UbuTricks 14.11.17

UbuTricks is a small utility that helps installing various games and applications on Ubuntu or Mint. It's a small shell wrapper with a xdialog/zenity GUI. It supports various installation schemes (PPA updating, DEB installation, source compilation, portable setups, and custom archive unpacking). It includes for instance 0 A.D., Battle for Wesnoth (Dev), SMPlayer, Ubuntu Tweak, Cinnamon, Wine, Geary, Google Earth, Kdenlive, PlayOnLinux, LXQt, QupZilla

Tags shell installer zenity package-manager
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

14.11.1717 Nov 2014 11:05 minor feature: Added apps: Exaile, Yarock, GNOME Commander (Trusty), SimpleAudioPlayer, Kid3, Fotoxx. 20 updated applications, fixed Calibre installer. Now has better error handling, and --help/--version commandline options.