Recent Releases

1.9.6 , tFixed: Drawing spectr05 Feb 2024 03:17 minor feature:
1.9.603 Sep 2023 14:05 minor bugfix: Drawing spectrum analyzer in discrete frequencies mode. : Handling the option to enter archives when scanning folders (fudanchii). : Playback performance when searching in large playlist. : Possible crash when starting playback with ALSA plugin. : Shuffle albums was not using Album Artist. : Title formatting failure with large calculated values. : Loading of small album art image files. : MP4 parser failing to read/write certain tags correctly. : Handling of title-formatted paths. : A when editing metadata in multiple selected tracks Added: Bit depth override option (HiFiPhile) Added: DSD DoP support for ALSA/FFMPEG plugins (HiFiPhile) Added: put, puts, get title formatting functions (Robin Ekman).
1.9.5 , tFixed: GME chiptune v25 Jul 2023 03:17 minor feature:
1.9.520 Feb 2023 09:45 minor feature: Fixed: GME chiptune voice muting was affecting converter / replaygain scanner Fixed: SID chiptune voice muting was affecting converter / replaygain scanner Fixed: SID stereo was not working the way it was intended Fixed: Wave format conversion regressions, which could lead to wrong channels mapping Fixed: Converter race condition bug when checking whether a directory exists (dakeryas) Fixed: Album art fetching for tracks with multiple artists Fixed: GTK warning when opening track properties Fixed: Prompting before deleting playlist via middle mouse button Fixed: Album art left/right/center alignment in GTKUI Fixed: Removed embedded album art size limit for ID3v2 tags Fixed: Deadlock when trying to delete files from disk Fixed: Mute functionality for output plugins with their own volume control Fixed: Switching to previous/next track after the current track is removed Fixed: Incorrect playlist affected by hotkeys Fixed: Unsynchronized ID3v2 tag loading (credit: Robin Seth Ekman) Fixed: Spectrum analyzer buffer overflow Fixed: Deadlock when removing multiple selected tracks while one of them is playing Added: Pipewire output plugin (saivert) Added: LibRetro resampling plugin (toadking) Added: Chiptune voice muting in DUMB plugin Added: Improved drawing of spectrum analyzer Added: itematindex(index,value) function to title formatting, get value by index from multivalue fields
1.9.402 Jan 2023 03:17 minor feature:
1.9.308 Nov 2022 03:25 minor feature:
1.9.212 Oct 2022 03:25 minor feature:
1.9.115 May 2022 03:16 minor feature:
1.9.024 Jan 2022 03:16 minor feature:
1.8.803 Aug 2021 11:05 minor feature:
1.8.717 Feb 2021 07:05 minor feature:
1.8.624 Jan 2021 17:25 minor feature:
1.8.524 Nov 2020 08:45 minor feature:
1.8.429 Jun 2020 12:45 minor feature:
1.8.301 Apr 2020 17:25 minor feature:
1.8.202 Jan 2020 13:38 minor feature: