Apache GUI 1.11.0

Apache GUI provides a web-based management interface for the Apache HTTP server, implemented in Java and works on Linux and MacOS or Windows setups. It aids editing, searching and validating Apache configuration files, enabling modules, or to edit hosted files through an inline editor, traversing and searching server logs, view or graph statistics and transactions.

Tags java server-management apache configuration log-analysis monitoring systems-administration
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

1.11.029 Dec 2015 18:06 minor feature: Added tree view to configuration page. Added Global Tree View. Added pre-configured package parameters when first launching. Bug Fixes
1.10.109 Nov 2015 19:54 minor feature: Added support for SQLite and the ARM compiler. Show advisory when including a configuration file multiple times. Fix bug that was preventing history when there was an invalid location on the system PATH.
1.10.005 Jul 2015 18:53 minor feature: Migrated internal database from derby to sqlite. Updated history interface and added the ability to make custom queries. Allow history tracking when the GUI isn't running
1.9.701 Apr 2015 22:38 minor feature: Added auto suggest to configuration editor and virtual hosts page. Various UI improvements. Various bug fixes. Updated project structure from Ant to Maven
1.9.605 Feb 2015 21:20 minor feature: - Added Virtual Hosts tree editor. - Various bug fixes
1.9.517 Nov 2014 16:45 minor bugfix: Only show the refresh dialog once. Fixed editor reload on menu refresh, updates to build scripts. Adding tomcat libraries to project. Standardizing ApacheGUI path on operating system. Fixed show/hide race condition for loading dialogs. Many further updates to build system.
1.9.415 Oct 2014 01:55 minor bugfix: Bug fixes. Fixing graphs with no height inside Title Pane. Changed Active File List Order. Resize history menu when opened. Added tooltips for advising Globally vs Non-Globally. Updated enable/disable functionality for History, fixed queries on History. Moved History GUI to tabbing. Switched Global Settings to TitlePane, Updates to Virtual Host UI. Adding ServerName directive.
1.9.303 Sep 2014 05:16 minor feature: Refactor Updater functionality, Caching directory lookups, Fixed new file functionality in editor, Moved Modules to Spring MVC.