Tmux 2.0

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer and session manager, and alternative to GNU screen. It allows easy switching between multiple running programs in the same terminal, put them into background mode, or reattach a running process, or arrange them into multiple rectangle views. Different terminal and connection instances can interact with a tmux session, and they are persistent per default, run over ssh and plain telnet.

Tags c terminal console tmux session multiplexer ssh end-user
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.008 May 2015 04:05 major feature: Tmux can now write an entry to utmp if the library 'utempter' is present at compile time. Set-buffer learned append mode (-a), and a corresponding 'append-selection' command has been added to copy-mode. Choose-mode now has the following commands which can be bound: start-of-list, end-of-list, top-line, bottom-line. Choose-buffer now understands UTF-8. Pane navigation has changed. 'set-buffer' can now be told to give names to buffers. The 'new-session', 'new-window', 'split-window', and 'respawn-pane' commands now understand multiple arguments and handle quoting problems correctly. 'capture-pane' understands '-S-' to mean the start of the pane, and '-E-' to mean the end of the pane. Support for function keys beyond F12 has changed. Support using pane id as part of session or window specifier (so means session-of- 1 or window-of- 1) and window id as part of session (so @1 means session-of-@1). 'copy-pipe' and 'if-shell' command now understands formats via -F. 'split-window' and 'join-window' understand -b to create the pane to the left or above the target pane.
1.9a03 Nov 2014 03:00 hidden: Fix crash due to uninitialized lastwp member of layout_cell. Fix -fg/-bg/-style with 256 colour terminals.