Rage media player 0.4.0

Rage is a simple video and audio player. It's intended to be slick yet simplistic and utilizes the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. It supports a command-line playlist or drag-and-drop playback, automatic mouse cursor hiding, a fullscreen mode, playlist controls, subtitle support, can fetch album art, provides a thumbnail timeline, and distinct interfaces for video and audio playback. It utilizes Gstreamer, Xine and VLC.

Tags c gstreamer video-player audio-player efl enlightenment
License BSDL-2
State initial

Recent Releases

0.4.018 Feb 2024 01:43 major feature:
0.1.024 Aug 2014 21:35 major feature: Working initial release with added command-line options, key bindings, support for different decoders and playback/drawing backends.