schily 2020-03-27 💾

The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, bosh, btcflash, cal, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), cstyle, devdump, dmake based on SunPro Make, fifo, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, make, man2html, mt, obosh, od, p, POSIX patch, pbosh, printf, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, scut, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh/bosh (Bourne Shell), spaste, star, star_sym, strar, suntar, svr4.make, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

major feature: The man page for SunPro Make now mentions that the file .make.state.lock may need manual removal. SunPro Make: The file Make/include/mksh/defs.h was changed to avoid a warning with the IRIX compiler. mkisofs: A new option -noatime has been introduced. mkisofs: A new option -creation-date has been introduced. mkisofs: A new option -effective-date has been introduced. mkisofs: A new option -expiration-date has been introduced. mkisofs: A new option -reproducible-date has been added. mkisofs: The option -m has been moved down to avoid a problem with the option -modification-date. mkisofs: various places that used uop to date time now use a unique time stamp that is either the starup time or a time specified via command line.

CDDL software development build tools utilities

Ardour 6.0-pre1 💾

Ardour is an audio processing and editing application. It integrates broad hardware support, JACK and ALSA backends, flexible recording features, multi-channel nesting, import and exporting various file formats, comes with ready to use samples from It has a pretty editing UI, mixing, routing, monitoring, panning. Ardour allows non-destructive and non-linear editing, can be used for augmenting audio layers in video files even. And comes with many effect, input and output plugins. It's open source, but asks for donations on the download page for prebuilt binaries.

minor feature: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) . Remove easter-egg. . PI bypass, apply linear pin-connections. . Add Lua bindings for libardour amp's simple gain. . DSP::process_map() plugin-pin I/O map handing. . Add a mute/gate plugin. . Update script to use new process_map() API. . Consolidate loop en/disable calls. . And removing even more unused forward declarations. . Add support for Lua DSP scripts with multiple MIDI outputs. . Add example Lua DSP script with multiple MIDI outputs. . Prevent concurrent loop and punch recording (backend). . Gracefully reject HTTP requests reaching the websockets surface. . Make previous commit 81ecc2b compatible with libwebsockets==2. . Avoid occasional response delay when handling HTTP in the websockets . . Add signals to indicate Punch/Loop constraints. . Removal of punch range. . Punch/Loop GUI control sensitivity. . Dialog default to cancel. . Libwebsockets compat. . Duplicate control-ID when copying processors or proc state. . Double free of undo commands (amend 9e6435f). . Restore visible automation lanes. . Script to bypass all plugins. . Some recursive undo removal. . NO-OP: whitespace, re-indent. . Ensure that regions have sources when saving. . Allow to limit error dump. . Display recent session-load errors in the GUI. . Bail out if Playlist cannot be created. . Convert v5 send state-state. . Lua Amplifier plugin with gain-coeff ratio controls. . 'samples / frames' typo in PBD::stacktrace(). . no pre-release warning dialog if beyond pre0. . Off-by-one, start "Send" names at bitslot 1 (not 2). . Order setting I/O names. . Luadoc build (follow up 2e9ac80, 5794d21). . Allow a-delay to boost output gain. . Previous commit (increase max, not default). . Unfinished for handling desktop/NSM specifying session to load. . Do not include in the Ardour namespace. . Some doxygen warnings. . Update doxygen doc. . UI insert/send renaming. . Polarity invert butto

GNU GPL c audio editor jack multimedia music soundtrack conversion mixing audio-processing audio-effects sampling midi

Hashrat 1.11 💾

Hashrat is a command-line utility that hashes things using md5, sha1/256/512, whirlpool and jh hash algorithms. It's written in C with few dependancies (basically just the standard C library). It can read input from standard in and hash it, either as a complete file, or line-by-line. It can recursively hash files on disk, either outputing hashes to stdout, or storing them in filesystem attributes, or in a memcached server. It can check files against a list of hashes supplied on stdin, or in the filesystem attributes of the files, or in a memcached server. It can find files that match a list supplied either on stdin, or uploaded to a memcached server. It has a 'cgi' mode that presents a web interface for hashing lines of text. It can pull files over ssh or http, to allow remote hashing/checking from another machine.

minor feature: Error in man page . . . Added -hid and -hidden command-line options to allow listing hidden f . . Handle paths that contain characters like ? and *.

GNU GPLv3 hashing md5 sha1 whirlpool security monitoring c console posix unix linux

Electron 10.0.0-nightly.20200326 💾

The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on Node.js and Chromium and is used by the Atom editor and many other apps.

minor feature: Added new useSessionCookies flag to net requests to allow them to use the session cookie store. . Added new useSessionCookies flag to net requests to allow them to use the session cookie store. where SameSite cookies would not be attached to outgoing requests from the net module. #22807. Added disableDialogs option to WebPreferences. #22665. a crash that could occur when sending arrays over IPC. #22758. a potential crash on invalid zoomFactor values when setting the zoom factor of a webpage. #22709. where mutating the global Object prototype could cause internal Electron logic to throw errors. #22728. Returns a more graceful error when adding duplicate items to a single TouchBar instance. #22645. Updated Chromium to 80.0.3987.158. #22742.

MITL node js

QMMP 1.3.7 💾

QMMP is an Qt-based audio-player. The user interface is similar to Winamp or XMMS, which compatible skins can be used of. It supports a plethora of audio formats, like MP3, Ogg Vorbis/Opus, FLAC, Musepack, WavePack, MOD files, AAC, Audio CDs, WMA and other ffmpeg-supported encodings, PCM, MIDI, SID, and Chiptune files. It provides DSP plugins, lyrics downloading, equalizers and visualizers, supports common audio APIs and sinks, and is cross-platform.

minor bugfix: using as default CDDB server; fixed 4 bugs; updated Polish translation.

GNU GPL audio player qt5 mp3

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 32.1 💾

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) is a lightweight server suite distributed as a live CD. It is designed for system administrators who need an extremely tiny and fast set of server software. The supported servers are: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, MySQL, SFTP, SMTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo with Tor) is also included. The main security components are the 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables) and Clam AntiVirus. ISO images are fully compatible with UNetbootin, which can be used to create an easy-to-use TheSSS Live USB.

minor feature: This is a minor (point) release based on the 4MLinux Server 32.1, meaning that the components of the LAMP server are now: Linux 5.4.25, Apache 2.4.41, MariaDB 10.4.12, and PHP (both 5.6.40 and 7.3.15). You can update your TheSSS by executing the "zk update" command (fully automatic process).

GNU GPLv3 server 4mlinux

distroflash.lua 1.1 💾

distroflash.lua is a script that creates multiboot usb disks from linux distro .iso files. It requires libUseful, libUseful-lua, lua-5.3 and syslinux.

major feature: Initial release (1.0 had a bug). Supports Ubuntu, Trisquel, AntiX, MX, Mint, Salix, Bodhi, Knoppix Peppermint and Porteus linux distros. Supports Puppy, Kali, DSL, Gentoo, Slax, and Slitaz as live environments only (installers have issues).

GNU GPLv3 multiboot usb

Nano 4.9 💾

GNU nano is a console text editor, modelled after Pico. It is very newcomer-friendly due to on-screen menus with always visible keyboard shortcuts. Keybindings are configurable, and full undo and redo actions are supported. Nano even can be used as STDIN pager, and it provides fast syntax highlighting, even for regexps.

minor feature: "die fetten Jahre sind vorbei". When justifying a selection, the new paragraph and the. Succeeding one get the appropriate first-line indent. Trying to justify an empty selection does not crash. Redoing the insertion of an empty file does not crash. On the BSDs and macOS, H has become rebindable again. (in most terminal emulators, not on the console). DOS line endings in nanorc files are accepted. Option --suspend / 'set suspend' has been renamed to. The more logical --suspendable / 'set suspendable'.

GNU GPL c editor console nano pico syntax-highlighting

qBittorrent 4.2.2 💾

The qBittorrent project aims to provide an open-source software alternative to µTorrent. Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD). qBittorrent is based on the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library.

minor feature: Update Linux appdata release version . . . Disable Torrent Queue by default. . Replace a series of `if()` by `switch()`. . Simplify null pointer check. . Replace hard-coded numbers in TrackerFiltersList class. . Update free disk space label on Category change in Auto Mode. . Allow transfer list text color changes through QSS. . Use modern unique_ptr practices. . Option to show console when external program is run. . Delete unnecessary explicit return. . Rename Country column to "Country / Region". . Change some settings defaults for better behaviour out of the box. . WebUI: Implement "Secure" flag for session cookie. . WebUI: remove unused/deprecated option. . WebUI: Prevent excessive sync requests. . Migrate away from deprecated API in Qt 5.14. . Remove unused variable. . transfer list architecture. . Use QStyledItemDelegate instead of QItemDelegate. . WebUI: populating statistics window. . Save resume data after recheck. . Allow double-click in preview dialog. . Tracker is errored only if all local endpoints fail. . Remove duplicate line. . Add explicit semicolon. . Remove unused variable. . Expose stop_tracker_timeout in advanced settings. . Change placement of stop tracker timeout. . Bump copyright year. . Bump python version for new installation. . missing string. . Transfer list sorting. . WebUI: first row renaming in files tab. . Add piece_extent_affinity to AdvancedSettings. . WebUI: Use correct operators in logical expressions. . CMake: Remove additional deging compiler flags. . Migrate away from deprecated settings. . Reorganize UI theme selection. . CMake: Remove duplicate MSVC check. . CMake: Remove glibc version detection. . CMake: WebUI checks. . Redesign torrent startup handling. . Show " " instead of " -1" in Preferences. . hide zero values. . Track settings changed event in TransferListModel. . Use faster hash function. . Revise qHash function. . Use systematic approach to generate hash. . Show any mu

GNU GPL internet download torrent

QXGEdit 0.6.2 💾

QXGEdit is a Qt4 GUI for editing MIDI system exclusive files. It works with XG devices such as Yamaha DB50XG. It requires a configured ALSA system.

minor feature: A scalable (.svg) icon version has been added. Make man page compression reproducible (after request by Jelle van der Waa, while on the Vee-Ones, thanks). Bumped copyright headers into the New Year (2020).

GNU GPL qt c++ midi yamaha alsa

TXR Language 234 💾

TXR is a "data munging" language which combines a convenient text extraction notation that is equivalent in power to Parse Expression Grammars, with an innovative Lisp dialect which manages to integrate the differences between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2. It has many features: built-in lazy lists, strings and vectors that can be treated with list processing functions, currying operators, macros with destructuring lambda lists, macrolet, symbol macros, dynamically scoped variables, exception handling, object-oriented structures, delimited continuations, a foreign-function interface and much more. TXR is influenced by Common Lisp, Scheme, Awk, M4, POSIX Shell, Prolog, Ruby, Python, Arc, Clojure, S-Lang and others.

major feature: See RELNOTES:

BSDL-2 interpreter development lisp text-processing utilities programming-language

gradle 6.3 💾

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool focused on flexibility and performance. Gradle build scripts are written using a Groovy or Kotlin DSL.

major bugfix: The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 6.3.

Apache build-tool c c++ groovy java kotlin

HumHub 1.4.4 💾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: DateHelper::parseDateTime() returns invalid date if given value is not parsable. accountTopMenu renders redundant tag. Error thrown in UrlRule for non existing user names. Directory link in space chooser still visible when directory module not active. Removed default border from canvas style. Prevent comments on archived content. Empty visibility for some new spaces. Show password icon not placed correctly if field was initially hidden. Chng: Updated richtext version to 1.0.21. Prevent emoji chooser focus when triggered by input rule. Richtext list menu item disappears.

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware

Babel 7.9.4 💾

Babel is a code translator, which compiles next-gen EcmaScript 6 syntax into browser-consumable ES5/JavaScript. It adds a few proposed ES7 constructs even, and works with React, Node.js, Rails, etc. It provides for: array comprehensions, arrow functions, async functions, async generator functions, classes, class properties, computed property names, constants, decorators, default parameters, destructuring, exponentiation operator, for-of, generators, generator comprehensions, let scoping, modules, module export extensions, object rest/spread, property method assignment, property name shorthand, rest parameters, react, spread, tail call optimisation, template literals, type annotations, unicode regex support.

minor bugfix: (2020-03-24). #### :: `babel-parser`. : token after strict mode block is evaluated in strict mode (@kaicataldo). `babel-generator`. : check parentheses between optional chain and other types (@JLHwung). `babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx`, `babel-preset-react`. Restore default pragmas in preset-react for classic runtime (@existentialism). `babel-plugin-transform-typescript`. preset-typescript private members type annotations (@Lodin). #### :house: Internal. `babel-parser`. Compact parser ture loc info (@JLHwung).

MITL javascript ecmascript nodejs compiler conversion es6 es7 developers

ELM ME+ 2.5 PLalpha51a 💾

Elm Millennium Edition 2.5 (or Elm ME+ 2.5) is based on Elm 2.4 and incorporates some code from Elm 2.5. It contains enhanced MIME and character set support. A subset of UTF-8 (Unicode) is handled. It can read mail from a local mbox and POP or IMAP folders and can pass mail to the PGP or GPG programs. It can also view digests as a mailbox and reassemble fragmented (message/partial) messages. It includes modules for TLS/SSL, iconv, resolv, and SMTP.

minor bugfix: This patch fixes crash on f)ilename -command on Elm 2.5 style file browser. This crash occurs on x86_64 (amd64) architecture on Linux.

Elm GPL email-client imap pop3 shell c curses posix linux unix end-users e-mail

Zabbix 4.4.7 💾

Zabbix is an enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, and other IT resources. It supports distributed and Web-based monitoring, auto-discovery, real-time monitoring, SLA assurance, trending, and more.

minor feature: DEV-1367 simplified PerfCounter parameter parsing. . .......... DEV-1367 moved alias test file to alias package. . .......... DEV-1367 handling of uninitialized counters (not a . . .......... DEV-1367 linux build/tests. . .......... ZBXNEXT-5646 added HostInterface,HostInterfaceItem param . . ..F....... ZBX-17220 removed unused page type constants. . ..F....... ZBX-17220 reverted unneeded changes. . .......... ZBXNEXT-826 updated ChangeLog. . ...G...... DEV-1436 added 'net.tcp.port' metric to agent2 for Linux . . .......... ZBXNEXT-686 added disabling demode, boolean ke . . .......... DEV-1447 added support for edge browser in selenium tests. . .......... ZBX-17027 typo in changelog entry. . ....I..... DEV-1479 added new configuration flag '--enable-static-l . . ...G...... ZBXNEXT-5646 configuration file checks. . ...G...... ZBXNEXT-5646 reverted const value scope. . .........T ZBXNEXT-5659 added "Template DB MySQL by ODBC". . .........T ZBXNEXT-5659 changed "Template DB MySQL by Zabbix agent". . ....I..... ZBX-17173 improved windows agent build scripts. . .......... ZBXNEXT-5646 minor code simplification. . ....I..... ZBXNEXT-5706 replaced xml2-config to pkg-config when bui . . A......... ZBX-17165 incorrect validation in XML conversion c . . ....I..... ZBX-17173 preserving old (CFLAGS) in build/win32/projec . . .........T DEV-1439 reverted changes to PagerDuty and Pushover XML . . ...G...... ZBXNEXT-5646 added support of configuration parameters H . . ...G...... ZBXNEXT-5646 added ChangeLog entry. . .......... ZBX-1357 automatic translation file sync for 4.4. . .........T ZBXNEXT-5659 changed JS code in "Template DB MySQL by Za . . .......PS. ZBXNEXT-5690 added support for libssh. . .........T ZBXNEXT-5660 Added Discord media type. . .........T ZBXNEXT-5659 added "Template DB MySQL by ODBC". . ........S. ZBX-16965 link/unlink template operation execution . . .....

GNU GPL logging networking monitoring system-administration

µBlock Origin 1.25.3b8 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Chromium: Install from the Chrome store: For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. . For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. Firefox: Click uBlock0_1.25.2.firefox.signed.xpi. Opera: Install from Opera addons: In Element Zapper, support Mac keyboards Delete key. Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: WebAssembly is not defined. Accessing localStorage delays startup. Need to whitelist Microsoft Edge internal page. Allow re-entrance in abort-current-inline-script. Make element picker mind that network filters are case-insensitive. Support loading of benchmark dataset in published versions. Wrap long hostnames in popup panel.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

git 2.26.0 💾

Git is a distributed version control system, originally designed for Linux kernel development and large projects with non-linear workflows. It's comprised of individual tools, reuses ssh and rsync protocols, emphasises speed and data integrity, and keeps every checkout as full-fledged repository, and cryptographically authenticates source history. Various graphical frontends, IDE integrations and web services (GitHub) exist; with its git-fast-export format meanwhile serves interoperability with bzr, hg, fossil, svn.

minor feature: git rebase" uses a different backend that is based on the 'merge', machinery by default. There are a few known differences in the, behaviour from the traditional machinery based on patch+apply. If your workflow is negatively affected by this change, please, report it to so that we can take a look into, it. After doing so, you can set the 'rebase.backend' configuration, variable to 'apply', in order to use the old default behaviour in, the meantime. Sample credential helper for using.netrc has been updated to work, out of the box. gpg.minTrustLevel configuration variable has been introduced to, tell various signature verification codepaths the required minimum, trust level. The command line completion (in contrib/) learned to complete, subcommands and arguments to "git worktree". Disambiguation logic to tell revisions and pathspec apart has been, tweaked so that backslash-escaped glob special characters do not, count in the "wildcards are pathspec" rule. One effect of specifying where the GIT_DIR is (either with the, environment variable, or with the "git --git-dir=. cmd", option) is to disable the repository discovery. This has been, placed a bit more stress in the documentation, as new users often, get confused. Two help messages given when "git add" notices the user gave it, nothing to add have been updated to use advise() API. A new version of fsmonitor-watchman hook has been introduced, to, avoid races. "git config" learned to show in which "scope", in addition to in, which file, each config setting comes from. The basic 7 colors learned the brighter counterparts, (e.g. "brightred"). "git sparse-checkout" learned a new "add" subcommand. A configuration element used for credential subsystem can now use, wildcard pattern to specify for which set of URLs the entry, applies. "git clone --recurse-submodules --single-branch" now uses the same, single-branch option when cloning the submodules. "git rm" and "git stash" learns the new "-

GNU LGPL c git scm vcs dvcs

Munin Graph in Javascript 1.4 💾

This version manage the Munin graph in PHP without using the RRD Graph. It manage all the graphs in JS in the client browser (which allow the server to keep cool),

minor release: * If the configuration is set to "plugin.internal.unknown 1", do not display the unknown state as error * Allow one to click on graph or values div on the day page, not on the plugin page

Mixed php web interface munin graphs

term_wifi 1.1 💾

A simple console frontend to iwconfig/iw

major bugfix: version 1.1 fixes an issue where the config file could become corrupted for networks that don't use usernames.

GNU GPLv3 wifi console iwconfig

Fiwix 1.1.0 💾

Fiwix is an operating system kernel written from scratch, based on the UNIX architecture and fully focused on being POSIX compatible. It is designed and developed mainly as a hobby OS and, since it serves also for educational purposes, the kernel code is kept as simple as possible for the benefit of readers or students. It runs on the i386 hardware platform and is compatible with a good base of existing GNU applications.

major feature: This new release of the Fiwix kernel comes with the following changes: - Added support for an initial RAMdisk (initrd) image. - Added full support for the ext2 filesystem. - Added support to execute scripts. - Limit the number of messages on spurious interrupts. - RAMdisks initialization now shows the range of the memory addresses of each RAMdisk created. - Added VMA_REGIONS as a general configurable option (default: 150 entries). - Changed the default kernel filesystem to ext2. - Renamed the sleep addresses in tty.c. - Added the ability to pass arguments to init from the kernel's command line. - Included memory values in /proc/PID/stat and /proc/PID/status. - Included the file /proc/PID/statm to provide more information about memory usage. - Changed the ATA's SET MULTIPLE MODE command to do all I/O with 4KB block size (8 sectors) by default. - Fixed to prevent from using an unexistent floppy type, in the fdd_type structure, if CMOS returns a value bigger than 0x04. - Fixed a misplaced bitwise operator AND that was not ensuring the limitation to 1GB as the amount of physical memory supported. - Fixed some bugs in *_minix_ialloc() and minix_balloc() when they fail. - Fixed a malfunction in the job control. - Fixed in sys_getgroups() to return the number of group IDs when the argument size is zero. - Fixed the DEC Set Top and Bottom Margins (DECSTBM) sequence, which affected the scroll up mechanism in consoles. - Fixed to set properly the timestamp on every read and write in all ttys. - Fixed the start time value in /proc/PID/stat of every single process. - Fixed to use a long long variable type to be able support block devices bigger tan 4GB. - Fixed a memory corruption bug processing the VT100 'CSI n J' sequence. - Small fixes and cosmetic changes. It also comes with the new FiwixOS 2 Installation CDROM which includes new packages ported and improves a lot the UNIX-like experience.

MITL operating-system kernel posix unix

Univention Corporate Server 4.4-4 💾

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a scalable and Open Source Linux based software appliance for identity, IT infrastructure and service management. It offers basic services for managing users, groups, and computers. In addition, UCS also contains a wide range of server applications, i.e. for IP management (DNS/DHCP), mail and groupware solutions, file share and sync tools, online office suites, project management tools, ERP solutions, and more – all available in the Univention App Center. UCS has a modular design, scales well, and is easy to deploy. UCS is Open Source, available as free edition or as enterprise edition with support and extended maintenance. UCS integrates with Microsoft Active Directory or offers Active Directory compatible services to replace Microsoft servers. It's also possible to manage the identities for Windows, macOS, and Linux clients and servers. Main Features: • Easy web based management system for identities, resources, services, and more. • Integrated IT management services like LDAP (directory services), Kerberos (authentication), DNS and DHCP. • More than 90 apps in the Univention App Center, including 3rd party business applications like Nextcloud, ownCloud, ONLYOFFICE, Collabora, OpenProject, SuiteCRM, OpenXchange and Kopano (one-click installation or virtual appliances). • Compatible with Microsoft Active Directory Download at:

minor feature: On March 24, 2020 UCS 4.4-4 was released. Release notes with all details at:

Affero GPLv3 it-infrastructure-management active-directory-migration domain-management cloud-management samba-4 app-center linux-distribution open-source

youtube-dl 2020.03.24 💾

youtube-dl is a small command-line tool to download videos. While it originally and still is used for, it supports many other video hosters like Anitube, Appletrailers,, ARD, Arte, Blinkx, Bloomberg, CBS, clipfish, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral, Discovery, dropbox, eHow, flickr, FranceTV, Google+, GorillaVid, Internet Video Archive, justintv, KhanAcademy, liveleak, MTV, MyVideo, NBC, Newstube, novamov Slideshare, SoundCloud, Southpark, Steam, SyFy, Veoh and Vimeo. It can save video MP4s and other provided formats or just extract audio tracks.

minor feature: utils Revert support for cookie files with spaces used instead of tabs. teachable Update upskillcourses and gns3 domains. generic Look for teachable embeds before wistia. teachable Extract chapter metadata. bilibili Add support for bilibili Add support for new URL schema with BV ids. limelight Remove disabled API requests. soundcloud download URL extraction. cbc:watch Add support for authentication. hellporno extraction. xtube formats extraction. ndr extraction. nhk Update m3u8 URL and use native HLS downloader. nhk Remove obsolete rtmp formats. nhk Relax URL regular expression. vimeo Revert showcase password protected video extraction.

Public Domain python utility video

ImageMagick 7.0.10-2 💾

ImageMagick® is software toolset and library to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It supports easy cropping, resizing and distorting, combining and morphing, colorizations, animations, applying effects or decorations, adding text, polygons and Bézier curves. Supported image formats include PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000, GIF, SVG, TIFF, DPX, EXR, PDF and Postscript. IM is comprised of the command line tools convert, identify, mogrify, composite, montage, compare, stream, display (with editing GUI), animate, import and conjure for scripting. And there are bindings for Ada, C, COM+, C++, Java, Lisp, haXe, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl.

minor feature: another sizing with the label coder when pointsize is set . . Magick++: Use specific MagickWand ABI dependency. . Target specific ABI version in -config scripts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When calculating the type metrics the xMax should be used instead of . . Revert the changes to the label coder to an where the text . . . . Ceil the width instead. . Add support for returning the minimum bounding box of an image. . Stroked dash array render properly again. . . . Export these properties: minimum-bounding-box:area, minimum-bounding- . . .

Apache c graphics image-manipulation image-magick graphics-conversion

XLSX I/O 0.2.25 💾

Cross-platform C library for reading values from and writing values to .xlsx files. XLSX I/O aims to provide a C library for reading and writing .xlsx files. The .xlsx file format is the native format used by Microsoft(R) Excel(TM) since version 2007. The library was written with the following goals in mind: - primary focus on data values organized in tables, on not layout or graphics - written in standard C, but allows being used by C++ - simple interface - small footprint - portable across different platforms (Windows, *nix) - minimal dependancies: only depends on expat (only for reading) and libzip (which in turn depends on zlib) - separate library for reading and writing .xlsx files Also includes command line tools to convert between .xslx and CSV files.

minor feature: Memory leaks in xlsxioread_sheet_next_cell_int/xlsxioread_sheet_next_cell_float/xlsxioread_sheet_next_cell_datetime (). Added xml:space="preserve" to text cells to preserve spacing (). Ran valgrind tests on xlsxio_xlsx2csv and xlsxio_csv2xlsx. Memory leak in write_cell_data() in xlsxio_write.c (result of get_A1col was not freed). Rewrote get_A1col() in in xlsxio_write.c to avoid on platforms where multiple calls to va_start()/va_end() don't work.

MITL excel xlsx c library c++ c library cross platform portable open source free ooxml database values read write

Krita 4.2.9 💾

Krita is a free and open source painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry.

minor feature: update Python to v3.8.1 on macOS and Linux . build on systems other than macOS. . Partially revert "update Python to v3.8.1 on macOS and Linux". . VERSION_STRING to contain beta index. . caching of recent files thumbnails. . Lab channel render in canvas and Channels docker. . macOs packaging: add notarization entitlements. . 3rdParty Do not try to compile openjpeg in macOS. . "Work around" a in Qt 5.14 where Krita crashes on exit. . de--. . Use Qt::Popup only on MacOS, Qt::Tool on other systems. . SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours. . Linux: appdata. . GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction). . krita crashing on splashscreen in macOS. . pkging: macOS add missing entitlement. . macOS: clean any remaining local r_path from library. . GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction). . GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction). . GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction). . GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction). . Make rotation sensor be "additive". . SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours. . Update to 4.2.9.

GNU GPL artistic-software graphics raster-based qt kde

Inadyn 2.7 💾

Inadyn is a small and simple DDNS client with HTTPS support, both GnuTLS and OpenSSL are supported. Inadyn is commonly available in many GNU/Linux distributions, used in off-the-shelf routers and Internet gateways to automate the task of keeping your DNS record up to date with any IP address changes from your ISP. It can also be used in installations with redundant (backup) connections to the Internet.

minor feature: Add broken-rtc = .conf file setting, by Vladislav Grishenko. Add common authentication failure error code handling, by Vladislav Grishenko. Improve Dockerfile by using the same commit of the current Dockerfile to to build inadyn. Previously the Dockerfile always pulled the latest git master, by Dominik Courcelles. --force option not being recognized, by Eric Sauvageau. hash generation regression in FreeDNS plugin, found and by Eric Sauvageau and Vladislav Grishenko.

GNU GPL ddns dns monitoring c console daemon windows linux unix

Universal Media Server 9.3.1 💾

Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server, which is implemented in Java and thus runs on all operating systems. It can convert any media file format, and stream it to a wide range of hardware devices (smart TVs, and media centers).

minor bugfix: General: Updated build documentation in Renderers: too much transcoding on Samsung 9 series TVs WAV support on PS3 Translation updates via Crowdin: Arabic (36 ) Serbian (87 ) Slovenian (60 ).

GNU GPL java media streaming ffmpeg upnp dlna

Veusz 3.2.1 💾

Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready Postscript, PDF, or SVG output. It features an easy to use graphical interface as well as a command line interface and can be scripted or embedded in Python scripts. Graphs are constructed in a modular fashion from separate components. Datasets can be interactively modified or created from within the program.

minor feature: too large page size in SVG export. Reenable compression for PNG export. crash in HDF5 import dialog. If filename extension is missing in export dialog, add it and avoid crash. Take account of QT_LIBINsetting for unusual Qt installs. Add wtilde text command to place a tilde over text.

GNU GPL science-research cross-platform qt cpython visualization

Thom2 2.3.0 💾

GTK2 Thomson TO7 Emulator for Linux. Forked from Sylvain Huet and Eric Botcazou version.

major feature: Add screenshot feature. Change build system for autoconf. Add eclipse project configuration.

Public Domain emulator

DBeaver 7.0.1 💾

DBeaver is a free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. Supports all popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc.

minor feature: dbeaver-corp/dbeaver-ee#313 Project password UI. DS configuration storage model. . Connection configuration storage model. . Connection configuration storage model. . Connection configuration storage model. . Connection configuration storage model. . Navigator model refactoring. . Anonymous parameters binding. Icons update. . UI color calc. Icons update. . Sources copyright header update (2020). . Maven build action. . Create maven.yml. . Delete maven.yml. . Auth model. . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Stylelinter config. . Update stylelinter.yml. . Delete stylelinter.yml. . Bootstrap queries config dialog UI. Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Provide better icons for smaller images. . . . Unquote target attribute names after new entity create. . Unquote target attribute names after new entity create. . SQL completion : show value proposals only after WHERE/AND/O . . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Duplicate task name check. . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Typed workbench access. . SQL Server driver temporary revert (7.4.1). . SQL Server: native lib Maven artifact added to deps. Native art . . added snapcraft config in dbeaver-ce repo. . Generate SQL : adapt selected objects. . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Config profile delete: usage checking. Auth model refactoring. . Auth model + registry. . dbeaver-corp/dbeaver-web#356 Object manager moved to registry plugin. . Connection page with auth model. . SQL Server: target table/column detection. Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . MAven packaging 'bundle' support. . SQL Server constants. . SQL Gen: SELECT (enable column names by default). . Native float formatter (use default rounding mode). . Oracle schema rename disable. . Entity resize. . Switch snap to gnome-3-28 extension. . Query log viewer (quer

GNU GPL database front-end sql java

The Sidef programming language 3.95 💾

Sidef is a high-level, general-purpose programming language, inspired by Ruby, Perl6 and Go. Main features of the language include: - object-oriented programming - multiple dispatch - metaprogramming - regular expressions - support for using Perl modules - optional dynamic type checking - and a large number of built-in types

minor feature: Added the Date built-in type, to work with dates. (9399bbc). Added support for scalar context, provided by the unary + operator. (09dc805). Added the Number is_cyclic(n) method. (37b82a7). Added the Number n.primitive_part(f) method. (634a98a, 5f4ff4e). Added the Number powerful(n,k=2) method. (88c7fc9). Added the Number powerful_count(n, k=2) method. (b4385e6). Added the Number each_prime(from, to, ... ) method. (8bd9252). Added the Number bits(n) method, which returns the binary digits of n. (9b74dc9). Added the Number squarefree(from, to) method. (9146ec4). Added the Number each_squarefree(from, to, ... ) method. (9146ec4). Added the Range each_slice, each_cons, map_slice and map_cons methods. (08a79a7). Added the behavior of -w and -W in the generated code. (826c769). Optimizations in each_slice, each_cons, map_slice and map_cons. (08a79a7, dca04b0). Faster algorithm in Number make_coprime(a,b). (59ba2a9). Minor simplifications in the Number class. (be22ed5). Minor performance improvements in Number is_lucas_carmichael(n). (b2d02a2). Minor internal optimization in the creation of Hash objects. (08f1d49). Slightly better performance in Number trial_factor(n,k). (9e51c91, 9a7c252). Extended the Number.is_powerful to accept an optional argument. (a9ee071). Extended the modular Lucas sequences U_n(P, Q) and V_n(P, Q) to support arbitrarily large P and Q. (7495f39). Changed the Array , , and - operators. (805f2c3). a minor in String num. (7c56b11). Minor in the parsing of the ternary operator. (3dadcab). Allow premethod-calls in class has variables. (98fdc39). UTF-8 encoding/decoding in File and Dir classes. (e967c94).

GNU GPLv3 programming language development perl

Julia 1.4.0 💾

Julia is a high-level, dynamic, and JIT-compiled programming language for technical computing. It integrates distributed multiple-dispatch parallel execution, a mathemetical function library, numerical accuraccy, libraries for linear algebra, signal processing, Unicode-aware string processing, Lisp-like macros, Python code bondings, C function wrapping, user-defined and dynamic typing.

minor feature: unsigned(::Ptr) and signed(::Ptr) . Add missing 1.4 news note for new function pkgdir(). . ` (PYTHON)` paths for native windows executable or cygwin. . Bump LLVM tarballs on 1.4. . . . Set VERSION to 1.4.0.

MITL c programming-language julia python llvm

CherryTree 0.39.1 💾

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file. Features: rich text formatting and colorization, syntax highlighting, images handling, embedded files, lists handling, simple tables, codeboxes, text/image/table alignment, hyperlinks, spell checking, cross application copy/paste, export to html or plain text, table-of-contents generation, extensive search function. It can import from Basket, Cherrytree, Epim html, Gnote, Keepnote, Keynote, KnowIt, MemPad, Notecase, TomBoy, Treepad Lite, TuxCards, Zim.

minor bugfix: Export to html regressions after 0.39.0. RuntimeError: returned character can not be represented in 16-bit unicode". Problem with opening another note. Show node path in tooltip of Last Visited Nodes. Triple click functionality to select paragraph limited to rich text as not ideal in particular for for code.

GNU GPLv3 gtk c text-editor note-taking

Electron 10.0.0-nightly.20200320 💾

The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on Node.js and Chromium and is used by the Atom editor and many other apps.

minor feature: Build: actually save the brew cache on macOS . Chore: bump chromium to 28254008f9e7a2aea5d4426906bfd (master). . Bump v10.0.0-nightly.20200206. . Chore: print more logging for failed tests. . Docs: clarify requirements for GOOGLE_API_KEY. . Chore: remove teams without write access from CODEOWNERS. . ci: enable goma for all testing builds. . Build: copy chromedriver to proper directory for release. . : add Chromium patch to RTL window buttons. . Docs: document supported extensions apis. . Feat: extensions support extension.getBackgroundPage. . Feat: enable passing Node.js cli flags. . Test: get native unit tests running. . Bump v10.0.0-nightly.20200207. . Refactor: saner blink_initialization_order.patch. . ci: build failure on doc only changes. . Build: copy chromedriver to correct location. . Chore: remove deging log. . Build: preserve timestamps when stripping files. . Bump v10.0.0-nightly.20200208. . Build: try using newer version of xcode/macOS sdk. . : flash plugin. . : use a WeakPtr so we do not UAF the store in FunctionLifetimeMoni . . Bump v10.0.0-nightly.20200209. . Refactor: remove use of Node's DeOptions. . Docs: modify the showMessageBox method to showMessageBoxSync. . Bump v10.0.0-nightly.20200210. . : disallow loading extensions in temp sessions. . Feat: disable the remote module by default. . : explicitly specify `typeRoots` to avoid crawling parent director . . Feat: add session.removeWordFromSpellCheckerDictionary API. . Chore: Revert "notes: Adding Github CI to testing documentation (#21996 . . Feat: add session.listWordsFromSpellCheckerDictionary API. . : remove cyclic references of BrowserWindow. . Chore: bump node to v12.15.0 (master). . Spec: unskip webview.printToPDF. . : make webRequest work with WebSocket. . Bump v10.0.0-nightly.20200211. . Refactor: use NSVisualEffectMaterial

MITL node js

Audacious 4.0 💾

Audacious is an open source audio player. A descendant of XMMS, Audacious plays your music how you want it, without stealing away your computer’s resources from other tasks. Drag and drop folders and individual song files, search for artists and albums in your entire music library, or create and edit your own custom playlists. Listen to CD’s or stream music from the Internet. Tweak the sound with the graphical equalizer or experiment with LADSPA effects. Enjoy the modern GTK-themed interface or change things up with Winamp Classic skins. Use the plugins included with Audacious to fetch lyrics for your music, to set an alarm in the morning, and more.

minor feature: Audqt: Add instructional hint to info window. . Libaudqt: Center the instructional hint. . Libaudqt: hook up a font entry widget. . Remove obsolete comment. . Libaudcore: drct: handle meson's instance on naming all plugins libfo . . Libaudqt: connect file-entry to the preferences builder. . Meson: configure audio.h too. . Meson: thanks, i hate it. . Meson: same for manpages. . Libaudcore: add Description and MusicBrainzID to the tuple vocabulary. . Add description to title formatter suggestions. . Libaudqt: info-widget: add description and mbid fields. . Silence warning about uninitialized variables. . Audqt: Connect to accepted() signal rather than urlSelected(). . Audqt: Use file_entry_get/set_uri(). . Audqt: setAutoDefault(false) on settings buttons. . Audqt: Use preferences-desktop-font icon for font selection. . Add a fallback icon for preferences-desktop-font. . Undo some of svgo's optimizations to work around Qt's bad rendering. . Inline a couple of trivial functions. . Remove unnecessary pointer. . Eliminate StringBuf copies. . Audqt: Expose qfont_to/from_string(). . Audqt: Don't rely on QFont::exactMatch(). . Images: install icons to correct path. . ensure paths in defines are absolute. . rename plugindir to plugin_dir. . Libaudcore: set default plugin priority to 5, add _AUD_PLUGIN_DEFAULT . . Revert "libaudqt: Center the instructional hint.". . Revert "audqt: Add instructional hint to info window.". . Audqt: Make info window more keyboard-friendly. . Audqt: Enable Save button only when tag has been changed. . Audqt: Add Revert button and some tweaks to info window. . Qt::WA_DeleteOnalready exists, use it. . Meson: add explicit deps on generated aud-dbus.h. . Audtag: ape: read tags case-insensitively. . Audqt: Replace custom QDialog with QInputDialog. . WIP - Allow song info window to display multiple entries. . Handle empty fields correctly. . Audqt: /refactor i

BSDL-2 audio music player c++ gtk qt windows linux

Vim 8.2.0422 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.2.0422: crash when passing popup window to win_splitmove() Problem: Crash when passing popup window to win_splitmove(). (john Devin). Solution: Disallow moving a popup window.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Hardware lister B.02.19.2 💾

lshw (HardWare LiSter) is a small tool for Linux to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware version, mainboard configuration, CPU version and speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc.

minor feature: * detection of NVMe disks * detection of SD/MMC and SDIO devices * bug fixes * code cleanup * updated data files

GNU GPL system-administrators linux c++ console gtk utilities xml systems-administration hardware

GitLab 12.9.0 💾

GitLab is a development collaboration tool and git DVCS frontend. It includes repository management features, code reviews, an issue tracker, activity feeds and wikis. GitLab provides fine-grained access control, user management, 5 permission levels and branch constraints, and can utilize LDAP/AD intranet authorization. Powered by Ruby on Rails it comes as open source package, and as commercial supported enterprise version.

major bugfix: (2020-03-22). ### Security (1 change). Update Puma to 4.3.3. !27232. ### Removed (3 changes). Remove staging from commit workflow in the Web IDE. !26151. Remove and deprecate snippet content search. !26359. Remove "Analytics" suffrom the sidebar menu items. !26415. ### (117 changes, 19 of them are from the community). Set all NULL `lock_version` values to 0 for issuables. !18418. Support finding namespace by ID or path on fork API. !20603 (leoleoasd). caret position after pasting an image 15011. !21382 (Carolina Carvalhosa). Use of sha instead of ref when creating a new ref on deployment creation. !23170. logic to determine project export state and add regeneration_in_progress state. !23664. Create child pipelines dynamically using content from artifact as CI configuration. !23790. Handle Gitaly failure when fetching license. !24310. error details layout and alignment for mobile view. !24390. Added the multiSelect option to stop event propagation when clicking on the dropdown. !24611 (Gwen_). Activate Prometheus integration service for newly created project if this project has access to shared Prometheus application. !24676. Jump to next unresolved thread. !24728. Require a logged in user to accept or decline a term. !24771. quick actions executing in multiline inline code when placed on its own line. !24933 (Pavlo Dudchenko). timezones for popovers. !24942. Prevent "Select project to create merge request" button from overflowing out of the viewport on mobile. !25195. Add validation for updated_at parameter in update API. !25201 (Filip Stybel). Elasticsearch: when index is absent warn users and disable index button. !25254. pipeline details page initialisation on invalid pipeline. !25302 (Fabio Huser). with sidebar not expanding at certain resolutions. !25313 (Lee t). Rescue elasticsearch server error in pod logs. !25367. project setting approval input in non-sequential order. !25391. Add responsivity to cluster environments table.

MITL ruby ruby-on-rails git dvcs wiki bugtracker version-control