Recent Releases

3.429 Sep 2022 06:57 major feature: Version 3.4: Added distros: Berry Linux and ClearOS
3.123 Jun 2021 23:53 major feature: Version 3.0: Added distros: Android x86, Android Bliss OS, Android Prime OS, GRML, Sparky Linux.
3.024 Nov 2020 12:58 major feature: Version 3.0: Added distros: Deepin, ZorinOS, Manjaro, Slackware. Automatically 'modprobe loop'. Initial work on supporting distros that install from a .iso file without that being unpacked.
2.015 Jun 2020 03:15 minor feature: Version 2.0: Added distros: PCLinuxOS, Arch, NST, Calculate Linux, CentOS8, SysRescueCD. Improved distro detection. Fixed bug where '-conf' command-line argument ignored. Check for mounted filesystems within a device.
1.126 Mar 2020 10:57 major feature: Initial release (1.0 had a bug). Supports Ubuntu, Trisquel, AntiX, MX, Mint, Salix, Bodhi, Knoppix Peppermint and Porteus linux distros. Supports Puppy, Kali, DSL, Gentoo, Slax, and Slitaz as live environments only (installers have issues).