Recent Releases

2.5.021 Sep 2014 22:36 major bugfix: Fixed XSS exploits. * New: Simplified Control Panel layout * Guides: Created new install guide under /guides/ * Guides: Created new upgrade guide under /guides/ * Bug: Fixed an issue where the custom order field wasn't getting set, causing a database error * Bug: Fixed an issue with the default timezone not being set * Bug: Fixed several notices in the installer * Upgrades: Upgraded jQuery from 1.3.2 to 1.11.1 * Upgrades: Upgraded TinyMCE from 3.0.1 to 3.5.11 * Maintenance: Manage Content no longer uses AJAX pagination * Maintenance: Moved jQuery and TinyMCE to a new assets folder * Maintenance: Added support for a /private/ folder for storing files outside of Git but within your project * Maintenance: Cleaned up old version upgrade code. Upgrades prior to 2.4.4 are no longer supported. * Maintenance: Updated .gitignore * Maintenance: Tidied up the installer * Deletions: Removed unreleased interface changes (images and CSS) * Deletions: Removed CodePress (doesn't work in Chrome, and I prefer plaintext) * Deletions: Removed MagpieRSS (no feed to import anymore - check Github for news) * Deletions: Removed Tablesorter plugin (doesn't work with latest jQuery)