ansible-cmdb 1.31

ansible-cmdb takes the output of Ansible's setup module (facts) and converts it into a static HTML overview page containing system configuration information. It supports multiple templates (fancy html, txt, markdown, json and sql) and extending information gathered by Ansible with custom data.

License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.3114 Jan 2024 16:03 minor bugfix: PyPi package had wrong license (MIT). Changed to GPLv3. Minor changes to variable parsing and applying. A fix for the "sql" template. A new reserved keyword has been renamed. Minor changes and improvements to the "html_fancy" template.
1.2603 Mar 2018 19:32 minor feature: Custom and host local facts are now sorted by name. The uninstall procedures were improved. Many small bugfixes.
1.2314 Oct 2017 09:40 minor feature: group_vars are now parsed. Sub directories in host_vars are now parsed. Addition of a -q/--quiet switch to suppress warnings. Minor bugfixes and additions.
1.2215 Jul 2017 07:26 minor bugfix: Added the ability to turn off host detail rendering, skipping empty hosts and split hosts into separate files. Multiple inventory files are now supported. Various encoding and other bugfixes.
1.2105 Mar 2017 08:32 minor bugfix: v1.21 fixes support for Python v2.6
1.2012 Feb 2017 16:54 major feature: v1.20 brings improved error reporting, bugfixes, support for installation into a VirtualEnv, new columns and a "Reset settings" button in the html_fancy template, the ability to collapse extend host information in the html_fancy template and minor cosmetic improvements.
1.1909 Jan 2017 13:50 minor feature: v1.19 brings small incremental improvements, mostly in the error reporting. Always show stack trace on error and include class name. Exit with proper exit codes. Exclude certain file extensions from consideration as inventories. Improved error reporting and lookups of templates. Improved error reporting when specifying inventories.
1.1804 Jan 2017 10:04 minor feature: If Ansible-cmdb finds a "hosts" file in the current dir, it will now use it. This version also adds support for installation through pip. It also fixes a bug in the "make install" from repository rule. If Ansible-cmdb finds a "hosts" file in the current dir, it will now use it.
1.1709 Oct 2016 06:32 minor bugfix: A bug that caused whitespace to be added each time a character was typed into the search box was fixed. Fix for HP-UX missing netmask (patch by Randy Rasmussen). SQL template improvements for BSD.
1.1528 Jul 2016 16:37 minor feature: This release improves resilience against wrong, unsupported and missing data. An SQL template has been added that generates SQL for use with SQLite and MySQL. Additionally, some minor bugs where fixed.
1.1426 Apr 2016 13:01 minor feature: Ansible-cmdb now looks for a ansible.cfg and use hostfile setting. The html_fancy template now remembers which columns the user has visible, displays groups and hostvars even if no host information was collected, has support for Facter and custom facts, hides empty sections, and has improvements in the rendering of custom variables and the vcpu / ram columns. Additionally, some minor bugs were fixed.
1.1215 Feb 2016 20:36 minor bugfix: This release fixes problems with hosts file parsing and missing facts. It improves error reporting and error handling. Ansible local facts are now displayed in the host details. Undocumented extended YAML vars in hosts files is now supported. Small improvements to the txt_table template were also made.
1.1112 Jan 2016 19:37 major bugfix: This release fixes problems with OpenBSD and Windows fact files. It also improves debugging and error reprting. The star icon for the search perma-link was replaced with a link icon.
1.1021 Dec 2015 15:52 major bugfix: This releases fixes issues with UTF-8 output and adds the possibility to link directly to search results.
1.905 Dec 2015 15:14 major bugfix: This releases fixes issues with UTF-8 output, adds a new JSON template, adds a manual page, fixes various bugs and adds various new columns in the html_fancy template.
1.810 Nov 2015 20:04 major bugfix: This release fixes Dynamic Inventory Scanning.
1.708 Nov 2015 09:40 minor feature: Support for showing only specific columns using the -c / --columns commandline argument. The html_fancy template now properly automatically focusses the search box. Two new columns were added to theย html_fancy template: kernel and timestamp.
1.603 Oct 2015 19:36 major feature: Support for dynamic inventory scripts, multiple inventory sources and host_vars directories. Error handling has been improved and the html_fancy template's header columns now show they can be sorted.
1.522 Sep 2015 09:22 major feature: A new Material design for the html_fancy template. The html_fancy template can now be viewed over file:/// URLs.
1.401 Sep 2015 07:15 major feature: Support for host inventory patterns (e.g. foo 01:04 Support for 'vars' and 'children' groups. Support passing a directory to the -i param, in which case all the files in that directory are interpreted as one big hosts file. Support for the use of local jquery files instead of via a CDN. Allows you to view the hosts overview in your browser using file://. See for info on how to enable it (hint: ansible-cmdb -p local_js=1). Added -f/ fact-caching flag for compatibility with fact_caching=jsonfile fact dirs (Rowin Andruscavage). The search box in the html_fancy template is now automatically focussed. Show memory to one decimal to avoid "0g" in low-mem hosts. Templates can now receive parameters via the -p option. Strip ports from hostnames scanned from the host inventory file. Various fixes in the documentation. Fixes for Solaris output (memory and disk).