Recent Releases

1.812 May 2024 11:08 major feature: - Update of used libraries: ohttp3, okio, bouncycastle, Simple XML, oil-sardine - Several bug fixes - Cloud support improved
1.718 Jun 2023 09:12 major feature: - An alarm can be set for events and to-dos - Keyfile only mode: Instead of a password, the data can also be opened with a keyfile only. - If the user's default language can be installed, the user is asked to install the language pack
1.629 May 2022 09:13 major feature: - Encryption at rest: Store unused data separately - Command line mode: Allows calling via the command line and skipping the opening dialogue - Additional default cryptographic algorithms: Serpent as cipher, SHA-512 as hash function - Several minor bugfixes, performance and GUI improvements
1.520 Dec 2021 10:33 major feature: - Simple task manager to organize todos (iCalendars VTODO) beside the calendar - Changing and installing languages. Different language can be installed subsequently, additional languages: TK, ES, FR, RU - Setting of algorithms and parameters in one dialog - Several minor bugfixes, performance and GUI improvements
1.408 Sep 2021 10:05 major feature: - Key files can be added as a second security factor to the password. - Parameters of the key derivation function can be adjusted to own devices and different security needs. - Option to automatically check for updates. This also takes minor updates into account. - Setting of events improved - Website (URL) property of events - Minor Bugfixes
1.329 May 2021 09:51 major feature: - Libraries for cloud support were replaced (sardine, apache libraries...). Thanks to this, the program runs now with Java 8 until Java 15 and probably further versions - You can choose algorithms: Catena or Argon2 as KDF, Threefish or AES-256 as cipher, Blake2b or SHA-3 as hash - Search function: Search for strings in calendars - Graphical user interface and accessibility - Several minor bugfixes - Small usability improvements
1.224 Jun 2020 08:49 major feature: - Location of event as defined in RFC 5545 - Hide and show calendars - Authorize only once to a cloud provider (performance) - Cloud files are no longer selected per default - Manage remembered cloud files: add to/remove from properties - Bugfix: merging calendars and saving in cloud - Bugfix: remembering cloud parameters - Several minor bugfixes and GUI changes
1.113 Apr 2020 09:17 major feature: - Cloud connection with WebDAV protocol to Nextcloud, Owncloud an others - optionally one file per calendar or one file for all calendars - performance improvement - minor bug fixes
1.028 Mar 2019 09:32 minor bugfix: - Several bugfixes - Usability: Property settings (background color, font size...) - Accessibility expanded - GUI: Small modifications
0.406 Feb 2019 08:04 minor feature: - Week view - Status property - Recurrence rule extended (BYDAY, INTERVAL, RDATE, EXDATE) - Character encoding as described in RFC 6868 - Minor bug fixes
0.329 Dec 2018 14:54 minor feature: - Day view - Event info window instead of tool tips to show events - Priority of events: red border signals the priority of the event - Event setting starts with time depending on mouse click location - Minor modification in appearance and minor bug fixes
0.223 Nov 2018 17:30 minor feature: - date picker to set the date of events - recurring events with end date and repetitions - merging of two calendars - bug fixes and improved usability
0.130 Oct 2018 12:27 minor feature: