Recent Releases

2021032102 Jan 2022 21:36 major feature: Support for Discord integration and community-run ladders New lobby features for player handicaps and disabling spawn points Community balance updates and a refreshed map selection for Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn Further adjustments to make Dune 2000 more faithful to the original game More fluid infantry combat after fixing several long-standing combat bugs Nine more campaign missions have been ported for Red Alert Improved AI behaviour and performance
2016101925 Oct 2016 20:00 major feature: Fixed the game speed option not working correctly in multiplayer. #12261 Fixed a desync caused by GPS in Red Alert. #12260
20141029 Halloween31 Oct 2014 11:05 major feature: The Halloween 2014 release includes various new features from the last 760 commits since July. This release includes over 760 commits The RA mod has received a brand new sidebar. Improved keyboard shortcut configuration, with new defaults based on Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3. The in-game menu has been completely overhauled, and now includes information on mission objectives. A new end-game score screen appears once a game is complete. The lobby now prevents players from choosing cheating colors that are too similar to the terrain. Veteran units gain improved reload time and accuracy, and elite units will now heal over time. Planes will maintain their distance from each other in a similar fashion to helicopters. Servers will now drop players with unresponsive connections to unfreeze stalled games. Units will now properly move inside transports, instead of teleporting. Tank turrets will now turn to face forward after the unit has finished attacking. A number of small balance changes to the Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods. Many more small bug-fixes and behaviour improvements.