Poppler 0.67.0 💾

Poppler is librarified PDF rendering toolkit derived from the Xpdf 3.0 code base. It can utilize X11-independent rendering backends like Cairo, Splash, or Qt4 Arthur. It's not designed for platform-agnosticy, but proper BSD/Linux integration; is used by various PDF applications (Evince, Okular, TeXStudio, pdftotext, Zathura, Xournal, Inkscape), and comes with a set of command-line tools of its own.

major bugfix: Core: Lots of security/leak found by oss-fuzz. Splash: Optimize some files, making them 20 faster (now for AABGR8). Utils: Pdfsig: Compile with libc != glibc..

GNU GPL c++ pdf rendering library developers

pass-import 2.3 💾

pass import is a password store extension allowing you to import your password database to a password store repository conveniently. It natively supports import from 20 different password managers. More manager support can easily be added.

minor feature: Add support for the following importers: KeepassX 2 (keepassx2), Chrome with sqlite3 (chromesqlite), NetworkManager to import wifi passwords (networkmanager). For Firefox, support FF-Password-Exporter instead of Password Exporter. Add a nice error if defusedxml is not present. Add the few missing unit tests. Add changelog.

GNU GPLv3 password pass pass-extension password-manager importer password-store security cryptography

WireShark 2.4.8 💾

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer. It allows to inspect network traffic or capture it for offline analysis. It allows to deeply analyze protocols, provides a three pane package browser or a console tool. It can filter and colorize according to complex and custom rule sets. It also allows VoIP analysis, and understands a plethora of capture and compression formats. Live data can be read from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP/HDLC, ATM, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, Frame Relay, FDDI, and others network types. It also includes decryption support for common protocols, and can export results.

minor feature: The following vulnerabilities have been : 1 wnpa-sec-2018-34 BGP dissector large loop. 2 . 3 CVE-2018-14342. 4 wnpa-sec-2018-35 ISMP dissector crash. 5 . 6 CVE-2018-14344. 7 wnpa-sec-2018-36 Multiple dissectors could crash. 8 . 9 CVE-2018-14340. 10 wnpa-sec-2018-37 ASN.1 BER dissector crash. 11 . 12 CVE-2018-14343. 13 wnpa-sec-2018-38 MMSE dissector infinite loop. 14 . 15 CVE-2018-14339. 16 wnpa-sec-2018-39 DICOM dissector crash. 17 . 18 CVE-2018-14341. 19 wnpa-sec-2018-40 Bazaar dissector infinite loop. 20 . 21 CVE-2018-14368. 22 wnpa-sec-2018-41 HTTP2 dissector crash. 23 . 24 CVE-2018-14369. 25 wnpa-sec-2018-42 CoAP dissector crash. 26 . 27 CVE-2018-14367. 28 wnpa-sec-2018-43 IEEE 802.11 dissector crash. 29 . The following have been : ISMP.EDP "Tuples" dissected incorrectly. ( 30 ). Wireshark crashes when changing profiles. ( 31 ). Crash when switching to TRANSUM enabled profile. ( 32 ). Wireshark crashes with single quote string display filter. ( 33 14084). randpkt can write packets that libwiretap can't read. ( 34 14107). Crafted UDP packet causes large memory usage. ( 35 ). Error received from dissect_wccp2_hash_assignment_info(). ( 36 14573). Extraction of SMB file results in wrong size. ( 37 ). Crafted UDP packet causes large memory usage. ( 38 ). IP address to name resolution doesn't work in TShark. ( 39 14711). proto_tree_add_protocol_format might leak memory. ( 40 ). tostring for NSTime objects in lua gives wrong results. ( 41 14720). DICOM dissector needs to check for packet offset overflow. ( 42 14742). Formatting of OSI area addresses/address pregoes past the end of the area address/address pre. ( 43 ). ICMPv6 Router Renumbering - Packet Dissector - malformed. ( 44 14755). WiMAX HARQ MAP decoder segfaults when length is too short. ( 45 14780). HTTP PUT request following a HEAD request is not correctly decoded. 46 ). SYNC PDU type 3 miss the last PDU length. ( 47 ). Reversed 128 bits service UUIDs when Bluetooth Low Energy adve

GNU GPL internet network-inspection capturing system-administrators

HumHub 1.3.0-beta.2 💾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: Enh: Added CounterSet Widget to handle Space/Profile header statistic counts. UI addition mutation observer interfering with new rich-text mutation logic. ThemeLoader publishes assets on CLI requests. Enh: Add possibility to delete an invitation #2980. Enh: Moved search index tasks (add, update delete) into asynchronous tasks. Enh: Added search index rebuild button. wall stream scroll not working after single entry load request. added missing required validation of target space for move content feature. Enh: Added humhub.modules.stream.StreamState.firstRequest in order to determine the initial request. invalid russian translation in module overview. post markdown not stripped in mails and activities. invalid use of relative space target link in MailContentEntry widget. force invite not working on space creation. Enh: Enable invite all instead of force membership in case force invite checkbox is not selected. prevent MembersAdded activity when using force space membership. Enh: added humhub.modules.ui.picker.Picker.disable() in order to disable/enable userpicker fields. Enh: topic labels now redirect to space stream with active topic filter if clicked outside of space stream. unbalanced html tags leads to broken comment after load more. escaped html rendered on space list modal. invalid userpicker translation syntax in czech language. added missing layout-snippet-container class in space and profile layout. move profile content not possible. Stream wall scroll event not detached on pjax call. Error thrown for empty url links in humhub libs Markdown when used in console environment. UserUrlRule double User model import. Skip soft delete validation. Added user dn to ldap attributes on login. Enh: Added Twig template engine for usage in modules. Enh: Added id data attribute on contentcontainer links. Wrong permission check on force invite check. Space homepage doesn't allow custom pages on first position. Enh: Added integrity check for notification

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware

MusicBrainz Picard 2.0 💾

Picard is a cross-platform music tagger written in Python. It supports all common audio formats (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA). And uses AcoustID audio fingerprints, for automatic music identification; or look up CD images even. For additional features, a wide list of plugins is available; and it's easy to extend.

major feature: Python should now be at least version 3.5, PyQt 5.7 or newer and Mutagen should be 1.37 or newer. A side effect of this dependency bump is that Picard should look better and in general feel more responsive. The highlights of this update are: Retina and Hi-DPI display support, Improved performance, UI improvements.

GNU GPL python audio music id3 tagging

ffmpeg 4.0.2 💾

FFmpeg is the leading framework for decoding, encoding, transcoding, muxing, demuxing, streaming, filtering and playing pretty much any media format. It supports widespread and standardized, proprietary and fringe file formats and encodings. It's comprised of the ffmpeg, ffserver, ffplay and ffprobe utilities. But also provides libavcodec, libavutil, libavformat, libavfilter, libavdevice, libswscale and libswresample for application use. Its primary development attention is on security.

minor feature: 4.0.2 was released on 2018-07-18. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release From the 4.0 release branch, which was cut from master on 2018-04-16. It includes the following library versions: Libavutil 56. 14.100 Libavcodec 58. 18.100 Libavformat 58. 12.100 Libavdevice 58. 3.100 Libavfilter 7. 16.100 Libswscale 5. 1.100 Libswresample 3. 1.100 Libpostproc 55. 1.100

GNU LGPLv3 video conversion display capture library c x11 developers

OPNsense 18.1.12 💾

OPNsense is an open source, easy-to-use and easy-to-build FreeBSD based firewall and routing platform. OPNsense includes most of the features available in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. It brings the rich feature set of commercial offerings with the benefits of open and verifiable sources. OPNsense started as a fork of pfSense® and m0n0wall in 2014, with its first official release in January 2015. The project has evolved very quickly while still retaining familiar aspects of both m0n0wall and pfSense. A strong focus on security and code quality drives the development of the project. OPNsense offers weekly security updates with small increments to react on new emerging threats within in a fashionable time. A fixed release cycle of 2 major releases each year offers businesses the opportunity to plan upgrades ahead. For each major release a roadmap is put in place to guide development and set out clear goals.

minor feature: Here is the full list of changes: o system: improve local account expire cron job to also flush passwords and SSH keys o system: show fingerprint in certificate details (contributed by Robin Schneider) o system: fix NextCloud file name format (contributed by Fabian Franz) o system: allow remote backup via cron command o interfaces: allow /0 to /32 in 6rd and align prefix length calculation with effective prefix used o firewall: do not trigger rules scheduling if scheduled rule is disabled o firewall: allow to select external aliases o firewall: ignore namelookup when no nameservers are configured o dashboard: remove tooltips from CPU widgets (contributed by Team Rebellion) o dashboard: add date to large CPU widget data o firmware: add Aalborg University mirror o intrusion detection: add missing classification category o ipsec: add mutual RSA and EAP-MSCHAPv2 support o wizard: make clear that "admin password" means "root password" o ui: when JQuery Bootgrid rowselect is enabled the click event is triggered twice o mvc: switch from the default _GET '_url' to _SERVER 'REQUEST_URI' and let Phalcon handle the routing o mvc: dynamic urls regardless if you have a trailing slash or not (contributed by Max Orelus) o mvc: multiselect may allow empty option, no need to give blank item too o mvc: add support for application specific field types o ui: top level menu item link pivots and security improvements (contributed by Max Orelus) o plugins: os-net-snmp 1.0 (contributed by Michael Muenz) o plugins: os-openconnect 1.1 (contributed by Michael Muenz) o plugins: os-web-proxy-sso UI fixes (contributed by Smart-Soft)

BSDL-2 network firewalls security

BallroomDJ 3.22.4 💾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

minor bugfix: 3.22.4 (2018-7-18) (stable) Changes: Made it possible to type in folder paths again. Added validation indicator. Made it possible to run another BallroomDJ in a different folder at the same time. Each installation of BallroomDJ must use a different temporary folder. Bug Fixes: Linux: Options/Player: Fix audio output drop-down display. Options: Player: Fix entry and validation of startup/shutdown scripts. Internal: Mac OS X: Update initial temporary folder. Prep next song at least 7 seconds before the end.

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

SDDM 0.18.0 💾

SDDM is a display and login session manager for X11. It uses modern technologies like QtQuick for responsive and beatiful interfaces, which allows smooth themes and animated user interfaces.

major bugfix: Support theme supplied avatars. + Compile against Qt 5.11. - platform detection for HighDPI. - On, switch VT to a running session if applicable. - Better ConsoleKit support. - authentication when reusing existing sessions. - Hide sessions with NoDisplay=true. - Honor PAM's ambient supplemental groups. - Cleanup socket destruction. - Don't quit on SIGHUP. Updated translations.

GNU GPL c++ qt5 session-manager xdm

Argbash 2.7.0 💾

Do you write Bash scripts that are supposed to accept arguments? Aren't you tired of that? getopt is discouraged, getopts doesn't support long options, there is no widely-accepted Bash module to do the task and some solutions don't work on all platforms (Linux, OSX, MSW)... Give a Argbash a try, benefit from the online generator and stop being terrorized by those pesky arguments!

major feature: This version of Argbash brings the long-awaited POSIX shell output mode. The generated code uses the getopts builtin if applicable, and although it doesn't support all features of full Bash script output, the most common functionality works.

BSDL bash shell code-generator developers

SDL_bgi 2.2.0 💾

SDL_bgi is a graphics library based on SDL2. SDL_bgi is nearly fully compatible with BGI (graphics.h), the Borland Graphics Interface that was the de-facto standard in PC graphics back in DOS days. It's very easy to use, pretty fast, and it also provides extensions for ARGB colours, mouse support, and turtle graphics. It should run on any platform supported by SDL2.

major feature: In this release: support for multiple windows (extended initwindow(), added getcurrentwindow(), setcurrentwindow(), and closewindow()); added setwinoptions() for window title, position, and SDL flags; SDL_QUIT support in getch(), getevent(), kbhit(), xkbhit().

Zlib c library graphics x11

VirtualBox 5.2.16 💾

VirtualBox is a full x86 hardware virtualizer, suitable for server, desktop and embedded usage. It's extremely feature-rich, emulates lots of individual and alternative hardware and devices, supports different virtual machine disk formats, it's cross-platform and supports ancient and current Windows versions, DOS systems, BSD, Solaris and OS/2 as guest operating system.

minor feature: OVF: case insensitive comparison of manifest attribute values, to improve compatibility Linux: build for openSUSE 15.0. Linux: various build for distribution builds, thank you Gianfranco Costamagna.

GNU GPL c c++ virtual-machine operating-system virtualization emulation

Linux kernel 4.17.7 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.17.7, ARM: dts: armada-38x: use the new thermal binding, f2fs: sanity check for total valid node blocks, f2fs: sanity check on sit entry, f2fs: avoid _on on corrupted inode, f2fs: give message and set need_fsck given broken node id, kvm: vmx: Nested VM-entry prereqs for event inj. loop: remember whether sysfs_create_group() was done, RDMA/ucm: Mark UCM interface as BROKEN, PM / hibernate: oops at snapshot_write(), xfs: inobt magic number check, loop: add recursion validation to LOOP_CHANGE_FD, netfilter: x_tables: initialise match/target check parameter struct, crypto: don't optimize keccakf(), netfilter: nf_queue: augment nfqa_cfg_policy, uprobes/x86: Remove incorrect WARN_ON() in uprobe_init_insn(), crypto: x86/salsa20 - remove x86 salsa20 implementations, bsg: bogus EINVAL on non-data commands, xen: setup pv irq ops vector earlier, xen: remove global bit from __default_kernel_pte_mask for pv guests, iw_cxgb4: correctly enforce the max reg_mr depth, i2c: recovery: if possible send STOP with recovery pulses, i2c: tegra: NACK error handling, IB/hfi1: incorrect mixing of ERR_PTR and NULL return values, tools build: # escaping in.cmd files for future Make, arm64: neon: function may_use_simd() return error status, acpi, nfit: scrub idle detection, kbuild: delete INSTALL_FW_PATH from kbuild documentation, tracing: Reorder display of TGID to be after PID, mm: do not _on on incorrect length in __mm_populate(), fs, elf: make sure to page align bss in load_elf_library, x86/purgatory: add missing FORCE to Makefile target, fs/proc/task_mmu.c: Locked field in /proc/pid/smaps*, mm: do not drop unused pages when userfaultd is running, ALSA: hda - Handle pm failure during hotplug, ALSA: hda/realtek - two more lenovo models need up of MIC_LOCATION, mm: zero unavailable pages before memmap init, up non-directory creation in SGID directories, xhci: xhci-mem: off by one in xhci_stream_id_to_ring(), usb: quirks: add delay quirks for Corsair Strafe, USB: serial: mos7840: status

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

Pale Moon 27.9.4 💾

Pale Moon is a web browser derived from Firefox. It's not just a repackaged variant, but progresses with its own XUL-based interface focused on ease of use, but still incorporates latest Firefox technologies and supports many browser extensions.

minor feature: This is a security and usability update. Changes/:. Updated the useragent for addons.mozilla.org to work around. Their "Only with Firefox" discrimination preventing users from Downloading themes, old versions of extensions, and other files with Pale Moon.. Restricted web access to the. moz-icon:// Scheme that could potentially be abused to infringe the user's privacy.. Prevented various location-based threats. DiD. a potential vulnerability with plugins being Redirected to different origins (CVE-2018-12364).. Improved the security check for launching executable files on Windows from the browser. For users who have (most Likely accidentally) granted a system-wide waiver for opening these Kinds of files without being prompted, this permission has been reset.. an with invalid qcms transforms CVE-2018-12366).. a buffer overflow using the computed size of canvas. Elements (CVE-2018-12359).. a use-after-free when using focus() (CVE-2018-12360).. Added some sanity checks on nsMozIconURI. DiD. an in the case the preferences file in the Profile would not be writable (e.g. temporary permission due to Backup, virus scanning or similar external processes). DiD This means that. The is "Defense-in-Depth": It is a that does not apply to a potentially) actively exploitable vulnerability in Pale Moon, but. Prevents future vulnerabilities caused by the same code, e.g. when Surrounding code changes, exposing the problem, or when new attack Vectors are discovered.

MPL c gecko firefox web browser xul

Nextcloud 13.0.5RC2 💾

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Keep all of your life / business private and secure on a server you control. Share with only who you choose, and no-one else.

minor feature: tx-robot updated from transifex. . Only bind if configuration for the first server is available. . tests for backup ldap server connection. . . . 13.0.5 RC 2. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . .

Affero GPLv3 storage cloud web-environment file-sharing secure s3 dropbox

tcconfig 0.19.0 💾

A simple tc command wrapper tool. Easy to setup traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss/packet-corruption to network interfaces.

minor feature: Change -d/--device option of tcconfig commands into a positional argument e.g. tcset eth0 --rate 1Mbps -d/--device option still can be used for backward compatibility. . e.g. tcset eth0 --rate 1Mbps. -d/--device option still can be used for backward compatibility. Change tcset -f option to --import-setting option. Add --color option to tcshow command. Add support for Python 3.7. Introduce colorized logging. choices for --shaping-algo option. .

MITL testing networking system-administrators telecommunications-industry developers tc traffic-shaping

µBlock Origin 1.16.13rc1 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Incorrectly rendered overview pane of popup panel -- as seen in this screenshot from this Reddit post. CSS pseudo element: -webkit-scrollbar. Badfilter + matching duplicate user filter created from picker or logger may rarely cause a js exception.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

FileZilla 3.35.0-rc1 💾

FileZilla is a feature-rich FTP, FTPS and SSH FTP client, with support for all major plattforms. All tools are designed to aid moving and synchronizing files between local and remote file or webservers. It even allows multi-target uploading or editing files in-place. FileZilla also sports IPv6, a tabbed interface, resuming up and downloads, transfer speed limits, large files over 4GB, server and bookmark management, drag and drop, filtering, HTTPS / SOCKS5 / FTP proxying, and remote file searching.

minor bugfix: Add option to settings dialog to have FileZilla restore tabs and connections after a restart. Initial size of Site Manager being too small on some systems.

GNU GPL c ftp ftps file-transfer

DomFramework 0.51 💾

The DomFramework allow the developpers to create easily some PHP applications. Provide authentication, abstraction to databases, and much more !

minor release: FEATURES ADDED: * form : supports multiple forms on the same page * form : add setters for fields * form : The label is now optional * form : add logging support for exceptions * form : Add redirectIfError method to simplify the code in index files form = new form (); values = form- values (); errors = spaceObj- verify ( values); form- redirectIfError ( values, errors, route, "/admin/space/"); spaceuuid = spaceObj- spaceCreateConceal ( values "spacename" ); route- redirect ("/admin/space/"); * form: add 'file' type to upload * dblayeroo : Add support to natural sort in ORDER * dblayeroo : allow one to orderAdd on aliases too * dblayeroo : listTables : sort the tables. Do not return the sqlite_sequence table * file : add fileinfoMimeType and filesize * console : allow one to print text and get textual data from user. Manage correctely the Ctrl+W, Ctrl+U, Ctrl+L, Backspace and Delete keys, Begin and End keys and the cursor move (with or without Ctrl). Manage the history and the autocompletion with key up and down. Allow one to hide the requested text, like password. Supports correctely the UTF-8 chars. Allow one to autocomplete with value+help message, or value only Manage correctely the window size When moving to an old history, keep the position of the cursor if the user come back on the tmp stored entry Add color support Add bold and underline text support * authentication: manage the session only if the authentication page is required. Do not set a session cookie if the user don't need to be authenticated * authentication : Add X-Frame-Options "SAMEORIGIN" to authentication page * language : do not set the cookie if it is not needed. Update it if it is valid * route : add setter/getter for debug param CORRECTED BUGS: * MAX(field) only - SQL crash with GROUPBY without parameter * dblayeroo : do not generate an error if

BSDL php web interface framework authentication routing database

TeXstudio 2.12.10 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

minor bugfix: - improvement recognized latex commands and packages for completion/syntax checking - complete package names when they contain minus - do not clean .git subfolder with auxiliary files - pdf viewer: improved previous page jumping, fix embedded movie boxes (when compiled with phonon) - option to use qt file dialog rather than system file dialog - fix structure view with Qt 5.10 - bug fixes

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

TeXstudio 2.12.8 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

minor bugfix: - improved tokenizer for syntax checking and completion - pressing Ctrl+F while the editor search has focus opens the extended search, i.e., you'll get extended search by pressing Ctrl+F twice - automatically insert math delimiters ( ) when inserting a math command outside of a math env (can be turned off, default on) - change copy behavior of multiple cursors from selection order to line order - file list is now a transparent popup window: closes when clicked outside - combine file conflict and show diff dialog - fix file watcher not recognizing multiple changes to a file in quick succession - improved detection of package names when opening texdoc - new symbol panel layout - some touch scrolling on certain panels - updated synctex and poppler libraries for pdf viewer - fix undo when a snippet is inserted and a selection is inserted as well - fix some parts of the editor background may not be drawn in the correct color - build for OSX High Sierra - various other fixes

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

TeXstudio 2.12.6 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

minor bugfix: - use Breeze window theme on KDE Plasma 5 (thanks to Alexander Wilms) - support single-finger panning gesture on most config dialog components - support single-finger panning touch gesture on log viewer - pdf viewer scroll tool: support single-finger panning gesture - center width-constrained documents in the editor (optional) - add document tab context menu entries "Close" and "Close All Other Documents" - improved layout of config build page - add system check for language tool - change search defaults to case-insensitive (feature-requests#1254) - tags for beamer - change preview default to embedded pdf - handle preview failures more gracefully, i.e. no warning pop-ups - repect preview settings (panel,etc) also for hover preview - show hover preview as tooltip in case of inline-mode - warn if compiler commands are actually a command list - several improvements to the latex parser - notify that a restart is required when switching between modern and classic style - improved LanguageTool communication: better error handling - add reset to default button for some LT settings - add 200ms delay before showing auto-hidden viewer toolbar to prevent flicker - eye candy for pdf circular magnifier (adapted code from texworks) - show pdf highlight in magnifier - capslock does not close completer any more - alternative approach for determine directories from complete texts - use cache for previews - auto open completer when starting to type in references, packages etc. - scripting: editor.cutBuffer - subframetitle in structure view - enable inputMethod (e.g. ) in completer - change default for complete non-text chacters to off, as it tends to cause unexpected behaviour - fix word separation with punctuation - fix: remove incorrect warning "Unknown magic comment" for " !TeX TS-program = " - fix: avoid compile fail if magic comment program is spelled wrongly - fix: duplicate lines in autogenerated cwl files - fix multi line argument interpretation - fix pdfviewer in enlarged

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

TeXstudio 2.12.4 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

major bugfix: - detect definition of tex counts using newcount - improve config dialog layout - make todo comment detection configurable - show frame titles in structure view - support table alignment in IEEEeqnarray, xtabular and mpxtabular - table alignment: fix aligning of empty cols - table alignment: place if last columns is empty - warn if begin column is used outside columns-env - workaround for not interpreting inside sweave Sexpr - option to deactivate interperation of command definition in magic comments - remove pdf viewer subtypes from "Default Viewer" config. PDF viewer subtypes should be selected in "PDF Viewer". - increase the maximal resolution for pdf rendering (bug 2003) - toolbar for embedded viewer can not turned-off anymore - show shortcuts in tooltips (can be deactivated in the options) - pass non-breaking space to grammar check (fixes bug 2040) - item completion no adds a space (feature request 994) - fix highlighting of current section in structure (bug 2103) - fix delays when typing _abc - fix bug in log parser: wrong filename if empty brackets () occur in text - fix word repetition erro on non-breaking space ( ) - fix file detection in latex/include file - fix width of side panel not saved (bug 2083) - fix ampersand in in recent session names - fix parsing of RequirePackage in style files if the argument is completed on the same line - fix misinterpretation of closing brace if extra opening brace is used over multilines - fix jumping to first page when changing magnifier/hand in pdfviewer - fix spelling error on words followed by - show option --version when calling with --help - fix link to LibreOffice dictionaries - fix crash on pressing Esc in options - fix entering persian half-space letter - fix maketitle completion - fix shortcut context on OSX - fix robustcommand definition - use * instead of @ in BUILD.sh (bug 2042) - add needspace.cwl - update some cwls - add turkish translation

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

TeXstudio 2.12.2 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

minor bugfix: - PDF shortcuts are now changable - Support LanguageTool json API (needed for LanguageTool 3.5) - slightly improved layout of config dialog - improved detection of stdout and stderr redirection (bug 2019) - fix: duplicate side panel icons (bug 2016) - fix: togglefullscreen from maximised and in reverse (bug 2021) - fix: don't try to call bibtex/biber if there are no bibtex-files (bug 2025) - fix: detection of programs (bug 2037) - fix: avoid problems if check latex is called without open documents

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

TeXstudio 2.12.0 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

major feature: - improved user interface: optimized layout, some new icons, some changes of color - warn if file-saving fails - cwl-based highlighting of todo-like commands - partly support todo commands spanning multiple lines (starting line is considered for highlighting and structure entry) - partly support highlighting of multi-line titles: first line is highlighted - move cursor to context in line when clicking on log entry - add "Move all to other view" to editor tabs context menu - add shortcut Ctrl+Alt+X to open the current pdf in the external viewer - open the annotation dialog by double-clicking on an annotation in the list - indicate LanguageTool server in tooltip - indicate cursor RTL state in status bar - build commands can be edited in non-advanced mode - auto user commands on single argument math commands e.g. overbrace abc - support input of PGF/TikZ files in graphics wizard - support fix BEGIN_FOLD in .rnw files - improved highlighting for pweave and sweave - improved tooltips on structure entries - improved text completion: support compound words, apostrophe, subscript in braces, words with underscores - Parenthesis - Select Inner/Outer work also when the cursor is not next to a parenthesis but inside - don't clear highlights of search in pdf after timeout - revert to pre 2.11.0 save method on windows because the new QSaveFile has problems with Dropbox folders - option to disable safe writing of files (using QSaveFile) - non-Windows only - option to disable showing logfile/error list in case of compile errors - option to deactivate all reactions to external file changes - option to control the triple click behavior - additional shortcuts with Tab, Backspace, Del in shortcut options - portable version does now store all settings in a subfolder "config" - improved automatic handling of hg version information (relevant when building from source tar) - improved handling of cwl dublets - use Ctrl+Space for completion on OS X (was Cmd+Space which conflicts with

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

TeXstudio 2.11 💾

TeXstudio is an IDE that simplifies creating and editing LaTeX documents. It has numerous features like syntax highlighting, an integrated document and PDF viewer, reference checking and link overlays, auto-completion, code folding, over 1000 builtin math symbols, bookmarks, spellchecking, multi-cursor editing, image drag and drop, table formatter, and many other assistants for images, tables, formulas. It can be used with different TeX compilers and distributions and multiple build steps. It's also cross-platform and portable.

major feature: TeXstudio 2.11.2 ---------------- - major performance speedup, in case some default section commands were not defined in any used package - speed up pasting into large documents (factor 100x) - add comment toggle - improved search panel layout - improved bracket detection for todo highlighting (bug 1789) - improved parsing of section titles (bug 1817) - added shorter auto-save intervals (1 min, 2 min) - detection of user-local installation of MikTeX - cwl-format: suffix plain disables possible semantics associated with an argument name - cwl-format: suffix labeldef for definition of labels - cwl-format: suffix notation takes precedence over detection by argument name - cwl-format: allow 'key' to be used in label if #l is set - replace babel german by ngerman in presentation wizard - highlight cursorEnums in script - support reading an application style sheet from stylesheet.qss - fix crash on qt4 if update check is sucessful - fix: auto-indent - fix: make insertion of tabs work with cursor mirrors (bug 1788) - fix: verbatim setting for verb abc (bug 1795) - fix: update of save icon after SaveAll (bug 1808) - fix: dictionaries in extracted .oxt files not recognized (bug 1804) - fix: replace with regexp containing lookahead (bug 1779) - fix: keep indentation when using the graphics wizard (1816) - fix: quote replacement on formerly hidden child documents (1827) - fix: do not interpret double backslash within braces as column end in tabular environment (bug 1831) - fix: show a warning if file could not be saved - fix: correctly handle optional arguments in command definitions - fix: handling of let arguments - fix: spellchecking of words with apostrophe - fix: visibility of option for system theme icons on Linux - fix: scripting: cursor.movePostition(n, Left/Right) across empty lines and beyond end of file - fix: running scripts from the macro window - fix: mixture of zoom and scroll on ctrl+mouse wheel (bug 1847) - fix: scrreprt detection - fix: editor font re

GNU GPL c++ qt5 latex tex word-processor text-editor wordsetting

schily 2018-07-16 💾

The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), cstyle, devdump, dmake based on SunPro Make, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, man2html, mt, od, p, POSIX patch, printf, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, scut, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh/bosh (Bourne Shell), spaste, star, star_sym, strar, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

major feature: configure: now checks for Linux xattr support in libc. include/schily/fcntl.h: #define O_SEARCH O_PATH since Linux people do not read standards. many programs now use O_SEACH instead of O_RDONLY when opening fd's for *at() type syscalls. Bourne Shell: exit now causes the .hostory file to be updated. Bourne Shell: avoid a core dump with missing HOME. Bourne Shell: An updated dotfiles.tar.bz2 includes an updated ".shrc". Bourne Shell: signal name printing now always assumes decimal radix and avoids the need for libschily. Bourne Shell: getcwd() now again calls the workaround for a Solaris kernel bug. Bourne Shell/bsh: very long pathnames now also work with absolute path names. Bourne Shell: more printf concormance tests froM Sven Maschek. star: /etc/default/star now depends on INS_RBASE. tartest: Added (LIB_INTL) to make it compile on FreeBSD again. star: The maximum path length is now INT_MAX. star: All path related system calls now use special l*() wrappers that support very long path names. star: All basic functions now support very long path names, use "star -c -find" as long as "star -c" still uses static path name storage.

CDDL software development build tools utilities

DBeaver 5.1.3 💾

DBeaver is a free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. Supports all popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc.

minor feature: Filter SQL output log (zero characters) . GoTo object dialog (non-navigator search). . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . PostgreSQL: foreign tables DDL. Missing driver class error message made more clear. . PG: allow backup/restore/tools only for active database. . RSV: panels switcher (peformance). . RSV panels switch (actions enablement check). . Results viewer panel settings save (panels visibility). . SQL editor background. Do not apply connection type to edi . . ORDER BY for duplicate column names. . MySQL help provider error handle. SQL formatter (index check). . SQL editor dispose. Block selection and symbols auto-insert. VQB - generate query from ERD (attributes check). . Commands undo/redo usage. . ERD decorator enhancements. Entity data fill refactoring. . Driver copy (copy all libraries). . ERD: support of multiple instances of the same entity. Copy/paste sup . . ERD: association selection behavior change (select attributes). . ERD: association auto-create model. . Update README.md. . ERD: entity add command refactoring. . ERD: add and delete commands. . ERD: add and delete commands. . Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devel' into devel. . Timescale logo. . ERD: connections rendering model. . ERD: primary entity remove handle. . ERD: composite attribute figure. Layout manager. ERD styling. . ERD styling. . Entity figure model refactoring. . ERD layout. ERD code formatting. Association delete command. . JSQLParser version update. Conditions editor. . SQL INSERT export format. Source table detect. Oracle tablespaces sizing calc. PG: domain types value type resolution (date/time/timestamp). . Procedures/functions read (NPE). . Procedure parameter properties order. SAP HANA active schema get/set config. . SAP HANA active schema get/set config. . Oracle MViews default props config. SQL Editor - results tab name update. Data transfer: "Truncate target table before

GNU GPL database front-end sql java

sqlitebiter 0.19.1 💾

A CLI tool to convert CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/TSV/Google-Sheets to a SQLite database file. - Create a SQLite database file from: - File(s): - CSV - Microsoft Excel :superscript:`TM` - HTML - JSON - Labeled Tab-separated Values (LTSV) - Markdown - Tab separated values (TSV) - Google Sheets - URL (scrape data from web pages) - Multi-byte character support

minor feature: Travis CI deploy credentials . Add an error handling for execution binaries. . Remove unreachable code. . Additional error handlings for execution binaries. . for Python 2 compatibility. . Bump version to 0.19.1.

MITL database console

profanity-blink 0.2.0 💾

profanity-blink is a plugin for the profanity XMPP client to blink an LED on incoming messages. It currently supports the ThinkLight LEDs on ThinkPad laptops as well as the blink(1) USB LED.

minor feature: Add support for ThinkLight, rename the plugin to profanity-blink, only blink on messages (ignore typing notifications), upgrade blink(1) libraries

GNU GPLv3 profanity xmpp jabber led blink plugin

pass-tomb 1.1 💾

Due to the structure of pass, file- and directory names are not encrypted in the password store. pass-tomb provides a convenient solution to put your password store in a tomb and then keep your password tree encrypted when you are not using it. It uses the same GPG key to encrypt passwords and tomb, therefore you don't need to manage more key or secret. Moreover, you can ask pass-tomb to automatically close your store after a given time.

minor feature:

GNU GPLv3 pass pass-extension tomb password-manager password-tomb password-store secret-management security cryptography

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 25.2 💾

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) is a lightweight server suite distributed as a live CD. It is designed for system administrators who need an extremely tiny and fast set of server software. The supported servers are: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, MySQL, SFTP, SMTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo with Tor) is also included. The main security components are the 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables) and Clam AntiVirus. ISO images are fully compatible with UNetbootin, which can be used to create an easy-to-use TheSSS Live USB.

minor feature: This is a minor (point) release based on the 4MLinux Server 25.2, meaning that the components of the LAMP server are now: Linux 4.14.55, Apache 2.4.33, MariaDB 10.3.8, and PHP (both 5.6.36 and 7.2.7). Additionally, Adminer has been updated to its version 4.6.3. You can update your TheSSS by executing the "zk update" command (fully automatic process).

GNU GPLv3 server 4mlinux

Harvest 0.4 💾

Harvest is a compact, fast and portable software that can scan files and folders to recognise their typology. Scanning is based on file extensions and a simple fuzzy logic analysis of folder contents to recognise if they are related to video, audio or text materials. Harvest makes it easy to list folders by type or year, to move them or to categorize them for tagged filesystems. It can process approximately 1GB of stored files per second and is operated from the console terminal. Harvest is designed to operate on folders containing files without exploding the files around: it assesses the typology of a folder from the files contained, but does not move the files outside of that folder. For instance it works very well to move around large collections of downloaded torrent folders.

minor feature:

GNU GPLv3 archiving backup shell console system-administrators

VCV Rack 0.6.2b 💾

VCV is a virtual Eurorack DAW. VCV Rack is the engine powering VCV modules. Add modules, connect cables, edit parameters, and save/load patches. Create generative patches with your mouse, perform with your MIDI keyboard controller, or connect it to your favorite DAW using the Rack Bridge VST/AU plugin (coming soon). In Rack, control voltages and audio signals are equivalent, so you can modulate parameters with sonic-range VCOs to create customizable FM synths or chaotic wave-shaping oscillators. If you already own a modular synthesizer, you can enhance your setup with an audio interface supporting CV signals or a CV-MIDI-CV interface module with Rack's CV Interface (coming soon).

minor feature: Add Bridge fx VST plugin to windows dist . Tweak license text. . Add ::reset() to TriggerGenerator. . Add -g and -l command line arguments. . Disable drawing of power meter on Core AUDIO. . Re-add power meter for Audio, add Rect::shrink. . Reorganize DSP headers, rewrite Decimator, rewrite some FIR functions. . Added Upsampler. . Change API of dsp/ode.hpp. . Change variable names, add example to documentation. . More documentation. . Revert renaming of PulseGenerator to TriggerGenerator. . Un-deprecate helper functions, move to helpers.hpp. . mistakes in helper functions. . Bump version, add changelog entry. . Merge branch 'v0.6' of https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack into v0.6. . Bump version for rebuild.

BSDL artistic-software multimedia audio mixers daw

OCRmyPDF 6.2.2 💾

OCRmyPDF adds an inisible text layer to PDF documents after passing it through the Tesseract OCR engine. The output will be PDF/A with a selectable but invisible text layer above scanned image-documents. This allows later searching and archiving.

minor feature: Ignore masks when deciding what color to rasterize at . Backport Python 3.7 for ruffus 2.7.0 from ocrmypdf v7.0.0. . Cherrypick Python 3.7 documentation updates from v7.0.0. . a comment about Tesseract behavior in certain versions. . Cherrypick warning about --user-words not having any effect. . main: do better parameter validation. . Tests: Add ability to disable use of cache. . Tests: Speed up a slow test (cherry-picked from v7). . Travis: modernize with v7.0.0 updates. . problem iterating ruffus exceptions and rotate-pages-threshold pa . . ocrmypdf.exec: trap FileNotFoundError too. . Skip locale check on Python 3.7. . Update release notes for v6.2.2. . Travis: v6 build failures. . Travis: nevermind xenial, then.

GNU GPLv3 pdf ocr scanning

Mesa 18.1.4 💾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor feature: Mesa 18.1.4 is a release which found since the 18.1.3 release. Mesa 18.1.4 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is. only available if requested at context creation. Compatibility contexts may report a lower version depending on each driver. New features, None,, Failed to recongnize keyword sampler2DRect and quot;sampler2DRectShadow quot; When starting a match Rocket League crashes on quot;Go quot; piglit.spec.arb_compute_shader.linker.-93840 fails, Changes, Adam Jackson (1):, glx: Don't allow glXMakeContextCurrent() with only one valid drawable, Dave Airlie (1):, r600/sb: cleanup if_conversion iterator to be legal C++, Dylan Baker (2):, docs: Add SHA256 sums to notes for 18.1.3, Bump version for release, Iago Toral Quiroga (3):, anv/cmd_buffer: make descriptors dirty when emitting base state address, anv/cmd_buffer: clean dirty push constants flag after emitting push constants, anv/cmd_buffer: never shrink the push constant buffer size, Ian Romanick (4):, i965/vec4: Don't cmod propagate from CMP to ADD if the writemask isn't compatible, intel/compiler: Relax mixed type restriction for saturating immediates, i965/vec4: Properly handle sign(-abs(x)), i965/fs: Properly handle sign(-abs(x)), Jason Ekstrand (3):, intel/fs: Split instructions low to high in lower_simd_width, anv: Be more careful about hashing pipeline layouts, intel/fs: Mark LINTERP opcode as writing accumulator on platforms without PLN, Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (3):, i965/fs: Register allocator shoudn't use grf127 for sends dest, intel/compiler: grf127 can not be dest when src and dest overlap in send, i965/fs: unspills shoudn't use grf127 as dest since Gen8+, Lionel Landwerlin (1):, i965: clear color bo address relocation, Marek Olšák (3):, radeonsi: memory

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl

Simple BPG Image viewer 1.26 💾

This program allows you to view BPG Images in Windows, Linux and macOS. Features: * Large images are autoscaled to fit screen area * Basic support for animated images (zooming, rotating and exporting for animated images are not supported) * Zoom In/Out * Full screen mode * Support mouse dragging of the zoomed image * Cyclic view of all images in the same directory * Saving a copy of the opened file as a PNG file * Saving a copy of the opened file * Deleting the opened files * Rotating the view (rotated view can be saved as a PNG file) * In Windows (and Ubuntu Linux) you can open BPG files directly from explorer (installer creates file association) * Embedded translations: Russian,English * Thumbnails preview in Nautilus/Thunar/Dolphin (Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu) * Thumbnails preview in Windows Explorer (for Windows Vista or higher) * drag & drop support for files and folders (for Ubuntu and Windows) * Prebuilt DEB packages for x86 and x86-64 architectures (Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu 17.10) * Prebuilt macOS DMG package for x86-64

minor feature: * Added: basic support for animated images (zooming, rotating and exporting for animated images are not supported)

BSDL-2 bpg image viewer python wxwidgets

Libinklevel 0.9.3 💾

Libinklevel is a library that checks the status of printer ink levels. It works on Linux and FreeBSD. Supported are HP, Epson and Canon printers attached per USB. Canon BJNP network printers are supported too.

major bugfix: Support for parallel port printers and for the Solaris OS have been removed. A bug in the handling of multiple USB printers has been fixed. Detection of additional ink cartridges (e.g. orange) has been added. FreeBSD support has been improved.

GNU GPL c printer library hardware-status