Recent Releases

0.228 Jun 2016 17:19 major feature: Function calls are now less recursive by one level. Now using getcleanpath instead of getabspath. It is simpler, and we don't need the strict features of getabspath. Added loader.bash-4 which strictly supports Bash version 4.0 and above. Also added loader-include-prototype.bash. Added support for MirBSD Ksh. Now using hash to remember location of executable binaries in some places that are applicable and helpful to improve performance without being completely explicit about the path. Reformatted messages to more proper case form. Reformatted changelog file. Some non-critical fixes. It's a complete code overhaul.
0.1.222 Jun 2016 14:17 major feature: Fixed instances of ` " __ "` which should be ` " __ "`. It caused some scripts to be seen as not readable and not load when '' is loaded with advanced shells like Bash and Zsh. All advanced shell functions now use ` ` instead of ` ` for consistency. Simplified ` ! ... ` to ` ... ` in a getabspath function. We now check LOADER_CS_I if it's still set and has value 0 before unsetting the element in LOADER_CS since Zsh gives an error if it's no longer set. It happens when loader_finish is called in a called script. Now using " !VAR_@ " instead of IFS=' ' and !VAR_* . Now using 'printf' instead of 'echo' in a 'for' loop when applicable.