Lily Programming Language 0.12

Lily is a strictly-typed programming language aimed at being a PHP substitute and robust website templating backend. It took syntactic inspiration from Ruby, Python, Scala and Rust. Lily provides static types and inference, prevents undefined values, has enums and variants, parameteric polymorphism and class constructs, lambda functions, a thorough variable inspection function, tuples and lists. It provides a small collection of HTML-specific string functions, but no regex or database bindings yet.

Tags c php runtime programming-language templating strictly-typed
License MITL
State development

Recent Releases

0.1201 Jan 2015 14:05 major feature: Added a tuple class. New collection of exception classes. Every variable has to be initialized now to prevent undefined states. Added parametric polymorphism (generics), inspired by Scala. New enum classes. And user-defined classes with properties have been implemented. Lambdas are also a recent addition.