Recent Releases

0.42.020 May 2024 06:45 minor feature: Correctly request force-pushing in a triangular workflow PR Description. Some people push to a different branch (or even remote) than they pull. From. One example is described in #3437. Our logic of when to request a. Force push is not appropriate for these workflows: we check the. Configured upstream branch for divergence, but that's the one you pull. From. We should instead check the push-to branch for divergence. .
0.41.025 Mar 2024 00:25 minor feature: Container detection PR Description. Running WSL without a container would be treated as native linux. Causing problems at it would then attempt to use `xdg-open`. This was. Caused by `isContainer()` always returning true due to some dubious. Conditionals. These have been removed. The env-var check seems to not be used by lazygit, nor any common. Containers, and therefore appears to only exist to manually tell lazygit. to behave as if it were inside of a container. This functionality has. Been kept, but the env-var has been changed to be all uppercaps as to. Comply with the POSIX standard. Introduced in 4d78d76.
0.4102 Mar 2024 06:25 minor feature: Add author filtering to commit view PR Description. This PR introduces a new feature to the commit view, allowing users to. Filter commits based on the author's name or email address. Similar to. The existing path filtering functionality, accessible through ` lt;c-s gt;`. This feature allows users to filter the commit history by the currently. Selected commit's author if the commit view is focused, or by typing in. The author's name or email address. This feature adds an entry to the filtering menu, to provide users with. a familiar and intuitive experience. !filter-by-author. Please check if the PR fulfils these requirements. x Cheatsheets are up-to-date (run `go generate./...`). x Code has been formatted (see. Here). x Tests have been added/updated (see. Here. For the integration test guide). x Text is internationalised (see. Here). x Docs (specifically `docs/`) have been updated if. Necessary. x You've read through your own file changes for silly mistakes etc.
0.40.230 Sep 2023 21:27 minor feature: Fix seg-fault when opening submodule in nested folder by @jesseduffield in #2903
0.40.006 Aug 2023 10:46 minor feature: ailable.
0.38.206 May 2023 08:25 minor feature: ailable.
0.38.002 May 2023 03:24 minor feature: tion.
0.2918 Aug 2021 16:25 minor feature: Moved submodule.
0.28.125 Apr 2021 20:08 minor feature: 9190e9b Fix englishIntroPopupMessage typo in english.go
0.27.416 Apr 2021 10:29 minor feature: f2df77a Fix path for Linux config file 9f4433d allow opening merge tool 2d8f7d2 better way of scrolling to a merge conflict a9fbc9e fix merge conflict panel not rendering 70b5c82 update to explain situation with config paths 8d41663 update release notes
0.26.115 Mar 2021 19:35 minor feature: 058bcdd fix renamed files looking wrong