection deamon, or as temporary traffic interceptor, and requires no adaption of the shadowed programs.

minor feature: Security.. requesting client certificate when specified as a global option.. New features.. Certificate subject checks modified to accept certificates if at least one of the specified checks matches.

GNU GPL c ssl tls network-daemon inetd

Formula Go 0.3.3 💾

Formula Go helps you to build and upload your software written in Go; and then prepare homebrew and linuxbrew formulae and for it. Formula Go assumes your software is hosted in GitHub, and the pre-compiled binaries are uploaded in the release page of it.

minor feature: Bump version: 0.3.2 0.3.3 . : version numbers in the download links. . chore: update the change log. . Merge branch 'hot/v0.3.3'.

MITL golang brew linuxbrew

tcconfig 0.18.3 💾

A simple tc command wrapper tool. Easy to setup traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss/packet-corruption to network interfaces.

minor feature: deb package build script . Update docs. . Remove imports that no longer needed. . Remove trailing whitespace. . Rename an argument to be more precisely represent the use purpose. . Remove line breaks. . Remove line breaks. . Modify typepy class reference. . Modify default argument for a method. . Update requirements. . Refactor SQLite queries. . Remove unnecessary shebangs. . Add unicode_literals. . Update requirements. . Replace deprecated methods. . Add badges. . Update README. . Bump version to 0.18.3.

MITL testing networking system-administrators telecommunications-industry developers tc traffic-shaping

Shotcut 18.07 💾

Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. Major features include support for a wide range of formats; no import required meaning native timeline editing; Blackmagic Design support for input and preview monitoring; and resolution support to 4k.

minor feature: Numerous as usual. Changed shortcut for Add Video Track to Ctrl+I. Changed shortcut for Redo to Ctrl+Y on Windows. Added 10 to the player zoom menu. Hide the VUI (video user interface) when the play head is not over the clip with the current filter. Renamed the Rotate filter to Rotate and Scale. Keyframes are now saved in the project file using time clock values instead of frame numbers to make them adaptive to frame rate. Reverted memory manager change from v18.05 pending further testing to improve stability. Added advanced keyframes to the Size and Position filter. Added simple and advanced keyframes to the following video filters: Rotate and Scale Text Glow* Contrast* Sharpen* Vignette* = including the (still experimental) GPU filter. . Rotate and Scale. Text. Glow*. Contrast*. Sharpen*. Vignette* = including the (still experimental) GPU filter. Added Copy Timeline to Source to Timeline menu. Changed the audio codec to AC-3 for the edit-friendly and reverse MP4 file format. Changed J and K key behavior to change speed up or down before changing direction. Added categories to the Export presets (custom presets can start their name with "category)" to use a category). Added View Layout menu for custom and stock layouts: Timeline Project Playlist Project Clip-only Project Player . Timeline Project. Playlist Project. Clip-only Project. Player. Changed the default, first-time user UI layout to Timeline Project. Changed Properties menu Reverse... to work on a trimmed clip from either Source or Timeline. Added Properties menu items to the context menus for Timeline and timeline clips. Added logic to sort GoPro files when multiple files are opened or dropped. Added support for setting project file name (using File Save) for empty project. Added new HTML template for WebVfx JavaScript extensions enabled in Overlay HTML video filter. Added search field to the filter chooser in Filters. Upgraded MLT to v6.10.0.

GNU GPLv3 multimedia video non-linear-editor artistic-software cross-platform windows macos linux qt

OPNsense 18.1.11 💾

OPNsense is an open source, easy-to-use and easy-to-build FreeBSD based firewall and routing platform. OPNsense includes most of the features available in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. It brings the rich feature set of commercial offerings with the benefits of open and verifiable sources. OPNsense started as a fork of pfSense® and m0n0wall in 2014, with its first official release in January 2015. The project has evolved very quickly while still retaining familiar aspects of both m0n0wall and pfSense. A strong focus on security and code quality drives the development of the project. OPNsense offers weekly security updates with small increments to react on new emerging threats within in a fashionable time. A fixed release cycle of 2 major releases each year offers businesses the opportunity to plan upgrades ahead. For each major release a roadmap is put in place to guide development and set out clear goals.

minor feature: Here are the full patch notes: o system: enforce full password policy check for local passwords including TOTP o system: add RFC 7919 DH parameter files for upcoming 18.7 feature o system: add 3072-bit RSA key length options to certificates (contributed by Justin Coffman) o system: move auto-cron jobs to plugin files o interfaces: refactor reload handling around interfaces_configure() o interfaces: allow private addresses in 6RD o interfaces: check existence of "status" (contributed by Tian Yunhao) o reporting: add NetFlow/Insight database force repair function o dhcp: update from ISC version 4.3 to 4.4 o importer: allow ZFS import for upcoming 18.7 ZFS installer feature o importer: allow import from simple MSDOS USB drives o intrusion detection: add app detect rules (contributed by Michael Muenz) o rc: suppress message of service not enabled on NetFlow backup o rc: use exec in /etc/rc and /etc/rc.shutdown hooks o rc: rework rc.syshook facility to be driven by directories and not suffixes o unbound: remove defunct unbound_statistics() function o plugins: os-postfix 1.4 advanced force recipient check (contributed by Michael Muenz) o plugins: service start corrections for accompanying rc.syshook changes o src: incorrect TLB shootdown for Xen-based guests 1 o src: lazy FPU state restore information disclosure 2 o src: enable usage of locate(1) utility o ports: isc-dhcp 4.4.1 3 o ports: php 7.1.19 4 o ports: unbound 1.7.3 5

BSDL-2 network firewalls security

SIPp 3.5.2_rc1 💾

SIPp is a free Open Source test tool / traffic generator for the SIP protocol. It includes a few basic SipStone user agent scenarios (UAC and UAS) and establishes and releases multiple calls with the INVITE and BYE methods. It can also reads custom XML scenario files describing from very simple to complex call flows. It features the dynamic display of statistics about running tests (call rate, round trip delay, and message statistics), periodic CSV statistics dumps, TCP and UDP over multiple sockets or multiplexed with retransmission management and dynamically adjustable call rates.

minor feature: Qop-value in authorization Digest. It can only hold a single value (auth, auth-int...) and does not take double quotes, in contrast to. The challenge. Some servers returned a 400 upon receiving this. Compile error on Cygwin.

GNU GPL telephony

Rspamd 1.7.7 💾

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system featuring support for various internal and external filters such as regular expressions, suffix tries, RBLs, URL black lists, IP lists, SPF, DKIM, character maps, advanced statistics module (based on OSB-Bayes algorithm) and fuzzy hashes database that is generated based on honeypots traffic. Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second simultaneously without significant CPU load.

minor bugfix: 02 Jul 2018 Crit Check NM part of pubkey to match it with rotating keypairs. Crit Do not overwrite PID of the main process. Crit maps after reload. Crit maps race conditions on reload. Crit shmem leak in encrypting proxy mode. Feature Add a concept of ignored symbols to avoid race conditions. Feature Add ability to print bayes tokens in rspamadm mime. Feature Add method to get statistical tokens in Lua API. Feature Add preliminary mime stat command. Feature Add rspamadm mime tool. Feature Add urls extraction tool. Feature Address ZeroFont exploit. Feature Allow rspamadm mime to process multiple files. Feature Allow to extract words in `rspamadm mime`. Feature Allow to print mime part data. Feature Allow to show HTML structure on extraction. Feature Distinguish IP failures from connection failures. Feature Improve output for mime command. Feature Improve styles propagation. Feature Main process crash will now cleanup all children. Feature Preload file and static maps in main process. Feature Print stack trace on crash. Feature Process font size in HTML parser. Feature Propagate content length of invisible tags. Feature Read ordinary file maps in chunks to be more safe on rewrites. Feature Support base tag in HTML. Feature Support more size sufwhen parsing HTML styles. Feature Support opacity style. Another for nested composites. Fill nm id in keypairs cache code. colors alpha channel handling. destruction logic. double free. maps preload logic. nested composites process. proxying of Exim connections. reload crash. rspamadm -l command. Update ed25519 signing schema. WebUI Stop using "const" declaration. WebUI Update RequireJS to 2.3.5.

Apache email-filter antispam c lua

CakePHP 2.10.11 💾

CakePHP is a web development framework, somewhat similar to Rails. It provides scaffolding tools, an ActiveRecord/DataMapper implementation, doesn't require much setup or configuration. It comes with helpers for text translations, caching, validation, authorization backends, CSRF and XSS protection, and templating. It follows the Web-"MVC" scheme, centralized route dispatching, less efficient class-by-class autoloading, etc. Thorough API documentation and a rich set of user-contributed plugins exist.

minor feature: IntegrationTestCase now string casts all request data. This better emulates how HTTP POST data is handled. Improved API documentation. Routes using var now correctly calculate their static path segments making route parsing work correctly. Http Client no longer lowercases cookie names when creating identifiers. Database Query::fetchAll('obj') now returns all rows instead of just one. Table::saveMany() now restores entity state when saving fails due to database deadlocks or other operational errors. Improved compatibility between old and new plugin loading systems. BaseApplication::addPlugin() now creates a dynamic plugin class instead of throwing an error. RouteBuilder::loadPlugin() no longer results in duplicate plugin routes being loaded. TranslateBehavior now inherits the table locator used by the parent model. EntityTrait::setDirty() now defaults the second parameter to true. EntityTrait::setErrors() no longer uses array_merge() internally. This when adding errors for multi-row fields. ADmad. Edgaras Janušauskas. Jeremy Harris. Mark Scherer. Mark Story. Martijn de Hoog. Robert Pustułka. Tomas Saghy. Walther Lalk. ndm2.

MITL php framework web-mvc cakephp rails

DBeaver 5.1.2 💾

DBeaver is a free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. Supports all popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc.

minor feature: PG connection page. Procedure object type resolution. Oracle structure assistant. Delete.tgitconfig. . German l10n. Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . IDEA project update. . JDBC DS reconnect (dup contexts addition). . Update . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Exasol: table object type evaluation. SQL indent (use preferences in default indenter). . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . SQL command @set (pass expressions as is). . SSHJ : use correct SSH port. . PG: materialized view tablespace. Comment editor. . PG: edit materialized view tablespace. . Enter key handle. Check proposal popup in apply handler. . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . SQL execute commands shortcuts. MySQL: show view algorithm. . MySQL: view update. DS: set connect time earlier. . PostgreSQL 10+ sequence show in tree. ERD model/figures refactoring. . async exec error handle. . RSV: toggle vertical/horizontal panels layout. . RSV: rows drag-n-drop. . MySQL trigger create. check current catalog. . SQL editor toolbar contribution refactoring. . Icons. SQL toolbar. VQB stub. . SQL editor extra presentation model. . SQL editor extra presentation UI. . SQL editor extra presentation UI. . ERD part configration/toolbar. . SQL presentation switcher UI. . Exasol metadata read. command handler. SQL presentatiomn commands state enablement. . SQL editor: Disable overview ruler. . SQL editor: overview and annotations rulers config. . SQL editor: side toolbar UI. ERD error handling. . ERD error handling. . SQL metadata searcher. . ERD refresh. Spreadsheet: row DnD. ERD palette/tools. . ERD associations model refactoring. . ERD: direct notes editor. . ERD: direct notes editor. . ERD: direct notes editor. . . . ERD editor enhancement. . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . ERD model and UI refactoring.

GNU GPL database front-end sql java

schily 2018-07-02 💾

The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), cstyle, devdump, dmake based on SunPro Make, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, man2html, mt, od, p, POSIX patch, printf, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, scut, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh/bosh (Bourne Shell), spaste, star, star_sym, strar, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

major feature: Add link to new include file that is needed to compile the smake bootstrap on DJGPP. Bourne Shell, bsh and libshedit: the file name expand code now supports arbitrary path length on modern OS. Bsh and Bourne Shell: cd(1) and pwd(1) now support much longer pathnames (virtually unlimited but limited to 8k on bsh and 128 * PATH_MAX on Bourne Shell). Bourne Shell: added a workaround for a Solaris kernel bug with getcwd(). Bsh and Bourne Shell: The test(1) builtin now uses the new code that allows unlimited path length. Bourne Shell: A new Bourne derivative "pbosh" has been created that implements just the minimal POSIX features for portability tests.

CDDL software development build tools utilities

Npgsql 4.0.1 💾

Npgsql is a .NET data provider for Postgresql 9.0 and later. It's implemented completely in C# 3.0 and thus does not require a client library. Allows complete database querying and CRUD interaction, has some support for ADO.NET 2.0, provides logging support, allows :colon or @prefix parameter binding, and native large object support.

minor feature: Bump version to 4.0.1 . Get rid of swallowed connection-time exceptions. . Travis Use.NET Core 2.1. . Improved code quality. . overflow when reading 8th group. . Properly handle output parameters on error. . test name. . with multiple column streams. . prepared statements and types with no NpgsqlDbType. . Support arrays of records. . with oversize RowDescription + sequential. . Add support for arrays of domains. . Prejsonb with version when using ArraySegment. . ReloadTypes() takes effect on other connections. . Check for dropped columns when deriving parameters for functions. . Adds compatibility flag for enum loading behavior. . Merge branch 'hot/4.0.1'.

BSDL-2 c dotnet mono-compatible database-driver postgresql

Audacious 3.10-beta1 💾

Audacious is an open source audio player. A descendant of XMMS, Audacious plays your music how you want it, without stealing away your computer’s resources from other tasks. Drag and drop folders and individual song files, search for artists and albums in your entire music library, or create and edit your own custom playlists. Listen to CD’s or stream music from the Internet. Tweak the sound with the graphical equalizer or experiment with LADSPA effects. Enjoy the modern GTK-themed interface or change things up with Winamp Classic skins. Use the plugins included with Audacious to fetch lyrics for your music, to set an alarm in the morning, and more.

minor feature: Preserve shuffle history on exit. . Pass integer parameters by value. . audtool: Add get-config and set-config. . audtool: Minor syntax correction. . Add option to add folders non-recursively. . Allow disabling and clearing URL history. . Run pngcrush on some files. . Add an advanced settings category. . Add option to export playlists with relative paths (part 1). . Add non-existent files that are listed in a playlist. . Avoid mixing single- and double-precision floats. . Make StringStack more robust. . Don't null-terminate the length = -1 case. . Add StringBuf::settle() and move assignment. . Remove usages of StringBuf::steal() and combine(). . Add str_insert_int() and str_insert_double(). . Add str_append_printf/vprintf. . Deprecate StringBuf::steal() and combine(). . Add aud::move_assign template. . audqt: Rename some source files to avoid identical names. . audqt: Really only load the album art once. . Allow use of VFSFile for local file paths. . Add VFSFile::read_file() and write_file(). . Trying to set up Travis-CI integration. . Set travis-ci language. . Run libaudcore tests as part of Travis CI build. . Handle missing ReplayGain tags correctly. . Make aud::obj_member work for const functions as well. . Update buildsys. . Preserve timestamps when installing (saves pointless recompiling). . pkgconfigdir was removed from; put it in . Don't pass CPPFLAGS to windres, it can't understand them. . a deprecation warning. . Update Win32 build notes for adplug dependency. . don't force -stdlib=libc++ on Mac. . Conditionally include.deps in Makefiles. . make distclean should remove all configure-generated files. . 'make install' should not re-run 'make all'. . #if should be #ifdef. . Simplify mainloop cleanup sequence. . s/HARDCODE/INSTALL/. . Refactor at least one memory leak. . Remove implementation details from header file. . audgui: Use scalable+themable icons for the preferences window. .

BSDL-2 audio music player c++ gtk qt windows linux

QuiteRSS 0.18.12 💾

QuiteRSS is a desktop news feeds (RSS/Atom) reader with a Qt interface. It's both fast and convenient to use, embeds a WebKit view, allows searching, bookmarking and filtering feed items or users. QuiteRSS also includes ad blocking, proxy support, feed update timers, a tree-grouped feed list, sound and visual notifications, OPML imports, and is fully portable.

minor feature: Added: Share. Hacker News, Changed: Support for Qt 5.11 (Linux), Changed: High DPI support, Changed: SQLite 3.24.0, : Downloading feeds' icons for some feeds

GNU GPL c++ qt news-reader feed-reader rss atom

distortos 0.6.0 💾

object-oriented C++ RTOS for microcontrollers * fully preemptive * round-robin and FIFO scheduling * all basic primitives aim for maximum compatibility with POSIX, thread support library from C++11 and other established standards * support for various mutex types (normal, error-checking, recursive) and mutex protocols (normal, priority inheritance, priority protection) * software timers * POSIX-style signals * static design where it is possible and makes sense * object-oriented design * written in C++11

major feature: Added Support for all 81 STM32L4 devices. Support and test configurations for NUCLEO-L432KC and NUCLEO-L476RG boards with STM32L4 chips. Support and test configuration for NUCLEO-F446RE board with STM32F4 chip. distortos/C-API/ConditionVariable.h C-API for condition variables, implemented as wrappers for distortos::ConditionVariable member functions. distortos/C-API/Mutex.h C-API for mutexes, implemented as wrappers for distortos::Mutex member functions. distortos/C-API/Semaphore.h C-API for semaphores, implemented as wrappers for distortos::Semaphore member functions. distortos::fromCApi() which can be used to cast referenes to C-API objects (like distortos_Semaphore) into references to regular C++ API objects (like distortos::Semaphore). distortos::DynamicSoftwareTimer class a dynamic and (mostly) non-templated counterpart of distortos::StaticSoftwareTimer. distortos::ThisThread::exit(), similar to pthread_exit(), which can be used to cause early exit of the current thread. distortos::ThreadIdentifier type which can be used to uniquely identify and access thread s instance. Identifier of the thread can be obtained using distortos::Thread::getIdentifier() and distortos::ThisThread::getIdentifier(). Unit tests of C-API for condition variables, mutexes and semaphores, using Catch unit test framework and Trompeloeil mocking framework. Build system of unit tests uses CMake. New overload of distortos::Mutex s constructor for normal type. BIND_LOW_LEVEL_PREINITIALIZER() and BIND_LOW_LEVEL_INITIALIZER() macros, which can be used to bind (at compile/link time) any function as low-level preinitializer (executed before .bss and .data sections initialization, before constructors for global and static objects) or low-level initializer (executed after .bss and .data sections have been initialized, but before constructors for global and static objects). Each preinitializer/initializer has its own order of execution from 0 to 99. include/CONCATENATE.h and include/STRIN

MPL rtos scheduler realtime preemptive arm cortex-m0 cortex-m3 cortex-m4 cortex-m7 stm32 c++ c11 mcu electronics embedded

LimeSurvey 3.13.0 (build 180628) 💾

LimeSurvey is a web application that interacts with MySQL, MSSQL, or Postgres to develop surveys, publish surveys, and collect responses to surveys. Once a survey has been created, data can be inserted into the survey either by a "pretty" public screen which presents each question one at a time, or by a quick and nasty data entry screen. It includes the capacity to generate individualized "tokens", so that invitations can be issued to participants. It also has the capacity to set conditions on whether questions will display (branching), numerous question types, and a basic statistics function.

minor feature: New feature: Allow plugin to add or remove file for template editor (Denis Chenu). Create a new survey - Save and Save and - same behavour (Markus Flür). Duplicate survey in tutorial/beginner tour (Markus Flür). Tutorial quot;beginner tour quot; breaks off (Markus Flür). Deprecated confirm box since 3.0 alpha (Markus Flür). Reordering questions by drag-and-drop (Markus Flür). Question advanced settings not updated when update question type (Dominik Vitt). Opening Question- Check logic will change admin interface language to question language (Dominik Vitt). Error when using timer function in a question. (Markus Flür). Updated translation: German by c_schmitz. Updated translation: German (Informal) by c_schmitz. Updated translation: Hungarian by kkd. Updated translation: Italian by lfanfoni. Updated translation: Italian (Informal) by lfanfoni. Updated translation: Norwegian (Bokmål) by pmonstad. Updated translation: Russian by vipgroup.

Apache survey php mysql mssql postgres

4MLinux 25.1 💾

4MLinux is a small, independent, general-purpose Linux distribution with a strong focus on the following four "M" of computing: Maintenance (system rescue Live CD), Multimedia (full support for a huge number of image, audio and video formats), Miniserver (DNS, FTP, HTTP, MySQL, NFS, Proxy, SMTP, SSH, and Telnet), and Mystery (meaning a collection of classic Linux games).

minor feature: This is a minor (point) release in the 4MLinux STABLE channel, which comes with the Linux kernel 4.14.48. The 4MLinux Server now includes Apache 2.4.33, MariaDB 10.3.7, and PHP 7.2.6. You can update your 4MLinux by executing the "zk update" command in your terminal (fully automatic process).

GNU GPLv3 x window system x11 console terminal osdistro

µBlock Origin 1.16.12 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Incorrectly rendered overview pane of popup panel -- as seen in this screenshot from this Reddit post. CSS pseudo element: -webkit-scrollbar. Badfilter + matching duplicate user filter created from picker or logger may rarely cause a js exception.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

Checkstyle 8.11 💾

Checkstyle assists with source coding standard checking for Java. It supports the Sun or Google code conventions, but is flexible and configurable. It can be run as console tool, or integrated as ANT task.

minor feature: Add HTML5 tags support to Javadoc antlr4 grammar and related classes. Generate a suppressions.xml file for SuppressionXpathFilter from the errors list by CLI command. new Check - LambdaParameterName. ImportOrder: False positive for multiline imports. Remove usages of ANTLRInputStream. Update Teamcity to use IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.4. Setup Jenkins CI for building Pull Requests. RightCurly: false negative in ALONE and anonymous classes. xpath generator documentation does not show nuances. Enforce more checks over checkstyle resources. Resolve errors and warnings from Eclipse oxygen 4.7.3. Remove old ant phases and configs. No explanation of what is metadata tag on checkstyle config. to doc: update xdoc for ParameterName to clarify how to check catch parameters. CircleCI compains 'extraneous key java is not permitted'. update DTD public names. activate new sponsoring web services. Rename all utility classes to xxxxUtil..

MITL java coding-style syntax-checker command-line

OpenShot Video Editor 2.4.2 💾

OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source video editor for Linux. OpenShot can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always dreamed of. Easily add sub-titles, transitions, and effects, and then export your film to DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, Xbox 360, and many other common formats.

minor bugfix: See

GNU GPLv3 artistic-software video non-linear-editor c++ python qt

bfsync 0.3.7 💾

bfsync is a file-synchronization tool that allows you to keep a collection of big files synchronized on many machines. It is built around a FuSE filesystem, so repositories can be mounted and the contents can be viewed and modified via the mount point. A collection of commands like commit/push/pull/put/get can be used to control bfsyncs behaviour, and trigger data / history transfers between machines. In addition to synchronizing files between many machines, bfsync can also be used to store backups.

minor feature: Documentation was migrated to asciidoc and each bfsync command has its own manpage now. Some subcommands and command options were added. This release also contains a few important bugfixes. On newer systems (Ubuntu 18.04), bfsync may not work at all without the bugfixes, and even on older systems you should upgrade.

GNU GPLv3 cloud file synchronization fuse

Galois 0.6 💾

Galois is a computer game of the "falling blocks" type, but with unique features. Unlike most other games of that type, it is not limited to blocks made of four two-dimensional, square bricks: you can choose among several different brick shapes, blocks composed of more or fewer bricks, and even between two- and three-dimensional games.

minor feature: Version 0.6 has been released today 30 Jun 2018. New features: packaging improvements, updated documentation.

GNU GPLv3 board game blocks tetris

BallroomDJ 3.22.0 💾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

minor feature: 3.22.0 (2018-6-30) (stable) New Features: Music Manager: Add the ability to choose which search fields to display and in what order. Changes: BPM Counter: Space bar can now to be used to count beats. Windows: The windows/imdisk.bat script was renamed to windows/imdisk-m.bat. Music Manager: Rearranged 'sort by' field to gain some horizontal real estate. Updated help. Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Playback Mode: Fixed a backwards compatibility issue. Field Selection: Fixed help.

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

Mesa 18.1.3 💾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor feature: Mesa 18.1.3 is a release which found since the 18.1.2 release. Mesa 18.1.2 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is. only available if requested at context creation. Compatibility contexts may report a lower version depending on each driver. New features, None,, tc compatible htile sets depth of htiles of discarded fragments to 1.0, snb GPU hang: after geometry shader emits no geometry, the program hangs, Wine 3.9 crashes with DXVK on Just Cause 3 and Quantum Break on VEGA but works ON POLARIS, GLSL IR copy propagates loads of SSBOs, radv: Fragment shader output goes to wrong attachments when render targets are sparse, Correct Transform Feedback Varyings information is expected after using ProgramBinary, radv: 16-bit depth buffer causes artifacts in Shadow Warrior 2, Basemark GPU vulkan benchmark fails. Changes, Andrii Simiklit (1):, i965/gen6/gs: Handle case where a GS doesn't allocate VUE, Bas Nieuwenhuizen (2):, radv: output for sparse MRTs. ac/surface: Set compressZ for stencil-only surfaces. Christian Gmeiner (1):, util/bitset: include util/macro.h, Dave Airlie (1):, glsl: allow standalone semicolons outside main(), Dylan Baker (8):, docs: Add release notes for 18.1.2, cherry-ignore: Add 587e712eda95c31d88ea9d20e59ad0ae59afef4f, meson: auto option for va, meson: auto option for xvmc, meson: Correct behavior of vdpau=auto, cherry-ignore: Ignore cac7ab1192eefdd8d8b3f25053fb006b5c330eb8, cherry-ignore: add a2f5292c82ad07731d633b36a663e46adc181db9, VERSION: bump version to 18.1.3, Emil Velikov (2):, configure: use compliant grep regex checks, glsl/tests/glcpp: reinstate "error out if no tests found", Eric Engestrom (3):, radv: reported number of available VGPRs, radv: bitwise check, meson: i965/anv/isl genX static lib na

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl

youtube-dl 2018.06.25 💾

youtube-dl is a small command-line tool to download videos. While it originally and still is used for, it supports many other video hosters like Anitube, Appletrailers,, ARD, Arte, Blinkx, Bloomberg, CBS, clipfish, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral, Discovery, dropbox, eHow, flickr, FranceTV, Google+, GorillaVid, Internet Video Archive, justintv, KhanAcademy, liveleak, MTV, MyVideo, NBC, Newstube, novamov Slideshare, SoundCloud, Southpark, Steam, SyFy, Veoh and Vimeo. It can save video MP4s and other provided formats or just extract audio tracks.

minor feature: joj Relax URL regular expression. brightcove Workaround sonyliv DRM protected videos. motherless extraction. itv Make SOAP request non fatal and extract metadata from webpage. foxnews:insider Remove extractor. foxnews Add support for iframe embeds.

Public Domain python utility video

Freshermeat 0.5.0 💾

An open source software release and CVE tracking. Additionally includes: vulnerability tracking (CVE), ATOM feeds for project releases, repository statistics, project manager contacts.

minor feature: Implemented similar projects #10;. The statistics page has been improved with two new charts: a pie chart for the activity of the projects and a pie chart for the number of projects submitted per contributor. The tag cloud has also been improved;. Added social share buttons for projects #8;. The dashboard for administrators has been improved;. The layout of the services page has been improved;. a : Hardcoded url in about box (to register your project) #9;. Various UI improvements.

Affero GPLv3 software directory release-tracking cve security freshmeat python

Mayan EDMS 3.0 💾

Free Open Source Document Management System

minor feature: Rename the role groups link label from quot;Members quot; to quot;Groups quot;. Rename the group users link label from quot;Members quot; to quot;Users quot;. Don #039;t show full document version label in the heading of the document version list view. Show the number of pages of a document and of document versions in the document list view and document versions list views respectively. Display a document version #039;s thumbnail before other attributes. User Django #039;s provided form for setting an users password. This change allows displaying the current password policies and validation. Add method to modify a group #039;s role membership from the group #039;s view. Rename the group user count column label from quot;Members quot; to quot;Users quot;. Backport support for global and object event notification. GitLab. Remove Vagrant section of the document. Anything related to Vagrant has been move into its own repository at: Add view to show list of events performed by an user. Allow filtering an event list by clicking on the user column. Display a proper message in the document type metadata type relationship view when there are no metadata types exist. Require the document view permission to view trashed documents. Make the multi object form perform an auto submit when the value is changed. Improved styling and interaction of the multiple object action form. Add checkbox to allow selecting all item in the item list view. Revise and improve permission requirements for the documents app API. Downloading a document version now requires the document download permission instead of just the document view permission. Creating a new document no longer works by having the document create permission in a global manner. It is now possible to create a document via the API by having the document permission for a specific document type. Viewing the version list of a document now required the document

Apache paperless django python documents ocr

ArangoDB 3.3.11 💾

ArangoDB is a multi-model, open-source database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions. Use ACID transactions if you require them. The supported data models can be mixed in queries and allow ArangoDB to be the aggregation point for your data. Key Features in ArangoDB - Multi-Model: Documents, graphs and key-value pairs — model your data as you see fit for your application. - Joins: Conveniently join what belongs together for flexible ad-hoc querying, less data redundancy. - Transactions: Easy application development keeping your data consistent and safe. No hassle in your client.

minor feature: Upgraded arangosync version to 0.5.3. Upgraded arangodb starter version to 0.12.0. Internal : quot;unexpected document key quot; error when custom. Shard keys are used and the quot;allowUserKeys quot; key generator option is set to false. AQL DOCUMENT lookup function for documents for sharded collections with. More than a single shard and using a custom shard key (i.e. some shard Key attribute other than `_key`). The previous implementation of DOCUMENT restricted to lookup to a single. Shard in all cases, though this restriction was invalid. That lead to `DOCUMENT` not finding documents in cases the wrong shard was contacted. The. Implementation in 3.3.11 will reach out to all shards to find the Document, meaning it will produce the correct result, but will cause more Cluster-internal traffic. This increase in traffic may be high if the number of shards is also high, because each invocation of `DOCUMENT` will have to. Contact all shards. There will be no performance difference for non-sharded collections or. Collections that are sharded by `_key` or that only have a single shard. Reimplemented replication view in web UI. Internal : ui, document id not showing up when deleting a document. Internal : wrong labels within foxx validation of service. Input parameters Internal : misplaced tooltips in indices view. Added new arangoinspect client tool, to help users and customers easily collect. Information of any ArangoDB server setup, and facilitate troubleshooting for the ArangoDB Support Team.

Apache database database-server c++ javascript java clojure php python scala ruby macos windows cross-plattform linux developers

peewee 3.5.1 💾

Peewee is a minimalistic but expressive ORM library for Python. It comes in a single module and file, but supports SQLite, Mysql and Postgres, and comes with extensive documentation. It simplifies model declarations, result set iteration, and provides a rather pythonic way of query building through operator overloading.

minor feature: New documentation for working with relationships in Peewee. Improved tests and documentation for MySQL upsert functionality. Allow database parameter to be specified with ModelSelect.get() method. For discussion, see #1620. Add QualifiedNames helper to peewee module exports. Add temporary= meta option to support temporary tables. Allow a Database object to be passed to constructor of DataSet helper. edge-case where attempting to alias a field to it #039;s underlying column-name (when different), Peewee would not respect the alias and use the field name instead. See #1625 for details and discussion. Raise a ValueError when joining and aliasing the join to a foreign-key #039;s object_id_name descriptor. Should prevent accidentally introducing O(n) queries or silently ignoring data from a joined-instance. for MySQL when creating a foreign-key to a model which used the BigAutoField for it #039;s primary-key. in the implementation of user-defined aggregates and extensions with the APSW SQLite driver. regression introduced in 3.5.0 which ignored custom Model __repr__(). regression from 2.x in which inserting from a query using a SQL() was no longer working. Refs #1645.

Apache python orm flask developers python-module

Ghost 1.24.6 💾

Ghost is a Node/io.js based blogging platform. It provides a fully customizable dashboard, and dual-panel live MarkDown editing. Ghost is meant to be mobile-friendly and beatiful out of the box.

minor feature: dated urls when timezone changes. Dynamic Routing Beta: Channels. Dynamic Routing Beta: Added ability to disable+override rss. Dynamic Routing Beta: Extended collection feature (limit, order, data). Dynamic Routing Beta: Consistent template definition. Koenig - Added drag-n-drop upload/replace support in image card. Koenig - Firefox adding quot;ArrowUp quot; or similar to caption fields. Koenig - caption/embed inputs in Firefox Safari. Koenig - card click-to-deselect in Safari/Firefox. Koenig - deselect if mouse released at end of doc when drag-selecting.

Apache javascript nodejs iojs blog web-publishing markdown

Ring Programming Language 1.8 💾

The Ring is an Innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm language. The supported programming paradigms are Imperative, Procedural, Object-Oriented, Functional, Meta programming, Declarative programming using nested structures, and Natural programming. The language is portable (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, etc.) and can be used to create Console, GUI, Web, Games and Mobile applications. The language is designed to be Simple, Small, Flexible and Fast. The language is simple, trying to be natural, encourage organization and comes with transparent and visual implementation. It comes with compact syntax and a group of features that enable the programmer to create natural interfaces and declarative domain-specific languages in a fraction of time. It is very small, fast and comes with smart garbage collector that puts the memory under the programmer control. It supports many programming paradigms, comes with useful and practical libraries. The language is designed for productivity and developing high quality solutions that can scale.

minor feature: 1 - Better performance (The performance gain between 10 and 100 ) 2 - More 3D samples

Apache programming languages ring programming language