Qucs-S 24.2.1

Qucs-S is a circuit simulation program based on Qucs circuit simulator. The "S" letter indicates SPICE. The purpose of the Qucs-S project is to use free SPICE circuit simulation kernels with the GUI based on Qt toolkit. It merges the power of SPICE and the simplicity of the Qucs GUI. Qucs-S is not a simulator by itself, but it requires to use an external simulation backend with it. Qucs-S allows to use the following open-source simulation kernels: Ngspice is recommended to use. Ngspice is powerful mixed-level/mixed-signal circuit simulator. The most of industrial SPICE models are compatible with Ngspice. It has an excellent performance for time-domain simulation of switching circuits and powerful postprocessor. XYCE is a new SPICE-compatible circuit simulator written by Sandia from the scratch. It supports basic SPICE simulation types and has an advanced RF simulation features such as Harmonic balance simulation. SpiceOpus is developed by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Ljubljana University. It based on the SPICE-3f5 code Qucsator as backward compatible and for RF and microwave circuits design.

Tags circuit-simulator electronics simulator modeling circuit ngspice xyce qt cpp c
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

24.2.131 Mar 2024 16:25 minor bugfix: This release contains no new features except the ing of the critical. General improvements: Zero output on DC bias simulation (F8) #667. Build failure of the Fedora RPM becuase of RPATH in qucsator_rf.
24.2.026 Mar 2024 11:05 major bugfix: New features: QucsatorRF is now a part of the package; No need to compile and install qucsator manually #370. Qucs-RFLayout tool could be launched from *Tools menu #465; this tool must be installed separated. Redesign of the Qucsconv GUI #647. Matching tool backported from Qucs-0.0.20 #401. Added *RF devices group; backported different RF devices for Qucsator #607. General imporvements and : parameter sweep step @ivandi69. SPICE devices bounding box #590 #637. netlist export from CLI #639. parameter sweep simulation with Xyce #624. Revert explicit WITH_QT6 compile flag because of cmake tuner for German locale #416. Refactoring in schematic editor #626 #618 @wawuwo. Localization: Russian translation update.
24.1.018 Feb 2024 13:35 major feature: Important notes Versioning switched to CalVer. The first digit means year, the second digit means the release number, the third digit means patch number #328 Qucs-S is now on Telegram. Join https://t.me/qucs_s to ask questions and get news New features Added 3-pin RCD devices #349 to improve support of microelectronics PDKs Improvements of Ngspice support; allowed multiple simulation of the same type #463 by @ivandi69 Automatic extraction of THD from FOURIER simulation #525 @ivandi69 Nutmeg equations improvements; implemented simulation selection from drop-down list #463 #519 Improvements of Nutmeg script simulation type; implemented custom prefixes for plots #476 #435 @ivandi69 Export DC OP simulation data to dataset #463 #140 @ivandi69 Implemented zoom by selection on the rectangular plots #305 Implemeted potentiometer device #122 Switched digital simulation from FreeHDL to GHDL #395 @iwbnwif Status bar improvements #493 RF simulation features Added RCLG device support for SPICE #564 Added YLIN device support for XYCE #451 Fixed touchstone simulation issues for Ngspice #392 Added BiasT device support for SPICE #374 Added option to disable transient model for RF port #410 Libraries Fixed different issues related to creating libraries #432 Added audio IC library Added loudspeaker library #421 Added comparators library #436 Modified voltage regulators library #433 Added voltage references library #439 Added thermistor library #538 Fixed ideal library #258 #428 Fixed transformers library #362 Added new devices in SpiceOpamp library #501 General improvements Fixed different tuner issues Schematic zooming improvements #502 Different improvements on schematic look and control Added schematic pan mode with the middle mouse button #488 Many HiDPI support improvements including grid rendering Fixed schematic glitches using Wayland