Recent Releases

0.8.814 Feb 2022 07:05 minor feature:
0.8.727 Jul 2021 07:05 minor feature: rendering with Pango 1.47 -. missing desktop settings with GNOME 40 -. missing substitution target family names -. Restore font list positions when switching filters and after drag and drop -. Adds a "rename" entry to collections context menu - Suggested in. Switches to using symbolic icons in sidebar for consistency. Limits Waterfall preview to 48pt to improve application responsiveness with large font collections. Adds a preference to allow setting maximum Waterfall preview point size. Update vendor list. Include latest translation updates.
0.8.610 Apr 2021 13:25 minor feature: GSettings crash with GNOME 40 due to missing "antialias" setting.
0.8.523 Mar 2021 11:05 minor feature: Build failure with Vala version 0.52 This release contains no other notable changes.
0.8.4-105 Feb 2021 12:45 minor feature: Release information in appdata files. Bump rpm release.
0.8.401 Feb 2021 03:45 minor feature: a where most categories fail to load on first run. Move to a more traditional sidebar layout -. Make insensitive controls more consistent across different areas. dbus method signature in file manager extensions. infinite loop triggered by listing contents of collections which contain children. Save / Restore state for Google Fonts preview pane. initial preview text in Font Viewer schema. Add all currently selected fonts to comparison when add button is clicked -. Update translations and some with strings marked for translations -.
0.8.307 Dec 2020 03:17 minor feature: an where if a network connection is not available at startup Google Fonts information will never be updated. Flatpak builds hit this everytime. Regular installations can simply restart to work around this.
0.8.203 Dec 2020 12:05 minor feature: Revert change incompatible with older Vala versions. Include latest translation updates.
0.8.026 Nov 2020 12:45 minor feature: FTBFS with Vala 0.50+ - #134 . Add Google Fonts integration - #54. . Require WebKitGtk and libsoup. . Allow saving compare lists contents. . Add GNOME Shell search provider. . Update Unicode data to 13.0. . Update vendor data.
0.7.921 Sep 2020 17:45 minor feature: build failures with Vala 0.50 . Restore Thunar extension - #94. . Added Dutch translation - thanks to @Vistaus. . Allow users to create custom actions. . Adds install menu item to extensions.
0.7.812 Jul 2020 15:45 minor feature: Various changes related to Flatpak packaging. . incorrect font being added to comparison - #124. . Filter out legacy fonts which are no longer suported by newer Pamgo versions. . Updates / to translations ( #105, #117 ). . Build system improvements.
0.7.721 Dec 2019 11:25 minor feature: File manager crash caused by extensions.
0.7.616 Dec 2019 21:05 minor feature: Add search to character map . Add zoom window to character map on right click. . Add fsType information to license pane. . Add grid view to browse mode. . Add context info / help to preference panes. . Display progress during database updates. . Update unicode data to version 12.0.0. . Update translations. . Drop use of Python for file manager extensions. . 96. build failure / crash with newer versions of Vala . 75. Prefer family and style from name table and properly deal with their encoding . Addresses # 99. Add Import / Export for user data . Addresses # 102. Searches starting with : will filter based on character.
0.7.521 Apr 2019 17:45 minor feature: Require Vala = 0.42 . Switch to Meson build system. . Use GtkBuilder templates as much as possible. . inoperative desktop font preference controls. . Add language filter to default categories. Mar 2019 06:45 minor feature: Fall back to default sample string for fonts which do not support l . . - Add glyph count to Character Map details. . - glyph count display so that it doesn't display negative count. . - Keep Unicode details centered. . - XDG directory variables in man page. - Use Gtk.ListBox in Desktop preference pane for styling purposes. . - Remove unnecessary dependencies. . - Update copyright notice. . -. Jan 2019 08:25 minor feature: Update manual page and application options. . - Meson warning. . - crashes reported on 32 bit systems. Jan 2019 10:25 minor feature: sv.po - gettext extracts icon from.desktop file which should n . . - Remove -F option as there is already a GTK+ option --g-fatal-warnin . . - Prevent hang when font sources are enabled/disabled. . - Bump spec file version.
0.7.402 Jan 2019 03:18 minor feature: Gucharmap is no longer in active development, and while the developers were receptive to changes, our changes are so invasive that they wouldn't make much sense upstream. --with-file-roller flag dropped. Added font substitution preference pane. Added some help documentation. Character map now only displays those codepoints which are present in selected font. For fonts which do not support Latin, use a preview string based on best supported orthography or generate a random preview based on available glyphs. Added custom preview entry to Browse mode. Added custom preview entry to Compare mode. Make headerbar area more consistent with other Gtk+ applications. Added "Copy Location" and "Show in Folder" entries to the font list context menu. Added "Copy to.." and "Compress..." entries to the collection list context menu. Force sidebar content to stay in place rather than slide out of view. Hide non-matching search results. Enable "next-match", "previous-match" and "activate" signals for search. Match search term anywhere in family name. No longer applies to current design. Ensure "C" locale is used when saving double values to configuration files. Aug 2018 03:17 minor feature: Failure to build with newer Vala versions. .
0.7.317 Oct 2016 03:15 minor feature: New release incorporates changes in master and build failures . with vala versions gt;= 0.34. .
0.7.228 Aug 2016 03:15 minor feature: Start migration to Github.
0.7.102 Dec 2014 05:05 minor feature: Follow HIG for keyboard shortcuts. Much needed improvements to font removal dialog. Consolidate controls for user sources into main controls. Deal with minor differences between GTK+ 3.10 and newer versions. Maybe. Split the preview pane into separate components. Move to Gtk.Stack. Update vendor list.