QMMP 2.1.8

QMMP is an Qt-based audio-player. The user interface is similar to Winamp or XMMS, which compatible skins can be used of. It supports a plethora of audio formats, like MP3, Ogg Vorbis/Opus, FLAC, Musepack, WavePack, MOD files, AAC, Audio CDs, WMA and other ffmpeg-supported encodings, PCM, MIDI, SID, and Chiptune files. It provides DSP plugins, lyrics downloading, equalizers and visualizers, supports common audio APIs and sinks, and is cross-platform.

Tags audio player qt6 mp3
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1.816 May 2024 20:24 minor bugfix: improved CUE parser; fixed pkg-config files generated by qmake; fixed memory leak; fixed issue with missing mount points in the qmmp file dialog; fixed unexpected startup of the disabled plugin when trying to change it's settings; fixed linking with xcb; fixed crash when trying to remove queued track; fixed copying of the selected tracks to the new playlist; fixed Wayland compatibility on first startup
2.1.717 Apr 2024 17:50 minor bugfix: using XWayland for skinned user interface; using floating point output in the sndfile plugin; fixed issue with KDE6 file dialog; fixed another 3 bugs.
2.1.609 Mar 2024 15:09 minor bugfix: using XWayland for skinned user interface; using floating point output in the sndfile plugin; fixed issue with KDE6 file dialog; fixed another 3 bugs.
2.1.529 Aug 2023 21:47 minor bugfix: improved waveform seekbar; fixed playlist geometry issues; fixed skinned user interface settings; fixed possible crash.
2.1.425 May 2023 18:05 minor bugfix: added projectM 4.0 support; fixed 6 bugs.
2.1.329 Mar 2023 20:36 minor bugfix: fixed latest cURL API support; fixed 5 bugs; hide empty plugin categories; added partial Swedish translation.
2.1.214 Sep 2022 19:09 minor bugfix: FFmpeg 5.1 support; recursive search for presets in the projectm plugin; fixed 6 bugs; updated translations.
2.1.110 Jun 2022 18:43 minor bugfix: fixed some bugs; fixed Windows 10 support; fixed portable mode under Windows; fixed build with Qt 6.4; updated translations.
2.1.017 May 2022 15:06 major feature: improved queue dialog; XDG support; replaced modplug plugin by xmp plugin; feature to extract lyrics from tags; updated translations
2.0.428 Mar 2022 17:45 minor bugfix: fixed 3 bugs; fixed taskbar plugin; updated Ukrainian translation.
2.0.305 Jan 2022 08:23 minor bugfix: fixed 5 bugs; removed KDE4 notifications support; updated Turkish translation.
2.0.213 Oct 2021 14:47 minor bugfix: fixed out-of-source build
1.5.211 Oct 2021 20:48 minor bugfix: fixed 6 bugs; updated translations
1.5.112 Jul 2021 07:17 minor bugfix: application startup optimization; Korean translation; enabled Matroska container by default; removed mp3lyrics.org lyrics provider; improved qsui plugin; fixed regressions
1.5.023 May 2021 17:22 major feature: media library plugin; PipeWire output plugin; built-in CUE editor; M4B support; feature to integrate widgets to the main interface from plugins; improved user interface; updated translations.
1.4.609 May 2021 10:08 minor bugfix: startup optimization; added X11 session checking in the notifier plugin; fixed build with the latest FFmpeg version; updated translations
1.4.528 Apr 2021 20:37 minor bugfix: GCC 11 support; TagLib 1.12 support; bug fixes
1.4.404 Feb 2021 20:26 minor bugfix: fixed crash when changing audio parameters; fixed memory leak; removed lyrics.wikia.com provider; updated translations.
1.4.317 Dec 2020 06:31 minor bugfix: fixed 8 bugs; updated Finnish and Bulgarian translations.
1.4.219 Sep 2020 21:17 minor bugfix: fixed xing header parsing; fixed 3 bugs; updated Greek translation.
1.4.117 Jul 2020 20:04 minor bugfix: fixed NetBSD build; fixed 'jump to track' dialog delay; fixed feature to disable formats in the ffmpeg plugin; fixed some streams detection; fixed losing of equalizer settings; fixed codec and bitrate displaying for IceCast streams; fixed mpris plugin; updated translations.
1.4.029 Apr 2020 11:45 major feature: sleep mode inhibition plugin; ListenBrainz plugin; feature to transit between playlists; Ogg Opus support in the ReplayGain scanner; improvements in the flac, ffmpeg, mpeg plugins; waveform seekbar; improved remote playlists support; DSD support; multiple lyrics providers support.
1.3.726 Mar 2020 19:43 minor bugfix: using gnudb.org as default CDDB server; fixed 4 bugs; updated Polish translation.
1.3.614 Jan 2020 19:07 minor bugfix: added 'album artist' and 'composer' tags support in the ffmpeg plugin; fixed 2 bugs; updated translations.
1.3.521 Dec 2019 20:22 minor bugfix: added icon for 'play/pause' action; fixed 8 bugs; updated Galician translation
1.3.427 Aug 2019 20:45 minor bugfix: improved mp3 file determination; fixed 8 bugs; updated Ukrainian and Italian translations
1.3.315 Jun 2019 16:58 minor bugfix: added float output support for PulseAudio, ALSA and OSS4; added AppStream information; more icon sizes; improved channel conversion; fixed 4 bugs; updated Dutch and Greek translations.
1.3.204 May 2019 20:46 minor bugfix: feature to play track on double click in the history plugin; enabled mpg123 decoder for Windows; using album cover from file by default; fixed lyrics plugin; fixed 9 bugs.
1.3.124 Feb 2019 17:44 minor bugfix: projectM 3.1 support; fixed some bugs; updated translations.
1.3.010 Feb 2019 10:42 major feature: history plugin; mono to stereo converter; mpg123-based decoder; PulseAudio volume control; cover edition feature; TAK support; ListenBrainz support; improved skinned and qsui plugins; improved http plugin; fixed some bugs; improved Windiws support; updated translation.
1.2.608 Jan 2019 12:39 minor bugfix: fixed OSS4 plugin build;fixed 12, 20-bit integer and 32-bit float formats support in the WavPack plugin.
1.2.521 Dec 2018 07:58 minor bugfix: added icon for 'exit' action in the tray icon menu; fixed drag-and-drop issue under Qt 5.12 (1.2.5 only); fixed issue with 8-bit audio in the ffmpeg plugin; fixed latest mplayer output parsing; fixed '--quit' command line option processing; fixed issue with empty audio parameters.
1.2.422 Sep 2018 07:02 minor bugfix: equalizer optimization; improved PCM WAVE support; fixed 4 bugs; updated translations.
1.2.320 Jul 2018 17:42 minor bugfix: disabling global shortcuts during configuration; improved global hotkey plugin; fixed 4 bugs; test build for MS Windows.
1.2.201 Jun 2018 07:39 minor bugfix: fixed Qt 5.11 support; fixed memory leaks.
1.2.119 Apr 2018 21:46 minor bugfix: FFmpeg 4.0 support; Qt 5.11 support; feature to change default user interface; fixed 5 bugs; updated translations.
1.2.025 Nov 2017 17:09 major feature: new plugins: archive reader, icecast output, file writer; feature to disable notifications when another application is in the full screen mode; added cover to the track details dialog; new command-line options; added cache to the lyrics plugin; added other improvements; updated translations
1.1.1222 Oct 2017 19:35 minor bugfix: fixed IPC regression
1.1.1120 Oct 2017 18:23 minor bugfix: added AAC mime types to the qmmp.desktop; added album artist support in the cue parsers; fixed cmake 3.10 support; fixed 9 bugs; updated translations.
1.1.1004 Aug 2017 20:47 minor bugfix: https support; increased DirectSound buffer size; fixed 10 bugs; updated Galician translation.
1.1.903 Jun 2017 09:11 minor bugfix: using relative skin path for portable configuration; improved WASAPI support; fixed 7 bugs; updated translations.
1.1.823 Mar 2017 10:38 minor bugfix: fixed PCM Wave support; fixed Game Boy support in the gme plugin; fixed Xing header detection in the mpeg plugin; fixed output of the '--status' command line option; fixed maximum year in the tag editor.
1.1.704 Feb 2017 13:26 minor bugfix: improved stream format determination in the ffmpeg plugin; GCC 6.x support; fixed possible segmentation fault; fixed crash when using KDE file dialog; fixed saving state of the visual plugins; updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
1.1.612 Jan 2017 11:34 minor bugfix: using http header 'icy-name' as fallback title; enabled AAC by default in the ffmpeg plugin; updated Chinese Simplified translation; fixed 3 bugs.
1.1.509 Nov 2016 08:05 minor bugfix: added ffmpeg 3.2 support; fixed 6 bugs.
1.1.404 Oct 2016 13:31 minor bugfix: fixed support of skins with UTF-16 encoded pledit.txt; fixed 'index out of range' warning; fixed typo in the qsui plugin.
1.1.326 Aug 2016 12:37 minor bugfix: added xesam:contentCreated field in the mpris plugin; fixed several bugs; updated translations.
1.1.223 Jul 2016 13:48 minor bugfix: fixed path to equalizer presets file in the qsui plugin; fixed buffer overflow.
1.1.104 Jul 2016 17:18 minor bugfix: FFmpeg 3.1 support; portable mode; Qt 5.7 support; fixed translations
1.1.021 Jun 2016 18:07 major feature: using floating point pcm format for all lossy decoders and DSP-effects; dithering setting; output bit depth setting; soxr-based resampler plugin; MacOS X support; Qt Multimedia output plugin; feature to refresh playlist; two-panel file dialog; http streams scrobbling; multi-thread support in the audio converter plugin; WASAPI output plugin; https support; wildmidi 0.4.0 support; improved skinned and simple (qsui) user interfaces; improved FFmpeg plugin; improved DirectSound output plugin; updated translations. See homepage for full changelog.
1.0.1031 May 2016 07:50 minor bugfix: improved SID plugin; updated translations.
1.0.902 May 2016 13:09 minor bugfix: improved scrobbler plugin; improved windows support; fixed several bugs.
1.0.703 Apr 2016 15:58 minor bugfix: added ffmpeg 3.0 support, fixed Qt 5.6 support, fixed memory leaks and other bugs.
1.0.627 Jan 2016 07:36 minor bugfix: added feature to change default output plugin; fixed 4 bugs; updated translations.
1.0.502 Jan 2016 12:23 minor bugfix: added gnome shell support; fixed 6 bugs; updated translations.
1.0.421 Dec 2015 06:47 minor bugfix: fixed skinned UI build
1.0.317 Dec 2015 17:22 minor bugfix: added error handling in the mplayer plugi; fixed 6 bugs; updated Chinese Simplified translation
1.0.214 Nov 2015 15:58 minor bugfix: fixed problem with tray icon menu; fixed geometry saving in the skinned UI; fixed segmentation fault in the ReplayGain scanner; fixed hide on close feature; fixed some skins parsing; fixed Dutch translation
1.0.121 Oct 2015 18:10 minor bugfix: XFCE icon theme support; Marco WM support; added test for supported OpenGL implementation while using cmake; improved command line parser; fixed 4 bugs
1.0.003 Oct 2015 07:34 major feature: switch to Qt5; removed obsolete plugins; fixed several bugs
0.9.201 Oct 2015 16:25 minor bugfix: optimized flac and wavpack plugins; improved equalizer; improved time indicator; fixed several bugs.
0.9.106 Sep 2015 09:41 major feature: fixed 16-bit converter; fixed Russian translation.
0.9.004 Sep 2015 08:50 major feature: audio-channel sequence converter; album artist tag support; asynchronous sorting; sorting by file modification date and album artist; added feature to exclude cue data files; added feature to change user agent; added Simple User Interface (QSUI); optimized playlist container; improved title formatter; improved fileops plugin: reduced cpu usage; changed default skin to Glare; updated translations.
0.8.825 Aug 2015 13:33 minor feature: fixed crash when quitting while playlist is being populated; fixed some skins support; fixed documentation; fixed cmake support
0.8.712 Aug 2015 07:31 minor feature: fixed ogg opus support
0.8.608 Aug 2015 18:43 minor feature: added *.med files support; added s3m, stm and xm extensions to desktop files; updated translation; fixed 10 bugs
0.8.506 Jun 2015 19:27 minor feature: added user data directory support; increased player thread priority under windows; fixed 11 bugs.
0.8.408 Apr 2015 08:35 minor feature: fixed some bugs;updated translations
0.8.305 Jan 2015 11:51 minor feature: optimized playlist operations;fixed ffmpeg 2.5 support;fixed other bugs;updated translations
0.8.213 Oct 2014 11:45 minor feature: added transifex integration and webm support; improved image scaling quality; fixed around 7 bugs; reduced tag reading delay; updated translations
0.8.106 Aug 2014 08:08 minor feature: Added rusxmms patches autodetection to the mpg123 plugin, Fixed selection behaviour when using keyboard in the qsui plugin; and fixed main window activation in the qsui plugin, and around 9 other bugs.
8.106 Aug 2014 08:07 minor feature: added rusxmms patches autodetection, fixed 11 bugs