Bike Programming Language 0.0+b9

Bike is a programming language born out of the need to have a practical, yet purely functional programming language, with a syntax that not only matches the elegance of Python, but the terseness of Swift, and the FP bevity of Haskell. I think that Bike does all of this. It has a fairly substantial standard library, far bigger that that of JavaScript, but still smaller that of Haskell. OOP is carried out in a way that stays true to functional programming, and stays out of your way when your just trying to get things done. Objects and Classes are pure, and immutable, createing a good way to encapsulate code, without the normal OOP problems.

Tags ruby programming-language functional object-oriented meta-programming
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.0+b915 Jul 2015 18:44 minor feature: More bugs fixed, and (almost) total Rubocop compliance. A gigantic refactor was in order. Plus, some new features: Algebraic Datatypes Better Debuging and error information Better repl formatting Also some minor bugs were fixed: Type information should be saved during currying Function return type was being ignored This release is called Raptor because it was quick and fast to swoop in and fix stuff
0.0+b508 Dec 2014 13:05 minor feature: This release is named Hottrix because it is a mixture of Hotfixes and tricks.