VSCode 1.10

VSCode is an extensible source code editor with support for a wide cross-section of programming languages and features for debugging, refactoring, code completion, Markdown previews, and Git integration. VSCode is a cross-platform project started by Microsoft and is based on the Electron framework, although it features an interface with very little visual clutter and is more responsive than many IDEs, even on low-end development machines.

Tags software-development text-editor debugger terminal-emulator build-tool version-control
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1002 Mar 2017 00:44 major feature: - Signed packages that now support auto-updates for officially supported distributions - Multiple breakpoints on the same line: set breakpoints by source column - Terminal automatically turns URLs into clickable links - Temporarily alter word wrap for current editor i.e., buffer-local word wrap - Customizable keybindings for the file explorer sidebar - Customizable keybindings for tasks - Debugger now provides easier access to exception details - Command to search for tags in HTML files by class name and element ID - Text drag and drop - Customizable window titles - Minimap added, showing a zoomed out view of the file shape in the scrollbar - Copy syntax highlighting, for printing or publication - New debugger protocol ("inspector") to replace "legacy" protocol - Conditionally alter editor settings based on source language - Automatically generate JSDoc comments
28 Feb 2017 22:01 minor feature: