Arcadia IDE 1.1.1

Arcadia is a minimalistic editor (IDE) for the Ruby language written in Ruby using the classic Tcl/Tk GUI toolkit and developed with Arcadia itself. Some features include an editor with source browsing, syntax highlighting, and code completion, debug support, the ability to work on any platform where Ruby and Tcl-Tk work, a highly extensibility architecture, and support for RAD GUI building.

Tags debugger user-interfaces software-development code-generator text-editor ide text-processing ruby
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1.129 Sep 2015 21:42 minor bugfix: - fixed issue
1.1.006 Sep 2015 20:51 major feature: - adds possibility to define custom runners - improves output functions - changes debug support - introduces changes for ruby = 2.0 and tck/tk 8.6 - introduces other general improvements
1.0.030 Nov 2014 21:49 major feature: -improves crossplatform features -changes dialogs metaphor -improves start speed -introduces other general improvements