Recent Releases

4.1021 Oct 2023 16:57 minor bugfix: - updated astyle lib to version 3.4.10
4.918 Oct 2023 13:49 minor bugfix: - updated astyle lib to version 3.4.9 - added support for Elm, Factor and Cpp2 - updated c.lang to include module keywords - fixed Lua nested string deprecation error
4.829 Aug 2023 05:29 minor bugfix: - updated astyle lib to version 3.4.6 - updated yaml definition - omit size property in BBCode output if `--fragment` is set - allow font size unit with `--font-size` for HTML and ODT output - GUI: updated Japanese translation
4.717 Jul 2023 19:36 major bugfix: - updated astyle lib to version 3.4.1 - CLI: fixed member variable initialization
4.623 May 2023 20:18 minor feature: - added `--service-mode` option to run highlight as long running process - added extras/ as an example for the service mode - updated astyle lib to version 3.3 - W32: added `--disable-echo` option - W32: fixed output of ANSI sequences
4.515 Mar 2023 20:00 minor bugfix: - added support for Hare - fixed `--no-trailing-nl` option for LaTeX output - fixed typos in rnc.lang, spn.lang and znn.lang - fixed missing ngerman package for `--replace-quotes` option - fixed quotes highlighting in XML - updated file extension lists - updated astyle lib to version 3.2 beta
4.412 Nov 2022 14:01 minor bugfix: - added support for Zig - added `Legacy` option in lsp.conf to add support for LSP servers without capabilities report - removed apidocs target in makefile - CLI: added `--ls-legacy` option - GUI: added legacy checkbox in the LSP section - GUI W32: fixed issue with non standard filename encodings
4.328 Sep 2022 18:06 minor bugfix: - added support for Carbon - added support for Fortran77 star comments comments - added support for PowerShell block comments - fixed Python formatted string pattern - added new shell completion generation script - W32: fixed Windows compilation headers
4.222 Mar 2022 21:15 minor bugfix: - added support for Critic markup - added support for jam/ham - added support for PureScript - added support for Nix - added ino file mapping / Arduino C - fixed RTF page color attributes - fixed identifier parsing in yaml.lang - fixed symbol parsing in lisp.lang - fixed string parsing in csharp.lang - fixed string parsing in conf.lang - added make target `install-lib-shared` to install shared lib - CLI W32: prevented automatic file pattern expansion - GUI: added Japanese translation - GUI: disabled floating panel (state restore fails)
4.112 May 2021 18:48 minor bugfix: - improved handling of Custom theme attributes - fixed wrong color code in edit-kwrite.theme - added rng file mapping - improved Lisp highlighting - GUI: fixed highlighting options tab title
4.001 Apr 2021 20:04 major feature: - added support for the language server protocol - added new configuration file lsp.conf - renamed std style name to def - renamed str style name to sng - revised color themes - added two more keyword styles for default themes - added user-select default property to HTML line number style - enabled syntax message output with --ls-syntax-error - added Custom theme attribute - added Error and Hover theme properties - enabled syntax error highlighting with --ls-semantic - added delay LSP parameter - added LSP semantic token styles to all themes - removed extras/web_plugins - CLI: added --ls-semantic, --ls-profile, --ls-workspace, --ls-hover, --ls-delay - CLI: deprecated --start-nested, --reformat=user, --reformat-option, --base16, --delim-cr, --plug-in-read - GUI: added LSP configuration tab - GUI: enabled syntax error checkbox - GUI: enabled semantic checkbox and a server capability test
4.0.beta615 Mar 2021 22:08 minor feature: added user-select default property to HTML line number style
4.0.beta522 Feb 2021 18:09 minor bugfix: improved several themes
3.6219 Feb 2021 21:12 minor bugfix: fixed `--list-scripts` output
4.0.beta417 Feb 2021 18:02 major feature: - added two more keyword styles for default themes - added Custom theme attributes for Plain TeX, LaTeX, SVG and Pango - enabled syntax message output with `--ls-syntax-error` - GUI: enabled syntax error checkbox
3.6111 Feb 2021 21:34 minor bugfix: - added --syntax-supported option - fixed indentation of Plain TeX output
4.0.beta209 Feb 2021 21:02 major feature: - improved LSP message handling - added delay LSP parameter - added LSP semantic token styles to base16 themes - CLI: enabled `--ls-semantic` option - GUI: enabled semantic checkbox and a server capability test
4.0.beta130 Jan 2021 12:05 major feature: - added support for the language server protocol - added new configuration file lsp.conf - CLI: added `ls-profile`, `--ls-workspace`,`--ls-hover` - CLI: deprecated `--start-nested`, `--reformat=user`, `--reformat-option`, `--base16`, `--delim-cr`, `--plug-in-read` - GUI: added LSP configuration tab
3.6021 Dec 2020 11:08 minor bugfix: - improved PHP 8 syntax support - added Emacs Org-Mode support - fixed single argument and truecolor output of mark_lines.lua plug-in - added lineno and column parameters to Decorate hook
3.5913 Nov 2020 20:34 minor bugfix: - HTML output: added `white-space: pre-wrap` to pre tag CSS - updated mark_lines.lua plug-in accept a line range as input parameter and output xterm256 terminal sequences - improved Ruby code folding of the outhtml_codefold plug-in - updated astyle lib to rev 672 - added support for reStructured Text - added support for Rego ( - added `outhtml_copy_clipboard.lua` plugin - CLI: adapted default xterm256/truecolor theme to terminal background colour - CLI: adapted ANSI line numbers to terminal background colour - CLI: fixed segfault if the user home directory cannot be determined - GUI: initial font set to Monospace - GUI: replaced highlight.xpm by highlight.png icon
3.5809 Sep 2020 19:10 minor feature: - improved `--force` fallback argument handling - added C++ attribute syntax support - added Lua fuction `StoreValue` to set and retrieve information across Lua states - added `extras/eclipse-themes/` script to retrieve themes from - added support for Web Assembly Text - updated mark_lines.lua to output 16m terminal sequences - fixed issues in bash.lang - fixed Bash heredoc highlighting in bash_functions.lua - CLI: `highlight --version -q` only prints the version number - GUI: added theme contrast indicator
3.5714 May 2020 20:25 minor bugfix: - added support for Haml ( - added support for Wren - added Lua function `OverrideParam` - fixed regression in xterm256 or truecolor output ( - fixed `--list-scripts` with read-only language definitions ( - improved several language definitions - Windows GUI: added dark mode
3.5607 Apr 2020 19:33 minor bugfix: - added support for Sequence Alignment Maps (SAM files) - added empty-file mode to `--no-trailing-nl` - fixed issue with `--syntax-by-name` waiting for stdin - fixed issue with `--syntax` reading matching files in the current working directory - fixed string parsing in lisp.lang - fixed output of UTF-8 text in xterm256 or truecolor output - fixed regex in js.lang - fixed calculation of testcase markers with UTF-8 input - allowed number literals with underscores in Java, Scala, D, Julia, C#, Perl and Ada definitions - added Nord theme
3.5529 Jan 2020 18:51 minor bugfix: - improved handling of empty files in xterm256 and truecolor output - added EncodingHint attributes to filetypes.conf and language definitions - CLI: allowed file paths as --theme and --syntax argument - GUI: removed deprecated QTime API call
3.5411 Nov 2019 18:17 minor bugfix: - fixed default colour output in BBCode ( - fixed corner case in sh.lang - fixed syntax tests with UTF-8 input ( - added support for Bash in outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in - added ballerina.lang - added block strings to java.lang - added author hints in themes and language definitions - added C++20 reserved words in c.lang - added editorconfig file and validated all files accordingly (thanks to Tristano Ajmone) - CLI: fixed `--list-scripts` with `-d` or HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR env variable ( - GUI W32: replaced multibyte path trace window by startup hint if NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation is set - GUI: removed AsciiDoc instruction lines from the README popup window
3.5302 Aug 2019 19:50 minor bugfix: - fixed out-of-range exception with repeated `AddKeyword` calls - added `KeywordFormatHints`, `Priority` and `Constraints` elements to syntax definitions - added Lua function `AddPersistentState` - added Fish syntax definition - makefile: added _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 flag - CLI: added optional fallback syntax to `--force` - CLI: added option `--max-size` - GUI: added multibyte path trace window - GUI: fixed superfluous creation of the same stylesheet file
3.5228 May 2019 19:56 minor bugfix: - added negation ` ` to test state indicators ( - added support for Hugo ( - added 5 duotone themes ( - CLI: fixed segfault with `--force` ( - GUI: limited font selection to monospace fonts (
3.5117 May 2019 19:30 minor bugfix: - SVG output: added `white-space: pre` in styles - HTML output: replaced apos; by #39; - HTML output: fixed index file format (missing close tags) - CLI: moved syntax recognition functions to DataDir class - CLI: added regular expressions and default false values to --verbose output - CLI: fixed `--list-cat` without `--list-scripts` - CLI: added optional argument to `--base16` - CLI: added default base16 themes - CLI: added `--isolate` option - GUI: improved UTF16 input path handling on Windows
3.5029 Mar 2019 21:30 minor bugfix: - added lineno, column parameters to OnStateChange hook - added support for Crystal - added support for Slim - compress man docs during installation - fixed several typos in documentaion and manpages - CLI: added `--syntax-by-name` option - CLI: removed deprecated `--list-langs` and`--list-themes` options - GUI: added terminal sequence output options
3.4907 Feb 2019 21:19 minor bugfix: - fixed more problems with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states - added support for Meson, Solidity, TOML and Terraform - improved Perl and Yaml highlighting - added Categories field to all config files - CLI: added category info in --list-scripts output - CLI: added --list-cat option - GUI: added theme category selection - GUI: display categories of selected syntax or theme
3.4814 Dec 2018 10:36 minor bugfix: - fixed --list-scripts abortion with Fedora default compilation options - fixed a problem with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states after comments - improved Verilog syntax - improved quoted string highlighting for Perl and Ruby - detection of pkg-config's Lua version in src/makefile
3.4713 Oct 2018 20:08 major bugfix: - fixed xterm256 and truecolor whitespace output #2 - fixed LaTeX, TeX, SVG and ODT whitespace output (regression of 3.45) - added darkplus theme - converted ChangeLog to AsciiDoc - allowed state test indicators to match both whitespace (ws) and the enclosing state (others) - CLI: default output changed to xterm256 or truecolor if run in a terminal with color support and only a single file is outputted - GUI: added checkbox in the clipboard tab to output selected lines only
3.4607 Oct 2018 09:45 minor bugfix: -fixed whitespace output in xterm256 and truecolor output -converted manuals to AsciiDoc
3.4503 Oct 2018 08:34 major feature: -added DocumentHeader and DocumentFooter plug-in hooks -added RemoveKeyword Lua function for syntax definitions -added syntax test indicators (see README_TESTCASES) -added support for ISO and R10 variants of Modula2 -fixed R identifiers -fixed ALAN IF identifiers -fixed issue with Bash string interpolation -fixed some bugs found by coverity tool -added Swift keywords and types -added filetypes.conf.5 man page -added Gradle extension mapping
3.4420 Jul 2018 19:20 major feature: -fixed gcc 8 compilation warnings -fixed Ruby string interpolation -added support for ALAN IF -added 107 Base16 themes -updated Rust and Java reserved words lists -revised documentation -moved extras/css-themes into extras/themes-resources -added extras/themes-resources/base16 -GUI: added Base16 theme selection checkbox -CLI: added --base16 option to enable the new themes -CLI: accept - as argument to read from stdin
3.4330 Apr 2018 14:19 minor bugfix: -updated astyle code to release 3.1 (Rev. 655) -added webkit reformatting style -improved several language definitions -fixed Matlab string recognition -fixed Autohotkey escape sequence recognition -added excel.lang -CLI: added --reformat-option -CLI: added --line-range -GUI: added Bulgarian translation
3.4223 Jan 2018 19:56 minor bugfix: -fixed HL_OUTPUT in Lua state for HL_FORMAT_XHTML and HL_FORMAT_TRUECOLOR values -fixed lib-shared make target -updated astyle code to release 3.1.0 beta -added Polygen and EBNF2 syntax definitions -added pywal terminal colouring template in extras/pywal -added reformatting style ratliff (replaces banner) -added extras/langDefs-resources/cleanslate.lang -improved Perl6 compatibility -improved PHP string interpolation -improved Haskell definition -CLI: added --canvas option to define background color padding in ANSI output -GUI: added French translation -GUI: added Scripts tab -GUI: minor bugfixes
3.4128 Nov 2017 18:40 minor feature: -renamed examples directory to extras -line anchors (-a) are attached as id attribute to the first span or li tag in HTML output -renamed ID prefix in outhtml_codefold plug-in to be compatible with -a IDs -added fstab.lang and added anacrontab in filetypes.conf -removed references to OutputType::HTML32 -added extras/css-themes and extras/langDefs-resources -CLI: removed deprecated indicator of --data-dir option -CLI: added --no-version-info option -GUI: fixed initial theme selection -GUI: added "Omit version info comment" option -GUI: added "Copy with MIME type" option for HTML output
3.4024 Oct 2017 18:22 minor feature: -fixed Ruby string parsing -fixed segfault on sparc64 -fixed PureBasic definition -added CMake definition -added email definition -linked scm suffix to lisp definition -W32 CLI: support HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR and --data-dir options -revised documentation
3.3926 Jul 2017 19:57 minor feature: -added syntax for Docker and Elixir -improved HTML, Julia, Kotlin and Smalltalk syntax definitions -GUI: added "Paste, Convert and Copy" button
3.3821 Jun 2017 12:57 minor feature: -fixed Bash variable highlighting issue -updated astyle code to release 3.0.1 -added bash_ref_man7_org.lua plugin
3.3730 May 2017 19:53 minor feature: -fixed Perl string highlighting issue -fixed highlighting if a line continues after the nested code delimiter -updated astyle code to release 3.0 -added examples/pandoc -added syntax mapping for markdown -added syntax mapping for clj -improved Java definition -added theme to JSON converter in examples/json -CLI: added support for environment variable HIGHLIGHT_OPTIONS
3.3604 Apr 2017 19:27 minor feature: -fixed code folding plugin to support more Ruby conditional modifiers -fixed Perl quoted string highlighting -added new GeneratorOverride syntax definition parameter -added Filenames parameter in filetypes.conf to assign input filenames to syntax types -added FASM definition and edit-fasm theme -added outhtml_ie7_webctrl plug-in -GUI: file extensions can be configured for multiple languages, triggers syntax selection prompt -GUI: added Italian translation
3.3528 Feb 2017 18:56 minor feature: -fixed code folding plugin to support Ruby conditional modifiers -fixed JSON definition -fixed output of unknown syntax warning with applied force switch -added state trace parameter to Decorate plug-in function -added GDScript definition and edit-godot theme -updated SWIG code samples -updated Artistic Style lib (SVN Rev. 553) -revised docs -CLI: fixed creation of hidden files if output filename is prepended by its input path -CLI: added switch --stdout
3.3431 Dec 2016 13:33 minor feature: -fixed segfault with --skip applied on a single file input list -added support for Python 3.6 syntax -added Github and Sourceforge themes
3.3302 Nov 2016 19:44 minor feature: -fixed highlighting of nested section delimiters -fixed PHP definition -fixed font family declaration in SVG -fixed user defined encoding in ODT -fixed unnecessary output of style file with --inline-css -added vimscript language definition -added Coffeescript language definition -added PureBasic definition and theme -added JSX language definition -added PO translation definition -added plug-in outhtml_add_figure.lua -updated js definition -updated Artistic Style lib -improved various color themes and syntax definitions
3.3226 Sep 2016 18:38 minor feature: -added support for true color escape codes (--out-format truecolor) -fixed xterm256 output for paging with less -fixed operator regex in rnc.lang, crk.lang and yaml.lang -added Pony and Whiley definitions -updated Ceylon, Julia and TypeScript definitions
3.3101 Aug 2016 08:26 minor feature: -revised documentation -GUI: minor layout issues were fixed
3.3001 Jul 2016 15:58 minor feature: -the data directory can be defined with the HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR environment variable -fixed RTF output of UTF-8 input -fixed XML comment recognition -data search directories were appended to the result of --list-scripts -revised older syntax definitions -updated base URLs of bash_ref_linuxmanpages and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins -GUI: added system copy and paste shortcuts for clipboard functions
3.2923 May 2016 15:47 minor feature: -added Ansible Yaml and Chapel definitions -fixed gcc 6 warnings about deprecated auto_ptr usage -GUI: fixed style file output if "write to source directory" option is checked
3.2816 Feb 2016 17:53 minor feature: -added support of Pascal, Lua, Ruby and C# regions in outhtml_codefold.lua -improved outhtml_codefold.lua to handle embedded languages -added string delimiters in the Ruby definition -added new AssertEqualLength flag in string section of language definitions -improved heredoc parsing -fixed Lua multiline string recognition -improved SVG whitespace output -added Nim and mIRC Scripting definitions
3.2721 Jan 2016 21:12 minor feature: -improved outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in to ignore brackets on the same line -added RTF output to mark_lines.lua plug-in -fixed Powershell and NSIS definitions -added JSON and Github Markdown definitions -CLI: added --keep-injections option to force plugin injection output with -f -GUI: added keep injections checkbox -GUI: fixed crash after removing selected plugins
3.2614 Jan 2016 20:30 minor feature: -added HL_REJECT state to be used in a OnStateChange function -added DecorateLineBegin and DecorateLineEnd hooks -added mark_lines.lua, outhtml_codefold.lua, comment_links.lua plug-ins -fixed font face in ODT output -fixed Operators parameter in frink.lang and oorexx.lang -fixed regular expression parsing within strings for JS, Perl and Ruby -CLI: added --page-color option to include a page color in RTF output -GUI: added RTF page color option
3.2521 Dec 2015 20:23 minor feature: -added new SVG definition to support embedded scripting -improved js.lang, css.lang, scss.lang, less.lang, tsql.lang -modified HTML ordered list output to work better with new plug-ins -renamed plug-in variable HL_INPUT_FILE to HL_PLUGIN_PARAM -CLI: renamed --plug-in-read option to --plug-in-param -GUI: updated plug-in parameter label and tool-tips -GUI: fixed minor issues
3.2403 Nov 2015 10:18 minor feature: -fixed TeX output for cweb documents -fixed string interpolation in bat.lang -added several HTML output plug-ins -added TCL extension in examples/tcl -added support for Kotlin, Nginx and Julia -updated php.lang to include version 7 keywords -updated ceylon.lang to include version 1.2 keywords -updated scripts in examples directory -CLI: style-infile option marked as deprecated -GUI: shortened paths in file input lists
3.2305 Aug 2015 08:12 minor feature: -added support fur Rust and generic config files -added some extensions in filetypes.conf -fixed Matlab definition and style -CLI: fixed --list-scripts with unknown argument
3.2223 Feb 2015 18:45 minor feature: -updated astyle code to release 2.05.1 -fixed shebang recognition -GUI: added option to define line numbering start
3.2102 Feb 2015 19:11 minor feature: Added support for LESS, SASS and Stylus CSS processors. Added support for Lua 5.3, removed LUA52 makefile option. Fixed Haskell, Perl, RNC and js.lang.
3.2002 Dec 2014 20:15 minor feature: Updated Artistic Style lib. Added VTK code formatting style.
3.1917 Sep 2014 18:11 minor feature: Added bold, italic and underline attributes to xterm256 ANSI output Fixed assembler mapping in filetypes.conf Added Swift definition Improved ASP, F#, OCaml and Lisp syntax definitions Added interpolation patterns to several definitions Updated base URLs in cpp_ref_gtk_gnome and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins CLI: added Pango markup output option
3.1811 Aug 2014 18:42 minor feature: Filenames without extension (ie. makefile) can be mapped in filetypes.conf. A new GDB language definition was added.