TEA text editor 50.0.4

TEA is powerful text editor that provides hundreds of text processing functions. It supports QML plugins and external scripts. TEA can open plain text files, FB2, ODT, RTF, DOCX, Abiword, KWord KWD, SWX, PDF, DJVU. Other features: Built-in MC-like file manager. Spellchecker (using the aspell or/and Hunspell). Tabbed layout engine. Syntax highlighting for C, C++, Bash script, BASIC, C#, D, Fortran, Java, LilyPond, Lout, Lua, NASM, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PO (gettext), Python, Seed7, TeX/LaTeX, Vala, Verilog, XML, HTML, XHTML, Dokuwiki, MediaWiki. Multiply encodings support. Code snippets and templates support. Scripts (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash script). Hotkeys customizations. Misc HTML tools. Dokuwiki, MediaWiki, Docbook, Markdown, LaTeX, Lout editing tools. Preview in external browsers or other programs. String-handling functions such as sorting, reverse, format killing, trimming, filtering, conversions etc. Bookmarks. Morse code translator. Calendar/organizer Built-in image viewer (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, TIFF, TGA, etc.). Built-in image converter and resizer. Built-in ZIP packer/unpacker with file names charset selector.

Tags text editor qt documentation text-processing filter latex html wiki xml utilities c++ windows os2 macos cross-platform bsd linux
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

50.0.410 Dec 2019 13:37 minor bugfix: Important fixes for the single application mode and OS/2.
50.0.306 Dec 2019 18:28 minor bugfix: Joytsick support fix, QML plugins disabled on OS/2 by default via qmake project, etc.
50.0.130 Nov 2019 15:00 major bugfix: This release fixes OS/2 build and installing desktop and icons via cmake.
50.0.028 Nov 2019 14:13 major feature: This release features the new alternative GUI mode (turned off by default), the UI langauge selection list, and much more.
49.0.004 Nov 2019 14:19 major feature: This version features many inner changes to make TEA compatible with upcoming Qt6. New functions has been added: anagram, file checksum detection (from MD5 and SHA-X to Keccak), Enca support. Big and small fixes and improvements. TEA QML plugins deprecation.
48.0.122 Sep 2019 19:01 minor bugfix: qmake project version fix. Anyway, better use cmake or meson to build.
48.0.022 Sep 2019 13:20 major bugfix: Moon calendar has been fixed, as well as a coup of things. The main changes of 48 are under the hood, because I began to prepare TEA source to upcoming Qt 6. The goal is to have compatibility with Qt 4 (still in use in Slackware and OS/2), 5 and 6.
47.1.004 May 2019 14:53 major bugfix: Fixes with themes support, file manager, etc.
47.0.130 Nov 2018 15:15 major bugfix: Qt4 compilation fix
47.0.029 Nov 2018 20:35 major bugfix: This is mainly bug fixing/stabilization release, with several interesting things: Objective C syntax hl support. C/C++, Pascal highlighting improvement. The "Search in files" function now scan also PDF and DJVU (if TEA built with the needed libraries). Enhanced font rendering mode.
46.3.029 Sep 2018 11:44 major bugfix: Built-in calculator now supports (power) and (percents) operations. OS/2 compatibility has been fixed (thanks to Elbert Pol). Some IDE-related functions are fixed too.
46.2.025 Sep 2018 09:23 major bugfix: 46.2 is focused mainly on bug fixing, compatibility with Qt 4.x and FreeBSD; inner changes of spell-checker things. Now Aspell is supported via meson, so TEA's support of cmake, qmake and meson is equal.
46.1.019 Sep 2018 20:41 major feature: After the major 46 release, a lot of bugs were revealed. I was suprised that TEA lost the Qt 4.x compatibility, so it was fixes now, among the important fix for syntax highligting engine (Qt 4.x version). Thanks to Slackware where I can test it. Another fix is related to Logmemo scripting, so the "log" function works again (can be called from JavaScript). The IDE part of 46.1 adds some Objective C stuff (syntax hl, header/source switch).
46.0.015 Sep 2018 18:28 major feature: IDE functions has been added. EPUB support (read-only), many fixes of core features, some gui enhancements.
45.0.104 Jul 2018 09:27 minor bugfix: MacOS compilation fix.
45.0.003 Jul 2018 11:09 major bugfix: After a long gap here is a new release, with all know bugs fixed, especially the syntax highlighting stuff. With such fixes, I can develop TEA further, based on this stable release. Almost each line of the code was reviewed. But, what's new? On Linux, you can use the joystick to move cursor keys (this function is turned off by default and can be enabled via Tune - Common). The recent list and bookmarks now saved the word wrap settings. "Sum by last column" - can evaluate expressions and knows comments.
44.1.011 Jul 2017 18:26 major bugfix: Bug fixes.
44.0.021 May 2017 20:16 major feature: This release features: vertical selections, new single-instance mode (works in all DE's), flexible file multi-rename tools, geo coordinates conversion tool, and many more.
43.1.016 Sep 2016 18:34 major feature: The fresh bug (of 43.0.0) with the segfault on exit - fixed. The manual updates and fixes, the tabs on the right were renemed (Tune = Options, Browse = Files, Learn = Manual, Edit = Editor). Some new options under the hood.
43.0.009 Sep 2016 18:13 major feature: PDF and DJVU text import, GUI optimization, new syntax highlighting engines, GIF animation support, many new text processing functions, fixes, Alt-WASD as cursor keys, and many more.
42.0.005 Aug 2016 19:32 major feature: This release contains misc. fixes and new functions. Command lines at Run menu now can use the separated file path parts (macros fbasename, ffilename, fext, fdir).The markup mode has the basic Markdown support. English manual fixes by Dr. Tobias Quathamer. Many code fixes.
41.1.121 Apr 2016 11:01 minor feature: + Functions - Math - Sum by last column * some fixes
41.1.021 Sep 2015 10:22 major bugfix: Just summer and autumn fixes.
41.0.031 Mar 2015 15:32 minor feature: GUI themes support, bug fixes (including the bug with text wrap depended on syntax highlighting mode).
40.0.021 Feb 2015 18:29 minor feature: Text table processing functions, Eclipse color themes support, new icons set, new source configuration options (proper Clang support), etc.
39.1.018 Dec 2014 10:27 minor feature: The build-in file manager now can sort its content by file name, size or modification time. OS/2 source compatibility issues has been fixed (I hope).
39.0.016 Nov 2014 12:31 major feature: Single application mode, useful options (Alt key for shortcuts, search from cursor, etc), 3 new program icons.
38.0.015 Oct 2014 15:00 major feature: + File - Notes. + QML plugins support. + items from Programs menu can be used with TEA's file manager (for the current file at the File manager). + code and docs cleanup. * other misc. additions