MndpTray 2.2.0

MndpTray is a Windows utility that allows you to monitor and manage MikroTik devices on your network from the system tray. The information is broadcast using the MikroTik Discovery Protocol (MNDP), which allows MikroTik RouterOS devices to discover other MikroTik RouterOS devices on the same network segment. This makes it possible for Mndptray to provide information about the host to other MikroTik RouterOS devices and for other MikroTik RouterOS devices to retrieve this information and display it in their own management interfaces By providing this information, Mndptray makes it easier for network administrators to monitor and manage their MikroTik RouterOS devices, as they can quickly see the status of all the devices on their network without having to log in to each device individually. MNDP similar to CDP and LLDP, but Mikrotik specific, typically includes the following information: MikroTik RouterOS Version,IP Address, Interface, Board Name, Identity, Software ID, MAC Address, Uptime More Functions: - Includes integration with external tools like WINBOX, SSH, VNC, RDP, HTTP, PING - Send message over windows message service (Remote RPC) - IPv4 & IPv6 support - Self update from GitHub - Blocking winbox discovery function when running

Tags mikrotik routeros mndp mikrotik-router discovery network-discovery udp network windows linux broadcast dotnet net-framework cpd lldp
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.2.002 Apr 2024 13:05 minor feature: Update version to .Net 8.0
2.1.006 Sep 2023 17:17 minor feature: Add build pipeline Refactor code style Winget support Event for new device discovery New example test Update: Standard dll, Version field as Username
2.0.018 May 2023 18:42 minor feature: Multi targeting lib .net 4.6.2 .net standard 2.0 Drop ServiceProject Update Tray project to .net 6.0
1.8.019 Aug 2019 08:02 minor feature: