Kamailio SIP Server 5.2.4

Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) is a high-performance SIP (RFC3261) server with a flexible architecture and many extensions. The server implements proxy, registrar, redirect, and location SIP/VoIP services. It has support for UDP, TCP, TLS, and SCTP transport layers, DNSsec, ENUM, AAA via database, RADIUS, DIAMETER, gateways to SMS and XMPP, least cost routing, load balancing, NAT traversal, and call processing language. Kamailio implements SIMPLE presence and instant messaging extensions, and includes an embedded XCAP server and MSRP relay, IMS/VoLTE extensions. It can be also used as a routing SIP sever for WebRTC via WebSocket.

Tags sip voip webrtc volte ims telephony messaging
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.2.415 Aug 2019 15:45 minor feature: Htable: a possible null pointer dereference in dmq startup error . Pkg/kamailio/obs: Updated jansson module dependences. . Pkg/kamailio/obs: Updated libevent2 deps for CentOS 6 dist skip ci . . Registrar: clean avp/xavp created at 'usrloc:contact-expired' route_e . . Call_control: add a note that the callcontrol application expect the . . Usrloc: memory leak on DB_ONLY mode on RPC commands. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Acc: extend description in docs for log_missed_calls flag. . Dispatcher: small spelling in docs. . Rtpengine: error output on send_rtpp_command(). . Tcpops: the example documentation for tcp_get_conid. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Uac: minor spelling in docs. . tm: add missing docs about event_route tm:local-request , GH #980. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Db_text: small in docs. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Utils/kamcmd: default port is 2049, adapt help and README. . Core: skip to-tag when computing via branch for invite, ack and cancel. . Db_mysql: remove build warning, unneeded include. . Corex: parser for alias_subdomain modparam, extend deging output. . Sipt: reset the static buffer for returning the number. . Domain: memory leak on domain reload (related to domain_attr tabl . . Uac: references in docs for AVPs. . Uac: another copy and paste error in docs. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Acc: doc improvement regarding radius and diameter modules. . Acc: remove diameter specific doc content, code was moved in 2017 to . . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Usrloc: clone xavp list in contact struct in memory mode. . tm: detect local uac transaction not inserted in the hash table. . Exec: demessage with number of results for exec_avp(). . Pdb: safety check for header length in pdb_msg_dbg(). . Rls: d
5.2.323 May 2019 14:25 minor feature: App_ruby: implemented rpc app_ruby.reload command . App_ruby: print new script version in rpc reload info message. . Uac_redirect: docs - added section ids. . App_ruby: added missing app_ruby.api_list rpc command. . Uac_redirect: docs - missing space in sectionid. . App_python3: Python 3.7 deprecation warnings. . Regex: init var to avoid compile warning. . Cplc: init var to avoid compile warning. . Topoh: unmask route, if maksing fails for one of the routes. . Topoh: aded demessage for knowing the reason of no decoding rr. . Websocket: use the list with ids for ws connections to do ping-pong. . Websocket: fetch ws connections based on keepalive process index. . Websocket: destroy ws connections in dedicated timer process. . Websocket: docs for timer_interval and rm_delay_interval params. . Ndb_redis: compilation warnings. . Topos_redis: compilation warnings. . Cnxcc: compilation warnings. . Dialog: only write demessages in case cseq or contact fields are . . Websocket: removed static from declaration of ws_rm_delay_interval. . Db_redis: use safe clist iteration for db_redis_free_tables(). . Cdp: init pointer to avoid warning on uninitialized use. . Rtpengine: lock only when db backend is enabled for build_rtpp_socks(). . Auth_db: print db table name when version check fails. . Core: function to detect if all processes were forked. . Core: added function to detect when processes were initialized. . Rtpengine: reworked build of rtpengine sockets to avoid serial initia . . Rtpengine: use version number to track building rtpengine sockets on . . Ims_isc: free variable in case of errors. . Core: pt - added missing #endif due to backport conflict. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Acc_json: proper check if the mqueue name is set and the module can b . . Topos_redis: check the branch value to avoid using uninitialized fields. . tm: Add up for PVS in up_t_check_status. . Phonenum:
5.1.813 Apr 2019 07:25 minor feature: Registrar: use sruid_next_safe() . Nathelper: exported _nated_sdp() variants to KEMI framework. . Path: use memcpy() instead of strncpy(). . Core: use parentesis to surround condtion on raw_ipip header size. . Core: use memcpy() instead of strncpy(). . Tls: update to default session id value to reflect major version. . Src: misspelled Kamailio. . Rtpproxy: comment typo. . Uac_redirect: documentation typo. . Core: comment typo. . Mem: q_malloc - better log message on ignoring double free. . Mem: f_malloc - better log message on ignoring double free. . tm: warn message on unexpected fcount value. . Db_unixodbc: added section ids, updated application name. . Pkg/docker: updated submodule. . Revert "nathelper: call to alter_mediaip". . Nathelper: initialize local variable. . . . tm: reset the tm cell content during free. . tm: macro to define the ptr address for tm cell uac field. . tm: safty checks when destroying the tm cell. . Makefile.defs: enabled clang compile warning flags -Wunused-variable . . Sipcapture: initialize variable. . Siputils: note that is_first_hop() works only for IP addresses in rec . . Pkg: version set to 5.1.6 for rpm, apk specs. . Pkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.1.6. . Makefile.defs: detect gcc v8.x. . Makefile.defs: version set to 5.1.6. . ChangeLog: content updated for v5.1.6. . Pkg/kamailio: db_redis RPM packaging after ee95675. . Core: cfg reset routename properly. . Kamctl: make jsonrpc filter portable. . Db_postgres: blob hex encoding. . Db_postgres: new parameter bytea_output_escape. . Db_postgres: docs for bytea_output_escape. . Dialplan: note and example for preing string param with s: for rpc . . Utils/kamcmd: man page - note about the suto-conversion of number par . . Kamctl: man page - note about preing number params with 's:' to en . . Core: info log at startup with number of precesses, pkg and shm sizes. . Core: dns_cache - NAPTR rr_preference set to number for
5.0.805 Apr 2019 05:25 minor feature: Main.c: argument help typo . Registrar: set current time before checking registered() conditions. . tm: flag core to use forced socket when uac socket is set. . Core: added missing typedef for dest_info_t. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Core: main - use fprintf() if daemon_status_send() fails at shut down. . Pkg/rpm: set version to 5.0.6 in spec files. . Json: docs - more details about the result of json_get_field(). . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Pkg/kamailio/deb: version set to 5.0.6. . Makefile.defs: version set to 5.0.6. . ChangeLog: content updated for v5.0.6. . Cfgutils: kemi wrappers for locking functions. . Kazoo: free envelope only on normal response. . Srloc: missing documentation for module parameter 'server_id_filter'. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Msilo: remove not working tm parameter in the example cfg, reported f . . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Db_mongodb: create projection field to set the list of returned column. . Db_mongodb: iterate on projection fields for matching cols in result. . Db_mongodb: use projection iterator to convert bson for result. . Kamctl: the name of rpc command for dialplan reload. . Core: check return of dlsym() before dlerror() handling. . App_perl: do dlerror() after dlsym() fails to find exports. . Kamctl: set default PID_FILE to /var/run/kamailio/kamailio.pid. . Db_mongodb: add error logger for failed query. . Db_mongodb: check mongo-c-driver version at least 1.5.0 to use projec . . Nathelper: docs - mention UDP for SIP nat pinging contact addresses. . Misc/examples/kemi: enable lua script reload in example config. . Auth_ephemeral: do pkg-config for libcrypto if exists. . Core: check for result of dlopen() pointers. . Jsonrpcs: example accessing the jsonrpc response for jsonrpc_exec(). . Ipops: Support for as NATed source. .
5.2.212 Mar 2019 03:15 minor feature: Dispatcher: search in xavp sublist for ds_update_dst() attributes . Htable: init vars in ht_dmq_handle_sync() to avoid compile warnings. . Htable: use local variable for name in log message instead of null ht . . Db_redis: log message if failure to get reply. . tm: t_serial - safety check for searched xavps. . Smsops: free after error log message printing a field. . Siptrace: convert status code to string using static buffer function. . Presence: safety check for structure vars before accessing fields. . Makefile.defs: version set to 5.2.0-rc1. . Pkg/kamailio/deb: version set to 5.2.0 rc1. . Dialog: typo in warn message. . Lib/srdb1: schema - defined entities for sizes of aname and avalue co . . Kamctl: regenerated sql creation scripts. . Core : add word to log get_boundary function. . Textops: get_body_part function for non-multipart contents error. . Core: function to test if a msg structure is faked request. . Async: return error if trying to execute for faked message. . Topos: allow various replies for INVITE without contact. . Htable: safety checks for values replicated via dmq. . tm: info log message if attempting to create transaction for faked re . . Tmx: do no suspend faked request. . Rtpengine: print command in log message on timeout. . Topos: do not add contact header in outgoing 1xx responses if not pre . . Core: added kemi KSR.is_myself_srcip(). . Dispatcher: ds_select_routes() - set r-uri/d-uri even when first grou . . Misc/examples/kemi: Added 'msg' argument to ksr_route_relay. . Topoh: safety checks for couple of mandatory headers. . Topos: safety checks for couple of mandatory headers. . Topos: proper condition to detect 3xx redirect for contact updates. . Makefile.defs: version set to 5.2.0-rc2. . Pkg/kamailio/deb: version set to 5.2.0 rc2. . Xmlrpc: added event_callback parameter. . Xmlrpc: docs for event_callback parameter. . Misc/examples: use core reply_route insi
5.1.706 Feb 2019 12:05 minor feature: Blst: removed unused parameter . Sdpops: exported sdp with media functions to kemi framework. . Blst: docs - better highlighting of examples in readme. . Sanity: allow vars in params. . Sanity: note that params for sanity_check(...) can be vars. . Permissions: exported allow_source_address_group() to kemi framework. . rr: exported is_direction() to kemi framework. . Permissions: exported allow_address_group() to kemi framework. . Core: mem - added shm_address_in(p). . Textops: set the buffer size for re transformation to 8196. . Topoh: try to use sip uri parameters for decoding. . Dialog: safety check for dialog hash table inside dlg_get(). . Kex: docs - note that is_myself() does not match with default ports. . Uac: uac_send - small bits of formatting. . Uac: call event route for uac_req_send() for second response. . Topos: keep original contact in 3xx responses sent out. . Core: removed unused MAX_LISTEN. . Uac: docs - more details about execution of event_route uac:reply . . Carrierroute: docs - removed mi commands section. . Topos_redis: execute end dialog function only for BYE request. . Dialog: run run_load_callbacks() on child_init for rank PROC_INIT. . Blst: small formatting bits. . App_lua: docs - more details about lua_run() params. . Core: more detailed demessage if new uri is too long. . App_lua: docs - more examples for lua_run(). . Core: more detailed error message when no config option to route requ . . tm: safety check for t- uas.request for forwarding local requests. . Jsonrpcs: docs - updates to reflect better the transports and capabil . . Jsonrpcs: store id attribute inside context for async response. . App_python: init cfg vars framework only in child init. . Http_client: Makefile - removed useless var for xml config. . Mtree: rpc reload without table name reloads all tables. . Htable: typo in rpc result status text for reload command. . Htable: test if there is a db table associate
5.2.118 Jan 2019 20:25 minor feature: Utils/kamctl: pgsql add missing options for pgsql_ro_query() . Presence: test if event is dialog when attempting to delete old records. . Dispatcher: docs - make a bullet list for the possible values for fla . . Dispatcher: rename internal functions to match the module pattern. . Dispatcher: flag 16 (1
5.2.030 Nov 2018 05:45 major feature: Kamailio Embedded Interface (KEMI) framework has been developed further to offer more functions exported by Kamailio. A tutorial is available: https://kamailio.org/docs/tutorials/devel/kamailio-kemi-framework/ Besides the old options for native scripting, Lua, Python2, JavaScript, Squirrel, the SIP Routing Logic can be now also written in Python3 and Ruby Many of the conditions with core keywords are available as functions exported by KEMI, optimizing the execution time for some common use cases dispatcher the load balancer module had some internal refactoring to leverage modern XAVP for more flexibility and performances, as well as new functions to enable using of several destination groups and algorithms in the same routing step Redis can be used as a database backend for most of the modules (e.g., to replace MySQL or Postgres backends) RTPEngine introduced transcoding capability, ...
5.1.605 Oct 2018 05:45 minor feature: Drouting: crush for empty username in ruri . Core: parse via - set len for host/port_str only if there is a value. . Pkg/kamailio/alpine: Added function to build package from local git tree. . Pkg/docker: Updated submodule. . . . 5.1 pkg/kamailio/obs: RPM SPEC update. . tm: document event_route tm:local-response . . . . Sdpops: cast in dbg message to avoid compile warning on 32b systems. . Modules/auth: path in auth.xml. . Core: demessage when dropping a sip reply. . Core: more accurate demessages when forwarding a reply. . tm: more demessages for reply relay. . tm: added fcount field for free operations deging. . App_lua: kemi - exported KSR.pv.getw(" ..."). . App_lua: split function for returning pv null value. . App_lua: new KEMI pv functions KSR.pv.getvn(...) and KSR.pv.getvs(...). . App_lua: proper return 'nil' for null values of pvs. . App_python: implemented KSR.pv.gete(...). . App_jsdt: implemented kemi KSR.pv.gete(...). . Ipops: exported KSR.ipops.is_in_subnet(...). . App_sqlang: implemented KSR.pv.gete(...). . App_python: give scan format to PyArg_ParseTuple() via param. . App_lua: rmode 1 corresponds to int returned value. . Tls: docs - some updates to sample tls.cfg. . tm: crash on memcpy. Core: Makefiles - catch unavailbility of docbook2man tool. . Core: xavp - more dedetails when printing xavp. . Htable: exported sht_rm_value_re() and sht_rm_name_re() to kemi. . pv: increased transformation buffer slots from 4 to 8. . Htable: exported sht_rm_name() and sht_rm_value() to KEMI. . Htable: proper return on match for sw operator whith rm functions. . Tcpops: more demessages when executing event route. . Core: tcp - improved safety check for available byte in tcp read buffer. . Core: tcp - more safety check to avoid jumping out if receive buf for . . Tls: cast to usigned for computing available size for read. . Rtpengine: safety check for tm uas.request field. . Acc: more demessage when che
5.1.522 Aug 2018 12:01 minor feature: Fixes to functionality and documentation updates since version 5.1.4.
5.0.725 Jun 2018 22:05 minor feature: Timer: allow execution of kemi callbacks on timer . Timer: doc - example using the module via kemi. . Timer: revert to use of route_get(). . Rtimer: save the route name in the internal structure. . Rtimer: support for execution of kemi callback functions. . Rtimer: doc - updated examples, enhancements for use with kemi. . tm: documentation typos and changed or obsolete paths. . Auth pua_reginfo: common documentation typo. . Textops: documentaton updated for is_audio_on_hold(). . Core: remove condition for ipv6 outbound socket to build via header. . Core: safety checks to catch enipv6 addresses or hostnames in . . Pua_usrloc: no publish requests at shutdown time. . Usrloc: more docs for db_insert_null parameter. . Cfg: spelling error in load module statement related to jsonrpcs. . Db_mongodb: added Remarks section to collect details about specific r . . Textopsx: documentation typo. . Core: warning when a task is pushed but no workers. . Db_mysql: coherent indentation and whitespacing. . tm: use define for unset flags of run_trans_callbacks_with_buf(). . tm: run TMCB_RESPONSE_OUT callback only if the response code is still . . tm: use relayed_code for active type check in TMCB RESPONSE OUT. . Corex: rpc command to control delevel. . Corex: documentation for corex.derpc command. . Acc: check if async task workers are active before doing async insert. . Xcap_server: added section ids in docs. . Xcap_client: removed empty section for functions in docs. . Drouting: removed svn ids and history. . Nat_traversal: correcting the ipv6 contact in _contact. . Core: test if ipv6 address starts with for subst snd lumps. . App_python: aliased load to script_name parameter. . Utils/kamctl: updated man pages. . Http_client: the name of exported function http_client_query() . . Timer: set back rcv_info structure after backport conflict. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Pkg/kamailio/deb: r
5.1.405 Jun 2018 22:10 minor feature: Fixes to code and improvements to documentation and tools done since the release of v5.1.3
5.1.325 Apr 2018 09:45 minor feature: Rtpengine: allow dual usage of DTLS flag and DTLS= switch . Pkg/kamailio/obs: kamailio tmpfiles creation durring rpm instal . . Kamctl: the name of rpc command for dialplan reload. . Srloc: missing documentation for module parameter 'server_id_filter'. . Pkg/docker: Updated reference to packaging scripts. . Core: check return of dlsym() before dlerror() handling. . App_perl: do dlerror() after dlsym() fails to find exports. . Db_text: small updates to sample config used in docs. . Async: docs - some improvements to examples. . Kamctl: set default PID_FILE to /var/run/kamailio/kamailio.pid. . Core: invoke KEMI ksr_onsend_route(). . App_jsdt Minor update to documentation. . Db_mongodb: add error logger for failed query. . Db_mongodb: check mongo-c-driver version at least 1.5.0 to use projec . . Core: small improvements to help text. . Nathelper: docs - mention UDP for SIP nat pinging contact addresses. . Misc/examples/kemi: enable lua script reload in example config. . Auth_ephemeral: do pkg-config for libcrypto if exists. . Textops: remove_hf_exp arguments params. . Evrexec: use route_get() in modparam callback. . Carrierroute: duplicate options definition error when parsing s . . Msilo: remove not working tm parameter in the example cfg, reported f . . Dispatcher: exported more functions to kemi interface. . Etc/kamailio.cfg: do not relay to foreign network if auth is not enabled. . tm: removed inline for exported functions to config. . Auth_diameter: updated application name. . Cnxcc: updated application name in example. . P_usrloc: updated path to db scripts in docs. . Rtpproxy: small updates to example cfg. . Speeddial: updates to db url example. . Uri_db: updated database name in docs. . Core: check for result of dlopen() pointers. . Phonenum: lenght in pv name comparisons. . Phonenum: build cctel from formatted number. . Phonenum: docs - updated pv names to match c code. . rr: docs - added sect
5.1.204 Mar 2018 00:45 minor feature: Presence: increased the size of db update arrays in update_subs_db() . Rabbitmq: proper test of pv cache lookup return. . Textopsx: proper check for null value inside ki_modify_hf(). . tm: restore backup char inside ki_t_check_status(). . Core: kemi - removed redundant anchor operation. . App_python: enabled rpc command to reload the script. . Travis-ci: use kamailio/pkg-kamailio-docker:5.1-stretch. . Pkg/kamailio/deb: geoip2 module skip ci . . Pkg/kamailio/deb: kamailio-phonenum-modules skip ci . . Pkg/kamailio/deb: phonenum requires libphonenum = 7. . Makefile.groups: add evrexec module to extra group. . Cplc: null terminate log string. . Db_postgres: avoid potential double free if sb url parsing fails. . Db2_ops: safety check for input parameter. . Core: receive - clang format the code. . Core: select - init proto string to udp. . Tls: safety checks for select values. . Auth_ephemeral: init the return code. . Pua: safety check for params values. . Rls: avoid walking a null string. . Sipdump: safety check for received address. . Ipops: use sip_msg_t type. . Ipops: exported functions to kemi framework. . Schema: allow null in active_watchers reason. . Kamctl: regenerated scripts to create database structure for presence. . Presence: update record_route in database. . Rls: define cfg function with two parameters even one is used. . Acc_diameter: use acc api to parse extra string. . Misc_radius: name of function exported to cfg. . Phonenum: linking with libphonenumbers requires -lgeocoding. . Auth_diameter: init socketfd variable. . Cdp: remove inline to functions that break the symbol linking. . Db_perlvdb: remove inline to functions that break the symbol linking. . Ims_charging: remove inline to functions that break the symbol linking. . Ims_usrloc_scscf: remove inline to functions that break the symbol li . . Db_berkeley: removed inline declaration that break the linking. . Pkg/deb: ubuntu xe
4.4.727 Feb 2018 09:25 minor feature: Pkg: set version to 4.4.5 in rpm specs . Pkg: version set to 4.4.5 in deb specs. . Makefile.defs: version set to 4.4.5. . ChangeLog: content updated for v4.4.5. . tm: apply new updates with Via with updated request. . Presence: free pointer after usage. . . . Htable: use custom column name for order by in db load. . Topoh: safety check to avoid crash when there is no via header. . Kazoo: compiler warning: json_obj may be used uninitialized in . . Core: avoid overrun-buffer-arg. . Http_async_client: handle 100 Continue from server. . Rtpengine: segfault when enabling a proxy. . Kazoo: set proper ranking for consumer workers. . Revert "kazoo: set proper ranking for consumer workers". . Pkg/kamailio/centos: Added SPEC file for CentOS7. . Pkg/kamailio/centos: Updated SPEC file to match current 4.4 branch. . Pkg/kamailio/centos: environment vars in service file. . Pkg/kamailio/centos: Packaged http_client module files. . . . Core: free parsed Required header structure. . Sanity: reset proxy_require hdr parsed field after freeing. . Pua_reginfo: memory leak when usrloc is DB_ONLY. . Usrloc: ucontact shared leak. . Presence: remove transaction creation from publ_notify_notifier() and . . Rtpproxy: allow 0 as value for ice candidate avp. . Mtree: safety checks for range within the chars table. . Http_async_client: memory leak in pkg memory in case of error. . Core: initialize dns cache used memory. . Dmq_usrloc: Use ruid for saving/updating contacts. . Dmq_usrloc: adjust locking sequence. . Dialog: for rpc list dialogs release of the profile locks. . Core: more safety checks for getting int values from cfg function params. . Dialog: more checks for dlg_set_timeout() params. . . . Makefile.defs: enabled fast locks for amd64. . Makefile.defs: explicit retarget of amd64 arch to x86_64. . Makefile.defs: override the ARCH for amd64 to x86_64. . Textops: safety check of allocated memory inside append_time_reques
5.1.122 Jan 2018 18:55 minor feature: Fixes to code and improvements to documentation done since the release of v5.1.0.
5.0.520 Dec 2017 07:25 minor feature: Mangler: pkg free in case of errors . Sipt: free pkg memory on error. . Xhttp_pi: several compiler warning. Websocket: use NAME in log message, removed unreachable code. . Tls: removed useless checks. . Mangler: free on errors inside sdp_mangle_port(). . Ctl: safety check for closing fd. . Rls: avoid access to item after free. . Auth_identity: code clarity adjustments. . Cfgt: check error case for mkdir(). . Cplc: init structures, parameter number in up. . Cplc: init time switch structures. . Ctl: skip condition on already set name variable. . Presence_dialoginfo: safety checks to avoid accessing null values. . Modules/sipt: in setting NAI of called party. . Uac: for section ids in docs. . Kamctl: dangerous 'rm -rf' code in case if variables are not defined. . Tsilo: added section ids in docs. . Pipelimit: match algorithm name case insensitive. . Cplc: safety checks for parameters. . Websocket: use route_lookup() instead of route_get(). . Tls: updated log macros for config code. . Http_client: proper free for curl params in case of failover connection. . tm: terminate local uac buffers with 0. . Http_async_client: safety check for shm malloc and do cfg_update(). . Pua_dialoginfo: goto error in case of failures inside build_dialoginfo(). . Core: store advertise addr for new sockets created from interface name. . Sms: avoid overflowing ending 0 by sprintf(). . Core: mem - printing shm memory manager name. . Core: tcp - print str error in demessage if faling to write to co . . Rls: proper handling of return code for parse from/to uri. . Rls: replace sprintf with safer snprintf. . Uac: use kam_rand() instead of rand(). . Http_client Move some logging to deto avoid annoying messages. . Core: parser - use case insensitive comparison to get header by name. . Http_client Free the old object when the new can't be allocated properly. . Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . . Db_text:
5.1.011 Dec 2017 19:30 major feature: A major release with nine new modules (acc_diameter accounting with a diameter server (alpha); app_sqlang Squrrel scripting interpreter; call_obj track active calls with integer ids; evrexec execute event routes at startup; ims_diameter_server diameter server implementation; keepalive perform keepalive checking against a set of sip addresses; phonenum phone number lookup and normalization module; sipdump write sip traffic and runtime metadata to files; topos_redis redis backend for topos module), most of the functions exported to KEMI framework and new features in more than 50 old modules.
5.0.425 Oct 2017 22:08 minor feature: Updates to improve stability and documentation in the 5.0.x series.
5.0.302 Sep 2017 03:16 minor feature: Pkg/kamailio/deb: version set to 5.0.2. Makefile: deb rule, remove --no-sign and use -us -uc. Pkg: rpm - version set to 5.0.2 in specs. Makefile.defs: version set to 5.0.2. ChangeLog: content updated for v5.0.2. Ctl : implement rpc buffer size. ChangeLog: new content updated for v5.0.2. Domain: uninitialized variable. Pua_usrloc: free memory in case of failire in pua send_publish(). Mtree: avoid char array access over the size. App_lua: add "NOTICE" loglevel to sr.log. Topoh: option to disable uri prechecks. Topoh: coherent whitespacing and indentation. Topoh: documented uri_pre_checks parameter. Modules: readme files regenerated - modules... skip ci . Htable: do not call expired event route on get/add operations. Presence: subsription double delete. Kazoo: max size of routing key. Kazoo: use hardcoded max size of routing key. Kazoo: add kzRK to accdess routing key of the payload. Kazoo: add json.count transformation. Kamctl: kamdbctl - proper use of DBPORT for postgres. Xmlrpc: add tag to array elements. Core: set RET_ARRAY flag for core.sockets_list command. Core: return aliases list as an array in core.aliases_list. Htable: improve some error logs. Core: build reply of core.sockets_list as an array. tm: copy branch flags in the new branch created by the dns failover. Tsilo: check return code for parse_uri(). Tsilo: coherent locking in ts_append. Modules/sipcapture: (param_export_t).name typo. Tls: explicit libssl v1.1+ cleanup when module is destroyed. Modules/lcr: testing if dont_strip_or_pre_flag is set. Core: do not execute clear_branches() on next faked msg. Evapi: Improved error message. Core: faked msg - functions to get next fmsg with clear branches. Htable: map shtrecord() inner names over integer ids. Core: updated log macros for parse rpid. pv: coherent whitespacing and indentation for pv time code. Modules/jsonrpcs: add missing apostrophe to example. Core/socket_info: use internal str2int() instead of strtol(). Core: remove inline from implementati
4.3.725 Jun 2017 14:05 minor feature: Corex: regression introduced with detection of ipv6 for send(). Presence_mwi: static declaration for inline function for eating spaces. Auth_db: removed trailing spaces for sane git diff. Auth_db: use username when querying for credentials via is_subscriber. Seas: safety check for target buffer size before copying message in e?. pv: crash when xavp has no attributes. Srutils: change names colliding with libcrypto. Pua_dialoginfo: don't free dlginfo structure in dlg loaded callback. Modules/dialog: Add RR parameter on sequential requests. Modules/uac: Add RR parameter on sequential requests when using uac_r?. Modules/dialog: Error in last commit. goto invalid destination. Uac: increase the buffer for within dialog rr param. Modules/websocket: ensure linkage to libcrypto. Websocket: Makefile after previous commit. Dispatcher: set sock_avp parameter in example. Dmq_usrloc: lock before adding contact. Matrix: added section ids for params and functions in docs. Matrix: updates for application name. Tls: more details about tls.cfg reload. Tsilo: remove inline from free_ts_transaction() definition. Core: docbook - defined kamcmd entity. Core: Makefile.defs - renamed var CPU to CPUTYPE. Tls: demessages for mutex ops with lock function. Registrar: send 400 if the reg-id value is invalid. Modules/sdpops: reimplement sdp_remove_line_by_pre() to shortc?. IPv6 handling with the default setup. With the current code. Core: option to check if server is in destroy modules phase. Tsilo: don't execute tm callback for TMCB_DESTROY if server shutdowns. Cnxcc: change some log levels from INFO to DBG. Siptrace: Use the trace_local_ip setting in sip_trace(). Pkg/kamailio/deb: typo at erlang short description. Pkg/kamailio/deb: update version to 4.3.5. Pkg/rpm: updated spec files for v4.3.5. Makefile.defs: version set to 4.3.5. ChangeLog: content updated for v4.3.5. Usrloc: improve TCP on expire. Tsilo: lock before linking var to the entry in slot. Uac: reset append to rr string var to av
4.4.619 Jun 2017 20:25 minor feature: Lib/srutils: removed valueint field from json struct. Dialog: converted to use json helper macros for dlg profile. Dmq_usrloc: use usigned int for contact info values. Htable: switched to json macros for numbers in dmq operations. Rtjson: use json macros to retrieve int values. Jsonrpc-s: switched to use json helper macros for numbers. Lib/srutils: srjson - init number value for null, true and false. Modules/nathelper: small typo in documentation. Modules/sanity: small typo in documentation. Modules/dispatcher: small typo in documentation. Modules/crypto: small typo in documentation. Domain: typo in the log message. Mi_datagram: safety check so the length of mi socket doesn't result i?. Core: parser/sdp - init pf variable to avoid compile time warnings. rr: removed unused assignment. Janssonrpc-c: declare variables at beginning of netstring_read_fd(). Core: parser/parse_diversion - allow comma separated bodies. Modules: readme files regenerated - crypto. Xmpp: shift head of connection list when first is. Jansson: init structure to avoid compile warnings. Presence: free cloned dialog_id in case of errors. Auth_identity: safer condition not to overflow building date header. Statsd: increase buffer for miliseconds printing as function uses 21 ?. Statsd: free srv variable in error handling. Statsd: one more increase for milliseconds buffer. Rtpengine: free addrinfo in case of unknown address family. Dialog: secure space in case r n needs to be added after extra headers. Janssonrpc-c: shared memory leak on notification requests. App_python: dname is always allocated in system memory. Core: init structure to 0 for pass fd operations. Mi_fifo: reply stream in case of continuing due to no response. Ratelimit: file pointer in case of scan error. Janssonrpc-c: double free introduced by. Deger: re-order loop condition to avoid out of bounds access. Ctl: proper trim for long error messages to avoid out of bounds access. Mi_fifo: fifo stream in case of errors. Mi_rpc: init stru
5.0.215 Jun 2017 08:44 minor bugfix: Fixes and small improvements since release of v5.0.1
5.0.105 Apr 2017 19:51 minor bugfix: Fixes and small improvements since release of v5.0.0
5.0.027 Feb 2017 20:07 major feature: Stable major release with six new modules and enhancements to over 50 existing modules. SIP routing blocks can be written in other scripting languages such as Lua, JavaScript or Python. MI control interface was replaced with RPC.
4.4.518 Jan 2017 19:01 minor feature: Stable minor release with fixes and documentation improvements since v4.4.4.
4.4.422 Nov 2016 10:05 minor feature: Presence: test if event is dialog for checking terminated state in pr?. Presence: free db result when get_dialog_state() retrieves no rows. Presence: memory leak in DB code. Pkg/kamailio/deb: add Ubuntu Xenial support. Presence: crash when no dialog.id on dialog-info xml. Dispatcher: proper selection of the gateway when the maxload is 0. Http_client Terminate exported commands list. Dialog: wrapper defines for ref/unref operations to get file name and?. Dialog: no need to release the dialog when refreshing cseq. Core: allow '_' in event route name. Presence: expire value kept and printed in logs as unsigned int. Core: misleading indentation for return statement. Core: proper code block when saving chosen naptr record. Core: ut - misleading indentation for IF blocks. Auth_identity: misleading indentation level. Counters: rpc command to get counter by group and name. Utils: coherent indentation for xcap functions. Core: rely on msg- last_header to get the anchor inside sr_hdr_add(). Core: print sip message on error related to missing body. Websocket: handle CRLF received inside a frame (as SIP layer ping). Presence: crush if dialog id is NULL. Core: defined macro for CRLFCRLF. Websocket: catch CRLFCRLF pings over websocket connections. Tmx: condition for private copy of the message. Modules/tmx: mi command t_uac_cancel. Auth_identity: switched to use pointer of X509_STORE_CTX. Auth_identity: still use ASN1_STRING_data() for libssl v1.1.0. Crypto: updated to be compatible with api from libssl v1.1.0. Tls: updates for compatibilty with libssl v1.1.0 api. Tls: updated bio functions to support libssl v1.1.0 api. Core: parser - removed level and function prefrom log messages fo?. tm: misleading indentation of block after an IF (reported by gc?. pv: adjusted indentation after if blocks to avoid gcc 6.2 warnings. Ldap: removed unused variable. Db_perlvdb: warning of using static function inside inline one. Presence: remove unused variable. Pua_xmpp: misleading missing guar
4.4.315 Sep 2016 07:17 minor bugfix: A minor release - fixes done since release of version 4.4.2.
4.4.228 Jun 2016 14:57 minor bugfix: A minor release - fixes done since release of version 4.4.1.
4.4.030 Mar 2016 14:42 major feature: A major release - 9 new modules and enhancements to more than 60 existing modules. Among features: flexible and asynchronous http client for interaction with external APIs, topology stripping, dynamic selection of memory manger, more crypto tools for configuration file, ...
4.3.503 Mar 2016 16:10 minor bugfix: A minor release, with fixes since v4.3.4.
4.3.427 Nov 2015 07:57 minor bugfix: A minor release, with fixes since v4.3.3.
4.3.303 Oct 2015 09:55 minor bugfix: A minor release, with fixes since v4.3.2.
4.3.210 Sep 2015 15:47 minor bugfix: A minor release, with fixes since v4.3.1.
4.3.120 Jul 2015 21:50 minor bugfix: A minor release, with fixes since v4.3.0.
4.3.010 Jun 2015 14:43 major feature: A major release, with many improvements and new features.
4.2.519 May 2015 21:04 minor feature: A maintenance release, including the fixes since the release of 4.2.4.
4.2.402 Apr 2015 14:06 minor feature: A maintenance release, including the fixes since the release of 4.2.3.
4.2.310 Feb 2015 21:35 minor feature: A maintenance release, including the fixes since the release of 4.2.2.
4.2.212 Jan 2015 19:39 minor feature: A maintenance release, including the fixes since the release of 4.2.1.
4.2.101 Dec 2014 12:05 minor feature: A maintenance release, including the fixes since the release of 4.2.0.