Trompeloeil 21

Trompeloeil is a mocking framework for modern C++. It is a single header file, written in C++14, and is easy to use while still allowing very powerful constructions. Use it with any unit testing frame work.

License BSL
State stable

Recent Releases

2113 Nov 2016 15:30 minor bugfix: * Tracing now includes return values and exceptions thrown. For exception types inherited from std::exception, the what() string is printed. * Fixed a bug when a member function in a mocked class calls a mocked function. This is now explicitly allowed, even when an expectation recursively calls the same function as a side effect. * Worked around VisualStudio 2015 update 3 issue where trailing return type for lambdas is not respected in template deduction context. This caused compilation errors when using matchers in expectations to overloaded functions. * Worked around VisualStudio 2015 update 3 issue with evaluating regex_search() in trailing return type spec for auto deduced string type.
2005 Nov 2016 17:51 minor bugfix: Fixes a noisy warning from clang++