Recent Releases

8.0.015 Mar 2024 19:47 minor feature: Added Tab item limit has been increased to 100,000 (#1144). New macOS builds for M1/arm64 architectures are available (#1884). New Debian/Raspbian builds for arm/arm64 architectures are available. Allows overriding item activation using paste(). Allows overriding script functions to handle some events: items added/removed/changed (onItemsAdded(), onItemsRemoved(), onItemsChanged()), tab items loaded (onItemsLoaded()), tab selected (onTabSelected()) (#59). Allows to cancel removing items by overriding onItemsRemoved() script function. If the exit code is non-zero (for example fail() is called), items will not be removed. But this can also cause a new items not to be added if the tab is full. Allows overriding current clipboard owner (currentClipboardOwner()) used by the clipboard monitor process. By default it uses currentWindowTitle(). Allows using Ctrl+C to copy items even if search entry box is focused unless it has a selection (#2440). Linux: Adds build option to disable X11 support (cmake -DWITH_X11=OFF ...) (#2532). Linux: Adds build option to disable autostart which is useful mainly for Flatpak builds (#2517, #2518). Changed Windows binaries (which are 64 bit) are now by default installed to "Program Files" instead of incorrect "Program Files (X86)". After installing the new version, the old path must be manually removed. Windows and macOS builds are now based on newer Qt 6. Avoids accessing clipboard from password managers (#2282, #2495, #2500). This disallows storing and processing such data. Specifically, the clipboard is ignored if it contains following data: Clipboard Viewer Ignore on Windows, application/x-nspasteboard-concealed-type on macOS, x-kde-passwordManagerHint with secret value on Linux. Large data items in tabs are now stored in separate location unless Synchronize or Encryption plugins are active for the tab. This allows storing more items in tabs while using less memory. The data path can be printed via copyq info data command an
6.4.021 Jan 2023 11:15 minor feature: Added Items in menu can be additionally filtered using the item notes (#2170). Items can be sorted with a custom order via scripting. For example: var sel = ItemSelection().selectAll(); const texts = sel.itemsFormat(mimeText); sel.sort(function(i,j) return texts i texts j ; ); Changed More shortcuts and even sequences of shortcuts can be now captured and assigned. This uses new QKeySequenceEdit UI widget from Qt framework. UI uses the preferred sans-serif system font in the dark theme. Fixed Fixes copying items in order they were selected (#2124). Fixes re-selecting the edited item after external editor closes. Fixes menu theme (#2139). Avoids duplicating items from clipboard in synchronized tabs (#2236). macOS: Fixes compatibility with macOS 10.15 (#2103). Linux: Fixes synchronizing UTF-encoded text to/from primary selection (#2195) Wayland: Avoids showing window after a screen is turned on. Wayland: Avoids a rare crash while accessing clipboard data. Wayland: Fixes pasting to some XWayland apps (#2234) X11: Avoids app freeze when entering search mode (#2171). X11: Fixes capturing quickly changing clipboard text (ignores unchanged TIMESTAMP).