Recent Releases

2.4.005 Apr 2024 13:22 major bugfix: MIDI velocity at Multi-channel mode fix
2.3.011 Mar 2024 10:32 major bugfix: Some GUI fixes, the build is synced to JUCE 7.0.10
2.2.024 Jan 2024 16:12 major bugfix: * Samplerate mismatch-related crash at Reaper when rendering - fixed. * The samples are loaded faster. + MP3 samples support.
2.1.024 Dec 2023 14:51 major feature: The file open button has been added that allows to open the drumkit outside of the pre-defined location
2.0.210 Oct 2023 18:59 major bugfix: Drum kits list initialization fixed.
2.0.008 Oct 2023 19:37 major feature: This release introduces the multi-channel (36 outs) version of the plugin. See the comprehensive documentation at the Drumlabooh site. Also, some Reaper-related things has been fixed.
1.0.006 Oct 2023 16:35 major feature: + FX section for each instrument. You can call/hide FX with the button "FX". There are two resonance filters (Low pass and High pass) to change the sound, and the magic "Analog" knob that warms up the sample. + A new "Wooden" drum kit * misc GUI improvements * Stereo samples from kits now loaded as mono to simplify internal mixing
0.0.407 Sep 2023 10:32 major bugfix: * fixed the drumkit loading at Ardour session after opened * LEDs are velocity-depended now
0.0.303 Sep 2023 17:04 major feature: * major documentation update * fixes, fixes + Windows VSTi build + JUCE 7.0.7 sync * Remove un-needed optimizations those caused crash on build