JackTrip 2.3.0

JackTrip is a Linux, macOS, or Windows multi-machine audio system used for network music performance over the Internet. It supports any number of channels (as many as the computer/network can handle) of bidirectional, high quality, uncompressed audio signal streaming. You can use it between any combination of machines e.g., one end using Linux can connect to another using macOS. Virtual Studio With JackTrip Virtual Studio, you may sing with your chorus, or jam with your band, online without leaving home. With built-in support for live broadcasting, you can share your sessions on JackTrip Radio. Additionally, Virtual Studio allows you to enhance your performances and bring your music to life utilizing Soundscapes digital signal processing. Musicians have creative control with dozens of audio effects with various reverbs, compression, attack and more, in real-time.

Tags audio music streaming server cpp qml
License Mixed
State stable

Recent Releases

2.3.016 May 2024 03:25 major bugfix: Date: 2024-05-15 Description: - (added) Static Qt 5.15.13 nogui (CLI) builds for all platforms. - (added) VS Mode learn more buttons and warning links. - (updated) Significant PLC performance and quality improvements. - (updated) Reduced amount of latency added for PLC strategy. - (updated) Merged PLC buffer strategies (3 is now identical to 4). - (updated) Automatically start PLC worker for slower predictions. - (updated) Builds now use Qt 6.2.8 for OSX and 5.15.13 for Linux. - (updated) Linux containers now use static builds with Qt 6.5.3. - (updated) VS Mode help links go to support.jacktrip.com. - (updated) VS Mode manage button goes to new studio dashboard. - PLC degradation when peer != local buffer sizes. - Port binding on machines that don't support IPv6. - Command line interface delogging improvements. - VS Mode truncation of invite copied tooltip message.
2.2.529 Mar 2024 12:25 minor bugfix: Date: 2024-03-28 Description: - (fixed) VS Mode only admins could join new sessions starting up - (fixed) VS Mode only ask for feedback if you've joined a session - (updated) VS Mode updates to support self hosted virtual studios
2.2.413 Mar 2024 03:15 minor bugfix: Date: 2024-03-13 Description: - Allow software opengl for older windows video drivers. - VS Mode avoid unnecessary JACK library checks at startup.
2.2.305 Mar 2024 06:45 minor bugfix: Date: 2024-03-04 Description: - (added) New container images for JackTrip hub server. - Support for audio interfaces on OSX with multiple channels. - Hub server crashes when trying to rebind ports. - VS Mode blacklisted Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. - VS Mode inconsistent initial connection state.
2.2.210 Feb 2024 02:21 minor bugfix: - (updated) VS Mode updated network connection thresholds - (updated) VS Mode improved sample rate flexibility for Windows - (fixed) VS Mode inconsistent deep link handling on Windows - (fixed) Throttle console errors for UDP waiting too long
2.2.130 Jan 2024 03:15 minor bugfix: Date: 2024-01-29 Description: - Sample rate with certain Windows ASIO drivers.
2.2.023 Jan 2024 03:15 major bugfix: Date: 2024-01-22 Description: - (updated) Improved support for different input and output devices. - (updated) Various latency improvements for packet loss concealment. - (updated) VS Mode make it easier to dismiss the user feedback dialog. - (updated) VS Mode error message for disconnected audio interfaces. - VS Mode broken deeplinks when studio doesn't match filters. - VS Mode refused to connect to studios not 48khz. - VS Mode showed wrong devices selected when connected.
2.1.019 Jan 2024 14:25 major bugfix: Date: 2023-11-06 Description: - (added) VS Mode ability to create studios without a web browser - (added) VS Mode improved network stability notifications - (added) VS Mode dialog when QML plugins are missing - (updated) VS Mode video improvements on Windows - (updated) Packet loss concealment latency and quality improvements - (fixed) Packet loss concealment glitches when buffer sizes don't match - (fixed) VS Mode ensure that the app is disconnected at startup - (fixed) Invalid escape sequence in Linux desktop file - (fixed) VS Mode unable to change update channel