git 2.12.2 💾

Git is a distributed version control system, originally designed for Linux kernel development and large projects with non-linear workflows. It's comprised of individual tools, reuses ssh and rsync protocols, emphasises speed and data integrity, and keeps every checkout as full-fledged repository, and cryptographically authenticates source history. Various graphical frontends, IDE integrations and web services (GitHub) exist; with its git-fast-export format meanwhile serves interoperability with

minor feature: git status --porcelain" is supposed to give a stable output, but a, few strings were left as translatable by mistake. "Dumb http" transport used to misparse a nonsense http-alternates, response, which has been. "git diff --quiet" relies on the size field in diff_filespec to be, correctly populated, but diff_populate_filespec() helper function, made an incorrect short-cut when asked only to populate the size, field for paths that need to go through convert_to_git() (e.g. CRLF, conversion). There is no need for Python only to give a few messages to the, standard error stream, but we somehow did. A leak in a codepath to read from a packed object in (rare) cases, has been plugged. "git upload-pack", which is a counter-part of "git fetch", did not, report a request for a ref that was not advertised as invalid. This is generally not a problem (because "git fetch" will stop, before making such a request), but is the right thing to do. A "gc.log" file left by a backgrounded "gc --auto" disables further, automatic gc; it has been taught to run at least once a day by ignoring a stale "gc.log" file that is too old. "git remote rm X", when a branch has remote X configured as the, value of its branch.*.remote, tried to remove branch.*.remote and, branch.*.merge and failed if either is unset. A caller of tempfile API that uses stdio interface to write to, files may ignore errors while writing, which is detected when, tempfile is (with a call to ferror()). By that time, the, original errno that may have told us what went wrong is likely to, be long gone and was overwritten by an irrelevant value. _tempfile() now resets errno to EIO to make errno at least, predictable. "git show-branch" expected there were only very short branch names, in the repository and used a -length buffer to hold them, without checking for overflow. The code that parses header fields in the commit object has been, updated for (micro)performance and code hygiene. A test that creates a confusing bra

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