DNF 4.2.11

DNF is a software package manager that installs, updates, and removes packages on RPM-based Linux distributions. It automatically computes dependencies and determines the actions required to install packages. DNF also makes it easier to maintain groups of machines, eliminating the need to manually update each one using rpm. DNF (or Dandified Yum) is the next generation version of Yum. It roughly maintains CLI compatibility with Yum and defines a strict API for extensions and plugins. Plugins can modify or extend features of DNF or provide additional CLI commands on top of those mentioned below. If you know the name of such a command (including commands mentioned bellow), you may find/install the package which provides it using the appropriate virtual provide in the form of dnf-command(<alias>) where <alias> is the name of the command; e.g. dnf-command(repoquery) for a repoquery command (the same applies to specifying dependencies of packages that require a particular command).

Tags package-manager python linux rpm
License GNU GPL
State prerelease

Recent Releases

4.2.1120 Sep 2019 14:45 minor feature:
4.2.914 Aug 2019 10:25 minor feature:
4.2.807 Aug 2019 06:45 minor feature:
4.2.712 Jun 2019 10:05 minor feature:
4.2.605 Jun 2019 20:25 minor feature:
4.0.1013 Dec 2018 11:25 minor feature:
4.0.923 Nov 2018 09:45 minor feature:
4.0.416 Oct 2018 07:05 minor feature:
3.6.126 Sep 2018 10:45 minor feature:
3.5.112 Sep 2018 07:05 minor feature:
3.5.008 Sep 2018 06:45 minor feature:
3.0.201 Jul 2018 07:25 minor feature:
3.0.127 Jun 2018 14:45 minor feature:
2.7.521 Oct 2017 16:25 minor feature:
2.7.417 Oct 2017 22:25 minor feature:
2.7.307 Oct 2017 17:05 minor feature:
2.7.203 Oct 2017 06:25 minor feature:
2.6.308 Aug 2017 12:25 minor feature:
2.6.225 Jul 2017 09:45 minor feature:
2.5.113 Jun 2017 09:45 minor feature:
2.5.023 May 2017 04:25 minor feature:
2.4.112 May 2017 19:25 minor feature:
2.4.003 May 2017 16:05 minor feature:
2.3.011 Apr 2017 10:25 minor feature:
2.2.028 Mar 2017 14:45 minor feature:
2.1.122 Mar 2017 22:25 minor feature:
2.1.017 Feb 2017 17:05 minor feature:
2.0.110 Feb 2017 11:45 minor feature:
2.0.024 Dec 2016 19:11 major feature: DNF-2.0 has been released! The next major version release of DNF brings many user experience improvements such as better dependency problem reporting messages, weak dependencies shown in transaction summary, more intuitive help usage invoking and others. Repoquery plugin has been moved into DNF itself. Whole DNF stack release fixes over 60 bugs. DNF-2.0 release is focused on improving yum compatibility i.e. treat yum configuration options the same (`include`, `includepkgs` and `exclude`). Unfortunately this release is not fully compatible with DNF-1. See the list of DNF-1 and DNF-2 incompatible changes. Authors of dnf plugins will need to check compatibility of their plugins with the new DNF argument parser.