Recent Releases

0.528 May 2024 06:08 major feature: - exe file for Windows, icon in taskbar when PEA is started - Login into cloud provider improved - Update of used libraries - Several minor improvements and bug fixes
0.411 Feb 2024 09:58 major feature: - New properties: KIND: INDIVIDUAL, GROUP with MEMBERs and ORG, TITLE, ORG, ROLE - Contacts can also be opened with a keyfile only. - language pack cn, cz, de, es, en, fr, gr, id, it, jp, kr, lv, nl, pl, ro, ru, tr, ua is optionally installed at the first start
0.313 Apr 2023 19:29 major feature: - Categories: Show only contacts with specific categories - Property URL - Parameters: TYPE, PREF, LANGUAGE - Extra setting of work and home properties - Several minor improvements and bug fixes