Recent Releases

2.007 Aug 2021 19:36 major feature: Highlights in the 2.0 release are: * addition of a sequential Gauss-Newton optimizer * improved relative scheduling of step handlers and events handlers in ODE * addition of a finish callback in step handlers * replacement of RealFieldElement by CalculusFieldElement interface * many improvements in Complex to fully implement CalculusFieldElement with correct branch cuts * addition of FieldComplex * addition of complex and field complex univariate integrals (including contour integrals) * addition of field versions of univariate integrators * implementation of elliptic functions and integrals (for real, complex and general fields) * faster simultaneous computation of sinh/cosh * addition of the Ryū algorithm to generate very fast the shortest decimal representation of a floating point number that maintains round-trip safety.
1.419 Nov 2018 16:47 major feature: Hipparchus is a library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components addressing the most common problems not available in the Java programming language. Highlights in the 1.4 release are 1) bilinear interpolation for 2D grids, 2) field version of sinCos, 3) support for complex ordinary differential equations (both primary and secondary equations), 4) accessors for state transition matrix, Jacobian matrix H, innovation covariance matrix and Kalman gain in Kalman filters, 5) way to build three-dimensional field arrays, 6) several fixes in the Euclidean 3D and spherical 2D partitioning.
1.301 Jun 2018 15:48 major feature: Highlights in the 1.3 release are 1) complex eigen decomposition, 2) solver for continuous time algebraic Riccati equation, 3) a complete Kalman module featuring both a filter for linear processes and a filter for non-linear processes, 4) capability for secondary equations to update the derivatives of the primary equation in ODE and 5) matrix decomposer to configure decomposition threshold independently of the matrix.
1.225 Oct 2017 20:46 major feature: Highlights in the 1.2 release are: - new RealFieldElement implementations computing a tuple - method to compute the orientation of a triplet of points in 2D - bracketing helper methods in UnivariateSolverUtils for RealFieldUnivariateFunction - getBRep method to PolyhedronsSet to extract a Boundary REPresentation in regular cases
1.120 Mar 2017 09:48 major feature: Highlights in the 1.1 release are: * Changes in statistics module improving their use in streams * Implementation of RANDOM algorithm for streaming percentile computation * Support for sampling from enumerated distributions in RandomDataGenerator * Field-based derivative structures * Field-based QR decomposition * Factory to simplify building DerivativeStructure instances
1.029 Jun 2016 09:38 major feature: Initial public release