Neptune 8.1

Neptune is a KDE Plasma and Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for desktop and multimedia usage. It includes a more recent kernel and drivers, custom packages while relying on Debian for remaining updates, Chrome as default web browser, for media Amarok, Gwenview, VLC and KDEnlive, for security Truecrypt and Wireshark.

Tags linux distribution kde debian
License Mixed
State stable

Recent Releases

8.128 Mar 2024 18:45 minor feature: nbsp;.. Updated Debian 12.5 base. Upgraded to Linux Kernel 6.1.76. Chromium 122.0.6261. Thunderbird 115.9. LibreOffice 7.4.7. VLC 3.0.20. Cups 2.4.2. FFMPEG 5.1.4. Pipewire 0.3.65. Systemd 252.22. Plasma Wayland installed by default.
8.024 Jul 2023 06:45 minor feature: nbsp;.. New Debian 12 base. Upgraded to Linux Kernel 6.1. Chromium 115. Thunderbird 102. KDE Plasma 5.27.5. KDE Apps 22.12. LibreOffice VLC 3.0.18.
7.515 Aug 2022 03:45 minor feature: nbsp;.. Added Timeshift App for full system backups you can rollback. Added vim-airline theme for better vim. neptune-sysctl-config with better settings for faster write speeds on USB thumb drives amp; slightly better system performance. New Kernel 5.18.2 (Debian Backports Upstream). Debian 11.4 Base. Persistent creator 2.0 (CLI Only amp; Beta -- only creates a persistence partition on USB thumb drives). Chromium 104. Thunderbird 91.12. VLC 3.0.17.
7.024 Dec 2021 03:16 minor feature: nbsp;.. New Neptune 7 Look and Feel (based on Breeze with Tela Icon Theme). Updated Encode, Recffmpeg, KNetworkMounter for new Qt amp; Python. Switched from ZRAM to ZSWAP as it works better with Hibernation. New Kernel 5.10 (Debian Upstream). New Hacker Font for Terminal. New Terminal default prompt (based upon powerline theme). removed snapshot manager amp; persistent creator. Updated Debian Base to 11.2 ("Bullseye"). Chromium 90. Thunderbird 78.14. LibreOffice 7.0.4. Amarok updated to current git version that supports Qt5 / KF5. VLC 3.0.16.
6.508 Jul 2020 21:25 minor feature: nbsp;.. Added support for booting nbsp; on UEFI Secureboot machines. Linux Kernel 5.6.14. Systemd 245.6. LibreOffice 6.4.5. Thunderbird 68.10.0. VLC 3.0.11. Inkscape 1.0. Pulseaudio 13.0. ffmpeg 4.1.4. inxi 3.1.04. Chromium 83. Debian Buster Backports repository activated by default. KWin set longDuration to 50 for better Plasma 5 speed. KWin Allow 120 fps. Remove k3b solid actions as they are part of k3b-data upstream packages. remaster-kit create also sha256sum for ISO. artwork-look-and-feel-neptune update to current development version for the default Neptune 7 theme. Update forum and report urls in neptune-base. firmware-atheros all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-bnx2 all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-bnx2x all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-brcm80211 all 20190717-2 bpo10. firmware-cavium all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-intel-sound all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-intelwimax all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-iwlwifi all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-libertas all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-myricom all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-netxen all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-qlogic all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-realtek all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-samsung all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-siano all 20190717-2 bpo10+1. firmware-ti-connectivity all 20190717-2 bpo10+1.
6.016 Jan 2020 03:05 minor feature: nbsp;.. Linux Kernel 4.19.37. Systemd 241. Network-Manager 1.14.6. Plasma 5.14.5. LibreOffice Thunderbird 60.8. Amarok Git KF5 base. VLC 3.0.7. Audacity 2.2.2. Gimp 2.10. Kdenlive 18.08.2. Chromium 76. Debian base Buster.
5.606 Nov 2018 06:25 minor feature: nbsp;.. Linux Kernel 4.18.6. Systemd 239. Network-Manager 1.14.4. Plasma 5.12.7. LibreOffice 6.1.3. Spellchecking should work now by default in Plasma (sonnet-plugins was missing from default install). Kdenlive 18.08.2. Gwenview 18.08.2. Okular 18.08.2. Dolphin 18.08.2. Juk 18.08.2. Ark 18.08.2. Marble 18.08.2. audiocd-kio 18.08.2. ffmpegthumbs 18.08.2. kio-extras 18.08.1. Chromium 70. Thunderbird 60.2. Updated Plasma Addons to include a link to the spellchecking kcm from krunner plugin. Updated Plasma Workspace to include configure button for webshortcuts krunner plugin. Updated kio-extras to include for sftp hanging in certain situations. Wifi Firmware updates. X-Server Security Update (CVE-2018-14665). Mesa 18.1.9. X-Server 1.19.6 (lot of and speed improvements). Intel DDX driver 2.99.917+git20180925. ATI/AMD DDX driver 18.1. Calamares not setting correct localization. Calamares not setting correct plymouth bootsplash.
5.529 Aug 2018 03:15 minor feature: nbsp;.. KDE Plasma updated to version 5.12.6. KDE Applications updated to version 18.08 (except KDE-Pim which is still 17.08.3). Some backports from KDE Frameworks 5.49. LibreOffice updated to version 6.1.0. Chromium updated to version 68. FFMpeg 3.2.12 security update. Linux Kernel 4.17.8. Mesa 18.1.6. Nouveau DDX 1.0.15. ATI/Radeon DDX 18.0.1. AMDGPU DDX 18.0.1. Firmware updates. Intel Microcode Security Update (CVE-2018-3639, CVE-2018-3640).
5.422 Jul 2018 07:45 minor feature: nbsp;.. mtp opening for many android devices. Update Kernel to 4.16.16. Added remove all notification history to notification widget. Tweaked default vm.swappiness in neptunes systctl config for even later swapping out and more responsive desktop. Added artwork-lookandfeel-neptune-dark. Added new Faenza-Dark icon theme for dark background themes like neptune dark. Added Blackbird gtk theme (for use with neptune dark). Plasma Discover update for better overall progressbar when only installing one package. Plasma Discover update to support multiple archives for Plasma Extensions. Neptune ZRAM config not working for only single core CPUs. ksysguard leaking pipe fds in md raid code. Updated E22 to 0.22.3 (in repo). Updated terminology to 1.2.1 (in repo). Updated Thunderbird to 52.9. Updated Chromium to 67 and html5 audio amp; video playing. Updated LibreOffice to 6.0.6. Updated KDE Frameworks 5 to 5.48. Updated KDE Applications to 18.04.3. Updated KWin to 5.12.5 (real version compiled against Qt 5.7.1 instead of just relabled 5.11.5). Updated FFmpeg 3.2.11 security update. Included v86d by default on ISO (used for uvesafb). Included mdadm by default on ISO (support for software raid mdraid ). Updated Excalibur menu to 2.7. Updated Debians Stable base to 2018-07-21.
5.310 Jun 2018 19:45 minor feature: nbsp;.. Don't force set UXA for Intel GPUs. VLC 3.0.2. Updated KF5 to 5.46 (backported for 5.46 as newer KF5 versions aren't Qt 5.7 compatible anymore). Thunderbird 52.8. LibreOffice 6.0.5. Added plasma-browser-integration (needs separate extension for chromium / firefox). Neptune ZRAM Config now uses amount_of_cpu / 2 for zram devices to deal better with OOM situations. crash on some machines with Plasma Discover. Updated Calamares to 3.2.0 Git 20180605. KDE Applications 18.04.2. Added Firefox to repository (standalone version which updates itself outside the repo). Updated Debian Stable base to state from 2018-06-09.
5.211 May 2018 06:05 minor feature: nbsp;.. Updated Kernel to 4.16. Updated Plasma to 5.12.5. Updated KDE Applications to 18.04. Updated KDE Frameworks to 5.45. Updated Melt to 6.6. Added libktorrent 2.1 (enables torrent support in KGet). Updated Flatpak 0.11.3. Updated QtCurve to freeze when submenu opened in kfiledialog (grabbing all mouse and keyboard input without doing anything actually). Chromium 66. Libreoffice 6.0.4. Mesa 17.3.9. LibDRM 2.4.91. Enabled bfq i/o scheduler by default. ElementaryNeptune QtCurve theme now uses Glow effect for default buttons instead of corner. Disabled iscsid for faster live boot. Updated virtualbox-guest to support kernel 4.16. Added support for newer Intel GPU firmware (firmware-intel-gpus package). Updated Debian Stable base to state from 2018-05-09.
5.111 Apr 2018 06:25 minor feature: nbsp;.. neptune-faenza-icons-minimal. Add krita icon Add sublime-text icon. Add bootloader / grub-customizer icon. Add high resolution calibre icon. Add mpd / cantata icon. Add mpv icon. Add obs studio icon. Use gparted icon for partitionmanager. Add deja-dup icon. Edit backintime to use backintime/dejadup icon. Add darktable icon. Add telegram icon. Add signal icon. Update vlc icon. Add latte-dock icon. pavucontrol icon. Use krita icon for calligrakrita. calamares-neptune. Try installing more localization support. nbsp; nbsp;- hyphenation. nbsp; nbsp;- spellchecking. nbsp; nbsp;- thesaurus. e16. allow installing enlightenment in parallel. added enlightenment (e22) package (version 0.22.1). plasma-discover. Add patches. discover-kns--logic-for-adding-screenshots.patch. discover-simplify-kns-transaction.patch. discover-add-qt-xml.patch. discover-no-need-to-pass-extra-args.patch. discover-have-backends-provide-update-size.patch. improve-refresh-behavior.patch. discover-pull-to-refresh-app-list.patch. discover-refresh-discoverpage-on-f5.patch. put-refresh-action-in-updates-page.patch. better-set-values-when-view-is-not-refreshing.patch. updating-updates-page.patch. _updateAction_qt571.patch. _stuff.patch. more-cleanup.patch. remove_unused__message_actions_model.patch. add_refresh_button.patch. update_german_translation.patch. remove-unused-refresh-toolbutton.patch. search_on_enter_only.patch. knetworkmounter. unmount not working. window height. KDE Frameworks 5.44. Thunderbird 52.7. KDE Connect 1.3.0. Samba 4.5.12. Removed non working snapshot-manager. Updated Debian Stable base to state from 2018-04-10.
5.011 Mar 2018 03:16 minor feature: Updated Debian Base 9.0 Stretch (+ Stretch Backports enabled by default). Linux Kernel 4.14.13. Plasma 5.12.3. KDE Frameworks 5.43. KDE Applications 17.12.3. VLC 2.2.7. Chromium 64. Thunderbird 52.6. Replaced Apper with Plasma Discover. Replaced GParted with KDE Partitionmanager. LibreOffice 6.0.2. Mesa 13.0.6. Replaced Veracrypt with zuluCrypt. Added Plasma-Vault. Replaced Neptune Installer with Calamares 3.2.0. Added grub-customizer. Added Inkscape 0.9.2. Audacity 2.1.2. Gimp 2.8.18. Amarok 2.9.0. Removed Zevenoshardwaremanager. Removed from neptune-scripts. Updated neptune-sysctl-config to include amp; scripts. Added several Look amp; Feel Designs (United, Cupertine, Netrunner Blue-X, Netrunner Black-X, Neptune Classic, Neptune). Network-Manager 1.6.2. OpenJDK-8. Pulseaudio 10. Added quickusbformatter. Added isoimagewriter. FFmpeg 3.2.10. GCC 6.3.0. Python 3.5.3. Yakuake 3.0.2
4.5.407 Apr 2017 14:45 minor feature: Updated LTS Kernel 3.18.48. VLC 2.2.4. Chromium 57. Apper 0.9.2. Updated flashplayer. ffmpeg 0.8.20. Icedove 45.6. LibreOffice 4.3.3. Updated nbsp;Mesa 13.0.4. Updated libmtp 1.1.12 (Added support for Jolla C). Updated nbsp;phonon 4.9.0. Updated nbsp;phonon-backend-vlc 0.9.0. MySQL 5.5.54. OpenJDK 7u121. xserver-xorg-video-radeon 7.8.0. virtualbox-guest 5.1.4. f2fs-tools 1.7.0 (Added support for fsck and several ). udisks add support for f2fs. btrfs-progs 4.9.1 (many and improvements in terms of stability and lowmemory handling). New default repositories now using HTTPS. Encode FullHD resolution. Security for eject
4.5.302 Jan 2017 08:25 minor feature: Updated LTS Kernel 3.18.45. APT 1.0.9. Appstream 0.10. Apper 0.9.1. Updated flashplayer. Chromium 55. Icedove 45.5. Updated nbsp;Mesa 13.0.2. Updated libmtp 1.1.12. Updated printer-driver-escpr nbsp;1.4.1. Updated upower 0.99. Updated nbsp;xserver-xorg-video-nouveau 1.0.13
4.5.203 Sep 2016 03:15 minor feature: Updated LTS Kernel 3.18.40. Pulseaudio by default (with custom configuration). Updated flashplayer. Chromium 52. Icedove 45. Updated xserver-xorg-video- intel,radeon,nouveau drivers. Updated firmware files. New default grub2 theme. Hedgewars 0.9.22. Updated kdelibs 4.14.22. Updated neptune-sysctl-config. Updated skanlite 1.0. Updated VirtualBox 4.3.36
4.529 Jan 2016 05:45 minor feature: Upgraded to Kernel 3.18.25 (with security vulnerability Patch for nbsp;CVE-2016-0728). Upgraded to libc6 2.19. xserver-xorg-core (activated glamor xv support. Mesa 10.5.9. Networkmanager 1.0.6. Systemd 227. Truecrypt replaced with Veracrypt. Python 2.7.9. Alsa 1.0.27. Packagekit downgraded to 0.7.6. Apper downgraded to 0.7.2. Intel 2.99.917. Plymouth 0.9. quickusbformatter. disk-manager. Icedove 38.5. Iceowl 38.5. libav (Buffer overflow on streams). Chromium 46. kipi-plugins 4.0. Digikam 4.0 (in repo). Phonon 4.8.3. Phonon Backend VLC 0.8.2. Phonon Backend Gstreamer 4.8.2 (in repo). KDEPIM Runtime 4.14.6 (with simple_conflict_handling_dav.diff ). openssh 6.7p1 (security ). bluray-support (repo). Updated to latest Adobe Flashplayer and PPAPI Flashplayer. Updated freshplayerplugin to nbsp;0.3.3+git20151114 (in repo). Added e16 and epplets aswell as e16-themes (in repo)
4.419 Jul 2015 12:25 minor feature: Updated hplip (better hp printer support). Updated kde-config-touchpad (more configuration options). Updated opus (faster encoding). New default exo2 font. Droid Sans Mono as terminal font. neptune-base 4.0.9.. bigger scrollbars. Added libreoffice.rc to gtk theme elementary. to fix scrollbar size too small. Set new default volume for knotifyrc. Add "Dolphin Root" as caption for right click action "open as root". Added konversationrc with Freenode (Neptune Support) server. Make kdesu and kdesudo work with roothere.desktop
4.322 Mar 2015 03:45 minor feature:
4.228 Oct 2014 22:25 update: Kdenlive 0.9.10, neptune-installer uefi support, super user deactivatable,, linux-firmware updates, wireshark update 1.12, libreoffice update 4.3.2, kernel 3.16.3, btrfs-snapshot better detection of root partition, fixed bash vulnerability, Chromium now correctly chooses the localization of our homepage, apt fixes for apt-get source validation potential buffer overflow errors, rsyslog fixes for improper handling of invalid PRI values, Updated quickstarter guides to include notice about uefi support, updated names for recffmpeg, encode yavtd to be more clear what they do, Updated remaster-kit to support and create efi.img for efi boot (uses, xorriso now as backend), Updated guvcview in repository to fix issues with non clickable up/down buttons, Updated Chromium to version 37, Updated Icedove to version 24.8.1, Updated bash to version 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u3, Added snapper for btrfs snapshots, Added script to save restore plasma,qt,gtk theme and settings, Fixed unzip to work with umlaute in ark, lowmemory option is back with fluxbox wm, use bridge cursor theme now globally, added better error handling to zevenoshardwaremanager, updated qmmp to version 0.8.2 in repo, fglrx-driver 14.6 in repo, fixed dolphin builtin terminal crash in repo.