Fast Light Toolkit 1.3.4

FLTK (fulltick) is a lean but modern GUI toolkit written in C++ with bindings for Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua and Tcl. It's usable and looks alike on all platforms, provides full internationalization, 3D rendering via OpenGL and an internal GLUT backend, static linking, does not require macros or preprocDessing, still comes with a solid set of widgets, and its GUI designer FLUID.

Tags c++ gui toolkit fltk x11 win32 macosx
License GNU LGPL
State alpha

Recent Releases

1.3.410 Nov 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: and other improvements - test/native-filechooser help display artefact. - MacOS: a crash when closing a fullscreen window. - Accept empty Fl_Pixmap in Fl_RGB_Image c'tor. - MacOS: drawing error when turning fullscreen a window containing a hidden subwindow (error visible with the tabs test program). - MacOS: possible crash when turning fullscreen the scroll test program. - Add a snapshot of known STR's and RFE's (KNOWN_.html). CHANGES IN FLTK 1.3.4rc3 RELEASED: Oct 31 2016. and other improvements. - string truncation in fluid. - MacOS: a small problem where command Quit of the application menu may not work if Fl_Native_File_Chooser is used before any window is shown. CHANGES IN FLTK 1.3.4rc2 RELEASED: Oct 24 2016. and other improvements. - Make sure the "File Systems" menu item of Fl_File_Chooser lists "/" as the first mounted file system (Linux/Unix platform). - Added line numbers to Edit - Show Source Code viewer. - Improved fluid's template handling. CHANGES IN FLTK 1.3.4rc1 RELEASED: Oct 17 2016. New features and extensions. - Added support for Mac OS 10.11 "El Capitan" and 10.12 "Sierra". - Added full support of true subwindows to the Mac OS X platform. Window nesting to any depth is possible. An Fl_Gl_Window window or subwindow can contain Fl_Window's as subwindows. - Fluid now supports external editors See: Edit - GUI Settings - Use external editor. - Added method Fl_Widget::is_label_copied(). - Added methods Fl_Copy_Surface::w(), Fl_Copy_Surface::h(), and Fl_Copy_Surface::draw_decorated_window(). - Added method Fl_Image_Surface::draw_decorated_window(). - Added method Fl_Shared_Image *Fl_Image_Surface::highres_image() to draw into a high-resolution bitmap image (Mac OS X only). - Added support for OpenGL version 3 and later. - Added method Fl_Mac_App_Menu::custom_application_menu_items() allowing to customize the application menu on the Mac OS X platform. - Added 'fluid -u' command-line switch to upgrade fluid files in batch
1.3.305 Nov 2014 14:25 major feature: New class Fl_Copy_Surface allows copying graphical data to the clipboard in a cross-platform way (STR #3058). Support for pasting graphical data from the clipboard to a widget. New class Fl_Image_Surface allows drawing into an Fl_Image object. Methods Fl::add_clipboard_notify() and Fl::remove_clipboard_notify() to get notifications whenever the clipboard changes (STR #2636). New method Fl_Window::wait_for_expose() (STR #3124, STR #3129). New bilinear scaling method for RGB images (STR #2869, STR #3062). New method Fl_Widget::top_window() (STR #2948). New method Fl_Widget::top_window_offset() (part of STR #2944). New Fl_Tree_Item methods label_x(), label_y(), label_w(), label_h(). New methods Fl::enable_im() and Fl::disable_im() to enable/disable system Input Methods (IM). New methods Fl::add_system_handler() and Fl::remove_system_handler() to intercept low level system events. New FLTK scheme "gleam" (STR #2672). New method Fl::is_scheme() to compare the current scheme name. New method to set custom icons for windows (STR #2816), see Fl_Window::icon() for more info. New method to set any custom cursor, based on a Fl_RGB_Image object. Also changed fallback cursors to use this method, so that fallback cursors are handled in a platform independent manner (STR #2660). New ability to convert Fl_Pixmap to Fl_RGB_Image (STR #2659). Support for full screen windows over multiple monitors. New optional line numbers in Fl_Text_Display and options to control line numbers and word wrapping (on/off) in example test/editor.cxx. On Linux/Unix, class Fl_Native_File_Chooser uses file dialogs from the Gnome environment (provided by the libgtk dynamic library) if available, and falls back to Fl_File_Chooser if not (STR #3088). Use option Fl::OPTION_FNFC_USES_GTK to enable/disable this feature. New support for the Mac OS text input system that deals with character composition and input of languages with large character sets (e.g. Chinese and Japane