Recent Releases

0.12.012 Jul 2023 09:45 major feature: GluCat has an improved sqrt function. GluCat 0.12.0 has an improved sqrt() function that can deal with some cases. Where the matrix representation of multivector is a singular matrix. Additionally, the absolute and relative error estimation and approximate Equality functions used in test11 have been streamlined and added to Glucat/clifford_algebra.h and glucat/clifford_algebra_imp.h as the functions Error_squared_tol(), error_squared() and approx_equal().
0.8.412 Jul 2020 11:31 major bugfix: PyClical has now been ported to Python 3, and can no longer be used with Python 2. The PyClical classes are unchanged except that the constructors now use Python 3 default Unicode strings rather than Python 2 byte strings. The C++ code is essentially unchanged.
0.8.010 Sep 2015 14:58 minor feature: All deprecated options have been removed from the code, along with the code associated with related defined options. Because this is a backwards-incompatible change, the version number has been bumped to 0.8.0.
0.7.507 Sep 2015 02:34 minor feature: The use of Autotools in configuring, building and installing GluCat and PyClical has been simplified and improved. Deprecated configuation options have been dropped. The default for --with-random is now std. The default for --with-map is now stdunordered.
0.7.425 Dec 2014 02:03 minor feature: GluCat 0.7.4 optionally improves the precision of the sqrt, log and exp functions. It does so by implementing constructors that allow mixed precision, e.g. a matrix_multi can be initialized using a framed_multi, etc. The precision of the sqrt(), log() and exp() functions is controlled by the tuning parameter function_precision.