Dummy Droid - Register GSF ID for mock-up Android devices 2.2

Dummy Droid is a companion tool for Raccoon. It allows you to create hardware profiles for arbitrary Android devices and upload them into your Google Play account. Mocks can either be generated from the /system/build.prop file of existing hardware or be completely made up from scratch. You (may) need this tool if Google Play won't give you access to an app because of device incompatibilities, country or carrier restrictions. You (may) also need this tool if you are an app developer yourself and want to test compatibility filter settings without actually owning the target device.

Tags android google play
License APL
State initial

Recent Releases

2.208 Jun 2020 17:20 minor bugfix: https://raccoon.onyxbits.de/dummydroid/2-2/
2.131 May 2020 20:26 major bugfix: https://raccoon.onyxbits.de/dummydroid/2-1/
1.121 Apr 2015 23:16 minor feature: http://www.onyxbits.de/tagged/product-name/dummydroid
1.013 Apr 2015 10:40 minor feature: Initial release.