BallroomDJ 3.32.23

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file. BallroomDJ is no longer supported. It has been replaced with BallroomDJ 4.

Tags end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom
License Zlib
State stable

Recent Releases

3.32.2321 Dec 2022 23:26 documentation: 3.32.23 2022-12-21 There will be no more BallroomDJ releases. BallroomDJ will no longer be supported. BallroomDJ has been superseded by BallroomDJ 4. Please consider converting your BallroomDJ installation to BallroomDJ 4.
3.32.2222 Nov 2022 19:04 minor bugfix: 3.32.22 2022-11-22 Bug Fixes: Database update: Prevent a crash. Database Update: MacOS: Ignore certain errors. Changes: Make sure the dance levels data file is converted to the latest format.
3.32.2127 Sep 2022 14:37 minor bugfix: 3.32.21 2022-9-27 Bug Fixes: Fixed a crash when python was missing.
3.32.2021 Sep 2022 18:53 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.32.20 (2022-9-21) Bug Fixes: Player: Prevent a crash when requesting an invalid external song. Changes: BDJ4 Compatibility: Change where "original" files are saved to match BDJ4. The upgrade process will move the originals to the new location.
3.32.1914 Jul 2022 13:46 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.32.19 (2022-7-13) Changes: Player: Added code to help co-exist with BDJ4 (volume). Player: Fix volume reset on exit.
3.32.1822 May 2022 00:23 minor bugfix: 3.32.18 2022-5-21 Bug Fixes: Fixed crash in automatic playlist selection with a selected dance with a count of zero.
3.32.1716 Apr 2022 19:36 minor bugfix: 3.32.17 2022-4-16 Bug Fixes: Restore Backup: Fix a bug when restoring ancient backups. Player: Prevent an obscure crash with bad volume data. Database: Prevent a crash with files that do not exist. Packaging: Prevent a crash with files that do not exist. Main: Prevent a crash on startup/shutdown.
3.32.1621 Dec 2021 13:36 minor bugfix: 3.32.16 (2021-12-21) Changes: Export for BallroomDJ: No longer cleans out the export database by default. An option is added to clean the export database and playlists.
3.32.1511 Dec 2021 19:49 minor bugfix: 3.32.15 2021-12-11 Bug Fixes: Import from BallroomDJ: Allow import from old versions of BallroomDJ. File Manager: Fix crash when getting timestamp of non-existent file. Import from BallroomDJ: Limit height of drop-down selection. Player: Prevent a possible crash. Windows: Fix clock background color. Translations: Chinese: Updated. Internal: Tcl/Tk: Updated to version 8.6.12. AcoustID: Update fpcalc to version 1.5.0.
3.32.1427 Oct 2021 16:32 minor bugfix: 3.32.14 (2021-10-27) Bug Fixes: Edit Song Lists: Fix crash when starting song list editor twice. Player: Fix incorrect tooltip display on 'next song'. Internal: Fix incorrect logging.
3.32.1308 Jul 2021 22:24 minor bugfix: 3.32.13 (2021-7-8) Bug Fixes: Options: Player: Fix refresh button for audio sink list (typo). Edit Song Lists: Fix save of empty song list. Music Manager: Prevent a crash on save. Linux: Pipewire support: Add another check to see if pipewire is running with the pulseaudio configuration.
3.32.1204 May 2021 00:31 minor bugfix: # 3.32.12 (2021-5-3) Bug Fixes: Linux: Install: Fixed various issues installing on Fedora. Linux: Install: The installatoin process will now add BallroomDJ to the applications list. # 3.32.11 2021-4-6 Bug Fixes: Mac OS: Install: Fixed some permissions problems that prevented BallroomDJ from working for new installations. Music Manager: Prevent a possible crash. New Features: Added awbreezedark theme. Internal: Update Database: Rework. Updated awthemes to version 10.3.0.
3.32.1020 Mar 2021 22:33 minor bugfix: 3.32.10 (2021-3-20) Bug Fixes: Player: Startup: When the player daemon is slow to start, try to handle the situation a little better. Player: History: Turn history on when using quick play.
3.32.926 Feb 2021 14:42 minor feature: 3.32.9 (2021-2-26) New Features: Quick Play: Added a queue button for playlists. Renamed the playlist play button to clear play. Mobile Remote Control: Added the queue button for playlists. Bug Fixes: Mobile Marquee (internet): Add security so that an outside party cannot interfere with the marquee. Mobile marquee internet mode will no longer work on older versions of BallroomDJ.
3.32.820 Feb 2021 13:06 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: MacOS: Marquee: full-screen mode on double-click is working again. MacOS: Marquee: restoration of marquee window position is working with multiple displays. Internal: Code cleanup. Feb 2021 23:58 minor bugfix: (2021-2-16) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix mobile remote control startup crash introduced in 3.32.7.
3.32.716 Feb 2021 13:08 minor bugfix: 3.32.7 (2021-2-15) Changes: Quickplay: Enable player history, edit, restart. Music Manager: Will now switch modes if already started and a new mode (request/select play/song list/main) is requested. Bug Fixes: Player: Fix crash when removing songs from the music queue when playing an automatic or sequenced playlist. Quickplay: Fix crashes when the music manager was already open. Marquee: Fixed initial display (broken in 3.31.2 due to mobile marquee changes). MacOS: Marquee: disable any full-screen mode on double-click. The user must resize the marquee manually. Quickplay: Fixed an issue restarting the same playlist after closing and opening the quickplay tab. Linux: Options: Fixed upgrade process for startup/shutdown scripts. Options: Fixes for upgrade process. Music Manager: Fixed instances where the play button remained disabled. Music Editor: Fixed instances where the play button could not be used. Removed unused colors. Support: Minor UI cleanup. Internal: Update awthemes to version 10.2.1. Code cleanup.
3.32.625 Jan 2021 02:29 minor bugfix: 3.32.6 (2021-1-24) Bug Fixes: Options: Minor UI cleanup. Mobile Marquee: Local: Fix title display.
3.32.523 Jan 2021 01:51 minor bugfix: 3.32.5 (2021-1-22) New Features: Quick Play: Clear queue button added. Mobile Remote Control: Clear queue button added. Bug Fixes: Quickplay: Fixed quickplay actions when a quick play playlist is defined. Fixed help for quick play playlist. Internal: Linux: Rename startup/shutdown scripts.
3.32.418 Jan 2021 01:29 minor bugfix: 3.32.4 (2021-1-17) Bug Fixes: Option: Global: Minor UI cleanup. Playlist Management: Fix crash. Internal: Updated Tcl/Tk to version 8.6.11. (Mac OS styling is improved). Windows: Updated curl to version 7.74.0. Updated tclcurl to 2021-01-04 version.
3.32.314 Jan 2021 00:29 minor bugfix: 3.32.3 (2021-1-13) Bug Fixes: Finnish: fix language label. Mac OS: Fix application startup (broken in 3.31.2).
3.32.203 Jan 2021 22:30 minor bugfix: 3.32.2 (2021-1-3) Bug Fixes: Mobile Remote Control: Fixed display for flex formats. Quick Play: Gap is no longer ignored. Image Sizing: Scale images appropriately. Application Scaling: Fix scaling to match selected font size. Internal: Update awthemes to version 10.2.0.
3.32.131 Dec 2020 20:14 minor bugfix: 3.32.1 (2020-12-31) New Features: Mobile Remote Control: Add playlist selection to quick play. Mobile Remote Control: Added a dark mode selection. Bug Fixes: Mobile Remote Control: Fix play 5, play continuously. Mobile Remote Control: Process utf-8 properly. Mobile Marquee: Process utf-8 properly. Quick Play: Clear player will also clear the playlist queue. Dec 2020 20:27 minor bugfix: (2020-12-28) Bug Fixes: Support: Fix support function (introduced in 3.31.2).
3.32.028 Dec 2020 01:09 minor feature: 3.32.0 (2020-12-27) New Features: Quick Play: Reworked for easier use. Mobile Remote Control: Added ability to control quick play. Changes: Music Manager: The tooltip display is now saved on a per mode basis. Quick Play: Select Play: The column and tooltip display can now be configured. Bug Fixes: Mobile Marquee: local: Fixed html. (introduced in 3.31.2).
3.31.325 Dec 2020 21:03 minor bugfix: 3.31.3 (2020-12-25) New Features: Options: Global: Optional startup and shutdown scripts may be configured. On Linux, these are automatically set to linux/ and linux/ Bug Fixes: Update installation instructions. Linux: Update INSTALLER for debian, arch, redhat, opensuse based systems. Linux: Fix management of xfce settings.
3.31.222 Dec 2020 16:32 minor bugfix: 3.31.2 (2020-12-20) Changes: Mobile Marquee: Changed colors to a dark theme. Mobile Remote Control: Add a link to display the QR code. Mobile Remote Control: reduced update time to 1/2 second. Bug Fixes: Mobile Marquee: internet: Now working properly on IPv6. Mobile Marquee: internet: Make more robust (http utility fixes). Mobile Marquee: internet: Clear marquee when BallroomDJ starts. Mobile Marquee: internet: Update display when the music queue is updated. Linux: Install: INSTALLER script was inadvertently removed from top level. Automatic/Sequenced Playlists: Fixed issues with song selection. Automatic/Sequenced Playlists: Fixed issues when the song selection was exhausted. Player: Fix restart button state. Support Screen: Fix text input area colors. Internal: Update awthemes to version 10.1.2. Update tksvg to version 0.7. http rewrite: Remove tcltls; add tclcurl. Linux builds are now built on Ubuntu 18.04.
3.31.113 Nov 2020 19:19 minor bugfix: 3.31.1 (2020-11-13) Bug Fixes: Mobile Marquee: Fix incorrect qrcode url display. Mobile Marquee: Make internet version more robust. Automatic Playlists: Fixed a bug that prevented fast songs from being selected during queue load. Mobile Marquee: Fix a crash when switching profiles.
3.31.010 Nov 2020 23:23 minor feature: 3.31.0 (2020-11-10) New Features: Mobile Remote Control: Add option to display dance. Mobile Remote Control: Add option to display song artist/title. Mobile Marquee: Allow dance patrons to view the marquee on their mobile device. Bug Fixes: Mobile Remote Control: Windows: fix IP address display. Player: Fix next song button state. Internal: Update awthemes to version 9.5.1.
3.30.626 Oct 2020 13:16 minor bugfix: 3.30.6 (2020-10-26) Changes: Marquee: Add 'Save Dance' to quick edit button. Bug Fixes: Marquee: Fix marquee quick edit button states. Marquee: Windows: Fix fullscreen toggle. Menus: Fix a crash. Internal: Upgraded flexmenu to version 1.50.
3.30.524 Oct 2020 19:18 minor bugfix: 3.30.5 (2020-10-24) New Features: Player: Quick Edit: Added 'Save Dance'. The 'clearlooks' theme is now scalable. Changes: Player: The 'Next Song' button is now active while a song is playing. It will skip immediately to the next song, without any gap and start playing it. If the current song is not playing, the 'next song' button will load the next song (as before). Menus: many checkboxes in menus will no longer close the menu. Click outside the menu to close it. Bug Fixes: Player: Fixed turning on the marquee from the options menu. (introduced in 3.30.1). Player: Prevent a crash. Audio Identification: Prevent a crash (provenance is unknown). Update Audio File Tags: Prevent a crash when the file does not exist. Make load of dances/genres/ratings/levels/status more robust in case of errors. Playlist Management: Update list of sequences and song lists dynamically. Playlist Management: Fix a possible crash. Update Database: Added a message to exit and restart BallroomDJ. Analog Clock: Fixed save of window position/size. Internal: Upgraded awthemes to version 9.4.2. Upgraded flexmenu to version 1.49. Code cleanup.
3.30.413 Oct 2020 15:44 minor bugfix: 3.30.4 (2020-10-13) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix edit current/previous/selected. (introduced in 3.30.0) Internal: Code cleanup.
3.30.312 Oct 2020 18:36 minor bugfix: 3.30.3 (2020-10-12) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux/MacOS: install: Fixed a problem preventing the database upgrade from running (introduced in 3.30.0). Internal: Code cleanup.
3.30.208 Oct 2020 17:25 minor bugfix: 3.30.2 (2020-10-7) Bug Fixes: Fix https communication errors. Use libressl version 3.1.4 for https connections. Internal: Code cleanup.
3.30.129 Sep 2020 18:34 minor bugfix: 3.30.1 (2020-9-29) (stable) Changes: MacOS: Change style of localized spinbox buttons. Bug Fixes: Music Manager/Song Editor: Adjustments: Fixed so that multiple adjustments (normalize / trim / apply adjustments) can be applied to a song, but the adjustment may not be repeated unless the original file is restored. MacOS: Fix colors on fontchooser, BPM and countdownclock window. Scrolling Areas: Mousewheel now works within more scrolling areas. Help: Updated. Internal: Upgraded awthemes to version 9.3.1. Upgraded tksvg to version 0.6. Upgraded libressl to version 3.2.1. Code cleanup: prepare for future versions of Tcl/Tk.
3.30.012 Sep 2020 20:17 minor bugfix: 3.30.0 (2020-9-12) (stable) Changes: Removed the 'update' process (as it is hardly used and requires extra infrastructure). Added instructions for installing the extra themes. Bug Fixes: Export for CD: Fix song format conversion when input file is not in a format recognized by sox (e.g. .m4a). Song Server: Fixed a crash configuring the client when the server name was not set. Options / Mobile Remote Control: Change so that URLs can be copied from the screen. Fixed ability to copy from a text area (remote control: URLs; Song Editor: filename). Linux: Installation: Fixed the desktop shortcut install to use the localized desktop directory. Linux: Installation: Fixed incorrect language in the desktop shortcut installation. Linux: Fixed IP address discovery on systems with /bin/ip (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04). Player: External Request: Fix test for song already in the database. Client/Server Mode: Various fixes. Internal: Code cleanup.
3.29.2529 Aug 2020 18:56 minor bugfix: 3.29.25 (2020-8-29) (stable) Changes: Renamed 'Web Server' to 'Mobile Remote Control'. Internal: Updated mutagen to version 1.45.1. Linux: Install: upgrade mutagen during the postinstall process. Wiki moved to sourceforge. Updated wiki links. Updated TclTLS to version 1.7.21. Updated tdom to version 0.9.2. Flexmenu updated to version 1.47 (scrolling bug fixes).
3.29.2423 Aug 2020 17:09 minor bugfix: 3.29.24 (2020-8-23) (stable) Bug Fixes: Fix scrollbar grab for certain themes. MacOS: Fix startup from icon (missing path).
3.29.2319 Aug 2020 17:33 minor bugfix: 3.29.23 (2020-8-19) (stable) Bug Fixes: Upgrade: Fix database rename. (broken in 3.29.21) Linux: Finish fixes for mouseover names for gnome-3 desktops.
3.29.2216 Aug 2020 21:49 minor bugfix: 3.29.22 (2020-8-16) (stable) Bug Fixes: Fixed a drawing issue for drop-down selection lists. Fixed VLC version check to be more forgiving for locales other than english. Linux: Set mouseover names for gnome-3 desktops (for most windows).
3.29.2130 Jul 2020 02:33 minor bugfix: 3.29.21 (2020-7-29) (stable) Bug Fixes: Quickplay: Fixed reset of player when switching quickplay modes. Player: Fixed a crash on exit when embedded. Player: Fixed incorrect processing of playlist queue argument. (caused quickplay to switch to dual queue mode). Song List Editor: Mix: Actions- Mix will no longer hang. Internal: Code cleanup. Internal code changes to use a less expensive screen update.
3.29.2006 Jul 2020 23:19 minor bugfix: 3.29.20 (2020-7-6) (stable) Bug Fixes: Song List Editor: Fix a bug enabling the actions menu. Music Manager: Prevent a possible crash when redisplaying a listing. Music Manager: Fix menu enable of undo delete. Changes: Unclutter the initial main menu. Improve localized spin box buttons so they are consistent across themes. Music Manager: Deleted files will now be moved to the deleted folder using the same folder structure as the original.
3.29.1906 Jun 2020 17:20 minor bugfix: 3.29.19 (2020-6-6) (stable) Changes: Windows: 32-bit build is available again. Windows: Better fix for scaled checkbox, radio button, tree indicator when display is set greater than 100 . Internal: Use built-in base64. Windows: new patch for scaling issues with vista theme. Update sha to version 2.0. Update libressl to version 3.2.0.
3.29.1822 May 2020 18:02 minor bugfix: 3.29.18 (2020-5-22) (stable) Bug Fixes: Windows: Fixed display of checkboxes and radio buttons when display size is set to more than 100 . Changes: All Windows XP support has been removed. Windows: Unable to support 32-bit windows at this time. Internal: Upgrade TkImg package to version 1.4.11. Clean up image support. Update sha package.
3.29.1701 May 2020 23:04 minor bugfix: 3.29.17 (2020-5-1) (stable) Bug Fixes: Song Editor: Display a status message when the bpm counter cannot be started when there is no player active. BPM Counter: Rewrite to prevent possible crash. BPM Counter: Fixed so that it is more accurate and reaches a stable value much faster. (2020-4-30) (stable) Bug Fixes: Options: Fixed some status messages. Background colors: Fixed incorrect background color changes. remove mpv player. Internal: Updated awthemes to version 9.2.
3.29.1628 Apr 2020 19:08 minor bugfix: 3.29.16 (2020-4-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Added checks in the player to prevent a crash. Added checks in the player exit to prevent a crash. Mac OS: Fixed a problem where the VLC library flag got turned off. Changes: Added scalable breeze theme to the list of included themes. Added scalable arc theme to the list of included themes. Linux: Remove mpv text from installer. Dropped support for using VLC via a socket connection. The only supported method is via the library API. Internal: Updated awthemes to version 9.1.1.
3.29.1528 Mar 2020 16:57 minor bugfix: 3.29.15 (2020-3-28) Bug Fixes: Synchronization: Fix "Copy Missing Files To..." action. Update Database: Prevent a potential crash. Song Editor: Fix error indicator not being cleared. Player: change method to detect playlist queue window already active. Internal: Clean up environment variables.
3.29.1410 Mar 2020 23:22 minor bugfix: 3.29.14 (2020-3-10) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: process audio files with zero duration properly (broken due to prior bug fixes and other changes). Database update: Fix report detail display. Mar 2020 17:54 minor bugfix: (2020-3-6) (stable) Bug Fixes: Windows: Fix reporting tools internet connection.
3.29.1304 Mar 2020 01:00 minor bugfix: 3.29.13 (2020-3-3) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: desktop icon: update icon installer to set translations. Fix some incorrect defaults in included playlists. Songlist: Import: Fix import file entry. Songlist: Import: Fix button text on startup. Songlist: Import: Fix crash. Songlist: Import from BallroomDJ: fix when run a second time. Fix Windows: Fix internet connections. Changes: Playlist: Change default of 'Include Unrated' to false. Change 'Include Unrated' to false in included playlists. Internal: Directory cleanup.
3.29.1227 Feb 2020 19:46 minor bugfix: 3.29.12 (2020-2-27) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix display on restart of player. Support function: Fix (introduced in 3.29.9). Fixed various internet connection issues (introduced in 3.29.9).
3.29.1122 Feb 2020 20:12 minor bugfix: 3.29.11 (2020-2-22) (stable) Bug Fixes: Update: Linux/Mac OS: Fix broken update process (paths). Update: Windows: Fix missing pre-python3 mutagen (introduced in 3.29.10). Update: Fix broken update process (https) (introduced in 3.29.9). Update: Windows: Fix (incorrect setup on server).
3.29.1015 Feb 2020 21:47 minor bugfix: 3.29.10 (2020-2-15) (stable) Bug Fixes: Mac OS: minor changes to support 'brew' installation. Windows: Installer: Changes needed to support new mutagen version, install older version if needed. Player: Prevent a crash when saving restart data. Prevent a crash when retrieving the window geometry. Internal: Upgraded mutagen to version 1.44.0. Code cleanup (version checks).
3.29.912 Feb 2020 16:54 minor bugfix: 3.29.9 (2020-2-12) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux installation: updates for installation on 'arch'. Audio Identification: Fixed typo preventing proper function (introduced in 3.29.7). Linux: Scale fonts appropriately for built-in file dialogs. Audio Tags: Fixes to clean up improper MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID tags. Player: Fixed crash in player when playing from the music manager (introduced with the 3.29.8 changes to song selection). Set a minimum size for the main window. Internal: Added support for https (libressl, tcltls). Updated urls to use https. Updated tcllib modules to version 1.20. Added CSV conversion utility. Jan 2020 17:43 major bugfix: (2020-1-29) (stable) Bug Fixes: Windows: Fixed a problem preventing startup (introduced in 3.29.7).
3.29.827 Jan 2020 20:09 minor bugfix: 3.29.8 (2020-1-27) (stable) Changes: Song Editor: Moved 'Edit All' into the menu. Automatic Selection: Song Selection: Reworked so that rating and level weights are used properly. Fixed internal issues. Automatic Selection: dance tags now are applied to playback history (see autosel.txt). Ratings: changed default rating weights. Levels: changed default levels and weights. Bug Fixes: File Manager: fixed problem showing duplicate profiles. Player: Tooltip column select: fix invalid display of blank entries.
3.29.721 Jan 2020 21:06 minor bugfix: 3.29.7 (2020-1-21) (stable) Changes: Player UI: Rearrange embedded player UI to use less room. Bug Fixes: File Manager: Disallow invalid characters during rename. Themes: Fixed manifests, cleanup. Key bindings: simplify, fix. Linux Installer: Partial support for NixOS. Not working as the tclsh runtime cannot locate Mac OS: Change default for file dialogs to use the native file dialogs. Themes: minor cleanup for awdark. Player UI: clean up embedded player display issues. Audio Identification: identify the song based on the original file if the song has been modified. Fixed a crash when using the keyboard to navigate (flexmenu). Player: Prevent a crash in playlist queue. Internal: Provide support for alternate directories and system-wide installations.
3.29.607 Jan 2020 03:12 minor bugfix: 3.29.6 (2020-1-6) (stable) Bug Fixes: BPM Counter: Fixed a failure to release the lock, preventing restart of the BPM Counter (introduced in 3.29.0). Player: Fixed key handling and crashes. Music Manager: Fixed key handling. Sequence Editor: Fixed key handling. Player: Fix startup of webserver and imageplayer (introduced in 3.29.5). Song List Editor: Fix hang in Actions- Mix when dance: 'None' is present.
3.29.501 Jan 2020 23:18 major bugfix: Changes: Moved new year's countdown clock from optional components to player options. Moved analog clock from optional components to player options. Bug Fixes: Windows installer: more robust checks to resolve the intermittent failure to rename. History: fixed minor display issue. Music Manager: Fixed intermittent errors. Player: Fixed problems switching modes. Player: Fixed itermittent problem where the player would not start correctly upon starting the player a second time.
3.29.427 Dec 2019 17:45 minor bugfix: 3.29.4 (2019-12-27) (stable) Changes: Apply Adjustments: change normalize volume to 0dB (from -1dB). File Manager: Added display of modification date. Bug Fixes: Fixed crash if python was not found. Player: fixed possible crashes. Music Manager: fixed possible crash. Windows installer: add a second pass to try and rename the files as an attempt to resolve the intermittent failure to rename. Menu: Various bug fixes. Automatic selection: reworked to prevent duplicate songs. Automatic selection: reduced chance of the same dance being selected. (Remove data/autosel.txt to get the new settings). Internal: Upgrade process: preserve time stamps.
3.29.317 Dec 2019 19:32 minor bugfix: 3.29.3 (2019-12-17) (stable) New Features: Song Editor, Music Manager: Applying adjustments (including trim silence and normalize volume) will create a warning if an "original" file already exists. Changes: Original Files: The files saved in the original files folder will now use the same folder structure as the original. Renames due to auto-organization will rename the original file so that it can be found and used. Raffle: 'Simple' game forces no game song. Volume Adjustment: Increase to -50/+50 percent. Bug Fixes: Themes: Fix menu highlight color for some themes. Mac OS: Fix player button and small button styling. Mac OS: Made BallroomDJ link in .app folder relocatable. Raffle Games: Fixed confusing user interface and fixed sound option. Player: Fixed crash that prevented switching from the full size player to the embedded player and back again. Automatic Selection: Fixed a bug when multiple tags were specified. Themes: clean up old theme .svg files. Song Editor: Fixed field focus preservation when positioned in song playback controls. Help: Fixed missing links. Internal: Linux: Improve responsiveness when an input method editor is active. Mac OS: Remove use of osascript. Mac OS: Updated build using Xcode 11.3. Improve toggle checkbutton. Rework all .svg images. Code cleanup.
3.29.202 Dec 2019 21:20 minor bugfix: 3.29.2 (2019-12-2) (stable) Changes: Mac OS: Install to HOME/Applications, create a symlink on the desktop. Bug Fixes: Themes: Add missing files for scaled winxpblue. Themes: Fix graphical button problem for scaled themes. Themes: Fix background color problems. Themes: Fix crash (progressbar). Themes: Change all sizegrips to a more visible version. Quickedit: clean up menu. Mac OS: Fix sizegrip display for aqua theme. Web server: Added missing image files. Internal: Themes: Update awthemes to version 7.2. Themes: theme cleanup. 3.29.1 (2019-11-30) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix edit previous. History: Fix. Export for CD: Fix.
3.29.026 Nov 2019 00:01 major feature: '''3.29.0''' (2019-11-25) (stable) Mac OS: Working again. Working on Mojave and Catalina. Dark mode is now fully supported. Volume adjustments have been changed from flat values to percentages. Various bug fixes and user interface cleanup. Using the awdark, awlight, black or winxpblue themes, the user interface will now scale properly for High-DPI monitors. See website for the full change log.
3.28.316 Nov 2019 01:05 major bugfix: 3.28.3 (2019-11-15) (stable) New Features: Song Editor: Added 'Restore Original' function to actions menu. Bug Fixes: Apply Adjustments: Fix. Song Editor: Fix 'update from song tags' to reset duration.
3.28.208 Nov 2019 06:38 minor bugfix: 3.28.2 (2019-11-7) (stable) Bug Fixes: Support/Send Report: Fix support message (introduced in 3.26.2) Mac OS: installer fixes.
3.28.123 Sep 2019 16:49 minor bugfix: 3.28.1 (2019-9-21) (stable) Bug Fixes: Create Song List: Fixed (introduced in 3.28.0) Validation: Fixed spinbox validation. Spinbox: Fixed various issues.
3.28.002 Sep 2019 22:10 minor feature: 3.28.0 (2019-9-2) (stable) New Features: Export for CD: Will now create multiple discs. Set the maximum number of discs to be created. Bug Fixes: Windows: Make VLC version check more robust. Export for CD: Various bug fixes.
3.27.029 Jun 2019 15:49 minor bugfix: 3.27.0 (2019-6-29) (stable) New Features: Song Editor: Added a "no maximum play time" checkbox to override any maximum play time setting on a per song basis. Bug Fixes: Profiles: fixed creation of new profile. File Manager: fixed profile handling. Music Manager: prevent an intermittent error on startup. Song Editor: Fix save of various artists checkbox. Theming: Fixed a bug with loading a theme on a computer with a space in the computer name.
3.26.406 Jun 2019 23:32 minor bugfix: 3.26.4 (2019-6-6) (stable) Changes: Windows Install: Change instructions to use the python installer package. The ActiveState python package will no longer be used. Breeze theme: updated. Bug Fixes: Make it easier to play from a USB stick (or other external device) on a new computer. Music Manager: fix possible intermittent crash. Song List Editor: Fixed crash when using Edit/Load menu. Mac OS X: Fixed broken installation process. Player: fix restart dialog to only show up on a crash. Music Manager: Fix apply adjustment duration processing. History: Update playlist selection on save of song list. Internal: Code cleanup.
3.26.331 Mar 2019 19:50 minor bugfix: 3.26.3 (2019-3-30) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: fix an intermittent crash.
3.26.203 Mar 2019 19:41 minor bugfix: 3.26.2 (2019-3-3) (stable) Bug Fixes: Font Scale: Fixed. (introduced in 3.26.1) Edit Dances: Save of announcement broken (introduced in 3.25.0) Edit Dances: Save of low/high bpm broken (introduced in 3.25.0)
3.26.127 Feb 2019 04:32 minor bugfix: 3.26.1 (2019-2-26) (stable) Changes: Audio Identification: Moved fuzzy match out of the ui options into the audio identification options menu. Breeze theme: updated. Player: disable volume control during fade-in and fade-out. Trim Silence: Reduced duration detection from 0.2 to 0.17. Bug Fixes: Song List Editor: Fixed a possible crash for operations on a non-existent song list. Player: Localization bug crash when accessing options/marquee. Song Editor: Fixed BPM not changing when apply adjustments was used. Localization: Prevent save of locale when it was not really selected. Windows Install: Fixed a crash when python is not installed. Backup: Fixed a crash when starting. Music Manager: Fixed a potential crash when setting menu state. Player: Fixed the 'pause each song' toggle (introduced in 3.19.4). Player: Dual Queues: Fixed some usability issues when the queue is empty. Fixed an issue with forced exit from the error dialog. Player: Dual Queues: prevent a possible crash. Internal: Fixes and improvements for telemetry when submitting report. Code cleanup.
3.26.006 Feb 2019 05:39 major bugfix: 3.26.0 (2019-2-5) (stable) Translations: Dutch: Updated Changes: Options: Moved optional components into their own category. Synchronization: Merge the initialization buttons. Options: Remove computer speed. History: Remove requeue as external. Backup: Moved backup window out of the file manager and into actions menu in the main window. Synchronization: Moved synchronization window out of the file manager and into the actions menu in the main window. Bug Fixes: Quick Play: marquee did not close on exit of the player. Player: Fix restart dialog when the main window is closed. Choose Directory Dialog: Fixed hang with empty folder. Upgrade: message cleanup. Options: protect against a possible crash. Mac OS X: Broken since 3.25.0, fixed. Localization: Fix a localization problem identifying VLC. Internal: AcoustID: Update fpcalc to version 1.4.3. Windows: Update ffmpeg to version 4.1. Windows: Update wget to version 1.20. Created build system for Tcl/Tk and extensions. Rebuilt all Tcl/Tk and extensions. Do not ship unused tkimg libraries. Renamed internal tooltip routine to prevent conflicts. Mac OS X: Fixed init.tcl to not look in system dirs.
3.25.126 Jan 2019 18:26 minor bugfix: 3.25.1 (2019-1-26) (stable) Translations: Dutch: Updated Add localized HTML templates for the web server. Internal: MacOS: Updated tcl installation.
3.25.021 Jan 2019 14:21 minor feature: 3.25.0 (2019-1-21) (stable) Translations: Dutch has been fully translated (many thanks to marimo). New Features: Themes: Added 'breeze' theme (themes package must be downloaded). Bug Fixes: BSD: Fixed install doc. Playlist Management: Fix incorrect mouse wheel handler. Synchronization: Import from BallroomDJ: do not reuse old synchronization IDs. Linux: Edit Song Lists: Added work-around for display bug when no song lists are present. Minor UI fixes. Update: Repair: Fix repair to not upgrade BallroomDJ. The 3.24.x versions will upgrade to version 3.25.0 when repaired. Linux: Raffle Game: Fix text-to-speech to use selected locale language. Color Selector: Fix for hex entry. Player: Fix actions menu color. Font selection: Fix a crash. Font chooser: Fix localization issues. Special Keys: Display descriptive text rather than internal key when setting the key. Localization: Fixed reset of localized data files upon locale change. Localization: Fixed issues in music manager, playlist management. Player: Fixed a minor display issue. Music Manager: fix sort-by not getting reset after a find duplicates. Changes: Music Manager: UI: Moved normalize volume, trim silence, apply adjustments, clear same song marks, mark as same song, update from itunes into the actions menu. Music Editor: UI: Moved normalize volume, trim silence, apply adjustments, update from song tags, update from itunes into the actions menu. Allow send of error report on standard errors (3.24.3). Default Dance List: removed chinese tango, chinese jitterbug, cw two step, polka from default dance list. Cleaned up club tag. Music Manager: Rearranged UI for "as playlist". It's quite ugly, but it uses less horizontal space. Internal: Linux: Added support for speech-dispatcher and festival text to speech. Added messages to the message catalogs so that the default files in bdjdata/ can be automatically generated. Added dutch number generation for the raffle game. Upgraded mutagen to version 1.42.0.
3.24.325 Nov 2018 01:02 minor bugfix: 3.24.3 (2018-11-24) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fix a situation where the display was incorrect after an edit (cache not invalidated). Windows Installer: Fix an issue installing 32-bit on a 64-bit machine. Windows Installer: Fix a failure to install binaries when leftover backup files were present. Linux doc: fixed installation notes (rrusk, ticket #1). Mac OS X: minor menubar display fix. Import from iTunes: Cleaned up display. Player: Fixed a crash when no song can be selected for playing. Synchronization: Make copy-to more careful about when files can be removed from the target folder. Internal: BSD integrated volume control. BSD is working again. Update Tcl/Tk to version 8.6.9 (but not MacOS). Rebuild all binaries for all platforms (not MacOS). Clean up auto_path/known missing packages to improve startup time.
3.24.226 Oct 2018 17:40 minor bugfix: 3.24.2 (2018-10-26) (stable) Bug Fixes: Mac OS X: Fix font chooser, BPM counter
3.24.123 Oct 2018 03:41 major bugfix: 3.24.1 (2018-10-22) (stable) Bug Fixes: Mac OS X: Get desktop icon working again. Mac OS X: Use DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH rather than DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. Mac OS X: Fix 'About' from global menu. Mac OS X: Fix font chooser, BPM counter. Help: Music Manager: Moved the menu selections to the main music manager help selection. Internal: Mac OS X: File cleanup.
3.24.017 Oct 2018 18:07 minor feature: 3.24.0 (2018-10-17) (stable) Combined change log for versions 3.23.0-3.24.0 A couple of important fixes for Mac OS X. The 'Update' function will be much faster for future updates. A repair mode was added to the 'Update' function. Various bug fixes. Better theme support. Windows high-contrast themes will now work properly. Check-buttons and radio-buttons have been reverted to use the native default. If you need a scaled check-button and radio-button, there is a user interface option to turn these on. New Features: Music Manager: Added duplicate song check based on the MusicBrainz recording id. Moved most of the themes into a separate package that can be downloaded from the update screen. Update: add download for themes. Update: add repair option for themes and for the main program. Changes: Embedded Player: The music manager in playback mode and the music editor will now use a different layout for the embedded player to preserve more horizontal space. Edit Song List: Changed the dance count display to use the listing font size. Song List Editor: Use the maximum play time from the playlist if possible. Song List Editor: Fill the dance counts window width as much as possible. Make awlight the default theme for Linux. Audio Identification: Made pane divider draggable. Colors: removed quicksave border, tooltip border, disabled, field, readonly field, disabled field color and treeview background settings. Themes: Added awdark, awlight theme. Font chooser: clean up ui. Update: make friendlier and better error messages. Replace spinbox with localized, scalable version. Revert all systems to use the native checkbuttons by default. Options: Added an option to use scaled widgets (radiobutton, checkbutton). Bug Fixes: Mac OS X: Fixed startup of VLC. Edit Dances/Levels/Status: Fixed. Edit Levels: Fixed save of default. MP3 Tags: fix various bugs with UFID processing (musicbrainz_trackid). The upgrade process will fix any UFID tags if write tags is set to 'all'. Music Mana
3.22.904 Oct 2018 18:44 minor bugfix: 3.22.9 (2018-10-4) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Various fixes for listing display. Music Manager: Removed duplicated sort option. Sep 2018 04:12 minor bugfix: (2018-9-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed listing display. Sep 2018 03:46 minor bugfix: (2018-9-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed display.
3.22.824 Sep 2018 15:23 minor bugfix: 3.22.8 (2018-9-24) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed display for long titles.
3.22.713 Sep 2018 13:09 minor bugfix: 3.22.7 (2018-9-13) (stable) Bug Fixes: Options: per-machine settings were incorrectly being saved as per-machine-per-profile. Options: allow edit setting moved to per-profile. Options: web server settings moved to per-profile. BPM Counter: fix. Options: fix resizable frame bouncing.
3.22.631 Jul 2018 00:43 minor bugfix: 3.22.6 (2018-7-30) (stable) Changes: Sample Files: Install a standardrounds playlist in addition to the standardrounds sequence. Sample Files: Install a sample automatic playlist. Sample Files: Only install once ever. The sample files may be deleted and they will not reappear. Quickplay: made easier to use. Embed player for dance only. Synchronization: Synchronize song lists and playlists also. Themes: Added the equilux theme. Bug Fixes: iTunes: Fix setup process (introduced in 3.19.6) Song List Editor: Set the selection to the first selection when selecting for a new song list. History: Requeue: Fix to use maximum play time. OGG/Vorbis: Fixed bug reading tags. Help: Fixed ui layout. Internal: Updated tDOM to version 0.9.1. Windows: Updated vorbis-tools to version 1.4.0 Replace semi-normalize routine.
3.22.524 Jul 2018 03:52 minor bugfix: 3.22.5 (2018-7-23) (stable) Changes: Improved so that running another BallroomDJ installation does not require modification of the temporary folder. Themes: Added the scid themes. Bug Fixes: Organization: Fixed various bugs with edit organization path screen. Synchronization: Removed requirement that autoorganize be on. Synchronization: On 'replace database with', copy all of the autoorganization settings from the master. Windows: 32-bit: Replace incorrect winvolume.exe program. Windows: Initial music folder path should now be properly localized. Internal: Mutagen updated to version 1.41.0.
3.22.419 Jul 2018 03:59 minor bugfix: 3.22.4 (2018-7-18) (stable) Changes: Made it possible to type in folder paths again. Added validation indicator. Made it possible to run another BallroomDJ in a different folder at the same time. Each installation of BallroomDJ must use a different temporary folder. Bug Fixes: Linux: Options/Player: Fix audio output drop-down display. Options: Player: Fix entry and validation of startup/shutdown scripts. Internal: Mac OS X: Update initial temporary folder. Prep next song at least 7 seconds before the end.
3.22.310 Jul 2018 15:52 minor bugfix: '''3.22.3''' (2018-7-10) (stable) Combined change log for 3.22.1 through 3.22.3 Changes: Linux: Add integrated ALSA volume control. Song Server: Display a wait message while files are being transferred. Song Server: Transfer meta files whenever the player is closed. Raffle Game: Add a no sound option. Bug Fixes: Web Server: minor CSS updates Web Server: fixed an issue when the BDJ buttons were in the focused state. Web Server: fixed crashes. Song Server: Get working again; many bug fixes and cleanup. Song Server: Fixed on windows. Song Server: Work-around for bad http code on windows. Linux: Fixed interface to pavolume program. Windows: Fix IP address fetch for older windows. Multiple Instances: On database update, make sure all instances reload the database. Fixed an intermittent socket issue that caused the application to stop working. Internal: Mutagen: make regex cleanup more precise. Minor Code cleanup. Update tests to support client/server mode. Added missing src/ files to manifest.
3.22.030 Jun 2018 16:48 minor feature: 3.22.0 (2018-6-30) (stable) New Features: Music Manager: Add the ability to choose which search fields to display and in what order. Changes: BPM Counter: Space bar can now to be used to count beats. Windows: The windows/imdisk.bat script was renamed to windows/imdisk-m.bat. Music Manager: Rearranged 'sort by' field to gain some horizontal real estate. Updated help. Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Playback Mode: Fixed a backwards compatibility issue. Field Selection: Fixed help.
3.21.415 Jun 2018 15:58 minor bugfix: 3.21.4 (2018-6-15) (stable) Changes: Player: Marquee: Add a fade color so that the next song in the dance list is highlighted better. Player: Add option selection to turn images on and off. Bug Fixes: Multiple Instances: Fixed initialization. (introduced in 3.19.3) Images: Fix again. Bad code in image utility. Music Manager: Playback mode: Enable fade button with embedded player.
3.21.309 Jun 2018 20:59 minor bugfix: 3.21.3 (2018-6-9) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Fix incorrectly compiled pulseaudio interface. Linux: Rebuild 64-bit binaries on Ubuntu 16.04.
3.21.208 Jun 2018 15:53 major bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.21.2 (2018-6-8) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix seek to song start with tclvlc interface (introduced in 3.20.0).
3.21.128 May 2018 08:20 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.21.1 (2018-5-27) (stable) Changes: Music Manager: Add sort by notes/dance/title. Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed incorrect procedure change.
3.21.027 May 2018 21:49 minor feature: BallroomDJ 3.21.0 (2018-5-27) (stable) New Features: Added 'Notes' field. Changes: Update help. Music Manager: Playback Mode: double click will select the song, not play it. Player: Do not display '= ' button in player unless started by the editor. Image Assignment: Added a 'do not display' selection. Bug Fixes: Image Player: Fixed video width. Embed video on windows. Hide image window when playing video on non-windows platforms. Image Assignment: Sort image list. Image Player/Assignment: various minor bug fixes. Fixed check for image conversion program.
3.20.222 May 2018 23:47 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.20.2 (2018-5-22) (stable) Changes: Music Manager: Playback mode: switch back to the music manager on song end. Music Manager: Playback mode: add an embedded player option. Bug Fixes: Linux: MPV is only available for 64-bit. Music Manager: Playback mode: fix save of options.
3.20.106 May 2018 16:39 minor feature: 3.20.1 (2018-5-6) (stable) New Features: Linux: Added support for the MPV music player via libmpv. Bug Fixes: Fixed missing color changes for some themes. Added support for Mac OS X graphite color. Linux: MPV: Update MPV interface. Windows: MPV: Removed, does not work for .flac files. Player: Export for CD: Fixed to reset properly on errors. Internal: Player: Cleaned up timing issues. Fixed some tests. Merge in changes from 3.19.10.
3.19.1029 Apr 2018 04:09 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.10 (2018-4-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fix marks for songs that have been played (introduced in 3.16.0).
3.19.912 Apr 2018 04:40 minor bugfix: 3.19.9 (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed track sort (introduced in Apr 2018 02:01 minor bugfix: (2018-4-9) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Fix install. Windows Install: Properly install the startup program. Player: Fixed incorrect max play time when repeat is on.
3.19.706 Apr 2018 13:21 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.7 (2018-4-5) (stable) Changes: Force switch the player from 'VLC' to 'Integrated VLC' if possible. VLC: allow seek at slow speeds for VLC version 3.0.0 and later. Organization: Added iTunes default organization path. Font Scale: Rearranged display. Bug Fixes: Options: User Interface: always set font display. Fixed an issue with comboboxes interacting badly with scrolling areas and resizable frames. Song List Editor: Added some validation for song list names. Song List Editor: Fix dance display when marquee display is updated. Fixed issues with incorrect and bouncing resizable frames. Linux: Match menu colors to current standard. Internal: More robust windows install for .exe and .dll files. Rearranged files. Code cleanup. Removed all telemetry code as I don't think it will help that much. Windows: Moved SoX into the BallroomDJ install package. Prepare for libmpv support (the libmpv interface is not quite working yet).
3.19.626 Mar 2018 23:23 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.6 (2018-3-26) (stable) Bug Fixes: Fixed display problems in help and dialogs (tree view) when font scaling or the font size is changed. Options: User Interface: Fix width sizing again.
3.19.517 Mar 2018 04:55 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.5 (2018-3-16) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Update installer for Ubuntu 14.04, allow ffmpeg to not get installed.
3.19.416 Mar 2018 05:55 minor feature: BallroomDJ 3.19.4 (2018-3-15) (Combined change log for 3.19.x) New Features: Player: option to embed the history display in the player view. Song List Editor: Added a restore backup function. Player: Added a menu selection to open the player and marquee options. Changes: Song List Editor: Implemented locking so that multiple ballroomdj instances cannot edit the same song list. Player: Moved the 'pause each song' button into the action menu. History: Moved 'requeue as external' into the history menu. Player: Removed option to place music queue on the right. Bug Fixes: Remove characters when writing tags to prevent a crash. Music Manager: Fix a crash with the mouse wheel. Song List Editor: Mark as modified when a selection is added. Music Manager: Fixed number of lines displayed when switching between different display modes. Song Lists: Cleaned up backup rotation. Internal: Upgrade mutagen to version 1.40.0
3.19.125 Feb 2018 02:40 minor bugfix: 3.19.1 (2018-2-24) (development) Bug Fixes: Player: Fixed incorrect display due to embedded history pane.
3.19.023 Feb 2018 02:57 minor feature: 3.19.0 (2018-2-23) (stable) New Features: Player: option to embed the history display in the player view. Changes: Player: Moved the 'pause each song' button into the action menu. History: Moved 'requeue as external' into the history menu. Player: Removed option to place music queue on the right. Internal: Upgrade mutagen to version 1.40.0
3.18.402 Feb 2018 03:05 minor bugfix: 3.18.4 2018-1-30 (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Install: Add support for OpenSUSE. Linux: Install: Add support for Solus. Linux: Install: Fixes for arch installation. Linux: Fix check for libvlc for newer 64-bit debian based systems. Linux: Add support for OpenSUSE, Solus. Fix refresh button for audio sink list. Internal: Linux: rearrange files.
3.18.308 Jan 2018 20:08 minor bugfix: 3.18.3 (2018-1-8) (stable) Changes: Telemetry: Added a switch in the global options to turn telemetry off. Bug Fixes: Linux: Install: Cleaned up the INSTALLER script so that it is more user friendly. Linux: Install: arch: Remove vlc-nightly for Manjaro systems. Linux: Install: fedora: Fixed missing Fedora 27 dependency. Linux: Fixed scaling and display of checkboxes. Options: Marquee: Fix width adjustment for font name. Font chooser: Fixed display width. Internal: File rearrangement. 3.18.2 (2017-12-30) (stable) Bug Fixes: Fix telemetry reporting and errorlog reporting to report on startup, not exit.
3.18.128 Dec 2017 21:09 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Black: Fixed file manager text color. Multiple Instances: Clean up startup search to use existing defined instances first. Windows 32-bit: Reverted to use mutagen version 1.38 (broken in version 3.17.0 - Windows XP not supported by 1.39). Linux: Fedora: Added work arounds for Fedora problems. About: fix to work when no network connection. Internal: Added telemetry to see what functions are used so that support can be improved. Can be turned off with the .bdjnosend file. Updated Tcl/Tk to version 8.6.8.
3.18.023 Dec 2017 19:42 minor feature: New Features: Player: History: Create a new song list from the history of played songs. Changes: Song List Editor: Export/Import for BallroomDJ: Linux: ui change to remove volume path. Bug Fixes: Player: History: Fix history display on startup and on finish of played song. Update: fixed for future versions. Song List Editor: Export/Import for BallroomDJ: fixed various issues.
3.17.214 Dec 2017 02:37 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Attempt a fix for a rare crash when using the mouse wheel. Linux: Added support for Fedora systems in INSTALLER script. Linux: Fixed support for SoX on arch based systems (INSTALLER). Linux/Fedora: work around a bug.
3.17.112 Dec 2017 12:43 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Player: More fixes for a potential crash on exit. Fixed background color issues. Music Manager: Fixed display of marks for played songs. Music Manager: continuous playback mode is disabled except when in playback mode. Player: Fix volume reset on exit when there are multiple instances of ballroomdj running. Player: Fix rounding error display for countdown timers. Multiple Instances: Fixed a bug registering the main instance. Fixes for possible socket hangs.
3.17.023 Nov 2017 13:38 minor feature: New Features: Music Manager: Playback mode has been enhanced with a 'continuous playback' option. Player: Added an option to insert requests at the currently selected position in the music queue instead of at the end. Changes: Linux: Added support for arch based systems to the linux installer. Bug Fixes: Player: Fixed an occasional crash with an unitialized variable. Fixed a potential crash when a bad song list file was loaded. Export for CD: Fixed a crash when the audio file is missing. Export as M3U: Fixed a potential crash with bad audio files. Music Manager/Auto-Organize: Fixed rename handling. Player/History: Prevent a possible crash. Clean up icons. Internal: Upgraded mutagen to version 1.39. Oct 2017 12:34 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes : Fixed update function (broken in 3.15.0) Oct 2017 13:19 minor feature: New Features : Audio identification services using MusicBrainz and AcoustID; Automatic and sequenced playlists can select songs based on the BPM range. Changes : Export for CD will now convert .m4a, .wma and other previously unsupported audio file types. Bug Fixes : Mac OS X startup fixed. Fixed for 'export for CD' function; many other bug fixes.
3.13.429 Jul 2017 16:49 minor bugfix: Various bug fixes.
3.13.225 Jul 2017 12:55 minor feature: Dual Queue interface has been enhanced and made easier to use; Added a per dance maximum play time to playlists; New web interface with some basic controls; Bug fixes.
3.10.508 Jun 2017 04:46 minor feature: Bug Fixes: (a) Song List Editor: Import from BallroomDJ: (1) Fixed display of status messages. (2) Re-using an existing song list name will now overwrite it properly. (3) Fixed a crash on import. (4) Fixed focus on entry field. (b) Linux: (1) Updated installation to replace any python-mutagen with the current working version. (2) Updates to linux sample scripts. (3) Initial startup will attempt a work-around for xfce maximize problem. (4) Fixed volume glitch on startup (VLC volume is tied to pulseaudio).