spettro 0.1

spettro shows a scrolling logarithmic-frequency-axis spectrogram of sound files as it plays them. You can also: * Pause, continue, rewind and seek back and forth in the audio * Zoom and pan in time and in frequency * Adjust the brightness and dynamic range (contrast) * Change the FFT sample size to adjust the relative frequency/time resolution * Select from five different FFT window functions * Show where the ten score lines, six guitar strings or 88 piano keys fall * Position bar lines to help determine the rhythm * Add frequency and time axes * Increase the playing volume above 100% * Dump the current view to a PNG image file. It was intended as an aid in scoring music from its audio but it turns out that it gives deep insight into the structure of music and how it was created.

Tags audio player spectral analysis visualization
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.110 Feb 2024 18:22 major feature: First public release